Yet Another Survey Shows That LGBT Domestic Violence Rates Are The Same As Heterosexual Couples

The AIDS Council of New South Wales has declared that LGBT domestic violence is just as prevalent as in heterosexual relationships. As Australian of the Year Rosie Batty and others continue to be lauded for their one-sided and one-dimensional work (Batty’s ex-husband was spectacularly mentally ill when he killed their son), this news about the usually suppressed or ignored LGBT statistics received little political and other coverage.

For time immemorial, the focus has been on vilifying straight men. The use of this very narrow, politically-wielded prism, which bundles together all heterosexual men as potential abusers somehow responsible for what any other members of their gender and sexual orientation do a thousand miles away, shows no sign of sputtering.

Gay marriage may have been recently legalized in the United States and Ireland, but don’t expect anything like equal responsibility when it comes to dealing with allegations of domestic violence within LGBT relationships. LGBT couples can and will be presented with special social and legal privileges. By virtue of LGBT partners being part of a sexual minority, SJWs and others will argue that there are more allegations (for them this means automatic convictions) against straight men than against LGBT individuals. This utterly sweeps under the carpet that inconvenient concept called per capita rates.

Are LGBT domestic violence rates actually higher?

On paper, according to the studies, this woman is just as likely to get such a bruise from a female partner as a male one.

As the article makes clear, LGBT domestic violence is underreported. Additionally, straight men have been subjected to unrelenting, beyond vitriolic attacks by feminists about their supposedly inherently and continually violent behavior towards their partners. So if these LGBT domestic violence statistics are being unearthed with nothing like the antagonistic political agenda used by SJWs against heterosexual males, isn’t it more than likely that LGBT partner abuse is actually much, much higher?

In comparing the purported rates of heterosexual domestic violence with the figures from LGBT advocacy groups, I am by no means affirming the legitimacy of the “studies” feminists have linguistically gerrymandered to paint men as inveterate abusers requiring draconian “violence against women” legislative provisions. Also, these anti-male studies invariably treat a survey response as if it were an indisputable conviction of a man.

What I am doing, by contrast, is pointing out that the very foundation on which feminists and SJWs have castigated men is thoroughly disproven by these LGBT statistics. Male violence against women is portrayed as the inevitable result of male privilege and patriarchy. Yet even those women who “escape” this “patriarchy,” at least in a lesbian sense, are seemingly just as likely to beat their female partners as a man is to beat his girlfriend or wife. Without a female partner to beat, gay men will also just as readily beat their Tom, Dick or Harry, too.

What happened to marriage equality?

Are we going to see the same domestic violence witch hunt against LGBT individuals as we have against heterosexual men over the last two decades? Unlikely. “Marriage equality” is a selective process, after all.

Those not living in nuclear fallout shelters will know that both Ireland and the United States have legalized gay marriage this year. They join a number of other, usually Western nations. Although in the United States the blanket legalization included judicial invalidation of many democratically-erected state constitutions and other marriage laws, it looks like gay marriage is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, during the euphoria following the gay lobby’s Supreme Court victory, few, if any LGBT advocates have considered how gay couples are continually given a free pass vis-á-vis being held to the same standards as men in heterosexual relationships, let alone marriages. There seems to be no intention, commensurate with the legalization of gay marriage, to treat LGBT domestic violence as seriously.

The focus on straight men and domestic violence is illogical, to say the least. If the same sorts of studies alleging heterosexual women are regular victims of domestic show that LGBT individuals are equally prone to committing such offences, why the silence? Does this mean that America should only focus on Caucasian-American domestic violence because they constitute 70% of the population and, say, the Native American and Chinese-American communities each only comprise 1-3%?

The vast outnumbering of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples by those in heterosexual relationships is not a proper reason for unleashing 99.5% of the focus on straight men, not to mention straight women as well (which happens once a millennium anyway).

Equality means equal responsibility

Based on statistics such as the NSW AIDS Council’s, LGBT individuals are far more likely to be attacked by an intimate partner than through gay hate crimes.

Critics of ROK, the manosphere, and the rapidly growing philosophy of Neomasculinity attack our complaints as if they weren’t legitimate. Their arguments might be worth a dime if they fully addressed the reality of announcements such as the New South Wales AIDS Council’s. The political climate has never been geared towards admonishing LGBT individuals for violence. Nevertheless, the warning bells of equal victimization are ringing ever more loudly. But trust our SJW friends to keep their fury solely leveled at the straight men of the world.

Several times now I have explicitly or implicitly stated that sites like ROK, and those who write for them, would become largely redundant if double standards like not addressing LGBT domestic violence were suddenly extinguished. We invite our detractors to grapple with the statistics we are raising. They go well beyond the extreme selectivity of (anti-male) anti-domestic violence campaigns.

From suicide to rape-conviction-by-testimony (try getting a tax evasion sentence with that sort of “evidence”), female only engineering programs to corporate gender quotas, they are there for everyone to see (and for SJWs to ignore).

Every time you hear the phrase “marriage equality,” ask yourself if the equality brings the rights but abandons all the responsibilities.

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  1. The author’s language seems to offer a subtle support for the homosexual agenda, terms like “marriage equality” are culturally Marxist at their root.

    1. Correct. The term marriage equality implies a fundamentally different world view in which equality is seen as whatever the fuck they want it to be. Sane people see right through the rainbow colored prism of bullshit.

  2. Aside from the homo- vs. hetero- domestic violence ratios of incidence, it can’t be stressed enough that physical alterations between intimate partners don’t just happen in a vacuum, period. I would wager that if there was any way to quantify it, that the vast majority of “domestic violence” that occurs within the context of an intimate relationship between two adults required one or both parties to bait the other repeatedly and that in most cases it is a slow roll of somebody, or both baiting/belittling the other and once things get physical, the simplistic stereotype of the abusive man dominating the poor female victim (or even the equivalent in gay/lesbian couples) is a fantasy, as both people may start laying hands on each other. Not so simple to apportion blame in a system of justice that were actually based on reality instead of demonizing male humans as precipitating physical harm against the innocent princesses in our societies. But, of course everyone here knows that the issue of violence within families, couples, etc., is one of those untouchable shibbolehs nowadays, along with the “patriarchy” and the mythical “pay gap”, among other issues that further a certain agenda.

    1. I knew a lady who told me about how her ex husband used to beat the hell out of her. What she would do was say things to him to make him so mad that he would hit her. For her, the victory was provoking him to violence. She realizes looking back at the relationship how poisonous it was and seems to accept her role in the relationship. I’m not defending what he did to her but I understand the nature of these shitty relationships that some people have. We should stop pretending that all men are capable of hitting their wives, some of us have enough common sense to dump a bitch who tries to provoke us into violence.

        1. I know the temptations, brother. “Lord, make me chaste. But not yet.” (Augustine)
          I pray you will prevail against sin

  3. Anyone hear about that Cecil the Lion Bullshit, Who gives a Fuck about the damn lion, these animal-nut-wack-jobs don’t understand but if Cecil the Lion had his Chance he’d Tear em to shreds, way to many Disney movies influenced this Generation to get them to believe that the Animal Kingdom is a peaceful wonderful place, any Male who is an animal rights wack job had his mother whispering in his ear in his youth.

    1. Coming from a hunter, though not an exotic one due to a lack of resources, Cecil was a protected lion living in a national park. There are special game preserves for the hunting of lions so as to avoid situations like this.

      1. I know but the Anti’s/animal rights are having a Conniption fit and threatening the Hunter’s Life, no animals life is worth even Close to a Humans.

        1. Hate to burst your bubble, but Humans ARE animals. Humans are just one species among millions of others. Also, what is the average human being doing that is so spectacular? Watching the Super Bowl, jerking off to internet porn and eating Twinkies? Give me a break.

        2. The Human Race is Divine compared to the Rest of the Animals, because God Made Man Special, and Gave Man dominion over Beasts, Man is the Only creature who can make himself sympathize the Rest of Creation, you Think the Lion gives a shit about anyone other than itself, no it doesn’t.

      2. of course. it is unfortunate and the owner of the park should hold the hunting party responsible for the financial damage.
        but it should not be about fucking animal love, for fucks sake.

        1. Exactly. It isn’t rational. For example: It would be rational to restrict killing wild animals- because they draw tourists, or they keep some animal population in check. It would be rational to restrict disposal of domesticated animals- because we don’t want a bunch of puppy suffocating masochists/psychopaths working their way up to killing people. However, it is irrational to restrict these things (or call for death) simply because of some furfag’s ‘feelings.’ I am preaching to the choir here.

        2. that begs the question whether said masochists / psychopaths would completely abstain from finding catharsis for their desire to hurt respectively to feel thrill. that “working up” may simply be a symptom, not a cause. if animals are not available, humans may be used directly.
          masochists are different from psychopaths, though. a psychopath may very well just be curious about the way a body looks from the inside. life without guilt must be fun.

      3. His killing was not done *on* the property, making it legal. The luring, to my knowledge, isn’t defined as illegal under Zimbabwe law. (?)

        1. Zimbabwe law is an oxymoron, it still protected if not under local law than for posterity.

        2. You mean making something illegal doesn’t stop people from doing it?
          What is this heresy? IT CANNOT BE!!!

      4. visit and see the latest article by Hannes Wessell who covers the wildlife situation in Africa. More animals are killed by poaching due to lawlessness than all the big game hunting dentists ever…

    2. those people hate themselves. do you ever hear idiots talk about how humans are the worst and most cruel animals and similar bullshit?
      reminds me of that girl who threw puppies into a river. thousands of youtube comments who wanted her dead and raped.
      leftists spend so much time being nice that they need villains to release all that pent up rage.

    3. Wasn’t something along the lines of “animals receiving equal rights as humans” also what happened in Rone shortly before its downfall?
      Glad to see were ticking all the criteria for an impending cultural collapse!

  4. I was really tempted to commit a “hate crime” against some fag right after the ruling.

  5. The reason violence is under-reported in many gay (male) relationships is to do with the fact that there are many gay men who actually want and perversely even enjoy this as part of their relationship. How do SJWs explain this fact away- domestic violence is alright when it’s part of the “healthy experimentation” when it’s two guys, but, totally unacceptable in heterosexual relationships, but surely it’s unacceptable in both cases…it’s the pure hypocrisy of these people which is so disappointing.

  6. must be higher. it is much harder to rape someone who is not significantly weaker than you. before sex, there always has to be a fight about who will be dominant.

  7. The left always ignore the per capita rates.
    They’ll tell you how “numerically”, there are more straight pedophiles than homo ones;
    They’ll tell you how “percentage-wise”, there are more straight pedophiles than homo ones;
    What they DON’T tell you is that while gays make up only 2% of the population, they account for 35% of all child molestation cases. Conclusion: There is something VERY wrong about with that 2%.

    1. Considering the article, we can validate that any known LGBT statistic “is actually much, much higher”, so really 35% is just the tip of the iceberg. May as well substitute homosexual and pedophile.

      1. “Scratch the average homosexual and you will find a pedophile.”
        -Kevin Bishop, South African homosexual and pedophile who promoted NAMBLA.
        Like many before him, he too was molested as a child (when he was six), and it was then that he became homosexual; he was NOT “born that way”.

      1. The bottom of my book’s page says:
        See Paul Cameron and William Coburn, Jr., “Child molestation and Homosexuality” Psychological Reports 58 (1986) pp. 327-337. Cited in Press Bias and Politics: How the Media Frame Controversial Issues, by Jim A. Kuypers (Praegers/Greenwood, 2002), p. 230. (Emphasis added.)

    2. You see exactly the same lesson when you look closely at black crime rates, black murder and violent crime…blacks are far more likely to be violent, rape, rob and kill – by a factor of seven in the UK when compared to whites. They then make out that the system is racist because so many blacks are in prison.

    3. gays make up only 2% of the population, they account for 35% of all child molestation cases
      And yet its okay to have gay boy scout leaders…this wont end well…

  8. Homosexuals are one of the protected groups under political correctness. Don’t expect the mainstream media to talk about their problems any time soon.

    1. All humans are equal !.. But homos are more equal.!.
      With apologies to George Orwell.

    2. protected groups – blacks, muslims, gays, lesbians, disabled, asians, ethnic minorities (who are in fact ethnic majorities) etc etc

      1. All correct except Asians, I’ve seen a few examples of Asians getting criticism from politically correct sources and SJWs.

  9. Don’t expect liberals to ever be truthful in what they want or what they have achieved, it would undermine or kill off their image and most of all never expect news media to be honest in reporting about the left and its agenda since that would destroy them much as sunlight takes out vampires.

  10. The AIDS Council of New South Wales has declared that LGBT domestic violence is just as prevalent as in heterosexual relationships.
    NSW..?? .Sydney ?? Were the men are pretties & the women strong…..

    1. Yeah they are. Cops usuallly know when a woman or a gay has killed someone. They unload the entire gun or stab them dozens of times. Total insane hate and anger on the victem. And when you have a lesbian, you have the worst of both. I’ve spent a lot of time around gays, and it’s a rare lesbian who doesn’t constantly have conflicts and fueding going on. They need to be segregaded from normal society.

      1. Pfff… and they call people like me, those who simply see homosexuality as a perversion, haters.

        1. “Don’t worry what people say about you, just be a man and let your reputation fend for itself.” That’s a loaded statement, and for people who are taking the Red Pill. As long as you’re not starting a conflict, and able to see reality and not make emotion-based actions, that’s pretty much what matters. And have the inner strength to accept failings, learn from them, and make a better future. Gays and women can’t seem to do that. At least in the general.

  11. Just read the report – wow that’s some serious statistics even if we allow for over exaggeration those figures are high. But as we red pillers know those figures won’t hit main stream media

  12. Took a few criminology courses a generation ago and the figures quoted from compartive sources indicated 11% of domestic violence arrests by police were done in homosexual relationships. Pretty high considering gays consist of only 2% of the population.

  13. Anyone ever feel that with this surge of gay’s rights again in some ways it feels like they’re trying to convert you Or try and rewrite history . they go back and try and put a spin on historical figures by saying this one or that was was probably gay. I feel like its the same thing with blacks trying to claim that native Americans and Jesus were black.

    1. Native Americans that’s a new one
      They came from the Bering Strait how in holy hell did they go from Africa to the Bering Strait?

  14. As far as I know LGBT domestic violence rates are far actually far higher, especially after you account for the cathedrals manipulation of the statistics.

  15. 2 questions about this article.
    1. Why the hell do any of us care? We’re not interested in having a domestic relationship with people of the same sex.
    2. This article makes the claims of “unreported” incidents being “much higher” than the actual number of incidents. This metric by definition is bunk.

    1. homosexualism is something all of us need to care about. Simply, it runs along side feminism and, at present, represents a huge cultural force ergo influence on how we are “supposed” to live. And, so sorry, but I do NOT want to live as a homosexual, period. Here at ROK we’re interested in truth. And the truth is homosexuals have been made into a protected class of perpetual victims, which in turn provides the justification for their seizure of power. And with this power they seek to implement absurd and perverted ideas such as pansexuality and transsexuality. They’re also outspoken against masculinity and men just like feminists. A very big reason why they have this power is that they have been able to extort pity out of many people. And they do this by leveraging propaganda. joe biden said “will and grace has done more for gay rights than activists…” and he’s absolutely right. Turn on the tv and you’ll see homosexuals only portrayed in a positive almost stuffed animal way. How could you deny a cute little stuffed animal? Such is the gullibility of today’s sheeple. These domestic violence stats are very important to surface because like their enemas, gerbils, pederasty, pedophilia, disease, drug abuse, lower life expectancy etc etc etc this has all been carefully concealed. For instance, that stuffed animal could very likely be a pedophile and there is a 1 in 3 chance that they are! So as this culture becomes enamored with homosexualism, which is ridiculous since 98-99% of us are heterosexual its imperative that we discuss the truth of these people, because it is not pretty and people deserve better. This country and the world deserve better.

    2. In short promotes feminism and increases the power of gynocracy that being a woman is better as a complete lie to emasculate all men especially to growing boys and to criminalize masculine behavior.

  16. In the U.S. the domestice violence rates among gays are WAY higher. In many locales cops don’t even take calls to known gay couples or in gay areas. Most of the time when SJW’s compile statistics they ignore the %’s of society these people make up. Yeah, gays might account for 30% of domestic violence, 20% drug/alcohol abuse, 30% venereal disease and all that. But when gays make up only 2-5% of the population, it means that they have pretty serious problems as a group.

      1. Exact-a-mundo. That’s the problem in our society now. And with the gay movement in general. For whatever they think/feel they have to justify, they say straight people are hassling them, and that’s why they’re not getting what they want out of life. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. About prejudice; I’ve seen more gays ad-hoc attack blacks, asians, poor people. . . Almost every group.

  17. The article sourced doesn’t mention a survey at all, nor are any of its claims cited or supported by anything other than anecdotal evidence. That, in addition to this being an article in a publication from Sydney with average-at-best circulation is probably why “this news about the usually suppressed or ignored LGBT statistics received little political and other coverage.” The article itself even quotes its main source saying that “more research is needed to determine the full extent of the problem.”

  18. But if violence is a “normal” accepted part of gay marriage then the logic and credo of equality would dictate that all straight marriages should accept the normal and equal standards of gay marriage- which means it’s alright to bash up your wife after all- how absurd is this!
    The same is true with other sexual issues. Last year an outspoken conservative gay historian (David Starchy) had a blazing argument with an incensed liberal politician who couldn’t believe that an openly gay person would argue against the liberal consensus on the BBCs question time when he said that in “Gay sex when two men are in a room, NO, does not often mean NO”…implying that this give and take roughness is often a part of the whole gay thing.He was making the point that often the same types of things naturally occur between consensual heterosexual couples too, that sex where the man is dominant can be a bit rough, but that it’s often a natural and healthy part of heterosexual sex, and that if equal standards are to be applied (with homosexuals) then women cannot automatically cry rape in each and every case. In other words, if done on a consensual basis these facts should negate the “natural” right of a person, gay or straight to cry rape, where the good name of a person can be damaged irrevocably.
    Nevertheless to say for letting the cat out of the bag, especially, due to the fact that it was an own goal, the historian has not been asked back.

  19. I’m looking on all the Australian news websites and I can’t find this article (apart from the provided link) at all. It’s almost like this news goes against the narrative.

  20. it’s sad times when you have to defend yourself from bottomfeeders like this.

  21. This reminds me too much of an independent film circa 2006-2008 on YouTube, directly pertaining to lesbian rape.
    Warning: NSFW

    Guess the MSM response.

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