China Has The World’s Largest Rationalization Hamster


That’s over two hundred and seventy-nine billion dollars (or 1.7 trillion yuan) that China is going to spend so that they can combat their smog pollution which is literally causing cancer across its countrysides.  Hopefully they made enough money making shitty knock-offs of every American product known to man to pay for that bill.

Look at this.  And we thought Los Angeles was bad?


While I could go on and on about the economic impact this could potentially have, I want to delve into the morality of this.  As you can see from the first article I linked, Chinese government officials begging for investments, putting their best spin on their pollution problem.  Hey, at least while spending billions of dollars…we’ll be safe from being bombed from other countries because of it!

The hamster is strong, gentlemen.

“Smog may affect people’s health and daily lives … but on the battlefield, it can serve as a defensive advantage in military operations,” said an article on the website of Global Times, a nationalist newspaper affiliated to the Communist Party’s mouthpiece the People’s Daily. Missile guidance that relies on human sight, infrared rays and lasers could be affected by smog in varying degrees, the article said. It explained that tiny particles in the air contributing to air pollution could hinder missile guidance systems.

So they’re saying that the smog isn’t, in fact, pollution – it’s a national defense against attack?


Government officials lying through their teeth for their own personal gain, with no regard for the citizens that vote for them.  Not much different from America. Does it not realize it is killing off its own people who could prove useful in a war with it’s toxic chemicals polluting the air?  That all the self-destructing smog defense systems in the world won’t do an ounce of good when their own kin are dropping dead left and right?

There won’t be any need for anyone to bomb China because their own chemical bomb is plenty effective already.

Over the weekend, 104 cities near China’s two biggest “industrial clusters — the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Yangtze River Delta region,” saw visibility reduced to less than 10 meters according to Xinhua. The latest smog attack has left six dead.

More important to the government is saving face so you look good in the eyes of the citizens that are still standing and not dying of pollution filling their lungs.  What they’ve failed to mention is the other casualties that visibility of “ten meters” does to a population – car accidents, plane crashes, plenty of other issues.  The last thing China’s government should be worrying about when the visibility in their major regions is next to nothing is getting bombed by another country.  Meanwhile, the government wastes time spinning stories like these, which ring hypocrisy like a Chinese gong.

If there were to be bomb, perhaps the missile tracking systems are potent enough to knock them off their hamster treadmills.

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69 thoughts on “China Has The World’s Largest Rationalization Hamster”

  1. Its not for nothing that feminism first arrived to communist Russia as early as 1921.
    Communists and hamsters go hand in hand.

      1. The former Soviet Union still has a really high divorce rate, but at least it seems to be slowly recovering.

        1. That is mainly due to the allocation of housing in the 1990’s. A married couple could get a bigger house if they were two separate people, rather than as two people as a couple. Chuck a child in the mix and they could get a 90 sqm place instead of a 50 sqm place

        2. The divorce rate in China is rising but it is still nothing like America. For one thing, about 80% of girls will marry before they turn 25, so the contrast between American and Chinese divorce rates are actually further apart than the numbers might suggest. While American divorce rates are 40%-50% the worst case in China is Shanghai at about 30% and Beijing at about 20%, which along with Hong Kong are the most westernized cities in the country. I think the overall divorce rate is only about 10% but that includes 800 million peasant farmers in places like butt-fuck Inner Mongolia where there is zero divorce-rape incentive.

      2. Outside of the Party, feminism is pretty much in check here. If anything, the commies got rid of some of the more odious aspects of traditional Chinese culture regarding gender.

      1. I think that that only applies to Chinese men and those that intend to marry. Those foreigners that just want to get their rocks off (particularly Whites, though my luck has been increasing as of late) don’t have much to worry about for the time being.

        1. In other words, exactly like American men in America who just want to get their rocks off inside American women.
          What Communism killed is marriage and family.

        2. 1) China is not communist.
          2) …. Mm, it seems some guys here are afraid that the Chinese are better. What can you do, you had your Century, the world is not yours anymore.

        1. Yeah, affirm on that. Don’t take NPR seriously on anything, except, perhaps. classical music. NPR is the liberal wing of the Democratic Party masquerading as erudite, objective, mainstream reporting with a lisp. I always think to myself when I get into an area where I pick that shit up, that NPR listeners and adherents are going to be there first to die when the grid goes down and the inner city hordes start going on their rampages. It’ll be dying, effete, white people, hands clasped on the steering while, who while being pummeled with bricks will cry out, “But I voted for Obama!”

        2. Correct. NPR is tax payer (unwillingly) sponsored government, leftist activist, and feminist propaganda.
          All of their on air people are women or gay men for a reason.

      2. the chinese immigrants and students in Sydney were the worst of the bunch,… always flashing about in green mercs with louis vuitton gear… pathetic… at least america has been wealthy for a couple of centuries now… remember alot of chinese are classic nouveau riche… nothing more disgusting that someone who assesses their success and status only according to showing off with material goods…… UK in the 80s had a big bout of this… and alot of Latin America is suffering the same disease now…. peasants with money … urrgghh..
        see there are two sorts of people… those who want money for the freedom and cool stuff and comfort it can buy…. and those that want money to show off to other people that they are not poor… money for status is money for fools…..

  2. Say what you will about China, but the people are extremely tenacious and their government is the most practical in the world. They don’t waste time with garbage presidential debates and political dramas. Unlike in the West, the workers don’t complain and strike all the time because they’re too busy building a better country. China’s GDP was approximately 1/3 of the world’s just 200 years ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them return to that level of dominance in the coming decades. In the 20th century alone, they survived European imperialism, mass famines, Japanese invasion, civil war, Mao’s disasterous economic policies and the Cultural revolution. All resulting in what I can only estimate about 100 million deaths and complete destruction (the actual number might be totally off). If any other country went through the shit they did, they would look like Somalia, Afghanistan, or the world in Mad Max but China survived and is thriving.
    While the western world is declining in every aspect with their caucasian population dwindling with open door immigration policy with liberal ideals, the chinese are coming over and taking over. Just keep making fun of their cheap crap products, you still buy them. They called Japan a copycat back in the day, but once Japan went through that phase, they became a technological and economical powerhouse. The difference with China is that China is much larger in population and land. They took over Japan as the 2nd largest economy recently and they’re going after US now.

    1. If any other country went through the shit they did, they would look like Somalia, Afghanistan, or the world in Mad Max
      Or Germany.

        1. “Germany was and is a great country, but it’s too bad that they became americanized to rebuild itself:”
          Germany is a LONG way from being “amerikanised”.
          I have lived in the US and in Germany. I can tell you that they are worlds apart. Germany is a MUCH nicer place to live than Amerika.

    2. Typical American-style myopia that only sees what it wishes China to be. (Chinese people make the same mistake with America.) China’s huge population isn’t an advantage, it’s a huge millstone around the neck of the nation. China’s size isn’t a big deal either as almost half the country is near uninhabitable and all the population is concentrated on the east coast. China mostly cares about itself. If you’re not Chinese, you don’t really matter.

    3. China’s so called massive growth is almost completely phoney, they’re
      building dozens of empty cities to create false growth, based on money
      printed out of thin air. Their QE program is larger than ours, and doing
      even more damage at an even faster rate than ours.

    4. They don’t strike because they are arrested/killed if they do. And Japan is done for, it’s an even worse shape than the West.

      1. Japan is done for. Herbivore males, anyone?
        Oh, and let’s not forget the state of anime in Japan today. It’s becoming more and more and more politically correct.
        Not surprising, really. Look at the men. Herbivores.
        Political IN-correctness is not their forte. Nor is dating and reproduction and family raising.

    5. Unlike in the West, the workers don’t complain and strike all the time because they’re too busy building a better country.

      Assuming they even can have a strike without the government cracking down on them, I’m also not entirely sure throwing yourself off buildings in such numbers that the business feels the need to install nets to catch jumpers can’t count as a form of complaining too.
      Of course the cheap compliant workforce is pretty much why all the western business owners laid off their native workforces and exported the jobs to China. Although now with Chinese wages rising and with India competing in the ‘we have loads of cheap labour and very little in the way of worker’s rights’ market, things might soon be turning. Not to our advantage though, but there you go.

    6. Hey Skoll,
      I’ve got it in my head that you live in Toronto. I’m also in Tdot and was wondering if you’d be interested in comparing notes. I think it could be beneficial and interesting to meet a red-piller in person.
      Let me know if you’re interested I’ll post an email address.

    7. Among others, Kissinger, in his book “On China” notes that the 19th and 20th centuries were basically the exception in that China was not the dominant political entity in the world, in contrast to the last 4000 years or so before that.

  3. The difference is that the American people are too stupid to know that their leaders are lying to them, regardless of party. On the other hand, the Chinese don’t have the ability to throw their leaders out, so the government has relatively free reign

    1. There is a weird way they run “democracy” there. Political protests, labour strikes, and other things the Communist Party considers an existential threat get the hammer dropped hard. On the other hand, when the government rolls out new laws or regulations for everyday matters, if people don’t like it they simply ignore the law or go underground. Once the government realizes that the system they created is unmanageable, they will change the law to match what people are already doing anyways.
      Another point is that if some provincial government was pulling what the Liberals in Ontario have been up to for the last decade, they would all be taken out and shot.

  4. Wait, Wait, Wait! Time out! The smog problem here in China is what the United States was from the 20’s till the 70’s! Till Nixon put a halt to all that crap by establishing the EPA and the Clean Water Act. China is in the same position and currently going through the necessary reforms. If you turn on the news here in China you will see half of the newscast dedicated to the smog problem and interviews from people about getting cancer, lesions, eyes burning, and not being able to breath. Almost all the Chinese in the big cities and 2nd tier cities are not stupid. They know whats going on. Most of them are college educated free thinking people. This notion that people here in China are passively not caring about the smog problem is ridiculous. Maybe you shouldn’t be brainwashed by western media on whats going on in China. With an economy growing between 7 and 8 percent a year (and sometimes over 10%) you are going to have problems.
    Some of the ways they are combating the problem is placing fines on cities that are not combating pollution. Other ways is decommissioning coal power plants and replacing with alternative sources. This is where 25-30 percent of the pollution comes from during the winter. Oh contrary to popular belief in the US. There is no such thing as clean coal technology. Also they are actually telling the truth to their citizens on how bad the pollution is by having daily reports on the smog levels in the city. You can’t hide something that you see in front of you.
    Plus you take a quote from one politician and blanket cover it as the whole country and political party thinking that way is ludicrous. Almost all countries have crazy politicians with crazy notions. When this happens, we all look at the tv screen and say WTF?!! Did they just really say that!
    In all China is a growing economy with major problems. These problems are being fixed but slowly. Laws are being passed and pollution controls are being placed on provinces and businesses. Alternative power sources are being used to combat the problem. From solar panels to Nuclear energy and so forth.
    Lets not forget why China excelerated the implementation of capitalistic economic policies. Anybody remember Tiananmen Square?! They are not stupid to have a replication of what happened then. So they get things done to combat the problem before the people get too weary and protest.

    1. China and the United States happen to have the richest coal deposits on earth. We in the USA are moving away from coal, and using clean coal tech for the remaining, but China is some ways behind.
      They’d be in better shape if they didn’t have commie central planning though. Their environmental standards are as bad as the old Soviet Union’s. We’ve actually been fobbing off our own high-sulfur coal on the Chinese because of that, rather than making it all into sulfuric acid.

  5. Alright, minions. Conspiracy theory time. I’m not expert on China, nor do I claim to have read any goddamn thing about the nation. It’s not my area of concern in world events. However, did it ever occur to anyone that, maybe the Chinese government wants the smog to stick around? The Chinese government may be hoping to kill off some of the excess population. What do the elites care? They live in well-ventilated areas, far away from the hellpits that are the industrial shitzones that make up the big cities. If they must go into big cities, they probably have oxygen tanks. I imagine the Chinese elites having a word for what they describe for the common citizen. Expendable.

    1. The Russians also had an absolute disregard for human life, but started to panic in the 1990s with their population collapse. When the Chinese population starts tanking in a couple of decades, they may decide to turn things around.

      1. Two. Billion. People. China has a long way to go before they need to worry about underpopulation.
        In the meantime, the fact that… what was it? 35 million Chinese men who’s options consist of celebacy or homosexuality? They’ll probably off themselves, or worse, they’ll all join the military.

        1. 1.35 billion, actually. A little more than half of two billion. But yeah, I suppose you’re right. Russia is quite underpopulated, with only 1/10 China’s population.
          One reason I suspect China has tended to neglect its sex balance is because Chinese men aren’t exactly horndogs.

        2. Why do you say that Chinese men aren’t horndogs? The country didn’t become so overpopulated by magic. The country is covered with brothels. There are five brothels within rock-throwing distance of the school at which I work in Shanghai, and pretty much no matter what city or neighborhood you’re in in China, if you take a walk on the streets at night, you’ll come across multiple “massage parlors” and “barber shops” that have no hair on the floor, red lights, a young, scantily clad girl sitting next to the window. The marital infidelity rate for Chinese men is currently about four times that of American men (16.5 percent per 12-month period for Chinese men versus around 4 percent per 12-month period for American men). In 2006, the reported figure was 20.6 percent per 12-month period for Chinese men, which is approximately the lifetime infidelity figure for American men.

    1. actually cultural homogeneity, enforced through marxist policies. sacrifice the individual for the betterment of the state.
      look at the old KMT flag, the 5 colours represented the 5 predominant races in china. how did this become one united china? by ruthless mob rule and cultural marxism. the majority sacrificing the rights of a minority to feed and sustain itself. sound familiar?
      i don’t know why you’d be proud of such a thing, no man who values individual freedom and his right to his own work and efforts should be.

      1. Actually, the Chinese are rather conservative. Aside from the whole oligarchy/dictatorship/rule-by-the-elite that you get from Marxists, the non-party regular people are pretty clear on things like gender roles, fat shaming, personal responsibility, family, entrepreneurship. Aside from the fact that most are atheist or agnostic, their attitude would fit well with most Republicans or Conservatives.

        1. I think you might be trying to justify your ethnicity. You don’t need to do so, be proudly who you are, whatever other people say or think. This is a very important point.
          Most visiting* chinese have been a peasant class suddenly loaded with money so they have had trouble with basic manners like not pissing on rail way tracks, not recognising queues, and also cursing the shit out of people all the time in their own language. these are vulgar qualities not praiseworthy morals.

          I’ve also noticed that HK and Shanghai Chinese are significantly more tolerable, polite, accomodating, well mannered compared to mainland chinese. I hope that they can keep that autonomy and independent thinking even after the 99 year non-interference lease is up.
          Regarding chinese manners, I think its what happens when you have a big amount of people who were just peasant classes maybe 70 years ago, suddenly coming into a lot of wealth as a result of capitalist policies implemented without the sufficient freedom for cultural change as well. You get rich peasants rather than rich thinkers and geniuses, innovators and such.
          China has such a powerhouse of people but they have significant brain drain, their best and brightest are in the US not china.
          Also their attempts at research and scientific success and prestige are limited in comparison to the incredibly high quality of chinese students coming over to study.
          Its a bit sad that the place and land of confucianism is really quite backwards in education given its rich pre-marxist culture and emphasis on study.
          Also this may be due to language or something else but there has been an anecdotal evidence to show that chinese science and engineering students though very competent tend to lack the ability to see the big picture in quite the same way as say other ethnic groups and caucasians do (regarding overarching themes or trying to attempt to unify areas).
          Cultural change is a much slower process, though hong kong, and shanghai seem to be leading the way in that regard.
          *As far as i’ve seen of the chinese immigrants who have settled they have tended to be fine and conservative, hardworking and well meaning as you said, but as a tourist population they are first of the worst. Also the older chinese are very uncivilised. Again might be anecdotal

        2. There is a bad habit for Chinese children to piss in the streets. The adults smoke, spit, drive like maniacs and don’t know how to que. They tend to be more civilized once they land state side. As for here they are friendly people who routinely call me over to break bread (so to speak) and chat with my broken Mandarin. You get that less in places like Shanghai although the women there absolutely rock.
          Chinese education is intense and mostly by rote. They blow away Canadians all the way up to the undergraduate level (taking into account the language issues). It is at the post graduate level that the Chinese students have problems because they have not been trained in lateral thinking and creative ideation.
          We all know that the Chinese produce crap knock offs that westerners are all too happy to buy. Living in China I can tell you that the only thing they do well is trains: the train system here is awesome. They completely suck at architecture, HVAC, plumbing, food distribution, and a raft of other disciplines.
          The Chinese who emigrate to Canada tend to be entrepreneurial. Some are monied but many are not. Guys like David Chen are fucking heroes in their own community and beyond.

  6. I lived in China, love the place and hate the pollution. I really do not get why this is posted in Return of Kings though… Seems off topic.

    1. I really loved Shanghai but the air is so bad that they cancel public school every now and then because the smog is so think. Xiamen is the best city that I have been to in that it has good air quality and is remarkably cosmopolitan.

  7. Yeah, everyone made fun of it. It was likely the result of some party boss getting pissed off at the pollution coverage and telling an underling to find something nice to say.

  8. Thank God the western media cheerleading for the rise of China seems to be dying down as it becomes apparent for all to see that China, despite it’s incredible history, cuisine and innovation, is presently a third-rate, copy cat, back-engineered, regressive, repressive, ugly, communistic, exploitive, black market elephant tusk-consuming, US trade/military secret stealing, amoral, polluted, degraded, degradated, depredated, little-dicked, bossy, scheming, Mao-worshipping, overpopulated, infanticide inviting, lunar wanna-be landing, James Bond-type machine gun carrying, copy right infringing, North Korea-supporting, junk manufacturing & exporting, Baby Jesus hating (Chinese Gov.), Japan bashing, fungus-laden insulation manufacturing, western name brand merchandise-guzzling, air polluting, coal burning, ballistic missile threatening, Taiwan-invading, communist-socialist-hypercapitalist, hypocritical, Tibet-occupying, nation of Dark Helmet-esque demi-military men in oversize caps… wishing…orgasming… over their wet dream that they have a hope in Hell of ever confronting & defeating the US military. China is an enormous threat to the welfare of nations and human liberty. They are a wanna-be military power whose two assets are their ability to back-engineer the best stolen US designs and sacrifice hundreds of millions on the field of battle. They appear to be aping everything western and the bulk of their women look like androgynous little boys, flat chested and no ass to boot. The modern state of China is a monstrosity and it should be treated as such.

    1. Look at your own stinking society as it hurtles towards economic meltdown and police state rule as it wages illegal wars and plunders the developing world to enrich your ruling elite – then spew some of your boundless hate in that direction too.

      1. Pepe, just when I’m about to lose it over the mess that the US most assuredly is, I just look at China & I think, thank God we’re not that! I have no hatred for Chinese culture or its people but in its totality I do believe China’s explosive growth and moral vacuum poses enormous problems for the welfare of nations and our environment. I do believe their women are pretty lacking. Giving them a little shit is well deserved. I was living in Spain a few years ago, during the invasion of Iraq and oh man, did those Spaniards hate us. I was like, “You guys think the US is evil, you haven’t seen nothing yet…” You want to see economic colonialism and “plundering the developing world”? Go to Africa or Indo-China, see what China does to those countries and then get back to me. Everybody’s shit stinks and China’s got per capita, more shit than we do, so, start holding your nose.

        1. Congrats on the best post so far made regarding this topic. Most people see China as just another nation modernizing and getting rich but they don’t realize that its a government of thugs that makes the US seem like a democratic utopia by comparison. US better get their shit together and start arming Japan and whomever else we can to contain this monster. Clinton did the biggest mistake to include them in the WTO.
          In Europe anti-Americanism comes in waves, largerly out of emotional backlash that America calls the shots and not them anymore without any serious rationale behind it. If it wasn’t for the US they would all be under Putin’s and his robber barrons thumbs by now so let them hate. America can still get it right if we have the tenacity, intelligence and fortitude to change our government and ameliorate our society.

  9. “Government officials lying through their teeth for their own personal gain, with no regard for the citizens that vote for them. Not much different from America.”
    That’s not accurate at all. Chinese citizens outside of the CCP do not vote. The CCP is infinitely less accountable to their people than even the worst American politicians are to their voters.
    The modern CCP is nowhere near as bad as it was under Mao, but let’s be clear: the Party doesn’t give a fuck about the welfare of the Chinese, unless their well-being also benefits the Party*. The CCP has built safeguards into itself to prevent an autocratic ruler from arising, as it was with Mao, but they still share his mentality. If a Chinese person dies, eh, plenty more where that came from!
    *You might say that this is true of all governments, but very few elected American officials would so callously regard a nuclear strike on America, as Mao did, He, “wrote to Krushchev confirming that he would be only too happy for China to fight a nuclear war with America alone. ‘For our ultimate victory,’ he offered, ‘for the total eradication of the imperialists, we are willing to endure the first strike. All it is is a big pile of people dying.’

  10. Dont worry about China. They have the worst possible problem destroying them internally. Feminism.

  11. The usual anti-Chinese hysteria and bullshit from another brainwashed American. Your country is currently arming Al Qaeda (sorry, “democracy loving rebels”) to slaughter Christians, Druze, Alawites and Shia religious minorities in Syria to benefit the geopolitical ambitions of your allies in the Middle East. Your currency is at risk of collapse. The Neo Con political cabal that rules you effectively stole an election to place a half witted puppet from the Wahhabist friendly Bush family and you didn’t do a thing. Your economy is systematically looted by gangsters on Wall Street. Your middle and working classes suffer with third world health systems as providing support to those in need apparently is “Communist” according to big business and Fox News informed rednecks.
    And all you can do is moan about and denigrate China?

    1. When the neocons bail out of our country like rats off a sinking ship, then we can start the recovery. We just have to be patient.

  12. Why does this site continue to print the mindless shit that this particular individual spews out? I can only think his trolling articles are deliberately published to create controversy as controversy generates activity on a blog or website. Surely this clown and his inane ramblings can’t be presented as serious and legitimate debate?

    1. There’s nothing troll about this. It’s simply pointing out the ridiculous statements that China’s government is spewing out in their own self defense.
      Go read Jezebel if you want “serious and legitimate” debate, because your arguments are about as sound as theirs.

  13. At least they’re not as butthurt as India, if they start to get the ball rolling and the MSM starts touting “The Rise of India” I’d definitely puke. Damn desis blame about being the victims of colonial opression, yet act so damn uppity, like they were too good to get colonized.

  14. adds new meaning to “The desolation of Smaug”.
    One thing you missed. LA is in a near perpetual inversion that traps everything. The native Americans noted the brown air in the area long before Columbus.
    There was Donora, PA, which is smaller but worse since it is in a “box canyon” type situation and there was a serious acid fog. But also geography created a point problem
    China doesn’t seem to have that excuse.

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