Her Place Or Yours?

A Dilemma

A man must choose wisely as to where he takes a woman when it’s time to move furniture. Some argue that it is best to take a woman back to your place. Others espouse the merits of going to her place. There are pros and cons to each but I’m an advocate for going to her place over having her come to yours.


Your Place

While having a woman at your place is familiar territory, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The only real advantage having her come to your place aside from showing off any expensive things you have is the convenience of getting ready for the next day in the morning. The pitfalls of allowing woman your house are immense. One major problem of having a woman stay over your houses it’s hard to get them to leave. A wise man once said “get the fuck out after you’re done.”  Another problem is she will go through your stuff. I have sensitive items, things that go bang, and expensive things I don’t want to lose laying around. Also it gives the opportunity for women to leave things behind in order to concoct an excuse to come back over your house and/or tip off other woman you might bring back that she had been there. This can all be avoided by going to her place.

Her Place

When going over a woman’s house all you have to keep track of is yourself and your property you have with you at the time. A good technique  is to have a small messenger bag to hold your items so it is quick and easy to verify you have everything on the way out. Also by putting things in the bag it makes it harder for her to snoop through things without detection. Also this bag can be used as your road kit with a change of clothes, condoms, drop gun, and anything else you might need for a night on the town.

When you go to her place, you can see what kind of person she is. You can see if she’s messy. You can see how dirty she is. You can see how crazy she is by how many cats she has. Good places to check are trashcans, medicine cabinets, and nightstand drawers. Nothing is more of a buzz kill than a Valtrex prescription or trashcan full of pregnancy tests.


One advantage of going to the woman’s place is you get to try new things. Women like to buy lots of soaps and shampoos so you can find the one that is best for you for free by sampling many women’s houses. I don’t really use the shampoos after reading the ROK article on baking soda. Same thing goes for food in her fridge, so make sure you keep room in your bag for things you might want to take with you when you leave. Using your overnight bag as a swag bag helps the environment through reuse.


Another advantage of going to the woman’s place is you set the timetable for when its time to go home. For example you might want to blast out real quick if you want to go to another bar before last call. You might want to stay for round two if it was good. You might want to stay for brunch if it was great. You really can’t pull the old “dip out while she’s in the bathroom like Batman” at your own house.

One great advantage of going to the woman’s place is that other women don’t know that location. You don’t have to worry about Molly knocking on the door while you and Sally are handling business. You also don’t have to worry about your neighbors observing your behavior. This will lead to your house being a drama free location.

Words to Remember

Don’t forget there are a few things you should remember. Always have a lock on your phone. Always flush the condom down the toilet. Check yourself in the mirror for any marks, scratches or lipstick. Remember as R’as al-Gul said, “leave no sign”.

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47 thoughts on “Her Place Or Yours?”

    1. exactly.
      who would stoop so low as to eat leftover chipotle or microwaveable pizzas? i couldnt agree more that the author needs higher standards than eating what he finds in a girls fridge.

      1. Thought it was a great article. I even passed it along. Hopefully there well be fewer baby daddies as a result.

  1. What the hell?… and what about having beverages at your place that she can drink, good music ready in the ipod that both of you can listen, a nice air conditioning that will create good atmosphere, and everything else organised for success? if I’m afraid she’s going to steal stuff or that the experience will not be great, then I don’t invite her in the first place. If things go wrong, it’s always possible to find an excuse in order for her to leave…

    1. You can make tasty strong beverages, put great music and nice AC, she’ll still never be more at ease than at home.

      1. Yes. Take a “fuck kit” with you, along with ur overnight bag. I used to have a list of things I’d take to a sexy weekend away with the ex — everything from candles, boose (a small bottle of Grey Goose serves well), scarves (for tying and draping over hotel lamp), scented oils (a drip on a lamp’s light bulb can set her off), condoms, lube (foil packs great), a bit of erotic literature (if that’s her thing) a sleep blindfold (they love that), etc, etc. You get the idea.
        With smartphones, you can load up your favorite fuck tunes as well as apps for mood lighting (think color organ), and of course, your camera! 😉 Take it with you. If she asks why you carry that stuff, just say you’re an old-fashioned Boy Scout — Be Prepared is your motto.

  2. The pot calling the kettle black here for sure
    “A woman will go through your stuff” at your place…
    At her place, “check out her medicine cabinets, trash cans, nightstand drawers”
    My oh my…

    1. Hey, a man like that can’t afford to game women when he has to buy yeast prevention vagasil on his own buddy! Never forget that.

    2. With today’s women, you have to do a bit of research before committing to anything more than the most rudimentary pump-and-dump.

      1. So why is it “irrational” for a woman to do the same with a guy she’s unsure about?

  3. Bring a bag to steal stuff from her… I guess that’s how the hookups in the ghetto go these days. Any suggestions on a bag which can hold a stereo?

  4. What a useless article. Aside from the fact that this twit seems to be encouraging theft- (yeah, nothing like having to explain to your boss that you can’t come to work that day because you’re in jail for stealing from a woman you picked up in a bar)- he also advises that you should find the right grooming products by sampling those at the pickup’s house. ROK really needs to do a better job at recruiting writers.

  5. The only thing useful here was that photo of the chik in her room with the condoms and pictures.
    That would be a buzz kill for me. Or perhaps, now that I think of it, I could just bend her over and have her compare my thrusts to each of the photos on the wall. She could tell me yes or no; and then we could discuss how basic this article is. Afterwards, she and I can plan our nuptials, we all know she will be faithful right? Come on guys, high fives, don’t leave me hanging……
    What do you mean “Did you notice our pictures on the wall dude?…………

  6. RoK is increasing their comedy budget it seems. You had me at Ra’s al-Ghul. Great comedy value , keep it up. I mean, really, sampling a woman’s soaps and shampoos? Classic

  7. drop gun….hahahahaha…..I know(hope) it was meant to be a joke but still. And all of your comments have been priceless. So, female intrusive behaviour is to be frowned upon but let’s copy cat it anyway. You have sex at her place like the wall of shame suggests and like those other fellows, you gets ta steppin. Go home and sleep in your own bed and don’t swoop anything on your way out. Cool to get laid but theft and loss of character are don’ts. Being a gentleman is a state of mind and being and I’m not talking about bending over to women folk.

  8. Also I would argue that a girl with a Valtrex prescription is preferable to a girl without one but with the disease (which over half of people have, but not all express)…at least with the Valtrex the simplex virus is suppressed and you are not going to contract it from her.

  9. great article…. definitely better to hit her place… and if it’s nice… get a key and make yourself at home.. I did…. why have a harem… when you can have a harem of wannabe housewives around the world and save on hotel bills….

  10. I think the pic about the condoms could be fake or atleast or maybe she fucked the same guy twice n put the same pic twice, from the far left, the second pic from the top, ( the guys has his eyes closed and looks somewat gray in color) seems to be the same on the opposite wall,, (the one above the second from the very last one)

  11. A couple really should not have sex until they are serious enough to live together. I know that’s difficult these days but we need to bring this custom back.

  12. Yours obviously. How else do you know there will be an ample size bottle of KY? Using Vaseline to sodomize her just isn’t as good.

  13. Number one reason to fuck at her house, that bitch does not know where you live! Stay up players…..

      Dem bitches get craaaazzzy and want to do a Fatal Attraction on you. Don’t make it easy for them. Who want’s a knife wielding loon breaking into your place to find you with one of your other girls. Not me. It’s there place, or in my shaggin wagon (van) 🙂 Yup, I do f-close in that bitch bang bus. Ha!

  14. It’s a subtle thing, but I find that most women will be more comfortable in their own place than in a new environment. All other things being equal this makes getting the first bang a bit easier.

  15. Author missed a big point – you go to her place and YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN. I can’t begin to count the number of lays I’ve missed (by choice) because I didn’t feel like tacking on 2-3 hours of cleaning on top of the other sundry efforts involved in the lay. Sure, you can spend half an hour cleaning up the worst of it, but if you want her coming back the job needs to be thorough (full disclosure, I live in a 2 bedroom house by myself but even in a one-bedroom apt we’re talking a 90 minute task).
    Point number two – very, very few girls/women actually live by themselves. In my experience, I’m talking about 10% give or take. So it’s either (1) get in the habit of continually cleaning (yeah, right), or (2)dealing with roommate/kid logistics (fun!) or (3) SCREENING for girls who live by themselves. Personally, it’s one of the first things I look for (along with a high libido and a nice rack).

  16. This website is fucking weird… you wanna fuck random girls, yet if they’re “sluts” as you so define them, you don’t wanna fuck them?? Whaaaaaat

  17. I have had women sleeping over to find out later that they would go trough my stuff when I was going away to the store for 15 min. They just can’t control themselves, because women are naturally very curious and suspicious creatures. How did I find out one was definitely snooping trough my stuff? I had a fresh concert ticket she got angry about, because she wasn’t invited. Women want to know how much you are making, want to see old pictures of your exes and if they have the chance even want to peek into your medical files. I’m not a hypocrite. I will not go trough a chicks stuff.

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