Why Feminists Can’t Escape Motherhood

Of all the secrets and mysteries of the world, the roles of the two sexes in the act and upkeep of reproduction is remarkably simple by comparison to larger questions in the field of evolution. Males gather resources, attain status, exert dominance, display fitness, and the women come flooring into his arms.

Women… well women are born and… well they, they just stand there and men come bearing what they have to offer. Or, occasionally, a man will tire of the courtship process and just take a woman and do what he will with her.

Stockholm syndrome exists for a reason, but I digress. Both the two sexes are wired exclusively towards two natural, existential ends, reproduction and flourishing, and all the factors that these come accompanied with.

Which is to say, a woman’s nature is fit to bring up children and raise them well and provide a comfortable domestic life, which partly explains why women are better suited to a more passive role and low-stress, air-conditioned, indoor jobs in the many sectors of industry.

Women at her best: loving, caring, joyful, and graceful. Things feminists are not.

Whenever these two ends cannot be met or sustained in any of the two sexes, a formidable substitute must be employed in order to delude the human psyche into believing it is fulfilling its own natural ends.

Whether it be promiscuity to replace reproduction, social policing to replace child-rearing, or an intricate virtual reality replete with false achievements, meek challenges, and short-lived victories to replace real triumph.

Feminism merely trades one brand of motherhood for another

The new outlet for 21st century motherhood, everyone else. And you can bet they’re as rabid as a bear whose cubs have been snatched away.

The contemporary presence of these substitutes or illusions in our society has led directly to the resurgence of weak men and disagreeable, wretched women.

Feminism itself is an elaborate illusion designed to obscure a woman’s natural ends and replace them with momentary and perishing ones, for meaningful reproduction and graceful flourishing cannot be achieved without a man to whom she must lovingly submit and cling to.

But women cannot escape instinct, and the more they put off motherhood the more they struggle to find an outlet to express their inborn disposition for concern, care, and intrusiveness; an opportunity to actually be motherly, as terrifying as it may be for them to admit it.

Instead, they move on ahead and simply cast an appropriate illusion to fill out the large shadow emitted by their rebelliousness and disdain for femininity.

As weaker men display their pathetic attempts of modern chivalry and bravery to the world by attempting to rescue hoes, enabling absurd feminist narratives, and inflating women’s egos to the point of narcissistic obesity with their gratuitous validation, so we have that feminists involve themselves in public policy as if they were exercising their motherly role over all of society.

When the whole world becomes their child

Feminists have made their endgame clear: the destruction of the family and traditional values.

Their obsessive attempts to treat civilization like it was a child of their own, protecting the pale, meek, and freckled, “oppressed” little boy from those bigger meanies with so-called privilege and a “background” of being the playground racial and sexist bullies, have turned the realm of politics from a matter of providing sound governance and economic prosperity to being an overpaid nanny looking to punish the boys for playing rough.

This has directly led to the erosion of male spaces, the destruction of free-speech (because if it’s not nice you shouldn’t say it at all!), the quackery that the soft sciences have become in the halls of universities ruled by upper-class white women (women’s studies and feminist biology, anyone?), the dissolution of marriage and the traditional family (got to sow those wild oats, right?), and the huge government budget deficits wrought by the woman-voting demographic who favor excessive spending instead of due austerity.

Social justice is their twisted version of motherhood

Only women now have the right to speak aggressively, limit the speech and thought of others, and get away with it: all in the name of justice.

In short, the haggard witches known as feminists have waved their wands, stuck a broom stick up their skirts, and their spawn has since appeared: social fucking justice. And no men confident in his masculinity would dare give one of these shrews a proper child so that they can mind their own business.

Why would he? What child could endure such obnoxious zealotry and overreaching pedantry? What husband could have the frame to handle one of these rambunctious, delusional, and licentious libertines?

Not only would they make for unfit mothers, but they already make for terrible step-mothers and sisters to their friends, family, and to men everywhere who have to suffer through a lecture every time they want to spread their legs on a bus or go shoot the shit with their male companions for a good while, or deal in the realm of hard, cold facts.

And as more women choose to put off or opt-out of motherhood completely, expect matters to get worse for all of us, as they go on ahead to make everyone’s private business their own little maternity project.

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180 thoughts on “Why Feminists Can’t Escape Motherhood”

  1. Do feminists ever attack non-white males? This is out of curiosity & not trying to start a race e-war. It’s a shame because some of them look like they could get a decent guy as long as they kept their hair long.

        1. Well, I sense that feminists and SJWs in general are jealous on anyone having success since they individually are failures themselves..so anyone having money, having skills or in any shape or form is successful, is in their crosshair.
          If they can ruin someones life with false rape accusation, or a twitter campaign to get you fired because you told a fag joke, they will do it. They probably think themselves that they do it for the greater good, but they simply do it because they love to see other peoples lives destroyed.
          For some reason whites are their number one target, that’s for sure, but white people is not their only target.

        2. Correct – they love seeing other peoples lives destroyed. It makes them feel better about themselves and gives them a sense of power they would not otherwise ever have.

        3. It’s very popular with people who are weak and powerless. Weak men will undermine other men in very much the same way that women do.

        4. agree, that’s why I told a rich friend of mine to quit bragging that because he is rich he can get away with murder with women. Someone might call the cops on him and his could be ruined.

        5. Yea and that line up nicely with all the fake rape allegations you see these days. It’s a win-win for them. 1) They get attention which they are addicted to, 2) They destroy a mans life and 3 ) There’s absolutely no risk involved. Then they rationalize that the man probably would rape them if given the chance and that all men are bad anyway and deserve it, when the real reason they do it is because they enjoy the suffering of others. Talk about people with no moral or conscience.

        6. Correct – they enjoy the suffering. It’s like a cat playing with a mouse. Watching their target squirm makes women wet.

    1. If you’re a non-ghetto successful right wing black that doesn’t rely on welfare/social assistance then yes they will DESTROY you the same way they destroy successful whites.

  2. These women have bodies most people(not just straight men) do NOT want to look at, yet they use them at billboards.
    Someone please donate neon colored oaktag to these women, not for their sake, but for ours…

    1. I would say would someone please think of the children, but with sexual relations the way they are, there are few children to think of…

        1. I don’t know either but my idea is, they want power but they know they can never have it. They will never invent enough to surpass men. They will never create a work force to lead women. They will never have good men love them because they refuse to be feminine women. They will never have children love them because they spent 10 years on careers to lose all chances at a husband, well past prime years.
          Their main power, to control the next generation of thinkers and influence those who exist is cyclical. As much as they wish to fight the only role they can inact is Damning the populace to lesser children.
          The plan of ‘equality’ or better named placing women in the seat of men, is doomed to fail because the only men that will support it are men without testosterone, guaranteeing the next gen will be weak. Weak people producing weakness and there is nothing they can do to combat this with the system they have in place. Fighting in quicksand would make me mad too.

        2. boredom, just like familiarity, breeds contempt then? Or are boredom and familiarity essentially the same thing?

        3. Good question. I’m sure you could become contemptuous of being bored. They are most probably intrinsically entwined.

    1. Ahhhhh, no. Feminism, saving future un-worthy to be mothers from monasteries.
      Probably because monasteries don’t want them either.
      Cathalla must be one hell of a lonely place.

        1. Female (Orthodox) monasteries, notice how many name themselves monastery rather than convent (even those aren’t “convents” in the original Roman Catholic sense) :
          A convent is either a community of priests, religious brothers/sisters, or nuns, or the building used by the community, particularly in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Anglican Communion. The terms “convent” or “nunnery” almost invariably refers to a community of women in modern English usage (from 18th century[1]), while “monastery”, “priory” or “friary” is used for men; but in historical usage they are often interchangeable.
          Technically, a “monastery” or “nunnery” is a community of monastics, whereas a “convent” is a community of mendicants
          Mendicant orders (a Roman Catholic development, post Great Schism):
          The twelfth century saw great changes in western Europe. As commerce revived, urban centers arose and with them an urban middle class. New directions in spirituality were called for. Ecclesiastical reform became a major theme of the cultural revival of this era. In response to this crisis, there emerged the new mendicant orders founded by Francis of Assisi (c.1181-1226) and Dominic Guzman (c.1170-1221).[3]
          The mendicant friars were bound by a vow of poverty and dedication to an ascetic way of life, renouncing property and traveling the world to preach. Their survival was dependent upon the good will of their listeners. It was this way of life that gave them their name, “mendicant,” derived from the Latin mendicare, meaning “to beg.”

    2. I dunno, man. Some days, I can see the appeal of only hanging out with felines. Maybe those crazy cat ladies are onto something.

  3. What a deplorable, empty, miserable existence being a feminist must be. I’m shocked they all didn’t just commit suicide already.

  4. Too much freedom.
    These women and women as a whole crave restriction whether they realize it or not. Even the feminist marching forward is another form of restriction. It could be called “The Cunt Project”, “The Slut Mob”, or even “The Dick Slayers”, It doesn’t matter what Feminism was going to be called. The fact of the matter is it is just another form of control that women follow. They are trapped in the hive mind. Without a man’s original concepts and ideas there is a good chance we would still be in caves using sticks and rocks to light a fire. The reason we are not, is because men thought outside the group box and decided to push forward.
    Point is, these chicks need to understand that they only way they will be happy is through be restrained and tamed by rules and tradition. Too much freedom will lead a woman down a path of pure chaos for the sake of pure chaos. No rhyme or reason just simply do as they please just to have fun and “make a point”.
    The best thing a woman and man can do when it comes to these chicks is to simply ignore them and hope that this trend burns down in flames. Once a woman starts to understand her natural imperative in life she will be more happy. Joining feminism is basically a woman say:
    “I want a strong man to be basically tame and restrain me from my own bullshit”.
    Feminism is no different from the Alpha men that women seek. Alpha is on the same line as the hive mind concept. The power it has is the same a man has that has a understanding of what turns women on. These chicks are all looking for the same man. All these feminists want is someone to keep their hypergammy in check as best as he can. Period.
    Never let the group control your views and thoughts. Do you whether you are a woman or man. You mixed with your natural insistints will help guide you in life better than drinking the koolaid of any group that is trying to sell you horseshit with glitter on it and call it “The return of GOD”. Screw that noise.
    Feminism is the equivalent of a Movie studio. Their “beliefs” are successful movie franchises. The more money it makes the more sequels will be created. If the crowd decides to simply stop seeing these movies they will stop being created. Be busy doing you instead of helping give attention to “Movie studios” with no purpose other than distraction and to gain more “power” that only works with the help of the crowd.

    1. that’s the first thing that came into my mind when i saw the linked video of the screaming redhead. “i want to be punched in the face, please do it!”

    2. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, dude, feminist is not the preferred nomenclature. Feminazi, please.

        1. God damn you Walter! You fuckin’ asshole! Everything’s a fuckin’ travesty with you, man! And what was all that shit about Vietnam? What the FUCK, has anything got to do with Vietnam? What the fuck are you talking about?

  5. Honestly, Women are in some respects mentally retarded. i long for the day when western mankind actually tells their womenfolk (who secretly long for it) to ‘shut the fuck up’. We should treat women the way the greeks or romans did, as housekeepers and brood mothers, and the natural skanks as prostitutes.

    1. It’s completely fucked up. Women are very risk adverse, they seek security and will kill a man’s dream in the name of such security. And in the same time, they throw it all away in a second when a new and shinier dick comes along. Boggles the mind…

      1. This video will explain it all. While the kind heart in you feels sorry for the women, the alpha side might get this better. Picture women as Tom Dubois and it will make sense. And they enjoy the process believe it or not.

      2. Well it shows you that they only have a few limited uses. outside of motherhood and sex i cant see any point of women in my life.

    2. Also, I think they fuck up the electoral process too. I truly believe up to 90% vote for a pres. based on something that has absolutely nothing to do with politics, usually looks.

      1. more the way they feel, for example, hilary clinton is most likely gonna be the next president of the usa solely because shes a feminazi and the fact she has a vagina.

        1. So true, according to Clinton, the wives and daughters of thee men beheaded fighting or captured by ISIS are the real victims.
          They no longer have a wage slave to slave away on their behest. They now have to put their tax funded, in the Middle East those oppressed girls, to good use and actually work before shopping.
          What’s a poor wymmins to do?

        2. Hillary’s “women are the primary victims of war” is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever heard in my life.
          Not just because it opposes my interests, but because it makes absolutely no sense and is completely selfish. It is one of the most evil hypocrisies I’ve ever heard.

        3. Ridiculous implies someone being sane or a least cognizant. That is completely insane. Zero facts to support it women are the primary victims of war.
          I would guarantee if that bitch becomes president still use the military. Who will her victims be then?

        4. A cold callousness and indifference to men comes to mind. Individuals who have worked for Hillary are quite aware of just how malevolent a creature she is.

        5. Here is a video talking about a Satanic world government which is endorsed by Hillary. At time marker 7:50 Hillary speaks.

        6. Yea it’s completely gibberish. The primary victims of war are men of course. Women get raped etc, but what would you prefer, getting burned alive by a flame thrower or raped ?
          I would take the rape every day, and women would too if it became reality (yea from the comfort of their couch surrounded by cats they would probably say: I would rather be killed than raped. But let’s see what they chose as they slowly approach the Zyklon B gas chamber).
          How many million soldiers were killed during WW2 and WW1 compared to women ? I cant understand how anyone can say shit like that and get away with it.

        7. She tries to act like the lives of the brave men who die in war, are worthless. It sickens me to no end.

        8. I’m not sure about that. While women will say in public that they are all sisters or something, they’ll stab each other in the back with glee. My most leftists female friends who adore Obama, despise Hillary in some ways worse than republicans.
          It’s like how all women say they support having a female general until a female general is in charge of their husband or boyfriend. Then they can’t stand the b*tch because only one woman is supposed to give him orders.
          I find most women support women in power as lip service. But that women in power better not be someone their man answers to or else there will be hell t pay.

        9. And lied about it. Check out her history with the Watergate investigation (short cut she was fired for unethical behavior in 1973).
          Has her own email server in direct vioation of US law while she was SecState.
          None of that matters because she has a vagina and most women will vote for her simply for that reason. Other victim groups will vote for her because party = D.
          R candidate will be percieved as racist and out of touch.
          Liberty is not a word these people understand. They fear our liberty more than they fear a government gun to their heads. Their ignorance of US history and collectivists governments worldwide is absolutely appalling. Democide? They have no idea, because it’s all rainbows, bunnies, and skittle shitting unicorns.
          Don’t even try to bring up economics, the destruction caused by .gov deficit spending or anything rational because bunnies, and other emotional bullshit.
          Liberty died when women were allowed to vote. Period.

        10. It’s like like saying men are the primary victims of a male-to-female rape. You see, when a girl is raped, her brothers and father have to deal with the emotional trauma of a loved one being treated so wrongfully.

        11. I would prefer to be raw dogged by a faggot rather than being killed. I know rape is horrible, but being killed is far worse. It sickens me when the society behaves as if rape is the worse thing that can happen to a woman. Being killed is far worse bitches! Seriously, gentlemen, the ‘rape is worse than death’ hysteria is massively overrated!

        12. Especially when you consider a successful war as one where the men don’t come back. Years away from a partner, post traumatic stress, government entitlement, years playing catch up with a soon or daughter, and the audacity to warn others against war? We men should be so lucky that Hilary doesn’t have men killed before they leave the force.

        13. It’s laughable as most who say this will off you just as quickly if it means they’ll breathe again tomorrow. Then they will cry to whomever will listen how they didn’t want things to be this way. As one man put it best, ” This ain’t no place for a hero.”

        14. Yea, I see articles on why not to get married; how about some articles on why NOT to join the military or support the government in ANY way? Muammar Gaddafi would never have allowed that to happen.

      2. Yup, just read that a few days ago; the most important factor for women when deciding on who to vote for is appearance. Its like the Ms America pageant except its actually important…

        1. Who has the the bigger budget set aside for education & military expenses? “IDK, but candidate A is cuter.”

        2. Very true, my little old aunt admitted it one year at Thanksgiving that she votes for the most handsome candidate. Talk about fucked up! This is why women should not be allowed ANY say whatsoever about their lives, much less politics!

        3. This is why I dont think retirees should be allowed to vote. Sorry. They dont have all their marbles and they always vote for the next generation to pay for their meds….

        4. I don’t know if I can agree with you about retirees. I see shades of Logan’s Run. Do you want to be whacked when the little chip in your hand starts blinking on your 30th birthday?

      3. Ehhh, I can’t refute this based on anecdotal evidence. And I truly want to. As I like the “Apex Predator” like a Marrissa Meyers or my wife. Someone who is not only attractive, say 8 or higher, but an intellect that makes them bring home an equal or better paycheck. Plus, the mentality to know that a man, in order to stay, must be fucked. If not daily fed.
        Most of the “empowered” women I know could not even name the VP. If it is not a democratic president, or a conservative president in whom they hate, it was because they were not discussed on the 5 minutes of the MSNBC “news” episode they watched during a commercial break from sex and the City re-runs.. You know, if there’s time?
        Honestly, one knucklehead i worked with told me she was voting for Bo because he was hot. She had no idea what his stances were, and didn’t care.
        i heard that a lot. enough to make me look into the anecdotal as evidence potential.
        I was deeply saddened by what I found out. The anecdotal correlates real nicely with the average woman you talk to on the street. Educated, or not. They are all in to shopping, sexy guys who can pay for said shopping, and did I mention shopping?

        1. Good point. Look at the thug in jail that all of these women were going crazy over because “he was so hot”.
          The guy is a criminal, a burden on society, sucks up tax dollars because he is now a prisoner (not a productive member of society) but it’s all the looks that matter.
          Meanwhile, men out in society who matter, who contribute to society, who are responsible and who have their shit together get passed on because “no tingles”.
          There is no logic with women. Also very selfish and self centered (but look at the entitled men, everyone). You just have to fucking laugh.

        2. There is a certain logic to them, but not one we like.
          Women like what they like because they like it, and anyone who disagrees is bad. They want what they want because they want it, and if they don’t get it he is evil. And so on.
          They are almost purely emotional creatures. The few women I know who have some amount of reason are from my mothers generation, I have yet to meet one from my own or younger. Life today is simply too easy.

        3. That’s not actual logic though, that’s your logical male mind finding a consistent pattern of inconsistency within their emo-instinctual female hamster brains.
          Emotions tend to conflict with logic and vice versa because they are both designed to operate differently…emotions are subjective and related to feelings, logic is objective and related to facts.
          They are like water and oil in that respect.

        4. It’s an observed pattern that works most of the time. All that matters to me.
          Women do what they want because they want it. The trick, then, is to make them want to do everything to please you. Which requires understanding how their minds work.
          I disagree with the lifestyles of Heartiste, Roosh and their like, but I am eternally grateful for granting me the knowledge of the female mind. May they have pleasant lives.

      4. Very true. Women will name things like, “I don’t like how he got in the reporter’s face” when asked a question or “during the debate he wasn’t dynamic enough,” etc., etc.

      5. Very true. My little old aunt admitted it one year at Thanksgiving that she votes for the most handsome candidate. Talk about fucked up! This is why women should not be allowed ANY say whatsoever about their lives, much less politics!

    3. No wonder our masters want to put them in charge of everything. I can think of no worse hell than to live in than a matriarchy. They’ll just follow along with whatever they’re told to think, just as many weak men do.

      1. Our masters. Bankers, Zionists, whatever you like to call them, i cant see their master plan working for more than a month, a global government before it collapses under its own weight. Mankind is inherently tribal, hence why nationalism is preferable to internationalism

        1. “Mankind is inherently tribal, hence why nationalism is preferable to internationalism” ~ I would like to agree with you but I see SO MUCH miscegenation I have lost faith in ANY form of sanity in ANY race of “mankind”. Much less identity beyond nationalism.

        2. i assume you live in the USA. that place is tracked to become the next brazil in regards to mixed race bastards. The result of such a union is a bunch of kids with a broken identity, confused to which group to belong to. Take Elliot rodgers for example, a half asian half white beta male. We arent meant to be the Same species anymore, that is what evolution does, we started off the same, yes, but we spread out across the globe, and became different. over time, the differences that we evolved in our homelands would eventually make us into different species. that is how life works, otherwise, we would still be single cell bacteria.

        3. You NAILED IT in describing America and her future. However, I don’t believe in evolution or that all “humans” have a common ancestor. I’m a polygenesist. My ancestors were never monkeys nor related to any other hominid.

    4. I do a variation of it with my own wife when she’s out of line. I just tell her to calm down, shut it and sit back and let me handle it. It works wonders. Compared to most marriages I have one where the dynamic is healthy and relationship peaceful.

    5. I still do this to women when it’s needed (especially if it’s some over the top shit coming out of her mouth). I’ll give them a dismissive look while I’m saying it as well (pisses them off).
      But, in the end (and they’ll never tell you) they will respect you more (by calling you an asshole).
      I tell them that being an asshole is part of my charm. Women love it…they’ll just never tell you that they do.

    6. I already tell women to shut the fuck up. You don’t need to wait for the rest of Western mankind my man…

    7. They may not escape motherhood, but look at who will breed them? High value men will not breed with the above pictures, nor would any sane man.

    8. Women are as smart as the people they’re around. You put a woman around a whole bunch of retards, she will be a retard as well. You put a woman around a genius, she’ll be genius. All this dumb feminazi business is coming from the colleges. Colleges have been dumbed down and turned into brainwashing camps designed to make everyone a debt slave. Women fall victim to male lies easier than men because they’re more trusting because the world is kinder to women.

    1. I’ve worked my whole life in the woods as a logger/forester, she is a stupid that whose lucky that saw didn’t kick back and sever her artery. Looking at these women it’s what I imagine a coven of witches looks like. They are evil and repulsive.

        1. Ireland has a forestry industry? From all the pictures I’ve seen of the place, never did I see a lush forest. I feel so educated from this site. Not through the articles, of course, just the comment sections.

  6. the things some men will go through to stroke their phallus’s gently inside a wethole 2 inches from a fartbox
    life is a breeze for women, it makes them weak and pathetic so they whine about issues out of boredom when their basic needs are met, men get treated like shit and are clever and tough as nails
    thats how you get pigfaces with pinkwigs on powertrips, lol
    Clowns, I like the free circus show, do more complaining

    1. “the things some men will go through to stroke their phallus’s gently inside a wethole 2 inches from a fartbox”
      – comment of the century, my friend…

  7. a lot of second wave feminism was ‘environmentally conscious’ and this reflects the idea that “the patriarchy is killing the planet”. This equation of feminism with “saving the planet” (just bear with me we’re talking about what’s going on in the mush upstairs not reality) is what grounds the ‘maternal’ aspect of feminism: so long as feminism can pass its ISIS like destruction of ancient and worthy civilizations off as “making a better world for our kids” then braindead clucky mares around the globe will sign up on the dotted line. In fact it should be incredibly easy to demonstrate that feminism is creating a world which jeopardises future generations – a world where totalitarian governments reflecting the interests of corporate cartels sponsor every kind of anti-social ecological disaster imaginable. I’d go further than that and say feminism threatens (intelligent) life on earth, but then we already know that. So if its probably true that feminism does tap into the maternal instinct, it should be fairly easy to short-circuit that connection. Indeed while in the first instance any corrective needs to be addressed to mankind as a whole, in the second women themselves should be targeted to let them know what an absolutely disastrous world they are creating for both their sons and daughters, that through their participation in, connivance with or failure to actively oppose the predations of feminism they are demonstrating themselves to be unsuitable mothers, potential or existing. To be a feminist should ultimately be seen as disqualifying a woman from the role and function of motherhood itself, let alone any kind of extension of that role within wider society.

    1. I got that NY Times alert as well mid reading. I really hope that who she loses too is a better president than Obama. Or will the last 8 years of a shit show bring in a Republican to re-instate the patriarchy? Should be an interesting 2016 debate. I hope the geneticists preserving Hilary will keep her ready for next year.

      1. I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think we’ll have a straight white male president in the foreseeable future.. maybe never.. We have women, gays, lesbians, trannies, etc, we have to get through. And by the time this is over, we’re done as a nation.

      2. Re-instate the patriarchy? You mean bringing in the traditional values, 1950’s mindset? Or something a bit more militant like locking up feminists?

        1. She got that wheel spinnin’ a while ago. The trick is going to be to keep sticking axe handles in the spokes.

        2. She’ll win man.. Next to the hysteria that will surround it all, did you see the possible candidates both dems and repubs? It’s the fucking Muppets Show.

        3. ” . . . did you see the possible candidates . . . It’s the fucking Muppets Show.”
          That’s the big picture problem. Mine is that I’m in NY so with Hillary in I am already effectively disenfranchised. Not that I’m not used to that.

        4. Out of sheer masochism, watch her video and tell me if you see any straight male in it. Maybe I blinked. It’s all women, gays, lesbians, single mothers etc. It’s so in our face, I can’t believe we’re so far into the war on men. motherfucking cunt!

  8. All women, much like children and dogs, desire and in fact need to have limitations set for them by a strong male. When a dog doesn’t have an alpha to follow it is damaging to both the dog and everything around it. A dog under a powerful alpha is at peace, serene.
    A child without clearly defined boundaries is bound to be a failure in life, a child with a strong paternal figure may push those boundaries but deep down the knowledge that breaking said boundaries has consequences provides, again, peace and security.
    A woman, left to her own devices and absent a strong male influence setting limitations for her behavior and conduct, well, feminism. Everything feminists do is one enormous, societal shit-test.
    Demanding the right to vote? Are you going to put me in my place, are you?
    Equal pay for equa.. haha “equal” work? How about now, are you going to tell me to get back to the kitchen now?
    Divorce rape? Surely you’re going to do something now, right?
    This is why men from more masculine cultures are so desirable to especially younger girls, sure they might get a slap here and there but at least Akif from Syria isn’t going to put up with your shit.
    This is also why things like 50 shades of gray sells so well, deep down they desire the comfort of being controlled, dominated and, ultimately, free in the knowledge that they exist under the auspices of an Alpha Male. Just as a child is never more at peace and secure than in the arms of its father, a woman has much the same needs.
    Boundaries, men are the one and only human that has the intellect, emotional fortitude, morality and maturity needed to set his own.

    1. I agree. It’s also evident men failed this grand scale shit test. And as a consequence the society is falling apart.

      1. “Why do they get to keep the money? what the fuck are those bitches going to spend it on, that I don’t buy them?”

  9. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words. The photo of the bitch sawing off the cross is all the evidence you need in regards to the total contempt and disrespect these bitches have towards religion(An important pillar in any flourishing civilization). What can you expect when a society continues to humiliate and taunt religion whilst at the same time, look to portray religious people as lunatics. When a society becomes Godless, guilt and shame(necessary tools for behavioral control) becomes non existent.
    God fearing society = order, sense of purpose/direction, and responsibility to yourself and your community.
    Godless society= chaos, pain, an obsession with hedonism, irresponsibility

    1. God wants us to be happy in life by serving him. It is telling that in a Godless society like ours, everyone is unhappy and has no purpose.

  10. That red haired chick has become the poster gal for rabid crazy feminists. She’s all over the internet. I can’t imagine her being a good mother .

  11. The bitch cutting down a cross. Not religious but I just find it amazing how you can do whatever you want to the Christian religion

      1. I bet God was pissed when that bitch cut down the cross. She basically spit in the face of Jesus, who died for her ungrateful ass.

        1. Well if she’s still alive , than with God’s Great Mercy he’s probably giving her a chance to Repent and confess her Sins.

        2. Considering how brainwashed feminists are, I kinda doubt that she will find Jesus. Feminism is a rejection of God’s law and revolves around embracing the spirit of Jezebel. Feminism is a form of Demon worship.

    1. Is it wrong of me to have an almost irresistable craving to take the chainsaw out of her hands and try it out on her?

      1. It’s a natural reaction. Not the proper Christian reaction but a natural one. Having said that, if you need any help I’ll hold the bitch down for ya…

        1. And me, not even a christian. I am just flabbergasted and utterly disgusted by the complete lack of respect for the symbol behind which, essentially, she can thank every freedom and privilege she has ever had in her life, up to and including the fact that she is not dead or wearing a Burkha.

    2. Whether you are a Christian or not it is simply completely disrespectful. These assholes talk about tolerance and completely intolerant. I wonder why they don’t cut down Menorahs or deface them. Ever notice that they don’t attack Judaism, a monotheistic religion that also recognizes god as being male? The shit would hit the fan if they did that.

    3. Whether you are religious or not it is easy to recognize that Christianity and men are the two groups you can mock and desecrate today with virtually no repercussions

    4. I’d rather know if it was a cross on Catholic property, or one of the Protestant churches. If it’s Catholic, I think she’ll be good with a few Hail Mary’s. If it belonged to a Protestant church…well who cares, they’re not real Christians anyway, so no harm, no foul with a false cross.

  12. I look at how out of control these woman are, and think non of them realize the only reason they get away with their behavior is because of Western Chivalry.

  13. Lol at the fatty with the “My Body, My Rules” written on her.
    Apparently, rule #1 is to slam an entire pizza down her grill – no sharing.

    1. “My Body, My Rules” ~ No problem. I understand. My fist is a stamp. Come here and let me notarize that set of rules for ya!

    2. How long until they have to start screaming for the right to drop a steamer wherever and whenever they want to, just for something to be angry about? You know, ‘My body, My Rules’
      “I can lay a steamer on the floor at Starbucks if I want and I won’t let the patriarchy tell me I can’t. My body, my steamer, my rules.”

    1. To be honest, as Christian I’m not bothered at all. One begin to grow a callus after being repeatedly hitten at the same spot.

      1. Yeah, but I am not a christian. That’s why it’s surprising to me that I find the idea of someone taking a chainsaw to well-treated, cared for, and attractive wood like that to make a very very stupid political statement.
        I would be similarly disturbed if I saw someone defiling the vietnam memorial with a jackhammer. I don’t LIKE the vietnam war, I think it was a huge waste of lives, but that doesn’t mean I want an anti-war protester spoiling the memorial.

  14. “In short, the haggard witches known as feminists have waved their wands, stuck a broom stick up their skirts, and their spawn has since appeared: social fucking justice.” ~ Actually it all started with the abolitionists, not the feminists. Feminism is an offshoot of abolitionism. It’s like saying all of our problems are because of the Jews. Sure they have had a BIG hand to play in the destruction of Western Civilization but they had PLENTY of help from the WASP elite who also deserve to be blamed/indicted.

      1. I agree but it’s like the argument about who killed Christ. Everyone used to blame the Jews but now they want to blame the Romans. The Romans did help the Jews because it was in their best interests, or so they thought at the time. The Romans were used as pawns, but willing pawns. I see no difference with our WASP elite. I can give the Romans a pass from sheer ignorance but our WASP elite deserve even more blame for selling out their own. Hitler would have succeeded were it not for white Americans sacrificing themselves for an ignoble cause. Having been manipulated by both the jews and their own people in government, academia and the media. Besides we are digressing. My main point was that feminism is a direct result of abolitionism, the Civil Rights of their day. The women wanted to get up and speak about ending slavery and the men said shut up and sit down, you’re an inferior woman. I quite often see the same mentality here on ROK. “This here cracker/nigger is my Bro! You fucking Ho’s gotta go!” Biological differences between the sexes are valid but do not exist racially as race is a social construct. Half way home to EGALITARIANISM.

  15. A lot of people say that our society is decline, and they point to this or that as evidence. However, head and shoulders above all else is the sub-replacement birth rate in many countries, including the US. Our population is holding steady only because of a continuous influx of low-skilled Mexican immigrants, many of whom, even several generations later, aren’t integrating well into full American society. And yet, a lot of people seem to ignore this situation, and brush it off as if it were nothing.
    Imagine if you go to the doctor and he notices that your cells are dying off faster than they can replace themselves. He’s not entirely sure why, but he doesn’t really care, because as long as you keep getting transfusions of new blood, you’ll be okay. For now. If that happened to you, would you shrug your shoulders and not worry about it, or would you think that maybe you should figure out what the fuck is wrong and rectify it?

  16. Could be for the better, actually
    Social justice mindsets, like all things, are caused in part by biology – it is beneficial to humanity if they do not breed

  17. “Only women now have the right to speak aggressively, limit the speech
    and thought of others, and get away with it: all in the name of justice.”
    The phrase, alone, speaks volumes of what’s happening in our society today. I would add that it’s mostly white women (western cultures) who think they are the “police” of free speech (or thoughts). They have all the answers and you shouldn’t think (or say) otherwise.

  18. There are few women today who genuinely want to be mothers and wives dedicated to their natural role in the world. Society teaches women to reject the complimentarity of the sexes and instead, embrace sameness of the sexes. Not even equality anymore, sameness is what they seek. It’s a shame that a modern society so attached to science and scientific progress and discovery rejects the inherent biological and psychological complimentarity that has been obvious to every society and generation since the dawn of man.

  19. Meanwhile in China, 5 privileged (bored) upper class females decided to manufacture some pseudo emotion over sexual harassment a few days before ‘International Women’s Day.’ The pattern begins in China.
    Oh, yeah. The Chinese government response? JAIL. They’re not about to let the virus of feminism wreck their country. Much like Putin backhanding those ‘Pussy Riot’ idiots.
    “Cough, cough, BRICS index fund, cough, cough”

    1. 5 aspiring chinese feminists made up a story, and got thrown in the slammer? You got a link?
      Too bad its so overpopulated, might have been a good time to learn mandarin

    2. “They’re not about to let the virus of feminism wreck their country.”
      It already has considering that chinese women are dumping their men for loser white guys.

      1. ‘Loser’ white guys? You mean guys who actually like women? Unlike comically latent Eastern Hemisphere males. What does any of this have to do with feminism?

  20. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;[a] she must be quiet.
    1 Timothy 2:12

  21. The funny part is that a traditional stay-at-home mom is actually a good investment for a working dad. The values of services provided, such as child care, cooking, cleaning, and in some cases, primary education, can easily be quantified. Add those up and if you have yourself such a woman, you are actually coming out ahead financially.

  22. I hope that if a slutwalk ever happens in Dallas Tx, somone will throw dog shit at those ugly hags.

  23. Yep. Women’s natural role is bare foot, pregnant and in kitchen. No amount of extreme feminist ideology will change this God ordained path.

    1. Barefoot? Never underestimate the aesthetic of a good pair of heels. And I don’t recall the part of the Bible where God says women need to be kept in a constant state of pregnancy or in a kitchen. Or barefoot. I doubt all women want to be a Michelle Duggar.

  24. I dunno about the whole “women are designed to be caregivers” thing.. but feminists and SJW should be prevented from having children. Coz one thing’s for sure, every child — especially boys — brought up in that toxic environment I’ve ever known, has grown up deeply unhappy and self-hating.

  25. I’m an atheist and that picture of the woman cutting down the cross with a chainsaw offends me to the core. Who the fuck does this over-grown child think she is. The property owner should have been well within their rights to warn her and then shoot her if she persisted. I realise this incident most likely didn’t take place in the USA, but people everywhere should have the right to defend their property.

  26. I completely agree, motherhood is the natural expression of womanhood and when it is not expressed properly it turns into something sick and perverted like with a lot of women today! Luckily where I come from (rural Australia) nearly everyone has their first child before 20 and we really don’t have this problem for the most part, feminism is not a big thing here (although we still have some problems eg. the problem of women being terrible at being girlfriends/wives and men not knowing how to be real men so all relationships/marriages end up failing and the children are left in a broken home).

    1. At least in rural Australia, some sense of gender roles still prevails. In the cities, it is terrible.. feminist central!

  27. I bet that blonde whore just got away with cutting down that cross. Wish it would’ve fell on her and put her out of her misery.

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  29. Let natural selection do its work. Don’t be a beta who would have kids with a feminist and build a traditional family instead. With time, everything will return to its natural state.

  30. I tip my hat to the early feminists that have allowed me to collect a fair wage in a man dominated work place. On the other hand these modern feminists are crazy. Do they really think destroying family values will benefit anyone? They’re all special princesses who want men to bow to them but at the same time they can do it themselves and are superior, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    1. I loved the feminists of my generation. My wife has been the pinch hitter financially. Although she usually made about 85 percent what I made, there were times she made more. It lowered my stress level as I saw her job as my unemployment insurance which, fortunately, I never needed.
      Feminism should have stopped around 1988. I have all the benefits of feminism. My wife cashed out her savings and paid off our house. She is out of work now and burned out from working in an office.
      So I support her finaincially now, she cooks and puts up food. I garden and look after our chickens.
      I hate the current feminists like Angela Marcotte, Jessical Valenti, and all the rape culture stuff. I liked holding doors open for girls. Enjoyed my youth. Happy now. Feminism is screwing up everything for my son’s age. I am telling him to go overseas to get married.
      A good woman is the world’s greatest blessing and treasure. I am glad I married one. Am sad for this generation.

  31. With the Government firmly in their corner, feminism is a tough adversary. The only thing you can do is NOT MARRY THEM OR HAVE KIDS WITH THEM, no matter what! I can’t stress this point enough. The ultimate revenge is seeing them grow old, fat and lonely, with nothing but their cats to keep them company.. that is what feminism should give them, so come on guys, let’s make sure that’s what it does give them. Feminism has tricked women into believing they are men, but they aren’t and never will be. You are an absolute fool if you commit to a bitter, nasty, masculine feminist who will never make you a sandwich… don’t be a statistic!

  32. Is this article for real? “Feminists have made their endgame clear: the destruction of the family and traditional values.” Oh no! The world is going to end! Wow, this was hilarious to read.

  33. This charade can only continue with the aid of beta, mangina, white knights. That fat feminst can only verbally harass a man because she feels secure enough that he won’t punch her in the fucking face. She wouldn’t dare behave that way in Myanmar for example. In that country she would immediately know her place lol.

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