The 12 Step Social Justice Warrior Recovery Program

‘Twelve Step’ programs have become famous in the United States as a set of guiding principles which outline a course of action to recover from an addiction, compulsion, or detrimental personality problem. The first twelve step program was AA or ‘Alcoholics Anonymous‘, which was set up in the 1930’s as a method of recovery from alcoholism.

Since that time, many other programs have sprung up which deal with other afflictions, such as gambling or methamphetamine addiction. However, now that we are getting deep into the 2010’s, doesn’t it seem obvious that there should be a recovery program for social justice warriors as well?

Here is a new set of guidelines which will help address their addictions to cultural Marxism, profanity, white male hatred, civilization-destroying egalitarianism, and excessive “tumblring” among other things. Hopefully, coming to terms with their expensive Starbucks coffee habit can also be addressed as an added bonus.


1. Admit You Have A Problem

The first step to take in any twelve step program is publicly admitting that you have a problem. You simply cannot progress to step number two if you continue to live in denial. Your addiction is detrimentally impacting your life and the people around you.

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol social justice, and that our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Understand That “Social Justice” Is Complete Poppycock

Now that you have taken the vital first step, it is imperative for you to know what “social justice” actually represents.

Be prepared to be shocked, appalled, and utterly humiliated as Prager University gives you the correct spiel on what this cancerous buzzword actually means. Fortunately, in less than six minutes you will be given a true education, and hopefully emerge a much greater and level-headed human being as a result.

3. Believe That Rational Thinking And Factual Data Can Restore Your Sanity

Assuming that Buzzfeed, Gawker, Upworthy, Alternet, MSNBC, and a host of other far-left media outlets are the only places where you get your news and opinion, they are unfortunately drilling your brains with non-stop lies and general SJW cry-me-a-river nonsense.

Expanding your reading and viewing horizons (, Return Of Kings, Zero Hedge, Prager University, Liberty Pen, Taki’s MagazinePaul Joseph Watson, etc.) will set you on the path to discovering the real truth about what is going on in the world.

Among other things, these portals will address and debunk such controversial make-believe issues like the “gender wage gap” and “rape culture“. If you uncover the raw intelligence, the truth shall set you free.

4. Cut All Association With Active SJW’s

Similar to how completely severing contact with your ex-girlfriend is a major part of moving on from a broken relationship, it is absolutely imperative that you do the same with your former SJW brethren.

For instance, if you are in the process of recovering from chemotherapy because of your SJD (social justice disease), you must staunchly confront any active SJW’s who wish to turn you back to your old ways.

Be strong, be firm, be confident, and be really, really, in your face with your powerfully negative response.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive Support

Form stronger bonds with your (remaining) friends who do not possess any SJW habits and personalities, and express gratitude for those who will support and comfort you on the road to recovery. Make sure your visitors are calm and caring individuals who will not say anything which could “trigger” a relapse of overly emotional SJW butthurt.

6. Clean Up Your Language And Your Attitude

SJW’s are notorious for regurgitating R-rated sludge from both their mouths and their typing fingers at an alarming frequency. In order to successfully assimilate with civil society, you are going to have to tone down your love affair with profanity by at least 90%, and stop acting like a hot pepper has been perpetually lodged where the sun don’t shine.

This is absolutely vital if you ever intend on obtaining (or holding down) a real job. Because unfortunately, being an “activist” or a “community organizer” won’t pay your rent, let alone your gas bill.

7. Get Out Of Major ‘Social Justice’ Cities

Canadian ex-SJW’s need to get out of Toronto yesterday, and relocating out of Montreal and Vancouver are highly recommended as well. As for Australians, taking an extended break from SJW strongholds Sydney and Melbourne definitely wouldn’t hurt your recovery efforts.

Thankfully, U.S. citizens have plenty of places to go. The southern states in particular (minus Austin, Texas and Asheville, North Carolina) are probably among the best areas in the western world where you can avoid excessive social justice mentalities and not have to sacrifice by living among extreme weather variations and/or economically destitute regions (Eastern Europe, etc).

However, you must avoid the San Francisco bay area at all costs. The U.S. capital of degenerate lifestyles, attitudes, fashion statements, and virtue signaling tech companies is where you need to pack up and depart. And I mean now.

8. Make A Searching And Fearless Moral Inventory Of Yourself

It helps to rationally and philosophically address your past motives and behaviors as part of your recovery process. Here are several great questions which reforming SJW’s should ask themselves, and they are encouraged to answer many more.

“Why can I not accept that people can have dissenting opinions on gay marriage or other social issues, and why do I feel they must be severely ridiculed, ostracized, or even removed from their chief source of income as punishment?”

“Why do I specifically lament white males so much, even though wartime atrocities, slavery, environmental destruction, and other forms of oppression have been committed by all races and ethnic groups over the course of history?”

“Why am I such a party-pooper who has to ruin any kind of event which does not meet our tyrannical leftist demands?”

9. Make A List Of All Persons You Have Harmed, And Be Willing To Make Amends With Them

It is important to recognize that your past as an SJW has undoubtedly made other people suffer as a result of your actions and transgressions. Making a list of the people you have harmed will serve as a solemn reminder that you do not wish to return to that destructive manner of living.

No list is created equal (like most things in life as you will also learn), but a common example of an SJW shit list goes a little something like this.

  • Straight White Male A

  • Straight White Male B

  • Straight White Male C

  • Straight White Male D

  • Straight White Male E

    sad man

    SJW’s love white male tears. Any minute now…

10. Make Direct Amends To Such People Wherever Possible

If both proximity and time are no major hurdles, set up an in-person meeting with your past (presumably straight white male) adversaries and kindly apologize to them. Put particular emphasis on seeking out those you have doxed in the past, and thus potentially rendered destitute and unemployable for the “crime” of having a dissenting opinion to progressive dogma.

Imagine his surprise, when he thinks he’s about to yet again have his ass chewed for being a heterosexual Caucasian male residing in an overly-feminist western country, and he’s actually set to receive a long overdue apology!

11. Accept That The World Is Not Fair

You are almost there, but there are many bitter red pills that you are going to have to swallow before carrying on with life. For instance, there is always going to be poverty. There is always going to be income inequality. The man who studied electrical engineering is almost always going to have greater earning potential than the feminist who took women’s studies etc.

Additionally, you must accept that western countries cannot continue to act as ‘moral superpowers’ and be overwhelmed with “refugees” (economic migrants) from non-assimilating cultures without disastrous consequences for the long-term health of western civilization. Mindless egalitarianism will ultimately destroy your nation and your neighborhood. Maybe even your relationship (via cuckoldry).

12. Join The Fight Against SJW’s And Cultural Marxism

Embrace all the good things that feminists and SJW’s hate, like masculinity, logic, free speech, Austrian economics, capitalism, game, sharp clothes, tattoo-free skin, natural hair colors, clean language, the gym, making white men and their ancestors feel appreciated for a change (for all the amazing infrastructure, medicine, technology, stable and prosperous countries, ending slavery etc), harmonious male-female relationships, and traditional two-parent homes among other things.

Try and bring others over to the light if you can, but unfortunately a great deal of SJW’s are going to continue to support false narrative movements like “Black Lives Matter” no matter how much you try to cram logic, factual data, and reason into their skulls. Leave them be, but keep an eye on them and always stay at least one step ahead of the curve.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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89 thoughts on “The 12 Step Social Justice Warrior Recovery Program”

    1. What really makes me laugh about these SJW’s is how blind they are to their own origins. They are by and large an atheistic lot, so letting them know that their tradition comes directly from misinterpreted Christianity in the 19th century provides them no end of cognitive dissonance.

      1. Bloody Frankfurt school of critical theory did to Christianity and Christendom what centuries of Muslim caliphs only dreamed. Those avowed Marxists coopted the texts, replaced translations with paraphrases, removed verses, called the whole of the book fraud, and seeded Marx into every teaching.
        Just as it took crusaders to sack Constantinople, it took “Christians” to bring down Christianity and the Western ethics that were so tightly bound to it.

      2. The rotten core of SJWs derives from the neocons ((who had thier roots in Trotsky)). It’s all one big operation, from being called an anti-Semite for not wanting to go to war in Iraq, to being called a racist for disagreeing with Obama.
        All one big operation.

      3. Social justice goes further back than that. Read Jonathan Israel’s books about the Radical Enlightenment, which took a much harder line on overthrowing both religion and monarchy than the moderate figures in the Enlightenment like Locke, Voltaire and Montesquieu, who just wanted to tweak a few things while leaving the established society intact.

        1. Right, those preceded it. I mean specifically however that most of the “social justice” groups and foundations have direct ties to 19th century Christian “reformers” and such. Of course ideological roots can be traced much further back.

        2. They started cults and called them “Christianity.” But they were only for building platforms to satisfy what they wanted. That’s the warning of the Old Testament, and why the Catholic Church often refers back to it: The Jews wanted to justify degenerate and selfish behavior, and God had to keep putting them straight. By the time Christ came, God gave up on the Jews and just used them to spread his word. And true Christianity is based on Greek Philosophy, such as Stoicism. You can’t be a Christian if you’re not improving yourself and the lives of those around you with Stoic principles.

    2. Not cool for OP to put up the Jonah Golberg video. That triggered me.
      Isn’t there a Roosh (or anybody else) takedown of Social Justice video that was available to use?

        1. This parasite is not a man, this is embarrassing, this thing blushes when he thinks himself a man,

  1. The South is ok, but if you want a true middle finger to SJW bullshit, you gotta go to what was once referred to as the Old West Territories (excluding California). Think Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Idaho, Arizona (except Phoenix), Utah, etc. Bonus, they’re generally a lot thinner out there, and are of predominantly Scandinavian/Germanic stock, so the women can be pretty fucking hot.
    I’ll just leave this here as Exhibit A to back up my claim.

    1. I see the SJW creep slowly making its way into the South, but it’s not nearly at the level that it is on the East and West coasts. Mainly limited to a billboard here and there. Gotta give props to that Wyoming Representative. Wish more Reps would take this approach.

      1. At a memorial day parade (only one in the county) I only saw 4 SJW-types (but they’re in the main cities a dime a dozen. I wanna know who is supplying the dimes.).
        In Vermont we don’t have billboards.

    2. Before Colorado became “New California”, it would have made the list. If you can stay away from the colleges and Denver in general, you find sheriffs and people who still fit the bill.
      Same largely goes for Texas. Stay away from the big cities, and you find the most down-to-earth people anywhere.

      1. I watched Colorado change its stripes in my lifetime. The damage that Leftists do to whatever they touch is amazing. I’m more and more of the mind that when the time comes, I’ll not be out “protesting human rights abuses” over what will happen to these unwashed, nasty, filthy hippies.

        1. It will take generations to undo that damage. We don’t call them cancer for nothing.
          It’s the greatest refutation of magic dirt theory. Californians ruined California, so they left to go ruin Florida and Colorado. Mexicans made a mess of Mexico, so they came here to wreck the border states.
          Eventually, we’ll have to treat them as failing debtor countries. Take away their sovereignty until they can actually sustain themselves, restrict migration and voting rights, etc.

      2. Even them it depends on the city itself. Austin’s unofficial motto is to stay weird, having been ground zero for a long time and the Alamo city has a civil war between SJWs and non-SJWs with the battleground being the small towns along the I-35 corridor.

      3. Colorado and Texas are having their own migrant crisis; but these migrants are coming from the People’s Republic of California. Fortunately though, they tend to stay in the big cities.

        1. Funny enough, Californians have been flat out told to their faces that if they don’t like how things are in Texas, they’re welcome to piss off back to the Pacific wasteland.

        2. Precisely. I’m a Texan and it’s true that people from California come over because their leftist policies have forced them to move from the state. Then they continue voting for the same policies that landed them in that situation in the first place. Their big government anti austerity practices are simply untenable.

      4. It’s tragic what happened to Colorado. The Californian infestation destroys all it touches. They’re like locusts.

    3. You could certainly stop at the Nevada/California border. You might be able to cut Oregon and Washington in half and seperate them by east/west. California should be treated like unihabtable radioactive wasteland though.

      1. There’s a similar strip through California and most of the East Coast states. You have the population centers on the coast, which are toxic wastelands, and you have the sane farm folk on the inland side.
        Unfortunately for everyone, those sane farm folk aren’t the primary voting bloc.

      2. If Cali ever slides into the ocean, I’ll pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate.

        1. “For verily the Lord God commanded Joseph, ‘Offer up onto me a burnt offering of three Hipsters and thy sons and daughters will never be at want for My blessing’. And he did offer up the sacrifice as commanded by the Lord our God, and God smirked, and all was good” – Justmadethatup 3:14:2

        2. “And so it was made tradition, the sacrifice and offerings of 3 hipsters to the Lord once every year. The number of hipsters shall be three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt sacrifice, and the number of sacrificing shall be three. Four shalt thou not sacrifice, neither sacrifice two, excepting that though then proceed to three. Five is right out.”
          DubiousOrigins 5:6-9

      1. Revelation 9:7 – And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.
        The SJW types definitely are warlike, and they do adorn themselves in awards and praises.
        Hmm…there might be a meme in here.

        1. 4 And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
          SJWs tend toward environmentalism and seek to destroy every good and just thing.
          5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.
          They don’t kill, but they do go after careers and livelihoods. With the power they bring down on people, they cause excruciating pain.
          6 And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.
          Quote most of us: “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”
          8 And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions. And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.
          Of course, the women of the SJW troupe don’t have hair of women, but most of the men do. They withstand any amount of reasonable criticism and are not shamed into reasonability. And they come in swarms to whatever their target be.
          10 And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.
          That’s about how long the average feminist outrage seems to last.
          11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.
          Apollyon translates to “destroyer” and “one who causes to be ruined.”
          I don’t lay any special claim to divine revelation, but the parallels are striking.

        2. Just going to break it down (edit it) from the wiki in a little more obvious terms:
          “In the solitary phase (read: anti-social, bpd stage), they are innocuous and do not pose a major threat. However, under suitable conditions (internet access, triggering, faux outrage, organized protests), serotonin in their brains triggers a dramatic series of changes; they start to breed abundantly becoming gregarious and nomadic (online lynchings in social media, bus riding to public mobs, moving to traditional places and upending them).”
          “There is no distinction between grasshoppers and locusts only the swarming behavior (they can be hard to spot or sniff out until it’s too late and they are already signaling…er, swarming). Swarming is a morphological and behavioral change brought on by ‘overcrowding’ (maybe a reason a lot of ‘social justice’ springs out of large cities?) causing the swarming behavior to develop in the immature bands (SJWs, Feminists, Maginas, mental defectives) of hoppers.”
          “With more serotonin release there is greater mutual attraction (sexual deviance) between the gregarious ‘Nymph’ adults. Their adults are larger with different body proportions (fatties, land whales, mutant faces, androgyny), less sexual dimorphism (male/female) and a higher metabolic rate. They (reproductively) mature more rapidly and start reproducing earlier (normalization of child sexualization) but have a lower fecundity (self-imposed sterilization).”
          “These Nymphs continue to act as a cohesive group. Individuals that get detached from a swarm fly back into the mass (they need to be part of the herd/collective). When individuals at the front of the swarm settle to feed, others fly past overhead and settle in their turn, the whole swarm acting like a rolling unit with an ever-changing leading edge (their leadership is fluid/changeable). The locusts spend much time on the ground feeding and resting, moving on when the vegetation is exhausted (they’re pretty much lazy, mooching off what they can until it is used up and then move on, like transient communal hippies).”
          So, we already have the theory of rise/fall cycle of civilization that goes hand in hand with the influx/exodus of people into and out of urbanity to rural life. And here is an animal kingdom example of it in play which would parallel the exact same conditions/behaviors we can document as present in today’s modern SJW, etc.

    4. What is so wrong with Phoenix? I’ve lived here 4 years and I haven’t seen the SJW influence nearly as much as Texas.
      Also, all the places you listed are not really ideal for men, because there just aren’t that many people living there. They’re great for avoiding the social justice crowd, but terrible if you are looking to get laid.

      1. Phoenix seems to have large pockets of Leftists. Maybe I just came away with a wrong impression, I’ve only been there a couple of times.
        There are plenty of women out there, but they’re small town 1950’s type conditions. If you’re looking to smash ten bar sluts on a weekend, sure, stay in NYC or wherever. I’m only really addressing those who do not want to stay in a SJW hellhole in order to keep the noodle wet. There is plenty of wife material in all of those states, you just don’t get to play Cad and have it work like it does in the Blue Zones. Hell, Ohio is pretty fucking cool too, really, central anyway. Plus, lots of pretty girls.

    5. Yeah, I live in the south, and I was shocked to see both a police presence, and protesters with pro cameras with external flash, ready to scream at and doxx anyone who dared come to the cancelled meetups. I went anyway, and was horrified to see about a dozen SJWs with some kind of “get out of here you fucking rapist” sign. The cities in the south are full of SJWs, especially the millennials and younger. Sure, the countryside is fine, but I think that’s the case everywhere.
      I also have an acquaintance whose full time job it is to indoctrinate schoolkids with sex ed and specifically pro-homo and pro-tranny propaganda (I am not exaggerating). She doesn’t get in to all the schools, but it doesn’t really matter, her efforts are what count. She talks to a certain number of kids, and the ideas spread like wildfire from there.
      EDIT: Speaking of Ohio check this out. It apparently happened to a girl 15 or younger, since 16 is age of consent.

    1. You beat me to it. But seriously, I actually found a Kratom shop in Winter Park, FL (about 25 minutes from where I live). I was completely shocked upon this discovery, and I could not help but go inside this place.
      I ended up buying a very small bag of Kratom out of curiosity. The cashier was nice, but he seemed to lack general empathy and had a 1,000 yard stare. There were actually kids in the store, and there was an overall SJW vibe to the place. At first, I felt a general sense of despair and hopelessness when I walked into this place, and the “Feel the Bern” shirts only served as confirmation to my sentiments. However, the background music was nice.
      After going back home, I decided to try the Kratom. Nothing happened at first; however, the next few moments of my life changed.
      First Hour: No immediate changes were noted. Felt somewhat less stressed out and a bit more easy going. Nothing life changing, but for 5 bucks it wasn’t a bad trade-off.
      Second Hour: I noticed that my beard started growing much faster than normal. My testicles were also twice their size. I was pleasantly surprised.
      Third Hour: I started tasting colors. I was also breathing out captions, and was able to see through walls. This effect only lasted about 7 to 8 minutes, however.
      Fourth Hour: The Kratom stopped working. All senses and body parts returned to normal.
      I was very surprised that such shops actually existed. It also turns out that there is much truth to the Kratom jokes. I would recommend it.

  2. 6. Clean Up Your Language And Your Attitude
    And your body. Cut off the dreads and take a shower, you filthy hippie.

  3. Do-gooders as I call them have done more to fuck up this world than all the petty & big time criminals combined. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for do-gooders, there wouldn’t be any criminals.

  4. There’s definitely a place for bad language in certain social settings, but what’s the left’s obsession with swearing? It’s so childish.
    Wearing shirts that say Bernie FUCKING Sanders or [city] FUCKING [state] in public places like the grocery store make me cringe vicariously for them. 6th graders must find them so edgy!
    Also see things like “I fucking love science” page on facebook (which ironically doesn’t really talk about any real science).

  5. (pp.
    69-70) F.A. von Hayek, “The Mirage of Social Justice”
    .”[I]n…a system in which each is allowed to use
    his knowledge for his own purposes the concept of `social justice’ is
    necessarily empty and meaningless, because in it nobody’s will can
    determine the relative incomes of the different people, or prevent that
    they be partly dependent on accident. `Social justice’ can be given a
    meaning only in a directed or `command’ economy (such as an army) in
    which the individuals are ordered what to do; and any particular
    conception of `social justice’ could be realized only in such a
    centrally directed system. It presupposes that people are guided by
    specific directions and not by rules of just individual conduct.
    Indeed, no system of rules of just individual conduct, and therefore no
    free action of the individuals, could produce results satisfying any
    principle of distributive justice…In a free society in which the
    position of the different individuals and groups is not the result of
    anybody’s design–or could, within such a society, be altered in
    accordance with a generally applicable principle–the differences in
    reward simply cannot meaningfully be described as just or unjust.”

  6. I find that 12 steps is too complicated.
    To simplify things, I have developed what I like to call the “Two-Step Process”.
    Step 1. Figure out what you want to do.
    Step 2. Do it.

  7. The 12 Step SJW Recovery Program, V.2.0:
    1. Kill yourself, painfully. Suggested methods: a) set yourself on fire, or b) drink sulfuric acid.
    2. If you are too much of a pussy to kill yourself painfully, do it painless. Suggested methods: a) gunshot, or b) hanging.
    3) If you are such a coward to not do 1 or 2 (which you are), assisted suicide is the option. Ask for help here in the comments section of RoK.
    Steps 4) to 12) are unknown to us, and frankly we don’t care.

  8. Step 13 if all 12 fail:
    Get thrown from a helicopter by pragmatists who have had enough of your SJW bullshit.

  9. The author doesn’t tell you to “accept Jesus,” at least.
    Despite these goofs with their “Atheism+” nonsense (I mean ones like PZ Myers), atheism as such has nothing to do with social justice. In an atheistic world, white people would still notice that blacks lower property values when they move into white neighborhoods, and they would want to keep blacks out somehow.

  10. Another article with the latent “prostrate yourself before the white man” subtext.
    I have no problem with the overwhelming majority of white people I’ve encountered, both in real life and around this part of the internet. No one should be forced to feel ashamed or think less of himself just because of his race. But it seems that the ones who love to say “get on your knees and worship my superior whiteness, shitskin” have a few problems of their own that they need to work out.

    1. A lot of pent up anger out here in Whitetopia that I think is now coming to the surface. The media has done a great job of trying to marginalize us (at least, white males) and now there are cracks forming that probably will lead to much worse things. I understand what you’re saying, but given the absolute mindfuck from the media and politicians on a minute by minute basis I only think it’s going to get worse.
      As I’ve said before, I don’t mind people of any race or creed. If we’re all in the Coke commercial singing happy hippy songs, that’s great. But I can’t help but notice that everybody today is in the Coke commercial *except* “me”. That breeds resentment, big time. I’m rational and don’t take it as an excuse to burst into some Neo Nazi spiel, but others are perhaps not so much in control of their reason and passion.
      The real target here, for whites and minorities both, should be those wielding the media like a weapon. Nothing good is going to come if this shit continues, for anybody.

      1. I hope the voices of reason such as yourself come forward quickly. We’ve already seen how things have played out in the black community, where the voices of reason have become all but ignored and driven away.

        1. You wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve heard spoken the last five or so years that I’d never expected to hear ever, in real life, by real people. People who, just ten years earlier, were all equalists and happy-fuzzy “we love everybody”. I don’t know precisely when the attitude changed per se, but I do recall the moment that *I* noticed it the most. It was during the Trayvon trial and let me tell you, the number of white men who *I know for a fact* were not racist “in the past”, who were speaking openly and with a strong fire in their eyes saying “They want to riot, fuck them, let’s do this and end this bullshit once and for all, I’m ready…”, or a close paraphrase, was shocking. Nowadays I don’t think most people I know even pretend to hide it any longer. The Confederate flag “flap” brought out *countless* Confederate flags *here in Ohio*, a Union state. I mean, fuck.
          There’s some bad juju brewing out here. The media keeps stirring the pot, keeps pushing the “white man is bad and evil, or weak and stupid” narrative and people are just fucking fed up. This has to be intentional, there seems to be some real push to cause violence coming from “above”.
          Hopefully in time, reason will prevail. But it’s hard for me to try and reason with people when they can turn on the news and see Black Lives Matter burning down cities and looting with impunity. You know?

        2. It really is a HUGE sticking point even for people that don’t give a shit about politics or “race”. I mean what the fuck? When did law become optional?

        3. Sadly you’re right. I don’t know if anything can be done about the black community at this point. When nearly three-quarters of all births are to unwed mothers, it’s more than obvious that there’s a serious problem. According to some things I’ve read, intelligent, educated blacks (especially black women) breed the LEAST of all people. This has led to severe dysgenic trends in the black community, where gang-bangers and “aspiring rappers” have the most kids. We’re starting to see these trends in the white community as well. I don’t know if there’s a solution to it, at least nothing that would bear fruit in our lifetimes.

        4. If law is optional then I can think of some right fine things that I’m going to go ahead and start doing.

        5. Do you recall back in the 90’s the phrase “going postal?” The sudden trend of postal employee walking in and shooting his colleagues. You know what that was about right?

        6. I remember it quite well, but I’m interested in your take about what it was about.

        7. Not that anyone would know from the media, but the shooters were usually older white men. The Clinton Administration was pushing to promote women and minorties in federal employee ranks. Under the old rules, getting promoted was typical seniority of time in service and your last position effected your pension. These guys were past over and people with less time in promoted over them and it set them off.
          When government makes it policy to discriminate one specific group to elevate others, it tends to have unforeseen consequences.

        8. I didn’t realize that. Bad reporting at the time. Although now that you bring it up, I do remember them being usually older white males.

        9. This kind of reminds me of the movie “Falling Down”. Remember that one? There’s only so much a person can take until…*SNAP*. These BLM bastards are really stupid if they think this is going to end well for them. And the media….Man, where do I start? Lol.

    2. How about getting the hell out of white countries if you don’t like the dominant cultural identity? Non-whites have a hypocritical habit of complaining about white racism but then looking for every opportunity to associate with whites, whether it be through dating, business, or with their choice of neighborhoods.

      1. So embracing the dominant cultural identity means I have to prostrate myself before every white person I see, no matter how much of a POS he may be as an individual?

        1. That’s hardly the argument of the article. The thrust is to not act like a defensive social justice warrior in reaction to life, and white males are the foremost target of that crowd. The fact is that a plethora of non-whites (mainly blacks) harbor secret feelings in line with the SJW crowd because they have the perpetual victim mentality.

        2. I have some black friends who do not mirror that line of thinking, although full disclosure, they are former military and in professional careers (pilot, doctor).

  11. I believe the reason that SJW types are so sensitive to criticism is because they’re not used to being expose to it; a sheltered lifestyle combined with an A for Effort society produces children who lack the capacity for introspection and self-reevaluation.

    1. That’s why they demand their “safe spaces”. The participation trophy generation has come home to roost.

      1. Nice to know real men still exist. These scrawny aliens I see all whine about how girls don’t like nice guys… more like girls don’t like pussified girly men.

        1. I keep trying to tell the Millenial dudes I come in contact with, that exact thing. Might as well be barking up a brick wall, they are utterly oblivious and stubbornly deny any such thing. Then they turn around and whine some more. Bunch of pansies.

        2. There are few bigger turn offs than a man who couldn’t beat me in a fight. Luckily I managed to find one of the few masculine men in my generation with ambition.

  12. As the old timers who used to be around here would say about modern SJWs “all they doing is breathing up air that some sumbitch that’s worth a damn could be breathing”.

  13. I just recently creeped my best frriend’s twitter and it turns out he is starting to become a lefty, SJW type, slowly but surely.
    This honestly sucks, seeing a best friend go down this path. Ironically, a few years ago he dropped out for a semester and went to visit Kansas where his extended family is. He came back being exposed to the conservative values there and actually became more conservative. Now a few years later you have this shit.

    1. Easily influenced. Means you can influence him back to sanity. Do it.

  14. SJWism, “cultural marxism”, PC stuff: all was intended (or at least pretends to be, uses as a vehicle) to counter social ills. The answer to them is NOT to simply go back to before, because some of the alleged ills did actually exist.
    These people tried to find solutions. That is not the problem. The problem is that the suggested solutions mostly aren´t good solutions ! But that doesn´t mean that there weren´t any problems, and it doesn´t mean that simply doing the opposite of SJWs is the solution.
    Criminalisation of homosexuality is wrong ! If anything, it´s a jewish schtick in their sick hate-authoritarian cult ! This is not the germanic, arian way. We are tolerant, freedom-loving, we mind our own business and let others mind their own business. Same with many other SJW issues.
    Another important point is that SJWism got most support from being an alliance against rightist VIOLENCE, actual or pretended one. But the point is that whoever uses violence, provokes violence as a defense. So all the authoritarian big mouthing only creates a huge, strong SJW coaltion that feels absolutely morally justified as a defense against violence. That´s why they have been able to paint themselves as victims, of the White Male.
    There have been social ills, and SJWism took tons of moral justification from addressing those ills.
    It´s about understanding the roots, and acting accordingly. Not about mindless macho posturing, that is not a mature way to deal with social issues.

    1. Fuck off with your “social issues” you mangina.
      Yes the solution pretty much IS to cancel out and directly counter all the bullshit SJWs stand for and promote.
      It’s a fucking cancer, and every trace of it has to be eradicated for any form of sanity to come back.
      So take your “social issues” and go cry somewhere where people believe in those fucking fairy tales.
      Criminalization of homosexuality is probably for the better of society, read JD Unwin. As is criminalization of adultery. Science does not give a shit about “feelz” or fucknut “justice/equality”.

  15. Rejecting social justice requires rejecting the myth of equality. Science says that biology matters. People are not equal. People are different. Losers lose because they are losers. Winners win because they are winners.

    1. “Rejecting social justice requires rejecting the myth of equality.”
      When you sit back and think about it, the very pursuit of equality is, in and of itself, an irrational pursuit.
      Is it any wonder that our ideological opponents are brain dead irrational?
      There really never was a time that the left was clear headed.

    2. If losers can convince the winners society to swallow Social justice warriorism without really following its practices themselves only in display. Then they can become the winners by default as the real winners are devoured in the maelstrom.

  16. Yes to everything except the clip in #8; give credit to Marge. She relented on the cartoon violence thing after her fellow SJWs demanded she protest the “nudity” of Michelangelo’s “David,” and by the end, she let the kids watch Itchy & Scratchy.

  17. I must say why argue with a person who claims passionate argument against ‘rape culture’, but would also balk at taking the song ‘Lollipop’ or artists such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, or numerous hip-hop/pop artists off their playlists.
    Once I got into a conversation about the scientist who led landing on a comet. I pointed out that the shirt was created by a women artist. The response I was given was, “Women are unable to objectify themselves…” I asked him if he really thought the artist had a hidden message outside of, “I’m going to draw some sexy ladies.”
    You can’t argue…

  18. I hope that this will all become a bad dream. Or Social Justice will be considered satire.

  19. There was a man, who said,: “When I hear the word Culture I reach for my P38”??
    Actually I, when I hears the words “social justice” I want to reach for my SW Magnum 44 !

  20. #7 : I’d say, in Europe vanish from Sweden, UK and exile from the acrid-basement-dweller man-hating trolls in Spain big cities

  21. What is erroneously called “cultural Marxism” (Marxism is an economic doctrine based on the Hegelian dialectic) is actually symptomatic of the societal, cultural and moral breakdown from late-stage capitalism, where mammon is all that matters (e.g. the boycotts over NC’s sensible bathroom law) and morality and social norms go by the wayside.

  22. Here’s the latest piece of garbage from the Diversity Council of Australia. I saw it when it had about 1000 views and almost every comment posted was mocking it and calling it out for the crap it is. Now with over 5000 views at the time of this post the comments have been disabled. I wonder why.

    1. LOL.. so bloke is fine but girls is right out. Lame is good but gay is offensive. Got it.

  23. Income inequality means different salaries for the same job…no one majors in women’s studies expectations of wealth. What planet does this author live on?

    1. SJW has nothing to do with salaries. It has to do with ramming your hypergamy down some unsuspecting males throat and expecting them just to take it.

  24. great article, I had the same idea for an article.. I googled and looks like you beat me to it. Good one ;]

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