Don’t Be A Boring Beta Male

Having talked to and observed many women of all kinds of ages, professions and walks of life, it became clear to me that one of the biggest turn-offs to them, if not the biggest one, is when the guy is being boring. Women seem to be able to overlook all kinds of other unattractive qualities. You may be bald, overweight, lacking in style or are not even that well off financially, and you could still date decent women if you have great personality, sense of humor and you can be a stimulating company to them. Even physically abusive guys get away with their temper and be forgiven if they are interesting,

However, if you are boring, there is nothing else about you that will make up for it, except if you just pay for sex straight up. That’s the reason there are so many  “nice” and “sweet” guys sit at home on Facebook or porn sites and jerk off. Not all of them, but many of them are just too damn boring.

In this article, I would like to first present one major but rarely mentioned reason why so many seemingly educated and accomplished guys appear boring to women. Then, I will suggest a simple way in which any such guy can become more interesting or at least less boring.

The Problem: Many Guys Became Boring Because They Have Been Beta-fied

You go out on a few dates with a few uptight girls with serious entitlement issues, who think they are God’s gift. They can’t take the most mildly inappropriate joke or even get over the most mild disagreement, screaming “I can’t believe you just said that” as if you suggested that you endorse holocaust or slavery. You then start believing that all the girls are like that, and the only way to be attractive to any of them and the only chance to get laid is by being extremely careful and neutral when talking to them. You then start limiting your interactions, at least during the first few dates, to the most innocent topics, avoiding any kind of disagreements.

As a result, you go overboard in the political correctness department and you become way too careful when talking to girls. You steer away from any kind of dark humor or sarcasm. You are trying your best to be 100% positive about everything and you refrain from criticizing anything or anyone.

The over-the-top gentle and careful approach with girls, in turn, makes you appear extremely boring and ultra-beta, especially to the girls who have personality and a sense of humor. They want to spend time with a guy who has a backbone, can be both funny and stimulating, and can dish out dark humor and sarcasm.

boring date

The Solution: Don’t Compromise Your Wit And Sense of Humor, and Don’t Settle For Uptight Girls

The solution to this problem is two-fold. First, you must not start falling victim to your own past negative experiences with girls, and you must not start believing that all the women out there are uptight, high-maintenance bitches with no personality. They are not, no matter how many of them you met in the past. There are enough great women out there who you will have a great time meeting, having sex with and dating.  Therefore, you should not alter or suppress your behavior if you are naturally funny and sarcastic guy, because it will inevitably work on the type of girl that matches well with you. Dark humor / sarcasm is one of the most powerful flirting and seduction weapons you have been blessed with. And the smarter and more interesting the girl you are talking to is, the more intrigued and the more turned on (both physically and mentally) she will be by a man of sharp wit.

The fact that your behavior and personality are off-putting to some girls is actually good news, because it saves you so much time by pushing away the princesses and the ice queens that you want to avoid anyway.  Even if your behavior pushes away a few hot girls that you would love to bang, it gives you more time to pursue the girls who are both hot and great to be around. There aren’t that many girls out there whose inside matches their sexy outside, but they are out there.

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160 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Boring Beta Male”

  1. So many guys grow up with beta dads, beta friends, beta media. They don’t know the difference.

    1. Even the alphas are beta. This is cultural Marxism. Everything politically correct, inclusive to all gay lesbian bi transgendered fairy fucking faggots HR will fire you for the slightest off-color comment kinda world. False rape accusation culture. And these American women are so clueless and sheltered they simply cannot even believe that terrible horrible people like us (regular guys) even exist in their little rainbow skittle shitting unicorn world..

  2. Great piece.
    Be unapologetically male, invest in your interests and do not allow them to be curtailed for the sake of conformity, or worse, fear.

  3. just remember that what a lot of girls call boring is simply a topic that is ‘over their heads’ – or a guy that is at peace with himself….. a better term these days would ‘dull’.
    nothing is truly boring – boredom equates with a lack of mental ability and or the need for constant entertainment and trivial amusement.
    dull is a person or situation who is lifeless, lacking in energy or otherwise limited in what they can offer….
    a ‘dull’ beta is a guy who has little to offer….
    a boring guy might have an MBA in forensic accounting and a law degree – his topic might be ‘boring’ to a person who craves entertainment, or lacks the mental ability to understand his craft, but he is anything but dull.

    1. I think the concept of ‘boring’ is more aptly what we would think as ‘cautious’.
      You can talk about anything as long you make it sound exciting and it’s the coolest thing in the world and she will eventually fall into it, not because of content because of energy and frame.
      That’s the key, be dominant and edgy in the interaction. Not caveman stupid dominant but slick. You can talk about motherfucking pokemon and if you frame it right you can roll with it.
      I like the insight of the author on the first point in that guys become ‘boring’ because of entitled bitchy women trying to call them out. It’s very simple as he pointed out, just don’t give a fuck. It’s the golden key. The god machine resting on top of the rosetta stone drenched in the mystical waters of Ponce De Lone.

    2. Be interesting because you have led a full life but do not become her entertainer.
      Better to be the Most Interesting Man in the World or Old Spice Man than Beta the Entertainer. Here’s another dude who seems to have it together:

    3. I think you’ve just inspired me to write an article on how young women, even educated young women, tend to be completely lacking in their ability to generate and sustain conversation that branches into intellectual and academic areas. It is as if nothing outside their own personal sphere’s interests them… I’ve met plenty of computationally intelligent women who seem to have nothing insightful to say about the world unless I at first plant the idea within them and then draw it out of them… Not one big picture thinker in the whole lot…

  4. Very good piece. Reminds me of what I said last night.
    Her: “I’m from Massachusetts.”
    Me: “The last two girls I met from MA were crazy bitches… you’re not a crazy bitch, are you?”
    She stared at me like “I didn’t expect that.”

    1. i think once you learn the buttons to press, you can spin people’s heads and establish your own boundaries, that makes you not only interesting and desirable but also have the appearance that you ‘listen’.

      1. “rad”? I’m afraid any really “rad” ones are effectively off the market. If they are not, then I would tend to question their “radness”.

  5. I am the most politically incorrect person at work and I speak my mind regardless of whether it’s sexist or fatist jokes. I’ve offended enough stuck up girls, and yet I have been called boring by one girl who was nice enough to be open and honest with me. What am I doing wrong? The only thing that I can think of is that I refuse to engage in the latest gossips about other people.

    1. you’re trying to follow an unsuccessful loser’s asshole’s advice for dating and it’s not ever going to get you anywhere

        1. Provide positive emotion, rather than just sucking energy out of people. You can speak your mind, but don’t make everything negative. Give people positive energy.

        2. Use your personality to make others feel better about themselves. This is why charming is so potent.

        3. @Truth Teller: That’s actually the best advice I’ve received yet. People have always told me to be more positive and I just dismissed them as being condescending. “Why should a man be told how to think and talk?” I thought. But now that you put it in terms of positive and negative energy, everything makes sense.
          @merkage:disqus: Always wanted to be more charming, never really found a good instructor or a manual.

        4. if you can’t do bubbly and lively, positive and funny… which can be hard sometimes… you can always try moody and mysterious…. especially at work….
          i tend to run my mouth too much sometimes… being positive and lively can come across over bearing….
          so instead go for the James Bond… he’s not exactly the life and soul of the party… he’s the cold, hard calculating guy that women want to try to open up…
          you either open them up with positive and funny, or you lead them on with mysterious and cool…. try a bit of both…

        5. If you speak your mind and GIVE good emotions, people will love you, both men and women. If you don’t give value, give good emotions, then all the game in the world is useless.

        6. How about this, you give me the lessons up front, and ill pay you if and when the advice actually works and proves itself with my increased ass-getting abilities. Deal?

        7. You can convert professionalism into a charm, build a reputation of being hot at what you do, and gregarious by responding to what people want to be told.

        8. I would agree. If the general theme of your outspokenness sounds negative (your conversations focus around criticizing / griping about someone or something), it may sound interesting at first, but then it starts to drag people down. People are drawn to someone who is fun to be around. Of course that doesn’t mean being a ‘people pleaser’ in the beta way we are talking about., but someone who while outspoken and has strong views about life, still emanates a positive, engaging energy.

        9. If only it were that easy. Either those vibes “emanate” from you because of an inner satisfaction with yourself, or you will work extremely hard faking it and risking as coming off as contrived, fake and bullshitting individual. And of course its a little hard emanating great positive vibes if you can never pull any pussy because you are surrounded by arrogant, boring, cunty bitches. Its like a feedback loop. Like the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. And we all know how easy it is to get wealthy these days. Its not. Same things applies.

        10. Absolutely not, my time is valuable. When you go to a doctor for a consultation and pay him are you guaranteed that you’ll be cured? And btw, I didn’t say that I would accept all applicants. I’d have to first make a determination if there was any raw material there to work with.

        11. You hit the nail on the head with this: “inner satisfaction with yourself”. That’s key.
          Of course no one said it’s easy. It takes work. Building value takes effort. But hey, life is not all sunshine and roses, and we all know that. We all have to subject ourselves to some kind of pain in life. Either the pain of effort and discipline, or the pain of regret. It’s our choice.
          I agree with you that the type of company you frequent will affect your outlook. Negative people, cunty bitches et al will drag you down. Seek the company of people who reflect what you would like to become.

    2. It doesn’t matter if you’re politically incorrect when you’re working in the stockroom because no ones cares or even knows you’re alive. You’re invisible to all hot girls

  6. Good article. Be yourself. Forget what other people think of you. First and for most be happy with who you are. If you aren’t the change what doesn’t make you happy. Once you are happy with who you are, you become comfortable in your own skin. You know yourself. It makes it a lot easier to talk to women and to get the crazy bitches out of your life so you can chill with the ones that are cool. If she doesn’t like your sense of humor and everyone else does, tough shit for her….NEXT! Never change who you are or who you want to be for a woman. It’s disingenuous. Change for yourself and nobody else but yourself. Women love and are drawn to a confident man, not a kiss ass with no backbone or opinion that contradicts hers. Stand by your ideas and beliefs. Everyone respects that. Women don’t want a “yes dear” man. They want a no bullshit man.

    1. You’d be surprised by how much ass you can get by just telling chicks up front you are only interested in great sex and fun times, not looking for a relationship. Panties fall from the sky

    2. Its hard to be happy with who you are, when WHERE you are is trapped in a boring, politically correct, feminist, gynocentric cunt bitch filled world of shit. I have been hearing that positive attitude shit my whole life. The females in the US are boring. They are all cookie cutter personalities, they all have the same hobbies, same pets, same sports, same I love my friends and family and my yoga blah blah blah

      1. Lol! Happiness is not where you’re at. It’s a state of being. But I do understand where you’re coming from. Do what I do, I play by my rules not anyone else’s. There are rules that can be bent and rules that can be broken. If it’s a stupid rule, I ignore it or break it. Just have to know when to. Best time is when no ones looking. No matter where you’re at, use what and who’s around you to manipulate your situation to better advance yourself. Be the wolf in sheeps clothing only when needed…..but always… the wolf.

        1. No need to have a positive attitude or surround yourself with positivity. I do best when people tell me I can’t do something. Societies accolades mean nothing to me. The way a person can show me appreciation is to pay me more….anything else is just an empty symbolic justure.

  7. I hate how everything is put on the male to be funny/keep conversation interesting while on dates, women can just sit there like a sponge. Almost every woman will say a guy with a sense oh humour is one of their highest criteria, yet how many funny women do you know, none

    1. “how many funny women do you know, none”
      I know many women that are snarky and bitchy and equate that with humor. Does that count?

    2. Not to sound like know-it-all, but one should avoid “dates” as they are contrived get-togethers at some stifling venue that almost ensures discomfort and anxiety. Restaurants suck and movies are a trap.
      Meet them at a park for for a food-truck taco or some other time-limited scenario, then split as needed. If the chemistry is right you will soon be holding hands and possibly other delights. Otherwise you can cut your losses and maybe cross-paths with your true love 10 minutes later. On a “date” you are stuck unless you want to get ugly about it. And yeah a lot of women expect to be entertained with all the onus on the male to come up with some dreary excitement.

      1. A guy who only does “dates” lives down the hall from me. I tell him that dates are wastes of time. He goes out and spends a fair amount of money on girls. I go and meet them at parties. Guess which one of us is more in demand at parties.

      2. Dates can be worthwhile if they’re properly contrived. Drinks and apps at a cool, relaxed place that just happens to be within walking distance of your pad, for instance, is a winning strategy almost every time. Light, fun, and the conversation should never get too far from teasing the girl.
        That’s a far cry however, I admit, from the stultifying job-interview atmosphere we typically think of when we hear the word “date.”
        Girls want guys to flirt with them, tease them, and show them that they (the guys) are confident, dominant, and socially savvy. Most guys are completely incapable of this, because they have too much respect for societal conventions: they treat their potential girlfriends like they do their male co-workers instead of like women -little girls that can’t and shouldn’t ever be taken too seriously.

    3. A blockhead ATTRACTIVE douche does not have to be funny. This requirement is only demanded from non-attractive guys, who need to compensate for their lack of attractiveness through other means.

    4. This is absolutely true. One key conversation tactic is to get people to talk about themselves. But a lot of girls won’t even do that. They are the ones who are boring.
      The first few times this happened to me I just thought it was because she wasn’t interested in me. But I later found out she was.

  8. Very good post. Don’t let your environment destroy you, following a woman’s lead is a sad state of affairs.

  9. Honesty is the best policy.
    As well as openly and genuinely sharing your true personality, wit and sense of humor, I would also add the importance of allowing silences and taking time to listen.
    Trying too hard to be entertaining or purposely going outside the lines in order to get a reaction is just as bad as trying to be too politically correct from the get go.
    When you want a cute girl, or anybody really, to act a certain way toward you, it’s very easy to let your words and actions become manipulative instead of open and honest. People, especially girls, can sniff this.

  10. Red Pill truths are harsh, period. They are not harsh to just one gender. I often get the feeling that some members of the manosphere interpret Red Pill wisdom as being merely a wickedly true explanation of the sexual nature of the human female. There is much discourse about the sexual value of women with age, about the fact that nature has cruelly front-loaded their beauty into the second 1.5 decade of their live at the expense of the rest of their lives. The manosphere welcomes this truth with glee, as if there is great satisfaction to be had from the fact that women, for the crime of having the upper hand in their fertility peak, will pay a price of being sexually invisible for the entirety of the second half of their lives.
    It is befuddling, then, when so called “red pillers” advance what can charitably be called “romantic” theories about the sexual value of the typical male. You can either have honest analysis or you an have horseshit self-help mantra. You can’t have both. Wherein lies the romanticism, you ask? In the claim, so often advanced by PUA gurus who rip off lonely men, that any man can, by the mere exertion of Will, become an adonis. If society has moved closer to the sexual mores of the jungle since the Sexual Revolution, then we must accept that some guys will NATURALLY be “winners” by the LUCK of looks, personality, intellect, or the positive intersection of those characteristics, and others will be “losers” by the MISFORTUNE of looks, personally, intellect, etc.
    When they’re young, men who have been blessed with looks/smarts/intellect/social savviness — or any impressive combination of those characteristics — find themselves being socially rewarded for WHO and WHAT THEY ARE. These men can then AFFORD to act cocky, alpha, etc, because they have a base of value from which that alphaness and cockiness springs. More normal men, on the other hand, do not have such a base, and cannot afford to act cocky and alpha. If they do so they will find themselves socially punished, or at the least not rewarded, by intrinsically more alpha males, and by women who find their behavior non-congruent.
    Therefore, these non-gifted males (non gifted in the same way a great deal of women aren’t gifted with beauty) come to understand that that they have no right to assume the attitude of an alpha male as don’t have much to base that alphaness, and any concomitant cockiness, on. Quite naturally these men then assume the “boring” personalities this article derides.
    Which brings me to the Romanticism of this article: Telling these “beta” guys that by the mere exertion of Will they can become non-boring alphas, and that their situation is merely the result of CONDITIONING and not a NATURAL result of biological fortune, is akin to someone telling a homely woman that she is REALLY beautiful and that it is SOCIETY’S fault she isn’t considered as such!

    1. any man can make himself more interesting and less dull… being alpha doesn’t need a mega career and millions of dollars, or the looks of brad pitt… infact i have alpha’d up best when absolutely with my back against the wall…
      any great guy can get tangled up in a relationship with a manipulative insecure female that drags him down and turns his life into a living hell of unnecessary immature drama and bullshit…. these are the truths….
      of course guys applying game and red pill will have a distribution of success… but frankly any 20-50 something guy that isn’t over weight or deformed can learn how to be more social, more appealing to women and that spills over into all areas of life, career, business and general confidence…
      since the 1950s men and been slowly pot roasted and trained to be obedient, subservient, guilty about their sexuality, told they have to be sensitive and nice to women and etc…. and this is all horseshit…. that is the red pill …. anyone can use it to their advantage….

      1. I call bullshit on your third paragraph. Stuff like success in different areas of life (career/business/education) is based on intelligence, industriousness, will power, the sheer luck of being born in the right circumstance. Some of these things are an outcome of the genetic lottery and beyond your control. . So, bs: Just as plain women cannot make themselves beautiful by sheer will, men who are not innately advantaged in some significant way cannot become admirable/desirable alphas. They may improve their lives by sheer hard work, but that is true of every human being under most circumstances.

        1. what is out of control of your genetic lottery?
          Intelligence? Industriousness? will power? Luck?
          The only thing you can’t control is coming out of mother’s womb deformed. Everything else can be learned…
          Anyways Ray is right. There is spillover of stuff he described. A socially savvy guy has far better chances of getting a promotion on the job, getting the girl to say yes, getting recognized for half the work his colleagues do.

        2. It has been established that intelligence has substantial genetic component. The Big Five personality traits might all have a genetic component as well:

          For instance, your second paragraph about the “socially savvy” guy would be describing someone who is somewhat conscientious and an extrovert, but someone who is an introvert might not be capable of pulling off those maneuvers. It might be simply more psychically difficult for him to behave like the “socially savvy” guy regardless of his will power.
          People are simply different. A lucky combination of traits and fortune produces alphas. It is worth repeating that that betas or omegas in most cases not being capable of willing themselves to become Alpha by choice does not negate the worth of Red Pill knowledge and theory.

        3. Then what we need is to strive to build a society where alphaness and betaness is no longer determined by the capricious and self-involved female lizardbrain, but objectively, by ones actual contributions and worth to society.

        4. Both are you have good points. But I would challenge your reply. Success in other areas of life can be GREATLY effected by redpill thought. There is more to succeeding in the corporate world than just degrees, will power and intelligence. In fact being charming, especially since many of your bosses these days may be female, being able to network, speak coherently, eloquently, articulate cogent thoughts. Carrying yourself with poise, confidence and dignity. Posture, keeping your back arrow straight, head back and held high. Things that Red Pill websites teach men CAN definitely be applied to the working world.

        5. I sure dont think about Alphas and Betas as a guy. That kind of bullshit may apply to females and their pussies but not for us regular guys. If I meet a so called “alpha” male I find they can be pussy betas inside, or dumber than a box of rocks. You know who is an Alpha to me? Not some roided up musclebound douche, but the microbiologist, the guy with the Phd in computer science, the guy that threw the NSA on its ass Snowden was an Alpha, the guys that worked for NASA and sent men to the moon, the guy that works hard at making BOTH his body and brain strong. And doesnt give a flying fuck about what ANY bitches think about him, at any stage in his life. Thats Alpha.

        6. If you are a male born 5’1 or extremely deformed in the face to the point where multiple plastic surgeries cannot fix it , it will take a mountain of effort to even bang a girl who is a 4/10-5/10 . You cannot underestimate the important of the genetic lottery especially physical traits. I mean at that point it is better to make as much money as possible and just blow it on hookers.

      2. Women and Feminists have done everything they can to condition men into exhibiting the exact attitudes and behaviors that women are NOT attracted to, in order to devalue men’s capital in the sexual economy. It allows women to inflate their own worth and exert undue and inequal control over society. As men’s sexual capital goes down, women’s necessarily goes up. Its why women always date “up”, and men always date “down”. Its a tactic they learned from the bank-controlling “J”s, who coincidentally make up 99% of the upper echelons of Feminist academia, or the Feminist “clergy” as i like to call them, since Feminism often acts more like a religion than a philosophy or political movement.

        1. Well, not exactly. There is a threshold of a man’s sex-appeal which marks the line at which feminists don’t dare talk shit about him , for fear of losing female-followers. These are typically celebrities. Dead ones are sacrosanct. EG, you will not see ANY feminist talking about the tragedy of Mary Jo Kopechne. Or the under-age girls that Paul,Walker was statutorily-raping.
          Website Jezebel ADVERTISES itself as being celebrity-worshipping. It’s what their audience wants.
          Jezebel makes money because it allows Professors of Women’s Studies at Bezerkely to get their dose of celb-gossip without needing to break away from the Whole Foods supermarket to go to – and risk BEING SEEN at – a 7-11 buying a copy of People Magazine.
          PS: If you’re not angry that the Norsk Vikings took advantage of THEIR genetic gifts to pillar and plummage…. why does it bother you that Jews have discovered similar tricks?

        2. anyone who is insecure (and that includes most women), will naturally try to advance themselves by pushing others backwards, as much as they push themselves forwards.
          the ‘conditioning’ of men to become devalued is a function of the feminists insecurity drive to pull men down, by way of pushing women forwards…. notice that with 100 years of feminism no great results can truly be attributed to a sudden equality between the sexes, whereas many men have been pulled apart and thwarted from achieving wealth and sucess, if not publically, then privately with bitching draining wives and stressful, expensive divorces.
          imagine what it must have been like working on the manhattan project in WW2, and think of the great wives that supported the scientists….. then imagine what might have happened with a bunch of trumped up feminists lauding over it, and an army of angry wives behind the scenes making the guys feel like crap for pulling 80 hour work weeks…

    2. At the least by adopting alpha behavior a beta male can increase one’s odds, and equally importantly he can proceed in a way to at least cut his losses and keep his dignity (e.g. not jump through hoops for a female) in tact.

      1. I don’t dispute the value of red pill knowledge, the value of lessons like avoiding oneitis, approaching a lot to increase your chances, etc. However, adopting “alpha behavior” without a meaningful foundation of (achievement/looks/personality/intelligence/etc) is like a plain woman acting like a HB9 hoping that acting like one will make her into one. Do NOT sell this romanticism! The number ranking system applies to men as well. Women select men on the basis of pure, sheer attractiveness, as we do to women, and some men will always be more naturally advantaged in that department — and in other departments — than others. It is the more advantaged males who can afford to act “alpha.” The boring beta merely needs awareness of certain truths…he does not need the false hope that he can become an adonis, which I truly believe is something that some manosphere blogs subtly encourage by going so much about Game. The most honest Red Pill advice to non-alpha men is to improve themselves through fashion and working out, advice which, when you think about it, can also apply to women wanting to all humans wanting to improve their attractiveness.

        1. No one has denied that attractiveness is important in men. There are tons of blogs about self improvement and body-building for that. However even if you have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger or the looks of Brad Pitt, if you are “beta” at heart, you will still lose to the dregs in the street corner or to the anyone with the right attitude.
          Hence it’s vital for the self-improvement path that men abandon the “beta” mindset ASAP, mindset that unlike what you said is unnatural, just look at most of our grandparents generation, even then most men acted like men, not like simpletons.

        2. A man with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1980 will undoubtedly exude alpha as a natural reaction to women throwing themselves at him. The women who date him will want to stay with him by virtue of the fact that other women want him, and if the women he dates give him shit, he will have less tolerance for it due to having plenty of other options. He will, simply, not have the scarcity mentality that leads to beta like behavior because of his natural EARNED alphaness. And the manosphere is often telling men that they too can have that same attitude by sheer will! Absurd.

        3. In the 1980’s even men without Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique or Brad Pitt’s looks didn’t behave like simpletons or betas, such a behaviour was frowned upon, not celebrated like it is today, at least among adults. By the 1980’s the poison was already in the social fabric and would manifest itself in the coming generation.
          Your point would be true if there were not men with women who ARE BELOW their market value, however there are plenty if you go out. That in itself shows that just as a man must rebuild himself and improve his condition, his mindset must be changed, otherwise, selfimprovement will be an exercise of futility whether you like it or not.

        4. Men in the 1980s were still riding the inertia of pre-late 60s cultural conservatism in which women were not as wild, were reigned in, and in which society at large helped men act alpha by delineating gender roles. In the 80s most women still got married in their early 20s. Of course the cultural changes that started in the late 60s were beginning to be strongly felt by then with skyrocketing divorce rates, but still, the men of the 80s had a cultural advantage (in terms of assistance from the culture at large) when it comes to this stuff that men today do not.
          As for your second paragraph, the reason there are men who date women below their market value is because of the Erotic Capital hoarding which top males are now allowed to engage in. In simple terms: Since women have a 15 year peak of fertility (age 15 to 30) in which they’re at their prettiest, the old arrangement used to be that every man would get the better part of the “best years” of one woman. The Sexual Revolution has allowed top males to eat other men’s lunches, as it were. Men (and, to a lesser extent, women) like sexual variety, and top males have the option of “dipping down” below their Sexual Market Value in order to experience variety so that, say, they might get a total of 20 years of the ‘best years’ from multiple women. This behavior can stem from a top man concurrently dating two or more women who are all exclusive to him for a period of time, or dating one woman for a number of years, and then dating a younger woman for another stretch of years…with the consequence that this man collectively gets from multiple women an average number of “prime year” than he could have gotten from one woman alone. This behavior trickles down, such that next tier of men dip down just to GET a girlfriend, which forces the next tier of men to dip down also. This explains the phenomenon of men dating down. Before the Sexual Revolution, people mated assortatively in terms of looks, but in post Sexual Revolution West, the top men mate assortatively AND dip down, which means that a substantial portion of the next tier of men must date down. This pattern is consistent with women’s preference for dating UP and men’s acceptance of a lower ranking female as a sexual partner.

        5. But working out IS exactly how men can increase their attractiveness! Men constantly make the mistake of thinking that just because something is a certain way for us, it must be that way for women as well. Its not. Yes, we as men put a high priority on the attractiveness of a woman’s face. But women dont really do that. Its the rest of the body that turns her on, and a man with an ugly face can be a so-called “Adonis” simply by giving himself the body of one. The other day i saw a bunch of women creaming their jeans over Gordon Ramsey, and he looks like somebody beat him in the face with a sack full of potatoes. Women like him because hes loud, abusive, controlling, and constantly takes his shirt off. A big chiseled brute with a gnarly face will always be more “manly” (and thus attractive to FEMININE women) than a dainty little pretty boy. Pretty boys are for overweight high school girls who watch anime all day.

        6. Half of the groupie-attracting athletes/politicians/Jailbirds are fairly unattractive. And the 80% of 20 year old guys who arent getting much pussy…. few of those guys are FUGLY.
          Just as most average guys would be basicy happy if their longtime wife cut most of her hair off AND got rather chubby – but continously fed him more and more and more blowjobs and sex….. looks are only the outer wrapping.
          Looks only makes up for LACK of other components of your Sexual Market Value.
          Not to discourage guys from working on Looks. If you ain’t Mick Jagger or a mass murderer…. you wil still need that initial Curb Appeal.

        7. “Just as most average guys would be basicy happy if their longtime wife cut most of her hair off AND got rather chubby – but continously fed him more and more and more blowjobs and sex….. looks are only the outer wrapping.”
          No. Fuckin’. Way.
          No way would I make such a trade off. There is no way I wonder would allow myself to get sucked off by a dikey looking fat ass.
          Most men would also take my same viewpoint.

    3. Great, Great, Great comment. Humility is a two-way street. Also you can’t complain about feminism and be pro-game considering the same social safety nets allow them to exist (I’m talking about the pick-up artist version of this, not ACTUAL dominance/game). Women can have power in the same way some non-physically dominant pick up artist can have power…through social protection.
      The real power of red pill knowledge is to know what you’re ACTUALLY dealing with in life and with women and to act accordingly. Not everyone can be Alpha, but you don’t have to get victimized. She may not fuck you, but you don’t have to get divorce raped by her either. And that’s applicable to everyone.

    4. This is true. ‘Alpha’ guys (tall, good looks, muscular, etc) can get away with… pretty much anything. People will reconfigure their behavior to suit them. Whereas with non-alpha guys, they are expected to reconfigure their behavior to suit everyone else.

        1. Up here in the north I see lots of 5′ 1″ Hmong dudes with the most stunning sexy Hmong women (of course they are typicall very petite and sexy too). Even though we are seeing second and third generations now since their immigration in the 80’s they have a lot of traditional cultural values. Their are some of them that are doing the same things that Americunts are doing but some seem very cool. The dating outside of their race is slowly catching on. Hmong and Black women present a small amount of hope for us white guys.

        2. Was really hoping you would say Thailand. I don’t really go to any other Asian countries apart from there…plus I’m 5’11 and good looking, playing game on easy mode. I guess I could send my 5’1 friends there.

        3. Well, Laos is like pre-Thailand Thailand, if that makes sense. It is a wonderful country, but with few of the commercial trappings of the most touristy part of LOS. Cambodia is another animal entirely. I don´t know where exactly the Hmong live (Wikipedia will say), but the entire North-East part of Thailand (Isaan) is composed by different sets of Lao people.
          Well, according to Wikipedia, they live in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Laos, and more.

    5. “If society has moved closer to the sexual mores of the jungle since the Sexual Revolution, then we must accept”
      Actually, thanks to the modern obsession with “Rape Culture”, and Feminists expanding the definition of Rape to basically cover any sexual contact whatsoever, even sexual contact that occurred BEFORE a woman “changed her mind”, human society has never been further AWAY from “the sexual mores of the jungle”.
      If this were the jungle, then the alpha or betaness of men would only be determined BY other men, through competition WITH those men. In our society, it is determined entirely by women, based on criteria invented BY women. In the jungle, these so-called “betas” would simply adopt the alternate sexual strategy routinely engaged in by almost every sexually reproducing species on the planet, the one that fulfills the natural biological urge without first asking for “permission” to act like a living organism or ensure ones survival.
      Weve gone from the sexual libertarianism of the jungle, to the sexual capitalism of Feminism, where women have become the Fed/Central Bank, which not only prints the currency, but arbitrarily determines its value and distribution.

      1. The Federal Reserve Bank of Feminist America fiat currency is debasing itself fast. For the most part outside of the very, very few desirable females I think the majority of women are starting to feel the slow death grip of the American males dating / marriage boycott. Women are not that perceptive, it may not have really sunken in ite. But it will.

        1. Sadly some people have to learn from major life mistakes, and it takes more than a generation to finally come to terms with the status quo…. all those single mothers, that could have been more pleasant and sexed up their husbands a bit more often, won’t feel the pangs of regret until they hit their 60s-70s and realise they are all alone in their twilight years….

    6. To a point it’s certainly true. Denying the role of genetic good looks would be lying to ourselves. Of course it helps. However, I’ve also known several guys who were shorter than average, were not appreciably more muscular than average (though they were in good shape, not fat and had vitality), and had reasonably good looks but definitely not in the Hollywood star category. Pretty much normal looking. They still swam constantly in pussy, because they compensated with great character, charisma, style, sense of humour and attitude.
      While genetics certainly set some limits, there is a great deal you can do within those limits, if you have the right attitude. Whatever you’ve been given, make the most of it.

      1. Logistics really come into play as well. I live in a large mid-western city and with over 3 million people in our metro area you would be amazed at how hard it is find an even somewhat attractive, reasonably fit female to meet. Work is out. My gym doesnt seem to offer much either. There are a lot of cute girls there but they seem focused on only themselves. I see no male – female interaction there at all outside of the instructor -client one. Clubs are out. The costs associated with the poor attitudes and atmosphere, potential for fights, DUI’s etc preclude that option other than maybe the occasional “work party”. Coffeshops? Dont see it happening, not here anyway. You would look like a complete idiot and get shut down right away no matter what your looks or game level is. Im not sure why midwestern girls have such big bitchshields for but they dont seem interested in expanding beyond their little defined circles of “family and friends and pets”. Grocery store? Yeah, good luck with that. The only potential option would be meeting someone. Like a job these days, you need to network and get a referral. Unfortunately, the few friends I have are not married beta bootlickers spouting the “happy wife-happy life” mantra as they muddle through their lives in quiet desperation. There are hundreds of pathetic singles meet up clubs for every inane type of interest and not a single one looks it would hold the least bit of promise. Sometimes I am envious of those in 3rd world countries. Though I have a successful career, my own home, cars, am fit and reasonably attractive there is nothing here. Nothing. I feel like a fool doing a public power whine on the Interwebs, but at least I can share this with some other guys that might feel this way too, and let you know you are not alone.

        1. St. Louis is rough on single guys for sure. When I first moved here it blew me away how bitchy the women here are. My hardcore beta friends did not hesitate to put themselves under their control too, which sucks for me as I had to give up on some otherwise valuable friendships.

    7. “looks/smarts/intellect/social savviness”
      I disagree with including intellect within that list. Past a certain threshold, intelligence becomes a burden as it makes it extremely difficult to engage the average person in any kind of meaningful conversation. Other than that, fabulous comment.

  11. I find this article boring.
    And what’s all this talk about this “dating” thing? Is this some new Delta- Gen Y thang? Men and women have nothing in common so why waste time listening to some dingbat at dinner. Just cut to the shagging then bye bye
    This generation is a bunch of poosies, not like the greatest generation, the Boomers.
    Here’s an example of how to pick up a girl at a lounge or bar (stay out of clipjoint clubs):
    If you spy a female who looks like she could give you a hardon just go up to her and say “you’ve been chosen” When she asks what for, just say “to be my bed wench for tonight” 9 out of 10 times she’ll go with you

    1. Not being beta has been repeatedly addressed at ROK, but it bears worth repeating until we see a significant change in the majority of men.

    2. “Men and women have nothing in common so why waste time listening to some dingbat at dinner. Just cut to the shagging then bye bye”

  12. Trouble today is that even a guy with a decent sense of humor and wit could be considered ‘boring’ by today’s sicko american female.. An ‘exciting’ guy as determined by contemporary women is some piece of shit that just got out of jail who physically smacks her around gives her the abuse she purposefully seeks out.

  13. I have one basic rule when it comes to women. The first time she gets angry at me, I dump her.
    Anger in a woman is a very bad thing. If she shows it to you once, she’ll show it again. Once she realizes she can do that and get away with it, she will lose respect for you. If you marry a woman like that, watch out! She’ll walk all over you during the marriage and then take you to the cleaners upon divorce.
    Women are not made to get angry. It is not natural. They are denying their natural femininity when they allow themselves to get angry. They are falling into the feminist entitlement mentality and once they have done that, there is no retrieval. You can not change her. You cannot win her over. You have to get as far away as possible from a woman that suffers from feminism induced anger problems.
    There are women that have fought off feminist cultural conditioning. They are hard to find, but they are out there. The rest are only good for banging a couple of times, then dumping.

    1. Lol, why do you allow them to get angry? What do you do to a little kid who is throwing a temper tantrum? Give them a reason to be mad. Grab them up, throw them over your knee, spank them till your hand is raw, then make them do the dishes or clean something.
      Their outburst or anger (temper tantrum) is just another shit test, so instead of letting them get away with it, just do what their parents should have done more often.

      1. Spank them. Thats great advice. Im sure by the time dude is getting served his divorce papers and the cops, feminist-empowered family court and lawyers are done with him he will have nothing but heaps of praise to lavish on you for those great words of wisdom bro.

    2. most women hide their anger with a silent grumpy mood… so beware of that huffy, silent treatment… that is her anger, and inside an LTR it makes your life into a prison…

    3. Disagree. A good fuck straight after a massive argument is very therapeutic. Plus having my significant other get angry at me gives me the opportunity to then not back down and stand my ground, which then makes her simultaneously more angry and more horny.

  14. Let’s not forget a woman’s definition of “boring”. “BORING” is any guy who isn’t puppet enough to jump through hoops for her amusement and entertainment.
    But have you ever met a woman MORE exciting and interesting than YOU? Look around and answer that question. Most women are frightful bores themselves.
    That’s the SHIT that interests women. That’s a front-door looking to the EMPTY-HEADED, vapid, uninteresting, unimportant crap going through women’s minds 24/7. Texting images of coffee cups to her friends. Sprinkles on cupcakes. Justin Bieber lyrics. Who Salena Gomez is banging…. and the endless list goes on.
    Need more? DAMN, I can’t remember where I recently saw it, but there is a online womens-only forum link I saw… with at least a DOZEN threads with THOUSANDS of posts. What were they discussing?
    • “Bored.”
    • “Bored… ok lets start a new thread.”
    • “Bored.. what are you looking at now”
    …. and 3000 women responded with nothing. My cat. My ceiling. My arm hairs.
    Staring into darkness. Nothing creative. Nothing funny. Nothing at all. It was endless. I felt like Shelly Duval in the Shining when she uncovered volumes of Jack Nicholson’s work which just said “all work and no play make jack a dull boy.” on every piece of paper she found. It was like uncovering the pure emptiness in they heads. And it all made perfect sense.
    Women are not a “mystery” …. they are empty shells with nothing but shit for brains. Women are not “bored” or “tired of boring boyfriends” —>> THEY ARE BORING THEMSELVES.
    After more than any one man’s fair share of world travel, I know there is far too much to do , see, think, experience and feel in the world for ANYONE to EVER be “bored”.
    24 hours in a day is NOT ENOUGH for ANYONE. And anyone who is “bored” isn’t even interesting enough to find something interesting to entertain themselves.
    It’s not your responsibility to entertain women to stop them from being “bored”. “Im bored” is a woman waving a big red flag in your face. She’s not “bored”. She’s —–>> BORING. Dump her immediately when you’re done banging her. Because there is nothing left to unwrap.
    Are you the KING? Or the Jester who dances like a clown for the queen’s amusement.

      1. Well, shit. Thought if I reach one – just ONE – guy out there, I would be thrilled to have done my bit. Wishing every last one of you motherfuckers all good things for 2014 and beyond.

    1. Well, unfortunately this is basically what we are stuck with here in the US with these one-dimensional creatures, But again, if you have the symmetric shapings pf your cleft and palate like that arrorant fuckwad asshole plastic surgeon that posted here a month or two ago was mentioning…well, then hey…you can talk about the tiles on floor and she will be hanging on your every word. These women have a monopsony. They are the only store selling, with thousands of buyers.Some may be beta, some alpha but in any case she knows its all on them to provide entertainment value. And, keep them interested the whole time. And pay for everything. Read their forums. They feel if a guy doesnt want to spend money on them to blow 200 bucks on a date at a restaurant with the hope of a goodnight kiss and a second date if he is lucky, then he just isnt worth it. These are their thought patterns. Thats why I dont waste my time.

      1. There are so many dirt poor dudes getting laid it’s not even funny. Every time I’ve spent a bunch of money I never got laid. Every time I was a cheap jew fuck or even better made her pay… dick sucking time! STFU with this money bullshit. The best players in the world are poor as fuck or at least appear to be to the girl. Tom.T, Krauser, Roosh, the list goes on. Half these elite players don’t even own a fucking car.

    2. “Women are not a “mystery” …. they are empty shells with nothing but shit for brains. ”
      So true. And if they didn’t have a pretty face and hairy hole between their legs we as men would not give a flyin’ fuck about them. Any man who thinks otherwise is deluding himself.

      1. You’re free to spread your back cheeks and play for the other team then, Beta Phaggot

    3. EPIC!
      If ROK were a forum, this would be a sticky. This should be a post; no pictures, just words.

    4. Haha this is awesome.
      Most women, particularly any that are deemed attractive, are like children. Don’t stoop to their level. Any woman that can’t create her own excitement and relies on a man for entertainment is waving a huge red flag in your face.

    5. >have you ever met a woman MORE exciting and interesting than YOU?
      this. men are the doers. women are to be looked, fucked and occasionally nested with

    6. Yeah…I saw that video ages ago….she did not even know if the world was round or flat….and she is raising a boy….facepalm.

    7. Thank God someone with brains here. What this article is suggesting creates a paradox. It says that you shouldn’t care what to say and do around women(OK agree with that). But for what ??? So you can date and fuck women ? Guess what, you are still caring about what women think of you. If you wanna go this way, good luck. Call me a loser, weak, beta, fag or anything you want, but you will eventually get tired and paranoid about your behavior and that ain’t good at all.

      1. An interesting paradox indeed. +1 for pointing it out.
        I have heard it put another way and articulated perfectly.
        It was so good I wrote it down:
        PUAs (pick up artists) attempt to convince you that —>> after studying what women want — as opposed to what they SAY they want…… that “game” isn’t about (and SOLELY about) giving women what they want…. regardless of what they SAY they want.
        I had to read it 2 or 3 times myself.
        But that’s what it comes down to.
        Being the guy SHE expects you to be.
        Competing with other men for her attention and approval.
        It’s sick and wrong. It’s not a man’s responsibility to be the man SHE wants him to be. It’s his responsibility to be the man HE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE.
        But you must’t discount “game” entirely. Game WORKS. There is a difference between “playing games”….. and playing THE game. A man must know the difference. THE game can be FUN.
        Playing games (like “playing hard to get”) is for WOMEN. And that’s not fun. Not even for her. She LOSES. But if a man plays THE game right…. he wins.

        1. concentrate on being the man YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ….
          Nothing else to say really.

      1. I don’t understand the question. Elaborate? But before you do, be aware that I am hip to your jive. Tell me, If you were eating a bowl of Cheerios….. and someone came along and PISSED in them…. would that mean there is something wrong with YOU?
        So don’t even BOTHER. Just thumb it down and be on your way.

    8. I checked out the tumblr link…nothing but narcissism, vapid materialistic crap (like starfcks or apple products) and that fat pig in nothing but lingerie in the countryside (wtf), I stopped at the lesbian sh*t pic they posted (2 dykes kissing).
      But then I think, it’s tumblr, why should I be surprised, that site attracts those liberal, starfcks sipping, queer-loving types.

  15. > you must not start believing that all the women out there are uptight, high-maintenance bitches with no personality.
    Well, we are talking about America here…

  16. The solution is to GROW A PAIR OF BALLS. And to also SWALLOW THE FUCKING RED PILL.
    If you are a blue pilled beta moron? You deserve to get shit on by women. If you are too afraid to eat the red pill, it’s because you are a weak, cowardly faggot. And how can anyone have respect for a weak faggot? You have to not be afraid to go against the tide. The reason why most people are too afraid to learn the TRUTH about everything is because they are afraid that they will no longer “fit in” in society.
    Guess what? Charles Manson certainly isn’t a normal guy, he certainly doesn’t fit in with the normal society. And that dude gets 100s of love letters from women delivered to his prison cell every day.
    If you make TRUTH the ultimate goal of your life, you will NEVER be a boring person, and you will always have something fresh to talk about. Therefore, search for the truth in all aspects of reality, and you will become a king, a god. This site is for the return of the god-men.

  17. This partially describes ME (as of right now). I’m trying to de-betafy myself and articles like this are really helpful. Only thing is that my parents (boomers) told me to be respectable around women – maybe in the early 70s that was fine but that has gotten me absolutely nowhere!
    One piece of advice I need – how to deal with the extremely stupid, braindead cretins that call themselves 20-something women in todays society. One of my biggest problems is that I get a sense of physical revulsion if I’m with talking to a girl who is either stupid and/or not at least somewhat friendly. How do I get over this?

    1. Just straight up call them out on their stupidity, be confrontational. Heck, just go ahead and call them dummy to their face. If they act like a child, treat them like one. Sure it will put them off, but like a punching clown, they come back for more.

    2. Start banging cougars. I’m in my early forties now, but when I was a young guy, I learned to fuck, and fuck well- with the instruction given me by chicks that were then in their thirties. It will most assuredly boost yer confidence, and confidence is something that the entire world can’t help seeing.
      Quit worrying about the opinions of a bunch of dopey 20 something year old twats- start preying on a few lonely 30 year old divorcees, and have fun learning!

    3. i went on a date once with a girl that started going on about how she wanted kids, (she was 25), and then joked about how the pregnancy is only 9 months, but the guy has to pay for 18 years…. i didn’t like her much – neither her attitude, but she had great tits…. so as a challenge i decided to steal a kiss from her at the end of the date…. nothing to lose…. of course when i just put one on her, she crumpled and we were in bed by the third date…. you have to think of how much fun it will be to ‘win’ the challenge and bang the girl no matter how brain dead and pathetic…. quit thinking about looking for a life partner, or some ideal soul mate female, and just go for the bang regardless… you don’t have to like them, you just have to fuck them…. then you will see you like them a whole lot more…

    4. “How do I get over this?”
      Leave the west and go live in a decent country like germany or places further east.

  18. Women are attracted to insecure, emotionally unstable, attention-whore men. Of course a guy who has his shit together mentally and emotionally is going to come off as “dull” or “boring” compared to the loud drama king who throws a hissy fit every time she gets a text, or feels like he has to go out partying every night to keep up appearances.

  19. One small piece of advice to add. Be confrontational. At the right time and place. Anyone, not just girls, will respect you if you are not afraid to challenge other people’s opinions. You will grow in the process and break out of whatever “dull” or “boring” category that you may have been originally stuck in.

    1. Well, when I come out and be confrontational towards people and ask them questions like “Are you aware that Israel did 9-11?” and then I give them a book link that PROVES Israel did 9-11, these pathetic blue pill faggots call me a nutjob conspiracy theorist.
      These guys are weak pussies because they are terrified of thinking outside of the box. These blue pill retards don’t have a single original thought in their stupid heads. And then they wonder why people find them boring?
      If you eat red pills like candy, you will become situated in the truth of all things and no one will ever find you boring. They may think you are a madman, but at least they won’t think you are boring.
      Oh, and here’s the link which proves Israel did 9-11

      1. Seriously dude. Conspiracy theory is like PUA “game”, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.. It aint real. Now get out there and blow that black UN NWO helicopter out of the sky.

        1. Sounds to me like you’re just a cowardly little faggot who is terrified to think outside of the box.

        2. I am a Jew, where is my fucking check?! Damn, all these years and I never seem to catch one of those Elders to give me my part.

        1. talking about anything remotely interesting (science, politics, even movies) will have the same effect.

      2. Reality is a little bit more complex. Israel did not need to “do” 9-11, Uncle Sam created through the years the group of individuals that finally did the deed. It is not rocket science, just some facts about political strife, resources, the powers at the time in Afghanistan, and some rich boys and a Saudi one with a big messianic complex.

  20. LOL! This article is so me. Really. I was so beta-fied. Western women had so often been “offended” by what I said that I said very little at all and just listened to what they had to say mostly.
    When I started dating (because I never actually dated as a teen) at 43 (2007) I went on two dates with western women here in Germany. Meaning one who grew up in the US and one who grew up in Australia. And I listened to what they had to say. Oh my…what disasters. And there were the two I that had made the selection via
    When I finally stepped up to being alpha in 2010? Firstly, I don’t try and date western women. One of the first questions I ask is where did she grow up. I get age and where she grew up out of the way in the first few minutes. I politely reject any outside my parameters.
    Then over the first conversations I will lay in hard on western women and how terrible they are etc and see how she reacts. Then I will criticise how most women are etc…and see how she responds. Usually, and I mean more than 80% of the time, eastern european women respond very well.
    My fav#3 said to me “oh my god, you just described my mother perfectly, I know exactly what you are talking about.”
    Another one, who was only 23 at the time, said “You know, I am really glad you know what us women are really like because I do not have to act like someone I am not around you.”
    Women know what they are like. Eastern european women even admit it. The sad thing is that in the west women will lie to you to try and convince you she is “not like all the other women” when she is exactly like all the other women. Eastern european women generally are very open about how nasty women can be.

  21. I like the comments talking about being boring as just being a person who is focused on the long term. Sometimes there is more to life than seeing Skrilliz and staying out until 2 in the morning every night and a quality woman will/should recognize the difference.

  22. Question, how do people on this site and the manosphere deal with complexity of the fact that the men around today are descendants of the most alpha warrior males who survived thousands of years of warfare and diseases? It just doesn’t seem to add up that their descendants be beta. Although I agree with the general premises that beta’s ain’t getting pussy much.

    1. Its simple, we actually embrace the fact that we continue what our alpha ass kicking ancestors did. I’m sure there was betas of their time, usually turned out to be eunuchs. If the betas of today want to figuratively castrate themselves by refusing to change their pathetic ways then let Darwinism be Darwinism.

    2. Identity/personality traits are not all genetic. Our instinctual desire, our need to be alpha IS genetic, but whether we end up developing alpha personalities, and whether we end up seeing ourselves as alpha internally, is all up to what kinds of people society raised us to be. Training is important in psychological development.
      Men of our time in my country have been trained by a society without substance to be wishy-washy- aka beta. And at a certain point, we all on this site realized this and we realized that we don’t like it because it just disagrees with our insticts.
      Hence, this whole website.

  23. Thanks for all the comments. However, I did want to remind us all that we are in part to blame ourselves for being beta and boring. No amount of women bashing in the world is going to make us more “alpha” or more interesting, so it’s quite important for us to look in the mirror and see what we could do better, even if women are as awful as they seem to be, and even if we have been raised in the beta environment.

  24. Having a minor criminal record for beating the shit out of a couple of guys can never hurt. Many women like trying to save the bad boys, and it’s very unboring to them.

  25. “The over-the-top gentle and careful approach with girls, in turn, makes you appear extremely boring and ultra-beta, especially to the girls who have personality and a sense of humor. They want to spend time with a guy who has a backbone, can be both funny and stimulating, and can dish out dark humor and sarcasm”
    And again, like with every other Game article in existence, it’s always up to the guy to make it all better.
    God forbid the cool chicks out there should do anything to encourage the guy to be less politically correct and start cracking jokes of their own to see if the guy can break out of his comfy little shell.
    Oh no, that would mean holding the girl a little more responsible to see her search for a man goes a little better than it might otherwise and we Playas can’t have that now, can we?

  26. 1. “Even physically abusive guys get away with their temper and (will) be forgiven if they are interesting(.)”
    This statement is a bit more truthful if you replace the word “interesting” with “sexy”.
    2. “That’s the reason there are so many “nice” and “sweet” guys sit(ting) at home on Facebook or porn sites and jerk(ing) off. Not all of them, but many of them are just too damn boring.”
    These men are probably not boring. In fact, I would wager to bet that many of them are very interesting people. The reason these men are furiously spanking it night after night is because they are not physically attractive enough to hunt down a passable substitute for their left hand. -But if they don’t particularly care about this, then neither should you or I.
    The fact is that women will put out more easily for a boring man who is physically attractive than they will for an interesting man who is not physically attractive. Interesting is good and it’s a great tool to have in your arsenal, but Attractive will always win over Interesting in the case of a one night stand. Men assess their own prospects in exactly the same way: If she’s hot and boring, you’ll probably fuck her. If she’s interesting and ugly, you probably won’t fuck her. ‘Interesting’ only becomes a factor when you are trying to determine whether or not the person in question is “relationship material”. This is true for both men and women.
    3. “There are enough great women out there who you will have a great time meeting, having sex with and dating. Therefore, you should not alter or suppress your behavior if you are naturally funny and sarcastic guy, because it will inevitably work on the type of girl that matches well with you.”
    This is an excellent statement and a good reminder to all.

    1. I am going to be a little philosophical here, so here’s the question: what is “interesting” really ?

      1. The answer depends on the character of the person who is making that determination. I draw and paint extremely well and many people would say that this type of artistic aptitude is an interesting quality to have. -But some people don’t value creativity and these people won’t feel any particular way about it.
        On the most basic level, I’d say that two people who share similar values and interests will find each other valuable and interesting. Like attracts like, etc.
        What do you think?

        1. Exactly. It is too relative. That’s why I don’t like this whole “be an interesting person” crap. Different strokes for different folks.

  27. Bullshit. The reason this guys appear boring is because they do not do anything manly. Back in the day before the age of technology and of highly specialized economies, men would go on adventures to try and conquer the world. Why do you think men are attracted to entertainment that deal with adventure (Lord of the Rings anyone?) and why do you think so many men join the military? These proved how brave and courageous you were as ma. Courage, bravery, honor…etc these are virtues that attract women and gain you the respect of other men.

  28. I think it is just adorable that every guy on here thinks he’s an “Alpha Male”. You guys wouldn’t know how to take charge if your lives depended on it!

  29. besides the sex, most women are indeed boring themselves. It’s funny how they say we’re boring but yet they don’t think to look at themselves. Most women are just another carbon copy of the other women next to her. Cell phones, starbucks, yoga pants, swearing, getting drunk, fucking multiple guys,…. you can’t expect to carry on any intelligent conversation with modern women. That’s same thing as looking at the same cookie cutter houses in urban city. Nothing so special.

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