5 Reasons Why The Skeptics Are Wrong And You Need To Learn Game Now

I am always curious why, in 2015, there are still game-skeptics out there—guys for whom the idea of learning a few basic principles in order to get better with women is an anathema. In part this is no doubt due to the extremely bad PR “game” has had over the years. But in the current climate, for most men game is not only desirable—it is essential.

 Roosh, in his essay on neomasulinity, posits game as an essential tool guys need to learn in order to navigate a world that appears increasingly hostile to the average man. This is absolutely the case. Without game, men are adrift, at the mercy of the vicissitudes of women and the vagaries of chance. With a solid grasp of game, and the discipline to implement it however, a man has the chance to take control of his destiny and to shape his life in a way that suits him.

One of the problems is that game has for too long been tarred with a brush dipped in black eyeliner and wrapped up in a feather boa by Mystery. But in 2015, game does not mean wearing a fuzzy hat, doing card tricks, or regurgitating scripted lines and “routines.” Rather, “game” is an umbrella term that refers to a holistic set of skills running the gamut of self-improvement from lifting weights to reading books to developing eye contact to becoming a great conversationalist. These skills will not only help you become better with women, but to become a better man in general.

 Below are five reasons why learning game today is not merely optional, but a requirement for men.

1. The Sexual Marketplace Is Getting Tougher


Social media and dating apps like the ubiquitous Tinder mean that women are deluged with sexual options on a minute-by-minute basis in a manner unequaled in all history. Whereas, say, in the eighteenth century, it would have been hard to pull the prettiest girl in the village because the local landowner had his eye on her, today the same girl only has to post a bikini shot on Instagram to get hundreds of “likes” from thirsty guys in seconds.

Make no mistake, cock is in good supply for women and you are competing in a practically limitless marketplace. If you want a regular sex life then you must acquire the necessary skills to ensure that you stand out and demonstrate enough value to be a contender.

2. Other Guys Around You Are Acquiring Mad Game Skills


Self-improvement—for which “game” is to a large degree a synonym—is no longer a niche pastime. Look around you and you will see plenty of guys who take care of their bodies, who have great style, and who have the confidence and charisma acquired through a great social or business network.

These men are maximizing themselves and, trust me, while doing so they are also getting laid. And these are guys who haven’t even necessarily learned techniques for getting women. Not only are you competing with them for a piece of the sexual pie, but you are also pitting your wits against the many, many others who have spent years studying and refining ways to attract girls. Not learning game puts you at a serious disadvantage in a field that is becoming more, not less skilled.

 3. Legislation Means That Men Without Game Are Increasingly Penalised


The Alpha Male—or the guy perceived as alpha, at least—tends to get away with a lot more and be forgiven by women because “that’s just the kind of guy he is.” Of course, I’m not advocating that you ever overstep the line, and no always means no, but Western societies are becoming ever more legislative over interactions that were once deemed purely personal.

In such a climate, the guy who is deemed socially inadequate or “creepy” will be censured, and may find himself on the wrong side of the law, either in a divorce court, or dealing with a harassment charge or worse. Failure to learn game, a large part of which is about developing social poise and calibration, could prove to be detrimental to your freedom and your life in very fundamental ways.

4. Game Will Make You More Effective In Other Areas Of Your Life


Game, when applied properly, requires discipline – and once you’ve gained discipline you will apply it in other areas of your life. For example, if you work in business, you will see that the rigour of consistently approaching girls is analogous to following up leads for your company. The more effective you become as a player, the more effective you will start to get in your work life as you will begin to utilize the same tools.

The other thing is, when you are approaching attractive women on a regular basis you will find it necessary and desirable to improve yourself in a myriad of ways, from getting a better body through lifting weights, to becoming better dressed and generally more interesting through acquiring opinions on the world and things to say. In this sense, an immersion in game will naturally help to lift your performance in other areas of your life.

5. Whatever You Are Looking For From Women, Game Will Help You Achieve It


Not everyone is looking to board the notch carousel by bedding hundreds of women, and endless sex for the sake of it is not to be advised if it comes at the detriment of other, more important areas of your life. But if you do want to gain experience with a range of women before deciding what you want, or if you simply want to get a girlfriend, the principles you need to learn are the same. That is, to say, game is not merely for those who want to waste their time immersed in hedonic, decadent pleasure – it is for anyone who wants to have some control over the course of his sex life and his relations with women, whatever character they may take.

Fortunately, Learning Game is Easy – Here’s Where To Start

Fortunately, game is not difficult to acquire if you are adaptable, have an open mind and are willing to apply a little discipline in instituting certain behaviours. If you are a beginner, or if you wish to brush up your skills, I have written a quick and easy guide to the rudiments of game called The Seven Laws of Seduction. The books breaks down everything you need to know into seven basic principles, or laws, which are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. To get hold of your copy, click here.

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265 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why The Skeptics Are Wrong And You Need To Learn Game Now”

  1. Game usually won’t get you more than you objectively deserve, but it will almost always get you what you objectively deserve.

    1. Sir, you cannot be correct, because I have not, as of yet, arranged a threesome with Jessica Alba and my wife.

      1. Yeah, but how hard have you really tried.
        With enough access I see no reason why that couldn’t be properly games.

        1. Well, I haven’t really tried per se, I’m just stating that I’m not getting what I objectively deserve. Heh.

      2. Of all the fantasy threesome women, you pick a mother of two? Do you even celebrity pop culture?

        1. I had no idea she had two kids. And when I refer to her, I refer to the young version of her in the original Sin City.
          I don’t pop culture man. Haven’t even watched television in 12 years.

        2. She has two kids, but has the body she had at 20. She is on the cover of some grocery store checkout line magazine this month, and I would definitely hit that. She still has the sweet, but hot, girl next door looks that I really appreciate.
          As I said above I will send her your way after I am done with her.

      3. I almost got a threesome with two hot Norwegian chicks while on leave in Denmark once.
        Still got laid though. And I pulled a leg muscle too.

        1. That’s pretty cool. Norwegian chicks can be hotness.
          Be careful of the moose there though. A moose bit my sister, once.

        2. not sure if that is a Johnny Dangerously reference or not, anyway:

        3. Nope, Monty Python – Monty Python And The Holy Grail, the intro credits.
          But I do likes me the Johnny Dangerously, that much is certain, fun flick.

        1. I think I would have discovered if you’d arranged a threesome with Jessica Alba and my wife. heh

        2. *rim shot*
          In all honesty I wasn’t quite certain what you meant by “more than you objectively deserve”. It begs a lot of question: Who determines what I deserve? Why are they objective and others are not? How can they know the entirety of my person to make such a judgement?

        3. What I meant was, basically, if you’re using game to overcome/distract from/gloss over major flaws in the foundation, it’s not going to ultimately get you very far (though one-night stands with hot chicks are nothing to sneeze at, I know). I think game is most successful as the cart behind the horse–the horse being hard work, accomplishment, honor, health, purpose, strength, etc. Yes, it is subjective, but we all (barring the most delusional among us) have an internal sense of what we deserve.
          That being said, yes, we both deserve threesomes with Jessi A.

        4. That’s just rephrasing the statement. The questions still remain: Who defines what I deserve, outside of myself?

        5. reality? the laws of physics? psychology? something like that. the only thing people can really define is what they want and what they enforce.
          most of the girls at my old workplace thought they deserved something if somebody with authority said they did. go figure.

        1. That movie is fuckin’ A fantastic!

  2. Good article but game is an arms race and can only go so far and I wonder where it will end. At last perhaps only those with extremely good game and high status, social circle, rich, good looks etc etc will be able to score. And that’s STILL after being blown out 49 times of 50. Then it will be hopeless and I sense we are going there fast.
    I would recommend anyone to forget about the west and concentrate on moving to another country. The conditions are terrible right now for men, but in a few years, it will be pure hell. And a little competition might sweeten up the Western princesses a bit.

    1. You are right. The issue is 100% of American women think they deserve the top 5% of men. All learning game can do is move you into the top 5%. However, as more and more American men learn game, lift, improve themselves, get charisma, etc. you will have to do more and more to just stay in the top 5%. No matter how much we all improve there will still be only 5% that are getting much play.

  3. It’s funny/amazing/sad how much red pill/manosphere/game has grown and helped so many dudes, yet SJWs and the MSM still insist this whole positive movement is nothing more than guys in fedoras negging women at bars.

        1. Mine is just long enough to pleasure … me.
          If she wants it to feel bigger, I can always put it in her ass.

        1. Maybe we are such losers because we are intimidated by strong, independent women.

        2. That’s because we’re shitlords.

        3. We’re The Unholy Trinity of “Awkward-Douchebag-Creeper” in womanspeak. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat…
          Oh wait, there’s a guy who meets our “standards”, do not rinse and repeat!

        4. What does that even mean? Is that their attempt at sounding all fresh and creative? Did “douchebag” finally run its course, after all these years?

        5. I have no idea man. Trying to figure these idiots out is a waste of precious gray matter.
          The “douche”-noun thing got pretty old pretty quick, didn’t it?

        6. That guy that meet their standards is not paying them any attention. He must be gay.

    1. Yeah, when do pickup artists have the time to read classical literature and write about how these wisdom traditions have remained valid in today’s world?

    2. SJW feminists don’t get hit on. That’s why they don’t like it because it’s used on their competition.
      Manginas and white knights are just clueless buffoons.

      1. Well have you seen what the look like? Grotesquely fat, shrapnel inserted into every crevice of their face, bizarre Skittles hair that doesn’t normally appear in homo sapiens… When you present yourself as an affront to nature, you don’t get hit on. It’s quite simple, really.

        1. These twats say to themselves “Any category I don’t fit in = ‘social construct’!” as a cop out for why anything else exists.

        2. they believe in solipsism. they believe that they imagine everything and cannot understand why things don’t make sense (the way they want them to). they cannot understand why they cannot simply redefine things to change the world. it drives them mad. literally.

    3. SJW’s diss us because they’re really very insecure. They need something to impress people with so they appear more “enlightened” then others. They’re egos are so weak that they need to feel superior or they’ll crack. Like those “Black Lives Matter” protestors. . .Do they really know and hang out with black people. . .NO! They’ just do it go feel good about themselves and have an excuse to look down on others.
      The press is just protecting the status quo. If those same reporters lived in Japan or someplace where it was status quo to degrade women, they’d be doing it too. They’re not loyal to women, just to who’s paying ads for their papers.

  4. While I would admit to mostly having a MGTOW direction in life (being older and having been through the mill of betaness and marriage nightmare) I always say that everybody should know game.
    In fact I feel most of the time that good game is wasted on women. If you learn game “just to get laid” it’s like hunting squirrel with a .308. Use game to improve every aspect of your life and dealing with women becomes infinitely easier while you can still use game in that arena so you don’t get played or suckered.

    1. Hunting squirrels with .308 is perfectly valid, if you do it from a prone position at 800 yards. Pretty challenging at that point, really. Doesn’t leave much left to eat, but eh, still fun.

        1. My cat once ate half a squirrel. He started at the head and made his way down, leaving just the hind legs and tail.

        2. I like to carve out the delicate filet mignon. The problem is that you have to slay upwards of 100+ squirrels to get a decent meal. Bring lots of ammo.

  5. The biggest problem with game is its name. Regardless of its actual merits as a guiding principle, its appropriation from black culture and general childishness don’t lend it much credence.
    That a bunch of alleged wizards of social interaction don’t seem to realize how cringeworthy they sound when they talk about practicing their “game” is also telling. How on point can you really be socially if you’re out of your teenage years and still talking about your “game” with a straight face?
    Lastly, if you’re going to paint it with such a broad brush (ie, it’s not just about routines and fuzzy hats and One Weird Trick, it’s about getting better), you may as well get on with the desperately needed rebranding and start calling it “self-improvement”, since that’s all it really is. “Applied charisma” (hat tip: CH) could work too. Just about anything would be an improvement over “game”.

    1. could be worse. I think “seduction” is a worse word than game. between the two, better go with the one that does not appear in a criminal statute.

    2. What are you saying? We shouldn’t call it “game” or we shouldn’t get laid with beautiful women?

      1. The former, obviously. I’m not sure how you could possibly extrapolate the latter from my comment.
        There’s a cartoony, borderline cultish flavor to the way these ideas are presented (the same thing goes for “red pill”). As long as that is the case, there will always be skeptics for that reason alone, and “game” will continue to struggle to legitimize itself as a serious idea.

        1. Quite easily actually. It really wasn’t clear what you were getting at. Frankly,I don’t give two shits what the skeptics think.

  6. Self-improvement > Game, in my opinion. Line up your ducks and the women will follow. Focus on women without getting your shit together first and you’re set to fail.
    One major change I made to my life a few months back was hitting the gym and lifting weights. I was amazed at how much this type of exercise can not only change my body, but also my mind. I’m now able to think more clearly and re-prioritize my life.
    But it also helped me to be less lazy. I work freelance, and prior to going to the gym I would work on one project at a time and complain that I had no free time (I did, I just didn’t utilize it properly). Now my gym routine takes about 3-4 hours (Travelling to the gym, working out, cardio if applicable, travelling home, showering, eating). Suddenly having a few hours missing from my day made me re-prioritize things, to the point where now I have some kind of exercise going on every day, AND I have the energy to work on 2-3 freelance projects at the same time, a level of productivity I never imagined I’d have before.
    After my last relationship ended a few months back I decided to take some time off from women to get my life in order. If a man doesn’t have a cause or purpose in life then he’s no good to anyone. Sure, I’m not getting laid, but I’m in better shape and making more money than I was 6 months ago, so it’s an improvement in other ways.

    1. being really, really good at something can substitute for good game (but not for zero game). As a musician, I have to laugh at the reception I get from women during and after a performance versus when I am playing the role of mild-mannered man on the street. The difference is night and day. I understand the difference and I don’t mind it, but it is hilarious.

      1. The last gig my band played was the easiest lay of my life. A girl who only saw the last 2 songs of our set came up to me afterwards and wouldn’t leave me alone. Within 5 minutes she straight up told me she wanted to fuck me. I had to put in zero game besides standing on stage and playing my guitar, AKA just being there.
        I’ve also found karaoke bars are good for picking up girls. If you can sing halfway decent and/or get the crowd going then your status is raised. If you’re in the crowd then you can connect with girls based on the songs the people are singing. I’ve had much more luck in bars where I had to play an active role (Such as being on stage) as opposed to being just another schmuck.

  7. So we all end up strapping alpha males who could charm the Mona Lisa into a broad grin.
    Then what?

    1. It will never be “all”. That’s the key. Most men will live and die in defiance to redpill while remaining terminally sexless. Because white knight. Because mangina. Because bluepill and the feminine imperative.

      1. True – let’s rule that lot out of the competition entirely
        So by ‘all’ I now mean all RP-aware men.
        Even then, there are going to be greater spotted alphas and lesser spotted alphas.
        Trees don’t grow to the sky, as I like saying about the economy and it’s growth at all costs demands.

        1. Nope. Not even that. A lot of RP men go MGTOW instead because Game is Too Hard.

        2. Game too hard, sick of being a clown, divorce raped, did a ROI analysis on women and concluded they aren’t worth the hassle, chronically low test level (i.e. the pussy carrot doesn’t appeal anymore)…etc, etc.

  8. I know this is going to sound like excuses, but I’m coming to the conclusion that finding a niche is more important than developing great game. Self-improvement and game should be pursued as an end in itself, but for picking up chicks it should be secondary in your mind.
    Why do I think this?
    Because based on personal experience whether or not I have luck with girls really just depends on where they are from. Toronto native girls will absolutely not give me a chance. This despite the fact that I’m in better shape, am better looking, am in a healthier financial/educational position (knock on wood) than the average male here.
    Perhaps I need to approach more, or perfect my negs, or some other such super-tip, but why is it that all of the girls I’ve managed to date since I broke up with my ex two years ago have been international students or have just moved into the city (except one one-night stand)? Why is my psycho-ex still messaging me to this very fucking day, because there really isn’t one other guy here worth dating? Is it really that my game just happens to be more on-point when I’m around girls that aren’t from here? I call bullshit.
    I got flaked on 3 times this week by Toronto native girls and only one of them had the courtesy to say “sorry I wont be able to make it.” I don’t make any claims to be alpha or a game genius or anything but what I can tell you is that the environment seems to play a role in shaping girls’ dating behaviour.
    Germany and Japan have the lowest birth-rates and Japan seems to have the highest incel rate. Is that really because those particular guys just happen to have garbage game, or is it because women can’t stand to date a guy that doesn’t fit some kind of impossible and mysterious standard? Any Toronto girl could get married and pregnant within a span of 24 hours to a perfectly normal guy if they wanted to, but they don’t…
    Learning game is essential sure but unless you’re willing to go full-on Mystery method and become a god-damn cartoon, you might want to consider relocating to a place where gender relations are healthier. Or perhaps create or join some kind of sub-culture where girls are expected to behave a certain way (think Andy Warhol)… I don’t know… But traditional relationships seem to be completely dead from where I’m standing.

    1. Sure, but you’re at Ground Zero. Weren’t the original PUA dudes from Toronto?

      1. PUA started in Toronto and DC it seems.
        But it’s no longer just these places like I’ve pointed out. Living in Toronto has that reputation now publicly but I’m trying to get the message across that this could happen anywhere.
        If a man finds himself in an area that is impossible to date women or form relationships, perhaps we shouldn’t lay all the blame on the man for “not having enough game.”
        Perhaps relocating is the path of least resistance.

        1. Agreed, of course you can blame a man when the conditions are favorable and he still don’t do shit. But noway can you blame someone who is living in a feminist hellhole like Toronto where women gets more pleasure from rejecting you than being with you. I mean you can ask a dude to do well, learn some game, go out try etc. BUT I dont think it’s fair to ask someone become and goddamn expert in game, fashion, how to manipulate people etc etc. I mean come on..your life should be about more than that.
          It’s better to relocate. I’d wish I knew about this years ago so that’s why I’m telling everyone now, both online and in real life.

        2. How Germany? Last time I was there, 3 years ago,chicks were nice and friendly apart from the Ruskaya gold diggers with who were not exactly shy.

        3. frankly, i have shut myself off for the past year or so. i kicked my mother out of my life and i wasn’t yet able to bother getting any feminine energy into my life. pride can be a bitch.
          the few interactions i have at the moment, i am just not qualified to make any kind of general statement.

        4. Ah that’s understandable! Get out there, otherwise you will slack,I say that from experience.

    2. “Toronto native girls will absolutely not give me a chance.”
      Who are the “Christian Grey’s” that are servicing these entitled Toronto women? Or do they go down on each other?

    3. Your ex is keeping you as a backup when nothing else better comes her way. The ideal guy she has in her mind probably doesn’t exist but in fairy-tales and diminishes each day. When that wall hits, she’ll be all sweet and shit to bait and hook you to give her that ring so she doesn’t appear like a loser to her social circle.
      Cut all communication with your ex. Never look back.

      1. I haven’t replied to any of her messages in about a year. That’s why I referred to her as psycho.

        1. Call the cops on her. You don’t think she would run to Daddy Government if a man made her that whole “uncomfortable” cliche? The Hell she wouldn’t!

        2. This MUST be the first thing to do once a relationship is over. Block everything you possibly can to avoid any form of communication. Do it for yourself, this shit ain’t about any psychological game to see who will contact the other first. Do it for you, the sooner you do this, the sooner you will move on.

        3. Spot on! She’s just testing the water to see if she has your emotional attachment to her. That’s what she needs to have power over you to be her servant.
          Remember, women need men in order to survive in the wild. Men don’t need women to survive. Cut her lose.

        4. She still after you? Damn! Mine recently got married and is now pregnant. Dodged that bullet! HA!

        5. Lol nice.
          She tries to be discrete about it. “Can you help me fix my computer?”

        6. “Bitch, what do I look like? Geek Squad!?” lol!
          you should totally mess with her when she texts you. Just for Shiggles.

      2. Any men here that dated a woman in the past that still haunts them 10+ years later? It must be a sweet revenge knowing she is now old, unattractive and economic lower class. While you are now distinguished looking and are financially well off.

        1. Not always though. I know a lot of 40 something and they hold serious weight. You assume all women are wasters, fatal for you. Not all men improve with age.beer gut, dwindling libido amongst other things

        2. Got one. Sadly, she’s still incredibly beautiful, full of life, love and class. Looks even better than when we were in our 20s, as she was never one for bikinis – she was always wearing formal dresses (looks a lot like Helena Bonham Carter), and having that extra 10-15 years just gives her that extra bit of class to pull it off. She’s always been disdainful of material wealth, but she earns an extremely good salary, speaks/writes 5 languages fluently (enough to be familiar with the literary canon in English, Spanish, Italian (both Tuscan and Neapolitan dialects), German and French), and whilst she doesn’t consider herself ‘fluent’ in Japanese, she’s fluent enough to have worked as a diplomatic translator (i.e. by anyone else’s standards, she’s fluent) and is definitely not in any danger of being mistaken for ‘economic lower class’.
          Having said that, I wouldn’t want ‘revenge’ anyway. She’s a good friend of mine; she’s been a wonderful source of advice and comfort during later relationships, I’m friends with her parents and her entire family (parents, cousin, brother, aunt, uncle, sister) attended my wedding, two of them at the bridal table. I was a grooms-man at her wedding. Her husband is a great bloke and a good friend, and so similar to me that it’s uncanny (same humour, height, complexion, studied same university degrees, our fastest times for skolling a middie of beer and a jug of beer are within 0.1 sec of each other). He even has the same relationship problem that I had with her (I dumped her because I wanted kids, and she has no motherhood instinct; he also wants kids, and choosing between her and the possibility of kids with someone else was as painful for him as it was for me, despite our making opposite choices).
          And my own marriage (8 years strong) is a happy one, to a woman with almost as many similar qualities to her, as I do to her husband (only 4 languages, earns a lot more money as a senior partner in a major engineering firm, but same penchant for classical dress, late-renaissance literature, same humour, zero drama, rational/sensible approach to relationships, and the same manner of becoming more beautiful with age due to the extra years giving a classiness that suits the classical/formal dress (now they actually look like they belong in the dress, as opposed to looking like a girl dressing up for a school ball).
          It always amazes me how so many of the guys bitter about their divorces/breakups seem to have so little insight into their own shit taste. I struggle to believe that ANYONE would marry someone who they’ve been dating for less than 3-5 years, and some of these guys married women that they barely knew, sometimes after dating for less than 12 months – you wouldn’t say that you knew someone as a best friend if you’ve only known them for that long, and have no idea of their history, so why the fuck would you hitch your life to them?
          If my marriage goes balls-up tomorrow, at least my wife has contributed her share financially, and I’ll be better off materially than if we’d never married. I just don’t understand why anyone would combine finances with someone who wasn’t pulling their weight. We do equal amounts of parenting (which I enjoy), and earn about the same, so I’ve no reason to fear divorce.

      3. Yep. It also breaches the number one rule of relationship game – don’t date people who are shit at relationships.
        The people I know (male and female) who have done well at relationships, myself included, have in every case had 1-3 long-term adult relationships, wasting zero time on anyone that isn’t long-term material, and having absolutely zero tolerance for ‘drama’ (and if you think men don’t start drama, I know a woman I’ve been friends with for 10+ years who has the best ‘bullshit drama detector’ I know). They aren’t interested in someone who’s never had a long-term relationship (sliding scale relative to our age at the time – defined as 3 months when you’re 18, 1 year when 20, 3 years when 25, 5 years after that), because:
        (a) we all make rookie mistakes, it takes a bit of learning to be good at relationships (whole point of this blog, isn’t it?), and they’d rather that happen on somebody else’s time; and
        (b) if a guy/girl hasn’t had that long-term relationship, and they haven’t been in a monastery/nunnery in the interim, you need to know why. It could be because they keep blowing up their relationships by getting afraid of commitment at the 1 year mark. It could be because they’re a serial cheater, and keep getting caught. Or maybe they’re such a bitch/jerk that nobody puts up with their shit once they’re no longer on their best behaviour.
        Thing is, when you’ve had a couple of those relationships, you can ‘pick out’ other sensible partners very quickly. That’s why when their 4 year relationship ends at age 22, they start going out with their future wife/husband just 2 months later. And they’ll be dating for another 3-5 years before marrying, because they’re sensible and want to make sure that they know each other well enough, aren’t just putting on a ‘best behaviour’ act, and they both prioritise practical happiness over indulgent whims. The aim is the lowest possible partner count combined with the greatest possible relationship experience, where relationship experience must be greater than 1 (because until someone is actually sexually/romantically active, neither you or they have any idea whether they’ll become a slut/repressed/serial-cheater when they get that part of their life started – if there’s no track record, then you’re taking a random chance).
        And the best way of checking whether a potential partner will violate rule #1, is to speak to their ex. A lot of guys HATE it when a girl is on good terms with her ex. When I was single, I had the opposite rule – I’d never ever get into a relationship with a girl who WASN’T on at least amicable terms with their ex.
        First, the elephant in the room – anyone reading this thinks that I’m exposing myself to a greater risk of cheating. Wrong. Firstly, it’s the girls who keep ranting passionately about how much they HATE their ‘bastard ex’ who are likely to cheat on you with him, not the ones who are respectful/amicable friends. If they’re friends, that means that there’s enough space between them that they can deal with each other in a mature fashion, and that any unresolved business has been taken care of. If they hate each other, then there’s a good possibility that when they later stop hating each other, they might go back to having sex. If they’re getting on well, and they’re still not getting back together despite that, then it’s unlikely that anything will change. More importantly, it’s a strong indication that they’re both sensible, rational people, who are capable of having a relationship without actively their bf over.
        Further, sensible people usually date other sensible people. If her ex is a jerk, then she probably is too. If her ex seems like a nice guy, and he’s rational and laid-back enough that you can have a beer together, than that speaks well for her character.
        In that situation, so long as the ex can see that YOU aren’t a complete jerk, they’re normally very happy to give you a heads-up as to what to expect. And I ALWAYS ask them for it. The fact that you and he are having that conversation means that she at least competent at relationships, and didn’t do anything that would burn bridges with the guy. You’ll be able to weigh up what role she’s putting you in – if you’re very similar to her ex, then she probably viewed both of you as serious relationship material (after all, she dated him long-term, and was happy enough with how it went that she’s gone for the same flavour). If you’re the ‘obvious alpha’ compared to him, then you might just be a rebound fling, and she might not have as much sense as you’d hoped for (then again, maybe not – she might have learnt more about her own tastes during the previous relationship, and made adjustments accordingly). Only ever been cast as the ‘beta replacement’ once, and it only went for 3 months (with multi-year relationships on either side), but getting the heads-up from her ex gave me enough info that I knew not to view is as anything more than a fun fling, so it helped me there too.
        Then there’s the bit that too many guys leave out. You get on well with her ex, and you know that she’s very competent at long-term relationships. So why did it end? I know I’ve been rambling, but here’s the pointy end:
        If she’s bitching and slandering the guy’s reputation, she’ll do that to you. If she cheated on him with you, she’ll cheat on you with her next guy. If he’s bitter as fuck, then she’ll probably make you bitter as fuck too. Conversely, if he’s happy and views their relationship as time well spent, then you’ll probably look back on your relationship just as fondly.
        And if she dumped him for no good reason because she was bored, or because she’s scared of commitment and couldn’t keep postponing marriage, or because her sex drive disappeared, then that will happen too. People who press the self-destruct on good/long relationships, will invariably do it every. single. time.
        Usually, if someone is good at relationships, they’ll correct their flaws with time and practice. That’s why you want maximum experience with minimal partners – you don’t want someone who has been with half the town (which would violate the ‘good at relationships’ part anyway, as more partners mean more failed relationships) but you want her to have spent enough time in her previous relationship to learn how to avoid her rookie mistakes. But pressing the self-destruct button is different, because you only get to make that mistake ONCE per relationship. And it’s made in circumstances that usually preclude critical introspection afterwards. There’s simply no opportunity to practice and learn NOT to be that kind of person.
        So if things are great between the girl and her ex, and he strikes me as a top bloke who puts effort into his relationships, I want to know whether she pressed the self-destruct button. If she did, you stay well away – especially if (as in your case) you ARE that previous ex. And typically, guys are more than willing to tell you, and to be fair and self-critical about whether they did anything to deserve it.

    4. @disqus_ljQaB37DUB:disqus beat me to it, but I went through the same thing you did. My ex ran the dick gauntlet (I assume) and then when no fairy tale “bigger-better deal” manifested, she would text harass me left-and-right, thinking that the old comfortable and familiar would take her back with arms wide open. Yeah, fuck off! Thanks.

      1. After taking the red-pill for a little while everything becomes too predictable.
        The problem is girls are not evolving and questioning their behaviour alongside men, who have narrowed this shit down to a science. They’re just getting old and fat.
        Whoever said women are more mature than men seriously needs to get punched in the face.

        1. About six months ago I was talking to my thirteen year old son, and pointed at my body and face and said, “I love this about women”, and I tapped my temple and said, “and I hate this.”
          It’s a sobering realization. They are good enough inside to not merit subjugation, but at the same time you’re a fool if you hand them the keys.

        2. Whoever said women are more mature than men seriously needs to get punched in the face.

          Yeah this annoys me as well. I have seen no evidence of it.

        3. Women are more mature than a 7 year old boy. Unfortunately, it never gets better than that. After age 7 or perhaps 12, the only thing keeping women more “mature” than men is the patriarchy itself.

        4. Their social schemes change, but it’s on a group rather than individual scale. Think Rollo’s feminine imperative/the social memes that crop up like Open Hypergamy or NAWALT.

    5. I sent the recent article on here about Toronto being one of the worst cities on Earth for men to a friend who lived there for several years before moving to California. He said everything in the article was totally on-point.

      1. Living with Toronto women is like facing the Undertaker in a WrestleMania cage match.

        1. I’d rather face the Undertaker than Brock Lesnar though. Getting German Suplexed 50 times in the space of 15 minutes? No thank you.

        2. Self identify as a transgender lesbian crossdresser and see if that gets you anywhere. You don’t have to change a thing, btw.

        3. dude Undertaker vs Diesel cage match – the end was epic bwahahahaha!

    6. Clark- theres gonna be some sort of orgy for disabled people in your city this week- you should go and report back

        1. holy mackeral- this is in downtown toronto?? People lined the streets for this shit?

        2. People don’t just show up to these events in droves and mindlessly profess their love for the God of equality, degeneracy and multiculti, they also bring their children along and beat them over the head with the concept of “tolerance.”

        3. Fucking why? what’s the fucking point of that? Dear God or Putin nuke this all to rubble so we can start over.

        4. I did not give permission for anyone to leak photos of me that day, even if my fedora looked awesome.

        5. If the west and the east ever have a war I’m seriously thinking about signing up for the Russian army. This despicable gay and feminist world we live in sickening me.

      1. In before the event is hijacked by well-off white women who believe they are more disadvantaged than their disabled counterparts, because men hold them back.

      2. “orgy for disabled people”
        I don’t know whats worse, the fact that such an event exists in Toronto or the fact that I’m not even surprised that such an event exists in Toronto. Concepts like moral decency, self control and general normalcy are pretty much absent here and actively ridiculed and derided by the degenerates that inhabit this vacuous, malodorous cesspool. Toronto is what you get when you take Sodom and Gomorrah, Airstrip One and the London portrayed in Brave New World and combine them into one toxic stew. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah though, Toronto will probably not be expunged from the world in a sea of fire by an angry God. We may have to seize the initiative and do it ourselves.

        1. Im starting to think we need to do away with parades- period. All they do is create traffic nightmares.
          Other than 4th of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. And maybe Arbor Day- I have a lot of found memories of being drunk, laughing with friends, and relieving myself on trees.

    7. I’m not sure I completely understand, but I think I concur. I never even thought of living in places like LA or Miami because I know the majority of broads there and I will never get along. I get along best with young, idealistic, slightly crunchy/hippy girls (think a flowly summer dress at your local farmer’s market). Thus, I’ve tended to live in more rural, northern areas, as well as all the other reasons not to live in LA or Miami.
      Can’t you just get the crap out of Toronto and go find some French Quebec strange or something?

      1. The only thing keeping me here is a rare educational opportunity. If that doesn’t pan out I’m gone.

        1. Are you trying to tell me there are no young lady Japanese tourists in Niagara Falls?
          Look me in the eye, Clark, and tell me that you have exhausted all your options . . . Clark?

        2. I’m out of here the first chance I get irregardless of whether I get a better offer in Toronto. The prospect of a lucrative job is still not a good enough incentive for me to continue remaining here because at the end of the day, even if your making boatloads of dosh, you still have to deal with all the aspects of Toronto that make it an awful city to live in. Not to mention that half of of your income is going to be taxed and handed over to worthless welfare parasites who should have been liquidated a long time ago.

        3. I didn’t say I exhausted all my options or that I quit. I’m suggesting some areas have more and better options than others. I’d agree that dating in Niagara is probably a lot better.

        4. you can use that suggestion for free (all those adorable Japanese co-eds will be glad you did). I’m here to help . . .

        5. Spend your time off in Montréal my friend. Kicking back on a patio on St. Catharine Street in the summer… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… whiplash alert. You’ll be bilingual in no time. (That’s how I did it.)

        6. French-Canadian girls are starved for virility. Skip the language you mentioned and go straight to the true language of love… anal.

    8. Definitely I believe picking up pussy should be a secondary consideration in game. It’s more about becoming a more secure, healthy, and successful person in real-life, and not one of those manginas who pretend to be, thinking that putting on a fake act is going to get them laid and somewhere.
      Besides, when you’ve got game and aren’t all wrapped up in scoring pussy, people have found that girls seek them out.

    9. Feminist indoctrination in Toronto has reached critical mass. It’s actually at a point where I really do feel sorry for the women there. They are completely misguided and have no idea how to deal with masculine heterosexual men. Behaving like an alpha male in Toronto is an excellent way for a guy to get fired or arrested. Just GTFO.

        1. wow. the more i know about him, the more i love him.
          always gotta laugh when i see newspapers that denounce him … oh wait, i actually didn’t check the newspapers for at least a few weeks. do they still hate him? is it the same outside of germany?

        2. Seems to be particularly bad among German journalists. Almost seems like they’re agitating for NATO to go to war vs. Russia over the Ukraine business. I think Putin has a pretty solid fan-base in the manosphere. Here’s one anyway. 😉

        3. interesting. i just remember back when the whole crimea conflict started, all they could stutter was: he broke a treaty. he broke a treaty. he broke a treaty.
          people today are as smart as a piece of paper.

        4. Forbes didn’t name him the most powerful person on Earth two years in a row for nothing. The man makes the hills tremble.
          Putin goes to customs at an airport and they ask him “Occupation”? He replies “Just visiting”.

        5. He also happens to be a badass in judo/sambo. Try saying anything remotely close to that, Obama!

    10. white guys should be in asia and latin america right now.brown and mediterrenean guys need to be in poland,baltics,northern france,minnesota,dakotas etc brothas in australia,germany,hunting puerto rican women,etc the best way to get laid is to use your exotic factor.its the biggest form of niche.and totally effortless.

      1. Latin America and South America have changed a lot over the past 5 years. I’m going to talk about Brazil because I used to live there. If you go out in Brazil, Rio or SP, you will see gringos literally everywhere. I can tell you from my own experience that brazilian women do like foreigners it’s a true fact, but considering there are more and more of them, brazilian women became very picky. Interestingly enough, I noticed that for the most part they tend to like southern european guys better (italian, greek, spanish, portuguese) who although different from brazilian guys still have a lot in common. If you want to bang brazilian girls easy, you need to go to the smaller cities aka Recife, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Florianopolis. Of course these cities are not as “fun” as Rio or Sao Paulo, but having less foreigners means that women will automatically be attracted to you because you are “rare”.

        1. they dont like foreigners.lol they like WASP looking foreigners.they would laugh in my suntanned face.meanwhile a white guy would get shot down in poland,baltics,N france etc unless hes goodlooking while a average brown or medish guy can do serious damage there because the women fetishize tan dudes.black guys have their countries too where a brown or blond guy would have a much diffuculter time.the key is finding out where your phenotype is ”in”and go there.white waspy guys have literally 2 entire continents to themselves.

        2. dude theres still cities like manaus or places like peru where its easymode.
          plus indonesia,thailand etc

        3. All they have in Poland is white guys, so yeah, a white guy going to Poland would not stand out.

        4. polish,baltic ,czech and northern french women have a fetish for arabs/indians/latinos etc while more germanic and anglo countries fetishize blacks.being a white guy is a hindrance in europe unless youre Mediterrenean white…I dont know how eastasians would do tbh

        5. I heard black guys are extremely fetishized in canada,australia and also UK,sweden etc like they will approach you on the street .
          I think for asian guys they need to head over to koh phi phi..every year 100s of thousands of swedes come there to party and bang…the women want thai guys as part of their exotic little adventure.its common to see 9/10 blondes with average looking thai dudes.I am in contact with someone who has been there .

        6. it’s true man! fuck, they taking all the pussy, for real.
          Also black escorts are like super high paid in the said countries.. like they earn more than the top female escorts

      2. Well said. I can confirm your view on “brothas”. In Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe the women love them some “brothas”.

        1. puerto rican women are the most into black men out of all nationalities of women.cant lose targetting them stateside.im puerto rican btw.

      3. I live in China but I have only read about the rest of Asia. For those who have first hand experience, please feel free to correct me but it seems that if you want a cosplay S&M squeak toy, then go to Japan. If you want a teenage fuck toy that you will effectively have to pay support payments to their family, then check out Thailand or Philippines (unless you are just running whore-game).
        Chinese girls are complicated and do not follow the “Asian sex fantasy” narrative in many respects.

        1. I’ve never been to Thailand or the Phils, but I’ve been to both Japan and Mainland China, and have dealt with both types of women. My perspective as a Black man probably makes things different, but I agree with what you are saying in regards to Japanese girls and Chinese girls. I’d say that Chinese girls have lower physical standards in their men than Japanese (at least in my experience and observation), given that in Japan, some girls fetishize Black men but since I am not tall or “cool”, I didn’t get to tap into that market of ass that much (I’ve also heard rumors that white guys HAVE to be tall, blonde, and blue in order to really dominate in Japan now, while any rolly-polly-ass white dude can roll up and score hotties in China). In China, I was able to fuck quite a bit despite the fact that very few Chinese girls have a fetish for Black men.
          I have “Yellow Fever”, so technically, any sex with an Asian woman is “fulfilling a fantasy”, but if I wanted the full “Oriental sex fantasy”, Japanese girls were more likely to fulfill it by speaking Japanese and moaning like in porn (while in turn expecting me to fulfill their rap video fantasy). Chinese girls, on the other hand, while acknowledging me being Black and a foreigner, also saw me as “Admiral”, and seemed to like me for me more when they did like me. Having threesomes made me feel like an Emperor or some Black version of the super-duper White guys that they put in movies, but they didn’t play up their Chinese-ness as a sexual asset like Japanese girls did.
          I’ll have to write about this if and when I get back to blogging.

        2. “while in turn expecting me to fulfill their rap video fantasy”
          hahaha! This just cracked me up.

        3. What is the Asian sex fantasy? Don’t forget most is based on the experiences of guys (English teachers and the like) running about in Asia (mostly Thailand, Philippines, Laos) tarring Asian girls.
          Some girls are kinky some aren’t. You have kinky girls in China.. I’ve had some.
          Visit the next Cosplay event in China if in doubt – google it 🙂

        4. I suppose the “Asian sex fantasy” is having a five foot nothing girl who will make you a sandwich and then blow you while you watch the Superbowl. Something like that, anyways.
          Again, I can only speak first hand about Chinese girls. They tend to be rather traditional and don’t go in for kinky shit without a lot of trust, encouragement and training. It is a chore to get them to shave their pussy, suck your cock, or – at the margins – take it up the ass.
          Having said that, the girls from Hong Kong and Shanghai are a bit different. . .more westernized, with all the good and bad that comes with it.

        5. I don’t think I have “yellow fever” but rather a desire for a girl with conservative values and a BMI of 20 or less.
          Note to all white guys – and perhaps especially black guys – who travel to China for pussy: buy condoms before you leave. I am being dead serious here: Chinese condoms are one size too small for even a modestly endowed guy like myself.
          You can pound away at Hong Kong or Shanghai pussy but most girls in second tier cities have a notch count of 3 or less and you have to be gentle with them, a fact that is a great ego boost.

        6. Thanks! I was with 2 Jap girls yesterday and mentioned the fantasy aspect that guys attribute to them. Both fitted your 5’0 suggestion so not to my liking. My rule of thumb is no girl shorter than my niece. I don’t want my niece thinking am dodgy! They are aware of the way guys view them and will exact a terrible revenge on the misinformed that proceeds to marry then with the fantasy in mind. I like to listen to girls when they tell me these things and most of the savvy Asian girls are aware of how they are viewed.
          I’d add Chengdu to the list

        7. I haven’t been to Chengdu but I hear it has potential. I spent most of my time in Shandong where the girls are surprisingly tall. My girlfriend is 5’9″ and my #1 student is 5’7″. My ex is about 5’5″. I banged a 5’4″ fashion model in Shanghai which is also where I had a five-nothing sex toy.
          She was a Hong Kong girl transplanted to Shanghai and on her way to Beijing. I didn’t get the full “Asian Sex Fantasy” because she was a corporate executive and the whole submissive thing did not come naturally to her. Still, a hundred pounds of love. She complained that she had the body of a teenage boy. No tits to speak of and not very curvy but holy crow what a tight little package amenable to all sorts of acrobatics.

        8. It seems you are getting all the sex toy(s) you need.
          Care to elaborate on the margins bit? Was your sex toy and//or HK fashion model amenable to that?
          I suspect you can get all the fantasy you want if you are upfront with it.

      4. Not bad advice Sir, touch’e …
        I’ve noticed from a young age, living in a society that was more than 98% of a particular ethnicity that, diversity, in the form of Me, or (the red head effect) is quite something..
        I’ve been just standing being an idiot and women would come to be like ants to honey.. At first I thought maybe I am far more attractive than I believed, but this is just not the reality. I would say I am a 6 at best.

    11. You are completely right. Having game is one thing, but finding the girls responsive to that game is another thing. Women are desperate to find their prince charming dream guy while riding the cock carousel left and right to satisfy their sexual appetite and have validation. They don’t want a “normal” “healthy” guy, they just don’t, they tell this to themselves but the hamster is spinning the opposite way.

    12. Emotionalism and intellectualism is coursing through your veins man. Time to up the asshole and bring down the librarian vibe.

    13. I agree with your post and was thinking the same thing, you can have all the game in the world but the environment in which the girls grow up in or the culture they are a part of will affect your results. Also to me game has two parts, learning about the psychology of women and how they think and developing ways to be interesting and attractive to them, basically the approach an pick up. But the other side is self improvement and making yourself a better man which has a flow on effect to being successful with women.

    14. This is 100% right from my perspective too. I’m 30 now, good looking although not very built, great money, own a home, and been game aware for almost a decade now. Owns trucks, motorcycles, jetskiis. Women that interact with me eventually go all out fucking crazy for me. But try to meet those same women online via tinder or POF? Like pulling TEETH. The online dating world has become so flooded, and so jaded, that a 6’4″ athletic type guy with I swear to god no obvious flaws, gets shit from women on POF. Sure I can bang some that are 2 points below me if they’re in the right mood, but for most chicks.. it’s like they’re just entertaining themselves and comparing it to the guy they’re about to date in their social circle anyway.

      1. Well if you got 15 messages from women, per day, half of them bangable or better, would you really care about an individual woman. Perhaps you got some sense of decency, but women are limbic creatures and, if given the chance, will forgo all notions of good and evil. Super-abundance of options via online dating is a reality for women.

        1. Women are teaching men a lesson here. Do not get overly invested in any one girl. It will always lead to a bad result.

        2. Indeed. You should drop your honest interest and then leave it there. Never actively pursue.

      2. POF and other dating websites are nothing more than ugly women’s ego booster.
        You won’t believe how many messages women get on those site.

      3. Don’t let PoF or Tinder decide how high your self esteem should be. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s just like you say. You can be a good looking guy with everything going for yourself, you look in the mirror and you see a healthy , strong man, but women on datingsites make you think you are worthless.
        For a woman online dating is like browsing a clothing webshop. It’s to compare superficial specifications and reject a good product (you are the product) for a shallow reason. 2 inches too short for her liking, you live 50 miles away (too far for the potential love of her life) or you only make a $80.000 a year, or: you don’t own a car because you live in a big city, she found out your dick is not as long as a winter carrot. Whatever. And these women aren’t perfect themselves. They lack all kinds of things, both physically and mental. Dated quite a lot of them.
        Approach in real life = faster response, impression you make is larger (you are a physical being not a representation), faster attraction > more dates > more bangs. Forget online dating. And if not: it’s just a bycatch, not your primary source of poon. Don’t spend much time on it as well. I got really sick and tired of the 100th profile with the same boring shit. The festival pics, the color run powder-pics and the endless “I like to travel” Yeah you know what. We all like to get out of the boring shithole we live in once in a while. We all like music and eating nice dinners. I like oxygen, you too? What about sleeping, do you like that as well? What a coincidence.
        If have the feeling women (especially the ones on datingsites) are more shallow than ever before in history. Most of ‘m want it all, think they’re educated but at the same time on a personal level are boring as hell.

        1. Social media is the biggest problem of this generation,has ruined the majority of things, instagram has women thinking their queens but all they do is take selfies all day, lack depth, basic communication, and making most women conceited, narcissistic bitches, it’s a shame, early 2000’s was such a easier time💭

        2. Bro, exactly. Not only this but, they are fucking up the economy too. Because droves are horny men are giving them likes and shit, and so advertisers sponsor them to sell shit and then just for being dumb and moderately attractive, with the only skill in their life being make up application to their ugly faces, they make 3x the average wage. Cunts. haa

      4. Right on about internet dating. The only silver lining is that you may meet a girl that doesn’t “market” herself (doesn’t go out to clubs, bars, parties, etc) and is usually shy… You wouldn’t meet them any other way. But trust me: some of those are really hot. I speak from experience.

    15. >> Learning game is essential sure but unless you’re willing to go full-on Mystery method and become a god-damn cartoon
      It’s a side point, but it’s worth understanding something about this. Neil Strauss observed the “social robot” phenomenon. However, this shouldn’t be confused with the fundamental structure that Mystery worked out, which is, in my observations, completely sound. In other words, you can be completely natural and still follow the same basic sequence. In fact, I’ve found that when I ignore the sequence, things run afoul more often than otherwise. Now I don’t know you personally, but I’d speculate that if you’re getting flakes, it’s because you are pushing for a date before you have attracted her and you have convincingly demonstrated attraction to her.
      The basic structure is completely correct, and it’s a pity it has been conflated with memorized routines and what not.

      1. Thanks for the clarification.
        When I dissed on Mystery what I meant is that Game shouldn’t have to be my whole life to get laid. One shouldn’t have to wear ridiculous outfits just to be noticed at all.

        1. I actually wouldn’t worry too much about “Game”. I think of it like this. George Foreman used to tell young boxers not to worry about “power”. He said, “you have power, just focus on developing your technique”. Similarly, you don’t need to worry about game, you already have it. Just focus on your technique. What this means, keep improving yourself (working out, maintaining a classy appearance, haircut, clothes, and keep moving forward at work) and keep talking to girls.
          Mate, my game used to be as simple as asking a girl where so and so store was and then asking her name, where she lived etc. The conversation just builds itself.
          Even now, I don’t do anything special. I’ll just make conversation and in a club, grab the chick and take her to the dance floor. I’ll rub her up and down in all the right places and when she’s ready, take her back to the pad. This is built on years of experience. Keep working at it and you will get here.

        2. “Just focus on your technique. What this means, keep improving yourself (working out, maintaining a classy appearance, haircut, clothes, and keep moving forward at work) andkeep talking to girls.”
          Bingo! this is my strategy. And when I do start chatting them up, I give them the million dollar smile!

        3. A lot of men don’t even dare to approach. And let every opportunity slip because (for instance) they didn’t expect that good response they got. They’re flabbergasted and 2 minutes later start hating themselves for not continuing a conversation, cogitating how things could have worked out if…
          Women won’t approach you 99,9% of the time, so you really have to do it yourself. Don’t approach= don’t get laid, that’s just reality. Also forget internetdating. It’s a method for game, but it’s time consuming.
          So I think that anxiety to be rejected is one of the largest problems men have. And by growing some balls you can be sure you can empty ‘m in less than a month after your first approach of let’s say a 100, probably far less. I used to have struggles with approaching, but now I just go for it. And women respect you for trying.

        4. Its rare that a woman will be a complete bitch to you when you approach. And honestly the kind of woman who would be like that is not worth considering. I still get approach anxiety even now but once I start speaking I find it quickly evaporates. And generally women will be friendly even if they are not interested.
          The thing to remember here is that feelings of anxiety are irrational. Nothing bad is going to happen to you when you approach but good things might. Its all upside and no downside. And if she’s a bitch? Well fuck her that’s her problem.

        5. It’s indeed rare that a women will neglect you while you are open a conversation. But I’ve had it happen. It’s just part of the game. Now I just laugh and make a comment about her being deaf or something.
          Just always remember: rejection is better than regret.
          If you live by that rule you can easily overcome approach anxiety.
          It hurts when I think about how much poon I’d let go because I didn’t took action. I could have banged dozens more.

    16. It may just be the type of women you have access to. I too, after a bad serious relationship with a WASPy American woman have basically only been interested in international student types, and hitting on women when traveling abroad. The rest of the time, I am far more interested in working, saving money, my friends, my hobbies, and planning my next trip.
      Although the red pill has opened my eyes to game and I see ways of getting a quick hookup from women here, honestly most of them disgust me and I’m just not interested. While I won’t turn down a one night stand, it bothers me that the girls from my own society and my own hometown are so slutty and directionless and useless. And I don’t feel motivated to act all happy and fun around them, because they don’t make me feel happy or fun.
      I agree that game *works* and if you follow the instructions to a tee, you can have success with women, but how is that success defined? And I think there is a danger of taking some of the philosophy too far. I mean to get around all the shit testing and nagging that women do, you basically have to immediately discount anything they say and always have a deflection ready. Not to wax philosophical too much, but I wonder if at some point that doesn’t start to erode parts of your personality, or even your humanity.
      Also, I don’t believe NAWALT but there is absolutely a huge difference between certain classes of women–perhaps they need a label the way we have ‘alphas’ and ‘betas’ but there are women who are incapable of romance, intelligent thought, compassion, or love, have their face buried in their smartphones whenever in public, have resting bitch face, tattoos/piercings, & have no domestic skills. And then there are those who still suffer from many of the common female traits (shit testing, etc) but seem to genuinely want to please a man, enjoy being feminine, have some sexual descretion, have some skill or talent I respect, etc. The VAST majority of American women fit in the first category.
      I think a good way to judge if this is the case you are in, is to travel to some country with women that you like–like Asians? Go there for a couple of weeks, see how you are thinking and feeling, and reacting to people, and perhaps you will discover something about yourself and your motivations.

    17. Take your summary of Toronto and flesh it out (no pun intended) to all Anglo women and that’s how I feel. I have had white women take one look at me and laugh in my face derisively as I pass them on the street and I have had Latin women passing me on the street, stop, stare and tell their friend that I’m the best looking guy in the city (a mega-city at that). So at some point some confusion sets in. I’ve had an exchange with Troy Francis before. He’s a guy who is in the Anglo world and says, “Lemons? Make lemonade.” Certainly respectable. I prefer to simply leave. Some guys have committed, legitimate careers and can’t just head to Indonesia to teach English for a grand a month or something. So everyone’s in a different boat. But the one boat, NO ONE should be in, is the boat where you’re a young Anglo man and you are in a dark world of low self-esteem because you have no awareness of how spoiled rotten and ridiculous Anglo women have become. Just head to the Southern Hemisphere. Take your LJBF girl that you have beta-orbited too, then watch the roles reverse within an hour of stepping off the plane in Rio. She’ll throw an ugly, embarrassing tantrum about fours hours after you both take a walk together on the strand in Copa once she realized what’s up.
      12 hours in a plane;
      Anglo men gain 4 SMV points
      Anglo women lose 4 SMV points
      I’ve seen it up close. Hilarious.

      1. Uplifting post.
        I’m not knocking game or the likes of Troy. Troy is actually one of my favourite writers here. I’m just saying, sometimes the lemons have gone bad.

        1. again, hear hear..
          such a shame though, so many elements and troubles involved in migrating.. I.e. visas / work / bodily adjustments i.e. climate and cuisine, salary, new wardrobe, friends, living standards maybe.. hardly an easily solution but you’re right, it may be the only one.

      2. True that my friend…seen it myself. Migration is the way as you ain’t going to reverse the momentum of western women. They are fuck-toys at best.

    18. Bwahahaha!!! Get out of there man, or change your accent and background, grow a beard and say you are a bashir rebel from tajikistan, hiding out from decadent western pigs. These self-hating demicunts will kneel before your thuggish outrageousness and sheer low-incomeness appearance

    19. What I have noticed about Canadian women is they love older guys. I have seen groups of young Canadian girls in Miami chasing down guys in their 30s and 40s. So don’t worry Clark, eventually you’ll get yours.

    20. Unless you want to be an asexual hermit or wait about for an arranged marriage – if that is your ethnic thing – every man has to learn SOME SORT of game to get some yin with your yang. You have to find what works for you. Tinder game, night game, web game, phone game, day game, and variations on those are many. Some relationship principles apply across media, but you need something that is all your own.
      My thing has been phone and web game for the last quarter century, give or take: fashion models and $100k+ a year business execs have came and gone (so to speak). Maybe things have come full circle in that my first serious girlfriend was introduced to me my sister and my fiancé was introduced by a husband of a colleague (I don’t know that there could be “network game” but it is one way to met women, and apply those other skills of general application).
      You will have a niche in terms of what milieu works for you and what sort of girls you pull. Unfortunately, that may not be your end game. The girls you attract may not be the girls you desire. And I am not talking just about HB5s hitting on you when you really want HB7+ but rather the whole melding of interests, political sensibilities, aesthetics and such.
      I tend to like artisie chicks but it is so tedious because I am a business grad, ex-military, and a former card-carrying Conservative.
      For CK personally. I have basically been out of the country for 3 years and before that I was dating Chinese women in Toronto. For a few years before that I was (temporary) MGTOW so I can’t give an informed assessment of the Toronto dating market (for non-Chinese girls) for maybe 5 years. Just how bad has it become?

    21. I’d say it’s a question of ‘and’ not of ‘or’, my brother. Your best chances come from self improvement, having game, and also finding a niche where your particular strengths can shine through.

    22. One of the best posts I’ve ever read on ROK. I’ve come to the conclusion that the rules of “game” as put forward on this site to be polite are not accurate. In the end, women decide who gets chosen for a romp in the hay, a relationship, or whatever is churning in that hamster brain of hers. There are guys older and poorer than me (I’m 64) gaming 20 somethings. There are homely guys with average or worse intelligence that have drop dead gorgeous girlfriends. There are guys with poor earning potential snagging career women, some of them young. It does seem to be a trend for modern young hotties to ride the carousel with a succession of bad boys, but once you try to put hard and fast rules to a very human subject you get yourself in trouble. I haven’t been to Toronto in decades but I trust you guys who tell me it is hell on earth for single men. I can’t get the angry image of “Big Red” out of my mind when I think of Toronto. I have no doubt that Clark Kent or a similarly situated young man could do much better for himself elsewhere. In conclusion I believe that women decide what kind of game works and women are rarely if ever logical or constant in their approach.

    23. I think you just answered your own question. The truth is that the dating landscape in super-westernized cities is brutal for men. If you are a good-looking guy who has his shit together, hits the gym 3 times a week and has some game, well congratulations, you are merely average, for Toronto at least.
      You are not really differentiating yourself, and the average woman from Toronto has 5 guys just like you, ready for every Thursday. And below, are dozens of betas who wouldn’t even get a message response. As Roosh said 5 years ago, guys without game won’t even get laid with 5s. You think you have it bad, competing with the top percentage of guys, enduring flakiness, shit-tests and bullshit just to finally get another bang; well there are hundreds of guys playing Warcraft who haven’t been laid in 3 years. I am not joking.
      In the western world, Game is now paramount just to survive in the dating market. Continue to date international students and new girls, to whom you can offer highlights. A method I have is to use a cheap, burner, android phone for online dating. Use an emulator and run Tinder and PoF from your desktop. Mass-message women, leave the phone at home and only check it up late during the night, quickly answering messages from the day. Plan several dates for the same night, change the venue 30 minutes before, and engage.
      Being out of your main phone (with your friends and family), you don’t really care about them and greatly reduce any emotional attachment or neediness. You even save time by copy-pasting instead of typing with your hands. It really adds a psychological barrier which helps with flaking. Just as online dating is a game for most women, play the game and don’t take it seriously.

      1. Thanks to all ROK posters for not just giving me shit but instead giving me ideas.
        Tdemon I think your idea is what I need to try next to supplement my day game (which has always been my go-to). I like he idea of putting the spam into a separate device too, I can see how it frees up your mind for other shit.

        1. Just like asians, you are at a disadvantage in height and frame vs a 6ft white dude. So, get to the gym asap and get ripped. You cannot be a fat plumpy latino at all. What you lack in immediate physical proof, you must compensate with balls, charisma and fun. Be the latino who knows how to dance, aks out the girl an couldn’t give a shit about the world.
          Another option is to position yourself to “latin curious” white girls. By curious I mean white girls who want to taste latin cock. They will not take you to meet their parents, actually they will not tell their friends about you, but that’s the point you were their “experience” when abroad.

    24. i am not a teasing negging guy. that kills me as a player in the game. everything else i can execute but i dont get that attraction. i just dont want to be a dick.
      i agree with you about the relocation to a healthier dating environment. all i can do is sit back & play sniper becuz i cant bring those big neg howitzers (not congruent to me & i get shit test carpet bombs if i do).
      all i can do is find a niche where my laid back style is more acceptable & that seems to be away from the anglosphere.

    25. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and it’s often unfairly labelled as a case of NOWALT.
      It’s a matter of maths. Say that you’re a 7, and you’re in a relationship with a woman who’s a 7. Normally, that’s going to be tough on both of you, as you’ll both have a very large pool of similarly-attractive competitors, and you’ll both be fighting the knowledge that plenty of good replacements are out there, undermining your mutual commitment.
      But say that you fall into a niche that matters much more to her than for most woman – i.e. you just happen to scratch her particular itch, such that TO HER you’re a 9. And let’s say that, for the same reason, she’s a 9 to you, despite you being perfectly aware that to most guy’s she’s a 7.
      That’s going to make it MUCH easier to maintain mutual commitment. Not only are you both near the top of each other’s preferences, but you’re both aware that to most people you’re just a 7, and that you’ll each have a hard time getting a 9 elsewhere. Most of the time, when you see someone saying NOWALT or NOMALT, and they’re in a happy relationship, it’s because they and their partner meet each other’s niche.
      Plenty of people do this both consciously and unconsciously, and people who are good at relationships often do it exclusively (particularly those who tend to have 1-3 lengthy relationships, all good and ending on good terms, and then get married around their late 20s, to a guy that they’ve been with for 3-5 years – they know what they want, don’t waste time on anything outside of it, and so they find good relationships quickly and anything outside of that is a non-starter).
      When I was young, most of the counter-culture scenes were blatantly all about niche. I was into the goth scene, where it was very openly acknowledged. Some people get the old goth scene mixed up with the emo scene that came later, but it had far more in common with today’s cosplay. The guys and girls were quite open about the fact that their reason for going actively goth were (1) being really attracted to goths of the opposite sex, and (2) the music…in that order. And it genuinely worked, both for hook-ups and relationships. But it requires that the girl know her niche, is confident enough to assert her own taste over that outside the niche, and that she has the sense to realise that she’s unlikely to get someone of the same score outside that niche.

    1. It’s amazing the backlash this guy is getting when his comments put half of the responsibility on men.
      This is exactly what happens in science labs though, and what makes it worse is that male students have to watch everything they do and say so as to not AMOG the prof and to not offend the princess.

    2. Yeah he’s basically just saying mixing the sexes is a distraction to getting serious shit done, which of course it is. Even when I have to work with a woman that I have ZERO sexual attraction to (say 25 years older and overweight) they still distract you with stupid shit like hey did you see the episode of Friends last night? Look at my twitter feed, isn’t this cute? etc. And they always need your help with their computer or something. And of course if they are attractive at all or young/thin, it can lead to all sorts of problems with falling in love and drama and shit. The point being, if pure efficiency is important, one should not mix the sexes.

      1. We don’t have good role models any more for how “mature” women should behave. Instead women’s psychological development seems to stop some time in their 20’s, and they just grow older without becoming wiser. They really don’t get it that men don’t want to hear their prattle about popular culture and similar nonsense past a certain age.

  9. a lot of men still try to hit on girls at nightclub but I rarely see men doing day game. I live in the suburb so it’s very hard to see any good looking girls and even if they are, they aren’t that many and most of them are taken.

      1. They want to criminalize all game.
        Day game = “Street harassment.”
        Night game = “Rape by intoxication.”
        Online game = “Cyber harassment.”
        Co-worker game = “Workplace harassment.”
        Friend game = “Nice guy syndrome.”

  10. If women think that they are the prize, then why would anybody think that they don’t want you to have a long list of tangible skills, abilities, resources and game to charm them everyday? Keep thinking not brushing up on your skills will help you in the end. The best thing that saves men? That there will never be a shortage of women who want to be treated good and what’s a good man like yourself doing not getting sharper?

  11. Game is also essential for having a happy marriage or LTR. The importance of this can not be over-stated.
    Regarding the current American environment (to which I have recently returned), I have actually had beta males try to intervene to rescue damsels from me because I had the temerity to strike up a conversation, and I have had lovely young ladies rubbing their asses against my crotch on the dance floor.
    So, one is not permitted to talk with unfamiliar women, but he may dry-hump, spank et cetera them in a noisy nightclub where conversation is impossible.
    This country is fucked up.

    1. True you learn graduated level of game in ltr. New tricks to keep ball rolling and ‘yo-yo’ or ‘boomerang’ game to keep woman loyal and returning to master. What it takes to keep a caught woman loyal wouldn’t work in pua level game and would be ‘creepy’, but is essential and normal routine in patriarchal family structure.

  12. Good timing Troy! One of the articles yesterday brought out a few game hater, who had much, or nothing to say depending on your perspective, about game and it’s lack of merit for men. I’ll break down my thoughts on game as the run deep.
    Game is life. While we are children, we think life lasts forever. When we are adults we fear tomorrow more than anything and look to yesterday as if it holds answers for us. Game is one of the few key applications in life that freezes time as you can’t perform game without being present. Whether she rejects you or not you are here. Whether you get a mother and daughter threesome or not, you are here now. The only times comparable to the presence you can have in game relate back to being children. Note the name. And despite what you wish to think on “game”, women are always playing it. Why aren’t you?
    Game is the difference between quality of life and just existing. Every wonder why promotions come easy to some, opportunity lands in the laps of others, and some people are just friendlier to others than not? They are active game practitioners. While you can say they earned their promotion, do you honestly believe with the millions available on Earth there isn’t someone more qualified floating around willing to do the work for cheaper or better? Game is the missing quotient that suggests I can offer you value and not be needy because I dictate my merit, not you. With Human Resources being run by ladies, being able to have charisma can mean the difference of employment or destitution. I’ve been on the cusp a few times and game and grit saved my ass far too often to be a coincidence.
    The final aspect to game that is worth everything and more, if you get anything from game it should be the knowledge that you can improve your life. Game is hilarious in that the confidence and lack of need it instills in how you approach women and life, gives you a much needed ‘fuck you’ leverage. Fuck you leverage is the best leverage you can have because no one can dispute it, as it is intangible. Like any belief, if you don’t believe it neither will the world. Hell, as good as I like to think I can be as a natural, I am learning new areas because I want to rock my dating life as much as I want to rock life.

    1. That is very deep and poetic. I can’t disagree but still I’d be weary of the mother daughter threesome. I believe it’s . . eeh . . Leviticus 13 if my memory serves me that warns against making a sammitch with blood sisters or girl and her mom. What happens is when you screw a girl, you also bring the power of the mother in law into your house or sphere. A man can no longer be the master of his own house when twice the power of THE SAME mother in law enters his house. His house caves. Thank you Moses.
      But that aside, game integrated into your life can be blended. For example you can combine free weights and sex by getting a heavyweight fat fuck buddy girl to do cantilever position reps m-w-f for say 1 1/2 hrs. and save money on gym membership. Without game she’d be rolling you no cleaner than a high maintenance super model would. Game is indeed essential for goal setting and basic life planning.

  13. “a man has the chance to take control of his destiny and to shape his life in a way that suits him”
    Most definitely – some men view chasing women as the opposite of positive. Fathom the thought of your own advice pushing men in a direction counterintuitive to what your article preaches.

      1. Agreed, it’s a shit sentence. Re-word it at least and make it plain. (You never say it like that in real life and if you do, that’s why you don’t get laid).

  14. its my goal to looksmax and head over to thailand to fuck swedish sex tourists and play beach boy game.ill also use my skin color(tan golden skinned medish looking guy) as an advantage to fuck polish chicks in the future.I think race niche is the best niche to get ass.
    IDG why any white guy still lives in the west when he can fuck tons of women in asia.

      1. Seriously, Clark. Buy a plane ticket to the PI and get yourself banged senseless for a month. Philipina Cupid girls are DTF with well off North Americans. Just start trolling there a few weeks before you leave, and AirBnB some digs.
        It will help you stop moping.

  15. We as men should not condone the scarcity mentality that permeates this article.

  16. Game is for complete fags. A man doesn’t need game, he just has to have class. A woman’s panties come off for a dapper gentleman with a fine hat and a husky build.

    1. Lol. Well you’d still need game to get her to stop. Peacocking isn’t always brawling and displaying your prowess for warcraft. Sometimes it’s your movements, your stature and keeping your plume erect and nearby women ruffle their feathers and roll their eggs your way to fertilize.

      1. I’m alpha enough to get her to stop when I say so. I don’t need “game” because I exude an aura of confidence and masculinity that most men don’t.

      1. Ha! You don’t know jack shit. I’m husky and handsome. You know husky guys like Tony Soprano get all the chicks?

  17. Game dates back to the 1840s and the invention of the steam train. Confined for hours in a crowded carriage, men would strike up conversations with pretty young women they hadn’t been formally introduced to. An 1854 painting shows such a conversation while the girl’s father sleeps in the corner. This provoked such outrage that the artist was forced to repaint it with the man talking to the father as the girl sits demurely in the corner. (See both versions here: https://jwri.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/abraham-solomon-first-class/ )
    The early Victorians understood female nature as well as Roosh does, and they would tolerate no gaming of their daughters!

    1. Those ultra-Orthodox Jews in our time who don’t want to sit next to women in airliners have a legitimate point of view.

    1. “Japan: a country where images of sex are everywhere — on television, in comic books and on many city streets”
      That’s half the problem right there. Too many alternative substitutes for the real thing.

  18. The government has smv of perfect 10. Government makes the booty call on YOU regardless of your smv and goes for your ASS man woman and goat alike.

  19. I am glad you wrote this article. There are a large amount of commentators on this site who spend their time attacking those of us who get laid on a regular basis. Fundamentally, every man wants an abundance of females. Whether you like to admit it or not, conquering and dominating a woman makes you feel like a man. But what else would? When you feel that woman submit to you, to give her body over to you, you have achieved your biological purpose as a male.
    When you don’t get regular sex it eats away at you, whether you realize it or not. Those men who are fundamentally strong alpha males will take action to address this problem. Others, and unfortunately there are many on this site, will take the path of envy and weakness and seek to shame those of us who pursue our biological imperative.
    However, these weak men are driven by the guilt they feel deep inside, knowing that they could be more, if only they took the difficult steps the rest of us are taking.

    1. first, define alpha male
      leader, stronger, violent or womanizer?
      there are plenty of examples of males, like myself, who doesn’t do so well “influencing” males but i do have my skills to get beautiful women
      you guys take this “game” stuff too seriously

      1. Do you also go to gardening websites and bitch that people on the site take plants too seriously?

    2. I probably seem like I am critical. Because I am an older dude married and with different concerns. But I was young once too. So I understand more than you might realize.
      I am more interested in culture and tradition than getting laid on Saturday. But heh, we all have to do what we all have to do.

        1. Over 50. I saw all this dynamic much closer to the beginning of the sexual revolution (although it was the 60’s that really saw it).
          But I figured out one thing about game pretty fast. I don’t think I ever ONCE scored in a bar. Not for lack of trying. But I had pretty good luck in class.
          I actually did better with girls that were kind of smart.
          Don’t know if that inter-generational advice still works. My dad who came along in the 50’s said that it was the tennis course where you picked up babes.
          But his best deal came from the radiator of all places. An old style radiator pipe connected his apartment to the one of the girl living above him. She would bang on the pipes and it would echo down when she wanted him to come up and hop in bed with her.
          Echoing poon-tang. (And no, that bitch was not my mother !)

        2. lol! Bars have worked pretty good for me but never in class. Stores as well. I guess it just depends.

  20. Just last night I met two chicks, chatted, said cheers and moved to another bar. I saw them later in the night at another pub and chatted again. Apparently they were escaping two “creepy” American dudes who were “sleazing” on them earlier and were happy to have me around as a buffer. About 10 minutes later we’re discussing breasts and, in the middle of the pub, one chick (with D’s) told me that I can have a feel, which I did. Then they started going on about penises and what’s their ideal size, shape. They’re flatmates and have organised I come over for a threesome tomorrow night.

  21. Sex is absolutely nothing more than a commodity.. The sooner that the majority of men understand this fact, the sooner the majority of men take back control of their lives.

  22. I still consider myself a beginner. I will admit, I am afraid of rejection. However, I’ve gotten much better at accepting it. ROK articles such as this one have definitely facilitated my game development as well as my confidence. I can directly attribute my success to most of the articles on this site. It has done wonders for me and allowed me to tap in to my potential.

    1. Fuck rejection. Smile when it happens, it means you fearlessly took a chance. Even if you lose, you’re still way ahead of the game considering that most men rarely if ever take a chance. Rejections only make you stronger in the long run, you grow mental callouses to fickle women, and that’s a great thing.

      1. I most certainly do. I tell myself, “if you never ask, the answer will always be no.” Couldn’t agree with more on the fact that it builds mental fortitude. I’ve definitely have come a long way.

  23. This article is wrong.
    The notion that ‘too many men know Game’ is obviously not true given how many manginas and whiteknights there are.
    If a lot of men truly know Game, then ‘feminism’ would implode and tax revenues would plunge…

  24. The amount of discipline involved varies from person to person depending on where they are starting out. Same with any skill.. Some people can pickup a guitar for the first time and start making music in a matter of months. Others can practice for years before they see a payoff .

  25. I get so much pussy am bored of it. All this talk of game gives me earache. I am super confident (product of private education) and if I like the girl enough, she will be laughing (product of watching my journo father’s wordplay) and finally I have always thought all girls and men are beneath me……..Guess the end result. Oh I omit to add that if in a roomful of men, i might struggle to find one better dressed. As far back as I can remember, I have always liked looking sharp. Even in my school uniform.
    I once pulled this married Japanese banker. took her off her Japanese husband (no easy task) had her for 2 years and once bored, kept it moving. She said this of me; this is silly as I have all these trader running after me and you have a quarter of their money (true) but they lacked my self assurance I shot back hence you in my bed and nor theirs:) I have not managed to see a nicer Japanese girl than her in London in 8 years and heavens knows I try!
    Why am I recounting this tale? Self assurance and ability to conjure up conversation will do wonders for your bed. The only proviso is that they be educated if you are. My game is lost on illiterate and I wouldn’t want to bed only high school graduates.
    I am not the most needy of men having been carted off to a boarding school aged 5 and exited aged 16. I see all these weak men and their extremely needy gfs and shake my head.
    Problems with pulling international newbies is this; it is rewarding in the short term but fatal for you in the long term. Why? Key is in being new to the place so will be happy for any inside view however lame. Your skills will not improve as it isn’t tested. A man of your stated status should have little problems bedding Canadians of all hues.

  26. this totally wasn;t an excuse to pitch us your infamous rules of seduction.
    let me tell you all a secret, I’ve never studied game, I’ve always been myself and even without grooming I can get 9’s with minimal effort.
    Perhaps I am an anomaly in terms of neurodiversity but the FACT is, game is not essential* as stated.

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