We’re Finally Opening A T-Shirt Shop For ROK Gear

We’re about to launch Red Kings Shop, which will sell ROK branded clothing. We’re starting with a limited run of a basic red t-shirt. Here’s a bearded fellow we hired to model the shirt…


We will do a soft launch of the store in approximately one week to those who sign up with their email address. If you want to be the first in line to get your shirt, click here for the Red Kings Shop homepage and enter your email address. The sign up will be removed in approximately 48-72 hours.

171 thoughts on “We’re Finally Opening A T-Shirt Shop For ROK Gear”

        1. I keep a whole separate address for delivery of guns, drugs and blow-up dolls. My T shirt will be sent there.

  1. Each one comes with a life insurance policy in the likely event you get stampeded by a herd of angry feminists.

      1. It is- there was an anti-rape-culture in Montreal today. I would have loved to attend while wearing one of those T-Shirts. Come at me, freaks!!!

      2. Ironic statement fasho.
        Canada is beyond cucked. (Sore-y northern neighbors, but youre already aware of this)
        I live an hour and a half from Toronto and not even in Canada and Im still contemplating if there will be any reasonable opportunity to wear one out of the house without getting assaulted for it…
        9/10 will buy.
        Wish it came in green or black though..

        1. Holy fuck ! These smelly cunts can walk “bare chested” without being assaulted, can do “slut/whore” walks without being assaulted.
          Then why can’t we wear these t-shirts ? Aren’t we living in a Democracy !
          Guess it’s time show the power of MASCULINITY and MACHISMO.

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      2. I smile every time I see that photo. That dude became a super hero overnight.

        1. Indeed. Its like a Lynx (Axe) commercial where one spray brings a stampede of women (and the odd homo).

        2. Do we know how that ended? Did the police come arrest him. Did they rip him to shreds? Did they fuck him? Did he run away?

      3. Fuck, I hate these people. I’d like to put them all in one huge human garbage truck and cart them off to a landfill.

        1. I’d like to put them in gas chamber. I’d like to hear their screaming noises for equality one last time at that day.

      4. See if you just look at these “women”, you can see nothing but degeneration. The “men” in amongst them are nothing short of embarasments either,

    1. By the way. Can anyone draw?
      I wanna see these three elements combined:
      No chainsaw arm, a templar instead of ash, sword raised Conan-style (lightning?), the AOD humor still in there (maybe little feminazis screaming at his ankle with a megaphone)
      And of course, MORE BITCHES (Frank Frazetta style).
      THAT would be a fucking tshirt.

        1. Sick.
          I mean draw whatever you want lol. But Im assuming if the man wants to open a tshirt shop he’ll need designs

  2. This time next year Victoria Secrets models will be wearing “this is why I need patriarchy t-shirts.” Emma Watson will follow suit

    1. The Milo Yianopolous store has one that says “I’m with the Patriarchy”, with an arrow pointing down to your dick. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

        1. Hahaha, I can see why you’d say that, and it does have some slogans that I would never wear on a T-Shirt, but the Patriarchy one I thought was pretty good, with a clever design (inspired by those “I’m with stupid” T-Shirts with an arrow that point to whoever is standing next to you).

        2. I’m fine with buying a ‘feminism is cancer’ t-shirt multi-pack I just don’t want find that the only way I can reach the free-postage threshold is to buy a pack of lube

    2. Will they replace their current shirts that say “insert Leonardo DiCaprio’s genitals here?”
      Funny story about Leo. At my last apartment I used to see him in the fruit store all the time. It was the same fruit store that Seinfeld used to joke about in his show (he lived up the block). They had, hands down, the best fruit in the city. Anyway, I never doubted that I could bang Victoria Secret models. It is only the access I was lacking. So I tried to become friends with Leo but it was like pathetic pick up lines “plums look good today huh” trying my best to look cool. Crash and burn, but worth the effort.

      1. well kudos for trying. That was some mouth-watering fruit in that fruit store. I developed a craving for cantaloupe watching Seinfeld despite not knowing what it was, and basically disliking melons.
        I would also kill to taste the soup from the soup nazi’s ladle. Even if he was literally….

        1. Soup Nazi was actually really good. The show made him famous that he franchised and now he is basically just another crappy soup shop. That fruit store, however, is a 4th generation fruit store. They are not particularly nice to anyone and they aren’t inexpensive. Great fruit though.

        2. I didn’t realise the soup nazi was real. Must have cleaned up after that episode. People love abuse even more than they love soup (which isn’t necessarily that much, although I personally am a soup junkie). Sounds like bad manners are the norm for shopkeepers in Manhattan.

        3. Yes, and he has been there for a ton of time….and actually looks a lot like the actor who played him. It was a huge line and everyone loved him. Amazing soup. Then he franchised and now there is a “Famous Soup Man” in every Cold Stone Creamery. The soup is salty garbage a lot like Hale and Hardy.

        1. It was so funny. Three weekends in a row I was trying to make small talk with Leo. I just kept picturing us becoming friends and him being like “hey, lets go to this party with a shit ton of models” It is all about access. In the end, vic secret models are just hot young chicks and I know how to deal with them.

        2. I just meant the awkward dance of approaching the man –
          trying not to come off as a fag, drug pusher, or Jehovah’s Witness….

        1. This great clip aside, fresh produce becomes more and more important to me with each passing year. I look forward to waking up one day and realizing that fresh produce is officially more important than getting laid. Then I can finally retire.

        2. Apparently ginger is really good for you, if only I could swallow my pride and ask the grocer what it looks like

        3. Between her and Mary Ann the rest of the castaways would never see my face outside of my grass hut except to grab bites to eat in between cycling the ladies.

        4. Move to Spain. The markets there are amazing. Full of fresh shit.
          Sure its smells a bit but at least its fresh.
          But fresh produce is only more important than getting laid if you’re getting laid all the time.
          You getting laid all the time bruh?

        5. That’s terrible. Its horrible to be in the position where there’s just not enough of you to go around.

      2. Best way to become friends with a superstar is to criticize him. Nobody can resist responding to criticism, especially when they are well admired.
        Considering that you’re a school teacher I think that your prose needs work.

  3. Ever see a Vampire writhe and twist in agony at the sight of a Crucifix. I bet if I paired one of these shirts with my red TRUMP MAGA hat, and visited a college campus, the Liberals, Feminists and SJW’s, would have a similar reaction.

  4. Roosh please we need leather jackets with RoK on the back. I’d be the first in line to buy it.

    1. Leather Jacket will get ’em pussy drippin’…
      Plus, we’ll get to trigger vegetarians/vegans.

  5. We’re starting with a limited run of a basic red t-shirt.
    Nice. But, I think I’m going to hold off for the Deus Vult boxer shorts.
    Which, as a bonus, could arguably be somewhat less controversial if I wore them instead of the T-shirt while meeting clients.

        1. I can’t grow a full beard due to patchiness but will die with a babyface and 7 dimples.

        2. It is true @disqus_auEmkU8e3g:disqus Unabashed has quite the royal beard.

  6. Start a magazine subscription service and domain. Or hook up with tourism agencies for revenue. T-Shirts/apparel are seldom profitable.

    1. On a limited release basis? There are online printers that offer shirts for like six bucks a unit.

  7. Subscribed!!! Can not wait for this!
    Ever since I saw Roosh wearing that t-shirt in one of his vids, I thought, “I want that!” (…I mean the T-Shirt.) But I was never able to find where to get it.
    It is definitely a day 1 buy for sure!! Just today in F*ggy Montreal there was one of those bullshit anti-rape-culture event. I was too busy to go troll them, but next time I’ll make sure to go, wearing this glorious T-Shirt. Hey, they love crying about boogeymen, so we might as well have fun with it.
    Might I also suggest a keychain? I’d love an ROK keychain.

        1. I’m 2 years out of college, and my father just barely qualifies for AARP.
          When he and my mother went on a cruise a few years back, everyone thought they were late 20s newly weds. Heh.

    1. I’m definitely down for a few Tees for myself and family, and a hoodie too, but a keychain would be my number one pick.

  8. Roosh, you gotta shave that beard, or at least trim it. You look like a hipster in San Francisco, especially since you’re slim. You need to pack on a lot of muscle to rock a beard like that.

    1. Agreed. His face is too nice to have this bush man look. Perhaps he is trying to go incognito for his next meet up?

        1. This. Especially after all my liberal facebook friends were sharing that fake material about RooshV starting a rape squad. If they believe it, somebody in the gov’t might believe it enough to hack in or something. Just a thought

        2. Yeah. If I were to order one, Id use a dummy email, fake name and improvised address. I’d pay with one of those preloaded cards.
          Come to think of it, RV wouldn’t have to modify anything for me to protect myself. But I still caution against effectively creating a registry of dissenters.

      1. Fuck that shit…Rock the beard, Roosh! I’m fond of saying the only thing manlier than a beard, is a pair of balls. Let the women have smooth faces!!

    2. Part of the point of ZFG is to give, literally (Hitler), zero fucks.
      Everybody picks a look that works for them. Personally I wouldn’t do the Grizzly Adams thing but that’s because it would be incongruent with my entire persona. If it’s working for Roosh, who clearly has a different overall persona than me, well, game on.

      1. This seems exactly right. If I go two days without shaving it is probably because I have the flu. That is who I am, the life I lead, my persona, yadda yadda yadda. It reminds me of the old joke of the Zebra who dies and goes to heaven. The Zebra runs into Moses and asks Moses “so, you are wise Moses. Can you tell me….am I black or am I white” and moses looks at him and says “that’s a good question. I don’t know the answer, but I bet God could tell you.” And so the Zebra goes and makes an appointment with god. He gets into Gods office and asks god “am I black or am I white” and god says “You are what you are” Confused, the Zebra leaves God’s office and runs into Moses who asks “hey, so did god tell you if you are black or if you are white” and the Zebra says “well, kind of but I am even more confused now than ever. God said “you are what you are” and I don’t know what to make of that” Moses looks at the zebra and says, “well, Zebra, that means you are white” The zebra, perplexed, looks at Moses and says “how can you tell” and Moses said “Because if you were black god would have told you that “you is what you be”
        In this day and age a man just needs to be what he is (or is what he be) and if that means a clean shaven face or big beard so be it.

        1. That is an important challenge in life – find, embrace and develop who YOU are! Only then can you be free of giving fuks.

    3. Big beards are legit in my eyes, but sadly, hipsters have given them a bad name. Ive been rocking one on and off for almost 20 years, and i see more wussed out dorks with beards now than ever before. It is easy to let it get too scruffy, but looking back, i always picked up more chicks the scragglier i looked. When you just don’t care, they can sense it some how.

        1. And probably needs purple skin and pointy ears as well…. 😀
          Eh, it’s a work in progress maybe…

        2. This is prophet Velen from World of Warcraft. Like Roosh, he appeared when the world needed him most to save it. Warcarft itself has a ton of masculine characters and moments. No wonder feminists keep bitching about it.
          When you think about it prophet Roosh has a nice ring to it.

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  10. You only charge 90 bucks a day? Dang baby girl, you’re purty enough to earn at least a Benjamin a day spreading your legs.
    Good luck!

    1. The chick in the Bot’s avatar picture is Kate Hupton, a 8/10 swimsuit model. Asshole Game is mandatory with her kind.

  11. ROK boxer briefs would be the best. You could slide them on real quick after a bang to give your lady friend a startling surprise.

  12. WTB some more inflammatory designs such as:
    “Fat Shamer”
    “Pround member of Team Pump and Dump”
    “<3 Girls with Daddy Issues”
    “AF BB”
    “She’s not yours its just your turn”
    “I Just f****d your unicorn in the A**”
    Let the SJWs stew in their insufferable idiocy, I wanna trigger every motherfucking one of them.

    1. Good lord, those are some really good ideas there!

      1. Include me as well ! It doesn’t matter whether I am a Christian or Hindu, White or Brown. What matters is we are all MEN !

    2. A picture of a landwhale and says;
      I’m not fat, I’m just “curvy”

  13. Are you selling yellow Stars of David to put on our lapels for us to wear in Nazi Germany, also?

    1. These days you just have to be blond, happy, and conservative to get those in Germany.

  14. I might wear it to bed but not out in public…though it would be funny to trigger some sjws

    1. Wouldn’t wear in my own town (sorry to say) but would wear it out and about, while traveling, etc.
      Also it would be FUCKING AWESOME for getting sluts to put it on after sex, and take their picture.

    1. Small and petite, sure. Those are the only ones that should be allowed to even consider a purchase of said merchandise for themselves.

  15. Dam your persistent at trying to get my E-mail.
    “There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature. Henry Miller”

      1. You finely got it. I repeatedly made it past the pop up but you made it past the Adblock and broke my passive resistance using your weaponized fashion.

    1. Not quite. I mean, the beard needs to go, well, and who wears t-shirts and WHY AM I ON THIS CAVEMAN BLOG!???
      OK, you’re absolutely right.

  16. Roosh..I’ve always thought you’re a fugly mother fucker middle eastern dude like myself…but I have to admit, you look good on these pictures(no homo)

  17. The T-shirt is good but I will only wear it to signal to other “hiding” men out there that I”m a returnofking commenter and to help other men signify that I”m one of the RoK commenter and that gives other men easy to spot so they can either hate me or interact with me and form new friendship beyond internet and form connections in real life.

  18. I can’t wait to buy one and wear it around Denver. #triggertheworld
    p.s MAKE BEER COOZIES!!!!!

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