Turning The Tables On An Unexpected Robbery In Brazil

The vendador reached into the refrigerator and pulled out two green coconuts. Rotating one in his hand, he made three well-practiced chops with a cleaver at the crown of the fruit, creating an overlapping lattice of cuts, and opening a hole to reveal the liquid inside. I paid him, we took our straws, and then sat down at a table on the beach at Ipanema.

I was with my friend Basil, a Syrian refugee living in Brazil who had, with admirable persistence, found a niche for himself and his brother Ra’id in Rio de Janeiro. He was pursuing his studies at a local university, and his brother was about to do the same; both of them were twenty-one. I made a point of visiting him and his brother whenever I was there. Their stories, even when dealing with the mundane, never disappointed.

Basil set his coconut on the plastic table, and I watched the beads of condensation roll down its sloping sides. He leaned forward, his index finger extended, as if he was expounding some important point.

“I have a good story for you that happened to me about three months ago,” he began.

“I’d like to hear it,” I replied.

“I waiting at that bus stop over there”—and here he extended his elbow and made a series of concentric circles with his index finger—“and I was robbed.”

“Really! What happened?”

“You know that it’s often unsafe here to look at smart phones in public, since random thieves snatch them from people and run off with them. This is true. I’m usually good about not doing this, but of course the one time I was careless was the one time I got robbed. I was looking at the screen when a group of four kids—they were teenagers of varying ages—came by me. One of them suddenly reached out and grabbed my phone.”


“I don’t know how it happened, but I luckily I was alert enough to reach out and grab the arm of one of the group. He couldn’t get away, as I had firm grip on him. But two other guys in his group came right after me. I got punched in the face a few times and nearly knocked over. What really bothered me was that nobody else there did anything to help me.”

“They all just stood there watching, as if it was just something that you had to accept. And I couldn’t accept it. The phone was a gift from my brother, who got it in Dubai. It was an expensive model that you can’t get here in Rio, and cost him about five hundred dollars. If someone had pointed a gun at me, then that would have been different. Even a knife. But I wasn’t going to accept losing this phone to guys with no weapons. Not without some fight.”

“After I was hit a few times, my brother Ra’id jumped in to help. He went after the other two guys in an aggressive way, and they broke off contact and ran off. We still had the younger guy, who was trying to hit us and trying to get away. So we hit him back, hard. We beat him hard. Some bystanders came over and told us to let him go. And this made us even more angry. We were just furious. I was bleeding in several places on my face and was getting dizzy.”

“My brother said to the Brazilians, ‘The government here fucks you in the ass (tomar no cu) and you don’t do anything. Nothing. So fuck you.’ We were enraged and wanted to tell them what we really thought. You know what my culture is like, Quintus. In Syria, if you commit violence against someone, there are going to be serious consequences. If I had had a car, I would have seriously thought about throwing this guy in the trunk of the car and making him tell me where his friends were.”

“Oh, I believe you,” I said. And I did.

“Anyway, eventually the police showed up. In this country, since we’re refugees, there are special police that have to deal with us. We had all our papers in order. They could see we were bloodied. So we just told them what happened.”

“About a month later there was a court date about this,” continued Basil, directing a concentrated gaze on the table in front of him.

“I don’t think they expected me to show up. They thought I was just some refugee who wouldn’t fight for his rights. But I did show up, and I told the judge what happened. The kid was a minor, but he wouldn’t say anything. He told the judge that he didn’t know the other muggers, and that he had just met them that day. Obvious lies.”


“But the judge believed me. The judge gave him ninety days to serve in a juvenile detention center. But I never did get my phone back. But life is like that sometimes. But we turned the tables on them. We made them think twice about doing something like that again. Sometimes in life, even when you are going to lose, you have to do something. Anything.”

“I even saw his mother there. That was a joke. She tried to be nice to me, but I was in no mood. I didn’t want consolation. I wanted my phone. Wait a minute.”

And here Basil returned to the coconut vendor, and asked him to split it open, so that he could scrape out the moist flesh on the inside. I did the same. The vendador fashioned a small scraper from a piece of shell for us.

“You know,” I told Basil, “in the United States, they probably would have made the kid out to be the victim. They would have accused you of being ‘racist’ and would have found all kinds of rationalizations to excuse the kid’s thievery.”

At this Basil gave me a blank look. Like many people who have never lived in the United States, it was difficult for him to comprehend the streak of mendacity and hypocrisy that underlies much of American culture. And I didn’t feel like explaining it anyway.

We walked along the beach for a little while longer. I thought more about the conversation, as I scanned the masses of bodies surrounding me and the rude habitations crawling up the slopes of the surrounding hills.

It is difficult to sustain civilized mores over great periods of time and amid the swelling turbulence of populations. The restive masses encroach steadily on the refinements of order and culture, which fight a running battle with the fecundity of the simple.

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182 thoughts on “Turning The Tables On An Unexpected Robbery In Brazil”

  1. Glad to see this was followed through to the justice system and this guy actually received punishment. I cannot stand a thief. A friend had a bike stolen in college (USA) and the police actually recovered the bike from the thug who stole it (mine was also stolen–no luck) and the police actually told him not to press charges because nothing would be done. Now I have spent hours in a jail cell over a speeding ticket misunderstanding. I know people who have gone to jail for smoking a joint. And this policeman was telling me there were no legal repurcussions to being a thief. AMAZING!
    Keep in mind the USA incarcerates FAR more of its citizens than any other country on the planet. But who do they choose to incarcerate? Apparently not thieves.

    1. There’s too much to prove to get a petty theft conviction. You need to prove that you owned it in the first place, and then prove the ACT of stealing, i.e. “witness saw subject physically take the item,” and then, strictly speaking, the cops need to establish both of those things with a judge to get a search warrant so that they’re recovering the stolen goods legally, and then the stolen shit becomes evidence.
      Sooo… yeah. No penalty for stealing in America, pretty much. Shoplifting- hell yeah, but stealing a citizen’s hard-bought possessions is all good.

    2. Catching thieves and criminals would cost the system money. They incarnate the bum and it will cost more.
      Terrorizing tax and fine paying citizens actually would bring in much needed revenues. Going after criminals also puts policemen’s lives at a greater risk.
      Normal citizens would pay the fines just to keep out of jail. If you were a POS cop, what would you do?

    3. Thieves should be flogged on the first offense, shot on the second. There is no room in civilized society for thieves.

      1. Actually, thieves do help create a whole industry called security. Locks, safes, guards. All these people working in that industry would be without a job if it weren’t for thieves. LOL!

    1. You might be overstating that a bit. I’ve been going there for many years and never yet had a problem. But you’ve got a great point. Every single one of my contacts there has a story of being robbed in one way or another. It seems like it’s only a matter of time.
      Ah well. O q e vida, sem adventuras, cara, eh?

      1. Rio is a famous tourist city, it is known as “wonderful city”, but this is a treacherous and false marketing that was spread not only in other brazilian cities but around the world. The reality is that Rio is a paradise for thieves and drug dealers. And worse: other “wonderful tourist cities” you can even be murdered easily, if you dont trust me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_by_murder_rate

        1. This is what the multiKult gets you. Brazil imported more Africans by far than anywhere else.

        2. Yes as slaves who were worked to they died; literally. The cruelty imposed on those enslaved in Brazil eclipsed even that experienced in the Caribbean. Then after slavery, rape and borderline genocide, the slaves and their descendants were set “free” to a live of virtual slavery in a violent, colonial and poor society. Today, the descendants of the slaves can look forward on the whole to lives of poverty and experience discrimination in employment, housing and other aspects of day to day life.
          If you think “the blacks” are to blame for Brazil’s problems, then that is unsurprising as there are plenty like you posting here. You blame those who had no power and who suffered the most for the actions of the Portuguese elite who ran the whole inhuman racket for their own personal profit.
          I suppose you are yet another sex tourist/PUA who either has been to Brazil or wants to go and then you can submit a little story on the Roosh V travel forum about it? So who do you plan to fuck there anyway (either paid or unpaid service)? If you only want white girls, there is no shortage there, but why bother travelling all that way to a relatively expensive and high crime country when white women are to be had more cheaply and easily in EE for example?

        3. Alleluiah, bro. Glad to see other black folks who challenge the tradtional White supremacist mob here.
          White girls in Brazil are quite hard to get. Better go to Ukraine.

        4. Brazil is highly stratified by race. Brazilians generally like to hook up with people who are either lighter skin than they are or visibly more well off. It isn’t like EE or NE where women prefer darker skin men.

    2. Great videos. All those kids stealing from the ladies. I like the lady who gets tripped coming off the bus. Good thing men are taught that violence is never the solution, and also glad that no punk kids were hurt in the process. I’m sure “teaching men not to rape”, insult, or ever challenge other men will have positive and beneficial results for women everywhere.

  2. Here the theft might now get explained away as a result of privilege, like that moron from a few weeks ago.
    What a country of vacillating pussies. Glad to hear a story of an everyman standing up and fighting for what’s his.

  3. The judge gave him ninety days to serve in a juvenile detention center.”
    Where his asshole was torn asunder and he contracted HIV.
    ““in the United States, they probably would have made the kid out to be the victim.”
    Only if the kid was black and you were white.
    One of ‘Obama’s Son’s” (Story above) did the same thing to a white women. The liberal media blame the white chick for putting the demon ape “into the system”. and said that she should have let the 3/5 human farm implement go. “What would Zimmerman do”? I’d have stabbed the feral ape.

    1. That’s the spirit my boy! You remember the time when a white man could shoot some Native Indian, Australoid or Zulu and not be bothered about it?

      1. Remember when a nigger tribe could chop up and enslave their neighboring nigger tribe while Whitey doesn’t even pretend to care? Remember right this second?
        How many niggers contract HIV in prison after being muh dik’d by their fellow sub-human?

        1. Which world? Nobody cares about what we are saying. We are just 2 out of 7 billions. We are nobodies.
          If you want to shine, do something positive in the real world. Everybody can type hate on a website.

  4. Crime in Brazil is a child play compared to Venezuela, a band of thieves assaulted a beach with R-15s and AK-47s and robbed all the tourists there, like 300 people, the police and national guards were non-existent, and when the crime was reported it was like ”ok thanks”. My theory is that the same police and national guards were involved in the assault, that’s the level of corruption in that place.

  5. I’ve been to Brazil any times and it is a dangerous place. My friend was clubbed over the head while lazing on the beach, robbed. He was able to see the thief jump on the back of a friend’s motorcycle and disappear.
    I was once held captive in a dive bar in Buenos Aires for about half an hour. Luckily at the time I was young and spry. Leapt over an unguarded handrail over a stair landing, rolled down the stairs and out the doors like a scalded gazelle. That was 1994.
    I still don’t like working in South America. I just stay in my hotel room mostly.

    1. No, no you misunderstand – the PUA’s and the Lonelyplaneteers alike can inform you that there is “no crime” in Brazil and that it is as safe as rural Switzerland. It’s all the media’s fault anyway. It’s a conspiracy to damage the tourist trade there (or something). Anyone who points out how crimes affects the lives of millions of Brazilians is obviously a hysterical ignoramous.

    2. I spent 2 weeks in Brazil and White people were handing me over their possessions for no real reason. They were mumbling something like “Please, don’t kill us!”. Strange folks.

        1. Your kind exterminated Native Indians and Australoids. You killed each other for millenias culminating in two world wars. Todays you are still killing using jetfighters and drones. I think it’s more in YOUR blood, boy.

    1. Do you feel better now? Why didn’t you insult President Obama for being mixed race whilst you were at it?

        1. Ok then, you racially insult him them – as I imagine not doing so is killing you. He is mixed race after all and he is currently the most powerful man on the planet. That must really (to use your phrase) “butthurt” you.

        2. What you see here is the proper response of masculine European men, liberated from their feminine conditioning. They are willing to speak the truth and not let their own people be pushed around like the globe’s scapegoat.

        3. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! The truth is . . . my balls really itch. I should probably take a shower, put some cream on them.

        4. We insult him on his race because he was elected for his race.
          If Thomas Sowell or Allen West became president I would not because I respect them.

        5. He is definitely not the most powerful man on the planet, considering all the men he has yielded to.

        6. “We” – other sex tourists who are scared of black people, but who oddly enough are fascinated with the sex tourist scene in Brazil which is one of the most racially mixed populations in the world. Bear in mind that it is a criminal offence to utter racist hate speech in Brazil under its constitution. Think twice if you are planning your own little sex tourist trip there to bother the local women and start to spew some racism in public. No actually, go ahead, you would love the Brazilian criminal justice system.
          The Obama claim – you will believe what you like to suit your own prejudices.
          Who you respect – surprisingly mostly white people I imagine are on your list – and then you have a sliding scale after that based on head circumference or something. Thankfully most decent people don’t think this way and your views belong in some sad little corner.

        7. “masculine European men?” Like the hard core Alpha males of Ireland whom you identify with? Don’t make me fucking laugh! Being a pisshead whose low quality women are pretty much as bad as the average DC careercunt and who live as a bunch of spineless eunuchs under the rule of some of the most corrupt, gombeen men politicians in the West does not make them Alpha males. Many real men revolted and overthrow corrupt rulers in history – the Irish timidly emigrated and then sat drunk in pubs in the UK, America and Australia singing silly songs about how “great” Ireland is. Real Alpha.
          Ireland is known principally for the astonishing levels of alcohol abuse of many of its citizens and the lack of a social stigma against being drunk in public. That does not exactly make the local males Spartan warriors – not matter what bizarre hamster style rationalisation they indulge in to tell themselves otherwise.

        8. Yes I just burn each day in hellfire knowing a half black guy is president. Not because he’s an incompetent SJW though, that’s just window dressing. Now where I put that funny picture comparing Bush to a chimpanzee that I’m not allowed to make about Obama

        9. Not chiming in on race at all here. In fact, I don’t want to touch that conversation with a 10 foot pole (Stretch Polansky, the tallest European Basketball player?), but I did wan’t to chime in just to tell you that if you think POTUS is the most powerful man on the planet than anything else you happen to think is suspect.

        10. Isn’t it odd how whenever this subject is broached a certain type of person threatens with state sanctioned violence as some sort of social proof?

        11. But you approve of state sanctioned violence as long as those being attacked and killed (in the US especially) are black. Plenty of paramilitary police fanboys post on this site celebrating the targeted violence.

        12. Fergus mac Roich, one of my ancestors, was as great a warrior as the Spartans. What do the Greeks look like now? They are weak compared to their ancestors. As are the Irish. They worship a foreign god of equality. I would like to see what gods you pray to “Sputnik”. I have never heard a Russian whine as you do. Perhaps you pray to the egalitarian Jew in the sky? Or the great Earth Mother?

        13. How could a fictional character in Irish mythology be anyone’s ancestor? I also see you shitting on your Christian cultural heritage as is the fashion among the more right on elements of the Facebook generation in Ireland these days. Never an original thought; always aping what you see in the UK and America. That’s a nice touch for a “red piller” who is supposedly against multiculturalism and is proud of his almost 2000 year old cultural heritage. I suppose a conversion to Salafist Islam is not far around the corner? That’s the only religion that gets public respect in Ireland these days.

        14. A quick scan reveals this creature’s comment below. I don’t want to delve in to the darkness of people like this too much – that is just fucking depressing. Watch how long it takes before he posts some bizarre, hate filled rant against me now. He’s the victim and I am the oppressor- or something. He got four likes for this post and I am sure there is worse here already.
          Racist inadequates flock to PUA wannabe sites and forums likes flies around shit. God save us from plastic “Alphas” talking about their beginner BJJ classes (martial arts for cookie cutter dicks), their planned trips to known sex tourist destinations (the will post a ground breaking “data sheet” about Copacabana youth hostels and tourist clubs in Lapa afterwards) their gun fetish and how much they hate black people – which I always find amusing given how much they harp on about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Fucking pricks.
          “better living through nihilism Chris Brony • 18 hours ago
          Should have shot them dead in the street.
          Live like a trayvon, die like a trayvon.”

        15. I suppose having African leaders is also a 2000 year old european tradition? You’re named after a communist sattelite, you know nothing about European tradition. Go back to masturbating about progress and equality.

        16. tl;dr your world is doomed, faggot. Either you are a communist led to this site in the (futile) hopes of slaying the right wing dragon, or you’re an uppity negro with a lot to prove to we white men. I don’t really care. You seem bitter, and dumb as a rock anyways.

        17. Wow! You’ve really shown me the errors of my ways Princess. I will develop an irrational fear of black people, get really angry if I see a black guy with a white girl (maybe make some snarky remarks behind their backs) and let my heart shrivel up and become poisoned by hatred as soon as possible.
          Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, you are a Godsend. Have you ever thought of starting a website where you could help people who aren’t sad, bitter little hate-mongers into becoming more like you?

        18. Princess, I don’t have any idea what the fuck your first comment means – don’t bother trying to elucidate either as I am too tired to care.
          What are you named after? It sounds like something a particularly lame, autistic seven year old would call an avatar in a low rent version of World of Warcraft – “PrinceoftheBlood” sounds terrifying! You must be a big tough warrior or something. Ha! Ha! Fucking prick!

        19. See, I was right! You are dumb as a rock. I’m betting there is something that rhymes with “rock” and begins with “c” that you lack.

        20. I can see I was correct when I speculated about you being very much of the same cut as a lame, autistic seven year old! What about WoW? Do you race troll between slaying dragons online Princess?
          Regarding your gratuitous reference to male genitals, thanks for the offer, but I am not a homosexual. I’m sure you will find a nice guy online in a WoW forum or maybe try Stormfront.

        21. I don’t think Ireland is even in the top 3 for alcohol consumption in Europe. I think your right on the second point but I think that also applies to the rest of the UK as well. Ireland is as feminised as they come. Us Northern men are different. My grandfather used to tell my grandmother what he wanted for dinner and what time, walk out the back door, head the carriageway and shoo at soldiers. If someone did that today people wwould be horrified. My generation is a disgrace compared to his and the next generation will be even worse.

        22. Hmm, I don’t think this eunuch understands english. I referred to its lack of the male sexual organ. Now, I do not know if it is a woman, had them surgically removed or if they are so minuscule that they don’t even register as organs but, I prefer to let the dweeb figure it out for himself. Provided that it has the IQ above that of a ro…oh never mind it doesn’t.

        23. Looking back on your comment, that’s really your qualm with the Irish, that we drink? Unfortunately the Irish do not even drink close to as much as the French, we might be a little more suave if we did!
          And what is your ancestry? I am proud of mine. What about you?

        24. True, a lot of the damage has been done in the relatively recent past. Many young Irish think it’s cool to disrespect their religion and heritage. But they are the first to foam at the mouth if anyone were to do the same to another religious tradition as the Irish have enthusiastically converted to moral relativism along with most other Western countries.
          I think we all should recognise our heritage but also be honest about where our culture and traditions are defective. I know Ireland and Irish people very, very well and many sensible Irish people I know are appalled at the paddywhackery and living up to negative stereotypes that quite a few Irish people engage in. The drinking stuff needs to be looked at again, it has become embarrassing and dysfunctional. That’s just honesty, if anyone thinks it’s hate, that’s their problem.

        25. Princess, I am sorry, but your hunger for cock will have to be satisfied elsewhere – sorry to be so blunt, but I am not interested.

        26. I drink socially too. I don’t have all the answers and don’t pretend to. I control boozing, drink only occasionally and moderately and don’t see it as part of “who I am” the way so many young Irish people seem to do. I have a strong Irish connection indeed and know the place very well. I used to identify with my background, now I don’t particularly get excited about that – travel has opened my mind so much that it just doesn’t seem that important any more. I try to look for what I have in common with people rather than what separates me. Blind racism is not just idiotic, it is immoral. I have met many decent people of all races. I think hatred is fully justified against certain extremist religious scum though, we all know who. No problem with that at all as it is the only just and sensible reaction to a genuine global threat to all races.
          The Irish have an inferiority complex towards their much more powerful and richer colonisers next door. That in my opinion is where the problems stem from. For a while the Oirish stuff took a back seat whilst they briefly pretended to be rich in the credit boom/property bubble which is now distant memory and they are broke again with little to no natural resources to speak of. Now it’s back to emigrating to Australia and playing up to stereotypes by GAA jersey wearing clutches infesting places like suburban Sydney and wearing out their welcome from what I can hear.

        27. Silly commie I only slay dragons Thursdays, I’m slaying homosexuals tonight. You’re the tenth one, congratulations!

        28. if you think POTUS is the most powerful man on the planet than anything else you happen to think is suspect.

          I’m glad someone said it.

        29. “Many young Irish think it’s cool to disrespect their religion and heritage.”
          You mean, the heritage of shooting and bombing other irsh christians? Yeah – a lot of young irish do think its somewhat uncool.
          Funny how the troubles went on for centuries, and at no point did God ever write “Stop it!” in 200ft high letters of fire in the sky. He easily could have – he’s God. But he didn’t.

        30. wow, two for one in one thread, but here goes. Not touching your main subject matter, just want to drop a line and make sure you realize that martial arts is basically ballet class. Yes, it has health benefits and is better than sitting on a couch, but the devotion that stuff like martial arts or crossfit has is so unhealthy it probably negates any positive it gives off.

        31. “I don’t think Ireland is even in the top 3 for alcohol consumption in Europe.”
          If the top 3 are Russia, Ukraine and Poland, it doesn’t mean much.

        32. That’s true. The ancient CELTS were a different story, most of which was only transferred Alpha to Alpha, through the Scots (my father’s side, in the interest of disclosure). The Scots settled N. Ireland and fought series of battles against everyone, then many migrated to the US in the 1700s and AGAIN fought and led battles way out of proportion with our percentage of the population. Calhoun, Clay, Knox, Jackson, you name it, the Scots-Irish inherited the fighting gene, not the Irish. And that continues throughout Southern Culture, although now diminished, compared to our (Catholic) Irish brethren who live in the North. Reminds of when blacks talk about how they were “kings” and all that. The majority of black Africans were EASILY dominated by White “tribes”, and completely horsewhipped into submission and slavery. It’s bizarre that blackcentrists actually say these things with a straight face. Blacks have been completely humiliated by basically every single culture they’ve encountered, from Arabs to East Indians (shipped in by the Brits) to the Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese (yes, the dominate WHITE cultures of the latter two).

        33. blacks who pose a danger to society, should be dealt with. they do not belong in a European based culture, nor any other non-African culture. What we are seeing now is the result of a 150 year social experiment, which was to determine if former slaves of African descent could be blended into a Euro-centric culture. Every social program in the world has been tried and done, and nothing works, yet other “minorities” come here and excel, even those who are “dark” and “swarthy” and all the things liberals accuse Americans of hating. The bottom line is, the low IQ of Africans (and descendants) contributes to their criminality, and it is the same WORLD WIDE. They are socially retarded and should be with their own kind, in some kind of giant Detroit…like Sub-Saharan Africa.

        34. Contrary to popular myth, 99 percent of white men care not if a black dude is banging some white chick and yes, most of the white women are ugly and/or fat. Black guys have some irrational insecurity about white men and you can hear and see it in their daily language and social interactions. How many times have we hear black men talk about their penis (as if white men have small dicks, which we know isn’t true), or their supposed athletic superiority? Statistically, there shouldn’t be a SINGLE white guy dominating any sport, yet they do. (Boxing, powerlifting, all strengths sports).

        35. Which African leader are you talking about. The only “African” POTUS I know is born from a US citizen mother and had, as such; constitutiopnally the right to run for the presidency. If you don’t like the rules of the games in the US, you can still go to North Korea.

        36. “What we are seeing now is the result of a 150 year social experiment”
          Do you have some source or are you just making that up? I don’t remember Abe Lincoln mentioning that.
          Last time I checked, Black were dragged here as slaves and when they were not needed anymore (Industrial Revolution), they were freed. The correct thing would have been to send them back before European settlers changed Africa to meet their need.
          I guess it”s easier to come here and insult people that taking responsability for the actions of your race.

        37. Who exactly is allowing you to compare Bush to a Chimpaze? Some names please!
          Obama is incompetent? Could you elaborate?

        38. Cool story, I’d rather reclaim my own countries from communsists rather than live in another hell hole

        39. Which story? Are you implying that it’s not his mother? That he wasn’t born in Hawaii?
          Which communists? Any person with a decent knowledge of political science know that Obama’s idea are closer to Scandinavian Social Democracy or British Labour.
          Reclaim? There will be an election next year?
          What hell hole? Are you starving?

        40. I dont care. There are no niggers indigenous to Europe or America. 50% African is bad enough. Doesn’t matter if they’re Republican or Democrat, in ideology both are no different. They’re both anti-white, pro-feminist and anti-tradition. If you’re looking for political correctness, you have come to the wrong place.

        41. Well you’re anti-black since you’re using the n* word which is offensive to me and my family.
          There are no White men indigenous to America or Australia either. Europe sent its dregs who exterminated the Natives and stole their lands.
          I like this website because it shows what the White man is really about: murdering and plundering other races but he still wants to have the morale higher ground… just like a slut who wants to see as a Madonna… no wonder your women disrespect you

        42. Once again, I don’t care. I will side with my tribe like men always do, and it is evolutionarily suicidal not to. The white race conquered the world, you failed apes couldn’t invent the wheel.

        43. My bad nigger, I can’t hear your bitching over the glorious triumphs of my ancestors. I’m glad we conquered Africa, Australia and the Americas from shit slinging, man eating, technologically backwards savages.

        44. I’m not bitching you filthy genocide apologist. I’m quite appalled that there are still psychopaths like you who rejoice at the extermination of millions of human beings.

        45. I’m not an ape thank you. You’re a psychopath and I hope you’ll realize it before you go borderline and kill somebody.

        46. Statistically, it is more likely that you will die at the hands of a nigger, niggers being naturally more predisposed towards crime.

        47. I am not a subhuman and I
          The matter is that White people are going to disappear because they don’t reproduce. They put their individualistic needs before the continuation of their race.

        48. I am not a nigger. I am a Black person.
          Tell that to the Ukrainians bombed by their own government. Tell that to all people in the West eating GMO and high oestrogen food. Tell that to those who lost their job because some nerdic trader played god at the Stock Market. Of course, that doesn’t appear in statistic.

        49. Lol, who’ll replace us? The retards that didn’t invent the wheel? It wasn’t niggers that replaced the Neanderthal buddy, it was Europeans

        50. A missile will not fly from Russia intended for the Ukraine and land in the United States. The Slavs aren’t niggers, they understand physics.

    2. Even if that was true, it’s still a pointless attack on blacks
      Focus on the equalists first, and most of those are white

  6. You didn;t get the damn phone back. That’s not justice.
    And YOU should be compensated for you time and distress by the parasite who tried to rob you. But no.
    The first thing the court system exists for is—- itself and its benefit.

  7. “You know,” I told Basil, “in the United States, they probably would have made the kid out to be the victim. They would have accused you of being ‘racist’ and would have found all kinds of rationalizations to excuse the kid’s thievery.”

    Perhaps among the chattering classes but for most Americans the beat down would have been applauded.

    1. Yep. Depends on whether you’re in a red state or a blue state, and even in a blue state, a lot of folks outside the liberal elites would back the victim, silently.

  8. As a Brazilian, this is spot on… even policemen can be judged (not only by the retarded SJW, but by the actual Court system) if they shoot a criminal.. even if he’s holding a hostage…. seriously.. SJWs have taken the Congress (well, almost all of it)..
    And the thing about the government fucking you in the ass and the people not doing anything is also, unfortunately spot on… just take a look at our news.. we used to have one of, if not the most powerful oil state company in the world (Petrobrás) and day after day new corruption scandals appear, tens of billions (I said TENS OF BILLIONS) of dollars were stolen in schemes and what do people do? Re-elect the same president (that fugly pig that looks like an ewok) who nominated the people who did all that shit in the company, has sinked Brazil’s economy, and belongs to a party that is well known for being most corrupt party in the history of mankind (PT) and now we have to take four more years of butt-fucking … so there you go.. that’s brazilian politics for you guys.. at least your government do more stuff for the people, I guess…
    Lastly, everything may not be lost… there’s a right-wing dude in politics here who won’t take SJW bullshit (and is constantly bashed by the retarded leftist media for that) that I have high hopes for if he runs for presidency in 2018, his name is Jair Bolsonaro.. you might hear of him in the future… so stay tuned guys…

    1. Zel, I just got back yesterday, cara.
      Every single person I talked to hated Dilma.
      But guess what? I know a few old-school dudes in their 60s who lived during the military dictatorship of the 70s and 80s. And every single one of them says it was better under the dictators than now. They said that as long as you weren’t a communist it was all right. In fact it was better than now because the generals were not corrupt. They just wanted order.
      Prices are a little big higher but it’s offset a little bit by the dollar exchange rate being a little bit better.
      My friend in this story (Basil) was really mad at the other Brazilians for just standing there and not doing anything to help. So, they kept the kid hostage and made him pay.

      1. Well, it seems you are well aware then, mate!
        True that about the dictatorship.. the leftist media is always trying to put it as our “dark ages” but the true is only criminals, actvists financing communist guerillas in Cuba, retarded comunist journalists, singers and authors would get in trouble..
        just so you can have an idea on their administration, the Itaipu hydroelectrc powerplant (for many years,the largest powerstation of its kind in the planet, now it’s the second) was originally budgeted in 40 billion dollars but was finished with only 13 billion spent because of optimizations done in the proccess of construction.. nowadays, beneath the rule of this fucking thing called “the workers party” (Dilmas’s party, PT) one mediocre oil refinery budgeted in 4 billion ends up costing 20 billion dollars (and it’s not even finished yet), all because of overpricing to sustain their corruption practices… and thats one of many others overpriced projects and constructions..
        The “other brazilians just standing there and not doing anything to help” is a perfect metaphor for our apathy in politics, corruption and stupid laws being passed on, but fortunatelu tides are gradually turning with the expansion of the Manosphere, so I will keep me some hope!

        1. I have a close friend who is in his 60s and worked all his life in Petrobras. He never had a bad word to say about the dictatorship. In fact he misses it. He says that it was much better than now.
          The only people who got “disappeared” during the dictatorship were communist rats. They also kept social order much better than today by supporting the Church and other social welfare organizations.
          Now, all we have in Brazil is just a corrupt gang of thieves and weasels who just pay off the pobres.

        2. Imagine if the military here threw all the SJWs out of helicopters like the good old days. What a place it would be! 🙂

      2. Very interesting. Life in Hussein’s Iraq was modern, safe, and as long as you didn’t attack him or his power base, good. It was also multi-religious, with Christianity and Islam available under a secular state. Of course it is FAR more dangerous now under “democracy”. Notice how the Iraqis are resisting our democratization by any means necessary. The ones who were tortured by American women in prison probably have an idea of where the American government is trying to take things.

        1. “It was also multi-religious, with Christianity and Islam available under a secular state. Of course it is FAR more dangerous now under ‘democracy’.”
          I think the Shia and Kurds might dispute that Saddam’s Iraq was secular multi-religious state. Iraq became more dangerous because the minority Sunni (long used to power) couldn’t exactly dominate a democratic Iraq by voting.

        2. Iraq was a secular state, and there were many churches there. The Kurds were an ethnic minority group that Saddam had no respect for, and gassed and killed them, after several small insurrections where they attempted to break away from Iraq, a creation of the British that should never have been one single country.
          Saddam modernized the Iraqi economy in the 1970s, established universal free education, oversaw a plan to eradicate illiteracy, granted free hospital medical care, invested oil revenues wisely, diversified into mining, developed public infrastructure, brought electricity to rural areas, modernized agriculture, established such a booming economy that 2 million immigrants moved there to work in the 70s, and allied himself with surrounding Arab states.
          On the other hand, he immediately executed hundreds of political leaders after taking power in 1979, ran a secret police force who would torture, ran a propaganda arm that employed newspaper writers and authors, attacked the Kurds (who opposed Iraqi rule and favored independence–this will get you killed by any government), had a huge ego with a cult of personality.
          According to Human Rights Watch, Saddam was responsible for the death of approximately 250,000 Iraqis over a 25 year period. This makes him a brutal dictator by most measures. Most of the killing occurred earlier during his reign, and there was no recent violence at the time of the US invasion. However, the US invasion caused over 200,000 deaths (Wikileaks Iraq War Logs) in less than half that time, making the US far more harmful to Iraqi people than their violent dictator. Not to mention the fact that Saddam’s Iraq was a safe, modern, prosperous nation to live in while today the country is a smoldering hellhole of death and danger.

        3. But on the bright side – Iraqi oil exports are still denominated in USD. Saddam was going to sell oil for Euro, and that would never do.

        4. Millions of russians wept when Stalin died too. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t an evil thug and mass murderer.

        5. People care about the greatness of their nation, not some millions of useless shnocks who died.

        6. Same in Syria, when I went there 3 years ago, though it was a dictatorship there was social peace and freedom of religion, no terrorism, it felt very safe. Under Tito’s Yugoslavia, as a teenager the people there were proud to tell me how they all lived in harmony, croats and serbs and bosniacs etc., christians and muslims. Gone the dictator, gone the social cohesion… Alas.

  9. Great story and good for him for seeing justice through to the end and not buying the bullshit pleasantries from the kid’s mother.

  10. That comment gave me a laugh
    “In Syria, if you commit violence against someone, there are going to be serious consequences.”
    This is from a guy who got resettled in Brasil because he claimed it is too dangerous in his own country! In Syria the robbers might have chopped off his head, stolen his house and used it to attract other mass murderers to join their gang. Only if he was from the wrong religious group though.

    1. What he meant was street crime. He meant that if some punk robbed someone in Syria, a mob would converge on him and he’s be stomped hard.
      But yes, you’re right…there is extreme religious and political violence in Syria, that does not exist in Brazil.

      1. Yes, it would be nice if people took slightly more of a collective approach to dealing with minor crime. It probably wouldn’t take much to stop it.
        It’s like in Brasil and the west there is too little collective action, letting phone snatchers get away with it.
        Meanwhile in Syria they have too much. So they spontaneously form gangs and militias who execute adulterers and force women to wear bags over their heads etc. No doubt the way they see it they are preventing those people from causing damage to society just as with stopping a phone snatcher.
        Good article anyway.

      2. So he should stop bitching and show some gratitude towards Brazil. He seems like a spoiled brat.

  11. the guys from the middle east are mens men.cuz over there you may be free to act out all you want but they ubderstand consequences unlike here. when i say free im refering to war torn nations whom essientaly have no rule of law.
    if you are gonna mess with someone you better back it up.
    my step cousin is from iraq and he said he couldnt understand school bullying here. since anyone in iraq acted like that will get killed after school by the other boys. think too many messed up laws create messed up people while fewer laws create more self aware people.

    1. ” iraq acted like that will get killed after school by the other boys.”
      Boys in the US/EU couldnt kill a dog, nevermind a human. We are talking about the difference between a house cat and a lion here.

      1. ya think it has to do with the environment. if west was lawless wed be like them or at the least enoygh room for us to hold ur disputes and actually have accountability on the 2nd party instead of makin excuses for them. think this why middle east gets bad rep esp with women n minorities

  12. i once got robbed by three blacks in the city, there were people around but they didnt seem to notice…they were after my phone and bag and had knives…i couldnt run as they looked faster, i couldnt fight as they looked tougher and were armed…so….I shrieked out with a very loud and high pitched voice “THEYRE TRYING TO RAPE ME. THEY WANT TO KIDNAP ME AND RAPE ME. HELP. HELP. THEYRE GOING TO RAPE ME.”
    People looked and stared.
    The blacks look embarassed. “We’re not trying to rape you, you fucking idiot.”
    The robbers looked at me and each other and ran off. I kept my phone and bag.

    1. “We’re not trying to rape you, you fucking idiot.”
      LMAO, if you don’t have a funny story just invent one!

  13. So are all the “non sex tourists” still banging on about Rio? I thought the locals would be sick of the sight of all the PUA’s with their Pimsleur Portuguese asking local females for directions in the streets.

  14. This story illustrates why the idea that police reduces crime is fallacious. All they do, is prevent decent people, who even in Brazil outnumber, outbrain and outresource scumbags, from protecting themselves in a way that is effective.
    Absent cops, just one of three wouldn’t have gotten 90 days of imaginary meetups with fellow scum. But, instead, all three would simply have been shot in the back as they tried to run away with the phone. And Basin would have had his phone back. Problem solved, cheaply, efficiently and without involving the need for third party Brazilians to pay taxes to ostensibly hire cops and juvie workers.
    It’s the same story with gangs in American (North and South) cities. Absent police protection, parents whose kids are menaced and/or simply inconvenienced by the gangsters, would simply band together and hunt them down like animals. Like Brazilians did, until progressive trash from the US figured they could get some fame and notoriety by calling them “death squads” and “baaaaad” and whatnot.
    Armed societies are always polite ones. And unarmed ones always the opposite.

  15. Brazil and South America in general for that matter, can be a very dangerous place. I’ve been to Rio twice, once for business, and there were well known areas you just did not venture into. If you were lost, you found out where you were quickly and didn’t dare wander around hoping to find your way back.
    In most American cities, we take this luxury for granted. In some cities, you better have your phone on you but for the most part you can stagger around lost and still make it back to where you were going safely. Not so in Brazil and elsewhere.
    It’s good to hear a story of decent people trying to make it in that country and standing up for themselves physically when they know the government is of absolutely no help. These are the forges that true self-reliance is created in. 90% of Americans wouldn’t last a week in these hell-holes. While that’s a comfort to consider, no country…no matter how prosperous…..is too far away from being thrown back into that 3rd world lifestyle. We simply aren’t prepared for that possibility.

    1. Calm down.
      Life is great in south america. Yes it is unsafe. Yes you have to take care of yourself. Yes you can not be a mindless idiot wandering around town at night thinking about unicorns and butterflies.
      BUT the amount of freedom you get is fantastic. You can do whatever you want. Even if you do things the goverment does not like, you can still get away with it quite easily because the goverment is not all-powerful and everywhere. If you do what seems right, even if it is against the law, it is mostly a matter of money, rather than jail-time.
      The mugger in this example. In the US/EU you would most likely have been the one arrested for hitting an innocent child.
      In Rio you could have pulled out your gun and shot him in the face point blank. Then turn away and left. Nobody would have given a shit. The corpse would have taken care of, another mugger dead, who cares.
      Same is true if YOU were the one shot.
      Freedom comes with responsibility. Are you prepared for freedom or do you need big brother goverment to protect your baby-butt?

      1. So why aren’t you there shooting people in the face they way that you have obviously run it through in your mind so many times before?
        Brazil is defintely not Europe, but to suggest that you can shoot people dead in the streets of Zona Sul in broad daylight and walk away without real fear of repercussions is just a masturbatory fantasy for the average gringo. The local rich and connected can avoid prosecution and can worm their way out of the criminal justice system – don’t jump to assumptions that the average un-connected, broke ass Western sex tourist can always do the same.

        1. In many places you can get away with it. Not sure where EXACTLY this happened and at what time of day.
          What you may want to consider is that I have been living in south america since 2009 full time.
          You can do a lot of things down here as long as you have the money. A guy who flet europe because he was facing a murder trial for example got good papers and permanent residency. Then he was arrrested for dealing drugs …and released. Despite his pending murder problem back home.
          Two months later he was arrested again, this time because of murdering a german couple while he did withdraw money at an ATM with their cards.
          He was in jail for *** 1 year ****, payed (according to his facebook (!) $200,000 in cash to the judge and was released because all the evidence was “lost”. How suerte.
          THIS is south america. Make no mistake. Money gets you a loooong way down here.

        2. Which country? I have no doubt that things like this happen, it is South America after all. But like you say, it’s all about the money and knowing how to play the system. The guy in question sounded like a heavy hitter who had access to a lot of cash and overall is someone not to get on the wrong side of. Someone like him, yes, definitely a lot of stuff can be done to buy your way of out trouble.
          By way of contrast, the average poster on PUA style websites who does not have the money or the wherewithal is in a very different position and if they had any sense, would not want to get on the wrong side of the Police in Brazil especially or anywhere else in South America.
          Just as an aside, I can think of one story about a British/Indian who tried to set up a website based sex tourism business in Fortaleza a number of years ago. He ended up being found dead in a police cell there even though he wasn’t exactly broke and came from an upper middle class family in the UK. He got cocky, got ideas above his station and forgot where he was. Neither he/his family could, can or ever will be able to do a thing about it. Again, this is South America.

        3. Yes Sputnik your words are true.
          The tourist who does not speak the local language and has no connection should respect the law more than at home, stay out of “danger zones” and in general not walk around downtown after nightfall alone.
          I have seen europeans and american do such things in places like asuncion (capital of paraguay) near the river where one of the worst drog-slums of the continent is.
          The local police even put officers at the main access points to keep tourists from walking in and take pictures of the poor.
          Many people just dont realize that these poor people have knifes and nothing to loose. If people have nothing to loose they are dangerous but on the other hand if you take care for them and help them they are very loyal – it just happens that it is the drug lords who help them, while the police servers the money.
          South america is not all the same. Places like uruguay or chile are almost like EU/US, almost. Places like Rio, B.A. or ascuncion are a different story.

        4. Yes that is the case, there are differences between countries, some are more wild west than others and even between countries. I have a mate whose (ex) fiancée is from outside Goiania, a city I visited myself a few years back. She told him that it is not unknown for certain local disputes to be settled off the grid so to speak. That is someone can be abducted, killed and the remains disposed of as if they had simply vanished. This sort of rough justice is not that uncommon there I suppose, but I imagine there is a pecking order about who can safely attack whom. I know places like Recife still have very active death squads whom the middle classes quietly hire to “get rid of” troublesome local youths for example.
          That is why I am personally very careful about not trying to fuck about with people when I travel abroad. The last time I visited Brazil some years ago, I went to a little dance place in a tourist village in Bahia with a couple of very nice local people I met there. There was a local guy inside who was fairly drunk (a rare sight in my experiences in Brazil) and he looked like trouble. He was dancing with the girls and noticed me and asked me why I was not dancing at that time, just to be polite I told him that I didn’t know Lambada (I knew some but really I was intimidated by how good the local dancers were!) and he told me fairly bluntly to lear, muttered something else and walked away. At home, I probably would have told him to fuck off, but I knew this guy would think nothing of escalating a situation, I also knew nothing of who or what he was and I also heard that someone had been shot in the street nearby a few days before. Like I say, I don’t fuck about when abroad as my ego validation is not worth the hurt that can come my way in response. I also don’t want the local trigger happy police coming at me either.
          I hear you about visitors/backpackers going to SA and then going to favelas/barrios just for bragging rights so that they can post on Facebook etc. about how fearless they are and who the crime levels are “exaggerated.” Idiots like these should not be listed to. I imagine that sometimes the luck runs out in these situations.

      2. What the hell are you talking about?
        Life is great in S. America….yes it is unsafe. (read that slowly to yourself again)
        In Rio you could have pulled out your gun and shot him in the face point blank and then turned and left.
        Maybe you’re right and you can do that. You can do that in Detroit too! Some places in LA and NYC even….these are called the ghettos of the world. People are fleeing these places because they suck. Freedom does not = anarchy. People shooting others at random for crimes or for whatever street justice reason doesn’t breed prosperity. It actually creates a gang culture….which in turn requires big brother government to come in and clear the place out (the very same big brother you were talking about). In fact, big brother wants you living in a 3rd world wild-west hell hole like Rio so the state can move in lock/stock/barrel when the people beg for protection.
        Now get back on the short-bus troll.

  16. In every other metropolis populated by Blacks, crime and chaos reign supreme.
    Methinks committing crime unabashedly is deeply ingrained in their DNA.
    Dunno why the dim witted European nations are welcoming these diabolical criminals with open arms.

    1. “Methinks” – the mark of an middle class, utter wanker without an original thought in his body. Embarrassing.
      The ugly, ignoranat racism – the mark of a little boy who is scared of black people. If some black guy bullied you at school, then that isn’t on, but FFS, calm down with the hate (but it does put you in to the same category of many of the other sex tourists/PUA wannabes posting similar comments here)

      1. Throwing ad hominem and baseless accusations at me makes you look like an utter idiot.
        I’m anything but a wanker and no, Blacks didn’t bully me at school or anywhere you knucklehead!
        I was making astute observation on the realities in USA and the western world
        Fact= Blacks are 13% of the entire population but 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks.Nearly 50 Percent of Black Men Have Been Arrested by 23 – CityLab
        If this makes you Butthurt fine keep whining like a crybaby and post stupid comments
        You whining about racism and unscrupulously hurling hilariously vapid insults is not going to refract the truth dolt!

        1. Seriously? You are complaining about ad hominem statements after the ugly comments you wrote (and then continue to expand on)? I may be having a go at some ignorant, sex tourist idiots posting racist comments but I am not making fucked up remarks about millions and millions of people the world over based on their skin colour. You are full of race hate – I try not to succumb to such ugliness and try to be a better person. There is no moral equivalence between us in that regard.

        2. Well you started the ugly mudslinging game by calling me a wanker didn’t you?
          Look I do have some amazing and courteous Black buddies.
          Even they agree that the erosion of traditional values among Blacks is very alarming
          Ergo we mustn’t pretend there’s nothing wrong with the Black community and labeling everyone racist just because they point out the glaring truth

        3. There are serious problems within the black community in the US (and in Brazil as well). I am not denying that. I am just sick of seeing idiots who seem to have no understanding of history, politics and economics attack the weak in society as scapegoats. People like the Bush family and the families behind the banking cartels that own the Federal Reserve run the US for their own enrichment – not some teenage, black gang members in a low income neighbourhood.
          The black population in the US and its current position can not be understood without honest acknowledgement of the impact of history and rule by those with racist views against them. That includes how they are treated by your violent, paramilitary style police forces and by your corrupt criminal justice system. The US police forces seem to kill black people (often unarmed) on an alarming scale, but many racist whites cheer this on. How much hope for people like that?
          I also acknowledge the damage imposed on the black population by white liberals. The scale of abortions by such programs as Planned Parenthood is astonishing and they have been proven to target black communities and they even infiltrated local Churches to sell their abortion agenda. Liberals and their “white girl issues” have a lot to answer for here for their attacks on important moral structures such as the Church.

        4. lol….the impact of slavery four generations old is the fault of modern day whites? Explain the success of Indians and Asians in America? Explain the failure of Africa.
          It’s too bad we couldn’t inject you with some sort of substance to bring your IQ higher than 85. You sound just like feminist apologists do — blaming men for their poor actions.

        5. Why bother? The answer is in the history books and in the study of the applications of politics and economics to the societies in question all of which are readily available to you (tear yourself away from Fox media etc). You don’t want to think, you don’t want to analyse and you don’t want honesty. You want to squawk about “the blacks” with like the like minded. The reason why you do this? Maybe you have self awareness and maybe you don’t – again you do the work to sort yourself out.

        6. “Fact= Blacks are 13% of the entire population but 50% of those incarcerated are Blacks.Nearly 50 Percent of Black Men Have Been Arrested by 23 – CityLab”
          Wait until they round up Wall Street.

        7. Black are meant to live in small communities. Their was destroyed by slavemongers and colonizers for their own profits.
          White people age faster, reproduce less and have more addidction problems. On the long run, that’s much worse than some pseudo-IQ problems.

  17. Its like you haven’t been to Brazil if you didn’t get in a fight or get robbed. I remember some jogger thinking about grabbing my soccer ball as I tossed it up and down on the beach in Rio.

  18. If he dislikes the Brazilian government so much, then he’s a goddamn hypocrite for accepting refugee status from them.
    Any refuge who says the words “back home, we would have…” gets a firm “well why don’t you go back home, fuckhead?” from me. Exactly the kind of refugee I don’t want here.

  19. You had the right idea of tossing him into a car trunk and going to work on him. Brazilian cops generally shoot them, no big deal one way or the other.

  20. Good to know that you visit my country Quintus, i have a simillar story too, when i was a kid, aged 12~14, 4 teenagers come by and stole 4 films in dvds that i got with me (that’s right, the dvd was still a new thing around here, and i had just located 4 from a shop), so they came at me, and i made a bullshit story so they dont rob me and my friend both, but as i turned around the corner, the 4 scumbag motherfuckers were in front of me, shit, those guys have teletransport or something like that. Anyway, when i got home my dad got his gun, and we went to our car to chase them, as we spot 4 teens playing some soccer in the middle of the street far away from the robbery point, at this time my friend yelled at the back seat “THAT’S THEM” my father raced like the schumacher and almost the kids got hit by the car, but that wasn’t them, and my friend said – and i’m sorry for the rok readers as i certainly believe none of u guys and me included share this point of view – “OOOhh… it isn’t them… shit! niggas look the same”. I remember after that i start praying to not find them, not that i don’t want to kick their asses, but my father would do something stupid that day, luckily we didn’t find them.
    As i grew old i started to see some other problems that make kids do this stupid choices, and most of them is because they don’t have a quality education or good models to mirror.
    About the crime sentence, i believe it must (specially at the youth) have a strong ressocializing character as they feel punished at the same time. Anyway, nice post. hehe

  21. Vendedor. Not “vendador”. And just a word of advice from someone who lives in Brazil: Never ever react to a robbery. The article is terrible advice. It goes against everything any Brazilian or Brazilian police and authorities ever advised you to do when robbed. Stay calm, shut up, and hand over your belongings. You never know when that little guy on crack stabs you, or who in the surroundings has a gun.

  22. A friend from Rio quoted this article for us on a forum. I live in norther n Brazil and i find it sad your friend wans’t helped by the others in the bus stop, here in my city (Belém), a lynch mob would’ve instantly formed and beat those scum real good. Its not enough to stop the tide but at least its something we can do. On the other hand, criminals in rio are more heavily armed and organized, so their reaction may make sense.
    Crime is ridiculously out-of-control here these days, and the same leftist scum sabotaging the rest of the west exist here too, supporting the same unholy cows – feminism, thug culture, victimism, uncontrolled immigration (Brazil is being currently swamped with Haitians lately, as well as unemployed euros), anti-christianism, etc. This is since the end of the military dictatorship, after which the country was taken over by the leftie scum. The reasons my country is swarmed with criminals are complex and would take a long wall-o-text to explain, but I believe I could explain them if the RoK readership so desires.
    The common folk are very anti-crime, default attitude runs somewhere from “arrest them all” to “good criminals are dead criminals”. If not for the leftardist scum, we would probably win by attrition by the next 20 years.
    I like your Syrian-lebanese friend, he reminds me of my fellow statesmen rather than my “fellow countrymen” south of here, with which I don’t feel much fellowship these days but that’s another story. Your friend is right – violence needs to be replied, wherever by the strong arm of the law, or, if said arm is weak (like here), by your own strong arm.
    They say the strong rule over the weak. We must not take it as destimulation, but rather as incentive to grown strong and crush the scum of society.

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