Why Feminism Is A Terrorist Movement

There exists a noxious ideology with fanatical followers who use tactics of intimidation, manipulation, and outright violence to attack and suppress both men and women to further their quest for power and control. We are, of course, referring to the cancer that is feminism.

Much has already been said about the theory of feminism which owes its entire existence to lies, hypocrisy, and double-standards. And considering the audience here, we won’t go over those facts again. But what I do want to bring your attention to is how feminism operates in practice.

Feminism is terrorism

The plain matter of fact is that feminism is a terrorist movement and must be called out as such.

The FBI defines terrorism as, “the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Compare that definition with the feminist terror tactics of the past and present:

As you can see, feminism almost fits the FBI definition above—almost, because of the word “unlawful.” The truth is that feminist terror tactics are largely tolerated and even sanctioned by the Western governments (as we shall see later), thus making much of their actions technically lawful.

Now, some of you may still have doubts that feminism could be identified as a terrorist movement (and I say movement as opposed to an ‘organization’ because calling them organized would be a joke). So, to better understand their terrorist nature, let us take a look at some of the similarities and differences between feminism and other terrorist groups.

Feminist Terrorism vs. Conventional Terrorism

First, the similarities:

  • Both are based on hateful ideologies that identify their targets as an enemy to be destroyed.
  • Both paint themselves as victims of oppression who are simply resisting against the oppressor.
  • Both seek to advance the power of their own group at the expense of all others.
  • Both seek public attention through their attacks and other outlandish displays.
  • Both are made up of members who are angry, bitter, delusional, and unhappy with their lives.
  • Both need a scapegoat to blame all their personal problems and failures on.
  • Both engage in terror tactics both as a retaliation and as means of advancing their political agendas.
  • Both want their victims to cower in fear and paranoia.
  • Both seek reaction from their targets as a way of stoking the flames of war between the two groups.

As you can see, feminism is no different from many different types of terrorist organizations around the world—except in one special way: their modus operandi. You must understand that the feminist terror tactics we face today are not the same as the standard terror tactics that we are familiar with. Feminist terrorism contrasts itself through its feminine nature compared to the conventional, masculine form of terrorism.

To understand, think about differences between male aggression and female aggression. When men decide to be aggressive, they are explicit in their expression. They will threaten you with direct violence and act on it if necessary. Females, on the other hand, express their aggression in a much different way. Women too will use threats and resort to physical violence just as much as men (if not more), but only if they know they could get away with it. But that’s not the end of it. Women usually don’t like to engage in violence themselves, for their choice of weapon is the indirect, social aggression. Women prefer to spread rumours, manipulate others, and get other men to do their dirty work for them. Unlike the direct, physical violence that the average men engage in, they are much more Machiavellian with their attacks.

This, in essence, is the primary difference between the terrorist attacks that we see on the news and the hidden and sinister terror tactics of feminism that go largely unnoticed. Just as boys getting in a playful scuffle at school will face consequences while girls who bully another girl to suicide by spreading rumours go unpunished, we live in a society that completely represses even a hint of masculinity while feminists get a free reign with their attack on men.

If you observe carefully, feminism operates in the same fashion as the individual female aggression mentioned above: by spreading rumours (“The Patriarchy,” “rape culture,” false accusations, etc.), manipulating others (painting themselves as victims for privileges while manipulating the legal system to their favour), and by getting other men to do their dirty work for them (by using the government and white knights as their muscles in their war against men).

And if they can get away with it, they will not hesitate to inflict physical violence on men as we have seen with the countless examples of women who have gotten away with things men would be punished for:

Remember that even if these women don’t identify themselves as feminists, they are engaging in feminist terrorism all thanks to our feminist culture that condones their actions. Every time a man gets away from a false rape accusation, feminists screech and squeal about rape culture, but you’ll never hear a peep from them if you mention female violence against men—let alone being able to get away with it without legal consequences. In fact, they’ll just think it’s funny and laugh.

And what are the results like for these two different tactics?


They don’t even hide the fact that the goal of FemTerror is for men to live in fear.

The difference in their levels of success speak for themselves.

Although causing much death and suffering, conventional terror tactics rarely accomplish anything more than spreading acute fear. They may provoke conflicts, but they do nothing to further the aims of the groups that instigate the violence: The IRA couldn’t get the British out of Northern Ireland, Timothy McVeigh couldn’t stop the federal government from growing even bigger, and Islamic terror attacks in Europe have done nothing but inspire even more disdain for Islam.

Feminist terror tactics, on the other hand, have been devastatingly effective. In the course of just few decades, feminists have:

  • Destroyed marriage by introducing no-fault divorce, leading to untold amount of suffering for men and fatherless children. (The destruction of the sanctity of marriage has also led to plummeting birth-rates, changing the entire demographic landscape of nations).
  • Gotten the government’s hands to overpower men in their own homes by allowing women to falsely jail their husbands with a mere accusation.
  • Created a climate of fear for men who engage in any sort of interaction with women at school, work, or even out in the streets for the fear of bogus harassment claims. One man recently went through a personal hell when he faced rape charges just for walking past a woman.
  • Created a culture of rape hysteria where women can have men expelled from school or jailed without any proof or due-process.
  • Destroyed sex relations by instigating gender antagonism where men and women see each other as competitors and enemies.
  • Created a culture where women from young age are trained to hate and exploit men, only to pull the victim card whenever they find themselves in a disadvantage.
  • Created a feminized educational system that is biased against boys and men at all levels. Boys who don’t conform to the feminist standard of behaviour are drugged with Ritalin to induce passivity.
  • Created a culture that sees anything masculine as something toxic to be fixed or ridden of.
  • Created an androgynous society that is systematically emasculating men while masculinizing women.
  • Effectively pushed men down and turned them into second-rate citizens while “empowering” women just for being women.
  • Created a ‘husband-state‘ system where the government showers them with privileges with the money extracted from men. Yet they’re still whining for more.
  • Destroyed all male spaces while preventing new ones from forming.
  • Turned vast hordes of men into supplicating white knights and male-feminists whom they treat like their guard dogs, only to cheat on them and back-stab them later on.
  • Implemented a PC culture of censorship based on the fickle whims of women’s feelings. Men must now watch what they say, how they act, what opinions they hold, what shirt they wear, and even how they sit or use the toilet (I doubt even the Taliban concern themselves with how their women take a piss). Now, everything about men’s existence must conform to what women want and what women feel is acceptable.

In short, although feminism lacks the overt violence of conventional terrorism, it has been wildly successful with their feminine form of terror in spreading culture of fear for men while completely changing the society to kowtow to their twisted demands. They have effectively created a society where they can live in privileged conditions with weak men existing only as drones to serve their needs. So, who needs bombs when divorce-raped men are committing suicide in droves?

With all that said, I think we can safely declare the degradation of Western societies by the feminists as the most successful terrorist campaign in history.

Responding To The ‘No True Feminist’ Fallacy

Now, if they managed to make it this far, the feminists reading this will protest that it’s only the “radical” feminists who are engaging in this so-called feminist terrorism, and that those feminists don’t represent the movement as a whole. They’ll claim that they’re the real feminists who truly want equality.

I’ve seen this many times before and this is nothing but the overused “Good Cop, Bad Cop” strategy.


The truth is that these “moderate” feminists and the radical feminists are working together as one whether they know it or not.

How it works is, the radical feminists act as the “bad cop” by using terror tactics to threaten and attack men, only to scurry and hide behind the moderate feminists to cry misogyny when faced with a backlash. The “moderate” feminists, on the other hand, play the “good cop” by appearing as the reasonable and sane alternative to the radical feminists. However, you’ll never see them raise an issue with the radical feminists because they implicitly understand that they need each other. The moderates need the radicals to attack men and put pressure on institutions, and they will only superficially distance themselves from the radicals to feign innocence when feminism as a whole is criticized for its terror tactics.

And, as we at ROK already know, even though they may not be as over-the-top and violent as the radicals, there is nothing normal or good about the sick ideology that these moderates are espousing. Their joint tactic, however, works well to sell the big fat lie of “equality” to the general public full of naive men and women.

All feminists, whether they be “radical” or “moderate,” are part of the same terrorist campaign against men or at least complicit in its efforts.

To be fair, there are some individual feminists who do advocate for actual gender equality (I saw one men’s rights group in Toronto organized by a woman), but these women are few and rare and are immediately attacked by the rest of the feminists for heresy. It just goes to show what kind of movement feminism really is.

Feminists are puppets for the government’s war against men


Like ISIS, feminists are not squeamish about telling everyone exactly what they will do.

Last, the most important aspect of feminism is that feminism is a state-sponsored terrorism.

In spite of all their obscene barking and threats of rape and violence, the feminists in reality are utter cowards who are only able to harass and assault ordinary men because they know they have the backings of powerful men at the top—the same men who keep them in a long enough leash to attack men like you and me, but not long enough to threaten their own power.

Our governments—along with the media, corporations, and educational institutions—are actively collaborating with the feminists in their war against men. For all the bitching they do about men and “patriarchal” governments, their entire terrorist movement depends on professional white knights to jump into their defense and for billionaire elites like George Soros to fund their cause.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The media, owned by powerful men, have defamed us as “pro-rape” and instigated a violent mob against us just for trying to organize an apolitical social happy hour, while social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook—founded and run by men—are also stepping up in their efforts to censor anyone critical of the feminist agenda (while allowing hashtags like #killallmen seen above). Twitter recently hired a feminist and professional victim, Anita Sarkeesian, as the head of their Trust and Safety Council for this purpose. College campus rape hysteria and kangaroo court trials are already well known, and Western governments have already taken the cue to start passing draconian laws to punish young men. Even sports and entertainment industry is on board with the feminist assault on men. This is an all-out war by our overlords to subjugate us, and the feminists are merely their useful idiots.

Why all this effort against men?

Strong, masculine men who think for themselves are the greatest threat to the globalist agenda, which seeks to turn the human race into a single mass of passive, consumerist slaves. And because masculinity, nuclear families, traditional values, and cultural identity are things that men value that get in the way of their plans, they will do everything they can to emasculate us, shame us, and control us. This is also why they are aggressively pushing homosexuality, multiculturalism, and mind-numbing technological devices into our societies to fragment us and weaken us.

As a movement that constantly threatens our existence, feminism needs to be exterminated. But trying to fight the feminists themselves is a waste of time. We can spend the rest of our lives debating, mocking, and attacking these rabid feminists and it wouldn’t make any worldly difference. In fact, conflict and drama is exactly what they crave so that they can continue playing victims and go cry to the government to beg for harsher measures against men. Battling the feminists themselves without taking the state into account is like trying to fight smoke instead of dousing the flame that is causing it.

To defeat feminism, we must destroy the system that supports it. The fate of mankind depends on our resistance.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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171 thoughts on “Why Feminism Is A Terrorist Movement”

  1. “Turned vast hordes of men into supplicating white knights and male-feminists whom they treat like their guard dogs, only to cheat on them and back-stab them later on.”
    Jian Ghomeshi got what he deserved. He made a lucrative career out of singing the tunes from the feminazi playbook just to possibly get a taste of foul, nasty and rancid pussy. He would have thrown any man falsely accused of a “crime” against a woman to the ravenous sharks without any hesitation or remorse. He actually said he thinks the world would be better if it was run by women, and he got a taste of matriarchal terror, and it destroyed his life. Too bad, so sad. Vox Day should have added a 4th Law…not only do they always lie, not only do they always double down, and not only do they always project, but they always eat their own.
    To hell with that bitch, let him and any other mangina traitor burn as an example to the others.

      1. Considering at his core, the mangina’s problem is that he does not love himself, it will be a great many number. On an individual level, it will most likely happen to the same mangina repeatedly before he starts to figure out what the problem is.

        1. Add to it that manginas need validation from women. Just that thought makes me want to vomit.

      2. Lolknee, Goj, then you… why are you all changing your profile picture ? Is it a conspiracy ?

      3. Feminist says male feminists are bad: http://www.unilad.co.uk/news/emma-watson-criticised-for-saying-some-of-the-best-feminists-are-men/
        Feminist won’t date male feminist because they leave her fanny drier than the Sahara (of course she doesn’t say it like that): http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/oct/19/why-i-wont-date-another-male-feminist
        Men shouldn’t call themselves feminists but they should still castrate themselves for feminism: http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/04/men-calling-selves-feminists/
        Male feminists become nice guys like feminists asked them and then they are hated for it: http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/04/being-nice-guy-not-enough/
        Back stabbing you say? They have stabbed a long time ago, now they are turning the blade in the wound.

    1. Bingo! This is what happens when you forsake patriarchy for socialist rhetoric and a big paycheck. The system can turn on you at any time.

  2. The most difficult thing to accept about feminism, and all of the problems it has created, is that it could all be solved by simply telling women these two little words: “fuck off.”
    “Fuck off” solves everything…
    “Pay for our birth control!” – Fuck off.
    “Give us more leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies!” – Fuck off.
    “There aren’t enough women in STEM!” – Fuck off.
    “He grazed against me in a crowded elevator — that’s rape!” Fuck off.
    Fuck off fixes all of it: all they can do is yell, call you names, accuse you of having a tiny pecker, and then it’s over. That is literally the extent of female power. Take away government — i.e., other men willing to get their hands diry for the little darlings — and they have nothing; just their loud mouths.
    Always keep that in mind, even when you’re approaching to get a number, or dealing with women at all: all they have is their fucking mouths. Say it to yourself if you’re feeling nervous about interacting with a woman, “All she has is her mouth.”
    You should never feel nervous or intimidated anyway: you’re not supposed to be scared of something you can kill if you want to; you’re not supposed to be intimidated by something weaker and dumber than you. Are you scared of a non-venomous spider? Of course not, its bite might sting a bit, but you’re going to walk away with little more than a minor annoyance. That’s women — a minor annoyance.
    If the shit ever hits the fan, all of these bad ass broads and “strong and independent women” would be sucking dicks for half a pack of Tic-Tacs. They have no power, and that’s why they’re miserable — they know it’s all a facade; a sham; it’s make believe.
    Remind them of it, especially the ones you’re dating, and they’ll love you for it. Tell them they ain’t shit, deep down they know that it’s the truth, and they’ll respect you for telling them so. And any woman reading this right now that doesn’t agree? Well, she can fuck off, can’t she? Exactly, see how easy it is? Carry on.

    1. Blow me may also be a viable alternative depending on the woman’s looks.
      Also “They have no power and that’s why they’re miserable — they know it’s all a facade, a sham, it’s make believe” pure gold.

      1. Like Schoolly D used to say:

        …now listen baby, act real flirty
        Get in the back and get your knees dirty


      2. More to the point, an important reason why relationships fail before they even start: woman are now “liberated” such that they have a choice about whether to start one or not. In the old days the parents would decide for her. But now she does. And she fails.
        Because women cannot cope with the responsibility of being the decision maker. It causes them to fall to pieces. And so they will say “no” to you even though you are objectively perfect (great career, good-looking, great physical shape, perfect gentleman… etc.).

      3. Blow Me is much more sexual in nature, and can easily leave you open to a Sexual Harassment Hit,

    2. I ended a discussion with a female SJW, and almost brought her to tears by saying: “Women want … whatever. Not my problem.”

        1. This was in L5P, Atlanta, in a stage theater coffeeshop/bar filled with walking caricatures of the hipster genus. They’re actually not all that activist, mostly just want to be in with the in crowd. But the owner is a true dark-side alpha hipster who is in it for the chicks. He has no problem sneering at “fags”, calling one of his own faggy employees that quite casually, and that particular turbo-fag has no inhibition about saying that Israel did 9/11. People actually talk to each other – including strangers – about anything they like. So there is actually a lot more freedom of speech there than one finds in universities or corporations these days.
          The particular female SJW I was talking about earlier was a postmodernist literature grad student rebelling against her quasi-Amish upbringing by conforming to the academic party line. I was the one calling her out on her BS, not the other way around, but only because she was fucking herself up and seemed like she might have the ability to see through the PC BS.

        2. I carefully didn’t express any opinion on the matter in that comment. Let the facts speak for themselves.

        3. For a guy who came at you with a huge cock up his ass for absolutely no reason, you handled that nicely. Notes taken.

        1. One of my rules to live by:
          “when a woman declares she knows what she wants, step aside and let her have it”

    3. “sucking dicks for half a pack of Tic-Tacs”. I’m in. When do we start the revolution?

    4. “Women are only powerful if you LET them be powerful” – Patrice O’Neal. Even the most “progressive” woman, deep down in her soul, knows that the same person who gave her power (a man, of course), can also take it away. IMO, that’s why women are consistently pushing the “oppression” narrative. They want to fool the people who gave them power, into giving them more. But when they don’t get it, what CAN they do? Just whine and complain
      with other women, and the vaginally-indoctrinated males that they
      The main point, (as you brilliantly identified), is that women’s “power” is IMAGINARY. For instance, I had a conversation with a typical-thinking woman a few weeks ago. She hit me with, “We work just as hard as men!”. “Ok bitch, so you’d have no problem working construction for 40 hours a week, if you feel that way?” “But, that’s a man’s job.” “So you can’t work as hard as men, can you? You think you’re equal to us based off something another woman said, that you took as FACT. But in reality, you’re just a grown up GIRL who thinks her vagina allows her to arbitrarily pick and choose what facets of life she thinks she should be equal in.” “crickets”. As soon as I proved the crux of her argument was nonsense, she had nothing to say. That’s how you show a woman exactly what her “power” is worth ultimately.
      Feminism is just a tool for women to get away with as much as they can, before men collectively put them back in their place, as a gender. The sooner, the better. The only people men have to really deal with, are the subservient males. The ones that get patted on the head for doing their woman’s bidding. They need to be shamed for ALLOWING a woman to dictate their entire lives, based on nothing but pussy. They’ll let their women talk to them however they want, but if you have the audacity to call that same woman a bitch, THAT is when they wanna be men and get confrontational. I feel bad for them, tbh. Can’t imagine being a man and taking life lessons from the weaker sex.

      1. I totally agree. I would also add that women submit to my alpha male dominance when I stand my ground and put them in their place. I’m always ready to confront their feminist ideology and delusional views. I challenge their intellectual abilities and demonstrate their weakness in STEM. Yes, when you show them who’s boss they submit because they feel vulnerable and fearful. They key is doing it in a subtle indirect, non-violent way.

      2. The very way a woman dresses (dress, nails, makeup, heels, etc) testifies how “hard” they work. If she saw you trying to get your car out of a ditch on her way to “work” she’d just drive on by. In her car, built and maintained by men….on roads built by men…..on the phone invented by men….to an office built by men…..to a desk placed there by men…..to a fake unneeded job afforded her by a fake currency and men.

    5. Don’t forget the woman’s most important power. The power to influence a man’s mind, to convince him of her victim status and cause him to act unethically and violently towards other men.

      1. Don’t forget the men’s most important power. The power to know what a woman really is.

        1. I agree. Although many of us only have this power abstractly. We can write about it on here and advise each other but a pretty woman flutters her eyes at us and the pussy siren call turns our brains to mush. It has happened to me, more than once. Only blind luck has saved me.

        2. I’m lucky in that women have no balls. No power at all unless I give it to them. She can flutter her eyelashes all she wants. Until she throws down “let’s fuck” she has no power or worth. They cannot coerce me to talk to them and they don’t have the balls to start anything.

        3. I used to think that way and then one got me (actually more than one now). Its when you start talking to them that they get you. And its when they like you that they become really dangerous.

        4. Precisely. It’s only when you talk to them that they become immediately threatening to your well being. And none of them, not a single one has the balls to initiate anything.
          As always, I endorse man’s complete separation from his parasite through our savior of technology.

    6. Damn straight. I have to say that I am left shaking my head at not just the women but the younger (weaker) men we have in society, today. Besides, the “fuck off” tactic that A.V. Yader suggests (above) you should always laugh at these types because they pose no threat whatsoever.
      It’s all lip service and trying to get a mob (riot) going against you. You laugh and walk away (like you would do with children…because that’s what they are….grown children).
      Don’t let any woman hold your feet to the flames. Listen for a second, then laugh when needed and go about your day. If anyone does strike you…then strike back. It only takes one knock down for them to get the message.

    7. “I’m not going to protect you from the rape gangs. Fuck off”.
      “Fuck off you can’t have any of my food”
      “No I’m not taking you out of the hot zone. But if you are lucky the local warlord might prevent his troops from gang raping you and you can end up in his harem. Now fuck off”.
      “Help you? Go fuck yourself. Here, carry this shovel around. It’ll be easier for whoever finds your body, they won’t have to go looking for one to bury you with”.
      “Sharia law? You already killed civilization and now I have to fight terrorist on our own streets? Fuck off. I already live like a monk thanks to your feminist allies now all I have to do is convert and grow a beard. Have fun getting stoned to death for being a dick-sucking whore. Fuck the fuck off, bitch”.

      1. I agree with you on everything dude. Except for one thing, if it wasn’t for dick-sucking-whores we wouldn’t have blog like these since this blog is about having sex with women without commitment.

      2. Yes!
        My ultimate dream is for 99% of men to stick to their guns and treat women exactly as they deserve, getting everything they’re entitled to – NOTHING!
        I never had schadenfreude before. Now…. I legitimately would love to see their suffering.
        Don’t save women. Let them go extinct of their own accord.
        Replace them.
        We have the technology.

    8. Totally. “Fuck You” is the best response, verbally and in action, that settles it all. It’s basically the Alpha and Red Pill male solution. Like this, women can only play their game and get to you when you’re involved. Saying “Fuck You!” in action and verbally shuts that down. Not getting involved in shit tests and mind games is a way of saying “Fuck You”, and for some crazy reason, they get turned on by it. Take a group of women, and in a situation where you say that, they’ll all complain about you to each other, but behind each others back they try to sleep with you. In the workplace it’s a different situation, because they’ll gang up on you and you’ll have to fight for your job.

      1. I agree. The situation with work is reversing now. I’m very quick to fire women now. I don’t tolerate any BS from them. The more of us men in higher management and HR the better. I see change happening if we keep this momentum going.

        1. Yeah, decadence happens when there’s more money in the average man’s pocket. When money and opportunity get tight, like they are now, things start stabilizing out. Companies don’t/can’t put up with the bullshit. And women don’t know which way to go now. . .Before when HR people and managers were women, women could count on them “preserving the herd” by standing up for women that they knew were at fault. (Ironically, they also were in a catch-22 because women HATE other women, and usually stab them in the back at first chance.) With men in those positions they have to deal in facts. And women’s whole lives are built on evading facts and using situations to their advantage.

    9. Agreed but I go a steps further. This is what I always do and it works: I always display masculinity and dominance in front of women. I noticed that non-feminists and non-white women are very turned on by that while white women are surprised and have this puzzle look on their face. I exploit this and treat different women differently. I give more attention and respect to the women who get it that I am a man and I assert my gender role. The feminists (usually white women) are so jealous,and I’m always ready to put a bitch in her place, never fear talking down to a bitch and it does not take long for all the women to submit to my dominance. Even my lady friends know how I am, I even jokingly told one of them “serve me woman” in front of the other lady friends, they learned to accept it when I enforced it in a subtle but assertive manner. Be Alphas gentle men. Be Alphas!

    10. Just the other day, I was working with one of the biggest loud mouth bitches at our company. She talked about how a woman was promoted because “she was really good at what she does and she deserved it.” My response, “pppppppffffffffffffffffft!” Rolled my eyes and shook my head. She hasn’t been a bitch to me since. She’s actually gone out of her way to be respectful.

    11. Women are not dumber than men. I have all he facts but for the sake of time, I will present a simple analogy. If you look at animals with an extreme sexual diamorphism- (like gorillas where the male is twice the size of the female) the males are not more intelligent. The temperaments and instincts are different but you do not hear about a discrepancy in intelligence.
      After reading your post I though, wow how can anyone hate women? How can anyone hate he other gender? What about mother’s, sisters, family members. That’s when I realized what a feminist is and what they are made of and why they are so disliked. I learned that from you, A.V Vader, and the spirit you expressed in your post, because you are the same as a radical feminist.

  3. We shouldn’t fall into the trap of equality. There is no biological equality. There is no relationship equality. There is no equality in a family. Just as the father is the head of the family, the man is the head of the woman in a marriage.
    If we go down the road of equality we are no better than the feminists.

  4. At this point, feminism has been co-opted as another tool by politicians and the elite to achieve an agenda. Feminist leaders know this, but use these connections for power and protection. Why do you think feminist leaders are never prosecuted for their blatantly criminal actions? In return, the feminazis and beta simps under their command are used as pawns and directed towards the next goal. Feminism will never be placated because their true goals are not limited to ending the patriarchy.

    1. feminism is used to separate society Aaron Russo said it best.

  5. sooner or later, nature will fight back, hopefully. #nuclear-family

  6. This is what Red Pill Truth is. Realizing the stuff the media and government *TRIES* to scare you with (brown people, mosques, Russia, Mexicans picking fruit) is nowhere near as terrifying or dangerous as what they embrace and celebrate (feminism, mental illness, anal marriage, political correctness / censorship, affirmative action).

    1. “This is what Red Pill Truth is. Realizing the stuff the media and
      government *TRIES* to scare you with (brown people, mosques, Russia,
      Mexicans picking fruit) is nowhere near as terrifying or dangerous as
      what they embrace and celebrate (feminism, mental illness, anal
      marriage, political correctness / censorship, affirmative action).”
      Other than Russia (the nationalist Orthodox patriarchal autocracy of hetero-normative awesomeness), all that other stuff comes as a package and the media and government demand you accept and celebrate them. Islam (“mosques”) and reverse colonization by “brown people” (“Mexicans picking fruit”) are more terrifying and dangerous than “feminism, mental illness, anal marriage, political correctness / censorship, affirmative action” because all it takes to end feminism/sodomy is one ambitious colonel seizing the capital and ending “democracy.” Islam and “diversity” on the other hand eventually means civil war and other unpleasantness. Who did Putin have to fight two Chechen wars to bring to heel? Feminists/sodomites/SJWs or ethnics/Muslims?

    1. I’ve seen a couple of videos of him and I just couldn’t take more than a couple of minutes of him. Condescending and smarmy with that lisp and tells the world that he’s a feminist.

  7. Feminisn is an ideology created and promoted by jews, and its only objective is to destroy the white woman and thus to destroy the future of the white race.
    And guess what? its working.

      1. These “men” are also on our side. We can turn your “traditionalism” against you!!!

    1. Zionists wish to deconstruct ALL peoples heritage, religion and culture and remould the world as the masters of a demoralized degenerative goyim.

      1. Thanks for the backup. Most people here are naive or afraid to see the truth.

      1. Yeah, been to the nuthouse. Not that interested in this site right now, so I’ll just keep dropping some occasional oneliners.

  8. A land whale HR elite recently ended my volunteer tenure at the local ER. After 500 non paid volunteer hours in 5 months, I was released on my first offense.
    My offense? Doing organic chemistry homework on shift. As she was degrading me in some exotic land whale language, I looked around and the other nurses were surfing on Facebook.
    Go figure.

    1. See if you can sue the hospital as an entity, and her as a person for treating you differently from the women surfing facebook.
      I personally don’t believe in any legal claim involving “discrimination”, but might as well channel our inner Saul Alinsky and use their tactics against them.

      1. I was a non paid volunteer and we’re essentially pee-ons and can be released on a whim. If I was employed, I would’ve ruthlessly pursued this.
        It’s a shame that medicine of all fields, is coming to this.

        1. ^This is the route that I am taking… Although, I have to say, the slim fast with a bow on top was a glorious idea.

    2. Ha, using your downtime to do work-related schoolwork at a job where you are not even being paid? Wow. I could never work in that kind of environment. I understand you have a lot invested in your education and career choice, and it can pay well, but you are basically at the whim of whatever the local hospital administrator decides is policy. I couldn’t handle that. I couldn’t work anywhere with an HR department though. Fuck those bitches.

        1. Yeah, unfortunately there probably aren’t many career options for this guy, so you don’t want to burn bridges at the only major medical employer in town, but I’d be tempted to laugh in her face, and say “Fuck you! You can’t fire me! I don’t even WORK here!”

      1. The land whale’s logic was that the nurses [who are being paid btw], where on a computer Facebooking and at least “looked” busy in case a patient walked by. Whereas I was reading my textbook and blatantly showed I didn’t care.
        500 hours of no pay volunteer time, yeah I obviously don’t care.
        I have an offer to work at the campus bio lab for 1.5x the EOD Tech pay, so either way I’ll win.
        This one encounter with HR seals the deal; I’m going private practice after Med School. Fuck HR.

    3. Sue the hospital as an entity, and her as a person for treating you differently from the women who were surfing facebook.
      I personally don’t believe in discrimination as a legal claim, but channel your inner Saul Alinsky and use their own tactics against them.

    4. A white man….easy pickings. If you had been a woman or a minority then you might have a case.
      Women in high positions actually use those positions to send a message. It’s not about “being fair” or giving you a day in court. It’s about them showing how powerful they can be so they feel good about themselves.
      A man in charge would have looked at the situation and he would have told everyone to “get back to work”

  9. You have succesfully showed that 3rd wave feminism is an ideology that can do a lot of damage to the fabric of society… but terrorist? Nah, that’s just for the clicks.
    Or maybe feminists fooled you into seeing them just as they fantasize themselves : neon-haired tattooed rebel warriors against the oppressive patriarchal system, who “kill all men”, drink “male tears” and smash all masculine values with the fist of justice. But this is just that, a fantasy, the powergirl archetypes that TV shows and movies have ingrained in our/their brains. In reality, they’re just scared little girls, child-soldiers of the symbolic order. The real destructive forces are behind them, and they’ll be victims too once the work is done.

    1. A good argument can be made either way whether they qualify as a terrorist group or not. I personally don’t think they quite qualify as terrorists, but damn if they aren’t trying.
      In the end, feminism as it stands now cannot hope to survive. There’s no unified goals, they destroy their own, and there is no foundation of strength or truth upon which everything else stands; it’s merely bully tactics to get their way. People will eventually tire of their shenanigans and stop giving them a platform to spew their idiocy.

    2. Terror = “(1) Extreme fear; (2) the use of extreme fear to intimidate people; (3) a person, especially a child, that causes trouble or annoyance” (Oxford Dictionary)

      How again is feminism not like terror?
      If anything, the sheiks in the Mideast don’t seem to fit that definition…

      1. In the third sense, maybe. Besides that, feminist deeds certainly don’t instill an “extreme fear” in me, but I can only speak for myself.
        I’m not saying they’re harmless, but being a terror is not the same thing as being a terrorist. So until some government puts “feminism” on his list of terrorist organizations, I say don’t be ridiculous.

        1. You’re completely misunderstanding the word. The definition of terror is exactly what the dictionary says it is (posted above), not what your government wants to claim it means in newspeak.
          As far as you not feeling afraid of a feminist, that’s hardly the point. The point is they USE the tactics of fear to harm others. If I’m not afraid of a lion that doesn’t make a lion not a dangerous animal. Feminists use the tactics of fear and intimidation time after time. It’s a textbook definition of terrorism.

        2. ” The point is they USE the tactics of fear to harm others.”.
          True dat. Still, saying their movement is of the same nature than one who slaughters or bombs innocent people is preposterous.

        3. Kill innocent people vs enslaving innocent people. Enslaving men via jail or child support is just damaging, just not as big of a spectacle. End result is the same.

        4. OK I’ll bite. Assuming you have a fear of islamists, just imagine for a moment, that despite them being ever-present in the news, that they are in reality, less dangerous than being struck by lightning, drowning in a pool, or being killed by a wasp sting. In other words, nothing to ever worry about (later you can look up these stats and find they are true but just bear with me for now).
          Now let’s examine if women could be considered comparable to the damage of Islamists. We’re going to examine only ONE FACTOR about ONE FEMINIST component of modern society–divorce. And we’re only going to look at the most extreme result, suicide, ignoring mental anguish and pain, and emotional or economic costs.
          A man who is divorced is 3-4 times more likely (sources below) to commit suicide than a man not facing divorce. As of 2014, the rate of suicide was 12.93 per 100,000. There were 2,419,196 divorces in 2014. Applying the suicide rate of 12.93 to this number of divorces equals 313 additional suicides on average PER YEAR. The worst “terist attack” America has experienced was September 2001, when 2,977 victims died. Since then, 4,692 men have been suicided due to divorce. Which is more dangerous? This may sound like stretching but keep in mind we are only looking at ONE factor (suicide) of ONE feminist institution (divorce). Add up all the effects of all the feminist causes and tell me it’s not a more serious threat.
          Keep in mind when I think of “dangers of feminism”, suicide of men is not even on my radar. They do far more damage in other areas. I’ve simply chosen an extreme and easy quantifiable facet of their destruction.

        5. Well divorce existed long before feminism, but apart from that I don’t contest any of your numbers. The point isn’t which is more dangerous but whether you can assimilate feminism to terrorism. Saying that they use fear tactics is not enough in my opinion. The stalinist bureaucracy ruled with fear tactics and sent a lot of people to a sure death, but would you say that stalinism is a terrorism?

        6. Divorce rates prior to “no fault divorce” which is a feminist policy, have roughly doubled, so I suppose one could cut those numbers in half, but the math gets difficult pretty quickly if you add too many other factors.
          As for Stalinism, I don’t know much about it, and dated a Russian girl who refused to condemn Stalin as bad for her country, but I would say that yeah, living in constant fear like North Koreans do is living under terrorism. But I don’t consider the Mideast stuff to meet the definition of terrorism (at least not the stuff perpetrated *against* the US. The US clearly uses terror ie night raids of civilian homes, and even operates a terror and torture base in Communist Cuba). The last major terror the USA experienced was the DC sniper. Of course, no one properly uses the words terror or liberal (among others) correctly anymore, so perhaps I should just give up.

        7. Yup. Terrorism has a root word terror, as in fear. Terrible, terrorist all have the same root meaning.

        8. Back then, when you divorce, it’s just good bye. Now it’s different where you are enslaved. See the difference?

        9. “The stalinist bureaucracy ruled with fear tactics and sent a lot of people to a sure death, but would you say that stalinism is a terrorism?”
          In the 1930s, the term “communist terrorism” was used by the Nazi Party in Germany as part of a propaganda campaign to spread fear of communism.
          According to Trotsky, Lenin emphasized the absolute necessity of terror and as early as 1904, when Lenin said, “The dictatorship of the proletariat is an absolutely meaningless expression without Jacobin coercion.”[24] In 1905, Lenin directed members of the St. Petersburg “Combat Committee” to commit acts of robbery, arson, and other terrorist acts.
          ccording to Richard Drake, Lenin had abandoned any reluctance to using terrorist tactics by 1917, believing all resistance to communist revolution should be met with maximum force. Drake says terrorist intent in Lenin’s program was unmistakable, as acknowledged by Trotsky in his book Terrorism and Communism: a Reply, published in 1918.[26] In the book, Trotsky provided an elaborate justification for the use of terror, stating “The man who repudiates terrorism in principle, i.e., repudiates measures of suppression and intimidation towards determined and armed counterrevolution, must reject all idea of the political supremacy of the working class and its revolutionary dictatorship.”[24]
          After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the use of terrorism to subdue people characterized the new communist regime. Historian Anna Geifman stated that this was “evident in the regime’s very origins.” An estimated 17,000 people died as a result of the initial campaign of violence known as Red Terror.[34] Lenin stated that his “Jacobian party would never reject terror, nor could it do so,” referring to the Jacobian Reign of Terror of 1793-1794 as a model for the Bolshevik Red Terror.[35] Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Cheka (the Soviet secret police), widely employed terrorist tactics, especially against peasants who refused to surrender their grain to the government.[36] Upon initiating the New Economic Policy(NEP) Lenin stated, “It is a mistake to think the NEP has put an end to terrorism. We shall return to terrorism, and it will be an economic terrorism”.

        10. “Kill innocent people vs enslaving innocent people. Enslaving men via jail or child support is just damaging, just not as big of a spectacle. End result is the same.”
          “Islam” literally means submission/surrender and the point of Islamic terrorism is to bring everyone into submission (or slavery from the non-Muslim point of view). Feminists also want to enslave males and Islam is their ally in this. Feminists don’t mind that Islam in the long run will bring women into submission as well, they’re only concerned with immediate benefits, because they’re women.

        11. You’re the vicious snake here, twisting words between your two tongues…
          Islam means submission / surrender to GOD, not to men, not to your passions, not to your vices, not to anything but God, to UNslave yourself and find true freedom and true peace.

    3. social movements, terrorist, revolutionary or otherwise (and feminism has always defined itself as militant/revolutionary) are generally far more dangerous to society than any overtly violent movement – ISIS included. They should screen out the blue hair and metal-nose-rings at airport security as far as I’m concerned

        1. super fat feminists could explode at any moment in a crowded space. They don’t even need a suicide belt

        2. LOL! You need to preface these kinds of comments with a warning for those of us who are drinking while reading which I suspect is more than 50%… Now I have to go wipe the brew off my iPad case damn you.

    4. Third wave feminism was early 90’s Riot Grrl stuff that got co-opted a few years ago by the pop culture music industry with acts like Spice Girls and Britney Spears. Internet porn and Sexual Revolution 2.0 killed most of the sex-negative man-hating make yourself ugly stuff until the revival of 4th wave feminism after the 2008 Stock Market Crash, Occupy Movement, Abortion-Contraception debacle a la Sandra Fluke, and this 2012-2013 media-driven hipster queer culture shift we’re now in.

  10. ANY female who claims the odious “feminist” title is either a willing participant in the movement to convert males into pseudo females for easier control, or an ignorant useful idiot that regurgitates their duplicitous talking points like a puppet with a string attached in the back.
    The philosophy is so pervasive and complementary to the brain of the average addle brained female that even those females who do not identify as feminists tend to repeat ad nauseam the same bs talking points that the militant feminist or the uninitiated feminist repeats. Feminism is like a stupid signal that only the average female can hear similar to the way a dog can hear an ultrasonic signal that a human normally cannot.
    The truth is, males are directly to blame for this nonsense, specifically those males who were led astray by the tears, supplications, whines etc of females as they went about whining for the same “rights” (Re: privileges) as Men.
    First they wanted the “right” to vote. When they achieved that, they became enamored with trying to get “rights” in Marriage, in divorce, in custody cases, in abortion etc.
    Then of course it was on to the “right” to make the same amount of money, the “right” to remove Masculine centered groups, the “right” to arrest males through nothing more substantial than an accusation; indeed the “right” to remove Men PERIOD from any setting which exists to promote orthodox masculinity at the expense of toxic feminism which is geared towards making males and females enemies, as the article writer so superbly stated.
    Our society shifted from one which emphasized individual excellence and the promotion of society (the Patriarchy) towards one which emphasizes who you are rather than what you do aka the “right” of identity.
    The “right” to have anything i want considered a right.
    The “right” to invalidate the legitimate rights of others.
    The “right” to make laws based on ME, no matter how toxic “me” might actually be.
    A Hillary Clinton victory will ensure that an evolution of this toxic philosophy takes place, as we gradually shift from a matriarchy to a gynecocracy, one in which males will have even LESS 14th amendment rights (Constitutional rights period) than what we have now.
    Given how things are progressing, i’m almost convinced she’s going to win the Presidency. There are simply too many factors at work against Men. Even on our side, we have become too sufficiently splintered (thanks to polarizing figures like Donald Trump who may or may not exist as a means of helping HC win) for me to take an optimistic approach to this entire benighted society i find myself in.
    This is why i’m choosing instead to build myself up and bolster others into doing the same.
    This feckless anorchous society is going to collapse like a house of cards soon enough, and if you’re not sufficiently prepared it’s going to collapse on your head like a slab of concrete.
    Don’t bother trying to fix society when society is hellbent on destroying itself and anyone who gets caught in its blast radius.
    Improve yourself, and you will be in a better position to help build a better society with others who did the same.
    And above all…record the personal history that you lived through…for yourself, for your children, for future generations.
    Civilizations are born, bred, and buried based on how well they learned from their historical mistakes, or more often than not, how little they learned from them.

  11. Feminism is much more dangerous than Terrorism because at least we are allowed to fight Terrorism.

    1. We need Putin to carpet-bomb some gender studies departments. Well carpet-munch bomb them

      1. He seems to be keeping his own backyard mostly in check, now we just need someone to apply some of that ballsyness to the rest of the western world.

        1. the Russians showed us how with Femen. They could probably provide some helpful advice on how to effectively police a slutwalk as well

      2. Don’t be surprised if they we hear more about mass shootings or bombings on college campus. This nonsense can only go on for so long before there is some kind of push back.
        History tells us that people will put up with bullshit to a certain point and then one last thing will cause the “snap”.
        It’s why (I believe) we have seen shootings in schools. These large daycare centers are brain washing many of these kids and they are now adult children. Men have become the target on campus.

        1. I’m not so sure. Pushing back like that – particularly if people actually die – just loses that individual ‘the argument’. Look at how the lefties were taking a battering last year just before the church massacre. That might not be quite the same, but the resort to violence automatically lost the right the moral high-ground because the racist killer (who was actually left wing in the main I think) immediately got associated with right of centre “extremism”. As a rule, whoever loses control loses the wider ‘argument’

        2. I’m just thinking you’re going to find more frustrated people out there on any college campus if the nonsense continues. I don’t side with them but I can understand why it would happen….with all the current “crazy” going on, today.
          It will be that or many will not enroll or even leave these schools.

  12. The good cop bad cop thing could also apply to Islam…birds of a feather…

  13. Normally, I would poke fun at you mercilessly for censoring boobies. But this time, I appreciate it a lot. Don’t want to puke my lunch all over my dashboard.

  14. I have renounced #gamergate and have embraced the “Dark Side.” Do you like my new haircut, Roosh? You can tweet me at @TheMercedezXXX
    #FormerPornstar #YesAllWomen #patriarchy #AllMenCan

      1. I’m getting fatter and I stopped shaving my legs. No more cleavage with my new Lena Dunham moo-moo dresses.

        1. your hideous the very minute you open your mouth.
          Would you like me to explain anything that you couldnt understand ?? i know your only a girl

        2. Whoever said I was a GIRL. I am a full grown WOMYN, thank you very much!!! Stop infantilising US, you vile misogynist!!!

        3. you are only a little girl
          come sit on my knee and talk about the first thing that pops up

  15. We have also turned all of the hot scene and AltGirls into raging RadFems during the #2012CultureShift by inundating Tumblr with feminazi memes. I hope no one had a “blue hair fetish” because we certainly as hell ruined it for you dudebros!!!

      1. And we ruined undercuts, piercings, tattoos, goth style, “sexy librarian” glasses (now “problem glasses”) and every other sexy alt thing too that we know you loved just a few years ago before this mess.

        1. We also ruined sexy short-haired girls. Yeah, they exist, but they’re rare as unicorns. Now it’s the “Mark of the Feminist.”

  16. Feminism asks but a simple question : Do these glasses make me look smart?

  17. What those Argentinian feminists needed was for several hundred men to run into the midst of them and start swinging belts at all of them, as hard and as fast as they could. Those women behaved like rabid dogs, and a good beating is what would have taught them the lesson they needed.

  18. I can’t wait to watch the feminists commit mass suicide when Trump wins.

    1. If HE wins, the victory will be short lived.
      WE WILL GET HIM!!!
      And if not our beta-cuck orbiters, then by our overwhelming numbers.

  19. Feminism is more like communism and nazism: a hate ideology promoted by fanatics that use the full violence of states to oppress their enemies. Nazis hated jews, communists hated bourgeois, feminists hate men. Unfortunately these criminal ideologies stop only thanks to highly symbolical events, like the executions of Mussolini or Ceausescu.

      1. I dont’t know, but when the moment will arrive I know what I will do to the feminist lawyer who abused of my child by building failed false allegation against me.

    1. …look a whole lot like this?
      It’s because we’re the real “oppressors,”
      …and we will continue to “cry out in pain as we strike you” until we get OUR way!!!

      1. Completion is below. Disqus is limited. I just wanted to create suspense.

  20. Omg… do you even dictionary? Feminism is the movement that advocates for the equality between men and women!
    Seriously though, regarding that “not all feminist are like that” argument, everyone is responsible for the labels we put on ourselves. If someone wearing a KKK T-shirt came up to you and stated that they believe in civil rights for black people and that they are only in the KKK because they are Christian, you would laugh in the face of that person. It’s normal to do the same thing when a feminist tells you they believe in equality because feminism has absolutely nothing to do with equality. If you believe in equality, it’s more accurate to call yourself an MRA than a feminist these days…

    1. Oh trust us, we are “subverting” that as you post. We’ll turn that “movement” into a bunch of mangina cuck beta-orbiters and YOU WILL BE FORCED TO LIKE IT!!!

        1. Maybe when I start getting “Baby Rabies” and come under the delusion that I start needing a man the same way a fish needs a bicycle. At that point, a psychiatrist will help me greatly!

        2. let me see , you typing from a laptop or iphone made by men, you are using internet made by men payed by the money made by men, using letters made by men , have a vagina that only could be impregnated by men , you were made by a man who fucked your mother , of course I can see that you don’t need men, you are going to use a transportation by air or by sea or by road made by men to start your own country by like minded feminists and we’ll see how you’ll handle yourself there, in anyway think whatever you like, in the end you need men ,without men you’ll all be living in woods scared to death from insects and rats , without mentioning you’ll live a very short life , in anyway even if you didn’t need us for real we woudn’t care, nobody will care cause nobody even women don’t need you or like you for that matter , and men don’t need you or know that you exist , without you alive or dead we will be just fine , take care and for god’s sake seek help , you’ll be feeling better in the long run , I don’t know who hurt you in the past but don’t take it on all the male species , nobody’s perfect

  21. We feminists are against the white man and pushing for Islamic refugees because they are the future, and we are wise to the fact the white man stole their ancient technology and suppressed their cannibis knowledge.

      1. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
        We know how to subvert the next generation. First we push degrading porn and slut culture on your kids. This creates thirst and high expectations in the men. Then we tell the “reformed sluts” that sex is oppressive and that they’ve been tricked by “patriarchy” for things they’ve done out of their own volition to create permanent friction and resentment between the sexes. We then profit off porn, taxed prostitution and divorce lawyers as the women turn themselves into unfuckable landwhales that give our organizations money to stop “oppression.”
        BEST SCAM EVA!!!

  22. Thank you author for a supreme article. 40 years of information work from Scandinavia.

  23. “Feminists are puppets for the government’s war against men” and the rich daddy’s girls will end up giving up feminism to become a housewife for a banker which works for granddaddy’s firm. Meanwhile, the middle and working class gals who are mere sheep will wake up at 37 with baby rabies after year of carousel riding. Sex and the city lifestyle will dry them up while the feminist leaders will become either trophy wives or single mum politicians. e.g. The rich cunt who threw beer in Roosh’s face!
    Need I say more?

  24. Great Article, Hope your doing a follow up discussing how to disrupt or change the system that supports this negative culture. What I really liked is you broke it down and gave great examples of how much male culture has suffered and been altered by this hate filled agenda.
    Too many guys in denial and don’t even have a clue they are being played or manipulated or even under attack. Had to mention that Men still have some Feminist Allies. They are a few scholarly kind that actual believe in equal rights and recognize that men are under attack by this type of feminism. Feminism supposed to be about equal rights but its high jacked and taken over by people who have there own agenda that want to dominate or destroy men.
    Recently heard a few authors discussing the Hatred of Men (Misandry) and found out they have a few books with stats to back up there ideologies. Books are called Replacing Misandry. The ass kicker the one author is gay and I believe the older lady is a feminist.
    I found it interesting that both have studied and illustrated that this agenda is real and your article is based on facts. I put down the links if anyone is interested in exploring the issue further. I haven’t read the books just heard the interviews so I am not an expert on their material but found it very interesting.

  25. A much better example of there work and I have to correct myself as I don’t think she is a feminist at all.
    Misandry and Emptiness: Masculine Identity in a Toxic Cultural Environment By Paul Nathanson & Katherine K. Young
    “Misandry is hatred toward men. We refer here not to anger but to hatred. Anger is an emotion and transient; hatred is neither. Hatred is a culturally propagated way of thinking. Although hatred entails psychological and other problems, it is truly a cultural problem and therefore a moral problem as well”
    “But, we argue, misandry is due primarily to something much more sinister and much more destructive than even a double standard, whether in the context of commerce or etiquette. Underlying the attitude of those who condone misandry—they often hide behind the anonymity that pseudonyms confer on bloggers—is a perverted notion of justice, which makes it synonymous with revenge”

  26. An incredibly educational and impressive article. Worthy of a permanent and easily accessible spot on this site. Neo-Masculinity is our mission – our creed. This article, however, is our reality – our Theater of War, so to speak.
    I especially enjoyed the section dealing with radical feminists versus “non-radical” feminists. I am consistently challenged, especially by other men, with the nonsense that there are “real” feminists who want “real” equality and it’s best to ignore the radical feminists and listen to the “non-radicals.” My go to response has always been that biologically speaking anyone, in any way shape or form, that believes in equality of the sexes believes in something completely irrational and, as such, should be treated accordingly. This response, while true, gets me marked as an extremist and shut down. I get the exact same response when I start talking about Islam. Any Muslim that has not shown a complete and thorough rejection of Sharia law and their culture is a potential radical.
    The good cop/bad cop response can work for both, it is wonderfully logical and very hard to argue against. It also has the benefit of being completely true and even the most staunch egalitarian male has to pause to consider the logic being thrown his way.
    I greatly appreciate the thoroughness and intelligence that you put into this article.

  27. Feminism uses terror and the State for its purposes.
    You probably will not believe me. I come from one of the most feminist countries in the world. After I started writing my thoughts in my blog about many issues, one of them was my opposition to feminism, I had:
    -Death threats
    -I was beaten by a bunch of guys
    -I had threat paints outside my house
    -They sued me and I had to pay money
    If I get the time I will maybe write an article and send it to ROK.

    1. Lol, quite funny how feminist women use men when it comes to violence. Pacifist and strong women yeah.

  28. I’ve never lived in America and have only visited it a few times, but of course have met feminists in other parts of the world where I’ve lived and seen them on TV. To put it in perspective I wonder what percentage of the adult woman population is actually feminist in various countries. Anyway there is definitely a problem, no denying it because, as discussed here and in an article a few days ago what started out as a grass-roots movement in the 1800s with other waves in the 20th century is now adopted and sponsored by various elites. There’s all manner of loonies on the fringes of society who have a lot more power than they would in a healthy society. During my interactions with women in Europe have only met about 3 I would classify as dangerous feminists who I then avoided and find it a bit comforting that there is a women’s movement against this shit http://womenagainstfeminism.com/

  29. In my opinion we only have 1 option to solve this problem of feminism!
    Stop paying everything for girls, treat them like shit, rape them & we would have more places like bars or social clubs that allow ONLY men to enter their premises. In 1 sentence we need to show them who is the men & that their only place of work is being housewives (cooking, cleaning, satisfy men sexually).
    Then we should make a law that all those stupid beta males who try to defend stupid feminists would be killed. Marriage, politics & religion would stop existing since they only help feminism to grow and the leaders of law (police, soldiers, judges) would be all MEN.

        1. @ Lee
          You certainly sound like you’re in the anger phase. Nothing wrong with that. We’re men after all.
          howevever could you please re-read what you wrote in the voice of someone that wants to take down ROK / MRA / MGTOW
          We need to play the long game here.

        2. what’s wrong with what i wrote? women should stop treat man like shit so we should give them the same treatment they give us or just ignore them like they never existed.

  30. “To defeat feminism we must destroy the system that supports it.” “The fate of mankind depends on our resistance.”
    How do we destroy and resist it when it has permeated every aspect and area of society from the Presidency to the kindergarden class room?

  31. The only sure-fire solution I can see is extricating ourselves from the puppet-master’s frame. In a way, going Galt.
    As others have proposed, that means not having a source of income that can be taken away – no career where we can be “fired”. And not accepting their narrative or frame on any issue. Never accept their premise, vote against their every effort, reduce reliance on society. Never need to be “liked”. Fuck Facebook.
    Avoid electronic banking, barter and use cash.
    Don’t live a life where you can be doxxed or they can protest on your front lawn. Laugh and smirk at them frequently.
    SERIOUSLY consider not joining the armed forces – other than to get weapons and combat training; you’ll just as likely have a SJW like Hillary or Bernie as your Commander in Chief, and be sent to die or get your legs blown off in the Middle East to support some hair-brained leftist diplomatic experiment or other whims of the Illuminati.
    Basically ZFG.

  32. Wow, my sisters and ex wife have said all these things featured in the ironic cartoon. There’s a simple solution “Fuck off Cunt bitch or ill smack you in the mouth” works every time. You may be forced to suffer an embarrassing (for her) tantrum or attempt at physical assault but most women can’t fight anyway so they’ll just end up falling over and embarrassing themselves

  33. I’ve been saying it for a while now and even though its not always well received here at ROK, I will say it again. Feminism is a greater threat to western nations then all of Islam combined. Islam we can see, Islam we can battle and the cost of Islam is measurable in the physical death toll it takes on us.
    Oddly enough, the ones opening the doors to Islam with the greatest enthusiasm, tends to be feminists. Won’t they be in for a surprise when they are yanked on the street and forced to either wear burka’s and submit to their male master or die horribly. The irony is mind boggling.

    1. Feminists all have a deep desire to be dominated and humiliated. They number of women that identify as feminist in BDSM scenes are quite high. “50 Shades of Rape…” was a best seller for a reason.
      Feminists want to return to the old days where a woman had absolutely no responsibility in life and were supported entirely by men. Let’s face it; having to do a few loads of laundry, make dinner, and take care of a child a few hours a day was vastly superior to the 9-10 hour office life they’ve been tricked into accepting to be “equal to men.”
      They simply cannot accept that life was far better before feminism, however, as a woman can never admit they were wrong. So instead a giant ruse has been invented to challenge men to step up, slap them like Sean Connery, and put them back in their place. They keep pushing, but modern men have failed to push back and discipline them, so the behavior keeps getting worse.
      Islam is the cure for feminism because Islam treats women they way women want to be treated.

      1. There is def something akin to a giant shit test going… how many feminists really want to be subjected by Islam though? I am not sure… but certainly women are very confused now as they want a strong man to regulate and yet they do have a strong desire for power.

  34. What is feminism, LGBT activities and real estate prices?
    Answer: Genocide! Treat it as such.

    1. Are you suggesting SJWs don’t rely heavily on such techniques themselves?
      Your vagina is showing.

  35. I’m a big fan of Zola and other French writers. Check them out and you’ll see all the stuff that we talk about here. The difference now is that they have all kinds of rights and advantages that they didn’t then. In “The Belly of Paris” he shows how groups of women, while hating each other, gang up and make life hell for the single man that ended up working in their midst. Older cultures knew the wisdom of not giving women too much control over things. They’re too irrational to handle their own lives, and cause destruction for everyone else.

  36. Women and gay, man, women and gays. The only difference between their behavior and irrational demands is the violence. Tell a bunch of gay protestors to shut up, or have them dragged out, and OK. Women protestors will assault speakers, guards, and camera men. And they know that the likelyhood of them paying a real consequence is nill. Also, note that homosexuality is a mental illness. . .So how does that rate women with the ridiculous and absurd stances they take.

  37. The United States has been strategically and systematically dismantled from the inside out beginning 45 years ago.
    The feminist movement is part of it.
    We are all seeing the cultural, social and economic first effects— in all aspects of the millennial generation— our society, our people, and our environment. It is unbelievable. And its a crime. There is a reason things look the way they do.
    We must:
    * Ban together socially and culturally and preserve our individual cultures and traditions. Other groups come here and do this to get ahead.
    * Ban together economically to preserve our economy.
    * Ban together politically to preserve our nation.
    * Be critical and independent thinkers.
    * Guard our minds from programming
    Research it. You can easily find the source/who is to blame. And by the way, I do not condone violence. I condone preservation. Once these things are gone you will not get them back..
    Read this link for more:

  38. Two divorces twenty years apart from women where we had a nice loving family life with children where they left because no fault divorce gave them the authority. Twenty years after the last breakup I am convinced they are proud that they broke up the family to the extent that none of our children want anything to do with either of us. Neither one ever remarried or has a man. Steinem, Friedan and Gurley Brown are still their heroes along with the present day man haters of the leftist. After all the heartbreak I took a path that every man with a pair of testicles should do. I left for Asia and found that American men are prized and considered special in all Asian country’s. Happily married I am for thirteen years to a beautiful bundle of joy forty years younger for thirteen years with a five year old son of ours. Believe me when I tell you on behalf of myself and dozens of expats over here, “You don’t need or deserve American bitches.”

  39. I don’t see any way to come back from this infection short of mass killings.
    That’s all fine and dandy.
    The problem is that the fems/globalists/govt will be the ones doing all the killing because nobody else will group together.
    Based on that one single merit alone, maybe they deserve to win.
    Basic intelligence dictates that 10 men will always beat an individual in battle. And that 1 man with a gun can control 100 without guns.

    1. >Klein is a middle child, raised in a Jewish family.
      I-I’m sure that is simply a coincidence!

  40. I will just say what ROK can’t for many reasons. There will eventually have to be government takeover or all is lost.

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