5 Steps For Saving The American Economy

There are only two obvious ways to lose money: charity and stupidity. Leftism works by appealing to charity of stupidity-prone drones. From feminization of the general populace to European Union endorsement of Syrian invaders, Western governments have successfully metamorphosed from charitable to cuckold. The European youth need some deep introspection to solve this infiltration and betrayal, as do us Americans.

The American public has been sold out by its politicians, wealthy elite, and professional victims. But before we solve any social and cultural issues, we must first solve the American economy. After all, how can we revert to genuine charity when nobody has any money? Here are the five steps to reinvigorating the American economy:

1. Reduce “Made in China” imports and strive for a trade surplus


Factory manager holding monthly Walmart orders. For Chairman Mao!

There is common paranoia that our new Chinese overlords are inevitable. We run trade deficits with China so habitually that American defeatists just cry their way to Walmart. Of course, people always think the grass is greener in foreign pastures. The truth is that China is anticipating its own Baby Boomer pension collapse. During Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”, Chinese birth rates soared to meet his agricultural and manufacturing ambitions. He wanted each Chinese household to farm and smelt iron.

Mao’s economic policy failed, and China eventually enacted single child policies to relieve future pension burdens. It was too late. These Chinese Baby Boomers are now supported by China’s export-based trade surpluses. The Chinese are racing against nature’s hourglass, similar to our impending Social Security crisis. In order to avoid collapse, the Chinese economy depends on producing Gap khakis and Walmart toys, while rushing to switch to developed services such as finance and technology.

How does this relate to America? Our consumption of cheap textiles, toys and televisions is feeding their Maoist Baby Boomers. While nations like China operate on currency depreciation and mercantilist behavior, Western nations foolishly prop onto the moral pedestal of “free trade.” Western nations used mercantilism from the 1500’s until abandoning it after WWI.

Once we pull the carpet from under the Chinese and balance our trade ledgers, their welfare and pension bubble will pop. Once America revitalizes its manufacturing bases, the Chinese bubble of cheap export goods will burst. China will meet the same fate as late Rome.

How can we achieve this? The American government must offer tax incentives to corporations who shore employment to American workers. Forced employer-provided services, such as Obamacare, must be suspended. Finally, we must collect punishing tariffs on Chinese imports until they properly revalue their currency. It is time to play rough once again.

2. Reallocate foreign policy funds to subsidize nuclear power and renewable energy sources


Greatest place to build a nuclear power plant? The nation where four tectonic plates meet, of course!

Humanitarian aid and offering asylum are noble efforts, but should have no priority in times of economic turmoil. The most useful is energy, the fuel and lubricant of every economy. Israel loves boasting about their strength and independence, right? So American dollars are just scraps to them. If they are truly great allies of the American people, won’t they forgive that we can’t spare any missiles this fiscal year?

Liberals wet themselves over everything European, right? Well, the French get over 80% of their electricity from nuclear fission. Are Americans paranoid about nuclear power because of the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters? Firstly, engineered products of Communist regimes were always of infamously low-quality. Chernobyl was the result of “socialize losses, privatize profits.”

After all, why should an industrial firm under Communism innovate or guarantee product quality, when state owned enterprising dictates that failure is rewarded with research subsidies? Fukushima was in Japan, a nation atop multiple tectonic fault-lines, so an earthquake-induced disaster was inevitable.

The French have a perfect track record with nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants should utilized within inland states free of frequent natural disasters. The coastal and riverside states should receive research and construction subsidies for hydroelectric and tidal energy plants.

3. Strictly enforce immigration policies


She’s here for some English learning. If you don’t support it, you’re a misogynist.

All illegal immigrants share two characteristics. Firstly, they have propensity to break the law, as their presence is already evidence of laws already violated. How can I depend on a neighbor to be well-behaved, when they broke the rules to become my neighbor? Secondly, their presence skews economic and logistical calculations. Although they are not legal citizens, their presence interferes with census data, district allotment, and native wages. I won’t even start on the high rate at which they receive welfare.

Now contrast this with the characteristics of a foreign student graduating from an American university. A graduating student obviously bothered to learn the English language. This graduating student has shown an ability to pay (or will pay) tens of thousands of dollars of tuition, as well as ensure enough earning potential to not receive welfare.

However, we are rolling foreign students through our prestigious universities before forcing them back to their home countries. This process of “brain drain” is moronic and suicidal. Why do we expel the intelligent, stable, and studious members, while ignoring potential criminals entering our borders? We should therefore offer work visas or citizenship to foreign exchange students graduating from American universities.

4. Encourage electronics recycling within the United States

While we are distracted by subjective issues such as “equality” and “patriarchy,” there is an investment that garners no attention—American supply of precious metals. Precious metals, such as gold, copper, and lithium are found in everything. American manufacturing is based on highly sophisticated goods, such as Boeing aircraft.

As we demand smarter smartphones and missiles that fly further, demand for computer chips will skyrocket. However, for a pretty view and cheaper disposal costs, American electronics are dumped into Asian and African landfills. This is an issue where only pictures can show the magnitude:

E Waster

There’s more copper in that bowl than all the pennies in the USA.

iPhone Afterlife

The iPhone afterlife. Your next iPhone will cost much more.

E Waste 2

This bounty should have been ours. We are playing them dollars and precious metals, to charge us more dollars later.

Those foreign recycling firms scavenge and recycle these precious metals and resell them to American manufacturers at a decent markup. As these landfill nations emerge, they will either a) hoard these precious metals for domestic technology firms, or b) hoard these precious metals and charge American firms monopoly prices. If you think a replacement battery for your laptop is expensive now, how much will it cost if China’s landfills held 70% of the world’s lithium reserves?

5. Abolish affirmative action quotas based on ethnicity and gender

Fem AA

A woman trying to be even less productive.

The original purpose of affirmative action was in education for African Americans, rightfully justified by atrocities committed by a subset of Southern agriculturalists. It eventually included women and Latin Americans. Nowadays it has become the Olympiad of Victim-hood.

Let’s examine Rachel Dolezal. She was the white woman who tanned and changed her hairstyle for positions in Howard University and NAACP:

  1. Leftists say race is a human construct and not real. All races are therefore equal. 
  2. Rachel Dolezal wasn’t allowed be Black. Leftists insist on separating Black and white. 
  3. “Separate, but equal” is also known as segregation.

So affirmative action is segregation.

Affirmative action disincentivizes both the “privileged” and “victim.” The “privileged” won’t be productive because of the threat of being displaced or plundered. The “victim” will receive the spoils of plunder or displacement regardless of productivity. The country thus loses two shares of productivity, all for some fairy-tale rendition of fairness, equality and sparkling unicorns. The American government needs to gradually abolish affirmative action policies, and start heading for meritorious rewards.


All these steps encourage self-dependence, abandoning unnecessary burdens, and accumulating resources for the future. We need a long-term energy source, a domestic manufacturing base and precious raw material. We cannot afford foreign aid, providing economic asylum or pandering to victim-hood.

I’m not saying to abandon charity or sympathy for the unfortunate, simply that it is dangerous for a government to contort economic outcomes for its own ideal of charity. It is time for America to stop feeding from the cauldron of guilt stirred by the Leftists. It is time for America to rise again.

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189 thoughts on “5 Steps For Saving The American Economy”

  1. The United States is under threat of a cultural takeover by liberals, SJWs and feminists. We could lose our moral center as a nation.
    Israel is under threat of a physical takeover by Iran, and to a lesser extent Egypt. Terrorist attacks happen on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis.
    While Israel is very dependent on the West’s support, and there is room for negotiation regarding the level of support we provide, let’s keep in mind that Israel faces the threat of suicide bombers on a daily basis, with a very nearby country shouting loud proclamations to “wipe it off the face of the Earth.”

    1. Israel has 300 nuclear warheads. So no they’re not under threat. And even if they were so what? Israel is NOT the 51st state of the union. Move to Israel and join the IDF if you’re so concerned.

      1. Many european nationalists are pro israel for some reason, even though jewish open border lobbyists have engineered the “refugee crisis” in the first place.

        1. I’m not in “the Jewz did it” camp but I really don’t get this Israel fetish so many people have. It’s just insanely bizarre. Israel is just one of many countries in the world. Nothing special.

        2. You dont have to be in that “camp” but jews are definetely over represented when it comes to lobbying for open border policies for europe, so european nationalists being pro israel is pretty bizzare.

        3. The Israel fetish is primarily the result of 2 things: (1) a reaction against Islam and the false belief that Israel is our ally in the war against radical Islam and (2) the heresy of dispensationalism which has now become dogma in most evangelical churches.

        4. There seem to be 2 groups of nationalists in Europe: (1) the hardcore believers and (2) conservatives who are just sick of the status quo. The latter group makes up the majority of the nationalist ranks (particularly among the more acceptable, mainstream groups and political parties).
          These more mainstream nationalists are mostly anti-Islam reactionaries and side with Israel because they see Israel as a co-sufferers of Islamic extremism — which, of course, is false since Israel is only opposed to the Shia regimes that could pose a real threat to their regional power. Israel loves groups like ISIS that fight to undermine Shia regimes and their allies.

        5. I agree. Israel also as far as i am concerned has (together with USA) helped both arm and finance ISIS, why would they not want to destabilize a strong neighboring arab nation like syria. Engineering civil unrest from within is the warfare of the twentyfirst century.

        6. I’ve read several articles which suggest the US and Israel created ISIS. US is definitely to blame, and Israel does run the US, so it makes sense to me.

        7. I think the CIA even has admitted of training and arming afghani rebels in the 80s to fight the russians, so why wouldn’t they do it again? its clearly a winning concept.

        8. Those morons don’t seem to realize that by embroiling ourselves in Israel’s horseshit is one of the reasons for 9/11. Idiots.
          And Evangelicals? Oh yeah. The “end of the world” BS people have been predicting for how many centuries now? Lol!

        9. It’s the only reason “they” have ever given for the attacks. I’d say it’s the only reason.

        10. Yup. They trained and supplied the
          Mujaheddin in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. Back then the newspapers were calling Bin Laden and his troops “freedom fighters” He simply turns his guns toward the west the suddenly he’s a terrorist. LOL. If they had just protected the borders instead of poking the Middle East stick we wouldn’t be in this damned situation now.

        11. Not only admitted to training afghans, they admitted to training Bin Laden himself. From NBC:
          That’s why I say the conspiracy theorists who blame the US government are right. Because the US made this enemy in the first place. Whether or not they “knew” about the attacks, don’t know, don’t care, they are ultimately responsible either way.
          Of course the US did the same thing in Iraq, called him an ally, sold him chemical weapons, and then one day..Oops! They have weapons of mass destruction! Yeah, sold by the Americans.

        12. I’m sure you’d agree that whether it’s the only reason or one of the reasons Israel’s fights are not our problem. For whatever reason people think we have to fight other people’s wars. It’s fucking stupid.

        13. I’ll go one step further and say it was none of the west’s business to take Palestinian land after WW2 and create the nation of Israel in the first place. It’s caused nothing but war and death and oppression ever since.

        14. You can say a lot of things about the US government but damn are they good at making people believe one thing and then the very next moment make people believe the complete opposite, still to this day they manage to make people swing back and forth like a yoyo.

        15. Oh definitely. The Brits were idiots for destroying the Ottoman Empire (and hypocritically taking most of the Middle East for The British Empire while condemning Germany for being imperialists). It should have stayed the way it was.

        16. Very true. At one side the western powers are pushing for open borders and at the same time they create wars and meddle in other peoples affairs.

    2. israel lol. israel and jews are responsible for the moral decay of united states and western civilization

      1. What’s the plan then? Why would they want to take over America, the World, the Cosmos..I never understand this? There’s only 6 million of them, so how could they possibly control the entire world,and why would you they want to do it. What’s the point? I’ve never got this.

        1. If you understood Orthodox Judaism you would understand. Orthodox Jews view themselves as God’s chosen people and view the rest of humanity as enemies who are on earth only to serve them. And, they are certainly capable of taking over the world. They already control the media, banking industries, and politicians in most Western countries.

        2. But, what are they going to do when they have all this power. Besides, they haven’t really being do a good job recently, have they?
          I don’t know any Jews. I stayed in Antwerp last year for a few weeks and there were loads of Hasidic Jews in the area I was staying in, and, to be honest I couldn’t imagine these types of half-absent minded eccentrics being able to run a shop, let alone the world.

        3. What are they going to do with the power? What they are already doing — making themselves wealthy, getting their way whenever they want, and destroying the societies of their main rivals.
          And, yes, Hasidic Jews are literally insane. Trying to study the Talmud and follow all of its rules will drive a person to madness. The problem is, even more mainstream Jews still believe in the racial supremacy taught by the Orthodox. So, these Hasidic rabbis seem crazy but they are able to wield incredible power over other Jews and control policy.

        4. But, sure making yourself wealthy is hardly the preserve just of the Jews. Yes, they seemed almost autistic in their ways, also, quite rude (Arabs can be like this too) , but, nevertheless I didn’t find them threatening, just eccentric.
          I’m skeptical about the whole world Jewry thing, but, perhaps this is because of my own lack of familiarity with Jews on a personal level. There’s a tiny community in own my country and they’re elderly and very well integrated.

    3. “Israel is under threat of a physical takeover by Iran, and to a lesser
      extent Egypt. Terrorist attacks happen on a monthly or sometimes weekly
      Someone’s been watching too much FOX/CNN

  2. Most of this could be solved easily, if people could understand that money equals goods/services. So if your useless majors, roughly said, can not kill something for food, make a new tool or help someone else with that, take them and shove them up your ass.

  3. How do we save the economy?
    It is the legislative arm of the feminist pyschopaths, who are out to destroy innocent men.
    This is how bad it is becoming for men in the workplace:
    Men have now been displaced by women in the workplace through affirmative action and quotas. HR is the reason why men can no longer secure full time employment. They are comprised of radical feminists and misandrists.
    It is either MGTOW and patriarchy or the end.

    1. “Well done, feminism. Now men are afraid to help women at work”
      We should be happy about this, because it will finally come to light how much men used to help women and how useless most women are at the workplace.

      1. The one thing that HR does do that is positive is if you get sued be a former employee you can parade out your HR cunt and have her deny it.

    2. The point is that females are employed in areas (HR/Change Management) that produce no added value in most companies or in the general economy.
      The future to a resurgent America, to a future patriarchy lies not in the white collar domain which is completely feminized, but, in building back up the traditional male blue collar sectors of heavy indigenous manufacturing. Outsourcing has been a disaster, it’s destroyed the heartlands of so many west European countries or of course America. I never buy goods from outside Europe and America and I’ll pay the difference for really well made products that last a life time. It’s this type of manufacturing we have to go back to, male based and where consumers like myself will go into shores and car garages and pay more than a bit extra for well manufactured western made products. I’ll also do it if I know that the money is going to pay a really good salary to master craftsmen. It’s time we stopped underpaying our blue collar craftsmen who to me are the real men that add both economic and social value to our countries.
      It’s also the best place to start the push back against the feminisation of the entire work economy. Despite my general pessimism about stopping postmodernism/feminism taking over in it’s entirety, I actually think that by actively supporting western manufacturing companies in terms of what we buy and in terms of how much we spend, men, could very effectively support both the economy and patriarchal values that should underpin it.

      1. Excellent argument and I agree. However, it will take a lot more to convince the general masses to boycott their nearest Walmart or Tesco.
        By the way, have you seen the documentary “The Overnighters?”
        Excellent documentary which shows the abandonment of men in a feminised America where they struggle to find work.
        It got 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.
        I highly recommend it.

      2. Agree. If all of the men stopped working for a few days, then things would go to shit. If all of the women stopped working for a few days, then little to nothing would happen – life would continue just fine.
        It’s the choices in careers that women make in life. It shows exactly who has been at the helm of progress all of this time and who wants to be at the helm but can’t do the heavy lifting or the dirty jobs to get it done.
        Lord knows what happens when an office building loses it’s AC for a couple of hours.

      3. Do you honestly see a resurgent America in the future? Really? I don’t. But maybe I’m not squinting hard enough.

    3. First company I worked for that didn’t have an HR I’ve been working at nearly a decade.
      If it had an HR with the usual cunts in it, I would have been long gone. I can stay off HR radar, but the environment created by HR departments is hostile enough that it spills out into everywhere else.
      Years ago there would only be one “HR person” who was basically the one that made sure your tax forms, vacation requests, and sick days were in order. How it became an office full of SJWs (read: cunts) is beyond me. They practically have nothing to do except look for trouble and create it to justify their 50K a year.
      I predict, and have even looked into this myself, that a computer program will replace HR in the future. I feel I could write such a program and I would make it open source too. You want to hurt the SJWs where they nest and fuck people up? Replace HR functions with computers. That’s a real-man solution to a real problem instead of just complaining about it.
      At the moment my computer program resources and time are stretched thin (I’m involved in some robotics/weapons projects) but if anybody wants to start a dev group to create an HR-replacing computer based system, I’d sign on.

      1. Theres plenty of HR software on the market.
        HR is the devil. Theres nothing I hate more than getting an phone interview with a great company and finding out that I will be entertaining some 24 year old woman with “Tell me about yourself” stories and 10 cookie-cutter question/answers that she will dutifully deliver to a hiring manager who I don’t even communicate with.
        I’d love to build a software that skips this insane process and gets your resume towards someone who can actually do something with it, but I am really convinced that HR departments are necessary to fill EEO quotas for useless women.

        1. I don’t know in what industry you guys are but I never had to deal with HR my entire life.
          All I know about HR is once the deal is closed, they want my SS and my home address. Other than that they had no saying in any job I took.
          Oh, and whenever I resign at the exit interview the chicks tell me I can always come back. I know it’s a pleasantry but I am positive they know they’re the ones that need me, not the other way around.

        2. I am fortunate in that the HR woman in my office works for me and I am in NYC corporate construction which is still a somewhat masculine field and doesn’t tolerate bullshit. Our HR person is basically a sounding board for stressed out secretaries and deals with the health insurance red tape.
          However, in hiring a new admin she was telling me, in a social way, “you should have seen this kid. he was so interested in Russian literature and ballet and wanted to be an artist one day.” All I could think was “why on earth after a job interview would you know that?”

        3. We’ll send lists of positions we have to fill and necessary qualifications to our HR people so they can advertise them. The dumb cunts love “editing” them for some reason so the call will go out for someone with five years’ experience with software that came out three years ago and other nonsense.

      2. I agree. The HR dept of today has turned into the gestapo. It looks to actually find problems (or create them). These women are pretty much brainwashed from the college courses to look for problems that don’t exist and then find reasons to get rid of people (usually men).

      3. This won’t work. You need to consider what the actual function of an HR department is. It is partly responsible for recruitment (jointly with the hiring manager – who has the final say), responsible for administrating benefits, salaries, etc. and ultimately protecting the company from liability (i.e. getting sued by recalcitrant employee). It is not the Secret Police of the Company looking for a way to do you in!
        As such, (and remember what I said about protecting the company) the enemy is not HR it is the government legislation and litigious environment that exposes companies to significant financial risk if a female gets upset at work.
        Btw I have worked in a HR department and studied their functions for many years.

        1. Very true the problem is not HR at all, its all about the money and like you say is government legislation.

      4. You are correct sir and the way it happened was simple. It is two fold.
        First off, people started recognizing that the one job of HR cunt was just perfect for people who majored in nothing and minored in cuntiness in college. Since those people needed jobs and their population was growing the need to employ them created a boom in the industry. (If only we had a surplus of scientists instead of a surplus of cunts).
        The other thing is that once the first HR person is there making sure your vacation days don’t exceed the limit and your W2 is correct she really doesn’t have much to do for much of the week. Since it is a woman and since an idle woman is literally worse than cancer that has aids, they started taking initiative and being “helpful” which meant causing an office to be filled with petty drama and other feminine bullshit. This drama created infighting which needed to be resolved. Solution? More HR! More HR = More Cunts = More Problems. Solution? More HR!

    4. I can’t understand what you need HR for. Paychex handles my pay, issuing me funds, and directing the other monies to the taxing authorities, retirement, health insurance, etc. The cost is almost assuredly less than hiring someone, and I would imagine they could be competitively priced even at large corps.
      No one likes HR. All they do is tell you “no”. No, you can’t change your pension contribution now. No you can’t change your health plan now. No, you can’t apply for that job yet. Get rid of them and put it all online or outsourced to companies like Paychex / ADR.

      1. Women always gravitate to HR. It gives them that sense of power over you even if you’re a manager much higher up in the Organisation than them. They especially love the prospect of having your career and promotion prospects in their paws. It’s pathetic that so many career women end up in this role where they can truly feel “empowered”.

        1. Yeah a girl I know works in HR. She is always talking about “processing the checks” for the company owner (it is a large company most of you would recognize–I think they may be privately owned but very big). The owner makes a strong 6 figure income (bonuses and stock are probably in the million dollar range) but still has to rely on this college chick to get his paycheck, and I’m sure she loves that “power”.

        2. They love that feeling alright- “Oh what would I do without you” and this is how they secure their impregnable position in an organisation, generally in the gossip mill (HR) or working as a PA to a powerful male boss. Then they can act like the Bs they are to everyone else in the place.

        3. It’s really the same method they use when they are trying to get you into a relationship… at the beginning always looking after you, cooking meals, doing you favors, trying to give the illusion that they are indispensible to you. Of course I appreciate all that stuff, but they are completely dispensible.

      2. “I can’t understand what you need HR for.”
        You need somebody to print out the yearly list of holidays you have off.

      3. For almost 50 years my company didn’t have HR. The accountant did those tasks as well as the accounting. I’d say it was 20% of her job. Recently the boss decided we needed an HR lady to take that off the accountant’s hands. So now we’ve got an obscenely paid girl to do 20% of someone’s job. But she thought it was too much so she hired an assistant. And this year she hired another. So now three useless people do the work of 20% of someone else.
        All glory to our HR overlords.

        1. Sick.
          In my last job I worked with a woman who was the “Ethics” something. Like in charge of making sure we were all being ethical I guess. She made 6 figures.

    5. I agree with this but HR can work to your advantage if you are that type of man which the feminists fantasize about and are even scared of. It has helped me in my current position which I’m sure I was up against more talented stock. Luckily, I also work in a production plant inside the engineering department and I do have psychopathic tendencies myself so generally I avoid dealing with them.

    6. Can you give an example of where gender quotas in the workplace actually exist?
      As for HR… I’m afraid that you are widely off base here.
      Good article though.

    7. Human resources is affirmative action and blackmail bundled up. The government pays for someone to get a Sociology/Feelings degree, then that person blackmails the company by forcing the choice between Leftism or losing customers.
      What does MGTOW have to do with this?

  4. 1. Burn the Federal Reserve Bank
    2. Burn the Federal Reserve Bank
    3. Burn the Federal Reserve Bank
    4. Burn the Federal Reserve Bank
    5. Burn the Federal Reserve Bank

    1. Yes – without reform of the monetary policy – not only abolition of the private Federal Reserve Bank, but also Fractional Reserve banking and government lending, any reform will only be temporary. It will be – meet the new boss, it’s the old boss.
      All those steps mentioned above are not feasable since the money powers have different plans, also even if some temporary wins are achieved an agenda is blocked, the very same powers will then continue funding the opposition and will manage to reinstate the previous policies just a few years later.
      It’s virtually impossible to change the system without solving the money issue first.

      1. Yeah it would be nice if we had some alternative but the dollar is worth less and less all the time and other currencies are typically worse. The Chinese are doing some positive things with their money and may be an alternative in the future but right now there’s no other real choice. Bitcoin sounded interesting, but they are creating more and more of it, just like the dollar. The most important thing is a fixed supply, which establishes scarcity and value, followed by lack of fractional reserve lending.

        1. Gold, oil, seashells, heck, anything with intrinsic value that has ever been used as currency. Paper that is only “worth” whatever number it is printed on and can be increased at no measurable cost is the worst thing for currency.
          The value of these fixed supply assets doesn’t really change over time. When you hear that the price of gold changed from $20 in the 1940s to over $1,000 today, gold didn’t change at all. What changed were the amount of inflated paper dollars required to buy the same things that gold would buy.

        2. Okay now i get you. this is natural and will stand the test of time unlike our current system. How would this effect the banking system, i mean you cant create real value out of thin air.

        3. If one takes a historical view, all paper currencies fail, and it would be fallacious to think that the US dollar will exist in the long run. As Voltaire said, “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value–zero.”
          Banks used to make money off of their lending activities and by charging fees for managing your money (think a monthly checking fee for making sure all your purchases get reconciled). With sound currency, they’d still make money, but they might not own all the skyscrapers in town the way they do today.

        4. Or to put it another way. They made money from embezzlement until the government made embezzlement legal for its constituents.

        5. People used to scrape gold off the coins back then, and thus take away some of their value. That’s why coins don’t have smooth edges. It was used back then to help people recognize if some gold has been scraped off the coin (the edge gets smoother). But it’s still unreliable.

        6. True, but as France was doing a run on the gold reserve by demanding gold for ever US dollar it had, I would say Nixon didn’t have much choice. I give him credit for ending Vietnam (and the debt with it that Johnson left behind) and never cared about Watergate “scandal” (it was BS), but I despise him for his Keynesian economics, price controls and support/creation of government programs (EPA, New Federalism, ERA, affirmative Action, etc…).

        7. Or in todays digital age, bitcoin. It has the same economical properties that gold does, plus some extra stuff.

        8. There is a fixed limit to how many bitcoin will ever be created – 21 million. Currently we have, I believe, about 16 mil. Next year the mining reward will halve, and again every 4 or so years after that. They have to be distributed somehow and this is the method chosen.

        9. Yes, and when I learned that I said, OK, I’ll give it a shot as soon as they stop creating more of it. I just wouldn’t invest in something I knew was going to be devalued in the future, seems silly. But 16 / 21 million is approaching the level where I might dabble in it. I’m really hoping for the next gen currency though, that addresses some of the problems with bitcoin.

        10. They will stop making more bitcoins around the year 2140. And there won’t be a next gen, the network effect is already too big and whatever it is you think of as a problem with bitcoin isn’t one or is an intended feature. Interested to hear what it is all the same.

        11. I seriously doubt bitcoin will exist in 2140. There have already been many digital currencies introduced after bitcoin, and there will be many more. I predict one will make a quantum leap change (being completely untrackable and private, being introduced by a big vendor like amazon, being tied to a tangible asset, or some new benefit we can’t even imagine yet) and that is the one that will hit the mainstream. And if you really think bitcoin is perfect and can’t be improved, just wait.
          Just a few problems with bitcoin: Not very user friendly, not accepted at enough merchants, quirky mining system, wildly fluctuating value. I’m not anti-digital currency; quite the opposite. I am just waiting for a good digital currency that does a better job of replacing the dollar.
          Bitcoin is like the Altavista of search engines. A good idea, but someone else will come along and improve on it, and it will be big.

        12. Define user friendliness as it applies to your argument. Your hypothetical future coin is accepted at zero merchants as of this writing, while americans can buy close to anything they want with bitcoin. Explain what quirky means and how you would improve it. Volatility is required for adoption, as it is traders and speculators who drive the price up and hence gain the attention of the 99%.
          Bitcoin, in its present form, is literally digital gold. What improvements do you have in mind?

        13. Huh? Facebook had zero users when myspace was around. Tesla sold zero cars before they invented the Model S. You can’t imagine a future idea or product because it doesn’t exist today? Hmmm.. ok.
          There will be a successor to bitcoin. If you think bitcoin, your car, ROK, or any product or service you use is perfect and can’t be improved, I don’t know what to say.
          For one, bitcoin apps aren’t available on the app store I believe. It’s also not a checkout option at amazon. Either of these would greatly improve the usability of bitcoin. That’s obvious. And while some may be attracted to a volatile currency, I would be attracted to a stable one. Hence I am not using bitcoin.
          Most consumers aren’t that tied to a brand, they are tied to the features the brand offers. Even Wal Mart and McDonalds, two of the biggest brands in America, are suffering because others are offering competing products at competitive pricing. Be a digital currency fan, not a bitcoin fan.

        14. Which app store? Apples? That’s a political issue, not a technological one.
          Again, what improvements do you have in mind?

        15. We should never have gotten off the gold standard. Politicians love to print and spend money. Inflation is a very disastrous result which hurts most people but in certain circumstances helps others. With the incredible amount of money we have digitized and used to flood the market and monetize our debt a disastrous end result is inevitable.

    2. Its too late at this point, America’s entire economy depends on the ability to print dollars. A quick “reform” will mean massive unemployment here the likes of which we have never seen and the re-structuring of the whole world economy. It can be theoretically done over an extended period of time, say 10-30 years but with men taking a back seat to women who will take on the responsibility of innovating and bringing back real production jobs? It’s hard to see that ANYTHING will change with women in charge..

      1. You should research real alternatives: https://realcurrencies.wordpress.com/ In life there is always a way.
        An interest free money reform can be done in a way that only the 0,01% would suffer severely. Also their “suffering” would have no effect on the economy, since they would have little reason to curb their spending.
        Debts can be simply defaulted upon. Money is a virtual thing, that can be deleted today and reinstated in a fresh debt-free version by next week. It should be merely a tool for the transfer of goods and services and not an instrument of conquest.
        Personally I am for interest free money issuance of government debt via social credit and inherent demurrage. When done correctly then you can literally eliminate most taxes except for tariffs and create a massive economic boom in no time. Examples of that exist in history, but are simply suppressed from official accounts: Canada 1930-60s, 40% of Hitler’s economy (one of the reasons for their economic success), Woergl – Austria right during the global economic depression in the 1930s.

  5. Serious question: Economics is not my specialty, so I might be wrong, but isn’t America a sinking ship with no hope of recovery? The national debt is nearing 19 trillion and they’re only keeping themselves afloat through petrol dollar and by printing money like there’s no tomorrow. Isn’t it really just a matter of time before there’s a complete collapse?

    1. Pretty much.
      We have a few things going for us though. We are the world’s reserve currency, for now the dollar is strong as a bull, one of the strongest currencies on the market. Almost every one of our major competitors has a far more fragile economy than we do (Russia, China, Middle East, Japan, Eurozone) Our Debt-to-GDP is not THAT bad, we run at about 102%, Greece runs at 180, Japan runs at 230.
      I think that a miracle worker like Trump has a shot at turning the country around, growing the GDP to 20+ million, slowly pay off the debt, getting our jobs back, but it’s a long shot.

      1. Something tells me that this whole “china is taking over” thing is very exaggerated.

        1. China won’t take “our spot” economically, but the main reason they compete with us are our stupid trade policies. They are still a much worse off country economically, a lot of structural issues.
          China and SEA took over our jobs.
          Mexico took over our southern border.
          Liberalism took over the fabric of this nation.

        2. “China and SEA took over our jobs.” Even you guys over in america has adopted alot of socialism unfortunately, that can also be one of the reasons why so many corporations and self proclaimed capitalists went overseas, im not well versed in economy so im just speculating here.

        3. Liberalism took over the fabric of this nation. And Europe too. I can’t see how this is going to improve, especially under the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership which will be agreed within the next 6 months. This weakens Nation States powers over their Fiscal Policy decisions.

        4. So you think the complaint about government control making things dificult for the corporations is just a good excuse for them to go for the third world wages.

        5. Absolutely. Its simply price.
          Government control is making things difficult for business, but that’s not the primary reason they are going for cheap foreign labor. Take away all the regulations on US business, and they will still go for the $1/hr in Taiwan.
          The government is like the referee in a basketball game who calls a foul every play and hands out a few technical fouls to the coaches. The government is necessary, don’t let ancaps tell you otherwise, but the government’s primary purpose is to make sure that business is safe for the population, make sure no one gets scammed , and someone a little more left leaning would include protecting employees from abuse.

        6. So how do you keep the jobs within america since neither socialism nor a capitalist market with no regulations works, whats the third alternative?

        7. One option is for the market to respond to foreign made goods, but that is unlikely, since most people are lazy and want the cheapest product.
          Socialism is not a good way to describe a regulated capitalism system, it means something completely different, more about the ownership of wealth.
          It really depends if we are willing to play hardball with corporations. If they repatriate jobs, they will lose a lot of their profits. If we force them by gunpoint to employ US citizens, they could ditch completely and move to Singapore.

      2. So the US is doing bad, but many other major nations are doing just as bad or worse. Great, I guess it’s time to stockpile food, water, and weapons…

        1. Precisely. Japan is no longer what it was, Russia has always been a mess, Euro countries are going broke and being invaded by Muslims.

      3. The dollar is toilet paper compared to the Euro, kid. Germany is on a surplus and France, Britain, are on the good path.

        1. Europe is not in the clear yet. You have Greece to continue dealing with, plus all the debt of Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, all worse off than the US.

        2. I wasn’t hating on the US about the dollar situation but to me it looks like the US is in deeper shit than the EU.
          Belgium always struck me as sturdy and got the diamonds trade to keep itself afloat, but honestly didn’t see anything to suggest that its in the shit.
          Greece is fucked up but so is Cali and a bunch of other states in the US. Spain is in the shitter right now because of the the lefties and the trade unions, but they would have made it out by now if they slashed the budget. As for Portugal, yep they are taking steps to cut the deficit but it’s not enough. Ireland was in trouble but was saved by Britain.
          Italy is taking care of the mob and corruption and has quite a few known brands out there raking in money so I ain’t worried.

      1. But that would mean america would become great again, we dont want that now do we. Shit for everybody for the sake of equality is my motto.

    1. The globalists see westerners as entitled workers who demand things like pensions and are letigious whereas undocumented workers will work for squat and specialists with visas work like they’re on probation. Workers with compromised freedom can be juiced for more. The illegal’s heifer wives come in and once they hear about the gravy train, it becomes a stampede.

  6. Psquare is spot on. The other biggie not mentioned is to end divorce rape (so that men are on an even playing field with women in marriage). Why? So that men are once again willing to get married and once married, motivated to provide for a family and thus go out and learn skills, invent, dig ditches, climb the corporate ladder, and whatever else it takes to bring home a paycheck capable of supporting a family.

  7. Why does the US economy need saving? A few reasons:
    1. Low wages
    2. High debt
    3. High cost of living in urban centres
    4. Glut of unskilled labor
    5. Immigrants taking jobs through H1B and under-the-table money
    6. Highest corporate tax rate, lots of regulations for business
    7. All the wealth goes to the top
    To fix:
    1. Lower corporate tax rate, bring investments onto our shore
    2. End the federal reserve
    3. End 90% of immigration
    4. Phase out college with corporate-sponsored training programs, connects the exact skills with the exact job.
    The tricky part of lowering the tax code and regulations for business is making sure that the workers see some of the wealth. If a company cuts taxes by 30%, they usually shower the major shareholders with the excess cash.

  8. “…the provision of secondary and higher education for men; interestingly, his findings do not support the hypothesis that female education is good for growth,”
    –British Revised: The Costs and Benefits of Anglobalization

    1. p.s. What’s with the top pro-feminist image – a woman leading men towards war and death in the name of her own security?

        1. What’s the meaning to the symbolism in this context, I wonder?It seems to be based on the Celtic Cross at Monasterboice close to Newgrange in Ireland.

        2. In scandinavia it first and foremost is a symbol for Oden the allfather, im not sure what it means for the celts but i assume something similar.

      1. I identify myself as a tribal nationalist, im not a christian not even baptized.
        Interesting read.

    2. By today’s reckoning Third Position would be considered ultranationalistic
      To which I say… Good.

  9. A roundabout article, only describing ways to deal with symptoms of underlying problems rather than the underlying problems themselves. What are the underlying problems?
    1. The Federal Reserve
    2. Government debt
    3. Taxes
    3. Regulations, licensing and controls
    4. Subsidies
    5. Public sector unions
    This list has been organized in order of severity. If something higher on the list were addressed, the effect would cascade downwards, greatly reducing the impact of items lower on the list.

  10. 1) End no-fault divorce
    2) End universal suffrage
    3) Severely restrict immigration
    4) End the income tax
    5) End direct election of senators

    1. I’m glad you pointed out the direct election of Senators. It was a better system when the Senators were appointed by the state legislative body. Their votes could be reviewed by each state legislative body. Now we have Senators who are controlled by the K street lobbyists in Washington, DC rather than representing the states.

    1. In terms of what provides the citizens with the greatest possible opportunities to excel in their God given talents. The economy should serve the people.It should not be the other way round in a country with decent values.

      1. Right, but that is very abstract. How do you measure ‘greatest possible opportunities to excel in their god given talents’? I can not imagine that any system is perfect for everybody.

        1. I would say one measure is how many are working, how many are working in fields they enjoy, strength of the currency meaning that savers and retirees are rewarded in the future, lack of debt.

        2. Of course there’s no system perfect for everyone, that would be a utopia, which is the stuff nightmares. What, I mean is a system of education and community based on developing a well-rounded, functioning member of society. A person who can add value to his community and country. Who can think, understand, fix things with his hands, rear a good family and in turn get the best out of his own offspring. A good economy is there to support all these “more important” human aspirations.

        3. Do we have any data an all those things? To know what we are aiming for? Or are we just shooting into the dark? What if the economy is not really that bad on average?

        4. It sounds good. I still find it abstract, but it may be simply due to me growing up as a city kid. Never seeing something makes you wonder whether it is a valid concept at all.

        5. All seems to be in a 10-percent range. Is that really a representative thing? Could it be due to changed age curves due to little procreation?

        6. 93 million Americans are not working today. A few of them are grannies and children, but in a nation of 300 million, that’s a lot of unemployed.
          A 10% range is huge. Think about your town. Imagine its a small town with 100 homes in it. 10% of the people lose their jobs, suddenly 10 households have no way to pay the mortgage. If they don’t find work (and the graphs show extended periods of unemployment, with the rates actually worsening), suddenly 10 houses are dumped on the market as foreclosures.
          Maybe 5 houses a year typically sell. So now you have a huge drop in the price of housing, and if you live in that town, you are unable to sell your home without losing money.
          This is just following one small trail; there are other issues, like when 10% fewer people stop shopping at the local furniture store, maybe it closes, lays off more people, etc. Also remember that when around 60% of the population was working it was mainly most men being employed, now with both men and women in the workforce, the rate should be almost double; instead it is the same.
          That’s basically what economics do is study the effects of all this.

        7. Right, but we are not talking about a drop from 100 to 90, but from 70 to 60. From a welfare standpoint, that is zero taxes to 10% taxes vs. 30% taxes to 40% taxes. The relative change is much smaller.

  11. You forgot 1. Ending the immoral income tax (OUTgo tax is fair but INcome tax is an abomination). 2. Ending the federal reserve. 3. Reform fractional-reserve banking in favor of something like the “Chicago Plan”. 4. End fiat currency in favor of real money.

  12. Something’s got to be done about student loan debt, too. An entire generation is being prevented from entering functioning adulthood because of the crushing weight of student loans.

    1. A simple solution is to eliminate the guaranteed student loan program. Students must show they are going to college to take meaningful degrees that will make money to, you know, pay it back.
      Guaranteed student loan is like getting a mortgage without income verification.

  13. You don’t want illegals, then make your moppy haired, hipster douchy kids pay for college by picking strawberries.

    1. Yeah, I agree, while there is a strong anti-immigrant vibe here on ROK, the economic effect of immigrants is roughly the same as the economic effect of increasing the population through more babies–something the anti-immigrants typically claim is a good thing. You can’t have it both ways. Immigrants are part of our economy. They buy groceries, rent or own housing, buy clothes, and do everything else Americans do, from an economic perspective. Removing them simply reduces the supply of labor, as well as the demand for goods and services. It’s not going to fundamentally improve the picture overall, and would most certainly harm it, as our economy is already under capacity.

      1. Also, consider this: as a son of an immigrant, I can attest that a lot of immigrants do try to fit in, and one way is going balls in into American consumerism. Anything from Silverados to shitty Budweiser beer to NFL to the Kardashians.

      2. And I must add, I think Bernie Sanders means well, but tuition free college is insane, because anyone knows nothing is truly free. However, if he wants subsidized vocational training instead of liberal arts crap on his platform, then I’m on board.

        1. We already provide 18 years of free education in America. Four more years is only slightly more insane that what we already do. And most other advanced nations already do it. But I agree–based on what colleges have become I’d be much more on board with vocational training.

        2. It’s high time they subsidized voc tech but why learn it after HS? Dental, med, electrical, computer prog, you can master all that stuff by age 15. Asians do.
          The loan system is rigged with education. Libtard degree holders indebted but without job prospects will hit the streets with fist tee shirts as sjw’s.
          The loan system is also rigged with large ticket items that appreciate in value versus items that plummet in value. You go through hoops to qualify for a 1/4 mil real estate loan at high interest whereas the lenders will let you finance the same amount of Hyundai scoupes at 0% and on your signature alone. A field full of Hyundais depreciates 50% in 2 yrs and you’re stuck. Or try to purchace a piece of heavy equipment like a backhoe, a moneymaker and the hoops are rediculous if you don’t have the cash. FUCK THE MONEYCHANGERS :€

        3. The BERN you’re going to feel if he gets elected will be your paycheck getting smaller because of higher taxes.
          To believe otherwise is to believe in skittle shitting unicorns and Barak Obama.
          The worst part of all is that Bernie seems to the only sane one (and calling him sane is a stretch) on the left wing of the fascbird.
          The rightwing of the fascbird isn’t much better.

        4. Not that I care too much about personalities, but let’s say I find Sanders to be the only likeable one in the bunch. Every one else is batshit crazy.

        5. Not that I care too much about personalities, but I think Sanders is the only likeable one in the bunch. Every one else is one skipped dose of Ritalin away from starting a nuclear holocaust.

    2. That’s funny right there. The take home pay from a $60k/year job won’t pay or will just barely pay for 1 year of in state tuition, for many universities in this state of North Carolina.
      Pick strawberries? That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.
      What was possible 30+ years ago is not possible today except in very rare circumstances.

  14. By the way, has anyone seen the documentary “The Overnighters?”
    Excellent documentary which shows the abandonment of men in a feminised America where they struggle to find work.
    It got 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.
    I highly recommend it.

  15. Suggestion #4 is something we could start doing now as individuals.
    Learn to fix shit. Don’t be wasteful. Gather garbage and turn it into gold. Grow your own plants. Make your own toothpaste. It’s disgraceful how people in the West have lost all common sense compared to previous generations and other cultures.

    1. I tend to stock up on essentials when I find them at a good price, but as soon as I exhaust my supply of deodorant and shampoo I am trying the Roosh method. Already gardening, although I can only supply a couple of meals a week this way. At some point I’m looking into indoor gardening with lights and possibly hydroponics. The irony is, people said what we needed was a great depression to bring back some of this resiliency. We got the depression but it’s not really making anyone frugal.

      1. Good stuff, man. My work has a toiletries company right above us and a few times a year they get rid of defective stock (defective only in the sense of labeling issues). I literally have enough bar soap to last me the rest of my life along with over a dozen bottles of body wash, MANY sticks of deodorant, and other assorted items (air fresheners, pomade/hair gel, etc). The only things I don’t have a massive stock of are toothpaste and laundry detergent. I can make cheap laundry detergent but haven’t dabbled in toothpaste. About to till up a big spot in my backyard for a garden next year.

        1. Yeah, and when you stock up, it really makes you notice the devaluation of our currency. I purchased 100 Mach 3 razor blades for $100 when I was in college. I still have a few left, and I see blades now cost $2 to $3 a piece. Likewise, my eyes widened the other day in the shower when I saw the price tag of this bottle of shampoo I bought years ago at this discount store Big Lots — 87 cents. Basically I have doubled or tripled my money by prepaying for items I will use, when most people are lucky to get 1 or 2% interest at the bank, or maybe 5 to 8% in the stock market. Plus I save time because I literally never have to run to the store for razor blades, toilet paper, or shampoo. FYI my dad uses baking soda for toothpaste. Sounds like we have some similar interests, I’ll have to make it over there one day soon and chew the cud.

        2. I add a little baking soda to my toothpaste to give it a little more punch. Is it good all by itself?
          I’ve been shampoo-free for about 3-4 months now. Really don’t even notice it unless I’m in a smoky area, then it kinda clings to you until you shower. Hair feels smoother, scalp rarely itches, and I don’t waste money on needless products anymore. Wife doesn’t notice any smell (if she did, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell me, heh).
          Whenever you’re in the area, give me a shout. I’m building up a whiskey and cigar collection and I don’t mind sharing.

    2. Exactly we live in the information age and instructions for everything exists at the flick of a wrist. I just made my own hairwax the other day, super easy, no chemicals and much cheaper, just a small example but combined with other things it makes a difference.

    3. Some believe women control the consumer purse strings, and in a sense they do if you let them. So many products are not throw away disposable items if you have a screwdriver. Observe the fatherless housing projects where single mothers rule the roost. Look at the dumpster and you always see a bicycle or two with flat tires or handlebars missing, or a toaster jammed with crumbs. No genius required there. The communal pidgeon hole ‘apartment’ lifestyle some believe is most ‘eco friendly’ but if you see what they ignorantly throw away and squander their money repeatedly replacing instead of fixing, then the pidgeon hole dwellings are clearly the most wasteful way to live. There’s no room for anything non essential in a tiny storage closet and apartment dwellers throw away seasonal clothes, implements, you name it. They’ll toss out perfectly good stuff constantly. Then the women bitch for brand new stuff from wally’s. They’re so wasteful, why they even throw away good responsible loving DADS in the projects. There’s no ‘room’ even for men in the lousy projects.

      1. Women care a lot more then we do about things looking pretty and clean. This is their main power in life. If you look at a woman who has spent years going through garbage vs. a woman that is smooth as silk and has a maintained exterior, you’re going to choose the latter.
        With that said though I don’t think this can account for women’s complete lack of interest in hard work and understanding the physical world. When I’m free of obligations I get right back to my hobbies and self-improvement. Women seem to choose to be superficial and ignorant. This goes for a lot of men too though.

        1. Women do indeed respond to camouflaged, smoothened over slick appearances. Observe ‘feminine’ versus ‘masculine’ architecure and design. In homes, females prefer smooth plastered over surfaces which conceal the framework and fastners. They get catty when the can visibly see the nuts and bolts that hold something together. Then there’s the god awful wall to wall ‘shag’ carpet which finally transforms the place into a mood space, a dreamland where you cannot even see the male ingenuity behind the grid. Conversely, log cabins are entirely functional and appeal to males. Load bearing joints are highlighted for view everywhere. You can’t help but witness to the male ingenuity when inside a fine log cabin.
          Automobiles are another. JEEPS appeal to engineer minded males, and they too are openly functional in design. Every hinge and fastener is visible and accessible. Females on the other hand prefer sleek, cushy, silent running pieces of feng shui regardless of what magic propells them. Even a mechanic has to know where the hidden fasteners lie to remove the pretty covering panels and access the working mechanisms. The women also discard vehicles when the cushy interior becomes cat tattered and a plastic knob or two breaks. Women are the ‘perfect consumers’ in this respect, always demanding the newest model cat tail look and bling junk.

  16. We all know that the key to saving the economy is to bring in millions of third worlders who neither speak the mother tongue nor possess any useful skills.

  17. 6. Transition women out of the workforce
    There presence deflates wages, increases unemployment statistics, lowers our birth rates, and overburdens Social Security.

    1. I gave your comment a thumb up, however just noting, it’s in bad taste to up vote your own comment.

  18. How about
    (1) no more wars that can not be coherently sold to the American people,
    (2) no more immigration at all until the nation is in the black,
    (3) allowing us to exploit all the uranium, petroleum, coal and shale that we already have, and
    (4) dissolving the Union (except to the extent practical for mutual defense), so that each State can govern its citizens according to its own best interests?
    and, yes, of course, burn the Federal Reserve Bank

  19. Even if you did stop outsourcing jobs to China, it’d still go to some other cheap labor country though
    Besides, there’s a meta-question to be asked here: How do you plan on convincing politicians/the public to do any of these things? The left is standing in the way. So really, the first plan should be to defeat the left. Until that happens, everything else is just fantasy

    1. All the left fears is physical violence and they are protected from that the by the system. Anyway, how did fighting the left work out for Anders Breivik?

  20. I say let the American economy collapse. If the economy collapses, then America can do no harm internationally. Besides, American GDP is mostly tied up in faux financial instruments and service sector jobs with either poor minorities and poor whites working at fast food joints or liberal arts hipsters working in trendy coffee shops. The U.S. has propositioned that all productive labour must be devalued and shipped overseas where the Wall St mammon idolaters can exploit Asian nations with cheap currencies and virtually no labour laws. Then they tell us, the West, ‘in order to be competitive with Asian wage slaves, you too must have a devalued inflated currency and eroded labour laws’.
    And when America isn’t struggling economically, it terrorises the world even more… literally. Supports terrorists against stable regimes, invades weaker countries for resource theft, promotes feminism, pornography and other degenerate mass market pablum in these countries and especially does it at the behest of Israel. The invasion of Iraq circa 2003 would not have been possible circa post 2008. The U.S. has simply resolved in its weak economic and overly stretched military state to only fund and arm terrorists which they try to differentiate as freedom fighters, or good terrorists. No thank you, a stronger American economy in the current political climate means Tel-Aviv runs world affairs and uses American technology and idiot Yankee goyim escaping poverty by joining the military as cannon fodder to promote its agenda which it masks as ‘American interests’. Real American interests have been sold off a longgg time ago.

  21. I’m very disappointed that you have a woman in your lead picture. She looks like a feminist and also the picture implies women might be able to help lead America to her former glory, which is clearly not the case since we women are all too stupid to do anything important.

  22. Yeah she checks out all of the above but you gotta admit it kind of looks like she’s leading the army. She’s holding the flag yeah but her left hand isn’t doing anything. I would edit the pic to have her left hand holding a large plate with bottles of Shiner Bock. Then the pic would be clear that she’s serving the troops, not commanding them.

  23. I’m glad you pointed out the fact that most Western Governments need a good boot up the backside for allowing our countries to go from great to degenerate.
    1/ Uncontrolled immigration and immigrants from backgrounds that are incompatible to western countries add in compulsory deportation of illegals, law breakers, and people who preach hate against western countries all the while they live it up in these same countries.
    2/ Bring back manufacturing its what made China rich if all Western countries brought back their manufacturing there would be near full employment.
    3/ Bring in laws that end the “victimhood” mentality that is engulfing the west if a person walks down the street looking at their smart phone and they trip over a piece of concrete make it illegal to litigate.
    4/ Make it law that all resources discovered in Western countries be allocated to population of that country not exported first while locals have to pay higher prices.
    Extra points
    1/ Introduce laws that stop politicians living off the public purse make it law that they can only be elected for a total period of ten years, make it law they can only get access to their pension when they reach sixty five.
    2/ Ditch foreign aid – most ROK readers will have to agree that most foreign aid is wasted, ends up in the wrong hands and is stupid waste of taxpayers money when nearly every western country in the world is loaded up on debt.
    3/ DEBT – the big bad omen slowly increasing and draining public funds. Debt it weakens every western country it should be constitutional amended that western countries can only take on debt in cases of declared war or if unemployment goes above fifteen percent.
    4/ Social Security – people on unemployment benefits for lifestyle reasons, single parent benefits why should the rest of us have to pay so these people can have kid after kid with every dead beat guy that comes along. Everybody goes through a tough patch in their lives Social Security was originally introduced to help people through tough times Social Security is now for bludgers not workers, Social Security is a leftist way of wealth transferring.

  24. Sadly the steps outlined in this article are naive at best and horribly wrong at worst. If you think that the West ever abandoned mercantilism you are woefully uninformed. Protectionism in one form or another is still used up to this day and more to the point has been aptly demonstrated to impoverish the common man rather than enrich.
    I would not trust the government to build safe nuclear power plants and who do you propose pays for the renewable research you recommend? Copper is dirt cheap and if companies are giving it away that should tell you something. Lastly, you can abolish the few quotas that exist in the United States but I would not expect that to make much of a difference.
    Sadly you have not even touched on the key economic issues facing the US.

    1. I’d like to hear your take on Mercantilism vs Protectionism vs Free Trade. I understand that historically nations that depended on natural resources exports likely didn’t bother to develop economic institutions. But compare Norway and the Middle East. Both have vast oil reserves, what’s your take on why they’ve ended up so differently?

  25. WTF? You give us stuff college professor give us. First manufacturing left due to the EPA,how is this going to fix it? It goes beyond regular taxation.
    Second “renew” energies is another fairytale the EPA created, you don’t need tax payer money to fund your idea. If it’s good it’ll stand on it’s own.
    Same with recycling which before the EPA ironically was a thriving business

  26. Fundamentally you’ve missed a few things:
    1. Restructure the Tax Code to be STRICTLY oriented to the Transaction Tax Structure (there’s a FB page on the idea) However, we’re using a 19th century idea in the 21st Century and it’s HOW the federal government controls us.
    2. The Central Bank is out of date by 100 years. The FED system should be shuttered in favor of decentralized banking. The Federal Government should limit FDIC to $100k PERIOD. People shouldn’t expect bailouts, personal responsibility must be returned to the SOURCE of the deposit base.
    3. Federal Regulations should be ABOLISHED in favor of state control. Sorry, but the states do a better job of both regulation and enforcement.
    4. Primary through Secondary education needs to be controlled at the local level. Emphasis on the fundamentals, but with special emphasis upon the philosophy of the construction of the Constitution of the United States. Proficiency of the Constitution should be a requirement for graduation.
    5. Federal funding of ALL education must cease.
    6. The federal government must be held to its Constitutional limitations.
    7. Return the election of Senators to the separate state house legislatures.
    8. Without a transaction tax structure, voting should be limited to ONLY those who pay income and capital gain taxes. If you don’t pay, you don’t get a vote.

  27. Seriously what the fuck is up with the neo-reactionary movement that they hate free trade?
    Disliking carte-blanche immigration I get: it makes perfect sense to impede a foreign culture from replacing yours from the bottom up. Goods however, unlike gratuitous immigrants, are only on your shores because you “invited” them there.
    I live in a country without free trade. There is so much “no-free-trade” that it still isn’t part of the WTO’s ITA despite being a “developed-ish” country.
    What’s been my experience without free trade? More manufacturing jobs? A trade surplus? Less consumerism?
    No on all three counts.
    1. Since it’s more expensive to purchase capital (which isn’t produced here) growth is slower than it could be otherwise.
    2. Even if “we” could achieve have achieved one this is nonsensical since imports pay for exports and vice-versa.
    3. An iPhone, which in the U.S. is an ordinary device, here is an immense status symbol since it costs so much to purchase one thanks to tariffs. And because nearly everything is an import in one way or another, purchasing power is lowered and my countrymen are much more status-conscious about consumption, being vulgarly ostentatious and vocal about it.
    Here’s a fun fact: you know what’s a dream for nearly everyone in my country? Traveling to the U.S. to purchase cheap stuff.
    Let’s ponder that for a second. With the exception of crap like “truck balls” I can’t think of many a product that’s actually MADE IN USA. In fact the cheap stuff my countrymen love to buy a plane ticket to go to your country and come back paying the fees (and possibly customs) for their 50 kilograms of luggage with stuff BOUGHT IN A COUNTRY THAT IMPORTED SAID STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE.
    If you want less jobs to be outsourced to China and more things to be manufactured stateside then abolish the police state that will come down on an 8 yo entrepreneur with his lemonade stand for not being authorized by city hall and abolish things like SOX which make it more time-consuming and expensive to make a business.

    In closing, Henry George:
    Protective tariffs are as much applications of force as are blockading squadrons, and their object is the same—to prevent trade. The difference between the two is that blockading squadrons are a means whereby nations seek to prevent their enemies from trading; protective tariffs are a means whereby nations attempt to prevent their own people from trading. What protection teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what enemies seek to do to us in time of war.

    1. I don’t think the point was so much in taxing imports from other countries so much as dropping the corporate taxes to encourage companies to come back to the USA. It’s the difference between a negative incentive (I’m going to tax you if you do “X”) and a positive incentive (Hey, if you come here, you won’t have to pay “Y”).

      1. You are right about this article, I’m not being fair to it. Specifically.
        However, this is a trend I see within the NRx, here, at TakiMag, AmRen, etc.

  28. Destroy the oligarchical private swindle called the FEDERAL RESERVE.
    Never gonna happen though.
    And by the way, “free trade” is just the newest, latest twist on mercantilism. Mercantilism never went away. The oligarchs just gave it a tweak to fit today’s situation. But it’s still essentially about a select, elite group of usurers and robber barons exploiting the poor bastards of another land.

  29. Mmm this article is just using utopian ideas which have been repeated time and again on this website:
    If you want to actually make a difference in the world, you need 2 criterias for your ideas :
    – ideas which appeals to selfish interests of those involved in the process. That’s just how human nature works.
    – ideas that are easy to implement. Complex ideas are great for phylosophical debates but they rarely work in the real world.

  30. None of those will happen. Our Great Leaders, and most of the general population, WANT the west to fall.

    1. By all means, let it fail! You do realise letting an economy fail that provides taxes into a system that legally disenfranchises men in marriages, funds women into the workplace to compete against men, legally steals men’s children while having them pay in absentia for those children and generally funds and televises (what are we on now) 5th wave feminism is the best of all scenarios. An economy signifies a nation’s industrial health, that industry civilisationally and spiritually is used to support families which are the bed rock of the nation state. However, any strengthening of this economy means that these terrible state of affairs will continue. Has anyone thought that maybe America needs to fail and fail very miserably before things get better. I do not support the improvement of the Transjenner Kardashian economy.

  31. How about deregulating the Federal Reserve so that its bankers have the freedom to use their minds in running their business without living in fear of the guns pointed at their heads?
    Right now the Fed has to surrender almost all its profits to the U.S. Treasury every year. If a private company had to do that, Ron Paul and similar people would denounce that as an outrage.
    Fed’s Bond Buying Yields Bonanza for Treasury
    Central Bank Delivers Record $98.7 Billion in Profits

  32. How is America prospering going to help men’s circumstances?
    In Australia the economy is great. I see half-wits with stable jobs everywhere still managing to live beyond their means with car loans and enslave themselves the banks. The economy is great but I have never seen so many men dumpster dive for low quality women like over here. These guys will fuck anything. I have never seen so many men in relationships with overseas women. The economy is thriving and I’ve never seen such rampant socialism destroy the quality of women like over here.

  33. I probably won’t listen to a man on “how to solve America’s economy” when he doesn’t know the difference between fusion power and fission power. I don’t think it’s a typo either.

  34. I think it’s pretty retarded to increase either an immigration quota or a minimum wage during tough economic times. Blocking out European immigrants after 1924 led indirectly to the most prosperous times that the US had, both culturally and economically.

    1. Eh, but are these tough economic times?
      For the 90%, yeah, but for owners of capital, hell no! The rich are doing better than ever before, because they can take advantage of the economic downturn to pay lower wages.
      In 2008, bad idea for a minimum wage, when the rich were struggling with 60% of their net worth gone. Now shareholders are riding at an all time high, with workers not catching up.

  35. Though the Constitution actually sucks in a number of ways, actually following it to a large degree would make us all wealthy again.

  36. “Finally, we must collect punishing tariffs on Chinese imports until they properly revalue their currency.”
    For reference, USD/CNH ≈ 6.40

  37. >Renewable Energy
    Look, that’s nice and all, but keep in mind that the US has coal enough to cover the entire world’s gross energy needs for the next 300 years.

  38. I feel that Eugenics should come first, second and third if the US want *any* competitive financial future.

  39. ah, but how can you tell she’s not a feminist in disguise? I know some terrible feminists who look *just* like her. You really shouldn’t trust any woman you know, you never know the sinister things lurking just below the surface. That’s why I have my husband lock me indoors when he’s not home, lest I succumb to my feminist desires and escape.

  40. Completely disagree with number two. The federal government needs to get out of the business of picking winners and (mostly) losers with our tax dollars. I agree that nuclear should be our main source of electrical power but that could and should be attained by the federal government getting the heck out of the way. As far as “renewables” are concerned, without current government subsidies they would not exist because they are uncompetitive and unsustainable. Additionally, “renewables” do much more damage to the environment than is reported.

  41. 6. Mandatory surgical sterilization as part of the application process for all welfare benefits- Section 8, WIC, EBT, etc
    7. Mandatory surgical sterilization as part of all Sentencing for all Felonies, including prostitution, drug offenses, and ALL violent crime.
    8. When a Minor is arrested for committing violent crime or Felonies of any type the Minor’s legal guardian becomes ineligible for all welfare benefits.

  42. 1. historically when the U.S. has a trade deficit, Americans have a lower unemployment rate and lower prices on consumer goods (see Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics” )
    Mercantilism stole 40 cents on every Southern cotton dollar before the civil war. mercantilism only benefits the mercantilists. Plus Mercantilism is one of the main reasons for Marx’s thinking towards Communism.
    2. if government got the fuck out of the way of Energy, we would allready have better energy sources. an example would be here in Las Vegas where the government backs the almost monopolistic NV Energy which doesnt allow any and all solar and wind companies to come in and compete. When the government “subsidizes” energy, then we see the age old “cronyism” where politicians friends get the best regulations and the tax payers money.
    3. and 5. Agree…although not going to have much effect economically.
    4. let the free market do that.
    overall the body of your essay does not support the title. None of these points together or separate will save the American economy.
    without getting long winded, basic economics “what you tax, you get less of, what you subsidize you get more of”. in other words, reduce taxes on the investor class and investments and investments rise, more businesses start up, and unemployment drastically drops. reduce subsidies and regulations by the government which reduces taxes, which puts more money in the people’s pockets.
    you complain about Leftism, but most of your points point that way.

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