DePaul University President Resigns Due To Fallout From Cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos Speech

Earlier this week, DePaul University President Dennis Holtschneider announced that he was stepping down later in the week due to the ongoing fallout from Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos’ cancelled speech at the university last month. In a resignation letter sent to students and faculty, Holtschneider claimed that his retirement was in the works for several months prior and that he is planning to remain at DePaul as a professor:

Please know I am not leaving for another position. While I will remain open to assignments after 2017, my present plan is to return to DePaul in my tenured faculty position following a year away from the institution to give the new president the breathing room he or she deserves.

While supporters of Milo and cultural libertarians may hail Holtschneider’s resignation as a victory, the reality is that he is stepping down not due to pressure from us, but from the radical left hooligans who shut down Milo’s speech. In this, DePaul is going down the same path as the University of Missouri, which capitulated to social justice whiners and subsequently saw its enrollment plummet. DePaul will no doubt see its student body collapse in the coming months.

The Right Move, The Wrong Reasons


To recap, Milo Yiannopoulos was slated to give a speech at DePaul University on May 24th, but barely 15 minutes into the event, the speech was effectively cancelled when a pair of #BlackLivesMatter activists stormed the stage and stole the mics, threatening Milo multiple times in the process. The event’s organizers attempted to call both security and the police, but both were ordered to stand by and do nothing, despite the fact that DePaul had shaken down the organizers for added security fees just prior to the event. (I was at the speech and got attacked by Katie O’Reilly, an SJW student who tried to steal my phone.)

The day after the event, Holtschneider issued a mealy-mouthed apology for what happened, conspicuously avoiding apologizing to Milo, whose speech was disrupted and personal safety threatened by Holtschneider’s actions. In response, angry Milo fans began flooding DePaul’s Facebook page with negative reviews and contacting donors, causing the college’s ratings to collapse. Breitbart and the College Republicans have also been fighting to get the money they were forced to spend on security refunded.

Amazingly, despite the fact that they succeeded in shutting down an event that Milo and the College Republicans had paid for and had every right to hold, DePaul’s leftists still weren’t happy. The DePaul Black Leadership Coalition were incensed by Holtschneider’s apology, offended by the fact that he even allowed the speech to take place. Sociology professor Dr. Shu-Ju Ada Cheng resigned for similar reasons, claiming that free speech is a “delusional” idea “rooted” in “market ideology.” I also discovered that DePaul’s Islamic chaplain Abdul-Malik Ryan is an ISIS supporter with connections to John Walker Lindh.

In response, Holtschneider walked back his apology, pledging to increase funding to groups that were involved in disrupting Milo’s speech. Unfortunately, the first rule of dealing with SJWs is never apologize, and Holtschneider’s attempts at conciliation only made the situation worse. As he resigns, he’s accomplished the truly remarkable feat of pissing off both leftists and conservatives and pleasing no one.

Swirling The Bowl


The DePaul incident is yet another in a recent string of clashes between college students and their administrators, as kids drunk on social justice move further left than their elders are comfortable with. As mentioned above, the chancellor of Mizzou was forced to resign following a series of leftist protests kicked off by a poop swastika supposedly found in a bathroom, with students alleging that the administration wasn’t doing enough to “protect” them. Following the administration acceding to the protesters’ demands, enrollment dropped off a cliff, putting Mizzou’s future in jeopardy.

Similarly, I wouldn’t be surprised if DePaul University sees its enrollment for coming semesters collapse. While leftists are still powerful in many ways, the cultural victories of the past two years—GamerGate, the Trump campaign and the like—have shown that people are sick of social justice warriors. Given his cowardly response to what happened with Milo Yiannopoulos, DePaul deserves to go down, and Dennis Holtschneider deserves to leave in disgrace.

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174 thoughts on “DePaul University President Resigns Due To Fallout From Cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos Speech”

    1. Except he is a degenerate flamer.
      Personally would not care much, but him kissing McInnes in public is basically turning “the right wing” into a homosexual spectacle.
      What kind of world do we live in were a flamer and his cuck sympathizer are considered right wing avant-garde.

      1. Not sure they Milo or Gavin consider themselves right wing per se. They consider themselves non leftist shit poasters I think.

        1. Gavin calls himself right-wing.
          Milo writes for Breitbart which considers itself right wing.
          But by our standards they are moderate leftists.

        2. They are more to right compare to ‘our betters’ in mainstream leadership of the right.

        3. Milo calls himself a cultural libertarian. Gavin did a video on 14 right wing archetypes and identified with a liberally or two and even put a few libs down as “on the right”.

        4. “But by our standards they are moderate leftists.”
          You are being presumptuous. You only speak for yourself here.

      2. How old are you? The Millennial generation of Conservatives is a lot different, I tell you. They elect different leaders, too – Trump.
        Get used to “degenerates”. Our parents were the biggest fuckheads in the world and never taught us how to be men, so don’t complain when we’re forced to figure it out for ourselves and you don’t like what we come up with.
        This is the future, you know, for so long as there’s so many broken families and ruined culture in the world then there will be men who grow to be like this. Just imagine the fun it’ll be when we’re older and we’re running the government ourselves…

        1. Things he does are admirable.
          But sometimes he just oversteps it with his faggotry. Like glorying interracial gay sex and kissing McIness. There is a limit to acceptable faggotry, he goes overboard.
          Also, he and Innes and some other moderate cucks are trying to co-opt the Alt-Right and turn it from ethnonationalism and traditional gender roles and society to “cultural libertarianism” and homosex.
          He is doing a good job selling an extremely watered down red pill to normies. But in the same time he and guys like Cuckold of Akkad are stopping people from taking the whole red pill by calling their opposition – the nationalists as right-wing SJWs, Nazis and “collectivists”.
          Let him do his thing but be weary of co-option. He and other figure heads are trying to co-opt the true right revolt by simply selling less extreme leftists basic bitch liberalism about “true equality” and making them feel edgy.
          Milo is a useful tool but nothing more.
          Ethnonationalism and Patriarchy not “true equality” and “cultural libertarianism”.

        2. SJWS are a direct assualt on the bill or rights. Anyone who is standing up to them and defending our rights I stand behind. (Just stand behind, nothing else for behind.) And, since the Republican party won’t do it, I am glad he will.

        3. Yup, we’re just all grumpy old men who shouldn’t expect you to man up because it’s the older generation’s fault.

        4. I don’t see him “As one of us” More like a women that gets it and is speaking out for us. If its a women, or a gay in this case standing up for us it seems the left are more than likely to take them seriously. There are some old school feminists that get it as well, Its always good to hear what they have to say.

        5. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying don’t be surprised when I do man up and you don’t like what happens.
          The older generation of men left us to be raised by feminists who gave us Barbie dolls to play with.
          Being a man and “manning up” is something we had to figure out how to do all by ourselves.
          Nobody gets to criticize us. The older generations absolutely do not have the right. They failed to raise their own children – it’s THEM who need to take responsibility for THAT.

        6. Fuck that noise. Everybody is responsible for their own shit. Good luck playing off that victim bullshit somewhere else as it doesn’t fly with me no matter how much emo you put into it.
          So Daddy abandoned you? Sorry about that. Mommy gave you Barbies to play with? Equally sorry. Does it give you a free pass to be dysfunctional and do whatever you please? Aw, hell no.
          Criticize you? Hell, now I don’t even want to know you exist. I raised four boys now aged 21 to 36 and they are all productive members of society. Kiss my older generation butt.

        7. You obviously don’t get what I’m saying. I’m not dysfunctional and I never said that. I’m saying that parents are responsible for their own children – and, by extension, so is the society that defines parenthood.
          If you’re a Baby Boomer or Generation X then you’re very lucky. You probably had a good dad, or at least a male school teacher or priest you could look up to. All I had to guide me to manhood was what’s written in my DNA, same as many Millennials.
          To me, it sounds like you’re complaining that I misread my DNA and, “No, that’s not how it goes,” you say.
          If you want to blame somebody for the current state of the world and the weakness of so many Millenials then don’t look at me – don’t look at us. We’re not the ones who were sitting idle in an armchair watching as it happened, but we are the ones who’ve been left to pick up the pieces.

        8. Oh don’t be so harsh. It wasn’t easy to figure out, you know. My feminist mama told me my penis goes, “wherever you want to put it, love!”
          She gave no clue as to whether I should put my penis in a man or a woman, nor even whether it mattered my lover was human.
          Well, I’m luckier than most men raised by feminists and my instincts just happened to lead me to BOTH the correct sex AND the correct species!
          Yet even then, it still took some trial and error. At first, my girlfriend put it in her mouth and I thought that was pretty cool. Soon enough I was getting bored, though. It’s like something that was MEANT to be happening just wasn’t happening, so I drifted to her ass and tried putting it in there, instead. I liked how tight it was and the way she squealed and everything, but again it just didn’t feel right.
          Third time lucky, they say, and so it was with me. I can’t remember exactly what drove me to put my penis in her vagina and ejaculate in her womb (I did have a habit of pulling it out at the last moment to ejaculate on her face), but I recall the sensation that washed over me when I realized that if you put it in the vagina then a baby comes out 9 months later! Everything suddenly fit, and the world made sense for the first time in my life.

        9. And I am saying that every single person is responsible for their own state and well being. It has been that way since the beginning of time. Go ahead and say you have no male role models. I say you aren’t looking very hard.
          I’m not looking to blame; that was your post and you continue with “We’re not the ones who were sitting idle in an armchair watching as it happened, but we are the ones who’ve been left to pick up the pieces.”
          You speak as if every childhood before yours was idyllic and now any poor behavior on your part is excused by that fantasy.

        10. I speak as a father who realizes I am utterly responsible for my daughters’ future. The fact that you and men of your generation don’t accept this responsibility for your children is the problem of which I speak.
          Not that most Millenials are any better. The next generation will be even worse. Yet there are those amongst us who are starting to realize that we’re responsible for the future.

        11. So far I’ve been patient with your accusations of what “I and men of my generation” haven’t done. Once someone gives the general appearance of being an adult, most of society expects them to act the part.
          I can’t help it you want agreement regarding a theory that only continues to propagate the “victim myth” so popular today. I don’t agree and find it juvenile.
          I am glad, however, that you have “started to realize” that you should be a part of the solution instead of continuing to be a part of the problem. There might be hope for one of the most self serving and privileged generations ever. Generational “wars of rhetoric” have gone on in every generation. In the 60’s it was “never trust anyone over thirty”, so your theory is just rhetorical recycling.
          And while you speak of those men, you might want to take a good hard look at what feminism has done to create those broken homes. Look to those feminists that leave a man spending his time supporting children that the courts and his ex-spouse refuse to let him have any part in their lives. You may wish to look to the bigger picture. Most adults eventually do.

        12. I’m not going to blame feminists. It’s the men’s fault for allowing their women to get out of hand.
          I don’t know how to say it simpler. I become responsible for myself at or not long after reaching 18 or 20 or so. Actually, I, personally, started doing what my parents could not and went back to school for a year of my own accord when I was 17 (so I could get into the infantry).
          However, by the time somebody reaches that age it’s usually too late. I was a chronic petty thief. I was anti-social to a sociopathic degree. I had dropped out of school at 14. I’d been selling marijuana when I was 12. What kind of responsibility is such a person supposed to achieve at 18? It’s too late by then, and the parents are responsible for the train wreck that follows in the early twenties, because they were the ones who shot the train driver in the head and steered the disaster off the rails to begin with.
          I know this to be true. Parents, but especially fathers, are responsible for the adult their child becomes. If my daughters ever make poor life choices then I will indeed take full responsibility, because I am the one who failed to equip them with what they needed to make better choices.

        13. It makes a sort of sense, but your arguments are juvenile. It makes sense why you are angry with anyone you see as a part of a “parental” generation. And it’s clear you are particularly angry at your father and have generalized it to ALL men of his generation. Don’t mistake any understanding for condoning the error of your theory.
          You see, once you became an adult and probably for some time before that society began holding YOU accountable for your actions. They didn’t go look for your parents and arrest them, did they? My parents were far from perfect and there is much I wasn’t taught by them. That is a painful part of growing up that we all have to do. Life has a way of teaching it, but suffering is not optional.
          Good luck being the perfect parent, you WILL be disappointed in yourself at times. Your daughters are also distinctly separate human beings and will have their own personalities. Children cannot be “programmed”, they can be loved and taught.
          Do fathers have a responsibility? Oh hell yes, they do. Does it absolve you of any responsibility in being a productive member of society? Not really. All I heard from your original post was: “If I’m fucked up and do fucked up things, it’s your fault.” That is the thinking of a wounded child.
          Teach your daughters to take responsibility for their actions and they will most likely be just fine. They will make poor choices, we ALL do at some time or another; it becomes a matter of degree. Absolve them of responsibility by “taking full responsibility” for them and they learn nothing beyond “someone else is at fault for my actions”. Consequences can be positive or negative, but they are always instructional.

        14. Honestly, I do respect the way you replied, but I’d prefer you returned the favor and tried to recognize precisely what I’m describing. It isn’t “juvenile”.
          I think you’ve made the mistake of thinking that because I blame others for certain things then I’m somehow soft, and you think that yours is the harder stance of our 2. I had a similar discussion with GhostOfJefferson 👻 and he made the same assumption. I think it’s a prejudice you form because it’s usually right… usually.
          The problem is you’re wrong. I don’t blame others because I lack culpability, but because they refuse to take responsibility for the things that I do take responsibility for in my own life. I consider them irresponsible compared to me, and it’s true.
          I don’t just take responsibility for my own life (from now onwards), but also I bear the responsibility for my children until they’re well into their adulthood. This is a tremendous thing (but it should be the norm).
          Far from being a coddled Millennial crying in the corner, I’m more like an army general who personally blames himself for every soldier killed under his command. I’m harder than diamond, man.
          I also see the problems facing the west and, yes, I do tell myself that I have a personal obligation to clean up this fucking mess. My reasoning is that the future my grandchildren will live in will be a product of my generation’s now. So I am responsible for the world that exists after I’m dead, too.
          By the way, I don’t just hate my father, but my mother, too. My father’s only meaningful contribution to my life was convincing my mother not to abort me (he told me this stuff). But she still drank alcohol when I was in the womb, that strong, independent feminist.
          I survived 9 months inside the most hostile environment known to fetus-kind – a feminist’s womb.
          For me, the fight against feminism didn’t begin in college or after a nasty divorce or whatever. For me, it began at conception. That was my D-day. I’ll bear the scars of those 9 months for the rest of my life.
          The alcohol exposure caused me to be born deformed. I was born with a clubbed foot, minor kyphoscoliosis, and mildly asymmetrical facial features.
          Oh, the clubbed foot straightened out, and I’m physically quite well at over 6 foot and handsome. The asymmetry is barely noticeable, luckily.
          Yet what will never “straighten out” is my mind. The alcohol raised my serotonin levels in my brain, causing me to be born with incurable depression… or incurable hatred, depending on the day.
          Some might argue the hatred is justified…
          It gets better. When I was 1 year old, my father managed to break my leg (my mother told me this part). So, at a time when other babies were learning the basics of socialization from their mother, I was preoccupied screaming in an agony I could not understand.
          These parents of mine created a sociopath with such pinpoint precision that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t deliberate. They ruined my life before I’d even learnt to walk.
          I’m not a true sociopath, though – but it DOES take a conscious effort to remind myself that mass murder isn’t the only option in life.
          It only gets better after that. My parents divorced, and my mother was determined to raise a good, peace-loving son. I remember dressing in girl’s clothing and playing with Barbie dolls, things like that. She really hated me for being male.
          I remember sex talks with her when I hit puberty, and her telling me it was wrong to care whether my girlfriends were virgins or $10 whores. I remember being left with absolutely no clue as to how to rationalize my desire for a nice, chaste girlfriend, and my teenage years were completely wasted in loserdom despite I was tall and handsome and should’ve been able to land a nice girl.
          My mother still thinks she did a good job raising me, never mind that her own son refuses to meet with her anymore because he doesn’t trust he can control his anger around her anymore.
          Let this be understood: If you raise a child that hates you then you are NOT a good parent and you only have yourself to blame.
          The only way I can punish my parents is to deny them from seeing their grandchildren. It will never be enough. I’d prefer to shower in their blood. But it will have to do. Instead, I direct the lifelong serotonin curse of sociopathic rage they left me with at the world:
          Destroy feminism and stop this shit from happening again.

        15. Sargon of Akkad is a hardcore lib (even “cuckservatives” are to the right of him), so I’m not sure it’s proper to lump him in with Milo. Sargon was a Bernie groupie for quite a while 🙁

        16. I can see that, Milo kinda is akin to Ann Coulter, only with an accent and a schlong.

        17. If you’re a Baby Boomer or Generation X then you’re very lucky. You
          probably had a good dad, or at least a male school teacher or priest you
          could look up to.

          Maybe, but the Baby Boomers are the most liberal generation around.
          I don’t know if they had a positive male role model in their fathers as their fathers were stereotypically absentee, “married to their job”-type fathers who, perhaps unknowingly, furthered the degradation of the USA by their support of leftist causes…and their idolatry of the great socialist FDR.

        18. It’s not. Who said that it was? I didn’t.
          To clarify, I’m contesting the point that Baby Boomers were “lucky” because they had a good father figure. They didn’t, because their father figures were left of center.

      3. “Except he is a degenerate flamer. Personally would not care much, but ..”
        I agree. Would be better to have a hetero.

        1. He can only get away with the things he says because he is a homosexual and a Jew. 2 protected groups at once.
          He is charismatic and does say edgy things like “we Jews do control banking” but that is about it.
          It’s good that he shows the world how crazy leftists are these days. And he is a perfect poster boy : “oh look, leftists attacking a homosexual”.
          He is also brave for standing with heteros against feminazis.
          But I won’t suddenly support homos nor his excessive faggotry.
          He also claims the Alt-Right only does things “ironically ” .
          He is a mixed bag. I won’t defend his faggotry because he supposedly is ” one of us “. I don’t want people to think homosexualism and talks about “true equality” is what the right is about .
          But he does do good stuff and is very charsimatic.

      4. I applaud anyone who attacks the leftist narrative, much as I am irritated that only a homosexual man of all people has the balls to do it

      5. I’m not so sure that matters as, if it’s possible to separate fact from gay revisionism, there might have been a few gays in a few key roles when the USA was founded.
        Baron von Steuben, for example, is considered to be-to employ a euphemism-the,ah, spiritual founder of NAMBLA.
        On Milo, he’s at least against gay marriage and is “50/50” between acknowledging the accompishments of “straight white men” and entertaining his theory that gays are some sort of ubermensch.

  1. These days whenever I hear a young male highschool student talk about his “dream” of going to college, I think what a bad idea. He and his parents don’t know what they’re in for. He should skip college and start a business instead of wasting 4+ years getting a Leftist indoctrination.

    1. Then they make all the good jobs require certificates and documents of time served in higher re education camps.

    2. Screw college, even more so university.
      I went to college but dropped out due to the bullcrap SJW and anti white male shit.
      So instead I went to work, and now I’m in the same job that I would have landed after uni anyway. Experience counts more than the toilet paper you get as diplomas.
      If I lost my job, I’d have one with double my current pay in a week or two.

        1. Academi is hiring. They’re formerly known as blackwater and xe. There are also other firms out there hiring. I figured the next crusade would begin soon enough that we just form our Christian militias.

        2. they change their name more frequently than I change my Underroos

        3. I might need a castle built to scale in the near future. I’ll call you.

  2. I don’t know which is the bigger joke that the dean thinks he’s a priest, or that anyone cares would care a sociology professor thinks.

  3. Milo just got a permanent ban from twitter. He claims the saudis own a huge stake in the company(and it wouldnt surprise me if thats true).

    1. You’re not a man if you haven’t been banned from something somewhere. I’ve been banned from taxi companies, nightclubs and a Day of Defeat server.

        1. Its bad bc I loved doing “cannonballs” into the cranberry bogs

      1. I hope one day I’ll be banned from a city for being too awesome. Like the ancient greek strateges, Themistocles and co.

        1. Shoot I’ve only been banished from a Woolworths. Still not clear if it’s all of them or just the one branch.

        2. I was, I kid you not, banned from Hicksville Long Island. That was 1993. I wonder if I were ever to go back there if they would arrest me on the spot.

        3. I was a passenger in a drunk driving accident back in ’93. The driver got pulled in but my friend in the back seat and me in the front (bloody fucking head and all) were dropped off at the Hicksville train station by the cop who said “never come back to Hicksville again”
          This was after the worst run from the police ever. We had a car accident and the metal on the fender bent against the wheel so we could only turn in one direction. We were trying to find the highway only making right turns when the cops nabbed us.

      2. < MISC Forums, WOW and tinder. Really a blessing now that I look back at it.

        1. LOL! The nice thing about getting banned is that there is always a great story about it.

      3. “..and a Day of Defeat server”
        You too? Next time I am in London we need to talk.
        I am on Interpol’s watch list, but that was from my military days.

        1. I have a safe house if you need it.
          Yes me too. I’m glad someone caught that reference. An old classic and the forerunner of CoD.

  4. Let the whole rotten edifice of higher edu collapse. It’s a giant predatory pyramid scheme, probably one of the largest in modern human history, that has been going on for way too long.

    1. Becoming an electrician or HVAC expert is the real way to go…or a plumber…hard to outsource that is for sure!

        1. I’m regretting going to college at this point as I sit in class. Maybe I should rethink and go into welding or mercenary work.

        2. I have becomes friends with my plumber and electrician (HVAC guy is doubtful). Plumber is maybe the only natural redpill guy I know around here. Reminds me a bit of an unmarried GoJ. His view on women now is “I’ve seen everything they have to offer me and I’m not interested.” He was in the Navy and had his fill of ONS.
          Electrician is struggling with some things (about to go through his second divorce, and first wife divorce raped him and made up criminal lies about him and how he treated their son that ended up denying him visitation for years and almost imprisoned him). He’s fairly free as he works for himself, and has a strong independent vibe but needs some guidance on a few matters. We’ve just started hanging out.

        3. Mercenary work? You want to go murder a bunch of peasants in a foreign land for the American state? Do something you can be proud of.

        4. I am with you. I want to write “balls” on all my degrees and mail them back to their issuing universities.

        5. Well I’m about to write a paper for my writing class on why islam is a religion of terror and tyranny so I might not make it past the summer semester.

        6. a friend makes bank as a welder, although his knees are fuct at only 40, been doing it 15 years. I think he told me some guys know how to weld under water, but I was drunk at the time, seems like magic to me

        7. Those are pipe welders they make lots of money, lots of danger in underwater explosion or running out of air and other things.

        8. The trick it to write whatever you do without passion. In my experience, a lot of people who think they got burned because they wrote from a hot button topic really got burned because they wrote like they were making a blog post, all ad hoc and filled with passion and rage. The trick is always presenting your arguments in rational and dispassionate ways.
          Remember, in academia (as in life in general I would say), the moment you care or get emotionally invested is the moment you lose.

        9. The guys head looked similar to that blobby thing on the left actually

        10. I’ll take this to heart. My paper will be filled with nothing but factual evidence.

        11. How does one light the torch underwater? Again, seems like some voodoo shit

        12. “If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find him…maybe you can hire…Ehren Holt.”

        13. I admire their audacity to still hit you up for money during their fundraiser month. I am squicked out by people who ten plus years out of school to still cling to their alma mater and glory days.

        14. Good advice. Stick to the cold hard facts and present them from good sources.

        15. yeah it is pretty fucking great. Even better are the “honor societies” I swear, if you got a look at some of the shit that Phi Beta Kappa tries to sell people you would think that they just assumed every member was a fucking idiot. Seriously, if I ever go into someone’s house and they have the PBK lampshade or bed sheets I am not going to say a word. I will punch that person, regardless of gender or age, right in the fucking teeth.

        16. Yeah, I can’t see that as being very fun. I would rather be a hotel concierge.

        17. The Cowboy George episode of the A-Team may be the finest hour television ever created.

        18. To be fair, for employers, it’s an indicator of high level office drone material. Phi Beta Kappa members are the upper middle class windowless office workers who purchase sportsing jerseys and apple peeling machines and keep the materialism train a rollin’.

        19. I have 4 windows in my office and no sportsgames jerseys thank you very much. I also have no apple peelin’ machine. But, to be fair, I am working hard at keeping the materialism train a rollin’

        20. You have four windows? Do you work in a glass cube? Or do you have four tiny windows on one wall? Are they portholes? What’s working on a submarine like?

        21. No, I have a big wall with 4 windows that are about 7 foot high by 3 foot wide. I’m livin’ that corner office life baby.

        22. I’m waiting for them to become trans species stingrays. That’s when they adapt to living on land.

        23. Have you seen that film that was the true story of the white kid who was in Africa when Idi Amin took over, and he became a top consultant to the dictator? That wouldn’t be a bad gig…

        24. Just talk about its history. And the history between Europe and the Islamic world. Not between 1900 and now, but between 800 and now.

        25. Have you ever heard the idea that a significant cause of the ‘dark ages’ was the Muslims gaining control of the Mediterranean and effectively choking off a primary transport method in Europe at the time?

        26. I think that theory was advanced in Mohammed and Charlemagne by Henri Pirenne

        27. Islam is not a religion, it’s a political movement. The rest is exact.

      1. That’s probably the only way I’m going to college, by going into a trade that hopefully will lead to a higher degree. In fact, that’s what I’m shooting for.

      2. plumber with welding and x-ray certs.
        I know a guy who makes over 3k a week doing x-ray welds on fuel lines at the airport.


        2. I shall. Most likely on Saturday when I can sit at home and not be distracted.

        3. also, somehow I slipped and gave you my real email address which means, by the laws of 17th and 18th century literature, that you can now use it to invoke me and make demands on my powers.

        4. I currently profit about 6,000-8,000 dollars /every month with my online job. Everyone ready to do basic at home jobs for 2h-5h daily from your living room and earn good payment for doing it… Try this work

      3. Totally, I know one plumber in his late 20’s who had his iwn house built new. Half the business is cash as well so that doesn’t hurt.

      4. Skilled domestic workers aren’t outsourced, they’re replaced by illegal visa workers. The replaced Americans who are really lucky get to train their replacements.
        Worse, being involved in those trades too often means that you are forced to belong to a Union, a useless leftist gang of thugs that doesn’t protect your job. Unions even still have these trades in thrall in Right-to-Work states, as was seen in Indiana where the union HVAC workers at Carrier were canned in favor of foreign labor.

      5. They pushed that along with college when I was a kid. For the last 30 years only college has been pushed as a way to get ahead. But not true. All the old crafts like HVAC, Carpentry, etc. will be around forever, and not that many people in the fields right now. They all went to college, have huge debts, and can’t get a job.

    2. I can’t agree more, traditional male-only institutions of higher learning (the few that remain) are thd only way to go. My sons will attend SJW Stats U. over my dead body.

    3. It won’t be long before it crumbles. They handed out massive loans to people who neither have the skills nor the knowledge to make enough money to repay them. Plus the last several years have proven that college campuses have been reduced to cesspools of drunken hookups laced with SJW indoctrination. I’ve talked to multiple people with children who are planning to steer them away from college and push them towards trade schools, or just raise them within their own businesses. College degrees are becoming less valuable with each passing day, but are somehow increasing in cost. This model will collapse within the next decade or two.

    4. I’m leaning that way too. Not much reason these kids are going to college these days. I mean the majority of them. Colleges teach what industry wants and little else. The rest is rotting their brains, and they’re not equipped for real life when they come out.

    5. There is a pyramidal structure to it. The government keeps bandying affordable education back and forth, keeping the public’s spirits up about being able to prepare themselves financially in life. But it’s smoke and mirrors, and the daze the public is in won’t last forever.
      Generations are graduating with debt, no jobs, and worst of all, they didn’t learn how to cope with life or do anything other than be a drone in an industry that outsourced their jobs during the four years kids were getting degrees for them.

  5. Modern American universities seem to be a strange unreal world where other people having opinions different to yours is not only unacceptable but also requires violence to resolve. Its very different to when I was there. I guess this is what happens when you put a child’s brain into an adults body. Violent and dangerous tantrums.
    When I was in university the idea was to get a degree and a job. If you went to a seminar and didn’t agree with the speaker, you questioned him and gave him your opinion.
    Now that most degrees are worth less than used toilet paper you might as well spend your time disrupting everyone else.

    1. Agreed, Bob. Or you wrote off what the lecturer was saying as so much rubbish and moved on. I wonder where this concept that college students are impressionable to the point of being Manchurian candidates came from?

    2. To be fair to universities bob (and believe me I have no love for them) most decent to good American universities are big enough that you get what you want out of them.
      My alma matter, now famous for its bullshit rape culture shenanigans, is so large and so diverse that you can pretty much do anything. While I didn’t go to school in this insane rape culture, the ultra super idiot hippie liberal cunts were always fucking protesting something when I was there, aids was becoming a fashion statement, being a faggot was becoming cool… be honest, I read more about it in the school news paper than I actually saw it.
      Further, when I was teaching, I noticed there was a difference in where people went. Simply put, if you want to be a fucking twat and go protest that the sun is UV Ray Raping you there is a place to go.
      However, there are still us nerds who go to the professors office after class, who hang out in the library, who go to the chess club or fencing class or participate in club sports and if you want you can totally avoid the fact that all this insane shit is going on.
      The news and the internet are relaying information about the loudest and most cunty people. It is like a weather report. You will hear about a tornado that kills 100 people all over the country but you don’t ever see something that says some town 600 miles away from you have perfectly moderate weather and it was a lovely day all around.
      If you walk into your university trying to make a point or you walk in wanting to “make a difference” or do whatever twats generally want to do you will find like minded people. But if you walk in goal orientated with a desire to do well on a specific trajectory you can very easily avoid all the bullshit.

      1. And watch that moonlight. It is merely reflected UV Ray Raping, but much more insidious.

        1. B-b-b-but sunscreen is usually white! If I apply it, aren’t I contributing to white cisgender shitlord free market colonialist imperialist oppression?

        2. Sunscreen was invented by a white male scientist working for the corporate patriarchy.

        3. I contribute a little to our secret “The Patriarchy” funds every time I choose to give a facial.
          EDIT: (And remember face creams are made from foreskins).

        4. Yes, unless you are using black sunscreen that also happens to be non-aggressive towards BLOCKING the sun…because the sun has rights too….you are part of the problem

        5. “The buoyant force on an object immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.” – Archimedes.
          Think that was printed on her body somewhere, though it may require further viewings to find the exact frame.

        6. Yes, but using black sunscreen will also contribute to a tendency to be violent towards other black sunscreen users. Police shoot black sunscreen users more too. Besides, every day is a sun’s rights day…why give it recognition?

      2. A very good point in general, but I think one thing that has changed since I attended is that these lunatics couldn’t ensnare you in some kangaroo court inquisition and completely fuck your life.
        It’s kind of like a mob in a city. Sure, the mob is localized and you can largely avoid them. But every so often, you end up being Reginald Denny.

        1. absolutely, people do get fucked. But go find yourself an Asian engineering student with a pocket protector that knows his way to and from his classes and his way around the library and labs and has no friends, no girlfriends and is a member of no fraternity but only honor societies and, maybe, a few sports clubs and I will show you someone totally oblivious to SJW bullshit going on 50 feet from his dorm room.

        2. Oh yeah, I agree. Just pointing out that even though it is avoidable, and largely confined to a small population, it is still cause for concern.

        3. absolutely. But, like everything else in life, it is about choices.
          It is Thursday. Here in NYC it is the biggest happy hour night in town. Every Thursday I get dozens of invites…..mostly from either colleagues or people I have current open business with to go to happy hours. I could go. Great places. Places loaded with aspiring models who are all looking to hook up with suits. Places where networking might help me at work.
          Instead I am going to leave here and go to the gym and then tonight go to central park to hear the NY Philharmonic and see the fireworks show. I will be in bed by 10:30.
          Yeah, I probably have a fair chance at banging a smoking hot chick half my age, or making in roads with people who are helpful in business, but tomorrow morning I will be on top of my game and not feel like shit.
          The people who take college as a place for a growing experience where they will learn to socialize and where their voices can be heard are all fucking useless twats. You are there to decide on a path and work your ass off to attain the goals that will propel you down that path. Anyone who treats college otherwise is wasting their money.
          I would suggest that people going into university take a year off. Go to Bolivia and fuck a bunch of Europeans while doing semi legal cocaine, go to homecomings and concerts and fuck things and try things and then go to college and go to no parties, no social events, have no serious relationships — during the semester do absolutely fucking nothing but study, work and get exercise.
          If even one person reads this and takes this advice they will think back in 10 years and say “who was that masked knee”

        4. …..forwarding to my teenage son…… claiming as my own words……

        5. The biggest problem with college students, I have found, is that they think “now” is important.
          I can, maybe, remember the names of half of the women I fucked last year and that is being very generous. Now always seems important. That is your mind fucking with you and when you are young and your hormones are raging it is easy to fall for the trap.
          The truth is, your teenage son, if he works hard to get into a decent school, works hard to get and maintain excellent credit, works hard in college and avoids all parties and scenes and then graduates well and goes into a profession will have a time in his late 20’s that every fucking person in the world will be jerking off wishing they had.
          And then, while everyone is sitting around recounting the days of their glory past he will be living glory present…not just in his 20’s but well into his 40’s and even 50’s.

        6. I should have a summer camp where people get to send their kids and I show them what their 40’s can look like if they ignore fun in their late teens.

        7. For real, the old narrative of “the good old days” is bullshit. Glorifying the Past at 40 is ridiculous. Even as a Married 36 year old I’m having a lot more fun in my 30s than most are in their 20s and about the same amount as I had in my 20s.
          AND I didn’t even have to do one Rape. Not one. Canyoubelieveit? I know I know, a ROK resident that doesn’t Rape and still enjoys his life?.. I like to live on the edge.

        8. banned!
          Really though….glorifying the “old days” is for your 70’s. I see guys getting together going through “remember the time” conversations and they aren’t even fucking 30 yet. It is frankly depressing. Sometimes when I over hear a conversation I want to say “shut up pussy. I am a decade older than you and I am sleeping with women a decade younger than you and it is simply because I was in two club sports, the chess team and worked and saved money while I was going to school instead of being an insufferable douchebag.
          People who have their best days between 18-21 should at least have the fucking courtesy to die at 25.

        9. This should just go ahead and be the featured comment. lmao. there is a lot of win in here, that’s all I’m going to say.

        10. People who think that way tend to have no real adult interests in life in my experience. They just go along with the herd and haven’t grown up.
          18-21 is a period of growing pains. I don’t recall it being all that fun personally. I didn’t understand much back then either. I wouldn’t want to go back to that time, even if I can be wistful about it in my darkest hour.

        11. “– during the semester do absolutely fucking nothing but study, work and get exercise.”
          Preach it. After the military, I found college to be a cake walk– took full loads, worked at night and finished in 3 years debt free (GI Bill covered tuition and working covered the rent).

        12. When I was a prof I noticed that the people there on GI Bill were having the biggest fucking cake walk.
          There are very few honestly difficult classes in college. FFS they give, on the first day, a list of all the shit you need to read and they test you or make you right papers on shit they already explained. Show me someone who got less than a B+ in a class and I will show you someone without perfect attendance who simply didn’t do all the assigned work.
          The kids out of the mil pretty much knew how to show up, get a list of shit to do, do it correctly and move on and had very little interest in bullshit. This was something that played itself out 100000 times for me.
          There was never a single kid on the GI bill in my experience who said “this wasn’t covered in the class” or “we weren’t told this” because they were…the ones who used that excuse were too busy thinking college was a night club or political rally.

        13. Discipline and accomplishing objectives is part of the military culture (not that you didn’t know that) and it is a good thing to intall in young men. Gives them agency. Besides you might be dropped into circumstances were not paying attention to details can get you killed
          Half of the college requirements were fluff and a waste of everyone’s time. Some of the facutly were obvious “ivory tower dwellers” who never worked in the real world– I took pleasure mocking their assumptions. They particually didn’t like me asking if I could take their final early as I had better things to do with my time. The Marxist politicalization of the classroom was glaringly obvious in some classes (especially if a lesbian was teaching it) and non-existant in others.
          However the few profs who actually taught something tangible made it worth while (unsurprisingly they had real world experience). Not sure how it is these days, but from the rumblings I hear it has all been going down hill.

        14. These days are different I would guess…but how much, I do not know. I left academia for a professional career about 10 years ago…maybe a little more.
          That said, the ivory tower isn’t such a terrible place to dwell. They have nice seats 🙂 I had students that would ask me if they could just get the class over with and take the finals. Not often because I didn’t have tests but papers and the papers were based on readings and, if nothing else, the readings would be long. But I always told students one thing. College isn’t necessarily about what you learn in class directly.
          What a college education can give you is an epistemological shift. For instance, showing up on time to a place you don’t necessarily want to be, doing work you would rather ditch to go hang out with friends or go to the beach and not just completing it but doing it well is a valuable lesson. This is a lesson you would have learned in the military. However, a lot of college students never get this lesson. It is important for them to realize that they have to go through annoying processes sometimes. If they don’t learn that you wind up with adults who are adverse to doing hard work…be it manual labor or desk work or, for that matter, raising a child.
          As for Marxist politicalization, that shit happens. I mean half the profs with tenure only went into academia to avoid the Vietnam war and they refuse to retire leaving very few openings for another generation. Further, they are the ones deciding who gets tenure so people hostile to their politics get marginalized.
          That said, it is much easier now to avoid than it was when I was in college. When I was in college there was basic word of mouth. Oh, don’t take prof so and so that guy is a real asshole. But now, with ratemyprofessors, there really is no excuse for getting stuck in a class with a cunt for a professor and while not all of the good professors could possibly be as good as I was, there are good ones out there.
          One of my great regrets was never going into the military. I have a 4 generation long history of cousins, uncles, grandfathers and great grandfathers in the USMC. That said, I got a full ride to a very prestigious school that my family couldn’t dream of affording and that was where I went.
          I did get a different sort of education in responsibility and getting places on time and doing a job I sometimes wanted to avoid and shit like that but a lot of kids don’t.
          The professors are often as bad as the students in terms of thinking the university is a place for politics. Oddly enough, the military seems to be going that way too. But, as you noticed, people who are there to do a job and get it done are able to navigate the university with a minimum amount of bullshit, leave with what value can be taken and move on.

        15. Good observation and points made. Gleening those nuggets of wisdom requires you to shift through alot of dung heeps and the processes are myriad.
          I did like the fact that in a real college debate you would be exposed to opposing, if not out right hostile, views and you would have to artiuclate and defend your own. I used to go round-and-round with a Marxist (he stated openly the first day) professor and when he assigned us to read part of “Das Kapital” I basically pointed out the weaknesses of Marx’s writings. Asked questions where I knew Marx didn’t cover (eg. assigned value of labor versus risk) and the prof enjoyed it. At the end of the semester he invited me to dinner with his wife, but I simply didn’t have the time (natch) to oblige.

      3. Well I approached uni the same way as you.
        Btw, ever noticed the strange similarity between football hooligans and university students?

        1. I don’t have much experience with football hooligans so I can’t say j have

        2. A mindless attack on people minding their own business, destroying people’s property and feeling perfectly justified in doing so.

        3. oh, yes….that I can see. Funny, the only soccer hooligans I really know are 3 greek guys who are PAOK fans and hang out in this Greek café near me. However, odds seem to be that their soccer hooliganism only seems hard core when they are in manhattan and that their tales of glory days past probably involve getting tattoos that say PAOK and drinking frappe more than actually burning shit and beating people up.
          I have seen green street hooligans however which, once you get past Frodo being someone up, is actually a good movie and if that is realistic at all…yes I do see the similarity. Not only in the mindless attacking but in the act of convincing themselves that their little world actually fucking matters.

        4. If only the Russian soccer team fought as hard as their fans, they actually might make it to the next round.

        5. Same with G20 protestors. They’re against “globalization” yet smash small shop windows owned by mom and pop types..

        6. I’ve actually been to Green Street many times. No sign of any hobbits though.

  6. Rule number 1, never apologize. Of course I’m usually talking about leftists losing their shit over minutia.

  7. You gotta teach your own kids and make sure they stay away from this liberal kakka.

  8. There are huge layoffs at many big companies going unreported by the msm. The economy is tanking and they are offshoring more jobs than they are creating. The only reason there is not more of a stink is that workers are silenced with severance pay packages, until those run out, expect to hear nothing..

  9. Down with the RCC, Jesuit, Zionist, pope Francis, rothchild, Masonic, Marxist, NWO, liberal elite scum. Holtnschneider? Is that a German Jew name? And a Jesuit at that?! What a surprise!!!

  10. Great article. It is nice to see results from all the push-back. I’m optimistic this trend will continue.

  11. Great! I dont care why he was forced out, such a spineless man has no business leading others.

  12. I wrote this guy an email, going over all the rules in their own student handbook they violated by letting that BS happen. Plan on publishing it to a blog, but I never did get a reply.
    thats what happens when your a wet noodle, you go whichever way the wind blows.

  13. How about this shit at Baylor, Fire the Coach and the President of the School over a Rape “culture”. I mean, give me a fucking break. If you see a situation where you find the need as an SJW to characterize it as a culture of rape with a top 10 football program. MMMMAAAAYYYBBBEEE it could be a bunch of Sluts throwing themselves at athletes likely to be making millions in a few years. ya think? If these “rape victims” went to the authorities then maybe there wouldn’t be anything to “cover up”. We don’t have other schools Briles Coached at coming out of the woodwork about how he fostered rape culture there too etc etc. Its a big steaming pile of bullshit. He heard his players sides of the story and took them at their word. He is their university father so to speak, that’s his right to believe his players. If the women didn’t report the rape to the proper authorities when it happened, so an investigation could take place with relevant evidence etc.. go fuck yourself. or maybe I guess.. go rape yourself? Idiocy.

  14. All of that borrowed money to go to that school to learn absolutely nothing. The police and security should be ashamed of themselves for going along with this.

  15. If I had known then what I know now, my daughter would NEVER have attended American University in D.C. At least she came outta there with her mind still on straight. I don’t know how. It’s not worth $200,000!

  16. “In response, angry Milo fans began flooding DePaul’s Facebook page with negative reviews and contacting donors, causing the college’s ratings to collapse.”
    This, this is what we must do to every corporation and institution that supports SJW’s. Use your freedom of speech or loose it forever guys.

  17. There are now 14k 1-star ratings, dropping DePaul’s overall rating to 1.1. Suck it you liberal douchebags.

  18. Not surprising coming from DePaul. This is the same school that disgraced itself some years back when it denied tenure to Prof. Norman Finklestein…because that rat fink Jew and uber-Zionist named Alan Dershowitz pressured them into doing so. And all because Finklestein regularly calls out Israel on its blatant humans rights abuses. The man was beyond qualified for tenured professorship, as you can see yourself if you read any of the best-selling and incredibly well-researched and scrupulously documented books he has written. You can also check out many of his speeches on YouTube, or check out the full-length documentary biopic about him titled “American Radical”.
    DePaul, like the rest of the Vatican 2 Sect (that ceased to be the authentic Roman Catholic Church decades ago) has officially jumped the shark. No wonder Our Lady of La Salette made the prophecy centuries ago that “Rome will lose the Faith and go into apostasy”.

  19. This was predicted back in the 80s when Charlotte Iserbyt wrote her famous book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” and it has worked exceptionally well. It stopped being education and became indoctrination where Common Core and other liberal farces are the result. Now Trump is in maybe the US can regain its social and political freedom.

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