Why Society Owes Men Sex

A 16-year-old male needs sex for sanity as he needs food, water, or air for survival.  For all of human history, there have been families and clans to guide us to adult roles and help us find mates while we’re still young.  Anyone would have taken it for granted that in return for their contributions and obedience to the customs of the tribe, the tribe would in turn give them a place.

In mass societies, however, there’s always been a steady stream of losers who get nothing in return. If we tried to imagine a chief denying the tribe’s young men sex and status, we know he wouldn’t be alive much longer. For a tribe to exist in peace the needs of most of its people must be met.  When there is no bread, there are bread riots.  When men have no hope of wealth, family, or even of getting sex they withdraw their loyalty to the existing social order and turn to desperate measures. Predictably, across time and place, ‘losers’ will defect.

China has long had a class of men called “bare branches” with no prospects.  Whenever this class got too large, mass defection was the result—a result we see on a grand scale during the decline of the last dynasty, the Qing.  The Taiping rebellion, one of the biggest wars ever, was started by a man who failed to pass the civil service exams after multiple attempts.  Even this war was just one of several massive rebellions caused by masses of rootless men.   Around the same time, organized crime in south China grew so big it threatened the state itself as desperate men joined in droves.

In the Middle East, a region known for polygamy, there are many loser males.  As we see anywhere in the world, when young men despair of being part of society they quickly to turn to desperate measures and radical ideologies. Today, in America, boys are taught from youth that no one owes them anything, that they must prove themselves by “pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.”  They have to prove they aren’t ‘dogs’, ‘pigs’, ‘rapists’, ‘creepers’, or ‘peter pans’ but never is there as single mention of what they get in return.

The trouble with this lesson is that interdependence is society.  Without people helping each other, especially when elders fail to guide the young, there is no society, only a zero sum hell of all against all.  And that is where Western society is now.  If we were to lose all our money tomorrow, we’d all be living on the streets.  No one owes us anything, after all.  And if you do have a steady supply of money, it’s still up to you to figure out everything yourself.  No one in early life trains you or gives you useful information; you just go to school where you’re kept conveniently out of sight most of your young life.  Growing up, everything we’re told about the most important things in life are lies, yet the social order still expects unquestioning obedience. The reality is that a tribe that fails to initiate its young men has rejected them and cast them out.

A tribe that fails to set up its young men with women keeps false faith on its side of the social contract. If they won’t get you a woman they’re telling you you’re worthless—that you don’t deserve to pass down your line.  They don’t want you. A group that values you makes sure you have sexual relationships that bind you to your people and give you a stake that you’ll be willing to defend when the going gets tough.  Because they value you, they want your genes in the next generation

A group that does nothing to help, or outright cockblocks you, is just a parasite that feeds on itself.  It becomes a society of death that  prevents reproduction, setting the sexes against each other, tearing them apart.   It becomes like a planet with an acid atmosphere and crushing gravity; a place hostile to human life.

Helping men find their place and a good woman is the difference between a healthy culture and a pathological cult. The culture reciprocates, enabling its valuable cooperators to thrive.  On the other hand, the cult parasitizes, tricking its men into becoming castrated worker ants while the leaders take all the women.  The cult elders expect a young man to contribute decades of labor, to march into battle without complaint, but cannot even offer him sex.

If you are past your mid-teens with no family, no sex, no social role is in sight, do not fool yourself—you’re the “lost boys” of the Mormon polygamist splinter sects.  The elders are actively malicious towards their boys.  Just a few are chosen as successors, the rest cast out like unwanted pets. The polygamist elders at least are straightforward and honest.  They send away boys they don’t want into another society that just might give them a chance.  They don’t lead them on for decades lying to them while feeding on their labor and loyalty.

When the tribe throws out a young man to live as a stray animal, he can no longer pretend he’s one of them.  Their traditional food, pastimes, language, and values become those of a distant and foreign culture.  He finds himself inhabiting an arid wilderness where once he believed he lived in a ‘civilization’ of abundance and mutual aid.  His only hope is to begin anew.  It’s a crushing and fearful reality, but to live a life of self-deception enslaved to The Many is a fate worse than death.

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  1. If we legalized and regulated prostitution (like Amsterdam and Vegas) then we would basically free men from the clutches of women. This is the main reason feminists are so ardently against it, because women’s hold over men would diminish greatly if it were ever legalized. No more beta orbiters, no more free drinks, no more party.

      1. Rape is a reproductive strategy. Check out orangutans and you’ll see young males practice rape because females are so hypergamous in their species. (They share around 97% of our DNA so that’s why I cited them.) They would almost become extinct if young males didn’t rape and force reproduction. It just wouldn’t be classified as “rape” because the men who think like this would be paying these girls to rape them so it is 100% consensual. So I think the “rape rates” would stay the same because it is a reproductive strategy in men, it’s just the men wouldn’t be criminalized for such behavior if money is involved.

        1. Rape is about power, domination and control and has nothing to do with reproduction. That is one of the worst misapplications of the non-science of Evo-Psych I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them.

        2. which rape? that’s the feminist line – I don’t think its wrong in many cases, but the same feminists who tell us rape is about power, have also extended rape to all situations where consent may not be sufficiently clear e.g. if both parties are drunk. The rape is power line conjures up the very rapist that feminists want to de-emphasise. Having said that sex & power are always involved. There’s always one partner who’s more dominant than the other, male or female, and in different ways power, confidence etc also affects libido, most noticebly in the male by making the whole thing possible in the first place

        3. Q: Why do the aristocracy inbreed?
          A: Because reproduction is a tool of power, domination and control.
          Q: Why does rape go with pillage?
          A: Because reproduction is a tool of power, domination and control.
          No evo-psych involved. Just basic poli-sci.

        4. Haven’t rape rates declined since the advent of porn though? (also the sexual revolution probably had something to do with it)

        5. “Rape is a reproductive strategy.”
          Bull. Ted Bundy had a fiance and they were going to have kids. There was no need for him rape anybody to “reproduce”. Even if he wanted variety, he was a goodlooking enough guy that he could have easily had affairs on the side with several women. Heck, he wouldn’t even have had a problem finding a polyamorous woman willing to have an open marriage. Californians were doing that even back then.

        6. Ridiculous. You’re comparing johns to reproductive rapists? Johns are using condoms, not reproducing. Nor are they forcing themselves on prostitutes but paying them after mutually agreeing to services.

        7. Ted Bundy was one man, who was a thrill killer first and foremost.
          What the hell does he have to do this line of debate?

        8. “Strategy” is a misleading word because it suggests a conscious choice… some kind of scheme. A more appropriate word might be instinct. If rape and murder was not built in to the human genetic code it would not be so ubiquitous in every society on every continent of the globe. If we are close relatives of other great apes and they do it all the time… does it not make sense? I’m not condoning – just explaining.

        9. Wrong. That was the non-scientific, imaginary idea dreamed up by Susan Brownmiller. Below is a link to the more modern science from the NY Academy of Sciences circa 2000. It was totally ignored by the media since it doesn’t fit “the narrative.”
          PS: Saying something is “not about sex” when a man has an erection and achieves orgasm is non-sensical — so it makes sense a feminist would think of it.

        10. So you choose one outlier and make him an example for everyone. That’s like saying Coolio didn’t intend to be a rapper, therefore all rappers stumbled onto their careers by chance.

        11. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Every professional who studies rape, serial killers and other such criminals, everyone of them, has come to the same conclusion: power, domination, control. Susan Brownmiller? What ridiculous fantasyland do you live in? The same one in which uneducated think Evo-Psych is a real science?

        12. You’re wrong blanket boy. If it were about power then older more powerful women would be the main victims.Real rape is not common but most of the victims are young with no power.
          In the US 20k rapes are by negroes on young white women.White men never rape negro females. It’s 0.
          Armchair is correct and it’s a subconscious desire to spread DNA. It’s instinct where the rapist is not aware of the real reason he is behaving the way he is.

        13. Q: Why do the aristocracy inbreed?
          We do not inbreed or we’d end up like the mutant cellar boys on here.
          Q: Why does rape go with pillage?
          The women were taken as wives and it’s called raptio. When men take over an area they take everything on it including the women. The top men like Achilles take the high quality females and the pyjama boys like on here may get the fugly ones.
          And go get an education before posting blog boy.

        14. Serial killers are not the same as rapists.Rape has to do with sex (reproduction) Men who kill are just mutant sadists and it may be about dominance, or the lack of it really, because they are all loser pyjama boys in life.How many serial killers are anything except losers and loners? No, Dexter is a fictional character so don’t confuse things here. I mean in real life.

        15. Bundy was a loser and looked like a psycho. He was a killer and rape was incidental.

        16. He was an up and coming star in the “young Republicans” political scene of California, which means he had social clout. Also, he had a normal, healthy, educated, professional and decent looking fiance, more social proof.

        17. “In the US 20k rapes are by negroes on young white women.White men never rape negro females. It’s 0.”
          LOL at you using ANY type of rape statistics as if they can trusted. ESPECIALLY when black male on white female rape is concerned.
          If anything White women are the #1 offenders of false rape accusations especially when the guy they have second thoughts about is black.

        18. I believe he is using FBI conviction rates (not accusations), I have seen similar numbers myself.

        19. Then again these days, you don’t really need evidence for convictions when it comes to “rape” accusations. For instance the Kobe Bryant “rape” case was absolutely ridiculous. The guy was literally on crutches due to his surgery, the woman comes to his room in the wee hours of the morning and all of sudden she’s “raped” by a superstar who’s surrounded by beautiful women. Not only that, she had multiple semen DNA from three different guys in a span of a week. However, she decided to settle for a $20 million settlement out of court to suffice for the “trauma” she’d suffered (lol). Shit like this happens everyday. God this country has it coming bad.

        20. if you were unconscious and a female/male violated you sexually while you were asleep how would you feel?
          possible risk of stds/stis probably embarrassed, and pain in the anal area if it were a man.
          Consent is the most important thing.

        21. http://www.sarsonline.org/resources-stats/reports-laws-statics
          The Color of Rape
          Among people 12 and older, about 83.5% of the US population is white, and 82.5% of rape victims are white; 13.3% of victims are black, compared to 12.3% of the population; and 4.2% of both victims and the population are of other races. (NCVS, 2000)
          Blacks are about 10% more likely to be attacked than whites. In 2000, there were 1.1 victimizations per 1,000 white people, and 1.2 victimizations per 1,000 black people. (NCVS, 2000)
          Of these approximately 248,000 victims, about 87,000 were victims of completed rape, 70,000 were victims of attempted rape, and 91,000 were victims of sexual assault. (2002 NCVS)

      2. Actually zaqan, human trafficking for the purposes of forced prostitution/sex slavery (including of underaged kids) is legion in Amsterdam.

    1. You should avoid going down the Australia route, though. In super-feminist Australia, prostitution is legal, but prostitutes are allowed and encouraged to turn down clients they don’t like, for any reason, including e.g. skin color. So it’s basically just like the dating scene, except you have to pay as well.
      No one should be forced into sex work, obviously. But there should be some kind of regulation that if you agree to become a prostitute and sign the contract, you won’t discriminate between clients except if there is valid reason for doing so (like, say, an abusive client or risk of STDs).

        1. It’s not that simple. I’ve never hired a prostitute, but I’ve made friends with brothel owners in the AU/NZ region and it’s turned me right off. All too often I’ve seen guys come in, get turned down by everyone, then leave even more frustrated than before. These weren’t hideous quasimodos, they were just normal guys, except they were maybe a bit short or too black. The entitlement culture is insidious and infectious.

        2. Not saying its untrue but it strikes me as absurd to the point where I would have to see it to believe it. I am just some normal pushing 40 dude and I get the exact opposite. Girls begging me to become a regular, offering discounts, asking why I do this, etc. They are in business, they want customers. If you are clean and not more trouble than you are worth, in my experience they beg you for repeats.

        3. The solution is more competition. The more places it is legal, the more
          women will do it. The more they do it, the lower the price gets. Supply
          and demand.

        4. I’m a bit confused by this. These are prostitutes correct? Why would any of them give a shit about a guy’s height? Are they not in this for the money? Race is more understandable given xenophobia, etc.

        5. Think about it. If you could make money doing something as pleasurable (but equally as risky) as sex, wouldn’t you try to max out the pleasurable experience of it and have sex with the most attractive women you possibly could?

      1. This is another example of wanting to have all the benefits and none of the risks. Also, at least those prostitutes are honest about being prostitutes. You can’t say that about a regular girl who is riding the cock carousel.

        1. “This is another example of wanting to have all the benefits and none of the risks.”
          Pfft! Are you saying a guy wants all the benefits and no risks or the prostitutes? They are self employed and can call their own damn shots if they want to.

        2. “if you agree to become a prostitute and sign the contract, you won’t discriminate between clients except if there is valid reason for doing so”
          *READ*. Who says anything about a guy, it’s about prostitutes.

        3. The whole point of buying a prostitute is because of the convenience of not having to deal with regular women inhibitions. If they can discriminate, then most men would rather negotiate with the amateur in self-denial then the professional who is gaming the hungry.
          How you don’t get this is beyond me.

        4. Again, as small, independent business owners, (their business being their own bodies), they have every right to call the shots on how they want to do business and with whom. Don’t like it? Keep looking.

        5. That is true because as a business owner, you have a right to refuse service or entry to your premises to anyone, though in practice this is littered with minefields because you can be accussed or racial or sexual discrimination. I am reminded by bar owners who get into trouble for refusing service to already drunk aboriginals (native Australians who are dark skinned).

        6. That’s right but in reality it is very difficult to apply – as a business owner, you will inevitably be accused of some form of discrimination or another by refusing service to someone you do not believe is a genuine patron.

        7. I guess that legalizing prostitution doesn’t really solve the problem then. Well, the only other route then is massive social collapse.

        8. Prostitutes already discriminate and as far as I can tell, it is not a problem. You have “high-class” prostitutes who discriminate by wealth, and hookers in Amsterdam who won’t sleep with black guys. As Kee says, keep looking. Money talks and the fussy hooker will just earn less money. There’s plenty others who will take your money. I mean really, do you seriously care about a hooker who thinks she is too good for you?

        9. Good reason why there should not be a law regulating discrimination of any kind. Your property, your rules.

        10. Because this Kee bitch is a female troll that needs to be banned ASAP.
          Thats why she doesnt get it.

        11. Bzzz. Try again.
          Federal and state laws in the U.S. make it very clear that business (including small businesses) may not discriminate against potential customers in most cases. And even if the business claims it’s discriminating for a lawful reason (“oh, he’s too ugly to fuck”) — surveys and data and hidden camera video can easily show that her reason is tied to an unlawful reason (e.g, she mostly turns down, say, men under 5’8″ or Asian men as “too ugly”).

        12. It is a big scandal that Arizona now wants to allow companies or employees to refuse service to certain people for religious convictions.
          Still not for random reasons. So discrimination for personal dislikes would be discriminatory, according to most laws. Personally I find these laws wrong, but ……
          In Germany, prostitution is a profession like any other. So, a brothel owner went to the federal employment agency demanding employees, or independent contractors. In Germany, after a certain time on unemployment benefits, a person MUST accept any job. Needless to say, they invented an exception that a woman is NOT obliged to accept prostitution work.

        13. It sounds counterintuitive but legalizing prostitution has proven to only exacerbate illegal sex trafficking, including the trafficking of young girls and boys.
          Amsterdam is a hot bed for the trafficking mafia.
          I think the best approach is for sex workers to work completely independently from establishments and outlets. Just take a private home and do business from there very low key. It seems like the mafia works in tandem with establishments and outlets, such as the kinds of window places you see in Amsterdam.

        14. ” Needless to say, they invented an exception that a woman is NOT obliged to accept prostitution work.”
          You mean a “sex worker” is not obliged. Remember that no small number of men are sex workers also.

      2. I can see how it may seem that way but it really is a just a supply side problem of an overpriced service. Same deal in Canada as in Oz. It’s legal in ho houses and the only problem is the level of service for the price. No different than some pretend psuedo trendy restaurant selling you steak and a 150% marked up bottle of vino served by a hot 20 something. Both are ridiculously overpriced. At least the steak I can do better myself and get the vino at the liquor store for 1/3 the price. This overpriced services shit is a serious developed nation problem in my book. My cleaning lady charges $35/hr for fucks sakes.
        BTW, I blame all of this cost inflation on the welfare state and food bank like charities.

        1. I don’t know, in Amsterdam last year I paid 60 Euro for a roll in the hay just to say I did. She was a solid 9 Czech girl that knew her shit in bed and was very safe. (i.e. very careful with protection, which I appreciated) and in Montreal (for kicks) I had a solid 7 for an hour that went ’round the world’ for 90 minutes and 175 dollars. Again, very safe. Who wants dick rot?
          I tried twice in the US, the first was a black that got shown the door when she had no condoms but offered me full service anyway. (Yuck) You think I’m going to raw dog a full time ho? I don’t raw dog the girls I’m with for a couple of weeks.
          The second? She was sweet enough, and safe, but only a solid 6. Not like face ugly or fat, but her teeth (crooked as all hell) were distracting. She knew how to ride a cock though.
          My preference is making it legal. Hookers let you get your dick wet when you really want to and don’t want to deal with shit from a woman. Then you never have to go out desperate and trash your game.

        2. “BTW, I blame all of this cost inflation on the welfare state and food bank like charities.”
          Nonsense. There is mass oversupply in our food chain. They can’t get rid of the stuff fast enough. And food banks take rejected food with an expiration date of the next day.

        3. Or you could buy $60 worth of drinks for some slut at the bar with the same intrinsic value as a prostitute

        4. At least with the prostitute, you don’t have to run the risk of the girl expecting a continuous sum of time, attention, and essentially your fucking soul paid to her well after the sex is done.

        5. You blanket blog boys must be from the bottom 20% of society because you know absolutely nothing about anything and your females all sound like the dregs of womankind.
          Wine is marked up more than 150% even at some sleaze bar and the usual markup is 200-300%. You morons just don’t get it. Do you think you’re just paying for the wine when you’re at the bar of the 21 Club? There are people serving you, expensive glasses that sometimes break,proper storage of the wine (these are not retail warehouses) etc etc
          And personally I’d make it a rule to add a service charge of 20% to the bill because many losers leave no tip which means they are able to eat with a better class of people at 20% off.

        6. You sound like you love wasting money on overpriced bullshit. A scammer’s wet dream…
          There’s a sucker born every minute.

        7. >> Hookers let you get your dick wet when you really want to
          but also you say:
          >> careful with protection
          >> Again, very safe
          Joe, don’t flush your money down the toilet. Just buy a bottle of KY jelly, rub on on and rub it around. Will save you $175/hour

        8. Or you could buy no drinks, pay no hooker and still get the same intrinsic value… 🙂

        9. What does the cleaning lady charge for the actual cleaning or does she throw that in with the fucks?

        10. So right, isn’t it a shame that a woman gives you her body and, god forbid, expect something in return </sarcasm

        11. To you, does “something” mean sabotaged contraception, no-fault divorce, and lifetime alimony? If so, then you just overpriced your vagina in a way similar to a convenience store might overcharge a package of Twinkies by one million dollars.

        12. Supply/demand. Remember this and tattoo it on your eyelids: you want sex vastly more than we do. IOW if my vagina is so overcharged, why do you keep coming back for more? If women are such irrational creatures who cannot be trusted WHY do you keep going back for more?

        13. Point that “you” in another direction, because I couldn’t give a fuck about having sex anymore… It just isn’t worth the hassle and bullshit when I can just as easily rub one out by myself within twenty minutes. You see, after the baby batter flies, the clarity kicks in and then I can happily tell you “pay your own damn bills, you fat narcissistic slamhog.”

        14. On behalf of the women of the world – we thank you for giving up on us – you’ve made us all much happier. And while you’ve gotten women out of your life, you are still a miserable bastard. How’s that worldview working out for you?

      3. If prostitutes continue to turn down men in super-feminist Australia, the day won’t be far off when brothels there would become live bestiality clubs.
        Imagine these feminist prostitutes, then being encouraged and paid to have sex with Kangaroos. And then dodge blows from a Kangaroo if they turn it down.

        1. “If prostitutes continue to turn down men in super-feminist Australia,
          the day won’t be far off when brothels there would become live
          bestiality clubs.”
          Bull. There’s no dearth of guys who they will accept as clients.

      4. And no doubt legalized sex work has not “freed” men or stifled the boyfriend, relationship and marriage rates, has it? I don’t know why commenters here think legalized prostitution will somehow set men free or create less boyfriends and husbands. It won’t. It doesn’t in places its legalized and it never has.
        However it might make sex work mainstream to the point where their educated daughters, sisters, girlfriends and wives think nothing at all of making a career out of it.

      5. >but there should be some kind of regulation that if you agree to become a prostitute and sign the contract, you won’t discriminate between clients except if there is valid reason for doing so (like, say, an abusive client or risk of STDs).
        flip it on its head man, have no regulations besides right to sue for an inferior product after sale, and basic health checks for pro’s. the market decides which ho houses are the best, and cater for what man. regulations lead to costs which mean fewer competitors in the market, mom and pop brothels would go into decline. so the feministy bullshit chains you see in Oz would become the norm.
        the best way to encourage business is stop making the barrier to entry [pardon the pun] so damn high.
        there are issues with amsterdam and germany as well. the price and regulations around these sex workers are prohibitively expensive.
        and as someone better versed than I said, you can track a countries decline in freedom and liberties with its increasing sexual openness and sexual freedom.
        i’d rather have a stable of a few regular girls, then a robotic sportfuck with a pro every 6 days. [there’s a place for sportfucks in the world sure as well as trying different kinks, but not all the time]
        its the whole bread and circuses deal to keep people medicated on sluts while the country goes to shit

      6. Australia is the most shallow country on Earth. IF you are not a 7.5/10 male out of 10, you will be sexless

        1. That’s only because even very low value guys insists on getting the best of the best. Guys who are 4s and 5s insists on going for 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s only – like some ego thing is happening and totally ignore 6s and below – even women at their own SMV level. They justify this (encouraged by the manosphere) by saying NAWALT so might as well go for top shelf. If that is not male hamstering, I don’t know what is.

        2. Girls who are 5s 6s and 7s either go for the very best (entitlement) or very unattractive useless men (insecurity on the part of the girls). What is an average looking guy supposed to do when his SMV match doesn’t go for guys in the same league?

      7. Even the high end pristitutes in Australia are chubby and haggard. They provide a terrible service at an extremely high cost. It’s such a closed market because you need to travel a long distance to get anything worth your salt.

      8. So the moment a woman becomes a prostitute, as long as man has the appropriate amount of cash, the woman will be forced to sleep with him? How will this be enforced? Would a court step in, have bailiffs hold her down while the man completes the contract?
        To me this is a massive blow for freedom of association. No one should be forced to transact with anyone.

    2. when we do legalize it, There should be no shame in using one like women no longer have stigma of not being a virgin. If its ok to be a whore then its ok to be a whore mongerer.

      1. That’s idealistic, it’s legal in plenty of countries and men still have to hide and lie because people still think anyone paying for sex can’t get it otherwise.

        1. Only in “western” countries where there are plenty of women who will “put out” for men they find attractive. In more “tradional” socities (which tend to be more pragmatic as well), prostitution is seen as a necessary “evil” to service men working away from their wives, with wives who are sick, with wives who simply won’t put out or with wives whom they only married for pratical/family/community reasons.

        2. Does a man who can get it otherwise really give two shits about what “people think”?

        3. Fundamentally I agree with maintaining a good reputation but I think this depends on context. I don’t broadcast many things I do to people at work or to my mother but amongst friends different rules apply.

        4. What people have to realize is that all women are all whores. They only differ in their price, currencies and terms of payment. This should break it down pricing in USA for you:
          $1 – $999 = prostitute
          $1000 – $9999 = escort.
          $10000 -$99999+’your dick’ = girlfriend.
          ‘All your money’+’your dick’+’your soul’ = wife.
          Only male porn stars get it for free(cause the viewer pays).
          What is illegal is only cash for short term contracts. Women that demand prostitution be illegal are like the retailers that want to ban Walmart. They hate them cause the undersell. So they make up lies like all prostitutes are forced into it or they are mostly underage.
          Women should learn to embrace the whoring that is in their DNA. Men evolved to create technology, medicine, art, music, etc… Why? Because women demanded these of men this in exchange for sex. A female dog doesn’t demand anything when she’s in heat. She just lets the horny dogs fuck her. So male dogs never evolved to do anything except fight off other dogs.
          Humans are the way we are because women demanded this of men as a condition for sex. Human females are the biggest bitches of any species. We should embrace this, not deny it.

        5. All societies, modern and traditional, have conflict over prostitution. That conflict owes primarily to religion, and almost nothing to whether women in that country “put out”… they do, whether traditional or modern.

        6. What you do not “get” is that the human female CAN have sex whenever we want. All we ask is you treat us nicely. Other mammals can only of sex when they are in heat. Men should all have temples in every home to the menstrual cycle. Barney, please, do us human females a favor and go live in a cave and see how many lady bears will fuck you.
          PS We don’t owe you a fucking thing you piece of crap.

        7. that’s a load of claims, can you support any of those though? the last time I built, repaired or “invented” something for myself I didn’t do it because a woman told me she would have sex with me in return. Maybe losers like you don’t, but alot of men just strive to advance technologically, out of own interest. has nothing to do with sex.

      2. “There should be no shame in using one like women no longer have stigma of not being a virgin.”
        Nor should there be any shame in being one or having one in your family. But that’s not the case even today with porn actors. Heck, at Duke University, which is renowned as a “party school” a mere porn actor is being bullied for her job choice.

        1. its weird though that when feminists complain about the “double standard” of the slut-stud paradox. They always forget that that the woman is always praised for being a virgin while the guy would be deemed as weird for being one. If they really are into “equality” they would bring this issue to the light.

        2. Seems to have somewhat of a party culture. From Bro Bible:

          Bar/Club Scene:
          Shooters II gained national infamy thanks to the Karen Owen Powerpoint,

          It’s not Arizona State, it’s not UVa. But you know that already. Duke’s looks (for girls and guys, let’s be honest) aren’t great, but there’s a
          surprising amount of talent congregated in a few sororities and spread among the independents. […]

          Google searching shows a lot of mentions of the (decent, but not fantastic) partying there.

        3. Having spent a lot of time in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham area, I can promise you Duke is not a party school at all. I don’t think any school with that academic rigor can compare to less demanding schools. It doesn’t attract the type of students nor does it afford them the time to waste getting drunk/high.

        4. I’d have to disagree there. Men often value virginity in a woman as a sign of purity and innocence. In my experience, women really could care less if a woman is a virgin or not. It’s simply not important. More often than not, they simply ask “well, do you want to be a virgin?” If yes, then “Okay, cool.” If not, then “I’ll help you out. I know some single guys.”

        5. Duke Lacrosse Team came under heat some years ago for hiring strippers at their bacchanal.

        6. What DevilsAdvocate says below…. I also never heard of women “praising” other women for being virgins. It simply doesn’t matter to them. It does however still matter to some men in a few extremely conservative cultures.

        7. I am well aware of that incident. I was partying in chapel hill routinely with a shirt that said “Duke Lacrosse: Guess whose DNA it was.” That does not in anyway justify identifying the school as a “party” school.

        8. Dude, google “slut shaming” we’ve been screaming about it for years.

        9. If they are religious ones they do. There’s always pressure because men appear to value virgins – god knows why.

      3. There is an easy solution to the shame problem. Just don’t talk about it and go to the brothel in the next town over where no one knows you. Problem solved.

    3. “If we legalized and regulated prostitution (like Amsterdam and Vegas)
      then we would basically free men from the clutches of women….No more beta
      orbiters, no more free drinks, no more party.”
      Bull. Nowhere has legalized prostitution lessened the percentages of boyfriends and husbands. It might have served to make sex work appear to be a more socially acceptable career track however.
      How would you feel about university educated, professionally trained sex surrogates? This was once a burgeoning field here in the States until it was outlawed.
      Would you see a conflict between being somebody’s spouse and having your profession be “sex surrogate”? Would you see a conflict between being married to someone who was a professional sex surrogate?

      1. “If we legalized and regulated prostitution (like Amsterdam and Vegas) then we would basically free men from the clutches of women….No more beta orbiters, no more free drinks, no more party.”

        Bull. Nowhere has legalized prostitution lessened the percentages of boyfriends and husbands.

        Boyfriends =/= beta orbiters
        Husbands =/= beta orbiters
        Strawman ineffective. Not that prior comment was 100% correct.

    4. No, I disagree. Having sex with a professional whore is not as satisfying as charming and seducing a nubile young hottie. Part of the enjoyment of sex is creating a connection with another person, but prostitutes completely shut that aspect off, they have to. Young hot women though can still allow themselves to fall for you, which is what is really the enjoyable thing, so I don’t think prostitution is the best answer.

      1. I agree. I do not even try to date in Florida, where i live. Instead, I visit Thailand or the Philippines once or twice a year. There are different types of prostitutes. Most people think of the 1 hour short-time variety. You are right. It’s not too enjoyable, because there is very little connection.
        A little better is the free-lancer you meet in a bar. You drink, dance and talk for a couple hours before making your choice. The connection is better and it feels more like a true date. And she is very professional about the whole thing – which non prostis are not.
        Then there is the cute babe looking for a relationship. You meet on a dating site or FB and agree to meet. Assuming you click when you meet, you invite her to spend the night in your bed. Maybe you take her somewhere scenic for a few days. It’s like ur on a honeymoon. You give her some money at the end because you know she is dirt poor and needs it. You promise to see her next time – and maybe you do.
        The main thing is attitude. Young babes who WANT to be with you – short or long time – is the key. They are all legitimate gf prospects and you are doing the screening. It’s like the show The Bachelor! Girls call me a playboy, but because I treat them with respect and pay them, they are always available with more love.
        By the way, I loved this article. Somehow, everyone started talking about prostitution. We really need to return to Men as Kings. Stop putting females on pedestals.

        1. I agree with you. And in fact over there in the Philippines I once met a free-lancer at the club who was just there looking to make a little extra money to pay her electric bill lol. One very hot one I was with was going to school and just came to work once or twice a month. After a pretty awesome threesome with her and her friend I gave them each a nice little “christmas present”. Another favorite of mine that I visited each year even called me her boyfriend. So the stigma and formality of it is very laid back and subtle, its not so black and white and its all very fun and easy-going.
          That legalized garbage they have in Australia sounds horrible.
          And from the sound of the Australian females in general, I think if I was an Australian guy Id either get the fuck out of there asap or just cut my fucking dick off.

        2. Right but those Fillipina “free-lancers” are doing exactly what the Aussie pros are doing: being selective and screening for the men whom they WANT to accept money from.

        3. That has absolutely nothing to do with my comment bitch.
          Now let me ask you a simple and easy question that your little rabbit-sized brain can probably comprehend;
          Exactly what are you doing here on a Mens website, written for MALES ONLY, that expressly forbids and bans cunts like yourself?

    5. Germany legalized prostitution, the competition is high between whorehouses, etc. Yet beta orbiters are legion, free drinks are very common and girls still have the upper hand.

    6. Price controls are needed as well. Its really unfair to pay more than say oh, $35 for a nice hour long fuck.
      Thats about all its worth.
      Heck, even saw they were advertising haircuts up the street for 6.99. So I think thats pretty fair.

      1. Street walkers desperate to get money for their fix often provide services for less than that so have at it.
        Bargain hunters can’t expect to be served breakfast at Tiffany’s from Holly Golightly.

    7. Actually, many feminists support the legalization of prostitution in order to protect women (and girls, you may be surprised to know it is not uncommon for girls as young as twelve to be forced into prostitution) from exploitation and forced prostitution as well as ensuring the workers have rights.
      Believe it or not, women have bigger goals in life than to lord their sexual powers over you. If you cannot find a willing woman on your own, perhaps you should look at how you treat them. If you hold the attitude perpetuated on this site, that’s your problem right there (“society owes me sex, who cares how I act or whether women find me attractive” and another article “no means yes, if you rape her she’ll be grateful”).

      1. “Actually, many feminists support the legalization of prostitution in
        order to protect women (and girls, you may be surprised to know it is
        not uncommon for girls as young as twelve to be forced into
        prostitution) from exploitation and forced prostitution as well as
        ensuring the workers have rights.”
        Accept it has not worked out that way in Amsterdam and other areas where prostitution is legal. Illegal human trafficking is legion there.

    8. Feminists are against legalized prostitution? Some are; some aren’t. I actually think the average feminist would be more likely to support legalized prostitution than the average non-feminist women. I troll around feminist sites, and I see so much pro sex work rhetoric.

    9. “If we legalized and regulated prostitution (like Amsterdam and Vegas) then we would basically free men from the clutches of women.”
      Sane men, not the douchebags on this site, need and want more than sex, like companionship and love, real companionship and love, not a prostitute. And I’m just gonna assume you don’t care about the women who have no choice but to prostitute themselves.

    10. First off, prostitution is not legal in Vegas, you have to go to the rural counties at least an hour outside of Vegas or Reno. The last thing the casinos, bars, strip clubs and restaurants want is men giving their money to hookers instead of them. Vegas relies on a steady stream of sexually frustrated men from around the country for business. Plus the wives and girlfriends would never go or allow their guy to go if it were openly legal in the city.
      But you are right, prostitution prohibition is basically a conspiracy to drive up the price with feigned moral indignation.

    11. It’s not legal in Vegas. It’s legal in Nevada outside of major cities, one of which is Vegas.

  2. Call this a broken societal contract. When the grand compromise of marriage was abolished, men were bullied into upholding their side for the good of society while women were allowed to abuse that good faith. You see this everywhere. Our fathers lost the balls to enforce consequences upon women, which caused the pickle we’re in now.
    Any possible restoration will certainly require men taking power to enforce consequences on women. If that’s not possible, the barbarians will be at the gates.

    1. Our fathers didn’t lose the ball, the Government passed No-Fault divorces laws to create the current divorce industry which brings them double revenue from a divorced couple. Think about it.
      Nothing the Gov. does is by accident, trust me they have thousands of experts on all the fields studying us, figuring out new ways to take our cash away.

      1. Its too late. The ‘elites’ won. Apparently we are supposed to console ourselves with attempting to slay lots of poosey whilst society heads further South. The barbarians at the gate are owned by the same elite sending us down. They will come to suffer the same fate as us and it’s no wonder they want us to leave them the f*ck alone, they’re that scared of our horrid self-destructive societal ideals contaminating their societies.

    2. But the barbarians are probably the only potential restorers of that consequence enforcement you speak of anyway.

    3. Oh, our future society is going to be a dark one. Many women (and men) have enabled this horrific future. We cannot change women who are adult and have become indoctrinated with feminist dogma. They’re like cancer to the health of a society and are rapidly killing the patient. Even the barbarians wouldn’t try to change our women; they’d mostly section them off as being a danger to social stability.

  3. Until people start waking up and realize the Government is behind all our problems, then things will change.
    Most RoK readers have no IDEA how bad the Gov. is controlling us and creating this nasty hell hole of America.
    Everyone is ignoring the fucking giant red elephant in the room!
    Sheeples will never learn until they are locked up in a concentration camp.

    1. It’s not the government. It is macroscopic social, cultural, and economic forces, of which the government is only one small part.

      1. Haha…wait until the Government takes all our firearms and see if the Gov. only plays a small role in our culture.
        Don’t be fooled by the deception.
        The FCC controls the media.
        The private Feds controls our welfare.
        The Gov. who WE ELECTED is 100% at FAULT for turning their backs on us and continuing to screw taxpayers (coercion) to bail out the Feds and Goldman Sachs.
        Also the Gov. is responsible for the high business taxes that limits business growth and jobs.
        Don’t get me started on DARPA that hordes 100 years of advanced technology from the public marketplace that could create new jobs.

        1. DARPA enables advanced technology, it doesn’t horde it. DARPA made the internet possible, among many other innovations. It is one of the major programs through which the federal government funds basic science research.

        2. If you had a free energy device and you were a banker, would you want others to be freed from your control by having access to such a device. Google Nikolas Tesla and his inventions, such as wireless free energy, discovered in 1899, but was ‘disappeared’ by the US government. Years ago i thought 9/11 was muslims – now I question that narrative. This is not tinfoil hat territory – if you are like the bankers who have not been prosecuted after the crash, you use every method to ensure your advantage over the population/enemy – which is us.

        3. There will be one up every city block (drones that is) as obama has signed off for 30 000 of them.

        4. There is no such thing as ‘free energy.’ Prove, mathematically, that it even could exist before you assume it does. Talking about this shit makes you look stupid, because it’s flat-earth bullshit that ignorant folks use to try to forget that they have no critical thinking skills. Talk like this shit was goofed on in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Put down your crayons and pick up a copy. Until then, please sit quietly and let the grown ups talk.

        5. You’re missing the point. Research is ‘spirited away’ never to be seen again. Any useful tech is removed from public consumption and we are given tech that ensures greater control over us. You are not thinking. You cannot even reason out what kind of argument I am trying to make. You don’t know what is possible because we are all mortal and fallible. You are not all-knowing, so you do not know what is possible and what isn’t.

        1. Mabye I know something you don’t. Mabye I had known members of the aristocracy and think tanks.

        2. No. No you don’t, or this childlike owl-eyed credulity wouldn’t be here. Although I walked away from it happily, I’ve got a doctorate in neurophysiology and lived off of DARPA grants all the way through grad school. I spent 2 of those at a tech at MIT’s Alcator reactor, modeling thermal diffusion patterns in turbulent plasma before settling into my doctoral work. DARPA has black projects that I know nothing about, except that they’re incredibly well-documented in preparation for the inevitable unveiling, because nothing escapes the eventual reveal.

    2. The government does not grow by accident. We cannot ignore the social factors driving government oppression that comes as a result of democracy.

  4. Most tribal societies have comming of age rituals to separate alphas from betas. When the men fail, they are simply shunned from the tribe and won’t be able to find a mate. That’s just nature.

    1. And those same tribal societies are full of murder and civil wars. Humans had to move beyond nature to produce civilization.

        1. I don’t believe in “noble savages” that have wonderful lives. There’s never been a paradise.
          But ‘unfit’ would mean something very different in a society where there is truly important work to be done and survival is at stake.
          Mass societies have always been pyramid schemes since the very first cities.
          It’s hard to imagine a tribe where everyone encounters face-to-face allowing a top few percent to take everything while still enthusiastically helping out and considering themselves part of the group.

        2. What I’m pointing to is that nature, no matter the specie, always finds a way of casting unfit males away from the gene pool. MGTOWs are no different than lone wolves. Well directed intellect still holds value in this reproductive market believe it or not.

      1. Civilization is part of nature. We never ceased being part of it.
        There is no “moving beyond” nature by forming empires any more than one can break laws of physics.
        It’s silly we say a beehive is part of nature while a city is not.
        Change just means living things have to adapt to new stressors.
        The divide we draw is a false one; one that lies at the bedrock of the enlightenment tradition that pervades everything we think.

    1. I agree however I would like to add that to get what you want with cards stacked so much against men (sexual to economic) the men should be ready to shed all paralysing useless and antiquated morals and go for the kill.
      You need to go all out or else it is your fault.

      1. Typical Irish bitch, ignore her. Her ilk are responsible for most of the lads I know being depressed as fuck, or itching to leave the country.

        1. Why are these phaggots responding to her??
          We have an informal “NO replies to female comments” policy in effect now.

    2. If that is your stance, then you must also agree that young men are under no obligation to act in good faith or in the best interests of society in general. Just like they’re “allowed” to re-enact the French Revolution, if they become too displeased with the current order of things.
      Ultimately, you have a choice to make. We either form a cohesive society that at the very least tries to fulfill the needs of all of it’s members. Or we’re merely a collection of individual agents, each ruthlessly acting in our own self-interest, everything else be damned.
      If you choose the latter. Alright, no problem. We will see in due time who blinks first.

        1. They are suffering the consequences of a broken society. They just don’t know it and don’t have enough perspective to see the big picture.

        2. It’s a pity, isn’t it… Does a bad guy truly get his comeuppance if he’s too dumb / lacking perspective to understand what’s happening to him and why it’s happening? It doesn’t feel like a satisfying conclusion.
          The wimmenz are digging their own graves, and they’ll remain none the wiser about it to the bitter end.

    3. That’s a bullshit position and if you carry it to its logical conclusion there is no point in building a society whatsoever.

    4. You’re on the wrong site..
      This is “Return of Kings”. Not “Return of Kunts” – where you should be commenting.
      So, GTFO.
      GTFO – Grand Troll Fuck Off

    5. Just like you EARNED being born a woman with several men trying to get in your vagina.
      Just like you EARNED being born at a time where humans live up to 80 instead of 30 due to good health and vaccinations.
      Just like you EARNED being born in a country where people speak English.
      Just like you EARNED not being born blind or retarded.
      Just like you EARNED being born in a country where millions die of starvation.
      Nobody really “earns” anything in life. Everything is down to genetics and environment, life chances wise. The best lives are the ones with people born in the right environment with a silver spoon in their mouths where they’ve never had to work for anything.
      While you women make calls and surf the internet with your trendy iPhones, people in China who work for a pittance are committing suicide in Foxconn factories. That suffering Chinese person deserves and is entitled to an iPhone much more than you are.
      In a perfect world, we are owed absolutely everything. Whilst 60% of bankruptcies in America are due to healthcare bills, countries like Britain and Canada have free healthcare. Would you say Americans aren’t owed healthcare?
      In a perfect egalitarian equal and nice world, we are owed absolutely everything, even sex. 😉

      1. The problem isn’t entitlement. If I get sex when I’m unemployed and display violence (true story) as opposed to its converse, which behaviour is that society going to see more of?

  5. I remember early 20 went I finish all those painful years of school that felt like doing time in prison. I first taught: I’m now free!
    My life as a productive member of society, has a man will start! I will contribute to something important! Right!
    The following years of my life where so depressing! Realizing each day that this was just another prison … that I was just another slave of this meaningless system that doesn’t care of his own men.
    All the free pass are always for women! What a big joke! I wish my dad would have taught my about entrepreneurship when I was teen instead of teaching me how to be a good slave and how women are equal to men!
    I believe that those who are strong enough to stand up are rewarded by becoming even stronger.

    1. Don’t blame your dad, he -just like many fathers- probably didn’t know any better than to immerge you in society’s rather dreadful expectations.

      1. Maybe but today with all the information we have on the internet, having kids and putting them thru the slave- indoctrination program called ‘School’ is 100% your fault and it’s morally wrong.
        If you are awaken from the matrix, having kids in the matrix is morally wrong unless you have a farm or are very wealthy.

        1. In ’69 and ’70 I was a political refugee from the American school system living in Mexico. Part of that time I spent in Cuernavaca, where Ivan Illich was writing Deschooling Society:
          Already in 1939, Stephen Leacock, professor of economics at McGill University, had published Too Much College:
          We knew. The information wasn’t hidden. It was available to anybody who would take the trouble to go to a library to look it up and was a topic of social discussion.

      2. Yeah, I don’t blame … I guess back in that time the were less aware of how mass mind control works… I think, It’s not about blaming the past screw-up, but about the action we take today! We definitively need to reverse this epidemic of feminist insanity!

  6. I’m not buying it.
    The author, whether he knows it or not, is conflating covert contracts with social constructs. I’m inclined to blame Special Snowflake syndrome here, but I’m not 100% sure that’s the majority reasoning in use here. A covert contract, to wit, is when you do something for someone else, and expect a reward WITHOUT having discussed your expectations or having agreed upon contracting with the other party.
    And this is the problem- I’m unaware of any culture, anywhere in all of human history, that rewards you with a wife on completion of successful social intercourse.
    OK, families handle that early on in some cultures (East Indies). Others, you handle it yourself, whether through actual signed and witnessed contracts (Traditional Judaism, Western Christians), kidnapping or acts of derring-do (ancient European cultures), or as spoils of war (pretty much everyone, at some point in history). Regardless, it’s never been something handed out like blocks of cheese at the ghetto, or being handed a toaster for signing up for a checking account.
    Most of us are here because we recognize a sick culture… most of us with a little more education under our hats, however, recognize the primacy of the individual over society- honestly, would you WANT to belong to a culture that handed you some bim like a dog getting a cookie for learning not to shit next to the coffee table?
    No, I think the author was off the rails from paragraph one.
    So, with what looks to me like a complete dumspter fire of a central premise, where do you go? Christ, I hope I’m missing some central point that makes me dead wrong. Still, speaking as a man who has had some success by learning where and when to play their games and where to walk away, this comes off as a giant case of sour grapes.

    1. You’re not missing any point, you’re just failing to see the big picture.
      > OK, families handle that early on in some cultures (East Indies).
      Others, you handle it yourself, whether through actual signed and
      witnessed contracts (Traditional Judaism, Western Christians),
      kidnapping or acts of derring-do (ancient European cultures), or as
      spoils of war (pretty much everyone, at some point in history).
      That’s pretty much exactly what op is saying. In most traditional cultures, you become initiated into the tribe and that gives you means and preparation to go out and do your thing, and the tribe will facilitate your efforts and help you if it can. After you’ve gained experience and wisdom you do your part to train and help the next generation of young men. But in modern society, young men are not only left completely to their own devices, they’re actually hurt by society. And when they look around and see they have failed, society shrugs it off by telling them they’re not owed anything.

      1. Many are not given the tools today to have what their parents had.
        We’re simply told to shut up and get a job (that don’t exist, have been offshored, of are still employing boomers).
        We’re told to be happy with our retarded iphones.
        We’re constantly lied to, with the vast majority of boomers regurgitating the lies like the indoctrinated sheeple they are (some are innocent of this).
        The lies hurt us like hell and many have come to realize we have no real future. That we’re just slaves if we stay.

    2. The problem is that white males have basically been sold a bill of goods since birth.
      I dont think the authors premise was to convey that men should have the privilege of having fair and equal opportunities to find a mate once reaching adulthood — but that men are strung along since they are children, and taught to believe that if they play by the rules, play nice boys, then they will be rewarded.
      Unless they have been born wealthy or with exceptional facial and body appearance — Young white men just plain need to be told they are fucked in life here in the US and not to expect too much. Society, Social Media, TV, Movies, dumbfuck parents and relatives and females have gotten the males hopes too high. These are the groups with the vested interest in keeping the white males supple and enslaved.

      1. In the poorest parts of India, they sell the ‘Bollywood’ (their version of Hollywood) dream of being able to live the dream. The workers know its a fantasy, but for a quick couple of hours of bread-and-circus, they can escape the doldrums of their life. It is remarkable how easy it is to buy off a person to become a voluntary slave, with that person’s consent.
        The media feeding us all this BS is designed as a simple and easy way to buy off most of us.

        1. “The media feeding us all this BS is designed as a simple and easy way to buy off most of us.”
          Or, in a capitalist society – its a simple and easy way to make a buck. In India with Bollywood, as in China and Hong Kong with late end of the 20th century chop-socky flicks it allowed the proles a way to get away from the mundane grind of life for a few minutes and live vicariously through their fav on-screen hero.
          But now in the West, the dollar movie ticket was replaced by protein powder, $3000 carbon fiber triathlon bikes, rock-climbing gear ad infinitum.
          Nobody is “buying off” anybody is my point.
          These fuckers are all just trying to make a buck. Thats all.
          Spend your money wisely. And spend your emotions and feelings even more wisely.

      2. Nah, I call bullshit. You choose your path based on the potential for success- the smarter you are in this, the better your potential reward.
        I accept that most people refuse to take responsibility for their own choices. You CAN survive in the middle of the herd, but our special snowflakes fail to make the connection between exceptionalism and risk/reward… thus we have a glut of MBA’s ‘working’ at unpaid internships and not enough electrical contractors licensed to do housecalls at $130/hr.
        The real shame is that there isn’t enough interest in developing critical thinking skills, which results in, among other things, people of average intelligence overestimating their ability, and the special snowflakes’ willful blindness to worshiping mediocrity in their lives.
        You want a recipe for success? Starting young, learn a trade that PAYS and has intrinsic stability… Like me, moving oil on the water. Everyone needs fuel, regardless of the economy. Maybe quit listening to failures and stop listening to people who thrived from the middle of the herd.
        And cut the revolutionary talk about being repressed. This is a PHENOMENAL time to be white and a westerner. What’s your selective service number again?
        You make your own way, and you block your own way. People here talk about how no one cares about you… and that means that no one cares if you fail… or if you succeed. So, if no one cares that you do well or not, why aren’t you doing well? Maybe it’s a matter of getting out of the herd of guys who complain about the mediocrity of being smack in the fucking herd.
        Talkers > doers.
        Tell you what. Want to make $2,000 a week on day one in a new job? Go get a job on a tugboat. A fucking retard can do it. A non-retard can break 6 figures inside of 2-3 years. When I offer this opportunity to friends who hate their office jobs, they complain they can’t smoke weed, have to be away 14 days a month, and work outside… all I hear is “I don’t want to be financially secure with lifetime job security 6 months from now.”
        with universal apathy is that no one cares if you succeed, either.

        1. Though I appreciate your reply — I dont see where you addressed my comments at all. I see you went off on a tangent about success (which really wasnt the premise, nor the qualifier in the original article). You also alluded to your own success in a roundabout but slightly boastful manner.
          Which, being an avid RoK reader is nothing I personally frown upon. In fact, Id even be interested in hearing your story. I think many here enjoy those type of articles and the personal insight they provoke. Please consider submitting one to RoK if you have the time and inclination.
          As for myself, I was able to break from the middle of the “herd”. And I certainly agree with you about oil and energy.
          Luckily, I dont have to work on a tugboat, though I certainly wouldnt ever turn down the challenge.
          I do hold some rather large equity positions in several Oil E & P companies and refiners – so I do tend to follow the industry quite closely.
          Thanks for your reply, and hope you will consider writing an article. I myself am working on one right now. It will be my first and do hope Roosh and team will accept it.

        2. I guess I danced around it a bit, but here, where we applaud ourselves for seeing reality for what it is, there’s still a massive amount of solipsism-about a vague, many-headed conspiracy that prevents white men from achieving success via traditional pathways. Nothing prevents success more than a shitty expectation of failure or creating boogeymen to blame rather than owning one’s own shit. No woman, no ethnic group, no government, no -ism, no conspiracy, real or fake, has set up men to fail more than their own fear, and that’s where this post falls flat. There’s enough fear and shame here, and it should be contained before it spreads. IF we are men, we need to be men. I’m just not seeing it in the author’s writing. I’m seeing an angtsty post-teens dissembling treatise on who’s fault it is on why he doesn’t have hot and cold running pussy in his shithouse.
          This is connected to the author’s point here, where he implies that we are owed reward for existing. He needs to be informed that his panties are showing. There was no Golden Era of manhood. We’ve always had challenges, but we’ve lost accountability, and with that came Feminism.
          This defeatism creates more failures to launch than all the potential trouble sources that come up in the course of day to day life. This is an egregious example of Special Snowflake Syndrome on ‘roids, in my eyes. Feminism, destruction of the family, all those things have a part, but the insane sense of entitlement that pervaded this article is startling.

  7. This is an oddly socialistic yearning for this website:
    “The trouble with this lesson is that interdependence is society.
    Without people helping each other, especially when elders fail to guide
    the young, there is no society, only a zero sum hell of all against
    all. And that is where Western society is now. If we were to lose all
    our money tomorrow, we’d all be living on the streets. “

    1. You use that word “socialism,” yet you do not know what it means. The quote is illustrating traditional methods of mate-pairing and society-building i.e. between private families, households and individuals. This arrangement is the nemesis of socialism, which seeks to establish all resources (eventually including humans, as economic objects) under government control.

      1. “. .. traditional methods of mate-pairing . . .”
        i.e. monogamous pairing enforced by law.
        i.e. egalitarian redistribution of sexual wealth by the government.

        1. Your second is a non-sequitur. Males and females of equal SMV pair up. There is no ‘sexual wealth redistribution.’ Only monogamy is enforced.

        2. Going by that logic, I suppose you’re in favor of polygamy? Again, non-sequitur. Males and females of equal SMV pair up. It’s logically impossible for this to be a ‘redistribution’ since each partner gets his/her SMV worth in the other partner.

        3. Going by that logic you would suppose that I was in favour of any danger I warned you about and start accusing me of being a [. . .] apologist.
          I see the issue now. You are arguing undesirable consequences. That is not only logically impossible, it is a classical logical fallacy.

      2. Actually his usage of the word is correct; what you’re referring to is called ‘communism’. And communism isn’t the same as socialism. Plenty of successful and healthy societies were socialist. Although, more and more the word seems to be associated with rampant liberalism and European-style socialism.

      3. Socialism; Mirriiam-Webster
        “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and
        controlled by the government rather than by individual people and
        Seems you do not know what it means.

        1. That dictionary definition is wrong. There are many kinds of socialism, the only thing shared between them is that the owner of the means of production is not a capitalist (a person which takes his share of the produced wealth -without working- just because he owns the means of production, all or in part).

  8. All the western formerly white nations have elites and a regime(cultural, media and legal apparatus) dead set against white men.
    The regime has made it their prime goal to humiliate, rob, loot, murder, dispossess, disenfranchise and reduce sexual prospects for white men and it is so obvious that deniers need not even troll.
    It is about time white men withdrew from this abusive relationship and start something anew for ourselves.

      1. Problem is, the elites look out only for themselves, and are perfectly willing to toss lesser whites overboard to make themselves look good. In traditional European societies, the elites looked out for their nations as a whole, rather than just themselves.

        1. Agreed, although Id add that one of the reasons they are keeping other whites down is that they see us as potential competition. They are trying to destroy the opportunity for upward social mobility that we had before things got all “progressive”

      2. It is mostly kosher, but yeah a very large amount of them are treasonous white men(?) like billy boy Clinton and Tony (traitor) Blair and their reasons for trying to get rid of the average white by is a horrible combination of greed, arrogance, malice and a most of all a desire to get rid of those annoying white men who remove elites and hang traitors so as to have a compliant coffee colored sheeple also notice the deliberate attempt to feminise mainly white men, make no mistake it is a war or extermination it is either us or them.

        1. Those “coffee colored sheeple” are the ones who dragged Najibullah the Communist puppet through the streets with his balls tied to the trailer hitch. Obviously MENA stability is not comparable to Western societies (could be if the latter stopped meddling in their affairs), but the FUNDAMENTAL problem is white men are unwilling to DIE to restore their old principles. Middle Easterners are willing to die for even a slight offense to their principles. The wealth and comfort of Western society has softened its men and now they are unwilling to give up that comfort. Modern America is like the near the end of Rome: arrogant with its power and wealth, unaware of the barbarians at the gate, and its men too soft and hedonistic to put up a fight.

        2. Yup! I wish you could read my aforementioned comment in response to Jam. In Arab societies, you have at least 400 million ready to die at a moments notice to preserve even the tiniest aspect of their civilization. In the West with the exception of Third Reich and White Russian forces of Tsarist Russia, no one even willing to preserve their civilization. Maybe the white gene pool has degenerated to such a level of weakness or maybe its the psychological conditioning, but clearly the vast majority of whites in Europe and North America won’t be putting up any type of fight anytime soon. The preference of soft sedentary living and antithesis against any sort of militarism or military service by these weaklings now being raised is the exact reason your statement is true.

    1. “It is about time white men withdrew from this abusive relationship and start something anew for ourselves.”
      Definitely agree with this.

    2. I am a Black man and I feel the same. I think all men living in the West are getting screwed no matter their race.

    3. The cycle would eventually repeat itself. I don’t understand why you guys believe in some white utopia that isn’t subject to human nature. Technology has changed the structure of the game exponentially. The reason white men are falling victim is because the elite don’t need as many of you around at the moment. Your intellect is threatening when coupled with masculinity.

    4. I fully agree, however it won’t be just the former white nations of the West but the entire world. This cultural pretext (Cultural Marxism) will become the model for the entire world. This is the same fecal philosophy that our overlords (you know the ones with dual citizenship to Israel) seek to spread to the rest of the world notably the very patriarchal Arab world. Cultural Marxism is not about spreading a beneficent ideology within the context of the natural order (aka Christianity), it’s about eliminating group competition. CM is about eliminating competition through the severance of the head from the body (the patriarch from civilization). Sons raised under the auspices of fathers, whom have strong roots tend to base their nations on the blood and keep outsiders out. Women are/were a vessel of differing patriarchal orders but never the order themselves. The white race partially did itself in, especially through treacherous Anglo-Saxons in the UK and America fighting against their Teutonic cousins who possessed mutual group interests (you reap what you sow). Your own women were only too happy to take upon the ideologies of your enemies and stab you in the back and all that European civilization built the first chance they got. Honestly I don’t see a future where white men can perpetuate the white race by copulating with Western white women; they simply no longer believe in the future you believe in, and have legal rights to destroy what you are trying to build in a second. In that sense, black and white men in America have the same plight, their women are their biggest enemies. At least the Arab and Slavic worlds have a decent chance of preventing this Israeli takeover from the West.

  9. A tribe that fails to set up its young men with women keeps false faith on its side of the social contract. If they won’t get you a woman they’re telling you you’re worthless—that you don’t deserve to pass down your line. They don’t want you. A group that values you makes sure you have sexual relationships that bind you to your people and give you a stake that you’ll be willing to defend when the going gets tough. Because they value you, they want your genes in the next generation.
    An important point. This would be exactly why many men look for wives overseas. OTOH, learning game will at least make your own nation’s women want you, even if most of the men are still too libtarded and beta to really want to have much to do with.

  10. > Today, in America, boys are taught from youth that no one owes them anything, that they must prove themselves by “pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps.”
    Telling someone ‘no one owes you anything’ is basically just a nice way of saying ‘fuck off, no one likes you’. When faced with hostility like that, what do you expect young men to do?
    People do stuff because of incentives. People brave even the toughest obstacles if there’s something in it for them. People climb mount everest because of glory and fame, they spend months in isolated arctic cold because they’re paid $300k/yr, and so on. Now remove all incentives for young men, tell them no one owes them anything, and what do you expect will happen?
    Sex is a pretty interesting thing because a lot of people like it, it takes people’s minds off more important political issues, and it costs the government very little to provide it for the citizens. Just enforce a religious rule that makes polygamy and out-of-wedlock sex illegal, and voila, you get a self-sustaining social order where everyone gets their share of the sexual pie. Now they can be ruled over with minimal discomfort. Not everyone will be super-happy (especially, people with high sexual value won’t be), but it prevents a large amount of people from becoming very unhappy. Most effective leaders in the past realized this.
    And about the Islam thing, there was actually a good reason for having polygamy in the past. Men died often (in battle and in hazardous jobs) leading to a surplus of women without mates, and that’s dangerous and disruptive to society too. So polygamy was allowed to fix this problem. Now whether it wound up solving more problems than it created was a different story, but the point is that there was some justification behind it beyond the horniness of the ruling class.

    1. “People do stuff because of incentives.”
      Yet this wisdom is not recognized by politicians. They naively believe men will keep putting in money in the slot machines, even if the game is rigged, and there is no chance at a payout whatsoever.

      1. “They naively believe men will keep putting in money in the slot machines, even if the game is rigged, and there is no chance at a payout whatsoever”
        …… but it’s the truth ….. “a sucker is born every minute”

      2. They totally recognize incentives: BS validation for the masses and money, money, money and power for themselves. You assume the politicians are on your team and we all need to get along,to make ‘it’ as all of us work. Get past this blue-pill sticking point. We are on separate teams. Play to win because they are and you are losing before you start to address the problem. Let dumb women be stupidly invested. Don’t we understand the Game yet?

      3. “They naively believe men will keep putting in money in the slot machines, even if the game is rigged”
        Then you sir have not heard of B.F. Skinner. Watch this video from timecode 01:27:50 on until you get to Joe Rogan (about 20 minutes).

      4. Incentives is key. If I get sex when I’m unemployed and
        display violence (true personal story) as opposed to its converse, which behaviour is that society going to see more of? I see this play out repeatedly with other guys, who are rewarded by women when they display poor behaviour. Women in the West enable societal destruction.

        1. Seth, but in the UK are the same woman who give you sex while unemployed and violent the same who would marry you and give you a lifelong relationship and children when educated and professionally employed? Because here in the US they are not. College degreed, upper middle class professional women (and men) are the one demographic last standing for traditional marriage and family. They marry the most and stay married the longest, having the lowest divorce rate in the country. I can assure you that the vast majority of these women are not providing casual sex to unemployed violent men.

    2. so true about the life of a man. Thats not privilege its responsibility and dutys. For women its the complete opposite “where the world owes you everything cause youre special”. Men are pretty much slaves in that sense, even in the middle east.
      For the Islam thing you nailed it. Also worth noting that we die earlier, male infants are more likely to die and that we have weaker immune systems then women so that always played a gap(especially lack of healthcare and antibodies). Which makes sense evolutionary, since the number of females dictate the potential number of offspring no matter how many men are around. Today its rather rare and can only be found in the desert and run into bedouin tribes.

      1. Western women are ensuring that western men’s future is OVERT slavery. And the women in turn will be enslaved too. They’re just too solipsistic/irresponsible/dumb to notice.

    3. I had 1.7 million dollars spent on me (1.2 million on education), so I can be 40k in debt and have wasted years of my life becoming an MD, which is a dubious virtue as society gives me nothing and demands everything of me. I don’t like my working environment (though i like medicine) and i should’ve spent the time and money chasing poosy. I decided I’m no longer living in the west, and at least in the past, it was a femc*nt working environment that spurred this decision initially.
      There is no incentive to work hard for dating either, as women in the UK go either for looks/money or the other half of women, who driven by insecurity, go for the most unattractive and useless men who won’t leave them as the men cannot do any better. If you’re in-between, you’re out of luck. Plus the women have become less physically attractive over time and their attitudes suck. Society doesn’t owe men sex, but it collapses without this incentive for male productivity.

      1. “If you’re in-between, you’re out of luck.” Yes! Either you rise above or you run with the herd or you get run over (or at least starved). I am still trying to fly away from the garbage.
        On the part about ‘Society doesn’t owe men sex, but it collapses without this incentive for male productivity.’, I think (the parasitic) they do owe us, but they will not pay willingly. We have every incentive to collect and make the rules for ourselves, don’t we? This was exactly what I anticipated when I wrote my first comment on here, a top-level comment probably buried since I am late to the party and talk all scary abstract intellectualism that does not stroke the ego or exercise the cyclical emotions.
        “There is no society for guys like me.” So why don’t guys like you meet other guys like you (if you can, I have yet to meet a guy like me) and for your own virtual society like the Jeuuuuwzzzz do. We Game like women do because that is the sexual market environment, controlled by women in terms of the market making rules (per gov force to delegate). What is the overarching political and societal environment? What sort of rules? Do we adapt already? Paging Jack Donovan.
        BTW, the useful idiots are the biggest obstacle, but they will remove themselves by their own incompetence and corruption. We don’t have a dog in every fight, riot, crime, war, etc. I’m all for the elbow room and the increase quality of the average person by natural processes.

        1. ” since I am late to the party and talk all scary abstract
          intellectualism that does not stroke the ego or exercise the cyclical
          Never too late to the party Doug, in fact all of us were late.
          Nothing wrong with speaking in an abstract intellectual manner; we are all in a position to benefit, improve and advance our lot from listening to each other.
          Alas, I was once a bit of an intellectual myself until too many years of weed smoking and working with dipshits stifled and confined my though processes.
          Thankfully we have RoK.

      2. Seth, are you Asian?
        Anyway, here in the USA college degreed, upper middle class professional Americans are the last standing pillars of traditional marriage and family. They are the demographic that gets married and stays married the most and longest. Is it not the same in the UK?

    4. “Today, in America, boys are taught from youth that no one owes
      them anything, that they must prove themselves by “pulling themselves up
      by their own bootstraps.”
      “Telling someone ‘no one owes you anything’ is basically just a nice
      way of saying ‘fuck off, no one likes you’. When faced with hostility
      like that, what do you expect young men to do?”
      – I agree. And have you ever noticed extraordinarily goodlooking people are seldom if ever told this or met with such a hostile attitude? Rather lesser mortals do indeed feel they “owe” goodlooking people something. And they basque in the privilege of owing them something and taking in the subtle, delightful aroma of their above average pheromones.
      Studies have shown that exceptionally goodlooking people get perks from all sections of society throughout their lives until their looks fade to average (if they ever do).
      Society loves owing goodlooking people stuff.

      1. Society apparently owes women waaaaaaaaay more than men. Most of the hardest working men are apparently expendible beasts to be slowly slaughtered by the corporate-feminist cartel.

        1. Seth you seem like an OK guy but let go of the conspiracy theorism. Yes, female-centric corporations and social hierarchies are now the norm, but this evolution was not some part of a grand Illuminati scheme involving the BIS, Bildenburg group and the Rothschilds to build a NWO.
          It just became a way for society to be more productive and efficient and better utilize resources for the many, not just the few.
          But we all know how that worked out… : (

        2. ” Yes, female-centric corporations and social hierarchies are now the norm,”
          Social hierarchies have always been the norm, in all societies.

    5. “Just enforce a religious rule that makes polygamy and out-of-wedlock sex
      illegal, and voila, you get a self-sustaining social order where
      everyone gets their share of the sexual pie.”
      We are a religiously plural planet so you can just forget about that idea. And don’t forget that many people don’t even have a religion and are not in the market for one.

    6. “Men died often (in battle and in hazardous jobs) leading to a surplus of women without mates, and that’s dangerous and disruptive to society too. So polygamy was allowed to fix this problem.”
      You’ve got the causality backwards there. Due to polygamy, undersexed men would take out their frustrations by fighting men from neighboring civilizations (in the hopes of winning the war and getting to enslave/rape the women from the losing side). The wars would relieve some of the pressure on society by killing off a lot of the incels and making the sex-ratios in line with what’s necessary for polygamy.
      Polygamy is a terrible thing all around.

  11. Great post. More of this kind of real talk is needed around here.
    Pure, unregulated sexual capitalism works no better than pure, unregulated economic capitalism, and it’s every bit as harmful. A system of checks and balances absolutely must exist.
    It should also be noted that because what you are advocating here will NEVER, as things are today, be implemented by the powers that be, we should all be doing as much we can individually to accelerate the decline of the current order.
    Which will happen anyway… The big reset is coming.

    1. Interesting analogy. We by all measures live in a weird world where (off topic) huge socialist programmes and welfare system full with quotas(anti white men always) sun side by side an economic and sexual system which is basically laissez-faire where people are having to work 4 jobs to stay afloat and learn game to score.

      1. “welfare system full with quotas (anti white men always)”
        You just know the rationale behind those quotas and affirmative action programs is bogus when they are much more eager to give out a free pass to women and to minorities of color than to white men who have some kind of functional impairment or disability (wounded veterans, for example).

    2. the checks and balances (aka. Government) is exactly what allows large corporations with huge financial and legal clout to create monopolies and strangle out the competition… without a myriad of over sight and reams of laws, small operations could more easily start up… and sure some will be scammers but you have to stay on your toes and not keep begging for the nanny state to keep you all safe and warm….
      word travels so fast in this day and age, that without the nanny state, and by using pure peer review, pretty much any business can be gauged by any individual.
      Govt = The disease it pretends to cure

      1. Big, corrupt (but I repeat myself) government is the disease.
        Society still needs some form of (smaller, limited) governance to function correctly.
        Besides, I wasn’t arguing the benefits of government interference in various spheres of our lives, so much as I was arguing that the current state of affairs in the SMP is simply unsustainable.
        Some of you guys seriously need to stop going full retard and learn to nuance your positions a little more. Not everything is as black and white as you pretend it is.

      2. “Pure” free market makes oligopolies faster than I can write this comment.

        1. No it doesn’t, at least not if you have a legitimate patent / copyright system that doesn’t grant monopoly power for too long. A free market makes barriers to entry significantly lower than a controlled market.

    3. “Pure, unregulated sexual capitalism works no better than pure, unregulated economic capitalism, and it’s every bit as harmful.”
      your grasp of economics is exceeding low.

      1. Yeah, sure. Every chump believes he’d be king of the hill in a world with no rules and no governance.
        More than likely, you’d go down in flames like most of em, meat.

        1. Many of them would say that would be worth it. This is why you don’t identify the danger that this writer so clearly lays out.
          Those men don’t think they will be king of the hill, which is why they will be content to destroy the hill and its king with it.
          Exiled men turn nihilistic. Nothing more dangerous than exiled men with nothing to lose. History proves that over and over.

        2. Given his response to my post, I doubt that’s the point he was trying to convey.
          I don’t disagree with anything else you say.

        3. Not no rules, no rulers. Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference.

        4. I think the ‘elites’ will drag us down with them, as we are the richer countries of the world with more to lose. We will get burned so bad and will die with them.
          At least, we will if we stay in the societies where their influence is the strongest (the Anglo English speaking countries for the most part).

    4. The Founding Fathers didn’t expect their plans to last more than 20 years. It lasted over 200. It was an incredible run but either American men have to completely remove all the elites and restore the principles of the American nation and spirit, or be enslaved in the long run. That’s what is frightening and the conspiracy nuts rant about. If all American men (predominantly white) all unite and instead toppling dictators thousands of miles away would say “I don’t like our filthy media, I don’t like our greedy government, I don’t like these lobbyists and celebrities corrupting our children and we are all going to topple them like we had the courage to do in the streets of Baghdad, Fallujah, Kabul, Kandahar, then I am going to do in Washington, LA, New York and we are going to shed blood to defend our honor.” See how those Democrats care about the people, they’ll be the first to shoot down a man with a family. When the chaos ensues, all the feminists, all the loud mouthed gays, all the sluts and whores are going COWER when men are fighting. I promise these girls will be in their homes being good supportive women like they were during WWII. That’s what has to happen – let’s cut the shit.

      1. WW3 is being stoked right now – Youtube ukraine and the revolution there. Apparently the UK/US have a treaty that says we must help them fight Russia off. We have bad things going on in Syria. Kissinger says “israel won’t exist in 10 years time” and if Netanyahu has his third temple, that will invite all 1.3 billion muslims in the area into a war.
        Interesting times.

        1. Mmmhmm…sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, bro.
          And when you do finally drift away into internet obscurity with the rest of this site…say hello to MySpace for me.

        2. The most effective thing this site can do is be underestimated by its opponents. I encourage you, guest, to persist in your beliefs. Under no circumstances change them.

      1. You don’t have the slightest fucking clue about this sites history. You just don’t. We pissed off the feminazi’s plenty of time before. You are obviously new here.

        1. And outside of pissing of a couple of Tumblr sites, and Jezebel, what else has this site done to be recognized by the greater public? Seems like mostly nothing to me.

        2. Its about quality, not quantity.
          I dont think RoK was ever designed with the intention of “saving the world”
          But if it does — all the better.

    1. There are still too many manginas and white knights out there for the womenz feminist or not to take notice.

  12. You should look into the “Youth Bulge” theory:
    “Gunnar Heinsohn (2003) argues that an excess in especially young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war and terrorism, as the “third and fourth sons” that find no prestigious positions in their existing societies rationalize their impetus to compete by religion or political ideology.”

      1. Make these excess Chinese men stand at the American Canadian border line, then make American men evacuate America, and finally make these Chinese men take a piss together at the same time.
        Enough to cause a flood of piss to wash away the feminists to the sea.

    1. A war between India and China would fix the world’s overpopulation overnight, plus provide excellent opportunities for restless, directionless and angry young men to showcase their aggression.

      1. It would be funny to watch income-triggered depression prone Chinese manginas and white pussy worshipping Indian manginas slug it out.
        The motivation for such an eventuality would logically, be the promise of free and owed sex with white skanks and bitches for Indian manginas on one side, and free iPhones, a chance to reproduce more than once and other material luxuries for Chinese manginas on the other side – should they choose to slug it out.

      2. If that’s what the elite want, then why are they depopulating the west? They want asia depopulated, but they seem more intent on exerting more control locally.

  13. What modern western society owes men is – APOLOGIES for creating the demon of feminism which has fucked up the societal system. Sex is just at the tip of the iceberg of this fucked up system.
    Apologies for creating a system in which men have become dispensable.
    Apologies for creating a system in which men are taught to become unnatural and go against their own masculinity.
    Apologies for creating a system in which men are castigated against for masculine displays.
    Apologies for creating a system in which men will find it difficult to live like normal men, at least for another half a century, before the evil of feminism has to even fade away.
    And what would constitute a true apology to men? It would be a takedown of feminism and reversal to traditional patriarchy. Which won’t happen realistically speaking at least in the next 50 years. Feminism has already taken the control away from men in modern society, and has men in a vice-like grip in most parts of the world. And it is brainwashing /using men (manginas) to deny other men the right to return to patriarchy and a traditional societal role.
    In the next 20 years or so, unless a miracle happens to stop feminism, feminism is likely to reach every part of the world with limited or no opposition. Feminists don’t have to worry much about opposition in the places where they would encounter it, because they already have created a formidable army of men who would wage wars (directly or indirectly) against such traditional-minded opposition to bring it down. Men fighting men, for the sake of feminism. That’s the ultimate irony which plagues the male gender.
    In the future, men, disillusioned with the society in which they would be shamed for being men, will choose to reproduce lesser than in present times, and modern women of those times (likely to be all feminists) would seek frozen sperms from sperm banks, if they choose to reproduce. That’s what the future realistically holds, if one looks at the trend of modern society, and as to where it’s heading.
    The women of the future (from any part of the world) are likely to be all feminists. That’s what men of the future will have to face. It’s a pessimistic but realistic view. Though we are complaining about our lot, imagine what the future generations of men would have to face.
    If patriarchy has to salvage the situation, we must realize that patriarchy only comes, and has only come to the forefront, in apocalyptic situations in history (wars, famines, crises, revolutions, natural calamities where there has been population destruction, etc.). That’s when society actually realizes that it needs the male gender – to take lead in these situations, do all the dirty work, rebuild societies and solve the crises.
    But once the task is accomplished, men are unfortunately increasingly seen as dispensable, with the increase of luxuries in post apocalyptic societies. That’s when men become villains, because they are seen as sexist and deniers of gender rights. But ironically, these same “villains” are often needed to confront a calamity or catastrophe, should it again strike the fattened up and complacent society.
    Women didn’t create feminism by themselves. It’s the complacency of men in post-apocalyptic societies who allowed it to be created, by passing laws for its creation and subsequent growth.
    Society won’t owe sex to men, as long as it’s brainwashed with feminism. And more than women, it will often be the men brainwashed by feminism, who will often intervene to deny sex to the men, who rightfully deserve it. It’s much worse dealing with the solipsism of a male feminist, than with the one of a female feminist.

    1. There is no need for males to invest in a society where they are disposable, not due to natural law or evolution, but rather due to social (fake, fiat-based) Darwinism. This ensures the continued control of the ‘elite’. It also means the dumbing down, de-skilling and de-competitiveness of society, especially by removing those whom the elite fear as competition. Alpha males in the west are a consequence of social Darwinism, and ensure the elite’s continuing dominance as we are all supposed to be only poosy-slayers and this determines our status in society. Whilst they take home all the resources, the real wealth.
      Whilst this has been sold to us in various ‘-isms’ as being a good thing that benefits us, it only benefits a few at the expense of the majority. This game is near its end. And sadly, I expect the elite to win this game for a while, before they are finished themselves.

  14. Seems to me like population control is the name of the game. Whether it’s imposition is natural or man-made is another discussion.

  15. Society doesn’t owe anybody anything.
    However, under sexed males either grow up and become drags on society, or , worse, become criminals in their attempt for the poon.
    Society does have a requirement, if it wants to avoid unproductive economies and civil wars, to avoid the types of social policies that produce vast numbers of under sexed males.

    1. So you heard him, world.
      The answer to all of life’s problems…is some poon….
      Because that makes sense, right?

      1. For a LOT of men, it is.
        Pussy is one of the main reasons most guys do anything. Food and shelter are the other ones.
        Why do females struggle so much with this fact?

    2. I don’t feel under-sexed males are the problem in the UK. There are a lot of welfare recipients who get everything they need (including lots of sex) and they will never work in their life, even if jobs were found for them. They have no motivation to work BECAUSE THEY GET EVERYTHING THAT THEY NEED. And with regards to sex, women enable this laziness by providing such men with it for free. In time, the women put less effort into their appearance etc, as they don’t have to, and the males work less, collapsing the society.
      I am aware that US/Canada is the polar opposite, perhaps, in that women have such unreasonably high expectations of men, that the men cannot be bothered when they are forced to confront the mediocrity of the person standing in front of them. The bigger-better-deal attitude (North America) is just as bad as the let’s-dole-it-out-to-the-lazy attitude (UK, and much of Europe). Perhaps this is why our ancestors in their wisdom, invented marriage; because it was the only way to create a socially stable society, since sex is a powerful, if not the most powerful, motivator for many/most people.

  16. One of the goals of feminism is to create a society which uses Spartan society like harsh selection procedures (especially in modern dating), to create high value socially conditioned males (Alphas who know game) for often unworthy, undeserving females. With this harsh social conditioning which feminist society attacks men, every man is thus forced to become Alpha-like or learn game, or else lose out on sex.
    That’s the solipsism of feminism – it wants society to owe undeserving, unworthy females sex and commitment, with high value males (Alphas).
    But the irony is that Alphas won’t give sex and definitely no commitment to these women. That’s where this goal of feminism gets often self defeated.
    As a man and keeping the solipsism of feminist ideology in mind, you shouldn’t expect a feminist dominated society to owe you sex, unless if you’re Alpha like or high value. Not that you should think that society should not owe you sex. But be aware that modern feminist women often want sex with only high value males, even if they know deep down that they’re scum and shit themselves. And if you’re really Alpha, you won’t care a damn whether you get laid with a feminist bitch or not.
    But if you’re really desperate, pump and dump a clean, hired hoe. It’s much better than fucking a feminist who’d treat you as if you owe her the world just because she gave you access to her often ,self overestimated cunt.

    1. I contest the ‘high value’ bit. The goal is to create socially conditioned, communist/Communitarian males (ie those that ask few questions and do as they are told). Alpha is a socially enforced moniker in the West for the most part, as alpha males do not face the same pressures as they do in poorer societies, where they might die as a consequence of their daily actions. Apparently, if we f*ck a lot of women, we are alpha. That’s retarded. I feel like I live in the inverted society, where a minority of truly alpha men might get poosy, but for the most part a lot of useless ones do too (as women seek out their complementary partner, and since most people/women are useless, they see out men who are likewise).
      I’m pretty sure (sad to say) that the most ‘alpha’ men in general (excepting perhaps the top sub-1% of Canadian/American men), have consistently come from the middle east, and perhaps Eastern Europe at a push. They totally kill all other men at being what I consider to be educated, intelligent, aggressive and yet fair. As well as bagging top quality women. Our standard of Alpha in the West has been ‘guy who gets lots of chicks’ and that is all the guy has about him. I realize that some challenge this ideology, but most Western men hold poosy slaying as the sole indicator as a man’s alpha status and both sexes enable such behaviour to our own detriment,.

      1. So in essence what you are saying is that real “alpha males” like the Kings – should be more concerned with developing and improving ourselves into what we ourselves consider alpha – not what a bunch of loose-pussied cuntresses consider it to be.
        We need to change the public perception as such then. The “pussy-slayers” should be the ones walking past us with respect. As their worth and stature has been gifted to them only by lowly females – and not their fellow Kings.

        1. I guess in recent years, i don’t care about ‘respect’, because where is that respect coming from? As for what makes a ‘king’ I think the real truth lies in-between my views and that of other guys; no-one has the complete story.

  17. I once read and extremely interesting book;
    “The House of Nomura: The Rise to Power of the World’s Wealthiest Company: the Inside Story of the Legendary Japanese Dynasty”
    IIRC, there was a lengthy chapter about how Nomura (one of the largest Brokerages in Japan, and the world) created co-ed campuses and living quarters for their employees. This was in the 70’s I believe.
    Therefore allowing for their stockbrokers to work extremely long hours under very stressful working conditions, yet management realized the value of pairing them with women co-workers, providing social events etc., where a majority of the men found girlfriends and wives. Their happiness translated into extremely high performing employees, which of course translated directly to bottom line profits for the company.
    Its really quite a fascinating read.

  18. Society doesn’t owe young men (or anyone) anything except the recognition of his rights to his life, liberty, and earned property. The hand of our society, the govt, does the opposite: it infringes on mens’ liberty (and sometimes lives) and steals their earned property via coercive, back-end taxation. Some of these resources stolen from men are then traded for political favors to women (vote for me & I’ll give you ______). The mens’ resources should be spent by the men who earned them, on creating reproductive opportunites for themselves or on whatever else they desire that doesn’t violate others. But instead those resources are spent on reproductive opportunities for women who have no loyalty or reciprocation for the men who earned them. It’s the ol’ AFBB strategy.
    The cure? Fight feminism? not really. That’s just a side project. The real battle is to get the govt to recognize and uphold a set up principles that supercedes the Constitution. The principles might include something like: “except when used as a part of a sentence of punishment for being proven of violating another individual’s right(s), the govt is forbidden from prohibiting victimless activity or taking rightfully owned property from an individual”. That would preclude the bullshit in the Constituion such as in Article 1 Section 8 or the Income tax amendment. To pay for the few legit roles of the govt such as law enforcement, the govt could sell leases to natural resources/ use land value tax (look up geoism/ geolibertarinism/ Georgism/ Henry George) You either buy/ rent the natural resource from society or you don’t: no coercion.
    Once govt coercion is banned, the political motivations of groups like feminists become less relevant: they can’t use political weapons to coerce anyone anymore. Politicians, lobbyists, cronies, and all kinds of coercive scumbags will cede influence in society to those that are productive and wise.

    1. Good points, but too high minded for the great masses. And no one is implying that society owes every man sex, but what is being implied is that a system that is designed to DENY many men the opportunity is destined to fail.
      “Owe” could be the wrong word, but that is just being pedantic.
      Would it be better to say that society, for its own good, needs to ensure that men get it? Whatever.

      1. Or ensure that men who work for the social good of all get it. As opposed to deadbeat unambitious welfare dads and other associated folk. This would increase productivity (rather than apathy) and reduce social fragmentation of society.

  19. Spot on analysis.
    Either we have traditional marital arrangements or its sexual libertarianism for all.
    The current sexual order is this: sexual libertarianism for women and alpha males only.

      1. I’m most certainly not. In a sexually libertarian environment, men would be allowed to purchase sex directly. It would not be “free.” It is not that men are owed sex but that they shouldn’t be handicapped by the law as to how they go about getting it. Feminists and social conservatives use the law to give women the upper hand in the sexual marketplace.

        1. “In a sexually libertarian environment, men would be allowed to purchase sex directly.”
          No argument. That is absolutely correct. Perhaps you could clarify your position for me.
          As a lessor male, how would you go about obtaining the price?
          What is it that allows alpha males to purchase sex directly now?
          And bearing in mind that were I a woman and inclined to engage in the business of selling my sexual services, I could certainly do so without invoking simple contract, the only sort that is actually banned.

        2. “What is it that allows alpha males to purchase sex directly now”
          Women WANT to fuck the alpha male. They fuck him b/c of sexual attraction. The beta male they fuck in exchange for resources/emotional support/attention.

        3. I have been known to engage in the exchange of goods and services. I understand the concept of value differential.
          What I am trying to ascertain is how a beta male being able to say “Hey honey, I’ll give you a hunert bucks for a blow job” would change that differential.
          And bearing in mind that she is free to respond, “For you I have a special price, five hunert, Quasimodo.”
          And what is the value of this woman? And if her value is high enough, why wouldn’t an apex alpha simply out bid him?
          It seems to me that rather than change the differential, it more overtly illustrates it.

        4. So there are two models.
          In one we have “P” which = value of pussy in “X” (dollars, tiime, resources whatever) in a society or nation where prostitution is illegal.
          In Model 2 we have “P2” = value of pussy in “X” in a society or nation where prostitution is legal.
          Now, ceteris paribus, in which society will “X” be the smaller amount.
          When broken down into the terms of Austrian economics, the free-market determines the value of pussy.
          Therefore it follows that by prohibiting prostitution you distort price discovery.
          Who benefits from this?
          The female of course. And the lawyers.
          Always the lawyers : )

      2. Hard to fight against a Free Shit Army standing at 47% of the US population of 350 million. I do say, that might be the biggest standing army in the world?

  20. Isn’t it bizarre that prostitution continues to be prohibited in the United States post Sexual Revolution? That the government dare continue to tell consenting adults not to directly trade money for sex and vice versa? It isn’t so bizarre when you realize that it’s women’s basic wish and desire to be protect their sexual power that conservatives and feminists are catering to…

    1. “It isn’t so bizarre when you realize that it is women’s basic wish and
      desire to protect their sexual power that conservatives and feminists
      are catering to…”
      Several feminists want to decriminalize sex work. “Conservatives” as in the “moral majority” and right wing religious folks, do not.

      1. Feminist desire to keep prostitution prohibited is expressed by inaction when it comes to decriminalization and direct action when it comes to prohibition (see current laws in Europe — and soon in France — that punish johns but not prostitutes.) Some feminists indicate a desire to help meet the needs of prostitutes by legalizing their trade but feminists mainly choose to cater to the collective interests of women and work to forbid retail sex. I’ve NEVER, EVER seen a feminist argue that prostitution should be legalized as to give men who can’t attract a mate an outlet…

        1. ” I’ve NEVER, EVER seen a feminist argue that prostitution should be
          legalized as to give men who can’t attract a mate an outlet..”
          Why should anyone argue that? Prostitution should be legalized so that nobody goes to jail for buying and selling sex. Nothing else.

        2. You’re being disingenuous. Feminists are fighting for the decriminalization of selling sex. They don’t give a shit about the johns. In fact, they prefer buying remains illegal.

        3. The legalization of prostitution makes buying legal as well.
          But I already said my vision is for professional sex surrogacy to make a comeback and be accepted as a respectable career track for young men and women in our society.

    2. Why is prostitution illegal only if its not filmed but legal if is?
      And what do you think of the One Taste organization in California? Isn’t that legal, openly advertised prostitution in a sense? I mean women are paying huge amounts of money to be fingered to orgasm by men trained specifically in their 15 minute technique.

  21. A few centuries back, the rejected men could get on ships and go to places like the New World, India and Australia. And not just the British yobs or their Continental equivalents. In 17th Century England, the oldest son of a landed gentleman inherited everything while his younger sons got nothing. These disinherited cavaliers still counted as men of quality, however, and they used their credit worthiness to buy land and slaves in Virginia or the West Indies, where they created new lives for themselves and could pick up suitable wives thanks to their propertied status (with some black mistresses on the side).
    I don’t see any options like that today for our society’s male discards.

    1. Work a cubicle for 5 years while subsisting on Ramen and then taking the money to the Mato Grosso?

      1. Not a bad strategy compared to living the standard prescribed life.
        But time is the ultimate resource from which all others derive. And 5 years of life, especially if taken from the valuable temporal real estate of youth, is an enormous sacrifice. We only ever get one age 22, 25, or 27.
        Even laying on a Brazilian beach in the future, the plan made a reality a pall hangs over you that even the sweet drinks with the umbrellas can’t banish.
        Those 1800+ days of humiliating drudgery and malnutritious rations can never be taken back.
        In the end, it’s like gnawing one’s own foot off to escape a bear trap.

        1. “We only ever get one age 22, 25, or 27.”
          Having been there, done those, long ago, I will note that you are going to invest those 5 years in something anyway.
          Most people invest them in extending the drudgery for life, under the pressure of crushing debt.
          I will side note, however, that having been there and done those long ago that if your 20s seem too precious to you to waste on your future, if you stay out of the crushing debt, 30 or 35 is not too late to start.
          The reason to get it done earlier is that the 20s are not half so precious as the young think they are. As has been noted before, they are usually wasted on the young.

        2. Like I said, it’s a better choice than being a career bot. That’s why I call it a ‘sacrifice’ and not a ‘waste.’
          I can see that 30s-40s are perhaps the sweet spot because we still have much of our physical capacity combined with the harsh lessons of experience.
          The young years are precious preparation for that peak time.
          But if we become less useful to employers as we slide into old age, are we not also less useful to ourselves?

  22. On his wedding day this fool vows to “apologize even if I don’t do anything wrong”. Who the hell comes up with this cheese?

    1. All the female trolls on this site will probably masturbate away to glory, to this video. Squirt Alert!

  23. So Giovanni you want a return to arranged marriage? They still arrange them in many parts of the world but usually not as young as 16. In South Asia its more like mid 20s now, though in remote villages teens are still being arranged.

      1. Obviously the customs of the past weren’t “working” either, otherwise if they were so functional and great, people would still be practicing them.

        1. People practice a custom as long as doing so matches the reality on the ground.
          When it no longer has relevance, they discard it.
          The pre-sexual revolution order was never utopia but it proved capable of not only sustaining, but propagating a successful society.
          That is after all, why people willingly participate in a society…because it helps them more than it hurts them.

    1. Your photo and your statement…..really compliment one another…hahaha.

    2. Lol.
      Even if some day society does decides to owe men sex, no man would choose to penetrate an oversized human mattress of pig fat, like you.
      You’re hallucinating to think some man would beg to lay you.
      Unless, if he is a pig himself, as only pigs dick sows.

      1. Her profile says …”I’m a tough, rough, yet sexy and beautiful TLW (Tall Large Woman)”
        Said without a hint of irony or shame. Utterly proud of her obesity and mediocrity. This is what it’s come to gents. A piece of garbage like that giving dudes shit about listening to men beg.
        Worst of all is that apparently she’s married. It really shows how thirsty some men are that they would lower themselves to stick their dick in that glob of filth. Disgusting.

        1. TLW = Tall Lard-made Woman
          Married to a thirsty pig whom she often suckles after sex.
          He probably married her for the lard tasted milk, not sex.

        1. Who sticks their dick in that? I would not bang if she were the last woman on earth and I had to repopulate the species.

      1. Must be a troll. No one lets themselves slide that much in the looks department, and then expects people to take them seriously. If they do, then its because they are mentally ill.

  24. “Today, in America, boys are taught from youth that no one owes them anything”
    I’d love to know what America your living in.

  25. I do not disagree with the idea of “lost boys/men” in western society… I am just curious as to how society is supposed to supply this sex the author says our men are owed. Perhaps a second installment to expand on this?

  26. The ‘march into battle without complaint’
    argument is out-of-date and is easily dismissed now that we have
    volunteer armies and women who want to fight on the frontlines are
    mostly prevented from participating.

  27. True, men owe Anglo/American society nothing. We were betrayed by our governments. It also doesn’t help that we have a system of government (democracy) that naturally lends itself to corruption and the most sleaziest and grimiest types imaginable. I truly don’t understand why men still care about women in the Anglosphere, especially these God awful white whores ( I can’t think of a worser creature on the planet than the Anglo bitch). What ever happens to Western society, specifically Anglo-American society has had it coming for a long time. This is why I am happy about the recent developments in Russia, God bless them. I hope they invade the Ukraine, not just the Crimea but all of Ukraine. Russia is the last white patriarchy on earth and the last great patriarchal power to provide a great buffer to the Anglo-American cancer. American men have truly become pussies, and not just sycophantic gimps ready to beg on hand and knee for the right to perform cunnilingus on cum-dumpsters but truly pathetic, hip hugging jean wearing, politically correct, women worshipping, iPhone texting, hipster beta fucking manginas.
    No real man could possibly look upon these weaklings and not want to go all Roman on their faces. And the sad part of this equation is these men are heterosexuals. At least the homosexuals have an excuse! I am absolutely ashamed to call most American men, follow citizens. I look around and see these high-pitched voice faggots pushing strollers, changing diapers and getting on one knee and proposing to these Sex and the City type bitches. The women in society are only as bad as the men allow them to be and America’s men are just fucking weak. A Russian woman in Russia wouldn’t dare get out of line with a Russian man! Not on God’s green earth! That’s why Ukrainian women and their beta mangina Western worshipping men are scared to death to be reacquisitioned into the Rus.
    Real American men know what the truth is and the ancients knew it, a wise Frenchman once said, “It is vital the state gives women no power because nature has already given them so much.” Old Europe knew it, the Russians know it, the Arabs know it, most of Southeast and East Asia knows but the West is still in denial. We American men, especially those of us who are allied to the military are nothing but mercenaries allied to a concept of better nationhood because certainly any real American man in the military could never swear allegiance to the current state of affairs here. I don’t care what tragedy befalls American men and especially American women, whether it’s natural or of Bosnian/Rwandan proportions, they all had it coming. Gott Mit Uns.

    1. “That’s why Ukrainian women and their beta mangina Western worshipping men are scared to death to be reacquisitioned into the Rus.”
      – Perfectly said about the state of the common western man who travels to Ukraine. Beta mangina pussy worshipper, really.
      But it’s heartening to see that there are still realistic men who know the true face of Russian/Ukrainian bitches. Great comment.
      Only their men who with “strong caveman/mountain man” methods to bitch slap these hoes’ asses , can keep these hoe-like women in line, and a reason why these women are scared to be requisitioned into the Rus.

    2. Russian and Ukrainian society is no paradise. Their ruling system is a commodity based kleptocracy. It’s a place where anyone who tries to start a small business is as likely to spend their earnings paying protection rackets. Men are usually dead before age 60. And some of the lowest birth rates in the world; a resounding ‘no’ to the future from both men and women.
      These places may have much to offer to visiting foreigners. But internally, their societies have massive problems that threaten to destroy everything they have left.

      1. At least Russian men are men in the truest sense of the word. Most American post 1968 have been psychologically castrated. I look around today, especially in the cities and see quasi-men who happen to have fully functioning penises. The amount of punishment and shit men in this country are willingly to take from women without retribution, makes me believe their is some gene for masochism within the average American male.

        1. Most American men don’t have fully functioning penises. We were circumcised at birth. We have partially functioning penises.

        2. True, I was not circed, but I never understood the American fascination with it. It is strictly a phenomenon in the rest of the civilized world, namely Europe, South America and Asia. Then again America is a very Judaized culture that threw off its Euro roots a long time ago.

        3. Lucky man, Lance.
          Believe me, most American men don’t understand what circumcision has done to them. Good news… It is happening less and less. We will see what changes it bring when the next generation of circumcised men is forced to face this head on.

        4. It’s especially shocking when American Catholics get circumcised given that there’s been a Papal ban on the practice amongst Catholics since the 15th century. Intact penises have always been a source of pride amongst the gentile nations especially Europe. Most American men are vastly ignorant about their own history and the women are vastly vapid, stupid and Judaized to prefer circed men over natural men. At least your sons won’t undergo the knife. There is circumcision restoration if you are interested in regaining some semblance of what was taken from you.

    3. If you look at the Bible, many have conjectured that the Anglo countries are the ones ushering in the predicted one-world-order and are synonymous with being the beast/antichrist.
      Any if you think that those predictions are a pile of shite, all you have to do is look at how far our societies have slipped and how all these f*cking wars are kicking off, all of that caused by unprosecuted bankers, to know that our generation is well and truly f*cked.
      I actually blame feminism and the welfare state for this. Both ideologies remove many responsible men from partaking in society, which is then subverted to serve a small ruling elite. I can’t just blame them – they need people to go along with their ideas. You see this feminism/welfare strategy in every white country (except perhaps those in South America). Falling birth rates (depopulation) and disenfranchised men in all. Its not by accident, its a plot. And its perhaps too late to stop it. I already said that whilst gaming women may help, it is not a long-term fix and will yield declining results in future, especially as we have a Hobbesian all-versus-all society. We’ll be too busy trying to pay healthcare (Hoe-bamacare anybody?) and trying to pay the bills. And the scared sheeple/feminism will BEG for MORE POLICE STATE TOTALITARIAN TYRANNY.
      They are absolutely useless. In a sense, I gotta hand it to the ‘elite’; when the majority of society are a bunch of spineless/useless [email protected], the minority of responsible ones get dragged under by their fellow citizens. You use the society to enslave and subvert itself. We are the hedonists of a Brave New World approaching the totalitarianism of ‘1984’, except much worse.

    4. Happened upon this site, the article is offensive but sadly very typical. The comments, however, are truly disgusting. So….good job? Beyond the hate and venom – it is very clear how absolutely terrified you all are. Of what, i am not exactly sure. The comments are incredibly specific but seem to be just placeholders for a deeper issue. I do know that the way you are all measuring your worth as men is backwards and frankly irrational – which is a word i a sure you throw around constantly to describe women themselves. This comment will serve as fuel to the fire – but i couldn’t resist. As a gay man i have had my own issues with “What It Means To Be a Man” – but nothing this delusional and strange. Perhaps that is my struggle involved looking inward – something most men on here seem reluctant to do. I would suggest it. xoxo

  28. I do not want anything handed over to me.
    I want to earn it. But if you take the thing I have earned from me by force, because you do not want to earn it just take it, than fuck you, I am out. I am going to cheat the system, and do everything I can to fuck the system up. This is the only thing I owe it to you.

  29. Feminists would HATE true sexual egalitarianism.
    That would take a page out of “Brave New World” where it would actually be a criminal offense to NOT put out.
    Heh, I can remember the first time I read that back in high school and thinking “This is supposed to be a DYStopia?”
    It’s quite amazing really.
    It’s common knowledge of the most mundane kind that females are the predominate decliners of sex.
    Yet we have all managed to internalize it as just and fair and, quite …normal, that we should just go and sulk in the corner whenever boopsy has a headache.
    The truth is we have all been duped into accepting a system of ethics that allows females access to sex more or less whenever they want it while the side of the species that needs/wants it the most generally goes without most of the time.
    And, of course, the usual feminists reply “But I think about sex all the time, blah, blah” and etc.
    You don’t have stronger sexual appetites than men.
    You have stronger sexual LICENSE is what you have.
    “Oh, look! There goes Miley Cyrus grinding up against that dude on stage. ……Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t grind back?……Well, I guess he’s just not that into sex, eh?” (eye roll)
    Saying that women have stronger sex drives than men is like saying that the rich have a bigger appetite for caviar than the poor.

    1. I think the rich actually do have a bigger appetite for caviar. Ever try it? That shit is disgusting… must be an acquired taste.

  30. And what are we going to do about it? Start yapping on the internet? Behave like assholes to women? Fuck everyone in sight? Start a “party” to overthrow the government by following the rules?
    Fuck this, we need to start doing something. We need to help eachother as western men to take back control over our societies, over our women and especially over our tribes. It’s clearly not working having people we don’t really know controlling us, with psycopathic and sexually disturbed puppets as their fronts of their whole operation to enslave us. Democracy ain’t going to fix it, look at what happened in Austria, Germany and Greece everytime there was a people uproar the people of the party got banned, jailed or murdered.
    What does it say about a country when our leaders is proven pedophiles, sex-addicts and other types of disturbed fuckers? It’s an ugly world we live in and i puke on it every single fucking day just to keep my sanity and my mood at a normal level.

    1. My guess is that modern day pressures will result in an age of new tribes fracturing off from the main, mass society.
      Why should a thousand try to impose their wills on a million when they can easily mutually agree among themselves?
      People in smaller groups will gradually begin to see that 60s style activism isn’t necessary or even desirable. All we need do is worry about the things we can control.

    2. “What does it say about a country when our leaders is proven pedophiles, sex-addicts and other types of disturbed fuckers?”
      That it’s pretty much business as usual.

  31. Well “society” has stated quite clearly that it doesn’t owe young men anything.
    The sensible response from those men is to turn that around. They don’t owe society anything, either.

    March 1, 2014, 11:30 A.M. Japan Standard Time Special news alert: About three hours ago Russian special forces engaged US ground troops in the Ukraine, according to Russian government and gnostic illuminati sources. This move was in response to the imminent bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board.

    1. Pfft! Who cares about World War 3?? The Academy Awards are going to be on this Sunday!!! THAT SHIT IS MORE IMPORTANT!!!1!!111!!!

  33. I shudder.
    “…boys are taught from youth that no one owes them anything…” and conversely it is expected that they owe someone else everything. This Matrix-like harvesting of their vitality is also found in Keynesian economics — born in debt, spending the energetic arc of their lives toiling under the illusion that they can pay it off and then receive their reward.
    But first “they have to prove they aren’t ‘dogs’, ‘pigs’, ‘rapists’, ‘creepers’, or ‘peter pans’ but never is there as single mention of what they get in return.” There will be no reward, just a break even at $0.00. Then, like a dead battery, thrown away. Disposed.
    Someone(s) know full well how to manipulate their biological impulses and make a good living for themselves from it.
    Care to guess who those someones are?

    1. Uh, no, debt doesn’t work that way in a Keynesian chartalist system. It even causes confusion to call it “debt”; we really should call the figures on the government’s side of the ledger “mirror assets” or something. If you use the U.S. dollar, for example, you live in a closed financial system where government debt = nongovernment financial assets, according to accounting identities. The U.S. dollar assets, like the ones in retirement accounts, literally can’t come from anywhere else. Look up Modern Monetary Theory:

      1. government debt = *net nongovernment financial assets as non-government financial assets and associated growth is largely driven by the private sector credit creation, not the printing of bonds.
        In keeping with your accounting standards, the debt and subsequent private sector surpluses aren’t distrusted evenly throughout the economy. Some will be left with disproportionate amounts of debt (men) and subsequent repayments on that debt, whilst others will reap the benefit of the surplus.
        Since I’ve clarified your initial mistake, you should no longer be in disagreement with the post you were responding to.

  34. +1 Great point that is not often made:
    Women who do not provide their best sexual services in support of culturally constructive men do NOT deserve society much less civilization
    They do that by monogamy with a single man from the time of her early bloom, or they don’t do it at all.
    Loved the history references to China and Mormonism! Got to show me not tell me. Backs up the abstract idea well.
    I might rework the title, or I might rework the body to fit the word ‘Owe’, which means to work the main thesis past recognition of our problem. Owing presumes a reciprocity that is not there and should be and implies that we should hold on to restoring the balance of power. The term ‘Society’ is too inclusive, but the parasitic portion is made clear in the text.
    The words we use to express ourselves matter. We grow when we refine our words. We must emotionally detach as we have intellectually. If ‘society owes’ us, we are losers if we don’t collect, and we are fools if we don’t allow ourselves to want to collect.
    I’m middle-aged, and I have been cheated as much as the young men today. This deception and abuse has been around for decades, since 2nd wave changed the social landscape in the late 1970s. As the generations go on, the percentage of men screwed increases: that’s what corruption does of course.
    However, I would argue as salient that as a percentage of the screwed, less and less males are being cheated with each successive generation. We (collectively) get the government and the economy we deserve. We are breeding for ineptitude, and you can’t cheat ineptitude. It’s like saying that as the housing bubble inflated higher and higher that the virtue of the borrowing home owners was not lower and lower, and they were increasingly victims not enticed junior parasites. We have a bubble is vaginal credit and the reach of it is expanding to include useful idiots beyond redemption who actually benefit from the parasitic system because they are only parasites.
    Some young men are truly cheated, like some old men, for the fact of their potential that was stolen by a matrix of lies and government force, but most men are the intrinsically uncivilized men, and more so with time, and the men without civilized potential who benefit if they are early enough in the Ponzi schem are are screwed if they late are to the cannibalism feast. The young men today are all screwed but few young men are cheated because they are mostly natural cheaters and natural losers if you take away the matrix (cf. Game Theory). Talk to men, young and old, and see for yourself what their potentials are. You can’t make a man unplug any better than you can release a whale or bird or whatever accustomed to being handled by a man-made system and make them wild and free. Few can do it to the threshold required to lose the original dependency.
    Red pill is not understood without understanding the evolutionary requirement of quality control and in a naturally progressive direction to keep and improve civilization. We have a bubble of inferior men as well as women. We will not collect what is owed by allying with victims. We will collect by allying with cooperatively compatible rivals to the elite as patriarchs for the resource called pussy and the power called sovereignty.
    Please, please, please keep the distinction in mind between situational losers and character losers, gents. Blue pill must die, preferably in the mind alone at the redemption of human potential if it is there, but die under its own weight it must. Beware the emotional bond with blue pill!

  35. I can’t disagree more. No one really owes you anything. And the same thing can be applied to you when you’re dealing with others. Yes, it makes sense to do some things for others and maintain those relationships, but the only thing that you can depend on, the only thing that you can make you owe you something is yourself.
    This article pretty much bets to the point:

    The Only 2 Things A Man Can Depend On

    It would be nice to live in an interdependent society where people — to one extent or another — care about you, but that’s rarely the case (very very rare.)

    1. All debt is valid only by political force, which is why banksters always seek government power. Debt slavery requires sovereignty, and corrupt soveriegnty rests upon easy seignoraige until the host is dead. They have an exit strategy. Do we? Do we in the end have the political force to collect, to take, to win? We can’t compete in this world as non-cooperative individuals, though its a great start after unplugging, but the future requires more from us. Become interdepending with only true friends, and true friends are political and business friends. The fact that friendship has been redefined shows the completeness of our domestication to the establishment.

  36. Once again, the entitlement complex that is actually very similar to that of the feminists.

  37. I began reading these articles on this site for a couple months now. For a moment it really affected my belief and understanding in men. Then more and more through my own of observations of men from my day to day life I’ve realized that you all are a small demographic of men (thank god!). Your beliefs and values are baseless, skewed and illogical. This article more than any other has revealed this. It was nice being taken up in you guys’ whirlpool of male chauvinism and bigotry but i’m over it now…..you all are clearly full of shit.

    1. “I’ve realized that you all are a small demographic of men”
      Whatever helps you sleep at night, twinkletits.

    2. In all honesty, the only reason you’ve been misled to believe that the men who hold these kinds of views are a minority is because most of us keep a lid on this kind of real talk in our personal lives, or at least in the presence of most females. For now…
      Until then, you’d be surprised how easily most of us are able to blend in.

    3. Sweetie,
      I think you need to read my newest book. If you think RoK readers are a “small demographic” you are very mistaken. Men do not speak out because they are hated on and attacked by women. I am an example of a man prepared to speak out on behalf of other men in my own name in the public and I have been attacked and hated on for SIX YEARS for doing so.
      I am “mainstream” in terms of demographics. I am 50, I raised 4 children, I bought the starter home and then family home. I rose through the ranks of IBM before going out and starting my own company.
      I used to be christian. And I was the model father, husband, law abiding citizen. And I am standing for truth, justice and equality before the law. For this I am hated on and persecuted by 99.5%+ of people who hear what I have to say…..99.9%+ of women and 99%+ of men who hear my story and see what I have done hate on me because women do not wish to be held equal before the law and they incite men to attack me to maintain their privileged position.

  38. Excellent article.
    This sums up very well the reason that I say that in today’s society a young man that joins the military is actually defective. Or conned. Or incredibly misinformed and ignorant. Why should any man risk his life for a society that has institutionalized hostility towards him? The simple answer is that he should not.
    This is not to say that men that have fought in the military in the past were defective. No, they were honorable. He had a respected place in society. If he survived, he’d come home to marriage, family, and respect for his service in the military as well as his contributions to society resulting from his work and his dedication to his family.
    All of that has been turned on its head. With today’s feminist state repressing him, a man has no obligations to anyone. He especially has no obligation to be the instrument of the feminist state projecting power domestically or internationally.
    If anything, men in America should view themselves as outcasts from American society. Thus, they should do what the “lost boys” of Mormon sects do. He should leave the place that does not want him and search for opportunity elsewhere.
    In the meantime, American society is only worth using until such time as a man can escape it.

    1. I agree up until a point. Most American men don’t join the military out of a sense of patriotism or country, but pure economic necessity and/or a few testosterone kicks. A lot of these men are conservative and don’t identify with the country they’re supposedly fighting for, they identify with each other (they are a nation unto themselves). I like to view these men as a sort of Freikorps in the aftermath of a feminist-globalist tidal wave against civilization. These men are trained killers with a conservative bent, who are only waiting for the proper direction to take back America. Trust me, the Dianne Feinsteins of the world are not liked or well-received by the military. The police now on the other hand are true supporters of the feminist matriarchy, especially in major urban metropolitan areas. Women in the end despite current whimsical notions, don’t get to decide mate selection. That’s just a comfortable aspect of civilization. When the collapse comes (trust me, it’s coming), there will be multiple “Rape of the Sabine” scenarios where the natural order will be once again foisted unto women. Concepts such as honor do not exist amongst the fairer sex, they’ve never needed courage, duty, loyalty or honor; they simply had their vaginas. Loyalty from a woman only occurs when a woman fears the man and social consequences thereof. That is the God’s honest truth. You cannot place civilization in the hands of women with their idiotic fickle transience, they will break your heart and ruin your progeny every time.

    1. Not even if you paid me. There is a propensity for delusion in Anglo female psychology. I don’t know how to define it, but these women are extremely delusional and destructive. Just imagine if that was someone’s mother, yuk. Russia is the last hope for Europe to establish some patriarchal order, or face the consequences of that.

  39. Female high school teachers across the country support this article 100%.

  40. Though there might be some legitimate points, this article revolves around the author’s belief that women are not persons and individuals with the right to decide their own life and partners but rather objects to be handed out for usage by the old men in charge to the young men they need to further their own agenda. Quite disturbing.

    1. It’s MEN who are not treated as persons with the “right” to decide their own life and partners. We are forced to conform to the feminine hive-mind we call our culture, get jobs like we’re told and accept whatever un-fertile, un-feminine, over entitled dismounted cock carousel rider who will “settle” for us. We are forced to deny our own basic natures, because our natures are deemed evil and pathological. We are cannon fodder for wars and work mules for the mines. In divorce, we have no rights to our children or the fruits of our labor. Even the most responsible of us are over taxed to pay for the lifestyles of irresponsible woman having children out of wedlock; single mothers making up the vast majority of welfare recipients and beneficiaries of expensive, bureaucratic government programs. Men make up the vast majority of homeless, suicides, victims of violence, prisoners, and school dropouts. We may or may not be owed sex, but goddammit, we’re owed something better than what we’re being offered right now. But sure, you and all your girlfriends feel free to shovel all the gravel. I’ve got more important things to do with the “freedom” I was granted when I had to make a choice: Man up and be a slave to everyone and everything around me, or GO MY OWN WAY and be one more young man in his prime to let the system plod along without our noble sacrifices for family and country. Let’s see how it works out when men decide, just like woman have, not to show up for our end of the bargain.

      1. Of course you should be treated with care, honour and respect, as should everyone. But I don’t agree with anyone owing anyone else anything in the sex-department. Everyone has to earn the priviliege of being loved or wanted, males as as well as females. I do not agree with what seems to be the authors viewpoint that the men in charge should “give” their ‘soldiers’ women. No one should be given to anyone, it’s should be a matter of choice and personal freedom should never be infringed upon.
        Just like men should not be expected to be slaves, neither should women.

        1. “[females] have to earn the privilege of being loved or wanted…”
          Hehehe… You don’t say? How noble of you… And how convenient too, eh?
          Threads like these offer remarkable insight into how disingenuous females can be. Spouting pablum like the need for males and females alike to “earn” the privilege of being loved or wanted… Knowing full well, deep down, how hopelessly lopsided the market really is.
          Your stance isn’t wrong on its face, but the main problem, ultimately, is your lack of consistency. Your line of reasoning could easily be used as an argument to abolish taxes, for instance. Is this something you would support?
          Like the previous poster said, if women no longer need to uphold their end of the social contract, neither should men.

        2. “Like the previous poster said, if women no longer need to uphold their end of the social contract, neither should men.”
          With which I agree. But the objection and problem I have are with sweeping generalizations of ALL females/males and an undertone of supremacism and fascism. There are plenty of males and females who hold the same beliefs you do. In our modern times we should strive for freedom from any form of oppression and the right for every individual to live as they wish, so long as they don’t infringe upon anyone elses freedom. Find people who think and feel as you, who share the same values and beliefs. Don’t wish or try to conform everyone/anyone against their will or wishes.
          “Your line of reasoning could easily be used as an argument to abolish taxes, for instance. Is this something you would support?”
          I am against the monetary system as a whole.

        3. ” “[females] have to earn the privilege of being loved or wanted…”
          Hehehe… You don’t say? How noble of you… And how convenient too, eh?
          Threads like these offer remarkable insight into how disingenuous females can be. Spouting pablum like the need for males and females alike to “earn” the privilege of being loved or wanted… Knowing full well, deep down, how hopelessly lopsided the market really is. ”
          Please explain to me what you mean by this, I do not quite understand…

        4. “Earning” love/sex/affection as an average woman is about as difficult as climbing the hill in your backyard. If you have a pulse, you can do it. (Exhibits A & B linked below)
          By comparison, earning love/sex/affection as an average man is like attempting to climb Mt. Everest in the middle of winter. A touch hyperbolic, perhaps, but the point is that it is several orders of magnitude more difficult.
          Is it any surprise then that women are quick to point out that we all must “earn” the privilege of being loved and wanted? Of course not. It’s a convenient arrangement for you.
          But your duplicity is not lost on those of us who have a keen eye for bullshit.

        5. By “earning sex” I mean being attractive enough for the people you want to sleep with to want to sleep with you. This should be pretty equal, as most men and women want to sleep with people who take care of themselves, act and look nice.
          By “earning affection/love” one simply has to be a nice person who treats others with respect, who are willing to work on their imperfections and flaws and be the best person they can be.
          I think too many people settle for less, thus perpetuating bad behaviour and causing a downward spiral.
          I really don’t care for being blamed for other womens actions, just as you shouldn’t accept blame for other mens actions.

        6. There you have it gentlemen.
          Men spend thousands of hours learning game, lifting weights and refining their style. They work long hours in stressful, soul crushing jobs for years on end. Some even spend thousands of dollars on PUA bootcamps, or travel abroad to meet a different class of women altogether.
          What for? All you had to do this entire time is look “nice” and act “nice”. Then you too can get laid at will and get into a relationship at the drop of a hat, just like a woman! Why oh why didn’t we think of that before?!
          What a load of garbage. You haven’t learned a damn thing.

        7. This is my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced. Obviously you do not agree, and it might not be what you have experienced. Your perception and your opinion doesn’t make my opinion invalid, and vice versa.

        8. This may be a good read to help you understand who you may be dealing with in here. Maybe a wee touch of group psychosis also lol. “Wee” HA! It’s fascinating and helps considerably if you happen to be in a relationship with one of these guys. Your counterpoints are very logically put btw. 🙂

        9. People can say they believe in whatever they want. Words are cheap. Anyone can say they “want world peace” to get free pats on the back.
          The actions of a person or group are what they really believe.

        10. No, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t. But as a female human, with female and male human family, friends and aquaintances I can still form an opinion based on my own experiences.
          Both men and women should try to be the best version of themselves they can be, by exercising, eating well, educating themselves, keeping an open mind, admitting fault when appropriate, work on diminishing/controlling their negative sides, being productive and contribute instead of being entitled and lazy etcetera. That is most sane peoples ideal of a good person and partner. If someone chooses a partner solely on looks and/or cash flow, then they are themselves not good people and therefore not deserving of a good person as a partner. If someone takes no responsibility regarding their appearance and/or behaviour, makes no contributions, shows no consideration or regard but expects others to serve and please them, they are not good people. There are plenty of those people around. Doesn’t mean all humans are like that.

        11. I have worked since my mid-teens (while going to high school, to be able to buy things I wanted, save money to travel etc.), I have never been on welfare, I have never expected to be provided for, I have never thought for even a moment about any man’s/my man’s “fortune”/”economic potential” or anything to that extent. We met at a summer job when we were 20, and I thought at first that he was just a boring car-crazy guy who liked to hang with my older brother, who also worked at the same place, and talk about ‘chicks’, cars, motorcycles and other things I find incredibly boring (except motocycles, which I at the time was pretty interested in, and planned on buying one). Until we all became good friends and talked about more serious and in-depth things. That is when I fell in love with him, when I saw what a nice and kindhearted person he was, and he impressed me with his social criticism and observations of society, culture and human behaviour, by being passionate about sustainable technology and infrastructure which for me shows care and consideration of others and nature. It wasn’t his looks, it wasn’t his car, it wasn’t his job or money in the bank. He ‘won’ me with his personality, opinions and values.
          If other people choose their partners based on materialistic or superficial attributes, or expect others to live up to extravagant ideals while they themselves demand to be loved for doing absolutely nothing of value, or even act detrimentally and blatantly disregard their own bad behaviour and refuse to take responsibility for it, it is through no fault of mine, I and will not be blamed for it.

        12. Those are excellent ideals, but they fly in the face of how human attraction actually works.
          For example, you cited “shows no consideration or regard but expects others to serve and please them, they are not good people”. I agree they aren’t good people at all.
          But (especially in men) those qualities are actually quite attractive. Research sexual attraction and “dark triads”.

  41. I’m probably going to resort to hookers. I’m not unattractive by any means (I’m actually very decent – 6 foot 3, 190 pounds at 11 percent bf, clean decent face). But I have seen how picky women are. I constantly get rejected by girls in my looks range (that I am physically and emotionally attracted too). I have like 60K saved up. I have invested 10K in stocks and another 10K in equity stocks (more risk). Its all about attention for women nowadays and even the average plain janes have way more options then me.

    1. You have to try foreign women my friend. You will discover a brand new world of beauty, elegance and femininity.

    2. It’s true that in the Anglosphere the typical white bitch between the ages 18-25 will only fuck a man at least 1-2 points higher on the attractiveness scale than herself. Foreign women are much less picky in comparison and reasonable when it comes who to they select.

    3. Learn at least a smattering of a foreign language and chase those women. They love when someone puts in enough effort to at least try to learn it.

  42. Ridiculous. An orgasm is an orgasm, whether it’s by your own hand or vaginal intercourse. Horny? Just jerk off and get back to your life.

      1. I frequently masturbate rather than go to the trouble of driving to a plate’s house. (They aren’t allowed to come to my home; my home is a male-only sanctuary.)

  43. I think the problem at hand is that there are simply too many weak low-ranking males thanks to modern medicine and the nanny state. Mother Nature didn’t intended for there to be all these sexually frustrated cubicle warriors, bronies, WoW-addicts, and welfare-abusers running around. She slated them to die in their cradles or get trampled during mammoth hunts.

    1. What is fit changes as stressors change. Trilobites were once an extremely fit species.
      Whatever succeeds in producing successful offspring is fit.
      Cubicle warriorism was a much more effective strategy not too long ago and high young male attrition made the competition easier for the survivors. Now we get to see who can adapt to change and who cannot.
      The brutal selective processes we see before modern medicine or back during the ice age haven’t gone away, they’ve merely changed.

  44. Sorry….women don’t owe you shit just because you have a penis. Nobody owes you jack shit until you earn it. If you deserve sex it’s because you’ve put in the WORK(not just “taking the red pill”, real sweat blood and tears) to set yourself apart from the crowd.

      1. If prostitution was legal in America it would drive down the price of pussy and we wouldn’t see so many men selling their souls and their lives for it. But that would mean that women would lose their #1 bargaining chip, which is why it will never happen thanks to females wearing the pants in Anglo America.

  45. I haven’t had sex in 2 years and I have a girlfriend. Welcome to the future.

  46. MGTOW disagree. You’re only a ‘loser and outcast’ if you choose to accept those labels, and if you still (foolishly) pretend that the social contract is valid, even after it’s clearly been broken. Actively rejecting society’s expectations of you is the ticket to true freedom and fulfillment.

    1. The writer of this article is concerned with the impact on society as a whole. He cited Chinese MGTOWs in ancient times leading to instability of regimes.
      MGTOW is a valid individual choice, but if a society is generating large numbers of MGTOWs, it’s going to collapse.

      1. Fuck society, nobody has an obligation to uphold it. In this life we must honour ourselves first if we want to have any happiness in this short stint of time on this rock.

        1. Of course nobody does.
          But I don’t really want to actively destroy society needlessly, and I would rather not surround myself with people who do.

  47. The Mormon polygamous cultures actually do lead the boys on in that they are taught to trust the faith and not given a proper education and then exiled at an age when getting an education in a modern society is difficult. Trying to get a start at age 18 or so is a major challenge for someone whose effectively homeless and has no other means to support themselves.
    When many of these church elders got thrown into jail as sex offenders, I didn’t pity them.

  48. LOL, this article is for betas who can’t get any and thinks they shouldn’t have to work for the pussy.
    So sorry that you can’t get it as often as the alphas mates 😉
    Want me to give you a few tips? Women like confidence, not pussy beta faggots.

  49. First off Prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas. It’s only legal in Rural Nevada counties that are over an hour outside of town. The casinos and other businesses don’t want guys spending money on hookers instead of them. The strippers perfer to just dance or to give overpriced lap dances to sexually repressed men from around America. Vegas makes money by taking advantage of sexually frustrated men through excessive eating, drinking and gambling. Plus if prostituion were legal, gealeous women would never let their husbands and boyfriends go there.
    I have to agree with this. We put men in jail and a big part of the punishment is no sex for the offenders. It also prevents many sociopaths from passing on their genes. Sex should function as a reward for good men and a lack of sex punishment for the bad.
    Instead, men are expected to work and pay taxes for all the welfare queens that get knocked up by any guy they please. Women don’t have to be good to find a man that can and will provide, the state does that. Over half of children are now on food stamps at some point. So working men are expected to provide for other men’s children and their mothers. It is a totally unsustainable situation.

  50. I liked the last paragraph. I imagined a man picking up woman on the streets as a sole hunter that, once detached from forementioned society, makes his own rules.

    1. ‘Entitled’ I see this word repeated a lot. What are “human rights” or property rights if not entitlements.
      If you complained you were deprived of food or water, surely you’d be an entitled whiner.
      Putting in the work to be qualified is no guarantee. We still have to choose the right battlefield. Would you rather run game in Saudi Arabia or Brazil?

      1. “If you complained you were deprived of food or water, surely you’d be an entitled whiner.” … in other words, you think that the world owes you a living.

        1. How would you feel if your boss decided not to pay you for awhile?
          I bet you wouldn’t like it too much.
          Effective societies give back in exchange for people’s willing participation and contributions.

        2. If my employer decided to stop paying me for awhile I’d decide to stop working for them for awhile & find another way to make a living. Simple.

        3. Exactly. If a society didn’t fulfill your needs, you’d look for alternatives. You’ve arrived at my point. Society or an employer owes you in exchange for your effort or it’s not worth your while.

        4. Chumps like Rael are so reflexively eager to stake the moral high ground on the subjects of work ethic and “earning” one’s keep (how very calvinistic of you — we’re all really impressed dude) that they go full retard and lose track of even the most basic rules of exchange.
          It’s a microcosm of what’s wrong with society. Its become too big and complex, and as a result, it’s become too easy to forget who’s actually greasing the engine of civilization (in large part, sexless beta males). In case you’re wondering, that’s your exchange right there, you idiot.
          But hey, no worries. Like anything else in life, anything that cannot last, won’t.

  51. You have a point, men are taught that we’re not entitled to anything, and hard work reaps huge rewards, yeah of societies leaders. Women taught that they’re entitled to the world and more because they have vaginas, are rewarded with the man with the most resources and highest status, that working is a choice to them. Societies like this drive men out, it is prime for forming MGTOW, and if more men opt out, the society crumbles. Western society is hostile to men, our achievements, or needs, and our virtues, instead clinging on to false hope, we just need to opt out.

    1. I have given myself the right to have sex with myself. Therefore sex is a right.

  52. “In mass societies, however, there’s always been a steady stream of losers who get nothing in return. When men have no hope of wealth, family, or even of getting sex they withdraw their loyalty to the existing social order and turn to desperate measures. Predictably, across time and place, ‘losers’ will defect.” you literally made me laugh out loud
    dude that’s why we call them losers. as long as women are still getting pregnant from superior men why would we need loser misogynists everywhere. At no time in society have we ever just completely given up into some dystopian world where every need of men is met. If women don’t want to fuck you there’s a reason (it’s because you’re a piece of shit)
    I don’t want the genes of some of these absolute idiotic mras passed down to another generation
    you contribute to society for yourself. you work for money, you buy a house for shelter. no where on the mortgage did it say “loving wife and kids free”
    also how the hell can you complain about women being whores when y’all are so desperate for sex you would literally bed anything with legs, just saying

  53. “You get what you deserve”. Think about that before you moan of being turned down by a prostitute.

  54. I disagree with the overall tone of this article. In my opinion, nobody owes you anything. We are already becoming an increasingly “hand-out” culture, in which people who are unwilling to work for what they want simply demand that they deserve it. Sex is out there to be had. If it wasn’t, why would many authors on this site (and others) spend so much time writing articles on ‘game?’ Why would there be so many ‘sluts and whores’ to rail against if these women aren’t having sex with someone?

    1. “Why would there be so many ‘sluts and whores’ to rail against if these women aren’t having sex with someone?”
      This is one of the greatest misconceptions surrounding these kinds of debates, a misconception manosphere authors in general fully bring on themselves as a result of their sloppy thinking and lack of explanatory rigor.
      The problem with female sexual behavior is not the quantity of sex they’re having, it’s the distribution of sex and the mate selection. The old 80/20 rule. Soft harems where sure, women are having plenty of no-strings-attached sex, but only with a minority of men. Worse still, good, productive guys (the average beta male), who actively contribute to the upkeep of society with their labor and their taxes, are usually among those who are locked out of the sexual market, at least outside of relationships. Not only are most guys increasingly unable to cope with the selection pressure, which has simply become too great, but the guys who are overwhelmingly being rewarded by women set a terrible example with their own “dark triad” behavior. Women, as the gatekeepers of sex, are as a whole doing an abysmal job of managing their power, and all in all, it’s an ugly situation that is simply untenable (assuming of course that a cohesive society is something that we’re all striving for here).
      The “railing against sluts and whores who won’t shut their legs” is an example of the male rationalization hamster in action. It’s the kind of shaming language guys who aren’t articulate/intelligent enough to accurately air their grievances use to hurt the object of their contempt… Contempt, I might add, that women as a group fully deserve for their large role in this entire mess, even if men as a group are doing a poor job of expressing themselves accurately.

  55. Needing tribal elders to tell a woman to be your wife and give you sex because you can’t attract one yourself, makes you less of a man. Contrary to what you insist on believing poor men are still perfectly capable of attracting a woman (otherwise in this economy we’d almost all be single). Granted, rich men can get away with being bastards like this if their wife is a gold-digger, but those without money need a decent personality. Some women are attracted to arrogant, entitled bastards. Most aren’t. Hence your inability to get sex.
    Advice: get off the computer now. I know it has porn, but it is time to interact with real human beings, in the real world. Society owes you nothing. If you want to have sex, treat women like human beings. You realize women ARE human too right?

  56. Nobody in this world owes anyone sex ever. You have to earn someone’s agreement. Also, someone who doesn’t have sex or doesn’t want to be part of society doesn’t have to be a loser. Lesson over.

  57. B.S. Nobody needs sex like air, water or food, that’s totally overrating pussy, like feminists would like you to. Do not subscribe to their scarcity mentality, there’s an abundance of cock-craving pussy around! I get enough pussy, but also prefer my hand sometimes and could do very well thank you without any pussy at all.

  58. so are you saying that today the government is a tribe?
    and take a moment to realize people can live a healthy life if they dont have sex before 20. i mean sure it might not be so great when you’re 25 or older, but it doesn’t harm society in any way. what does SEX have to do with THE SAFETY AND PEACE OF GOVERNMENT? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NOTHING. amenpeaceoutgoodbye

  59. Speaking as someone who has voluntarily left Utah under the exact circumstances described in the last 2 paragraphs of this article, I am looking forward to starting over.
    I have cut ties with my family and my friends, and I am fueled with a furious, deeply-rooted hatred of the LDS church. To call me a Mormon goes far beyond insulting, but I don’t take it personally.
    I will soon be “starting over” by exploiting the generous nature of the liberal women of the Pacific Northwest and refusing to settle down, ever. I will die alone (by choice) and be quite happy in my autumn years, looking back on the piles of panties laying by the side of the trail I’ve blazed.
    This article couldn’t have come at a better time, and I will be pondering and contemplating its message for many years to come. Really. Thank you for relieving me of a crushing burden that has weighed on me for many years. You really have made me realize EXACTLY what has been going wrong in my sex life.

  60. A 16 year old boy has yet to contribute to his tribe; he has not yet learned and developed the requisite skills and abilities. No tribe awards boys =mates= on the hope that they’ll someday merit them.
    A society that insists its young people prove themselves on some level is doing what any healthy society must do — preserving itself and its members from noncontributors. It’s the mark of the pathological cult to award sex on the basis of desire, rather than helping support it as part of the fruit of a stable, productive relationship carried out under the aegis of that society’s aims, goals, needs, and values. All stable and successful societies of our history acted thus.
    Prostitution is really the only way a society has to sexually gratify young, untried men in any responsible manner. The sexual needs of a society’s unpartnered members can be adequately served via prostitution only to a degree, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it. It’s an honorable occupation, and ought to be totally legal. Perhaps even subsidised by the provision of safe facilities — just as we have for other public utilities.

    1. The author neglects to mention the reason *why* the Chinese men behaved in that fashion — female infanticide did away with their mates-to-be at birth. This was not business as usual, but more akin to a disaster. While useful to illustrate something we already knew: men want wives and families, and a whole generation’s being deprived of any hope of ever having that is going to create problems — it can’t be used as support for a claim that “society owes men sex”: they had access to prostitutes if they went far enough afield. But they wanted more than sex; they wanted wives and families.

  61. I’m sorry…but this is about CHOICE on both side. How on earth is society to set up things so that men are GARUNTEED sex without trampling on the rights of the women of that society. We ARE HUMAN BEINGS. The problem with this whole discussion is that you’re treating us like PRIZES. We get to choose just like you do–but no one is garunteed to get what they want out of life. I know girls who don’t ever get a guy too. No one’s saying the world owes her anything. You’re comparing sex to food and water. It’s not like that. It’s closer to friendship. No one in any culture has ever been garunteed friendship. It’s one of those things that can’t really be bought. Same for love (or sex). You just have to try at it and hope for the best. But if you think anyone owes it to you, you’re on the wrong foot already.

  62. I hope someone’s still reading. I’m curious of the author’s views on how exactly society should guarantee men sex.

  63. I hope someone’s still reading this, because I have a line that sums up this entire article.
    “…to each according to his need.”

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