William Harvey Explains The Circulatory System

Some of the most inspiring achievements in history have been accomplished not on battlefields or corridors of courtly power, but by the patient persistence and steady resolve of learned men. Masculine energy is best expressed in focused effort, breaking through barriers, and bursting through boundaries. The slow amassing of expertise in a field, the careful collection of data, the intense study of such data, and the sudden flash of inspiration that can move mountains and change the paradigm: is there any drama more compelling?

One such example is the discovery of the circulation of the blood by William Harvey in the seventeenth century. Although we take anatomical knowledge today for granted, it is important to remind ourselves that this knowledge took centuries to acquire; and each step forward was made by men guided by persistence, intuition, and hard labor.


After his education at Cambridge and then Italy, Harvey returned to England to practice medicine in London. He secured appointment as personal physician to James I and Charles I. Like Vesalius—whom I have discussed previously here at Return of Kings—he carried out laborious and painstaking examination of cadavers to wean himself away from reliance on Galen, who for two thousand years had held the medical profession in his grip.

A great genius in his time, Galen’s texts had begun to show their age by the early seventeenth century. Galen had believed that the liver, as well as the heart, helped to convey blood throughout the body, and confused the proper function of the veins, arteries, and the heart’s septum and ventricles. Physicians before Harvey had cast doubt on Galen’s theories:  Vesalius and Fabrizio had showed, by careful study, that the veins and arteries could not function as Galen believed. In the 1550s, Servetus and Realdo Colombo had discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood.

And here we see another characteristic feature of a great man: the ability to build on the work of those who came before him, without slavishly adhering to the theories of predecessors. Even great men like Harvey have to stand on the shoulders of those who came before: rarely in science is discovery accomplished in a total vacuum. Harvey’s forebearers made major steps forward, but what was needed was one man to tie it all together in a comprehensive explanation of how the blood circulated throughout the body.

What I find interesting about scientific discoveries is the process of how the discoverer begins his journey. Harvey made the chance observation that the amount of blood expelled from the heart by each contraction was about half an ounce. It followed, then, that in an hour the heart should pump into the blood vessels over 1000 ounces. But this was a larger amount of fluid than the body contained. Clearly, the blood in the body was not being continuously generated by the tissues, but was being circulated to and from the heart by some continuous cycle of ingress and egress.  But how, precisely, was this happening?  No one could answer this question.

Obsessed with this problem, his exhaustive experimentation finally demonstrated that venous blood (blood carried by the veins) was being carried toward the heart, and that arterial blood was being carried away from it. He imagined the motion of the blood throughout the body as “a motion as it were in a circle.” For its day, such an assertion was revolutionary. It directly contradicted Galen and the legacy of medieval medicine.  Islamic medicine, far ahead of Europe in the Middle Ages, had conspicuously missed this fact as well. Harvey arrived at his theory by 1615, but hesitated to publish it straight away.

His book Anatomical Explanation of the Action of the Heart and Blood in Animals found print in Frankfurt, Germany in 1628. It probably seemed safer to Harvey to release his bombshell on continental Europe first, rather than in his backyard in England. It has been called “the first and greatest classic of English medicine.” He predicted no one would believe him, and he was right. The publication of the work temporarily blackened his reputation, and he found his medical practice suffer grievously. However, like so many theories which are ahead of their time, Harvey’s explanation of the circulation of the blood was confirmed beyond doubt by another physician in 1660, who demonstrated how capillaries carry blood from the arteries to the veins.  It was a moment of vindication and triumph.


Like many men of great ability, he found it difficult to hold his tongue and suffer fools. He was brusque, prickly, and curt to those he deemed unworthy of his patience; but this was the defense mechanism of a man who had been mocked and ridiculed by lesser intellects for years. He was what he had to be. His pugnacity earned him many enemies, but he found in Charles I a loyal advocate.

He continued to work and discover well into his old age. In a treatise published in 1651, he attacked the commonly-held view of the “spontaneous generation” of animals, and postulated that all animals ultimately evolved from eggs. It is a view held by biologists today. He had the true scholar’s humility and awe of the physical universe. “All that we know”, he said, “is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.”

Although William Harvey may seem a minor figure today, greater appreciation of his achievement is realized when we recall that in his day the only tools available to a physician were his eyes, hands, and surgical instruments that had hardly changed since antiquity. The human body, as Vesalius showed, is a complex and mysterious machine. How all the parts worked together was not at all obvious. It is one thing to map and describe the internal organs, as Vesalius did, but quite another to demonstrate by experimentation precisely how these organs operate. And is there anything more inspiring than the sight of a great man incrementally and patiently working towards that noblest of goals, the advancement of learning?

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  1. Its like SOOO the patriarchys fault that it wasnt a woman who discovered this. This article is so misogynist !

  2. Never heard of this guy before. There’s so much you miss.
    Giordano Bruno is another figure of the time that’s quite interesting. He may have been the first to postulate that extra-solar planets existed, an insight that was so far ahead of its time that even astronomers in the 80’s were laughing at the people looking for them, now of course astronomers think that most stars probably have planets. I want to know how he arrived at such conclusions.

      1. He was. He also traveled to a lot of different countries in his career. When he was in England he was a spy serving under Elizabeth I’s spymaster Francis Walsingham.
        He led a pretty interesting life.

    1. Ironically, exoplanets before the 1990’s qualified as a woo-woo belief according to skeptics’ own standards. People believed in their existence any way as a faith position because science fiction propagandized the culture with the idea.
      Consider the original Star Trek, for example. A scientifically parsimonious version of that show, based on the astronomical evidence in the 1960’s, would have Captain Kirk and his crew travelling to plain, no-planet stars.

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        1. But finance is the single most important part of a country’s development. Personally, I think at least 50% of a country’s development is finance. If you do not have development in finance, you will not have the development of an economy.
          But yes, bankers do take control over the system for their advantage to the detriment of the system as a whole though.

  5. Thanks for another excellent article, Quintus. Inspired to keep learning and sharing.

  6. “It probably seemed safer to Harvey to release his bombshell on continental Europe first”.
    The Continent was deemed safer because of L’affaire Galilee. Galileo was another interesting character from the Early Modern Age. Not as a discoverer per se, but more of a effectively bold salesman. As shrewd as Edison, and as scandalous as Tesla.

  7. Great reading Quintus.
    ‘rarely in science is discovery accomplished in a total vacuum’.
    This is a very important observation.Indeed ,I would be curious to know of a counter example: a discovery accomplished in total vacuum,so to speak.I would NOT consider serendipitous discoveries to exemplify (like Flemming’s discovery of Penicillin).
    Every science advancement comes from standing on the shoulder of Giants.
    Darwin from Malthus,Einstein from Maxwell (among others).Indeed not just pertaining to science but all others as well.For example Gandhi’s ideas non-violence came for Tolstoy.

    1. I’m not sure if Babbage and his calculating machine was an original idea. His idea about what we call the binary system-on/off, yes/no etc may have been original.

      1. Babbage was inspired by card-programmable devices like the Jaquard loom. And all of his computing engines were decimal, not binary; the first binary-logic computer (that we know of) was that of Konrad Zuse, the German engineer.
        Southern Man

        1. Yes but binary pre-dated Babbage. I meant whose idea it was but wasn’t sure if he ever made any sort of computer. Wasn’t the idea from Leibniz? Some people say it’s from Chinese or African but there’s no proof unless I’m wrong here.

    1. You don’t understand. It was about animals being offspring of others of their type and not just coming out of nowhere. Spontaneous generation used to be a common belief where say for example maggots would arise on dead flesh but people didn’t make the connection that they came from eggs or fly larvae and were genetic offspring of the fly.

        1. of course the egg came first, and don’t mistake this for a chicken egg but see it as a type of cell. Which in the long term continued to evolve into more complex constallations.

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