Working Out Favors Men

I believe it is safe to say that recently America has begun a “get fit” campaign thanks to constant media attention regarding our countries obesity rate. With the new craze towards fitness, attention has gone from the basic idea of join a gym, and evolved to a point where the manosphere has begun putting out pretty good information related to it. The one part that I believe the manosphere has not fully covered yet however, is the fact that working out is now tipping dating in favor of men.

That’s right, any woman thinking men working out benefits them is completely wrong. I’ve heard the following quote far too many times.


The best part about it though, is that men can now shove it back in women’s faces. This is all because men really are starting to get in that good of shape.

You see, women had long been in control of the dating spectrum. They contemplated what they wanted us to look like, and they always put men in a position where we were honored to have their presence. (Temporarily restrain your game comments, this post is about physique’s role in game). As men’s physiques quickly faded during their first year of college, it became a game of getting the hottest woman you could and holding on for dear life knowing that the following one would probably be less attractive. Women were always upgrading, and men were always downgrading. The single most annoying thing for a woman is to be left for a woman who is more attractive than her.

Thanks to the manosphere’s influence on working out, this may become ancient history. Initially the concept of working out was to be in shape to get a woman’s attention. That standard is quickly altering though. No longer will it be, I must be in shape to get a woman’s attention. The new standard will be taking over what women had. By getting to a certain level with your physique you will be able to set the standard for women whom wish to approach you.

The standard has basically always been, the more attractive you are the more attractive your partner will be. And while women controlled this forever with impossible standards, men reluctantly fell into a disturbing slump that caused the average male to finally look like this:


But now the average man is beginning to look like this.


In retrospect, we have seen women go from this.


To this!


Women have told me they prefer me not to lift so they would not need to try and compete, and they would need to go to the gym to make sure I didn’t end up with other women. This isn’t a joke, their tone is always reflecting the idea that they are threatened. As I evolve my physique, I level up. The more attractive I become, the more opportunities are presented. And while the manosphere focuses on other traits of game beyond looks, it’s a well known fact that a more attractive person can have worse game and better results in the majority of instances.

The biggest advantage for men though, is this will actually revolutionize women’s behaviors. As men gear back towards physical fitness, women have an obligation to be in shape for men. So where men in the 1990’s did whatever was necessary to get a woman’s attention, women will now have to travel. At this rate, fashion and physique will be determined by what men desire, rather than women. Ultimately, sex will still be up to women, but men will once again be put in the power position of their forefathers, a place they haven’t been since the early 20th century.

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64 thoughts on “Working Out Favors Men”

    1. Actually, according to national surveys, The obesity Epidemic is far more pronounced at this point among women than among men. Both rates rose steadily in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, but from 2006-2010 male obesity stabilized. Over 2010-2013 male Obesity is actually starting to dip while female obesity is still rising. So technically, yes, men everywhere in the united states are starting to slim down.

    2. Sure, married men and men in LTRs with piggies, who face 2 hours commutes from the house in the stix, are plumping up on Starbucks milkshakes and Chinese fried noodles.
      But check out an area of young professionals and you’ll see a lot of men working out or running.

  1. I agree that working out is vital to maximizing one’s success. And I do agree that working out helps men slightly more than women (just because women can’t change their butter faces). However, I really disagree with everything else you wrote.
    1. There is no way in hell the average man looks anything like Ryan Gosling.
    2. The manosphere may not admit it but American men and women are equal on terms of looks. Pretty much anything you say about American women can be said or is caused by pussy American men.
    The only community that I feel like there is a huge difference is physique is in the black community. I see a lot of jacked black guys walking around but I see tons of fat black women walking around.
    For everyone else I think it is pretty equal.

  2. Some excellent points.
    I think this is how it will play out. Obesity, pornography and the general pussification of the average male will cause many men to step out of the market completely. Paleo diet, juicing, hgh being cheaper, game, will result in a sexual oligopoly where the alphas stay alpha for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, hypergamy will win out and you will see a queer situation with a plethora of fat women who are still going to get an awful lot of attention, and an awful lot of men who are completely jacked. Even in Ireland, you’re starting to see the good looking guy/chubby lassie more and more. Combine this with potential cures for HIV and whatnot, and you’ve got the next sexual revolution. Cue more unhappiness and western civilization ending with a whimper as every cunt takes a jump on the hedonic treadmill.

  3. The logic of this article is faulty. Male competition ALWAYS benefits women, NEVER men. You should work out for your own sake, not so you can soothe your ego by thinking how much better you are than your couch potato buddies.
    Women are always attracted to the top men. They will find ways to differentiate. For example you better be in shape and tall and insanely handsome etc etc. So What will actually happen is you will see plenty of physically in shape men end up with fat and unattractive women. In fact I already see plenty of in shape or skinny guys with pretty mediocre or even fat women.
    “The biggest advantage for men though, is this will actually
    revolutionize women’s behaviors. As men gear back towards physical
    fitness, women have an obligation to be in shape for men.”
    – Men thought like this when they came up with the pill. And the women responded with feminism. Every technological, sociological advance they came up with ALWAYS benefited women first and foremost.

    1. Jissus .. you’re correct. Just look at the UK.
      I just moved there with my Russian wife.
      Her first comment in UK women was: My god – the women are soo ugly – but they have such good looking men ! How is this possible ?

      1. Simple…most likely they married them and the women figured out “Time to let it all out!” Got fat as f*ck! Cause divorce court doesn’t care! 😛

        1. It’s also because male looks are much more of a social construct than female looks. Whichever male looks like what “high social status males” are expected to look like at any given time, looks “good.” And, in today’s environment, British guys look more “sophisticated” and “hip” than pretty much anyone; courtesy of British dominance in media.
          it is extremely noticeable in modelling. Boatloads of British guys getting all the hot gigs, despite them “objectively” being much less impressive looking than males from other parts of the world.
          For women, alas, it’s pretty much all objectively measurable….. And, by that standard, the pasty faced, pale British look is rarely (not never, by any means) world beating.

      2. I know what u mean. my indian friend is getting into an arrange marrage to this fat ugly 5.and hes the prize, ok looks but muscular abs chest big arms ,, he could easily game a better chick…think hes bein forced into it.
        that umpa lumpa must be creamin her pants.
        when theres more male competition it benefits women(india has a huge gender imbalance that quality guys have to compete for hairy hogs)like my friends case he should let some other beta take her…plus i dont trust 3rd world hoes marryin u to get in country

        1. Indians are the most disgusting race on the planet. all the women are fatties and the men actually look good. The level of misandry is huge there.

        2. no shit, just look at the raping going on there…thats what happens when you force men to live in a society where the women are all fat cows covered in blankets up the eyes and you get your hand cut off for even taking a peak. LET THE MEN EAT!

        3. Uhm, you’ve got it wrong. The Indians are predominantly Hindu, they do not wear the hijab nor are hands cut off there.

    2. This +10:
      “In fact I already see plenty of in shape or skinny guys with pretty mediocre or even fat women.”
      Just walk around any suburban mall or restaurant and you will see tons of fat piggies with dudes who look like they work out fairly regularly.

  4. Problem is, aesthetic targeted training for men is a zero sum arms race, that weakens men as a whole. It’s different for women, since better looking women is in an absolute sense more attractive than uglier ones. For men, it’s pretty much all positional. Amongst fatsos, the least fat is still alpha, and just as alluring in a vacuum as Ryan Gosling in a herd of Calvin Klein models.
    It’s actually worse, since the feminization required to get men to “dress up” in muscles at great effort, in order to win the approval of women who doesn’t really care about anything other than relative positioning, is utterly detrimental to society. And guys who spend their time in front of mirrors shaving their chest hair, are no match for those that spend theirs learning how to shoot shaven chest infidels from their less delusional fathers.

  5. “Male competition ALWAYS benefits women, NEVER men”
    Competition is just fine by me. It benefits me greatly. Not only in terms of results, but in uncompromisingly showing me where I need to improve.
    Men live to compete. Its in the very fabric of your being. Its how you roll. Wondering who it benefits is pointless, as it is what it is. You will compete.
    I cant talk for anyone else, but the more effort I put into my appearance the higher my standards for women become. I’m not banging fatties. If we’re dating, and I’m going for a run, bish best be grabbing her New Balance.
    Personally, Im starting to think St Peter will greet us all at the Pearly Gates holding body calipers

    1. I strongly agree on this:
      “If we’re dating, and I’m going for a run, bish best be grabbing her New Balance.”
      When I date a chick, and we wake up in bed on Sunday morning, I start lacing up the shoes to head to the gym. I tell her she’s welcome to join. 90% of the time they do.
      It’s a nice way to put a chick who may be porking back on track.

  6. All true Mikael, I feel like working out now. But a gym veteran will still experience a decent chunk of the installed anxiety and struggle of his first 100 approaches if he is getting into game for the first time. There are beta’s in the gym and some of them are good at it, they just struggle to transfer the confidence into other areas.

  7. …a lotta dudes honking that this article doesn’t make sense. In a roundabout way, it makes total sense. We men have had it with this feminist bullshit and we’re starting to take care of ourselves, our minds and our bodies, for our own sake.
    Conversely, women of today have had it pumped into the side of their head that they’re “victims” and “special” and entitled and feel no need to do anything besides order dessert.
    The cold hard facts of the matter hit them right in the fucking mouth though, when they turn 30, can’t see, let alone touch their toes, and men they used to shine on are still on they’re way up in terms of attractiveness.
    There are always gonna be fat-boys, but guys who WANT to self-improve have all the tools at their fingertips….

  8. I lift for me. I didn’t get into powerlifting so women were impressed, I did it to pit myself against other men, and to have a new meaning to my training. A goal. Real shit.
    I don’t workout to look like a twink so some girls keep me around as a status object. (“Look what I snagged, other women!”)
    I’m not suggesting MGTOW, just that you should be doing this for you.

  9. this is blind ignorance… men are not becoming more fit. I’ve always been naturally strong with h.s. athletics but this last year after college I buckled down and out on a serious athletic build… 9 times out of 10 I can say I am probably the most in shape/strongest dude at the place I’m at… its done wonders for me I really don’t even have to approach girls anymore and they are of better quality because I’ve set myself apart physically from the rest of the herd (the same men who you claim to be getting in shape)… Your title is accurate but the content of your article couldn’t be further from the truth.

    1. I agree…. as I hit the gym more often, I notice women staying in-set a lot longer than they typically do. Women will linger around waiting for me to open, and once opened, will stick around in conversation even when my mind blanks on what to say. In fact, they’ll come up with things to talk about.

  10. Been fit is good and all dat but if you dont got that cash money, its too much work just to get with a fugly ass bitch. Ive seen gymrats out here end up with some females whos fat as fuck and thats prob cuz they didnt have the cash to afford a female that looked good.
    Cash over everything. If your pockets not thick then your girl gonna be and she not gonna have em curves in the right places. She gonna be fat and ugly

      1. Cash is the only thing females want. Theres a reason it get easier for dudes to get coochie as they get older. More cash, more ass. No cash, no ass

        1. If 2 dudes had the
          same game, the female would pick the one with more cash. If a dude had NO game but a lotta cash, the female gonna pick him over the dude with MAD game but no cash.

        2. no, she would be so repelled by the dude with NO game from the start that he wouldn’t even get 30 seconds into the conversation with her.
          Only if her grandmother and married friends found out how rich the guy is and nagged her into “giving the guy a shot” would she even talk to him on the phone

        3. and the dude with MAD game would get her on a few dates before she started thinking “hmmm… he’s really hot …but maybe he doesn’t make enough money for the long-term… but he’s a fixer-upper with ambition and I can improve him into a guy who makes a ton of money!!”

        4. No. Girls don’t care about that, they want you to be nice not a sick asshole who thinks she only cares about what the fuck is in your wallet.

    1. Cash always helps, but game/confidence/alpha gait is much more important.
      Thought experiment: who gets the girl in the bar?
      27 year old Bill Gates (quite wealthy at that time) or
      27 year old grunge musician with following / B grade actor / top-notch pick up guy?

  11. Problem is men are becoming the vain sex as women the slobs.
    Teenage school boys shave their legs while women get tattoos, cuss, smoke and eat garbage.
    All for validation and approval of women. How an this possibly be an “alpha” trait?

    1. The man who looks in the mirror and likes who he sees is happier and more confident than the man who looks in the mirror with shame and disappointment.
      Fuck what women think about how good you look, they’re just a sideline incentive for staying in shape

  12. I have a body like Gosling.Like looking in the mirror.Is it considered good or what?I’ve never had compliments from women about my physique.
    I am working out but just 2-3 times a week.

      1. Jesus stop with this stuff already. We already had this complete discussion earlier in the comments.

        1. I think the Anglosphere is seeing more guys really honing their bodies than ever before and in many ways it is showing up women, I see it all around me, and am probably a good example. The metro male is in many ways a byproduct of feminism.

        2. I think the Anglosphere is seeing more guys really honing their bodies than ever before and in many ways it is showing up women, I see it all around me, and am probably a good example. The metro male is in many ways a byproduct of feminism.

  13. Good sentiments in the article, Mikael…working out is critical, absolutely. But I don’t share your optimism that this will somehow shame American women into better habits. Our improved physiques are not going to be appreciated by American women. I don’t see any evidence that fat-shaming is working. If anything, fatties are digging in their heels and making their disgusting corpulence a “civil rights” issue or a “bulying” issue. It’s game over. Even the fat chicks here just have too many options….too many guys willing to throw any standards out the window just to pound some disgusting land whale. Obesity rates in the US just keep rising, and I don’t see how that helps men. If anything, the standards are falling, falling, and falling. More and more guys are going to be competing for fewer and fewer worthwhile women here in the US. The only answer: foreign women. American women are irredeemably gone, at least for the next generation or so.

    1. If a man puts a fat pussy on a pedestal then he’s a chubby chasing beta. But if a man nonchalantly pumps-and-dumps fat girls, he’s just keeping his game sharp by taking what he can get. Fat and/or ugly women will never be pursued by any champion men, unless they can bring to the table something more compelling than their looks, so it’s incredibly unlikely that non-feminine women who are out of shape will ever experience romantic fulfillment like an attractive girl would

      1. Thise fat feminstss should run to south pacific islands bangladesh afghanistan arabia martania ehere thy put fat pussy on pedestal so they can leave us alone

  14. Why did you not cite any statistics? This is like a jizzbel article, lack of facts, you write like a woman

    1. I don’t need statistics for something that’s obvious. Needing a statistic is something feminist trolls resort to.

  15. Lot of hate on this article. But it highlights some truth. Forget that there are as many fat men as there are women. Look at it this way: In the west, when you see a couple with a overweight person in it, from my observation that fat person is more then likely the woman. The men in relationships are generally in shape. The women, fat or thin, all want the same in shape guy. The entitlement mentality is astounding. And downright insulting to men who do workout. Yet, on the other hand, there are men who praise these obese creatures which gives them no incentive to lose weight. We have been surrounded by fat for so long that many men are socially conditioned to find it attractive. Why? They don’t know anything else. And it is worse in urban areas. In shape women are rare in the west. A woman who is active is incredibly adamant about having a man who is also active. Well strange enough the fat girl who does nothing is the same way.

  16. By the way, the commenters at Jeze-belly are on the warpath and want to out-law men hitting the gym and being in shape, for just these reasons:
    “”I am ashamed as a feminist to admit that while I champion vanity in women, I find it kind of off-putting in men,” Emily told me in an email. “I’d rather a man be thinking about how pretty I am than worrying about how pretty he is. I don’t dislike vain men as people, but I wouldn’t want to date one.”
    In other words: “Men being in shape reminds me, as an entitled lardass, just how ugly and unattractive I am. It’s a brutal visual reminder that even ‘fat acceptance’ can’t beat reality. Feminism and body acceptance can’t allow that to happen.”

    1. whaaaat…i thought feminists hated female beauty n vanity an wantrd to be fat n masvuline…they still have that female ego….dam hypocrites

    2. Well, I can kind of understand woman who wrote that. There are few things as pussy-like as man who feels the need to look himself in the mirror every half an hour.

  17. It really is completely true about how working out changes the game completely. Most men tend to settle for whatever comes their way versus being picky in fear that they won’t get anything better than what was last offered. As more men begin to work out their friends are constantly being pressured into lifting as well because they don’t want to be that “one person” in every group that’s dubbed the unattractive one.
    As soon as I began to commit myself into just going to the gym the complements kept rolling in and I started to get more attention from women that I previously didn’t even think would look my way. All the guys out there that complain about not being able to find a good/attractive woman or always find themselves settling for less than what they want. I challenge you to go hard in the gym for a few months and change your diet. I bet you will start getting more attention from the type of women you want. Just as any guy would give an attractive woman the time of day. The same goes for a woman who sees a man that puts in effort in the gym and knows it’ll only get better.

  18. I’m not sure on the whole benefiting us regarding women getting in shape.
    However, I will give my perspective.
    I live in Manchester in the UK, and in the last 3-5 years the influx of men working out has shot up, mainly due to certain reality tv shows like our version of Jersey Shore and The Hills.
    Steroids have become so mainstream now that alot of 20 somethings are jacked up looking shredded. Whereas the girls are falling behind and it’s only just now that some of them are thinking they need to get in shape. The place to witness this in its biggest form is in Marbellla where all the say better young bits go on holiday and alot of the guys now have incredible ripped jacked bodies while the girls yes all faked up the to max are average compared to foreign women.
    Over here it has gone terrible I’m 25 myself and have been working out since I was 18 so it’s funny seeing certain guys now jump on the bandwagon. The UK is f**ked for its men obesity is rising like in America and when I go abroad I can spot an English girl immediately from her body shape etc. And from all the celebrity culture, wags, reality tv the top end girls who would be average in eastern Europe think they deserve the world and all their after is a sports star, TV celeb or some rich dude off his parents. The whole thing jacked up decent looking guy with average pussy is rife over here, and when I’ve been abroad it pains me to see these foreign women with nothing guys. I’ve only just started reading this blog and rossv forum, and I am determined to get out of th Uk

  19. I have to admit, after reading and thinking this over, this is a very logically flawed article. If men workout and look better, it only makes it better for women . And lets not kid ourselves here. Women are still superficial and still go for height or physical strength since it represents masculinity in a physical form. Now let us reverse the roles. What if the women work out and stay toned, not buff, just toned and kept the fat off while the men were not pressured. ? Guess what that fatties that you would never bang is now slim and now bangable, and not an 8 turns into a 10 , infact there will be no such thing as a fatty and now almost 100% of the female population is bangable. So women working out to stay slim only favors men. Hence by this role reversal analogy, we can safely say that men working out favors women a;ot more and the writer of this article got it wrong, No offense to the writer, it is nice to make women feel inferior, but if it is not going to make them stay slim, then there is not point.

  20. When I first started seeing results from working out, I met an Egyptian girl that was running about a declining 7.5 due to her putting on weight. She was still looking good because the weight was going to the right places but you could see that it would eventually spill over and make a mess like water flowing out of an overfilled cup.
    Funny thing is she said the same thing the author did. She said that the women in Egypt don’t like their men to look good so he doesn’t have options to look else where but she does if he divorces her. She the told me I need to stop working out because I looked too good.
    I was SERIOUS beta back then and even I had the sense to drop her like a 300 pound hot iron.

  21. This does not really make sense. Dating follows market mechanisms. Sure, you can get more opportunities with more desirable women by increasing your physical status _compared_to_the_average_, but if all men increase their degree of fitness equally, the only difference will be that the women get more attractive men (which one could hope will make them happier and more pleasant to be around, but I wouldn’t bet on that).
    The real benefit for men (collectively) of working out regularly is that it makes us healthier, and helps us to cultivate a more disciplined lifestyle. That’s not bad, either.

  22. Not every man will look like Ryan Gosling. That’s not an excuse, that’s a fact. But as long as your can see your flaccid wiener without having to move your gut, you’re golden.

  23. Its common to see fit guys with overweight unfit women – my observation- however, there are 2 sides to every story, when I was married I had a few extra kilos and decided I wanted to get in shape, I was unhappy with the way I looked. So I did, my now ex husband became very angry with me and that contributed to my divorce, he did not want me to lose weight and look good because he did not like other men looking at me.

  24. UK men being so handsome is probably an evolutionary response to the massive numbers that were killed in wars during the 20th century. Only the strongest and most intelligent survived. In the UK & US i was only average height and reasonable looking. I moved to South America and the girls went crazy for me as I was so tall and handsome. UK/US women are pig ugly for the most part – lazy, fat, bad teeth, questionable personal hygiene and are spoilt and entitled. Give me a Hispanic or Caribbean woman any day.

  25. Plus, British men rarely drink, smoke or gamble and are very into playing various sports and working out. Some UK women are following suit and I saw some incredible looking English women on my recent trip to London but they were few and far between.

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