Should Men Ignore Negativity?

Many popular bloggers have publicly stated they won’t write about or give their attention to the antics of those they disagree with anymore. Even writers who’ve made their name bashing feminists, extremists, and opposing social views are starting to wake up to the idea that focusing their attention on negativity won’t make there be any less of it in the world.

At the same time, many of these same men discovered the websites, ideas, and communities that have improved their lives by first noticing negative patterns in culture around them. So which is it? Do we ignore the negativity in the world or tell everyone who will listen about what needs to change? Will paying attention to the problems of the world drain our energy or keep us vigilant? Is there a way we can leverage that negativity for our benefit?

When Seeing Negativity Is Helpful

Seeing negativity in others can be helpful when it allows us to see the negativity in ourselves. In order to let go of a pattern, you first have to become aware of it. Because we are resistant to seeing our own faults, sometimes it is easier to see them in others. Seeing the problems of the world can be a stepping stone to correcting those problems within ourselves.

When I first discovered Return of Kings and similar blogs, I knew I was not a feminist, but I still held many of the negative beliefs associated with that worldview that I had been indoctrinated with growing up. Reading critiques of feminists allowed me to see how those ideas had influenced my own thinking, let go of those beliefs, and become a happier person.


For someone just discovering Return of Kings or red pill philosophy, reading responses to negative ideas can be helpful if the reader still hold those ideas himself. Most men go through an angry phase when they discover how they were lied to about women, relationships, and attraction growing up. Anger is a perfectly natural stage of grief, but eventually one must move past it into acceptance, integration, and creating the life you actually want, rather than dwelling on the life you used to have.

When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. Seeing negativity can be incredibly helpful if it makes you aware of the patterns you need to let go of and the positive direction you actually want to go. By reveals the contrast between where you are and where you want to be, negativity can be a positive force that points us in the direction of what we are really wanting.

When Seeing Negativity Is NOT Helpful

Dwelling on negativity is not helpful when it is done merely to feel superior to others or to juice feelings of anger and victim-hood. This is the most common reason people read, write, and talk about negativity in the world. Studies have shown readers are most likely to click on headlines that produce feeling of anger, and because publishers want page views, authors have incentive to write stories that appeal to these feelings. “Hate-reading” or producing and consuming content that is meant only to infuriate is the most dominant and common form of writing online.

This type of content transcends all political and social demographics. Conservative sites will publish articles bashing liberals, liberal sites will publish articles bashing conservatives. Environmentalists, feminists, men’s rights activists, Christians, gays, and virtually every movement or subculture online has a website dedicated to chronicling the most outrageous actions of their opponents. Even within movements, members will generate traffic by bashing one another and publishing articles that serve only to divide or tear down their communities.

The most reason people focus on others failings is to feel better about themselves. I’ve written about the comparative mind before. It’s much easier to compare yourself to an overweight underachieving whiner, than it is to take yourself from good to great. It’s even harder to just be content, happy, or grateful for the things you have. It’s easier to avoid the feeling you might not being enough, if compare yourself to someone who clearly doesn’t think they’re enough.

Likewise, creating a story that you are a victim of all the evil and misguided people in the world is an excuse to avoid action or change. Saying that feminists are keeping you down is the conservative man’s version of “the dog ate my homework.” While the world may create obstacles, these obstacles can make us stronger if we treat them as creative challenges and opportunities for growth.

The question men need to ask themselves when reading negative news stories is whether or not they are using information to become more aware of what they truly want, or whether they are using this information to create a story about why they can’t have what they want. For most men, becoming aware of the negativity around them may initially helpful, but staying in that negativity is not.

When Talking About Negativity Is Helpful

Talking about negativity in the world is helpful when you are using your speech to change that negativity. If you are part of a community that is participating in a negative pattern, then speak up about it. In this case, you are not giving your attention to negativity, but your own transformative power to change it. The same way noticing negativity in the world can be an opportunity to let go of it, pointing it out in your community creates an opportunity for the community to change, and for those who no longer wish to participate in it to change or leave that community.

Whether or not writers chose to write about the problems of the world depends on their audience and goals. For men who already know what they want, spending lots of time on the problem isn’t helpful. Sites dedicated to a more general audience might benefit from some contrast, so their audience understands the problem enough to accept the solution.

Personally, I enjoy delving deeply into problems because I see them not as problems, but as challenges. My goal when I write about negativity isn’t to complain, but to make men aware of the patterns involved so they can clear those patterns within themselves and the community around them.

What matters most is the intention. Are you writing about the negativity in the world to enlighten others and change it, or to complain and create a story about why change is impossible?

When Talking About Negativity Is NOT Helpful

Most of the time men focus on negativity, it reflects more about them than the person they’re bashing. If a conservative man was to obsessively watch gay porn, blog about gay porn, and talk about gay porn because they “can’t stand all those gays having sex” you’d probably assume that they were secretly attracted to men, and just couldn’t admit it to anyone including themselves.

Just as there are bloggers obsessed with men’s attraction to men, there are bloggers obsessed with men’s attraction to women. Several writers devout their entire blog to bashing men who study game and seek to improve their sex lives. They call these men “players,” “misogynists,” and “rape-apologists” the way a closeted preacher might hurl the word “fag” to cover up his own homosexual attraction.

If you obsessively read sites by players, blog about players, and constantly talk about players because you “can’t stand all those players having sex,” you’re probably secretly attracted to the player lifestyle and and just can’t admit it to anyone including yourself.

Likewise, women who constantly blog about rape often have rape fantasies.Women who constantly blog about fat acceptance wish they were pretty and men were attracted to them. And many of the men who constantly blog about feminism wish they had the privileged and attention they believe attractive women command without having to put in the work necessary to achieve it.

All of these men and women blogging about the things they hate could experience many of the privileges they ascribe to the opposite sex if they took the energy they dedicate to complaining about what they don’t want and put it into improving themselves and pursuing what they do want. Jealously is a powerful force, but building yourself up is much more rewarding than tearing others down.



The best way to change the world is by focusing on who you truly are and what you truly desire. Use the contrast of every negative experience to point yourself in the direction of what you prefer. Negativity can be a positive force if you treat it as a creative challenge rather than an excuse to avoid change. The process of transforming negativity into positive experiences can be incredibly exciting, if your intention and focus throughout the process is positive.

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65 thoughts on “Should Men Ignore Negativity?”

  1. “Saying that feminists are keeping you down is the conservative man’s version of “the dog ate my homework.”” Well put.

  2. This article could have had promise. Instead, it degenerated into immature diatribe.
    Most of the men that I know who constantly rail against feminism don’t do so because they want the same privilege that women have. Most of these men have been burned by a political system that demonizes anything with a penis, human or otherwise.
    Jealously is nowhere near the root of this problem. I really wish someone with more experience and wisdom had tackled this topic.

    1. You actually sound like the kind of person the author is talking about.

      1. He’s still right. The truth can be negative, and if so, should the truth be ignored? I think not.

        1. a negative truth is a problem not something you just accept. Being solution focussed doesn’t mean ignoring unpleasant truths, it means focusing on what needs to be done in order to make that history

        2. Nobody says ignore the truth. But crying about it doesn’t do any good. We all get dealt a hand in life that we didn’t choose. But you can still win poker with a bad hand.

      2. There is a difference between constructive criticism and the negativity the author is referring too. I also believe that the article could have been better written and better edited.

    2. I personally get sick of all the angry rants about feminists. They don’t accomplish anything but stir up like minded people’s emotions. Feminists are going anywhere so we should just accept their presence. We don’t have to accept their views. Let us acknowledge their existence and move on with our lives. After all, most radical feminist movements are hurting them in the long haul… not us.

      1. fair enough, if they don’t accomplish anything, or are otherwise negative, but remember feminism is officially equated as “equality” in large parts of the western world, and there are huge campaigns to persuade both women and men that feminism means a better world for everyone, something which I once believed myself. Rants achieve nothing perhaps, but what feminism does, and how it does it, desperately needs ‘critical coverage’, because feminism is ‘not what it says on the box’.

        1. the only thing required so evil can prosper is good men doing nothing.
          at least shouting the negatives from the roof tops is doing something….. it’s also an easy starting point.
          sure, it might get repetitive, sure there is an angry component to it, yes it’s unpleasant to bang on about negatives constantly and certainly if you lock horns with an opponent you risk becoming just like him.
          but you have to keep broadcasting the message, you have to keep refining the articles and fine tuning the argument, and you have to keep it current….. especially in a blog form, where traffic to older articles just dies off.

        2. “the only thing required so evil can prosper is good men doing nothing”
          I thinks its astonishing how little criticism let alone opposition feminism has received – not that that has prevented the likes of Susan Faludi complaining about a non-existent 90s backlash. Feminists initially made some strong arguments (which is why they were taken seriously) but probably the main reason for their success has been the use of shaming tactics to disarm potential criticism of the claims they make and the power they seek. Add to that the fact that men find it difficult to argue with feminists because of how they argue – (i.e. they don’t argue, they police) and the personal and political consequences of questioning feminism in the wider public arena (i.e. damage to career, potential ostracism) and its clear that when it comes to arguing against feminism’s manifold absurdities men who are wise to what feminism is about need to think carefully before they speak. As you say we need fine- tuned arguments. We need arguments that work
          I suspect many of the arguments that do not work will be the most emotionally invested ones: the rants, those that are a basically a release of ‘ negativity, frustration, anger etc. They may have some use, but clearly there is also a cost to such arguments, including in terms of becoming pre-occupied or even obsessed, which plays into the hands of opponents.
          Good footsoldiers need to be disciplined,clear-headed and goal-oriented. Self-improvement, game, perhaps ensures that the goals in question do not become framed in terms of the feminist, or anyone else’s agenda, but take on their own authentic momentum.

    3. This article is sneaky. It implies that if you argue vociferously against something, you are a closet “that thing you are arguing against.” If you hate homosexuality, you must be secretly gay; hate pedophilia, you must be secretly a pedophile.
      This is how the moral-relativists defuse and deflect people who disagree with them. It prevents conservatives and traditionalists from fighting cultural marxism because they don’t want to be called that which they oppose.
      Like feminist shaming, it’s an effective but ruinous tactic that must be called out whenever shows its face.

      1. Exactly. I have no problem with being against negativity but where this article ended up, “if you complain about someone, you secretly want to do what they do”, was infantile.
        So the article yesterday, complaining about the silly selfies that females take, was taken by a man who secretly wants to be able to take selfies? Or the articles that proclaim asian women better than american women are by guys who secretly want american women but can’t have them?
        Even the author wrote an article last week (American Women Are The Prisoners Of Women) where he states “While feminists prattle on about “rape culture” and “my body, my
        rights,” the boy will know on some level that his consent did not
        matter, and he did not have the right to his own body.” Should I now assume that the author really wants the right to do this to boys himself?
        Not only does he not believe in what he wrote, many of the articles on ROK are complaint articles against women/feminists in one form or another.

      2. No, you actually didnt understand the article at all. RAlying against something is different of obsessing with that something. Great article btw.

    4. Every man can benefit from constructive criticism, even about his own thoughts.

  3. Those who think negatively, are doing what they enjoy, if it’s fun to think negatively to the individual, than they are technically doing something positive for themselves. It’s like loving to hate, you’re in love with hating, so it’s not a “negative” thing which attracts obstacles, it’s just that you enjoy yourself more by hating, on the surface it can appear that they are bitter or negative and must be “suffering” from it, well that is a load of mis-information about human nature, and you’re right about the deductive reasoning process, i find the smarter the individual, the more “negativity” they will point out, this is a logical function of males and a masculine trait under attack by anti-male interests, you are told you must be a passive nancy boy. My “negativity” gives me a warm sense that i understand the world around me, An example of one “positive” feeling achieved with ” negativity”. I have a theory called “information pain tolerance”, people will only be able to believe what they can tolerate as the truth emotionally, and defy logic to defend their sheltered versions of reality. Profound knowledge protects itself by the fact few have the courage to accept it, it’s not that most people aren’t smart enough for the truth, they lack the balls and defend their “happiness illusion”, they don’t want to feel like suckers for making mistakes all of their lives.
    i for one do not and would not enjoy being a “positive” happiness-preaching emasculated male
    Having an emotional response to information is just a sign of the conditioned effeminate sensitization and emasculation of males, there are only facts, they are not “positive” or “negative”, they are either “true” or “untrue”

  4. It doesn’t do any good to dwell on negativity because when you are operating on a negative vibe, you will attract more negative people(and treatment) into your life and miss opportunities for the good. Just strive to learn truth.
    Also it’s a good point that so many of the women have rape fantasies. If you want the truth about women’s sexual fantasies then read the book “My Secret Garden”, but Nancy Fariday. You can find the ebook free, a few bucks for paper copy… will blow your mind.

    1. So true. Made me think of the MRA movement. They started as pockets of men here and there voicing themselves as victims of feminism which then snow balled into a massive pile of pitiful men constantly complaining and being miserable. They became the male equivalent of feminists.

  5. I get the impression that it is more about balance in life than just focusing on one thing or another. We all want positive things in our lives (success, women, money) but everyone has moments that are negative as well as positive. Like the author states, there are moments where negative things should be focused on and times where it should not get the time of day that it does.

  6. Tony Robbins (self-help guru) makes the point that when you’re driving (particularly if you’re a racing driver) you tend to end up in the direction you’re focusing upon. It follows that you should focus on where you want to go, rather than upon obstacles or impediments, or for that matter things that make you mad.
    There are two main reasons in my book for focussing on things that make you mad e.g. the iniquities of feminism.
    Firstly there is critique. Critique is vitally necessary. There is no red pill / enlightenment or whatever you choose to call it without first criticising & evaluating politics, theory and received truths that as we all know may not be very true after all.
    This is what we’re doing here I presume. Critique IMO should be done in a calm and dispassionate way. The more emotional investment the more danger it will thrust you in to not just negativity, but also potentially obsession, those ideas that go round and round in your head and which can distort how you see the world even as you try to see it clearly. Critique is good. When done right.
    Secondly, and this is where negativity is really an issue, is the question of ‘pay-offs’. When you dwell on certain issues in a way that is not focussed and constructive, or your focus becomes unnecessarily negative it may well be worth asking yourself what you are getting out the situation. This is true of any situation where you keep doing something which you probably would be better off not doing.
    Payoffs in ROK may be the release of anger; getting decades of repression and lies out of your system; the joy of hating or despising, or simply wallowing in catastrophism or millenial angst. All of those things are fine as long as you are honest to yourself about the payoff you are receiving, the same pay-off that is under the surface maintaining a particular status quo, that could very possibly be hurting you.
    For myself I know I often really enjoy negativity, and doom and gloom, but I also know it may stand directly in the way of getting what I want

  7. I personally think complaining is the worst, either fix the situation or don’t worry about something you cannot control, like the weather…..

    1. fix the situation…. ok i’ll need a dozen men, an AK for each of them, plenty of ammo and a list of all the feminists….

  8. Constructive criticism is different from complaining for preferential treatment.

  9. I was thinking something similar last night while reading The Manipulated Man, and a strange thought crossed my mind:
    Could feminism actually be exactly what men have been needing all along? Could it be an opportunity for the final liberation of men?
    Women do not realise how good they had it under the patriarchy when the men were obliged to take of them. And we did take care of them big time, to the point of turning ourselves into slaves – most of us still are. Esther Vilar describes very accurately the type of slavery, so I won’t go in details.
    So now that women want to be equal, earn money and take care of themselves, I say let them be equal. Let them be slaves, you fools! Most of them already regret it. Let’s reinforce further before they change their minds.
    We’ve been total fools for not being able to see the advantages it could bring us. Saying No to feminism is like saying No to your grown up child who wants to leave home and take care of himself. Why? Let them be corporate slaves.
    Marriage is a slavery regardless of the type of woman you marry. In fact, marrying a submissive and vulnerable woman makes for bigger slavery as she becomes like your own child but with the huge difference that she’ll never leave home.
    So fellas, instead of emphasising on some alleged negatives of feminism, why don’t we play smart and turn it into our advantage. Isn’t that what makes men intelligent, anyway? Seeing an opportunity where everyone else sees a loss.

    1. “some alleged negatives of feminism” – you don’t think that’s understatement. Let feminism run its course? Well it will probably to do that anyway – just as its difficult to dissuade a toddler from having a tantrum.
      As far as exposing the manipulation as power that has been the mainstay of feminine influence down the ages, that’s fine except feminism is a continuation of the feminine strategy of manipulation in a far more organised and potentially totalitarian form.
      Women may well benefit from discovering what equality actually means, insofar as it involves a realisation that they will lose as well as benefit, and arguably lose more than they benefit (its a moot point at the moment), but that personal discovery won’t be made on account of feminism, which is simply a will to power and supremacy, disguised as equality.
      The good things about your theory are:
      – expose and disable the systematic manipulation of men
      – let women learn for themselves what they lose (their womanhood) against what they gain (a metaphorical or not so metaphorical strap-on that will eventually fall off one way or another) that they may choose freely for themselves

      1. I wrote a long reply but it got lost as my connection is playing up today. So to sum it up:
        Today is the best time EVER in history to be an young male. Now, it is for the first time in history when men can actually free themselves from being slaves to a woman.
        Young ones, remember two things – her sexuality is far more advanced than yours and the will of the species is stronger than you.
        So all your life, beware of women, Alexandre. They are far more dangerous than men!

        1. “Today is the best time EVER in history to be an young male. Now, it is for the first time in history when men can actually free themselves from being slaves to a woman.”
          I understand the point. We have an opportunity to expose how both feminism and women exercise power by operating the puppet strings. Beyond that all I could say is that there is opportunity here, if we have the will and wherewithal to take it. But equally that opportunity is mired in risk from hostile forces that seek to destroy what it is to be a young male

      2. I’m worried that if we “let feminism run its course”, the result will be totalitarian one-world government! That sure is what the marxist little bitches are aiming for! Egalitarianism, enforced at the end of a machine gun barrel.

        1. the hive is strong in feminism. I think the will to totalitarianism is there, but its the sponsors of feminism as much as feminism itself which tends towards the totalitarian. There are more libertarian minded feminists but they are few in number (and still bat-shit crazy)

      3. it depends whether you see feminism as a lot of female ranting that will blow out as much ado about nothing…. or whether you see it as a social mechanism that’s deliberately put in place to undermine the fabric of society, or at very least conveniently hijacked and promoted by the powers that be.
        it depends whether you see feminism as something consciously adopted by a few hardened penis envy dykes as a political stance, rant or fashionable point of view… or see it as a pervasive social cancer that is installed at deep subconscious levels, where most if not all modern mothers and schools are actively feminizing young boys and programming them to conform.
        it depends whether you see feminism as a bit of women ‘taking back what’s mine’, or you see the original masculine authority that built the planet up from the cavemen, being undermined and ruined in favor of some kind of borg collective.

        1. the borg, definitely, but I don’t think resistance is futile yet. Disillusion with feminism is growing I think, but I wouldn’t be complacent about that either. Its roots are deep, and well-protected. Personally I hope the only people who ever see ‘feminism run its course’ are readers of dystopian sci-fi fiction. I think a lot will depend on the wider public finding out about the wider, long-term agendas of both feminism and its sponsors – by which I mean a corporate capitalism which seeks to change human nature for wider profit, a state which seeks to position itself as the head of every family, and of course hardened penis envy driven dykes who want to change society so its easier for them to score

    2. The joke is still on us though because women don’t truly “earn money and take care of themselves,” outside of a very small minority. They go after the prestige and benefits without all the “accountability.”
      They still get carried through life on the backs of men. How many pay for their own education? How many work the equivalent amount of hours to their male counterparts? How many truly accomplish tasks that require moderate critical thinking without help? How many occupy jobs where performance is easily measured and competency required? How many actually pay the majority of the household bills? How many pay child support? How many work long hours to achieve financial goals? How many take the initiative to negotiate salary and change jobs to find their worth?
      Feminism will never play out the way you think it will.

  10. I never understood the feminist bashing here. I tried to read some articles about it, but never made it to the end. It was too boring.
    Feminists are not part of my life. I don’t like them, so I don’t bother talking with them. I haven’t talked with a feminist in years.
    Nobody is forced to work in a company that hires feminists. And nobody is forced to live in a city/country that is packed with feminists.
    If you chose to be surrounded by feminists you don’t deserve it better.
    To answer the headline: You shouldn’t ignore negativity, you should live your life in a way that the negative bullshit doesn’t bother you.

    1. “Feminists are not part of my life” – are you sure?
      “Nobody is forced to work in a company that hires feminists.” – HR & the equality / diversity outfit is born in feminism and its associated ideologies.
      “I haven’t talked with a feminist in years.” – women often deny they are feminists, while acting and thinking like them. There’s a difference between influence and activism
      Your right that one shouldn’t obsess about them though,which we may be guilty of here sometimes, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of acknowledging reality

      1. “are you sure?” “women often deny they are feminists, while acting and thinking like them. There’s a difference between influence and activism”
        –> Yes! I’m from Germany, a country that is packed with feminists. But I spend my time in South America and Eastern Europe. I don’t see any of them here.
        “HR & the equality / diversity outfit is born in feminism and its
        associated ideologies.”
        –> I run my own one-man show, because I wasn’t willing to take the
        HR/corporate bullshit any longer
        “Your right that one shouldn’t obsess about them though, which we may be guilty of here sometimes, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of acknowledging reality”
        –> Right! And if you don’t like “reality”, it’s up to you to change your life in a way that it doesn’t bother you anymore.

        1. OK, good for you. Just beware they don’t come knocking at the door where you currently reside. After all they are the spiritual descendants of the gestapo. And sorry to hear Germany is packed with them. Hope one day you claim your country back.

  11. If you want to study negativity and how to really deal with it, then let me introduce you to the works of Roy Masters. He wrote books on how negativity (and what he refers to as resentment) can eat you up and drive you into a hypnotic condition that takes you away from your goals and even wrecks your health.
    And if there is one thing I see around the sphere a lot (and I’m on no high horse let me tell you) it’s resentment. And it does eat at you. If you got boned by the system or because of feminism – and it can be said that civilization is threatened by it so we are all boned – constantly being bitter about it is to still give it power.
    I would not be surprised if the think tanks gamed this on their tables and send out change agent types to keep the bitterness and resentment fueled. How often have we seen feminist-driven articles chock full of trigger comments and platitudes that leave us with a choice to acknowledge that the write is either extremely stupid or doing it on purpose?
    The gamesmen/PUA crowd probably get the most vitriol because they are the ones who will actually get up and get in shape and improve themselves.

    1. Good observation, the media is constantly trolling everyone. By trolling I don’t mean merely having an opposing opinion but the original definition as writing inane shit for heightening everyone’s emotions and drawing in as much attention as possible. It is just a feature of the business, gotta mine those pageviews into money, gotta get dat paper up. The trolling did not start with the internet but did amplify the trolling and make us all participants.

    2. > He wrote books on how negativity (and what he refers to as resentment) can eat you up and drive you into a hypnotic condition
      I’ve been there, and it’s bad. But I don’t see how you can really get out of it except through extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes you are wronged, and you are powerless to do anything about it, so it eats at you because there’s no way you can simultaneously be happy and honest to yourself.
      When you’ve been broken inside, right and wrong ceases to exist. It all becomes revenge, against anyone and anything. You will take candy out of a child’s hand just to see them cry, because it makes you happy. You have become someone who is, in more ways than one, “not there”. Now what do you think of people telling you to “improve yourself” and “hit the gym”?
      It takes a really really strong man to pull themselves out of it and get cracking at the world again. Internal struggles are far harder than external ones. Every religion and worldview agrees on this.

    3. “I would not be surprised if the think tanks gamed this on their tables and send out change agent types to keep the bitterness and resentment fueled. ”
      Reasearch COINTELPRO.

  12. I essentially agree with the article, though of course I’m a sinner in this regard from time to time as well. Sometimes it’s cathartic to get something off of your chest. That being said I prefer being fix oriented. Complain yes, get it all out, rail to the wind, but then look for a way to solve the problem. Even a partial fix or a small fix is at least doing something constructive.

  13. Great to see some nuance here. I’m tired of Positive Pollyannas everywhere pretending that false cheer is genuine, or pretending that lives based on material consumption and ignorance are more positive than lives grounded in pain and struggle.
    You have to engage your capacity for negative thinking in order to be man enough to face the serious problems in the world. You have to be able to get good and pissed, in order to form an action plan. But you need to balance it out, let go of things you cannot change, and focus on what you can do to make positive differences.
    I call it Positive Action, as opposed to Positive Thinking. Positive thinking has been twisted by the maudlin self help gurus out there to mean that you must never notice anything negative, and you must walk around with a goofy grin plastered on your face all day long. You must live in denial. To me, this is part of the Feminine Imperative – we are to tamp down any signs of masculine anger or aggression, and walk around like pacified eunuchs.
    I know many people who pride themselves on being Positive, and what it boils down to is that they maintain a willful state of ignorance. Problems in the economy are depressing? Simply pay no attention to the economy. War in Middle East horrific? Watch Dancing With the Stars instead of the News. This makes for a nation of happy blue pill betas with their fingers plugging both ears going “nah nah nah nah” to block out the sounds of reality.
    There is a place for the curmudgeon. But like all power, your ability to see negativity can harm you if you turn it inward too much. Turn it outward and go kick the world’s ass.

  14. What about gloating over the defeated life of a broken down feminist? Is that negative?
    I don’t know but I have been doing that lately.

  15. Negativity cannot be ignored by men as long as Feminism exists to sabotage men’s lives in society.
    As long as feminism exists, so will negativity. 90% of the negativity in a man’s life is due to a woman or a society subservient to women, and the rest either due to himself, in today’s world. Ignoring negativity in today’s world is like imagining yourself to be walking in broad daylight when you’re actually walking in pitch darkness on a new moon night.

  16. People who force counterfeit optimism down everyone else’s throats all the time (and counterfeit optimism isn’t the nickname for a sex toy or anything like that) creep me out more than the cynical and bitter folk. Forced optimism and positivity seem like a weak character trait to me. The world is pretty shitty right now, so you deal with it without dwelling on it; only someone living in a state of self-rendered blissful ignorance would deny that. One must rise above the existence as cogs in the machine, as slaves to eternal debt, with their own personal ambition. Be it the much favored “START A BUSINESS, BRAH!” or something more abstract, like an art or musical talent that doesn’t weigh entirely on monetary gains.
    “…..women who constantly blog about rape often have rape
    fantasies.Women who constantly blog about fat acceptance wish they were
    pretty and men were attracted to them. And many of the men who
    constantly blog about feminism wish they had the privileged and
    attention they believe attractive women command without having to put in
    the work necessary to achieve it.”
    Complete bullshit. Sure, some people actively rail against the things they themselves are guilty of as a smoke screen. And others bitch about things to cope with their envy or jealousy. But everyone ticks differently. Some people write because they enjoy the process of vocabularic acrobats and lyrical word-smithery.

  17. Great article. I notice a lot of users on here are usually filled up with anger. They need to let some of that shit go.

  18. Tremendous article. I may be the only one who gets the sense of what the runsonmagic is conveying, but it’s deeper than words. The article itself answers the question of what negativity can do as a positive or negative force.
    I’ll admit to not having all the answers (no one does) but what I DO know is only I get to choose what I BELIEVE – not what I think necessarily, but what I BELIEVE. What I DO, and whether what I perceive as negative disempowers me — OR whether it motivates me.
    You can’t do this all from creating some fictional happy mind state, because usually there are deep-seated beliefs from childhood we carry without knowing, myself included. If we see repeated patterns of negativity in our life, we are almost certainly drawing that energy to us.
    In the case of feminism and cultural Marxism, there has definitely been a concerted effort to undermine male authority. However in the world of one-on-one interactions (outside the “I’m an internet badass” bullshit), you frame any interaction according to your belief system and how congruent your actions are with what you believe. It takes becoming a real masculine man to combat what we find negative. If you meet someone who makes you feel negative, you hold yourself in a higher / more ordered vibration, say what you need to say (‘I disagree with you, etc’) or simply move on. Your argumentative angry attitude will convince no one except of how nuts you are. I’ve been that guy, woman-hating, etc but gradually realized while there are social forces at work, it’s more important to pay attention to the INNER forces – my beliefs, actions and expectations.
    Again, I feel this is an excellent article but many people in a reactive/angry place will feel defensive. BTDT, might go back but I sure hope not. I own my anger and own it as a path toward growth, so that passion is funneled into productive pursuits.

      1. Thanks – and also for demonstrating my point. If you haven’t spent enough time alone, or having been lucky to see how your internal states have a palpable energy, then it may seem like bullshit. Love has a higher, more ordered and more deeply powerful vibration than hate. Truth and love coupled together create righteousness – right action, right direction. You find the truth for yourself, the direction of you life becomes apparent.
        As with all advice, take what works for you and leave the rest.

  19. We can eliminate or reduce our own negativity – but we cannot avoid encountering it in our lives.
    Its easy to get it out of your own life. Avoid any interaction with females. They are a carcinogen to men. Unless you feel they offer a true low-risk value proposition then you are better steering clear of them.
    Everywhere in life you will be reminded of how worthless you are.
    Remember you are KIngs.
    Be proud to be Men.
    Rise above the rabble. And never forget how proud you are to be who you are.

  20. You can be informed, but you don’t need to be inundated. I take issue with articles that complain about a group/behavior/injustice but FAIL TO OFFER UP ANY TYPE OF SOLUTION!
    You hate fat feminists? Great. Now, what are you doing to remedy the situation?

  21. Everyman needs negativity to see the world for what is.
    Everyman needs to heal this negativity, to find somewhere he can belong.

  22. Anger is the ORIGINAL masculine emotion, fueled by grief.
    The first emotion Adam felt after he ate the forbidden fruit at Eve’s behest was anger at himself, and then later her, for listening to her, for disobeying God.
    Anger is the catalyst, the transformer in a man’s life. No man is complete without it.

  23. Knowing about negativity is necessary. Sometimes talking about it may be fine too.
    But bitching about it non-stop is what females do mostly – it is useless, time-consuming and holds you from living your life.

  24. Its called “bonding through bitching.” Its a stepping stone in community building to determine who has the same gripes in order to know who can be trusted with serious issues.

  25. I believe the single greatest gift is to teach boys to consciously become men rather than to let them and ourselves be victims (and thus trapped as boys). Then they will naturally realize how feminism is opposed to their nature and what makes them good and whole.

  26. Well one point I have with this site is you rarely touch upon altruism. Nearly everything is about focusing on the self and self-improvement. I know it’s an American site but have women really got you in that much of a box that you cant write an article about the importance of remembering your mother’s birthday or spending time with your father? Only if it is self-improvement. Yesterday I gave an hour of my time talking to old Asian women, via my translator (aka girlfriend), who never met a white person before. Ive spent all week being polite and generous, not because it helps me but because it is good for spirit and the world. I havent seen the article here yet that advises you to go and give time to charity instead of the gym, or remember to help old people cross the road…..Not because it helps YOU but because it makes the world a bit better.

  27. Cant even be bothered to read your shite articles, real men out NONCES thats what real men do so no real men should not ignore “negativity”. I bet you dream about your pooh sack being beaten in a Baltic prison!!!! By some horney blonde baltic guy!! will you dairy on my maryland!!!!!

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