Women Don’t Care Where You Get Your Money As Long As You Spend It On Them

If you were to ask me what percent of the loans that came across my desk were worthy of funding, I would say in 15 years and out of literally thousands of applications—5.

There were really only 5 people I would have lent money to.

The rest were either on the brink of bankruptcy, insolvent, or hopeless financial wrecks that had no capacity to ever pay us back.

But while you may be envisioning poor wrecks, bums off the street, truly destitute people applying for loans, the truth is most of the applicants were very well dressed, all drove luxury imported cars, and always seemed to have a trophy wife or trophy girlfriend.  Of course when I was younger I didn’t get it.  I couldn’t understand why beautiful, young ladies would be attracted to old, financially insolvent shysters who pissed away their money.  But as I aged I realized that for the most part, these girls were too naive and stupid to be able to read a balance sheet, let alone know the difference between debt and equity spending.  And thus, when these frauds inevitably filed for bankruptcy and had to sell the house, it was a shocker to “Bambi the Trophy Wife Ditz” and she would invariably leave the man.  Therefore, when I wrote my first book about the housing crisis I came up with a financial dictum:

“Women don’t know the difference between debt and equity spending.”

However, allow me to introduce two items.  One, this article by Dr. Helen.  In it she cites a study where men with fancy cars enjoy a success rate of 24% when approaching women.  Men with “average cars” enjoy a rate of about half that.  And men with “poor cars” only succeed about 8% of the time.  Two, a buddy of mine who I just recently saw at the gym.  He’s a great guy.  Hard worker, but doesn’t have a ton of money.  Matter of fact asked me about some financial advice.  But why then, when leaving the gym, did I see his car which is a luxury car?  He can barely afford it, and if he got rid of it most of his financial problems would go away.

Then it hit me. Not only do women not know the difference between debt and equity spending, but…

they don’t care.

Once you spend money on a woman realize you have forfeited all ownership and control of that money.  You can’t get your money back when she eats it in the form of sushi or drinks it in the form of a flirtini.  You can’t get your money back when you buy her fake tits.  And you can’t get your money back when you sign up for that 3 year, 36,000 limited mile lease on that luxury car so she can parade herself in front of all her female friends.  In other words, women don’t care how you got the money, as long as you spend it on them.

Sadly as the study Dr. Helen cites and the empirical behavior of women proves, women use men’s spending as a screening tool to select the “best man.”  This presents a problem because it can easily result in an escalating arms race where men have to outspend each other.  This can spiral out of control as men sacrifice their financial stability (and futures) all to hopefully get a little play in the end.  Worse still it provides a sexual and psychological disincentive to be fiscally austere and frugal which is what every 20 something and 30 something man should be, arguably until death.

So what is a horny little 20 something man to do?

First, realize the way to win the game is not to play.  Unless you are truly rich, you cannot afford to play this game.  Inevitably you will run out of money and will not be able to keep up the facade.  It is a lose-lose situation and you are putting girls ahead of yourself if you do decide to play.

Second, faux-play this game on the cheap.  You can always wear fancy clothes.  You can always groom yourself to look like a million bucks.  You can always make it look like you have money without having to resort to blowing $50,000 on a car.  Choose the cheap options to make you look rich, not the expensive ones.

Third, aim to be the badboy.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, bad boy motorcyclist trumps 42 year old investment banker.  This means lifting weights, maybe getting a tattoo, and learning to ride a motorcycle.  It also means getting all the commensurate attire that goes with it.  Leather vest, pumped arms, you basically want to look like Danny from “Counts Kustoms.”  It may take effort, but it’s infinitely cheaper and infinitely better for your checkbook to be a bad boy than a fake Country Club, BMW-driving poser.

You follow that advice and not only will you avoid the self-destructive spending-arms race, you’ll avoid becoming the hated $30K Millionaire.

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258 thoughts on “Women Don’t Care Where You Get Your Money As Long As You Spend It On Them”

  1. So if I look like that guy Danny Koker I’ll also be able to hug hot chicks like this one? lolzlolz
    Just joking ..I looked him up to see who he was and thought that picture was funny 😀 Good article.

      1. At first when I saw that picture, I thought that her chemotherapy must not be affecting her appetite.

        1. Looks like I screwed up because I made that comment about some biker looking fag and fat girl, which dont appear in this story. I only see the two greaseballs at the top on it. Dont know how I posted on the wrong story.

  2. There are plenty of women who will go after the 42 year-old investment banker Country Club BMW poser. Unfortunately, they’re the women who get really fat, spend money like water, and will divorce your ass the minute the kids leave for college.

    1. Amen. I will choose a hipster chick with an opinion about something then some pop tart with a tan. Besides, I have noticed to douchebag look is a declining interest. Especially among younger women.

    2. There’s definitely a line between looking like a douche, and looking your best such that women presume success. That line is not as fine as you might imagine. In fact, it can be as simple as wearing an expensive watch while in your biker jacket.

      1. You’d be an idiot to wear an expensive watch while in your “biker jacket” (by which I assume you mean either a leather vest or your club colors).
        There’s a fine line between sharp dressed and douchebag. The biggest catch all look is when you appear to be well put together, successful, and clean….but without looking like you are a “try hard” and doing it just because you’re seeking validation.

    3. Agreed. And not only is looking like a douche contrary to an intelligent man’s long term economic interests, acting like one is even more so. Looking good can take many forms, why go gutter rat style? Get bespoke clothing made next time you are on vacation. It is affordable and very good value assuming one is not having it tailored in any place where guys like us are ‘enjoying the decline’. Really a guy has to do what he wants, vagina’s be damned. I am the owner of a new luxury EU vehicle and I bought it, in cash, because I always wanted one and for no other reason. My next vehicle could be a Porsche, Ducati or a ‘lowly’ F350. What anyone else wants will not factor into the decision!
      To answer the author’s un asked riddle…..? We see a lot more douchbag millionaires with women because it’s a doable archetype for a man of any budget. Not many guys can play baller like an investment banker. For the record, IB guys are often a shit ton smarter in the money and women dept than people on this site give them credit for.
      Have I told you guys about the time I scored 4 touchdowns in a single game?

      1. I’ve known some of them……they’re usually very smart at making money short term, and being in the hyper-competitive culture that Investment Banking is teaches them to be very good social manipulators. However the ones I’ve known were usually not very wise. They were like toddlers. Very good at getting what they want, but clueless when it comes to doing what’s best for themselves(or their firms) in the long run. They’re also limited by the fact that while their thinking is at a high level, it’s still very tightly constrained and inside the box thinking.
        For example….the idea that whether the government tries to inflate or deflate the currency is largely irrelevant(it’s a minor influence compared to international capital flows and confidence indexes) isn’t going to occur to them because that truth was never in any of their textbooks.

        1. Wow, you really know the type. I have a friend who’s a complete idiot – GPA below the job cutoff, 3 withdrawals, never studies, gets drunk every day- but he talks very big. He takes roids and only works his arms ‘because that’s all girls see’. He just got an internship at GS ibd, and apparently the guys there like him because they share the same shortsighted perspective. Oh, and he’s an econ major, but if you said the words Phillips Curve he’d be absolutely clueless. Still, I’m the one who’s envious here, because he’s gonna be rich.

    4. Instead of the biker douchebag look, I suggest aiming for the true Bad Boy — James Bond. Elegant, suave, well-dressed, yet still lethal. Beneath the tailored suits is ripped muscle. That combination will beat out thugs every time — and score a higher level of pussy.

      1. Except Bond wasn’t a bad guy. He was a bad ass, but not a bad boy. He was following strict instructions and rules in order to serve a higher interest e.g. – the government of Her Majesty The Queen aka Great Britain. Bad ass does not necessarily equal bad boy.
        The difference then would be between bikers or, say, a CIA agent. Both can pull tail from their status alone, but the quality, or as you say “higher level” is arbitrary. Lots of rich bored wives and young adventure seeking college age chicks can’t get enough of bikers.
        It’s odd how some are saying “biker douchebag”. Lots of unfamiliarity with bikers on this thread. To be expected I suppose.

        1. Like I said…..15 minutes at any open 1%er party would probably cause most of these “Pickup Artist’s” minds to explode. That would be a dose of reality they aren’t ready.

        2. Im familure with bikers.So what bikers are you talking about?Hells angels? Outlaws? Southern gentelmen?Im around them all the time and I dont see any hot women.I mean I live in North Carolina so it might be different where you live but most of them are punks imo.

        3. They’ve got hot women…..but it varies widely. I’ve seen some of them with big old ladies(though I’ll give them credit because it was obvious the one in question made up for her looks with how useful she was to her man) and I’ve also seen 1%ers around here with some pretty hot young girls off their warm.
          Watching how the latter one treated their girl was enlightening to me. He wasn’t the least bit shy or intimidated by her, he was grabbing her butt and picking her up roughly right in front of everyone….and you could see it turned her on hard.

        4. Central US. I’m not going to say any more than that as it could lead to people figuring out the clubs I know.

        5. I understand.I live in the arm pit of the south so my views are a bit scewed.I love the south just not where I live anymore.

        6. I dont see any hot women
          They don’t call them hogs for nothing. Both the bikes and the females lol

        7. You answered your own question, you live in NC. No offense man, but the quality of women in the South has taken a deep, deep dive since the end of the 1980’s.

        8. Do women actually dig CIA agents? The agents I have known have been nerdy bookish types. And of course Bond is a complete fiction. That said, I can confirm that women adore well dressed athletic looking men. You embody strength, class and stability in one package and you will distinguish yourself from the average guy. Not only that, being well dressed elevates not only your confidence but the confidence that others have in you. And it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get some nice clothes, particularly if you make sure you have them tailored to fit.

        9. Funny that in one movie, a killer tells James is just like him because they both kill.
          He is a bitt miffed and answer that no, what he is doing is for the queen.
          I really liked that for some reasons. So unlike some more recent characters.

      2. Biker Douchebag? You mean like these guys?
        There’s a big difference between “Bikers” and wannabe thugs. If you don’t believe me then look up your local 1% club, find an open event, and then go there. I highly recommend you don’t open your mouth; just sit down with a beer and observe. The experience will destroy any preconceived notions you have about “alpha”.
        *Disclaimer* He is right that looking successful will score you a higher level of girl. The bikers I know usually have pretty hot women, but the impression I get is that “hot” is all they have to offer.

  3. ” In it she cites a study where men with fancy cars enjoy a success rate
    of 24% when approaching women. Men with “average cars” enjoy a rate of
    about half that. And men with “poor cars” only succeed about 8% of the
    time. “

    And men on motorcycles clean all of y’all’s clocks. heh
    My wife actually understands money and is not a big spender in any capacity. She prefers that I don’t spend large amounts of money on her for any occasion, preferring simple things like a walk in the park for a date, or a modest dinner on an anniversary or birthday (and if it’s cooked at home, even better). She’s tight as a Scotsman when it comes to spending, as am I to a large extent, hence how we’ve managed to save, invest and become quite well off over the course of our marriage. She’s stayed in good shape, kept her hair long, wears nice dresses and is still head turningly beautiful, at an age when all of her female peers have become man jawed, fat, sweats wearing grotesque parodies of women.
    And to top it off, when I buy a new firearm (cash) she enjoys going to the range with me to break it in. No nagging about money, no eye rolling, nothing. She understands cash flow, spending and debt and we apply it to our lives without argument. Worked a treat.
    Enough cannot be said about finding a traditional Old World farm girl, men. Not sure if it’s still possible, and it appears that I lucked out in a metaphysical sense, given what has become of women over the last 20-30 years.
    Now all of that to the side, NOWALT is not a counter-argument to the actual article. The peers of my wife, the ones who are not first generation American, are basically credit addicted women who cannot spend their husband’s paycheques quickly enough.

    1. Motherfucker if you don’t shut up about your lame ass bike and old ass wife I’m gonna pop off.
      Ol arthur fonzarelli wannabe. Leave your shitty leather at the YMCA with the Village People.

        1. He just wants attention. I posted one last time to him above, doubt he’ll get it, but hey, gotta try. We have enough emotional, hot headed and uncontrollable guys around these days, a man’s got to try to educate. If it stays name calling, oh well, so be it. Better things to do.

        1. There is nothing gay about riding a fucking motorcycle.
          Besides most gay comments stems from inner projection so that explains your case.

  4. If she isn’t saving 10% of her paycheck she isn’t going to save 10% of yours. And you should always be saving 10% of your paycheck even if you make $10/hr.

  5. I stand by my Bimmer. Those of us that can truly appreciate a good driving experience can rest assured that at least half the investment went towards that… and the other half being pussy

    1. Any car that you enjoy driving is a car worth owning, if for the experience of driving it, along with any comforts or features that you like on it. No question about that at all.
      Unfortunately lots of guys think that owning XYZ means pussy. Sometimes, yeah, and if you’re in it for the quick nookie without commitment, good on you. If you’re looking for anything other than a cheap fuck, however, then using a car to impress will yield sub-optimal results. It all depends on the context and what you’re shooting for, ultimately.
      Hands down though, motorcycles see far more prime tail chasing them than any car that I know of. The highest class broad will ditch everything to jump on the back of a hot biker’s bike, even if she’d never dare tell anybody about it later.

  6. I save %10 of my paycheck belong to a private golf club and drive BMW. Does this make me a poser because I can afford it?

    1. Same here……
      The only people that may think we are posers would be other guys…..so unless you are gay…what difference does it make what other men think?
      Not only that…but if they think we are posers it simply means they can’t afford one.
      I love driving mine and would not drive anything else.

    2. Same here……
      The only people that may think we are posers would be other guys…..so unless you are gay…what difference does it make what other men think?
      Not only that…but if they think we are posers it simply means they can’t afford one.
      I love driving mine and would not drive anything else.

      1. I find $25k cars are just as fun to drive as $60k cars, and I use the difference to travel to Europe/Asia business class. I don’t know how people survive back in coach on 8+ hour flights

      1. Golfer and drives BMW automatic poser. No questions asked. I see your hamster wheel is turning. Where is the logic man? It is so logical that women who see a BMW driver pull out of the golf course and automatically think he is rich. Next time you insult a man don’t use that hamster logic. I’d expect more from a man who comments on everything. Then again the computer screens always hide the truth.

    3. Golf is an elitist game that takes away free access to beautiful parks for the people.
      The worst part is that most golfers look like major douchebags and I am not exaggerating here. They occupy these great places with their pink polos covering their man-boobs.
      Most golfers are blue pill assholes who believe they are alphas, yet they never act alpha around their women.

      1. More bitter grapes from a loser.
        I guess that you would like all of that empty property turned into sec 8 housing or parks for the annoying uncouth underclass.Perhaps it could be made into a trailer park too.
        I have a few sets of clubs but really don’t play anymore but it’s a nice peaceful game and walking around in the fresh air is good for you (rather than sitting on your fat butt watching porn or playing some kid video game)
        And btw, at these clubs you don’t see obese people and certainly never the females. Stop getting all of your impressions from some dumb film or Caddyshack lol
        I can just imagine what would happy if these courses were public parks that anyone could go to. Besides the mess the lower class slobs would make you’d have fat girls waddling around in moomoos and the men would be wearing cheap ratty Walmart T shirts with baggy mid thigh cargo shorts and those shoes that negroes kill each other over when they go on sale at Footlocker lol

        1. Besides your point on the Walmart trolls the golf courses should be open as parks or just 9 holes…
          And I ain’t bitter Mr.BigAssMuncher

        2. It’s PRIVATE property you moron and they can use it in any way they choose. Or did your ‘bro Obama promise you free club membership too?
          Go buy a piece of land and then donate it to the town and make it a park.

        3. I know it’s private property you son of a bitch, my point is WHY the people allow this shit in the first place.
          The Government is nothing more than a cartel.

        4. Are you really this stupid? Private is not the government which is public. And the government is the people of the locality. If they wanted a town park they would make one and of course it would be limited to town residents because their taxes are paying for it. do you think that they want lower class slobs coming into their town park and messing it up and causing trouble?People live in certain areas so they don’t have to see or deal with the stupid minorities and blue collar whites. There are plenty of public parks around for the underclasses.

  7. The housing crisis was most likely brought on by men buying homes they couldn’t afford because they wanted to impress women, and guys who were henpecked into buying a home they couldn’t afford by a large, overbearing wife. The lesson here is that when one considers the female opinion, the economy collapses, especially your personal one.

    1. Yes-ish.
      More accurately it was brought about by Equalist socialist policies that forbade banks to loan based on sound, rational analysis. The policies themselves, of course, being an extension of the effeminate, emasculated Left who has never seen somebody so stupid in life that they couldn’t be made into a victim for political gain.

      1. And they certainly managed to fabricate a whole new batch of victims. A generation’s worth, at least.

        1. Agreed. My ability to sympathize with people who make mind numbingly stupid economic decisions has dwindled to 0.0%. While there are always people who are just plain unlucky no matter how well they prepared, the vast majority of “victims” we see these days were idiots who felt that they could live beyond their means indefinitely.
          Sorry kids, homey don’t play dat. If you can’t think beyond the moment and believe that your spending can outstrip your income forever, you’re a fool, and deserve to live under a bridge. Unfortunately, they’re not allowed to experience the hard knocks that come from such foolishness any longer, and they breed and create even more idiots.
          In an environment where one had to reap the consequences of “live for the day!” and irrational economics, there would be far fewer occurrences of it happening than what we have now where government jumps in to “bail out” everybody except the productive class.
          Meh, rambling.

        2. In Spain, everybody was doing it. Was that, or being alone forever. Imagine, you living with your parents and Pedro next door living in his new big apartment with three bathrooms. And this going on for ten years.

      2. Nope. The crisis was not started that way. US or Spain, the bubble was created by some very ingenious rich folk that control politicians. Banks did not wanted to make “rational loans”. They wanted the money behind the loans, and they got it. That sweet sweet CDS money, and then than sweet sweet TAARP money, from your pocket to Mister Goldman Sachs in a second. And none of those guys are socialists.

        1. It was ABSOLUTELY socialist.Where do you think TAARP money came from?That’s right, from the taxpayer.Government through central banks(the Fed reserve) and such acts as the community reinvestment act(among many others) caused the bubble.Yes,banks were complicit in making ‘bad’ loans,but that is because the Government was guaranteeing loans from those with high credit risk and default.In other words Govt promised , promoted ,and enforced the idea that everybody who wanted to should own a house,regardless if they were financially competent to do so.And the tax payer will foot the bill,which they did and still do.

        2. TAARP money did not come from the taxpayer – the taxpayers simply don’t have that kind of cash. It was printed on the (virtual) printing presses of the reserve bank.

        3. It will come from everyone, whether they pay taxes or not. It’s an outright transfer of wealth to the owning class.

        4. Same difference. Take my money via taxes or devalue it via inflation, you’re still taking my value/wealth and giving it away.

      3. It was brought on by a rolling back of legislation that forbade banks to gamble with the mortgage money.

        1. Yes, and it was done – EXPLICITLY STATED TO HAVE BEEN DONE – in the interest of housing equality. The banks didn’t shy away from the opportunity to make easy money, but the fact is that it was the GOVERNMENT that enabled it, and you aren’t even arguing that point – you said so yourself (rolling back legislation was your exact phrase. Banks can’t do that. Only government can. n fact, what they did was encourage bad investment by implicilty insuraing against these risky decisions, so it wasn’t even a rollback, it was the CREATION of a new policy that did this. If it weren’t for the displacement of risk implicit in the government’s “equalty” goals, the banks would never, ever have made these risky choicesm because that would have been suicidal. They knew they’d get bailed out.).
          We’re talking around each other, saying the same thing in different ways. The biggest difference here between you and me is that I’ll bet money you’re going to argue for the government to step in and fix it, when even you admit that it was they that either caused it, or at least participated in enabling it.
          You don’t fix a problem by turning the people that caused it loose on the solution, to do the exact same things all over again.
          It was a mixture of socialist/cronyist policies that caused this issue. Both of those problems are solved by returning to capitalism and ending this BS sociaist/cronyist experiment we’ve been running for the last thirty years.
          None of these problems are solved by doubling down and socializing more.

        2. tl:dr – the banks would not have had the power to tank the economy if the cronyist/socialist policies of the government didn’t grant it to them in the first place.

    2. “A woman’s test is material. A man’s test is a woman…if a
      man could fuck in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.” –
      Rabbi Dave Chappelle.

    3. It had nothing to do with impressing women since men were doing that long before the so called housing crisis and wives always wanted a house. The problem was giving loans to people who couldn’t really afford the payments. The sort of people who don’t understand that adjustable mortgages go up, taxes increase and the other costs of owning property in addition to living expenses.

    1. This would seem to indicate that the motivation for organized crime was feminine in origin.

      1. Ask Tony Montana.
        I think most organized crime is rationalized away as an extension of the hustle mentality. You want to compete with adjacent men to ‘win,’ be it money, fame, women. Soon your philosophy recognizes that some choices are illegal or corrupt, but since they seem to be choices that advance you anyway, well, you gave in long ago.
        Think of crime as a conflict of interest with society. By definition, to avoid a conflict of interest, you need to avoid the conditioning that leads you to it. That would mean avoiding the hustle.

      2. I don’t see where you got that idea from, Jeremy.
        Organized crime in the modern era is typically a response to demand for something when a government or society tries to squash supply. The organized crime that exists today is usually centered around making profits off drugs, prostitution, and gambling. It’s about money, power, and to a limited extent, brotherhood.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s noble. But it doesn’t strike me as feminine.

        1. Remember Godfather II? When young Don Corleone offs the local gangster and takes his place, what is the first thing he does? Buys nice things for his wife. That speaks for itself.

        2. The Godfather is FICTION.The author said that he made the whole thing up. As far as the young Don, he was working in some grocery store when he got fired and he only got involved in crime because he was so desperate to take care of his family living there in that slum apartment. I guess he felt that he and his wife could use a few things they didn’t have when living in poverty. He didn’t get into crime to make a lot of money to impress some female

      3. Well…here’s the way that a mentor of mine( A highly decorated commander in Vietnam who managed to get a 50,000 bounty on his head) said about it:
        “We all have our gangs….that is how most people get ahead in life, they join a gang so that they can work together and advance each other that way. The police, this club…they are all gangs in a way too!”

      4. JP Morgan does organized crime now. They basically fund Hezbollah and launder money for gangs. When they get fined by the government, they just write it off like any other business expense.

  8. Being a fake bad boy is a great way to get shot/stabbed/gang beaten. You might be better off going for fake rich guy and blowing all your money.
    Also, a great way to drive a nice car is to buy one of the slightly used ones the fake rich guys are selling, nothing depreciates in value so much as a luxury car but they still look all nice!

      1. And if you guys think a “spending arms race” is bad just wait till you see the rampant stupidity and lack of self interest showed during the “bad boy arms race”.
        Its the birth place of “lets you and him fight”

    1. If you’re enough of a pussy that you stand a chance of being mistaken for one even if you play dress up, then you’re correct, stay away. Some guys started out as bikers though, and re-capturing that can be quite useful. But yeah, if you’re a simp, don’t try it.
      Good advice on purchasing cars on the cheap.

  9. I am of the opinion, along with one of my favorite economists Peter Schiff, that you should only buy luxury goods (like a BMW), if you can pay cash for them but then not go into debt in other ways as a result of the purchase. If you must finance a vehicle, finance a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic and try to make that thing last 15 years or more.
    Going into debt for a car (or any item) is only wise if it is an income-generating asset (some people think going into debt for anything is a bad idea). “Income-generating asset” means work clothing, transportation, food, etc. All of the necessities to get you to work where you will earn a paycheck, and where you will sit at your desk and read RoK.

    1. I think even buying a luxury car in cash is a problem because the maintenance can be more than the equivalent payment. I once owned a BMW – the maintenance was crippling. In honesty, I think it best to stay far away from women who judge you for your car. They are truly disgusting creatures.

      1. Absolutely agree. If the economy collapses and their is an upheaval as in Argentina in 2001, it’s best not to be driving an expensive car. You will be seen as “rich” and be picked off by the mobs fast. I prefer to fly under the radar and drive a junker. No one bothers to break into it.

        1. And also you need the cash to cheaply buy amazing real estate and become really rich when the economy finally swings up. Which it did.

        2. Well done. TPTB have always done this historically. Old wealth always out maneuvers nouveau riche. I always stay liquid and carry little debt. When there is a move to be made you need to be ready. The USA stock market is a Ponzi scheme. Smart money will exit first and let dumb money die. I prefer tangible assets, PMs and laying low.

      2. Being a ROK reader and a RedPill…….
        1. How would you prefer women to judge you?
        2. How do you think they judge you (in reality)?

        1. Fair question.
          Tbh I truly care not a whit for the judgements of women. They have all their little judgements of you that change with the wind and they can judge all they want provided they recognise who’s in charge. If they don’t want to follow my lead they can get off at the next stop. As Walder Frey said in Game of Thrones “I’ll find another…”

        2. “provided they recognise who’s in charge”…
          So you DO care for their judgement!
          If you think of yourself as an ALPHA but they see you as an BETA/OMEGA….it means that you won’t get any pussy…regardless if you think of yourself as an Alpha or not….as far as they are concerned you are NOT in charge.
          So we WANT women to see us as ALPHA.

        3. I don’t follow your logic. A judgement is an opinion about which one can care or not. Authority is the power to achieve some end. There is no relationship between these words.
          Think what you like but do as I say. That’s all I care about. Trust me, I don’t lie awake at night wondering if women see me as alpha.

      3. You lease high priced luxury cars through your LLC, and deduct them as a business expense. BMW, as well as other luxury brands comes with free maintenance.Then swap ever 2-3 years without spending 5k on costly repairs.

    2. Your favorite economist is wrong.
      I’m getting close to 30% return on my investments now…..borrowing is only costing me 4.1%…..So stands to reason that I should leverage my car purchase and pay 4.1% interest instead of using my savings where I’m getting 30%.

      1. Wow! 30%! You can invest however you want if you’re getting those kinds of returns! Especially if they are returns on multiple hundreds of thousands, or millions.
        Nonetheless, for the average person, the expensive car accomplishes the same task that an inexpensive car accomplishes – it got you to work where you earned the 30% return, or whatever income you made. And paying 4.1% for a $60,000 car is worse than paying 4.1% on a $15,000 car, of course. I could earn 100% return on a $50,000 investment, netting a $50,000 gain in a year, but the car payment on a Lambo at 4.1% is still unattainable.

        1. I understand your point…however a car is MORE than simply a way to get from A to B….at least some of us think it is.
          The same way that eating is more than just shoving nutrients down your gob….there is a difference between filet mignon and chuck steak….I’m sure both are equally nutritious.

        2. It does the same job but you’re willing to pay more because you like driving expensive brand new cars.
          Unless impressing people with your car is part of your job, it’s a hobby.

        3. Consider the photo bellow…..
          Both have the same equipment….the one on the left may have a bit “more” equipment than the one on the right….and they will both get your from A to B….again the one on the left you may have to make a few detours in order to get to your final destination.
          Which one would you prefer to “ride”?
          Which one would give you DHV?

        1. A 10-20% correction (crash) would simply be an welcome opportunity to make even greater returns….
          I tend to be a “short-term” investor…two-three weeks is very much the longest I’ve held to any single position…..
          Are you an active private investor yourself?

        2. Not active, I hold indexes and cash. Still looking for a put strategy when the market drops…
          I guess you’re using technical valuations to know when to buy and sell, any software you recommend? thx.

        3. “Still looking for a put strategy when the market drops…”
          A lot of people been doing that….since 2008!
          They missed the opportunity of 200-300% growth waiting for the “right” time to get in.
          Indexes and Cash is great and SAFE…that is what I do….that is why I’m “only” getting 25-35% py instead of 100%+ a year.
          I use technicals (charts…graphs…etc…) for everything….I buy/sell when my charts tell me to NO EXCEPTIONS….I don’t pay any attention to “experts” or what CNBC says….that is just noise…
          It took me around 10 months to fine tune my strategy and I use a spreadsheet for all my work…no fancy software necessary.

  10. Time to break out the weekend rental!
    I will add to your maxim – women simply don’t understand money full stop. They don’t understand the importance of limiting your spending to within cash flow, disposable income or the importance of building equity and limiting debt.

    1. I know this is NAWALT, and that the exception does not disprove the rule, but my experience with my wife stands in contradiction to your statements.
      That said, my experience with every other woman in my life, including my mother, aunts and sisters, confirms your statement.

      1. LOL – then you have chosen wisely my son!
        Not all women are created equal alas and your wife stands head and shoulders above the rest. My woman is great also but if I let her decide how much I spent on things I would be in the poor house. Instead my funds stay tightly clenched inside my iron fist.

      2. Any third world woman can work hard as hell. Western Women so not know what work is.

    2. I agree, but I don’t feel it’s an inherent biological weakness. Biology does predispose women to seek out resources, but it does not predispose them to devalue such resources. I feel like the reason most women have no concept of money is because they never had to do a hard days work for peanuts in their life. Most men, at some point in their life, have had to put in a truly hard day of work. Usually they get taught this sort of thing early, by being tasked with yardwork for an allowance at home.

    3. Some do. My husband built our empire on fiat. I took most of the money he gave me for my allowance and invested in gold and silver. He laughed at me. His pile has been eroded by inflation. My shiny is doing quite well as a wealth holder. We now agree to hedge together with a combo of physical and other revenue generating assets.

  11. I agree that being rich is not possible for everyone and pretending to be one is a road to financial disaster. At the same time pretending to be a bad boy if your are not one is not easy either. There’s a saying a fox can never be a tiger no matter how many stripes it gets on its skin. Bad boys are essentially people who are willing to beat up others and willing to get beaten up. They usually don’t care what others think of them and do what they please. They get to be that way by going through a series of experiences probably on the street. The successful bad boys are the survivors of several tough experiences. A lot of boys join gangs etc hoping to learn to be bad boys, most of them end up dead, beaten and broken or in jail.

    1. I must add that I really liked this article. It explains some very important life’s facts in such a way that even the most stupid person can understand.

    2. Yeah, good call. It may seem like advice out of a woman’s magazine, but there’s truth to the idea that you should do whatever it is you were born to do. If you don’t have the “warrior gene”, that natural badboy demeanor/temper, or the difficult life experiences required to turn you into one, you probably won’t be much more successful with this approach than the poor guy pretending to be rich.
      Better to take whatever natural abilities you have, whatever they are, and maximize those instead. Find your real niche instead of trying to square-peg-in-a-round-hole yourself into a niche you don’t belong into.

  12. It has occurred to me by reading the comments that some of y’all may profit by understanding bikers/bad boys and how to do it correctly.
    As pointed out by other men here, if you are not man enough to be able to at least dress like, associate with and ride beside any given real biker without being mistaken for a pussy, then don’t do it. And that’s good advice. You’ll be spotted as a poser in short order, and if you open your mouth and start thinking alpha means being a loud, obnoxious asshole, you will learn in very short order what a first class beating feels like on the receiving end. Assuming you don’t simply disappear.
    If you are a naturally masculine guy, a few pro tips to start.
    1. Good build, leather, nice bike (cruiser preferred, dirt/off road generally laughed at, crotch rocket sometimes depends on your age). Can’t be neglected. Before you go leather crazy though, head out to a couple of “bike nights” in your area and check out what the general folk wear to them. You can go in with too little and be ok, but if you’re trying to compensate for inexperience by over-doing it you’ll be spotted as a poser. A good place for bike nights, at least in the midwest, is a place called Quaker Steak & Lube, they hold bike nights across the midwest of the U.S. that are fun and draw a large crowd.
    2. Walk the walk, but don’t talk the talk until you’ve hung around long enough to listen to a whole lot of conversations. Nothing smells of effort so much as a guy throwing around incorrect terminology or making situation inappropriate references. Many states have state-level biker mags that are given out for free at Harley shops and other motorcycle shops, check some out. Read, listen, absorb, but keep your impulse to show off with words curbed until you have experience under your belt.
    3. Ride. For real ride. If you’re a trailer towing “motorcyclist” you’re the lowest form of biker and generally looked down on and mocked. Don’t be that guy. Instead, start attending some memorial rides (Fallen Heroes, vet rides, etc). Just ride, appreciate the scenery, be seen at these and over time you’ll be accepted as one of the regulars. If you can muster it, even go to a few rallies if you have any around (and if you’re in the U.S., you likely do). You’ll know you’re doing it right when brothers start suggesting you tag along with them to Sturgis or Daytona.
    4. Never…ever…ever…make fun of a man’s old lady. Never…ever…ever…stand and stare and try to come on to an man’s old lady. See that patch (or tattoo) that says “Property of” on her? Yeah, it’s that serious. Real bikers still institute high alpha value and women wait in line to submit to them, so if a man claims a woman as his you better damned well respect that, or there will be consequences that you, or your next of kin, will not enjoy in the least.
    5. Do NOT join an MC at first. MC = Motorcycle Club, which is the new way of saying Motorcycle Gang. If you don’t know what the reference to “percenter” means, you have no business even playing initiate in one of these MC’s. Even the benign MC is taken seriously, and wearing colors sends off a lot of very distinct social messages that you do NOT want to assume until you understand the culture thoroughly. I’ve been riding since I was ten years old and zipping dirt bikes through cornfields and I still refuse to wear colors or join an MC, even though I’m legacy for a specific 1%’er MC. Just avoid MC’s altogether. Ride with them if they ask and you make friends, say to a Vet’s Memorial ride or something, but don’t petition to join and kindly ask to be given more time if you’re asked to petition. This is “how to avoid being shivved” advice, that you fail to heed at your own discretion.
    6. If you do all of this right, you WILL start being approached by more skirts than you’ve dreamed possible. Go for it, as long as you adhere to rule 4 above. If she once had a “property of” patch on, and just broke up, avoid her though, at least for a couple of months. But again, the women friggin’ flock to us bikers, and I don’t mean just the scary ones, there are battalions of hot alpha seeking young women out there who are so disgusted with modern men that they arrive in herds to bike nights and rallies looking for anything approaching a manly man.
    7. As always, be cautious but friendly. Keep in mind that most real bikers carry sidearms and knives, and know how to use them. Never let your attitude get the best of you. If this is too much to handle for you, get a BMW and go the other route. On the other hand, bikers make the best goddamned friends you’ll ever have, and they are literally the kind that will have your back when everybody else has fled.

        1. I’ll find a way to live with the rejection. I did learn about the “old lady” thing on there though. I won’t be insulting any biker wives.
          I did learn to ride but in the end decided against it. I couldn’t get comfortable with the potential for serious injury. So I stick to the combat sports – my version of being a bad boy. And I still look great in a biker jacket.
          And I have heard it said, “real bad boys move in silence”. You won’t hear me yelling at anyone and I always do my best to avoid physical confrontation. But if there is no avoiding it, I am ready for it.

    1. 1. Good build, leather, nice bike (cruiser preferred, dirt/off road
      generally laughed at, crotch rocket sometimes depends on your age).
      Can’t be neglected. Before you go leather crazy though, head out to a
      couple of “gay nights” in your area and check out what the general folk
      wear to them. You can go in with too little and be ok, but if you’re
      trying to compensate for inexperience by over-doing it you’ll be spotted
      as a poser. A good place for gay nights, at least in the midwest, is a
      place called Quaker Steak & Lube, they hold gay nights across the
      midwest of the U.S. that are fun and draw a large crowd.
      Just changed 3 “bike” into “gay”, made me laugh at least.

      1. Ok. I’m trying to help the men here if they follow the advice of “bad boy biker” given in the article, but I appreciate your sense of humor.
        Last thing I’d like to see happen is some naive young men get hurt as a result of not knowing the culture they may be attempting to assimilate into.

        1. “Last thing I’d like to see happen is some naive young men get hurt as a result of not knowing the culture they may be attempting to assimilate into.”
          Let the young “men” get paralyzed or die instead….much better lesson for them.

        2. Right man. I don’t get the anger here, just trying to help guys considering this route. Personally I’d advise most folks here to simply stay away (and in fact, that’s what I advised, if a guy can’t pass muster without the leather/bike, he ain’t gonna make that up with leather/bike).
          But, it’s the internet, where everybody has to swing their dick around and roar in ways that they can’t in real life.
          Take’er easy Kurt, good talking to you man.

        3. You need to understand that it was you guys’ advice that got us there in the first place. Because I listen to a bunch of ” old school” “Man up” has beens trying to impress a young man rather than guide him I’m in the state im in.
          There are some great mentors on the site. Peter Andrew Nolan comes to mind. Because he gives advice that helps young men avoid the pitfalls of marriage and being taken advantage of. You guys just keep reinforcing blue pill myths. You’re not really red pill yourselves, because deep down in the back of the minds when you think about America you still have an image of the freaking sandlot in your mind.
          Bikers. That went out the second uncle Jesse sported leather on Full House. But the hamsters are strong out here.

        4. Total hogwash. You came on here to flex nuts. You’re telling young men not to be ” bikers. ” Hey guys- dont join the Confederate army. Bout the same level of relevance.
          You didn’t come on here to help anyone. You came on here to flex nuts and dominate the conversation, de railing it and making about your fictional, outdated idea of bikers.
          I’m so sick of it. This idea that we’re going to go back to a previous model of masculinity. That’s the most Blue pill idea of them all.

    2. Competent men dont have to put on a costume, especially a faggy “biker” getup.

      1. That’s fine, as far as it goes. I was speaking to those thinking of trying. Wouldn’t want boys getting hurt in the company of men.
        You clearly belong to the anti-biker crowd, that’s fine too. I’m sure you won’t be around to call any of my friends “faggy” to their face, so everybody can walk away from this conversation happy.

        1. Whatever. I’m calling all you faggy baby boomers lames out. Riding around listening to ” wild thing” acting like they are in easy rider. Get your dumbasses to Denny’s for the senior special.
          With your lames ass old uncle Jessie lookin self.

        2. It’s understood that you need to try and prove your mettle and how tough you are on the internet. End of the day it doesn’t mean anything to me or anybody else except a shrug of the shoulders.
          I’m GenX btw. heh
          Maybe you think the idea of young, impressionable men taking the advice in this article without knowing the risk is cool and everything. I don’t; no use seeing good men get seriously messed up because they didn’t know the rules of the game. Take a bit of time to appreciate when older men are trying to help younger men gain knowledge. That’s the job of men, to help raise boys into men, and it’s something of an honor to do to be honest. God knows there’s not enough fathers left to do the job right, thanks to feminists and family courts.
          If all you have to answer are personal attacks, whatever man. You don’t know me so what value is your vain effeminate passive aggressiveness anyhow, ya’ know?

        3. Man I’m lovin it. Yeah your guidance would be nice if there were still Hell’s Angels all over the place.
          That stuff is in the past. It’s the way it is. Nobody is concerned about a diabetic gang of “bikers.” Are we living in the same nation?
          A ” gangster” pushed me outta my wheelchair a couple of months ago. Maybe I should just call on some ” bikers” to come help me. Half these idiot ” bikers” are lame Christian rockers, I.e. they are about as Christian and rocking as they are bikers.

        4. You really have no idea what you’re talking about, you may want to study the issue before you make more of a fool of yourself. Seriously man, you have no clue. Gang territories are established and growing past ’70’s levels, especially with men being thrown out of the mainstream these last two decades. I live in a decent area and still know that there are at least two 1%’er clubs established here that claim this state as territory, and their ranks are growing through affiliate MC’s.
          I understand that you wouldn’t know this, given your animosity towards anybody over the age of 23 or who rides, but think about that. You’re out of the loop, by your own admission.
          The Christian bikers, yeah, I hear you on that. Not sure what that’s all about, probably guys who regret being fuckups when they were younger. Or not. I don’t associate with them so I have no idea really.
          But let’s give you the benefit of the doubt, let’s say you’re right, they’re all old guys or whatever (odd, since I’m GenX and all of my brothers are recent discharge vets from Afghanistan/Iraq wars, but anyway). Ok, fine, they’re still usually armed, they’re still usually combat vets, and they all basically don’t take shit from young punks. Advising the guys here not to strut in thinking that they’re hot shit is still warranted, or these kids will end up hurt very badly, all in the name of chasing tail on the advise of an internet article.
          See where I’m coming from here?

        5. The idea is that I lack respect because I am trying to be a ” tough guy” on the Internet. The exact opposite is true. I’m tired of all of these fake bios people are putting up online. This site used to be taken seriously before a bunch of mid- lifers got on here railing about their fantasies.
          Look, I appreciate a true elder teacher. That’s the thing I lack most in life. However, I have zero respect for any of these actual ” Internet tough guys” trying to tell youngsters to ” stay in their place.” Bikers? Seriously? Might as well be Mr. T.
          I live in Detroit Michigan ( not for much longer) with actual violent neighbors. Not for much longer as I am in a wheelchair and an easy target. I had a .357 but after a bad night I almost turned it on myself and thus gave it to a friend.
          These pissing contests are banal and hurt our movement. I know the ” baddest dude” you ” don’t wanna fuck with. ” That’s any police officer in the U.S., who has the power to fuck you up for no reason. I guess I should admire them.
          And here comes the predictable ” combat veteran” crap out of these blusterers. So you are related to combat veterans? That’s nice. One of them might be the army ranger I put my arm around one night because he couldn’t stop crying hysterically.
          All being a ” combat veteran” means to me is being a loser with a missing foot who is stuck dealing with military disability drinking himself into oblivion in the greater Detroit shithole. All this bluster. I don’t have a goddamn left foot and I used this site to get laid, though. Props to Roosh and the authors for these articles.
          Biker attire. Might as be wearing bell bottoms. You want to look like a ” bad boy” just dress like a wigger.
          Stupid lames. If you actually killed people you’d have a little tact.

        6. “Biker attire. Might as be wearing bell bottoms. You want to look like a ” bad boy” just dress like a wigger.”
          Look I agree with you about the movement but why the hate on bikers?
          What did bikers do to you?
          Leave the fucking bikers alone.

    3. My old man used to party with bikers a lot when I was a kid, and I know a leg breaker for the Outlaws, and I can attest that you don’t want to fuck around with actual bikers. They have their own code of honour, you disrespect the wrong patch inadvertently, and you’re going to find yourself in a lot of trouble. It’s a different world.

      1. Yeah, sure is. The wisdom of advising young men to take up this path is questionable without a fair warning about the culture. The bikers who wear florescent colors and nice helmets and dress nicely and are dentists for their day job are not the “bad boys” so that means going to the rougher crowd. The culture is not unlike you’ll find in a lot of the more “tribal” cultures, as you mention there is a strong notion of honour and respect that, if you’re unfamiliar with it, can get you hurt fast.
        It doesn’t stop some from trying, who shouldn’t. Have them show up occasionally in the wrong bar for them, in their douchebag or “Mr. Richman” clothes, and they almost invariably think they can get mouthy or try to muscle in a man’s old lady because they read a PUA book and think they’re hot shit. Generally I try to take them aside and point out the large, silent men standing at the corner(s), who are not drinking, and who have their vests unbuttoned and easily accessible. Let it sink into their mushy skulls a bit. Some of the kids are even smart enough to figure it out and leave quickly. Others, well…some kids just have to touch the stove, ya’ know?

    4. Haha, yeah. I know some dudes who got the piss beat out of them for running their mouth. They were trying to join a MC, but I don’t think it worked out for them. lol

  13. Women don’t deserve your money. Giving them money is giving them power and that’s a huge fucking mistake.

    1. Damn right! I pay my husband $4000/month for the privilege to sleep with him. He says he’s satisfied with the arrangement. He does get a bit peeved when other men try to out bid him tho. 😉

  14. “Women Don’t Care Where You Get Your Money”
    This is a universal truth that all men need to be taught as early as possible. Ruth Madoff is a prime example. When her husband was bringing in tens of millions she took NO INTEREST in the details of his business. Since her husband’s Ponzi scheme collapsed, she’ has become quite bitter…..not at her husband,but at the people who exposed his scam. If a woman can live like a queen, she has no interest in how many peasants her king puts to the sword.

    1. No one exposed his scam. He knew himself that he would expose himself when the market went down and that he wouldn’t have the funds to cover investors if they wanted to take their money out of his fund. He told his sons and then went to the DA with his lawyer to sort of confess but he only did this to work out some deal. He knew that he’d go to prison but was trying to save his wife and sons and of course some assets. It obviously worked although one son did kill himself.

      1. Doesn’t change what I said about Ruth Madoff. Go hunt up some interviews and you’ll see her attitude. She’s pissed….pissed that her fairy princess life is over. She continues to point the finger at everyone for her downfall, everyone except her husband. She still claims that she didn’t know anything about what was going on. She and her surviving son’s family are still living fairly well on the money that Bernie stole.
        Fact is that female “morality” is shallow. They can look past pretty much anything to live that princess/queen life. Just ask Eva Braun.

        1. Hitler was a great leader despite anything else that happened and many females loved him.And Braun wasn’t leading any princess life because Adolph pretty much kept her in the background.
          As far a Ruth and sons they may have not known what Bernie was up to. He ran a legitimate business but also a very private business (the crooked stuff) on another floor and office of his building. Many men are good at hiding things from their family. His lifestyle could have easily be paid for by his legitimate business so his wife may have never thought he was involved in anything else. When you have masses of money you’re not using 90% of it anyway and it’s all just excess wealth. We may never known the full extent of the scam but Bernie wasn’t alone in it and perhaps Ruth is just blaming the others involved.

        2. “Hitler was a great leader despite anything else that happened”
          Kindly go fuck yourself now.

        3. He was a great leader and that’s all I said. He also had some excellent ideas about how to run his country and economy at a time when the country was pretty much bankrupt, the money worth nothing and there was high unemployment.You cannot judge someone based on conditions in the US at that time.
          Napoleon was too although he was widely hated in Europe at the time.

        4. A great leader empowers his people within a morally good code of conduct.
          Killing millions of people to boost the economy is not morally good.
          It’s easy to kill, hard to think of sustainable solutions.

        5. Hitler and Braun lived a life of luxury. He kept her in the background because he wanted to portray an image that his life’s dedication was to the people of Germany. Given the state of most of Germany, relative to the rest of the people the wives of leading Nazis were the most spoiled people alive.

        6. I think people get a pretty wrong picture of Adolf Hitler because most of what you see from him is him screaming and gesturing wildly at the podium. He was a gifted speaker, holding the attention of audiences for hours and often times leaving them in ecstasy and tears. The same happened in private, think of British PM Chamberlain who has so completely charmed by Hitler that he completely misjudged him.
          Which story is more believable? That he was this crazy guy standing in a beer hall, screaming at his audience – and the whole country just went into a 15 year craze? Or that he was charming and charismatic, a master of persuasion? He led millions upon millions of his own people into utter chaos, destruction, death and desolation. That takes leadership and persuasion.
          Think you’re alpha because you picked up a few girls in your time? That dude picked up a whole country and led millions to their death, plunging the world into utter chaos.
          The thing is, people are very uncomfortable with the idea that they could be charmed by such a monster and mad man. If you think about it, it’s the same way with a lot smaller things like people who get sold shady “investments” or women who write love letters to pedophile rapist murderers, people who participate in suicide cults etc..

    2. Of course they don’t care. A woman would let a child die in a ditch in Africa (where diamonds come from) before she would give up her precious Valentine’s gift or extravagant meals. If they could, they would order their french fries mined by a child and mounted on a platinum band. Women don’t give a shit where it comes from or who gets killed for it.

    3. I don’t give one cent to any bitch. I won’t date anyone that can’t pull their weight financially either.

  15. This is pretty good advice and something I’ve noticed over the years as well – something that has changed over the generations because of marriage and divorce.
    Take someone like my own father, for example. He got married to my mother back in the 1950’s when he was 20 and my mother was 19. Now, at the time – according to family legend – he had a brand-new car at the time he was dating her. This is not much different than the peacocking most men are doing today – he wanted to impress chicks when he was single, and he did it with a new car.
    After my parents got married, however, he soon sold the new car, bought a used one, and used the extra money for a house. My parents never bought a new car again in their lives, even though they became millionaires. When they retired, they drove off into the sunset in a very reliable, five year old Toyota Camry.
    That is how most people “made it” decades ago – they tightened their belts, sold their fancy cars, gave their kids hand-me-down clothes etc. until they had enough capital saved up to invest it, so that they could become truly wealthy. Since marriage was stronger in those days, my mother stayed with my dad even though their standard of living was not high, and they made no attempt to disguise it with fancy cars and clothes they couldn’t afford… eventually, living within/below their means paid off and they become wealthy. It’s really a pretty simply, age-old formula.
    Today, however, a man goes out and peacocks in his early twenties by buying a car he can’t afford, but which looks really cool and attracts chicks… which he gets and falls in love with, leading to marriage. He too sells his fancy new Camaro and buys a practical station wagon with some rust on the rear quarter panel for 1/5 the money, and tries to get himself debt free in order to be able to do something to make him richer in the future… just like my parents did.
    However, five years later, his wife divorces him for the spendthrift playboy who is currently driving a $50,000 truck on the never-never plan (a lease), and she leaves her poor, destitute, cheap bastard of a husband with his rusted out station wagon behind.
    Of course, the ex-husband can’t get laid driving around a station wagon, and since an emotional connection with a woman is his most important goal in life since becoming single again, he sells the old station wagon and leases a brand new Mustang, which gets him more success with women. Then he marries one of them again, sells off the Mustang which helped him get her and buys a rusted out old pick-up truck instead, so he can get on with his plans of starting his own business… until his second wife leaves him for a guy driving a Jaguar and our poor schlep of a twice-ex-husband again is at the car dealership leasing a convertible penis on wheels so he can peacock around and hopefully get a third woman to marry him.
    My point is, figure it out and do the math. Someone like my father only foolishly spent his money on women once in his lifetime, when he was in his early twenties and could afford to make a stupid financial decision. But AFTER that, he smartened up, used his money wisely and re-invested it successfully – in fact, by the time he was 39, he was a partner in five different businesses and moved our entire family into a nice, luxurious lakefront home where all four of us kids had our own bedrooms.
    Today, the typical man of 39 has had his resources sapped by over-spending on cars to impress women, rather than living below his means and re-investing that money – not to mention the two or three divorces forced upon him which further hinder his ability to become an independent entrepreneur. His chasing after women so saps his resources that he never becomes financially successful, and this ultimately hurts not only the man himself, but also women and children, as they are dating “poor men who look like they’re rich” rather than rich men who actually are, well, rich.
    So long as women believe they can just show up in a man’s ready-made world for her, rather than working to build that world together, everyone will continue to get poorer as capital is squandered on unproductive activities, like attracting the sexual favours of the modern hussy.

    1. I drive a 10 year old beater that all the women at my work laugh at. They all drive BMWs and Mercedes and beg me to get a new car because mine, just parked besides theirs, makes their beautiful cars look bad. I laugh and tell them I don’t invest in depreciating assets. That gets them to cock their head in confusion and leave me alone. The other day someone got a new Escalade and proudly call all over to see it. I just shrugged. Later that night I heard screaming in the parking lot. Yup, there’s ding bat having a melt down. Smashed glass everywhere. She’s on her phone calling the cops. My car is untouched. Heh heh

  16. and this is why women date drug dealers n pimps or some other criminals. they dont care about ur ass on the line.
    theyll even endure abuse just fo the money.

  17. I still contend that much, if not all of the financial insolvency in the western world is the fault of this generation of women.
    Men produce 70% of the tax revenue, but 70% of the public spending is on women. This would explain why women consistently vote for big gov’t.
    According to GWW, 80% of consumer spending in our part of the world is due to women.

    1. Women are becoming brainless consumer slaves working for that new skirt or designer shoes to attract a rich blue pill douchebag.

      1. Some gets jelly seeing that rich douchebag, given what I know (and still learning), I can avoid that by a wide margine.

    2. Correct – I believe that few people understand how grave the “woman problem” in the west truly is. And I too strongly believe that nearly every societal and economic dysfunction plaguing us today can find western women at its root.

    3. now you know why big companies and government pushed for feminism, no fault divorce where all the guys money goes to the woman in alimony and child support then she…spends it instead of saving it for the kid’s college or retirement. Then the kids at 18 get to take out massive loans for college…get it now who pushes feminism? big business. If a man has the money he’ll save it or start his own business not spend it without care.

    4. Men produce 70% of the tax revenue, but 70% of the public spending is on women
      For my own reference.

  18. “Unless you are truly rich, you cannot afford to play this game.”
    Rich people (aside from vapid celebrities who are generally not that rich anyway), are quite often very tight with money, because they appreciate that $5000 today, invested properly is $50,000 tomorrow… whereas $5000 on junk – is a cupboard full of hundred dollar bills they cannot spend, resell or use in anyway.
    This is the mistake the poor people make… they think, “when i am rich I can do xyz”…. where as in fact when you are rich you need to be tighter and cleverer with money to hold onto it.
    A rich guy might be seen to splurge in Vegas or a Mediterranean cruise, but the truth is that money he’s spending, he’s taken from the pool of his wealth and set it aside to have fun for that week – AND nothing more.
    It’s all an illusion and if you buy into it…. you’ll always wind up broke.

    1. The oligarchs we have in the states are much like those in Russia or Ukraine in that they really can stuff a bag full of hundred dollar bills every weekend and burn them for fun and still have another bag the next weekend. They “earn” more than that via their family investments that are managed by a set of interlocked trustees that guarantees them wealth into perpetuity. The purpose of, say, Coca Cola is to sell beverages and other products in exchange for money. The employees do their jobs for the company in exchange for a paycheck. These ultra wealthy have set up trusts that are view keeping them rich as a “job” similar to a coke plant worker loading soda into the back of a semi-truck.
      These ultra wealthy don’t think about money as we do. They don’t have to. It’s like air to them. They breath it and enjoy it and it’s seemingly infinite. Provided they don’t go crazy, they needn’t worry about spending it all. They worry mostly about getting kidnapped, or something in the news maybe getting them bad publicity, or perhaps another external threat such as them getting arrested for a crime they can’t bribe their way out of. It’s a different universe just as us first worlders don’t think about whether we can use a toilet or turn on a light.

      1. Insightful, yes, but don’t fall into the trap of holding that against them. They are a product of their environment just like the rest of us. There’s always going to be somebody richer than you. You can bitch about the guy in Southbeach that can buy a new Rolls Royce for every week of the year, but he bitches about the guy who can afford a 150 foot yacht, and there is a guy in Alabama living in a shack without electricity right now who thinks you’ve got the easy life, yourself, and there’s a kid starving to death in Ethiopia who thinks that guy in Alabama is living the good life.
        You can spend your life hating and being envious of those that you see as being born with a silver spoon in ttheir mouth, or you can work to make yourself a better person, and to hell with everyone else.
        Life isn’t fair. I was born with a crippling autoimmune disease, and my brother wasn’t. That sucks. I’m not fighting in the government to make it illegal for anyone to not have autoimmune diseases because it isn’t fair to us that have them. That would be ridiculous, in no small part because there is a guy out there with stage IV cancer and three weeks to live looking at me bitching about my autoimmune disease and saying “bitch, please!”
        So don’ fall into the envy trap. It doesn’t do you any good, and it’s just silly as shit.

        1. If we argue that we shouldn’t care about fairness and to it’s every man for ourselves, why care about putting ourselves at risk for a greater purpose? Why should anyone join the military as an enlisted, combat soldier for low pay? Why be a hero and rescue a child in danger? If we can’t judge selfish people, what’s to stop from becoming selfish people?

    2. Very much so. Listen to that “If I were a rich man” thing from that musical. What would he do if he were a rich man? He’d spend the fuck out of it. That’s why he’s poor.

    3. Agreed. I know rich people (clients) and they are bloody hard workers. There is a major sacrifice for their riches, usually measured in time and health.

    4. It’s worse than that. Most people have absolutely no idea what to do with money or what it can be used for. They basically just parrot and imitate what they see on tv or what they think rich people do. “When I’m rich, I’m buying a beachfront house and a flashy sports car!”
      Rich people (people who have a lot of money and don’t wind up losing it) make good financial decisions. They’ve got several fall-back plans in case their original plans don’t work out. Most importantly, though, they know that money can literally buy anything, you just have to know what to do with it. Money is a means of gaining power and influence and getting other people to do your bidding.

  19. “Women don’t care where you get your money as long as you spend it on them”

    Great post. All women have this “whore” mentality.
    But I must add, though this “disease” is found in almost all women from every race in the world, this disease is specifically a “congenital trait” found in almost every woman from Ukraine , Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.
    Essentially, almost every Russian ,Ukrainian or FSU woman is a whore -either literally or mentally (based on prior experiences with a lot of them – the normal ones). Whores don’t care how you earn your cash – she’d only care when you spend it on them.

    1. Russian girls are MASSIVE WHORES, they lack morals and will happily leech off any man dumb enough to spend cash on them…

      1. If they where, these men would at least have a wedding ring on each finger for all the money they spent.

        1. Self respecting men are not stupid to marry WHORES.
          Once you’ve reached Russia and Ukraine, the dawning of the transactional whore nature of most Russian and Ukrainian women is enough to demotivate a self-respecting man from putting a wedding ring – on these women.

        2. Did all those men facing familly courts and all that go for whores? They rather went for the good women, marriage-material types or at least, so it seemed to them. Didn´t save them when they picked up the soap.
          That transactional nature is what these “betas” went there in the first place to seek out, marriage for money.
          Except they are not the brightest business party, the ones ending up getting screwed and dumped.
          Unlike the ones Captain Capitalism knew of, these women at least see the crash is just waiting to happen.
          I would surely be disgusted by them if they actually married these shmegs instead of just ripping them off.
          This without all these lawyers, familly courts and the whole biaised system being on their side.
          If I had been that stupid or naive I would have enough pride to avoid a show of bitterness and butthurt. I am going to reverse the whole opression rethoric, blame whore and sluts, Teh Matriarchy for my problems?!? Hell no!
          Th world needs less of them and that is what is going to happen, there will be a lot less of them,
          “Betas bucks”, alphas fucks, money going from the hands of the stupid to the hands of the smart, as it should and is meant to be.

  20. this is an article on how women have lowered themselves and their standards to losers with tattoos instead of going after the stable alpha man who’s the VP with real power. don’t lower yourself to look like a tattood loser for a half hour of some chick’s time. that’s the total opposite of what you should be doing. you should be the VP of investment banking to secure what you want in life…your whole life…not just the 10 years while you’re in your prime. also women from other countries don’t want tattood douchebags either. for example in asia, the best Asian women want clean shaven professional men not freaking bikers. you can’t build many businesses looking like a ex con biker. maybe a biker or car business but that’s it. good luck at 50 looking like that. very short sighted approach to life. case in point politicians have the real power in this country do you see any of them looking like a tattood biker idiots? is V. Putin from Russia (arguably the most alpha man on the planet right now) covered in tats and leather vests? get real man. If you’re a man in this country and women want a particular man…do the EXACT opposite it will serve you well.

    1. I do agree men should aspire to higher callings. That said “VP with real power” may be alpha in business, but these days he’s usually always a simpering beta with his ball busting, high dollar wife. And ten to one the bitch may well sneak down to a biker rally while her husband is flying over the world in his corporate jet trying to support her lazy ass. Didn’t use to be that way, but hey, whatcanyadoaboutit?
      But…the fact is that the hottest, most prime ass generally goes for the bad boy. I like your advice regarding self improvement, but the point of the article was to attract high level tail. It may be short sighted in your view, but it’s reality.
      I know three small business owners who are alpha bikers. One is a construction company owner with a fleet of men who answer to him, one is a plumbing business owner (with I think 10 or 15 employees…I don’t recall exactly), the other runs an auto repair business. They’re doing fine, and they don’t have to look like Don Draper to do so.

      1. Alpha doesn’t necessarily mean biker but I agree with you, corporate looks only matter if you’re in the rat race, when you start your own business you can wear and behave as you want.

        1. Because you’re a troll and not actually interested in reading to comprehend, having come in here pre-determined to disrupt and mock?
          Do I win a cookie?

        2. No, you won a lollipop pyjama boy. Suck on it, it will give you something to do for when you’re not watching porn, playing kid video games, or studying “game” lol

        3. Why do asshat comments like yours always sound like “reality sucks, please spare me from it?”
          If you haven’t gotten the sour grapes after a certain amount of time in life, it is YOU that can’t get laid, and your one or two infrequent experiences with women whose assholes you would tongue with relish are dominating your diminished and ill-informed views.
          TLDR: Get laid more than twice in your life, then come back and talk to us.

    2. Go on Ashley Madison and see how many trophy wives want bad boys while their VP husbands are breaking their backs for them….

      1. Keep dreaming. You’re obviously a kid or some loser from Podunk if you believe even 1% of what you see on the Net.
        You remind me of Joe Buck from Bumfuck, Texas in Midnight Cowboy who thought he could go to NYC in his faggy looking cowboy hat and fringed jacket and get himself some rich sugar mama (and he was good looking too) It’s Voigt I know him, he has that dingbat daughter who cut off her boobs.
        Anyway, he ends up living in some condemned building with Ratso Rizzo lol Watch the film.

    3. Vladimir Putin is alpha. Doesn’t mean you have to be like him to be alpha, there are many “flavors” of alpha.
      Most VP are forced to fit corporate rules more than almost anyone, if it fits your definition of alpha, we won’t agree on what “alpha” means.

      1. Well I guess it would be better to be an omega VP than to reign as an Alpha Walmart greeter lol

        1. The walmart greeter also has to follow a shitload of rules he didn’t make. A small business owner for example, enjoys a certain freedom a VP or a walmart greeter can’t.

  21. Classic muscle car if you can’t handle the bike. Mileage sucks, but insurance for my grand Prix and 70 dodge were cheaper together then just insuring the grand prix.. Of course I also did my own engine building. No need to go as crazy as I did, nice light build should suffice and keep gas price managable. Focus on interior and body work. Also women tend to like the old mustangs and such. You can do it on a budget and keep it long term, pull it out to impress, then drive your hhr to work.

  22. “You can’t get your money back when you buy her fake tits. And you can’t get your money back when you sign up for that 3 year, 36,000 limited mile lease on that luxury car so she can parade herself in front of all her female friends.”
    Respectfully disagree. A couple of promissory notes and UCC financing statements take care of that.

  23. Sorry you lost me with the ending “you should look like biker trash”. I don’t like that look and I don’t care if a woman is attracted to that. He looks like a bum that deals coke and shoots up meth and needs a shower.

    1. Depends. Would you refuse to go fishing with worms because its not something you yourself would eat?

  24. Great post, thanks. It is amazing how a normal female want for a man to show his ability to support her, what we would call being a beta, morphed into this fetish for poseur wealth. It is like they scrambled their brains.

  25. Why is there so much animosity towards men who enjoy the refinement of luxury cars? Might as well enjoy something that you spend a relatively significant amount of time in. To those who say “rich people drive beaters”, or “I drive a beater and still get girls”, good for you. To some, drinking boxed wine is sufficient to their unrefined palate. For men who make 150k+, leasing a BMW, Audi, Mercedes for the 10 mile commute downtown makes tons of sense.

    1. I get your reasoning but I can see a problem with it : even if you made 1M/year, the car a man born 100 years after you will buy will be far better than any german car you lease today.
      If a top of the line 2014 Audi A7 will be thought ugly, slow and uncomfortable if the future, trying to keep up feels like running your ass off in a hamster wheel.

      1. That’s a ridiculous argument and only a silly kid or loser would make it.You’re living today and have to go by today. My computer from circa 1985 could only be used as a doorstop today but at the time when few people outside of businesses had one (not all did too) was useful even with its black and white monitor and just text.And they weren’t cheap, that’s only from about 2000. None of you pyjama boys would have even had a computer 20 years ago.Ever seen the film Wall Street from the 80’s? That was very modern equipment they were using

        1. Stop using ad hominems, it doesn’t bring anything.
          Also, your exemple is bad, a recent computer will be useful since an 15yo one won’t run what you need it to run.
          Roads on the other hand haven’t changed much, it’s still tarmac and speed limits, an 15yo car will do the same job a new one will.

        2. You obviously can’t comprehend what you read or are really dense. Your first sentence isn’t even a sentence and makes no sense.
          And as I said a computer is a machine that is useful in its day and you can’t judge its ability in the future by today’s usefulness as you were trying to do with the silly example of a car made 100 years from today.
          The technology of roads and materials has improved over the years and even things like cement have been improved.
          A 15yo car may indeed get you from one place to another the same as a new expensive car. Just as a motor scooter will get you there.The things you own are just a reflection of your status and people who drive an expensive Mercedes model don’t think anymore about it that the guy buying some used cheap car.They don’t buy expensive houses or anything else to impress anyone since everybody around them is the same.It’s only silly boys who go into debt to buy a car they really can’t afford to try to impress a girl because the girl will just be someone of their own class anyway, the car is not going to impress any higher class girls, the slimmer better looking girls in general, because they’re used to these things.So poor guys like most of these people on here should stop wasting the little money they have and just content themselves with shagging the chubby girls in their class.

        3. “The things you own are just a reflection of your status”
          There we are, you’re not contradicting my point, you do it for status.
          “They don’t buy expensive houses or anything else to impress anyone since everybody around them is the same.”
          They won’t impress anyone if they do, but they will be ashamed if they are the only ones who don’t. Same process, none of the benefits.
          “So poor guys like most of these people on here should stop wasting the little money they have and just content themselves with shagging the chubby girls in their class.”
          Looks like you can’t stand “poor guys” here getting more and higher-quality girls than you do. I don’t know what you’re doing on a game blog.

        4. If that were true you all wouldn’t be bitching about women all of the time. Me and Mashenka are studying the loser lower class pua group, that’s what I’m doing here. A full report of you 1% ers will be published in the academic media (which means that none of you will even see it)

      2. Using that reasoning, you shouldn’t invest/own any earthly possessions, as they will all be outdated. Leasing a car allows you to keep up with the times by getting a new car every 2-3 years. And the satisfaction of driving a great machine is a luxury that a successful man should reward himself with (in my opinion)

        1. I’m not saying you shouldn’t own any eathly possession, if I need something and it does what I need, I buy it. I just won’t try to keep up when new models hit the market.
          “And the satisfaction of driving a great machine is a luxury that a successful man should reward himself with”
          When a man living 10 years ago bought a top-of-the-line car, he didn’t enjoy it less than you will enjoy yours. So the only thing I’d get from buying your “great machine” over his 10yo “great machine” is other people’s perception.
          “Leasing a car allows you to keep up with the times by getting a new car every 2-3 years.”
          I agree it allows you to do that. What I questioned is the worthiness of it.

    2. Might as well enjoy something that you spend a relatively significant amount of time in.
      Enjoyment is a state of mind. I’m just not that precious about myself.
      At least I’m not walking. 😀

  26. Funny discussion on USENET (ancient forum for geezers back in the days of old Internet) where a feminist was mocking me for not getting into the housing boom (which turned out to be a bubble.) She mocked me for not “having equity” and how women wouldn’t want a loser like me.
    I told her I had a good nestegg in the bank and part of the reason was that I had declared bankruptcy back in the 90’s to get out of a bad housing investment (as it turns out, the bank didn’t lose a thing in the long run). She went bananas. “How could you WELSH on your OBLIGATIONS!!!” she shrieked. “You are so immoral!”
    Yet, just the moment before when she thought I was a poor, but honest guy she had zero respect for me. None. Honest, but poor schmucks are worthless in her eye. When she has zero respect for morality, what’s the incentive for men to continue to be white knights? That’s the “red pill” we talk about here.
    It goes beyond that. I encountered several blue pill guys back in the late 80’s who bragged (again on USENET) that they didn’t question whatever women demanded and were happy to do and say whatever it took to get laid. Later on, I read one of them that had mocked me for not throwing money at women to impress them asking for advice about… child-support liens. He had a girl “allow” him to sleep with her, she got knocked up, and he paid for the sex for 18 years. (He probably just now got to stop making payments.) He later posted proudly how he had come to accept that his ex-wife controlled his life and no longer bothered to care about custody battles because he would lose them anyway.
    In an era when beta males and supplicants to feminine supremacy are treated like such dirt by women (even as there have been women posters claiming otherwise), it’s truly astounding that there are young men who continue to buy into women’s equality. But I see it a lot less now than 20 years ago when there were probably more dissenters at Jim Jones’ camp on the last day than anti-feminists on a college campus.

    1. Put simply, the gold-diggers are in troubles, there is less and less money to be spent.
      Official inflation number taken into account, living standards where much higher back then, official inflation statistics are heavily skewed to make them look less than they actually are, the real rate is much higher.
      The present situation is borrowed prosperity, after it living standards will likely even further than they did in the former Soviet-Union and over a much shorter time too.
      So there really aren´t going to be much choices anywhay.

  27. Really good stuff, this guy always delivers. Use caution though, cultivating the “bad boy” look without any ability to walk it like you talk it can catch you a beating. Being a former military guy (and consistently broke), I kinda stumbled into that bad boy deal. If you asked me at 21 if I thought I would be pulling more ass with a shaved head, full sleeves, and a thick beard, I’d have guessed wrong; sluts love it. Here’s how:
    -GET IN THE GYM. You don’t gotta lift heavy, but you gotta do more than just “jog”.
    -CLOTHES: wear what you can fight in: Jeans, t-shirts (preferably band or bar shirts). Flannels only look hipster-ish on hipsters, go with it. If you didn’t ride in from another state then no leather above the shins.
    -SHOES: Comfy enough to stand and drink in, flexible enough to run from cops in, stable enough to fight in, and LAST, nice enough to not be off-putting to women.
    -GROOMING: Hair should be short enough that it can’t be grabbed. Beards make it harder to see your chin which keeps it from getting hit and helps the blood clot if you do get hit. Be at least passably clean, but don’t smell like a french hooker.
    -INK: A man can wear tattoos, but the tattoos should not be wearing the man. Act accordingly.

    1. “flexible enough to run from cops in” – damn it, don’t thing I can do the bad boy thing, but the next time I buy shoes that’s gonna be my top criterion

      1. Not saying you SHOULD be running from cops, not saying you should get inked up or punched in the face either; but if you’re gonna go with the look, be congruent. No sense making it half-assed with worn levi’s, Dropkick Murphy’s concert shirt….and loafers?…there will be questions. And the benefits of a good drinking shoe cannot be overstated.

    1. I’ve bought a new Volvo every 3 years since 1980 as my every day driving around car. Of course I have my Aston Martin Lagonda ’86 and RR Phantom also purchased new in cash. You see, when you’re a bachelor and aren’t constantly drained by people around you (like a wife that always wants something better) or by having to pay off loans you can accumulate a lot of money if you’re smart. Don’t make pussy your #1 priority and by all means never bother with a lower class girl no matter what she looks like. These types are just money wasters and can’t benefit you in the least.Neither she or anyone she knows is of any benefit to you. When she can’t pay her rent or her crap car conks out or she has to bail her thug brother out of jail who do you think she’s going to ask?
      And if you live in some place like Okeefenokee, Oklahoma(or whatever) where there’s no real money around then get out. Location is everything. It’s better to live in a closet on Sutton Pl. than a mansion in the S Bronx.

  28. I can envision myself trying to outearn other men, but I would feel stupid if I tried to outspend them.

  29. I’m in my 20s, the trick is to control your carnal instincts and focus on saving money. You don’t even need a great fucking job, just don’t blow your money on shit you don’t need, it goes for everything not just expensive cars, for example i stopped buying coffee every morning at £3 a cup and I save £60 a month now. That’s $100 for you American readers. That pays for my gym membership, plus about a months supply of good quality meat, that helps me get ripped. And that’s because i stopped drinking takeaway coffee.

  30. Another stupid article written by some pyjama boy who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and thinks a $50k car is impressive lol. That’s just an ordinary car kid.That picture you used looks like two lower class dweebs.
    The $30k millionaire? lol You boys don’t have a clue. And btw, that link to a site is obviously some sort of joke site written by some manginas posing as golddiggers. It’s so ridiculous that it’s not even believable. If you want to expose golddiggers or just plain bitches looking for free dates then you have to be a bit more subtle than that. Just reading a few of the pieces allegedly written by females it’s obvious to me that they have never been inside places they mention eg 21 Club

  31. reminds me of an older article a while back about Money no longer a factor in Game. Pretty much states that women are career minded now and don’t care about your wad of cash as they used to. Beta men can no longer “buy” their women. This puts focus back onto regular game.
    Now in this article about the car=success rate correlation, I’m thinking even that can only get you so far. What makes success is your sex pad and what you have in it. Live in a shitty set of apartments? she may over look that once she feasts her eyes upon your spotless clean castle and king size bed that takes up 80% of the floor. If gonna spend money on attracting a woman, spend it on your Castle, not your Horse.

    1. Lay off the wacky weed kid. This is really funny. You live in some crap area in a crappy building which means that there’s crime and negroes next door and probably roaches and bedbugs crawling around but have “game” and a big bed and that’s really going to get her horny lol
      This comment has to be a joke.

  32. If you doubt what he’s saying about bad boys, I suggest that you take a look at the “jax” fan page on Facebook. While it’s a fictional show and character that is irrelevant because know that there’s a lot of girls out there who can’t distinguish reality and a fiction they like.
    Just look it up and read the comments girls make about a man that they perceive as a sexy bad boy.

  33. The trophy wives of the guys I know who work in high finance piss all over anything that a biker gang type could ever get his hands on.
    Basically if a well-off guy wants to produce progeny with primo genetics, as well as having the boast factor, there is a trade-off – you effectively keep an extremely high-quality female on a salary for 10-20 years, then replace her and restart the cycle.

    1. The bikers I know do the trophy wives while their husbands are away on business trips.

      1. Highly doubtful. The only girls I see with bikers are middle-aged, obese, and covered in tattoos.

  34. Don’t reply to women in the thread (ZHMiffed, et al).
    A lot of female NAWALTs will surely be writing to justify themselves.

    1. Do you think that Roosh is likely to false flag, by say finding a picture of a bloated blimp and having ‘her’ post nonsense in order to screen out the suckers?

  35. MJ: So madame, what do you think of the trillions of dollars of debt by federal, state and municipale governements?
    AF: Trillions of dollars in debt are trillions of dollars being spent, right? Then I will vote for pro-governement cadidates in the next elections, all this spending makes people wealthy.
    MJ: What about the bankrupcy that is sure to come if such spending levels continues?
    AF: How can that be? Bankrupcy is when the money stops being spent.

  36. you are all self hating homos; you don’t get laid because you are GAY- you don’t even want women, so you make all these dumb excuses that “all women are golddigers, b$tches etc etc” to justify you not wanting them – you date ho’s to prove that there are no “good women” out there- and ignore any good/attractive women out there accusing them of bullsh$t- instead of being loud and proud and GAY.

  37. I once knew a sales man who was not making more than me but always tried to show off. I once saw him at the parking lot walking by the hand of a good looking woman towards his car. He was driving an Audi TT. While I was trying to understand how can he afford that he started the car, and then I knew by the noise of the engine what was the deal. That car had serious mechanical issues, but he quickly blasted the stereo to mask any sound and so they left. I was left wondering if he will be able to get to his destination in that thing.

  38. I cannot believe you guys.. 🙂 Discussing about cars, which model or brand is the best to impress women.. WHAT makes you think that women know/care about such matters??? I am a a woman, and all I know is if I like a cars colour or not. I really dont care, dont know, or dont appreciate if it is cheap or expensive. I dont know the difference! And am not interested to learn. It is boring. Keep your car clean inside and out, thats it. -As for biker-style – I admit, some of them are hot. Big, muscular types, even with some extra pounds. But they are .. not proper husband material, if you know what I mean.

    1. It’s not about your leanings, and it’s not about the cars, it’s about the display of signs of wealth, and what that does to far too many women.

      1. I kind of understand that you want to show wealth. But it is wise to do it with something women understand.. Many women know labels very well. Wearing expensive watch may be a good thing. Or a designer tie.. women know all about designers.. but when it comes to cars, I dont think many women can tell the difference between cheap and expensive car.

  39. This always makes me think of the satirical Mad Magazine article from years ago, “How to Look Upper Class Without the Added Expense”. Examples of the advice included “refill imported water bottles,” and “use foreign words when ordering food,” such as ordering your subway sandwich “al dente”.
    In all seriousness though, buy your suits on the cheap – if you poke around you can find great suits on clearance, sometimes as low as 1/10th the cost – and pay the $100 to get them fitted.
    Almost nobody can tell the difference between a $400 suit and a $4000 suit – let alone a $100 suit that should have cost you $1000. Same goes for watches – once had a Sergeant ask me why I was risking such a nice watch out in the field, when it was a piece of junk I’d paid $20 for. And when it comes to leather, all of it is made at the same Indian factory. *All of it*. It doesn’t matter who’s name is on the inside of the jacket, it all came from the same place. Wait for a sale, and pick up a nice coat for $100 on clearance.
    Most people that are trying to look “upper class” are buying into the whole lifestyle. Like the guy in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance who didn’t want to use part of a beer can as a shim, they want to do everything Officially (TM). They spend $100 on a leather wallet, not because they know anything about leather, but because the price tag makes them think that it’s Higher Quality (TM). They constantly blow money on name-brand everything, even though they can’t tell the difference between that and the non-name-brand stuff.

  40. Don’t invest in any woman, unless sex is guaranteed, and even then look for cheap stock.

  41. JOKE: What’s the difference between a Harley Davidson and a Hoover vacuum cleaner? ANSWER: It all depends on where you put the dirt-bag.

  42. Great article, interesting read. I always saw such spending habits as “conspicuous consumption”, meaning people did it simply to keep up appearances. Now I understand why some of my friends spend way beyond their means…it’s for the women!

  43. Another reason to just fuck ugly girls. They aren’t expensive and you don’t have to sacrifice free time lifting weights and eating a lot of food.
    As long as they’re young, the sex won’t be too bad (especially if you’re vision impaired) and extra weight is still pretty firm. Just trade in every couple of years. Works for me.

  44. I am not agreed with author! Girls care where their men get money. For me it`s very important because I must proud of my beloved. I would never date with man who are criminal or sell drugs. First of all it`s dangerous even to be with him. My friend had such bad experience. She dated with guy who sells drugs but she didn’t know about it and it was her mistake. So, when police took him, they took his house where they lived together and she became homeless. I remember that my friend was lost and I allowed her to live with me some time but her budget was so tight. She couldn’t meet expenses and eve to pay the bills. So, she had to check online payday advance reviews to stay afloat. Her ex boyfriend now in a jail and she broke with him. Yes, now she cares and asks how her boyfriend earn money.

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