How To Identify 3 Common Types Of Feminist Bullshit

When I saw a link to an article entitled “These Beautiful Drawings Showcase How We Stereotype The Female Gender & Why We Need To Stop” I could tell without reading a further word that it was going to irritate me. Yet, like a moth to the flame, I was compelled to click and absorb the propaganda that followed.

The drawings themselves depict a series of women who indulge in “frowned-upon” female behaviours, including having excessive tattoos, promiscuous sex, and neglecting to shave body hair. In each case, the artist concludes by assuring the reader that it’s okay to indulge in each of these behaviours, because it’s your choice to do so, and nobody else’s.

Sure enough, by the time I reached the end of the article, my non-mouse hand was subconsciously massaging my temples in exasperation. I’d be very surprised to find I’m the only one who finds this kind of attitude obnoxious and deeply annoying, yet it’s hard to put a finger on exactly why it causes this reaction. Moreover, if I were to criticise the article on Facebook I would come across as a raving misogynist.


So why is the work of this artist so eye-roll-inducing? The answer is that it is absolutely packed with sneaky feminist doublethink, designed to get the reader on board with crafty emotional manipulation, while logical fallacies are allowed to slip quietly under the radar.

In fact, this article provides a great example of three of the very largest themes of feminist bullshit. Once you learn to recognise them, you won’t be caught out in the future. Let’s have a look at each:

1. Moral blackmail

One of the key weapons in the arsenal of the feminist is an appeal to emotions rather than rational thinking. In this case, note that the first image in the series depicts a bald-headed woman (presumably) undergoing chemotherapy, who makes the courageous decision to no longer wear a wig in public.

I think most people would agree that you’d have to be pretty cold to criticize a cancer-sufferer for not covering her head. However, this example has now set the emotional tone for the rest of the article: if you’re not okay with women becoming morbidly obese or covering themselves with ugly tattoos then you’re essentially discriminating against cancer victims. You monster!

This tactic of using an irrelevant yet evocative topic to create an emotional response pervades modern feminism. Take, for example, the concept of “rape-culture.” Rape itself is a very specifically defined crime, carried out by a very small minority of men. Yet when the act of catcalling or pumping and dumping a woman are labelled as “rape culture” it tars innocent men with the brush of rape. They might not actually be rapists (yet!), but through the act of normalising rape, they might as well be.

I could go on about this underhand tactic, but I feel our good friend Anita Sarkeesian (aka Feminist Frequency) demonstrates it better than I ever could:


Anita Sarkeesian displays her formidable grasp of causality

2. The “have my cake and eat it” mentality

Yes, it’s very obvious that many feminists are a little too fond of eating cake, but I’m talking in the metaphorical sense here. Feminists often appeal to the concept of the “free society” — that individuals should be free to express themselves as they see fit.

However, in most cases, what they actually want is a society that is free on a highly selective basis. What they really mean is: “I should be allowed to behave however I like, and nobody else should be allowed to judge me for it.” Are you a decrepit old hag who insists on wearing a bikini to the beach? That’s fine! Everybody else can just look away, it’s their problem!

old lady beach

This kind of mindset is exemplified by women who get trashy tattoos and then complain that they are excluded from job opportunities and viewed (correctly) as skanks by men. In other words, they are doing something specifically to make a statement to other people and then complaining that others are judging them negatively because of it.

True, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the physical act of marking your skin with ink. However, like shaving your head or wearing Crocs, our society associates tattoos with a particular image; an image which women are very aware of, and are deliberately buying into when they go under the needle.

3. Pretending it’s all about equality

I don’t believe it’s enough to discuss exclusively the issues that affect a specific group of women. We also need to talk about racism, homophobia, transphobia, classicism, xenophobia and ableism,” claims Rossetti, the artist behind the pictures. This sounds a grand, all-inclusive statement, but it is slightly at odds with the fact that every one of her pictures centres on women’s issues.

Not a single one features a male protagonist. Rossetti gives an explanation for this apparent imbalance: she draws women because she identifies best with her own gender. However, call me a cynic, but I find a simpler explanation far more likely: she simply does not care about men.


The act of paying lip service to equality while focussing exclusively on issues which affect women is a fundamental feature of modern feminism. By painting themselves as long-suffering victims of the patriarchy, feminists are permitted to act with brazen selfishness, while maintaining the image of heroic fighters for justice.

How often do you hear the cry to “end violence against women,” despite the fact that men are massively more likely to be victims of violence? Scarcely a day goes by without hearing about the lamentable lack of women in CEO jobs and other positions of power, but to date I’ve yet to hear a feminist complain of the huge gender imbalance in dangerous and unpleasant professions, such as the armed forces, trash collection, and mining.


Knowing the readership of Return of Kings, I doubt that much of what I’ve said will come as a complete shock; all red pillers are fully aware of the rampant hypocrisy of modern feminism. However, what I aim to do is to equip the reader with an analytical framework to deconstruct the logical fallacies that underlie feminist propaganda — to be able to point out exactly why their claims are irrational bullshit, rather than just coming away with a vague sense of unease.

As a word of warning, bear in mind that for most people emotions tend to trump rational thought, so it’s advisable to tread lightly when calling out underhand tactics in the face of hyper-emotional topics such as rape and cancer. In the right context though, an awareness of these mind games can help you to avoid getting bogged down in logical quagmires, and to expose feminists as the selfish clowns that they are. Remember: knowing is half the battle!

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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257 thoughts on “How To Identify 3 Common Types Of Feminist Bullshit”

  1. Of course women have the right to do those things. It’s their bodies. And I have a right to ignore them and not be attracted to them. It’s my body. If they have the right to think what they do to their bodies is beautiful then I should have the right to disagree. And that’s where feminists go batshit crazy. They have a right to their opinions but I do not. I must conform to their views on the world. Unfortunately we don’t live in the same world. I’ve seen their world and I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s a disgusting vile place. I prefer the real world with all its beauty as God intended it. With males and females being distinctly different and complimentary.

    1. ” With males and females being distinctly different and complimentary.”
      They will never accept that, when this is the case, we are still ‘equal’. (How can we not be? Two sides of the same coin)
      Their version of equality is the only one they understand.

    2. Not only do you have the right to ignore them, you have the right to disagree with them, and criticize them, in public or private, despite all their feminist attempts at eliminating dissenting points of view.

        1. But if nobody responds to them, beta males start to assume there is no alternative way of thinking.

        2. I’m sure there’s a quote that states it better than moi…. the one who loses their cool first is the one who loses the argument.
          benign neglect

        3. That’s because they can’t respectfully disagree or handle any rational opinion. It freaks them out!

        4. They may even gang up to beat up the men with a different opinion to receive a pat on the head. There master cunts of course will support it. And then you will hear them preaching everywhere how violence is wrong and men always get violent where as women never exhibit or support it!

        5. Problem is the west has become a culture of grandstanding, So if you scream the loudest you must be right, cause no one can hear the other guy.

      1. The irony of those posters is that they read like they are intentionally satirical. I cannot imagine many women following the intended advice.
        Frankly the best approach with female feminists is to ignore them. They are like children and children usually stop saying silly things when you ignore them. To pay attention dignifies their nonsense. Do not engage them.
        However, male feminists are very dangerous and these people frequently occupy positions of political power. These men must be dealt with head on as they will act to weaken men and strengthen themselves.

        1. Women would have no power even today if it weren’t for the male feminists. That’s why these guys are so evil. And while most of them may be victims of ignorance, the ruling elites of feminist men are not. They know everything but they still do nothing to improve the position of men in the society, because feminism gives them political power and money. They are inherently evil and that’s why they are so dangerous and an urgent enemy to fight.

        2. My brother said something to me once. He said that the reason the ruling elite keep Feminism around is because men are both builders and destroyers. We build a society, a culture ect, then destroy it when it becomes obsolete to build something better. But if we’re being vilified and attacked at every turn not to mention dealing with hypergamy then we’re not going to be focusing on destroying the bullshit show we have now to build something better.

      2. You have those rights, but better to be nice and not respond in any other way than superficial politeness. They can’t complain without looking bad.

    3. Look feminists, I agree that you have the right to do whatever you want. But equally, I have the right to see how unattractive you are, both physically and mentally, and treat you as such. Respect is earned, not demanded.

      1. There is a fine line between being rude to them to their face and disagreeing with them and most of us here just disagree with them yet they all call us ‘misogynists’ for disagreeing with them. It isn’t like we’re harassing them. They are either fat and/or ugly and nothing is going to change my mind about them. They can try to force us to ‘accept’ them and we will not.

        1. There is a fine line between being rude to them to their face and
          disagreeing with them and most of us here just disagree with them yet
          they all call us ‘misogynists’ for disagreeing with them

          They call us “rape apologists” for disagreeing with them.

        1. All of this feminist entitlement is how women are in general. Women look up to their daddy to get what they want when they become “adults” they have the government and some poor mangina become their second daddies to pay for everything, make their lives exciting, and reassure her that she is an accomplished princess
          In other words women never grow up. They are children without responsibilities. It’s funny because women act like men are the ones that need to grow up.

        2. That’s exactly how women are. Its their nature. Its a very uncomfortable truth, to accept, and that’s why betas never do it. But when you have been in this world for a while a time comes when you just can’t ignore these compelling truths. These truths seem to be throwing themselves at you. And no matter how much you prefer to live in the delusional blue pill world, swallowing the red pill and unplugging yourself from the matrix it essential.

        3. I like this. Awesome. Very true about us men.
          Work hard to reap the benefits, but I guess that’s not as clear and valid is it is in 2015. Shit has changed.

        4. Not entirely true. A common condition among Western women to be sure, but I would highly caution you against stereotyping the rest of the planet’s women just because of the feminine infantility in the West. Russian women aren’t like that. Indian women aren’t like that. Some European ones are, some aren’t, depends on the country.

    4. It doesnt just end with tattoos and fat, they dont want to be held responsible for any of their actions. This is why they shouldn’t be trusted with any type of commitment whether its a relationship or meaningful employment. A girl who gets tattoos all over her body and doesnt want to be criticized will perform all kinds of other acts and not expect to be called out. The response to everything is “I can do what men do” or “I can do whatever I want”. What a toxic and untrustworthy human being to be around. Its no coincidence that tattooed and fat women are the sluttiest.
      They just have a very immature view on life like spoiled little girls. They say they want to be like men but have no idea what life as a man is like. So much more is expected of us and there are so many more rules and standards that we are expected to live up to or other men will shame and ridicule us. The burdens that most men carry around daily would instantly crush a woman’s spirit were she to live one day in his shoes. Feminists act like men live responsibility free lives with no consequence while oppressing women and raping them in our free time.

      1. If they want equal treatment, there comes responsibilities. Do what you want with your body, fine with me. It isn’t attractive. I don’t give a shit but don’t expect to get a good job if you’re all covered with tattoos and piercings. Even men with these things can’t get good jobs because of that appearance. As long as anyone appears normal and not whine, they can get a good job given that the job matches their skill set. Of course all they do is whine and act like their the victim when in reality, they aren’t. There is always responsibility when it comes to jobs. It annoys me that these women think they can get everything handed down to them when they don’t even work for it.

        1. Their whole idea of “good job” is someplace where they get told to do light make work, while getting paid a lot and patted on the head by the substitute husband.

        2. “and patted on the head by the substitute husband”
          While sucking him and the other managers off after happy hour at the “business convention”.

        3. You’re just stretching his words, we don’t all have to explain what a “good job” means everytime we want to make a point. Society has codes, so-called “good jobs” are jobs with a good pay and good general opinion, which tend to be jobs where you don’t do much manual work. It’s how it is, just focus on the real point we’re discussing and get over your little personal self for a moment… Let’s all take on ourselves to stop the endless trollcycle the Internet has become.

      2. The Feminists fail to understand that they can’t drink from the same cup that Life makes us men drink from.

      3. Hahaha. They don’t know what its like to be a man, especially in the modern world. We never get a pussy pass and are judged far more harshly for our actions as compared to women. But of course they don’t know this because everyone is so nice to them. If they were ever treated like a man, for say one week, they would instantly rush to their kitchens to live like women for the rest of their lives!

        1. Theyre not going to stop until American men treat them the way Russian men treat their women. No intimacy, no kindness, no warmth, just cold, rough sex. The ugly and older women get treated like male servants.

        2. Yep. Maybe then being a nice guy will be as much of a pussy magnet as it is over there. But it will be too late.

        3. Yeah but they’re so cold and hardened that they just want a nice guy to spend all of his money and get a green card out of Siberia. Women’s exploitative instincts never change.

        4. Cold, rough, drunken, limp-dick sex that lasts for fifteen seconds… just when it was getting good.

        5. One woman tried to walk a mile in men’s shoes. She wrote a book, Self-Made Man: One Woman’s Year Disguised as a Man. Her finding was that being a man was incredibly difficlut and filled with constant rejection. She walked away with a respect she didn’t have for men prior to that. BTW I believe she is and was a lesbian.

      4. If the creators of these cartoons, “articles”, and social media rants had to be subjected to their own logic, the out cry would be unbearable (well more then usual). Take the picture of the old woman in the bikini and the logic your eyes your problem don’t look. Society has to “deal with it” for fat women letting their rolls hang over the tight clothes they squeeze into, exposing half their breasts in whatever environment they please, going in public disgustingly unkempt.
        So then if a man wants to walk out with his unclean ball sack hanging out well it’s their responsible to look away. It’s his body right? Who are they to have the audacity to expect him to conform to society’s expectation that he clean and cover his genitals. It is BODY and HIS choice and society has NO right to oppresses his balls and shame them into being covered or cleaned, he does NOT have to stop expressing himself, he was born that way and anyone who tries to RAPE him of his choice of what he does with his BODY is clearly a bigot and RACIST.
        Pathetic how easy it is to follow the formula of feminist “writing”. Put emotionally triggering words in caps, use these words as many times as possible, throw logic and personal responsibility out the window, and top it off with throwing in some rape and racism. If only I had a poorly done cartoon to go with it.

        1. No one likes to see a ballsack, son. It reminds them of an old lady in a thong string bikini, who didn’t wax. The wrinkles.

        2. But that’s the point. You never hear feminists condemning those girls who post embarrassing photos of old men in speedos at the beach with captions intended to shame them. So why is it ok for old men in speedos to be shamed but not old women in bikinis?

    5. No jay, the feminazis, and the mysogstopo say you must like big fat land whales and if you don’t you are damaging women’s confidence and body image pig. Its the feminstatsee way or the highway.

    6. Yes we have the right to our opinions and women and feminists do and we will never apologize for it because they don’t. The more we demonstrate this right through our lives and the more men find the courage to do so, the more we achieve this right, and the more our opinions become mainstream. And its happening everywhere.

      1. Several feminist writers have started to complain that they can no longer work as they get harassed over every article. What they can’t comprehend is that facing criticism is the norm. They are not being singled out and attacked, they are just facing the type of criticism that all male writers have always faced (and mostly ignored). Males are capable of saying,” it isn’t personal it’s just business.” But for feminist females, any criticism is a personal attack on them which can’t be tolerated.
        The difference I have seen over just the past two or three years is the comments section reads like the red pill bible. The feminists are being called out for their nonsense. They are being treated like adults and they can’t stand the heat.

    7. Yes, “batshit crazy” from one side of their mouths. From the other a laundry shit list of how men should behave, talk, dress, eat, walk, work, etc., etc., etc………feminism is based on lies, distortions, ignorance and stupidity. Our biggest problem isn’t the feminists but the legions of mealy mouthed white knights that enable them everywhere from the workplace to the mass media.

    8. From the 1972 film The Cowboys.
      Scene: John Wayne enters the school intending to make an announcement. The teacher is a woman.
      Wayne: I’d like to talk to these boys before class breaks up, if you don’t mind.
      Teacher: Do you wish to address the young ladies, as well?
      Wayne: No, I don’t think so. I’ve nothing to say to young ladies.
      Teacher: Then we bow to the fact that it’s a man’s world and leave you to it.
      Teacher addressing the female students: Girls…
      *female students and teacher pack up and leave the school*.

      1. Then after the director yells, “Cut!”, the Duchess pulls it out and tells him, “Well, partner, don’t just look at it, it ain’t gonna suck itself, now is it”.

    9. Well said. And that’s the thing that drives feminists crazy. They demand that we must accept their opinions 100% without question all the time but can’t stand the fact that we have the right to walk away from their BS. I think this is what will cause the feminist movement to collaspse eventually. As long as we walk away from them and not give them any attention, money or affections, they will wither away from a dying plant.

  2. They can choose to look however they want. If any man is stupid enough to court or reproduce with one of these troglodytes it is their own fault.
    At the end of the day, no man worth his salt will even touch or acknowledge women with this mindset and/or appearance, and that’s what we should keep on doing.
    The men will say no, and the betas will conform and accept. And in this case, their ‘movement’ will not be victorious. Ignore these imbeciles for the beasts they are and society will move on and evolve as usual. Any weak minded, desperate beta that gets sucked in and invests in anyone of this stature will deserve it.
    I truly cannot see this fascist ideology prevailing, despite the perpetuation and acceptance to date. There are some pathetic men out there, but I genuinely believe the majority will retaliate or dismiss. I have faith………and I hope it isn’t misplaced.

    1. I respect your logic and I hope you come out right but I don’t think you will, at least not for a long time. The Beta Army is 100 million strong. Some men will see through things like most of us do at ROK but not a lot. We’ve gotten a bit of an echo chamber going here that leads us to think the tide is turning but the reality is that any woman who can dip below 170 (at least for awhile), grow her hair down to her shoulders and have any recognizable breast or buttock tissue will have truckloads of desperadoes spanking it onto any footprint she left in the ground. It’s ridiculous, frankly. The fatter women get, the larger the Beta Army gets.

  3. They can be as free to be as horrid as they want, and I am as free to judge them as I see fit.

  4. What those stupid paintings promote is antisocial behavior.
    I have known several ladies who underwent chemo and lost their hair. They all used wigs and would probably have looked at anybody who’d suggest they make a “statement” out of their condition, as a kook or plain rude.

  5. Words like “equality”, “justice” and “fairness” have all been undefined so as to have whatever meaning one wishes to impose. Lacking an intelligible definition and ethical standard, these words are weapons of propaganda and not part of serious postulates to be debated. But you already knew that.

  6. Et tu, Brazil? Sigh. Further proof that feminism is spreading its insidious roots and infesting countries previously thought to be the last bastions of feminine women. Roosh just recently wrote how Poland is falling victim as well as the rest of Eastern Europe. This agenda is worldwide and the goal is to ensure that there’s nowhere a man can run to. There is undoubtedly a war being waged against men and the only recourse is to fight back and reassert male dominance within our societies because where masculine men lead, all others follow. I believe history will show that it was sites like this one that led the charge.

    You know, I tried. Honestly I did. I REALLY tried to give Feminism a chance at one point in my life. I swear I did. I started to look at it from their POV and, to an extent, I nodded and agreed with some elements. I understand the equality thing and basically wanted to be taken as serious as their male counterparts. I empathize with their stress of wanting more than just being seen as something to fuck ad reproduce kids. I honestly started to see their side and understood them for awhile. I for one thought I was breaking new and shocking ground within myself. I was proud I can’t lie……
    Then, as always, my “Fuckery Radar” was beeping wildly my fellow Kings.
    See, I started to see that, these females didn’t want equality as they claimed. This was no more than a simple power move without any end game in sight. If we were to give them what they want they will simply demand more. And more, and more, and simply fucking more. Once they would have men by the balls, they will start to scream “Ugh. Where have all the good men gone?” Well, what do you think would happen to a dog once you slice its testicles off and remove its teeth? That it was going to be stronger?
    You see, if they would just stay on their side of the playground I really wouldn’t mind. They can complain about men until their strap-ons fell off. I would n’t give a damn. But that is not the case. This fuckery as creeped into other women ad brainwashed them into believing this horseshit. Women are meant to be free I am not denying that. They have to choice to do as they please. But at the same time underneath all that whether they admit it or not as point 2 alludes to, they are still seeking some type of restriction and control from not really a high valued man, but more so a man that just “Gets it” as Rollo from “The Rational Male” points out.
    You think women strapped on a jet and used their pussies as a GPS to find a local movie theater to see “50 Shades of Grey” JUST because of a belt scene? No. It represents control, restriction, power, status, etc. This is why this whole feminism bullshit, as number 2 points beautifully is a bunch of nonsense. No matter the title, they are still women at the ed of the day and require certain elements from men (Masculinity, dominance, structure, etc) in order to truly feel safe and protected. Period.
    This site and others are seen as women bashing sites and that is not the case at all. Sure, you can find some but even then, the message is still about freedom and the right for men to say and do as they please while also gaining understanding on the basic truth that was aloof to us back in the days before the internet takeover. We have reached a point with this Feminist bullshit in 2015 of simply saying:
    We are getting tired of it not because they make us angry, but for the simple fact we see through it. You are not hard to figure out anymore. We get you. If we fall victim to this trap you are setting women and men up for no one will be happy. The trick is over as more men, and women are starting to wake up. All in all now, all we seek is knowledge and peace as we as men continue our journey to to great things and help unlock more minds in this extremely feminize society we have helped created due to our lack of knowledge. No more.
    Point being, just let men rest in peace and you as women just be women. Trust me, its okay to just be a women and let a man that knows what he is doing take over. You’ll be okay. We understand what we are doing. By doing so you will enjoy some freedom as well and we can finally get some time to chill and relax for a change. Because at the end of the day, nothing beats relaxing with a broad that WANTS to be around you while you watch some BS on Netflix. So again feminists:
    Leave, us the fuck alone.
    Nice post bro.

    1. “Just”? Reproduction is the single most important human function. And women are refusing to play their part. Feminism is, literally, death.
      Our role is far more demanding. In addition to reproducing, we must also provide and protect. All they have to do is spread their legs, eat double for a while, and have a tolerable personality.
      They have never been equals and they never will be because they do not have the capacity. Trying to fight our own biology is the dumbest fucking thing we can do.

      1. Indeed man. I should of showed more frustration in that aspect as well.
        By trying to shift change in how women are it effects men in wanting to fuck them. Listen to how not crazy but, dangerous that sounds. Why can’t they see that detail in their fuckery?
        This is why I believe Feminism is simply a test that a large portion of men will follow, while the small percent of men will ignore and continue doing as they please. This will result in feminist being gleefully happy and gladly spreading their legs wide for the men that “Get it”.
        Its one big test men need to pass and ignore. Its dangerous to our survival as humans. I know I may be looking too deep into it but, honestly if you think about it:
        Am I?

      2. And you wonder, after making comments like that, why women grow increasingly disenchanted with men?

        1. Who cares? For decades we’ve heard women make disparaging remarks about men.
          Men are getting tired of it. I guess it was fun belittling and insulting men at every turn, but when men say F off, suddenly we’re supposed to care about why women are unhappy?
          Where’s Driver? We need a “Beat it, Snowflake”.

        2. For every decade you can cite for women making disparaging comments about men, I can cite centuries.

        3. I do not disagree that reproduction is possibly the most important function for a person of either gender.
          I do not agree that women have it easier when it comes to raising children.
          But the part I took issue with was, when you say that women are in no way equal to men but in the same post, also wondered why women are “refusing to play their part.”
          What is the incentive to partner with someone who sees you as a lesser developed member of their species?

        4. How many of those centuries were you alive for?
          You “victims” whining about some sort of oppression for things you claim happened hundreds of years before you were even born are pathetic.
          You’ve lived an easy, privileged life your entire life. One where you can insult, demean, and disparage men at will while receiving special treatment just for having a vagina, and you still try to act like you have it tough.
          Get lost. Go back to Jezebel where the rest of the herd bleats the same bullshit you do.

        5. None, but I was responding to your comment that it’s fair play for you to make nasty comments about women since they did it first. I was just pointing out that women making those comments is a direct reaction to things men have been saying for literally centuries.

        6. Then they should lower their standards. 40 happens, and it sucks for women. It’s a picnic for men.

        7. I don’t even think ‘lesser developed’ or anything along those lines was even mentioned, stupid.

        8. Why should they lower their standards? Those standards are set as the lower limit of what is NOT better than nothing. 5% of men at 40 already have ED, and that is seriously not attractive. The percentages go up from there. Men get old and die earlier than women, leaving women to grow old and die alone anyway after being exhausted and impoverished caring for the withering man. 40 alone is far better than 40 with a man who detracts rather than enhances her life.
          On the other hand, 40 and beyond is far better for both as partners who honestly respect, care for, enjoy and appreciate each other. That is something that many on this forum will likely never experience. Your loss.

        9. I will ignore your gratuitous insult and just gently point out that in the initial comment, it was stated that “they have never been our equals and never will be as they lack the capacity.”

        10. Women? As in “all women”? As in “all rational women who actually want to live as normal sane human beings”? Or are you actually referring to “women who believe in feminism and other cultural Marxist shit”?
          Because last I checked, there are a whole lot of women that agree so much with Ibian that they breathe a sigh of relief when some MAN has the basic guts and decency to stand up and say the truth that they all desperately wish we would say.

        11. Notice how she basically conceded your point that she is just making shit up. Then goes right past it and continues on.

        12. Men and women are different. Sure there are some masculine women or feminine men but the average man and average women are different from each other. Women have vaginas so they can have children and men have a penis so they can inseminate a woman. Men are also stronger than women and built civilizations.
          Even though female dominated civilizations are more stable, they still get conquered by male dominated civilizations or they become stagnant (for example, the Mosou). Also, there are more male geniuses than female geniuses. So in average, men are stronger and smarter than women. There are still things women are better at than men.
          Nonetheless, the strongest civilizations are dominated by men. Even God is a man. Most religions are patriarchal.

        13. She doesn’t even have the basic guts to disagree openly.
          Notice that her entire comment hinges around emotional manipulation. She doesn’t argue whether you are right or wrong, only that the vagina resource will be taken from you if you continue saying that. She is effectively saying that it doesn’t matter if what you stated was true, but that you are not permitted to say it. “Because women.”
          That is a classic shit test. What she is really doing is testing your resolve to determine if you are strong enough to command her.
          Consider your average Jihadi or Italian gangster. Clearly their views towards women are far from the egalitarian nonsense we are constantly subjected to. Yet they have no lack of female supplication.
          In the case of extremist third world Muslims living in the US not only do feminists say absolutely nothing whatsoever atainst them, in many cases they will denounce any efforts by the surrounding community to condemn such actions.
          Ibian, you are absolutely correct, they are not even remotely our equals. Any man who actually believes they are our equals sets himself to be enslaved, used up, and discarded as trash.

        14. -Why should they lower their standards?-
          Real women never lower their standards! If only women hang on to their dreams persistently enough then it may take 6-7 decades or so but at long last you’ll get your prince charming who is at least 6′ tall, filthy rich, handsome, big-cocked, loyal, sweet, caring, like chick flicks, like children, like cats, etc etc etc. A women who settled for any less is a loser woman who deserve a loser man so mark my words…….NEVER SETTLE! BELIEVE! You go girl!
          -Men get old and die earlier than women, leaving women to grow old and die alone anyway after being exhausted and impoverished caring for the withering man.-
          Real women are empowered to refuse to grow old and die ALONE………real women can drive their cars off the cliff with their dying husbands on board and so they can die TOGETHER! You die girl!
          -On the other hand, 40 and beyond is far better for both as partners who honestly respect, care for, enjoy and appreciate each other. That is something that many on this forum will likely never experience. Your loss.-
          Don’t worry milady, they’ve got their freedom, money, sports, games, porn, ONS, beer, pizza, manosphere to spend their blissful happy existence with.

        15. Why should we accept fatass, short-haired, bitchy, tattooed, shit-testing, trap-setting, text harassing, persecution mania manipulative women who will twist every word we say into hostility and negativity when it isn’t even our intent and threaten to run to Daddy Government every time if a scenario doesn’t go their way? What good are they?

        16. Hey at least men don’t pretend some phony pseudo-obsession with pro football just to attention whore. That shit is just weird, and really unattractive.

        17. I agree, women should never lower their standards, nor should men. But like many who frequent this type of forum, you think womens’ primary standards are looks, height and wealth. You are right that women often appreciate men who are loyal and caring, and you can add decent, interesting, as intelligent as they, as well as appreciative of their partner as an equal human being. Like many who flock to a forum to decry women who don’t feel an obligation to be ornamental for them, and who express views like your last sentence, you very likely self select for experiences with only shallow women who also care only about looks – both yours and their own, and likely target ones that find you to not measure up. Women with other values appreciate other values in men, and will find partnerships with those men.
          You stated what is important to you and that it will be available. I’m happy for you. Women will have either the caring men to share their lives and grow old with, or if they can’t find one who will enhance their life, their own money, family, and friends in singlehood. Either way, they will very likely spend their final years just as women always have (thanks for the suicide option, but pass), but without the baggage so many had to endure when women were forced simply to survive to pair with men who disdain women. Win, win, win – for women, caring men, and men who prefer beer, games, porn and manosphere. No one should ever lower their standards or settle in a life partner.

        18. No, indeed you should not accept anything in a partner that you can not respect and love. You are far better off without her, and she is far better off without you. You don’t want them. They don’t want you, and many are intentionally unattractive, unkind, and cold to men who put so much value in appearance and state to not value women for anything but appearance, domestic skills, and breeding capacity. Why should either of you lower your standards? I just wonder why you have an entire forum based on stating not to care in far too many words to be credible, and seeming to wonder about why women behave this way, when they have been explaining it for decades. In a phrase: it is misogynist repellent.

        19. I believe a woman in Return of Queens (formerly known as) stated very wisely:
          “We women will never be your (men’s) equals, nor will you be ours.”
          Ie..we are different.

        20. You cannot because Western Civilization is grounded in pedestalization of the female. I doubt you’ve been proposed to but maybe you’ve seen it on TV anyway–that thing where the man gets down on one knee and presents a valuable stone to the woman..hardly disparaging.

        21. Sure, for centuries men scratched on papyrus how inferior women were and now for decades we have internet, cable tv, 24/7 news cycles, a dozen years of state run public school indoctrination, the academy, the judiciary, and various administrations getting out the message of how terrible men are.
          That strikes you as somehow justified?

        22. Basic biology. Women have an innate need for a man who can protect them. And protection implies that she is weaker than her protector. Which is in actual fact how it works. Feminists are just too damaged to understand their own instincts.
          And this is the part that feminists always get wrong. Men like me don’t hate women. But I loathe feminists. I would sooner watch a feminist die in front of me than raise a finger to help her. Or him, for that matter.
          A proper woman on the other hand, would get the most gentlemanly treatment. But those are incredibly rare. And you, madame, are no lady.

        23. -But like many who frequent this type of forum, you think womens’ primary standards are looks, height and wealth.-
          Sorry I wasn’t aware that you speak for all women and that there is only 1 set of standards for all women…… you what do you think women primary standards are?
          -and you can add decent, interesting, as intelligent as they, as well as appreciative of their partner as an equal human being.-
          OMG! Why you only settled for intelligent men? You should not settle for less than genius men! You know you deserve him! You go girl!
          -you very likely self select for experiences with only shallow women who also care only about looks-
          OMG! What shallow women??? How awfully misogynistic! NO! They not only care about looks! They also care about Ryan Gosling, height, money, loyalty, honesty, respect, prince Harry, care, cock-size, interesting conversation, commitment, jewelry, Channing Tatum, wedding, children, cats, donuts, bacon, milkshake, chick-flicks, chocolates, Valentine day, Christmas, parties, tattoos, ad infinitum.

        24. -Reading must be challenging for you. I said “primary standards” and also said “often” – I’m sorry you were unable to understand that I was noting what is common, and never once implied it universal.-
          So you’re the one woman who decide what the primary standards are? There might be women who disagree with your notion of primary standards though, God forbid!
          -In fact I later noted that you likely self select for women who indeed have shallow standards.-
          What shallow standards?
          -I personally am only attracted to genius men, and a very small proportion of them, as my own IQ is in the very rare range.-
          How wonderful! I am sure genius men will be attracted to your IQ too! Yay! You go chase those Einsteins, girl!
          -My husband was a genius, and I did indeed deserve him.-
          Was? So your hubby’s dead now? OMG! How terrrible! You will die alone! OMG!
          -from your whining about them being unrealistic it is obvious you don’t meet those standards.-
          OMG! What a horrible thing to say! Such hate! When did I say them being unrealistic? OMG!
          -I hope you have a good relationship with your hand.-
          Ya betcha! Without my hands how can I play with those babes’ large boobs, round asses and shaved pussies? Or how can I play video games or browse porns? My hands are my good buddies! You should be in a good relationship with your hands too! You go girl!

        25. You gave a long list of the shallow standards of the women you court. As I noted, it is very unlikely I will find a man who I would want to share my life with, as such a man is too rare. And I likely will grow old and die without a partner, like most women. I am content with my family, friends, and career, and am not looking for a partner – and yes I am intentionally cold to those who don’t take the hint. And I am intentionally unattractive when friends force meetings.
          It sounds like you will also spend your old age without a partner to care for you. Many men fear that. It is good you don’t. Good luck to you.

        26. -You gave a long list of the shallow standards of the women you court.-
          You accused them that they only care about looks, well they do not! So how can theirs be shallow standards when they care for so many instead of just looks?? OMG, you’re so like, totally, not making any sense!
          -As I noted, it is very unlikely I will find a man who I would want to share my life with, as such a man is too rare.-
          BELIEVE! Girl, BELIEVE! If you believe then nothing is impossible! And those men are out there somewhere! All you have to do is go out from your father’s basement and meet real people in real world! You go girl! Yay!
          -And I likely will grow old and die without a partner, like most women.-
          But you don’t have to die without a partner! You can make your cat as your partner! We have won the rights of marriage for gays now let us fight for the rights of marriage between species!
          -It sounds like you will also spend your old age without a partner to care for you.-
          And without a partner whom I should care for and give her my money, yay!
          -Many men fear that. It is good you don’t. Good luck to you.-
          Those men are not real men and they are Godless Atheists to boot! I’ve got God back up my ass so yeah I’m good, Gnome Saint?

        27. Why would I waste the time? No thanks. Frankly there are too many men in the world like you, and of those who are decent, too few who are truly compatible.
          We are on the same page in being uninterested in what the other gender has shown they have to offer. I understand why you don’t want a partner. Why do you seem to have difficulty understanding that I don’t? Many women share the disinterest. I don’t see why you think I would want that. Many women embrace career because it was such a welcome alternative to the drudgery of domestic life. And many women are pointedly unattractive specifically because it is man repellent. Women with tatoos, ugly clothes, ugly haircuts, and glares don’t expect you to embrace them as they are, the are telling you to go away.

        28. LOL. I discovered this site from a search when someone referenced the red pill and MGTOW. It is mind boggling to watch men whine about women not liking them while simultaneously expressing such deep hostility toward them, then honestly not grasping that men who disdain women have nothing to offer in a relationship.
          It was interesting talking to you. I wish you well, but honestly hope no poor woman ends up with you.

        29. -I discovered this site from a search when someone referenced the red pill and MGTOW. It is mind boggling to watch men whine about women not liking them, while simultaneous expressing such deep hostility toward them, then honestly not grasping that men who disdain women have nothing to offer in a relationship.-
          Indeed! That’s why y’all should never come here because you won’t find your Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling or prince Harry here! Try Hollywood or Buckingham palace, yay! Y’all go girls!
          -It was interesting talking to you. I wish you well, but honestly hope no poor woman ends up with you.-
          I wish you well too! But honestly I absolutely prefer rich woman than poor woman so that I can live off her and don’t have to work ever again all my life! True love ya know! Love for money! Yay!

        30. “They don’t want you, and many are intentionally unattractive, unkind, and cold to men who put so much value in appearance and state to not value women for anything but appearance, domestic skills, and breeding capacity”
          The thing is, THEY are the ones that constantly complain about how there are no “good men left”. Besides, they haven’t been explaining it for decades, because those decades ago, there was still something called nuclear family.

        31. But it’s always been equal discrimination. Is it not discrimination to say that any man who likes “sexy” women is a sexist? Feminist discriminate against men claiming to be the victim simply because majority of men want respectable women.
          I myself like tomboys with a little bit of a feminine side…am I sexist for thinking that any women who doesn’t fit that description isn’t desirable? Yes but tbe opposite can be said as well.
          If women want respect and equality then stop crying out sexist everytime a man hits a woman. Hell in today’s society it’s sexist for a man to show any kind of chivalry.
          I believe that feminist are no different than Nazi, trying to create their ideal world not willing to make realistic compromises. Don’t expect real men to just ahow women auch unrealistic respect that our fellow men don’t even get.

        32. Exactly, the man asks the woman for her hand in marriage spending loads on a glorified rock. I want to see a woman drop a couple 100 thousand on a ring drop down on her knees and propose. Women have been treated like queens for centuries.

        33. While God is considered to be a man, nature is a woman and every nation is a woman. I think that males are simply leaders by nature while females are the support to that leadership. Men and women are different and have 2 obvious roles to play.

        34. Just because they wish there were more men available who do not value women only for ornamentation and their value as a domestic servant and breeder, does not mean they are willing to settle for men who disdain them. We had that deal for centuries as the only means of survival, and have rejected it now that surviving alone is a viable alternative. The offer today, to partner with a man who disdains women, is not better than nothing. Nothing kind of sucks, but it is better than that.
          Women have been moving away from the male dominated family model since the availability of birth control, several decades ago. Luckily many, even most, women find decent partners, and enjoy the benefits of raising a family together.

        35. I tell people the same thing, yet all of my “friends” tell me that I “hate women”. A feminine woman deserves respect and kindness, today’s tattoo-covered, masculine sluts deserve to be ignored. I say, never be afraid to treat a feminine woman like a lady.

        36. Well, I haven’t lived for centuries so its not my fault. For all the years I have lived I have witnessed women insulting men. Am I supposed to wait for centuries again so that that I can have my turn again? Does it have to be that way? If feminism was supposed to be about equality and respect for all why wasn’t violence and insult against men isn’t taken as seriously as against women? Feminism seems to be about revenge of some supposed oppression. Let me put it another way, in which the oppression is real. Black people have been slaves and treated horribly for centuries. Should, now white people willingly enslave themselves to their black counterparts for that amount of time? Are you white? would you want that? I am an Asian and my country was colonized by the British for some 300 years. Should I now, expect the British to willingly let my country colonize them? Would I want that? Of course not. It would be very immature and insane to think like that.

        37. Seriously? Nearly every woman at my office is jealous as shit of my wife (only has to work part time in a cake job) and I hear all the time the job they want is to be a “trophy wife” — And these are college+ educated women IN the work force saying this. Out of the 500 or so women who have worked in the office, probably 2 are/were super career minded women. I know dozens of women who have popped out multiple kids ONLY because their husband said they could stop working at that point.
          I have no issues with women doing whatever they want but you are nuts if you really think most women prefer the stress and hassle of the corporate ladder over a few extra hours a week of house-chores.

        38. If they don’t want you treat them with chivalry, don’t do so. These cunts don’t even deserve it. Don’t open doors for them, ask them out on a date, pay for them, or worse, marry them. They want to be treated like men, you have every right to do so. That’s what they want after all, right? SJWs, manginas, white knights, and some feminist MRAs ought to to be shamed for being chivalrous to them.

        39. I’m glad you and she both found someone you are happy with. My experience with the women I know, also almost all college educated, is quite different. My experience is mostly in medicine, however, not “corporate ladder”. I honestly have never met anyone who claimed to want to be a trophy wife. I have also never met a women who desires to be with a man who thinks her a lesser individual or treats her as a child. It isn’t the “few extra hours of house-chores” that makes men like many of those posting here undesirable as mates, it is the disdain.
          I’ve also been a stay at home mom. It was unchallenging and tedious, even with a great husband and while taking classes. It was also financially insecure. I am much happier as a successful professional in my own right.

        40. You must have a fairly narrow group of people you talk with then or you don’t actually get to talk to many of them about things besides work. For some reason people love talking to me about their problems, especially women.
          I actually wanted my wife to keep moving up the corporate ladder (made great grades in college, was promoted a couple of times to associate mgr) but she begged me to let her quit for years (I finally agreed to let her go PT once I started making 6+ digits despite it costing around 30k/year in salary to let her go PT). We don’t have kids so I told her she couldn’t get away with not working some (no plans to have kids despite being married for 9 years)
          Hell even of the 22% of my MBA cohort (Exec Weekend MBA program – top 10) that were women, most of them preferred to not work but either had husbands that wouldn’t let them or they couldn’t live without the lifestyle. Two of them specifically used the term trophy wife as their ideal job (although both were 40ish and were probably not capable of that “job” at 25, much less 40).
          Personally, I don’t have a problem with anyone – man or woman – working the corporate rat race if that’s your things. I certainly won’t hold it against you but my experience is the vast, vast majority of women hate working high stress jobs which unfortunately is where most of the highly paid jobs. I don’t have a problem with people not wanting to run the rat race, either, or if a woman just prefers to run the household for that matter.

        41. Not that narrow. A few large hospitals, a few scientists and instructors, and the short time stay-at-homers when I was home, as well as the friends and co-workers of my children in college and post graduation, and my daughters themselves, of course. Maybe your workplace just sucks for women, or maybe it is regional or related to the field (off the top of my head I cant think of any female MBAs I know), or a function of the personalities we each attract. I have a pretty broad base of experience with a very diverse age group.
          My experience with women in medicine, research, and academia has not been that they “hate working high stress jobs”. Maybe the type of stress is different between corporate management and those professions. Maybe it is that they are weeded out, before getting to that level. I’ve certainly known many women who do not shrink from a demanding career.
          Interesting talking to you. Have a good night.

        42. “Women have been moving away from the male dominated family model since the availability of birth control”
          Yes, and look at the kind of society that we have today. Jobless fathers, single moms, weak and effeminate sons and sluttish daughters.

        43. I don’t know whether you are a man or a woman, but you seem to be intoxicated with the feminist shit, Pull your head out of your arse. Please!

        44. “And I likely will grow old and die without a partner, like most women. I am content with my family, friends, and career, and am not looking for a partner”
          Why the fuck are you attention whoring in here then? Do you expect some beta men to feel sorry for you and’rescue you from all this?’
          You’ve come to the wrong place. We all are hardened alphas. Your shitty attitude and shaming tactics aren’t gonna work here. Don’t waste your time.
          My sincere advice to you.

        45. -Why would I waste the time? No thanks.-
          Wasting time about what?
          -Frankly there are too many men in the world like you, and of those who are decent, too few who are truly compatible.-
          Similar attracts, if you aren’t compatible with decent men then perhaps you should look into the mirror.
          -I understand why you don’t want a partner. Why do you seem to have difficulty understanding that I don’t? Many women share the disinterest. I don’t see why you think I would want that.-
          You are over-analyzing , you chose to comment at Manosphere that’s why I thought you want men’s attention and perhaps something more.
          -Women with tatoos, ugly clothes, ugly haircuts, and glares don’t expect you to embrace them as they are, the are telling you to go away.-
          Those women are originally ugly enough already even without the tats & all that jazz which you mentioned, only really desperate loser men would want them, not me.

        46. Waste time looking looking for a relationship I do not desire. I am not compatible with dumb men, compartively that eliminates 99.9%. Many of the .1% are: married, “alpha” control freaks, religious nuts, just plain nuts, too young, too old, or simply people with whom I share no common interests. I understand you were trying to insult me, but you have failed.
          “ugly enough”
          No worries, mate, most women do not want a superficial man. Your opinion doesn’t matter to them. The men who “want them” are the men who are their friends first, decent men, and men for whom it is worth the effort to be attractive. The bone deep ugly of shallow men is something many women actively repel, no matter what your physical appearance. That is why women’s standards seem so impossible for you to meet – you fail for many on a core level.

        47. Why did I decide to post here? I stumbled across a forum where men are whining about how women should lower their standards because it is unfair that women don’t like them, while simultaneously showing absolute hostility that women won’t make themselves to be what you desire. Haven’t you ever stumbled across something so profoundly stupid you were compelled to comment?
          Feel sorry for me for what? Because I don’t want to waste my life and money caring for a whiny, withering old man? Seriously, dude, there is no rescue needed.

        48. -Waste time looking looking for a relationship I do not desire.-
          What?? Prince Harry from England is not good enough or desirable enough for you? Last time I heard he’s still available, you know.
          -I am not compatible with dumb men, compartively that eliminates 99.9%.-
          As far as I know prince Harry or Channing Tatum is not dumb but yeah perhaps when compared to a “genius” woman like yourself he’ll end up looking dumb………NOT
          -Many of the .1% are: married, “alpha” control freaks, religious nuts, just plain nuts, too young, too old, or simply people with whom I share no common interests.-
          Too young or too old?? OMG! How shallow of you! Even if they share common interests with you, you’ll still refuse them for something they have no control over?? OMG! You do know that they can NOT choose when they were born into this world, right? You are so superficial and shallow! OMG!
          -The bone deep ugly of shallow men is something many women actively repel, no matter what your physical appearance.-
          I might be wrong but Prince Harry or Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling are not shallow nor are they bone-deep ugly but it is obvious that you are so I’m afraid you only have your cats.
          -No worries, mate, most women do not want a superficial man.-
          Most women are ugly, being superficial is a man’s covert way of saying “stay the hell away from me!”.
          -The men who “want them” are the men who are their friends first, decent men, and men for whom it is worth the effort to be attractive.-
          Most men don’t want to fuck ugly women but yes they might want to if they are desperate enough and/or realize they can’t do any better.
          -That is why women’s standards seem so impossible for you to meet – you fail for many on a core level.-
          Ahe yes, ugly women with standards ……LOL…. even if they have no standard whatsoever most men still prefer not to touch them with a borrowed dick….LOL!

        49. -I stumbled across a forum where men are whining about how women should lower their standards because it is unfair that women don’t like them,-
          Not all men are like that, I am THE staunch crusading ISIS jihadist zealot defender guardian protector white knight in my shining mithril armor when it comes to women standards!!!
          REAL women never lower their standards! If only women hang on to their dreams persistently enough then yes it may take 8-9 decades or so but at long last you’ll get your prince charming who is at least 6′ tall, filthy rich, handsome, big-cocked, loyal, sweet, caring, intelligent, genius, independent, confident, interesting, decent, treats his partner as a equal human being, likes chick flicks, likes children, likes cats, likes traveling, etc etc etc. A women who settled for any less is a loser woman who deserve a loser man so mark my words ……. NEVER EVER SETTLE! BELIEVE! You go girl! Yay!
          -Haven’t you ever stumbled across something so profoundly stupid you were compelled to comment?-
          Yes too many many times! Now if I can get a million box for each time I read, here on this MEN’s site, profoundly idiotic blatherings from some dumb cunts who claimed they got stumbled here then I’ll have enough money to run for presidency without having to resort to tweedledum or tweedledee (read: Reps or Dems) to back up my ass.
          -Feel sorry for me for what? Because I don’t want to waste my life and money caring for a whiny, withering old man?-
          NO! The men here feel sorry for ya because you do not choose to pursue guys like prince Harry/Channing Tatum/Ryan Gosling/Bradley Cooper/Charlie Hunnam/Jamie Dornan/Zac Efron etc etc but instead you can’t seem to move on, even after you “stumbled”, from this misogynistic website. OMG!

        50. I agree not all men are like that. I said that is the content of this forum. You are repeating yourself. As far as I can tell from the bit I skimmed, you are repeating yourself verbatum. A prepared speech?
          I am simply answering your posts to me. It is very easy to stop this, and have me “move on”. Just shut up, Buttercup. Suck it up and live without the last word. I won’t post if you do not post to me. But unless I am truly bored, will likely respond to your posts to me. See how easy that can be? OMG! Or you can ask a moderator to protect you.

        51. -As far as I can tell from the bit I skimmed, you are repeating yourself verbatum. A prepared speech?
          NO! It spontaneously came from the inside, from my inner beauty err I mean inner handsome.
          -I won’t post if you do not post to me.-
          I won’t post to you if you quit this misogynistic forum and go out there to make your dreams come true! You go girl! Yay!
          -But unless I am truly bored, will likely respond to your posts to me.-
          I treat you as an equal human being so yeah whatever.
          -See how easy that can be? OMG!-
          OMG! Yes yes! it’s so easy! Yay! Gurrls pawah!!
          -Or you can ask a moderator to protect you.-
          Protect me from what?

        52. See why I don’t spend actual time with dumb men? Look at how you behave when you are not getting your way. I’ve never met Prince Harry. But why would you assume that I would think him compatible? You are apparently very impressed by his title, or ?something?. I don’t even know who Channing Tatum is, but you do seem impressed with him. Maybe he is special. I may have to google him, to see what you are fussing about.
          And more paragraphs about Prince Harry and Channing Tatum. You are really taken with them, aren’t you?
          And more evidence of your ugliness. I believe you, you want nothing to do with ugly women. You have me convinced. LOL, I’m sure they will get over the loss. OMG! (your favorite phrase) You certainly are something. Thank you for reaffirming why smart women avoid dumb thugs.

        53. I don’t think it worse for a father to be jobless than a mother. Look at all the time it gives these men to take care of their children. The unemployment rate now is the same as it was in 1958-1964. But I do understand that women’s gains have come as losses to you. Men now have more competition for jobs, the jobs that depend on physical strength are not as respected or prevalent as they were in the past, and men no longer have the home support of someone taking care of all of the domestic care for them. Men do have to work harder, compete harder, clean their own homes, and do their part in raising their children. That sucks for you. But women can do better than to be your support framework.
          I don’t think it worse for girls to have sex than boys. I do agree single parenthood is financially insecure. Sometimes it is better than the alternative, forced partnership in a bad marriage. However, I am a strong proponent of education and easy and affordable availability of efficacious birth control to avoid the far too frequent unintentional pregnancy. There have always been effeminate men; I feel it is good they are not shamed now.

        54. Spontaneous repetition, how creative! I
          don’t care if you post to me. You are the one whining.
          Why, protect you from having to read ideas that might offend your tender sensibilities, of course.

        55. -See why I don’t spend actual time with dumb men?-
          Why? Because even dumb men don’t want you?
          – I’ve never met Prince Harry. But why would you assume that I would think him compatible?-
          He got a dick, you got a cunt. That’s a start, right? Perhaps you should invite him to diner and see whether you both would be compatible? But don’t you forget to pay half of the diner bill though lest he won’t think of you as an equal human being!
          -You are apparently very impressed by his title.-
          Not impressed but a bit jealous. Were I a European prince then I can pump & dump truck-loads of hot women who think they’ll have a shot to become a princess by suckering me into marriage. Yikes!
          -Maybe he is special. I may have to google him, to see what you are fussing about.-
          Channing Tatum is special, many women want to mate with him. You’ll feel so special and will make other women jealous if you can mate with him so you go girl!
          -And more paragraphs about Prince Harry and Channing Tatum. You are really taken with them, aren’t you?-
          I am such a decent good guy who had your best interest at heart that’s why I recommended Channing Tatum instead of Danny De Vito. Or perhaps you prefer midget men?
          -OMG! (your favorite phrase) You certainly are something. Thank you for reaffirming why smart women avoid dumb thugs.-
          LOL! Even thugs can not be dumb when they’re wise enough to avoid ugly women who fancy themselves as smart women. Yikes!

        56. I don’t know if dumb men want me. It has never mattered enough to ask them.
          You are the one expressing interest in Prince Harry. And talking endlessly about him. Perhaps you should invite him to dinner. What is your fascination with tabloid men?
          I recognize the name Danny De Vito. I’ve never met him either.
          I may or may not be ugly to you, but it certainly would be fair if you thought so. I know you are ugly to me, no matter your appearance. And that really does make your opinion of whether you believe me ugly or beautiful absolutely irrelevant. At least if you think me ugly, you won’t hound or oggle me. I can appreciate that.
          Edit: OK, looked up Channing Tatum. He was OK in White House Down. And???? What is your fixation on him?

        57. -Spontaneous repetition, how creative!-
          Thanks! Wow I just….wow….I mean….wow….I can’t…
          -I don’t care if you post to me. You are the one whining.-
          Sure you care, that’s why you keep responding. Not to mention you keep on whining and bitching how awful men are instead of simply depart after you “stumbled” to this misogynistic site. OMG!
          -Why, protect you from having to read ideas that might offend your tender sensibilities, of course.-
          As opposed to your callous, coarse, knuckle-draggers sensibilites? OMG! How terrible! OMG!

        58. I do care enough to find this exchange amusing, true. And I know how important the last word can be to people with control issues. I did go from simply commenting to rather enjoying taunting you. It seems equally important to you to keep posting. Why?
          I don’t think men are awful, just that a subset of them are. My daughters have wonderful fiances, and my sons are wonderful men.
          I do think most men are unlikely to be someone with whom I want to partner, however. That is much different than “awful”. It is simply an acknowledgement of incompatibility.
          I’ve got a pretty tough skin. Why would I be ashamed of that?

        59. -I don’t know if dumb men want me. It has never mattered enough to ask them.-
          Dumb men may want you for a ONS pump & dumb, you go girl!
          -You are the one expressing interest in Prince Harry. And talking endlessly about him. Perhaps you should invite him to dinner.-
          You’re not very bright, are you? I am such a decent good guy who had your best interest at heart that’s why I recommended Prince Harry to you.
          -I recognize the name Danny De Vito. I’ve never met him either.-
          Will you let him fuck you if you met him?
          -I may or may not be ugly to you-
          From what I gather so far, you are certainly ugly on the inside but hey if you’re hot enough then I’d still suck both your tits and fuck you from the front & the rear.
          -At least if you think me ugly, you won’t hound or oggle me. I can appreciate that.-
          Yeah if you’re ugly then honestly you’re worthless to me……unless of course you give me your money! See?? We men are able to judge women not solely based on their physical appearance! If you’re a generous human being who enjoy giving us your money then we’ll love you too!! Gnome Saint?

        60. My daughters have wonderful fiances, and my sons are -wonderful men.-
          Fiances?? Sons became men already?? OMG! So you…….you…….you’re…….a cougar! OMG! I’ve been conversing back and forth with an old prune! OMG!
          -I’ve got a pretty tough skin. Why would I be ashamed of -that?
          Err……..uhm………tough wrinkled skin……….yes you should be mightily proud of that……really…….I mean…….yeah……..

        61. -“Dumb men may want you for a ONS pump & dumb, you go girl!”
          As I said, it doesn’t matter to me *if* they want me. Why would it matter *why* they want me if they do?
          Thank you for the kind thoughts, you must be a prince yourself. I think Harry will do fine without me, however.
          It is quite doubtful I would let Harry, Channing, any of the other men you wrote about whose names I did not recognize, or Danny fuck me. I’m sure they will find other outlets.
          Ewww. Dude, your game is rather disgusting. But my expectations of you were low. You didn’t disappoint.

        62. Isn’t a cougar an older woman who dates younger men? What gave you that impression? You have an active imagination, as I pointedly stated I don’t date. You have been conversing with a middle aged woman – the shame! Wasting on me your ?game? (loosely defined – see previous post. I really do hope you can do better). OMG!!!!!!

        63. “I am much happier as a successful professional in my own right.” and his money makes it so much easier.

        64. “Feel sorry for me for what? Because I don’t want to waste my life and money caring for a whiny, withering old man?”
          Is that what happened to your poor husband? The woodchipper or a drum full of sulfuric acid?

        65. Not married anymore. And I am much safer and more fulfilled as a successful SINGLE professional in my own right. I would have also safer and more fulfilled as a successful married professional in my own right,if life had worked out differently, than I was as an unemployed spouse. And no, he had nothing to leave me. What I made was mostly on my own, with (later reciprocated) assistance from my parents. A financially dependent spouse is vulnerable if illness, death, job loss of the only breadwinner, or other adversity, strike. It is far safer for both partners to be capable of supporting the family. It is also far more fulfilling for both partners to have their own successes.

        66. “In the case of extremist third world Muslims living in the US not only do feminists say absolutely nothing whatsoever against them,”
          That might because it’s hard for them to speak with a mouth full of Moslem cock…

        67. “It is also far more fulfilling for both partners to have their own successes.”
          Sexually, too.

        68. Do you mean separate sexual conquests? Or that a marriage is more sexually fulfilling if both partners are independently successful?

        69. Just the recognition that women far more frequently outlive their spouses than do men, both because they live longer and because men rarely marry older women. While sharing a life and growing old together is wonderful for couples who love and mutually respect each other, that is based on their good years together. (edit: and even then she will most likely die alone after caring for him). There is little advantage for a woman to pair up late in life, especially with an older man.
          (edit) and responding to some of the stated gender expectations as they have been expressed here.

        70. “There is little advantage for a woman to pair up late in life, especially with an older man.”
          Unless she’s not well off, and he is.
          I guess I had better not mention love…

        71. Money motive can work as well for a poor man and a rich woman. Already noted love – see above. It isn’t something I expect to experience again, or waste time seeking. I am very happy for my childrens’ happy relationships, however.

        72. I meant more sexually fulfilling if both are successful in what satisfies them.
          And sexual satisfaction (with each other) trumps all.

        73. And apologies for the small doubt. You didn’t deserve that. There was no good reason to wonder if you were being rude.

        74. “Look at all the time it gives these men to take care of their children.”
          Care. From a jobless father with low to non-self respect and who’s wife obviously feels for him hate or at least contempt. And the kid who watches all over every day. What kind of man will he grow to be?
          “That sucks for you. But women can do better than to be your support framework.”
          You keep thinking in the feminist frame of mind, that women have been opressed by patriarchy and treated like slaves. But, save for some exceptions, is a well constructed lie that serves the feminine imperative. There is a great book that talks about all of this, written by Esther Vilar in the seventies called The Manipulated Man.

        75. >>Care. From a jobless (mother) with low to non-self respect and who’s (husband)
          obviously feels for (her) hate or at least contempt. And the kid (whom she)
          watches all over every day. What kind of man will he grow to be?<<
          Thank you for elaborating how demoralizing and damaging it can be for an unwilling person to be trapped in this role, possibly with a partner who does not respect him/her or views him/her as inferior, and no forseeable alternative. Your words describe the heart and root of feminism (of course only when you think of it being a man who is treated, trapped, disregarded, and demoralized such). And your own words illustrate the lie you attempt in your next paragraph.
          I understand it is painful for men to have to compete more and lose out on opportunities, to work harder, to care for their own children, and to manage their own menial domestic drudge. However your words indicate the very reason women reject being your platform for “your” success and financial stability, rather then making their own.
          The days when a penis meant “right” to a subservient and obedient domestic servant, nanny, and plaything, for the price only of tolerating her presence occasionally even when you are not fucking, are over. If you are unwilling or unable to be a respectful and considerate equal partner, most women will reject you – if not outright then through divorce when you fail to do your share in the partnership. And men and women equally are expected to give up career opportunity to care for their families – so unemployed fathers should suck it up and care for the kids, just as should unemployed mothers.

        76. No worries, I’m only rude to morons, which you definitely aren’t. Thanks for some interesting dialogue.

        77. Shrug / I know plenty of women in the rat race in a wide variety of industries but when you start talking to them, they mostly prefer to get out. I hear it a lot as soon as people hear about my wife. If you are happy to work, more power to you. Same if you’d rather be a stay at home mom. I’m all about real choice. Telling women they have to be the attagirl job and career climber is no better than telling them they have to be a homemaker.

        78. Shrug. My experience differs. I have found no more women unhappy working than men. I’ve certainly met people of both genders who would prefer more free time and more time with their families, or who simply don’t like their job. That is very different than the “women want to get out” picture you are trying to paint. Maybe you are simply good at instigating discontent and a bitch session. Men bitch about their jobs, too, but maybe not as much to you. Or you don’t encourage them to. And perhaps you place a great deal of importance of any discontent expressed by women as proof of your life view. Grasping?
          LOL, your wife’s situation as you describe it, with no children, no stress, and “a few extra hours of house chores”, is pretty unusual and not what has historically been the experience of many housewives, or any other than royalty and rare mistresses. It sounds like a nice vacation. However, the kept woman with no responsibilities or purpose other than being ornamental is not something many women aspire to.
          I agree that it is about choice. My experience differs from your conclusions of what most women desire. Frankly, if most women desired what you say, more would actually be doing it – obviously the cost benefit analysis doesn’t work out as you hope. Your conclusions also demonstrate a profound disrespect for what mothers (most housewives) actually do – they don’t sit around primping as you portray your wife. Nor would most desire to for more than a week. I never said anyone has “to be the attagirl job and career climber”. Good try. I’ll repeat what I wrote in my first reply to you: I honestly have never met anyone who claimed to want to be a trophy wife. I have also never met a women who desires to be with a man who thinks her a lesser individual or treats her as a child. It isn’t the “few extra hours of house-chores” that makes men like many of those posting here undesirable as mates, it is the disdain”. And most women I have met seem to be choosing working outside the home as preferable to the historical alternative. You seem to have an entire forum for whining about that, so it is obviously something you have noticed as well.

        79. WOW! Just wow! That’s the 1st truthful thing you said all day. Women ARE inferior ornaments, servants and playthings to men who know how to get their panties wet, did I also mention baby factories too?
          Men who understand(or desire to understand) why women get so wet for the alpha/sigma/dark triad males congregate here to discuss the nature of women through(mostly) 1st hand experience and ways to subdue/control/manipulate the female hamster brain to give us what we want (pussy).
          We ARE misogynist/sexist/chauvinist and we’re damn well proud to be so too, you silly old bitter UGLY CUNT! 😀

        80. Stop twisting my words to accommodate to your own reality.
          Read the book. Think about what it says. And then we can continue our conversation.

        81. Every company I’ve worked for and every employee survey they’ve taken has looked something like this:
          Men 1) Salary 2) Career Opportunities (after this mixed usually) 3+) Vacation, meaningful job, etc
          Women 1) Work life balance 2) Flexible work arrangements 3) Meaningful job 4) vacation / Salary is frequently not even being in the top 10
          Even among the most *ambitious* women in the entire world (Women who got their MBA at Chicago Booth – Top 1-3 MBA program depending on which publication you believe), 13%! of the women are no longer in the workforce less than 10 years post graduation compared to 1% of men. And these women come out making 150k right out of the gate and 13% still quit within 9 years after spending all that time and hundreds of thousands on that MBA!

          I’ll agree my wife’s situation (who has only had this arrangement for a bit less than 2 yrs is unusual). This is how my conversations since then usually go.
          (random female): What does your wife do?
          Me: She has a fairly cushy part time job at X
          (random female): Lucky! I would love to go part time or stay at home but i can’t because…1) S/O won’t let me or 2) need the money.
          My some conversation with guys usually goes like this
          (random male): What does your wife do?
          Me: She has a fairly cushy part time job at X
          (random male): Man I’d be so bored.
          Nearly every (vast majority are males) executive I know (and I know a lot) has married a wife with a great education (most post undergrad degree or some sort) and was making good money themselves at one point (100-200k+/year in the Southeast) but all but a very small handful have had their wives ASK to stay at home and most are. To be fair — a lot of them are doing volunteer work part time. The female executives I know–all but one (who has special needs children)–has husbands out in the workforce too, usually make significantly less then they are, but still working.
          Why are more women in general working than 50 years ago? Few reasons
          1) Keep up with the Jones requires money 2) Most guys today don’t make enough (100k+) to support a family on their own and still live a nice middle class + lifestyle but 50 years ago it was fairly easy to 3) Still single and have to work – marriage rates have been plummeting for decades. 4) There are women that prefer to work rather than be a homemaker. No issues with those on my side.
          Good talking with you. Always good to get a different perspective. Regards

        82. Sorry, I didn’t have to twist your words to fit reality – they fit on their own. You were expressing horror at the idea of men being demoralized and trapped in this way. It is your failure that you hadn’t before ever seen that it is equally horrifying to treat women like this, as was easily demonstrated by the simple replacement of the pronoun. You should think about that, rather than just more tightly hugging your propganda and fantasy.

        83. Again, we will likely each continue to interpret our observations through the filters of our own experiences. On your surveys: I see the data you present a result of the simple fact that despite their advances, US women are almost universally the partner saddled with the majority of domestic and childcare responsibility, regardless of her work responsibilities. That many desire more life work balance is simply an acknowledgement of that fact. Likewise, that 13% figure that horrifies you is also a result of the unequal burden most women face, and that many of those are temporary leaves. It is notable that women’s workforce participation in Sweden, where both men and women often take 6 month parental leaves, is very close to that of men.
          And as I noted, women will offer platitudes of “how nice” your presented responsibility and purpose free life would be. Mothers are often simply exhausted. However, even so, and as I pointed out earlier, it is notable that so few actually PURSUE this. Your note on marriage rates declining (as are birth rates even to married women) is evidence that women recognize they really cannot “have it all” unless they find a supportive partner who is willing to do his share (again, look at Sweden). Otherwise, they must.choose between independence and being self supporting, or having a family. Many are opting out of the family thing if they will be stuck with the full burden. A significant factor in the large percentage of women who work, that you seem determined to ignore, is womens’ desire for independent economic stability and independence, even at the expense of never having a family or of exhausting themselves with the full burden of both domestic and career responsibilities. It is very distasteful to most to be dependent, subservient, or treated as an inferior.
          The reality simply does not support your claims of what women generally want in life. The fact is, most women choose to work. This is due not only to the financial necessity you mention, but also for independence and their own financial security, as well as intellectual and creative stimulation. You recognize that there are women who prefer to work rather than be a homemaker. Where i feel you err is in thinking them the minority. In my experience, women generally don’t share your desire to turn back time.
          Good conversation. Thank you.

        84. That was an impressive emotional outburst. Thank you for demonstrating the similarities between the average toddler and self described “alpha males”, and why most women find you disgusting.

        85. The way you think about love and relationships is very sad to me. I hope you find some positive thinking patterns and clarity in the future. If not, I wish you well.

        86. I appreciate your expression of concern based on your perceptions of my views, and appreciate your well wishes. However, I am quite comfortable with the acknowledgement that it is very unlikely I would ever find another man who is compatible, and that I am better off alone than “lowering my standards” – the subject of this thread. Sad to me would be a relationship with someone who is not: compatible, enjoyable, an equal, of common interests and values; is someone whom I don’t love, or who is someone who doesn’t love me, enjoy me, or view me as an equal. This is the case in general, and especially in later life when responsibilities of the relationship include end of life care. It is also doubly true in terms of the quality of men whose posts I have read on this forum, who express views of women as objects of entertainment and utility, and as such have nothing to offer as they grow old. No thanks – again, partnership with such men is not better than nothing, at any time, and certainly much less when they are older. If it is your opinion that that is “sad”, then so be it.

        87. My grandma got remarried to a wonderful man after her first marriage when she was in her mid 60s to another man in the medical profession. Her story reminded me of yours so thought I’d share. Just saying, we’re not all butt heads on here and I always like to give love a chance. YMMV. Cheers!

        88. Thank you. I apologize for my assumptions based on the forum. I’m happy for your grandmother, and would certainly welcome such a happening. It is just not something likely enough to waste any time actively seeking. Thank you for some pleasant conversation.

        89. Hell yeah just never be afraid to flirt a little bit, if love comes knocking, it does… if not at least ya got some free smiles. As a wise man once told me: keep your mind and heart open enough to let things in but not so much that everything falls out.

        90. men and women can both be leaders and support but i think men tend to prefer leadership and women tend to prefer support

    2. Your story is the story of every man. All of us have tried to look at things from their pov and have realized its not about equality. How can we ignore it and continue to chant the feminist bullshit?

  8. Feminism hasn’t been about equality in a long time. Current day feminists are sex positive whores who want to blame all their unhappiness in life on men. If you disagree with them, then… misogyny…

    1. It NEVER was about equality, I can’t stress enough how important it is to recognise that feminism was a supremacist movement from its conception, no different than the KKK and/or the black panthers. < All of this was before prohibition in the 20’s & 30’s btw (when women were granted the “right” to vote)

  9. We’re wasting time arguing with them. It doesn’t matter and serves no purpose but momentary self-glorification in making another person wrong. There’s only one solution, and the sooner we deport them and burn every textbook espousing feminist poison, the sooner this country can return to a sense of reason and sanity.

  10. In other words, it’s “Don’t judge me” by the same crowd who brag about how they judge countless men for not being 6′ tall, not earning $80K, and not being white because it’s “a preference not a prejudice.”

  11. Do what I do…..
    Call out bullshit when you see it, let the chips fall.
    No more fat acceptance, I will not give a fat chick the time of day when she tries to hit on me.
    Completely ignore the millennials and their purple short hair, bolts through the nose & lips, pajama bottom wearing crowd.
    These women need to be shamed by society for their actions. Show them that there are societal consequences for the actions that they choose to indulge in. It’s worked before, it’ll work again.
    It starts with us men……..

  12. It is commonly taught that to criticize, to judge, or to look down upon those who act or behave inappropriately, is itself inappropriate behavior. Look what it has wrought. Illiteracy, Complacency, illegitimate children with no manners, pigs for mothers and fathers, gang violence and rampant drug abuse.
    For this, congratulations are in order for the National/State educational systems. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. My generation may not know how skin a buck, run a trotline or change a carburetor on a pre-CPU chip-era vehicle, but hey–they sure know how to ram a piece of metal through their nose, brand their hide with a picture of a Star Wars character and load thousands of selfies on Instagram. Useless is an understatement.

    1. Q: What’s the difference between a set of scales and a set of SU carbs?
      A: You can balance scales.

    2. I’m over 50 so I’m past caring. I did my part as husband and father and I got shit on. People today don’t know how to fix or make anything. They can barely cook a can of sphagettios. Women today and most men are useless. If the power went off for good we’re doomed. I’m an IT professional but I’m also a man which means I know how shit works. I can fix appliances, I can fix the furnace, I can build stuff out of wood, I grew up on a farm so I know how to grow food. Most women today and a lot of men only know how to take selfies and whine about how hard life is. Pathetic.

  13. The important thing is that this is posted on ROK so we can all go over to the website and shame them in the comments section. Negative reinforcements. As the saying goes, “There are no women on the internet.”

  14. They say you can’t turn a bad girl good. But once a good girl’s gone bad, she’s gone forever

  15. They have the right to not shave their legs or armpits, to cut their hair short, and work their way into manual labor jobs – with the help of the government, of course.
    Come to think of it, for all the misandry that bubbles beneath the surface, they spend a lot of time trying to BE men, don’t they?

  16. They are right. They have the right to do whatever they want to themselves. This is discussed frequently on the tattoo thread from November. They have the right to tattooe themselves, shave their heads, act like sluts, and curse like sailors. Quit shaving. Quit bathing. Quit whatever you want, it’s your right.
    What they don’t have, and never will have, is the right to tell men we can’t judge them for their decisions. They can call it shaming, judging, or whatever they want, everyone has the right to select a partner based on whatever criteria they choose,and they never have to justify it to anyone. You can be filter on whatever you feel like and it’s 100% valid and there is no reason it’s a bad filter. You can even be a racist pig who will never date white men or asian women simply for the color of their skin, and your choice is perfectly fine.
    Coat your face in cheetoh dust, shave your head bald, walk up to some chick and tell her you have no car and live in your mom’s basement but would be interested in getting to know her. See who gets judged instantly. The shame will be immediate and not masked in any way.
    They can do whatever they want. We retain the right to judge for ourselves whether some unshaven slut with 25 tattoos who curses like a sailor is attractive or not, and there is no shame or negative connotation associated with saying, “no…that is not attractive to me”.

    1. Exactly, no one should have the right to tell someone what to be or who they should be attracted to.

    2. Women have the right to have “preferences” in a man (i.e. certain height, hair color, eye color, high salary, etc…).
      Men have the right to have “preferences” in a woman (i.e. long hair minus strange colors, not obese or fat, wears dresses and heels, no tats, etc…).
      Anytime anyone (a woman or white knight) tries to shame you (the man) just give them a list of your preferences then tell them to beat it. It’s your right to have those preferences in a woman ….and then walk away from them.

  17. Its rebellious attention-seeking, like a high school boy who wears tshirts such as:
    The difference is that high school boys do this kind of thing just to piss people off for fun and eventually most of them grow out of it, whereas feminists actually take their bullshit seriously, even as adults.
    Its really pathetic more than anything else, and probably a sign of developmental disability.

    1. Haha! I bought that shirt in 1998 (college, not high school) and still have it. Great reference and an awesome band!

      1. Cool!
        Panzer Division Marduk was an amazing album, but I never could get into their other ones. It seems like black and death metal kinda went downhill in the early 2000s, and never really recovered. The last Gorguts album was mindblowing, but other than that I haven’t really been impressed in a long time. Maybe I’m just jaded!

        1. I like the first three albums best but the new one that came out last week is really good as is the one before. Metal is actually better than ever, you just have to dig deep and more or less be a label bigot now. Start with bands on the labels Dark Descent, Nuclear War Now!, Hells Headbangers, Iron Bonhead and Invcitus Productions for now. All have bandcamp pages you can follow.

    2. That was me during high school back home. Metal heads, the ones from my neck of the woods, were pretty red pill, as far as I remember.

        1. My shirts consisted of Dark Throne, Satyricon, and my fave even still today My Dying Bride.
          The upside-down cross and the pentagram were always hanging on my chest hehe.

        2. Oh man, that brings back memories!
          I was really impressed when Nemesis Divina was released, that’s still one of my favorite metal albums. DarkThrone still puts out cool albums, but My Dying Bride is too depressing for me.
          Absu was always one of my favorites as well, along with Morbid Angel and DEATH!!!!! RIP CHUCK!!!

        3. Shaking my head on the My Dying Bride comment 🙂
          Nemesis Divina for me personally reached the heights of black metal. Although I love earlier black and the unpolished sound.
          Sun of Tiphareth & Barathrum Vitriol are still on my playlists somewhere.
          Of course I only listen to metal only once in a blue moon now, but man it brings back memories.

        4. Damn, I’m gonna have to go find my copy of Tara. Proscriptor is a beast of a drummer!

          Yeah, I don’t listen to too much metal any more either, mostly Iron Maiden, Dio, and Uriah Heep. The newer bands these days are just so damn bad.

        5. If we’re talking older, I was probably the most hardcore 10 yr old Deep Purple fan, influenced by older cousins ha. Iron Maiden etc were a quick brief period for me. Mostly Slayer then straight to “destruction’ lol

        6. “The upside-down cross and the pentagram were always hanging on my chest hehe.”
          Hey mine still do sometimes. It’s still fun after all these decades! Fuck it, I make decent enough money to where I am more or less master of my own fate, I’m built like a tank so nobody is going to fuck with me for no good reason unless I bring it upon myself, and I absolutely despise the people where I live so their opinions don’t mean anything to me, much less their heartbeats.
          And I’m almost 40. 😉

        7. Cool. May I borrow that cassette from you? lol
          Good info, worth checking it out and see how they’re doing.

        8. Heh, nice. Sometimes I might wear a Satyricon shirt, when I’m around town, minding my own business and doing my own thing. Nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t act all obnoxious as if in the company of your brothers circa age 17 haha. I’m about 5 yrs your junior, but age has got nothing to do with it. Some of the attitude/lifestyle stays with you.

        9. Yeah I only wear them under certain circumstances where I don’t give a fuck who thinks what, like say a sporting event or the mall. It’s always been part of my soul, never something to play dress-up with. And fuck Satyricon after Nemesis Divina, the Motörhead circle-jerk sound was very unbecoming of them.

        10. Agreed. Some bands ruin themselves trying to be original yet staying relevant and contemporary. Kind of like a failure in the case of Satyricon. However to me they (and other bands) represents my time, the time I liked them and the time they were all he rage, the time even my friends would throw a “Fuck Satyricon maaaan, Burzum is the shit” kinda thing. Also might spark a conversation here and there, with another metalhead, and the convos seem to flow naturally about anything else.

      1. Methalheads are the worst when it comes to women.
        They are the ones with all the ugly, tattooed, face pierced and short haired bitches. Maybe you have been an exception but most are liberal whimps who like listening to loud, angry music and banging nasty chicks (preferably when shit drunk).

        1. Time and place might play a role here. I agree with you in a way. But I was born and raised in an EE country. My metal years were mid 90’s. Personally abstained from drugs and so did many in my circle. Metalheads were not different than most men when it came to knowing women and their nature. Most of them grew up in mother/father families, the fathers of which were pretty red pill. That’s what I meant by “my neck of the woods”.

  18. Amanda has decided the being sexually attractive is not her thing. Oh well, maybe she will start shaving when it’s too late and she goes post-wall

  19. Like it or not, biology points at our purpose in this world; women have vaginas for producing babies and men have balls for getting the hard goddamn work done. That’s why no one wants female leaders or female anything where there isn’t a man in higher authority – because they need us to be in control, and as such they should respect us with their submission.
    Feminism is the complete opposite of this basis of human interaction and progression and therefore the opposite of human nature itself. Even without all the other issues they bring to the table it’s clear that even in its sheer foundation that it is nothing good and must be countered at every possible point.

    1. And God is a man! There are women leaders but God is still a man! God is the MAN despite everyone being confused about God’s (or a higher power’s) gender. Most religions are patriarchal and most higher powers are men.

      1. It is somewhat assumed that cultural marxists are basically athiest and thus feminists are as well. This is far from the truth. Feminists can be in fact very religious. The principal deities in the feminine and feminist religion of wicca are: 1)the mother 2)the maiden and 3)the crone – – all female figures. (and kind of what you see in the projects sitting on the poarch after the state has removed the man from the apartment)
        No male godfigures in wicca and I’ve never seen a witch in a patriarchal relationship or family. Feminists tend to pursue goddess worship and their principal drive and opposition to patriarchal religions is to drive HIM OFF THE THRONE and install their own female deity. Feminists ultimately want to CHANGE THE SEX OF GOD ! ! !

        1. Wicca is just one religion but then again there are different types. What you are referring to is Dianic Wicca. Not all of Paganism or Wicca is matriarchal. Some worship both male and female deities not just female ones. And most mainstream religions are patriarchal.

  20. There is something worst than feminists. It’s the switcher. You know those women that demands things they dont deserve in the name of feminism and “equality” but when shit hits the fan they run to the shelter of the patriarchy and say stupidd things like you wouldn’t hit a girl would you?
    At least rabid feminists let us know where they stand behind bars

    1. Incorrect. The “empowered” feminist and the helpless maiden calling on the patriarchy to save her are the SAME woman.
      Much like the madonna/whore complex, women have no problems flipping the script when it suits them, simultaneously victors and victims depending on what velocity their warped hamster brain is spinning at that very moment.
      AWALT applies here with literally no exceptions whatsoever!
      “She don’t need no man”…. until her car needs an oil change or her tyre blows out on the highway.

  21. How can you forget the other one? Women can hurt men but men are not allowed to hurt women whether it be physical or mental.

  22. The mention of “Double-think” reminds me; you all should watch this old cartoon. It’s prophesies are quite accurate.

  23. Damn, someone’s got quite a chip on their shoulder. I’m not a feminist, just shit dude. Could you get any more obsessive about this? Your just as bad as those bat shit man hating feminists.

    1. How can “somebody” be plural?
      The destruction of the English language at the hands of feminism is shameful. Replacing singular pronouns with “their” in order to not offend feminists is a plague upon our fair Saxon tongue.
      A singular subject (“somebody” and “dude”) where you know the subject’s sex is a “he” or a “she” should not be attached to the pronoun “their”. You are addressing one person, you know his sex, ergo, use the correct pronoun “he”. When you use “their” after showing that you know that the subject is one person and a “he” it displays epic levels of fail. If you are unsure of the sex of the subject, but you know that he is a singular subject, then fall back on “he” as is the traditional writing convention. If “he” makes you uncomfortable because you’re a simpering mangina or a dyed in the wool feminist cunt, then by all means substitute with the pronoun “she”.
      Also, it’s “You’re” not “your”. “You’re” means “You are”, it is a contraction, whereas “your” is possessive as in “that is your ball”.
      Last, your claim that “I’m not a feminist, just shit dude” tells us all that you are Shit Dude. You should change your handle to reflect your self proclaimed title, Shit Dude!
      Well, that feels better, I’m off of my Mr. Grammar Person soapbox now.
      You snarked but gave no actual facts to back up your critique, thus effectively neutering your opinion. Why bother to post if you can offer nothing of substance?

  24. Listen here youngins. I’ve been around way before this shit starting seeping through the buttcracks of society onto the toilet that is modern humanity. Women will never change! Ever!!! They are always fickle, troublesome, mischievous loons. Even one with a doctorate’s in biology is only a neck hair away from a total bitch meltdown. Remember that. One. little. neck. hair. So it should come as no surprise that they play the guilt card to trick males into their trappings. Take back the world and we can reach the stars someday, or let the women tell you how to run the show and be stuck here miring in this filthy fleshlump of debauchery you call civilization.

  25. Rape itself is a very specifically defined crime, carried out by a very small minority of men.

    There are women rapists.
    Why exclude them?

      1. Something must have happened to really damage him. He can hardly be called a man anymore.

  26. I suspect the artist is a lesbian with the goal of making women more appealing to lesbians.

    1. Don’t forget all of these feminazis praise being dykes. Any woman who co-signs with feminism is a lesbian in training. “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” — Ti-Grace Atkinson (feminazi) “One of the goals of the Feminist Elite is to reinforce to women the idea that men are obsolete.” -Tammy Bruce

  27. #4 when she tells you she’s on her period and thinks it is better you do not have sex with her.

  28. Feminists don’t see that there’s already gender equality. Now they are trying to change people’s viewpoints which os absurd. Any normal human being has preferences trying to demonize people who like certain women is just ass backwards for so called “gender equality”.

  29. There’s one standard for identifying feminist bullshit: every time they open their mouths or sit down to mash out a screed on the keyboard.

  30. “…tattoos will continue to have no correlation with sexuality…”
    Can I see the data on that? It seems doubtful.
    Adults can be as promiscuous as they’d like, as far as I’m concerned. But don’t make unsupported claims, and don’t expect me to finance your lifestyle.

  31. I will love to see where all of you manly men users of this web space get your data to write articles and comments as this. Don’t get me wrong you all have the right to express yourself and publish your opinions, but one thing is vociferating your personal take on such problematic issues and another is manipulating real facts like you do in this bogus article.

    1. Tell you what: You come back with the data showing zero correlation between tattoos and promiscuity (as is claimed by the first drawing), then you can get back on your high horse about “manipulating real facts [sic].” In the meantime, just slink away.

    2. Which which real facts, that he was “vociferating”, do you *feeeeeel* were wrong, cupcake? Be specific.

  32. “Read More: How to Identify a Roast Beef Vagina.”
    Dude I was on the floor dying! OMG! Right after this article was that line, and it made the rest of the article!!!!

  33. I also like the phrases I have come very fond of that ROK respondents say:
    “She’s nothing but a warm, wet hole to stick your dick in.”
    “They are just used up, dried up holes…..” -in reference to older women.
    I love articles that incite laughter. Yes!

  34. Moralmongering is as old as time itself, that’s why anything that’s justified on the basis on compassion should be stripped of its moral reasoning, then re-evaluated on a solely utilitarian basis. Anything less leads society down the road of equality and eventual ruin

  35. Ha…perfect timing. I banged a chick with a full tattoo on her back depicting a peacock about 2 weeks ago. She was whining to me after that about how she only gets pumped and dumped and attracts assholes all the time. I couldn’t be bothered to tell her that her body art and lifestyle just attracts the pump & dump routine as I went for round 2 after that…

    1. Good man. If you told her why she’d just disregard everything you say and continue to fall in the arms of every “asshole” anyway, more importantly, women LOVE assholes, we wouldn’t have any need for this website or the manosphere as a whole if they didn’t.

  36. John decided that washing once a day wasn’t his thing. It’s his body and he’s free to do whatever he wants with it. No social conventions of basic hygiene should have a say in his wish to become an unkempt bum!
    James also decided that working wasn’t for him either. He felt like sitting around all day, eating cheerios and playing video games. How dare anybody judge him as a lazy, unproductive member of society?
    Those who disapprove can just fuck right off.

  37. Now that you have identified three of the types of feminist BS what about the other 3,000,504,237,666,907,000,111 types?

    1. Feminist bullshit is invariably the same, women have more in common collectively (all 3.5 billion of them) than any single demographic of men you can think of, including amongst ourselves here on ROK.
      Men of all ethnicities, dialects, professions and interests drawn to this website by one common factor – the red pill.
      WE are truly the diverse ones here on this planet contrast to the clueless lemmings in this hive mind of fem-centric idiocracy.

      1. This is true. We all come from different backgrounds and do not necessarily believe in all the same things because of our particular perspective, which is first and foremost rooted in critical thinking NOT conformist thinking.
        This is nothing new as far as real Men are concerned. The Founding Fathers of the US were likewise Men of diverse backgrounds who bickered about the minutiae of constitutional law. The Federalist papers had their contrast in the anti-Federalist papers, for example.
        It seems to me that females tend to operate on the gender equivalent of communism, whereas Men by contrast tend to function on the gender equivalent of capitalism.
        To illustrate further: females tend to travel in groups when going to the bathroom and tend to favor laws and beliefs that push for a supposed equality among all classes, exhibiting traits and characteristics more common with communism while doing so.
        Men on the other hand tend to operate in a “lone wolf’ mentality, and Alpha Men especially function as the Alpha Males of any grouping of males.
        While the latter congregation of Men sounds similar to the earlier grouping of females, the fundamental difference is that females will tend to wax groupspeak in their groups (conformist thinking therein) because of a lack of critical thought in each, whereas Men will naturally gravitate towards a single leader who best demonstrates critical thinking necessary for leadership roles, despite a difference of opinion with him related to each individual Man’s own critical thinking perspective.
        This is why Men can be considered the gender equivalent of capitalism, because in both instances a key figure provides necessary leadership over all.
        This leadership role differs from tyranny in that it is EARNED, and not simply gained through unethical endeavors which the mob mentality of communism seems to be infested with.
        This is also not to be confused with “gender capitalism” which is a new buzzterm being pushed forth by those in the marxist feminist economic circles.
        (I should add that this is all with particular regard to secular perspective, since religion tends to bring Men and Women together on mutually inclusive grounds of faith)

  38. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” George Orwell, 1984

  39. The big difference is that the beginnings of women’s rights movement was ultraconservative concerned not just with the bad behaviour of men but also of their fellow women.
    The nongendered Neo-feminists are wholly unconcerned about the poor behaviour of women and how that could lead to undesirable results.
    It’s good to point out bullshit wherever it exists and not overlook one’s own poor behaviour and lapses.The basis of game is finding and eradicating behaviours and thought patterns that prevent you getting sex.
    Does feminism allow the self-reflection necessary to ask the hard question: What personal behaviours are holding me back?

  40. I noticed that the pretentious sexual-orifice-with-a-figure-attached-to-it author never once mentioned “misandry” when listing the many phobias and “isms” we should all oppose.
    Hmm…why is that? Surely discriminations against Men are just as shameful as discriminations against Women?…right feminists?
    Oh i see…so you want equality for some people but not for others, is that it?
    Reminds me of a line from one of my favorite books “Animal Farm”:
    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    Within the book i quoted and just as it has been written about here, this twisted philosophy is at the heart of some very repulsive and oppressive pigs.

  41. mykeru’s law: the larger a movement gets the more it will see feminists try to make it all about them.

    1. The more women will, I think it states. Feminism has been a movement to make society all about women and other movements all about women. Female nature.

  42. I think these commenters are confused. It seems that many of you are just labeling women, which is exactly what this project is about. You’re feeding into the male stereotypes. In fact, many commenters have mentioned that they have the right to not be attracted to women, and while that is very true, that is not what this project is about. In fact, it is not about men or men’s perception of women at all. It’s about women’s perceptions of themselves. I hope that when your daughters, sister, and mothers feel that they aren’t good “enough”- when your daughter is called fat or pimply and cries in her room alone, when your sister is assaulted, chased down the street being “catcalled,” or when your mother took on life burdens, worked, and cried, so that you wouldn’t have to- I hope you can all find better words for them then the ones you’ve used here.

  43. Bob the banker lost his hair to cancer. It’s ok to be bald Bob. Bald is Beautiful. Ed the school bus driver molested an entire preschool class. It’s ok Ed, we all have desires. Adolf the Dictator gassed 6 million Jews. It’s ok Addy, they have those funny noses.

  44. “Yet, like a moth to the flame, I was compelled to click and absorb the propaganda that followed.” This line speaks to me. As a feminist, I am often drawn to reading “red-pill” articles. While they are irritating and fill me with an extreme urge to chuck my laptop across the room, I am glad we can finally find some common ground to agree on! [air high fives author]

  45. Feminism is supposed to be about having equal rights for men and women. As humans, everyone should have equal rights. There is no lesser gender or race. It’s not feminism when a group of women are shit talking about men and how they’re lesser than us. That’s just a bunch of bullshit. I’m a feminist. I believe that I have the same rights as men, and I am capable of doing the same things (more or less). I don’t believe men are inferior to me. They are my equals. Women and men should be allowed to do what they want with their bodies, and they shouldn’t be denied work or other things because of it. If a man does something that doesn’t appeal to a certain woman, then she doesn’t need to date him. If a woman does something that doesn’t appeal to a certain man, then he doesn’t need to date her. We don’t really need to go around criticizing each other because lets just face it, it’s only going to piss people off. It’s not going to change anyone’s opinion. Now, calmly and respectively stating why something might not be YOUR thing is fine. I know when a random passerby bitches about how as a female, I should have long hair and spews a bunch of sexist shit, I’ll give them the middle finger and walk away. But if someone respectfully asks me why I have short hair and then respectfully states their opinion that they think that long hair is more feminine, then I’ll totally listen. I might not agree, but I’ll respect their opinion. Likewise, I’m not going to really criticize a guy for what he wears. Sure, I might ask him to pull up his pants, but that’s done with respect. It’s all about respect people.

  46. Feminism is such a misguided movement.
    Hags wearing bikinis, heavily tattooed sluts and women who don’t shave are disgusting. If those types of women can do what they want, others can also make whatever comments they choose about culturally unacceptable behavior.
    It makes me laugh when feminists give me a hard time about being a traditional wife. Misery loves company and feminists hate traditional women who relish their roles.
    I go home to a wonderful man who treats me like a princess while angry feminists go home to their five cats and dildos. They can keep their man hating “equality” and hairy armpits.

  47. I’m from Singapore and stumbled upon this blog. Whilst I agree that what was written is very unladylike, could you guys not let it descend into women-bashing in general, please?
    Not all of us are like that. Some of us are actually brought up to be well-mannered and respectful of everyone, including men…

  48. When will feminists understand that women sexualize themselves, and stop saying
    “Omg like men need to stop sexualizing me?!”.

  49. women are children their entire lives.
    once you start addressing and dealing with them as such it is quite easy for men to have the life they desire and deserve – after all men built this world while women played their other half roles, now the natural born whores want what men have… for nothing and think they deserve it without an ounce of contribution. reminds me of the nigger mentality – no matter what their skin color.
    indeed, most women in Europe and America with their Americunt attitudes of weak entitlement are nothing but holes for cock… and the truth hurts them… but they that’s the route they chose but it’s a mans fault as usual for not correcting the babies in the first place. women are telling men right there that they are children with crap like that.
    they did it to themselves men, there are real and intelligent women out there but c’mon, really? no matter what their age… the choose to not grow up until their tits and ass start sagging and their fukability factor wanes… then and only then… do they have a chance to join the real human race.
    but by then it’s well past too late.
    and a whores anger is the weather vane of truth.

  50. Ok, I’m with you on the rest, really I am, but I really don’t see how tattoos are relevant to anything here, unless you’re an old conservative man, or unless you are specifically meaning tramp stamps, which you aren’t. Tattoos are much more acceptable for both genders in the workplace now, and pretty much always have been for the rest of the world. We’re the only ones really lagging behind there, and even then, it’s coming to an end. I don’t see how that means anything at all. Everyone gets tattoos. It reflects nothing negative about a man or a woman’s character.

    1. “Everyone gets tattoos.”
      No, they don’t. If you ever find yourself in the position to hire employees to represent your company in a corporate setting, a visible tattoo that cannot be covered by normal office wear will make it unlikely of me hiring you. My first impression of revealed tattoos as your interviewer would indicate that your impulsive and a poor decision maker.

  51. I choose not to date fat, slutty, tatted-up and/or hairy, slutty chicks. Oh, they’re welcome to be all or some of that, but any of it disqualifies them with me. Too bad men are such needy pussies or these slutties wouldn’t DO that to themselves. Getting validation, even from lame-boy pussies is sufficient. When they’re thirty, they’ll pay.

  52. I agree with the fact that the feminists you guys are discussing are annoying. Everytime they start saying how its their body and they shouldn’t be judged and if you do you must hate women. Or if you don’t completely agree with their own ideals they get angry. However, these are women who taint the true definition of feminism. This modern form of feminism is a twisted version of feminism that works to set equal terms in politics, jobs, etc. I feel like the original definition of feminism has been twisted around to their liking.

  53. I completely agree with this. You should see how horrible they get when they stumble upon women like me that don’t buy into feminist bullshit. When they have no arguments and the emotional blackmail doesn’t work, they stoop so low to insult anyone who dares disagree. I think that because they try to act like men, their body produces more testosterone and because of the hormonal imbalance, feminists are usually ugly and aggressive.

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