Fact Checking Emotional Propaganda

When I was making a purchase at my local bookstore last week, the cashier solicited me for a donation. This donation was for a charity dealing with sick children or something. I told cashier I came here to buy a book not make donations. I guess she realized I am not one to be guilt tripped into doing things and told me that many people do not have the courage to say no. This pressure to comply due to emotional appeal has run rampant in America. When people make decisions on how they feel or manipulated by their feelings, not many good things can come of it.

Usually I do not delve into the details of the various schemes and manipulations that powerful people do in order to influence people’s behaviors. Someone actually fact checked one sales pitch for the limitation of guns. This exercise in breaking down an argument outside of the emotional shows that emotion is all it has. While the premise is guns, the method is pure emotional appeal.


The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has decided to throw his hat in, as well as his capital, in a political fight against the NRA by spending an estimated fifty million dollars to start up Everytown for Gun Safety @ Everytown.org. If you go to his website, one of the articles pops out on the front page is an “analysis” of the over sixty “school shootings” that have taken place since the Newtown massacre on December 12th, 2012.


In this era of political rhetoric and ideological echo-chambers, there is little in the way of fact-checking and realism with statistical data. The media is off  panicking the masses of soccer moms and metrosexual dads that mass shootings are a growing epidemic, apparently none of whom look at the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports of homicides every year. Of the sixty-two incidents on Everytown’s “analysis”, only one can be classified as a mass murder. The FBI is quite clear that a “mass murder” involves the homicide of four or more individuals with no cooling off period between the murders. The article would lead readers to believe that there have been sixty-two incidents of similar scope as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. But this is simply not the case.

With a total combined death toll between the sixty-two “school shootings” of 39, it’s hard to match them up to Newtown, which in one incident saw 28 deaths, including the perpetrator, Adam Lanza. Despite what the media might portray for politics, ratings, or profit, such shootings are exceptionally rare. Of course, a large amount of the focus is on the AR-15 reportedly used,the  gun control advocates would like gullible Americans to think without which Adam Lanza would not have been capable of such carnage. But if you remember the Virginia Tech shooting on April 16th, 2007. Seung-Hui Cho managed to kill 32 people, then himself, with nothing more than a .22LR caliber Walther P22 and 9mm Glock 19; the Walther with a magazine capacity of ten rounds and the Glock a bit more at fifteen. There is little discussion of firearms in the Everytown analysis, probably because they are virtually all handguns or the suggested firearm for home defense of Vice President Joe Biden, a shotgun.

Let’s look at that the lack of analysis this “analysis” gives us, as it’s little more than a picture of a crying woman and a list of schools at which a firearm was discharged on or nearby campus grounds since December 2012. Thirty-nine people dead, because of school shootings, between December 13th, 2012 and mid-April 2014. It’s hard to find statistics for causes of death even near that number. The United States averages roughly 51 deaths due to lightning strikes per year, over the last 20 years; according to NOAA. According to the CDC, there was an average of 3,533 unintentional drownings per year for the years of 2005-2009. Yet where is a politically motivated and affluent billionaire to launch a safety campaign outlining the dangers of pools or thunderstorms?


The fact that Mayor Bloomberg has taken Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s now infamous quote “never let a good crisis go to waste” to heart, is no surprise. But who thinks about the political realities of why someone is making moves against one of the GOP’s biggest political lobbies, using a tragedy like Newtown as the crest on their flag; when they are busy being emotionally compromised by the idea of children being gunned down in their school classrooms?


Among the 39 deaths, there is a justified case of self-defense, a possible case of self-defense, and seven cases of nothing more then suicides by firearm. The biggest trend among these “school shootings” is the shooters and victims are young black men. This reality is in stark contrast to the media image of upper-class white elementary school kids gunned down by socially awkward psychopaths with AR-15’s or other “assault weapons”. Few if any of the mainstream gun safety campaigns reflect the reality of gun violence. Remember, you are more likely to be killed by bee stings than you are to be shot on or around a school campus.

In conclusion, this emotional appeal by Mr. Bloomberg seems to be all about coercing a population into following his politics through emotional appeal. His advocacy gives them an audience of motivated people controlled by their emotions. What could a powerful person do with this audience aside from campaign against guns. I signed up at this website to get the newsletter. This newsletter only talks about political activism for those that seem to not be able to make up their own mind. Be aware of those that appeal to your emotion, because they may not appeal to your interests.

Note: The author received help from “Glocktopus”, a member of the notorious “Donk Chat” in writing this article.

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  1. These aren’t my words, but a man i know one voiced disdain for NYC saying “Its a shithole that will suck you of all life, one day you’re making bank on wall street and the next day you’re sleeping in parking garages, and at the end of the day all your chips are flushed down and collected into Mayor Bloomberg’s gaping asshole” made me laugh

    1. I spent almost 10 years in NYC on the corporate grind and developed a love/hate relationship with the city as so many New Yorkers do … I’ve been away almost a year and now I’m actually thinking of moving back … like a battered wife, I guess I must be glutton for punishment!

  2. This also ties into the “children are oppressed by women” post.
    We condition kids from birth to ruled by fear that something baaad might happen to them, and as adults they turn into useful idiots. They don’t want to risk harm by stepping out of line and they’re more than willing to line up to become pawns for whatever cause appeals to their fear or their need for approval.

  3. Excellent article.
    And let us all be aware that most of what you hear in any respect in MSM is colored by somebody’s agenda, and hence containing more or less propaganda.

  4. I’ve never understood how a person without a gun can demand that a person with a gun disarm himself. Oh that’s right, they cannot, because all power originates from the barrel of a gun. They essentially pay people who have guns to take guns away from other people. All is guns. I’m a firm believer in having a battle rifle at the ready.

    1. Humans have an unending ability to convince themselves that proxy-violence leaves their hands clean. If they did not have this ability, the worlds democracies would collapse.

    2. Gun control is not about guns or violence, it’s about control. Michael Bloomberg and Cass Sunstein are among the biggest control freaks in politics. If they can disarm the people then they can “Nudge”, “stop and frisk”, ban sodas, etc. without opposition. They think they are our owners and they hate liberty as much as you love it.

      1. The thing is, I am not convinced that they are self-aware enough to know how much they hate liberty. They’re authoritarian atomatons, almost no different from a PTSD sufferer who cannot distinguish between a real threat and a harmless car backfire.

        1. I happen to believe that politicians are the most narcissistic and psychotic people in any given society. They seem to have a belief that they are anointed to lead and control the rest of us. The problem is that the majority of people are followers and will happily march off the cliff behind them. Ideas of freedom and liberty have no real meaning to these people they are merely slogans to mouth mindlessly to gain votes.

    3. People that don’t want guns actually still want guns. They just want them in the hands of those with power. This puts them in the same category as the priests that used to baptize southern slave masters (immoral pigs).

    4. “They essentially pay people who have guns to take guns away from other people.”

  5. What’s interesting about this emotionalism though is that it finally failed. After the Connecticut shootings a few laws were passed in all the usual places (NYC, CN, CO) but outside of that, no new laws were passed against gun ownership and some states went the opposite direction. In Ohio, for example, we were the first state to allow CHL holding teachers, properly qualified, to bring a concealed firearm to class. Wyoming/South Dakota, I believe, followed suit. The push for federal gun control fell FLAT on its face with the perfect ending of a visibly petulantly angry effeminate Obama sneering on camera about his defeat on the issue. The gun community openly, and I mean almost to the last man, started declaring across the internet, newspapers and real life how they would not comply with any new gun laws. We had a 5,000+ person heavily armed demonstration on our statehouse lawn (Ohio), everybody locked, loaded and open carrying, and the reception could not have been more positive. Even in Connecticut, under threat of law, only 15k or so showed up to register their firearms, meaning hundreds of thousands of people willingly and knowingly refused to comply. Colorado saw their senators who voted for their bad laws recalled and the push is now on to remove those laws.
    And the thing is, this is in the face of several white beautiful little children, the nuclear weapon of choice for the Left, being slaughtered by a madman. The emotional appeal, the ultimate one…lost. We’re dug in now. Screw their propaganda.

    1. Ohio my home state. Now live in AZ, fuck the snow. Anyone over 21 without a felony can carry concealed in AZ. It’s hardly the wild west.

      1. Arizona’s a hell of a great state (except for that whole immigrant border thing). Ohio has a bill up now that would remove the requirement for a CHL to conceal carry. Of course we’re already unlicensed open carry and it’s becoming more common to see open carriers in day to day life.
        Snow ain’t so bad, I rather enjoy winter, though this year I’m tired of it and can’t wait ’till summer. If a body doesn’t like winter, a body doesn’t move to Wyoming, which is where I’m heading in about 3 years.
        Glad to talk to another Buckeye.

        1. It seems nuts to require a permit to carry a concealed weapon. What possible harm can come to someone when your gun is inside your jacket? It just a back door to registration.

        2. Arizona’s a hell of a great state
          Except for that retarded sheriff in one of the counties.

      2. Oklahoma has an open carry law. I recently passed through, driving through a small town I saw 2 or 3 men carrying a side arm. Here in Houston, many people, particularly females, have concealed carry permit. Each week there is one or two cases of an armed law abiding citizen shooting some scumbag that attempt to rape, rob, or murder them. There is a reason that Houston has the lowest violent crime rate among major American cities.

        1. I don’t trust females with guns. She should depend on a male chaperone and not believe that she can walk around anywhere in public with impunity.
          Personally I think carrying a gun around every time you go outside is both annoying and uncomfortable and looks as stupid and nerdy as pyjama boys who have a cell clipped on their belt. Besides, I’d have to have my tailor make my suits with more room under the arm for a shoulder holster.It still doesn’t fit right with the extra bulk.
          If you live in such a dangerous area that you need to carry a pistol you may want to consider moving because the thugs in the area are armed too. Many people who carry a pistol have a false sense of security and do things that they would avoid if unarmed and more cautious.

    2. More people are coming to realize that emotionalism can wreck and is wrecking the country, that’s why.

    3. I actually am starting to think all gun owners should open carry. It will dissuade a lot of police harassment and brutality.

  6. Tickling emotions to persuade. That’s called sales and marketing. It’s everywhere and applied to anything profitable.
    Thing about the mind is, you must first believe it to disbelieve it. If you choose not to expend the energy to filter said input, it then becomes integrated into your beliefs on a subconscious level.

  7. I was a student at Virginia Tech in my Junior year when the shooting took place there. I wish someone there had been legally carrying to stop that fucker. If so, I don’t think the death toll would have been what it was. The kind of people committing gun violence that gets into the news are the kind of people that don’t care about the legality of their guns. The world might have more responsible gun users who could defend against a psychopath if we did not try so hard to convince good people they cannot be good people who responsibly own guns.

    1. There are around 40,000 self defense with a firearm cases per year in the U.S. (or so I’ve heard). Of those you’d think at least a few would be on the evening news or in the newspapers. But you don’t see any of them, at all.
      Now imagine if every time you read or saw or heard the news there was a report of a successful self defense situation. There would be an absolute clamoring for unlicensed open and concealed carry in every single state, no exceptions.
      But you do hear every single shooting, and every time the perpetrator is not a “bank robber” nor a “kidnapper” nor a “murderer”, no, he’s a “gunman”. No exceptions.
      Yeah, there’s no agenda at play here.

      1. note that firearm deaths by defenders as well as firearm deaths from authorities in America are reported as part of our murder statistic.
        Note that in the UK the only statistics that are added to the list of ‘murders’ are those that have been successfully tried and convicted.
        And people try to point to ‘lower murder in the UK’ as a legitimate reason to ban guns.

      2. We just had a mass stabbing a few weeks ago. A mass stabbing in a high school – with fatalities! If it had been guns, we’d still be hearing about it.

    2. Notice he avoided the football dorm where the return fire would have shut his shit down, no sarcasm.

  8. I wonder what shaming tactics they will use if anyone disagrees with their position on guns?

    1. “U have a small penis u are scared and live in the basement of your mom’s trailer. Ifeelz sry 4u.

      1. That’s why you tell people you don’t have any guns.
        #1. You’re under no legal liability to disclose that information, that I’m aware of. That is not to say you are under no such obligation if you have a gun on your person and are detained by the police. But you’d be an idiot to lie about that.
        #2. It disarms them, because 99.9% of their arguments revolve around pinning you as a paranoid fanatic who keeps belts of cop killing bullets in a little shrine that has a small television playing “Red Dawn” or some similar movie on a loop. Take that away, they really have nothing.
        #3. No pole-smoking Tea Party losers will pester you to donate money to the NRA.

    2. None that you can’t open laugh at and walk away from. That’s how you take away their power, you openly laugh at them and treat them like the retarded children that they truly are.

  9. My high school had an indoor rifle range and a shooting club. The local air cadets used it a couple of nights each week as well with two local police officers running the training. And if my memory serves me, about a third of the shooters were girls. No one thought anything about it. It just wasn’t a big deal.
    This was Ontario, Canada, though, but only a hundred miles north of the Canada/US border. Not way up in the bush by any means.
    The world has gone insane.

  10. The title to this article should be “men that don’t own guns are metro pussies”.
    I find it odd that the democrap party hates guns but only when white men own them.

    1. It’s actually quite the opposite.
      They’ll just never admit that under any circumstances, so the need the “psycho redneck” strawman to maintain a clean conscience.

    2. It’s actually quite the opposite.
      They’ll just never admit that under any circumstances, perhaps even to themselves, so they need the “psycho redneck” strawman to maintain a clean conscience.

    3. All the rich liberals have armed body guards. For the rest of us, well, too bad. We just have to suck it up and if someone attacks us, we just have to let that person kill us and our families.

      1. I once spoke with a guy who was a body guard for some expendable scumbag (aka someone simultaneously wealthy enough and willing to get favors from the oppressive state) up here in SF. He, the bodyguard, was told that he was not to be trusted to carry to protect his own family, only Mr. Expendable’s. And this, despite Mr. Expendable living behind secured gates and sending his children to a ritzy private school in a no known crime area; while the Bodyguard and his family lived in Oakland.
        That’s what passes as logic amongst government apologists.

  11. most shooters are black? we usually get white shooters on cnn. but this emotion over facts is just too much. activist do this on perpose like the pay gap myth. we get paid more cuz we do more ot and the dirty jobs you could die doing(wjlhich they dont care about). or fthe so called rape epidimic in india. its actually tied with canada and if you feel unsafe as a woman in those nations then theres somethim wrong with her. then again 1 in 4 women are mentally ill. could explain the media and culture we live in.

    1. Yes, in fact, most criminal shooters are black. White on CNN is a very explicit propaganda ploy.

      1. The race issue is a red herring they throw us. Violence is overhwelmingly people of the same race killing each other.

  12. All of you are gun nuts! I like being helpless in my home and on the streets in the face of reasonable criminals. So what if my woman is raped , I am beaten, robbed or I raped myself in my own home. In fact I know most responsible rapists make sure to get background checks and avoid “gun free Zones”. This article is terrible, telling people to be responsible for their own safety,silly that is what the governments for. Don’t tell me to protect myself, teach criminals not to crime! It worked so well in the past….

    1. when your life can be measured in seconds, police are only minutes away… and as evidenced all too often, you are more likely to be killed by cops than any assailant.

    2. This is the same kind of emotional propaganda that the article was supposed to discourage against, but in the other direction. Jeez.

    3. Can you be trusted to use your gun responsibly? Cause most people can’t. They get drunk or high and settle disputes by killing someone…

      1. “Most people”? Cite. There are more guns than people in this country, so why isn’t everyone dead?

      2. Then why are their hundreds of millions of guns in America and fewer than 10k gun deaths a year?

      3. yeah, genius, that must be why there are so many street shootings in Nevada, where guns are everywhere, bars serve liquor all night, and people are running around drunk at all hours, in areas where concealed weapons are everywhere.
        Compare that with Chicago, where legal handguns are nearly impossible to get . Hmmmm, in Shitcago, several people are murdered EACH DAY by guns, but in Nevada, the murder rate is a small fraction of that. What explains this?
        Leftist retard.

  13. Trying to wake people up to the massive amount of propaganda their own nation heaps upon them is a futile task. I always find it hilarious how we laugh about nations like North Korea when everyone here is just as thoroughly brainwashed. If you control the media of a nation, you control the culture of a nation.

    1. “If you control the media of a nation, you control the culture of a nation.”
      That’s not entirely universal. As the brave souls in Somalia demonstrated, even seemingly omnipotent oppressors can be gotten rid of. All you have to do is keep shooting them. One after the other, for as long as they keep coming. And raise lots of healthy children to keep doing the same. For as long as it takes. And never, ever stop.
      The same mindset of instinctively opening fire, on anyone who dare so much as suggest, there is reason for him to claim dominion over you, is what has kept Afghanistan free of the scourge that is government, for all these centuries as well. It may, on the face of it, sound less eloquent than some written “constitution”, but by simply comparing today’s size of the Kabul government versus the DC one, it is quite obvious to anyone who bothers looking, who got it right. And that the gun is indeed mightier than any pen, even one wielded as well as Jefferson’s. Which the US founders understood very well (2nd), but those who came after them obviously did not.

    2. “If you control the language, you control the people.” – George Orwell

  14. I didn’t read the whole article but I am definitely on board with the idea that we need fact checking and actual statistics.
    I’m a huge fan of Captain Capitalism… for the reason that he backs his ideas of up with more than just anecdotes.. whether his predictions or those facts are correct is impossible to tell for the true skeptical mind (in a Humian sense) but I am really on board with looking at statistics and historical commentaries to help us better understand the situation that we are in. Also, he is hilarious… some of his stuff is clearly opinions but I think that is clear… His published works include academic level economics… Er… actual statistics.
    I have trouble arguing with feminists who say things like “X% of women are suffering Y effects due to patriarchy”. I know a lot of it is bullshit at a personal level but I’m sympathetic to the female condition. I believe the feminist rhetoric is making things really hard at the ground level for many people that I know, including myself. The problem with “oppression” concerning men is that we don’t see a lot of it… broken men are homeless… or ashamed… silently suffering. And I’d argue that its often by luck (i.e. being able to acquire the family business, or having a stable upbringing) that they manage to carve out a life in modern society.
    When I’m done with my current cohort of work which is keeping me busy as hell, I might consider doing an academic analysis of some redpill ideas. I think RoK could use a couple academic articles that are backed with statistics and academic research..
    I’m not saying that it is necessarily the only avenue to truth, but to have handy for example, an evidence based review spelling out hypergamy (male vs. female attraction mechanisms), or statistics concerning male and female homelessness (i.e. Warren Farrell’s work), or the influence of a stable family on boys and girls, might do the redpill philosophy some good.
    Unless we are gonna go rioting we can’t expect peaceful changes without solid arguments. If the claims are strong enough, I believe they will be heard… eventually. The truth is the truth… it aint going anywhere… it doesn’t care how we feel.

  15. To be honest, for the longest time I was pretty anti-gun myself, but if you had to disarm the people you’d also need to disarm the cops and armed forces to make it a level playing field, but for obvious reasons that won’t ever happen.
    More importantly, it’s like dominoes and I’d be terrified of what would happen if you let the feminazis take away one of the amendments in the US constitution. I’ve seen what they’ve already done with freedom of speech to an extent can you imagine giving them access to the others. If the right to bare arms is taken the rest will follow suit. This world really is fucked.

    1. Before feminism was a thing, the first real activism of women in the political arena was to entirely geared towards trying to ban alcohol. They managed to create the dumbest law in human history. If you want a good idea what would happen if feminists had the power to create constitutional amendments, look no further than the crime we had during the Prohibition era.

      1. We’d have something far worse than prohibition if we gave women free reign today. Back then at least they didn’t have a victim mentality, today I am sure they would want to give a woman automatic rights to shoot any man she felt ‘threatened’ by. If you passed a law that allowed that we would see mass genocide far greater than anything we saw back in Nazi Germany.
        Fortunately women don’t really run shit. Big corporations do, and as much as they want to fuck around with things like they are doing it’s unsustainable for much longer. A happy worker is far more likely to do a better job than a slave.

        1. Uh, Big corporations are scarier than government as far as civil rights go. Big corporations will bankroll special interest groups, purely to improve their own image, and the civil rights lost as a result of the activism of the groups they support do not affect their bottom line *at all*… Realistically, you could get corporate sponsorship for a group that wanted to eliminate free speech, all you need is the right sob-story and a corporation with the PR interests to match.

        2. “Big Corporations” have barely better arms access than You or I. While Leviathan has nukes. Now which one is the scariest again?
          Every single genuinely big evil a “big corporation” heaps on a population, is done with the backing of the government. Absent government backing, what the heck do you think some “corporation” is going to do? Heck, take away the government, and you don’t even have to pay the “corporations” for the stuff you take from them. Just stick a gun barrel in their face and tell them to f off. If you try that, I can pretty much guarantee the real force of evil will soon come out of the woodworks, casting all doubts about who is “scariest” aside.

        3. Big corporations and government might as well be one in the same. They are the overhead we don’t see and are too intertwined to be considered separate. No one is above being bought.

    2. You’ve already lost the 1st and 4th Amendments. Why do you think Washington is so focused on the 2nd now?

    3. dumb People are anti-gun until they get into a situation where they’re afraid for their lives, and actually NEED a gun. Oftentimes, at that point it’s too late.
      Smart people understand that those situations could arise and already have a gun when it happens to them. Unless they’re in a ‘gun free’ aka ‘free fire’ zone where they’ve left their self defense behind because they abide by laws.
      Anybody who thinks a ‘gun free’ zone makes them safe is an absolute fucking idiot and I will not waste my time even being near them. Full stop.

  16. Feminism forces our society to forfeit objective analysis so arguments appealing to irrational emotions should come as no surprise.

  17. Sigh. I hate to roll into this discussion, as I have generally been a fan of this website’s focus and core values of restoring masculinity.

    1. Nobody is forcing you to participate on this topic if you’re not so inclined.

    2. Not to nit pick , but machine guns are good for suppressing fire but the gun will raise when fired negatively affecting your aim. In the hands (no tripod or fixed base) assault rifles are best set on singlefire or triple shot if you are trying to hit what you are aiming for.

      1. Guns firing rifle cartridges at very high cyclic rates (standard AR) is admittedly hard to control. but slow down the cycle rate a bit (AK), or shoot pistol ammo (MP5), and things aren’t so dire. I once witnessed an entire 30 mag burst from an MP5 hit dead center on a “charging bear” target pulled towards the shooter to simulate a charge. Probably the most effective (at least in theory) bear defense I’ve seen.

      2. That’s interesting. I was thinking Uzis or Mac 10s, as typically used by gang banging drive bys, where maximum bullet spray in minimum time is necessary. I would think a submachine gun would have value there — wasn’t it also the favorite of the mob (the Tommygun?)
        It would be interesting to understand, if we could, if the mass murderers chose the semi-autos as you suggest, for tactical reasons, or if lack of access had anything to do with it.

    3. And, in related news, back in the Antebellum South, niggers who “knew their place”, statistically fared lots better wrt life expectancy, than those entertaining crazy ideas about freedom (to carry weapons amongst other things)……
      What the heck are you even talking about? Of course fever people will get shot if Mayor Bloomberg is the only one who happen to have a gun (after all, he’s too dumb to figure out how to use it even if he wanted to), while the rest of the world are content to stand around grabbing their ankles getting ready for him. But so what?????

  18. Dear Negros,
    I’d like to thank you for our gun rights. When the gun grabbers tout their “Australia banned guns”, “Other Countries don;t have guns, “Their where 6 murders in Japan last year” they always leave out the fact that those countries do not contain your demographic or your mexi buddies.

    1. Conversely, in the UK, France, Norway, and Sweden, where guns were banned and they only started to have Muslims and Africans relatively recently, crime rates are soaring.

      1. We’re fucking your women too, although some of you sick bastards like watching.
        That’s what happens when you’re emasculated.

    2. You are far more likely to have to defend yourself against people of your own race. Truthfully,If you begin to really get good at gaming and fucking hot girls, be ready to face men who are in love with or pedestalizing them. As you go into your thirties you will be calm and rarely find yourself in risky situations, however when dealing with younger women they have orbiters and boyfriends without your maturity. Women make men go nuts,guns crack nuts.

  19. It’s hilarious how these people think. Just look at that graphic where they show how “hard” it is to buy all these other things, you have to show ID, record sale, etc.. for things like cars, beer, and sudafed. They don’t even bother to think that those rules they use as examples, might themselves be unjustifiable limits on freedom. Instead they simply say that guns have to be regulated as those things are. Their whole mindset is authoritarian and they don’t even realize it.
    Why do we license vehicles? Primarily so that police can track them. Now that police can simply turn on an OCR/Camera combination in their car and read everyone’s license plates in real time, that’s turning into a privacy nightmare, isn’t it?
    Why do we restrict sudafed? Because the crybaby authoritarians thought that people misusing the drug to make other drug cocktails should be nannied out of existence.
    Why do we restrict alcohol? Because at one time we thought alcohol was some evil substance that government had to ban, to make ourselves feel better about un-banning it, we set age limits. It’s pure retardation.
    Why do we license drivers? Primarily to let the government track citizens. You cannot convince me that even half of the people who are licensed to drive have the slightest idea how to operate their vehicle(s) safely in all conditions. I’d even say that most private-vehicle drivers are terrible. The only drivers you can trust are either drivers who also ride motorcycles on the side, or the professional truck drivers, whose life is on the line for any infractions/accidents.

    1. Can you believe the drinking age is 21?? You can fight and die for your country but can’t have some beers on a hot day?! Camile Paglia has a great op ed on this in Time Mag . Paglia said it was the control freak , harpies from MADD that got the drinking age bumped up to 21.

      1. The 21 yo drinking age has to be unconstitutional because the age today of adulthood is 18. Up until about 1970 it was 21 but the drinking age was 18! Regardless of whether you’re 18 or 80 you are adult and are held to the same standard. I’m afraid that you young pyjama boys have done nothing to stop this government abuse of your rights.I can’t do anything about it because I can’t be charged or have standing to sue. You would need a person in that age group who had been charged with “under-age” drinking to challenge the law.You see any?

        1. In Colorado you can buy and smoke pot but can’t drink??!!
          I think some states tried to resist the feds about raising the drinking age but the feds then did the usual withholding federal highway funds from states who would not comply. In Europe where kids can drink much younger they have less DWI cause you remove the taboo from drinking.

        2. But then again, unlike the U.S.; “kids” don’t have ready access to such things regular as car use either.

      2. Mistake #1. You’re not fighting ‘for your country’. You’re fighting for the interests of the oligarchs/corporations that run this country. The top of the pyramid is the (not) Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank. Want to know who runs this bartertown, find out who owns the Federal Reserve, then remember that we are not allowed to criticize those who rule over us.

    2. “Why do we license vehicles? Primarily so that police can track them”
      That may make some sense because ID and Vin # can be used to track stolen vehicles and plates can track hit and run or other crimes.
      “half of the people who are licensed to drive have the slightest idea how to operate their vehicle(s)”
      Every HS student should be given driver’s ED just like they require a pass in gym today to graduate.
      “Why do we restrict sudafed?”
      Because some moron thought it can be used to make methamphetamine. No one who wants to make the drug is going to buy these expensive tiny doses in packs to use in manufacture. You need large barrels of the stuff to make drugs cheaply. It’s like trying to make desomorphine (Krocodil”) using those OTC drugs available in other countries , and some States, that contain small doses of codeine. You would need masses of this stuff which would be too costly to make any amount of morphine, and also have the knowledge about how to do it correctly.
      “Why do we restrict alcohol?”
      That’s mostly so that governments can keep track of it and TAX it. Same with tobacco.

      1. 1) With the omnipresence of cameras, I would argue that license plates could be done away with for tracking criminals on the roads.
        2) Every HS student does take drivers ed, that doesn’t mean they are held to any form of actual driving standard to get their license. A monkey could pass most DMV tests.
        3) Alcohol was taxed long before it was regulated for the consumer, regulation is not a necessary component of taxation.

  20. What a coincidence, Bloomberg and Emanuel are both jews…have you noticed that the most radical anti guns activist are jews?
    Like I said in another comment: every man should be the owner (of course, if the Laws in your state allows it) of at least 3 guns: a handgun, a shotgun and a semi automatic rifle.
    Mi personal favorites are:
    1) handgun: S&W 29, Glock 17, CZ75, Beretta 92fs
    2) shotgun: Mossberg 500, Saiga12, Benelli M1
    3) semi automatic rifle: AK47, AK 74, G36
    If you can afford more than 3, go ahead.

        1. Kipa?
          I think it is an accurate summery of the Jew. I found it by googling “Pajama boy”.

        2. I though you were making fun, trying to say something like “you are all ignorant redknecks” or something…and yes, the jew is all that, and more.

    1. There have been tenured tutors at Harvard openly calling for the destruction of the white race quite openly. Noel Ignatiev( Jewish) while being an ardent supporter of communism despite his lineage escaping a communist state that took away the means for self defence.

    2. That’s an odd smattering of weapons. I would suggest any glock, smith, or berreta in 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP.
      Just about any Mossberg, or benelli. I would avoid the saigas. They are expensive toys, and more work than they’re worth.
      The ak 47 is obviously solid, but the 74 fires an oddball caliber that is a bit hard to find, and kind of expensive, if I remember right. The g36 can’t be bought by civilians, but can be made by converting another H&k to it for far more than a cheap AR that fires the same round.

  21. “The FBI is quite clear that a “mass murder” involves the homicide of
    four or more individuals with no cooling off period between the murders.”
    During the Kent State school shooting in 1970.
    “The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four
    students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.”

    1. we should have banned bad shooting. 67 rounds fired should have resulted in a minimum of 22 fatalities and 30 injuries.

      1. At sandyhoax, it would have been 51 fatalities, by an amateur shooter (90+% kill rate), and not one body. At least in the 60’s the media still showed some truth.

  22. Unfortunately, guns are illegal in my country, but when when you read about some of the gun fatalities In the USA, it’s not a bad thing. We’ve had only a very few nutters committ mass scale shoot outs

    1. 13% of our population is black and 16% is latino.
      How much “diversity” does your country have?

    2. “Mass scale shootouts” is simply natures way of telling you to quit clusterfucking, and learn how to be a bit more independent. IOW, not necessarily a bad thing at all.

    3. If your country has a smaller population of course the news from the USA will seem extreme. An individual American isn’t much at risk of being targeted in a mass shooting, but how is your risk to being victimized by violent crime or government bullying because you are helpless to defend yourself?

    4. yeah, your nutters confine themselves to bombs, poison, vehicles, and other methods of wholesale slaughter instead of retail murder.

  23. These anti-gun idiots always forget to mention the worst school massacre in American history: the Bath Township massacre. This was done with home made bombs and not a single shot was fired.
    There are other ways to kill people besides guns.
    Regarding the private sellers are causing mass death nonsense, the DOJ released a study last year that looked into this. It found that “In 2004, among state prison inmates who possessed a gun at the time of
    offense, fewer than 2% bought their firearm at a flea market or gun show.”
    It also found a 69% drop in overall gun crime and 39% drop in murders committed with guns over the last 20 years.
    I mentioned this study in an earlier article’s comment sections after a Scottish poster said that the U.S. has a “gun problem,” which demonstrates how ignorant the average person, whether American or not, is regarding this issue due to the hype created by the people described in Douglas’s article.

  24. I truely hope the gun grabbers get uppity again. I have 350 Magpul magazines in wrappers that I paid $8.50 for and would love to sell for $50+

  25. If you were in charge of your the country, and your job were to decrease crime, which one would you choose –
    1) Arm everyone – So that most of them may be able to defend themselves when in a dangerous situation.
    2) Disarm everyone – So that most of them would not have easy access to guns, thus limiting the overall crime rate.
    Be honest.

    1. If you disarm everyone,determined criminals will just make guns. Guns are a tool just like a power drill, or nail extractor. They are not difficult to produce. We banned cocaine, meth, cannibus, and at one time alcohol. How did that turn out?
      Be Honest.

      1. “cocaine, meth, cannabis”
        These are drugs. Not guns. Guns are different. One would have to be low on common sense to actually compare these two and consider them equivalent.
        Yes, illegal guns can be produced. But if you impose restrictions on their production, as well as the facilities that promote their production, they can be minimized to an extent that they remain largely insignificant.
        Then the “determined criminals” can be largely deterred. Then they would have to resort to knives and sharp objects, which frankly would not nearly affect the society as much as firearms.
        You have not answered my question though. Don’t forget to be honest. Have you actually ever though about decreasing crime by the way? I am guessing no.

        1. Very little crime is dependent on guns, criminals mainly use them for non-criminal purposes, namely to defend their property. Rapists, serial killers, burglars, con-artists find guns a hindrance. Even common bank robbers don’t find them very useful anymore because banks have a strong defensive posture. That’s how you mitigate crime. Any vital society should have a respectable crime rate, attempting to “make crime impossible” is sick, like the lunatics who praise abortion for reducing crime: the zero-crime society is the zero-population society.

        2. actually, ‘decreasing guns’ has been tried. when honest comparisons are made, the amount of killings remain stable.
          Except that, in an armed society, the aggressor dies MUCH more often instead of the victim than in an unarmed society.
          If more criminals die instead of victims, to me that is a net reduction in the number of victims… therefore, guns are a net positive for society.
          There’s never been a way to decrease crime that doesn’t involve decreasing criminals.

        3. Guns have been around for hundreds of years. Liberals are literally trying to ban old world technology. No restrictions will prevent people from making tools to defend themselves. An ak47 is literally a piece of folded sheet metal with a bunch of crap held together with cheap welds and rivets. Some guy on youtube made an ak out of a shovel…better ban garden equipment from home depot now! So you can forget about “deterring” anyone. Theres too many machine shops in america and guns are just too simple to make. This is what makes me laugh about this whole polymer 3d printing debate. You have all these loser betas and women saying now anyone can make a gun at home. Betas cant relate to the concept of tools and using there own hands to make something. But you say gun and printer…something all office betas can relate too…and they freak out.

    2. If you were “in charge of your country”, meaning “in charge” of other people, I would most certainly hope said people retained enough both sense and guns, to ensure that your period “in charge” of them, were ended fairly quickly. Of course, I’m one of those weirdos who don’t much care for slavery and all; even if the slavemaster claims to have gotten his position because of “demooocraaaaaciiiii”.

    3. You can’t disarm everyone. Even in prison. To suggest that this is possible is an emotional strawman argument.
      Everyone is safer if we’re all armed. Seriously. Are you going to punch me in the face for no reason if you know I’m armed? Knock out game? How about I play the shoot-your-ass-fucking-dead game if you try?
      SEe what I mean?
      A disarmed public just lets the physically strongest dominate. How else can a woman defend herself from an aggressive man if she’s not a female Chuck Norris? Gun, or she loses 99% of the time.
      Molon Labe you liberal milquetoasts.

    4. Crime rates decrease the more that law abiding citizens are armed, V. Whether you like it or not.

  26. Hey, check this out…

    Chapter Jackson, a surprisingly conservative black lady talking about the california welfare situation (NSFW)
    Nicely made farce

  27. Mustn’t forget to append every insane and ridiculous prediction with ‘women and children hardest hit,’ too. Fear-mongering is fabulously lucrative.

  28. In the name of “ending Domestic Violence,” you can always count on Washington State to take up every possible oppressive limitation, restriction, abusive action – many un-Constitutional – on the rights of men.
    It’s a horrible state. Seattle is a horrible city.
    You’ll never see an article on ROK about “Getting Laid in Seattle,” because nobody wants to admit that they stooped to the level of banging a fat and ugly Seattle cow.

  29. Such a well written, straight down the barrel article it is about time
    we stop prescribing to guilt fueled manipulations and make our decisions
    based on FACT! I have seen far too many rights taken away in this manner because people simply don’t ask questions any more. Kudos to both writers.

  30. It also works the other way. In other words, along with distorting what you do hear, a lot of information is not disseminated. Look at the facts of this case: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140421/METRO01/304210051/Four-men-ordered-stand-trial-Detroit-mob-attack
    Clearly a hate crime, but not called that, and no coverage outside of Detroit. You have four defendants who beat the guy basically into brain damage laughing and arguing with the judge in the courtroom.

  31. I always find it interesting how it’s the left who advocate and silence opposition to mass immigration and feminism. When seemingly big businesses are the only ones who benefit from these movements. Of course that and drug addled popstars naive adolescents.
    I have first hand information that the media censors opinions to keep everything “nice and fair”. A friend of mine, who is a black guy with conservative views, was mean to speak multiple times on this BBC open air talk show called “free speech” ironically enough. It got round to his opinion on a typical left wing issue, and they made sure to never let him answer any more questions. Instead giving it to a ranting less eloquent woman who was repeating the party line.
    When you look at the media industry, if you don’t hold certain views; you will find a very hard time fitting in; let alone making contacts and moving up. Even the runners on film sets, are your typical trendy types. Those who do have differing opinions will be sure to never voice them.

    1. The primary reason I can think of as to why anyone could be pro-immigration are those who are looking for cheap workers.

      1. Yes or those who are willing to deconstruct a nation or heritage to replace it with something new. I don’t doubt the ideological intentions behind groups such as the Fabian school, who even express their intentions and influence on which they have on their website.

        1. I think the primary motivator has always been monetary though. It’s all about how much money you can obtain in the shortest amount of time, regardless of the consequences to the greater society.

      2. Open immigration has been shown to greatly boost the receiving economy. As for cultural problems, I find myself unconcerned. Protect your family, tech your children, and respect your neighbors.

    1. Can the feds take down this website? I mean the KKK still has a website for crying out loud.

  32. Central Bankers their multi-national corporations own the government. Mass media is their Joseph Goebbels propaganda voice. Of course they want their tax slaves disarmed. Just the state of Wisconsin alone with its 600,000 gun owners would compare as the worlds 8th largest standing army. Bloomberg and his financial swindlers will really need to work the propaganda to have the sheep follow them.

  33. Any talk about banning guns is really about who gets to have guns and who doesn’t. In other words, one group in society gets to have them and another doesn’t. So the Government gets guns and the population doesn’t. Only the simple minded would believe you can trust the Government to have all the guns. After all which organization in the United States is responsible for the most gun deaths, rightly or wrongly?

  34. HAHAHAHAHA America is so beyond fucked it’s pure comedy gold to anyone from another country. At least I can usually derive a few giggles from each one of these boring gun nutjob articles and the comments that follow.
    The highlight of this one was this beauty from Ghost of Jefferson-
    “In Ohio, for example, we were the first state to allow CHL holding teachers, properly qualified, to bring a concealed firearm to class.”
    HAHAHA woohoo yeah, way to go Ohio!! Leading the way!! You must be so proud. Ideally, I’d want Robocop teaching the kids eventually but this is a positive step forward, nonetheless.
    I don’t think America’s ready for the gun version of the red pill quite yet. I don’t care though- like crack in a ghetto, keep it flowing and they’ll all kill each other eventually.

    1. Ahh, Eurofags. They fail again and again and yet still somehow think that makes them superior.

    2. you ever see the pack of savage chimps the average American school teacher has to deal with? The students think nothing of packing guns into their classrooms. You Eurofaggots don’t have anything like the American Pavement Ape to deal with, so you just don’t get it.

  35. Assuming the worst of gun crime statistics, it’s still worth the tradeoff in weapons ownership.
    Every human being over the age of 12 should know how to use and operate the standard weapon of his day. Be it a spear, a sword, a bow, or a gun. Not for the sake of violence per se, but it does give people a important perspective on danger, mortality and conflict. That itself will reduce the number of airy fairy left wing idealists.

  36. This article started out well, but turned out to be just another pro-guns propaganda :/

    1. Ooh, a Steyr AUG…. I wish I could get one of the old ones with transparent plastic stocks, those rock.

  37. …and of course not a peep about the plethora of psych drugs involved in every one of these mass shootings.

  38. As usual, as with MADD, it is women at the forefront of the move to strip us of constitutionally-guaranteed protections, under the banner of “Safety”. Women are fucking pathetic and should never be given the right to vote in a free society. They will vote for despotism every single time. Women are slaves, and have no understanding of notions like freedom, liberty, responsibility, or the fact that in order to enjoy a free life, you must also accept the inevitable bad that comes with it.
    Women are constantly pushing for socialism – they have absolutely no understanding of our country and what it stands for. Time to strip them of the vote.

  39. I’m in favor of gun ownership, but the gun lobby is just as guilty of emotional appeal, using fear of crime to state why we should all be strapped like we’re on the set of fucking Gunsmoke. The truth of the matter is that crime–gun crimes included–have plummeted since the early 90s. The assault rifle ban that was enacted in the same time period did not result in gang bangers roaming the streets picking off innocent civilians any more than they did before. US cities have never been safer ON AVERAGE in our entire history and that drop began during a period of restricted gun ownership. Yet, to hear the NRA’s propaganda, we should all be cowering if we don’t pack a heater. That’s also a faulty cause/effect construct, because gun ownership hasn’t been shown to lower crime. Just like the left and the supposed epidemic of gun crime justifying excessive restrictions, the gun nuts use the same tactics to further their narrative, too.

  40. You know what’s statistically less likely than your kid dying in a school shooting? Using your gun for self-defense, or really anything other than blowing your or your own kid’s face off. You think your glock will help you if the gov’t decides to Waco your house? Fuckin idiots. BTW, was there a coffee stain on the 2nd Amendment? WELL.REGULATED.MILITIA. If you’re not in one, you’re a fucking coward and a disingenuous abuser of the 2nd Amendment. It might be too late now, but at least you will acknowledge how America’s gun policy – where in a land of high-technology (mostly government funded) and an advanced social safety net (it saved at least one of your ancestors) and an increasing diversity of perspectives [ie hallmarks of a spiritually advancing civilization] it is still for some reason permissible to buy and sell little tubes that shoot metal and end one another’s life – is insane and corporate-driven. Police Brutality stems directly from gun fear.

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