How Misconceptions About Trolling Threaten Society

There has been a series of articles on a recent study showing self-proclaimed internet trolls score high in dark triad traits. From the abstract:

Trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism, using both enjoyment ratings and identity scores. Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior. Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.

While the study is legitimate, virtually every response to it has contained dangerous and false assumptions that threaten free speech and public discourse on the internet.

1. Seeking An Emotional Reaction Is Not Trolling

Let’s define what trolling is. Trolling is when someone expresses a belief or takes action they do not genuinely agree for the sole purpose of the negative reaction it will create. Trolling is not expressing a genuine belief or conviction. This is key, because defining trolling as anything that creates a strong emotional reaction puts all great art in the category of trolling.

That moment in Raiders of the Lost Ark when a menacing swordsman prepares faces off against Indiana Jones – only to be shot in the face? Trolling. Great storytellers frequently consciously manipulate their audiences emotions to get their viewers to clap, laugh, or jump all at the same time.

The distinction between what a great artist does and what a troll does is authenticity and intention. Art and trolling may both provoke, but art does so for a message or purpose.

Return of Kings is often incorrectly called a “troll site” by those who don’t realize our writers genuinely hold the beliefs we express. We write our ideas in a way that draws attention to our work and entertains our audience, because we believe our perspective has value and is worth spreading. Do not confuse provocative art with trolling.


2. Your Reaction Does Not Make Someone Else A Troll

When I see articles telling women that making money is better than creating a loving family, I have the same reaction a feminist might have to a Return of Kings article, but I don’t accuse those authors of trolling because I understand they genuinely hold the beliefs they express.

Merely because an article creates strong emotional reactions does not mean the author is trolling. It may simply mean that you feel triggered by a different viewpoint. Writing “are you serious?” in response to rationally argued beliefs shows an inability to empathize with or seek to understand the perspectives of others. Labeling someone else a troll is a tool the ego uses to protect itself, and avoid change. People comfortable with their own beliefs are capable of rationally confronting the writings of those who disagree with them.

3. Dissent Is Not Trolling

Labeling dissenters as “trolls” allows powerholders to dismiss criticism without addressing the merits of opposing arguments. This new study correlating trolling with sociopathy, allows powerholders not only to dismiss dissent, but label it as a mental illness and forcibly medicate those who disagree with them.

Climate change critics have frequently been labeled trolls, despite the fact in An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would fully melt by 2014. The polar ice caps have actually grown since his prediction. Though Gore’s 2009 global warming hypothesis has been proven false, many scientists continue to label any criticism of his apocalyptic claims as unscientific trolling, and ban dissent from their publications.

Asserting that a black man could one day be President in the early 1800s would have been considered trolling. Had pre-Civil War America had modern social attitudes around public speech, slavery might never have ended, and America would have silenced some of it’s greatest social movements.

The tactic of labeling social change as trolling is being used to silence modern human rights movements. A recent Slate article dismissed the entire Intactivist movement against circumcision as trolls, despite major European medical groups publicly campaigning against the practice. The idea that men have the right to their own bodies and sexual choices is a legitimate human rights claim, and a sincere view held by many Americans and most Europeans.


Labeling the opposition as “trolls” shows an unwillingness to debate, and that the person hurling ad hominen attacks is more interested in maintaining power than pursuing the truth. In the long run, this tactic could be used to forcibly drug those who disagree with government policies based on the claim they are “sociopathic trolls.”

4. Dark Triad Traits Are Not Entirely Bad

The word psychopath typical conjurers images of basement dwelling serial killers, but it really describes a set of personality characteristics not behaviors. Kevin Dutton, author of The Wisdom of Pscyhopaths, argues fearlessness, mental toughness, charm, and ability to approach challenges with cold rationality are desirable characteristics for leaders.

He cites Winston Churchill’s willingness to sacrifice men’s lives defending Britain from Adolf Hitler as evidence of psychopathy on Churchill’s part. Churchill could not have been the heroic leader he was during WWII, without the sociopathic ability to emotionally detach himself from decisions that required sending young men to their death to preserve British freedom.


Mental illness and leadership often go hand in hand. According the book A First Rate Madness, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, and Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Lincoln all suffered from various forms of mental illness. If we dismissed men merely because of their flaws, we might never benefit from their strengths.

5. Trolling Can Contribute To Our Culture

Arguably, the Orson Welles War Of The Worlds radio broadcast was the first mass media act of trolling. Welles convinced hundred of Americans that a real alien invasion was occurring, by presenting H. G. Well’s science fiction novel as a genuine news report.

Though his performance fits every available definition of trolling, we would never have had Citizen Kane, one of the greatest films ever made, if we were to write his early work off as mere trolling. Welles broadcast revealed Americans fears about foreign invasion and showed how gullible the public was in the hands of mass media.


Trolling can actually contribute to our culture by revealing our societal triggers and emotional weaknesses. By noticing what topics or views easily set us off, we can see where we can to grow as a culture and individually. Emotionally secure people are not harmed by others perspectives, genuine or trolling.

Pranks, satire, and April fool’s jokes all contain an element of trolling. The only difference is intent. Trolls seek a negative response, but the best revenge is living well. By responding to their attacks as if it was for your benefit, and you can use the experience to learn about yourself and your emotional triggers.

If you feel like you are being trolled or become angry at something you read online, see if there is a way you can learn from the experience and be grateful for it. Be thankful we live in a free society, because the same freedom that protects trolls also protects all great works of art and social movements. The same traits found our worst trolls can be found in our greatest leaders. The answer to trolls isn’t to ban them, label them, or fear them, but to meet all things with understanding and gratitude.

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162 thoughts on “How Misconceptions About Trolling Threaten Society”

    1. Words are extremely important.
      Words shape a culture
      Culture shapes it’s people
      People shape reality
      If you don’t believe it, read ‘1984’ by George Orwell.

      1. You obviously haven’t been around when I’ve seen someone saying “fascist” when they mean “tyrant,” “consumer” when they mean “person,” or “franchise” when they mean “series.”
        I generally conclude my rant with telling them to . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . go reread Orwell.
        None of which has anything to do with my statement, you dirty, low down xigblatz.

      2. Elites shape a culture
        A culture shapes a language
        A language shapes a people
        A people shape merde into conveniently passed portions
        The merde takes on a life of its own

    2. I shall name my favourite conversational scheme “Brilliance”, while I shall also name my favourite cricket bat “Bullshit” …
      That way if I cannot baffle you with brilliance, I can bludgeon you with bullshit, taking advantage of nearby large boulders.
      So much for the sticks and stones problem. 🙂

        1. That’s actually a rather clever idea — has anyone here managed to get away with trolling a national government by having legislation drafted and signed into law?
          I would think that this would be a Master Class of Trolling …

  1. Trolling used to be fun, until the Koch brothers started hiring paid media consultants to write astroturf sites like RoK where they pretend to be ordinary men who, just coincidentally, all share the same preposterous antisocial view of women.
    Women hate players. Ask them. I know dozens who endure endless frustration from the players in their lives. All they want is for these sociopathic freaks to return their calls on time!
    Well, let’s see if anybody doesn’t fall for that.

    1. You know you’ve hit it big when your website is accused of being funded by some liberal bogeyman.

      1. When I hear the words ‘liberal bogeyman’, I imagine the Geico Caveman dancing to ‘Boogie Night’ …
        Let’s do the boogey get-down …

      1. The blast points are too precise to be those of Jizzabelle trolls …
        Only Imperial Trollmasters are so precise.

    2. If something, he Koch Bors. are very happy about feminism:
      1) More lonely female consumers
      2) More lonely men ready to jump with the first little fascist tyrant that makes them tingle

  2. Anybody else notice that Disqus just ended the ability to downvote posts? Which means we can no longer smack down stupid feminism and other leftoid trash.

    1. Well I have now. WTF?
      “This will help create an incentive to post content which you approve of.”
      And why the fuck would I want to do that?

    2. The report feature was always better for this purpose; as the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity.

    3. Reverse the vote. Upvote the shit. I get a laugh, particularly the wimmin from the department of penis corrections. It’s educational after all.

  3. When all of the ‘new media’ channels come together to spontaneously psychoanalyze in tandem the behavior of people, it’s usually the traditional enemies of the ‘old media’ whom are the target.

  4. After getting banned from Salon, I changed my handle to “Emahray Trolle” and was thoughtfully contributing to their vibrant online conversations when they discovered the ruse and banned me again. Nothing gets past their unpaid interns.

  5. What if somebody posts: “Dude, the powerball is fixed bro.”
    Dissent? Or, troll? Now, this example might be easier to call. But other theories can sound just as stunning to hear, but are actually TRUE and still called-out as troll.
    “Seeding clouds with chemicals to make rain actually happens.”
    “Conpiratard Freak Troll!”

    1. “Son, that ain’t a conspiracy, that’s just some damned fool denying that the cover-up hasn’t been completely effective.”

  6. Sorry boys, but your method of analysis is a tad flawed. Please, allow me to explain.
    This is my wheelhouse. While my specific focus within academia was gender studies, I was exposed to a great diversity of perspectives across the social sciences, especially psychology (at both the undergrad and grad level), it needs to be pointed out that this argument is not concordant with real-world social psychology. The reason why the manosphere (lol) is generally considered a bunch of nutty trolls is not due to your lack of sincerity, but due to the fact that your opinions cannot be taken seriously. Oooh fat rants! Oooh women with shot hair! Wow, yeah.
    I mean, you guys seriously don’t know that you’re trolls? even if you’re sincere, you still act like a bunch of little boys. It’s like, god – here’s an example there was a post here about why men should have GUNS and had some useful pointers about buying a gun. Revolvers are bad because they’re bad at “suppressing fire”??
    I hate guns and oppose them, but even I KNOW that’s a dumb thing to say. I’m pretty sure handguns in general don’t “lay down suppressing fire.” and why on earth would that be a point of concern? are your mothers’s basements where you live under threat of attack from Turkish rebels?
    I’m confused that you “masculine men” seem to care more about women’s hairstyles than I do, but…you’re the experts.
    The “king”s have surely returned. Too bad the queens are here to stay.

    1. “I’m confused that you “masculine men” seem to care more about women’s hairstyles than I do, but…you’re the experts.
      The “king”s have surely returned. Too bad the queens are here to stay.”
      – The reply:
      “Whatever men set about to impress women with, counts for nothing in the world of women. Only another woman is of importance in her world.”
      – Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man
      Queer queens like you, will stay. And eventually, WILT AWAY.

    2. “[Gender Studies] is my wheelhouse” lol
      Go ahead mods, I’ll accept full ban for the reply.

    3. You’re the same dude that did the Nigel “Big Game” Davis blog, right?
      That shit was pretty funny…

    4. This girl is 1- Fat 2- Has short hair 3- is a feminist. Is it necessary to even read her comment?

    5. I know I’m supposed to be gone but honestly Aspergers is my excuse. These guys don’t want to hear us talk, they don’t care what we study or can do or if we’re president of a fortune 500 co, and I can’t understand why you said what you just said here. The fact that you are against guns and starting out your statement that way on a conservative, all male, and womanizing site shows you are not thinking clearly at all. I’ve not been to college but I would assume someone with a grad degree in Psych or Sociology would certainly know this. I do agree with you these guys need some fine tuning with some of the harsh views towards the “harsh” women though. 🙂 It does seem some of them generally care that most women now are fat and ugly when it truly isn’t necessary. Have a little pride in yourself is all that is being said and whereas some of America has tried to take the fluffy approach at pointing this out, this site has been more direct. “JUST THE FACTS MA’AM, YOU’RE FAT.”

    6. It is a site for men, we speak as men and talk about things that concern men. I like to fuck women, when women are fat, cut their hair short and disfigure themselves with tattoos it lowers their sexual desirability. I like talking to men about that, woman would be a waste of time in that discussion.
      I like guns, for protection and recreation. The reality of life for men is you may end up in a violent situation and need to lay suppressing fire to allow a comrade to reload, retreat , or move to a more advantageous position. I have been in a gunfight and although I had a 17 round 9 mm the rounds were gone in less than five seconds, a revolver would have put me at a distinct disadvantage .
      You as a woman are incapable of looking past your narrow mind view and it is obvious when you try to shame men by pointing out your worldview and how we must be nutty not to have congruence with said worldview. Shame does not work on men, that is solely the province of females. Guilt based on failure to adhere to an internal code is how men feel bad, shame for not adhering to social ” authority” norms is how women feel bad ( and are controlled ).
      Lastly gender studies and feminism is bullshit and holds us back as human beings and as a country. You feminists wrapping up your bullshit in the black civil rights struggle and getting included in legislation meant to benefit us the ex slaves, the victims of rape( real rape not your bullshit rape culture), lynching, Jim Crow and state sponsored exclusion is disgraceful .
      I would call you a troll, but I don’t shame opinions I disagree with, I confront them. That is how men discuss issues, and your comment is why we do not want women in our spaces.

      1. Feminism is no less bullshit than the black civil rights movement, or the newest one the gay civil rights movement. They are all products of rootless capital atomizing society whilst appealing to the naive as do-gooding.
        Feminism marches women into wage slavery and shatters the traditional family. The remaining children will be better indoctrinated by the state.
        Black incursion into white areas of life spurs whites into more and more furious economic activity in order to afford the luxury of escaping it, whilst simultaneously upholding speech codes pc talk and the like. By threatening to cut off off that upward mobility should they offend and be cast down with the blacks.
        The gay movement tears the young away from traditional religiousity which it paints as the enemy of this new ‘lifestyle’. It also creates a somewhat pointless tar baby for conservatives who would be better off spending their time on immigration and central banking, and conversely a culdesac for the political energy of youth. It is also a means to paint non globalist friendly entities like Putins Russia in a bad light.
        All of these movements and others like free love and the great acid experiment are both part of a larger and relatively predictable historical process, as well as being the concerted efforts of the post world war moneyed elites. In the end it is a form of subjugation for the great masses of people. It merely masquerades as a triumph. These movements have impoverished all who internalized them and will continue to do so until the historical process sweeps them aside.

        1. Disagree.If you want to live in a world free from competition from qualified applicants you are no better than an equalist that desires similar outcomes regardless of effort and dedication. The civil rights movement for black people removed government sanctioned barriers to my success. My mother and father paid taxes yet were prevented by law from attending medical school at the state university that their taxes supported. That is illogical and anti capitalist, and (considering your christianity) blatantly immoral. I am limiting my discussion to the black civil rights movement because a) third wave feminism is not worth my time and b) concerning myself with the sex lives of gay men is not only stupid (and feminine worrying about who is fucking who instead of concerning yourself with who you fuck, thats what E News is for ) it is narcissistic to pretend it is somehow related to my life. I do not support affirmative action in employment, but I see no problem with it in education as it is no worse than legacy admission. As for politics if you have not figured out both the democrats and the republicans are playing for one team while arguing about bullshit emotional issues as distractive theater for public consumption, please look at the donor list for the respective parties and take note of the similarities. Logic is good for more than computer science.
          Also, fuck Russia they are not our friend and would happily crush us if they could. The cold war never ended, we just won a major battle. If you think Putin’s Russia is so great I suggest you spend a year there and try to make your way economically then come tell me about their non globalist friendly culture. I do not know how old you are but communism was an economic catastrophe they happily exported a mere 90 miles from our shores and took us to the brink of nuclear war. Currently their petrol/ weapon exportation economy is a real threat to US dominance in several countries. What fucking side are you on, let me know. I choose America, we are not perfect but we are far better than Russia.

        2. I am not a Capitalist or a Christian (although I do have a great affection for the Catholicism with which I was raised, and can appreciate that spirituality in a perennial sense) I do not appreciate top down social engineering that dilutes ethnic communities (especially mine) in the name of one or both of these things.

        3. Well Russia and most of Eastern Europe aren’t ‘leg up nations’ for black people so I can see why you wouldn’t want to go. The idea that your historical understanding can be shoehorned into gimmie dats for your race seems silly. Your Merrica love it or leave it attitude couched in trivial identity politics however is cute and very funny.

        4. Eastern Europe are not “leg up nations” for white people either. I do not dislike them per se , I just know which side I am on. My girlfriend is from Russia and I have spent time there outside of tourist friendly Moscow. You should visit, then tell me how you feel about Putin’s Russia. Unless you are disgustingly wealthy you will not last 6 months until you are begging to come back.

        5. Russia and Eastern Europe will endure into the future. America and much of the West are headed for a sort of global brasilia. This fact alone makes Americanism inferior. It devours its own people and heritage by nature, all for some sort of promised interconnected global ecnomy/state animated by materialist/humanist values, as if that could even be considered a good thing.
          Part of this process is all the ‘rights’ movements including civil, gay, feminist and so forth mobilized by rootless capital in order to deracinate people. It creates a materialist consumer class of historically confused and highly exploitable workers.
          In the end even your black interest groups will go by the wayside and easily too, since they were the product of white/jewish capitalists and liberals, not actual black people.

        6. Russia will not overcome the west in your lifetime, or your children’s for that matter. Again, I suggest you go there then tell me what you think. It is not a happy place, corruption is overt and it breaks the will of the people, male life expectancy is 56, the number of murders is higher than the US with 1/3 of the population(and no second amendment, stabbings and blunt instruments mostly), and heroin use is rampant. Most Russians would gladly move to the worst part of Detroit if they could because it is far better than the opportunities they have in Eastern Europe. Tickets are cheap, go to Russia and see what I speak of, i assure you your rose tinted glasses will not make the return flight back.

        7. Have you ever been to Russia? Have you ever been outside of Moscow? Russia will continue to exist certainly but it will still be beneath us economically. How old are you? Before we continue this discussion I want to make sure I am talking to someone who remembers the cold war. I am 38 and I have traveled extensively. I even went to South Africa during apartheid when HIV first emerged because my father was part of the early research,I and was given a badge that made me recognized as white during my visit. I have seen countries prior to communism, and post communism. I have dated several Eastern European women and have many Russian friends. None of my Russian friends would agree with anything you are saying. When my girlfriend gets home from work I am going to show her your post and she will laugh her ass off. She loves Russia but even she knows that it will take a miracle to overcome the endemic corruption, gross inequality, brain drain and overall dysfunction Russia would have to fix to really compete with the United States . Just look at the Sochi olympics, Putin claimed it would only cost 17 Billion, ultimately it cost 57 Billion. Rough estimates are Putin pocketed 20 Billion personally of state funds through graft not including whatever his lackeys skimmed . That is Russia in a nutshell.

        8. Personal anecdotes aside, and the opinion of what is surely a very discerning Russian woman :3 you have not made a good argument for the long term viability of the deracinated global ‘citizen’. If anything your very existence is something of an argument against it. I mean you miscegenate, defend globalist robber barons with every breath and cling to social control masquerading as organic civil rights movements.
          I imagine there is more than an economic reason Russia and Eastern Europe does not appeal to you, and it is likely because they are not so foolish as to desire millions of you and people who think like you running amok in their cities. In short, they are not yet a country of suckers.

        9. I have been there, you have not. Your opinion is completely invalid until you have gone to Russia and seen it for yourself. You are someone who has an idea of what you think it is like but you have never been there so you really don’t know shit. I do not dislike Eastern Europe, I just like America better. How did you like Russia when you were there, oh yeah, you have never fucking been. How does your Russian girlfriend feel about Ukraine and the recent upheaval, oh yeah you do not have a Russian girlfriend. How do you feel about the oligarchs takeover of the Russian infrastructure and natural resources, and the fact that many of them are jewish,oh yeah, that does not fit into you misguided narrative of Putin opposing globalist robber barons. I also notice you did not answer my question about your age, I doubt you are over 30 because you talk out of your ass about places you have never been to people who have spent significant time in those places. Here is some free advice so you do not continue to look like an ass, go to Russia, date some Russian women, get some Russian friends in higher education and talk politics with them, travel the world, and spend some time in greater Eastern Europe then come talk to me. As it stands you words carry no weight and you sound like an idiot with no real sense of the world pretending to be intellectual about shit you have no experience with and know nothing about.

        10. Hmm I seem to have upset you. I’ll leave it at this, I don’t think your world view is wise, although admittedly black men tend to be happy so long as they live in countries built for the most part by non black people.
          But even so, you don’t strike me as foolish, so it seems we ought to at least agree on some level that globalism and the American idea of a deracinated, proposition nation, are in the long run bad for the majority of folks on terra firma.
          I mean that’s why a tiny coterie of (heavily jewish yes but not entirely) shot callers push black populations onto white people, women into the workforce, gays onto main street and young men into wars against their ultimate self interest and that of their surrounding society. The point is to make people forget. Forget who they are and where they are going. It is a process of subjugation through the flowery politicking of absolutely sinister characters like MLK, Timothy Leary, Gloria Steinem and so on.
          It ought to be opposed at least in principal. From their fruits ye shall know them.

        11. You addressed nothing I asked or said, you just talked past it and went off on a tangent. Address my questions and the conversation can move forward.

        12. Well I politely ignored your age question, you being in your late thirties I didn’t think it would be nice to point out you’re getting schooled by someone significantly younger than yourself. A person who knows infinitely more about historical processes and geo-politics than your slum girlfriend for starters.
          Also, Putin brought many of the jewish oligarchs to heel. To a degree only dreamed of by American patriots and their respective Jewish American oligarchs.
          I’m sure any Russian friends you had were part of the burgeoning city dwelling middle (or upper middle) class, much praised by characters like Zbigniew Brzezinski and other globalists who want to flood the country with NGO’s and Africans. All this tells me is you are unsurprisingly fond of wealthy suckers with more money than sense, who raise daughters with even less taste.
          Like I said you are an advertisement for opposition to the one world.

        13. You again did not address anything I said. You have not been to Russia, have no Russian friends and assume you know more than you do. The only thing correct you have said is subjective, that you disapprove of my lifestyle and who I sleep with. You think you are schooling me but you are simply showing how much of an untraveled , delusional idiot you are. You telling me about Russia a place you have never been and know no one from, is like me telling Albert Einstein about physics and Judaism. You need to live and learn boy, cause you don’t know a damn think but are firmly convinced you do

        14. Yes, I am convinced I know more than you, and your purposeful obtuseness will not dissuade me from this understanding.

        15. Well that makes one of us. Grow up boy and and learn some shit about the world by experiencing it. You are like a virgin that watches porn trying to tell a man who has been fucking since the 1980’s how much you know about sex. At least you have convinced yourself, enjoy growing up and learning how wrong you are about all you think you know.

        16. If you know so much about the world, surely you can impart some of that wisdom beyond empty boasting. I mean I laid it out for you. My world view and it’s basis, politically,philosophically and even a gloss of spiritual understanding.
          All you’ve given me is personal anecdotes. And you can’t even back them up with anything concrete beyond the ridiculous appeal to osmosis that can’t justify itself.
          If you’ve got the answers I’m all ears friend. And calling me names like boy and idiot is not an argument, it is the graceless admission you haven’t got one.

        17. ” non globalist friendly entities like Putins Russia in a bad light.”
          This statement regardless of the context means that you think Putin’s Russia is a non globalist friendly entity. You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. I cannot take you seriously when you write something so demonstratively wrong and totally based on a fantasy. I seriously doubt you would make this statement if you had any real contact with Russia, Russians, or basic geopolitical knowledge. I understand you have your political views but they are totally irrelevant when based on emotion and not facts. You want answers and you are all ears you say well listen up cause here they are. Travel, meet people from other places, and go to Russia. After you do that then tell me how you feel ,until then we will just have to agree to disagree because even though I am on America’s side even Putin would think you are a fool if you made the statement that ” non globalist friendly entities like Putins Russia” in his presence. He might even be insulted and choke you once his translator explained to him what you said (he is a judo master FYI). If you want to have the last word post it, I am done talking about this with you. I am posting on other articles, see you there in the comments or not. whatever.

        18. So I’m wrong, but you can’t explain why beyond acting incredulous and suggesting Putin would choke me out. These are not the arguments of a man who knows something.

        19. Russia is a pretty fuckin terrible place it sucks if you’re white and even worse if you’re black prob

        20. I like how you just spew random bullshit and act like its fact, there is absolutely no reason to think that Russia is just going to become some great utopia but you believe that because you have shit for brains and you are a total bigot. The only reason why you’re even saying this because it feeds into your brain dead ideas of bigotry and how you believe that white men are superior to everyone else and should be treated as such.

        21. No they are one of the most miserable countries in the world, most people are poor as absolute fuck. People do fucking krokodile over there. Just because they are white, does not mean they are all right.

        22. Yeah you’ve somehow even upset the community of return of kings (I’m just a follower, fuck this website) because you are seriously stupider than a raccoon pretty much. I honestly hope that you move to Russia because the US really does not need people like you and most of us don’t want people like you. So kindly fuck off and go to Russia

        1. That’s just a defection and you don’t even KNOW that his dick is small. But everyone KNOWS you’re a fat ugly cunt.
          And no matter how “small” you think his dick is….
          it’s ALWAYS going to be bigger than YOURS.
          A woman commenting on a man’s penis size is like a person who takes the bus to work criticizing someone’s CAR. Dumb and embarassing.

        2. You don’t “know” jack-diddly. That’s already been established. Men have what is known as “integrity”. (Look it up)
          We even ASK why you are fat and ugly, we don’t just “presume to know”. That’s stupid, intellectually dishonest, and womanly.
          Carry on.

        3. A woman could ask you the same question. “why are you so fat and ugly?”. No particular penis is required to ask that question. Someone with a vagina could wonder exactly the same thing. Your attempt to deflect the question fails miserably. But please continue. Here. Have another donut.

        4. Why are you pretending to be an authority on maturity? Women stop maturing when they start menstruating. That’s why there is such a thing as “twilight moms”. We can practically hear you scarfing down the bangers and mash between sentences. You’re excused. Now I have to bolt. You’re going have to get your “fun” elsewhere. I’m off to the gym. You’ve heard of that, yes? It’s a place where you can take your fat ass and make yourself less vile and disgusting to look at.
          This is never going to get you laid.

        5. I prefer black dick. While I’m always hungry (being fat, of course) I find myself….well, always satiated.
          I smile when I think of you reading those words.
          Take care sweetie,

        6. To any black man reading this:
          Only sick bastards want a blowjob from a fat girl.
          It may be funny to say that fat girls give better head because they’re grateful for the human contact, but let’s remember that we’re talking about real people here. And real people get hungry. Nothing says she won’t think your dick is a corndog half way through and take a bite. That’s why fat girls aren’t allowed in nightclubs. They’re a safety hazard.

        7. It must take a sick bastard to eat me out raw, right?
          And yet…
          Haha. Well, you know.
          You have permission to run along, or come back for more. I know you can hardly resist.

        8. Don’t fatter yourself cunt. That last message was not directed at you. This is a men’s interest website where you do not belong are not welcome or invited. So you can stop behaving as if anyone is coming here for YOU. It’s not about you or your fat cunt. You’re excused.

        9. No it doesn’t. Unless typing is how you get off. Which is obvious. Because you have no other choice. Pro tip: Drop the fork and more men will be nicer to you.

        10. Oh, but come now. Fat women get laid alllll the time. It’s you guys who are blogging about it. And guess what? American women are only getting bigger. We’re…well, “too big to fail.”

        11. Every Americunt’s hubris. You stack up delusions like empty pie plates at a NOW convention.

        12. “IF” is the most pathetic word of the English Language.. and has no place in reality. “IF” it were working for you, you would have said “WHEN it works….”. But it doesn’t.
          There we go. You’re getting it.
          Have another piece of delicious pie. Fat stupid cunt.

      1. Looking at her I estimate it would cost 3 double-whoppers with cheese, 4 large fries and a large diet coke.
        And 2 pints of Ben and Jerrys chunky monkey.

    7. If you have a ‘wheelhouse’, your ‘third wheel’ must be a thing of magnificent proportions …

    8. A really well-written satire should be almost indistinguishable from reality. I honestly can’t tell if this is an actual idiot feminist, or just a fantastically-written parody of a feminist. It genuinely could be either one.

      1. Or better yet, Desiree, let me just sum up what his novel is probably about.
        “Blah, Blah, Jennifer, Blah, Blah, Western Women are the devil, Blah Blah Blah, “My Grandmother used to”, Blah Blah Blah, “Here’s a link to my crimes against fathers page”.”
        There. I just saved everyone a good couple of hours. You’re welcome.

        1. Thank you. I love the good old TL:DR. I don’t care to read his patriarchal drivel, and I’m too busy writing in my stuff anyway (I have a few books coming out). I’m happily married and don’t have to prove myself to my hubby or anyone.
          ~ Désirée Meyers-lieBowitz, the TLW.

        1. That the Mods should “sticky it” at the top of the article to provide advance warning of the fat female (and I do use the term loosely) troll in the immediate vicinity.

      1. It’s an ugly word because you’re an ugly cunt.
        So there will be none of that hyphenated bullshit.
        It’s just “cunt”. Now and forever.

  7. “Climate change critics have frequently been labeled trolls, despite the fact in An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would fully melt by 2014. The polar ice caps have actually grown
    since his prediction. Though Gore’s 2009 global warming hypothesis has
    been proven false, many scientists continue to label any criticism of
    his apocalyptic claims as unscientific trolling, and ban dissent from
    their publications.”
    Claiming that global warming is false does not make you a troll. It makes you an ignorant, which is a lot worse. For a website which supports science that paragraph puts you with the loonies (Randians et al.)

        1. Nothing compares to trolling reviews of Lena Dunham´s wasteland show “Girls”, nothing. But thanks for the 7 anyway.

    1. “Claiming that global warming is false does not make you a troll. It makes you an ignorant, which is a lot worse.”
      Come now. You can’t tell me you have not yet found out that “global warming” was an idea invented by the Club of Rome to introduce a global carbon tax so as to gain increased levels of control of countries via the UN.
      Surely you are not making the case that YOUR IGNORANCE about what global warming is REALLY all about translates into “ignorance” of other people. Talk about “projection”.
      Anyone who claims they believe in “global warming” is either very stupid, very ignorant, a guvmint agent or a combination of the three.

      1. The carbon tax is a way to make the guilty parties (I am looking at you USA) do not “pay” for its actions. Have you seen the amount of garbage a middle class citizen of the US “produces” every day? Now its China turn, and we all know what will happen with some 300 million cars more.

        1. “Now about global warming… it has been scientifically proven, it is real, and its effects are starting to be felt everywhere. ”
          Wow…that is just so ignorant. Tell me, are you a leftist? Because only people on the left of politics are so ignorant.

  8. Maybe he was beta, but history will vindicate George W. Bush:
    “They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

  9. the only truth that everybody has to understand is this, and this is the last time I’m being serious on the internet:
    The only honesty is to be expected from friends and family and people who you trust and who have a face.
    Outside the internet it’s always a trolling between people who don’t know themselves.
    In the internet the trolling intensifies because nobody knows nobody.
    Everything you read on the internet is trollingf

  10. If we dismissed men merely because of their flaws, we might never benefit from their strengths.
    Excellent point. Getting ahead of this culture is the best way to change its course. Kudos runsonmagic

  11. Trolling, in it’s own strange little way, is an art. And when done correctly, and without malintent, it can be enjoyable to everyone, even the victim
    This is a pretty good example of some harmless, classy trolling.
    However, there is of course that line of maliciousness that can always be crossed. Now in singluar, manageable instances, it’s easy enough to handle; just an easy dismissal with an “ignore” option/button. Do it in mass however, by the hundreds or even thousands, and it can take it’s toll on a person. Especially if personal information get’s crossed in the mix ((Looking at you, Peter Nolan..))
    It’s easy to just brush off other claims, and to just say, “S/he should’ve had a thicker skin.” But skin, even if it is thick, is still skin. Eventually, it’s gonna wear down and rip.

  12. This is epic LOLZ coming from ROK which routinely censors comments fast enough to give Orwell a run for his money.

    1. Try making comments on manboobz, slate, salon, feministing, buzzfeed.
      Indeed I did an interview with Ryan Broderick on buzfeed. He misrepresented something I said and I commented on it in the comments. My comment was removed and I was banned for correcting a misrepresentation of myself on an article I was interviewed for.
      Sounds like right of reply to me….NOT!
      RoK should remove people like you simply because you did not ensure that the man-haters you support entertained open dialog with us men.
      Further? Us men invited women to come to the table and talk. You refused to talk to me for SIX YEARS on the issue that women commit crimes with impunity in the family law courts. Since you refused to talk to us when invited do not imagine you will be invited in to our house to talk to us any more.
      We are talking among ourselves as to how to deal with you evil western women. And my next book is a big part of giving you evil western women how to change your evil ways. I recommend you and all your evil women friends read this book. And when you have internalised the advice given and you have changed your evil ways? Get back to us.
      Until then? I, for one, totally support banning all women from RoK…even the ones who claim they “want to help” because 99.9%+ of western women openly support and condone women committing crimes against men.

      1. Okay, then why don’t you allow any comments on your youtube channels, and aggressively censor any posts on Crimes Against Fathers to the point you are effectively the only contributor?

        1. @Michael Toal,
          I am going to continue to denounce you and your criminal family in the public as widely as possible until your father grows a pair of balls and puts his children in their place.
          I am going to do this because it is the right thing to do. I am also doing it to make an example for the millions of other men who have been criminally victimised by women like Jennifer Toal to stand up for themselves and denounce these criminal women and keep doing so until a path to justice is gained.
          The very fact that Jennifer Toal committed the crime of perjury on 2007-11-09 and has not yet been brought to justice shows all men here just how much WOMEN HATE MEN in the west. Because of women cared about men at all WOMEN would have demanded Jennifer be prosecuted for her crimes and that I receive remedy for the injury, harm and loss caused to me.
          Now. Bill Toal allowed and condoned and supported his criminal daughter commit her crimes and he has done the same for you too. Bill Toal is a disgrace as a man and a father and he should be denounced as the disgrace he is. Allowing his children to be criminals…abusing an elderly and ill woman. What a scumbag. And ALL MEN should know this is the character of the Toal family of Wagga Wagga.
          Maybe the NEXT “Bill Toal” will not let his daughter and son go around committing crimes. And it has turned particularly nasty now that Suzanne Toal has made statements to people saying that BOTH Bill Toal, her father, and Michael Toal, her brother, molested her as a teen girl.
          The fact the 4 girls in the family REFUSE to make any statement saying no sexual abuse took place has brought suspicion on to both Bill Toal and Michael Toal for sexually abusing Suzanne.
          Now…Michael Toal…I have been at this six years. I can denounce your criminal family for another six years if needs be. The only thing that is going to satisfy me is Jennifer making a video in which she confesses all her crimes and she and your family return to me the property she stole via the agency of the state AND your family pays me damages for the injury, harm and loss I have incurred because of YOUR FAMILIES CRIMES WHICH ARE WELL PROVEN.
          What a bunch of scumbags your family turned out to be. Really. Just disgusting and pathetic scumbags to support Jennifer when you KNEW SHE WAS LYING ABOUT ME.

          I think you might want to ask these people what they think about being named in public as supporting an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce.
          What do they think about being named in the public for supporting you slander innocent men and calling innocent men paedophiles? Go ahead. Ask them. Ask them how they feel about being named and shamed for what they have done rather than Jennifer settling her crimes in private.
          Susan Chong nee DuPlessis
          Ingrid Brady
          Sophia Poulos
          Joanne Browring
          Carinne Bird
          Philipa Cottle
          Virgina Quarmby
          Bronwyn Priest
          Cheryl Hartmann
          Sandra Groom
          Kristin Robinson
          Josephine Nolan
          Terry Hartmann
          Michael Priest
          Ian Bowring
          Murray Quarmby
          Konrad Lippman
          John Thomas Nolan
          Wayne Gardner
          Paul Le Large
          Jarrod Robinson
          Joshua Nolan
          This is what an adulteress, prostitute, criminal, child abusing woman who committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse in divorce looks like. And I am going to keep posting her name, Jennifer Toal, her fathers phone and email, Bill Toal +61 2 69 25 40 41, [email protected], his address is in CAF…..until such time as Jennifer and the criminals in the Toal family are brought to justice.

  13. “Return of Kings is often incorrectly called a “troll site””
    What?! You can’t be serious, what with one of the “esteemed writers” writing an entire diatribe on how to create fake profiles and “transgender” identities specifically to troll PoO on Twitter!
    “Be thankful we live in a free society, because the same freedom that
    protects trolls also protects all great works of art and social
    Pfft! Great works of art don’t need “protecting”. They stand on their own as classics across ages and cultures. The only so called “art” that needs “protecting” is trashy post-modern art, precisely because its bullshit and even the artists know it.

  14. “Return of Kings is often incorrectly called a “troll site””
    What?! You can’t be serious, what with one of the “esteemed writers” writing an entire diatribe on how to create fake profiles and “transgender” identities specifically to troll PoO on Twitter!
    “Be thankful we live in a free society, because the same freedom that
    protects trolls also protects all great works of art and social
    Pfft! Great works of art don’t need “protecting”. They stand on their own as classics across ages and cultures. The only so called “art” that needs “protecting” is trashy post-modern art, precisely because its bullshit and even the artists know it.

  15. I wouldn’t call War of the Worlds trolling at all. I would say more accurately, an immense practical joke.
    To me, “trolling” is just that inane human habit that people have of just trying to annoy someone else for their own entertainment. Its a bit like teasing your younger sister, just sometimes perpetrated at a more sadistic level.
    Another word not completely understood is “noob”. People have a habit of throwing that one around without fully understanding it.

    1. I wouldn’t even call it a practical joke. The show was announced as a show at the beginning of its broadcast. One would have had to come in after the show had started to even begin to believe it. Since folks used to listen to radios on schedules, much as television was watched later, and most showed up at the beginning of the show, it stands to reason that people are idiots, and that Wells pranked nobody by intent. He simply told a story in a new format, and idiots being idiots apparently can’t listen any better to the radio than they can each other. Badda bing, panic and sudden accusations that he was pranking them.
      He wasn’t. He said up front it was a show. End of the day, most people are idiots.

  16. Interesting point about Churchill. He was definitely a murderous psycho but then I think WW2 was a war between a lot of murderous psychos. That said, I don’t think Churchill was a hero at all. In fact, I see him as key reason for the downfall of Britain and one of the belligerents for starting WW2.

  17. I love this website, it’s so funny. I can’t believe how hard you try to convince everyone you’re not joking/trolling, such commitment! This article in itself IS like a work of art, so meta it’s madness!

  18. Look Gents…women and their mangina lackeys are going to label men anything they can to attempt to SHUT HIM UP.
    They will call us paedophiles, rapists, wife beaters, child molesters, bigots, male chauvenist pigs, sexist, discriminatory, “woman haters”…..and that’s just for a start. They will also call us “trolls”.
    What you will NEVER hear them call us is “wrong”. The very reason they like to lie about us and label us is exactly because we are RIGHT.
    My case is a good case in point. Jennifer committed perjury on 9th of November 2007 on her initial Affidavit to the Irish Family Court. As a matter of LAW perjury is a crime. Her perjury was a set of DELIBERATELY FALSE STATEMENTS WITH THE STATED AND CONFIRMED INTENTION OF CAUSING ME INJURY HARM AND LOSS.
    Also, as a matter of LAW, when someone commits a crime ALL CONSEQUENCES OF THAT CRIME are the responsibility and liability of that person WHETHER THEY WERE INTENDED OR NOT. This is the law of unintended consequences. It means that if you committed a crime or participated in a crime then you are responsible for the outcomes of that crime.
    This is why the driver of the getaway car in a bank robbery still goes to jail for murder if one of his buddies kills someone in the bank robbery even though he did not have a gun and did not shoot anyone.
    Now…all those women who have HATED ON ME for so many years have NEVER argued that Jennifer did not commit perjury with the malicious intent of causing me injury. They have NEVER argued that as a result of her perjury I was caused injury, harm and loss.
    They have argued that I SHOULD JUST ACCEPT THESE CRIMES. And since I have not accepted them they have called me a paedophiles, rapist, wife beater, child molestes, bigot, male chauvenist pig, sexist, discriminatory, “woman hater”..
    What they have NEVER called me is “wrong”.
    And the behaviour of western women AND MEN towards me has been deeply EVIL. I am entitled to say so and that is not trolling.
    My little ASIO band of trolls lead by Michael Toal are the real trolls…..merely spreading lies about me that stupid, ignorant, hate filled bigots both male and female like to repeat.

    1. Again, let’s go down the check list shall we? You lovely people at home can play along too.
      Vaguely mentioning the topic?
      Uses said topic to as a soap box to complain about his ex-wife?
      Complains and whines about some of his detractors for good measure?
      Bonus points if he also mentions either his grandmother/mother, how terrible “all” western women are, or if he ends his paragraph with a plug towards his book or his stupid scam of a website.
      Lather, rinse, repeat.

  19. You can’t even point out the facts about public figures these days without getting banned as a troll. That happened to me on Alternet recently after I asked about the anomaly of Thom (German-surnamed) Hartmann’s standing as a progressive authority figure, given the current progressive party line that white people suck. Hartmann has white, white and even more white ancestors; he has praised the white source countries in Europe as social-democratic utopias; and he moved from Detroit run by you-know-who to the whitopia of Oregon. So why doesn’t anyone ask Hartmann about his obvious bias in favor of white people?
    Speaking of Oregon, a socialist-loser blogger named Dale Carrico criticizes the transhumanist subculture, which I happen to know something about, as an elite white phenomenon. First of all, if you consider me a transhumanist, how can I belong some white “elite” considering my parents grew up dirt-poor as a Okie farm boy (Dad) and a hillbilly/migrant laborer’s daughter (Mom)? And secondly, about the demographics of Occupy Wall Street for comparison? OWS looks whiter than the state of Oregon, and lot of the participants came from at least the periphery of America’s ivy league educated ruling class.

  20. The art of trolling is truly being lost.
    These days, a republican posting on a democrat message board is called a troll, but what he’s really doing is sparking a healthy debate. That’s a good thing. Ideas are forged, drama is had, entertaining And enlightening.
    The true trolls operate on another level.
    What is Catlovvr doing these days?

  21. i am, an expert on trolling why did rok not, ask me to write this piece instead?

  22. Can some one please share this EVERYWHERE.. Best article I have read this year , I have been trying to express this , but simply in a life time of trying would not have done it so well. About time Trolls were seen as the bright, thought provoking people they are !

  23. I have never felt happier to be alive ! Thank you so much for taking the time and care in writing this. Brilliant !

  24. My limited experience on leftist sites has been this: if you post any comment that goes against the prevailing orthodoxy, or if you even ask a question that challenges the orthodoxy, you are labelled a troll.
    This is assuming the leftist site permits commenting, which many do not since they don’t want to risk people questioning the status quo.

    1. And you think the right is magically guilt free of this type attitude? Especially with sites like this that openly bans certain groups of people from commenting, or bans those that go against their beliefs? Honestly, the truth of the matter is…people hate to be wrong, and they especially don’t like it when their beliefs turn out to be wrong. So in order to defend their little egos, they’ll do anything to defend it; whether it’s going to websites like this that are, and let’s face it here, echo-chambers of their own ideals. Or they’ll just shut the person up (never-mind of course actually debating the person on any sort of even, respectable playing field; no, no, that would just be outlandish wouldn’t it?)
      I see the term, “Special little Snowflake”, thrown around a lot here. And of course, the sad irony of it is, is that everyone thinks they’re “special”, and traditionalists are no different. I mean, why else would someone use a term like “taking the red pill” if they didn’t wanna sound enlightened or important.

  25. I am not a fan of trolling the 99% of the time it is not well done, and don’t think sadism or being loudly ignorant is anything to aspire to. However, I also don’t see how anyone can read these articles, even the ones they may not agree with, and not understand how Western females could induce someone to come to that conclusion. That level of denial is astounding.

  26. Need to point out that no scientists support Al Gore’s “version” of climate change. In fact, many of them slam him for misrepresenting the facts. That being said, anthropogenic climate change is seen by the majority of climate scientists to be an ongoing issue.
    Other than that, great article

  27. “Mental illness and leadership often go hand in hand.”
    how could it not. mental illness can only be measured as aberration from the average. leaders are not average.

  28. You know you’re website is really stupid and hateful when a large amount of the internet thinks that you are trolling, good work on your degenerate website Return of Kings

    1. Degenerate are those who seek to pervert nature, like homosexuals and women who think they are our equal. These mentally unstable animals seek to undo what is natural. You are perverse, and a mangina.

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