Police Captain In Sweden Sympathizes With Migrant Who Killed Swedish Asylum Worker

It is still unclear exactly why a young man took a knife and stabbed a 22-year-old woman to death at a Swedish child migrant centre earlier this week. The incident occurred on Monday morning and news of it has since spread worldwide.

Whatever the reason, chances are it will happen again. The migrants carry with them anger, desperation, trauma, and what seems to be a complete lack of respect for European women. It’s a recipe for disaster now that many of them will be told that they have to go back to where they came from.

Grown men posing as boys

According to the Daily Mail, a young woman was killed when she tried to break up a fight. The knife was plunged into her back and thigh. She worked alone that morning at the centre, where she was in charge of ten “unaccompanied child refugees.” I put those words in quotation marks since it’s always unclear if the migrants are really who they claim to be. Posing as child refugees gives immigrants privileges that adults don’t get.

The 22-year-old, a psychology graduate, had told her mother that she was taking care of “big powerful guys” as old as 24, at a centre for minors. The suspected killer, a Somalian named Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, claims he’s 15 years old and came to Sweden last summer. A source from the Gothenburg Police says he “was not feeling well” in the hours before the killing. The Daily Mail’s correspondent watched him appear in court on Thursday and describes him as six-foot tall, “towering” over his translator. Based on the defendant’s looks, the correspondent estimates that he’s probably older than he says he is.


The accused killer in the middle, allegedly 15 years of age.

The young woman was a Lebanese Christian whose parents came from Beirut over 25 years ago. Her mother laments what has happened to Sweden over the last years, with a great influx of migrants. She says the country is “not safe” any longer, and blames politicians for the steep rise in immigration to her neighborhood of Mölndal, a suburb of Gothenburg. Yet her daughter, described as an “angel,” was devoted to helping the migrant youths.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven made a visit to Mölndal and said:

This is a tragedy. It is a terrible crime. I think that a lot of people in Sweden feel a great worry that there might be more similar cases after Sweden took in so many unaccompanied children and youths.

Swedish Chief of Police Dan Eliasson also expressed his condolences—to the killer. “What has this person been through? What circumstances has that guy grown up under?” he asked rhetorically in a TV interview. “This whole refugee crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the world, and we should help and make sure to solve this to the best of our ability.”


Police Chief Dan Eliasson.

It won’t be the last time

If our moron Prime Minister is right about anything, it’s that people are very worried right now, and they should be. There’s no reason to think that this will be the last time that one of these migrants goes nuts.

Women should probably be more concerned for their safety than men. First of all, women are typically weaker and less able to defend themselves. Secondly, these migrants from the Middle East and Africa have shown themselves to be ruthless toward women, even their own family. For example, a Kurdish man was found guilty this Tuesday of beating up his 21-year-old daughter with a club in a shopping mall in Uppsala. Her crime was that she dated an Iranian guy that her parents didn’t approve of.

Violence and turmoil at refugee centres are reported every week. The police doesn’t want information about it getting out, but they can’t cover up all the abuse, rape, and assaults that happen at migrant centres. The situation is likely to be exacerbated now that many of the immigrants are set to be deported.

Some of you may recall two murders at IKEA in Västerås, Sweden last year. Abraham Ukbagabir killed a mother and her son using a knife from the store. Born in Eritrea, he came to Sweden after he had already been denied asylum in seven countries. When his application was denied yet again, he decided to take revenge on two complete strangers. The authorities had given him a ticket to Italy that same day.


Abraham Ukbagabir.

Now the Swedish government is preparing to send home 80,000 of the asylum seekers that came last year. Around 45 percent of about 160,000 applicants are expected to be rejected. Meanwhile, Finland is planning to deport 60 percent of the 32,000 people who applied for asylum there.

This means that in Sweden and Finland alone, 100,000 migrants will soon receive the news that they are no longer welcome to stay, and told to go back to the Third World hellhole they came from. My estimate is that they won’t be too happy about that. While deporting these migrants is necessary and right, we’re creating a powder keg of dismay and disappointment, ready to explode.

Some of them will lash out violently against the society which they think has treated them badly. We’ve seen it happen before. If I was a woman working with migrants, I’d start looking for a new job right now.

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  1. When are these cucks going to grow some balls and just shoot these animals? Fuck this swedish captain for not sticking up for his own kind. Why are they so lethargic at the extinction of their own race? I got news for this palooka, life isn’t fair, it doesn’t matter what this ‘kid’ has been through. The girl was probably not the smartest for putting herself in that filthy place too. Sometimes we all just need to leave the hair on our sack and do the right thing if it is for self-preservation, no matter what the world perceives to be it as.

        1. Both of you are on the same level as the somali cave dweller.
          She put herself in a stupid situation and got brutally murdered for it.
          We can both agree she wasnt too bright by risking her life for subhumans, but you dong have to be vile enougj to be happy about it.

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          With friends like you, who needs enemies?
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          Male feminist=no pride.

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          Glad you are all letting us know your true feelings for your man and being the chivalrous one coming to his aid.

      1. Sorry, can’t agree with that anymore. Used to think that the only good leftist is a dead leftist, but on hindsight, if certain Faith’s could convert BY FORCE in the past, why can’t the right come to power and force rightist legislation back into place? The only ones who deserve death I think are those who insist on leftism despite all the evidence to the contrary. We need to sift through this crop of people more, and save the newly leftist and those who have regrets, instead of condemning all of them as untermensch.

      2. My issue isn’t with her appearance, it’s with with John’s line of her “trying to break up a fight”.
        When males who are “six foot tall”, “towering over you” and are “powerful, big guys” get in a fight what business do you as a female have trying to break it up. I can’t help but think her mindset was warped to an unrealistic outlook where she was equal in strength and fighting abilities to a taller, heavier built male by being bombarded by movies/tv shows.
        Reality is a knife in her back.

        1. I don’t believe that line, “She was trying to break up a fight.” She was the only one working there, and she was murdered. So she couldn’t have claimed she tried to break up a fight, nor was this likely. This explanation of a fight was likely invented by the murderer himself.
          My guess is that it was a sexual assault gone wrong. In other words, she fought back.

        2. Hey she was one of these “refugees welcome” idiotic cunts. She was “working” at a refugee center I.e. invader camp, helping them out. And he’ll she was an invader herself, the dyed blonde hair doesn’t make her a Swede.

        3. Probably. The sad truth is ladies, if an animal (rapists aren’t men) is taking it from you: fight for a few seconds, you know scream for help and so on. After that go limp, piss (and hopefully shit) yourself, and don’t react. Half of these animals won’t be able to keep it up if you stop resisting and smell like an filthy urinal.
          The taking is part of the sexual high for the animals, and having a victim that is just limp smelling of piss (and possibly shit) is just a turn off for most. Granted, it’s not guaranteed to stop the rape but at least the chance is there.

        4. Perhaps it was a sexual assault gone terribly wrong for her, but my guess is that it was the Swedish thinking that those are ‘children’ (because the dude in the photo, despite having a beard and being tall as a telephone pole, claimed to be 15) who must be ‘misbehaving’. When it comes to ‘children’ (i.e. anyone under the age of 18), the Swedish Government is implacable in its conception that they’re all innocent little flowers who will be convinced by kind words and a pat on the back regardless of their background. Most likely this girl and her colleagues at that centre assumed that it was just a ‘kids’ fight’ and they’d respond to talking.
          Pretty much the same non-logic that some screwed-up people use when it comes to large, aggressive dogs- ‘this massive pitbull is as gentle as a butterfly! He understands more than a human being! Of course I allow him to play with 2 year-old children!’. And the rest ends up in newspapers the next day.

    1. Most likely she was doing that job for the money. The chick comes from an immigrant background herself so most likely she and her family were much more street-smart than the typical brainwashed Swede. Had she been given the opportunity to sell cosmetics behind a counter for the same pay,or to be a kindergarten assisting teacher, or anything of the sort, I am 100% positive she would’ve never considered exposing herself to 3rd worlders like that.

  2. Oh Swedish prison. Run by a bunch of self loathing progressives. That will fix him. At worst he’ll be put in an unlocked Hilton suite.

  3. The truly important only start paying attention to the problems facing the rest of us until those problems start inconveniencing them personally. By then it’s usually too late to prevent catastrophe.
    I don’t expect anyone in Stockholm to use physical force against anyone but patriotic Swedes. By the time the Islamic State of Sweden is declared Sweden’s elites plan to be dead or sinecured in American universities, where they can write books and make speeches about how they saw the Islamic takeover coming long ago.
    For now I’m sure Stockholm will have no trouble verifying that 45 percent of the asylum applicants are bogus. The real figure is probably north of 95 percent. If you believe any real effort will be made to expel them, I have a bridge to Denmark for sale.

    1. I agree. I wouldn’t expect political officials or police to do anything. I would get a group together (similar to what this group did, recently) and I would take care of the problem myself.
      They’ve already shown the public that they are covering up crimes and not doing their jobs (they should be removed from office and duty at this point). The hell if I’d wait for one of these groups to jump me and my loved ones. I’d go after them and send a message….time to go.

  4. The way in which European progressives cover up the violence caused by migrants reminds me of the way in which Black Leftists and white progressives intentionally ignore Black on Black crime.

  5. Women need to understand one thing about these Muslim barbarians. You are a whore in their eyes. In their culture any unmarried woman who shows her skin is a whore. In a culture where sexuality is strictly controlled these men are not used to “whores” rejecting their sexual advances.
    Furthermore. Bring hundreds of thousands of these testosterone fueled 20 something year old men without any ability to court a woman the western way, and you will get raped. They will rape the shit out of you and pass you along to their buddies like a piece of meat.
    Tell this to all the women you care about please.

  6. Oh yes, “migrant children”.
    Meet Saad Alsaud, the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden.
    And Ahmad Farid, a 16-year-old who is still really into stuffed toys.
    Damn, these kids grow up so quick these days, I wonder if they are on some kind of hormones.
    Won’t it be fun to have your kids go to school around these completely trustworthy and safe arab children ?

    1. This reminds me of those 80s action-comedy films when some hardened cop has to go undercover as a teenager to smoke out some bad kids who are selling weed or something (actually that might be Jump Street…)
      Maybe “Undercover Migrant” could be a smash hit too. Action-comedy cum slasher movie.
      Taken together with pre-op trannies having access to the girl’s toilets at your local high school its hard not to think that kids at school today are somewhat under seige

  7. Truly evil. The police chief is complicit in the crime after the fact.
    White Genocide is a crime, not a policy option.

  8. “This whole refugee crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the world, and we should help and make sure to solve this to the best of our ability.”
    Why should WE help? We have no obligation to any of them. If that chief of police want to help, invite them into YOUR own home and feed and house them all. When you come to the realization that you can’t and then put your own family in harm’s way, maybe then you can reject your altruistic nonsense.

  9. Great reporting. We need to hear the truth about these peaceful people and their peaceful beliefs. Keep it up.

  10. I live in the United Kingdom where we aren’t allowed guns, but if I was in the USA, or a country where I could get my hands on a firearm, I’d be carrying at all times.
    If things continue this way in Europe, you might just see law abiding citizens getting guns on the black market to protect their families.

    1. I would recommend it, Dave. It seems like many over in Europe are up against two enemies.
      The first enemy (the government) is importing these people on a regular basis. Sure, some may be ok for society but with that mixed bag comes many who only want to see your society destroyed and rebuilt with their society in place of it.
      The second enemy is many of the illegal immigrants roaming the streets. These groups will not integrate with your society and they will continue their destructive behavior. The police are not helping (given orders by the government to actually cover up these crimes).
      It will be up to you and your fellow neighbors (community) to ban together to keep all safe. Protect yourself, your family and your property at all cost.

      1. So if one HAS to use their weapon, I don’t recommend waiting around the scene to file a report with the ‘authorities’.

    2. We have Stand Your Ground Laws in my state.
      If you even perceive a threat to your life or limb, you can defend yourself by lethal means.
      It’s like a right wing spin on the micro aggression craze.
      Meanwhile in Sweden, they’re giving migrants free state funded sniper lessons.

        1. You are severely mistaken. I am a black/white nationalist.
          “KilltheBank”? You sound like a socialist who needs to be taken for a helicopter ride.

        2. Was Andrew Jackson a socialist?
          You stupid fuck, a central bank using fractional reserve banking is socialsim incarnate.
          Try to know what you are talking about occasionaly.
          Stand your ground laws are necessary to keep your old cousins at bay. That might be why you sing a song of sour grapes.

        3. Idiot. I am a pistol toting, confederate flag flying, concealed carrier.
          I wish some faggot like you would call me a cuck to my face.
          You must be an expert at burning bridges.

        4. Id call you whatever the fuck Id like and youd sit there looking like a dumbass.
          Does your county sheriff know youd pull your pistol on someone for calling you names?
          Thinking youd ever get the chance to pull it is ridiculous.
          Try self control, kid. It will save your life one day.
          What kind of Confederate refers to ‘the right wing’?

    3. The Irish found was to import them, whats stopping you?
      Fuck the guv, they did it all on purpose.
      Whatever you do now is justified.

  11. “The knife was plunged into her back and thigh.” I’ve had enough of this religion of peace. I read that Sweden is deporting this rabid dog back to Denmark. In a sane society the only way he’d be deported would be in pieces sent back to Somalia to give the rest of them something to think about.

    1. Notice the passive voice: “The knife was plunged”, as in it just happened, nobody did it, act of God, oh well. This kind of twisting the language is rampant in the MSM. If someone wrote “Crazed with bloodlust, the rabid dog of an invader plunged the knife repeatedly into his innocent victim”, it would be treated as a crime worse than the actual murder.

  12. Fuck that shit. I come from a crazy country were i was mugged at knife point 3 times. I saw people suffer and get beaten up. Did i ever take a knife to anyone . NO!? Would i ever !? NO!? Holy shit.

    1. An EU commission looking into the Cologne assaults is now saying that these illegals had nothing to do with it (it’s being considered local behavior or something similar).
      A bad EU policy brings these people into your city, this shit pops up and some official tries to cover it. Again, another case where the people will have to act to save their city (no police help).

  13. The ikea killer appears to still have the murder weapon in his hand …. just in case the swedish police are still searching for it. I imagine they’re actually aware of it but are worried that confiscating it might be abusive and overstepping the mark
    That must be one worried nurse come time for his bedbath

  14. The Swedish government recognizes the struggle of these poor children, and that the real threat to Swedish multiculturalism are Swedes themselves. As Interior Minister Anders Ygeman commented on the recent attack by a large mob of masked Swedish thugs on poor immigrant children in the Stockholm train station, “Racist groups are spreading hate and violence in our streets. This has to be met with force.”

    1. And you can damm well expect more Swedish Men take action to defend their women from the savages turned loose on their streets. If they do not get out, patriots will TAKE them out.

      1. Before they can remove all the kebab from the premises, the politicians responsible for unleashing this army against their own people need to go. Otherwise, multiculturalism will still be pushed and opposition will still be framed as racism and used as justification to be “met with force.”

    2. They have left the country with no choice. The politicians, police and media are constantly covering up the crimes committed by these illegals. You can be damn sure if that happens in the U.S. we will be going (in groups) looking for these “migrant children” to dish out a little community justice.
      You only have this lawlessness because the government (and police) are doing nothing about it. If they don’t take care of it, then expect men to act…we’ll take care of it.

  15. “This whole refugee crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the world, and we should help and make sure to solve this to the best of our ability”
    Interesting message to proclaim. Essentially, it says that you can stay permanently in our country if you stab to death one of our own. We’ll even house you in one of our lovely hotel like prisons for a few years where we’ll “reeducate”… so us poor misguided natives can love and understand you and give you a big warm hug when released in about three years time.
    I wonder will this idea catch on with his fellow travelers who are making their way to Sweden?

  16. “Police Captain In Sweden Sympathizes With Migrant Who Killed Swedish Asylum Worker” I am also sympathizing with this migrant, but for different reasons – he eliminated a westernized slut.

        1. You stupid fuck.
          White Knighting is being a beta controlled by lib bitches.
          DEMANDING that illegals never stab anyone, ever is hardly white knighting.
          None of that changes the fact that you would think it is ok to IMPOTENTLY make excuses for a somali dog to stab people from the nation dumb enough to let him in, which makes you just as bad and on the same level as the trash who did the stabbing.
          You dont need to be coming here making those statements and making everyone else here look like a 35 year old virgin like you, FAGGOT!

        2. Cany you read, faggot?!?
          I just tokd you what white knighting was and wasnt you wretched slug.
          Fuck off and die, virgin.

        3. You are protecting western biatches, so you are a white knight. Anyway, it’s funny that you call me a faggot and a virgin. You forgot to mention that I live in my moms basement and play video games 24/7 xDDD

        4. The main thing is that you are a coward. Like 90% of the people who comment anywhere, you are only emboldened to spew diarrhea because you are hidden.
          I would say everything I would say here to your pathetic face and dare you to do anything at all. You wouldnt.
          It would be nice if faggots like you had to back up your shit but luckily for you you wont have to.
          I hope a somali fucks you with a shiv.
          I dont have that worry because I could stop one from doing that. You couldnt.
          You may want to write off every lame brain lib woman to the horde, but thats because you cant even protect yourself, much less anyone else.
          I hope your cowardly nonsense gets exposed to those you know.

        5. Makes no difference to me but i do suspect you are a somali yourself or something along those lines (it explaines your reasoning).
          You see the westernized slut going down and you think it is good, i can understand the sentiment but it is not a legitimate perspective for a white man who stands against both western degeneracy and wants stop and banish the invasion of the brown hordes into europe.
          You see, just because we do not want somali subhumans running around stabbing people in OUR countries doesn’t mean we approve of degeneracy and promiscuity, i dont discriminate, it must all be purged because it is two sides of the same coin from my perspective.

        6. No, I am as white as it can get. I just feel completely detached from western women. Also, this murder happened in Sweden. I am not from Sweden, so this is not my concern anyway.

        7. Fair enough, more sincere.
          I do not enjoy watching the state of many of the western women either but i do care about my nation and europe and i will fight for it.
          Feminism and immigration of third world filth in my opinion are equally much symptoms of the same disease, so to nitpick what you want to be against is illogical to me, you have to see the broader picture.

        8. “I am not from Sweden, so this is not my concern anyway” Real, typical don’t give a shit attitude there. Why did you make the unnecessary comment then (she did actually die)? Any hope of saving and resurrecting the best instincts of west civilization are I fear lost on white brothers like you my friend.

        9. You fell into his troll sprung trap. His was priming you up like the typical empty headed troll nihilist he evidently is. What you have to learn here, is to separate the wheat from the chaff and discern those whom are worthy of your engagement.

        10. Anyone who happens upon this thread must see his vile ideas being challenged.
          If his nonsense is unanswered, it looks very bad to the rest of us.
          That troll is poisoning our well and Ill mot be associated with him or his middle school bullshit.

        1. Your post sounds like you’re in favour of ‘honour’ killings for women from other countries who become ‘westernised’. Which country are you from?

  17. I’ve read that in Lebanon it’s a trend among women to get their nose remodelled through plastic surgery , as this picture exemplifies. Broads are dumb everywhere.

  18. To Dan Eliasson: I don’t give a damn what circumstances he grew up under. He is in Swedish Circumstances now, and he’d better comply or else!

  19. oh no another white nationalist article! more evil white betas trying to push their agenda !
    please censor this so we can have a safe space for all races on ROK. I’m triggered!
    I get scared when white men stand up for their peoples. Or even acknowledge their struggles.

  20. “What circumstances has this guy grown up under?”
    Probably the kind where women get randomly stabbed to death for no reason on the reg.

    1. Right…does it really matter. The problem is they have unleashed many of his kind out onto their society. Now, they want that society to be patient in dealing with these groups (while they kill off your population).
      No thanks (I’d say). Act now and hit them before they hit you.

  21. The police chief should be deported to somalia and decared persona non grata in any developed country.
    The illegal should be burned at the stake in front of the ‘migrant’ center.

    1. The police chief was put in his position specifically because he had such beliefs regarding the migrants, not in spite of them.

      1. I can see that being the norm for now…but that will change. It will only get worse for many people over there with these illegals walking all over the place, committing crimes on a regular basis with nothing being done by the police.
        All change does happen with a little time. There will come a time when enough of your citizens will grow tired of it (they’ll be robbed enough, beaten enough, killed or raped) and change will happen whether the government wants it or not. I remember a history of change in your country at one time…it was a good thing.

        1. I disagree about the part of our history you’re referring to as being a good thing – in fact I tend to think we’re reaping what we sow during these days – , bet I get your point.

        2. True…maybe so. I do hope it works out. It will probably get worse before it gets better.
          Let’s us know if you need a safe haven in the U.S.. We, at least, have guns (plenty) and the right to use them.

        3. Maybe in ten years from now, for I’ll soon serve in the French army. America is indeed the only place in the world in which I could fully indulge in my love for shooting.
          I’m thinking about rural southern states as I love the accent and the mentality.
          By the way I’m currently watching Gettysburg, bloody good movie.

        4. Yes, you would enjoy the southwestern part of Virginia, northwestern NC, Tennessee, etc… or even parts of Kentucky. Nice country.

        5. You’d be welcome here in Georgia, too. In Atlanta we have a group called Alliance Francaise, for French speakers. Bonjour, y’all!

      2. And this will continue until Europe realizes those very governments are on the migrant’s side….
        Sometimes you have to do what is necessary to protect your families.

  22. They asked for it, they got it. In 20 years from now they will be blaming the right for all this (just watch, you’ll see). I spent over 6 months in Somalia in the early 90s. I can tell you these people like so many others from the third world can seem very normal on the outside. However, the instant they have any issue to deal with they only know one avenue. Violence. This is why the third world is the third world. Its full of shit people.

    1. Indeed. Many people say that these groups from the Middle East are peaceful (sure, as long as they get their way). Once you stop giving them what they want then they can raise an army of terrorists in no time.
      Look at the UK (now) as an example. These groups march around saying bad things about the UK and the police but nothing is done. Meanwhile, the whites in the UK aren’t allowed to ask any questions or they are labeled Nazi or racist.

    2. “However, the instant they have any issue to deal with they only know one avenue. Violence”
      Spot on. Better off being Yosemite Sam than Mr. Bean.

    3. Scum. The lot of them. Scum millenia overdue for culling from the gene pool. If I were king, I’d have Old Man Smallpox brought out of retirement and set to work bringing their population back in line with the food supply.

    4. They already said they withheld information about mass rapes by migrates in fear of what the right would do with that information, which is basically tell the public.

  23. Open borders are nothing but a disaster for any nation and what Sweden needs to
    do is start kicking out all refugees by force and close it’s border’s in order to get this
    under control or you will be overrun by refugees.

      1. The Arabian sand monkeys in Germany surround women chanting Ficki-ficki before they move in for gang rape. Fick is a conjugation of the German and Swedish word Ficken – to Fuck.

  24. I have family in Germany. They are appalled at what is happening in their country…yet…yet still they support Merkel, the architect of this disaster. They are family but I have no choice but to judge them as insane.

  25. 15 years old? That’s such a laughable statement, and “laughable” is probably not the best word to use in this tragedy, but seriously.

  26. I have no doubt that Australia will start deporting many Islamic “refugees” at some stage in the future. The thing that our government is slowly coming to realise – along with governments of other countries – is that Islam and western culture are simply incompatible. The sad reality is that it is the Islamic refugees that have actually created the problems they now face. It is not an unrealistic expectation for refugees to respect the people and culture of whichever country they wish to take them in. Sadly, Islamic refugees have shown a near complete lack of ability to do this worldwide. Whilst it is all good and well to preach tolerance and acceptance, this must go both ways. So long as Muslims maintain their hatred of westerners and their complete lack of respect for our way of life, they cannot expect western countries to accept or even help them.
    I am as much if a humanitarian as the next person, but I am not a pushover. I refuse to help anyone who treats me or my way of life with disdain. For this reason, I do not welcome Islamic refugees into Australia and it is high time the ones already here go back where they came from.

  27. That fucker is over 25 easily.
    Btw, when the police chief gets in the way of some ethnic swede who has been bullied and harassed and has had a few acquaintances raped, assaulted, I will show my sympathy for the Swede, “some people have to have their homes destroyed, their cultures and women raped, treason inflicted upon them, we need to understand the unwillingness to be genocided”
    The police chief has given me precedence.

  28. This could have been prevented easily. It is almost as if some people are actively ASKING for problems.

    Under Swedish human rights rules, migrants are not physically vetted so their age cannot be accurately assessed (even by measuring the size of their wrists or whether they have wisdom teeth), because such procedures are deemed intrusive, unfair and unreliable.

    One social commentator named Merit Wager — an author and columnist on one of Sweden’s daily newspapers — claimed on her online blog in November that administrators at the immigration service had been ordered to ‘accept the claim that an applicant is a child if he does not look as if he is over 40’.
    And in a leaked interview to a respected Right-leaning Scandinavian newspaper, Dispatch International, a supervisor in a migrants’ hostel had this to say: ‘Many of us are under state orders to keep quiet if we think someone is lying on their asylum application. But, the supervisors here talk to each other about the fact that many of the “children” are in fact adults.’
    source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3422000/Just-old-think-migrant-children-Alarming-pictures-shed-light-growing-scandal-amid-asylum-crisis.html

  29. “This whole refugee crisis shows how unfair life is in many parts of the
    world, and we should help and make sure to solve this to the best of
    our ability.”
    This sentence summes up the main problem with Swedes. They still think they can and should save the world. Pointless altruism that will lead to their own destruction.

    1. Even worse, they feel guilty for not helping out, even though they had nothing to do with the problems caused by the savages in their own home countries.

  30. Although I do not believe in God, I cannot describe this in anything but Biblical terms.
    The resent events in Sweden show how diabolically evil the progressive system is. Sweden is supposed to be a “humanitarian superpower”. It is a feminist society. It caters for immigrants.
    Yet this society allows a female immigrant to get murdered by a man on her workplace, and then show sympathy for the murderer. The media refuse to report all the facts. Foreign news are blocked for a Swedish audience. Colleagues of the murdered girl have been refused by the state to hold a memorial assembly, and forbid the flags on official building to be lowered in mourning.
    If a woman-hating, racist, Nazi party were running Sweden, they would have a hard time beating this track record.
    I sometimes despair that I am doomed to a rather lonely and depressing life after having digested the red pill, but compared to the sheep that still believe in the Kumbaya chanting elites I am in a good place. They are the ones that will really suffer. At least I KNOW who my enemy is, and I will never again be deceived by Her, and my icy hatred will never peter out.

    1. Well the somali murderer was both darker than the lebanese woman after all and a “refugee” on top of that, thus he was higher up on the victimhood hierarchy of our inverted value system.

  31. The rush is on to send them back. The ‘authorities’ must be buckling under the pressure of the citizens now. They will feel the fire breathing from the betrayed people. STIR IT UP Sweden. STIR IT UP Finns. HAIRCUT TIME!!!

    1. Will be interesting to observe, if it stays contained to Europe. Not sure that it can or will though.

    2. I cant see it happening. Country man killing fellow country man over this. They will attack the refugees first. The preliminary step before this by the public should be mass rallies, and protest marches, cheering & fruit getting thrown at ministers. Are polls showing that the incumbent governments would be thrashed in any election? To be legit civil war there needs to be an opposition united behind a political party/faction otherwise the current governments can call in the riot police/army and say they are putting down an uprising of insurgents/hooligans/foreign backed rebels. What will happen is a rise in nationalistic parties, which I believe is underway.

  32. Yes, when you “don’t feel well” there’s no relief quite like killing a Lebanese woman. Is there really any better examples of the phrase “you reap what you sow”?

  33. I wonder if most of these alleged “refugee rapes” are scripted fiction, involving crisis actors. Wouldn’t be the first time the guys at the top of the greasy flagpole pulled such a stunt…

  34. “Now the Swedish government is preparing to send home 80,000 of the asylum seekers that came last year.”
    In my opinion this are just empty words to appease potential voters etc. Norway tried to send only a few hundred migrants back to Russia during the last couple of weeks. It mostly failed and the public outcry was very large.
    When the Swedish media start showing pics of crying children and sob stories, how will they be able to go through with this?
    My prediction is, no one will be sent home!

    1. They do deport a lot of immigrants, on a daily basis, Western European countries I mean. It just doesn’t end in the news, probably not to spark ‘outrage’ among the brown immigrant communities who’d feel obligated to resort to rape and mass knifing to ‘avenge’ their ‘brothers’. It does happen.

      1. As far as I know those are small numbers Ketsune,
        and also many are sent to other European countries and can make their way back again.
        Do you have a credible source that shows how many asylum returns there are from Sweden, not counting those who remain in Europe?

        1. No, not for Sweden. I do have a source, actually several, for Germany. I’ll have to look for the articles, they were short pieces in the media about a certain transit point in Germany (like local airport somewhere South) that basically functions 80% as deportation centre.
          I also have a good friend who lives and works in Stuttgart.

  35. The curious case with Sweden is, and this is something that everyone who’s lived there or who has Swedish friends living in Sweden knows, that the general public is 99% against third world migration, inter-racial couples and marriage, Islamic influxes and unhinged political correctness. Swedes just don’t like uncivilized people and it’s very easy to grasp this from their daily interaction- for someone who lives there longer than, let’s say six months or a year.
    The problem is that Sweden has gotten itself entangled in the biggest invention and most hurtful fart ever emanated from the Western world- human rights and political correctness. It has tied up its own hands on all levels- Governmental, popular, social, cultural, economic etc. It just cannot take off its own hipster straitjacket.
    Even IF people hate these immigrants from the bottoms of their hearts, even IF they clearly see the atrocious consequences of their OWN actions- they are so tied up by their own conceptions that they have no option but to take it up their asses every day, hoping it’ll go away.
    The ruling elites unfortunately do have figures like this chief of police, who show symptoms of the ‘great White disease’- the instinct self-destructiveness. No matter how much proof you get- it’s still not the barbarian’s fault. We are all beautiful, special, equal and perfect. None of us is born evil or bad. No religion is bad, you just don’t understand it/ nobody is ‘bad’, just misunderstood.
    The lower you bow your head and the closer it gets to the sword lording over it, the MORE you have to do to prove you are tolerant, accepting of everything and everyone, as showing dissent is non-2015, totally like racist and you’re a peasant.
    There’s nothing states can do about the overall joke of politically correct other than carefully review their internal legislation, just to be able to avoid any potential lawsuits in front of the European Court of Human Rights (cause those are coming, believe me).
    The Court doesn’t fool around- again, with political correctness- check out their track record when it came to states ‘abusively’ deporting third-worlders for strong severe legal violations or suspicions thereof. Hundreds of thousands of euros/pounds paid to families for ‘abusive infringement of the right to family life’, ‘psychological distress’ and other jokes like these.
    To people from these countries (I really can’t find another name but ‘third world’), coming to the Western World, taking advantage of other people’s labor, enjoying free everything and a coddling climate for themselves and their useless but extended families is no longer a dream, a privilege like it used to be back in the ’80’s- it is A RIGHT. They DEMAND it, they expect it, they jump you and bash your head in for it.
    I think all political classes will definitely do something at some point, confronted with this mass rape of Europe out of sheer entitlement.
    There’s a shocking video on YT titled ‘Immigrants/refugees acting like disappointed tourists’. It is just unbelievable how entitled these people are. They are aggressively asking for spacious rooms in the asylum centres, high-speed internet, 5-star cuisine, thermostats and modern heating systems (thus, things that working Europeans can hardly afford in today’s economic climate), plus money to send their families back home…. When did they become so entitled- when they were told not about Europe’s richness, but about its pussyfooting, its love of a good sob story and its blindness to the laws of freaking nature.

  36. I bet you she was the kind of person who would have shrieked at how necessary it is to let these people in and how racist the Sweden Democrats are. Unfortunate as her death is, I would be more sad if an innocent bystander had been killed. And to me, her death would not be any less grievous if she had been male.

  37. “Now the Swedish government is preparing to send home 80,000 of the
    asylum seekers that came last year. Around 45 percent of about 160,000
    applicants are expected to be rejected. Meanwhile, Finland is planning to deport 60 percent of the 32,000 people who applied for asylum there.”
    That’s still not enough. Deport them ALL .

  38. As a man. I still don’t care. So long as it isn’t my loved ones getting raped and murdered.
    I am enjoying watching the “progressive” EU suffer and hope that their people will wake up soon enough to replace their horrible leaders. I recommended beheadings like the old days….
    What’s with this “Return Of Kings requires you to verify your email address before posting.” bull?

  39. How can this site rail against the privilege of women and society’s desire so supplicate to them and then put out an article with the centuries old cliche “They’re raping and murdering our women”
    Is this article more about helping women by keeping out immigrants or is it about the ridiculousness of the PC Police Captain?

  40. This police chief has totally lost his mind! However this kind of behaviour is expected from religious people. They are muslims. Their book tells them to be amoral. Just as jews and christians are by definition also amoral.

  41. Sweden is so eager to persecute Assange for an alleged rape but does nothing realistic about Moslem savages openly attacking Swedish females.

  42. She deserved it and brought it on herself for helping them. It’s harsh but that is what it has come to…
    Take the redpill or the deadpill.

  43. The Muslim are possessed by Hungry Ghosts..
    Weak in mind and shallow of heart, they become for brief or long moments of time puppets to other dimensional entities known by eastern religions as Hungry Ghosts. Islam was created as one giant matrix of fear and pain to feed these aliens.

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