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  1. This is so true. This is all about crushing the right of self-determination. At the end of the day, there is one litmus test. 2nd amendment. Once we are all dependent, then all the special snowflake groups will be dumped by the system. All the feminists, migrants etc. are simply tools for the coming world pharoh. They think the system cares about them. But they are just tools.
    I am so glad Roosh has expanded the scope. Moved from the the bar whore to how to oppose the Whore of Babylon ! (see apocalypse).

    1. Damn Roosh, thanks for trying, but it is so sad that you could not pull off that world-wide meet-up. I hope Breitbart manages. It will be harder to say Breitbart is about rape, especially with Milo prancing about. (But Milo is cool when he prances).
      (Milo made me remember it was not gays I hated. Why the “best man” at my wedding was a flaming queer. It is not the gays that I hate but the LGBT movement, and how they have allowed themsselves to be used by the authoritarian left to impose PC, shut down free speech.)

      1. Same. Milo reminded me of that, too. Who gives a fuck what grown men – gays – do behind closed doors?! But the politics of the “LGBTQ” movement shoved down our throats makes me want to vomit.

    2. They are trying to create a powder keg knowing full well that it will create violence. Bring all the deviants out of hiding – trannies, gays, etc combined with mass immigration of radicalized muslims (some of the least tolerant people in the world) and you are assured violence. The government lets them obtain weapons intentionally (even though they may be on watch lists – they look the other way) to carry out violent acts which will help them fast track their removal of the 2nd amendment and later the 1st amendment once the public is disarmed.
      Plenty of evidence that one world government already exists and leaders of the U.S. and Europe are just puppets put in place to take directives from the UN.

        1. You should see how I spammed your excellent video all over the web today. Great Job Roosh! One of the best things Ive ever seen. Seriously.
          You’re welcome!

    3. In the words of one Soviet Defector:
      “These people think that when the system is overthrown they will be put in power. Nothing could be further from the truth. They will be lined up and shot because they are no longer useful.”

      1. …and they will know too much. Then the useful idiots become a liability for those in power, because they can collaborate with the ‘nemy.

  2. It’s important to distinguish between the two meanings of globalism. One is global government, the other is global trade. The first is to be resisted, but the second is to be promoted.
    Global trade is the best way to turn third world shitholes from which the hordes want to escape into the West into places where it becomes tolerable to stay put.
    As described in “I, Pencil” global trade is the only means of global cooperation. Not migration, not forced mixing of populations, not open borders. Global government types talk ’til they are blue in the face about “global harmony” and “world peace” and they offer all manner of bullshit solutions that only make things worse. Trade accomplishes in fact, in reality what they only talk about.
    “Global cooperation” and “world peace” is already happening right this moment with billions of people participating in global trade. (Again, see “I, Pencil.”)

    1. Current trade deals are only facilitating a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. The gains from current globalist trade deals are not being passed on to workers, they are being retained within the 1% and shared to a lesser extent through stock price appreciation. Unless gains from trade are shared by all, it is a net negative for citizens of those countries.

        1. This study does not give an accurate picture of how NAFTA has affected the U.S. economy. 1994 does not make sense as a starting point for looking at the data. It takes a long time for corporations to collectively move their manufacturing base outside the U.S.
          It uses the illusory benefit of the strong U.S. economy in the latter half of the 90’s to attempt to create a steeper trendline with various data points to explain why NAFTA is good. Faulty logic, the effects of NAFTA would be felt in the second half of that 20 yr window. Those data points would be flat and stagnating the correct time periods were used.
          The wage gains for the Mexican worker are much smaller in absolute terms than the wage losses for the American worker. The corporate elites pocket the difference. Not to mention, it lowers wages across other parts of the U.S. economy due to excess supply of workers in addition to the decreasing rate of job creation. Explain how Obama’s “recovered” economy still can’t generate meaningful growth in average hourly earnings after 8 years?

        2. Good old GATT and NAFTA cost this area thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs.
          What I wonder about trade agreements is why would it take more than one sheet of paper? This country agrees to trade tariff free with that country and vice-versa but, it take months if not years for a bunch of bureaucrats to hammer out a deal?

        3. 1994 is only used because that’s when NAFTA started. That article was from 2001 so maybe it’s not a long enough timeline, fair enough. Here’s something more recent on trade generally: http://www.aei.org/publication/four-reasons-why-demonizing-trade-is-costing-american-workers-their-jobs/
          And manufacturing is only one part of the picture. Again I think it’s about perception – what’s easily seen and not so easily seen. US manufacturing has steadily gone up for decades, we just make stuff you don’t see in your everyday life so it seems like we make less because the stuff you do see everyday is made somewhere else. It’s also likely the stuff they used to make that stuff was made in the US.
          Why separate NAFTA from the late 90s economy? NAFTA was in play so it had something to do with the economy then.
          “Faulty logic, the effects of NAFTA would be felt in the second half of that 20 yr window. Those data points would be flat and stagnating the correct time periods were used.”
          Got any sources for this? I’m still trying to learn about this, so I’d be glad to see them.

        4. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked for a large corporation but they are very slow moving and conservative in decision making. They certainly would not do anything like move all their manufacturing at once. It would be like…move 1 factory and assess impact over 2-3 years. Then if successful move factory 2 and assess impact over 1.5-2 years, then move factory 3 and 4. It probably takes a year to build each factory so you are looking at close to 10 years for a company to move a large chunk of manufacturing. That’s assuming they started right when NAFTA was passed.
          The bulk of the moving started happening around 2000 when the stock market crashed and companies realized they needed to streamline their cost structure if they were going to return sustainable value to shareholders in the long run. Once you have expanded to every market in the world you can, the only thing you can do is start cutting your costs to generate increasing profits.
          No one is arguing that manufacturing jobs aren’t still being created, but you are displacing millions of American workers who would be working middle class manufacturing jobs who now work for minimum wage (if they work at all). A vastly expanding working class that only makes enough to meet basic needs is not going to fuel economic growth.
          You also have the Obama administration creating ridiculous rules and regulations which stagnate the coal and oil industries. Banking industry has their hands tied due to all the banking regulation in wake of the financial crisis. I know executives in the industry and they say they literally can’t take on any risk any more with how over-regulated things have become. The banks are now more concerned with compliance than fueling economic growth. Obamacare is another major issue.
          It’s not a surprise at all that the economy is completely stagnating with only central bank money printing propping up the financial market asset values.

        5. Remember Ross Perot-“That huge sucking sound you hear is jobs disappearing south of the border.”

    2. Global trade still has many many negative outcomes if not systematically kept to the minimum level that is beneficial. In today’s world if one country collapses, it sends shock waves throughout the world.

    3. “Global trade is the best way to turn third world shitholes from which the hordes want to escape into the West into places where it becomes tolerable to stay put”
      I hear ya but the success of any culture and society ultimately rests on the native people. The natives have to be willing to use trash bins, and not defacate in the streets nor fuck farm animals, and be able to have a realiable banking system, legal system, etc. Some cultures simply are not cut out for this, regardless of how much help and assistance is given from the first World.
      Look at the program in europe that is teaching the newly imported muzzies how ‘not to rape’. Yeah, fantastic idea, socialist morons. These lower primates europe is bringing in are not going to change who they are.

      1. Just keep those fuckers out, and only allow in virtuous Christians….but they won’t, that’s “rascist”…

        1. My point is that instead of taking in refufes, go to their country and show them how to run a nation; but some cultures just cannot be helped.

    4. You can give all the money to third world sh*tholes as you say. You can build palaces give them gadgets. Years later it will still be a sh*thole. How many billions have been spent in “ending hunger” , “rebuild this or that” campaign? It is like that saying of the pig “You can put lipstick…” Just like it will happen to European countries, look at Sweedenistan, Londonistan already with it’s ghettos.

      1. I agree but I’m not talking about aid, but actual development. For the cultures and societies that can’t hack it, that’s where walls come in.

  3. Interesting video Roosh, and unfortunately likely accurate. While we are all pleased at what has happened in Britain, I think that ultimately you will be proven right, and nationalism in western Europe will fail. America still has a chance, but if we fail to elect Trump, there will be no going back. In terms of America, I am a citizenist. The homogeneous makeup of this country was irreversibly changed when Italians, Irishmen and Eastern Europeans were allowed to emigrate here, “white” though they may be. I do believe that all immigration needs to be halted (or at least drastically reduced) and the illegals must be deported. We should also change voting laws so immigrants (of any nationality) should not be allowed to vote, though they should still be treated fairly under the law. The middle east must be contained and left to its own devices, and aid to sub-Saharan Africa must be stopped (save for the possible caveat of protecting the Christian Africans from the Muslim Africans).

    1. Imo Europeans are going to have to start seeing each other as allies.
      Not in the EU globalized McDonalds sense but rather as neighbours with common roots.
      If Europe goes to war with itself, the rest of the world will drink to it.

        1. Was he the first to sprout wings and fly away?

          Or just another splatterer?

    2. Brexit could start a domino effect of more countries leaving the EU. Even Soros has admitted this. I don’t think it’s too late yet for Europe. Brexit was a pretty big deal.

      1. I don’t need to read an Amren article as I already know they hate anything that has to do with black people. I’m saying aid to Africa needs to stop so natural selection can be allowed to take its course. Sub-Saharan Africans did not go through the eugenical wringer that virtually all other populations had to go through, and perpetual aid to Africa, though it may be well intentioned, is bringing nothing but more suffering to the African people.

        1. The point of Rooshes article is that there are some SERIOUS problems up ahead. Africa problems arent financial based, they are genetic based.
          Maybe you dont need the article but others here do so I posted it.

      2. Very insightful article, It’s a shame that people wont even look at this stuff.
        As i am reading this article i cant help but laugh, i know this is a serious factual reality being conveyed and there is nothing satirical about it but the dark humor of reality beats everything.

        1. The “malthusian” scenario seems like a very plausible future scenario, a scenario i myself have been hoping for.

    3. But you have no problem with the Scots then?
      Because, technically, they are nothing more than Irish who moved up north.
      Just curious.

      1. Really? If that’s true, that would actually explain a lot.
        Regardless of the origins of the Scottish people, they are technically among the founding stock of the United States. From what I’ve read I believe the three largest original ethnic groups in America were the British, the Germans and the Scots.

  4. Everyone is worried about undocumented Mexicans. How about the hoardes of East Indian trash that is coming on H1b visas to the United States in large numbers and STAYING here?

  5. George Soros is 85, Henry Kissinger is 93, and David Rockefeller is one hundred and fucking one years old. I don’t know if their longevity is due to genetics, modern medicine or a deal they made with the devil.

        1. God of NWO goes back to ancient times. Today we have Beast ascending out of the Babylonian Pit.

        2. It’s a real black god, called Molock. Some currents brought it in Eastern Europe as well.
          Get this, the elites of 1000 years ago in the territory of Romania ( Dacia then ) changed the name of this satanic god from Moloch to…Noroc- I’ll get back to this in a minute.
          Child sacrifices were made by placing the newborn children on a boiling oil bowl on the hands of the statue- like you see in this picture.
          The sacrifices were done so that the one who would do the sacrifice, would have good luck, money and fortune…
          Now, remember, they changed the name to Noroc. Make a search on the net to see what noroc means in romanian. Yep, it’s still used the most frequent word for luck.
          In the times that we live in now, such information is not accessible to anyone. The only method of informing is by speaking to people.
          So get it in your head.
          Child sacrifices have been made and still are to this day. Just because you don’t find out about it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.
          Take a good look around.

        3. Tends to confirm that the crazies like Alex Jones are David Icke are not crazy. (although unlike David Icke, as much as I like his commentary, I still do not believe the Queen is a shape-shifitng lizard)
          But these are sad times indeed when you have Moloch operating hidden in plain view. And a dude who thinks we are being governed by space alien lizards can offer more accurate political commentary than CNN.

        4. I hate to come and say things that I have no idea about, BUT, there are a few, let’s call them secret operatives, that have claimed that aliens are already living with us. But this kind of information is extremely hard to dissect. I sometimes make fun of conspiracy theorists, only to later find out that they are actually onto something.
          The elites are constantly committing genocide. But in order for their operations to function, every operation needs to be hidden from public view.
          The stuff that you’re not allowed to talk about.
          The people who you’re not allowed to criticize.
          The organized crime.
          The secret service.
          Muslim migrations into Europe, now that’s some Kafkaesque genius there. That’s a case study.

        5. They already have the technology to either wipe us all out or totally enslave us technologically but they are waiting for something.
          Perhaps more time to gain an even more solid entrenched position.
          Or in exchange for the help with the space ship technology the ET’s told them to bring the planet underfoot as a stipulation to being included in those activities.

        6. “God of NWO goes back to ancient times. Today we have Beast ascending out of the Babylonian”
          The difference today is that there is no where else to run and hide. The powers that be have much stronger logistics via technology than ever before.

        7. Like the Wikipedia.
          “Rabbinical tradition depicted Moloch as a bronze statue heated with fire into which the victims were thrown. This has been associated with reports by Greco-Roman authors on the child sacrifices in Carthage to Baal Hammon,”
          Good to know there were some ancient writing to verify.

        8. Half a million abortions in the US and 900 thousand in Russia per year is a number of good luck.

        9. Then it is a foot fault. They lose the ball and the pins have to be reset, if it is the first ball, otherwise only first ball counts and frame ends.

    1. ” I don’t know if their longevity is due to genetics, modern medicine or a deal they made with the devil.”
      Probably eating a steady diet of Human fetuses.

  6. Good essay. I think most of us have already come to this conclusion and have started stocking up, bolstering our physical security posture, and otherwise reducing our economic fragility.

  7. wHAT I liked about this video is that it was short but too the point, concise. I can send videoes to my friends, but if they are more than 5 minutes, they will seldom be watched. I sent a real good one yesterday. It was rather long, but goes way back. I am not sure they have the Templar stuff right. But it is still good.
    (2 things that are interesting about the demon Baphomet the Templars were accused of worshiping. 1)Demon god is androgenous 2)Name sounds like Mahomet.
    I wonder if already 7oo years ago there were plans being hatched to overwhelm Europe with a sort of Sodom and Gamorah style immorality from one side and Islam from the other. All these things go back to the ancient world.
    Balaam lacked the power in his dark arts to cast spells directly on the people of God. But he informed the enemies of God’s people(s) to encourage corruption so that God himself would curse his people. (google Balaam in both Old Testament and Apocalypse).

  8. I’ve noticed that they’ve been preaching war with Russia. Since the Sochi Olympics it’s been popularized among the masses.

    1. The left wing enviro morons think the planet is overpopulated, that would be a quick way to thin down the herd.
      Just a conventional war with two 21st century military’s facing off on the battlefield couldn’t last long, no one could field enough troops and equipment to go at it for years, WWW3 is going to be ugly and fast.

      1. And another thing to take into account is that the Western Individual doesn’t have the patience that their ancestors had.

      2. If the left wants a war with Russia, they can be the ground troops. Their deaths on the battlefield will yield 3 positive results:
        1) they can finally say they stood by their convictions and placed their lives on the line for them.
        2) their deaths will solve the overpopulation problem.
        3) the conservative to liberal ratio will greatly tip in our favor.

        1. and 4) There will be plenty of carcasses left to turn into dog food-I hope that doesn’t come off as animal cruelty.

        2. I heard you can use dried corpses as carbon fuel. I say we do that and pump the leftists up into the atmosphere in smoke as a kick in the teeth to global warming.

        3. I would agree but my concern is for the welfare of the good conservatives who would be exposed to that kind of carcinogenic filth.

        4. No. We sell the corpses to China to be used as fuel there. We won’t have to breath it.

        5. It’ll be like their air quality improved and they’ll be Communists-squared as they’ll be ingest their comrades.

        6. As much as I think the left/right dichotomy is a terrible model, indeed the neocons do come from the Trotskyite left. Leo Strauss is one of its intellectual leaders.

  9. Just hoping earlier you’d put out an article of some sort on globalization and the immigration crisis.

  10. I’ll predict right now: This war will end with the total defeat of the globalists. People naturally identify with their own phenotypes, not with humanity as a whole. The globalist “shock troops” are a joke — have you ever seen a person of healthy BMI at a Bernie Sanders rally? The third-world immigrants are retarded monkeys good for little besides eating, breeding, and occasionally voting, not fighting for a bunch of rich Jews.
    That said, your current lifestyle is a product of the globalist order. In a nationalist, patriarchal world, your son Roosh VI will have to either remain celibate, pay cash to fuck diseased whore pussy, or convince a man that he’s worthy of marrying that man’s virgin daughter.

    1. As a reminder. Remember the fight between Antifa an Nazis.
      There were 25 Nazis vs 150 Antifa.
      Antifa came with knives, Nazis didn’t.
      But in the end Nazis took the knives from them.
      The end result was 6 Antifa stabbed vs 1 Nazi
      This is how you know the Globalist uprising will ultimately fail.

      1. As a reminder, the U.S. has millions of people armed who won’t give up their weapons without a fight. Who is going to risk their lives attempting to confiscate them? A significant number of police officers and current/former military own firearms. You think these guys will fire on their brothers?

        1. Robot armies with drone swarms and space ships ought to do it. AI will.

        2. Some of the people programming the AI are some of the most intelligent red pill dudes ever… I could easily see the drones repurposed to turn on their creators.

      1. You’re confusing the concept of cash (a portable, anonymous, immediate medium of trade accepted by all vendors) with the present implementation thereof. Hookers and drug dealers will not give up and enter the legitimate economy because the government took away their cash; they’ll switch to a different medium of exchange for which the government receives no seigniorage.

  11. “…has removed humans from their biological roles.”
    You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head. Every problem that western “society” now faces can be traced to this absurd mainstream mass defiance of human biological imperative.

    1. It’s all been master planned by the global elite for a long, long time. There is just too much synergy with different aspects of their narrative for it not to be.

  12. We should all defect to Russia if we defect from our respective country’s and promise allegiance to Russia and if enough of us do this then it will tip the tide in Russia’s favor, if enough people transfer there wealth and power to Russia then the balance should tip, which basicly mean’s selling all your assets pulling them out of western countries and transferring them to Russian territory if everyone does this then it will be one gigantic cluster fuck.

    1. A bit simplistic, but… I like it!
      I’ve actually recently been looking into how to get Russian citizenship. It doesn’t look easy, but I haven’t read through it all yet.
      I think marrying a Russian chick is probably the surest way unless you’re rich or highly skilled, as with most countries. I don’t know how to work my kids into that, though. I’ll find out.
      I’m a New Zealander, and although that’s a pretty safe country it’s also a degenerate wasteland.
      I’d definitely prefer my kids to grow up in Russia and have families there.

      1. Really? New Zealand looks nice from travel mags, sites, etc. Lots of outdoor sports, hiking, beaches, etc. Please elaborate…..

        1. I mean that New Zealand is a culturally bankrupt country.
          I can be around to ensure my daughters and even my granddaughters only marry sensible men, but what about my great-granddaughters? Will they marry BLT trans-men leftist head-fucks?!
          For the future generations of my bloodline, I’ll do anything to get to Russia.

        1. Putin is pragmatic. He’ll accept any immigrants so long as they benefit the country and assimilate as Russians (there are no minorities in Russia, only Russians of foreign heritage).

        2. I reckon I better start learning to speak Russian if I’m serious, now that I think on it. Oh, I hate foreign languages!

        1. Yes, unless “the shit” happens to be a volcano.
          However, the Siberian wilderness is also pretty safe.
          Yet the problem with NZ is it’s got “creeper shit”, you know? The local population has rotten brains.
          What’s the point of having children in a culture where cutting your cock off is celebrated? I could have 50 children and see 150 grandchildren before I die, yet when I’m gone I’ll have only 100 great grandchildren, 50 great great grandchildren, and so on. That’s the way the breeding goes in NZ unless somebody like me with a 150+ IQ makes a conscious effort to direct it.
          Like most of the West, NZ is a diseased and dying culture.
          I think I have just made the decision to start learning Russian and begin a life goal of immigration to Siberia. Otherwise there’s no point to my life.

        2. I haven’t yet made it to NZ, but it seems that it is rather sparsely populated. It’s more of a laid back natural wonder than a place where men would want to move for work or to raise families, but if the population levels are that low, doesn’t that give you a better chance of changing things? I live in the US, and while I’m not giving up, I really don’t see how anything we do can reverse the tide in this nation of 300m. Otherwise I agree with the above.

        3. NZ does seem idyllic, but… do you understand the birth-rate conundrum yet? You were struggling with it some time ago.
          NZ is just below the replacement-rate at 2.05 births per woman. That’s not bad for a Western nation, actually. Most are below that. Yet it still means NZ is a dying population. Leftist culture and contraception are squarely blame.
          Also, how many of that 2.05 are actual Caucasians? I’d wager the NZ Caucasian birth-rate is closer to 1. That means the Caucasian population is halved every generation. The Caucasian race is facing mass extinction due to feminism, condoms, and “the pill”. This is why globalists push immigration – to save their countries from ruin as populations die.
          Now, why would any sane person who wants to be a part of humanity’s genetic future reproduce in these conditions? Even if I have 50 children, my bloodline will likely be extinct in a couple hundred years unless NZ bans both feminism and contraception.
          I want out.
          I’m not taking my family to NZ. No way. It’s genetic suicide. I’d rather leave them in Thailand, frankly, but instead I’m thinking of immigrating.
          There’s something I don’t understand, however. Russia’s birth-rate is 1.59. It’s dying even faster than NZ. Why?
          Does Russia have feminism, too? Or is contraception solely to blame?
          Russia doesn’t have the same cultural disease as the leftist West. I have to find out what’s causing reproductive failure in Russia before I move there, and whether it’s a nation-wide problem or just isolated to Moscow and such.
          A low birth-rate does mean Russia will be easier to immigrate to, though. That’s a boon. Russia is desperate for new citizens right now.
          What I need to do is find out whether there is an idyllic small Siberian town I can set up in which is free from contraception and signs of reproductive degeneracy – a place where my grandchildren won’t be brainwashed into putting plastic bags over their cocks or killing their eggs with poisonous pills. My point is there ISN’T a place like that in NZ – the entire country is going to die and be replaced by immigrants unless a radical shake-up occurs.
          Hopefully I’ll find such a haven in Siberia. If not, I’ll look elsewhere.
          Mine is a thorny trail. Yet, at the end, natural selection selects in favor of being me.

        4. Cont.
          This is the kind of data you need to assess to secure a genetic legacy:
          What that shows is Russia’s population collapse centred round Moscow. I.e. don’t fucking set up a family in the pale green. Go to the dark green.
          When you see data like this, you realize that modernization has become a cancer that kills humanity. There’s no denying it. The more affluent your population is, the nearer the end is.
          I’m starting to look at Kazakhstan now. It might be a better option for setting up a family in. I need to research the possibility first, though.

        5. this is related to the other app comment but can you send me the name of it on [email protected]
          Its a 24 hour disposable email and i can assure you i won’t link it up for others lol. i’m looking at the android store and its so difficult to find the one you meant.

        6. I don’t buy into the “the population is going to disappear” fear. The only way that can happen is if unchecked immigration is allowed. The population in every nation on the planet was far, far lower in the past, and we were strong civilizations that were cohesive, strong, united, making new discoveries and conquering the world.
          If anything, that’s an argument *against* population growth. Nations today are too large and unwieldy to effectively nurture. Quantity is out of balance with quality.
          There’s no reason a strong, patriarchal nation couldn’t be a stronger, more cohesive, more patriarchal one with 1/10th its population. The only advantage of large populations is a big army, and while that is somewhat of a concern, nuclear weaponry has all but ended modern warfare.
          Not to mention the fact that I don’t really give a shit about arbitrary ideals like “the nation”. I care about principles and friendships and allies. Is more always better? Is having 200 facebook friends better than 3 real close guys who always have your back? Is having 12 children better than raising 2 or 3 that you can devote time to educating and raising well? There is a lot of propaganda out there about population, and I say F that noise. Live your life. Have as many kids as you want and as you can afford. Don’t try to live for others or for some statist entity.
          I do encourage you on your quest, though Siberia sounds like a rough environment as compared to the warm beaches and forests of NZ. I hear Russia is offering free land in the east, and it could very well be a new frontier life like America was in the 1800s. If you do make it, submit an article and let us know how it goes.

        7. Spicy,
          You just need to personally think long and hard about this: Regardless of the past, is the modern Western trend of population decline – brought about by modern contraception that has never been a selective pressure in all 4+ billion years of evolution – reversible?
          That is, if the population begins to halve every generation – as is happening right now to Spanish Caucasians – is there any reason to believe it will stop halving even when it reaches pre-modern population levels?
          I believe the answer is no. Humans, contrary to arrogant popular belief, are not a self-aware species. They are not conscious of their reproduction strategies (save for a handful of evolutionary psychologists).
          There’s no reason not to believe that contraception is causing mass extinction in humans. I don’t think humanity is doomed, but rapid evolution to solve the issue of contraception is inevitable.
          The behavioral traits of taking the contraceptive pill and placing plastic over the penis are both on the chopping block of natural selection – the traits will be vigorously weeded out of our genome, and all behavior associated with these behaviors will also be destroyed in the process. This is a scientific reality.
          Just think about it. Is there any reason to believe population decline will end? No.
          I’ll write plenty in the future and share it on RoK, if they let me. I’m finally leaving Thailand and going to NZ for a few months TODAY, though. So I’ll be busy and absent for a while now. Bye

        8. I have debated this point before and think it’s fairly pointless, but I would merely say, didn’t those in 1800 when populations started to skyrocket make the same types of arguments? IE “Is this newfangled medicine and public sewer systems that keep people from dying off young going to make population skyrocket to infinity? Is this growth curve reversible?”
          In reality, things self-correct over time. If you look at the micro-level of individual nations, once they reach a certain technological level and development of civilization, the population levels peak, and then recede back to a manageable level. This happens repeatably in culture after culture throughout the world once they have developed sufficiently.
          The problem today is there is a vast divide between the most advanced societies on the planet, and the most primitive. Until the primitive societies are sufficiently advanced, we will continue to see population growth.
          As for population “halving every generation until we are extinct”, first of all that’s not happening. But consider the fact that perhaps population levels on the micro level are decreasing for a REASON. GMO foods, factory farmed foods pumped full of hormones and chemicals, farm irradiation of foods, resistance to antibiotics, traffic, high commodity prices (oil, water, energy), pollution, more restrictive laws, are all side effects of an overpopulated planet.
          As Bill Burr said, there’s nothing wrong with driving around in an SUV. There’s only something wrong when EVERYONE does it. Massive population levels cause massive problems. I don’t think for a second that a population increasing or decreasing means it will continue to do so ad infinitum any more than I think a 1 degree per century increase in temperature means that one day the earth will be a lava-coated inferno. The world is complex, and is affected by billions of factors. Nothing stays the same forever. The world changes, ebbs, and flows.
          The dark ages were preceded and followed by times of great advancement. But the world is not static.
          I do think you hit on a very interesting topic re: natural selection. Humans have greatly reduced the effects of natural selection on our species, and many of the least developed and civilized humans are passing on their genes while the more dominant are not.

        9. Interesting argument, Spicy.
          You’re right when you say that the more civilized parts of the world are being outnumbered by the less civilized. But that’s because we’re propping them up. If we stop giving (financial) aid to Africa and stop meddling in the middle east we may see population levels stabilize and possibly decline.

        10. I’m in NZ now. It’s an awful place.
          I think you need to take a look around if you live in a Western country like this. You talk about population stabilizing when it reaches a certain level. Okay, I’ve been in NZ for 2 days and I can see that’s not happening. There are Asians everywhere in Tauranga where I am right now. The government allows heavy immigration to support the collapsing Caucasian population – the population isn’t lowering and stabilizing, it’s dying and then being replaced at the same high level. It’s simply right in front of me right now, so there’s no point arguing it.
          What’s going to happen is poorer countries will keep importing into wealthier countries until the population has been quite completely replaced. This is natural selection. If the conditions of a wealthier nation are incompatible with higher reproduction levels then the genetic traits that allow humans to build wealthier nations will be selected against. Unless this kind of collapse is socially engineered against (by identifying the contributing factors and removing them from society) then there’s no way to avoid it.
          Right now, I believe the main causes of falling reproduction rates are contraception and feminism – things which cannot be socially engineered against in the West in any near future. But a collapse WILL happen if something isn’t done. I know it sounds like science fiction, but the concept is really elementary evolution theory. It’s not difficult to understand.
          Anyway, there’s not much to be done about it. Western civilization isn’t permanent. Only an idiot would think a civilization is permanent just because it’s modern. Even modern civilizations will fall. We won’t necessarily go back to the Dark Ages of no technology, but the following civilization will be a radical change.
          A lot of people agree that modern civilization will fall, but they don’t know how. I think reproduction failure is the answer. Reproduction failure is the cause of globalization trends and so on – globalization is a desperate attempt to remedy a social disease, but it only serves to normalize and spread the disease instead of cure it.
          I think that’s it – the downfall of modern civilization will be the arrogance of mankind that’s prevented us from seeing ourselves as a biological organism living and growing in a society that’s like a garden to us. We neglect our garden and we begin to grow poorly, sickly, and misshaped, like all growing things do when you neglect the garden…

      2. Yeah New Zealand is better whanaunga; its small enough to change, and I live in one of the smallest parts of NZ.

      1. Lol you are an idiot, have you even been to Russia?.. Wana know how many black people or Arab people I saw there?…2 and they were walking with a very fast and paranoid walk because they get treated like the scum they really are, Dumbass!

      2. Muslims are treated like scum in Russia, unlike western countries where they are treated like special little snowflakes…Dumbass.

      3. Yes, it may be, but have you not noticed there is NO ISIS terror attacks in Russia since the refugee flood into Europe? This is proof, far above anything I could ever find, that shows you Muslims are NOT our enemy.
        Which is not to say Russia is not concerned about Islam, it is.
        I am only beginning to read about Russia’s very interesting history. It truly is the land of East AND West.

        1. There might not have been attacks in the last 12 months, but Russia also has its share of terrorist attacks. In fact a larger share than any other European country. I do not view Muslims as my enemy, though I am not a fan of the religion.
          Yes Russia has an interesting history, I am from the former Eastern Bloc myself. I am certainly not really all that positive about the future of Russia as many here are, it has declined tremendously in the last few decades. They really have a very poor growth and tremendous demographic crisis (which many Western countries also have)

        2. Yes.. I am probably simply not informed enough on attacks in Russia. That said, on the whole, I think it is safer in Russia than in Europe right now simply because the globalists do not control it.
          On your note that Russia has declined, I don’t know what to believe. I have read (and do believe) that Putin has changed fortunes in Russia dramatically since taking the helm. He kicked the globalists out, has fertility on the rise (not nearly enough but better than the literal death spiral it was in after Yeltsin). And economically, they are holding their own EVEN WITH all the sanctions and war mongering going on right now.
          If Russia announces with China a simultaneous gold back Rubble/Yuan (i.e. the “nuclear” option on the globalist west financial system)… and with almost no debt to speak of as a country (I think it is in the couple or few hundred billion?).
          I think there is far more POTENTIAL in Russia over the next two generations than there will be in The West. But maybe I am naive. Need to get there and see for myself.

    2. This could very well happen. Putin is giving away land in eastern Russia. It’s rugged terrain but I’d rather live in tough country than in a concrete jungle surrounded by turd worlders.

  13. The future people (far future) if they manage to make it out the other side of this mess victorious, will examine with fondness the work of the few brave men like Roosh who had the testicular fortitude to stand up to the globalist monster.

  14. Interesting video Roosh. To see the EU and msm doubling down on the UK decision to leave. The vitriol from leftists towards Trump. The bullshit from people like Peter Sutherland in relation to importing detruis from 3rd world countries. The Pope washing illegal migrants feet, telling Christians to beg forgiveness from fags. WTF? Its not conspiracy theories any longer. Shit is getting real, real fast.
    My advice to the men of ROK, don’t join the military, gear up, train, don’t pay any attention to the msm, stock up on tinned food, pay as little tax as is legally possible, stifle local authorities as much as you can without breaking the laws by withdrawing all support, create your tribes.

  15. Tremendous video. Reminds me of Black Pidgeon Speaks. Great work Roosh.
    On a side note: Check out what I got. Worth every penny, nickel, and dime.

  16. Goddamn, Africans with their low iqs and violent tendencies need to be kept in Africa. Don’t ruin the good places in this planet, you black monkeys!

  17. if such an idiot pickup woman so can i. Lots of hate, reading around but no iQ.
    The funny thing is he would be targeted by the by the same ideology he believes.

  18. Seems to me it’s the globalists who want the war with Russia, or at least the threat of it. European nationalists, not so much. If the nationalists manage to take power in Western Europe, I can’t see them going to war with Russia, at all. Which is to say that while I appreciate how dire the situation is, I’m not quite so blackpilled about it.

  19. The Immigration Act of 1965 needs to be repealed.’Trump’s Wall’ would have little effect without this act being scrapped first. The ‘Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965’ which was Ted Kennddy’s promo and which was also known as the ‘Hart-Celler’ bill was the first law that severely restricted and all but cut off white western European immigration to the US. After the bill, white immigration dropped to nearly zero and was replaced by African, Latin and Asian. The original bill forbade gays from immigrating though, categorizing them as deviant and mentally ill but in 1990 the bill was ammended under Bush Sr to allow gay immigrants. Johnson signed the original bill in ’65 and the first hard blow to a 90% white US was dealt. By 1990 whites had fallen from 90% in 1965 to 67% in ’90 when Bush Sr signed the gay ammendment.
    I’d like to hear trump during one of his ‘wall’ speeches MAKE A PROMISE to end the ’65 immigration bill, to yank it out like a bad tooth. It’s hard as hell if not impossible now for a western European to immigrate to the US. What is a ‘wall’ when there’s a pipeline going right through it?? The 1965 Immigration Bill is a damn pipeline.

  20. If they go to war with Russia, they will send our women and our trannies.
    At least there’s that one bit of respite in the whole dark awful scenario at hand…

    1. You know as well as I do, that the women will claim that they’re “not feminists” and want to have some sucker mangina or White Knight to protect them (and the trannies will pretty much do the same thing).
      The feminists will undoubtedly most likely claim that any war is “all the fault of men” and will similarly want to be “protected” and save their hypocrite behinds.
      Every other damn “minority” group will also likely claim the same thing so they don’t have to face danger and death.
      These cowards and shirkers only want “Equality” when it gives them advantages and unearned privileges. Responsibilities? NEVER!
      (How do I know this? By how these groups have acted for the last forty to fifty years.)

  21. I hope that this will be a positive outcome, but sadly I do fear that it will be darkest before the dawn.

  22. Two quite imminent major volcanic eruptions and a new global plague will level the field somewhat…there will be much less fleas left to fight over the question “to whom belongs the dog?”…. ;)))

  23. The biggest problem with the globalists is that their economic system will fall apart…when this happens the whole world will fall apart.

  24. i’ve found an intresting link betweens america and europe (google for American flags)
    american and european flag, together..
    and guess who choose the european flag?..just scroll down and look for Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi link:
    Who is Kalergi? why he does matter?

  25. I just wanted to write a note of hope.
    For those who believe in God, the future is never set. God is the master planner and what will be will be by His will, and no one elses.
    In the last year alone, think of the MAJOR setbacks that have befallen the globalist plan.
    1) Complete stalemate in Ukraine.
    There is still major fighting going on there (no one is covering, good info here – https://slavyangrad.org/) but Ukraine, every day, is nearing complete internal collapse. Only a war will save the globalist plan to colonize Ukraine and use it as the front line against Russia on the ground.
    2) Russia removes ISIS in Syria.
    Less than four months of bombing and ISIS has now had to relocate to Libya (I believe, too many blogs followed to find reference right now). The sale of illegal Iraqi oil onto the black market has been almost completely cut off. Russia’s media war has blown wide open the false fight against Islamic terror by the NATO allies and exposed the lies of The West to the whole world. They… NEVER… thought Russia would go into Syria.
    It was not without cost. The good Christians and Muslims of Syria had to die and live in hell for Russia to give NATO enough rope to hang itself with before going in. ISIS is now swinging from the gallows in Syria and no amount of money or weapons is going to bring down Assad. Taking out Assad now means taking out Russia.
    Oct 2014 for me is the start of WWIII.
    3) The failed coup in Turkey.
    By all evidence (#1 being the lock down of the American/NATO base in Ankara where the US/NATO has nukes), the CIA tried to take out Erdogan. Putin… warned him and saved his ass. Erdogan now knows who his real friends are. The Globalists have LOST Turkey and anyone who knows history knows you need to control Turkey to get access to the ME. Note the terror bombings in Istanbul shortly after Erdogan apologized to Putin and Russia for the downing of the Mig and restarted discussions of a natural gas pipeline from Russia to Europe through Turkey.
    They were losing Turkey and the dumb globalists BOTCHED a coup to get control back. There is even suggestions that the massive list of names Erdogan used to arrest people… was supplied by Russian intelligence. The 5th column in Turkey is now completely removed (political, financial, educational, media). NATO I believe may even have difficulty flying out of Turkey to continue operations in Syria (have to confirm but I thought I read this somewhere).
    BOMBSHELL Exposé: The U.S. Military Used Incirlik Air Base To Stage Failed Coup In Turkey (Turkey Purges Nation of Every Gülen Supporter and Sympathizer)
    4) Trump. No more needs to be said.
    5) Brexit. Ditto.
    This was an excellent video Roosh. I have been noticing over the past couple years some posts that seemed to indicate a real waking up to the truth of our times. This video, at only seven minutes, is the single best summation of EVERYTHING that is going on… right now… this very minute.
    You are also not alone. More and more, everyday, people are coming to the same 7 min conclusion you did.
    This is why they need their war… and fast. Only… who is going to fight? They don’t have the terminator bots yet and with the number of foreign former NATO members in Ukraine FIGHTING the fascists in Ukraine… I am telling you… when Hillary tries to launch the nukes and deploy troops… there will be a revolt in the US Military.
    French volunteer fighters for DPR: “We want to come back to Donbass soon and start an offensive”
    Yes, the future does look very dark. Is it going to get darker? Most definitely.
    But there is always hope.. and that hope can be even just a 7 minute YouTube video of 100% proof truth. There is no stopping the nationalist resurgence. We are ants, they are grasshoppers, and they know it.
    The ants, are no longer willing to obey.

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