Britain’s Prince Harry To Wed American Feminist Actress Who Is Three Years Older Than Himself

Via Yahoo News:

American, mixed-race and “fiercely independent”: Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s actor girlfriend, will breathe fresh air into the British royal family when she marries Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson next Spring.

Playing a lawyer in the hit television show “Suits”, the 36-year-old actress with long flowing black hair was barely known in Britain when her name appeared on newspapers’ front pages last October.

The tabloids based their report of a relationship between Harry and Meghan, who lived in Toronto, Canada, on pictures showing them wearing the same tricoloured wristband.

The relationship was formalised by Kensington Palace, which handles communication for Prince Harry, in November in a most unexpected way.

Exasperated by the media frenzy, the palace released a statement attacking the “sexism” and “racism” Meghan Markle faced on social media.

It also blasted the press for “harassing” the actress.

Four days earlier, The Sun, Britain’s top-selling newspaper, ran a piece on its front page titled “Harry’s girl on Pornhub,” the adult video website.

But the actress’s only crime had been to take off her shirt while filming what the newspaper described as a “steamy scene” for her show “Suits,” which then made it onto the pornographic website.

The couple made their first official public appearance together in September, attending the opening ceremony of the third Invictus Games — created by Harry for disabled or wounded soldiers and veterans.

“We’re two people who are really happy and in love,” Markle told Vanity Fair shortly before the event.

‘A woman who works’

With a degree in communication, Markle appears to have navigated her career without a hitch.

Like Harry, she does humanitarian work.

She is also telegenic, practises yoga and drinks detox drinks including “green juices,” according to her Instagram account.

Tabloids were quick to point out that the actress, three years Harry’s senior, is divorced, unearthing pictures of her first marriage (2010-2013) with an American producer.

However, none of this was enough to derail a royal wedding, which will take place early next year, according to Monday’s announcement.

Quite the contrary, says Penny Junor, Prince Harry’s biographer: “I think that would be no problem at all, and the fact that she is of mixed race might even be a bonus,” she told AFP.

“It would show Harry, a senior member of the Royal Family, to be a thoroughly modern man — not a precious, strange creature from another planet, which is how the royals are sometimes seen”.

Some believed, however, that her proud independence — the actress had maintained a long-distance relationship with the prince for much of their courtship — could be a source of contention for the Windsor family.

“I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches — I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works,” Markle once wrote on her blog “Tig”.

‘Fiercely independent’

Popular tabloid the Daily Mail wrote that it was “easy to see what happy-go-lucky Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have in common.”

“What’s less clear is…what some female members of the Royal Family will make of a fiercely independent young woman”.

Beyond her role as an ambassador for the Canadian charity “World Vision Canada,” which works to improve children’s lives in developing countries, Markle regularly asserts the feminist beliefs she forged during her childhood in California.

“Aged 11, she forced a soap manufacturer to alter an advert after she wrote a letter to then First Lady Hillary Clinton and other high-profile figures complaining that it implied women belonged in the kitchen,” wrote the BBC.

Nowadays, the actress also campaigns for women’s rights alongside the UN.

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235 thoughts on “Britain’s Prince Harry To Wed American Feminist Actress Who Is Three Years Older Than Himself”

  1. Feminist… check
    Older than him… check
    Mixed race… check
    Likely slut (actress)… check
    Strong and independent… check
    This marriage has “agenda” written all over it.

    1. You forgot to mention a few huge red flags:
      1. she’s a divorcee
      2. got married in her late twenties early thirties (born 1981 married 2011)
      3. marriage lasted only 2 years (2011-2013)
      4. married a film producer (likely a career move)
      6. Suits: the series that launched her career started in 2011…the year of her marriage (1st episode: 23 june 2011).
      5. no only is she older than him she’s almost 40 (36)
      6. she’s older than his older brother’s wife

      1. The film producer husband was Jewish too. Not only has her snatch been jewed, but her leftist indoctrination probably shot through the roof in the 2 years she was married to him.

        1. Guest,
          communism, Frankfurt school, feminism, socialism, Marx, Lenin, Trotzky, Stalin, zionism, UdSSR…are all jewish inventions!!
          Jews are the real haters of christian’s beauty of the in- and outside!!
          Jews are people who are living of the power of non jewish intelligent people. Look at Israel, a fagot state of pretty dumb people. All they do is the supression and killing of innocent people. They are moneymakers and killers at the same time.
          You don’t believe me??
          Why don’t you read the TALMUD…just do it.

      2. This whole situation has slow moving train wreck written all over it.
        This marriage will be short-lived and the British Royal Family will take care of this “problem” just like they “resolved” the Princess Diana situation.
        What a shitty and unrealistic example Prince Harry is setting for all the impressionable young men and women out there…

        1. I’m sure it was arranged, and he probably doesn’t really care. Why? Harry and William were known to party pretty hard in their younger day. I bet both have fucked so many hot chics of the victoria secret caliber, that either probably just don’t care anymore to even be around hot women. But anyhow, if you are a royal, you’re going to have your selections for a spouse picked for you.
          And besides, you don’t think these men of the world elite don’t have access to clubs/secret societies of the “empire club” variety. I mean, if you are a prince, and really don’t have any true religious morals, you can get married to an ugly woman while fucking models on the side at the empire club or island yacht club.

        2. You white CUCKS are too funny! If Harry boy can’t pull an “Aryan” or “Viking” goddess (at least 8+), there is no hope for the rest of you! Haha. What an embarrassment. I wouldn’t marry that chick in a million years, everyone knows how dysfunctional and confused that the half-breeds are! Ah Roosh bin Laden? I mean, between Macron, Harry, Heidi Klum’s young 27-year-old BF, and all the other white CUCKS, you guys are giving hope to all White Women after they have got their chocolate during their best years! LOL! This is just great.
          Btw, my other Black friend and I are going to be banging these 23 and 26-year-old White Women this weekend. Taking them to some spots in Downtown Manhattan like Up/Down, and probably a SoHo spot before that. Enjoy using your tears to lubricate your cocks while you jerk it to some chick online! white CUCKS dream girls are Black guys nut rags when they’re young. NEVER FORGET! #Trump2020

        3. Blackpwned – You can have them lol White Western girls are atrocious, smelly hags and when I leave the West I won’t be paying your welfare lol. Latina and Middle Eastern/North African women are the way to go and are the better women let’s be fair.

        4. Black ‘ugly’ Pwned,
          you are a sick racist…what you’re writing is a piece of your sick fucked up black dick mind. That’s the reason why you are a real fagot and loser. Go fuck yourself, or try a black sheep!!!!

      3. I can definitely see why a large group (you included) would be upset about this devolpment. Simply, with each and every passing day the world’s hue is becoming darker. Take the United States for example where the majority of the population is Caucasian or White skinned. In about 20 years, maybe sooner, that’s expected to change.
        If this was the year, 1967 no one could have fathomed that reality. By the way, 1967 was the same year that the United States legalized Interracial Marriage. It seems like ions ago, but it was not that long ago.
        Today there are more than a Million Beige hued people in the USA. BEIGE, being Interracial or mixed race as the Arthur puts it, folk born to a White and Black parent household. Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, President Barack Obama to name just a few. 1 Million will soon be 2 Million and then 3 Million. It’s just a matter of time. And that’s only one group of people. So 20 years may be too conservative. And if you are one who believes that the Pure Aryian numbers should increase here and abroad, those numbers and the Prince deciding to wed a Beige Woman are an imminent threat to that reality. So I get it.
        The only way to tilt the scale is to start having babies in the bunches. But when looking at statistics, White College Grads having kids today is rare. Kids are expensive and should not be had unless you are gainfully employed and making a decent income and are preferably married.

    2. The worst part about this is Cuck Harry is giving women the impression they can now ride the cock carousel until their late 30’s and still land their ‘Prince Charming’.
      20+ years of dick riding all through their top tier (late teens and early 20’s) and even 2nd tier (late 20’s to early 30’s) SMV years with no perceived consequence of not landing a 1st rate husband.
      Harry you F%$#ing fool.

      1. I didn’t think about it that way. You are right. He sends a message to women that they can live without consequence AND still get massive rewards for it.
        At the same time, he also sets a precedent to the elites that they too can be mudsharks and dilute their “special” bloodlines. The way I see it, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If elites want to push race mixing and all this gobbledygook of “we are the world”, then I will laugh when it happens to their side. Just like when I see prominent Jewish heiresses mating with West African males. It is priceless.

      2. He’s in a perfect position to get a woman 5-15 years younger and at least just as attractive as the one he has now. Wasn’t Diana 12 or 13 years younger than Charles? At 33, if Im marrying, she has to be 5-10 years younger than me ideally. I may give some wiggle room for that, depending on the woman. Maybe.

    3. I agree there’s an agenda at play here, but I can’t work it out. I know the royals don’t like diluting their blood-line. I haven’t read up on her, but is she somehow connected to the blue-bloods? If not, then I’m scratching my head.
      If this was just a move to anger people, orchestrated by the Queen, that wouldn’t make sense. Maybe it’s to tie the US to the royal family. But, again, I don’t see the net gain with that. I just don’t get it, because that half-cast looks closer to a man to me, and Harry had pretty much the entire world to choose from if he was allowed to marry outside the blue blood line.

      1. Meghan has a great-great-great grandfather who was a plantation slave in Georgia up until emancipation in 1865.
        They are literally (Hitler) going to dilute the British royal family with this type of lineage. It’s friggin’ crazy….

        1. I’d like to see proof of her claim that some distant relative was a slave. This sounds like a resume padding attempt to cover all the leftist feminist bases.
          Maybe she could stop the CURRENT slave trade in Libya and much of Africa. Much safer to claim some nonsensical link to the past that brings her instant Hollywood acclaim.
          By the way I was a slave.

        1. That is exactly my thought. Mind you, the turkey baster will be missing from the royal kitchen and of course a secret surrogate is waiting in the wings. I can’t believe she has never been pregnant and ran to the clinic or drug store. Kudos to her for pulling this one off!

      2. Harry isn’t royalty, cuck Charles was cucked by James Hewitt. This is the way the royal family is discarding Harry.

        1. This needs to be widely shared and proclaimed. I love to watch the idiocy left explain that one away. 1) their “beloved” royal family are not “progressive”
          2) their forced “interracial” pairing is being seen as an ill.
          The leftist retards will have their hamster wheels ripping off the walls after that.

    4. This just goes to prove that Harry is not a true royal because it matters not who he marries. So, I guess you could look at this as the PR stunt it truly is.
      Beware of paparazzi and Paris tunnels Meghan.

    5. Harry Weinstein et al in Joowod, got there first !!
      Anyhow, sure that she does good blowjob to Harry …

    6. You white CUCKS are too funny! If Harry boy can’t pull an “Aryan” or “Viking” goddess (at least 8+), there is no hope for the rest of you! Haha. What an embarrassment. I wouldn’t marry that chick in a million years, everyone knows how dysfunctional and confused that the half-breeds are! Ah Roosh bin Laden? I mean, between Macron, Harry, Heidi Klum’s young 27-year-old BF, and all the other white CUCKS, you guys are giving hope to all White Women after they have got their chocolate during their best years! LOL! This is just great.
      Btw, my other Black friend and I are going to be banging these 23 and 26-year-old White Women this weekend. Taking them to some spots in Downtown Manhattan like Up/Down, and probably a SoHo spot before that. Enjoy using your tears to lubricate your cocks while you jerk it to some chick online! white CUCKS dream girls are Black guys nut rags when they’re young. NEVER FORGET! #Trump2020

        I’m sure these white girls we’ll be lower to working-class sluts with the usual tattoos and redneck trailer park daddies and you’ll have to share your crack with them.
        Meanwhile the white man gets the talented 10th of black females with money and careers.
        So you take your white (Meaning redneck) bitches and hoes to the fucking shopping Mall or Popeyes.
        Turn them into crack whores and give them your STD’s you got on the down low in jail.

      2. Another nig whose entire life revolves around broken white women…no wonder blacks never accomplished anything worthwhile without white mans help.

      3. Why are black men going for white chicks? Because they’re so turned off by their own black mothers, with their fat, black asses, they’re going for the opposite side of the spectrum.
        Tell me, does your mother shed a tear every time she sees you with some bird who’s the polar opposite of her?

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        1. Aw, wait, I know you don’t know who your father is, but did I touch a raw nerve talking about yo mamma? Did she die of a crack overdose or something? No, wait, she probably put you in a box for adoption. Yeah, that’s it, you hate yo mamma so are going for birds who don’t remind you of her.
          So glad I was born white.

        2. Don’t you hate it when you reply to the wrong person. Damn you, BlackNigga129, i only read the beginning of your message, saw the bad spelling, and was fooled.

        3. Dude, as a handsome mid- thirties black man, i must say that these white bitches of all kinds practically throw the pussy at me. I have no kids, never married and have a solid gig. I love ALL women bro. All races. And i have all races of friends. Will you cowardly, elmer glue faced, cock sucking, racist fags just cut the shit already?! Fuck! You walk in a room full of blacks and get scared but get on the internet and talk tough. True pussies indeed. Go fuck ya motha

      5. There are always going to be a few white women who are into bestiality with primates like yourself.
        Black Africans have genetics (X/A ratio) closer to the bonobo ape than to European whites. (from Nature, the International Journal of Science, 28 June 2012).

      6. NEVER FORGET! you are messing with the women of a People that authored terror, conquered the known world, and are absolutely frightening to every culture we have ever encountered. YOU ARE EVERY CULTURES NUTRAG SINCE THE BEGINING OF TIME. The media shekel collector is your best friend he promotes black toughness and sexual prowess… The funny thing is everytime I run into one of you with your gold chains and bandana you say your going to F#ck me up and kill me and F#ck my bitches and usually take a swing or pull a weapon on me with at least one or more of your friends… And it always ends the same way.. you cry, plead for me to stop, and I laugh and pull out my axe and say “now let me axe you a question? How long do you think I am going to let you defile my women?” #9Realms12Gods

        1. Good God man, you are incredibly racist…even by ROK standards. I’m Caucasian and need to take a shower after reading your rant. Try to get out and communicate with the rest of the world to broaden your spectrum. It would do you a world of good.

    7. Harry is gay and Markie is a lesbian . She has bearded for at least 3 men in past .
      I understand it is hard for readers of return of Kings to accept Harry as a homosexual because they think that homosexual men are prancing effeminate men but its not always the case

      1. I wouldn’t doubt this. His uncle Edward (brother of Charles and Andrew) is a flamer who got married as a cover.

    8. “Fiercely independent”? Wait till she gets a taste of royal life with being told when to get up, when to go to bed, when to use the toilet, what to wear etc. The ghost of Princesses past are lurking around (Diana and Grace). If this wall hitter thinks she can act her way into this and that this is just another roll to play, she has a really big surprise coming. The British royal family has not survived a thousand years of revolution, murder and assassination and certainly an actress is no match for “the firm”. He must be as dumb as a plank, but then again his father kept hooking up with a prune faced old blower despite having an attractive, yet unhinged, aristocratic wife.
      My predictions: Sparkle bolts before or a year or two after the wedding, taking the ring and then goes on a book writing campaign. I just see disaster in this match up and she is absolutely playing this as another role. Yes, RoK is right, is this the best an English Prince can do?

    9. ginger beta check
      my dad just saw this and he was all like “look an orangutan and a baboon”s

    10. Everything checks. They haven’t been a genuine royal family for ages. They sold out long ago. Harry wouldn’t know what bloodline is or what tribal hegemony is or even what the biological purpose of a woman is. Markle was cherry picked/approved by his grandmother as a business transaction. That’s one thing his matriarch grandmother and the cougar lady Markle have in common. The royal family is vestigal and for theatric purposes only, like a Kardashian media smokescreen. They play by the elite’s rules or else. The royal family otherwise has been on life support from their trustees and has to act and play by globalist dictates.
      Markle is a terrible practicing feminist and cougar. Any man could pick no more a castrating partner than her. Cher is like Michelle Duggar compared to Markle. The British people would have lopped the heads off and replaced the current royals half a century ago if they had the kahones. A threshold was passed though by which the people become irreversibly emasculated under a matriarch. It is the same phenomenon in the abscence of a patriarchal minded father where single mothers fail to stop nurturing their male infants past infancy. The single mothers browbeat and cuntwhip their young son’s minds into oblivion. Under single mother domestic matriarchy, the males become weaker and more dependent with time. As the males mature, the nurturing, as with nanny state governance turns to pathalogic dependency on the matriarch/nanny state when there is an abscence of the father and his patriarchal rule and mentorship.

    11. Mixed race people have a knack for being ridiculously good looking. I’m not worried about her cheating now that she got herself a PRINCE ffs.

      1. Mixtures aren’t always better. It depends on the ingredients. Cocoa for instance was nasty until someone added sugar and invented chocolate and creating a whole new level of culinary delight.
        Sometimes a mixture results in mud that smells like shit. Again it depends on the ingredients you’re mixing. I remember when I was a wee kid at school lunch and I’d mix my food and drink on my plate. It then got tossed and never ate. Like with cooking, any mixture relies on sound ingredients. One foul ingredient can fool the whole pot.–human-oddities-world-images.jpg

    12. Harry is a secondary prince, it’s only normal that he take one for the family to build up good PR. It said right there in the article.

    13. The way she walked out her on her ex husband over absolutely nothing suggests she has no principles and she just fucked off not giving a shit laughing all the way.
      Woman who walk out on their first marriages have crazily high divorce rates second time around. Her parents are divorced which is another massive risk factor statistically as is her likely partner count.
      Marriage really works when there are fences around it like partners not keeping opposite sex friends or going on nights out without your spouse or moving thousands of miles away to a different country as she did with the last simp. Feminists like to pull away all those fences such as those mentioned and they will wonder why , or care less, why they don’t work.
      verdict: not marriage material

  2. Alright, a poor choice it is considering who Harry is.
    But let’s consider this:
    By demos alone, Britain is already a muslim caliphate, so why should Harry care anymore? I bet Harry knows he will never be king and that his brother will be the last Briton king before islam murders or exiles all Brit royals, so I say let Harry do whatever he wants while the ride lasts.

    1. already the left wing loons are talking about axing the royal family on the grounds that they are white.

      1. I’m willing to bet their reaction if that motion gains any traction will be super funny.
        But I’m not surprised. Commies can’t have royalty around, it conflicts with their base ideology.

    2. Respectfully disagree.
      He sends signals, big signal, by what he does.
      If he is to not give a damn as to the English throne and what it represents, that is the signal he is sending. Just another encouragement to destroy it.
      I he really means something with this, it is to say that whatever he is ruling, or may rule one day, is to be watered out by something completely disconnected to his country.
      What he is showing is a political correct mother-issue by marrying a big sister from a different race. He is destroying, and he knows it.

      1. He is destroying indeed, and I’m sure he knows it.
        And this, sort of marrying an ugly Peruvian woman in her forties who can’t speak a word of English, is one of the most effective ways to see how letargic the Brits truly are.
        If they no longer care about their royals, then they no longer care about their country. That’s why I say let Harry enjoy the ride while it lasts. The way things are now, his nephews/nieces will rule nothing and may not even live to see their thirties.

      1. Yeah, my dear old dad always had a saying: “maybe she gives a great blow job”. This was his comment in response to the age old question of, “what does he see in her?”. She probably sucked the royal marrow right out of his little head. No doubt this gal has ridden the cock carousel throughout the years. Of course, like many before her, she is suddenly transformed into a semi-virginal saint. I’m just surprised that more skeletons aren’t beating on the closet door to get out. What was she doing in her 20’s?
        She hit the wall and has now hit the husband lottery.

  3. Poor choice for a royal, but I have to admit she is pretty hot for her age. They must have a good personal connection, because he really should be marrying a 25 year old with better family connections and the like.

    1. “She is pretty hot for her age”
      President Trump said the same thing about Brigitte Macron.

  4. lemme see, 30+ notch masculine female marries into wealth.
    I am eagerly waiting for the news of British intelligence ‘handling’ her, post-divorce.

  5. You had one job Harry…
    You were literally raised with a silver spoon in your mouth to do just one job in your entire worthless life.

    1. Being the younger brother who fucks up all the time? I think he’s done that quite well.
      I also see this as a ‘fuck you all’ move on his part, but it maybe isn’t.

  6. Why are anglos so cucked?
    -Fight wars for the Jews
    -Lose a great empire
    -Ugly people
    -Ugly women
    -Shitty food
    -Muslim mayor in London
    -Race mixers
    -Terrible tourists


      1. Wtf are you talking about? White men don’t care because we are librarian cucks? Lol this article is about a “real” prince marrying a cock ride that is past her prime. When he could have any one including an undamaged virgin who he would have loved him unconditionally. That’s why we’re upset. Or for me surprised by! I thought he was spinning plates perfectly before. Am shocked he wants to start a family now. I bet it turns out in his favor after the divorce. ..

        1. No “Superman”, this is about Harry diluting royal blood.
          Why should the British have to prop up a royal family that doesn’t represent them? Their entire purpose for existing is symbolic.

        2. Its a huge slap in the face to the people of Great Britian (his people..his subjects). I know British women are becoming more and more disgusting but yeah he could have easily found a unicorn or three..a 25 year old, pure bred British beauty. In 11 years from now she would be Markles age, and Markle would be 47. Markle is a foreigner too.
          The question is why. Why Harry? Why Harry son of a single mom whore?

        3. @superman …My comment was directed at cuckslayer, not necessarily this article, and my comment is related to something cuckslayer posted on another article. Yes, Libertarians are the biggest cowards/jokes on planet earth. I don’t care one bit how big, strong, badass a libertarian thinks he is…The people who destroyed the conservative right are libertarains, and your typical demoralized white dude is a libertarian. It is the whole Reaganomics/selfish attitude.

        4. “That’s why we’re upset.”
          You guys are real losers to be upset about something that has nothing to do with you.

    2. Their testosterone laden kids moved to America and became Southerners.
      Though those were not of Puritan stock. East Anglian puritans meant well but it seems their descendants have cuck written all over them. Look at Elise Linscott’s story. The Northern English hillbillies became the Southern he-men though.

    3. And they can’t say ‘Tube’ or ‘Water’ correctly anymore.
      They say it like “Chube” or “Wah’er”.
      “I’m gonna get a boh’l (bottle) of wah’er and then get on the chube”

      1. That’s only Southern England though. Northern Englanders don’t use that nonsense and speak closer to what we Americans perceive as less pretentious.

        1. Just because Geordie (Newcastle dialect) is less pretentious doesn’t make it more understandable.

        2. True. You have to keep in mind I have lived in the American South for a while so I have a thing for understanding fast talking country people.

      Brown and black and yellow people from Georgia USA to India live in countries named after British kings and by British rulers.
      Israel had to ask Britain’s permission to become independent.
      Jews always fleeing to Anglo-Saxon countries like US, Canada, Australia, East London.
      South Asians in UK dependent upon a welfare check and Paki in the Mayor’s office one more Affirmative-Action employee who is a monkey in a full-dressed suit.
      Singapore and Hong Kong the best Asian countries because they were set up by Britain and maintained a close relationship with Britain.

    5. fight jew wars?
      Ha! Israel is the only Western nation that doesnt have US troops and bases defending it. See Germany, UK, Italy. Also, we’re in Australia, Japan and South Korea. We are even buying weapons from Israel missile tech. Yeh, serbia, vietnam, iraq, somali, yemen, wars for “jews”. Yeh, defending south korea – for the “jews”… What an idiot.

    6. This may sound crazy, but it was the invention of radio and the subsequent brain training technologies that fucked us.
      It’s obvious that Pandora’s box was opened 8,000 years ago with the initiation of Civilisation/Human farming or whatever you want to call it, but centralised radio blew the lid wide open.
      As an aside, it’s also poignant that lads at aren’t taught how to use the longbow nor how to create powerful businesses at school. Britain would improve mightily if even just those two things were the norm.
      Incidentally, the longbow has a range of hundreds of metres and up to 50kgs of draw… Good for the eye, brain and upper body strength and is a strong symbol of what we lost in ourselves.

  7. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld:
    “And that’s what the royal family is—it’s a huge game of pretend. These aren’t special people—it’s fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns.”
    Yeah, I don’t care either….

      1. Bruh that was epic. Women think they have the right to interrupt us while we are handling business just on account that they are in the same vicinity.
        Women are basically the kids who wish they could be like adults. They always want to know what the adults are doing, what the adults have going on that doesn’t involve them, women are basically unaware of how lame and uncool they are so they need to latch on to a man to make themselves feel better.

    1. JUICE
      Well a London Jew whose family was sneered at as refugees in Britain would feel that way.

  8. Prince Harry has a long history of making bad choices that wind-up embarrassing the Royal Family. Anyone remember his 2012 trip to Las Vegas?
    The engagement to miss “Feminist Actress” is just more of the same.

  9. What the hell is Harry thinking? I know he was a grunt out in Afghanistan but this shows a severe lack of judgement. Obviously she makes his head spin with her fellatio technique but to take her home to Grand ma? No way. And then there’s the bullshit feminism angle. They played what this dolt of a woman said earlier in the day regarding feminism. Utter horseshit. Once the ring is on the finger and she throws out a few rug rats it’s game over for poor Harry. Dumbass……..

    1. Men have been conditioned to go for masculine energy in women. Probably has to do with the fact t levels are low nowadays so it is probably a way to make sure their child has more testosterone from a natural selection perspective.
      Lots of men nowadays love it when women:
      -make their own money
      -don’t need a man
      -sleep around
      -do shit like gangbangs and threesomes (and they love when women brag about this)
      -lift heavy weights
      -have veiny six packs and ripped arms
      -have tattoos and short hair
      -are loud and obnoxious
      The above qualities are what the MSM and pop culture teaches us to find endearing in a woman.
      At least it is good to know that the elites aren’t immune to their own poison. Fuck em. Let them drink the Kool Aid and die off.

      1. “”Lots of men nowadays love it when women:
        -make their own money
        -don’t need a man
        -sleep around
        -do shit like gangbangs and threesomes (and they love when women brag about this)
        -lift heavy weights
        -have veiny six packs and ripped arms
        -have tattoos and short hair
        -are loud and obnoxious””
        Dude i’m 25 and I absolutely do not get turned on by any of that!

    2. First off, Duh House of Windsor is not the best of YT, and hasn’t been for several in-bred generations.
      Secondly, after 36-37 years of the “Hotel California” lifestyle, I doubt this tavern wench can crank out more than 1 cub (though she does need to throw out an “anchor” ASAP to cement her status), and the entire third-term and delivery will no doubt be a 5-alarm medical drama, given her aforementioned age and masculine (too low body fat) tendencies.

      1. I guess Harry figures William can be the breeder while he has non-stop pornstar sex with his blackajew. (How she learned pornstar sex is seemingly not a concern for him.)

        1. For her age she is stunning. A solid 9 – again age context.
          If she treats him alright in bed then good for him.

  10. He is a pale ginger. Probably has very low testosterone and prefers dominant women. I have noticed this about many redheaded men. They usually chase after Black women. Hell when it comes to Black women, gingers slay easier than anyone. Not that that is any reason to be jealous.
    Look at Bill Burr. Didn’t or doesn’t he have a Black girlfriend? You can tell that some balding redheaded (what is left on his head) White comedian isn’t on most women’s radar as a domidominant mate. Hell he also had a whiny voice (typical Northeast corridor trait). No wonder he got with her. That guy’s whole persona just screams little bitch even if he throws in a little red pill wisdom here and there. He seems more like a frustrated MGTOW than anyone who actually ever dominated a woman.
    I feel like women into redheaded men are usually dominant women who want a man they can control. Lots of “modern” women dig redheaded men but I notice they usually say it’s because of their beta qualities. In short I feel redheads give off a vibe to women of betabux.
    Note if you’re a redheaded male I am not trying to hate on you, I am just pointing out my observations. In many instances the ginger men I have known have largely been simps who have been walked on by women. In many cases they did pull hot women but these women just recognized they had higher SMV than he so they milked the guy for his provider nature and just made him look like a bitch in the end.

    1. Wow. You white supremacists are hating within your own “race” now? So gingers are inferiors all of a sudden? So what are you guys gonna call women that fuck a ginger, gingersharks?

  11. Men make titanic mistakes sometimes. this will end up being a HMS TITANIC mistake for Harry. Then again I could be wrong and it all works out in fairy tale land, right up to the point I get gored from behind by a NAWALT unicorn horn….oh wait…

  12. She looks good for her age in the photos above. Somebody put her through the de-makeup app and let’s see what she really looks like.

    1. Privileged and sheltered upbringing by Hollyweird insiders, pampered life ever since, and most public pics taken after professional makeup artists are done with her… but we’ll see what 20+ years of synthetic hormones (aka Birth Control Pills) come to when she’s “required” to crank out the royal rug rats.

    2. Why in God’s name would I want to waste my time to do that. Reading the retarded posts in the comments section is enough of a time waster as it is.

    3. She uses skin bleach and has kinky hair which has been tamed through extensions and solid stylist straightening. Don’t be fooled. When she has to give up the botox for the baby bun in the oven, her age and looks will really start to show. She is completely manufactured plastic. She has the weirdest spindly legs.

  13. It’s not a precedent though. Edward VIII gave up the whole throne to marry Wallis Simpson who was rumored to be a tranny and leaked British military secrets to Hitler.

      1. Wow. Edward VIII has a bad case of gamma face (Link), with those sad-looking eyes and standing behind his beard.
        Harry has some gamma face too. It’s not quite as obvious, unless you contrast it with William’s more confident squint.

  14. 36 years old. Been of legal age for 20 years now. Been married for only 2 years of that time. Been living in sexually overcharged L.A. for most of her life.
    Seriously guys, this chick probably has a 50+ notch count.

    1. It’s how she probably got him, with wild non-stop sex. Discerning by her body language when they are together during their public appearances, I bet she rides him in bed.
      The Prince has been bewitched.

      1. When a new woman gives me fantastic head on our 1st bang night, I immediately write her off as wife material.
        NO young woman is great with blowjobs when they have had very few partners.

      2. Oh Fuck, she is a succubus….quick we need tell someone to play the song “the morning after” backwards in order to kill her and send her back to the depths of hell.

      3. Imo there aint nothing wrong with having a woman ride you. It’s hard for men to get a woman to bang them, so when I bang I expect the women to be doing all the work. Not me.

    2. 50+ if we are being conservative. Probably in the 100s most likely especially considering how little sex means to “strong Black women”. To them it might as well be a handshake. Vin DiCarlo would have put said women on an extreme “sexual justifier” category.
      I do remember though an article on Roosh’s website where someone talked about it being better to settle down with a slut than with a prude. Something about the sex being awesome for the relationship or whatever. So even red pilled men aren’t immune from such thinking.
      The way I see it (and maybe OP does as well) is that I would rather MAKE my woman my slut rather than have her pre-trained by other men. Guys complain that their girl is boring in bed/ only wants missionary or whatever but that to me is just another way of saying they haven’t learned to be sexually dominant enough to turn an innocent women into their sex servant. Men, all innocent women want to be a man’s sex servant, you just need to be the guy who does it.
      The problem is that when these find a sweet and innocent feminine girl, they become simps and put her on a pedestal, and she gets bored. So she doesn’t act hypersexual because they don’t bring it out of her due to fear.
      The way I see it, wanting a slut to settle down with is not only LAZY but it also a sign that the man who wants this hasn’t learned to he sexually dominant and lead a woman, so hr wants one that will initiate EVERYTHING and do all the work.
      Teach women sex, men. She shouldn’t be the one showing you new tricks and leading it. These women have little ability to none when it comes to making connections and committing to a man.

    3. James Dean the Jew porno actor has the biggest female fan club. He is the most popular they evidently like the way he chokes and slaps them. And they evidently judging from his popularity prefer being treated as such. Maybe we should learn how them Jews attract the babes.

    4. Like I said, why do the try to present her like a semi-virgin. How come the press has not dug up any real dirt on her. Is there an illegitimate child being taken care of by the family? No abortions on the radar? What exactly was she doing in her 20’s?
      I’m from Canada and although I heard of the program “Suits”, I certainly never heard her name until ginger boy started to date her.

  15. Prince Harry is a ginger beta, that’s why he picked this 36-year-old you-go-grrl 8, who indeed is pretty, but will drop 0.1 SMV every six months until she turns 40, and this will accelarate with 0.5 points every year.
    My girlfriend is a 24-year-old 8.5 with predominantly traditional values. Seems that ROK writers make smarter moves than Anglo royalties.

  16. George Clooney, Prince Harry, men who had a reputation for being alpha but made beta choices when it came to wife up. Puzzling.

    1. Well. Being a stupid lib will make discernment really difficult for a player.
      In the player’s mind, if he is a liberal, the women he sleeps with are strong women who he respects. He sees their sexual liberation as a virtue, not something that should be shunned and reviled.
      So when it comes time to wife up, these men just pick the conquest that probably gave the best sex and they romanticize this as her true value. In actuality many players fall slave to their cock and are ruled by it. So then what happens? Women are in control of them all while they give themselves pats on their back for their “notches”

    2. At least Clooney’s wife is 17 years younger, plus he’s in his 50’s and was obviously getting burned out with the player lifestyle and threw in the towel after a solid run. Jesus man… have some perspective.

      1. A solid run can still be followed by stupid fuckups though. I don’t know if you were referring to me when you said this though because I honestly have no idea what the hell Clooney does with his life.

      2. I just wanna know what manpill George was using all those years. He never knocked up his low value dates and certainly at least half tried to get the golden bun in their oven.

    1. Why do you care about what we care about? We are not here sweating our asses off and biting our nails. We are merely talking about how much of a fuck up Prince Harry is and how his stupidity is a symbol of an overall decaying western culture. Is that good enough for you?

      1. Why would you come on a website to talk about how much of a fuck-up someone else is? Are you that insecure about your own meaningless existence?

        1. Did you even understand what I just said? Relating Prince Harry’s degenerate behavior is a part of educating men on NOT HOW TO ACT. Have you ever heard of making an example of someone? You are the insecure idiot, so stop projecting. Why are you commenting on this site anyways? You are bitching like a woman, BTW.

  17. ROK had a recent article about not dating actresses, musicians, artist, entertainers, etc. because they are all liberal chitbags. Harry is making a huge mistake…I would tell him run don’t walk from this woman while you still can.

  18. Honestly who cares who the prince marries? I like the site but sometimes you take totally irrelevant stuff too serious

    1. Uh, because Prince Harry is a perfect example for the manosphere for what not to do….is there something wrong about discussing these things and using Prince Harry as an example? I am really sick of the people who always butt in and say “why do you care, why do you give a shit, why, why why…” Take your nihilistic ass somewhere else if you don’t like it.

      1. You are right! I’m just more interested in the political and self-improvement articles and don’t like gossip too much… But obviously you and anyone can discuss whatever you want. I excuse myself

        1. Dude, this site has hundreds, if not thousands, of self improvement articles…how many ways can you tell a man to self improve? It is simple….work out, don’t be a cuck, don’t trust women because they are not equal to men, watch out for single mothers, eat healthy, don’t become a drug addict/alcoholic, and give a fuck about your tribe….simple. There are only so many articles you can have on self-improvement before it becomes redundant, and if your nation fails and goes to shit than there is really no point to self improvement to begin with…I mean, why would I work my ass off, dress nicely, workout, and spend my life “self-improving” when my country is getting colonized by failed socialist assholes, while our women are complete whores, and when the ability to have a good family is almost impossible??? Articles like this one are more important to waking men up and actually improving society than any “self improvement” advice you could give someone.

        2. By self improvement I meant maybe more articles about learning useful skills or hobbies not about hygiene and how not to get fat.
          I am a very conservative right winged person but honestly I think there are worst dangers to Italy and Europe than single mothers. I have read comments of people here saying they want a white sharia and praising muslims just because they want to maintain a hard core patriarchal society. I read this with horror. Europe should be a place with basic human decency for men and woman, decency you don’t find in countries with sharia law. It’s in our Christian European culture. And I do want many traditional family values back.

  19. On the topic of “dirt” in Duh Brit Royals, wasn’t Princess Margaret quite the coal-burner back in her post-divorce, unofficial ambassador to all the dark colonies round-the-world touring days??… and so it goes.
    As far as The End of YT, I guess the Apollo moon landings aren’t a bad note to go out on… Lord knows we’ve caught the Ashkenazi virus real bad, with nary a clue as to a “vaccine”.

  20. Diana was a mudshark, so it’s logical that her sons are, too. And the Royal Palace is royally cucked. First, it welcomes a peasant bitch in the fold and now it white knights for a mixed race Hollywood whore.
    “She is also telegenic, practises yoga and drinks detox drinks including “green juices,” according to her Instagram account.”
    So she’s a whore, follows fads, is divorced and attention whores about it all. Red flags everywhere. I can honestly say that I’m engaged to a woman with a much higher SMV than Harry’s squeeze.

  21. I’m happy I’m not the only one here who thinks she’s after the status.She doesn’t look genuine at all.Harry could’ve had any woman he wanted.

  22. Markle is a tranny. Look at that skull, brow bone, shoulders wider than the hips, male Q angle on the femur, straight across shoulders of a man, jaw of a man, etc. This is just more Coudenhove Kalergi Plan propaganda. Breed out the white race–even the “royals” are doing it. Not sure why they’d do something so self-destructive as to destroy their “divine right” to rule through their bloodline by bringing a trailer park escapee into the family except to serve as an example to other white people to go outside of their race. But in the end, who cares? The white populations everywhere have not reproduced at replacement levels, so the CK Plan will prevail. It’s sad, but that’s just the facts. If I were the Queen, or Prince Charles, I’d have them both done away with. There are enough heirs at this moment. If they can marry commoners, that makes them no different than commoners.

    1. Exactly Correct LBC! Markle is 100% TRANS — 100% Kalergi Pollution. The Royal Family AKA The Royal Scam (Steely Dan anyone?) are carefully implementing a new system of rule. and it is ugly. Google “Royals Mermaids UK” “Prince Harry for LGBTQ Rights” “Meghan Markle Advocate of Transgendered Rights” -And after all that if you cannot see the game being played you are literally a fool.

  23. I have to admit she is beautiful. Probably the best looking girl to ever join the royal family. But the mixed race thing is a huge problem. How can Harry allow the future of English nobility to be not fully English let alone European.

    1. “But the mixed race thing is a huge problem. How can Harry allow the future of English nobility to be not fully English let alone European.”
      And why the fuck should he not be with who he wants to be with? Just to be loyal to some arbitrary bullshit like “bloodlines” or race, which is ultimately meaningless?
      Just because asshole white supremacists like you want to draw along arbitrary lines of made up shit like race or blood(lol and even hair colour) doesn’t mean he should adhere to it. Like why the fuck should anyone consider you losers an authority on anything anyways?
      You do that if you want but don’t demand that others adopt your ridiculous and backward ways. I say good on him if he likes her, even if it doesn’t work out. Relationships fail all the time for reasons unrelated to “race”, bloodlines, age and all the nonsense you guys have a hard on for on this site.

    2. @Erik
      Sparkle is fully plastic. Want to see what she should look like? Have a peak at her pictures as a young girl. Kinky hair, darker skin. Amazing what skin bleach, a good flat iron and hair extensions can do.

  24. Being mixed race negates any of her or their descendants royal legitimacy from the metaphysical point of view that is the root of justification of Monarchy. The very concept of Kingship, over any race, is of both racial kinship and noble (racial) superiority at least on par with the Kingdoms best subjects. It’s an oxymoron to have a mixed race Noble/Royal of Britain. Individual Royals can’t be less racially homogenous than the best of their subjects, by definition. If in doubt, take the opposite logic to the extreme. Imagine a pure race Congoid King ruling over the Anglo Saxons. The concept is ridiculous on its face. Simply, there would be no justification for the King’s station. The nobility must always be the best of any people, by definition.

    1. How the fuck can anyone actually believe something this retarded. There aren’t words strong enough to describe what a steaming pile of shit that post is.

      1. No, he’s correct. Royalty represents the nation at it’s ideal, personified. Clearly this can’t happen under these circumstances. And if this marriage is a reflection of the browning of Britain, there are bigger problems than this.

        1. Ideals are not a construct with a fixed set of properties. They are a product of an ever changing collective human consciousness and they always do change. There is nothing wrong with this. Nature itself is never static, so why should we be?

    2. It would be unfair for the British people to have to prop up a royal family that doesn’t represent them.
      They should get jobs and work for a living like everyone else if they aren’t the legitimate royal family of the English.

  25. I also see definite Jewish genetic influence in her facial profile in certain pictures. Its more or less unmistakable, as such a jawline is 100% indicative of a Jewish female in my experience. She allegedly has Royal blood, but it seems to be mixed with Jewish as well as African blood. She more or less represents the perfect NWO genetic chimera for their vision of royalty. Though, don’t mistake that for genetically valid royalty for Red or White Nordic peoples.

    1. Now you can “see” her Jewish genetics. Mark. Just stfu please with your shit posting. Every time I read one of your retarded posts, I literally get sick. I have never seen such utterly high levels of stupidity before.

        1. Now I’m a 100% sure this comment section is filled with trolls. Now way you guys seriously believe this garbage.

    2. “jewish look”?? Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Julian Edelman, William Shatner, they all look quite different.

    3. Royal blood in her? What bullshit!! That’s just PR bullshit to make her more palatable to the public. I bet I have royal blood in me too. What nonsense!!

  26. You’d mistakenly think the Cucked Prince was an alpha, having served as an attack helicopter pilot in Afghanistan, and he requested repeat tours, preferring the comradery of his fellow soldiers.
    But he is known to have serious mommy issues due to his parents’ divorce and Diana’s subsequent tragic death.
    British tabloids are saying the royals are advising Markle to keep her blackness on the downlow. NOT, she’s gonna make it front and center, especially if things go south. Based on current trends, 100% chance she’ll badmouth the royals and highlight every single one of their shortcomings to make herself look like the victim.
    As someone else said, no doubt her many years of cum guzzling built up her fellating skillz, sending the Cucked Prince into orgasmic bliss. Yet her brain chemistry is forever altered by the gallons of cum she’s had pumped into her well-worn vag from former husbands and lovers.
    And the hilarious “fiercely independent” (((actress))) will likely continue her roll getting faux-fucked on TV. No doubt she’ll tell Harry, “Oh don’t worry about me fucking guys on TV sweetheart, it’s all fake. with you it’s REAL”.
    Back in the day, actors/actresses were considered low class. It’s true, they are fakes and phonies yet people get suckered into believing they carry wisdom just because they deliver their BS with finesse. And Meghan has BS’d Harry right into marriage.

    1. I was going to comment on what a retarded post this was too but then I saw your grammar and spelling……It speaks for itself.

  27. Yep, I don’t get it.
    Prince Harry could have a young, beautiful, White virgin bride. Why would he choose an older, feminist, divorced, mixed-race foreigner?
    Either he’s an idiot, or something’s rotten in Denmark.

    1. Or quite possibly, he thinks differently than you. I know that may be hard to believe, but…

    2. Royal family is just a business and in this world marrying this mixed black woman is good for business. He thinks it’ll keep the angry leftists away from their profitable business making tens of millions a year. He is only the dimwit spare. Hes taken one for the team. Its ultimate virtue signalling from a dude who was always racist as fuck before hand. Guess he’ll have to stop the monkey chanting at the tv.

  28. This is nothing more than a PR move that the royals are hoping will neutralize the calls for doing away with the monarchy on grounds that they’re all white. Stupid fools. They don’t realize that acquiesence will only lead to greater pressure and their eventual demise. Someone send them a copy of SJWADD on the double!

  29. She is 36 yrs old past her child bearing prime. She can have kids but it will be tough. Likely will need major fertility doc help…

  30. Spanish tried the same thing in Mexico with American Indians while British in North America imported English women.
    Look at the difference between US and Latin America today.

      1. WES
        The Spanish attempted to placate the Indians by marrying White men to Indian princesses. As a result the entire society simply sank into a backwater.
        England made it real clear that its citizens marrying Amerindian or black women in the 13 colonies was unacceptable although some Englishmen (John Smith obviously) took Native concubines.
        Anyhow white women were imported from England from the middle class.

    1. yes, one is a melting pot of all fucking races from around the world and everything in between, ugly women and corrupted idiots who rule above all of them like gods…
      other is latin america
      anyway I prefer Mother Europe

  31. The additional goal is CENSORSHIP. Do not forget Prince William just debuted his “code of conduct” for social media. As people start to lampoon the absurdity of Markle there will be waves of “cracking down” as any dissent will be categorized as racist, sexist, xenophobic, etc. and be quickly removed. Markle and Harry have already claimed they will invite Obama in place of Trump due to their views on TRANS rights… Ironic, much?

  32. Dude, this site has hundreds, if not thousands, of self improvement articles…how many ways can you tell a man to self improve? It is simple….work out, don’t be a cuck, don’t trust women because they are not equal to men, watch out for single mothers, eat healthy, don’t become a drug addict/alcoholic, and give a fuck about your tribe….simple. There are only so many articles you can have on self-improvement before it becomes redundant, and if your nation fails and goes to shit than there is really no point to self improvement to begin with…I mean, why would I work my ass off, dress nicely, workout, and spend my life “self-improving” when my country is getting colonized by failed socialist assholes, while our women are complete whores, and when the ability to have a good family is almost impossible??? Articles like this one are more important to waking men up and actually improving society than any “self improvement” advice you could give someone.

    1. Stupid internet, this comment was intended as a reply for someone else. Why can we not delete comments in this thread? Or how do you delete comments?

    2. failed socialists?
      your country’s been destroyed by the fat greedy bankers you western cuck

      1. Yes but they masquerade as socialists. It is a Jewish trick whereas the old-fashioned Yankee Blue Bloods like Bush just stuck their nose in the air and told the 99% that they did not deserve to have a living wage.
        Jews have taken a more street hustler con since replacing the Boston Brahmins.

        1. Of course its a trick…even the aliens are jews in disguise. Just ask the morons here who believe “all” jews are this or that.

    1. Look at their father’s stupid-ass behavior. Affairs, divorce. Sure they have money but do we really expect these two young men not to have any problems?

  33. Fiercely independent? Exclusive big $$ private school education etc.
    Used her first husband to advance career and then dumped him after she became a “star” on a show nobody watches.
    Probably will claim she was groped on the set.

    1. Yep. That’s how she got on the show. Which is why after she mysteriously never got movie roles or better ones on TV, he was gone.

  34. To Black Paned:
    You are still a Negro. You have nothing to laugh about. Now go pick some cotton. Want to know what Latinas think of you? I jokingly told my girl that I never wanted to find a coon in my bed and she almost vomited. Some much for your chocolate. Don’t fool yourself, Uncle Remus. Any white girl worth the time of day wants nothing to do with you. They will end up alone with their cats. No white man will want to touch them. Dirty, smelly and diseased is no way to go through life.

    1. You do know that this woman is more wealthy than you, right? If anyone is on welfare, it’s probably you.

    1. No problems at all. This is a white supremacist site though, so you MUST expect to find a lot of complaining here about it. White supremacists are a sorry bunch indeed. They blame their failures in life on Jews and Negros. It’s nothing new here.

      1. Negros blame their failures in life on whites and Jews, what is your point? “Whitey be keepin me down”.
        Actually we are not just skinheads in an Alabama trailer. The feelings whites privately hold run consistent from trailer trash up to politicians.
        As for Jews, I suspect they have the same opinions of blacks but who knows? Since they are actually a few IQ points higher than other whites they would be on the opposite end of the bell curve from blacks and this is demonstrable in their income.

        1. What does any of this shite you just posted have to do with Prince Harry hooking up with a mixed woman?

      2. Admittingly, the racism has gotten a LOT worse over the course of the last several months or so. I used to be able to tolerate it, but now it’s present in nearly every single comment. I think what happened, is a lot of the Daily Stormer crowd came over here when that website was removed from the internet. It really is a shame, as this site used to be more focused on anti-feminism, self-improvement and neo-masculinity. I guess Roosh figured that going hard alt-right would bring him a larger audience. How’s that working out for you, Roosh?

      1. Well most whites secretly feel this way and not just somebody with a Swastika tattoo.
        It is called Cognitive dissidence.

        1. Speaks for yourself bro. I’m not into any of that hateful shit you guys are all about. To be honest, I think you guys are stupid and pathetic. And yes I’m white in case you’re wondering.

        2. @SilverFox – It’s *their*
          I’d worry a little less about calling people you don’t know on the internet cucks, and more about learning basic English.

        3. on some level some do but obviously most don’t since most sjws are white and most seem to not be living like andrew anglin. whites generally these daays are controlled by their women and the men just booze and say what they are told to if they can get a pay check. Their societies work well because they all follow the rules and are too scared to think beyond them. If their own women control them I image if anybody ever makes their dogs or cats an app to talk they will also be able to control them also and that is why they are unlikely to last very long. Generally the anglos are creative but loo at germany post ww2: no music they just listen to the old stuff and no cinema they just blame the language when they have a huge internal market and the jews biult that fine before in German. THey also have no innovative tech companies or hardly any and the interesting philosophers and thinkers well I cannot think of any blonde german in the world who fits that mould. Science was always the Jews and the Brits with a few that copied and learnt from them. Germans were just hard working uncreative useful idiots and now look at them they are still exactly that. Europes mainland is more intellectually dead than many highschools in the USA or ppublic schools in the UK. Not all whites are up to much, especially the Slavs and Germanics.

        4. You can’t refute what I’ve said, so you can do is attack my spelling. Mispronouncing a word in the cucks English doesn’t make what I said any less true! Calling Whites hateful, skinhead, racist, stupid, pathetic, ect. for wanting to exist and have basic human rights is far worse.

    2. [i]Whats the problem with mixed race?[/i]
      Study the history of Portugal for the best answer to that one. The once innovative super-power is now a Turd World nation on one of the nicest pieces of real estate in Europe. They were the only colonial power “liberal” enough to bring some of their African slaves back to the motherland, instead of shipping 100% of them to their overseas colonies…

      1. HAMSTER
        Portuguese are more Arab than anything else.
        There is this misconception about Sicilians and Portuguese being part African. Rubbish. They are Arabs.

  35. Is he insane? Just goes to show that the sons of the wealthy and powerful can be cucked betas just as easily as regular guys.

  36. Y’all no pussy getting skin heads need to worry about what’s really important. You all seem to hate her especially because she mixed race and ole Prince Harry (who is white privileged in royal form) could do better. Watching where other people put their dicks at is not red-pill I think. Even if it is red-pill real men do not pussy watch other men. Get it together white men. It been going down hill for a minute lol. Between sexual harassment and the opium epidemic the privilege is shrinking hahahha

  37. Harry probably knocked up Meghan, reason for the quick courtship and marriage. The social engineers are probably ecstatic to have such a high profile mulatto in the news to brainwash the rest of the West that marrying outside your race is ideal. Now, I’ll admit, Markle’s not bad looking, but most mixed race people just look plain weird if you ask me. Their kids will probably be even stranger looking.

  38. Sheesh, the only time I ever want to hear about this bunch is when the Corgis are involved. At least they’re endearing and make people smile.
    As for the prince- we should all pity the poor guy. We all know where this is going to end up.

  39. AND,,,,,,, she was riding jew cock
    Pumped and dumped, harry can lick out all the remaining cream in her pussy

  40. Harry is son of Diana and her lover, that’s why Royal Family doens’t give a shit. 🙂

  41. He is not a royal so they do not care, his dad is james hewitt, so race mixing encouragement box ticked, jews happy little chosen ones, enough said

  42. Mixed race who cares you are mixed race roosh.
    Honestly they go together, he is not a rok man so why should he get a roq woman? They are similar, who cares he is not your bro.

  43. Despite all the Establishment and media rejoicing over this engagment most people will surely be disappointed with this match. Prince Harry is an unmarried prince of the British Royal Family, it is hard to imagine a man anywhere in the world with any higher social standing. He ought to be marrying a high class unmarried woman of white European descent in her twenties, so that he can have three or four children with her. Instead he is marrying a thirty six year old divorcee! Will they have any children at all?

  44. These British royals seem to be keen on building a history of being known as unrepentant simps,Well at least him and his brother ain’t superficial I guess because this lady and Kate Middleton are straight 6’s if that (y’all some Princes and those 2 were the best you can do SMH)plus I believe the only reason his Grandmother is Queen is because her uncle gave up the throne for some American divorcee pussy(imagine that,being King of one the most powerful countries in the world at the time and giving that all up for some used pussy) . Of course that was back in the 1930’s when Britain was a much more conservative place, now I believe divorce is quite a common practice with these new school British royals. Useless country and useless family the lot of them

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