Kratom To Be Banned In The United States

The Prohibition wing of the U.S. government, the Drug Enforcement Administration, is about to ban the pain-relieving dietary supplement kratom. Think of it as the government mafia eliminating competition for its client, the medical-pharmaceutical complex. After all, as wrong as Bill Maher is most of the time, even a stopped watch is right twice a day. He knocked it out of the park when he said this:

Fifteen years ago, cancer drugs cost an average of $10,000 a year. Now it’s $10,000 a month because this [Big Pharma] cartel owns the U.S. government every bit as much as Mexican drug lords own theirs.

Make no mistake, drug company lobbyists use your elected politicians as their employees. Big Pharma wants the sheeple buying its drugs. Kratom is a cheap and effective herbal supplement native to Asia that users say does everything from alleviating pain to helping with opioid addiction to providing an energy boost. The Libertarian Republic grasped that concept when it wrote about the coming ban on kratom.

The real losers when the FDA went after kratom were the ultimate consumers: people who are in pain and looking for an inexpensive, natural and effective remedy.

Big Pharma wants the money you've been spending on kratom

Big Pharma wants the money you’ve been spending on kratom

The DEA will classify this supplement as a Schedule I drug, the same schedule on which such drugs as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and yes, that deadly marijuana are listed. As usual, the “it’s for your own good” and “public safety” and “Big Daddy Government knows best” PR lines were pushed. Oliver Grundman, a pharmacologist at the University of Florida couldn’t decide if he wanted the government to continue to micromanage people’s lives or if he was remiss about yet another drug being added to the taboo list.

There needs to be some oversight as to what kind of products are being sold in the interest of consumer safety, not necessarily saying that everything related to the plant should be put in Schedule 1. We have seen the damage that that can do to a drug with promising pharmacological properties… For me it’s a death sentence. Once you put a plant and its ingredients into DEA Schedule 1, it’s very hard to do research on it, and it will become very hard to move forward with any positive developments because there is such a stigma associated.

Physicians claimed they’re worried that users of the drug will use it as an opioid replacement without seeking professional help. Let’s translate that: They want to sell you their drugs and bill you for their services rather than letting a much cheaper alternative do the same thing.

Failed Drug War

Armed thugs have done little to cut illicit drug use since the 1970s

Armed thugs have done little to cut illicit drug use since the 1970s

Importantly, as revealed in the documentary American Addict, the drug war in America is only pushing drug users away from street drugs and towards getting prescription narcotics from pill pushing prostitutes with medical degrees. It’s simple economics. Think of drug-seeking behavior as a balloon that has not changed in size. When the balloon is squeezed on one side, the demand shifts to the other side.

America has only 5% of the world’s population, yet consumes 80% of its prescription narcotics. The overall percentage of the population using drugs regularly never changes, no matter how Draconian police and punishments become. Drug users only shift suppliers. When the DEA cracks down on substances like kratom, it shifts the money away from small, herbal supplement producers and into the hands of Big Pharma.

The issue—the psychology of addicts and a culture that causes drug-seeking behavior—is never addressed. On purpose. You have to create problems to create profit, you know.

The U.S. government spends $51 billion a year on the drug war in a system that favors punishment and jail time over treatment and support. Nearly 1 in 100 people are behind bars in the U.S. and most of those that are incarcerated are there on drug charges. This means the U.S. has the highest per capita incarceration rate in the entire world. And now, people will be going to prison for yet another drug, kratom.

Deaths from illicit drugs plummeted after Portugal decriminalized all drugs

Deaths from illicit drugs plummeted after Portugal decriminalized all drugs

Gabriel Sayegh of the Drug Policy Alliance lays out the insanity of the Nixon-era prohibition the DEA represents.

We’re turning to the criminal justice system to solve problems that are ultimately about health and well-being. We’re using entirely the wrong tools to address a very substantial and very real problem.

Even Big Daddy Government admits rates of illicit drug use have remained the same or even gone up slightly.

Illicit drug use in the United States has been increasing. In 2013, an estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or older—9.4 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug in the past month. This number is up from 8.3 percent in 2002.

What if the DEA stopped terrorizing people and allowed them to do what they want with their bodies? (Ironic the my body, my choice gnome works when a women wants to kill an unborn child but not when someone wants to take kratom to alleviate pain). Portugal did just that, it decriminalized all drugs back in 2001. The results? Drug use is down, drug deaths are way down, and people are getting the help they need from medical professionals rather than being thrown into jail and slapped with a life-altering criminal record.

Other than threatening the future of ROK because of our connection to powerful kratom interests (just kidding, sort of) the kratom ban is yet more evidence that we are nothing but human cattle on the corporate-government tax farm. Can’t have the cattle doing anything else but producing profit for the establishment. Surely we can’t let them medicate themselves with an herbal supplement.

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298 thoughts on “Kratom To Be Banned In The United States”

      1. Supermandro?
        Alright, I’m calling it, all the things that are going on are one big, intentional thing:
        “The War on Humor”.
        That’s it, drain every last drop of joy and amusement from absolutely everything in everyone’s lives, take away the laughter, the free thinking associated with comedy, just shut it all down:

        1. Supermandro! And yeah youre right about the war on humor- an overly sensitive humorless society is a non-thinking society

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        4. I took Supermandro and slaughtered everyone in my office. I was let off by the police when I showed them the empty bottle. They saw the funny side too.

      2. Mike Chang – funniest sports clown out there, check out the vid – entirely staged with paid actresses to swoon over him:

    1. The real joke is the DEA, gorilla guerillas employed as agents of the lie factory that proselytizes you on American Dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — as long as those things are purchased from a guberment approved dealer of such commodities.

    2. Kratom almost took out opium in Thailand, so naturally Kratom had a death-penalty attached to it, until opium finished fucking things up…

  1. I would say let’s have a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party but Kratom is too precious to dump into the bay.
    Plus, the fish would then be powerful enough to take over the land.

        1. whenever I fuck an Asian chick I wonder if she looks at my dick and thinks “OOOH GODZILLA!”

      1. you would summon the kraken…but you would RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “The U.S. government spends $51 billion a year on the drug war in a system that favors punishment and jail time over treatment and support. Nearly 1 in 100 people are behind bars in the U.S. and most of those that are incarcerated are there on drug charges”
    There you go. They don’t want to destabilize the economy by closing prisons and forcing tens of thousands of bureaucrats and DEA thugs to get honest jobs.

        1. He would have just invented synthetic Kratom and gave it out for free.
          Historical fact: Methadone was invented on Hitler’s orders, and is really called Adolphine…

  3. Screw growing pot, I’m gonna grow some black market Kratom. The harvest is coming, taking orders now boys!

  4. Don’t know much about the true effects of kratom but I’m in favour of keeping dangerous drugs illegal

    1. I tend to take a much more libertarian approach when it comes to controlling substances. I’m not a fan of protecting people from themselves. It keeps stupid people alive and procreating, quite contrary to how nature would handle things.

      1. What about with kids though?
        I lean libertarian as well but I’m also glad we don’t have 14 year-old alcoholics in the streets.

        1. I still kinda hold the belief that kids will not be interested in ruining their bodies with drugs unless they have feelings they are running from.

        2. Some years ago, I was leaving China through Guiyang Airport. It wasn’t particularly busy at the time, so I sailed right through security and exit formalities. I had a solid two hours to kill, so I went looking for a place to sit down and have a drink or ten. Passed a vending machine stocked with cans of Coke, iced tea, herbal tea, and two variants of the regional beer – priced at 3 Yuan each (about 18¢). SCORE!
          On my next trip to China, I told someone this story, added how and why that would be illegal back in the states, and just what is the legal drinking age in China, anyway? I had to ask four people that question before one unequivocally knew the answer. Think about that – some of the people I asked didn’t even know if there was a legal drinking age. (The answer: 18, but nobody cares about it and it’s completely unenforced.) Of course, I followed up and asked about kids getting a hold of drink. My concerns were dismissed, since someone would tell their parents and they would get into a lot of trouble.
          That. I want that culture. I know it’s possible and I know it exists, because I’ve been there and I’ve seen it and I’ve abused their vending machines.

    2. Wouldn’t even say Kratom would classify as a dangerous drug. Unlike many actual dangerous drugs like meth or crack, Kratom actually has beneficial effects. Granted, used in excess like anything else it could be dangerous, but so is water.

      1. To the people who use them as well to the people who have to deal with the effects they have.

        1. Nobody should be obliged to feel responsible for others, then that problem would be solved. As for being dangerous to those who use them, that is their personal choice and I am not open to debate this; it is my firm conviction that everybody owns himself. Also, define ‘dangerous’. For instance, psychedelics may permanently change your personality, in a manner that will make others think you have gone crazy. But it may actually be a good thing for yourself.

        2. You can do what you want with your body as long as it doesn’t harm other people. Taking dangerous drugs hurts the people who care for you and have to pick up the pieces. It’s not fair on your mama if you get brain damaged and she has to wipe your ass for the rest of your life. Aswell I don’t want my taxes to pay for someones selfish habit.

        3. That’s exactly my point about not being obliged to take care of others. My ‘mama’ is just another person.
          I do not accept the ‘it hurts others when you hurt yourself’ meme. What a barbaric piece of manipulative crap. My life belongs to me and me alone. Not my momma, not my friends, not my girls or whatever.

        4. Yeah, so what’s bad about the word ‘me’? Do you not want to live your life your own way?
          It’s not about being great. It’s about having boundaries and not being manipulated by guilt and shame into being someone I am not.
          You used the word ‘selfish’, which in our society carries the connotation of deliberately hurting other people for materialistic gains or whatever. That is not what I was advocating though. I was advocating that each person take responsibility for their own emotions.

        5. Selfish people do not have consideration for others and are only concerned with their own material gains or pleasure. E.g. If you eat all the food on the table because it’s pleasurable without considering that other people might be hungry. That is selfish. You don’t appear to care that the selfish use of drugs for pleasure could in fact cause harm for others including your own mama. It’s also selfish. How can you take responsibility for actions if you don’t care about their consequences?

        6. You haven’t simply gone your own way you have knowingly done something that has had a negative impact on someone else. You do not have a right to do this. You talk about taking responsibility but your answer is to blame someone else’s emotions instead of your own actions. You will quickly find that you’re not an island unto yourself

        7. ‘sometimes people get hurt, that’s life’ is not an argument for causing unwanted interference in someone’s life. Explain why you have a right to cause interference?

        8. Now you’re using another fancy word to make your argument, but that really changes nothing. If you are a slave and break free, that will cause unwanted interference in your “master”s life.

        9. You’ve failed to explain why you have the right, I therefore withdraw from this discussion because you don’t really have a logical answer.

      1. If I could uninvent alcohol yes I would ban it or severely restrict it but because it’s already ingrained into society it’s pointless. I don’t see how making other drugs legal (and therefore more socially acceptable) would improve the situation. Just because you are used to the effects of alcohol doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

        1. Foolish move. Alcohol is considered the primary driving force of moving us into an agricultural direction, thus creating civilization.

    3. Making drugs illegal only makes them more dangerous, as ruthless cartels enslave hundreds and kill just as many either directly or indirectly. On the other hand if you legalize and regulate it (as in sell it if you want, but it has to be labeled, have a certain level of quality to prevent ODs, or I’ll bust your ass).

      1. Anyone who comes near my family with drugs spouting libertarian rubbish about how it’s there body will quickly find they become my business whether they like it or not.

  5. This is going to become the most commented upon article in the history of the internet.

        1. Unfortunately, they’ve banned Kratom before I gained that power… 🙁
          I mean, I can fuck any feminist from forty feet away, but as I found out the worst way possible afterwards (from all the furred friction), my penis still refuses to be lit on fire and no amount of cajoling has convinced him otherwise. Not lavish bribery like banana cream baths. Not excessive ego stroking. Na-da. This too they have taken from me when they took away Kratom.

        2. just heard a commercial
          which told me
          Farmer John smokes his own
          now, there’s one tough
          son of a
          –Charles Bukowski

      1. This must be a another feminist attack on innocent men. If they take our kratom, we must strike back by taking away their beloved Starbucks.

    1. It’s because when feminists take kratom, they don’t get the penis erection that lasts 10x longer than Cialis or Viagra. And when guys to take it, the guys don’t want the feminists.

  6. Oh no, this isn’t going to end well. Remember prohibition? Liquor became even more widely available and everyone was super drunk all the time. They want to do the same thing with Kratom?

      1. How dare you spread such wicked slanderous rumors about Kratom. That’s a bannable offense around here.

    1. I know. Plus, it’s fucking Kratom. So you’ve just declared war on the most powerful motherfuckers on the planet. People on Kratom are bulletproof and piss tank killing lazers out of their dicks. They can fart atomic blasts. Any attempt to enforce this will result in destruction.

  7. When does the ban take effect? If so, just get a bunch beforehand using cash only.
    And then go looking for an herbal plant from Asia that RESEMBLES Kratom but isn’t.
    The gov’t banning things will be a problem for me when they ban physical activity (crossfit and weightlifting in my case), that’s ALL I use to avoid illness.

    1. I did that with DMAA. I stockpiled so much of it I could have opened a GNC. It took 2 years after the ban before I stopped using it.

        1. Ha if I could get my hands on it for not insane prices I would totally still use it

      1. Good call. Drug dealers always pull the hottest pump and dumps.
        Hopefully kratom will still be available on the black market. I really dont want to go back to 6000 calories a day, test prop, and trenbolone without having the ability to build my stack around a strong foundation of kratom.

    1. They don’t want to give people options. You can drink and smoke yourself to death though..and use all the anti depressives you want. So basically, everything good for you is banned.

    2. If someone gave Harambe Kratom he would still be playing in the NBA now

  8. I for one have used this wonderful plant on many occasions. I will contact the American Kratom Association and petition this ban to the best of my abilities. Here is a website devoted to all things Kratom.
    Unfortunately, the website lacks any articles related to the so-called “powers” of Kratom, namely uncontrollable penile growth, increased testosterone, increased sensory perception, the ability to see through walls, the ability to avoid censorship by Anita Sarkeesian, and so forth. It is still a good educational website nonetheless.

    1. “The ability to avoid censorship by Anita Sarkeesian” lmao ! Does that mean you can also comment on her youtube videos ?

  9. Worse than this, the FDA has wanted to restrict supplements to an internationally approved ‘schedule’ – which will also line the pockets of big Pharma. A LIB publication notes “the FDA is utilizing a “ban first, ask questions later” approach that may cause more harm than the drug itself”. Few people realize that the testing for FDA approval is done by the Pharma companies themselves – and the lobbying of FDA is obscenely high. If even liberal news-sites question the FDA, it’s WAY out of control.

      1. Will confirm that it works. Pretty potent stimulant, with different strains having different durations and effects on mental state (clarity, focus, relaxation. etc).
        I’d hate to use it regularly, though. I hear the detox is an absolute bitch after a few weeks of use.

  10. What really happened was Sick Hillary was researching the alt right and stumbled upon ROK and all its articles on kratom. Seeing it’s powerful effects, she decided to try some to ease her ailments. Once she did, she developed an insatiable appetite for our beloved kratom and decided to have banned in the US.

    1. She found out our recipe for success. A recipe with only one ingredient: glorious, all purpose, delicious kratom. We’re fucked now.

    2. I really hate how she’s still against pot, when a lot of republicans now support it because it brings in an a$$load of ca$h. I hate how she talks about “medical marijuana” as if one is government regulated medicine and the street version is this awful thing that makes you a “drug addict”. She’s stuck in the early 90s. Just fucking legalize weed, theres probably a lot of people who abuse alcohol and shitty pharmaceuticals who would otherwise toke up if it was legal.

      1. I think that’s just political trolling. If conservatives are in favor, of course democrats will be against it. What do you think would happen if Obama came out in support of gun rights and endorsed the NRA?

      2. She hates pot because the low profit margins (compared to uncut blow and such) almost fucked up the Mena operation.

  11. There is no “war” on drugs, just the war on who controls the drugs. The conflicts going on in Mexico among the so-called “narcos” is comingly known in this industry as ‘account settling’.

  12. I know I take the piss out of kratom, but I’m highly suspect about a drug for men being banned whilst whores everywhere are killing unborn children

  13. There was a time when I believed drugs were banned because they were ‘bad’. Then there was a time when I believed drugs were banned because the government falsely assumed they were ‘bad’. I am not entering the phase of my life where I believe that drugs are banned because they are actually helpful.
    It’s the same with weed and psychedelics.
    God put these ancient medicines on this planet to open our eyes. Some people are invested in keeping our eyes closed.

    1. “I am not entering the phase of my life where I believe that drugs are banned because they are actually helpful, and they will not be allowed unless the government gets its cut.”
      Fixed it.

      1. “I am not entering the phase of my life where I believe that drugs are banned because they are actually helpful, and they will not be allowed unless the government gets its cut, which would need to be bigger than the cut from the pharma complex, which is impossible, because these pills actually cure people and then they no longer need them.”

        1. If they find a cure for diseases that haunt us humans, then they would essentially kill the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg.
          This is the main reason why all those foundations to find a cure are just scams.

        2. Yeah, bingo.
          They sometimes say: Well, we need to keep up our fight “against nature”, cause nature is adapting – bacteria and shit.
          I sometimes wonder whether these diseases are not simply mother nature’s way to inform this society of how anti-life it has become.

  14. Just to clear it up for a few people (I’ve seen a few comments asking what kratom is/what it does).
    It’s just a plant ground up into a powder. It has the social effects of alcohol.. you’re more open, easier to talk to, and feel a bit of euphoria. It’s also great for manual labor, as you feel light as a feather the whole time and it cuts down on pain.
    Like I was saying.. social effects of alcohol without the hang over. Overdose is the same as alcohol, you simply throw it up.

  15. I agree with the author’s assertions that big pharma is buying of the FDA to rubber stamp Krantom as a drug, so big pharma can turn around and sell it to the public at a mark up of 10,000%.
    I remember a few decades back that the FDA was trying to make laxatives (the natural psyllium husks powder) available only through prescription. I’m not kidding. It bothers me to say this, but it was the douchie-lefty health food dorks who successfully lobbied to keep it available for sale at the healthfood stores.

    1. To be fair, back then the douchie-lefty dorks actually had a point. These days, the leftists are campaigning for more gubberment intrusion into people’s lives, not less. Their old hippie forebears must be shaking their heads in shame.

    2. no that would be too easy…. you can’t patent Kratom… no money in it…. much better to produce some crappy chemical version with side effects… patent it and sell it for 10 times the price…. .ah look, they are already doing that… so kratom just goes in the incinerator….

  16. This is depressing. And the same usual idiots will blather on about how its “necessary”.

        1. Shit, I thought you coded monkeys or maybe even just trained sea monkeys.
          My mental image of you is now thrashed, good thing I have a secret Kratom farm.

      1. In America someone put bullet in patronizing assholes. In Soviety Russia patronizing assholes put bullet in YOU

  17. Name names. Who are the people responsible. Not “big pharma” or “the government,” but the individuals making the decisions. Once they are identified and tracked, then we the people can decide what to do with/about them.

  18. “Think of drug-seeking behavior as a balloon that has not changed in size.” This is so true. My dad is on ten medications. Everybody in my family is fat and over-medicated. It’s terrible. Junk food and medication have sedated everybody.

      1. I love that there is an actual prescription muscle relaxer branded as soma. A few years ago a doctor prescribed soma to me. I was like “seriously? awesome!”
        Brave new world is one of the many universes offered to us as a dystopia but which is really a utopia. The town that bans dancing in footloose is like that too.

        1. Actually, while reading it, I always felt like Mr. Huxley struggled with the idea whether he was describing a utopia or a dystopia.
          That said, I would fucking hate the guts out of such a world.

        2. I don’t know all the free dope and sex and not thinking seems like it would be awesome town

        3. Consuming is not freedom. It is slavery. If they did not feel inherently shitty about the whole thing, they wouldnt need to pop pills all the time and fuck around.

        4. No disagreement. But who says freedom is so ginchy. Fuck that. It is like speaking multiple languages or international travel to learn about different cultures. Fuck it.

        5. And come on Tom. You argue for abject determinism and then condemn slavery for its lack of freedom. Disingenuous! I call shenanigans. The only real freedom is sysiphus walking down the hill. It comes from feeling, in timeless moment, the conditions of human consciousness and elevating ourselves above the causal chain by escaping our objectivity. That happens anywhere and everywhere. The freedom that you are talking about is just another illusion.
          The problem with people who “take the red pill” is that they think they have found some reality when the real red pill doesn’t show you an underpinning real world but rather that reality itself is illusion. Your freedom is slavery too. Don’t put down consumption and pleasure unto death. It is the exact same thing as “freedom” just more honest

        6. Naturally, you need to consume, to sustain yourself. But doing it for ‘pleasure’, because you are not allowed to feel anything but that, sucks.
          Freedom and determinism do not contradict each other in the least. My will is deterministic, of course. But my life quality depends upon how well I can express my will in the world.
          Saying that freedom is not important on the basis of determinism (a logical connection I don’t even understand) is to say that being in prison, bound to a bed, with a bag of cloth over your head, is equivalent to, say, having a self-sustaining farm with your own family that you run as you please without interference. Extreme and a little unrealistic examples of course.
          How is ‘my freedom’ slavery?

        7. You give extreme example of being in prison tied to a bed with a bag over your head…of course. Foucault argued that the only real freedom was in the penal colony. Is he right? Nah, probably not. Still, interesting stuff.
          Physical mobility impairment isn’t what we are talking about. Apples to apples in your example would be being in prison, bound to a bed, with a bag of cloth over your head being equivalent to being on a self-sustaining farm with your own family bound to a bed, with a bag of cloth over your head and yes, that would be the the same.
          However, in your example of being on a self sustaining farm with your family and my example of being a solitary consumer there is no difference at all. You would be the same amount of free as I am….That is, totally bound by determinism with the chance to elevate for timeless moments to the sublime by overcoming your objectivity.
          No different than the people in brave new world. It’s all the same. Just some people like to pretend that their brand of slavery is superior because it makes them feel better.

        8. I do not mean freedom from determinism. I mean freedom from being oppressed by other people.
          The inability to move is quite akin to the inability to emotionally or intellectually express yourself freely. Both cause suffering.
          You mean to say that determinism mandates that I am a slave of any situation I am in. But you seem to oversee that the determinism of my own psychology works towards overcoming any undesirable situation.My will may be deterministic, as may be my choices – doesn’t mean they don’t actually influence my life.

        9. In fact, YOU are arguing that one brand of slavery is superior because it makes you feel better. Quote from you: “I don’t know all the free dope and sex and not thinking seems like it would be awesome town”
          So why would you choose such a town over another, if not because you do indeed think that one brand of slavery is superior?

        10. BRave new world is a little bit extreme an example as well and my comment about it was meant to be, at least slightly, hyperbolic in pointing out that what Huxley makes into a dystopia is, in effect, a utopia and sounds pretty nice.
          The idea that some self-sustained farming life “disconnected” from the system would be any more “free” is where I take unbridged. It is just a different brand of slavery. Find the one you enjoy most.

        11. What will you do in Brave New World, when somebody pisses you off and you feel like solving it like men, but then somebody taps on your shoulder and tells you to just drop a soma?

        12. If oppression comes in the form of fun and pleasure and good times and no responsibility then oppress away. If you want to make an analogy about it being physically bound you can…but at least it is with satin ropes. To imagine that there is a way to break away and that in that breaking away you are somehow free is cray cray.
          Of course you influence your life deterministically, here we agree. And in the aspect of freedom in that determinism we agree as well. It just seems that you think there are places where, without being bodily hindered, you can experience a more real or better brand of that freedom that I feel we lose our path…

        13. So what about satin ropes? What about sex? The thing is, sometimes you don’t feel like having sex. Sometimes, say, you just want to punch the bitch. Or you want to be alone by yourself. Or you want to do some art to express yourself. Or talk with a friend about how fucked up the system is. Sex is no replacement for that, as sexuality is just one aspect of many in life. The satin rope example actually reminds me of a nice analogy I read about a mother that does not allow her son to do anything that might hurt him; the author compared this metaphysical treatment to the mother physically putting her foot on the kid’s head and preventing it from standing back up and exploring the world, telling it: The world is too dangerous, stay here with me, it’s safe here. Suffocating comfort.

        14. I guess I just don’t experience those kind of anger issues. In general, I just am not incredibly angry and my desire to punch someone usually goes away after a few deep breaths

  19. Off topic, but why is RoK not loading its newest posts for me? Every time I visit the site now, it shows an article from August 27th at the top of the heap, and I have to look over in the right side bar to see what the actual current articles are.

        1. Your advice is gold Bashy, went from s5 to s7 edge faster than you can say vavavoom.

    1. As @disqus_aHyDBkvUW5:disqus said, ctrl+F5 will fix the problem, but it will just come back. IF you hit Alt+F4 it will fix the problem permanently.

      1. The real secret is to go to the fuse box and shut it off and then on again VERY quickly. The short interruption will shock your computer and it will develop resistance against problems.

  20. FDA is trying to take the led out of our pencils. Little to they know that if you strike Kratom down it shall become more powerful than they ever imagined.

      1. and police can’t see you if you are invisible….
        and kratom makes you invisible.

    1. it’s ok, just go back to freebasing powdered endangered rhino tusk mixed with moon rock

    1. Haha. Brevity is the wit of, wait, wit with brevity is, no, wait.. The thing is, when you say it really short like that, it’s funnier.
      I have no soul.


    1. And ever since I added the K to their diet, the hounds in my dogfights have been walking upright, lifting, & smoking cigarettes. One is even traveling abroad & impregnating foreign lasses with his kratom infused dna.

        1. Have you seen or read “The man in the high castle” its about the Nazis winning and splitting the US with Japan… Great story.

        2. I have a feeling the US would’ve treated with Germany and Japan, if the war had started going truly south for the USSR and UK.

    1. Well if he wasn’t I would think he was nuts. Prostitute parties funded by drug lord money are fucking great.

        1. well, at least she got this right. Did she also make a smammich for el chappo?

  22. The CIA will now move into corner the market as a source of funds for their illegal black ops (you know like treadstone). If there aren’t already there will be loads of CIA drumming up business on these boards from now on

        1. If they came for Kratom, they’ll be sure to come for the lulz too
          They came for Kratom and we stood by

        2. they can take our lives but they will NEVER TAKE OUR KRATOM!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. That must be shouted at the top of one’s voice Braveheart style….hence the caps obviously

      1. paul elam attacked ROK for allowing the promotion of a drug he said should be banned or words to that effect. See: the government listens to men’s rights groups after all

        1. “See: the government listens to men’s rights groups after all”
          Yeah when they suggest greater restrictions…

        2. yes, Dean Esmay was the moving spirit – he’s a major leftie I think – but Elam ended up backing him to the hilt if I recall correctly. Can’t be certain if that included the finger wagging about Kratom

        3. 1 out of 10 articles are readable. Most of it is whining. And not the good sort of whining where you bitch about other people. But the one where you appeal to the government to respect your “rights”. Barf.
          They work hand in hand with feminists. Or, equalists. They really believe women and men should be exactly the same, no shit.
          I got banned from commenting there. By a bitch.

        4. Their articles are often informative, but yes you’re right about the whining. They are as you say largely beholden to the same kind of faux egalitarianism that feminism claims to abide by. I haven’t stopped by in a while but I doubt it has changed

        5. Sometimes I read an interesting title and then I click on it and then I see its AVfM and I say to myself: Shit, I was looking forward to this. And then I close the tab.
          They also seem to have many articles which are really videos. I don’t get this shit. What is the point of posting an article that only contains a video? I hate watching videos or listening to some sound. I just want to skim over the ideas and be done with it, not take in all the author’s personality and gestures and style of talking and being unable to scroll through the video for fear of missing something.

        6. I’m not surprised you got banned.. AVFM instituted a draconian commenting policy, for some fucking reason. That (along with attacking MGTOW and Roosh) probably explains why their Alexa ranking crashed from a respectable 40,000 a year ago, to 120,000 today. Fucking tragic, because they do have a lot of good stuff over there. But Elam has also left a lot of bodies in his wake.

        7. I agree about the videos. I usually use my laptop and can only hear videos properly with headphones on, so there’s nothing I hate more than finding an article I want to read only to discover I have to listen to it. Youtube is the exception, because you already know what you’re going to get. Having said that many of those youtube videos are an hour or two long

        8. Yeah, exactly. If you wanna post a video, post it on Youtube. But as you said, they are usually very long and I find it unnerving to watch through them. Too much drama around too little content. I mean, I write long articles personally, but even I get annoyed by the length of Rollo Tomassi’s articles…

        9. haven’t reads any of his articles in donkey’s years. They tend to be very good, but a bit too intellectualised

  23. Expect the US to invade Kratomland within the next 6 months to secure exclusive control and distribution channels.

    1. a person once tried to smuggle kratom in their cavity…that person was named The Grand Canyon.

  24. If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.
    – The Beatles, Taxman

  25. Since we no longer have milkmen, does selling Kratom over the Web mean that our nation’s next generation of illegitimate children will be fathered by the FedEx man?

    1. “Thatcher, Thatcher, Kratom Snatcher”
      c. 1980 Margaret Thatcher abolished free Kratom breaks in primary schools. The education of young boys has been in decline ever since

  26. “Now we’re gonna give you forty acres and a mule. And you’re gonna become voters. And you’re gonna vote like your friends vote…”

    1. Doctors? What do they have to do with this? The DEA is just a bunch of unscientific blue pill mangina husbands of soccer moms scared their kid my do something dangerous like weed…

      1. I thought it was the FDA trying to outlaw this, (I bet at the senior levels they have committee reps from the AMA, pharma industry) but it seems the legislation changes are happening at state level. It doesn’t surprise me as its already banned in a number of countries. Its illegal like heroin where I live even though there is no history of any negative consequences. It looks like people will really like it so on the banned list it goes.
        From what I read of it it sounded like a really intriguing herb and a great cheap option for people with pain. Pain relief is a huge chunk of the prescription market in my country, and for sure something like this is a threat to big pharma revenue streams, even though those revenue streams are massive, the greedy fucks don’t like non patented competition. I expect you will start seeing media articles from the govt trying to talk up the negative health risks and cost to society of kratom use using a couple of individual cases. There was 1 death from Kava (guy took a huge amount) in my country and that was enough for the govt to quickly ban it despite its previous safe history and not worrying about the fact that thousands die each year from prescription meds or hospital errors.

        1. The FDA really doesn’t have much authority over this subject, it’s the DEA that does the schedule stuff…

        2. yes i guess at the legislative ‘scheduling level’ they dont have that power. I did read the FDA was confiscating imports though, under their jurisdictional powers. Does the DEA have that power to outlaw it though? I just thought they carried out operations (enforcement) but dont determine whats legal/illegal, but I’m sure if there is something extra on their list that they can bust people for they wont mind one bit. (I’m not from US so dont know)

        3. They do have the power to make things legal/illegal. The director can put things on and off the schedule and move them around within the schedule. Just shows how stupid it is that the US has so many harmless drugs outlawed…

  27. HEADLINE READS: Anonymous ROK commenters exposed. Kratom scare sends men to clear out local suppliers in droves.
    We’ll be fighting over the shit like Furbies & fucking Elmo dolls. I hope you boys come amped up ’cause I just mainlined an oz of blueberry krate-krate & I’m ready to fffuuight! THE LAST OF THE STASH IS MINE, GODDAMMIT!

  28. I’m really starting to hate the federal and CA state government.
    I wonder if it would help to shut off the government and restart it.

    1. Shut it off, and leave it off. Remember, this piece of shit government started after one was “shut off” and another was “restarted.”

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  30. This is why pot will never be legal. I love this country, but damn if we dont have some cold hearted motherfuckers in office.

  31. Just another key example of how the fucking government can’t bear to not meddle in the lives of its citizens. Legalization/taxation seems like a no-brainer but then of course Big Pharma’s pill mills are losing big $$$.
    PS: brb, stocking up on large amounts of kratom

  32. You’ll never see drugs completely decriminalised, taxed and regulated in the United States because it would rob the prison industrial complex of millions of dollars of revenue. They and the DEA/associated bodies are all in a mutual back-scratching relationship. You either give the government your money for ‘legal’ drugs, give the prison industrial complex your time, freedom and money for ‘illegal’ drugs, or say ‘f*ck you’ to them both and… don’t take any drugs.
    Mind you, I am all for ‘my body my choice’ (until it starts affecting unborn children or the people whose house you break into to support your meth habit etc).
    On a side note, the documentary ‘How To Make Money Selling Drugs’ is a great little watch; it sheds some light on how both sides of the law operate.

  33. Growing kratom trees is legal in all states except Indiana. Hmm? I still have never tried the stuff but I’ve made some jokes about it. Maybe I should get some seeds. The seeds don’t store well since they’re naturally moist seeds which means they’re guaranteed to germinate best when they’re fresh off the plant. Optimum sprouting occurs within a few days of the seeds leaving the plant. Seeds must stay fresh and moist and mail order seeds will yield mostly duds that are too dry. Only one in a hundred mail order seeds might sprout so you need many or get some fresh seeds from a gardening neighbor.
    They sprout best in tropical climates like Everglades Fla or HI.
    A steamy greenhouse in Mich might work but not Indiana.
    Those backyards are due for some grass cutting and weedeating. Maybe they’ve already succumbed to the KRATOM MONKEY!! Perhaps the folks should suppliment their kratom diet with a monster or rockstar energy drink beverage. Hey, (((Monster with Kratom))) in a phosphorescent glow in the dark green can. Dang, I should be a millionaire. Always in moderation.

  34. As much as I’d like to go all Alex Jones about how the government wants us to all be sick and is shutting down competition to the opioid based pharmaceutical drugs, I think there’s probably a whole lot less diabolical explanation. Kratom was never demonstrated in human studies as being beneficial.
    I think this decision shows that the government bureaucrats don’t consider public sentiment or ancedotal evidence of the benefits, which is kind of what you would expect. They wouldn’t be treating Kratom like Cocaine if watching our videos about Kratom or reading any of the thousands of user reports posted in various forums online had any barring on their decision. If all you did was read the abstracts of the Kratom studies on Pubmed and the Poison Control Centers reports you too would end up thinking that it was a public safety hazard.
    So while the Kratom community is going to make a lot of noise screaming about government over reach, they share some responsibility for this happening because they discussed but never made an effort to fund a study demonstrating the usefulness of Kratom.
    Here’s the press releases from .Gov sites announcing the the Kratom Ban
    For many years the Kratom community enjoyed the low price and convenience of ordering Kratom online. Despite it being on the DEA’s chopping block for quiet a while, the Kratom users never banded together to fund the necessary human studies demonstrating it’s benefit. Now those for whom Kratom was a bastion from the affliction of chronic pain will have to most bear the high cost of the low price of Kratom.

  35. I knew this was coming when I started seeing kratom containing concoctions offered in convenience stores.

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