British Soccer Star Ched Evans Found Not Guilty Of Rape After Years Of Abuse From Feminists

British soccer player Ched Evans, having endured years of hell, has finally been exonerated of “rape.” Last Friday, following a dramatic retrial in Cardiff, a jury found the Welshman, who has represented his country 13 times at the elite level and another 17 times at junior level, not guilty. Convicted in 2012 after a hotel sexual encounter, he spent two and a half years in prison before being released in October 2014. A subsequent appeal earlier this year had quashed that same conviction.

Throughout this harrowing time, feminists led a vigilante-style campaign to strip Evans of any ability to earn a good income. When third-division club Sheffield United showed an interest and allowed him to train with their squad post-prison, the proverbial knives came out. British track and field athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, for example, effectively tried to blackmail Sheffield United, threatening to have her name removed from a stand at their Bramall Lane stadium. Thankfully, the club issued a figurative “Who gives a fuck, sweetheart” by renaming the stand anyway. The furor nevertheless led to Evans being dropped.

Some positives emerged, though. Sheffield United’s co-chairman Jim Phipps was unequivocal about the extreme pressure placed on the club to ditch Evans. He described it as “mob-like behavior,” a frank account he should be commended for in such politically correct times. Countless other people, and not just diehard soccer fans, flooded social media and news story comments with messages of support for Evans. The “CNN effect” I first described a long time ago, whereby regular commentators are happy to buck the leftist line of many a media publication, was alive and well. No doubt that backing helped the Welshman through an incredibly sad period of his life.

Feminist anger is as hypocritical as it gets

“Rules are meant to benefit women!”

The central gripe of feminists over Ched Evans’ exoneration is that the Court of Appeal heard from two of the accuser’s ex-lovers. Normally this is not allowed under British “rape shield” laws (a terrible euphemism that often only prevents rightful scrutiny of claims), but last year a decision of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) triggered the appeal based on this new evidence. Both men’s testimonies about their sexual experiences with the accuser were strikingly similar to the situation involving Evans.

What is far more appalling than an accuser’s sexual history being evaluated at a trial is the use of “bad character” witnesses against an accused. You know, the person facing prison if found guilty. This is exactly what happened during the British prosecution of the now convicted Rolf Harris. While few in society shed any tears for the jailed Australian entertainer, what should have shocked everyone was the ability of women aside from the relevant accusers to testify at the trial that Harris sexually abused them. Plenty of other men at the mercy of British courts also find themselves railroaded by obscure sexual accusations that are not even related to the charges they face in court. It is nothing short of a legal travesty that this kind of circus is allowed to take place, no matter what crime one is accused of.

The British system is as broken as it gets—Evans’ family had to get him justice

More people, just like Ched Evans’ family, will have to resort to private investigators to clear their or their loved ones’ names.

So how did the new evidence that helped exonerate Evans make its way to the authorities? His family had to hire private investigators. The double-edged sword of modern “justice” is that courts are too happy to convict men using an absolute paucity of evidence, bar the testimony of an accuser, and any chance of overturning that conviction routinely depends on you or loved ones finding the smoking gun. Ched Evans may not have been earning the salary of a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo as a soccer player, but he is, dare I say it, one of the lucky ones. A truly Average Joe fighting for his innocence is going to spend himself into bankruptcy one hundred times over before an appeals court gives him the time of day.

Of course, feminists have accused Evans’ fiancée, Natasha Massey, of “bribing” potential witnesses by offering £50,000 for information to clear his name. Both ex-lovers of the accuser, however, swore under oath that they were not motivated by money in coming forward. Considering that rape accusers can financially benefit from claiming or reporting alleged crimes, either from suing a man (think Bill Cosby) or parlaying their story into something else (think Emma Sulkowicz), criticism of Massey’s offer is rather ironic. To boot, police themselves continually offer monetary rewards to help solve cases.

The farce of modern British justice is nothing new. Long-time readers of my work might remember Elizabeth Sandlin. Having successfully had her sexual partner convicted for biting her on the buttocks during rough sex, she was able to claim eternal victimhood, notwithstanding that the man was, in her own words, “blind drunk” and therefore unable to consent.

Ridiculously, Evans’ accuser is still anonymous

Good on Natasha Massey for standing by her man.

Ched Evans’ suffering provides another illustration of why letting accusers stay anonymous is a terrible idea. After all, men who are simply investigated (i.e. not charged) for rape frequently have no protection whatsoever against their names, faces, and other personal details being disseminated worldwide. Media interest, not common sense, is the arbiter in these cases. Even when a suspect or accused is not slandered nationally or internationally, local word of the “crime” soon gets out and that person finds themselves ostracized for life, not to mention denied a fair trial.

Let’s hope that Ched Evans’ legal suit to claw back £500,000 in lost earnings during his court attendances and prison time is successful. He deserves nothing less than this and a lifetime of shame for his accuser.

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        1. Date women off campus too. Dating the co-eds is going to land you in hot water if you’re not careful. They should keep their heads about them. Some vindictive tramp with second thoughts after hooking up can ruin your life and end any career and possibly have you thrown in prison. Such women are worse that the STDs they could possibly give you, and society will back them up. I wish I could advise them to be celibate in college, but I am not that far gone from that age that I don’t remember what it was like. They need to be exceptionally careful.

  1. As noted the average guy will still have little chance of defense, and it’s likely that Evans will become a poster boy for efforts towards making conviction automatic with no appeal

    1. or he will become a poster boy for an end to consequence-less accusations, and unequal protections with respect to anonymity

  2. What amazes me about this is that the woman involved never actually accused him of rape. She has no memory of the night in question and went to the police to report a lost handbag. It looks like the police and prosecution simply saw an opportunity to secure a high profile conviction.

    1. I wasn’t even aware of that. In which case the spotlight should move from the girl in question (even if she colluded with the injustice) to a system that works to create injustice on account of apparent ideological bias

    2. So strange that the police chose to charge Evans for rape but, chose not to charge all those Pakistani pedophiles grooming young girls in Rotherham.
      Can’t put my finger on why the police would act so differently.. hmmm…

      1. Because there is a war on heterosexual white men…
        Women have allied themselves with minorities to try and ursurp us.

        1. Protestant Manginas + Jewish Conversos trying to curry favor with the dominant religion.

    3. They gotta file them prisons with more bodies, which provides more money to Big Criminal “Justice”

    4. Alison Saunders, the UK’s Director of Public Prosecutions, once allowed that she intended to increase prosecutions of sexual assault by 33%, as if it were some sort of quota. Mark Pearson tried to get in touch with her after that sow Souad Faress accused him of manually raping her in the half a second he brushed past her in a British train station and predictably got no response.

  3. I’m about to go to sleep for a few hours before night shift. Dr. Phil has a female teacher who screwed her 17yo student. I just keep wondering if this was a male teacher and a female student would Dr. Phil be asking how the teacher was so victimized. It is pure comedy.

    1. The double standard is amazing when it’s a female teacher. Many say “it’s different.” A female teacher engaging in sexual activity with a minor should face the same punishment as a male. It shouldn’t matter in the eyes of the judicial system. I mean … EQUALITY, right?

    2. I watched a few minutes of Dr Mangina’s show that you are referring to and I stopped after a few minutes when they portrayed the female teacher as being a victim of that evil male 17yo student. Stopped watching him a long time ago but I had to tune in out of curiosity based on the show’s description. Sure enough, it’s the evil man’s fault (in this case, boy’s fault) and not the female teacher/rapist/victim’s fault. Nothing surprising when it comes to Dr Phil.

    1. It is a more engaging sport. It also has a far better record of having its male players beating bogus rape charges, as well as murder charges.

  4. I hope someone releases her name. Back years ago Tom Leykis named names on his show, and I’ve always admired him for that.
    One was a younger girl as I recall who falsely accused a man or men of sexual assault, as I recall (don’t recall the details).
    Even Jackie of the Rolling Stone story, widely known now to be a hoax, didn’t have her name released widely. It got out, but again, the accuser was protected (her) and not the victims (university, fraternities).
    This inverted justice is absurd and I hope that at some point a bit of vigilante justice is served. Otherwise, none whatsoever will be, I think.

    1. “and I hope that at some point a bit of vigilante justice is served”
      revealing names-wise? I’d say there are egregious situations where it’s justified, but ideally pressure would be applied until the law is made even between men and women vis a vis anonymity (in whichever direction)

    1. It’s worse than that. This broad turned up saying she woke up in a bed and didn’t remember anything. She was scared she had her drink spiked, but the drug test just found trace coke and weed
      The Crown prosecution service decided to take the case forward.
      The prosecution case was purely feminist dogma, no evidence/banging on about entitlement.
      He made the mistake of talking to the police without a lawyer. They made him look like a dick. He said that footballers can have ‘any woman in the club ‘. It’s obviously true, but now we’re supposed to pretend like women don’t want to fuck athletic rich famous guys.
      The state is against men. Keep it in mind.

      1. “…the drug test just found trace coke and weed.”
        WTF how could they even take her seriously???
        These cops are something else…
        What next will men be charged with rape for for saying hello to a drunk tart?

        1. The thing is media kept reporting that she thought she had been spiked even though a medical test revealed she just got way too drunk.
          Women are not responsible for thier own actions in a legal sense.
          Then they campaign against character witnesses that show the accuser is full of shit.
          Here in the UK we have a 2 tier legal system.

  5. Like Ray Donovan asked after being acquitted, “Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?”
    If someone is acquitted, then there SHOULD be a way for that person to recover damages to his reputation / livelihood from the false-accuser, the overzealous prosecutor, and any media or groups which smear the accused’s name. It’s appalling that prosecutors and accusers can bring these types of charges with almost zero chance of personal accountability for their mistakes or zealotry.
    I hate to say this, but if Shrillary wins, we better all get used to this crap and worse.

    1. The forced interaction with bureaucracy is itself the punishment. Even if you avoid the conviction, you have still had your time wasted and your person slandered.
      It’s too easy…

    2. It’s already bad enough. Harmless, innocent actions between men and women are now classified as “RAPE.”
      The way things are going … within the next 2-3 years, men will face criminal convictions merely for looking at a female should she deem (days, weeks or months later) it wasn’t “consensual.”

      1. And we all know the most pain you can inflict on a woman is by ignoring them. Soon that will become illegal. Catch twenty two.
        Reminds me of Isaiah Thomas’ “White silence is violence” statement.

  6. “While few in society shed any tears for the jailed Australian entertainer, what should have shocked everyone was the ability of women aside from the relevant accusers to testify at the trial that Harris sexually abused them.”
    Obviously feminists are protesting the validity of having ex-lovers of the accuser testify to her behaviour, but this actually shows considerable symmetry to the above situation (involving Rolf etc) where lawyers for the prosecution (etc) effectively advertise for women to come out of the woodwork to support the case against the defence.
    In other words its a case of the feminist accusatory system being hoist by its own petard: either it’s the particular incident that matters and the immediate context is the only thing that is relevant or the sexual histories of both accuser and accused are legitimate areas of exploration.
    What feminists want is that men’s behaviour and sexual history throughout their lives should be admissible as evidence but that women’s sexual history shouldn’t count. Unfortunately the law is about to catch with feminist hypocrisy and double standards. Obviously the issue of anonymity is the key issue here, but it’s a question of what it’s going to be. At present men’s names are made public, but women’s aren’t. So the true remedy would be to reverse the situation (?) but of course that wouldn’t really be fair, so it should be either one or the other – either everybody’s anonymous or nobody’s anonymous. It’s off topic but the same even-handedness must also be applied to the issue of prostitution in those countries (not the UK) where men are criminalised for ‘buying’ sex, but no such thing applies to women who sell it. I only mention that because it highlights the extent to which the feminist legal system is working internationally to create a justice system that benefits women only by criminalising only men.
    Time to level the playing field, otherwise there can be nothing worthy of being called justice

  7. False accusations are so vile, that the first three laws (especially #1 and #2) of the Code of Hammurabi deal with it:
    1. If any one ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he can not prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.
    3. If any one bring an accusation of any crime before the elders, and
    does not prove what he has charged, he shall, if it be a capital offense
    charged, be put to death.
    Even ancient, “primitive” people understood that if false accusers are allowed to make a mockery of the justice system, you have no justice system at all.

  8. It is really fucked up to think that it might actual be better to get convicted of rape, do your time, then come out “reformed” instead of being found “not guilty” and having everyone still think you are a rapist for the rest of your life.

  9. My computer must be broken and not loading the page right because i cant see the part where it explains what was the new evidence that set him free.

  10. This is one problem i have with the right in Britain, they are so fucking pathetically weak on the all the anti-male laws that have come about.
    Even worse is the attempted civil liberties and human rights encroachments and long favoured superinjunctions that have absolutely hamstrung non lefties ability to talk about anything in a public forum without them inevitably getting arrested for it.
    We don’t have a first or second amendment, we have nothing. I don’t know when exactly the point was that the British justice system became a laughing stock of the world but we need to cut so much of the pointless shit out.
    Why would i ever want to fuck a british girl again after all these weird uni laws and ‘special education’ classes that are criminalising sexuality and drunken behaviour.
    Are we so prurient suddenly that we can’t think that maybe if a guy and girl get drunk and bang, its just as much her fault as his for that situation occurring? That regretful sex is not rape? That calling everything rape, demeans actual factual rape cases? That false rape accusations have to be treated much more harshly in order to deter women from using it as a get-out-of-guilt free card?
    Look the fucking tory party is talking about diversity requirements for fuck’s sake. The current unelected pm is famous for empowering high test, mannish women to come join and reach the top of the tory party with her.
    This is the same woman that has absolutely wrecked civil liberties in the country, given us an internet that has porn filters with isps because ‘won’t someone think of the children’?
    Did anyone think of the children in the mp’s box for the past 40 years? how about the high profile business rings? royalty too? irish orphanages? How about rotherham?
    Hypocritical fucking twats.
    That’s why our right is so weak, we have nigel farage, david davis, milo [i mean he’s not really political though is he] and literally thats it. almost every other guy is a shill, a p*** or a cuck

    1. What do you mean “unelected PM”? She was elected by her constituents, then elected by her party, exactly as David Cameron was. She’s the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, not a President of some shit pot republic.

      1. i voted for Cameron in 2015, not Theresa May in 2016. If i wanted some woefully inept former home secretary to run the country we could have gone for david blunkett to be minister of eyesight

        1. Unless you lived in the Witney constituency for the 2015 election then you didn’t vote for Cameron but for your local Conservative candidate. If you did live in Witney then you voted for Cameron as MP not PM. The Conservative party members, not he UK electorate, choose the party leader.

        2. No you didn’t, you voted for your local candidate. If you can’t tell the difference between the British system and electing a President then you shouldn’t be voting.

  11. Speaking of which, i recently ran across this gem. Some 15 year old girl tried to pick a fight with a boy during an argument in California. She went for him kicking and snarling. When it looks like she’s going to kick him in the nuts, he bodyslams her brutally. It is still to be seen if he’s getting charged with anything, but this is how gender equality ends up.

    1. Outstanding. So many butthurt females crying “No man ever has a right to touch a woman.” Welcome to equality, pussies.

      1. There is nothing outstanding in this. Why didn’t any of his asshole friends help him? Ok, good for him that he FINALKY stood up for himself. But the little bitch should have known that the second she got physical she was going to get an ass kicking.

    2. Looks clean to me. She started the fight, he rolled her ass then immediately stopped.

    3. The Daily Mail headline is absurd. It should read “young man defends himself after girl tries to emasculate him”

      1. No it should simply say “human being defends himself after being attacked. Shows incredible restraint when bullies friends gang up on him.”

    4. Laughing at some of the deluded comments from clueless females & a few low T white knights below the article.
      She gave up her privileges to be treated as a lady the moment she closed the gap & started the assault.
      She’s lucky he didn’t escalate further after she went down.
      I predict he’ll likely end up getting more pussy actually…..We all know why.

    5. I guess Russell Crowe had the right idea, put em in a bear hug, get em outta there (she threatened to cut up someone Tarantino-style, at Crowe’s party, she was his guest)

  12. These so called rapes initially is in women’s favor mainly because the man is always going to be taller than the woman he is seen as being responsible for any bodily check that goes through

  13. As far as I’m concerned the solution for these situations is simple. Firstly, rape accusations should be automatically silenced with a press gag order irrespective of who the accused is. This would stop the ridiculous ‘mass hysteria’ accusations a la ‘Cosby and Trump’. Secondly, all accusations must be handled immediately by the Police, and not faux Authorities such as universities and HR departments. If it happened, a year ago or 20years ago, too bad.You should have reported it then and not later.
    Thirdly, mandatory collection of a rape kit.
    4th, mandatory sentences for false accusation of a minimum of 15 years and a parole period of 10 for good behavior.
    And finally, a personal responsibility prevision, if your are drunk, stoned, you must bear responsibility for events. We have no sympathy for Drunk drivers killing people or tourists that wonder off the path in Africa on Safari only for them to be eaten by a Hippopotamus. Girls need to understand that if you are intoxicated and something happens to you then you’re an idiot who needs to wear some of the responsibility of what has happened to you.
    Rant over.

  14. “Woman who accused Ched Evans of rape ‘wants to move to Australia’ amid vile threats on social media”. “Vile trolls have threatened to ‘slash her face’ among scores of other threats. She is also said to have been forced to change her name a number of times since Evans was originally convicted of rape in 2012.”
    so the false rape accuser not only does not get any jail, but is also now the victim of her own false rape accusation. go figure.

  15. I think we should be very careful about false accusations and accusations that can’t be proved. In one case, a man is innocent, in the other, a rapist gets away with it. Rape is abhorrent, but that’s not the argument.
    Having said that, I also think that false accusers or accusers who suffer from Post Coital Remorse should be charged and face the same penalties as rapists. Having to sit through a trial where they are the accused and really have their lives and actions under scrutiny would make them think very hard about false accusations. I’m just not sure where the line would be drawn between a real, unproven rape accusation, and a fabricated accusation.

  16. Guys, its been posted once, let me post it again. You have to use media, audio, video when appropriate in order to CYA. If you don’t anything can be said against you and the prosecution will carry her torch to your burial in court. These sociopaths do not give a fk about you and will make up any story that suits them. I just shook the hand of a man I saved from a certain long prison sentence 2 years ago after my evidence blew up my accusers case against me. This other man who was wrongfully accused buy the same psycho who was accusing me had spent a year in jail awaiting trial until I I presented the D.A with evidence. You guys HAVE to be armed. Thankfully today technology can help.

  17. He’s a Welsh football player, British isn’t a nationality and wtf is soccer. Called it after the evidence was uncovered about Ched’s friend contacting him. The system is messy and anti male.

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