The Final Verdict On Swedish Girls

My fourth day in Sweden I was in complete shock that the country could suck so hard after all I had heard about it. I understood why Karl and so many other Swedes high tail it to South America, a place where it’s far easier to get a more beautiful and feminine woman.

Ironically, while Swedish guys leave Sweden for South American women, many American guys are going to Sweden to find Swedish wives. I’m confident this is a mistake. Going from American girls to Swedish girls is nothing more than a lateral transfer. After you get past a Swedish girl’s curious personality, you’re still burdened with a hyper feminist chick who won’t ever make you a sandwich.

In the end, Sweden isn’t the answer for guys like us. You’re not motivated to run day game because it’s hard to find cute girls in isolation and they’re often dressed like hipster bums. And you don’t want to go out at night because it’s expensive, it has a lot of sausage, and you’re up against the cockblock army.

You really have to know which venues to hit, which nights to go, how to crack massive groups, and how to perform surgical extractions, though I must say that being American really helped—I can only imagine how being from a “boring” neighboring country like Germany or Holland would make things harder. Sweden may be fine to party for a weekend, where it’s possible but not easy to get your flag, but I wouldn’t commit more time than that.

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37 thoughts on “The Final Verdict On Swedish Girls”

  1. Thats exactly my take on swedish women as well. Sausage frest, cold woman, feminazi mentality. So it makes sense that Swedish men are focusing their energies for romance in south america, assuming the government does not implement travel restrictions on them.

  2. The “thumbs down” image is a mistake. It was originally a thumb to the throat. As in, when a Roman gladiator fought another the crowd might decide that the winner should kill the loser. They’d turn their thumbs to the throat to say, “stick your sword in his throat to end him.” The thumbs down came about because a 14th century (I think) artist mistakenly thought that a “turned thumb” meant “thumbs down.”

  3. I agree. Was in Sweden in June and found the attitude of the girls there quite weird. Funny thing is that I really found them very different of their neighbours danish and norwegian women. I really enjoyed Denmark and Norway and got my flags there very easily with high level women.
    Maybe the good fame those girls own around the world and the fame Sweden used to have since the 70’s as a sexual paradise, differently of those other countries, contributes to that?

    1. I’m almost 100% sure you’re correct about that. The whole “Swedish bikini team”, “sexually liberated” pack of drivel that made Sweden some sort of supposed utopia for the Barry Mannilow generation of the parents, have really screwed up the Swedish girls of this generation.
      Much more so than in Norway, which is still, outside Oslo at least, largely a “family values” society.
      The Danes are really culturally more European than Scandinavian, the Icelanders just too inbred and insular, and the Finns to drunk and depressed to really be compared.
      Kind of sad they’re all being raised to be so ruined, since I’m still convince there is no place with a higher share of absolute genetic stunners than the Scandinavian countries. Wasting away in cheesy deigner cubicles in the day, and aspiring to be like some trashy, banged up old jalopy they saw on Sex in the City, instead of doing what God intended stunning women to do.

  4. guess sweden is only good for one night stands only not the long term(figures)
    ya cant beat latin slaviv an east asian women

  5. Roosh, you should leave those Western European feminists alone and visit Romania & Bulgaria instead. You will definitely not regret it.

  6. Loved the photo at the top of the article Roosh. Perfectly summarised the article in one shot.
    Maybe it would be a good idea for every ‘final’ article you write on a country to include it.

  7. Interesting, I did a quick read of Naughty Nomad’s Stockholm city guide, and he claims to have gotten 2 notches (including flag) in 3 nights.

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking a little sour grapes, a little reality. I was very successful in Stockholm, but my trip was longer and I had good logistics. Most of Roosh’s points are still valid.

      1. At least as much as in the US, perhaps even more, good looks pays off in Sweden. If you look good enough to make Inga’s friends jealous, Inga’s good to go.
        Working against Roosh in particular, is also the fact that the largest immigrabt group to Sweden is Turks. And, alongside other Nordics, Swedes are probably the single most genuinely racist people on the planet. Being called a Turk there, is waaaayy worse than being called Hitler, to put it that way. On the other hand, more “exotic” foreigners, as long as they behave the way massa television have taught Inga that dark skin animals in the wild are supposed to behave, are “veeeerrii exciting.”
        So it’s a bit of a conundrum. I was there three years ago, with one of LA’s most notorious naturals (of Yugoslavian descent, and looks the part) who is filthy rich; a wannabe rapper (black guy, not Eminem); and a Blond ex model and actor, who is literally in treatment for depression, panic attacks and social awkwardness. Blondie claims 14 notches in 6 days, which I don’t really believe, but I don’t think he was too far off. Rapdude McPimp had no problems getting laid every night, while the rich, cocky natural was more often than not shot down with “Mountain Turk who thinks he is somebody” type lines.

  8. I think roosh is suffering from a numer of problems visavi sweden:
    1) He clearly doesn’t like the nordic look (not talking about fashion here, but the blond, tall, kinda angular valkyria thing). This is more a matter of preference then anything else, since the nordic look has clearly been the look globally for the last 3000 years or so,
    2) He cares to much about what a girl says or wears. Who cares when you’re gagging her by the end of the night? Seriously, do you jerk of to girls or high-heels?
    3) Girls probable don’t like him because he’s middle-eastern. There’s unfortunately no sex-appeal in that ancestry to Nordic women.
    4) He hasn’t cracked the code yet. Swedish night-clubs are easy. I can score one night in three, and I’m no casanova for sure.

    1. 3) Girls probable don’t like him because he’s middle-eastern. There’s unfortunately no sex-appeal in that ancestry to Nordic women.
      That’s why you see them marrying middle eastern men and also allowing the muslim refugee live among them.

  9. I don’t want to create any limiting belief for Roosh, but while he might pass off as some kind of generic White in America, Southern Europe etc, he won’t in the North. And unfortunately for him that matters. Among people born in the 90s the nationalist proportion is getting close to 20 % in the poll, and those are only the concious racists.
    Of course, in your hyper-conformist, non-confrontational culture you’re very unlikely to ever hear anything like that openly stated.

  10. Lol so you’ve only been so “many” days in Sweden (and wrote the previous article even before you went to Sweden), and already you have such opinion 🙂 Either you’re kind of young, which I mean still under 21 which is oops in US but in Sweden you’re in from 18, so… Or perhaps, as someone has already mentioned, a loser – can’t get laid in US, can’t get laid in your first four days in Sweden (and later on I suppose). You guys, forget about sex trips to Europe, we don’t need you here!

  11. Sounds to me as if you are just pissed because the swedish girls wouldn’t give you the time of day 🙂

  12. I was in Sweden (Stockholm), last year, for 4 nights. Girls are pretty, but not the best. I find Latvian and Lithuanian girls better.
    Actually I didn’t find swedish girls all that difficult… They just care more about cultural talk (movies, painting, writing, ideas) than average girls. And they like pretty faces.
    Probably your bad experience may be related to the 2 things I pointed above…
    I don’t know if this is important: I’m not from the super amazing USA. I’m Portuguese (that boring country, american einstein’s think is a region of spain)

  13. Am with a swedish girls for 2 years and a half and I come accross the country rather often (am Belgian) and, I tell you guys, this man just perfectly knows what he is saying. This is 100% right. I am just lucky with the one I am, she is a 7,5 but all her friends are poor 6 or 5… And they’re behaviour are as described 🙂 Voilà

  14. I was not impressed during my two week stay there. I had a date lined up going in via Craigslist (!) and she sounded really excited on the phone when I arrived but the date went south fast. Didn’t even get a kiss after two rounds of drinks – the bartender had never heard of a martini either!
    After that, I had a boat anchor with me, my teenage daughter, but even in spare moments, breaking the ice in day game was almost impossible even though almost all Swedes speak very good English.

  15. I am from Sweden, and this is so f*cking accurate! 😛 Haha.. for EVERYONE who wants to visit Sweden, don’t. Go to Norway instead. Fuck yeah, those girls are the shit! 🙂

  16. The make me a sandwich must be stomped out! NOW!
    A sandwich is often an uncreative and quick appetitive which requires little creativity in the kitchen and dedication.
    We must demand that for our efforts and company we get a warm freshly cooked meal two times a day at the very least.
    What happened to the 50’s mother who baked food for her family?

    1. The sandwich is just a bare minimum cliche, for illustrating how low are standards have become. The Frech have begun to use sliced bread also… But you made a good point, therefor I post.

  17. I agree with this article I am in Sweden right now and meeting chicks is not easy however in Finland is a different story. I came to Sweden just to see the country not just for the women if I got laid it was a bonus but nor a priority, Swedish women and American women have alot in common I would say.

  18. I have never been to Sweden, but I met a few on my recent trip to Europe. WTF is up with Scandinavian chicks? They all dress like a cross between homeless ladies (torn shorts and jeans, ugly shawls etc) and boys (eg sneakers). They appear super slutty, and were covered in tats and ridiculous piercings, especially the dreaded bull ring nose ring. One even had skulls all up and down her arm! The tragedy is with their genes, Swedish girls should be amongst the best in the world. But, as we all know, feminism is a wrecking ball that destroys everything it comes into contact with. It is so sad to see today’s girls seemingly intent on making themselves as unattractive as possible, eg tats, nose rings, converse shoes, ‘hipster’ clothes that make them look homeless, loud and aggressive personas. Feminism has taught women that they should not try to be attractive, nurturing, loyal and feminine, as this is perceived as weak. Yet it is what men have desired since the dawn of time, and always will. It is a tragedy…

  19. Sweden was a great country in the 89’s thru early 90’s. They threw all that away. Anyone that says different in my opinion, has an axe to grind.

  20. Swedish women, like most Nordic women, are pale, long and narrow faced, tall and lanky. There are many more beautiful women per capita in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Japan.

  21. It is interesting what you’re saying because it’s right on target. I’m currently living in Barcelona and it gets a lot of Swedish girls. Because they are erasmus, don’t speak Spanish and I’m Mexican, they all became incredibly friendly and curious towards me when I joined them through my Swedish roomate to hit a club. Unlike let’s say Czechs, Swedish girls act friendly and very curious at the beginning. After the initial curiosity and friendliness their coldness comes out, they start speaking about feminist agendas, being a gentleman can bring you lots of trouble and YES, they’re physically very overrated, they just dress nice.
    Not only that, but I joined them on the beach some days later and the awkward silence is just unberable. It’s true what they say, living in Sweden as a foreigner must be hard.

  22. I dated a Swedish girl and she would make me lunch and dinner!! you fatfuck Yankees better get a dumbfuck American girl !!

  23. Well at least Swedish girls are not STD-infested and gold digger fatfucks like American girl!! first make sure your country has something more to offer you!! lol

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