Travel To Asia With Your Own Personal Assistant

Our March sponsor is Experimental Travel, which offers you a tour to Asia with a female assistant who helps you establish intimate relations with the local women.

Here is the official description:

Experimental is an exclusive travel company for men who want to visit or already live in Asia, offering both private and group travel (Smash Camp). All private travel includes a personal female Asian secretary who knows all of the best places to stay, eat, drink and find and game woman across Asia. Her job is to ensure that you meet as many of the type of woman you like during your journey (she games them).

The Smash Camp is an epic 4 week, 4 country, no holes barred trip across Asia that has a maximum capacity of 10 guys. With your knowledgeable secretary leading the way, this is the ultimate taste of danger, adventure and woman that Asia has to offer.

Our March sponsor understand that guys hate doing the actual work of approaching women. This new idea could be an interesting development for guys who want to sleep with foreign women without resorting to pay-for-play. Learn more at Experimental Travel. If you are interested in becoming an ROK sponsor, visit our sponsorship page. You can also drop a couple bucks in our tip jar.

105 thoughts on “Travel To Asia With Your Own Personal Assistant”

  1. I think there are many country where this solution could implemented. There’s definitely a market for that kind of business

  2. Well, I guess it’s better than that last site with its ludicrous anti-male shaming about pornography.

    1. Yeah man so lucridous can’t believe how lucridous it is telling guys to boost their testosterone levels by preserving their jizz for a female human being instead of emptying it out into tissue paper while staring at a two strangers fucking. If it’s such a normal thing why don’t you peak into your neighbor’s house and jerk off to them too.

      1. @Buddy: I was referring more to the way that the website said that pornography contributes to rape.

        1. Do some real research. They’ve found that it does in some cases, and there is a correlation between addiction and sexual abuse.
          While there’s no reason to believe it will turn you into a rapist, pornography damages your ability to connect with a woman and have mutually enjoyable sex. If you look at it on an energetic level(morphic fields), masturbation causes a short circuit that can upset the body’s energy(what some sects call the chakras).

        2. The research is inconclusive. Some argue the research shows that decreases sexual assault by giving men an outlet.

        3. Is this kind of like how violent video games make kids shoot up schools? Give me a break. People are responsible for rape, not videos. Don’t debate like a woman.

        4. @Rump: Psshhht. It is a huge leap, even if there actually is a correlation between porn and being sexually aggressive, to saying that one causes the other.
          Feminists and some women in general are threatened by porn because it portrays women who are (gasp) not overweight and have the decency to manicure their bodies and (gasp) do things that men like. So they use shaming tactics in an attempt to make it more taboo. Congrats for doing their bidding.

        5. I agree with Jios assessment. In the current state of affairs, a small percentage of disenfranchised men will do anything to get what they want. In the low classes, where the State has abandoned the population, is what we generally call “crime” (gun assaults and the like). For some others, it will be rape. I always remember the case of a young Ethiopian living in Israel. In Ethiopia, the fathers had a strong hand in the family, conducting the agrarian business, poor or not so poor. In Israel they became useless, since the service jobs were offered to their wives (I did an assessment evaluation for an NGO whose objective was to give hope to the women on those families helping them to get jobs). Many of their sons are disenfranchised, at the bottom ladder of society, considered to be even less than Palestinians. Differently from their lives in (poverty) Ethiopia, some of them resort to violence. This kid found a pretty Jewish girl in the street, raped her and killer her by strangulation. When they took him to prison, his face said everything that needed to be said. It was satisfaction. This kid is going to be in prison forever. And still, he was satisfied with the horrible thing that he did.

        6. @Pablo: Just to correct it for the record, Israel has made great strides in advancing the Ethiopian Jewish community. If you go to Israel these days you will see that they are present in every rung of society, including in the Parliament. It was not easy for a long time, because as you mentioned, they had moved from essentially an agrarian society to one firmly in the 21st century. It took a generation, basically a gradual process since the early 80s. The idea that Ethiopian Jewish community still is some kind of third class citizens in Israel is pure Saudi/Palestinian propaganda.

        7. I don’t have a problem with the concepts of porn (or prostitution), but I do agree that there are medical effects to prolonged porn exposure.
          If a guy is looking at online porn every single day instead of sexing up real women, I do believe that is as “unnatural” as eating at McDonald’s for every meal.
          I’m not making a moral judgment about McDonald’s either.
          Overall, my bet is that visiting hookers is probably less damaging than heavy porn use, but also probably much less safe from a disease standpoint.
          Pick your poison, I suppose.

        8. @biz: I lived a long time in Israel, and believe me, they are not very well treated. I guess the situation is a lot better than in the 1990s (when the Government throw the blood of Ethiopian donors to the garbage without even testing it for fears of AIDS. Yes, they did that). But I don´t think that the issue has been solved, and Israel being a society with a high racist component does not help matters. Differently from immigrants of the former Soviet Union, I don´t think that Ethiopians will quickly find themselves in the same foot regarding other sectors of society. Israeli-Arabs (Palestinians with Israeli citizenship), the big group discriminated in the country, at least have a social network.

    1. Gasp ( avoids spewing soda ):
      “Of course you’re gonna fuck her, my gawd …”
      Even if she ain’t the 19th hole, this lady sounds like she is worth her pay …

  3. Lol as a 6’2 blonde blue eyed white guy getting a female personal assistant in Asia to find women would be like shooting fish in fucking barrel. This is like the nuclear option for attractive white guys seeking Asian poosy paradise

    1. Depends on what you’re going for. Some of them are racist as hell and that can be hard to overcome.
      Also…if your game is weak then it’s very easy for a white guy to get played in Asia. I know some examples.

      1. Even if I am only attracting a certain demographic (asian girls with a white fetish) I’d still be satisfied as long as I can consistently pull 7’s and the occasional 8 with relative ease. An Asia trip for me would be all about decent quality with a fuck ton of quantity at less effort than I would have to put in here in the West.

    2. I’m a 6′ Black guy and I’ve never had problem attracting Asian women. I think chicks are far more attracted to money and social status than skin color.

      1. You are right. Skin color in the US and some other countries is just a proxy for status (power).

      2. Were those NE Asians or Filipinas? Most Black dudes, even tall Black dudes, have a helluva time getting Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean girls. Also, being Black means that you will be seen as having no money and being low status in Asia, while being white automatically means that you have money and status. Being 6′ might help you a bit, but I saw 5’2″ portly White dudes do way better in East Asia than tall Black dudes.

      3. I imagine that middle-class black men are seen better in Asia, as anywhere else. If you were barely-literate ghetto trash who could barely string a sentence together, it might be more difficult.

        1. East Asians have very little experience with black people beyond what they see in American films and music. They’re general assumption is that you are lower class or poor if you are black. Not saying it’s impossible to get play, especially in certain areas (Roppongi in Japan for instance) with certain girls in Asia as a black guy but it’s going to be an uphill battle with the vast majority.

        2. That is true and false. When I was in Japan, I found that stereotypical ruggish-thuggish Black guys did better with the women that liked Black guys. On the other hand, amongst the general population of girls, there are a few girls that don’t particularly go for Black guys, but might try a Brotha out. Those girls preferred the middle-class Black guy that spoke a little bit of Japanese. I doubt that things have changed much, except for the fact that the Black fetish is pretty much dead based on reports that I have received. (That and I have personally been having more luck right here with some Chinese women).
          From what I’ve experienced, dating and ONS for Black men in Japan was similar to dating/ONS for Black men in America. Most women that go for Black men actually want the stereotypes, and find the Black engineer, computer scientist, school teacher, or even plumber to be lame. The key differences, however, were that lame-ass Black dudes could pretend to be hard and turn girls on like they never would be able to get away with in the States, height was less of an issue, and Black dudes could pull decent-quality (6 – 8 range) on a decent basis, as compared to the shit-tier fatties that we’re relegated to in the States. Those things probably still hold true, except that the quantity and quality have decreased.

      4. How think is your wallet?
        This whole Experimental thing is too stupid. Pay for girls to get you girls, ……but that’s not paying for pussy? I don’t get it.

    1. She is well known. You won’t find many nudies of viet gals but lots of them in their Ai Dis.
      Not unusual to encounter a gal like that when you book into a hotel there. She will be wearing a white, see-through Ao Di. Unbelievable. They hire the hottest girls to work in the upscale hotels because there are no feminist anti-beauty laws.
      Once I mentioned to my wife how stunning the women were and how you will find them everywhere. She said “Of course, it is for everyone to enjoy.” That is their attitude, no shame in female beauty.
      On a Spearhead post I inserted a photo my wife took of me standing next to some ordinary cheerful hotel gals in see-through Ao Dis. My god.

  4. For men who don’t find western women appealing or for whom western women have become a nightmare, south asian countries such as thailand and eastern european ones such as Hungary are the best place to meet attractive and feminine women. Your game will be back on point in the West, because you will live in spirtual abundance having experienced what is abroad. After doing so, you probably won’t look twice at even the most attractive western women, knowing what they are like underneath.
    Still, considering that most men will not be moving country permanently, I think that dating women in the 18-24 age bracket is best for men, for the women here will have retained some of their youthful charm and innocence. The older women are almost always damaged goods. Men’s sexual market value rises later than women’s, and peaks in their mid-to-late 30s, with a more shallow decline afterwards than women, so there is much opportunity to be had. Lastly, if you cannot change country, then at least change towns. Just having a mildly different accent and being in a new environment can help get you girls, even within the same country.

    1. Why you guys don’t go for East Asians? as far I know they are as feminine plus they have higher IQs, it would be better to pass those genes to the next generations, isn’t it?

      1. True, but I have seen too often that east asians in the West adopt the same mindset as western women; they just hide it better.

    2. Truth for that. Your accent, style of dress, and other “local” factors can make a big difference. If you’ve got a northeastern accent then good luck meeting women in the deep south.

    3. Hi. I’m Hungarian currently living in Thailand and guys I’m horrified what I just read from you about the United States. (Funny you mentioned Hungary, and Thailand.) I was planning to quit my job and move there this year to extend my carrier further. But now maybe a nice 150k job doesn’t worth it to go to the US if I can’t find a decent girl there. I have a Thai girlfriend here, and as I read about feminist girls in the US the Thai and Hungarian girls are the opposite. They cook for you, they clean up for you, (never complain about it) they take care of you, they want to have sex all the time, you have to be very fit to satisfy them. And they are very good in bad. Riding like crazy, and they enjoy it, not just for your money (I was made 8k when I was 24 so I was f’kin poor). And they are very friendly persons, easy to date with them, and they are honest all the time (and I’m not a guy who can be easily fooled). I attracted not just the beauty of them, but I also like smart educated girls, so I’m talking about the upper category girls.
      Man.. I wanted to live in the US so much, see all the nice places, and beaches… but is the “female” situation really so bad there? It’s hard to imagine.
      Also I can approve Singapore. I was living there 4 month last year. The girls there… they have almost no emotions or facial expressions, they are very different from Thai or Hungarian people.

  5. Am I the only one who finds this rather weak? Suppose it’s cos I enjiy the chase more than the kill

  6. I went to this website and watched the video and I had no idea what the product or service was. It was not until I read this that I understood. My guess was that it was some kind of high end escort service.

  7. Asian women value betas more, particularly men with money, so they are far better choices for Western men looking for marriage because they take the long view. Only the scammers are looking to extract resources from you in the short term. If you are smart you do what friends of mine did and marry educated middle class women with strong family values. They are less likely to turn feral when brought back to the Anglosphere too, although there are no guarantees.
    Stay away from Singapore though. Feminists have ruined that place. The women are entitled cunts like the ones we put up with on a daily basis.

      1. Yeh I’ve heard Japan is the same too. Not sure about S.Korea.
        The advantage with Singapore though is that since a large number of women speak English you can figure out what they really think rather quickly, and they are very forthcoming. They don’t hold back, and they aren’t particularly subtle.
        They are the kind of women that will tell you they don’t like you to your face hah

      2. East Asia has been touched by feminism because they wish to emulate the West. However, this same pseudo-worship of the West means that White guys are going to have an easy time out there. You probably won’t be effected much by feminism as a foreigner; it is the native Asian betas that have those problems. Black foreigners have problems not due to feminism, but due to being seen as unattractive. Non-Black/non-Asians (and in some countries, Asian-Americans) will have easier times in Asia and won’t have to worry much about feminism (though you will have to watch out for scammers and certain cultural aspects that can turn around to bite you).
        The only feminism that you will face as a foreigner in Asia will likely come from either western expat women, or other foreigners that use feminist/white knight tactics to cockblock you because they want all of the pussy to themselves (the latter is more likely to happen if you’re a Black dude).

    1. Singapore has even State-aided dating. It should be an interesting place to conduct social studies, the situation is so extreme.

      1. Really? That is missed up!
        Women from Singapore are cold and robotic. They have no life in them. I feel sorry for the men, and i get the impression that there are plenty of MGTOW types too.

      2. A lot of civilized countries are facing a demographic disaster down the road.
        Less children means less money to take care of retirees. And in Singapore, the Malay minority is threatening to become a majority, hence the subsidies for ethnic Chinese families.

        1. the real demographic disaster is if they let 3rdworld immigration take over since IQ is mostly genetic.

  8. I’ve just returned home from Thailand and I can say that it’s true you’ll have it easier there when it comes to get approached or receive appreciations from women, but nonetheless you at least have to be well built, be hairy (or at least grow some beard), and dress nicely. Probably Thai ladies in their 30s will be less requiring, but the young ones still look for alphas and not for shy betas for sure, and you have to game them as well, or you won’t go too far with them… Unless you pay. But unless you’re a troll I don’t suggest you to do so.

      1. Maybe because local men do not have body hair? You see a lot of men with beards in Thai movies.

      2. I’ve had prostitutes in both Thailand and the PI complain about excessive body hair. Excessive being my normal Caucasian chest and back hair.
        It is a turn off for some women there. An advantage for the body builder crowd, I guess …

        1. If you’re paying them, they shouldn’t be fucking complaining.
          Take your baht and pesos elsewhere.
          Body builders are fucking gay.

        2. Truthfully, you sometimes do run into one that is worth repeat business … a pretty lady named Flora at Moalboal on Cebu comes to mind.
          A Negrito tibeswoman from Mindanao … an honest to god Pigmy. Quite a lot of fun in bed, and a good attitude.

    1. “Unless you pay.”
      Why else would you go to Thailand? Don’t be so fucking cheap.

  9. I spend a lot of time in SE Asia and the idea of paying for a PA to help you out with various situations seems like a waste of time and money. You can get any number of pretty, young, well educated women to spend quality time with you for not much more than the price of a few meals. And if you find one you like you can keep her. Vietnam has the prettiest women (and many of them seem to be virgins) but all of these countries have willing and desirable young women.

    1. I should point out that I am writing this from my boutique hotel room in Chiang Mai while lying next to a very cute 21 year old uni student that I have been spending time with since last year.

      1. Yes, but for the same reason some people need guided tours when they go abroad, some men will need this kind of assistance, as they are still clueless, or just they have the money and don´t want to be bothered by logistics. It is a sound business model.

  10. I can see so many things going wrong with this, but I’m a natural pessimist so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

  11. Law #7 – 48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene
    Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit – Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own cause. Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you a godlike aura of efficiency and speed. Never do yourself what others can do for you.

  12. This is really unnecessary unless the secretary is hot and you wanna tap that too. As long as you’re not Black, Asia is cheat mode, and it’s probably best to do your hunting alone. At least I’d do my hunting alone if I weren’t Black; it worked for me in Japan back when Black guys were a fad there.

        1. Observation and word of mouth from other Black men in the Kuni. I haven’t actually been to Japan for some time though, and if it’s any solace, some Japanese girls that I met at HKIA seemed quite receptive.

    1. Awesome. Banged many. If you like petite. They are ideal for dudes under 6ft. If you are too tall that can scare some of them.

      1. No they don’t get scared. They like men who are hairy (grow a stubble or beard, Middle Eastern or Latino fair looks, work wonders on them) and adore tall men (because they associate height with penis size). Had dated some Asian girls before, and they had an old wives technique of guessing a man’s size (through height and size of the shoe). And they are masters in blowjobs, and anal. Real toy-like in bed.

    2. Some are, some aren’t. In my personal experience, most are, and even if they aren’t capable of taking balls-deep brutality, they often make up for it by giving great head, or even just being slim and attractive in comparison to porcine beasts that it seems that the majority of Western women are these days. If I were not Black, East Asia would be my home.

    3. You’re gonna love them if you like submissive women – They love anal.
      Only problem: very clingy.

  13. I’m sure herds of parasitic dater types in American are wailing in grief at this news. what an enticing trip. the thought of a professional liaison is hot

  14. The Betas of the world just wet themselves in their parents
    basement in excitement!
    And you know how it’s going to go….they will dish out the
    money, show up looking like white excrement and smell no better, get shot down
    by the very first woman they say hi to, be crushed, cry, hit on the “Personal Assistant”
    and just creep her the hell out!

        1. Even so, someone had to say that particular line about Japanese Animes. It was begging to be said.

  15. They should have something like this in LatAm & E. Europe. Business venture y’all

  16. LOL, perhaps someone should tell the dateless nerds with more cash in their pockets than brains and guts in their bodies, that they can approach girls in Thailand, Vietnam and (supremely) in the Philippines without any “personal assistant”, so long they are not rapists/pedos and keep flashing the dollar. And the $5000 they are supposed to pay for this trip to happen can buy a lof of the above with no effort.

  17. Seriously, save that $5000 and go to any mall in the philippines and chat up the girls there, unless your hideous AND old you’ll get laid like tile.

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