5 Stupid Photos Girls Can’t Stop Taking

One of humanity’s greatest mistakes was putting a camera in the hand of every woman. Not only did it convince an entire generation of chicks that their banal activities were art, it allowed them to gorge themselves on bottomless portions of attention-whoring. Nowadays, the average gaggle of girls spends half their day taking pictures of one another. They spend the other half uploading them to their various social-media accounts, and compulsively checking back for “likes.” To make matters worse, these pictures are completely bankrupt of even a crumb of originality.

It’s well documented that women are particularly susceptible to copy-catting. But originality is rarely the goal. Just looking cuter than your friend doing the same thing is enough. It used to be just about duck face and Myspace angles, but today’s woman has discovered new ways to walk with the herd.

5. The So-Called Ugly Selfie

Despite the argument that the “ugly selfie” is some sort of political statement against conventional beauty standards, it’s little more than the latest flavor of female attention-seeking. The message is obvious: “Look, I can look cute even when I make a silly face.”




4. Mustache Shots

I’m not sure where the whole thing originated, but girls became obsessed with having mustaches seemingly overnight. I can’t help but suspect this is merely another instance of the latent penis envy that a growing number of women exhibit in their daily behavior.





3. Cliché Travel Destination

Traveling is one thing. Taking that same shot in front of Machu Picchu or “straightening” the Tower of Pisa is another.




2. Novelty Races (Especially by Fat Girls)

The number of girls suddenly interested in doing 5Ks has mysteriously increased with the proliferation of smart phones. Why? Because it’s the perfect photo op. This is especially popular with dumpy semi-fatties, who can use their pictures as plausibly evidence that they’re actually “athletic,” and are merely genetically predisposed to being overweight (not that they spend the other 364 days of the year chugging Starbucks Milkshakes). It should come as no surprise that some of these races involve eating unhealthy junk food as part of the “challenge.”





1. The Butterfly Pose

This has quickly become the duet (or group) pose of choice. The format is simple: (1) Hug your bestie tightly with one arm, forming a Siamese twin-like bond  in the center; (2) Position your exterior arms akimbo; and (3) Tilt your head slightly to maximize “cuteness.” This pose has become so ubiquitous, I challenge you to scan any social-media site for five minutes without seeing it a dozen times.







Attention whoring and copy catting may very well be the female condition, but unless we enforce some degree of originality, we’ll continue to be barraged with an endless stream of the same. Next time you see one of these played-out photos, be sure to call it out.

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404 thoughts on “5 Stupid Photos Girls Can’t Stop Taking”

  1. I dont have the balls to call it out. Whats the point? Only to be berated by white knights and shun yourself socially.
    I just laugh and scroll down. Apathy for le win.

    1. You’d actually be surprised. I called one out trolling Chive’s comment section by posting a “fishin for compliments” picture, and it started a flame war….with one or two “white knights” vastly outnumbered by people calling her out on the stupid behavior.

      1. Ha. You trolled The Chive too? Goddamn, I remember them being the thirstiest bunch of man-boys I’d ever seen.

        1. I didn’t troll them. Some chick was trolling for compliments and I called her out on it.

    2. I love it when people call me out “if you’d lost someone important to cancer, then you’d understand”. I explain how my own father, who I respected and loved, died from cancer, and the last thing on Earth he ever would have wanted to see is people using cancer as an excuse for self righteous social posturing.

    3. I did have the balls to call it out. One of my classes in uni wanted everyone to get a twitter account and when confronted as to why I did not have an account yet I did said that twitter was mostly used for attention whoring. The class was mostly women so the hamsterization was off the wall.

  2. It’s pure attention whoring, never go to Paris with a women, the amount of time spent trying to get the perfect picture of her with the eifel tower which will then be uploaded to Facebook instantaneously, so she can make her friends jealous, will drive you to suicide. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

    1. Don’t forget about Bud Light chugging women taking selfies at craft breweries of them “enjoying” a 10oz pour.
      Baseball game selfie is also a popular one during this time of the year. My personal favorite is the picture girls take at the top of a 14er… Please, the hike started at 12,000 ft. We all know a fat person could climb that lame mountain.

    2. Good to see you back online and posting after that suicide experience.

    3. The person (likely female)who took that picture was probably too fat to squat down and not show the ground in ihe picture.

    4. That goes for any cliche monument.
      I once traveled with a girl who had to be convinced to take one picture in front of at least one of the huge attractions. Her argument: “That shit’s already all been photographed to death. What am I going to add?”
      I dated that girl for years.

      1. You dated a girl? Hahaha! Good one, Tut. Oh man, you’re sure a jokester.

      2. And why did the dating stopped? Sounds like she wasn’t so perfect after all.

    5. Penis envy? no way, I am a young man and I despise mustaches and so most men my age, since we all shave them, it just looks goofy on women

    6. It’s all narcissism and meant to enforce her social status to other women. I remember a study that found that women buy designer items for the sole reason of communicating to other women, “I’m the queen bee.”

      1. It’s mostly average or ugly chicks who chase status symbols. Ohh, if only they realised. The imaginary status they think they have with a £4000 handbag and £2000 shoes and designer dresses could be wiped out in an instant when a broke, naturally beautiful girl walks in wearing a load of cheap shit from H&M.

        1. I know one about 30 year old Asian woman (divorced with 10 year old daughter) who is drop dead gorgeous. She is naturally thin; her whole family of women are thin. She is extremely sexy, with long silky black hair down to her ass. She gets most of her clothes from Goodwill.

    7. On the other side, I met a beautiful black woman from Paris (i’m black) when I was living in the Bay Area- she actually liked going to Burger King for a dinner date- we screwed on the first night- and we had a great 2-3 months of me experiencing a real feminine woman, with a healthy sexual appetite, without all the bs- and the chick was hot. She still wants me to move to France, and the way it looks out here I consider it but I know better than to move to another country on the whim of ANY woman. Even the “good ones” are fickle and slave to their emotions.

    8. Tell me about it! You’d think no man in the history of the fucking world ever took his girlfriend to Paris before.

  3. Yes, the mustache fad, I never understood what exactly it is they are trying to signal. It’s like they just copy some behavior and display it, not having a single clue what they are trying to convey with it.
    Another common one: sticking the tongue out while making the V-sign hand gesture. What the **** does it mean?

    1. can’t tell if you’re sarcastic or not but that gesture is eating pussy.

      1. So with the tongue out/v-gesture those women openly signal they eat pussy?
        Edit: I wasn’t referring to making the V-gesture in front of the mouth and putting the tongue out. I was referring to making the gesture away from the mouth, but I guess it’s still the same thing?

        1. No, its more of a rebellious thing like a teenager or underdeveloped celebrity sticking up ones middle finger to a camera. Doesn’t necessarily mean “fuck you” but it shows how cool they are, bro!

    2. I see this differently to everyone else. I’m seeing desperately-insecure girls who need social validation to survive. Because they’re isolated from human connection, they have no idea how people actually look when they interact.
      They’re pulling these stupid faces because they’re too insecure and narcissistic to know how to pull a *genuine expression*. They know that if they do, someone will recognise their expressions are defective and call them out on their *otherness*, so you get this parade of plausible-deniability stupidity you see above.
      Worse still, I’m starting to see this thing in young guys. People who don’t know who to smile and connect with others.
      Even in the butterfly poses, only 50% of those are genuine smiles. The other are those creepy death grimaces the insecure make: no raised cheeks, no raised corners of the mouth, no squinting eyes. They’re the ones negs will have a greater effect on if you want easy sex, but the girls with the turned up corners will be more fun to date.

      1. Trust your instincts, man. When your lizard brain says, “That girl’s hot,” she’s good for sex.
        When your lizard brain says, “That girl’s sweet and nice,” she probably actually has something going on upstairs. Try her out for a date.

  4. I agree. These poses are stupid. But, I just have to point out, Tough Mudder isn’t a 5k and shouldn’t be lumped in there as an “example”. There are beefed out grown athletic men who can’t get through a Tough Mudder.

    1. I don’t know anyone who’s ever failed to get through a tough mudder. Men, women, old, young and the obese. They all do it and come home with a medal.

      1. I’ve known several people who didn’t. it’s still not a 5k. Most are over 9 miles. Finishers don’t get a medal…

      2. I did it at Lake Tahoe. 12 miles, 24 obstacles, BUT they’re set up so that you can simply go around them, and that’s what most of the attention whores did, right after taking a few pictures. Also, you don’t get a medal, you get a t-shirt, headband, and a beer.

        1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Not one portion of the course was done with a bike, and it never has been. It was actually a pretty good time, and something me and my squad will always remember.

          If you ever make any friends you should give it a shot.

        2. My mistake. I was thinking of the Muddy Buddy. Wrong hokey mud themed race.

  5. Main reason why I deleted Facebook. The travel pictures I find most amusing are.
    1) Picture in Ghana of being hugged by loads of little black kids.
    2) Picture with the drugged up tigers of Bangkok.
    3) Picture of them meditating in Thailand.
    Don’t even get me on the “no make up Selfies” to sponsor cancer awareness. Some sort of girl power rite, so they could take pictures of them looking good without wearing make up, and the constant congratulating each other on this “daring compassionate act”
    The most disturbing aspect of this, is that the media is centred around this. Female narcissism.

    1. i am thankful for the no makeup selfies. it tells me who is truly ugly and i can delete from fb

    2. Right – on the ‘no make up selfie’, nobody should be fooled: they took 139 shots like that until they got one marginally attractive enough to facilitate the ‘brave’, ‘fierce’, ‘strong independent’ vanity charade that the hours-long endeavor was all about. oh wait, what was that about cancer awareness…?

    3. Cancer is the #2 cause of death in America – is there a need for awareness? I think people are already pretty fucking “aware” of the risks of cancer at this point. It’s just a way for people to feel altruistic without having to actually do anything.

      1. The funny thing about cancer is that people are “aware” without being aware. By that I mean, most people can you tell your average probability of dying from it but most people have no clue what is actually is, how it grows and what causes it. As such, they have no idea how to prevent it.

      2. For females, the answer is “yes.”
        I guess they have the awareness of a hamster that’s lost it’s mind. Therefore they need to be reminded constantly about every disease, social and political cause because they’re so distracted by the latest celeb tweets that crowd out thought and reason from their minds.

  6. Why call it out, they aren’t forcing me to indulge. Let them roll around in their slop.

  7. The age of the internet, via social media and online dating, has shown that women are generic clones driven by the media they consume. Want to know the status quo? Have a woman recite her values and beliefs to you. They even have the stock personality “the tattoo girl” if she wants to be “different”. Women are an advertiser’s dream, easily manipulated consumers who purchase based on emotion and self-identity. Actually, women are also a totalitarian oligarchy’s dream as well, a group of people who vote based on emotion seeking validation.

    1. The top 1% in America controls 40% of the nations wealth. An oligarchy might not be far off.

      1. When you consider all the people on minimum wage that we have in the country who have zero wealth I think we’re already there. It’s a bunch of Donald Sterling types at the top. Donald Sterling is the poster child for this new 2014 America. His life story is a case study. His racism towards blacks and Mexicans is the very least of his foibles.

        1. What did he say against Mexicans? and was it just Mexicans or Hondurans, Cubans, Colombians ? Or did you classify all of those people under “Mexican” you racist bigot?

        2. Sterling doesn’t like renting to Mexicans because he says they drink and smoke all the time. Personally, I think it should be his right to pick and choose who he does business with. Forcing people to do business or associate with people against their will is worse than racism. Absolute violation of freedom of association.

        3. I actually agree with you, you and I are 100% on the same page. With that being said, none of the accusations of that lawsuit you’re referring to were proven. It’s a shame that we now all live in the mental gulag that is the U.S.S.A. where a man’s private comments in his personal home can lead to his public lynching by the PC brigade.

        4. “What did he say against Mexicans? and was it just Mexicans or Hondurans,Cubans, Colombians ? Or did you classify all of those people under “Mexican” you racist bigot?”
          I call ’em all Mexicans.
          Is that a problem for you, tinkerbell?

    2. Yes, It’s quite disturbing. They are the ulitmate sheep. They care only about themselves and their immediate gratification. The future looks grim.

    3. especially to left-leaning women, what matters is that they “feel” safe rather than actually being safe. they’re more likely to vote away their freedom for security.

      1. like the feminists of Köln, germany handing roses to the poor, deprived muslim immigrant rape mobs,
        that way they can rest assured that they won’t be called “racist” or “islamophobic.”

    1. Thank God. I don’t find any of these new poses as disgusting as the duck face.

  8. If you go through any girls phone there is not just one picture of them displaying these 5 types of photos. There is at least 20 different copies that didn’t make the cut to the final selected photo that they posted on flickrgram or whatever.

    1. I’m stealing “flickrgram.” That’s going to be the name of next start-up lol.

  9. Love this post…
    How many of these would exist if not for the “like” button?

    1. The “like” button fundamentally changed society. I often wonder what would happen if, overnight, chicks couldn’t get any comments or likes to their attention-seeking photos.

      1. The Like button also censors all the frenemy vitriol out of most women’s catty backstabbing “compliments” to each other. And of course there are no “meh” or “dislike” buttons allowed on Facebook. The communication allowed is highly restricted.
        And yet there’s still inappropriate Likes given. Someone gets in a car accident? Multiple girls will confusingly Like it. Death in the family? Like buttons abound. Divorce? Sickness? Failed a class? Stood up on a date? Too fat to fit in a favored dress? Showing the bruises from falling down? Despite it being so restricted a communication, there’s still a whole lot of inappropriate Like button use by girls that sends mixed messages in response to posts.
        And of course unlike a web site, Facebook never actually shows the hit count, much less much less how many millionth’s of a second likers actually dwell reading each post before moving on to the next. Because keeping up the illusion that people are paying attention to posts and actually reading posts instead of just carpet bombing drive-by Likes to everything in their feed is part of the snake oil facebook sells.

  10. Also…if you’re looking for anything more serious a woman’s Facebook account is a good indication of her character. There should be no blatantly attention-seeking photos of any kind, and no selfies with the exception of a mugshot for her profile pic.

    1. Indeed. I once engaged in an email exchange after a 30 year old woman informed me “I don’t think my Facebook profile gives an accurate picture of who I am”. (Her dad tried to set us up, so he had us befriend each other on FB.)
      She tried to portray herself as someone who longed to be a wife, mother, etc despite the fact she was a MEDICAL DOCTOR.
      Her Facebook told an entirely different story. (No pictures with nieces, nephews, newborn babies, etc. to be found.)

    2. Took a girl out on a date once. Checked her FB page later and found some cultish religious shit on there. No second date – saved myself 50 bucks. So FB helped me there.

  11. The one thing I learned from ROK is I don’t ‘like’ or comment on any girls pictures on facebook unless the are really a friend and/or the pic has something more than sexual value on display aka I genuinely like the pic

    1. Recommend you delete your Facebook account because FB is for women, gays, and braggarts.

      1. I have actual friends from the military I keep in touch with. I don’t think I can delete it, but I limit my time on it

      2. My Facebook experience became significantly better once I removed all females from my news feed, and later on removed them from my friends list as well.
        Then I started blocking any girl who commented too much on a male friend’s posts.
        It’s actually pretty cool once you get the chicks off of it.

        1. I did this too – it was awesome. I removed about 25 single moms/fatties. Facebook is finally tolerable again.

    2. The problem is that we’re a tiny minority following this iron-clad rule. I take the extra step and tell other guys. Spread the message.

      1. Which means all we have to do to stand out is not like-bomb a girl. When you communicate with a girl, she friends you on FB, but you don’t go liking anything… believe me, she notices.

  12. Having been a bouncer on and off for about a decade, I can say that these days more and more women seem to go out at night simply in order to take cute photos of themselves which they post on social media. Socializing and meeting guys is much less important. The narcotic of vanity and attention is their goal, and it also seems, the whole point of life for them. Many women at the bar where I work spend about half the night taking photos; I find it remarkable that this never gets old for them, but evidently their vanity is boundless. To be fair, though, our culture is thoroughly shallow, and I see a lot of men doing this too, though not nearly as many men as women.

    1. I’d take it a step further and say almost everything a woman does these days is influenced by the photo op. It’s like they’re politicians–constantly aware of the cameras. I’ve had conversations with chicks who raised up and snapped two or three selfies mid-sentence without missing a single beat.
      Two seconds later, the best one was up on their profile.

      1. Hahaha! That is too good to be true. But then, there is so much in contemporary life in America that seems to have been designed by some great satirist. From the workplace to politics to dating I meet with one farce after another. I appreciate the laughs, but there are times when my disgust is overwhelming, and I am sure you know what I mean.
        Another revealing thing is this: that there is virtually no good looking woman under 30 whose Facebook is not a public profile; the reason, of course, is so that every man under the sun can dig her 5,287 photos!

        1. If there is a God, he is currently playing a very cruel trick on humaninty, and laughing his ass off in the process.

        2. I am convinced God laughed his ass off at Adam after Adam asked for “company” and God, gave him woman. Yeah, cruel…

        3. What I noticed is that young, trashy single moms, after moving to a new town and new job, will post all these best angles of themselves on FB. Then when they’ve caught a guy to help support them, they post all lovey-dovey pictures of them both (sans the kid), Then after about a year when they’re starting to look around again, back up go all the single shots. Predictable behavior all the way around.

      2. The best is re-posting professionally shot, destination wedding photos on Facebook. But… after the divorce and with the groom strategically cropped out.

        1. There is no comparison between the extent of which men “do that” and which women do, dearest. To say otherwise is batshit insane.

        2. there is unfortunately an epidemic of metro “men” adopting this mental disease like behaviour, imitating their female counterparts.
          i rarely go out clubbing, but i’m use to seeing this on public transports, amongst many public places.
          the worst is… the beach, (at mountain lakes, in a semi rural area, so we’re not talking ibiza or magalufs here) i see many younger and older women taking selfies all the time, with the most ridiculous faces (they rarely seem to care for, include the amazing mountains behind them), i overhear these towel neighbours texting/sexting “yeah i’m at the beach…” if i receive a msg like this or see it on fbook, i’m temptted to answer “should i care?”
          (this also happens between spoken shamelessly very aloud conversations of “dicks,dicks,dicks, cocks , pussy, anal with a condom?”)
          (- on a sidenote, the amount of tattoos/trampstamps i see…)
          don’t get me started with some swimming pools, not really designed for swimming with a big sign
          “NO CAMERAS ALOUD- no tolerance for not following the rule. Not following this rule may result in prosecution.”

          with chicks whipping out their phones without hesitation to take selfie/group pics,
          even amongst family (when only a group of women,girls).
          (often time it’s almost impossible to look over your shoulder to avoid being caught represented in the pic.)

        3. Ive seen mostly men. Women are the ones who really care about “image”.

        4. Mmmkay! Its really scary. The more pictures i see, the more SM makes me anxious. NERVOUS! How is one to avoid being wrapped up in the lives of NARCISSISM and MENTAL ILLNESS, that is, your main ones, Facebook twitter instagram. I would never ever ever engage with a male who is on one. I’d rather not. While photo opping, photo bombing,are updating status, you arent spending your time with me….Im a woman and dont do that.
          Try to find me on em’. But i got naughties in me phone!!

        5. Men are the ones who mostly take selfies and other ridiculous photos?
          No, they are not.
          Do some? Yes. But it’s mostly women at it.

        6. Im speaking on the “cropping” of ppl out of photos. But hell, what do i know. I dont do SM like that. I’ll leave it to the experts.

        7. Go to Jezebel and stop embarrassing females here. I am a model and my facebook is private. I opened an instragram after working in fashion design to promote my designs and creations, most of it is fashion sketches. When I am with my husband, I rarely do selfies. Maybe you should convert to Islam sister, lol.

        8. Stop embarrassing women, this is a men’s site, go to Jezebel Kellygirl.

        9. Are you a man!? You speak for these men!? Oh.. I didnt know you moderate my internet viewing and commenting. Da fuq are you to tell me where to go on the net!? You pay my bills!? You nurse me!? Is it your balls i empty!? Is it your laundry i pick up off the floor!? Do i know you!? Do you matter to me!? Who da fuq made you internet authoritarian!? Im sorry, i dont like feminist sites.

      3. God, when they’re alone at home they’ll take dozens just to get the “right one” to post on facebook. And what I get from the butterfly pose is that they’re very self-conscious about where their hands are. Women, in general, are paranoid about people perceiving lesbian tendencies. Yet, even while they’re jumping jumping into bed with their room mates they’ll declare that they’re not gay.

    2. I’m 38 and I’ve seen first hand the transformation of women due to iPhones and social media. My current girlfriend is 19 and her only interest is her iPhone and she isn’t near as bad as her friends. They don’t even use FB really, it’s all Instagram and snapchat. My girlfriend’s attention span is non-existent. Sitting down and watching a movie is impossible. When I started working with her she couldn’t open a garbage bag or run a dishwasher. Now I come back from work and she has more whole house cleaned except for more advanced things like smudges on walls, etc… Next week she’s learning to mow the yard.

        1. Last week I told her if she could name an ally of the US during WW2 I would take her out to eat wherever she wanted. She guessed North Korea. Yesterday, I gave her a name and she had to guess whether it was a US president or British Invasion new wave pop artist, if she got it right she got a prize: it was Gerald Ford, needless to say she didn’t get her prize.

        2. I commend your style. I love doing this with girls as well, especially the self-proclaimed “smart” ones. They always fabricate the most outrageous excuse when they can’t answer a simple question, something along the lines of “well, I didn’t major in X, so I don’t know THAT…” If they have knowledge of anything, it’s nothing more than superficial knowledge of some bullshit they learned in wimynz studies or Intro to Romantic Literature.

        3. I’m 32, and I’m experiencing exactly the same thing with any woman under 24.
          It’s quite striking how anyone born in 1990 or before doesn’t do any of this, and never did.

        4. Surprised you’ve ever even talked to a girl. I assumed most men reading RoK were unsocialized and uneducated. Uneducated, yes, unsocialized, apparently not.

        5. I know my opinion doesn’t matter here. However this really reminded me last week I went on a date with an older guy who asked me the same kind of questions. The female ego just can’t help, but be proud that for once my weird obsession with documentaries and non fiction books finally paid off.

        6. I think anyone with at least a high school education should be able to recognize Gerald Ford, or besides not being an allied power that North Korea didn’t even exist during WW2 as “North Korea”. I’m 90% sure i learned those things from one of my high school textbooks. Back it up with the documentaries and non fiction books for real. None of those are helpful in the case of his examples. This is catty, but calling it like I see it. I love to feed my ego here too but come on.

        7. This is such an obvious line of BS. WW2 allies? lol. Unless she’s a sugar baby and just using you for cash.

        8. Girls this is a men’s site, go back to Jezebel and stop embarrassing women.

        9. Oh, I am sorry Hmm.. I guess the rest of us should head over to Jezebel. I didn’t realize only unicorns could post here.😑

      1. Lol… and even if this be true, you still didn’t teach the bitch how to cook. Cooking is the first priority if a woman should seek permanent residence in your abode. Actually sex should be the first priority and then cooking.

        1. So far she’s show zero ability to cook. Although she will get me drinks on demand. As far as sex drive goes, hers is higher than mine and it’s annoying actually. 2-3 times a week is OK by me. I’ve always been this way and it’s caused issues with women in the past. Girls these days are way more sexual, they need validation thru sex everyday, sometimes multiple times per day. All this does is waste a man’s essence which he needs for his personal endeavors and constant self-improvement.

        2. Do you boys even read before you post? I don’t know which of you is the most pathetic, really.
          Please tell me that this is all some pathetic running joke; there can’t be this many boys running around with Elektra Complexes.

        3. I’ll tell you whats pathetic, 5 girls sitting at a bar table taking selfies with each other all god damn night just to end up with one pic they can all agree to post on some bullshit social media website. Plus they’re drunk and loud.. Really loud.

        4. I agree.
          But it’s even more pathetic to judge the entire gender based on a few kids who are out having a bit of fun. I don’t make comments about the stupidity of the male gender or their need for sexual validation because of the frat boys that get drunk and loud, and then proceed to obnoxiously break everything in sight.

        5. Lol. Well, those 5 drunks girls might.
          I’m glad you aren’t judging the entire gender, but if you look at the other comments on this article, most of what you’ll find are vapid, hypocritical boys pontificating about the worthlessness and stupidity of women in general, all generally based on their small spheres of personal experience.
          The worst part is that this entire website is riddled with the same.

        6. women are strongly discouraged from commenting in this site,but sadly women are commenting here.

        7. Fact or opinion? Post citations.
          What rights do men have that women don’t? What jobs are open for just men that women cannot partake in?
          You’re a typical white western dumb ass cunt. You are arguably the most pampered, spoiled, entitled and protected group of women on the face of the Earth but you’re still “oppressed”. Know your role, bitch, and shut the fuck up.

        8. “frat boys that get drunk and loud, and then proceed to obnoxiously break everything in sight”
          So what’s your point, babe?
          Those behaviors are men’s biological imperative. Not to mention fun. I think you “women” need to focus much harder on YOUR OWN profound issues and shortcomings. Like feeling the need to barge in and post your crap on men’s websites.
          Now go fix me a sammich, damn it.

        9. “So what’s your point, babe?”
          The point was exactly what I stated to the person I was in the conversation with.
          It went something like:
          Him: “Sorority girls are annoying bitches.”
          Me: “Frat guys are annoying douches.”
          Both of Us: “Yeah, they pretty much both suck.”
          “Those behaviors are men’s biological imperative. Not to mention fun.”
          Biological imperative? The original article was about “stupid, slutty chick selfies” or something of that nature. How is it NOT a biological imperative both ways? How does that fact negate anything that was said (see above: stupid people are stupid)?
          “Like feeling the need to barge in and post your crap on men’s websites.”
          It’s been years since I posted the comment. It still hasn’t been deleted. I’d hardly call that barging, and sometimes the assholes on this site are fun to banter with.
          Quit being a stick in the mud. Get back in the garage and fix my car. 🙂

        10. “Get back in the garage and fix my car. :)”
          ironic there is a term to describe you in french
          “garage à bites”, which translates to “dick garage” the equivalent of “cum bucket.”
          your profile pic is a beach selfie, it seems like girls (and older women) can’t help but to take selfies and MMS/photo texts at the beach, sometimes in the most ridiculous toddler like poses sticking their tongues out, and making funny/rediculous faces.
          one can’t be more shallow.
          the beach is the worst,
          ( as far i’m im concerned i’m also not thrilled to be occasionally visible, in the picture when next to an unkown female iphone addicted towel neighbour).
          I’d also like to note, that, live next mountains, seems like a nice scenery overrepresented in the background might take away from their narcissism/being the object of attention, in their pics.

        11. “your profile pic is a beach selfie”
          Oh, shit. You’re right. You caught me. I’m crazy talented. I can take Selfies with no hands. O_O
          Most of the rest of your comment was a bit difficult to translate. Seems you have a tendency to ramble on. From what I gather, it was some sort of attempt to passive aggressively say that girls who take Selfies at the beach are narcissistic or some such.
          Or, perhaps, they like the beach. And can take Selfies with no hands. Like I obviously can.

        12. After all, you can always send out for Chinese food, harder to send out for a Chinese girl.

        13. The reason they were discouraged is based on comparative advatage. Women alone can bear children, and most are best suited for raising them.
          This is a higher value function than consuming resources for degrees that do not support this irreplaceable social function. The famed former Seven Sisters were created to create the new women needed for mates in the new emerging industrial elite. Some of the Sistersr were ranked better than others towards that end. “Smith to bed, but Mr. Holyoke to wed”.
          For the talentless tenth unable or unwilling to perform the roles of wife and mohter, these degrees enabled a life of genteel poverty.

        14. Aw, so original he had to turn to interweb stalking.
          Are you done yet? You’re only making yourself look like a fool. At least the other guys are clever and fun to deal with.

        15. Both a mirrored insult and cheesy pun wrapped up into one efficient three-word comment. I am thoroughly impressed. Can I have your autograph?!

        16. Women are actually very strongly encouraged to get educations, as reflected in undergrad enrolment. There are hiring quotas I. Place, as well as a great push to hire women regardless of aptitude in tech and engineering sectors. Some professions such as teaching or human resources are dominated by women. Birth control is commonly free and readily available. Can you please clarify your position ?

        17. All of these things were provided to you by me. Decades ago. What is your damages point ? Nevermind… I don’t care.

    3. I think you’re exactly right. IMO, two of the main drivers may be:
      — social media interaction demands content. There has to be something to post. Memorializing the trivia of their daily life can only go so far, so as you say they go out just to generate something to tell everyone.
      — there are not regular, steady men in their shallow lives. So they glorify the time spent with other women, trying to make it seem very special and memorable. Something Wonderful Happened simply because they were out with the girls.
      I’m reminded of a Hymowitz piece about desperate older women:
      It’s well worth a read. There’s lots of insight into the current orgy of self-celebration, and where women who follow that path end up.

      1. Life is going to be disgusting when the current cohort of 16-20 year olds are elderly. Can you imagine 60 year old women acting the way teenagers do right now?

        1. Hymowitz seems to be suggesting that, in many ways, they already are. But I agree with you — when this batch gets old they will out-gross today’s 60+ bunch. Their dreams and hallucinations are being shattered much earlier. They are completely ungrounded, and men have got their number. They are learning fast that they are on their own, and always will be. Their mental illnesses will accumulate with the years, and by the time they are old bats they will be totally isolated and batshit crazy. Even their cats will be afraid of them.

        2. But then there’d be no more of that “preshus pussi” you guys crave so much. You’d never get to lose your virginity! How sad would that be?

        3. [img]http://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/16856/file-797436882-jpg/images/voir-dire-older-jurors-grandma-selfie-a2l-consulting.jpg[/img]
          Actually I can. Trust me, the future will be crazy. This generation women is the generation that will push the phrase: “60 is the new 30”. First we had the delayed-adulthood. We will get delayed-elderly as well. Doesn’t mean they will live any longer tough.

    4. Another huge one I’ve noticed is the…
      pouty face with the eyes looking sweet. I have seen, I kid you not, at least 50 girls do this. They’ll pout their lips and look up, take a selfie, and send it to some poor bastard on SnapChat. It’s ALWAYS the SAME look (Zoolander version). How about a smile and thumbs up, or the old fashioned blowing a kiss. Nope they aren’t even creative enough…just like they aren’t funny enough.
      But hey, they need to take as many pictures as possible before they grow old and wrinkly. Let em flash away.

    5. Women love to travel. Its like there crack cocaine. they will save every penny for their entire lives to go travelling to exotic locations. On one of their rants on how they love travelling because of “Bla Bla…” who fucking cares, Ask them if when they go next time, If they would leave their camera and phone at home? All of a sudden travelling isn’t that important to them anymore.

      1. One of my buddies was banging one chick that was the embodiment of foreigner-cock-riding-goldigger and her friend was no different. They used to take an all-night cheap bus from a country in Eastern Europe down to the nearest town in Italy with a beach, arriving in the early morning. They would then indulge the whole fucking day taking pictures together: at a café, shopping, the beach, .. you name it. They’d change the outfits in between shots to make it look that they spend 3 or 4 days there! Then, in the night of the same day they’d take the same cheap bus back home.
        During the next 3 or 4 days they’d post the pics with the different outfits as day 1 = beach, day 2 = shopping and so on.. Sad, indeed.

      2. Most young women don’t even have the money to travel. And second: traveling is the journey, not the destination. Cycling a 150 Km a day is out of the question for 99% of all women, yet that is what is more memorable as a vacation for me than stepping into an airplane. Anyone can do that.

  13. The bigger the attention whore, the more severe must be your aloof game. And since virtually all non-obese women under 30 today are attention whores, you must apply this rule quite often.

    1. I would go so far as to say most (around 75 percent) of fatties under 30 are nothing more than attention whores as well.

  14. 99% of women are narcissistic and Facebook is the secound worst web site of all time. The first is twitter.

    1. Snapchat has taken that crown bro. It took the worst of Facebook and Twitter and combined them

      1. err…I mean Instagram.
        I get the stupid social media bullshit mixed up sometimes 🙂

      2. Snapchat has IM and live video chat now, as if the world couldn’t get any worse.

      3. quote from a 18 year old co-worker;
        “(Snapchat) that’s how you get the hoes!”

  15. I believe the reason for the sideways head tilt is that one side of a woman’s brain (the side that deals with shopping, gossiping and whining) is larger and more developed than the other (the side that deals with reason, logic and thinking).

  16. I’ll say this though… if you want a woman to be quiet, just hand her a cell phone.

    1. Really – I thought you handed a small child a cell phone if you wanted him or her to shut up.

  17. I can help with the moustache pointer.. it comes from Movember (the only bigname men cancer charity’s) original campaign – where ‘MoSistas’ emerged where promo girls started to imitate the ‘growing beard’ for charity but again this then soon spiraled out of control and most don’t even know why now their big sisters were doing it….

    1. they even do the “in a group better lower ourselves” pose hahahaha

      1. Do girls consciously know about these techniques? From what I understand, it’s just instinct that builds up over time.
        They really have no idea they do this stuff.

  18. It’s less about the doing and more about the talking about what was done. More style less substance. It seems the more feminized a society becomes, the more absurd it becomes. In all areas. Entertainment, economics, political, educational. On and on.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. As soon as women get a hold of something, anything, they ruin it.

  19. The siamese pics also allows them to safely press their breasts against each other. It’s done intentionally because they know the lez sex insinuation is provocative and attracts even more bonus attention. They will never admit this though. Deny it to the end. You will be called ‘creepy’ by manginas and females for mentioning it.

  20. It’s like when “gangsta rappers” and “thugs” work so hard to make the perfect “I look tough” pose to fool their 12 year old fans–and Atlanta Man, of course.

  21. Women are suited to being the nurses and teachers of our earliest childhood precisely because they themselves are childish, silly and short-sighted, in 2 words – big children. – Arthur Schopenhauer

    1. I don’t think women should be insulted for being nurses or teachers. I think such things should be encouraged.

  22. Fuck Women. FUCK WOMEN. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!
    ALL WOMEN ARE NARCISSISTIC BITCHES, SLUTS, WHORE. I remember a few bitches who used to make the pig face selfies of them in front of the mirror with their ass facing the mirror. The next thing I gave them was a brutal assfucking while standing with their faces and asses towards the mirror, so that they could cry, and see themselves crapping on my dick in pain, while I continue to pummel it relentlessly, yanking their hair painfully and relentlessly spanking them. And all along I kept shouting in her ear ” So you like your own ass, YOU BITCH?!!!!” And I spat on them! And I made my friends do the same to them! One thing for sure, these bitches never cavorted their asses anymore again in front of me. I feel slapping the woman who takes a stupid selfie of herself , and then pissing and taking a dump on her narcissistic sow face. Fuck women, fuck and spit on them!!!!

    1. I was wondering if you would show up. Your posts make me laugh.
      Fuck women. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yes!

    2. Fucker, you aren’t fooling anyone. Your agenda is to demoralize men here. Your agenda is to malign us. Your agenda is to make it so that we start questioning our own sanity. By doing this, you hope to deter us from criticizing women, and of course, stop opposing feminism.
      Mother____, if I were the admin, you’d have been blocked a long time ago.

  23. Everyone – Saturn below is a straw man troll. He is trying to induce a manipulation tactic called gaslighting. Do not fall for it.

  24. I have just come from viewing the matches on my POF account. On my word, about 1/3 of the women have a duck face as their main profile pic, and no doubt many have a duck face in other pics. And the profiles are invariably the same: childish non-sequiturs strung together, as if doing that were actually witty or funny. And then there are the haughty cliches and remarks: “Can you keep up?” “I’m awesome.” “Please don’t bore me.” “Must make me laugh.” And so on and so forth.
    The main interest: shopping.
    In short, unless you are willing to bang a fatty, you will not find a bright or interesting woman in America. So either get the fuck out of here, or look for sex only. (I won’t go into the moral character of attractive women in this country.)

    1. Same here brother. Online or offline, it’s slim pickings everywhere.

      1. Yup. Seems to be the case. I see a future in which men with means flee the western countries for greener patures. This is a constant, historic cycle; men being driven from their homelands due to unbearable circumstances.

    2. And how many listed “friends and family are important to me” and “sarcastic” as a positive trait?
      I could stand one month of that POF bullshit and then closed it. OKC I could take for about a week.
      Men are just “ego and validation bait” for bitches there.

    3. Oh, let’s not forget some variation of “I’m fluent in sarcasm”. It seems like every female has that on their profile

  25. I have seen so many of these 5 types on Tinder. Seems the more homely girls veer toward the mud run photos. I guess any slob can complete one of those races. Mustache photo is also more popular with the uggos, but some pretty ones take those too. The two girl “butterfly pose” photos are usually the cuter girls. Guess the fatties haven’t figured out how to pull it off yet.

    1. That’s cause the fatties can’t maneuver into that position without throwing out their backs. You are right about the absurd levels of copycatting on tinder too.

    2. Keep in mind that Tinder draws images from people’s Facebook profiles. If something is popular on Tinder, it’s popular everywhere–more or less.

  26. This is hilarious. You nailed it Mr. Tuthmosis.
    Fat ugly girls need their 5k photos like a dog needs his bone.

  27. anyone know where the attention whoring centres of the brain are. We need some mobile fMRI smartphone app that will sense when the self-seeking narcissistic reward centres of the female brain light up whenever they get attention, likes, or other interest . Map narcissistic gratification in the brain to female behaviour / attention whoring (same thing) and it will be game over for those who would play the male population by denying what they’re doing.
    if the dependent variable is the degree to which reward centres light up in the brain the independent variable would basically be:
    condition one: being watched
    condition two: not being watched
    there might need to be a headset involved. Perhaps it could be built into google glass

  28. Succinct list, Tuth.
    I kept waiting to see a girl I recognize in one of these photos. I’ve seen each of these shots a thousand times, as I’m sure all men in the West have.
    The cheeky travel ones are the worst. Putting your finger on the top of the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramids (like the photo in this post) is so tired and unoriginal. The mustache one is also annoying and unattractive, but at least you can laugh at the obvious penis envy coming through.
    Women truly are overgrown children.

  29. The geeks have won dude. I was on “social media” before it became huge, i.e AOL chat. One thing that I learned is that anyone can pose to be anything they want to be online. The level of fake in these women (and in some cases men too) is astronomical.

  30. The point of this article is to prove that girls smiling and having fun in pictures is EVUUUL.Who the fuck do they think they are, enjoying themselves. Those bitches.

    1. No, that is your confirmation bias playing tricks on you. Go worship women mangina.

      1. I’ve been reading this site for quite some time and the writing’s not half bad. Roosh has the right ideas when he exposes the vapidness and embarassement of Amercia. Then you get articles like this that have no intellectual value. This is the sort of shit I expect from sad feminist websites like Thought Catalog, Como, Jezebel. There are dozens of articles like this that are written by women. It doesn’t surpise me that Tuthmosis wrote this. He hit a low when he started writing click-bait and hype articles for TC.
        This piece is just lazy. Am I supposed to be pissed women are dumb and self-obsessed? It’s a shame but it’s not worth discussing. I get a kick out of his call-to-action as
        “Attention whoring and copy catting may very well be the female condition, but unless we enforce some
        degree of originality, we’ll continue to be barraged with an endless
        stream of the same. Next time you see one of these played-out photos, be
        sure to call it out.”.
        I can assure you that “calling it out” isn’t worth my time.

        1. “Am I supposed to be pissed”
          What on earth gives you the idea that you are “supposed” to anything? Who do you think you are? The world does not revolve around you. Narcissist much?
          “I get a kick out of” Yes, it comes at no surprise. Trolls exhibit symptoms of mental illness. This is one aspect of it. You might want to google it. I am not kidding.
          This article is about revealing female tendencies. If that makes you butthurt, you might want to cry. It will alleviate your grief. If even that does not help, you can always try banging your head against the wall.

        2. Your response lacks every form of logic or articulation. If your butthurt that I would dare criticize ROK, quite frankly I dont give a shit. You want to break down into tears because I formed my own opinion, go ahead.

        3. At least learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ if you want to talk about ‘articulation’, you intellectual chimpanzee. Lol
          You are not even worth the time that is required to reply to you. Pathetic. I can see that crying has not helped you. Remember the wall? Go ahead nitwit, you are at least making me laugh.

        4. Please, go ahead and keep replying. I’m clearly worth replying to, seeing as you can’t appear to stop. Your blubbering giberish amuses me.
          “At least learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ if you want to talk about ‘articulation’”. Passive aggressive just like any mangina. Weak. Still waiting for the logical sense on your end to appear.

        5. Don’t project your passive aggression on me mangina boy. Learn some english first so that I may be able to at least take you seriously.

      2. Side note: These articles are loaded with pictures of women, which only adds to the attention whoring. Legitimate question: If ROK is so opposed to “worshipping” women, why does this site feature models in sexual poses constantly?

        1. How retarded are you exactly? Are you really this dumb to state that men depicting women seeking attention, is men seeking attention?
          Did you really say that retard?

        2. Actually Retard,
          I am wondering why “worshipping” women on this website is condemned but it does it anyway through pictures.

        3. Like already mentioned, you imbecile, you are afflicted with chronic confirmation bias.
          Depicting sluttery through pictures is not “worship”, you deluded numbskull. I swear, if there was an award for dumbfucks, you’d get it every single time. By replying to you I can already feel the level of stupidity that you must dwell on as though it were normality. (Facepalm)

        4. I have yet to see you prove that I have “confirmation bias” other than throwing the word around incessently.
          It may not be “worship” per se, but it is adoration to some context.

        5. You already proved it yourself through your comments, you addlebrained fool.
          “It may not be “worship” per se, but it is adoration to some context.”
          Finally some common sense, but you yet have to go a long, long way. Now try to understand the difference –
          It is not adoration, nor reverence, nor worship. All these imply that the poster regards the aforementioned entities highly.
          For instance, if these pictures were followed by statements in the likes of – What a babe, what a fox, she is a goddess, I would love to do “blah, blah blah” for her, with the apparent intention of subservience, then yes, the adoration remark would have been debatable.
          However, it is not even remotely close to that!
          All that the pictures serve to function is to give the article some context, you know, as in what the article pertains to.
          As such they are highly relevant, and in fact, may be imperative.
          When you have the propensity to see only what you want to see , you are likely to reach such absurd and ridiculous conclusions.
          Try to see things after removing those gynocentric goggles, with a clear, unbiased perspective, and I assure you, you will find out what I am talking about.

    1. Do a sex tape and get famous. No wonder so many young women do sex tapes and porn thinking that they can be rich and famous just like her.

        1. “Our society incentives female narcissism.”
          Then we must move heaven and earth to punish it

        2. The funniest part about Jen Selter is that she has a genuine spinal lordosis problem.
          That is, her spine actually does what girls *pretend* to do when they arch their back and poke their butt out to make it look bigger. Jen’s ass really isn’t that huge when you look at how hideously curved her spine is

  31. Haha your article is too silly! Everyone knows girls show off, but I think it’s a general trait that men have too, granted modern soc gives people the chance to show off to a greater number of people at once. But seriously, girls’ photos are often taken just for the lols and even in men’s photos (especially travel photos) we exhibit the same predictability, just as our behaviour tends to be as predictable as women’s in other parts of life. And stop saying things like ‘The number of girls suddenly interested in doing 5Ks has mysteriously increased with the proliferation of smart phones. Why? Because it’s the perfect photo op’ it’s really illogical – although the use of logic in other articles on this website is fairly poor so I suppose it’s to be expected…

    1. men may suffer from narcissism as well as women but they are diminished as men as a result. Men desire. Women desire to be desired. When they turn their heads, or flick their hair, they imagine themselves being looked at, hungered for. They exist for this. Sex may be an adjunct to the validation they receive from the attention. If men are following them this is evidence of the burgeoning narcissism of our age, for which women and their vanity are the archetype.
      Always starve women of the attention and the validation they crave.

      1. That’s why we should put them all in burkas, were they can do no harm. lmao… seriously. Nothing would crush a bitch’s ego more than a burka.

        1. true. Personally I’d settle for an expectation that women dress demurely, e.g. long dress and and maybe headscarf. Indonesia probably has the right idea: (native) women dress how they like but they are expected to be discreet and not push the boundaries. i.e. not look or act like sluts

      2. Yup. Put a selfie of yourself flexing your muscles in the mirror on Facebook and see the reaction it gets, if any. Get a chick to do the same. The dude will be castigated as a vain, obnoxious, shallow douchebag.
        But the chick will be flooded with likes and validation.

    2. …don’t try to turn this into a formula for anti-gravity. Women WORRRRK at this shit. The same way men ponder the hows and whys of increasing their bench, curing cancer, or paying rent. Except a dumb slag’s selfies serve only one person: the dumb slag in the picture. And even then it gets her a few minutes of attention and then she’s off to cook a new batch of kitschy, quirky, best-night-ever, more-friends-than-you, photo-turds.
      Some dudes do take some weak-ass pics, but dudes aren’t doing it widespread like its ingrained in our DNA and society isn’t patting men on the head saying ohhhhh, look how cute and silly you are with that big sock on your head,…

      1. Chainsmokers nailed it on the head with their song “lemme take a selfie”

    3. For the most part, it doesn’t look good for a guy to show off on social media apart from a few specific situations where they can show off their hard work (getting a PR on their deadlifts, showing off a new car, new job status).
      If a guy just posts photos for the sole reason of reminding people that they exist and matter, in the way that 99% of western women do, other guys will tear him to pieces in the comment section.
      Your general trait argument may make some sense if you look at how many guys post stupid photos/videos online, but your argument never addresses the fact that guys approach photo taking/uploading much different from females

  32. Wait until they get a dog. It becomes nauseating.
    You missed one that I’ve been seeing for some time now: pics with the tongue sticking out. Though I’m half-tempted to state that it’s actually advertising for the tongue-piercing “I give good head” types.

    1. Nah, that’s just a ‘Miley’.
      She admitted she sticks her tongue out because she finds smiling like a human being makes her feel ‘weird’ and ‘awkward’. It’s a typical millennial girl issue. They don’t know how to exist IN the moment, or show a genuine face to the world, so you get these ‘ironic’ retarded expressions.

      1. I mean….hell, the thing is, have we as a society ever trained them in anything of value? Most of them never had parents who rewarded them for mature behavior…..their teachers rewarded them largely for their ability to put on a facade that conforms to the teacher’s expectations…all the while being programmed by music and TV that glorifies attention seeking behavior.
        Garbage in, garbage out.
        I’ve noticed that the few good women left tend to have a few things in common. They were typically raised in a two-parent household, homeschooled, and not given any access to any Television except the family’s movie collection.

    2. Oh, it’s not only the dog, it’s the *breed* of the dog – something usually small, obnoxious and utterly worthless as a protector.

  33. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it??. Attention whoring is so bad in any setting where there are females. They can’t do anything without capturing on phones, film etc.. Don’t dispair, I know a couple of really hot chicks that will have nothing to to do with this sort of crap. They treat it with more contempt than men do. It’s your average looking slut that feels constantly insecure with nothing meaningful to do with her life, that’s always doing it…If you’re the real thing, you never need to advertise. To deal with females like these is to ignore them. it makes them angry and upset

  34. If I can only credit muslim culture for one thing, its for knowing how to keep their women in line. I have no doubt the minute feminism gets exported to the caliphate, there’s going to be “ohh, look at me and my besties outside this mosque”, or, “I’m wearing my burqa…as a skirt?? so fun!”
    …so aggravating.

    1. You can already see signs of the “feminist” movement infecting some of our so called “liberal” women.

  35. Social media has ruined a whole generation. (Not just women). No longer do people do anything for the challenge or experience, they do it to post on twittergrambook for validation.

  36. When you date a girl in this day and age, you are not only dating her but her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You are nothing more than an extension of her vanity. You must serve to satiate her vanity through either you and/or your money. I have never met a generation of women, on average more disoriented with reality, narcissistic and selfish than the millennials and Xers. I pity the man who tries to find value in one of these creatures outside of their orifices. I sometimes talk with old women (platonically), just to see what values they possessed and they are far and beyond better in terms of personality to be around. These social-vanity companies have created a generation of Frankenbitches, and the genie isn’t going back in the bottle anytime soon.

    1. Yep.
      The chemotherapy for this cancer is stone-cold game. Not an ounce of validation. These days, I turn down sex with women more than I accept it. It’s the only thing that keeps their validation monsters from gorging themselves into a 750 lb hambeast.
      The “sweet spot” seems to be sex every 2-3 weeks.

    2. Conversely, the irony is that in this day and age you can do your own background checks on her with all three of those before you get yourself into serious trouble. On the other side, I decided to try what I’ve learned here about talking to women a few weeks ago at a mall. I couldn’t get any girl’s attention because 99% of them were walking with their faces buried in their phones. At least back then they’d diss you to your face, nowadays you don’t even exist to them because all they care about is whatever is going on in that smartphone screen.
      Not that I wasn’t using mine either, but it was as an mp3 player to pass the time.

    3. Random night watching a film with a girl I’m dating, suddenly:
      She: “You know what? we should get a pro-photoshoot of us together!”
      Me: “… and who’s gonna pay for that? you?… have you got any clue how much of those geeky kids owning big-ass DSLR charge?. Stop making shit up and focus on the film ffs!”
      She: (silent)
      And the topic has never been suggested again.
      I can only feel sorry of those manginas allowing their girls to step in control and have a bunch of cheesy “couple photos” taken and paying the so-called photographer from their own pockets for the damage. Don’t you realise the sort of validation you’re giving to her??? You need only see the eunuch smiles in the photos.

  37. If you have just written a novel on Greek architecture, you will get around 10 likes of Facebook.
    If you change your profile pic, you will get around 50.
    It’s about visual show – not substance.

    1. That’s because women lack the ability on average, especially in this day and time to think deeply. Women are not deep thinkers, they are excellent at learning by rote but are abysmal failures, when it comes time to think of critical responses of value to either alter a theory or introduce a theory. Let’s not pretend that men’s 30% bigger brains doesn’t have A LOT to do with this. That is a lot of fucking brain mass that they just don’t have, which explains so much. It can also explain their innate selfishness and narcissism. Most men consider money and material possessions as a means to an end, which usually involves supporting his family. That end is ultimately love for his family. To a modern millennial bitch, money and materialism is an end to itself, and everything else, she’ll use as a means (men) to reach that goal. Totally rotten creatures.

      1. co-sign my man, see this shit waaaaaaaay too often on FB for my liking… which is why i hardly use social media anymore.

      2. For me, the real problem is not the general vanity of all women.
        It’s that the American media blitzkrieg would have you think the reverse – they are ever the ass kicking, logic-laden, spiritually together entities. This lie is then fed like Soylent Green to young men who, before they know it, are locked into twenty years of baby jail/Vaginamony to a serpent in high heels. The man, his family, the children…everybody suffers.
        This then effects the nation as a whole, that has to sit and listen to these women being catered to in schools, politics, the media, and general consumerism.

      3. Men’s brains are actually about 10% bigger than women’s (on average). On the other hand, women’s brains contain more nerve cells and cellular connections, which allows them to be more efficient and effective than a man’s. This has nothing to do with intelligence.
        Please, do some actual research before making your wild claims.
        I’m barely even going to address the fact that you just applied a blanket statement to over 3 billion people. I see that you do not possess any ability to think critically of anything written on this website, despite the fact that sources and evidence are never provided. In fact, the vast majority of your comments are a pathetic echo of the original idea. It appears you are incapable of altering these theories and adding your own opinion, and please direct me to a theory that you (or any man) have/has recently introduced.
        Your wild presumptions (accompanied by no evidence whatsoever) about women would be funny if they weren’t so sad, as I can only imagine the kind of women you know in your extremely narrow social circle. What can I say, trash attracts trash, and that’s what you are, so that’s what your women are.
        I’m afraid what you’re talking about in regards to social media is a generational problem that has little to do with women. And why would you, rightly, and as a generation, take responsibility for the way social media has corrupted the youth of today, when it’s so much easier to blame the kids that never even came up with the idea?

        1. Man card, please!
          This is an Alpha-male only site and boi/gammas will most likely get banned. Unless, of course, you’re actually a chick which will *definitely* get you banned in accordance with policy.

        2. And you think that whining to Roosh to come and save you like a fucking princess from some big bad meanie who might disagree with your opinion is an Alpha male quality?
          Oh, and here’s a secret. Regarding women as equals doesn’t make me a “boi/gamma”. Wow! Is your tiny mind blown yet?
          (Please give Lance Christopher the opportunity to defend his caveman views with some non-false facts and actual logic and rationale in his arguments, instead of wild assumptions based on the, I’m gonna guess 3, women that he actually knows. Hiding from your problems instead of confronting them is beta for sure)

        3. This is ROK, where men can freely discuss beating women to a bloody pulp and forcing women to eat their own feces. Hard evidence that contradicts their world view or criticism of any kind is actively discouraged, and may get you banned. Facts are beta.

        4. Well that 10% makes all the difference, you mangina. A ten percent difference is enough for Isaac Newton to invent calculus and discover gravity, for Mendel to be the father of genetics, and Leeuwenhoek to be the father of biology. The list goes on and on, but I think you get it. By the way, did I already tell you that you are a mangina?

        5. Women and men are equal? Rofl! Look at the definition of equal please. Learn it and stop giving it a new definition. Gosh, you’re such a mangina.

        6. If men and women are “equal” as you say, then explain to me why females can’t perform to the MALE STANDARD at Ranger School or the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer’s Course.
          Explain to my why, if men and women are supposedly equal, that men base 99.9% of their decisions on logic and rational analysis, whereas women predominantly use their feelings to do the same.
          Finally, explain why women have a higher probability of having a mental disorder than guys do. If they’re supposedly equal, shouldn’t both sexes be at risk in the same way?
          The link on mental disorders is here:

  38. Tuth kills it again…another masterpiece guaranteed to go viral.

  39. The second photo of the woman in the grey shirt has a nose that looks as though someone took a penis and stapled it onto her forehead. Ugly selfie indeed!

    1. I’m pretty sure no one cares HOW they take the photos. It’s safe to say the how is answered with: A CAMERA. Now goodbye you stud bulldagger

      1. You’re fucking stupid if you didn’t understand that I meant “why do you care what type of photos girls take” when I just cut out the extra words and replaced them with “how” idiot.

  40. Look, I found at least 5 different selfies that guys can’t stop taking. Should I write about this too? I’ll send you the article in a couple of days.

    1. The fact that you ASK if you can write about it says you’re beta or a cunt- either way write whatever you want- I’m sure you’ll lose focus halfway through because “scandal” or “real housewives” came on

      1. Good response. The unoriginal “beta” insult, with a complete evasion of my original point. It really shows your intelligence.
        [P.S. It doesn’t. I was being sarcastic. I felt the need to point it out considering you seem to be quite stupid]

    2. Those selfies aren’t different. Other than the guy hanging off the building the rest are all “muscle selfie” genre

      1. 1. The “how you doin” pose
        2. Shirtless, pants half-down and revealing pubic hair pose
        3. “Look at my biceps” pose
        4. “Look at my biceps at the gym” pose
        5. Stereotypical “look at me on a tall building” pose
        6. Another shirtless pose
        I see your point though, they are all related to the flexing of muscles/show of stereotypical manliness. However, the original point remains. Men take stupid selfies too.

        1. “5. Stereotypical “look at me on a tall building” pose” What? Stereotypical? That actually requires some climbing skills!

    3. To be fair, at least 1 of those guys are in really good shape and so actually have something to show off. It takes hard work to look that good and as someone who trains at various gyms even i can go for months without seeing someone in that good shape.
      In otherwords a man showing off a physique that took years to build that genuinely places him in the top 99.5 percentile of physically attractive and fit males is not really comparable to the way every girl shows off her ass on instagram. Well done, you are a female piece of meat. Females are attractive like the grass is green. Female Beauty(and narcissism) is not RARE, or all that impressive at all, it means you are young and not fat. Attractive women are a feature of the species, thank goodness or we would fail to reproduce.
      A dude who looks like the guy in the second photo actually is RARE and is IMPRESSIVE. He earnt his right to show off. You might as well upload a pic of arnold in his Prime on stage at the Olympia and use that as your example of mass male narcissism being comparable to that of modern females.

  41. Isn’t it funny- I go to the gym- most men have no problem running, lifting or working out wearing a tshirt, shorts, and sneakers. But women just CAN’T workout unless they wear the tighest skimpiest clothing- then they make sure to run all the rest of the days errands in said tight clothing. They’re vain and they thrive on the attention. An American woman would walk down the stress, butt naked and twerking- and f a guy stopped and looked he’d be a “thirsty” guy or “creep”.

    1. You can knock it if you want but I love those tight workout pants. I also don’t give a fuck about being creepy.

      1. The point is theyre wearing them because they want you yo look, but they dont like the attention that comes from…attention.

    2. You seem to forget that pretty much the only work out clothes available to women are tight and skimpy. And if a girl decides to go work out in sweats that aren’t skin tight, you call her a slob and bitch that she doesn’t care enough about her looks even for things like the gym.

      1. No because these dykes have no problem wearing normal basketball shorts- and anyone male or female can run in an old faded t-shirt- guys do it everday you white knight stop making excuses for holes

        1. But my point still stands that if a girl didn’t dress in the “sexy” workout clothes you despise so much, you would say she is a slob who’s too lazy to dress nicely.

      2. Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but chicks don’t wear yoga pants/ tight and skimpy clothes because they’re “pretty much the only workout clothes available.” They wear them because as long as they don’t look like cottage cheese in them, they’ll easily get attention from guys.
        This also explains not only why they even go to the gym, but also why they tend to wear this stuff WHEN NOT EVEN WORKING OUT.
        If you wanna rebut me, explain why most females that you see at a gym:
        a) tend to only frequent gyms with TV’s and mirrors
        b) use their smartphones for stuff other than listening to music
        c) only do weak-assed workouts (while avoiding weightlifting like the plague)

  42. Because in every woman’s mind her pussy makes her a div superstar. Its like Patrice O Neal said, you see regular pretty bitches in public n shades and headphones like “no pictures” just because they left the house. A man has to have looks, money, and his ducks in a row just to equal a “hole who left the house”

  43. If a woman spends more time out taking stupid and cliche pictures of herself you can do two things. 1.Pump and dump. 2.If you’re looking for an LTR, don’t bother because the bitch is as vain and boring as they come.

  44. Very entertaining post. Can see a lot of similarities between these pictures and other ladies pictures I’ve seen in the past. When will it end!

  45. Well. I know many men who are always asking for photos, more and more photos.. I guess now they get what they’ve wanted? These girls just want attention, and they have learned what is rewarding.

  46. Number 4 goes on because of Movember. Not sure about latent penis envy.

  47. Who gives a F? What’s funny is that most of the people who spend their time nagging on these girls have dogs or food pics or something completely ?? as their profile pic. Hmm. How bout y’all pick on the foks who post pics of people getting beat up or robbed, etc.

  48. Have to throw in my two cents. I was on vacation in south america and the resort put on a different show every night for the guests. It’s an old-school lounge setting, bistro tables and chairs roughly arranged in rows, amphitheater style, and a bar in the back.
    One night, they have some kind of concert where they perform some currently much-played pop songs.
    In the row of tables in front, i sport three early 20s sloots, about 7-8/10 depending on the sloot, completely overdressed and overly made up for the venue (this is a basically a third world country, where most women make do with barely any makeup and very plain clothes and accessories, most of it pre-worn or hand-me-down.)
    Before you know it, out pops a gold iPhone 5s and they start recording. Here’s the thing though. I could see the screen. They weren’t recording the poor performer belting out some shitty pop song they liked….
    They were recording their three dumb faces singing along in a completely over the top manner to some shitty pop song they liked.
    There was no internet and no cell reception. Basically these sloots were loading down their phone with selfies and other narcissist-fuel bullshit to be picdumped on a week or two later.
    Same type of sloot who goes on vacation “to tan” and no other reason other than to avail herself of selfie opportunities.

    1. “where most women make do with barely any makeup and very plain clothes and accessories, most of it pre-worn or hand-me-down” That moment you realize – The United States is a third world country lol

  49. Hey also you should get permissions for using these photos because my friend is one of these girls and she had NO idea that her photo was taken from her facebook

    1. Your friend’s an ugly whore and you’re probably even worse. You like penis in your mouth & on your face?

      1. Hey she’s got a goddamn point, you need to get permission to use people’s personal photos, asshole. Take it down.

  50. You know what I hate the most…those pics when they lift their leg a little bit like a little b**ch having to take a pi** (see left girl on last pic) . Seriously : What’s the meaning of this ? I bet some stupid celebrity did it and now everyone has to make it.

    1. I am pretty sure that it’s actually because of the way the female body/muscles are arranged or something. They do this hall the time, but it’s always in unnatural poses.

      1. You are correct. It is not uncomfortable, it is merely placing one’s balance on one side of the hip which leaves the free leg slightly bent with only the toes touching the ground.
        It’s not particularly a pose at all, more a natural stance. The 3/4th angle is the pose.

      2. The left is a female hip bone, right is male. The female has wider spaced legs, lending to a considerable ’tilt’ when weight is shifted to one side.

  51. If women are so annoying, stupid, shallow, vain, insignificant, and useless why don’t all the men just get boyfriends? Most american men are pretty fruity to begin with. Its interesting to see all the hate for women, but guys STILL want that pussy. You don’t get pussy by being a douchebag.

    1. Really? How do Kanye West, Shia LeBeouf, Chris Brown, Ashton Kutcher, John Mayer, Kevin Federline, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, et. al. get pussy?

    2. “why don’t all the men just get boyfriends?” Because we aren’t homosexuals.
      “Most american men are pretty fruity to begin with.” So? Are women allowed to be whatever they want, but men have to both me not fruity and not “offensive”?
      “Its interesting to see all the hate for women” It isn’t hate, it’s satire…
      “but guys STILL want that pussy. You don’t get pussy by being a douchebag.” This is the exact problem many of us in the manosphere are attempting to point out. Men have to work to get sex. Women don’t. Women act as if they are oppressed, but in actuality they are privileged.

  52. as much as i hate most of the articles written by this guy i have to admit that this is pretty true

  53. This article disgusts me!! How could anyone be so cruel to blame women as a whole for the “annoying” photos you on see on facebook? I’ve seen just as many guys taking dorky photos as girls and so what?! The reason we have cameras is so then we can use them!
    Just because these girls are having fun and feeling confident enough to post their photos on the internet, it doesn’t mean you have the right to be so sexist and rude!
    As for the moustache photos and our “penis envy”, do you know how many guys pretend to have boobs? Heaps! And yet we don’t hear anyone complaining about guys have “boob envy”.
    Look, I get it. You’re trying to be funny and get more followers and that’s fine. Just next time could you please NOT do it at the expense of every girl out there (both photo lovers and not)!!! The rest of the world would appreciate it immensely! Thanks.

      1. It said “As for the moustache photos and our “penis envy” It talked about women in the first person, it may be female…

    1. “As for the moustache photos and our “penis envy”,” Good too know you are Transgender ANDREW ROLER…
      “Just next time could you please NOT do it at the expense of every girl out there” It’s called humour… Get a life.

    2. You must have missed the memo, mate. The spice of life is to take the piss out of all the enormously stupid shit women as a group do, and just for your information – every time anyone posts shit online it’s a big nice gold colored invitation to pick it apart and ridicule it.
      Now, we also have this long standing policy of not being too kind to wankers like you, so how about you take your Nintendo controller and shove it up your ass white knigh. The rest of the male population of this planet would appreciate it immensely! Thanks!
      Ps. Is this pic you? It sure looks like it.

  54. You mostly post about girls, when your not one, and you judge a wide variety og girls that fo the same thing, we don’t do everything for guys and what we actually do is for our pleasure so stop judging bevery girl on the world for how they look, because your realy an a-hole.

    1. Glad to see you can differentiate between using “your” and “you’re”. Tell me something Stephen Hawking, who’d you blow to get your High School diploma?

    2. “You mostly post about girls” So? That is what this website is about, masculinity…
      “we don’t do everything for guys and what we actually do is for our pleasure” Actually this is what a lot of us are trying to point out, men feel there life is about doing things for women, women feel life is about men doing stuff for you…

  55. yeah this isnt just a girl thing, plenty of “men” do this too to no end. Im one of the few I know that doesnt.

    1. Men that take pictures of themselves should be given a good beating. I am not saying no pictures at all, but you know what I’m talking about right?

  56. I always thought the mustache thing started out with women showing support for Movember. Could be wrong.

    1. Please, women don’t give a shit about men’s issues, especially prostate cancer.

  57. Dont forget that stupid dog filter from snapchat. Every other broad has that as their profile pic.

      1. Dudes, somehow we went back in time to 2014! How did this happen and how do we get back to the future?

        1. My only question is, what happens when you inevitably come across a comment you’ve posted 2 or 3 years ago? Maybe a paradox is created and you’re sucked back to the future like Christopher Reeve in the penny scene from Somewhere in Time….

        2. Hey, it worked! I pulled a receipt out of my pocket from Costco dated May 21, 2016. I’m still in the past but at least I’m only a week behind now.

  58. Today’s females are a generation of thieves (literally) and a den of vipers. Women are true thieves. Women have special rights: Affirmative action, EEO, welfare, child support, police protection, etc. Females take full advantage of all of these guaranteeing them good paying jobs and money. Through proxy (taxes and laws established by the government to take men’s rights away), the jobs, income, money, etc. are stolen from men by robin-hood (the government) and given to females. They take full advantage of it.
    So when I see females taking their “the world is my oyster” photos and giving their feminist salutes (hand-on-the-hip), what I see is women with their affirmative action EEO jobs going out and blowing their income acquired through thievery by proxy on vacations, smartphones, cars, “girls-just-wanna-have-fun” outings, clothes, etc. I see thieves that stole money from men and are basically going around showing you how great they have it and taking pictures of it.
    A 100 years ago, in a man’s world, most women could have never acted this way. Most women did not have jobs. If they did have jobs, it was usually clerical types of jobs or factory types of jobs that required nimble small hands. And those jobs were for women that could not find husbands. Women did not have the income to go blow on “the world is my oyster” vacations, alcohol, cars, clothes, etc.
    In short, what you are witnessing through those photos is a redistribution of wealth taken from men and given to females. That’s literally what it is, and it was accomplished through cultural marxism implemented by jews via their monopoly on international credit and financial dominance created through their privately owned central banking systems. <–When the financial system finally collapses, all this female “the world is my oyster” will collapse as well. Men will regain their patriarchal powers. When the economic system finally collapses, men should not mourn the loss of their fiat money, but they should celebrate the end of feminism. Because it takes fiat currency to finance the special interest groups and politicians that installed feminist laws.

    1. Comment of the month! Sadly, most men are the happy slaves.
      Ghostrider, check Otto Weininger’s book “Sex and character” for full analysis of the parallels between the parasitical nature of women and the Jews.

    2. Unless the woman got a bunch of money from a divorce or a single mom getting help her money is her money. The above vacationing woman you describe is usually childless and unmarried. Do not be mad if some women will not have sex with you because in the long run you can not do anything for them let alone be someone that makes them happy.

    1. came here just to say add that one…god that’s annoying.
      ha…the other day some guy on twitter said, you bitches can use that dumb ass dog filter 100 times a day and still can’t lick a dick right…lmaooo

  59. Id also say they cant go to the bathroom without taking a pic of themselves whether there at the club or bar or a public place

  60. A woman would see this and somehow place a “misogynistic” label on this post.
    The reality is, all this is doing is showing the fact that women are predictable. Extremely predictable.
    This is why one of the main reasons Game is looked down upon by them and the men that blindly follow behind them
    It shows that with the right amount of planning if we wanted to we can fuck you. Back in the caveman days there was no talking just simply fucking getting down to the point no BS
    Fast forward now and men are handicap and are unable to live our true nature like a Animal in a Zoo. Hence why Game was created.
    It is what it is. The idea of Love can be created but, as far as it existing as a separate entity has been exposed. Just like the exposure of women following the latest trend when it comes to the internet.
    The internet wasn’t around back then and women didn’t realize their options. Fast forward now and the damage is done. The script can be flipped. Not even for just them but also men as well that are not able to stick to a philosophy.
    Point is this post is not to make women seem as they are dumb and goofy. Some will say that but, my take is, women are just very easy to figure out once you realize that all you really need is to stay firm in your beliefs and beliefs of your self and she will follow. Its not just with the pics but a bunch of things if you are willing to grab your balls and drive in a direction.
    They play dress up and have yet to see what lies beyond the mirror and makeup. Female Leatherface if you will.

  61. We should feel better with proof their behavior is predictable.
    How else can use be made of the fact?

  62. This article is a great explanation of why women never achieve anything worthwhile: a) they are completely devoid of originality and b) they spend all their time doing pointless “activities”.

  63. This is the behavior that ruins concerts. Now we can’t do a mosh pit without running some dumb broad over because she’s taking a selfie in front of the stage and now we are labeled as brutish misoginysts. Ok, brutish, yes, misogynists, no.

  64. Thanks for bringing back old posts Roosh. We can use learning from the archives.

  65. Wasn’t there a baseball game about 6 months ago where they broadcasters put the camera on four girls who were just fiddling with their phones, ignoring each other, and didn’t even realize they were on the TV with the announcers making fun of them?

    1. Yes there was. Sort of off topic, but there was also a little kid who was screwing around on his cellphone and if it wasn’t for his dad’s quick action, he would have caught a foul ball right in the face. I’m 26 and even I feel as if I’m an old man when it comes to people being on their cellphones while at events or socializing. Put the phone down for five minutes! The worst is at concerts where all these idiots throw up their phones and send snapchats or record entire songs as if their shitty cameras on their phones take super high quality video. 9/10 times the video will turn out to be of horrible quality and is a complete waste of time.

  66. A couple of decades on and you really will have a mustache that you need to wax off. Older women pucker the lips up just looks like an asshole. They never get it.

  67. The moustache crap is gross.
    I never even realized the butterfly photo was a thing until I read this.

  68. You forgot “standing on a cliff and spreading your arms wide as if that made you look deep” although both genders are guilty of that.

  69. Like any red-blooded guy I like looking at women…but it’s gotten to the point where I now feel like I’m being “rick-rolled” for the sole purpose of giving their pictures eyeballs via any indirect excuse.

  70. Ladies, take the criticism and improve yourselves. The goal of this site is to restore traditional values. And when did criticism become such a bad word? Criticism is a fundamental part of growth and education. Today you can’t even tell a woman to “pay attention” after she smashed her car into a tree without her reacting emotionally.
    Back to the ridiculous picture taking. Yes, the “look at me! Every day of my life is a party!” Narcissism. I’ve listened to many an ex-girlfriend commenting while looking at Facebook. Jealous comment after jealous comment. Had another one of her friends been around, she would have said, “oh look how cute Jen looks in her new dress.” Her friend in complete agreement to prove to one another that they are not jealous people. Back stabbing liars.
    An old friend from high school had 8,000 pictures on her Facebook page. 3 pages of pictures that were practically identical. Same people, same outfits, same bar, same background. This is truly a mental illness.
    Personally I would feel silly posting pictures of my travels and accomplishments on social media. It would immediately raise the question “who am I doing this for? Me? Or the other 4,574,990 parasites on social media?” I learned this lesson in high school.
    One of the richest men in the world runs a narcissistic social media website, go figure. If that’s not a sign that our civilization as a whole is mentally ill, I don’t know what is. If people aren’t on Facebook, they’re talking about facebook. The other day at work, I overheard a fat girl talking to two guys. “I put a picture up on Facebook and all these people commented, “oh my gooooooood, youuuuure sooooooooo beautiful.” And I was like, you guuuuuys dont sayyyyyyyy thaaaaat. I don’t even look that good in that picture.” One of the guys responses was hilarious. He said, “well…. You look like you.” I was on the other side of the room and I couldn’t contain myself. I just laughed out loud. The girl was mortified at his response. The look in her face was priceless. Now that would have been a great photo opportunity.
    I haven’t been on Facebook since 2004.

    1. My only use for Facebook now is to keep up with certain interests such as bands, sports teams and the occasional liked page that has hilarious memes. But even at that rate, it seems as if I spend a little too much time on facebook. I also use it as a means to keep in touch with a few friends as it is easier to use the messenger app sometimes than to text.
      I do completely agree with you on the girls who have 8,000 pictures of the same shit on their page. I know a few girls I am “Friends” with who constantly post “new” pictures of them doing the same poses at the same basic bitch events. Every year this one girl brings up her Vegas trip like she’s the first person to discover Las Vegas and wants to show off her discovery. Makes me sick.
      Another grossly overrated endeavor is the bar crawl. It is ridiculous how many people (especially girls) flock to these stupid events to get tanked at various bars and then think it’s some special event that nobody has ever done before.
      It seems nearly impossible to find someone of the opposite sex who has genuine interests or unique experiences to talk about. I met one girl a few months ago who was fairly interesting, but she still showed a heavy hand when it came to westernization and being brainwashed by the FI/SJW’s. Sigh, the search goes on.

      1. Yeah man, “first person to discover Vegas.” I laughed at that, so true. Facebook for women is just an absolute whirlwind of stirring up jealousy between one another. Then of course they post positive comments to one another, “oh you look soooo cuuuute.” I seriously don’t understand how any human can live like that. I suspect the Vegas trip comment is another way of saying, “look! I’m fun just like all the other girls who go out and do stuff.” Not genuine. Girls will remember every single place they visited on the Vegas trip by name and list them verbally with an emphasis on each name. “We went to THE DEN… Then we went to FRANKIEEEES…. Then we went to…..” They sound so childish. They sound like a 3rd grader who just got back from the zoo. “I saw a LION…. Then I saw a TUUUURTLE…” They have no genuine interest in what they’re doing or where they’re going. Their Vegas trip goals are 1. Go to the popular bars so you can brag that you went there and make your friends jealous. 2. Take lots of pictures for Facebook. 3. Scream really loud to draw attention to yourself, then make fun of the person who gives you attention.
        When you ask a guy about his Vegas trip, it will sound something like this. “Went to some shows, had dollar margaritas, went to the pool… Good time.” A guys not thinking “OH god I need to remember the name of that super popular place so I can RUB it in everyone’s face when I get back! It’s like the most like popular place like in Vegas, like like like.” (My ex girlfriend used to say “like” every other word until I stuffed the tube steak in her mouth to shut her up).

  71. Women in their primes taking selfies and putting them online is the equivalent of men going into the gym to pump up their muscles. It all has to do with advertising yourself to the world in order to attract the highest bidder. Now, men don’t get the attention for the work they put in (usually a lot more than women do) but we are accustomed to that. Women will find out how it is to live like a man once they’ve hit the wall. Little to no handouts, no eyes staring at your ass whole day. No guys peeking at your tits. And if she didn’t snag a gofundme-guy in time she will live poorly.

  72. Good God I know one of those girls. And yes she is, maybe was, an attention whore. Now that she has passed 20 years old and is at least a 9 she has figured out she doesn’t need to do anything to get attention

  73. The one where their hand is ambiguously placed by the hair/ear. You know the pose…

  74. Since the dawn of times, women had an irremediable fetish with the camera.That’s why women where whoring for during the past decades. The best way to get pussy was to become an “agent”. It wasn’t even necessary to become a “photographer” or “director”.
    The dudes working in the fashion or movie business had the total control to whom they’d give the attention of the camera. That was powerful stuff, man.
    Now, since smartphones are commodities of mass-consumption, girls now have the “control” to be in front of the camera and distribute the results anytime and wherever they want. For that reason, men are now disposable. They needn’t open her legs to be shown somewhere any more.

  75. Depak Chopra says that man’s consciousness is the result of the universe’s desire to see itself…

  76. How about a #6. The Fused-Head pose as I like to call it. Where girls pose cheek to cheek in photos in pairs or more.

  77. Thought I’d add this gem since it’s a trending news story. Anyway some teenage girl in Georgia is facing a felony charge for causing an accident because she was trying to snap chat her cars’ speedometer going over 100 MPH. The poor bastard she hit now has brain damage because of the accident. She additionally snap chatted from either the hospital or ambulance with the title “lucky to be alive”. Truly sad and very demented.

  78. 5 K’s for fat girls. 3.1 miles with lots of breaks laughing about how “out of shape” they are. So you’re an athlete? Your muffin top and hail storm legs tell me otherwise but I stand corrected. I could run a 5 k drunk with a midget hugging my ankle. Just another way for these land whales to justify eating a double cheese burger n fries, wash it down with a beer. “You go girl! You earned it!”

  79. You forgot the worst one. Duck lips. When a gals pic is needed for a news story it is always a duck lips pic. ,,, and cringe at this- some younger men are beginning this same duck lip- parsed lip pose… its like how bold can it look that the duck lips want to suck a dick

  80. The “Big Mistake” wasn’t handing womyn the camera.
    We never should have taught ’em how to TALK!

  81. Is Tuthmosis’ avatar a screen-shot from an old-school Amiga demo?

  82. I think I said this last time this article did the rounds.. but I take exception with #4. Many times girls doing the mo-pose are doing so in favor of Movember. Yes they’re still attention whoring, but at least it’s ostensibly for a good cause, so they’re trying to be useful. As an added bonus, sticking up for any men’s cause, especially men’s health, is guaranteed to get up the noses of feminists.

  83. If you had a good time, but no photo was taken, does it even count?

  84. The last thing that strings the whole lot together. They all look like a complete bunch of FUCKING IDIOTS!

  85. Here’s my question, who the fuck takes all these pictures of women in groups? Are they approaching random strangers all day asking for someone to take pictures? You know the ones I’m talking about.

  86. There are a couple that you missed … the ubiquitous “duck face” photo (that women inexplicably seem to think is sexy) and the once popular but now fading “Charlie’s Angels” pose. I also now see women posting photos of themselves flexing their biceps for some strange reason … as if they actually had big biceps, and as if it would be remotely attractive if they did.

  87. you just forgot those stupid photos at the local disco, where even owners post them on the wall, and the party photos where they are always drunk? what about those in their home trying to be sexy? and those who kiss their pet’s mouth?

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