4 Books That Help You Make Sense Of The Decline Of Western Civilization

The West is dying. And there have been many warning signs, rational literature, and wise men who saw the impending cancer before it took on its full form. To help make sense of this decline, I recommend the following five books.

1. ¡Adios, America! by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was the woman laughed at on Bill Maher’s HBO show when she predicted Donald Trump would win the general election. It is clear she had wisdom not held by her co-guest that night as she saw something beyond their recognition. And, like that glorious prediction, we can see the wisdom in her book.

It tackles immigration in regards to Mexico. It edges into race-based territory and recognizes that demographic changes of such a large scale have severe consequences and overall effect on the culture which allows them in. She addresses crime and gangs, the butchery and rape of US citizens, how the environment and our nature parks are destroyed and littered upon, along with quite a few packed in horror stories which, after awhile, begins to feel like being dragged in a pit of nails whilst realizing how much closer it gets to your own doorstep.

One thing we can certainly take away is that European-based majority countries suffer in terms of safety and security when third-world folk are allowed in as if they stand on equal grounds with Europeans. Then again, one must ponder if the ones who allow their own citizens to be replaced, bashed on through the dominant pop culture while screaming they’re the issue, are perhaps the lesser ones while the ignorant savage beast is the more noble one by Nature’s standards.

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2. White Identity by Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor seems a gentleman worth conversing with over some coffee or a nice glass of whiskey. He’s been advocating on behalf of European-Americans for quite some years, and still going strong today. He has, in part, helped bring to light that, yes, it is okay to be (hu)white and that European folk have their fears, interest and preferences. He operates American Renaissance and has produced some very well-worded, well-thought out video content addressing issues in regards to race and how they play a serious role in our lives, our society, our culture.

Whether one is of European heritage or otherwise, this book is a damn good read and written in a fashion anyone with an open mind, and mind of honesty, can read and evaluate without feeling Mr. Taylor’s allowing his emotions to slip in and craft his reality.

This book addresses the ethnic conundrums in places which are more diverse than others, including the clash between blacks and Hispanics in schools and jails out in California. Important factors such as racial tribalism amongst non-whites, and advocacy groups like La Raza, hit hard the impending shift which is surely to occur in America and where European-Americans shall be replaced. It seems highly plausible we’d be a very hated minority.

The book is fueled by facts and stats, accompanied with news stories which display the raw reality many Westerners seem to ignore with such dangerous ignorance.

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3. Lying by Sam Harris

Myself, I find lying repulsive. I’m not sure why I’ve come to put such an emphasis on this value. And I’ve tried examining my psychology as well. The best I can garner is that I’m an objectivist and I prefer things as they are. To see the world as it is, not as I want or feel it should be. I’ve been around ruthless liars and manipulators to the point reality was smashed together with the fiction eroding from their devil-it tongue. I’m just not a fan.

I quite like Sam Harris. He seems a gentleman I’d enjoy being indulged in with good chat and intellectual stimulation. We most certainly have our opposing views — like his opposition toward pro-white politics — but I still appreciate the man nonetheless.

This particular book is quite short and can be easily read in a day. He clearly values honesty, which seems lost in much of American culture. Everyone from celebrities, to politicians, to greed-bent globalist pastors, to your everyday encounters. I fucking hate it. Even when engaging in chat with everyday folk am I questioning their words and intentions in my mind. I do not trust people.

From telling your wife how she really looks in that dress, to weighing the deceit of lying by omission, this book is a short and sweet piece of literature that I’m glad to have purchased. The amount of deceit plaguing the West (particularly America) is astonishingly gross and could use some fixing up.

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4. Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

It’s been around since 1889. And it is a book that must be mentioned because it lays bare, as I see it, a very open and honest worldview. In a sentence, morality is wherever your ethics leads you. Not the most appealing to the brainwashed West-bound liberal dwellings of today, but it holds weight.

As I read through this for the first time, I had to ask myself, quite a few times if, I was being pranked. How is it this mysterious Ragnar Redbeard could foresee the decline of the West with seemingly ease? It is perhaps obvious now that he was a man simply unfit for certain propaganda aimed to distort his reality and saw Nature as She is, for who She is. And it’s that simple.

It touched on the dangers of female-led societies, the ills of humanitarianism and spreading your care beyond your borders, the hippie-esque version of Jesus Christ and the equality-for-all mentality, the weakening of city men compared to men of the country, etc.

It is truly a fantastic read and is very accurate. And our Mr. Redbeard saw straight through the bullshit, and now, about 130 years later, we lay witness to the tragic and natural collide of cultures when one is weak enough to allow the other to stomp their backs in.

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Literature can hold such wisdom and mold the mind in ways far more positive than one could ever foresee. These books are only a sample of the raw piss-and-grit truths of our world divulged by means of literature. They are brutal and they are honest. I’d highly recommend them.

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62 thoughts on “4 Books That Help You Make Sense Of The Decline Of Western Civilization”

  1. Solid list.
    Further suggested reading:
    1. The Lucifer Principle, by Howard Bloom
    2.The Blank Slate, by Steven Pinket

    1. “On Women” by Schopenhauer should be an absolute must read essay for all newly minted 18 year old men.
      It’s a 15 minute red pill and can change their lives and avoid so many pitfalls.

    2. Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Hitchcock is great as is anything by Michael Collins Piper, Eustace Mullins -rest in peace, and lastly The Plot Against The Church by Maurice Pinay details 2000 years of Jewish subterfuge. It changed my life.
      The Life Of An American J ew Living in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein was also very good.

    3. While yall readin books, we out here Makin moves!
      Read about how I enjoy white wives on the regular!
      You mad?

      1. Begone, dense degenerate troll; Black IQ is typically about 85, so below civilisation threshold. Blacks would eventually be back to mud huts without White/Asian technology and organisation….
        Cuckolding is disgusting, as is most inter-race breeding.

    4. 1. The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom
      2. The Death of Christian Britain, Callum G. Brown
      3. Religion and the Demographic Revolution, Callum G. Brown (highly recommended)
      4. The Church Impotent, Leon J. Podles
      5. Culture of Narcissism, Christopher Lasch
      6. Women and the Common Life, Christopher Lasch
      7. The True and Only Heaven, Christopher Lasch
      8. A History of Western Morals, Crane Brinton
      9. Ideas and Men, Crane Brinton
      10. Darwin, Marx and Freud, Arthur L. Caplan

  2. I would add the short and online
    The Abolition of Man, especially the first chapter which is a video-doodle, and prophetic, noting we are creating “Men without Chests”.

      1. Aztlan means the place of whiteness.
        Now bow down and worship the white bearded God Quetzalcoatl.

    1. Burrito boy: You only want to take America back now that the Europeans have done all the hard work and built the cities, highways, power plants, water treatment plants, world-class hospitals, airports, and universities, tamed the west and made the desert bloom. You mexicans and native americans hadn’t made much of America in all those centuries you had it. Euros only had it for 100-150 years and had already made it a powerhouse in the world.
      If you succeed in taking back America all you will do is turn it into Mexico North.

      1. sound like zimbawe 3.0, (2.0 is south africa), taking the land fromthe whitey and seeing how everything turn into a shithole again. The mexican empire (yes there was one) sold the texas to the people living there mostly white dude, then the texas join the unitated states, so it was not stolen, then Mexican president santa anna wanted back and lost, he was captured and cowardly sold the Californias to save his life. He did not care, in fact no one cared, those territory sold were mostly wasteland and desert with few people living there, now that the American turn the mostly dry dessert California into an oasis, harvesting the power of Colorado river, building roads, cities, infrastructure and harvest all the resources of the land that the Mexicans did not care, now they want the land back. Every Mexican learned in school how the gringo stole half the land of Mexico, and the hate grows with age

      2. Translation:
        The white men are the bets mules. Do all the hard work and we enjoy with your women
        That is the future awaiting you !

      3. We Mexicans are Europeans as well. Mexico had the southwest for only 20 years before the barbarians from the north came. You are just miffed at the fact, Trumper, that without the land you took from Mexico and the 50 million Mexicans that live in the USA the USA would not be were it is at. We have been here since 1580 and we are not leaving.

    2. Shhh. White nationalists have always lived in a dream where the USA is always the victim and it was forced to do what it had to do. Mexico was in the way of their coveted western ports and had to be defeated.
      Now the witch Coulter, who had no white kids of her own, calls the Mexicans who were the first westerners to colonize Texas and the rest of the Southwest as the invaders. As evidenced by the fact that most places in the Southwest have Spanish names. Never mind that the states with the two biggest economies in the USA are half Mexican.

  3. Ragnar Redbeard, okay. But are you freakin serious about (((Ann Coulter))) and (((Jared Taylor)))? WTF? Go back to the trailer-park and write “True Stories” for Hustler.

  4. Cliche perhaps, but relevant. “Brave New World”. You can keep the working class (or any class) happy with their lot as long you pump them full of free drugs and consequence free sex.

  5. “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave” by Springmeier & Wheeler.

  6. I will put in Rise of the Under Man by Lothrop Stoddard. A classic and still true in stating how the weak would, and have, overthrown civilization.

  7. ROK had hit the rock bottom…
    Seriously? Are you recommending a book by Jared Taylor?
    Jeez…who’s writings are you going to recommend next?The late William L. Pierce? Tom Metzger?
    ROK’s main writer now are really trying to hard to appear Stormfront-visiting, hopeless incels.
    Roosh must have lost his mind to let people like “Edgar Tru” to post articles here…

      1. FYI I first found Red Pill sites like this via Alt-Right sites.
        IMO Alt. Right and the Red Pill Manosphere are complementary. Yes, sites like this should be mainly about helping men become better men, including better managing Gynocentrism, but that doesn’t mean that relevant Alt. Right stuff should be excluded.
        The Left has lost the plot, become unreasonable, and is going r-type insane, and the old-Right is too corrupted and incompetent to restore sanity, thus the K-type Alt-Right arose.
        The Stormfront and other Nazi-themed meme arose because Hitler and the Nazis were very based, so could see the rot of the West very clearly, but the (((Communists))), stagnant British empire, (((Banksters))) and the predatory, rising US empire wanted him and his German renaissance destroyed, so indirectly caused WW2.

  8. “One thing we can certainly take away is that European-based majority countries suffer in terms of safety and security when third-world folk are allowed in as if they stand on equal grounds with Europeans”. Yes, “thirld-world folk” as the author calls them are on the same equal grounds with Europeans because they´re human. That doesn’t mean however, that the local people should create the policies that would allow their culture and religious values to continue being hegemonic in that particular place.

  9. read “the seven storey mountain” by thomas merton. ‘come to me all you who are weary and burdened and i will give you rest.’ matthew 11:28

  10. Seriously? Jared Taylor?Jeez… Who are you going to recommend next? The late William L. Pierce or Richard Butler? Tom Metzger?
    Roosh should not have allowed this guy to post articles on ROK…

    1. Little (((Petey))), what is wrong with those authors? Whycome your jimmies get rustled at any mention of White Identity? Whatcha hiding, Petey?

    2. Pete,
      Jared Taylor is nothing like Tom Metzger. Of course you are free to disagree with Mr. Taylor, but that comparison is very unfair.

    3. Peter, you seem to be very informed on the past major players in the White Nationalist movement, and also seem to have quite a disdain for any comments here about White Nationalism or the j question.
      So come clean. Who are you and what is your true motivation for being here?

      1. Ed
        There is no “motivation” as such. Except maybe to point out: the red pill is universal truth.
        I am just trying to prevent White Traditionalist to to hijack the red pill philosophy, that’s all.
        Anyone who believes his life does not go anywhere, and blames the “the jooz and coloreds” – that person has not understood the red pill philosophy yet.
        P.S I am 48 years old (won’t go into more details about my personal life). yes, it’s hard not to remember some of those people who were notorious back in the 1980s /1990s.

        1. Now now, Petey. Aren’t you being a wee bit loose with the truth my friend?
          Haven’t you admitted in past comments that you are English (built-in cuck gene), and you don’t like White women, and that you have gone and married and presumably procreated with a non-white African. Are these things true or aren’t they? If your children look like Robert DeNiro’s, then it goes a long way toward explaining your animus for pure Whiteness. Bobby D was so eaten up inside over it that he trashed his professional legacy right along with his genetic legacy.

        2. Ops, meant White Trashionalist, not Traditionalist.
          Colt Seavers
          Your obsession with other people’s life is dead give-away. Are you jealous of me (or of Robert de Niro , for that matter) for having a wife and children? That’s probably because you don’t have a wife and children.
          Get over yourself.

    4. It’s funny because Roosh is a non-white. But at least he’s an actual “Ayran” unlike “white people” (Europeans) who are not and never were Aryan. Last time I checked, ROK wasn’t about “White Identity”; there are plenty of shithole FBI honeypot websites for that crap. You all have to go back.

  11. Only a pure clown will call “literature” of shills like (((Sam Harris))) worthy.
    His “philosophy” is aimed to destabilize society. The Author of this article cannot read beetween the lines. His “free-will” book claims that legal system should be reconsidered because criminals have no free will thus are not responsible for their actions.
    This guy calls himself a neuroscience. However, has never wrote any paper on neuroscience.
    All his arguments be like(in a calm and arrogant voice): “I am a neuroscientist, and I can tell there’s no God, because there’s a talking snake in Bible.”
    Then he writes a book on “spirituality” while being materialist. That bring some sort of cognitive dissonance to me.

      1. LOL! Hopefully this is a joke. Going from Sham Harrisberg to Juden Peterstein is going from bad to worse.
        If Peterstein was legit why do you think he is loved and promoted by every major left wing institution that is furiously banning anyone to the right of Jerry Brown? Bill Maher just loves him, said so when he invited him onto his show. The purpose of Harrisberg and Peterstein is one and the same as they are funded and promoted by the same sources. Steer people away from God, away from National Socialism, and away from the J Q.

        1. Well Bill Maher was an idiot and didn’t realize he was being criticized by JBP. And I find your claim that the left loves him hilarious. He is highly critical of feminism, the gender pay gap, identity politics, compelled speech, and basically everything the modern left stands for. Antifa protests his lectures just as much as Ben Shapiro. And then he totally owned Cat-hy Newman…
          JBP is a classical liberal, which these days might as well be Republican in the USA. Because even mainstream Democrats are becoming outright Socialists.

    1. All his arguments be like(in a calm and arrogant voice): “I am a neuroscientist, and I can tell there’s no God, because there’s a talking snake in Bible.”
      Just the (((deceivers))) playing with you. Harris and the authors of the books in the bible is from the same stock.
      So (((they))) laugh as you argue.
      Apart from that I agree with you: Get hin the h*ll out of this list.

  12. The Occult Technology Of Power by Alpine Enterprises hits the nail on the head as for what is happening in the West today. Occult is used as in hidden, secret things. Not black magic.
    Published in 1973, the party who wrote that book saw thru the b.s. even then.
    I own and have read Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. Highly recommended!

  13. As a patriotic Austrian, I suggest three gems of wisdom written by my forefathers in addition to this excellent list (all are available in English):
    Ludwig von Mises: SOCIALISM. Demonstrates the impossibility of a communist economy, the deficits of the welfare state and the logic flaws of Marxism.
    Konrad Lorenz: ON AGGRESSION. Demonstrates both the importance of our fighting instinct and the great influence of inborn traits for our behaviour (40 years before Steven Pinker).
    Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: LEFTISM. Traces leftism back to the 15th century, shows the close relationship between Marxism, Nazism and Liberalism and exposes many shortcomings of democratic rule.

  14. Another one to add:
    The Decline of the West, by Oswald Spengler. Fitting, as the book just turned 100. It was written back in the day when people could actually THINK.

  15. Please Stop Helping Us, How Liberals Make It Hard For Blacks to Succeed by Jason Riley. There’s also a video of him talking about it from the Heritage Foundation.

    Dave Rubin’s interview with Tommy Sotomayor goes into more depth on how blacks are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to American society and it’s decline:

  16. The best books I’ve read on the decline of the west, particularly america, are the two books by Morris Berman: “Why America Failed: The Roots of Imperial Decline(2011)” and “Dark Ages America(2006)”. Can highly recommend them.

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