The Reality Of False Rape Accusations Will Require You To Make A Change You May Not Like

My friend Steve got a girl’s number. He texted her later in the night and she didn’t reply. The flakes, ye will always have with you.

The next morning, we went out for breakfast with a group of friends. Steve told us his story of unrequited love. To soothe his broken heart, I offered him a wager. I bet Steve that I could send his girl three texts from my phone, and get more than ten back before the end of the day.

Steve doubted me. My other friends doubted me. The Gods themselves, looking down on that greasy spoon diner, said that it could not be done. I saved her number, took a deep breath, and sent the first text:

“I can’t believe you”

She replied an hour later:


I wrote back:

“omg you don’t even remember”

She responded, immediately:


And that’s when I hit her with the emotional heavy artillery, uranium-tipped with a lack of capitalization:

“such a slut” 


(Credit for this always-incendiary text to RSD Julien)

Did I win the bet?

Well, it depends. If a missed call counts as a text, and I argue that it does, then yes. Steve disagrees, but was still impressed with the four consecutive unanswered text replies, the last of which was “Meurt a Toronto, criss de pas beau.” (My gutter slang French is rusty, but I think I catch her drift.)

What’s the point of this story? Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe it’s just a funny thing that happened to me last weekend, that we can laugh about today.

But maybe not. Because now I’m a little bit worried. I have committed the ultimate crime against humanity in 21st century North America. I hurt a girl’s feelings.

What might happen – I find myself wondering – if this girl has a complete mental breakdown from my rude texts? This is entirely possible. One In Four Women Have Mental Health Issues, and we are in the midst of a Depression Epidemic Caused By Feminism. What if this girl had actually hooked up with some guy later that night, felt bad about it, and forgot what he looked like? And then she woke up to my texts and decided to get revenge on the asshole who ‘took advantage of her’?

As we discussed in The Truth About False Rape Accusations, the legal definition of rape is subjective. The Feminist movement has pushed hard to redefine all drunk sex as rape. Meanwhile, our culture refuses to hold women accountable for their actions in many regards. The result: false rape accusations are real, they are common, and they are usually consequence-free for the accuser.

That’s why I felt worried about those text messages. I have no idea who this girl is. I did nothing more than call her a mean name. But, in the legal climate we live in, and given the emotional frailty of North American women, there’s a real chance that it would be enough to kick off a shitstorm. This is true for any man who risks hurting a girl’s feelings. For example:

  • If a man and a woman have a few drinks at a party, hook up, and he never makes eye contact with her again, she’s going to feel like a slut
  • If a man and a woman hook up and he gets clingy in the morning, she’s going to feel regret for sleeping with a weak man.
  • If a man and a married woman hook up and the woman later gets caught by her husband, she’s going to feel guilty

In each of these situations, the woman has two options: 1) Accept the responsibility and consequences for a bad decision and move on with her life, or 2) Cry rape.

The majority of women would go with option (1). But the statistics indicate that many do not. And once she decides to go down that road, she’ll have the unflagging support of a feminist community to goad her on, and attack anyone who questions her credulity as a misogynistic “victim-blamer.”

The end result is that men have one rational response to the growth of false rape accusations: We must become nice guys. We cannot go around being assholes, having a laugh, saying whatever crazy shit we feel like, because there are now serious legal repercussions to hurting the feelings of emotionally unstable women. We must become nice guys, and you must take precautions to protect yourself from false rape accusations. For example:

  • We must exchange a few post-bang good-feelings texts with random hookups, both for the positive emotions and the recorded evidence.
  • We must avoid crazy, unstable, and taken girls.
  • We must avoid hooking up with girls who are drunk or high.
  • We must generally act like decent guys, treat the girls we date reasonably well, and at least pretend to be interested in a follow-up bang after the fact.

I can hear the mentally defective feminists and manginas reading this list and saying: “Good! Men should do those things anyways! What’s so hard about being a decent human being?” Thus revealing their totalitarian desire to enforce good hook-up etiquette with life imprisonment.

I can also hear the more enlightened reader, shaking his head at how we let our culture get so fucked up. And you’re right. It is absolutely ridiculous. But, in the short term, this is the world we live in. Go to Singapore and they will lash you for chewing gum. In Thailand, you will be jailed for insulting the King. In India, they will draw and quarter you for the great crime of cow-tipping.

Here in 21st-century North America, you can be sentenced to die in prison for hurting an unstable and emotionally immature girl’s feelings. Swallow your pride, and act accordingly.

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121 thoughts on “The Reality Of False Rape Accusations Will Require You To Make A Change You May Not Like”

  1. On any given year, what percentage of guys are falsely accused of rape? I’ve never had a single friend or close acquaintance who has been accused of rape. Restructuring your life to avoid something that will likely never happen anyway makes about as much sense to me as wearing a helmet every time you walk outside because you may get struck in the head by a meteor.

      1. What fallacy? I asked for stats and merely used my own experience as an example. I would be willing to bet that 95% of people reading this article have never known anyone who was falsely accused of rape. It happens, and when it does, it’s a tragedy. But it’s not as common as ROK columnists seem to think. As I said, restructuring your life to prevent something that is very unlikely to occur anyway is illogical.

        1. It’s not illogicial if the restructuring cost is de minimus and the cost of the potential event is catastrophic.

        2. Not only fake rape charges, but any other kind of lies or false accusations that could lose a man his job. Its reputational risk. I would suggest caution anywhere near women you dont know and others are not around. Elevators, stairwells, walking down hallways, sidewalks. Females are not to be trusted in any capacity. Its very clear the majority of them are deceitful at best, criminals at worst.

    1. That’s neat, because nearly everyone I know is a fan of old, obscure psychedelic music. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for me to conclude that this is the most popular music around now. Perfectly logical because my worldview = reality for the whole world.

        1. Alpha’s stick to their own rules, Betas stick to societies rules. Nathan is saying to stick to your own rules because the risks aren’t that common.

    2. Yeah, it’s almost as stupid as buying fire insurance for your home. I mean, c’mon, what are the odds?

    1. Exactly what it sounds like. A somewhat dangerous (cattle are stronger than we are) and supposedly inhumane pasttime practiced by farm kids with nothing better to do. However I suspect it happens a lot more in Oklahoma than India (I’m from Iowa).

    2. One of your junior diplomats from India was just arrested here for committing visa fraud. The Indian response? Pull all the US diplomats ID’s. Remove the barricades from in front of the US Embassy in India and subject out citizens to imminent danger. Your fucking backward shithole country can go to hell.
      I hope the USA cuts the H-1B visa program by 50% to teach your politicians a lesson.

      1. “..Your fucking backward shithole country can go to hell.” Now that is an intelligent response.

        1. It is a more intelligent response than the one made by your countrieshigh-level decision makers that decided to revoke the Diplomatic ID’s, remove the embassy barricades and jeopardize the safety of OUR diplomats because YOUR fucking ugly cunt junior diplomat broke OUR laws while in OUR country and was arrested for it. Indian people are really arrogant douchebags from my experience.

        2. If you feel that I, as a citizen of a billion plus country is in any way answerable for the actions of one foreign diplomat or the geopolitics happening at the highest level, then you are clearly an idiot. Please take your frustrations somewhere else.

    3. cow tipping is a myth invented to get city dwelling folk to get beside the rear legs of a cow and get kicked.

    1. Rorschach is a true alpha in all it’s glory and downfall, he stood by his beliefs until he died…

      1. Even then, and he was smart enough to post that diary sometime before any of the others got wind of it. Adrian’s whole multi-billion dollar plan, defeated by one ten dollar diary and a two dollar pen.
        Brilliance in it’s utter simplicity.

  2. OR!!!!! We could say fuck that shit! And continue being Alpha Males. Game is supreme. FACT: Assholes get waaaaayyy more chicks. Doing what the article suggests could well be called borderline treason to game. Being a dick has always worked. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it lol. There is always risk in game and bring a dick. Oh well. Who wants to live the pussified nice guy life. You may adapt some to the type of chicks you hunt but always be the fucking man you are supposed to be. Men bang sluts! We don’t date them or care how they feel. It’s catch and release.

    1. He is only suggesting that men be a little bit diplomatic and get some evidence to protect them from the false accusations of the feminazis.
      For the rest of the time its business as usual.

      1. I know. I get that. It’s just the premise of the whole thing disgusts me. It’s a game . The women play it just as much as the men do. There are way too many false rape charges being filed. If a man and a woman are drunk and have sex. IT IS NOT RAPE! If the woman wakes up in the morning after a drunken night out and is ashamed of not remembering banging the guy in the bed sleeping next to her. IT IS NOT RAPE! Those are just bad/ possibly fun decisions she and he, as adults, made. Chalk it up to lesson learned or not. If she decided to be a slut for a night or weekend she can’t go playing the rape card later because she feels ashamed of her actions. If a woman is beat up, bloodied and bruised with the skin of her attacker under her finger nails (exaggeration but realistic). THAT IS RAPE. If she is roofied, THAT IS RAPE. If she is banging a ONS and is moaning no. THAT IS NOT RAPE! If a man is about to cum from having consensual sex with a woman and she says stop or no at that moment, IT IS NOT RAPE. If some women are not ready to live with adult decisions then don’t play the game. Opt out. Women go to bars and clubs for the same thing men do, to get wasted and or laid. Period. If they are there for any other reason they are lying to themselves. You can have a great night out with dinner and a movie. You don’t need a club or bar for that. Last but not least, if she bangs 3 or 4 or 8 guys in a day or weekend and her husband or father finds out….IT STILL AINT RAPE! But she’s definitely a girl you invite to parties lol

        1. “If a man and a woman are drunk and have sex. IT IS NOT RAPE! ”
          If only the chick is drunk it’s also not rape.

    2. Ya until you get hit with a false rape charge and spend time in jail getting real rape up the ass from a guy with aids.

  3. I am not getting the reality of our culture mixed up with a supposed need not to be an asshole.
    In fact, I think it requires being even more of an asshole.
    The follow up text messages are EXACTLY an asshole move. In fact, I suggest getting some before the act. You need to get her on the record as wanting it before the fact, and enjoying it and wanting to see you again after the fact.
    That is ASSHOLE 101.
    Be the best asshole you can be!

  4. Becoming a nice guy isn’t an option. It’s a paradox… be too nice and you don’t get pussy. Be more aggressive and risk a rape accusation. Be too nice the next morning ie. initiate cudding and be perceived as weak -> rape accusation.
    What the fuck is a man to do in America? This has been eating at me for some time now. I know the MGTOW movement gets some flack from Roosh and others, but I do relate to them.

    1. Leave America and wait for the storm of feminism to pass.
      It won’t infect the whole world. In Russia, for example many women despise feminism as they see it for what it is.

      1. You’re right. That is my plan. I’m trying to get a business started here so until I get some cash flow I’m stuck in limbo.
        There is nothing left on this continent for us. Even aside from the girls it’s a terrible place to live. (I’m in Toronto GTA)

    2. It’s basically either: move someplace where you get more poosy, or become a MGTOW. Both are respectable options in my humble opinion. Provided that you become a real MGTOW and not just a whiny bitch.

    3. Most Playas are too short-sighted to see or care about the long-term consequences of the legal climate against men. Most Playas are also too arrogant to believe they are capable of accidentally setting off a bomb in their own lap. They think they’re perfect.
      Which is why they can’t conceive a false-rape thing being thrown their way. That’s only for the weak-ass mortals and inferiors (the Nice Guys and/or incompetent Playas) kicking about in the mud, not for the gods on Mount Olympus, like Roosh and his brothers.

        1. What do you mean, why do I have it? I have no idea what you’re talking about.
          All I did was comment on it.
          If it’s being kept on some secret database I don’t know about as a result of my comment, I’d like to know about it so I can safeguard my privacy better.

    4. Yes, date in other countries; work in America. Most of the world is still patriarchal. Berlin, Prague, Buenos Aires, Southeast Asia, Central and South America are best. Your money goes far here and virtually any American can do well.

  5. get a phone with a shit load of memory and a good battery life and record the audio from the moment things start getting interesting…. until she leaves…. pretty simple….

    1. I want those Spider Jerusalem glasses that record everything — video, audio, the presence of small animals in the walls, you name it.
      So what if they come in a strange colour scheme, I want to have celebratory evidence that my assistant was enjoying the hard shagging she received from my Pen of Journalistic Mightiness …
      As well as the fact that six rats were also watching. 🙂

  6. This woman uses “joual”, common slang in Quebec. “Meurt a Toronto, criss de pas beau.” could be translated as “Die in Toronto, fuckin’ ugly guy.”

  7. Heck, bring your camera and get the lovin’ on video– bang, instant proof it wasn’t rape! (She’ll have a hard time telling her hubby it was a non-consent event– saved more guys’ butts than you’d believe.)

  8. I’m an attorney and find the premise of this article ridiculous. In order to be found guilty of rape, a man must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If there is evidence of consensual sex, then it is unlikely that any district attorney will prosecute. What if there is no evidence of a struggle? No evidence that he held her down? If you are really concerned about a false rape accusation, then here’s a better idea- use your cell phone to record the sexual encounter.

      1. Neither one of these stories supports your theory. The man in the first story clearly protected himself with pictures. So some feminist accused him? Who cares. How did either of these men lose their jobs or employment prospects as you claimed?

        1. Hey Kevin, yours truly was arrested for domestic violence, despite the fact that I’d run away to my mom’s house, had a black eye and a cigarette burn on my head, and she didn’t have a mark on her.
          Oh, but I suppose the system worked, eh? Only cost me $10,000 to prove my innocence, and only one newspaper dragged my name through the mud.
          Don’t stick your dick in crazy, brothers; save your sympathy for the good women who deserve it, not the “victims” who “need” it.

        2. “So some feminist accused him? Who cares.”
          Oh, I don’t know, possibly all of the man’s friends and co-workers who read the local papers, plus his lawyer who earned money, the potential dates who Google him, his future employers who will avoid his drama, his old classmates who will steer clear of him at the reunion…

        3. “This might be relevant:”
          Excellent find, friend. And articles like this in the mainstream media are just the tip of the iceberg. Notice how Mr. “I’m-an-attorney-and-find-the-premise-of-this-article-ridiculous-Spriggs” is giving us radio silence after documentation has been presented? Looks like the dumb fucker just got owned.

        4. “Oh, but I suppose the system worked, eh?”
          Well, clearly it did since you aren’t in jail. Did you ever considering suing your accuser for malicious prosecution or suing the newspaper for slander? Both of those options were available to you. The system does work for people willing to use it.

        5. The words are “Duluth Model of Domestic Violence” cupcake, “Primary Agressor” policies and “No Drop Prosecutions.” There is nobody to sue; everybody followed the letter of the law, even the cop who testified in my defence.
          If he had arrested her as a suspect, he would have been fired. The police procedures have been drafted which demand he arrest the man in all circumstances – and then that the Crown Prosecutor always prosecute because of zero tolerance.
          I can’t sue the newspaper, since they accurately represented things; they simply used their tone to imply that the Judge was an idiot for finding a “Biker who was accused of beating mentally ill girlfriend” not-guilty.
          Then they used their discretion not to prosecute her; that is allowed, letting me go isn’t.
          A system which is designed to hassle the innocent, no matter how obviously innocent they are, can in no way said to be “Working” if Justice is the sought-after goal.

        6. Yeah, I don’t suppose that it’s possible that someone will forget about this thing in a couple of months in our over saturated with news society.

        7. This is why lawyer’s and not people like you, are paid to analyze problems. A child molestation case is completely different than stranger rape. How do you know that the daughter in the above case isn’t being pressured to change her story by family members?

        8. God Damnit, Nathan, didn’t we already discuss you don’t deserve your name until you sack up and grow a fucking dick?
          How the fuck does the system work if a man has to fight against his presumption of guilt? Aurini spent 10k covering his ass, when it was quite clear he was the one on the receiving end. We are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.
          God damnit you’re fucking stupid, you should hand in your laptop, your first name, and whatever remains of the mancard God handed you when your mother shat you out of her womb.

        9. Yeah with potential employers and unscrupulous firms at beckon call to send search spiders through the Internet to dredge up the goods on him so he can never find a good job again. You are a mangina.

        10. Because the name of the game in America is Throw Any Man In Jail For Whatever Reason And Keep Him There For As Long As Possible.

        11. “So some feminist accused him? Who cares. How did either of these men lose their jobs or employment prospects as you claimed?”
          You truly are a moron.

        12. QUOTE TRAGEDY : “Oh, I don’t know, possibly all of the man’s friends and co-workers who read the local papers, plus his lawyer who earned money, the potential dates who Google him, his future employers who will avoid his drama, his old classmates who will steer clear of him at the reunion…”
          This is what Spriggs does not get.

        13. QUOTE NATHAN: “Well, clearly it did since you aren’t in jail.”
          Earth To Jackass: Aurini was then out 10k to prove his innocence. The system does not work the other way allowing him to sue the accuser.

        14. Hey, you can then inverse that and say : How do you know that women aren’t be pressured by feminist, lawyers like you etc to charge a man with rape ? You seem to imply that the damage to someone’s reputation is not an issue when the cause of “justice” is being served. How about some moron accuse you of rape then ? God how I wish that would happen. Sure, your reputation as a lawyer ( if you really are one) will be intact after that and everyone will flock to you for legal advice.

        15. Hey, I feel raped by your statements already. After all, an accusaton of rape rest on whether or not a woman felt she was raped and an investigation needs to be conducted irrespective of the logic of the accusation, right ? God I feel raped you you, Kevin Spriggs, I feel raped, raaaappped !! Help me, I feel raped by you

        16. I hope someone does falsely accuse me. I will fight it off in court (if it gets that far) and then sue them for defamation. Then, I will be known as an attorney who knows how to fight hard, get free publicity, and make more money!!!!

        17. You aren’t really an attorney. I’m sure of it now. Newspapers are almost universally immune from damages as long as they phrase stories in the correct way, which can still make you look guilty as hell. Also, suing the false accuser only works if they have something to take, asshole.

        18. “This is why Lawyer’s.” Doncha mean “Lawyers?” Heh, what was your LSAT score? 😆

    1. My man, you’re correct. But you’re ignoring the incredible damage done by a false rape accusation. Even those which never see a day in court are emotionally taxing and can ruin your life.

      1. Cameron and Texas: Both of you guys are correct.
        The other thing that comes to my mind, is that there is something seriously wrong with society if one is required to video record the intimate event should you need it as evidence that consensual sex was given by the female. Ok if you are a guy who likes to do kinky shit like recording your fuck moments, but some of us are a bit shy.

        1. I hate the idea because I don’t want potentially damning videos of me having sex floating around. But I like my life and I don’t want it ruined by some angry skeez.

    2. Wake up.
      You are speaking of legal theoretical principles, not of actual practice. In actual practice, a person can be convicted of a sex crime based solely on the UNCORROBORATED testimony of the “victim”, assuming that the judge (bench trial) or jury (jury trial) finds the testimony credible beyond a reasonable doubt.
      And even if the case is weak, most prosecutors are chickenshit and will file the charge anyway just to cover their asses. Which means a huge bond a defendant has to come up with (try minimum $50K) and attorney fees, etc. Life becomes hell at that point.
      What you’re failing to take into account is the pervasive climate of acceptance of any female accusation, no matter how absurd.
      And in many states, misdemeanor “sex offenses” can happen just by a guy “offensively touching” a girl. And then you have to register as an offender.
      So, your statement sounds great in theory, but in actual practice, it doesn’t reflect what is happening out there in society right now.

    3. I’m pretty sure even with video and audio they can get around it. The defendant could have messed with the digital timestamp. Even if they accept the digital proof, there’s no way to prove that the bitch wasn’t under coercion.

    4. I am not an attorney, but I remember reading about quite a few men who got exonerated, after being CONVICTED despite absolutely ZERO EVIDENCE.
      They got convicted on the accuser’s word alone, and the articles in the media were quite clear on that fact.
      Even men who can provide clear exculpatory evidence are sometimes held in jail for several months, while the DA pressures them to agree to a plea “bargain”, while delaying a trial.

    5. Yeah, because women wounding themselves purposely and saying the man did it to them as their way of “Proving” they were raped never happens at all. Holy shit, it’s like people like you don’t realise people can be damn good liars.

    6. I love how people are bashing Kevin when he is just stating facts. Heaven forbid you actually listen to an attorney who knows what he is talking about instead of someone promoting hysteria.

    7. In the eyes of the law and in theory, you are absolutely correct. In order to find ANYONE guilty, the burden is on the plaintiff. That’s the primary reason why Jameis Winston wasn’t screwed. The DA had enough sense to realize that prosecuting him would be a) a waste of time and b) pointless, because there’s no evidence in the girl’s favor.
      That being said, reality is totally different. Men can and will be tried (and convicted) of rape even when it’s consensual. Men have gone to prison for a long time simply because of “he said, she said.” Fortunately, these cases are often overturned on appeal because of lack of evidence.
      That being said, IT SHOULDN’T GET THAT FAR. As some have pointed out, the DA will take these cases before juries because juries don’t often care about the facts. Rather, they care about emotions, and it’s a rare case when the facts triumph over emotions.
      I’m sure you remember the Casey Anthony case, or the George Zimmerman case. The majority of people who got pissed about the verdict were not thinking about the evidence; they were thinking about emotions. Juries don’t care about the evidence. Put an average sized white male up in front of a jury and an average height, decent looking white female (20s, avg. height, about a 6.5). Who does the jury feel more sympathy for? The girl who tears up and says “he raped me” or the guy who swears that it was consensual?
      Seriously, think about it.

    8. You may be an attorney, but you evidently aren’t familiar with “feminist jurisprudence”, which means, in a nutshell, that a crime is committed 1) whenever she thinks it is, 2) by whoever she says did it, and 3) whenever she says it happened.
      I pray for the day when a victim of this shit goes beserk and cuts up the cunt who did it to him. At least then he will be tried for a crime that can be objectively measured.

    9. You may be an attorney, but you evidently aren’t familiar with “feminist jurisprudence”, which means, in a nutshell, that a crime is committed 1) whenever she thinks it is, 2) by whoever she says did it, and 3) whenever she says it happened.
      I pray for the day when a victim of this shit goes beserk and cuts up the cunt who did it to him. At least then he will be tried for a crime that can be objectively measured.

    10. Then you’re a shitty attorney. Your whole premise has been shown to be bullshit…repeatedly…just within my hometown. The police and DA policy here, openly stated, is to automatically file charges based on the accusation alone, then let the courts figure it out, because it is such a “heinous crime.”

    1. That, and text her after, just in case.
      “Hope you had as much fun as I did last night”, then save her answer.

  9. Ok I definitely think a man should be smart and cover his tracks when dealing with ANY female ANYWHERE in the world in this day and age.
    But telling guys they must become nice guys? LOL thats just fucking stupid and antithetical to red pill wisdom. Maybe tell them to be more machiavellian and pretend to be nice guys when the opportunity is right would be more plausible.
    I’m not sure what kind of guys get involved in false rape accusations because admittedly it has never happened to me. Despite the fact that I am very aggressive around women, have grabbed them by the throat playfully without knowing them, grabbed ass and tits when I think I can get away with it, made out with randoms, fingered randoms and many other situations where girls could decide to royally fuck me if they wanted to.
    One time I grabbed this girl by the neck outside of a bar I was working at because she was acting slutty and I wanted to see what I could get away with. Well her sister is right there and starts getting all pissy with me, threatening me and talking about how some creep grabbed her one night and she’d kill any man who tried that with her sister. I just stood there, smug look on my face and smiled. I said ” Well ya kno what babe I dont like your attitude so guess what? You’re not comin in this fuckin bar! HAHA.”
    Ive done shit like this all the time and that in particular was an occasion where I had some of the most resistance. Hell the MAJORITY of the time I am a complete asshole, douche bag that disregards any presumed feelings or taboos regarding women and I am rewarded by them for it lol.
    So dont buy this whole crap idea to be nice….in any way shape or form. Be someone that is cold, calculating, aware of the risks, takes precautions and more than anything else iS OUT FOR YOU AND YOU ALONE. And when you do adopt that attitude dont be fucking ashamed of it. Women will reward you with all kinds of shit, from dripping pussies to monetary benefits, rides, drugs, etc. Use their own weaknesses against them and you are the master…they just a willing slave that LOVES their servitude.

    1. Another thing…..swallow your pride? Seriously dude.
      Fuck that.
      I’m gonna keep wielding my pride like my veiny cock freshly unzipped and ready to punish my current lay(prey).

  10. Screw Safety first lists, play your game so you can live your life your way not theirs. Lie about your name, have a hidden video camera in your bedroom, invest in a fake ID (a one time get out of jail free card). Do what you want to do but do it well.

    1. Not if you are a current or former teacher, Military, LEO, or Govt worker. They will run your prints and that fake ID will not help you.

  11. Your premise is, basically, be a nice (or at least nicer) guy to avoid false rape allegations. Do you see the problem yet?
    Ask yourself who is most likely to be falsely accused in the first place?
    Answer: Nice guys. See the problem now?
    Alternative solution. Record every hook up. With a smartphone this isn’t too difficult. Yes in many places it is illegal to record without the consent of both parties, but that’s only a civil infraction. Not a criminal. If you get accused of rape, get a lawyer and give him the recording. You may get a slap on the wrist for the recording, but it’s better than the alternative.

    1. Most of the time its only a crime if you are selling the tape like porno or something. Not illegal at all to record someone in YOUR house, especially.

  12. Well, you know, emotionally stable women don’t generally have one night stands. It’s not surprising at all that they’ll have such a destructive selfish reaction to getting their feelings hurt.

  13. He’s probably got an actual job to do, unlike you sitting touching yourself in your trailer all day while thinking of your sister.

  14. It’s not an either-or dilemma.
    Be an alpha who obviously plays at being nice. This confuses them and gets them wanting more.

  15. “We must exchange a few post-bang good-feelings texts with random hookups, both for the positive emotions and the recorded evidence”
    in all caps…

    1. False rape accusations aren’t even the worst. Some men end up DEAD.
      Yes you are even tolerated in brutalizing another male
      I was put into the hospital for two days because three white knights stepped into an argument with my girl.

      1. I will never fully heal from injuries I sustained from white knights in defense of a woman who *still* proffers me sexual favors.
        I will never be able to play sports, fight, be a full man again because of this.

  16. “Good! Men should do those things anyways! What’s so hard about being a decent human being?” Thus revealing their totalitarian desire to enforce good hook-up etiquette with life imprisonment.
    The truth.

  17. Take a chick out for breakfast in the morning if you’re thinking bad shit might go down. Text her a bit and get it on record she had a fun time.
    “We must avoid hooking up with girls who are drunk”
    Frost what the hell have you been smoking

    1. I’ve got half a mind you’re trolling us, Frost-
      “We cannot go around being assholes”
      Frost says this????????????

  18. Ways to avoid false rape accusations:
    1. Go by a “street name” and only give that to women who will only be in your life for a short time. If it converts to a longer relationship give her your real name and play it off as “bitches be crazy” and you were protecting your privacy.
    2. Flush that condom down the toilet or take it with you when you leave. It’s fairly evident that the government is going to gradually build a DNA database of all Americans. Leaving the condom in the trash can is like leaving your fingerprints at the crime scene.
    3. If a bitch goes crazy and starts talking about rape or consent go absolutely fucking silent. Don’t respond to any calls or text messages. Don’t think your witty game will get you out of this one. Don’t think playing nice will do so either. Once she goes down the “i think I was raped” avenue continued communication will only enforce that belief.
    4. A little proactive work can do a lot to avoid “regret sex” and false accusations. After you bang her there is no need to continue with the 100% asshole routine. Giving her one shred of beta-ness (and only one) will go a long way in her rationalizing your encounter. A simple text “had fun see you around” (even if you never will see her again) will help her not regret having sex with you.

  19. Oh god, how terrible, you actually have to act like a decent human being! I am playing the world’s tinest violin for you…
    The idea that a man who cuddles in the morning will be seen as weak is bullshit, btw. Most women like a man who isn’t afraid to show affection. It’s a sign of strength, not weakness. Men who are so terrified of commitment they won’t even hug a girl are fucked in the head.

    1. Being forced to act like a “decent human being” according to one person’s definition, by threat of imprisonment, is such a wonderful concept.
      Vive freedom comrade.

  20. 2% of rape cases are possibly falsified, but 1 in 100 rapists will spend even a day in jail.

  21. Oh Good Grief. What kind of bullshit is this. This is the most ridiculous heap of DOG CRAP I have ever read. 70% of rapes involve alcohol. 50% of these are planned by the woman’s attacker. Fuck you, asshole.

  22. While I agree with some of your posts, it sounds like you were wronged, or assaulted by a female at some point in your life; it still has an effect on you, and you should think about looking into that. Your facts and statistics are off, and you can’t be taken completely seriously; either choose your stance as an over opinionated, angry blogger, or be taken seriously as someone who presents good points, with stone cold facts.

  23. Oh I’m SOOOOOO sorry you have to be polite to have sex -.- seriously though, how about if you just want a hookup, you make it clear up frotn you have no intentions of anything happening after the sex? Avoids trouble and ensures you’re on the same page. And if I girl is tipsy, then that’s not rape. If she can’t stand or see let alone know what you’re talking about, that is taking advantage of someone clearly unable to make a decision. As someone who has been date-raped, I know many CLAIM they didn’t know how intoxicated the girl was. When I say date raped I mean literally drugged so I could t even get out a whole word let alone do more than slightly lift a limb. He claimed he didn’t think the drug would hit me so hard, would lighten me up, and thought I was just lazy in bed. Women have to be careful on many things too. I had an ex gf (yes I’m bisexual) say I sexually assaulted her because she took something and we started having fun before it even hit her. I didn’t notice any change in her behavior. She still seemed just as into it but later said I violated her cuz I didn’t stop when she was intoxicated. Um, no? Almost got in big trouble for that one till she admitted she volunteered to take illegal drugs and didn’t tell me before hand. Bottom line is, just try not to hurt people. Make your intentions clear and anything after that is on them. If they change their mind during and SAY SO, sorry but you’re gonna have to finish elsewhere. If you decide you wanna stop doing something, you can. Sex is included in that. I’ve known plenty of men that decide they don’t wanna finish. While I don’t condone her behavior, I have a friend who loves having sex with married men. Says she loves the thrill and no strings attached. She claims many men start feeling guilty during sex and want to stop. She doesn’t bully or belittle them for it. She says fine and leaves. Sure she’s miffed but hey, unexpected things happen when you fuck strangers. Simply don’t lie about your intentions. Plenty of girls are cool to just hookup. I’m not one of them but I know plenty. Hell I can give you a few numbers lol

  24. I agree, the first thing I do when my friend is feeling upset about a girl not contacting him is proceed to try and seduce her myself and make a wager based on the amount of success I get. Real friend points, there. We’re both incredible human beings!

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