Words Are Empty And Irrelevant

“It’s all good,” says your friend, looking down and gritting his teeth.

“I don’t do THAT on the first date,” says the cute blonde holding your hand, smiling, and following your every lead.

“We really enjoy having you here as an employee,” mutters your boss, as he completes the next round of layoffs.

Actions speak louder than words. It’s a saying that we’re all familiar with, yet we constantly struggle to internalize. Take the above examples, for instance. Your friend is clearly not over whatever beef you started, but you’ll likely treat him like it’s all good, because he said it was. Then you’ll be confused when he remains cold towards you for the next few weeks. “I thought we were good?”


Or your date. She’s clearly into you and down for whatever, yet you heed her warning that she doesn’t usually kiss, go home with, or whatever else on the first date. So you wish her goodnight. Now when you hit her up for a second date, you’re perplexed that she doesn’t respond. She wanted more, but you listened to her words and not her actions like a beta bitch, and now the sexual tension has dispersed.

Or the last frame, for example. Your boss has been giving your warm greetings for the past month. Yet he’s laying people off left and right. And your workload has decreased to nothing. But your still shocked when he fires you. Again, actions speak louder than words.


And you do it, too. I know I do. I catch myself lying through my teeth more often than I’d like to admit. Whether it’s simply stating that I’m doing “great” when my day is shit or telling someone that not to worry about something that’s actually really bothering me. It’s natural. We project random thoughts, ideas, and questions out of our mouth that have no real bearing on how we’re actually feeling about something. Some of us more than others


The typical example of this phenomenon is the politician who gets elected based on a myriad of views and promises that, as soon as he enters office, moves forward with legislation in direct opposition to what he vocalized beforehand. His actions didn’t match his words. This is on a bigger scale than your friend, the girl, or your boss, sure, but it’s the same principle.

The Implications

The implications of this principle are twofold. First, base your perception of others on how they act non-verbally. How do they carry themselves? What behaviors do they often engage in? Try and listen to their actions primarily, and their words only as a secondary measure. The challenge is of course when dealing with people on via the phone and texting. In this case you must be even more perceptive, and act on whatever information you do have.

The second implication strikes closer to home. Because of our human tendency to inaccurately verbalize, we must be careful with how we express ourselves… to ourselves. What I mean by this is that we often “overthink” things. Rather than trusting our gut, we engage in a lengthy inner dialogue in attempt to reach a “deeper” or “truer” conclusion. It could also be when reflecting on a series of events. It could be when planning something. I think it most often afflicts us, however, when facing a decision. Rather than trying to “talk” our way to a conclusion with words, it tends to be better to trust our gut feeling, our initial instinct.

This is a very shallow exploration of a deep issue that could be analyzed in a far more lengthy manner. But that would take more “words”. For now, just use this as a reminder to judge people based on their actions, and also to trust your gut.

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73 thoughts on “Words Are Empty And Irrelevant”

  1. Real life, my friend A…….On the first date she was clearly into him…
    They fucked right after. but because she told the cops-“I told him I dont want it at first” he was still arrested. After a few trials he was aquitted but Goddam 10k in the gutter…. Either way thats a loss. I knew this kid since we were 10 and this guy isn’t as rapist. Watch your backs boys.

    1. Avoid such women, especially if you happen to live in Amerika. This country has literally weaponized its females and aimed them at the males, with the judges and attorneys, aided by the good ol’ boyz in blue, acting as the shrapnel that shreds you to pieces once such a living hand grenade happens to go off in your proximity. You must therefore keep clear the mobile heat seekers on two legs if you wish to make it to adulthood in the U.S. of A. Otherwise, the system is simply too well calibrated to thoroughly reduce you to a heap of smoking wreckage if you happen to entangle yourself with the wrong pussy.

      1. It was like that at the beginning at least in the North. The Salem Witch Trials were largely the result of teenage girls hysterically blaming toothless crones and a few stand up men for deaths, sickness and mysterious happenings. Arthur Miller’s Crucible fictionalized this to some extent as the result of a teenage crush (Abie Parris) on a buff farmer (John Proctor) with a cold hearted wife (Sarah Proctor) who couldn’t quite love the husband enough. The Americans originating from Jamestown never appear to have behaved like this. The culture born in Massachusetts triumphed over that of Virginia in the 1860s and the nation has declined ever since.

        1. Quite an interesting aspect of history isn’t it? Wonder what made these puritans so susceptible to such a high degree of gullible manipulation on the part of their womenfolk in the first place? Not that you won’t find plenty of white knights in other cultures as well, but the degree of boneheaded stubbornness and absolute refusal to understand the true nature of women’s sexuality and conduct is quite unique when it comes to these people. Other (educated) men around the world may not personally like what is going on when their daughters first begin to come of age and start attracting the attention of other males, but they usually understand it much better and do not stick their head in the sand pretending that the “bad thoughts” do not exist or will simply go away all on their own.

        2. I’m not sure what it is about the people involved. It might be unfair to connect this period to contemporary American mania for Anti-racism, Anti-anti-semitism (to be fair to biz there are oxymoronic pro-Pals up there), Anti-white, pro-African, Feminist, Right-on lefties and the like but they sure as shit like turning on their own with a harsh messianic zeal. Status Seeking Victim Mongers?
          The loose living Virginians were very different.

        3. Puritan morality is much more aligned to the fratricide of the Union and Civil right era than it is to the racist history of Southern Baptists IMHO. Another one of the contradictions that gets glossed over.

        4. I believe a lot of these men are literally suffering from a certain form of arrested development when it comes to these matters. Granted, I am certain that quite a few of them do, in fact, “get it” in their later years, but the truth remains that those environments upon which these specific modes of thought repression have exercised significant levels of influence do tend to retain larger masses of clueless, virtually Pavlovian white knights, as opposed to cultures where the true mysteries behind the birds and the bees are more blatantly and unabashedly communicated to the young males by the older generation as these eventually come of age.

    2. The best way to avoid accusations of rape ? Show appreciation. Sorry but ain’t that the truth – even if she was a terrible terrible lay and you totally couldn’t wait to get the hell out of dodge. Showing appreciation doesn’t mean giving her the idea that you are going to pursue anything in the way of relationship. Just make sure you don’t get all cold and uninterested and rude and dismissive after the act. Don’t act all beta either since that may prompt regret on her part and who knows what she can do when she feels regret.

        1. You have a point, but in my experience crazy girls are phenomenal in the sack. Always have an exit strategy, and never date them.

        2. If you want to live dangerously then go for it. You won’t see me keeping you back. Beware the blast radius though.

        3. Probably true. Good advice in the end though. Hell, my left hand is good in the sack, and it won’t accuse me of misconduct after the fact.

      1. No way i’m going against my own feelings to please a fucking woman’s mind. Best thing anyone can do is to record the interaction, either through video or audio recording using your phone. You can use a set of earbud headphones as long as they have a mic built it. Set that up to record while your fucking and make sure to talk alot during and after. As long as she says she enjoyed it, you should be clear if she ever takes it to court assuming audio and or video recording isnt against the law or something stupid like that.

        1. Maybe not illegal in the privacy of your own home. But her’s or someone else’s? Things can get tricky.

    3. This is why protected (with condoms) anal is the way to go with western sluts on the first date. It may sound stupidly impractical, but that’s the way it should be done. She goes to take a dump after the sex, and most of the ‘evidence’ is gone, even though you won’t be actually shooting swimmers in her ass.

      1. Are you even aware how the justice system works in the states? Let me explain: when it comes to rape, the male is fucking guilty until proven innocent(i have seen it first hand). Dude anywhere else in the world might be different, but not in Chicago.

    4. Pure insanity ,seems like we now have to sign sex contracts to before anything happens.

      1. On the contrary, since, as you’ve implied, a ‘sex contract’ would be near insanity, heterosexual men and women would simply be driven apart. This is the ultimate goal of Cultural Marxism, which resonates so fervently in feminism: destroy relationships.

  2. A politician is the ultimate parasite. I cant’ say prostitute since they will at least give they’re customers what they ask for. A politician is just a white collar criminal with a parasitic nature.

  3. Women’s words are a facade to make their image look better. They do the opposite of what they say, which is why you should never take advice from them.
    Strong independent woman= I am an aggressive, power hungry cunt
    Looking for nice guy= I will date a criminal or jerk
    I don’t usually do this= I do this a lot

    1. I’m no Bible thumper but this verse always amused me from Ecclesiastes 7:28
      “I have found one man in a thousand I could respect, but not one woman.”
      Not sure when that was written but things haven’t changed much.

      1. Haha, too true, too true! There was also a verse about women being silent, i believe, but I can’t remember which.

        1. I keep that one bookmarked:

          A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.
          1 timothy 2:11-12

      2. A more common and perhaps better translation of Ecclesiastes 7:28 is from the New International Version of the Bible..”I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all”.

      3. Ecclesiastes is a based book.
        For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.
        There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven– 2A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. 3A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to tear down and a time to build up
        These are not empty words brahs

  4. The insincere boss comment is an overused trope.
    If you’re working in a managerial position and there’s a layoff coming, you don’t always get warning, you don’t always get specifics ahead of time, and if you don’t want to join the newly funemployed on principle (and if you have, you know, real bills and a mortgage, you probably don’t), it’s going to happen. Trying to soft shoe it while you’re waiting for instructions on how to let the ax fall sucks, but it’s also pretty stupid to believe that people who make hard decisions are always liars or bad people. You can be thankful for some subordinates more than others. Doesn’t make your lukewarm thankfulness less sincere.
    In my own experience, knowing that I was going to lose 4 of the 24 crew on my ship made me feel terribly guilty for not being able to warn them. If I lost more than 4 guys, I’d be legally unable to sail the boat until getting new bodies on board, at $35,000 a day lost for breaking the contract we had, so anyone who would have been tempted to bail out early would have caused the rest of us to get laid off too while the owners looked for a new contract.
    Obviously this struck a chord, and I’m not saying Jefe’s on the wrong track- but it’s the writing of a younger man, for certain.

    1. The fact that you’ve been able to rationalize your own shitty behavior towards your employees doesn’t make your actions any less shitty. Yes, you were dishonest and yes, your empty rhetoric about how “thankful” you are to the employees you are firing is going to come across as insincere as a result of that. Looks as though you’ve learned to live with that, but let’s not pretend you occupy some sort of moral high ground.

      1. A massive corporation dumping productive employees to widen the already enormous profit margins of people who have more money they could ever spend is very different from a struggling business being forced to downsize.

      2. Business today is tougher than ever. Employers have to deal with AA, feminist demands, and boatloads of local, state and federal taxes and regulations, some of which should fall in the insane category. Gone are the days when you could acquire a decent paying job as a young man, and know it was yours to keep until you died or retired as long as you showed up and did a half decent job. I’m willing to give this boss the benefit of the doubt and do not wish to crucify him over the internet. I need a hell of a lot more details to do just that.

  5. Way back I recall trying what you might call ‘cave man approach’. I was in a club and had a pretty good buzz going, but no girls were biting. I could have only thought of this when innebriated. I had a brilliant idea, I would MAKE UP some jungle language. In came a hot hazelnut brunette. I approached her in my sport jacket over t-shirt and suisse bars for tie. I greeted her with ”WAGOOMBA!” she giggled as I gracefully reached palm up for her hand touch. Then I said, with proper aristocratic body language and gentlemanly gestures, ”UNGA!, BOOGA-LOOBA, WAAH-TOOZIE?”. She played along non-verbally and we really connected in non verbal games for a while in the club. It was then I realized that women are NOT for talking to. Don’t even engage a woman verbally, except for simple instinctive DNA level cave ‘sex-ese’. ”UUGH” means ‘turn over’. ”MMM!” means ‘we’re done’. Am I on to something?

    1. This comment is gold. You should expand this into an article, I’m sure it’d get posted.
      Sounds like a great test for whether a girl is into you or not. If she likes the cut of your jib, she’ll be happy to join in the fun. If not, you’ll know instantly.
      Seriously, one of the best things I’ve seen on ROK.

      1. He made a fool of himself for some bitch he probably didn’t fuck. How is this gold?

        1. I care how I look. Act Like a King to be treated like one bro. It sounds like Mcgoo was drunk and at the end of his rope.

    2. What about singing? Also musical instruments. That’s a far more productive method of seduction.

    3. You know.. I think you might be. Women are so used to the same tired out openers and approaches that she might find it refreshing for once. Maybe not the same exact method you used but just something a little more original then the typical pua shit she probably already knows about anyway.

  6. True dat (did I really just say “true dat”?) I spent most of my adult life as a dyed-in-the-wool white knight, beta. My biggest mistakes came from listening to what women said, rather that watching what they did. Not that the women were duplicitous – but that what they were saying and what they were actually feeling were completely different.

      1. Touché. I meant to say that I believe most of them were not intentionally duplicitous.

        1. HAHA! Not intentionally duplicitous…
          That’s exactly what women want you to think. It’s their ‘get out of jail free’ card. They’re all just innocent little angels that don’t know what they’re doing.
          You need to further digest the red pill. Women know exactly what they are doing when they do it. They are not as dumb as you seem to think they are.

  7. The title is misleading. Words as part of the language are not empty. It’s how we used them. Sometimes, we use them a logical sense sometimes we use them in abstract sense. Both are still different types of communication.
    Logic is the “perfect language” and capable of clear communication, it excludes all traces of ambiguity. Women are masters of ambiguity … but so are the wise men too.
    Human communication goes beyond the “cold” world of logic though. We use
    language for telling jokes, cajoling, scolding, gossiping as we need a break
    from logic. Women are more responded in this form of communication, which is
    quite normal considering their nature … but so are men who in general tell better jokes.
    And don’t start me on Jews. LOL

  8. Words are weapons. Sometimes more effective than force and often used to camouflage fraud. Force and Fraud.

  9. I found the book, “What Everybody is Saying,” by Joe Navarro, to be very helpful in getting up to speed on non-verbal communication. Lots of specific examples from his experiences.

    1. Great book. Mannerisms, body language and tone of voice speak volumes about what someone’s intentions are. This whole article should have just referenced that book. It was was written by an ex FBI agent that specializes in this field.

  10. Greeks used to distinguish actions and words by, ergon and logos, respectively. In their terms, you are saying that men are not in harmony with themselves, or rather (and less new agey) the souls of men are disordered. Actions and words (physically spoken and psychically thought) are in discord, which automatically implies the pre-eminence of actions over words. The rational part of men do not rule, hence we are not sovereign. As counterintuitive as it may sound, trusting your gut, and not overthinking things, makes us more sovereign, rational creatures. Therefore good. Therefore happy.

  11. “Words are empty and irrelevant”
    Said by a guy who makes his living writing empty and irrelevant words.

  12. Great article as usual from Jefe.
    This is the truth in the world today. People rarely practice what they preach.
    Commonly, men promise something, and do something else. Only men of high character practice what they preach.
    And of course, Women. What to say about them.
    Never trust a woman for what she says, rather observe for what she does.

  13. Don’t pay attention what a women says, but what she actually does. 99% of the time these are two COMPLETELY different things.

  14. There are a lot of people in the world that will tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes it is to get you off their back, but most of the time is because they want to come through as a positive person… a good person. However, they lack to come through on their words more than half of the time. As long as you know this exists you should be cautious around repeat offenders.
    This article does make a good point about the friend. We have all been that guy who says “It’s okay” when we still aren’t over it. Challenge yourself to use your words to fuel your actions in these situations. Most of the time in these situations we are on the way to being “okay” with what happened. However, when you say it, push yourself to overcome the barrier and truly forgive. Otherwise, let the other person know that there is still tension between you two.

  15. It always surprises me. The truth is, you attract what you’re worth. If you’re a quality, attractive man, you will attract an equally high quality woman.
    The men on ROK attract low quality women, and why should they attract anything of a higher quality? Everyone knows they’re riddled with STD’s, as evidence by some recent article about removing genital warts. The women they get (and very well deserve) are vindictive, boring, nasty, and low quality.
    You get exactly what you’re worth. The only difference is that you’ve been given a collection of ebooks telling you that the crap you’re getting is exactly what you’ve wanted this whole time.

  16. Integrity is a measure of how closely your words and actions match. A person’s value is directly related to his or her integrity. If you’re surrounded by people who’s words are far removed from their actions, you’d be better off getting those people out of your life. And if your own words are far from your own actions, you have LOTS of inner work to do!

  17. This is great.
    One of my principles I live by is do first, tell later.
    I never talk about what I’m going to do.
    I only say what I’ve done.
    Your man,

  18. It was many years ago when I discovered that I could usually tell when someone was lying to me (to my face, that is). And like the article says, the feeling always comes from my gut. I often cant prove that I’m being lied to, but just feel a sense of incongruity between what they say and how they are behaving.
    It is quite, too. A small voice that is easily drowned out by a loud mind. Took me a long time to learn how to listen to that voice.

  19. Ignoring a girl’s words when she says she doesn’t want a particular sexual thing, is a good way to end up in court on a charge of rape. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

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