3 Things I Learned After Discovering Red Pill Truths Late In Life

I’m 39 years old. I first had sex at 17, in the midst of a Seinfeld-like competition with my buddies to see who would be the last to “lose it” and have to wear a yellow shirt with a V for virginity emblazoned on the front of it like a sexless Superman to high school. I didn’t lose, but I didn’t win either considering the physical attributes of the girl I fucked.

I was born with a very mild case of Cerebral Palsy. Think Walter Jr. from Breaking Bad, just to a lesser degree. I have some loss of fine motor skills, poor balance (friends who have tried to playfully tackle me have knocked me over unintentionally) and a blown-out lower lumbar region that required surgery last year to repair. Other than that I look good with my shirt off (gym 4x per week, now with core strengthening exercises), I’m intelligent enough to write an article for ROK, and am successful on my own terms.

It’s not that I wasn’t getting laid. I had a strange feeling that I was blowing good opportunities. When I don’t understand something or want to learn more, I read. I know nothing about plumbing. The men in my family aren’t particularly handy, preferring to “pay the experts” in most cases. I approached my sex life at middle age the same way I approached my toilet when my filler and flusher valves broke at the same time (I now know what these are)—I started reading.

The feeling I got after finding Roosh, ROK and the Rational Male can best be described as having my entire adult sexual life pass before my eyes with all the gory details intact.  The one-itis. The credit card bills and ATM receipts that showcased my ability to indulge a woman’s every whim. The sore balls encountered during expensive weekends at the beach. The relationships that ended months after they should have, without me knowing. The cheaters that attempted to reconcile with me.

I work in sales and I’m good at it. I enjoy following a process while seeking to understand the real drivers and motivations of my prospects. I firmly believe that everything in life is a sales transaction, including sex and dating. Your wife (I’m not married) wants sushi for dinner and you don’t? Better start selling. Your kid gives you an ugly tie for Christmas?  Think about how you would respond. The girl next to you at the bar was giving you IOIs but is now looking over your shoulder for her friends?  Were you really driving the interaction, or participating in it?

I think this is why I found some common red pill truths so easy to execute in such a short period of time.

1.  Go for no!

Several sales books have been written on this subject (see Jim Camp or David Sandler). This was the easiest way for me to learn to maintain my frame, because I was already doing it at work. Simply put, I lead the interaction, and either party can walk away at any time. It’s a test of interest level that cuts through the clutter and shows me if I have a live one on the hook. When she wants dinner at an expensive steak house over the weekend (unless I want steak), I’ll say I just ate steak and I’m not interested but I’m making chicken enchiladas and she’s welcome to come by with a bottle of wine or a six pack if she’s hungry. I’ve honestly never been told no since I started doing this.

A cool new popular bar opened right next to my condo—literally right outside my back door. Former beta me would have worried about the right “time” to bring the girl there. New, “non-natural alpha but learning the science of being more alpha” me requests that every first date drive to that bar to meet me.

Her:  Let’s go to new hot night spot and blow hundreds of dollars of your money while I rub on you so you get a feel of what I might do after four more dates.

Me:  Let’s go to new bar right by my house. After we’re done drinking, I can take you home and show you my sock collection. I have some very old pairs.

I’ve used this line word for word and have had the girl laugh and do just what I asked, and gotten laid. I said no to her. I gave her the chance to opt out. She opted in. End of story, deal closed.

2.  Always escalate.

I learned that a girl will never punish me for trying to fuck, but very well might punish me for NOT trying. I can’t count how many times I took a willing girl home to watch a movie – and watched the movie. I did a great job presenting myself as a boring, cookie cutter guy who was more that capable of killing any sexual desire the girl might have had while her buzz wears off. I was told by several girls over the years that I “wasn’t aggressive enough”  and I may not be. I don’t enjoy dominating women. The ones that ask to be choked out early on I usually won’t call back. But there’s no sense missing an easy lay-up with a girl I enjoyed being with because I didn’t seize the opportunity when it was there.

Now, I go home after dates in the middle of the day, take the girl by the hand and lead her to my room. We can always watch a movie after, and she can always say no.I fucked the last girl I did this with. I made my intentions clear and asked for the sale. I didn’t give her a chance to rationalize or think things over.

3.  Stop providing so much detail.

This was a big one for me, but also an easy bad habit to un-learn. Because I have a disability I often felt like I had to qualify myself to women in this regard. If a woman (who was probably asking because she was considering taking my seed in one way or another) asked me if “she could ask me something personal” (the usual lead in), or why I looked so stiff, I would launch into a detailed description of cerebral palsy and why I was predisposed to it (premature birth).

Even if a woman did put me on the “fucks” side of the alpha/beta equation, I was causing her to realize very quickly that I wasn’t likely to be the guy with the right genetics to give her kids who would be playing division one college football. Now I simply say, “my back is bad” and shut up. Since everyone on the planet knows someone who has had lower back issues if they don’t have them themselves, this simple statement accounts for my disability while giving it a kind of “social camouflage.” Could have been a sports injury… maybe I did it while skydiving. I went from kisses on the cheek to getting massage offers from girls who were very happy to pass on the jet skiing, which I can’t do anymore. Doctor’s orders.

This goes for work as well. Guess what? No girl I’m trying to fuck really cares what I do for a living. I learned this one because I worked for several start up software companies that never started up and ended up unemployed here and there over the last few years. I got more ass during this time because I had less to talk about. By explaining my complicated career to a girl in detail, I’m really qualifying myself to her in terms she can’t understand anyway. Nothing causes (in my experience) the moisture to dry up faster, although I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I thought I was just making conversation. “I’m an IT consultant” is plenty, or even “I consult for businesses in the IT field” is good. She gets to tick her “he has a job that doesn’t involve shoveling dirt” box, and if she wants a dirt shoveler, I’m out anyway with little time invested.

The greatest thing I learned was really something I already knew—the truths of human psychology never change and can be easily exploited. I’m guessing that there are probably a lot of guys in my boat—they had the tools all along they just had no idea how to use them in a concise way. The best part has been the learning process itself, and my simply practicing it, I know I’m putting myself ahead of most of the “non-educated” guys out there.

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  1. On a semi-related note, I just wandered over to Jezebel’s thread on the “I don’t need feminism” page and read some of the comments.
    Holy shit, no wonder you all think “all” women are crazy. The idiot girls on that site were livid at a commenter who suggested that it might be stupid for women to go to a party alone and get blackout drunk in a room full of strangers. The girl(I presume) who said that was labeled a “rape apologist” and a terrible person.
    They shut up once someone who actually had been raped at a party spoke up, and lashed out at them because she realized that if she hadn’t gotten blackout drunk she wouldn’t have been raped.

    1. Funnily enough, the author seemed to be outraged at the insinuation that women should be feminine.
      There’s also this gem on the above topic:
      “Because you are victim blaming!! Instead of teaching people how to not get raped, teach people how to not rape.”
      I fail to see why the two are exclusive. Just because rape is bad doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for a girl to deliberately put herself in that situation….but ya know #feminism #yolo #liberation

      1. Well of course. Can you imagine how unfeminine women’s value would drop if more women in the west started placing a value on femininity?

        1. Why do I get the feeling that Jezebel-style feminists are just butthurt that they aren’t getting as much play as their better looking, more feminine peers? That all this talk of “misogony” is just anger that men aren’t attracted to them? That they are really just about rationalizing their own failings and blaming it on “men”?

        2. And do you ever notice how your typical “feminist” is typically an overweight, unattractive, type? It seems that they usually spend most of their time on the internet, always seem to have that hideous dark-red hair dye, and are often Wiccans.

        3. Absolutely. More attractive or normal women actually have lives and have real things to do in the real world.
          Not to mention they’re more mentally stable. At least marginally, anyway.

        4. FYI when I encountered women who were practicing Wiccan witchcraft, typically they were damaged women or those with deep-rooted issues. Odd people.

        5. Not always. Borderline personality disorder is far more common in women than men by a factor of at least three, and maybe as high as eight if I recall correctly. They can be quite attractive and crazier than the proverbial shithouse rat.

        6. Yes, I know. Or maybe I should have stated more clearly that those who show extremist feminist tendencies are more likely to have more sever mental or personality disorders than those who don’t.
          Or just act more retarded…who knows?

        7. You’re probably right about that. Feminism would certainly be attractive to damaged minds. Even the ones that aren’t damaged get conditioned to believe that acting like out of control spoiled toddlers is somehow empowering, which emulates certain pathologies in a lot of ways.

        8. The same traits prompt diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder in women and Antisocial Personality Disorder/Psychopathy in men.

    2. Advising a female to take basic precautions leads the fem-mob to call that person an apologist.
      When I travel abroad the first word of caution I receive is “don’t walk around with expensive jewelry and watches, leave it at home.” I heed this advice and have not been mugged even once. I don’t label the people that warn me “mugger apologists” or “thief enablers.”
      Do I theoretically have the right to walk around free of being assaulted or robbed. Yes I should have the right to walk around completely free of having my personal space and private property violated. Do I whine about having to take basic precautions that everyone, both male and female, should take if the want to lessen the chances of an assault, mugging, or robbery, NO. I realize the nature of humanity which is that most people don’t steal or mugg other people and that it is better to avoid it altogether by taking very basic and simple precautions.
      Yay for reason and rationality.

      1. No one would say you deserved to get robbed for wearing a nice watch in Paris, or wherever, and going abroad is rare for you. You don’t have to look over your shoulder your whole life, no matter what you actually do. Lots of women never even go abroad, because they’re afraid they’ll be raped or kidnapped. Slut-shaming is much more restrictive than travel precautions. Stealing a watch is also not an act of war. Just sayin’.

  2. Outstanding post. I literally couldn’t agree more with points 1 and 2 and amazed by how often guys get this wrong.
    I would add that you really want to escalate before the date whenever possible. Texting is a safer, faster and more effective way to escalate pre-date. I am very certain I am going to close before my date even starts which is why I have an nearly 85% first date close rate.

  3. …I was told by several girls over the years that I “wasn’t aggressive enough” and I may not be. I don’t enjoy dominating women. The ones that ask to be choked out early on I usually won’t call back….

    Wait, I’m so confused… you mean your natural male instinct isn’t just taking over and making you want to physically abuse women? You mean you, *gasp*, actually want to treat a woman not as an object, but as a human being while fucking her? But but but… all those feminists had me convinced I was a raving lunatic on the inside who just wants to punch and fuck.
    btw, fantastic post.

    1. More women want to be choked out than men want to choke them out, that’s for sure. I’ve punched/choked a few women before and I find it very “blah”, not exciting at all. But it’s definately, IMHO, something women want more than men. The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been from slow/soft, not fast/aggressive. And since the reason I’m having sex is to get myself the best possible orgasm, I really prefer the light touch/teasing/massive explosion over the sport fuck.
      I’ve yet to meet a woman who likes slow/soft more than savage sport fuck.

      1. When humans were actually living in huts and caves, male work consisted of life-or-death dealings trying to bring home food each day. This process of getting in shape for men started at a young age, 13 or 14. So from a young age, men were building muscle density like the developed world has never seen. The men of that era had muscle probably near the same density of apes of today.
        IF the men of that era had a single violent bone in their body for women, the human race would have died out just from the women being beaten to death. No, nature wants humans to continue, so men have a gentle instinct when it comes to the fairer sex. If this were not so, women thousands of years ago would literally be having their skulls bashed in from men not knowing their own strength.

      2. btw. I agree with you. Slow and steady wins the race. Well maybe not steady (build it up, bring it down and so on). I have never had a woman complain, not once. I have heard that women don’t like the savage fast fuck because its more painful than enjoyable.

    2. I don’t have a feminine side, but I crave the feminine in my life. For that, I turn to my woman. For punching and kicking, I turn to men.

    3. Domination baby… that’s what its all about. But we don’t need to confuse domination with choking, or fast uncoordinated movement.

  4. An old sales book I have has a list of rules, one of them : “He who reveals the most about himself loses”.
    I have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory countless times by opening my big mouth after clinching the sale. I am incapable of shutting the fuck up, unfortunately.

    1. Lets not forget one of the basic tenets of negotiating: He Who Speaks First Loses.

    2. Yeah… I’m making a career change right now and started discussing it with a girl that I pretty much had in the bag.
      She saw a bit of my insecurity at my future (not that I am in a bad financial position at all mind you… in fact I’m ahead of her in terms of education and savings) and her pussy went into self-destruct.
      Tom Leykis 101: “Shut the fuck up”

      1. That is a big one actually. While you are just being honest and realistic about your current work situation a woman, any woman, simply cannot handle the ambiguity of it.
        I have been working at home the last month and my wife suspects that I don’t even have a job. As if I am hanging out at the library or coffeeshop and trolling the internet, only to come home feigning exhaustion from another hard day at the office.

        1. This behavior may have roots in our paleolithic past.
          Caveman : Honey, I failed to kill any wild game today.
          Cavewoman : My pussy is not for you.

        1. yeah I really don’t care….
          she was hot but I wasn’t expecting her to give me a life of endless happiness.

        2. The wise man learns not to expect much from women nowadays; instead, it seems that the majority of women today expect YOU to give them a life of endless ‘happiness’ (cash and prizes courtesy of Divorce Court).
          And then they can’t even begin to understand why the numbers of men wanting to marry (when SHE is ready, of course) keeps dropping, while the numbers of us MGTOW keep increasing.

    3. I generally like to talk, hence my communication career field, so I oftentimes do the same with people in general (reveal a bit too much).
      A few tips to keep quiet and a cool head…
      Carefully choose your words, understand the meaning behind others words, and focus on the other person.

      1. You are right, focus on the other person. My inherent narcissism causes me to blab and blab about some personal escapade which usually turns off the listener. They don’t want to hear about brothel surfing or other exploits.

        1. I can’t always get online to reply, but when I read comments like these they keep me in good spirits throughout the day lmao.

    4. Revealing too much about yourself may hint to validation and approval seeking. That is what I was told by psychologist

  5. Nice article.
    I get inspired when reading about players who started at junior level beta and learned the ropes. Takes guts and determination to build yourself up like that. Much respect.
    Also inspiring to hear that you did it a little later in life.
    To RoK readers… For the last while on RoK there has been a lot of big picture articles and some of it is rather grim… We’re all swallowing the RedPill… Do yourselves a favour once in a while and review the Game section and remember that all this shit is a lot of fun. I did that last night and its amazing how much wisdom we are collecting. Theres a lot of inspiring work there with great humour.

    1. Now this is the kind of positive attitude I can work with. Not that stupid laughing and smiling fake shit bitches post on their dating profiles ahhaha.

    2. Yep, good stuff indeed and way to keep moving ahead.
      No BS….just straight talk and you’re in. Not too much detail, don’t bore her and get right to the point. She’ll more than likely always be into it because it’s different than most of her usual boring dates.

  6. To to much detail that’s a biggie.I still catch myself revealing to much about myself at first.Very good point.

  7. Great article! I’ve been reading this stuff for years and it’s great to see new perspectives to hit the main points home.

  8. Nice article, and hits some great key points.
    they had the tools all along they just had no idea how to use them in a concise way
    Very true! And being told not to use them, or being too afraid or lacking confidence to try.

  9. We need more honest articles like this. There’s nothing more inspiring than a man who chooses to think for himself and believe that society is wrong. Instead of remaining in the maze of confusion and delusion created by women you chose to do better and be better. It doesn’t matter what age you come to the realization, all that matters is that you did and your life is now your own. Master of your own fate. Nothing more masculine than being in complete control of your life and knowing exactly what it is and what you can do to change it. You get a 1 up from me.

    1. Yes the articles written by the more average guys that we all can relate too are usually more inspiring and heartwarming in contrast to the “jetset PUA” guys, saying that obviously without diminishing the latter in any way, they are ofcourse also inspiring and share valuable practical info.

  10. Number three is one that I struggle with. Having grown up in a female-dominated house, it’s all too easy to feel like I need to qualify myself and my actions.

    1. Why the fuck do you need to justify yourself to a woman?
      She’s looking for someone to support her lifestyle (which you’ll try to avoid anyway) and give her kids (at your own risk), so she can let herself go after you put a ring on it (which, she doesn’t know, you’re not going to do). Sounds like she needs to be doing a fair more justifying of herself to YOU.

      1. Exactly. This is what I’m starting to realize as well. “Chain yourself to an office job” what a joke. It doesn’t really matter what you do for a living or whether you have money or not, money comes and goes but your character and personality are what endures.

    2. I know what you mean – I always felt like I had to qualify myself to girls I liked…that I needed justify myself to them

  11. Basically agree here. The best way I can summarize how to maximize success with women is this:
    If you had the type of mother and/or grandmother who was a generally decent woman and was intelligent, who perhaps fell in love with and stayed married to your father or grandfather, if you want to maximize sexual success with women… THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR MOTHER/GRANDMOTHER WOULD RESPOND POSITIVELY TO AND DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE.
    Don’t do romantic gestures, don’t display vulnerability, don’t feel a girl out as a possible soul mate who might understand your interests and career, don’t treat her as an equal, and don’t try to make her aware of all of your unique abilities and positive qualities. These are all vaginal dryers. It is sad but true.
    In this way, I think that men who had a decent mother and a good family life growing up are at a disadvantage when it comes to sexual success, because our instincts are all wrong. On the other hand, someone whose mother was a vapid stupid slut knows exactly how to behave around women in order to maximize sexual success.

    1. While I agree soul mates stuff is garbage I couldn’t disagree more with the rest. Treat a woman well outside the bedroom and like a fuck toy in the bedroom. That is what they want.
      A woman will love being sexually objectified if (and only if) she feels valued outside the bedroom.

    2. If you had been in WW2 and killed 50 men you have proven to be a force of nature killing machine. You know it and women do sense it.
      Thats why these generation guys could “display vulnerability” and make “romantic gestures” – to show that under the rock hard outer skin made of reinforced titanium lies a warm, soft hard. That is what women crave for.
      Todays men never killed anyone. They would have problems killing a chicken for food if need be. These guys are whimps and have never endured any hardships. They know it and women do sense it.
      Beeing like that you can aford showing your weakness to the world, that is just gross.
      Think about it.

      1. Nah, the difference between then and now is that womens’ incentive structure has completely changed.
        In the WW2 generation society basically gave a woman her worth through her accomplishments as a wife and mother, plus really frowned on promiscity. So she had a HUGE incentive to find and keep a good man with father and husband potential, and a huge incentive not to do otherwise. The way to a woman’s heart was through her head, via displaying provider traits and other signals of good character.
        Even in the generation after that, most women felt like they needed a “soul mate” and lifetime male companionship – and I don’t mean they just said it or believed it in the abstract but they actually felt it strongly enough to act on it. Also, single motherhood, although not as taboo as it was in the WW2 generation, was still rare enough that women didn’t want to go down that road. So again, many women were highly attuned to which men were going to be high quality from a long-term companionship perspective.
        Today, the only thing most women want from a man, deep down, is excitement. The pressure from society, her family, or any other source that could run counter to that is now small enough to be ignored.

      2. “Todays men never killed anyone.”
        maldek, you must have been living under a rock for the last fifteen or so years, while all that unpleasantness in Iraq and Afghanistan was taking place.
        “These guys are whimps and have never endured any hardships.”
        Riiiiiiiiiight, maldek.

  12. I’m 38 and can relate to a lot of what you are saying. Great read…. nice job man!

  13. I was told for years by my mother that “women liked sensitive men”…

      1. I think that a majority of societal problems stem from the overwhelming easy accessibility of television and the mindless garbage shown on it. The weak-minded sheeple see the nonsense and drivel presented there, and think that’s what ‘real life’ either is or should be.
        When I was younger, I’m ashamed to say that I was that same way — I awakened from that mindset when I had to break the ‘TV habit’ when I went into the Navy. Since I’ve left the Navy, my TV viewing is miniscule compared to what it used to be: besides my favorite movies and documentaries on DVD, I only occasionally watch some documentary programs on PBS, History Channel, etc. I refuse to watch any of the drama or other mindless drivel on the commercial channels — if I do, I swear that I can feel my neurons shutting down.

  14. Good advice. I was born with a chest deformity (pectus excavatum) which destroyed my confidence, especially with women for years. I am still a bit self-conscious of it but not nearly as much. I had a repair of it which was unsuccessful and left me with a huge scar.
    It’s funny you mention the “right genetics.” I had a girl that I banged a few weeks ago not call back and I created the story that she saw my chest and subconsciously put me in the “wrong genetics” category. After analyzing the reason, I believe that my propensity towards one-itis may have come off like a stinky cologne of desperation. I am still working on developing an abundance mentality.

    1. I feel ya brother. I have a chest deformity as well, I believe it would be classified Pectus Carinatum. One side slightly raised compared to the other. Really bothered me as a teenager when I was skin and bones, it was more noticeable. It basically served as a chastity belt well into my 20s and I was terrified of taking my shirt off.

      1. There are surgical procedures that can correct your condition. However, they are very expensive. Talk to a doc.
        What I’ve slowly come to realize is that if you do have a congenital condition or deformity, you must work on other aspects of your life which can more than make up for a deformity, especially one as benign as PE or, in your case, PC.
        These include the areas of finance, social skills, humor, and intellect.

        1. I have no need for a surgical procedure anymore. By my mid-20’s my pec muscles had developed to a point that it became much less noticeable. Now when I take off my shirt its my love handles and not my chest that I worry about more.

  15. Well done to you Sir, some spot on insights that the 99 % of the western male population seems to miss entirely, which still amazes me as they totally ruined the developed world for the naturally masculine men within a span of a few decades… The western men put themselves in a legally, financially and culturally self sabotaging state of life, both on the social and state level, and now you have to travel to poor / developing / out of focus countries just to have a natural instinctive interaction with a girl. Maybe it’s all for the best as the fall of the corrupt american empire is long overdue.
    Looking forward to your further articles, and congratulations on your improved life and greatness.

  16. I learned about the Red Pill late in life, but one experience in my past still makes me cringe.
    I was at a dorm party at a local university, when I got talking to young lady. We ended up in her room and were making out, when she comes right out and says, “I guess you’re ready for bed”, to which I responded with,
    “Not right away, I’m not tired yet”.
    I still can’t believe how I blew a chance at having sex with a hot young chick. She was really nice looking, had a cute body and a big chest. I was 18 at the time and really sheltered, but that was no excuse.
    Now with ROK and other sites instructing young men, there is no reason whatsoever to make the same stupid mistakes I made in my foolish youth.

  17. Currenty a Beta male at uni who wants to fully embrace the red pill lifestyle, any good advice on where to start? I’ve been reading the Game and been reading up on alot of the PUA mentioned there and their techniques but was wondering where are some other good sources of information? Cheers for any help!

  18. Dr. Me you were ahead all the time, you just did not know it.
    The fact you DO go to the gym and the fact you do work in SALES (thus are trained in talking to strangers) are both factors we call passive value. You had plenty of passive value to begin with.
    All you have to do is end the “self-cockblock” you did and you will do fine.
    As it seems you already do 🙂 – well done.
    That said, there are boys and men out there who are both blue pill and blue balls.
    These guys dont have to worry about cockblocking themselfs, they have so low passive value, that they do not get laid at all.
    * Having 6′ and 140 pounds (65kg) is NOT going to get girls to see you as man; even less an alpha.
    * If you have no money, no job and are living with your parents (maybe even in the basement doh) you are NOT attractive – not even as an beta-provider; you cant even provide for yourself after all.
    * If you have no social life outside the internet (beeing a guild-leader in any online game does not count), your skin is pale because you spend 16 hours/day in front of your screen and your 3 best friends are eighter like you or you never met them in person; then my friend you cant expect the girls to go out of their way to share your fucked up life with you; even less rescue you from yourself.
    These are all drastic examples and not all boys/men will check them all, but if you do check at least one(!) of these 3 you will have to be DAMN FUCKING AWESOME in several other areas to compensate for this flaw or you will be Mr. blue balls for a very long time.

  19. Better late than never, as is the case with most men. I discovered red pill at 36, just this past year, so I’m a little behind myself but I’ve already seen big improvements. The great thing about being a man is that we peak much later in life so finding this information in our 30’s is pretty timely. It;s never too late for an awakening and to have a 2nd act in life that makes you the captain of your ship.

  20. Nice article and kudos to you for taking the bull by the horns. Although being in my late 50’s I have to chuckle about 39 being “late in life”.

  21. Amidst the past few “I was such a Beta I let my girl peg me but I swallowed the red pill 3 and half weeks ago and here’s what I learned” articles that have been polluting the site the past few months, your story was fucking awesome. Loved the Sales mirror. “It’s not what you say, it’s how you make them feel”. Cheers dude.

  22. Here is the truth. If you actually understand the red pill then the Enemy will try to secretly poison and kill you. If you don’t actually understand and are a dog like 99.99% of other people then you will be allowed to go on spewing useless crap. Why? Bc you don’t actually understand anything. Anybody trying to kill you?

  23. Go for “no.” That is wise advice.
    Puts you in exactly the right mental frame.

  24. Good article. Like your attitude. And I would not call it late in life. You get plenty of guys who find out about it in their 50s. That is what I would call rather late.
    And even they don’t despair and try to change things by reframing their marriages or bedding successfully mid-30s-women.

  25. This has to be one of the most honest articles I’ve ever read. Keep up the good work!

  26. Escalating was the biggest one for me and then speaking with honesty about my needs. Curiously, I started getting more honest answers like “Ok, if we do have sex Can I say you are my boyfriend? ” . Also, I started getting laid more all in all

  27. The sock collection line was great. I’ve been thinking you had to give a more sophisticated reason to get a girl to come back to your place, i.e. the Tuthmosis “I make this great drink from scratch” example. Maybe not.
    This was a more relatable article than most. Like someone here noted, blogs from an average joe are more inspiring compared to those from the jetsetter McQueen-type PUA’s. An IT consultant vs. a Vegas VIP promoter. Gotta think most of the readers here are cube dwellers, and not in jobs that put them in regular contact with high status dudes and HB9’s.

  28. “The ones that ask to be choked out early on I usually won’t call back.”
    Pass that number along next time, brah.

  29. BEAR IN MIND, Game is only the ‘first’, and one of the ‘entry level’ aspects of Red Pill…. It’s a rabbit hole, and it goes very deep indeed.
    Without Rage and a positive Obsession with learning the truth, MRM or PUA Game is usually the deepest into red pill a man goes.

  30. Great article, any books the readers here would recommend on the subject of sales that can be paralleled to real life interactions as well? I need to start reading into this!

  31. Solid stuff man. After getting a grip on this kind of thing, it borders on genuine physical pain to see a dude spouting his resume to a chick that looks like she’d rather be getting dental work.

  32. Damn that was such a good article. Reinforced the concepts ive just recently learned and motivated me so much. Thx bro

  33. Really enjoyed your article. Clear and to the point. We tend to quailify ourserlves to much. Less is more. Go for the no and always escalate. Brilliant.

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