Final Thoughts On Karl Halverson Pierson’s Murderous Attack

A little more than a month ago, 18 year old Karl Pierson entered Arapahoe High School in the state of Colorado and mortally wounded 17 year old Claire Davis.

I was back home for the holidays, helping wrap presents when my dad said there was a school shooting in the United States. Everyone rushed to the television with that sick eagerness we as a species seem to possess for such horrifying situations. We claim to abhor what we see, but goddamn if we won’t run head first to a tragedy and stand there gawking.

The news details were sketchy, as they always are in the beginning, but it quickly became apparent that the shooter was a young man, and that his victim was a young woman. The death toll was low so the story faded quickly from the news. School shootings have become so commonplace in American society that unless the shooter racks up a kill count in the double digits or targets especially young children, it won’t stay on the front pages for very long. Besides, it was Christmas and the last thing people wanted to be was bummed out.

As soon as I saw the perpetrator, Pierson, and the victim, Davis, something went off inside of me. I read some of the news reports, saw some of the videos, and through it all everyone seemed to be mystified as to why Pierson felt the need to assault his school and take his own life. The old political bogeymen were dragged out—gun control, paranoid schizophrenia, radical political beliefs, but I did not hear one person in the media theorizing on Pierson’s sexual frustration. To me the evidence provided painted a picture of a lonely young man; he even went so far attempting to reach out to people through parroting liberal beliefs, usually a sure fire way for someone in today’s culture to garner friends or attention.

What was most upsetting to me, however, was the quickness with which everyone seemed to get over this act – Karl did it, it’s done, let’s stop talking about it, get it off the front page we need to know what Miley Cyrus is doing for New Years. I didn’t like that. To me, the tragedy at Arapahoe High deserved at the very least some more discussion. So I decided to write a quick article detailing why I believed this event happened.

The article wound up going sorta-viral. Numerous sites and blogs re-pasted it. There was discussion on Reddit about it. I went through a lot of these pages, though sadly most were a simple re-pasting of the article with no comments. I did manage to find some with comments, and to temporarily lighten the mood let me share the ones I found amusing before I continue;


B G commenting over at Body Crimes’s ringing endorsement of my article knows I hate women only because that bitch Lauren owes me a Toonie from last weekend because I bought her some Timbits after our rec hockey game and she still hasn’t got me back eh?!

Also, I’m not sure if BG realizes that Return Of Kings is composed of several different authours or if she’s complimenting me by saying I’m the authour, ala I’m da man – which I’m choosing to believe. Thanks for the compliment B G! If you’re hot plz send nekked pics. By the way, we’re using your comment for promos of the future books we make based off of ROK articles.

These guys…all…classic. They want to marry a…sweet girl.” – B G, Commentator at Body Crimes

Also, Tuthmosis wrote the eating disorders article. Don’t you just love getting angry at someone who didn’t even write what you’re getting angry at?

Over at disinfo, TG wrote an excellent rebuttal against my article which is comprised of simply re-pasting what I wrote and offering no alternative theory or take on why this tragedy had to happen. Once they lose the small introductory paragraph and simply add ‘wut’ to the end of their ‘articles’ (along with plenty of gifs), disinfo will be well on their way to Buzzfeed levels of quality content.

Also, I noticed this whilst visiting (the blue parts added by me);


I am so hard right now.

Here are some comments that I love from that site:




Andrew…please…check your unipolar privilege…



I mainly love this one because of choad. It’s a word I always lol at, and wish had a lot more use in the common vernacular. 10/10 for that alone V, but there’s also some other gold in the comment. Like, how the quotes around “hottest” refers to my referring to Claire Davis as smoking hot; which I think she is, since I measure her beauty against what I see in the real world – not my internet pornos – and the majority of women I see everyday don’t compare. V doesn’t think so. Way to disparage the victim V I’m sure her parents would love to her you call her ugly.

Also, I do not understand how having to masturbate more then a few times on a high test day means I should come out of the closet. Why am I in the closet? Does masturbating make me gay, or is there a set number of times I can masturbate before I turn gay? Does V hate gay people – if so, why is he on a liberal site? Does V think only gay men go to the gym? Has V never been to the gym and seen all those fitness cuties in yoga pants and sports bras? I’m so confused.

And of course women don’t enjoy sex with me, since the whole time we’re banging I’m telling them about how much I hate them.

UGH!*Thrust* “All women’s are liars and whores! RRNGNG!!*Spank* “You’re ruining society! FFFFUUUUWWWW!!*Butthole tickle* “By the way you have great nipples but I still hate you!









That awkward moment when your repost of a self-proclaimed enemy’s article, with no thoughtful or critical analysis or comedic commentary of your own, is the most popular thing on your website.

In the future, beloved haters, here (1, 2, 3) are some godly examples of how to present websites you think should mocked to your readership.

My hate mail account, created specifically because of the article, swelled considerably. I was even contacted by someone who claimed to have family at Arapahoe, who called me a coward and demanded I start a dialogue with him. I accepted – but unfortunately, he insulted and threatened other bloggers before I had a chance e-mail him back and their scathing counter attack forced him into hiding, not having accepted my offer to talk. By the way, if you happen to be reading this sir, I’m still open to that chat. I have no problem being a sponge for your frustration/anxiety.

After all the verbal tongue lashing my article received, I’m glad to come back to the comfort of our readership here at Return Of Kings. After all that recon behind enemy lines I know the comments on our website will cheer me up.


Ahhh Return Of Kings… don’t ever change.

I wrote the Pierson article simply to give ROK’s readership a chance to discuss this act. It’s a tragedy that Claire Davis was murdered, and a tragedy that a young man like Karl Pierson, on the cusp of starting his life proper, felt he had such a terrible future in his society that he needed to commit the shooting.

To my pleasant surprise, when I got back online and caught up on things toward the New Year I found my article had reached a much larger audience than I had ever hoped it would. Some agreed, some disagreed; many from both camps thought I was an idiot. But they were talking about Arapahoe. They were thinking about it.

And that’s all I wanted.

I’m glad that, even though it was a brief extension, the events surrounding Karl and Claire were thought out for a little longer and a little more thoroughly. Even though we live an era where mass communication has never been easier, where we have access to all sorts of differing viewpoints and information, we as a society are still so very ignorant and closed minded in our debates. Both sides are radicals from the get go, and everyone treats anyone with a differing view point as an idiot without consideration.

There are important issues in our society that need to be discussed, issues that will determine our prosperity, our happiness, our safety – and they aren’t even being mentioned, let alone debated upon.

I thoroughly believe what I wrote in the article; that Karl was sexually frustrated, he was lonely and that the chubby/butterface girls in his league (at least in his league at that point in his life) denied Karl companionship because society is elevating their unearned self worth to such astronomical levels that they think they can chase the top tier of men alongside the girls who actually deserve such men. Their selfishness and over inflated egos caused them to consider Karl below them, to the point that he  went crazy, and he took it out on the girl he wished loved him.

I’m angry that Claire Davis is dead. She was beautiful. She came from a family that clearly cared for and loved her. She was physically in shape and intelligent. Claire had so much potential. All the evidence suggests that she would have contributed positively to the world, that she probably would have married a good man and started a good family. We didn’t just lose one potentially decent woman – the world has forever been denied the beautiful children of Claire Davis. The world became a little uglier with her untimely death.

Instead, look at all the women who get to waste the life that Claire Davis never got to experience. Rude, angry women sporting short hair and ugly tattoos and aesthetically ugly piercings with bodies bordering on obesity shouting about how horrible men are. Selfish, middle aged whores who’ve slept with over twenty men and are just having their first child at 36, who were bored with their husbands after one year of marriage and are already planning on divorcing him when their kids finally become teenagers.

If she had lived, would Claire have become like these other disgusting parodies of humans we still call women? It’s possible – anything is – but I don’t think so. We were robbed of a treasure. Good women in our culture are almost so rare as to be priceless, and the death of Claire cut off a whole lineage of potentially good women. The world today is worse off for her death, and the future is dimmer for all decent men.


In our world of weak unguided males and repugnantly selfish females, we don’t get to have women like Claire. Instead we get this;


Western society is fast becoming one big black comedy – and the joke is on all of us. Please excuse me if I don’t much feel like laughing.

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108 thoughts on “Final Thoughts On Karl Halverson Pierson’s Murderous Attack”

  1. Remember that young man who got attacked and murdered by a bunch of white knight manginas after some whore falsely accused him of rape? Now, was there a massive media outcry from women, saying what a tragedy it was? NOPE.
    If a young man dies? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT. So in the name of equality? I will publicly declare that I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT EITHER about this young woman who got shot and killed.
    I am willing to say this because I am simply reflecting back the exact same attitude it would be if it was a man.
    Women demanded equality, remember? So if women don’t give a shit when young men get murdered? Why should we men give a shit when women get murdered?

    1. IF anything more young women need to be shot and killed until everyone is so desensitized to female death that mens murder gets an outcry.

      1. That’s not what I said, actually.
        if anything, men need to wake the fuck up and realize that women are subhumans and need to replace women with Artificial Wombs and VR porn. That is a peaceful solution to feminism.

    2. I actually think its hilarious myself. Love reading news articles like that.The best was when the cunt from The Bachelor – Gia Allemand – committed suicide – and the former Miss Venezuela.
      Karmas a beeee-OTCHHH

    3. which story is this? it happened here in America? I heard of something similar happening elsewhere.

    4. It’s not quite death, per se, but Angry Harry did make quite a profound comment on the value of men…
      “If you’re a man in this country, and because of some crazy circumstance it so happens that you are found the following morning with your penis chopped off because your partner has lost her temper, then, quite simply, you will be laughed at.
      Comedians will make jokes about you and some of the press will say that you probably deserved it.
      If you are a man, then you are pretty much worthless.
      Most people wouldn’t laugh at an animal that had such an experience. However, so low are you considered to be in the scheme of things, so worthless and hated, that severely mutilating you is a joke.
      It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ you’ve been throughout your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re the type of man who has always done his best and tried to do the right thing.
      None of that matters.
      If you’re a man, then, quite simply, you are so low that people will laugh when your penis is cut off.
      And if it doesn’t, then, quite simply, you must be stupid.
      Well, this is the kind of world that you live in today.”

  2. That bitch’s comment saying she hopes you comitted suicide…on a repost of an article claiming selfish women cause men to commit suicide…and the gif afterwards…too good.

    1. Funny how when a woman says she hopes a man kills himself that is “empowerment” but when a man says he does not care if a woman kills herself his is a monster.
      Two words.
      Rachel Cassidy.
      Everyone was all upset when I said it would not be a problem to me if she killed herself over me doxxing her on the basis that no one cares when men kill themselves when they are criminally victimised by women.
      If women did not have double standards they would have no standards at all.

    2. The more I research/read articles/blogs penned by our opponents and dissenters, the more I’m beginning to think that they’re genuinely bad people. I know commentators are one thing; I have no control over Anon posting something like “RAPE MURDER KILL ALL WOMEN” other then banning them after the fact, but some of the websites proclaiming ‘Liberal’ or ‘Libertarian’ or feminist values (Or a combination of all) have articles where the authour wishes genuine harm on another person – simply because they had an opinion. And in the comments sections they lol or agree when one of their readers says the person should be killed.
      I’m not a right wing kind of guy, but with how most left wing people seem to act nowadays, I’m most certainly not one of them either.

    1. Mina Smith I clicked on the link and the title of the blog article sounded interesting but before I proceeded to read I clicked on the sites “charities” section and read this piece of silliness;
      “Today, when our Warriors leave such bases, these dogs must attempt to
      survive in a hostile land filled with people who hate dogs for religious
      reasons. To the dogs, this is unbearably cruel, and to the Warriors
      with whom they have bonded, this is horribly painful. The Puppy Rescue
      Mission has dedicated themselves to helping American Military personnel
      who have bonded to dogs overseas, bring their dogs home with them from
      the battlefield. The organization is still in its infancy, and thus you
      can only contribute online, but it is a good cause, being run by good
      people, and I would expect they will gradually expand.”
      I’ll go back and read the article because the title peaked my interest but I admit to already developing a slight bias against the author based on the above paragraph.

      1. Interesting. That doesn’t sound like AC … then again he is probably not entirely a “manosphere” (red pill) guy. His theories are pretty spot on, though and his techniques for debating and engaging Liberals work 100%, especially if you understand his underlying theories. Did you read Ray Wolf’s article today? Same guy – the Anonymous Conservative.

        1. ” then again he is probably not entirely a “manosphere” (red pill) guy.”
          He might be. The red pill manospherians seem to be really into dogs and pets for some reason. I love animals – outside in nature where they belong. The Afghanis don’t mistreat dogs, they just don’t worship them like Americans do.

        2. OK read the article. While I get what he’s getting at, and he may be onto something, the photographic “evidence” does not reflect his points. Claire’s smile is the one that looks forced or fake, like someone told her to stand in front of her horse and “smile” for the camera. While Karl’s smile appears genuine and spontaneous, like he was in the middle of doing something enjoyable and someone said, “hey” and he looked up and the shot was taken. In fact his body position in the photo is just that – he’s doing something. Claire is not, she’s posing.
          The next set of photos, comparing two girls, they both have fake smiles and neither looks natural.
          However he could be right about this and considering how the comments section of this blog quickly tends to devolve…
          “People don’t fully realize how these miserable losers hate the happy,
          and how they actively target them. Whenever I hear of a girl killed, or
          raped, or attacked, I assume it was a happy girl, and the attacker was
          one of these miserable shitbags, since such attacks always seem to be
          attempts to reduce the happiness of innocent, happy people who have
          never had the misfortune to learn what evil is.”

          Now, go make the world a better place and eat a 9mm sandwich, you filthy subhuman scum

        4. I have no idea what this is about;
          but I agree with your other comment,
          “Claire’s smile is the one that looks forced or fake, like someone told her to stand in front of her horse and “smile” for the camera.”
          I find that too. Perhaps the rest of her face is relaxed, but the smile itself is unnatural. While Googling, I found images of Claire at a younger age where she appears to be wearing braces. She also looks dowdier, shoulders slumped, trying to escape the frame; clearly unconfident in her looks or appearance.
          That’s why I find this so heartbreaking. Claire was just realizing her potential as a beautiful human being. She was just coming into her looks, and from her body language in older photos it’s apparent she thought herself ugly or at least undesirable. You can see that in the ingrained nervousness about her. It’s a cute innocence that was lost in one of the cruellest ways imaginable.
          As always, thanks for reading.

    2. Mina, you are a woman and you are NOT fucking welcome at a site for “masculine men”.
      How are you so fucking shameless to come on here and act like an attention whore?
      Jesus christ, you women have no character or integrity at all. Please, KILL YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY, MINA.

    1. I thought it was because you threatened to kill a judge and fled the country to avoid prosecution?

  3. I have more sympathy for the guy than the girl he killed. Frankly, I see it as an omen of more such events to come. The death of all beauty in the world is where feminism is taking us. You can fucking count on it.

    1. This is old news. This has happened many times. Guy can’t get laid, doesn’t know what to do, frustration turns to violence and blood flows.
      This will — unfortunately — only increase.

      1. Some guys do it even if they can get laid, look at Ted Bundy. Objectively good looking guy, even had a nice looking fiance, no problem meeting women – he stilled killed them.
        The bottom line is that there is a minority of sociopaths out there and Karl was one of them. This case does not reflect upon brain-healthy, normal men.

  4. Very soon, in 10 years at the outside, there will be a wave of young male violence that will engulf society, and at that time, young women will finally see the results of Feminism.
    Women screw over men, men go crazy, pick up guns, and start shooting. This has repeated a hundred times throughout human history.
    Nobody wants to admit this. Nobody wants to talk about it. Nobody wants to deal with it. It’s just going to happen. The younger generation of women will curse and spit when they think of their stupid mothers and grandmothers who caused this.

    1. This is 100 fucking percent CORRECT. Feminism is creating a hyper-violent society. Already you can see it happening, but soon it will get so such an extent, that women will be too terrified to even leave their own houses, society will be so violent and dangerous.
      A hyper-violent society is the end result of feminism. I am very glad to see that more men are beginning to realize this.

    2. When men have had enough they do three things, make a conscious choice to start sucking dick, become a mgtow, or start killing women/raping.

      1. Uh that is not what he said, actually.
        Basically, the more hateful women become towards men, the more men will just start reacting with violence towards women. The more misandric society becomes towards men, the more men will just lash out in violence as a result of the hatred and misandry that they have been subjected to their whole lives.
        Already we see this happening but the trend will increase 100 fold.

      2. You’re obviously a woman, only a woman could have made such a retarded comment as that.
        Fuck off back to Jezebel, you cunt.

    3. This already happened during the recent London riots if you follow Slavoj Zizek’s take on the motivation for those riots.

    4. I disagree partially. Despite all the hype about school shootings in the media, violence is actually at its lowest since the 90’s (US figures). Violence and especially sexual violence saw sharp increase back in the late 60’s and 70’s (not so coincidentally along with the advent of feminism).
      With the level of degradation men are facing in today’s society, Western world should be seeing the level of violence that Juarez, Mexico sees:
      But no, instead, we are going the same path Japan is going with emasculated herbivore men. Why? Because we have video games, sports, TV, porn, the internet, political drama to distract and medicate us with. It’s only when the few men who can’t tolerate the humiliation no further reacts with violence that it goes noticed in the media.
      I’m not saying either scenario is desirable, but it’s just how things are as of now.

      1. Try reading this then.
        The son gutted his mother, disembowelled her, and killed her. Not herbivore behaviour. Remember. When there is an eathquake or tidal wave in japan no one steals anything. There is no looting.
        Well? What did you see in New Orleans?
        It is a BIG mistake to think that anglo men will turn into herbivores like japanese men have. Anglo men will eventually get fed up….but they are prepared to take an awful lot of crap before they do… 1000x more crap than I would ever put up with, that’s for sure.

        1. That guy looks closer to 42 than 22. Blaming his mother? And he doesn’t even say what for. Maybe she didn’t spank his ass enough as a child but look… she wasn’t a single mom.
          My god young Americans are such spoiled, entitled assholes these days that if they are too lazy to get a job and move out of mommy and daddy’s house by 22 they off the people that gave them birth and fed them their whole lives.

        2. Go kill yourself, you ugly negroid currynigger piece of shit. We all know you are that same indian whore who was trolling the other threads too.
          Seriously, eat shit and die, you fucking scum.

        3. “she wasn’t a single mom.”
          She divorce his father and removed his father from the house. She created her own killer. She got what she deserved. Period.

        4. “She created her own killer.”
          Nurture vs nature? I dunno, not convinced. Need the whole story. Any details?

        5. you have the article and you have google…why would you need me to do your job for you?

        6. I have spent in excess of 4,000 hours developing the remedy for men, writing books, creating videos and putting the message out to men.
          It has been very much a pearls before the swine exercise.
          If you want a man to do something for you? I recommend you ask politely and offer to pay. Otherwise? I recommend you don’t ask so that you are not offended when you are told no.
          I can do many things. That does not mean I should do them for other people for free. Other men do not appreciate what I have done for them and they do not show me the respect I have earned. When you men both appreciate what I have already done and show due respect? Get back to me.
          Until then? You are welcome to try and sort out your own problems for yourselves. After all, you have been so successful, right?

    5. LK,
      I have been talking about this for 6 years nearly. I noticed the rapid increase in young male violence in May 2008.
      I did a video about it. We are also posting cases of men killing women on CAF. I have been warning people this is happening. Of course women translate “warning and trying to stop” into “supporting and creating”.
      There was a new case in Florida not long ago. The woman was hitting the husband….he did not respond. He walked to where he kept his hand gun. Came back. Shot his wife dead in the kitchen. She had no idea she was about to die. No idea her husband was even upset. She did not try to run or escape….she died where she stood.
      The man then photographed her body on his cell and posted it to facebook….called the cops to come and get him. No anger. No emotion. He was just fed up with how he was treated and knew that his life was over if he divorced her.
      That killing should be sending chills up the spine of all women. To kill in anger or frustration as a spur of the moment thing is one thing. But to kill your wife from the point of being calm, collected, logical and reasoning that you might as well kill her because your life is over anyway? That SHOULD scare the hell out of women….but they are too stupid to listen to the mute testimony of a dead woman.
      Lots of women are going to be killed by angry men. LOTS of them.

    6. If you want to see what a society comprised of under thirty men, who have no employment, no future and nothing left to live for, look at the “Arab Spring” countries. A society of young angry men who think they have no skin in the game will lead to a lot of violence.

    7. Women will only be redeemed when there exists a massive movement of their own sex to spit on and desecrate the graves of society wrecking whores such as Betty Friedan and Andrea Dworkin. When there exists female lynch-mobs for the likes of Gloria Steinem and her ilk.

      1. Lance,
        the book Living Free shows women what they have to do. They have to sign an affidavit as to whether they wish to be held equal before the law of whether they wish to be chattel property of a man.
        They get a choice.
        So far, in three years, no woman has signed any such affidavit so it is clear they wish to prosecute their WAR OF AGGRESSION towards men. I have claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN and those who will join me are welcome to work with me to wage our WAR OF RETURN until a quorum of 12 women come to my table and beg for their offer of unconditional surrender to be accepted.
        The women will in no way be “redeemed”. Western women are going to be conquered and unconditional surrender is the only option. Any man who wants any less than that is a mangina idiot who is not worthy of out time and should stay out of the war. If he comes into the WAR on the wrong side he should be killed. Period.
        This is now a WAR…..and we hope to keep it peaceful. But as us men are told daily….we are violent monsters…makes you wonder why women are so stupid as to provoke us, right?
        Living Free is the answer……and it has been for the last 4 years.

        1. Oh yes “Diese ist ein Krieg!” I’ll tell you what’s wrong, women have all been brainwashed by a coterie of Yiddish subversives from Frankfurt, Germany back in the 40s when they left and fled here due to Hitler’s rise to power, that these United States so kindly let into our borders. They called themselves the “Frankfurt School” known today as “Critical Theory” philosophy. This is all pablum, their real motives were for the proliferation of Cultural Marxism in the US (All Anglosphere nations) and Europe. They used the radical doctrine of Marxist, Antonio Gramsci’s “Long March through the Institutions.” This stipulated that the West was impervious to Marxist thought because the proletariat was so tied to God, Church, Tradition and Family and only when you corrupted the very institutions that bound these together could you control the masses through the state and media. Western women have proven their absolute weakness in their inability to avoid the slightest corruption. They in fact welcome it! There will come a day when men will have to cut all loose ends and start afresh, whether that means leaving most Western women to the savages in the inner cities or letting them die off from low child births. Besides their progeny will be deficiently weak anyway when these babies are being born through aged uteruses. Vengeance will come one day and will be swift, brutal and exacting. I may not live to see it, but I can feel it in my bones. Totale Krieg!

  5. “I mainly love this one because of choad. It’s a word I always lol at, and wish had a lot more use in the common vernacular.”
    It is – in and around Delhi. Its a Hindi word, ya know.
    The thing is, facially and bodily Clair and Karl were practically the same. Both had clear skin, symmetrical features and pleasant albeit non-distinct, non-stunning facial features. Their faces were both average to above average. Nothing special but also kind of cute. Their bodies were both healthy and fit – neither over nor underweight. Right there they both rate as 6’s as far as I can see. Claire perhaps a 6.5.
    What gave Claire an edge was her long hair. What took away the edge for Karl was the COLOR of his hair – red.
    Buzz off Claire’s long brunette tresses and dye Karl’s ginger to dark brown (or even blonde) and …. well…..he’d have the edge over her.

  6. I hate to keep bringing this up, but white women with the exception of a few are the absolute scum of the earth. I live in a major metropolitan area with its innumerable beta mangina metrosexuals, ghetto savages and lastly the devil’s own, entitled corrupted, princess-spoilt, privileged, and uber selfish white women with the worst variant being the American East Coast skanks (although California gives us a run for the money). No matter who I date from another country, if they have friends with these women or go to the Cultural Marxist incubators that have become American universities, they’re all corrupted. I am seeing a decent girl of Middle Eastern extract and she was irrevocably corrupted by her Jewish Cultural Marxist professors in her “gender studies” classes and worse, corrupted by her beta male friends and white female friends. This is not a country (All Anglosphere countries included) where a man (real man) can raise a family anymore. I have no problem getting laid or picking up girls, however, despite the innumerable articles on “game,” one can only do so much mindless fucking until one becomes lonely. I feel this young man’s pain, no one can become rooted anymore, no one can call a spade a spade anymore, we are all rootless cosmopolitans now. Honestly, fuck having a rotation of women, how long do we keep doing that and living that soulless and vapid fucking existence?
    You all feel this invisible prison around our souls and spirits, and we can do nothing about it except move. You may experience a lower standard of living in a foreign country, but your spiritual and familial existence will improve a million times more than living in this fucking cesspool. Even look at Americanized East-Indian girls, they are virtually a carbon copy of their white counterparts. The question I would like to pose to white men, is this, do you think on a macro-scale that your women are at all redeemable? Why even fucking bother with them!? Nothing reminds me more of this great Satanic age we’re living in, than seeing some vapid white bitch text on her phone, living her shallow materialistic existence amidst her handbags and shoes whilst totally forgoing childbirth, her family’s perpetuity and any notion of altruistic sacrifice for her man or husband. These women are worthless, all of them! From the simple whore in the bar right up to that worthless fucking female CEO of Yahoo. Who could blame this boy? Fuck all of his critics, even if he gets laid, then what? Hope that he finds the manosphere and knows the forces of evil against his sex? Not a chance, even with a well paid career, his generation (my generation) can look forward to alimony, child support, false paternity and a completely corrupted Cultural Marxist government. Personally I cannot wait for the Apocalypse, and why not when you look around you?
    This brings me to the Biblical story of Samson, that story is not merely about his hair, it’s a warning from the Ancients of what happens when you allow women to lead, which is against the natural order. You become enamored, blinded and enslaved where we were once strong and autonomous and male leadership benefited both sexes, has been replaced by a matriarchy which can only corrupt and morally decay society. Just as Samson allowed that bitch Delilah to corrupt him, blind him and eventually enslave him, we have allowed these women to do the same. We men built civilization, and I say if we are going to be enslaved in our own fucking countries that our ancestors built, let’s bring the whole fucking edifice down, like Samson! Here’s to you Karl Pierson and Samson! Make it rain!

    1. White American were the cream of the crop until the ’90s. Now it is getting to the point where ghetto black women are more feminine and less delusional.

      1. You’re off by a couple of decades, white women have been garbage ever since 1968. The Baby Boomers were the generation of the gutter and their female descendants are a testament of their parentage.

        1. You may be right. I think that once the cultural rot set in, it still took a few decades for the women to completely spoil. It takes a generation or two for a country’s values to be entirely subverted.

    2. ” Even look at Americanized East-Indian girls, they are virtually a carbon copy of their white counterparts.”
      White guys barely stand a chance in front of the parents of East Indian girls so why should you expect black guys to do better with them?
      Indians are extremely proud of and involved with their culture and families and there’s no reason for them to date or marry outside of their ethnic and cultural background considering there is so many of them. You may call it cultural snobbery but I think they set a find example of cultural pride and family orientation.

      1. That’s not my point. My point is that their exposure to white women will inevitably corrupt them.

        1. Indians have been assimilating in the West since the British Raj, yet they still primarily marry amongst their own and keep their own South Asian religions and traditions going. This cultural continuity is quite impressive.
          Don’t hate. Appreciate.

        2. When does your H1-B expire? Dont be late to go back home bro. Dont want ICE on your grandiose tail now do ya?

        3. I’m just another mutt American who tried to spouse up an Indian and got vetoed by the ‘rents. I was angry and bitter at first but I understand their reasoning now. Plus, it saved me from marriage.

        4. Indians are extremely racist pieces of shit. You should thank God that you were saved from marriage.
          Fuck women and fuck India!
          Funny how indians hate white people so much and yet they shamelessly go to countries that were built by WHITE MEN and take advantage of the liberal system there.
          Indians are filthy subhuman scum that should all be exterminated.

        5. Indians are extremely racist pieces of shit. You should thank God that you were saved from marriage.
          Fuck women and fuck India!
          Funny how indians hate white people so much and yet they shamelessly go to countries that were built by WHITE MEN and take advantage of the liberal system there.
          Indians are filthy subhuman scum that should all be exterminated.

        6. Indians do not “hate” white people. In fact my cousin is dating an Indian guy now as we speak and his family loves her. Whether or not they will give their final blessing for a marriage, who knows? The couple is not at that stage yet and may not get there. But what they are is good at continuing their culture and that takes family involvement. You wouldn’t understand because you don’t come from a strong family and culture orientated background. Your parents don’t give a crap who you marry or even if you marry at all. They wanted you out of their house and hair by 18.

        7. Ah, so you are the same indian woman who was trolling the other threads? GTFO, you stupid currynigger whore
          “Family values”. LOL!!! And that’s why indian men commit more RAPES than any other men worldwide? Because they have “family values”?
          Fuck you you currynigger slut. I can’t wait to see your kind exterminated you filthy subhuman.

        8. 9% of indian dudes are beta/ bi/ gay fags. 99% of Indian women are butch/ bi/lez scuzzy skanks.
          They sell their children.
          They beat their 12 year old servants to death.
          They worship cows.
          LOL LOLLL Great family values and culture.

        9. Correct….that is one reason I decided to stay in germany when I divorced. Why would I move back to the anglo-sphere?

        10. By assimilating I mean speaking the language of whatever country one lives in, working, paying taxes and becoming productive and responsible citizens, NOT becoming obese, sexually promiscuous, slobby, stupid, reality TV watching, fast food eating and lacking in any sense of beauty, class and intellectual prowess.

        11. “9% of indian dudes are beta/ bi/ gay fags.”
          So 91% are alpha then?
          No wonder Eat Pray Love was so popular.

      2. Lol. They should be on their hands and knees begging white guys for a date. Those slimy slumdog millionaires. Its one thing to be arrogant and snobby when you actually have something to be arrogant and snobby about. Look at their country. Its a mess. An over-populated filthy shithole.

        1. They have their own to choose from, either in India or in all the countries abroad where Indians work and succeed.
          And don’t believe the blue pill media on India. Its got amazingly beautiful landscapes and architecture and culture and food and people. Sure, there are some cities that are really crowded and dirty but other things make up for that. And the vast majority of India is rural and natural. Every place has got its problems, its a matter of choosing which problems we’re willing to tolerate.

        2. They have their own to choose from, either in India or in all the countries abroad where Indians work and succeed.
          And don’t believe the blue pill media on India. Its got amazingly beautiful landscapes and architecture and culture and food and people. Sure, there are some cities that are really crowded and dirty but other things make up for that. And the vast majority of India is rural and natural. Every place has got its problems, its a matter of choosing which problems we’re willing to tolerate.

      3. Indian men are filthy swine. They ACTUALLY treat women like shit and India has the highest number of rapes in the world.
        Indian men are disgusting subhuman garbage. The world would be a much better place if Pakistan would nuke India and kill those subhumans.
        Now indian women are pretty cool, they are sexy. But Indian men? UGH! I just wish they would all fucking die.

    3. You nailed it, man. White women are the most evil fucking bitches on this planet. I am a white man and I am fucking DISGUSTED with white women.
      Hopefully the white race will die out soon. No more white race = no more white women.
      White women literally are the incarnation of satan. They have such deep evil in their hearts. White women are monsters. They can murder their own children and not feel any guilt about it.
      White women should all be exterminated.

      1. White women should all be exterminated.
        Its a common Feminist Troll tactic to go to Manosphere sites, pretend to be a man and make over the top threats of violence. Then they can use those comments as “proof” that they were right all along that the men that frequent those sites are disturbed individuals who should be stopped. Maybe this then leads to the website being shut down, but given the difficulty in taking websites offline these days it most likely just leads to a loss of readership as more reasonable participants refuse to associate with such lunatics.
        I dont know whether you are a Feminist Troll or not “Alpha Male”, but I do think you’re doing their job of discrediting us for them by saying stupid immoral shit like this.
        I dont have a great deal of respect for most modern Western women either (including but not exclusive to white women), but my chosen response is to give them the equality they asked for and make them fend for themselves, not to wipe them out.
        I also take issue with your hope that the white race die out soon. Its more than just a little hard to believe that a sane and stable white man would ever say something like that. So, are you not sane and stable or are you not a white man? Or is it a little from Column A and a little from Column B…

    4. Fantastic comment, +1
      I too have reached the breaking point of
      my tolerance for western females. None of this is even borne of sexual
      frustration at this point, despite what I’m sure a bunch of idiots will
      believe. I could have a harem of Playboy playmates and it wouldn’t
      change my thoughts on this matter, which are simply this:
      have gone too far. Their repugnant narcissism, their terrible
      arrogance,their myopic short-sightedness and their vile, humiliating,
      contemptuous treatment of men has gone on way too long. Their
      comeuppance for their disgusting behavior is long past due.
      I honestly wish to see the day where the female of our species is ground
      dust. I want to live in a world where male birth control is ubiquitous,
      where artificial wombs are commonplace, and where technologies such as
      VR sex / sexbots have rendered females completely obsolete. I dream of a
      future world that is a dystopia of a female’s worse nightmares. I hope
      to one day read a headline stating that female suicide rates have
      rocketed upwards of 80%.
      I don’t find much to get too excited about these days, but this is one cause I could definitely get behind.
      I think the impending explosion of the dollar / world economy, combined
      with those ever improving male friendly technologies mentioned above,
      will begin conspiring against females quite soon, possibly as early as
      this year. As for the future… I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
      I cant think of a more deserving group than the white western female.

    5. Don’t make that common manosphere mistake it’s only white women in the US that are like this. As a Western-European (white) male, I’m seeing them daily with their typical apathetic facial expressions. Unless, of course, you make their vaginas tingle at first sight (haha good luck with that, if you’re not on top of the male pyramid). Only then their demeanor changes. While that awful tattoo sleeve epidemic has yet to take hold among women here, they are vapid, entitled, and demanding. Booze, chain smoking, the cock carousel, it’s all part of the equation here. I always wonder what kind of guy they are going to end up with. What kind of neutered simp is going to deal with their materialism and nagging for years, decades?
      I’m 30 years old, and I’m absolutely sick of dealing with the lot of them. I’m big into self-improvement; physical exercise, business, literature, gaining knowledge. Not so with most women I’ve encountered. They more often than not have no interests or hobbies whatsoever and are submerged in materialism. Most of them don’t appear even willing to support you in your endeavours. Why even associate with such women then? It has all become about what’s in it for them. You, as a man, have needs, you say, you want some genuine intimacy? Want some respect as a human being? Well, fuck you! That’s how society thinks of the man these days. I keep thinking about that story of those Spartan women Roosh recently wrote about. Degenerate to the bone. Say goodnight to your precious society when hypergamy gets carte blanche.

      1. This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
        2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
        3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
        4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
        5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
        6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
        7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
        The bible was very clear about what feminism would do. The truth is that their happiness depends on having and nurturing children. Yet they won’t accept the truth.

    6. “… no one can become rooted anymore, no one can call a spade a spade anymore, we are all rootless cosmopolitans now.”
      I gave a place five years to “grow on me” — it didn’t. At least what I got out of it was better health and a calm, disaffected attitude toward a lot of things I had to admit I didn’t care about. The Kerouac-like “stations of the cross” has ended not with a happy meeting with Sal and Laura at the end of travels, but instead with a renewed interest in getting “back on the plane” rather than back on the road.
      I can see it with a lot of guys, the gut feeling that there has to be something somewhere better than what they’re seeing, especially in North America …
      Rather than the story of Samson, I’m reminded of another biblical turn of phrase: “… whom God would destroy, he first makes mad”. It means something more interesting in British English — it means that God first drives people insane (“mad”) on the way to destroying them, perhaps individually, perhaps as a group.
      Something drove Karl Pierson to madness, and I believe it’s quite likely that America will see this personalised madness again on the way to America becoming a penal colony of nutters.
      This is why I don’t “enjoy the decline” as a certain Mister Captain Capitalism would have it. To enjoy this kind of decline you’d have to lack empathy as well as decency and sense.

    7. as a white man in australia. i understand what you are talking about. the anglo/european women that arent first generation migrants are completely corrupted by the marxist/feminist narrative. in the region where i live, they all cover themselves with tattoos, like jailbirds, abuse alcohol, arent intellectually engaging (they are about as interesting as watching paint dry) and rake in double digits sexual partners (both men and women) by the time they reach 18. its sick. im 21 and a virgin, (mostly due to my betaness back when i was younger) i honestly am considering moving to a country in europe where woman are actually feminine, and not pseudo men. i wouldnt marry outside of my own race group as i am loyal to my own kind, but i need to find some decent uncorrupted woman.

      1. Couple hours to the Pinas bro. The women are nice and friendly there for the most part. Go hit up the clubs, relax and have a drink.

  7. Assuming a tiny fraction of sexually frustrated guys commit murder, you can bet that hundreds if not thousands commit suicide every year after losing all hope or having their long-term ego investment shattered. Rollo Tomassi has written a lot about this:
    I don’t see things changing anytime soon, but one of the best ways to do it is to confront feminists and manginas when they spout off the standard claptrap about female oppression, rape statistics, glass ceiling, etc. Unfortunately this also entails losing friendships and maybe alienating family members. My choice is to leave this environment. The final nail in the coffin was a sexual harassment course I had to take, which basically equated very straightforward approaching of women (as advocated on this site) as sexual harassment. An image reposted by Roosh is a testament to how insane things have gotten:

    1. Nick,
      “I don’t see things changing anytime soon”
      I have told men what they need to do to move to a jurisdiction where they are no longer affected by feminism. To do that they need to rescind their consent to be governed and create new courts, appoint new peace officers and be prepared to defend their life, liberty and property with force up to and including deadly force…..just as I did.
      This was all set up in November 2011. It is called The Mens Business Association. Link below. The only reason young men are killing themselves in hopelessness and depression is that the OTHER MEN around them are not willing to step up to the task at hand.
      Now…I have been waiting FOUR YEARS for men to step up to my level. I can wait longer. But just remember every dead young man is a direct result of men not taking my advice. If men had taken my advice on any significant number in 2010 this would be all over now.
      Men have only themselves to blame for refusing to take my advice and refusing to support my efforts. As far as I am aware? There is no other man in the mens rights/fathers rights/ game/ seduction community who has put forward a proposal that will solve the problems of men who wish to participate.
      If there is? Please bring him forth.
      ” but one of the best ways to do it is to confront feminists and manginas when they spout off the standard claptrap about female oppression, rape statistics, glass ceiling, etc.”
      Total garbage. You have no idea what you are talking about. You might want to shut up and listen and learn before spouting such garbage. You think feminists have not been confronted enough yet? Where you do live? Under a rock?

      1. Peter, if you care to have people listen to you, don’t come off as a self righteous prick. Your website looks like a cheap marketing gimmick and people obviously aren’t buying it. ROK has been a far more effective at fighting feminism and promoting masculinity than you will ever be. Have you even submitted an article to ROK to actually encourage men to follow your advice? You seem to be content to spam the comments. I don’t need to explain anything to you. “your level” LOL!!! Where is any valuable content on your site? All I see is an atrociously tedious video and a bunch of placeholder sites. You are delusional, do us a favor and STFU until you have something useful to say.

        1. Nick,
          You are a very stupid and ignorant young man who is blinded by your arrogance of your stupidity and ignorance.
          Let me take your stupid comment apart for all men to see.
          “Peter, if you care to have people listen to you, don’t come off as a self righteous prick. Your website looks like a cheap marketing gimmick and people obviously aren’t buying it.”
          So. According to you speaking the truth as to what I have done as an honest man of honour and integrity makes me a “self righteous prick”. This is called projection. When you have done what I have done? Then you might have earned the right to criticise. Before then? You are nothing but a child wailing in the breeze. Insignificant.
          And the MBA site looks like a “cheap marketing gimmick”? Really? Have you bothered to read the content of the downloads and the forums? No? Hhmmm?
          “ROK has been a far more effective at fighting feminism and promoting masculinity than you will ever be.”
          Really? I have produced a book that if read and used allows any of FOUR HUNDRED MILLION MEN to live free in their femnazi world. And I strongly suspect it also applies to about another 125 MILLION MEN who live in the EU. If it does? I have released a book that if read and used will free any of FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION MEN. But I guess stating that fact is what you call “self righteous prick”, right?
          By the way? We are also going to remove all members of parliament in Australia and Ireland. We could do the same in the UK, USA and Canada if men would take my advice. But they won’t and that is THEIR problem.
          “Have you even submitted an article to ROK to actually encourage men to follow your advice? ”
          Indeed I have.
          “Where is any valuable content on your site?”
          There are two books on A-MAN-ZON/MBA. There is also the defining infrastucture for the new economy including the procedure manual for the new courts. On the MBA site, if you bothered reading the content, you would find everything needed to create the second economy. So obviously you have not read it nor have you bothered to view the videos associated with it. So in your willfull ignorance you claim there is nothing of value there. How convenient. And you wonder why I demand payment for my time now? Really? How many idiots like you do you think I have spoken to in the last 5 years, eh?
          We are just waiting for men to be persecuted enough to want to create a second economy. Apparently you have not been persecuted enough yet.
          “You are delusional, do us a favor and STFU until you have something useful to say.”
          So. You have some evidence I am delusional? Out with it boy.
          What I have to say in Living Free is how any one of (very likely) FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE MILLION men can transition from living in servitude to their guvmint to living in freedom. What I have to say in The Truth Be Told is enough to save many a young mans life. There are also more than 200 videos on my kickass channel that I have made over the last few years as to what I have to say. Much of it being very critical of men for being cowards and refusing to defend the children of their lands.
          But, according to you, teaching men how to live in freedom or saving young mens lives is of no value. So you hate men so much you do not want them to save their own lives, you do not want them to live in freedom, and you do not want them to get the best possible advice for how to go about living their lives. Why do you hate young men so much Nick? Especially since you are one.
          Now…I think you have been put in your place enough for one day. Get back to me AFTER you have read my books, watched my videos, and understand how the new economy will function.

        2. Nick,
          here you go…this is the entry point for the two books. In them you will find the most important information you have ever read in your life. Much more important than things like the bible or anything you were shown in school.
          TTBT is free for the older version…..the new version has the princely price of CHF10. About the price of two beers in a nightclub I guess. Not that I go to night clubs. If you do not want to spend CHF10? Then don’t spend it. But I am under no obligation to give men the current version of TTBT for free.
          The original version had 8,000 downloads….we are getting 500 downloads a month with no advertising on any sites other than passing comments.
          If you young men actually wanted to learn from me? You would buy the updated version of TTBT and be happy to do so. If you want to cheap out? By all means read the old version. There are 100,000+ men in the man-o-sphere and they would all greatly benefit from reading TTBT. If they all chipped in CHF10 then we would have some real money to get the show on the road. But they won’t….so I am just waiting and watching to see how many more men have to kill themselves before you men will listen to me.
          Another 1,000? 10,000? 50,000? How many men are you going to let die because you are so arrogant you will not listen and will not spread the truth?

        3. Egomania is obsessive preoccupation with one’s self[1] and applies to someone who … is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation.[2] Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac. The condition is psychologically abnormal.[1]

    1. Nobody gives a shit, you filthy currynigger whore. GO back to your shithole 3rd world country where you belong and stop infecting the civilized first world countries with your filth.

      1. Lol. Easy there JD, im one of the good guys.
        Just pointing out there was another school shooting today.
        But, you are right – nobody gives a shit. I dont either.
        It is what it is. Kids shooting up their schools.
        PS – dont ever compare me with a fucking Indian animal again.

        1. Clearly, you are such a shameless whore that you see nothing wrong with going to a site for Masculine MEN and acting like an attention whore in the comments section.
          As for your statement that Indians are more civilized than westerners. I’ve been to India. I have directly seen how people live there. And 90 percent are living like subhuman animals.
          I hate both the West and India. So don’t get me wrong, I am not glorifying westerners by any means.
          Either way, this is a site for MEN. You are NOT fucking welcome here. And you’re probably just another negroid ugly scum indian piece of shit whore slut.

        2. You’re insults are seriously pathetic. If anyone’s trolling, it’d most likely be you with your douchebag replies to every other comment on here. Carry on, keyboard warrior.

  8. To the moderators and Roosh:
    Why the FUCK do you not enforce your rule of “Women and homosexuals will be banned immediately”?
    Are you guys allowing the trolls here because they general page views and you make ad income from page views?
    Sorry, I am just trying to rationally understand this. Why are you allowing so much cancerous filth to infest these comment threads?

  9. Ah Billy, you now begin to see the details of the cesspool that is our society. Soon you too shall both laugh and cry and not know which is which as you go further down the rabbit-hole and learn just how deep it truly is.
    Welcome to the black comedy that is life, don’t forget to scrape your boots at the door.

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