What Is The White Man’s Burden?

If you have taken the red pill and spent enough time following the dialogue in mainstream media, you may have noticed the existence of a particular double standard with regard to diversity. Though the benefits of multiculturalism are advertised aggressively in western societies inhabited predominantly by Europeans, there does not seem to be quite as much urgency in the push to spread multiculturalism to many of the other relatively ethnically homogenous nations elsewhere on Earth. This double standard is the product of a few factors: historical reality, white guilt, and economic necessity.

Historical Reality


Western Europeans, in the process of conquering most of the planet, created the most diverse and globalized polities man had ever seen. They brought most of the non-European world under their dominion: Western European religion spread across several continents (thanks to eager missionaries and aggressive evangelizing foreign policies), Western European languages were soon spoken on every inhabited continent, Western European laws were followed on every continent, and—thanks to the prolific activities of adventurous Western European men—Western European blood has spread through non-European populations on many continents and is quite extensive in certain parts (e.g.: the existence of hundreds of millions of mulattoes and mestizos across Latin America, the 20-25% European admixture present in the African-American population, etc).

None of this was the result of mere happenstance: Western European powers insisted on bringing the rest of the world closer to their own, and took that mission seriously enough to label it a mission, or a “burden.”

white mans burden

This political, social, and biological influence is key in discussing why so many feel it’s natural for Africans, Asians, Mulattoes and Mestizos to migrate to Western European lands en-masse, but not to places like Japan, Belarus, Bulgaria or South Korea. West Africans (to use on example) speak Western European languages (generally French or English), worship Western European gods (most are Christian), abide by Western European legal systems and often carry Western European names. This is why people often assume that they could “belong” in France or the UK, as opposed to Japan. The same goes for East Indians, Filipinos, and many other migrant groups. That cultural link is crucial to promoting the greater feasibility of “diversity” in Western Europe relative to other places, helping to drive the double standard.

White Guilt


Long story short, Western Europe took over the world and some bad things happened in the process. Many Western Europeans who understand the history of their expansion are aware of these bad things, and feel very guilty about it. Many of those who possess this guilt are in positions of influence and power (the elite are often the guiltiest), hence the tendency for white guilt to manifest itself in the policies and broader mainstream norms of societies dominated by said Western Europeans. This also is crucial to the promotion of diversity in European dominated lands relative to others.


None of this is meant to dispute the notion that non-Western Europeans may be capable of some of the very same historical activities that modern white guilt is based on. At the end of the day, however, it is Europe that succeeded in carrying out these activities on a massive global scale, one that simply isn’t matched by any other group. Nobody in recent history has come close.


Had other population groups (say, West Africans) been put in the same position of power that Western Europe has been in for the past 500 years or so (near complete and total dominance of the globe and all of the people on it), would they have been any more benevolent? Probably not. The reality, however, is that none of those population groups have been in that position of power. All of them have instead been largely subordinate to Western Europeans, the only humans who have been in that position of strength.


This is why white-guilt (and much of the political correctness and assumption of the “white man’s burden” that goes with it) is an issue for many Western Europeans, but not for Africans, East Asians, Native Americans or Eastern Europeans. The Western Europeans who feel ashamed of their history may understand on some logical level that serious atrocities, imperialist or otherwise, have been committed everywhere by everyone, but at the end of the day it was their far more expansive conquest that stands out and, thus, makes them feel a bit more uneasy. The much greater extent of their dominance across the planet relative to others has led to a greater sense of responsibility relative to others for the ills and misfortunes felt across the world. That is what helps to further drive the double standard.



Globalization and the mass importation of cheap foreigners benefits the economic elite. By encouraging the notion that their nations need the “diversity” provided by these foreigners, one can ensure a steady supply of this cheap labor and the higher profit margins it can help guarantee. Western Europeans pioneered the concept of globalization and Western European-dominated nations are the most common among the global economic elite, hence the tendency for this idea to be more prominent in Western Europe than it is elsewhere. That being said, they’re not alone in this (Arabs and East Asians are also known to import laborers, and Eastern Europeans, Latinos and black Caribbeans do it occasionally as well).


These are the realities that have helped create a double standard in which the achievement of a goal that everyone should ostensibly strive for (diversity and multiculturalism) is instead treated primarily as a another form of “White Man’s Burden”. These same realities will also ensure that said double standard endures for a long time to come, for better or worse.

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330 thoughts on “What Is The White Man’s Burden?”

  1. All nice philosophizing, but when push comes to shove, the White Man’s system is demonstratively parasitic: the White Man is rapidly dying out, in a raw Darwinian sense: http://rt.com/usa/us-white-births-census-613/.
    From England (most common name is now “Mohammad”) to Sweden (public schools in Stockholm majority foreign born) to the USA (most popular condiment now salsa, majority children now non-white)….Whites have no home, Whites are not procreating, and Whites are not even fucking anymore.
    White people need a country of our own, just as the Jews have Israel, the Chinese have China, blacks have Liberia, Creoles have Haiti, Japanese have Japan, and more ethnostates. We have no duty to be evolutionarily doomed, and we have a right to survive. We need a homeland of our own.

    1. the Jews have Israel, the Chinese have China, blacks have Liberia,
      Creoles have Haiti, Japanese have Japan, and more ethnostates. We have
      no duty to be evolutionarily doomed, and we have a right to survive. We
      need a homeland of our own.
      WTF? “blacks have Liberia”
      Like I, black guy bloody have Liberia, a country totally unrelated to me.
      You seriously need to calm the fuck down, and think again.

      1. Are you saying that Israel doesn’t have a right to exist as a Jewish state? Are you saying that China must cease being constitutionally Chinese?
        Do you want Israel to be wiped off the map? Do you want the USA to bomb China until they let tens of millions of Africans settle in Beijing?

        1. No one has any control over any of this. There’s a hierarchy, always has been. If the powers that be deem it beneficial to import people for whatever purpose, it’s going to happen.

        2. Who are “the powers that be”? Be specific.
          And if these “powers” deem Israel illegitimate, you’d cheer as they wiped Israel off the map?

        3. The powers that be control the money and the military.
          I’ll be honest, like most people I don’t care too much about things that are outside of my control and don’t have an immediate impact on my quality of life.
          Why would I cheer? I’m indifferent to it, probably just as much as you were to the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped recently.
          People will hoot and holler about all kinds of worldly issues but at the end of the day no one cares unless it affects them directly.

        4. I doubt that Jews have any claim on Israel really. You cant just leave a country then come back thousands of years later, saying hey nice, I’ll take this and fuck everyone else who happen to live here now.. And the country was never really theirs to begin with. Sick and tired of feeling sorry for jews they are not even a race anymore they are so blended that I doubt theres anything real jewis left in most of them.
          Just get over your jewishnes and assimilate in the country you are in. Everyone else is doing it, you dont see blacks in US running around like tribesmen anymore do you ?

        5. No country has any “right to exist.” Countries are human creations that have a beginning, middle and end. They are created when one group forces its will on another, and they are eventually destroyed the same way. Did Ottoman Turkey or Mughal India have a right to exist? They had their moment, and then history moved on without them. If any state has a “right to exist” it is Palestine. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were over 1 million Palestinian living there, and about 3,000 Jews, according to Ottoman records. Who the hell gave millions of European Jews the right to move to Palestine and push out its indigenous people? Especially considering that most Ashkenazi Jews are of European ancestry, converts and not descendants of Palestinian Jews from 2,000 years ago. Even the New York Times now admits this:
          Israel has its moment right now. But like every country, it will come to an end. If you don’t believe that, remember how the Assyrians destroyed the kingdom of Israel and the Babylonians destroyed Judah (with the Romans expelling the remaining Jews from the Levant a few hundred years later). The Jews living there thought the Messiah would save them each time and their country was eternal, protected by God no matter what they did or how they behaved morally. History proved them wrong, as it always does.
          Enjoy your moment. It will end. Whether it is in 8 years or 80, Israelis will migrate back to Europe from which they originated as their state collapses due to demographic change, economic pressure and internal strife between Jewish religious fanatics and secularists. And the indigenous Palestinians will still be there, as they always have been since the days of the Canaanites.

        6. >…you don’t see blacks in US running around like tribesmen
          >anymore do you?

        7. Uh, Jews didn’t “leave” Israel, Jews were forced to leave. Jews are as much a race as “the white race” germans and italians don’t belong to the same “race” or ethnic group. They have allegedly common ancestry though… as do Jews. There’s plenty of academic papers to support that claim. There’s also academic papers that show that Christians in the Levant have crusader blood and muslims have saudi arabian blood (not that you’d care).
          By the way… Jews tried to assimilate in Germany. It didn’t work. Same in spain.

        8. What do you mean by “Even the new york times”? They’re not the voice for Jews. There’s tons of studies that show jews share common ancestry; ashkenazi Jews don’t “originate in Europe” or “Khazaria”, those are myths. Obviously, ashkenazi Jews have some European blood; but all ashkenazi Cohen jews have the Y-chromosomal Aaron, shared with 99% of all jews worldwide, ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi.
          As for “Palestine” having a right to exist, the name “Palestine” itself comes from the hebrew name for the Philistines, which meant “Invaders”; the name “Al-Quds” they use for Jerusalem comes from the hebrew word “Kadosh” which means sacred. The Palestinians don’t really exist, they are a modern invention; in fact, Jews were called “Palestinians” by some Europeans, including Emmanuel Kant while arabs called themselves Syrians back then. The name “Palestine” is an abherration, if you support it you support the event that led to the expulsion of jews from their homeland. I find it ironic that you claim that jews have “always” been “proven wrong” (unlike Einstein and hundreds of other nobel prices perhaps?). Where are all the empires that attempted to destroy the Jews? That’s right, they’re not here anymore. Interesting that you care about the plight of modern masculine men, but not of jews, both a minority. Just admit it… you’re the Mel Gibson type. No need to say much else

        9. Call them whatever you want Isaac, they are the indigenous people in the area. I have met Palestinian refugees whose families had been living in the same house for over 1,000 years before Jewish Irgun terrorists attacked their village and caused them to flee for their lives.
          The Jewish religion is a great one with much wisdom. And Orthodox Jews for centuries rejected the ideas of Jews trying to violently create a state in Palestine as they knew that this would create new enemies among the only people that had ever given Jews a chance to really prosper — the Muslims. The Jews of the Islamic world, from Spain to Istanbul were prosperous and did not suffer the horrors that Christians inflicted on them in Europe. The rabbi Maimonides was a close personal friend of Saladin, the Muslim sultan who defeated the Crusaders and let Jews settle in the Holy Land after the Crusaders expelled them.
          Zionism is a product of Ashkenazi experience of extreme religious bigotry by Christians. The European Zionists had no memory of positive relations with Muslims and didn’t think twice about kicking Muslims out of Palestine, turning two historically friendly Semitic peoples against each other.
          In any event, the demographic and economic forces I describe are real and Israel cannot survive as a Jewish majority democracy and will have to go full on South Africa apartheid to maintain Jewish minority control of the area. And then it will collapse under its own inner contradictions and pressures. No Muslim country will invade due to Israel’s nuclear arsenal, but they will not need to, it will collapse on its own.
          A hundred years from now Jewish scholars will look back at this period and they will say “we brought this on ourselves” just as the Jewish writer Josephus said in his histories after the Roman expulsion.

        10. Also please note, Albert Einstein opposed the partition of Palestine, calling for a binational state in which Jews and Arabs had equal rights, and declined the opportunity to be Israel’s first president.
          I agree with you that Einstein will indeed be proven right by history — when the current situation evolves into One State, with a Palestinian majority.

        11. But jews do have israel. They control it and booted out all the palestinians who were there. It is getting weird now, because palestine doesn’t exist anymore, you have gaza strip, and 80% of the west bank is now part of israeli settlements. Eventually Israel will absorb it all

        12. No they did not assimilate. They were still Jew first, then Germans.
          I can see the purpose if you actually had any genetic resemblance with the original Jews but not after 2000 years of blending with other races.

        13. Heh, Jews are not running The New york Times? Who are you trying to con?
          Yeah, but you are right about Jewish ancestry. The Jews have proven exceptionally good at preserving their own gene pool throughout millennia, and I honestly think that’s great and admirable.
          As for “Palestine”, a name put on the region by Emperor Hadrian in the wake of the Bar Kokhba rebellion in 132-135 AD, the Hebrews once invaded and stole that land from the Canaanites. Even Jerusalem is a conquered city. Until King David came along it used to belong to the Jebusites, remember?
          These things happen. You do it to others and at times they do it to you. Stolen goods are eventually stolen in turn. Bottom line, no nation has a natural right to a country just like no individual has a natural right to his life, cause there are no such thing as natural or universal “human rights”. You defend what you got, you provide for it and make it prosper. You care for people around you and the well being of your nation and you want to limit human suffering on the whole. You care not to shame your ancestors or disinherit your offspring for as far as you are able.
          In other words, neither you nor the Palestine Arabs have a God given “right” to Israel. I understand though why the Arab population are upset, since in the 20th century you essentially just moved in and took over territory that used belong to Arab subjects of the recently departed Turkish Empire. So I could well imagine supporting them in the cause of throwing you out.
          On the other hand, I might do the opposite and support the Jewish hold on Israel instead. But then you have to do something for me, namely reverse the anti white agenda that Jews have set up for the entirety of western mass media, begin supporting the European cause for ending immigration and embrace the perseverance of European ethnicity and European civilization. If we Europeans are to support you, you must support us. If we are to respect the Jewish nation, you must respect the European nations. You must stop propagating racial mixing of everyone else but yourselves. Tit for tat. Simple as that.
          So what do you say, Jew? It’s your move.

      2. Liberia is the only country in Africa founded by United States colonization while occupied by native Africans.Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by African Americans, most of whom were freed slaves. The colonizers (who later become known as Americo-Liberians) established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization whose leaders thought former slaves would have greater opportunity in Africa.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberia

        1. Liberia is where Lincoln wanted to send the slaves. He supported a number of projects to remove blacks from the United States.

          “If all earthly power were given me, I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.”

        2. It was under Monroe and was for all New World former slaves. Only about 10% of the New World slaves were brought into the US

        3. Great guy Lincoln. I will free you from slavery and kick you out of the only country you have ever known and deport you to a basket case country across the ocean.

        4. To be fair… most of the freed slaves went to Liberia, started their own plantations, enslaved the local blacks, and lived moderately comfortable lives in the mold of the Southern aristocratic lifestyle. They made it a nation of their own… they just couldn’t keep it going. Like most African civilizations.

        5. I don’t know about “most”. I’m given to understand that Liberia has been a nightmare from start to finish.

    2. I recognize Athlone McGinnis’s apparent intellectual honesty in most matters when he writes about race. This isn’t intended as the backhanded compliment that it sounds like, but his writing on race seems sober, searching, and barely contaminated by the bitterness or anti-white glee that infects many black writers’ works.
      I like his prose and his cogent arguments in all of his writing.
      I’m not trying to be condescending to him because he’s black, but I often write harsh responses to his articles on race, and in case you, Athlone, or any other readers observe my impatience in my replies to him, I did want to be clear that I hold his writing here at RoK in high regard. But I’m very firm on my opinions on race, because of what is plainly visible in the world right around me.

      1. Athlone considers white’s to have “white privilege” and supports affirmative action. Since Athlone likes to write so much about race, I bookmarked it for future reference.
        He is the complete opposite of intellectually honest when it comes to matters of race, a subject that he just can’t stop writing about.
        Check out this thread on the Roosh V Forum. Althlone changed his name to Excelsior by the way, so those comments are his:
        Some nice quotes:
        In regards to affirmative action:
        “We’ve never been equal, and we are not now. That is not an option given current realities in this society. The choice you’re presenting doesn’t exist.
        Your argument assumes that, were all such legislation (anti-discrimination, quotas, AA of all kinds, etc) eliminated, we would all truly be equal. That isn’t the case, and it is a conclusion that only someone fortunate enough not to deal with some of the realities these laws are meant to combat could say.”

        “Sure, but first I’d like you to tell me why your children should hold an unquestioned and often unearned societal advantage over minority children and why the latter should be stripped of all means (legal or otherwise) to address said inequality. I feel I already know the answer, but you go ahead and illustrate it just in case I have it wrong.”
        On hard work being rewarded:
        “Irregardless of race in the USA? I will believe that when I see it.”

        “We do not have a merit based system. We never did.
        What we have a system that has, historically, be designed to foster inequality, regardless of the letter of the law (which often was of a similar bent anyway) to favor some groups over others, with skin color serving as the main criteria for personal judgement. It isn’t about who you are-it is about your race. That is the society we live in.”

        1. Race-black. I would say that $1500 is probably per year not month. If that.
          Roshy’s readers are generally from the lower class blanket boy demographic. A lot of them are homeless and look like trolls which is why they can’t get pussy. Sometimes one of them get a 2 when she’s drunk and they all congratulate him and hold a celebration.

    3. “We have no duty to be evolutionarily doomed, and we have a right to survive. We need a homeland of our own.”
      If it were deemed beneficial, in the short-term, to the right people you wouldn’t have to be concerned about this, but it isn’t.
      We have about as much control over this as we do the weather.
      I don’t understand the argument about survival of a particular race. When you die, that’s it, you’re gone. Why stress over something that will, at some point, be absolutely irrelevant to you? At some point no one will know you ever existed and you’ll be dust in the ground. If we don’t get off this planet, the human race is finished anyway (at least in this part of the galaxy).
      I’m assuming you live in a racially homogeneous neighborhood, or close to it. That’s probably the best it’s going to get.

      1. Your post is nihilistic bullshit.
        While the powers that be (yes a ruling cabal does exist) wants non-socialist whites out of the USA they don’t possess the ability to do so yet. They need out wealth to bank roll the third world immigrants being sent here by the ruling elites in their own country i.e. Mexico. The only Mexicans coming to the USA are the uneducated, poor, mostly indian mexicans. The ruling class in Mexico are WHITE and they are happy to hoist their parasitic population off on the USA.
        I will repeat so everyone can see THE RULING CLASS IN MEXICO ARE WHITE PEOPLE!!! They don’t want these “dreamers” one single bit. Since the cabal wants the USA ruined they welcome these society killers.
        That is why we are flooded with non white immigrants who HATE whites, blacks are kept on the govt funded plantation, and whites are brainwashed from birth into thinking they are the problem.
        You can masturbate about colonizing another planet or whatever bullshit you read about but the fact is they are making working class whites poor in the USA. This will backfire. Formerly middle class people will start acting like men again when they see their kids hungry and mistreated by non whites.

        1. Speaking as a “White Hispanic” myself (married to an AmerIndian Hispanic from S. America), you are noting something so often overlooked.
          First, most of Mexico’s upper middle class, are either “high” mestizo, or simply “white” (of nearly pure Spanish descent)l
          Second: Many of the mestizo’s that immigrate to the US from Central American and S. America (meaning, even the non-white ones), marry and have children with whites. THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE WHITE HISPANICS.
          Most of the US will continue to be primarily EUROPEAN stock for another hundred years, because like Italians (for lack of a better analogy), most Hispanics will be significantly white, just as they are in Argentina.
          That racial reality will be known by ANYONE and EVERYONE doing business, marrying their children off, making mate selections, etc.
          People know their own kind. So many of my fellow “Latinos” claim to be people of color fully aware that if a race war starts, they will be the first in line to claim “No, not me….I’m Spanish, I want to be part of the white nation”, etc.

        2. “Your post is nihilistic bullshit.”
          Calling it nihilistic doesn’t make it any less true.
          “You can masturbate about colonizing another planet or whatever bullshit you read about.”
          Oh, is realizing that the solar system we live in has an expiration date, mental masturbation? Seems your emotions are in overdrive, to the point where you can’t even think straight.
          You can be angry until your head explodes, but it won’t matter because just like most average people, as an individual, YOU don’t matter. You’ll fall in line and obey your overseers just like the rest of us.

        3. Argentinans, with the exception of the 20% who are largely unixed italians and germans, wouldn’t be considered white in america, but ok.

    4. It is becoming very transparent, that this will be the future. A demographic shift which we have seen in Western Europe and North America in the last 50 years or so is substantial. I do wonder if this is the product of the cyclical nature, in which civilisations rise and fall, once they have peaked a point of prosperity. Or if there are more sinister intentions behind such a decline.
      Internationalism wouldn’t be such a problem, if we still held together our institutions that kept us cohesive. However with them gone, we are bracing ourselves to be replaced with something different. This all ties in together, the need for immigrant labour, comes from the social progressives tainting of our younger generations, way back in the 1960s.
      The British labour party once vouched for the working classes, stating they needed a higher wage and better living conditions. But in the 90’s/00’s turned around, and called them lazy. Taking on the role as rugged individualists, saying they should compete with the migrants from the East who tolerate slave wages with their rigid conservative work ethic.
      Something I agreed with Karl Marx on, was his theory on abstract and concrete labour. There are always causes and effects taking place. By taking on the ethos of “fairness and equality”. We collectively became negligent to the harsh realities of life. Much like this Roger Elliot character, he naively was raised in an environment, that led him to believe the fairy tale narrative of life, from how society works, to how to get women. Eventually you have to deal with the harsh realities.
      The harsh reality we are facing on an economic level, is that the pyramids needs to continuously be propped up, in order to keep the debt machine working. Western countries have removed their conservatives values, and henceforth made the people collectively weaker, spiritually, physically and mentally. So we need productive workers from elsewhere.
      Arguably the middle class in the West are the most productive, but this is no longer an appetising venture. Why would the potential middle class male, want to become a publicly mocked and despised figure. Ray Barone, Homer Simpson (was yellow but you get the picture).
      To conclude, I believe that as the problems Western Europe faces, become more apparent, Eastern Europe will recoil and stray away. Russia as well are fully aware of the negative effects of social revolution; and are trying to preserve their cultural hegemony. However if Eastern Europe increases its wealth exponentially in the next five years; then they may be in for the same problems in the future.

    5. I aways enjoy your posts. You make a number of rational points but as long as people associate your cause, however rational it may be, with men like the one below, it will never be taken seriously.

      1. Every cause has its bad caricatures, especially in the manosphere.
        Also: Bix nood mug fugga

    6. Agreed. We had several homelands like Sweeden, norway, denmark, england, germany etc etc etc. But then, suddenly, out of the blue we woke up and said, come on people, lets give all this to someone else. We only just worked for it for thousands of years but hey, muhammad needs a place to stay. Having feminism preventing women from having more than 1-2 kids (if even that much) is not helping anything.
      Yes, White Race is dying, and we can only blame ourselves for it.

      1. Yeah the white man could’ve stayed in europe. but he just had to go around the world to show everyone how “great” he is.

        1. Its human to explore and conquer. New technology made it possible. The other races would have done the same we just beat them to it.

        2. Then I do not understand your critic of immigration. Immigrants are simply just the same old explorers that have existed for millienina? Athlone seems to be right,t there does exist a double standard where many white men in the manosphere feel they should be able to go anywhere and do anything ie. go to thailand and fuck thai women and live in thai palace and never learn thai except a few words. But when some muslims does it in europe you get your panties in a twist.

        3. This is different because we simply just hand everything over to them. They dont fight to take it, it is given. Everything that white man had he took himself.
          These “immigrants” today are just parasites, they are not explorers.

        4. What do you hand over to immigrants? Most of the new and innovative businesse are started by immigrants. If not for the immigrants the businesses would leave america and the west in droves. French think working 30 hours a week is work, and the ceos from america pull out and complain about lazy white french workers. Go and google if you dont believe.

        5. I dont know. Most immigrants here are either on wellfare or in prison. I dont see much “innovation” lol.
          Point is, they are not really needed. They have their own countries, their own culture.
          I have nothing against them as people. But I’m not about to give them my own country because they are too lazy or dumb to fix their own.

      2. You never had any of those countries. You stole them all. Whites ain’t even indigenous to europe or any of north europe. They are called the sami and they are asians and indigenous to norway, and sweden etc.

        1. Yea well countries change owners once in a while. The people who where here before probably stole it from someone else and so on and on.
          Point is there’s no reason to just give it away.

        2. There are far more whites in non-white countries than vice versa. So do you propose in america, south and north africa, asia, latina america, carribean we deport all whites back?

        3. Most ridiculous PC lie to be peddled in order to condition Swedes into accepting the disinheritance of their homeland and getting themselves replaced by Muslims and Negroes.
          The Sami can be traced back to what is today northern Russia and Finland and are essentially irrelevant to any of the countries mentioned. They arrived in northern Sweden mainly from the east while other groups entered from the south in wake of the receding ice sheet.
          Go read a book.

        4. It is the swedes who vote to elect governments who choose to allow mass immigration because the swedes love muslims and especially Negroes, I think it is quiet obvious. If 51% of swedes didn’t they’d end immigration. Yet no swedish government has. It is also quiet obviously ancedotally that swedes love black man in the manosphere, even swedish men have a preference for asian and black women that the swedish female ministers wanted to ban “mail order brides”
          The Sami and asians and blacks were in europe far before the germanics and scythians who arrived in 2 ad and slavic who arrived in 7 ad ever did. And your claim the Sami originate from Finland and Russia simply proves my claim whites are not indigenous of europe, they are THE LAST RACE TO ARRIVE THERE. if whites really wanted to end multicultural europe, the first step would be for them to return to central asia.

        5. The “asians and blacks” in Europe? What have you been smoking?
          Besides, I forgot to point out it doesn’t matter an inch what heritage replaced what or mingled with whom when we venture all the way down into the Stone Age. It’s immaterial to the present ethnic makeup of Europe and throughout recorded history. Get it?
          Sweden, like the rest of western Europe and the US, are the victim of a brainwashing campaign of conditioning, moralist blackmail, outright lies and selective reporting that completely permeates education, media, all established parties and the production of culture. Don’t entertain the notion for a minute that left to their own senses a single nation of Europeans, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, would actually choose to see themselves displaced by foreign races out of free will and at best end up an oppressed minority in what was once their own lands.
          It’s tantamount to suggesting the Cambodians massacred a third of its own people because they had such a great time. It’s totalitarian indoctrination and mass hypnosis that does these things.

        6. Let me rephrase a sentence: It’s immaterial to the traditional ethnic makeup of Europe throughout recorded history as well as the sovereign countries there today. Get it?

        7. “Sweden, like the rest of western Europe and the US, are the victim of a brainwashing campaign”
          Know we know which group really has the victim hood complex.

        8. “Victim hood complex”… sighs.
          Responding exactly the way you’ve been programmed according to the update of yesteryear. Good zombie.
          Who cares? The only thing that matters ought to be if it’s true or not.
          You really think nations, say the Kurds, Vietnamese or Apache Indians would freely choose to eradicate themselves? Then you’re an idiot.

        9. Yes I get it, the white man is the victim of the evil minorities out to suck the blood of the white man. Ironically even the 100% white countries like Sweden and Norway and Germany had to depend on NON-WHITE immigrants from Turkey, Iran, Somalia, etc. to prevent total collapse of their own states.
          Norway is a country where a janitor makes 20-25 usd an hour. Without immigrants, it would be alot hiGHER. Making Norway uncompetitive on the world stage for exporting.
          Immigrants to the West are doing the Westerners a favour.
          1. Good luck finding a white person who wants to wipe your ass when your 70. White people’s own kids don’t even take care of their parents you think they will take care of a stranger. Contrasted to muslims and asians who view taking care of the elderly as an honor
          2. Whites did not have enough kids to continue the countries they are the majority in. The whitest countries are the poorest ones for this very reason. Belarus is 100% white and 100% the worst place to live. If you want a social security check, you are going to need someone to work to pay it. You want healthcare when you are old and have cancer and can’t work. You will need someone to pay the bill and staff the hospital. Even a country like russia (largest white country) is scrambling for immigrants late in the game. Which is why old russians just kill themself or drink themself to death because they have no pension, no healthcare, nothing to live for and they blew all their money.
          3. If the immigrants stayed home (or were all banned or sent back) the major companies would simply leave the West. The most talented global workers are not ethnic majorities of people in france or italy or spain or the uk or anywhere in europe.
          4. The immigrant workers are thus not only more skilled but also more intelligent, harder workers and more productive and work for less.
          5. Consequently the companies would just leave France and Spain and go to asia, africa and latin america to be near the best and brightest who will work for less. Leading to total collapse of the White countries.
          6. Frankly, I think if the far right are successful in sending immigrants back, then it would probably be a boon

          Fortune 500 companies started by immigrants or their children generated revenue greater than the GDP of nearly every country in the world (except Japan, China, and the United States). $1.7 trillion in revenues is attributable to the companies founded by immigrants, and that figure rises to $4.2 trillion when combined with the revenues of companies founded by the children of immigrants.”
          Boot out immigrants at your own peril. They will take half the economy with them back to india and china and frankly billy bo in appalachia or jean jacques in cote d’azur is too stupid to build a global brand.

    7. Look right wing parties will emerge. France is the most socialist country in Europe with the largest multiculturalism plan ever enforced and now the extreme nationalist won. The power given to the minorities was given to them by whites, soon the power will be taken away and Europe will settle into a fractured ethnic cleansing civil war. The winner will be the side that will rise above the political wasteland. Either that it start claiming Antarctica.

    8. Whites do have a homeland of their own. It’s called America. It’s called Europe.

    9. Man stop crying. Who runs the World? “White men”! The UK is ruled by White Men. And why single out “white”? The UK is a land of immigrants going back 15,000 years or more. There is nothing new about immigrants coming here today. White as a race is pure illusion. Talking about a “blue pill”? Believing that the colour of your skin marks you out as different is a blue pill as it gets – by its very definition! That is ancient, tribal “them vs us” thinking. Are “your people” dying out? I hope so, so that the dominant species of human being can take over.

      1. So you want to wipe Israel off the map.
        You are anti-semitic, and you are evil.

    10. What can we personally do about it?
      The first priority I believe is to avoid doing anything that helps anyone other than other racially conscious whites. This means avoiding any job unless it is parasitic and doesn’t contribute to society. I have put my money where my mouth is. I quit my career and now work in sales. Whites that work in jobs like Engineering are the backbone of society so this is the worst kind of job to be in.
      It is also negative to earn a lot of money if you are not self employed and are providing a lot of tax to the system.
      Living frugally and reducing your expenditure reduces the amount of tax you pay as well.
      Work less, game women and make as many white babies as possible. If child support becomes too much of a burden, just stop working, take all your money out of the bank and use some of it to buy gold and silver.
      Our society is crumbling and the word on the street is the biggest asshole wins. Build your strength (BJJ, Muay Thai, weights), develop game, adopt the moral compass of Conan the Barbarian and teach your sons well.

    11. I find some of Niall Ferguson’s work to be fascinating. I don’t normally advocate TED talk presos, but his unapologetic “6 Killer Apps of Prosperity” gives a great summary of the rise and possible decline of Western civilization. He seems to be one of the few academics that refuse to bow to socialist babble. An excellent 20 minutes that will remind you why the West is so great.

    1. Just had an analogous argument, with a fellow White “Latina” the other day. She wants to play the victim card and act like a put upon “woman of color”. I mentioned to her that it was OUR ancestors (The Spanish and Portuguese) that basically RAN the slave trade.
      Why would Irish or German Americans pay reparations for the substantial event (buying, selling, shipping of slaves) that was primarily executed by wealthy families from Spain, Portugal and in the latter days, England?
      Somehow, many fellow White Hispanics have successfully convinced the American public that in accepting “Chicano” as a legitimate minority (Brown skinned Mestizo or full Indian), the culture had also accept us, simply because of a Spanish surname, presumed language ability, or cultural ties–one, two or all three often absent in ANY Hispanic’s lives or experience.
      It’s a scam.

  2. Look, here goes half black, likely half jew Athlone with his racist agenda when he knows there are more important things to discuss.
    You’re a racist piece of shit Athlone.
    The reason there is a white man’s burden is because the world was, with few exceptions, a backwards barbaric place outside the white sphere.
    Africa was stuck in the stone age, living in mudhuts and not even in the iron age. Asia was a collection barbaric feudal socities with no liberty or law for the common man at all.
    White culture was infinitely superior to everything else at the time.
    Add to that, black people are quantifiably less intelligent IQ wise, no matter if testing is done in the US or Africa. You are simply an intellectually inferior race, deal with it. You as an outlier doesn’t change the fact the average african is too stupid to maintain civilization.
    The simple fact is that the White and East Asian races are superior in intelligence and civilization building to all other races. Deal with it Athlone.

    1. You wrote nothing that contradicted or even responded to anything in this article. I’m touchy about race and don’t like many of his columns on it, either, but that doesn’t mean every time he brings it up you can start barking non sequitur posts filled with cursing. Do you think that anybody who read your spazzed-out post would be sympathetic to anything you’re saying? (Spoiler alert: No. They’d run away from you.)

      1. Yes I did reply.
        The white man’s burden was the choice faced by whites when they encountered blacks and indians living in a pre-civilizatory state, literally 2000 years or more behind in development. Why in the world would anyone not look at these barbarians and consider them just that?
        The white man took it upon him to lead them into the modern age, with some good results for the local populations (India, parts of Africa) and some poor results (South America).
        Athlone is simply a racist and a self hating black who is obsessed with sleeping with white women. Everything he writes is aimed at breaking down white cohesion, so he can slip into a white female dorm room and get some of that godly white pussy (to him).

        1. Like his article about how the “white woman” is ruining black men?
          Never mind the crime, drugs, low IQ, and racism against whites. I can never take his articles seriously.

        2. IQ tests are flawed and are not a true indication of intelligence. Believing that one race is, as a whole, less intelligent than another is bullshit Nazi propaganda. Fucking inbred hicks like you are the reason the United States is gone to shit.
          Also Whites do more drugs than blacks and also commit crimes at higher percentages in certain areas ie) rape, arson, robbery, assault, burglary, etc. according to FBI crime statistics.

        3. Ignore the facts if you wish. I don’t waste time debating FACTS with people like you that make them up.
          FACT-blacks 7x’s more likely to commit a murder, 8x’s more likely to commit robbery, and 3x’s more likely to use a gun WHEN COMPARED TO ALL OTHER RACES and that INCLUDES HISPANICS!!!! Imagine what the stats would be if hispanics did not skew the numbers that close. What 20x’s more likely? Even higher?
          This is ALSO ACCORDING TO FBI STATS which you reference.
          Now you can go fuck yourself with your made up understanding of crime stats.
          There is a reason non-whites throw a goddamned tantrum every time the FBI stats are released.
          It is not because they are flattering to minorities dumbass.

        4. you goto south africa, you start getting whites that are more dangeorus then the blacks in the cities.

        5. If I told you that you were right and all knowing, would you then shut the fuck up and go away?

        6. Yeah right. Have you ever been to South Africa?
          I have. The only white people I saw in the cities were ultra rich people and cops.

        7. oh damn….just when I was starting to give a shit what a guy named blaximus says when I stated FACTS about race.

        8. due to the affirmative action of giving blacks first dibs on jobs, it left some whites behind and even homeless which has sparked crime in their communities…car jacking is a major issue.

    2. Instead of refuting anything that was written in a mature, cogent manner, you rant about your superiority complex.
      You’re no better than a feminist who rants and raves until she develops an aneurysm.

    3. How could you say blacks can’t develop a society when Europe was living in the dark ages surrounded by filthy roads and burning people on stakes? In fact, it wasn’t until the crusades and the introduction of Islamic thought that Modern technology was able to be produced.
      It took Europe 1000 years to do so, so black people could just as equally develop a society and contribute to Man’s progress just like their relatives in Europe given time and in Africa, a fertilized land. But the degraded status of the continent alone shouldn’t justify that they are incapable since Europe just as well proved a society in the “Dark ages” doesn’t automatically mean it can’t develop greatly.
      Second, your belief that most “black people” are dumb is flawed for you have not met most “black people”. In fact if you weren’t so ignorant, you would know that black populations are one of the most genetically diverse among individuals and that there is more genetic differences between two individuals in a black population than a European individual and a Australian Aborigine. You would also know that there is individual variation in every population so you cant say “Most” or “all” because that is grouping individuals together irrespective of the individual talents. If you referring to IQ tests, then you would know these are heavily flawed as they do not control for economic or health differences between nations even within first world nations ( Majority vs. Minority).

      1. I think it is easy to see who had an “afro-centric” professor in college.
        Next tell me about the blacks in ancient Egypt and how King Tut and Nefertiti were black.
        I recognize the key words you are using so regurgitate this USA social justice shit somewhere else.

      2. You are wasting your time responding to simple, racist people blinded by stupendous ignorance and lack of knowledge. ( see comment below )

        1. It is quiet obvious they were.
          King Tut in Cairo Museum
          Queen Nefertiti
          Given Egypt is one of the hottest countries in Africa, much hotter than anything in tropical africa or the southern sphere or in the west. Only Libya is hotter, it’d be hard to imagine they’d be anything but. In fact many 65% of white veterans of the north africa campaign who survived the battles died within 5 years of skin cancer related caused.

        2. HAHAHAHA I knew it.
          You are aware they have sequenced the DNA of tut, right?
          Guess what? NOT BLACK WHATSOEVER.
          This is part of the american college system using “afro-centric” teachings from the 70’s onward. No other place on earth teaches that tut was black and now science proves it.
          It is so predictable.

        3. No doubt they were tanned. Not at all different from the Spanish or Italians but not Sub Saharan in any way shape or form.

        4. You’re young and dumb, but kind of amusing. Like watching a stinkbug walk around. You know nothing of ancient egypt judging by you comments but it’s interesting watching you push your agenda.

        5. I am aware they have sequenced the dna of king tut. And if you bothered to do even a rudimentary google search you`d see that the king tut “èuropean“ dna was a hoax. The scientist who worked on the project (who are white by the way) have come out and refuted the result from a casual viewer who used a still from the discovery channel when they were talking about king tut who was a white sample from stock footage.
          Of course most whites who repeat this garbage from a guy who is not even a scientist don`t bother to look at the fact the scientist who worked on the project have refuted the claims numerous times in numerous scientific journals.
          I find it quiet humourous frankly. It exposes the white supremacist as very desperate to claim african black civilizations despite the overwhelming evidence. Scientist who worked on the project said it wasn`t true, some nut job white guy thinks it is, all white supremacist believe nut job.
          Well its quiet obvious from how tut portrayed himself he was black. Never mind that a white person would simply die of skin cancer quiet quickly if they were to try to live in egypt at that time.
          Ironically, if you opened a genetic book, you`d realize the R1B (the falsely reported dna for tut by the whack job) is by no means exclusive to europe and occurs highest amongst the bomorakka of Burkina Faso at 100%. It occurs very frequently (upwards of 90%) in the Nigeria Cameroon border region and delta. R1B also occurs widely in Western Europe.
          So even if Tut was R1b (which he wasn`t according to science) it would not be proof or an indicator of `Whiteness“…. at all. This is because of ancient migrations where people left nigeria and cameroon and moved into western europe, before the arrival of the indo-europeans in europe. These men mated with white women basically and gave rise to the white races of west europe. Whites have R1b due to admixture in neolithic periods with black males. Unless of course you are prepared to argue that nigerians and cameroonians are secret dark whites. And that ancient white people crossed the sahara desert (which bare in mind yoou white supremacist claim was impossible to cross in large numbers) without dying of ski cancer and starvation and dehydration and whatever magical forces it is you claim stop blacks from crossing it.
          All the world teaches the ancient egyptians were black except a few butt hurt racist in america. Of course I am not sure why they would want to claim a country in ancient africa as being white when they claim that white europeans are superior this and that.

        6. There is no evidence they were `tanned“. It is well known that the so called `Tanned`people are just multi-racial or quadroon and octroons and septroon people in denial. In the past they were simply called what they were by anthropologist like christoph meiners… dirty whites. White people admixed with blacks and asians.
          Despite all the invasions of today, ironically the male haplogroup of north africans is still e1b ie. african. Very different than southern europeans, except greeks of course who have 45% male african lineage. Which explains their dark skin and curly hair and generally bircial appearance.
          The ancient egyptians were closest in all scientific studies to their southern neighbours the nubians and are foten indistinguishable. Since most egyptologisty accept this as truth the onus is on you to prove they were not black. As you ar arguing against the mainstream Egyptology.
          Now before you even try to make the stupid argument southern europeans are just sun tanned and not quadroons. Explain this. Explain how a documented quadroon has blonde hair, white skin, blue eyes and could easily be anywhere from scandinavia. Yet you darkeys down south can`t even pass for white.
          Full white? More like Full Delusion

        7. They never, ever go by overwhelming fact when dealing with world history. No one had science, or medicine, or institutions of higher learning except ” them “. It’s amazing, the ease with which this stuff flows repeatedly from their mouths. But it is also good in that it serves to deconstruct the bullshit IQ myths they love to pull out of their asses and wave around proudly. The information is there, in bulk, but they proudly ignore it. Very telling in itself.

        8. LOL, except them were largely illiterate well into the 20th century. You are correct, they don’t even deserve truth, let them stay in their ignorance

    4. If whites are so much more intelligent then why the hell would they let feminism grow?
      Granted yes through european exploration, colonialism and trade of ideas with other nations allowed them to refine and advance,but whats the point of having smart phones and computers and shit when you wont have another generation to take over.
      Its BS that the biggest betas are the most powerful people.
      You can go to the riches and poorest nations in history, the patriarchal ones actually invented some shit, while the matriarchal is still left in huts even today.
      Men create civilization and women ruin it.
      And thats exactly happening now, and its spreading to other nations. So thus once again ruining whats left of foreign culture.

      1. “If whites are so much more intelligent then why the hell would they let feminism grow?”
        never go full retard

    5. Western ways are a disease. 90 percent of your national resources are wasted to satiate the wants of your greedy women. you created weapons that can destroy the planet your kids have to live on, you poisoned the water your kids have to drink from, the air your kids have to breathe, and modify the seeds your kids have to eat from. Now deal with that!

  3. This was a great article, hopefully people can discuss it without flying off the handle.

    1. I’m not sure where this was taken but my guess is South Africa. But the men in that picture are the white male murican democrap.
      Look at the poor kid on the right in his picture. He is in dire need of a male role model and he got saddled with that liberal homo for a father and the guy with the sunglasses looks like he is going through hormone therapy to become a trans ‘whatever they are called now’ with those pointy man tits and with hips.

      1. Like you, the first thing I noticed was the kid. Desperately looking to his father for leadership.
        His father cannot even bare to look at his son. It seems as though he is looking down in shame. Not shame at being white, but what he allowed himself to become.
        (this assumes that the and man are father and son, which is likely)

      1. Or what your countrymen did or does. Or your boss. Or your employees. or clients. Or anyone else, apart perhaps from your own wife and kids, does, for that matter. Failure to obey is a central pillar of the collectivist hellhole we currently call The West.

      2. Disagree. You can’t brag about your history and achievements of your ancestors that are good, but skip over the bad.

        1. Every group does this. I don’t see why it is so bad to celebrate achievement. Hell even Al Sharpton will tell you how ‘we was kings in Egypt building pyramids while you Greek homos was in caves.’ Which isn’t even true, lol.

        2. Never heard that from Al Sharpton, can you please provide a link where he calls Greeks homos in caves. I’d find that perplexing because I thought he was for homos. Further Greek Americans make up a very very small percent of Americans so it wouldnt even make sense.

        3. No, he didn’t. He meant homosexuals. And if you’re that dense I won’t even bother with your claim that it is true.

      3. Funny. I see a shitload of white motherfuckers on this site taking credit for what their ancestors invented (usually when they are talking down to women and blacks and accusing them of freeloading off of the white man’s resourcefulness and high intelligence throughout history). Now, never mind that YOUR moron ass personally couldn’t invent a way to aim into the toilet without getting piss all over the floor, but you want to take credit for Newton and Gauss and Einstein. Well, guess what, bunky? It goes both ways. If you want to take credit for all the POSITIVE shit that your race did throughout history (even though you had less than DICK to do with it), then ya need to also be willing to apologize for all the FUCKED-UP shit that your race did. No double standards, fucktard.

        1. While we’re apologizing, everyone else can pretend they’ve experienced the hardships of slaved labor alongside their great great grandfathers.
          Who did what in the past means shit. We are all reaping the benefits of slaved labor now. Unless you pick up your new car from the factory, you got the chinese and africans to thank for that.

        2. “Who did what in the past means shit.”
          Oh, yeah? Good; I’ll remember that next time one of you pathetic, insecure white boys brings up the fact that “everything was invented by a white man.” The double standards with you motherfuckers are truly incredible.
          Typical ROK’er: “Hey you cunt and you darkie, WE invented everything you use! You wouldn’t even be typing your drivel if it weren’t for US! Yeah, white power, bitch! You need to be grateful to US, us white men for everything, even though none of us on this site actually ever invented so much as a way not to get jizz on the keyboard when we jack it to Anime, or possess an education higher than a GED.”
          Commenter: “OK, your inventions are acknowledged, or rather the inventions of some motherfuckers a hundred years ago who happened to have the same shade of skin as you. Now what about how ‘your people’ enslaved those ‘darkies,’ beat them, and hung them from trees?”
          Typical ROK’er: “Stop playing the race card! Those things happened a long time ago and I will not apologize for what some motherfuckers with the same shade of skin as myself did! What’s in the past is in the past!”

        3. As a white male I will admire the culture and civilization that fostered such illustrious geniuses. And I will argue it ought to be preserved and strengthened. And I will note that white Christians built this civilization out of the ashes of the Roman Empire. Call me a fucktard. I don’t care. I’m grateful that I am living off the fat of their labor and ingenuity. I recognize that my pitiful accomplishments pale in comparison to theirs. A bit of humility and perspective is in order and less ALLCAPS and PATHETIC WHITE FUCKTARDS.

        4. He did not saying that he is not taking credit for it, just
          not apologizing. This is quite different. As the author says in
          the article, if any other race/ethnicity would have had the same opportunity to
          rule over most of the world, by any means necessary, they would. I think
          they still would. If African Americans in the US somehow would receive
          ultimate power of rule, do you think you/they as a group would be benevolent
          masters to the other groups of people? Don’t be ridiculous. The
          only people that should be apologizing are our white ancestors who let that
          power slip and left this current situation to their descendants.

      4. You are a fuckin’ homofaggot, just like your ancestors. Loserdom is hereditary. You really can’t apologize for it.

    2. Child abuse. Do those kids attend a diverse school? They would certainly form their own opinions if they did.

    3. Sorry, sorry. Sorry that in the distant past a minority of Caucasians who I am almost certainly not related to went from the Enlightened world and conquered every shit hole. Sorry that we took our decadent: modern medicine, modern law, engineering, modern toilets, modern science, modern agriculture, ……
      what did the Romans ever do for us?

    4. This picture made me understand white guilt. Showed it to a black fellow, sended shivers down his spine and he felt like apologizing to me for enslaving my people.

    5. It’s especially piss taking given that as far as slavery goes whites got their fair share of being slaves too. In the states white Irish slaves were regarded as scum in comparison to black slaves, whom were much more highly prized and better treated in comparison.

    “Diversity” means chasing down white jobs.
    “Diversity” means chasing down white schools.
    “Diversity” means chasing down white neighborhoods.
    “Diversity” means chasing down Every. Last. White Person.
    “Diversity” means White Genocide.
    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.
    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.
    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. Did you copy and paste this from a Nazi video on Youtube? Lol fucking douche! But I agree, diversity is bullshit.

    2. this aint stormfront. And that BS. What happened in The Balkans,Rwanda,Armenia, The Americas and Australasia is genocide, this is nothing.
      South Africa is over 20% non black(those of coloreds, white and asian descendent). You are spreading proganda like a sterotypical jew.
      this is way more diverse then France(the most diverse european nation) which is 15% non white.
      Look up the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, those nations have more immigrants then local malays and arabs. YOu cant get more diverse then that. They dont bitch half as much as WNs.
      GUess you never heard of white flight in sweden and norway where the white schools get whiter while ethnic schools get more ethinc.
      similar to britian but youll get some eastern european kids to with the ethnic kids.
      Even strict ass Saudi has 10% immigrants. Fiji a little island, almost half the population is non fijian( mostly indian servants brought by brits)
      Europeans are the first to diversify the world with their culture,language, DNA and bring other foreigners to other nations(such as indentured labour,sailors, slaves). Now its happening to you. Its barely even karma.
      Before anyone whines about demographics of nations, they should look at this site for the data first. Otherwise wed like women arguing with feelings rather then logic and data.

      1. You are a dumbass. How many non-arabs live in Saudi Arabia? How many non-arabs in Kuwait or UAE?
        You trying make a connection to a like culture being used as immigrant labor is the polar opposite of what is happening in the USA and Europe.
        You also missed the boat with south africa also. Officially South Africa is about 80% black, 9% colored, and 9% white. The other 2% is Indian. This doesn’t count about 5 million illegal immigrants which make up 10% OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION of South Africa. These illegals are not white folks from Serbia. They are 100% sub saharan africans mostly from Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.
        So South Africa is at least 85% black and you use that as an example of diversity? All I can say is………Dumbass.

        1. yay even retards can use the word dumbass. I just gave you the site to look up the data and u just confirmed my points. You are arguing for the sake od arguing like a female.
          saudi has 10% non arabs.
          Kuwaiti 31.3%, other Arab 27.9%, Asian 37.8%, African 1.9%, other 0.6% (includes European, North American, South American, and Australian) (2013 est.). essitentally 40% non arab and 68% foregin from the region
          mirati 19%, other Arab and Iranian 23%, South Asian 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) 8% (1982)https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ae.html
          note: less than 20% are UAE citizens (1982)
          its gotten more diverse the region and persians are a aryan tribe while arabs are semitic…they are different.
          About South Africa all you did was repeat my point…20%non-black. Even with these so called illegals its still more diverse then your precious europe whom you complain has it worse with no data to back it up.
          USA is still gonna stay white in the future the latinos are europeans too they only speak spanish. Hell 53% are full white while the others are mestizo(even then 70% euro DNA) hell even south america is 1/3 full blooded white.
          read the links first before ranting dumbass. You are making rok look bad and reactionary

        2. You are a fucking dumbass. You are still confusing ethnicity and religion with immigrants of a totally different culture.
          An incorrect assumption of stats 8th grade public school education is not worth arguing with.
          What you are saying is Nigeria is diverse because it has a bunch of different africans living there. It is still all Africans.
          Honestly it is like arguing with a pampered child.

      2. Saudi Arabia has started killing and deporting the Africans it used as cheap labour. They don’t give them a single benefit afforded to Saudi Arabians.

    3. dunno what happen to my comment earlier with all the links so ill short cut it.
      look up CIA world factbook and look at the demographics of South Africa,Fiji,Malayasia,Singapore,UAE and Qatar
      Way more diverse then France. The most diverse in europe due to its colonial history,
      Genocide far from it, Armenia,balkans, Rwanada,americas and Australasia is genocide. No militia is busting through your door.
      Whites started this diversity by pushing their culture,beliefs,language,DNA and way of down their throats in their homelands. This is barely krama in comparsion.

    4. Here we go again with this bull shit nonsense. White people are alive and kicking. America has a rich history of diversity. Learn to embrace it!
      Pro-race is code word for anti-humanity.

    5. well you reap what you sow, mr. white man. it’s not my fault you have a fear of genetic annihilation

    6. What about white south africans and white north africans. They pretty much got white affirmative action, special privledges, free healthcare and so on, I believe it was called colonialism.

  5. Ah it’s time for the weekly race-baiting article from ROK.
    Gotta chase those clicks.
    Won’t take long before the Jews are mentioned in the comments section (despite not being mentioned in the article).

    1. Oy Vey, Mr.Goldbergstein will not be pleased with all of this chutzpah, dear gentile.
      Keep goying!

    2. It’s amusing how an opposing view on race is deemed “race-baiting” from those like you, but if comments you make about race are called into question the reply is a sarcastic “what, is it too rayyycccisss!?!?”

  6. Well done to UKIP, (some what related). UKIP is a new party in the UK. It’s anti EU but to many it stands as much more. It’s a party that embodies anti political correctness and anti apologism.
    I leave you with a funny photo.

        1. Unfortunately I am not, but if the UK is anything like the US silly things like citzenship or proper identification aren’t really required. I agree though, all who can vote UKIP.

    1. Take up the White Man’s burden, Send forth the best ye breed
      Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives’ need;
      To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild–
      Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child.
      Take up the White Man’s burden, In patience to abide,
      To veil the threat of terror And check the show of pride;
      By open speech and simple, An hundred times made plain
      To seek another’s profit, And work another’s gain.
      Take up the White Man’s burden, The savage wars of peace–
      Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease;
      And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought,
      Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought.
      Take up the White Man’s burden, No tawdry rule of kings,
      But toil of serf and sweeper, The tale of common things.
      The ports ye shall not enter, The roads ye shall not tread,
      Go mark them with your living, And mark them with your dead.
      Take up the White Man’s burden And reap his old reward:
      The blame of those ye better, The hate of those ye guard–
      The cry of hosts ye humour (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
      “Why brought he us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?”
      Take up the White Man’s burden, Ye dare not stoop to less–
      Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloke your weariness;
      By all ye cry or whisper, By all ye leave or do,
      The silent, sullen peoples Shall weigh your gods and you.
      Take up the White Man’s burden, Have done with childish days–
      The lightly proferred laurel, The easy, ungrudged praise.
      Comes now, to search your manhood, through all the thankless years
      Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom, The judgment of your peers!

    2. Go UKIP!
      For the first time I must say Athlone is showing a very American-centric point of view.
      Historical reality is that African countries have fought for their independence, for the right to rule themselves. Isn’t it strange that today Africans are voting with their feet, saying that they want to live in lands under European rule?
      Mass immigration is a way for corrupt African regimes to get rid of political opponents. By allowing immigration to europe, we are stopping the normal political process of african countries towards a more democratic society. If in 1774, all unhappy Americans would have emigrated, the US would still be a British colony.
      Hundreds of African and Eastern European doctors and nurses are emigrating towards western europe. Isn’t it unfair that the richest countries in the world are poaching doctors from poorer nations? all in the name of “freedom of movemen”?
      About guilt, no I dont feel at all guilty because only a few rich Europeans benefited from slavery. My ancestors were peasants and coal mine workers and had nothing to do with it.
      Why isn’t anyone talking about the hundreds of thousands of whites from Southern Europe that were taken into slavery by Barbary slave traders and north african pirates?
      I could go on..

      1. I have said for a while I would rather subsidize an overthrow in immigrant lands than allowing them to illegally come& work here in the states and send their subsidies to their families that merely enriches the corruption in their homelands.

    3. Korean girlfriend? I think drawing girlfriends from the subsection of English girls who are still thin and relatively pleasant would be far better.

  7. Even though Athlonne didnt come outright and say it, the Western powers committed atrocities in the 3rd world. On the other hand, a solid argument could be made that on the whole, Western intervention was a net positive in terms of humanitarian rights and economic development. Personally, I wonder, how long do we have to keep paying for the supposed sins of our ancestors?
    Honestly, I have no fight with the reperations-demanding Ta-Nahisis of this world, or even the jihadist Arabs or (insert race/religion). They’re just advocating what they think is right for their own people, and while it harms my interests, I understand them. My problem is with the self-hating whites like the ones so eloquently pictured in the article. These are the people who will outcast you if you make a racist comment, or talk about affirmative action. These are the middle managers of america toeing the PC line and firing/not hiring younger white men because of diversity quotas.
    My theory is that this happened because of the the 2 world wars. Athlone’s historical description of western imperialism reminds me of the “chickens came home to roost” theory of the Great War, and WW2, which was really just a continuation of the WW1. After the unparalleled bloodshed of these two events, I feel like the west, and a generation later, america, pretty much shrugged and said “to hell with nationalism, or racial pride, or christianity.” Those things mainly caused the wars, right? Plus, I do believe that a good chunk of europes boldest, most confident men died in those wars, and the pussies who stayed home increased their share of the passive gene in europes population.
    So where do we go from here? Do we hope for a benevolent black/brown majority who will treat us whites better than we treated them? Do we revolt and start our own country?
    Most importantly, do we accept our white women fornicating with these racially foreign men until we are bred out of the gene pool in our home countries?

    1. “Most importantly, do we accept our white women fornicating with these racially foreign men until we are bred out of the gene pool in our home countries?”
      How can you not?
      I think we’re our own worst enemy. The development of technology, to the point that it exists today, created a massive vacuum.
      I actively fight against feminism because it serves me best to do so, but I don’t blame any group of people for what’s happening across the world. I think it was inevitable that making day-to-day life so relatively easy, that there had to be some kind of consequence.
      You’re seeing it today. We evolved to live through all sorts of hardships that have all of sudden disappeared and now we’re faced with new ones we’ve never experienced before, not on this scale. We have the capability of wiping out a significant portion of life on this planet at the touch of a few buttons, when has that ever existed?

  8. It is always funny how the ruling elite manages to create guilt in people who had nothing done to deserve it while they live high on the hog continuing to slaughter everyone for profit and power.
    1. Ruling elites have almost always been Dark Triad – from the Actecs, to the Chinese emperors, even the Native Americans who were sometimes wiping out whole tribes in wars.
    2. History is highly manipulated and uncomfortable facts of history are conveniently omitted: first 200.000 slaves in the US were WHITE (mostly Irish) and in fact they cost 10% of the black slaves, most of the US was comprised of dirt-poor slave-like factory towns and not the Wild West
    3. Whites became the dominating force through a combination of science, stable marriages, widespread education and the ability to rise the economic and social ladder based on merit. While the system was not perfect, it was simply by far superior to all other systems escpecially during the last centuries – the others simply lacked one or more of those factors.
    And frankly it has little to do with race in my opinion – if you had put 100% Blacks or Asians in the European System around 1500 then that race would have become the most dominating one.

    1. They would have had to think up said system in the first place. So why didn’t they?

      1. Variety of reasons – mostly the ruling elite has to make the necessary steps – they can stifle those just as easily:
        1. Muslim states: Started out aggressively, good science, stable marriages, but later on polygamy, weak rulers and constrainst of science by religion made it easy pickings
        2: China: Had huge armies and science way ahead 1000 years ago, emperors decided on isolationism also freezing scientific progress, very low social mobility because of rigid structure
        3. Cultures of Indian continent: caste system made social progress impossible, upper castes were stifling any progress & science
        4. South America: Aztecs – some of their buildings are likely remains of previous cultures, no social mobility, extreme polygamy
        5. Rest of the world cultures were even worse – some matriarchal societies in Africa, South America, Neanderthals were just mud-huts
        Cultures rise and fall just as ours will fall – some would say that it is already disintegrating, because the elite are destroying the general education system, restricting real scientific progress (the one going against profits or the agenda), destroying stable marriages etc. But at least the scientific elite are on top and the knowledge is secure also due to the size of the population, but for how long?

        1. Your historical ignorance is monumental. Well played sir. Many will nod in agreement rather than fact check this drivel into oblivion.

        2. Agreed.
          Arabian societies were polygamist before Muhammed’s prophecies. They did benefit from the zeal of Islamic theology, but Arabs are also notoriously fragmentary due to the nomadic and clannish nature of desert life. Also, Islamic societies tend to be autocratic, then stargnate, then, much like the Roman Empire, break down into civil war. Medieval Islamic empires, following by the Ottomans, were notorious for this. Saladin was constantly putting down rebellions by family members while fighting the Crusaders.
          China was very socially mobile for a feudal society, hence the Civil Exams that allowed poor farmer’s children to become educated bureaucrats. A culturally selective adaptation that promoted higher intelligence, much like Jews. China’s problem was that its problems were internal, never external – save for the Mongols, who then easily absorbed in Chinese culture. This explains China’s “isolation”. It wasn’t because they were absorbed in themselves, it was because rebellion was always possible and China is around the size of Europe: cultural and ethnic homogeneity doesn’t = stability when a population is large and isolated by jungles, tundra, and mountains. It is argued that China’s isolation from threatening outsiders only increased the division within Chinese society, thud making it focus more on internal stability than external expansion.
          India is an extremely diverse continent. The caste system plays a major role in the lack of development technologically on the sub-continent, but so does the Islamic conquest India that is estimated to have killed hundreds of millions of people over centuries. Merge that with the divisive nature of Indian terrain and cultural life and the recipe for stability and progress is missing. The British easily conquered the Indian sub-continent using divide and conquer strategy because of this fact.
          South American empires were brutal because they merged the callous, indifference nature of the jungle with the scale of a large society. Which means our idea of morality was absent in a civilization where the law of might makes right reigns supreme. It is no wonder that most of those civilizations fell quickly and also converted swiftly to the forgiving nature of Christianity, They weren’t what the West would consider civilized, they were just really well organized savages.

        3. Even though I disagree with some of your conclusions, I have to say that you exhibit extensive, refreshing knowledge paired with objective thought
          ( savage is subjective though. Ex: German rulers felt it lawful and moral to attempt mass exterminations. Not generally recognized as savage, but savage none the less )

  9. How I translated this article: Muh dik muh dik, me want whyt wimminz and reppa-rayshums for wacism. fuk shit shit fuk nigguh fuk muh dik

  10. “They were white and they were slaves – the untold history of enslavement of whites in Early America”. I am btw not discarding any wrongs done by all races – mostly the ruling class.

      1. That is what I thought too.
        Unfortunately that was a scam. The “servitutude” could and was prolonged forever. Children conceived were the property of the owner. Your wife could be fucked by the owner at any time. You had to do the bidding of the owner and were not allowed to leave the property unless for a given time. Also you could be sold just as easily to another “master” together with your “endentured contract”. That sounds awfully like slavery.
        They even had laws at one time that forbid breeding of white and black slaves, since black slaves fetched a higher price and too many owners “diluted” the market for the more expensive black slaves. (Superior mostly due to genetics, better food during childhood, less likelihood of rebellion or flight.)
        Turns out that the Cajuns as well as some other folk from the south descended from slaves and DID not fight in the civil war for the South, since some very vividly remembered their slavery. Sure – by that time most slaves were black, but not all!

  11. Look what the White Man was able to accomplish back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Back before when Diversity WAS NOT OUR STRENGTH

    1. “…you can have a space program, or you can have a black middle class.”

    2. Should I pat YOU on the back, or the people that were directly involved?
      There’s a huge difference, mister average.

  12. I think we are headed for a Black Swan event in any case, and something catastrophic will reset the racial boundaries for the entire globe.
    Taking game theory and human nature into account, you can bet that if there is an EMP or massive volcano event, etc…every single person that can claim to be white, will join with whites, once the race war starts.
    Read Civil War 2. Written around 1997. We are actually tracking much like his predictions in the book.

    1. Interesting. It would have to be truly catastrophic though and would probably start with every man for himself for a while (very small groups). You won’t get large groups banding together unless you can actually sustain it. More people means more mouths to feed.
      I guess it would build gradually, damn, you really do have to sit down and think about this, lol.

  13. The white man’s burden isn’t just the fact that white Western Europeans were the first to carry out slavery and both technological and imperial domination on a global scale. It’s the fact that Western European white men were/are the only one’s capable of bringing the world into the modern phase of human civilization. Terrible things had to be done to get there.

    1. And why do you presume that modernity couldn’t have been brought to the world by any other race than Mighty Whitey?
      Western civilization hasn’t demonstrated any indisputable inherent superiority at getting shit done, in fact Western Europe was the backwards ass-end of the Eurasian continent for the first thousand years after Western civilization was born from the merger of Germanic and Roman society during the Age of Migrations.
      Western civilization was lucky in that its rise to the world’s most powerful macro-civilization happened when, for the first time in history, technology had developed far enough that globe-spanning empires were logistically possible. The difference in relative power between, say, the West and China in 1800 was no larger than it would have been in China’s favour in 700, it’s just that the existing means of power projection were a lot different in 1800 than in 700.

      1. You mean because the evil White men invented, oh, I don’t know, cannons? And SHIPS capable of carrying those cannons, to project force overseas? While the Chinese had…..fireworks.

      2. That’s disingenuous and you know it. The technology that you’re talking about was almost exclusively invented and innovated by dead white males.

        1. More like, it appears disingenuous to you because you are too simple-minded to entertain the possibility that someone might rationally disagree with you.
          Is there any reason why, say, Arab, Persian or Chinese civilization couldn’t have invented those technologies? All those civilizations had once phases when they were on the global forefront of technological development, phases that lasted for several centuries.
          Golden ages of civilizations come and go, and sometimes end even after the civilization has been on a roll for centuries. How exactly is the current Western golden age special from all the others that others have had (and that ended for reasons there’s seldom any academic consensus on)?

        2. But they didn’t invent those technologies, and the last golden age of Western civilization pushed humanity further than it’s ever gone in the 1st world. It brought the first skyscrapers, the first trip to the moon, the car, the plane, nuclear power, the television, the computer, and the internet. That’s the difference. It’s basically the first steps away from what Michio Kaku would call a type 0 civilization towards a type 1 civilization. We’re still a long ways away but Western civilization has made more progress towards this in the last few hundred years than any other civilization on the face of the earth.

        3. Well, duh, of course Western civilization is more advanced than any previous civilization was at the height of its relative power and relative development level. That comes with being the latest civilization to have a golden age. Every civilization that is world leader in its time is more advanced than the previous one to have had that status, with very few exceptions. And almost always (and Western civilization is no exception), the latest civilization to be on top got there by adapting the achievements of the previous one to be on top and building on them while the original inventor stagnated.
          If Western civilization would be somehow uniquely inherently superior in ability to any other, it would have been the world’s most advanced civilization for its entire existence, not just during the last 300 or so years, 300 years that were preceded by some 200 years of catching up preceded by 1000 years of being the least advanced civilization on the Eurasian continent.
          That white Western men invented ships capable of transoceanic travel and machine guns capable of subjugating colonial natives is a historical fact that nobody disputes. Your notion that white men are the only ones who could have done that is just that, a mere notion, one you have provided absolutely no substantiation for. It is essentially to imply that if Western civilization would not exist, none of those things would have been invented by anyone, ever, not even in a billion years, which is an utter absurdity.

        4. No actually it is you who is making a claim that is unfalsifiable here. You say that another group could have easily made machine guns and ships like white men, except that it just didn’t happen that way at all in history. You need to provide some kind of evidence to indicate this is true.

        5. You were the one who made the initial assertion that only white men could have created the technology that made the modern world possible. Under common debating practice, it’s the one who makes the initial assertion that has the burden of proof, not the one who contests it.
          All statements about what could or could not have been are equally unfalsifiable, at least until someone (a white man, apparently) invents a time machine that gives us the possibility to empirically study other possible historical timelines.
          Your initial statement is just as unfalsifiable, and unlike you, I have actually offered substantiation. I have pointed out that other civilizations than Western have shown ability to invent things in the past, and that history shows that civilizations go through phases of progress and stagnation. One could still add to this the many historical cases of an invention attributed to someone (usually a white man) were independently invented or discovered earlier in another civilization, but got lost due to knowledge-preservation systems being inadequate or simply failing (e.g. the sacking of Baghdad in 1258 and the destruction of the world’s largest library).
          Now, care to offer some substantiation for your position? Until now, you’ve simply made just-so statements like no substantiation was even necessary in the first place.

      3. You know, the last time I posted in a comments section about historical facts I was met by a chorus of ” LIAR”. LOL…. But European whites didnt invent civilization. It was gifted to them. I happened to mention that the Moors established universities in Spain for example, and the replies were that ” you lie…” And the everpopular ” moors aren’t black, neither were ancient egyptians…” And blah,blah,blah.
        Theres a fantasy story out there, like Santa Clause and certain folk will defend Santa to the grave. Our education system perpetuaated this for decades.

        1. …. Like saying statements are ” disingenuous” …..take it away collegebrah

        2. Moors aren’t negro black they had African slaves. Thousands upon thousands of them. My time in morocco I saw where they held the slaves. They had Europeans too! The Barbary wars were a revolt against the enslavenent of Americans my the moors. As for the ancient Egyptians there are heirogliphics of what would be tanned looking people using manual services from what would be 10 shades darker looking people.All the same I respect African people and their culture. But would prefer that they do not try and overtake European culture.

        3. ” tanned “… Lol. Been to egypt 5 times. Sell that somewhere else. You sound ignorant trying to explain everything away. Tanned? GTFOH.

    2. How could you say blacks can’t develop a society when Europe was living in the dark ages surrounded by filthy roads, living in disease and black plagues, walking in their own shit, and burning women on stakes for witchcraft? In fact, it wasn’t until the crusades and the introduction of Islamic thought that Modern technology was able to be produced. It took Europe 1000 years to do so, so black people could just as equally develop a society and contribute to Man’s progress just like their relatives in Europe given time and in Africa, a fertilized land. But the degraded status of the continent alone shouldn’t justify that they are incapable since Europe just as well proved a society in the “Dark ages” doesn’t automatically mean it can’t develop greatly.

      1. it didn’t help that europe’s population was decimated again and again by hordes of invading barbarians. Hell, my ancestors WERE those barbarians.
        Look at modern day countries that cannot get their shit together despite not having gotten decimated every two decades for a thousand years. That’s where the stupid lies.

  14. The ongoing multicult invasion of European nations and the US came about because the cultural marxists in those nations changed the immigration laws in those nations. Otherwise, no such multicult invasion would have occurred.
    So called “white guilt” has been programmed into the European people’s through the cultural marxist choke-hold on the media and the educational systems within Western nations.
    There was and is no economic need for third world immigration into Europe or the US. These nations thrived for centuries without such immigration.

    1. Actually, it wasn’t the immigration laws so much as the fact that Europeans stopped reproducing relative to the rest of the world in the 1970s. People always bring up the 1965 Immigration Act in the USA, but they always forget that immigration from Latin America was unlimited — unlimited! — before then. But before 1965, there were many fewer Latin Americans, so mass immigration wasn’t a problem at the time.

      1. Your point on reproduction is well taken, however who was at the forefront of normalizing abortion in the US during the 1970’s and thereafter? The same cultural marxists who changed the immigration laws. They also, not coincidentally, massively profit from that bloody business to this day. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself. It is not a state secret.
        With respect to immigration from Latin America, there were multiple massive deportations throughout the 20th century including as late as the 1950’s under Eisenhower.
        What was the goal of the 1965 Immigration Act? It’s leading advocate, Senator Jacob Javits of New York, stated it quite clearly when the Act was passed and he proclaimed “Open the Flood Gates”. And so they have.

  15. Ok, interesting. I’m into the whole race thing right now for some reason. It’s a sensitive topic, and I’ve found that people get uncomfortable when approaching information that contradicts their worldview.
    There is overwhelming evidence that what we would call “white” or “European” culture actually originated in the West, in Ireland. What seems clear is there was a catastrophe of biblical proportions, and humanity went from a “high culture” time to essentially being cavemen overnight. There is so much evidence of this that I accept it as fact: everything from ancient machines to monolithic constructs that are more precise than could be built today; there are the seemingly Egyptian cities found underwater near the Bermuda Triangle, etc. If you haven’t studied this before, hold onto your ass, it’s going to destroy what you’ve been taught about human history. Here’s a book to get you going: http://www.2shared.com/complete/o77XFUSN/Michael_Tsarion_-_Irish_Origin.html I downloaded and checked it, it’s a clean download.
    I’d like to note that Ireland held a system of private law based around clans as a main unit, with private courts used to settle disputes, for 2000 years. It’s the longest continually functioning law system, and it is by definition anarchistic.

  16. I feel no personal guilt (why should I?) for actions of people that became skeletons long ago.

  17. An article by Athlone McGinnis is an article which I know I won’t read. Just like this one.

  18. This is all very interesting intellectually. But its time for whites to go into survival mode. A few can still be saved. We’re not voting our way out of this one.

  19. quite why the entire world doesn’t speak english is beyond me…
    over the last 20 years, we could have had all europe, china, japan, and latin america speaking english if the drive and vision had been there… one language is so much better than all this jibber jabber…
    the colonialists should be guilty – they failed… they should have carried on steam rolling the world, and molding it and cutting down anything in their way….
    the British could have had the entire american continent if they’d set their minds to it… imagine if the united states technology and progress spread all the way from top to bottom…
    the British also had china by the balls at one point… they should have moved right on in and taken the lot, the UK could have been the entire world…..
    the British empire might have been brutal, but damn it got shit done….

  20. Are you serious Athlone? Did they seriously corner you into fuckin apologizing and softening up world history. Dude white people don’t give a damn about blacks. Not even the well to do ones. Stop writing articles with them on your kind because you damn sure aren’t on theirs. Hell they get made when you try to attest to them achievements that none of the white commenter’s or attributes here accomplish. Get some balls man.

  21. Let’s be serious white colonialism and imperialism was for the benefit of white nations. Any of you key board conquistadors has obviously never been outside of your respective western countries. Brazil was founded for the luxury of Portuguese people. Argentina for Spaniards. Blacks were brought over for the simple purpose of labor. They couldn’t vote, own land, or get government contracts like the poor Italian and Portuguese immigrants could. All this lie about hard work is bs. It was political preferential treatment to benefit whites because they couldn’t justify keeping the reigns of power away from the majority Indians and blacks. So poor white are better than niggers. It’s the same game everywhere. Athlone stop apologizing to whites because now rich white have forsaken them for a more profitable partnership with rich asians.

  22. Athlone Most of these guys would talk bad about your girl if they saw you with an attractive non black chick at an upscale restaurant or movie. They’d say she must be ghetto or come from a single parent household raised on rap to be with with you. They don’t approve of any opinion of black guys here. “Oh you have feelings and observations? Fuck you. Anti racist is code word for anti white. Black I is lower than white IQ”. Why keep wasting your time online with a bunch of racist. You like watching them go off on your post or something? Dude I’m black and it looks dumb watching another black soft talk his way to white acceptance. Fuck em. They don’t care

    1. I would have to disagree. What he wrote makes sense. The source of the problem rests squarely with the white elite class that runs Western European countries.

      1. “White elite class”. Praytell, who is this group of people? Alpha males, perhaps?

        1. Ideally, it would be a group’s natural alpha male leaders who lead the group. But in the case of white elites, it isn’t based on alphaness, but more on being a member of certain banking families and Freemasonry. It nicely explains why the white elites refuse to look out for their co-ethnics, and instead see them as a threat and throw them overboard in an insane bid to try to be masters of the universe.

        2. Boy are you naive. Betas can be at the top of the pack if they lie, backstab, cheat, and otherwise have no morals.

        3. Lying, backstabbing, and cheating are alpha traits that have been evolved to compensate for lesser physical strength.
          That’s why ‘Beta PUA’s’ can become every bit as alpha, if not more so, than your jocks and thugs.
          Intelligence is an alpha trait… but like a jock can get fat, a smart guy can choose not to apply his intelligence to fucking hordes of chicks.

        4. No, underhandedness is not an alpha trait. Alphas are the natural leaders, so they don’t need to use underhandedness — especially against betas — since people naturally defer to them, although of course they can if they want (and when they do, it’s primarily against higher-ranked alphas). Betas, OTOH, need to use underhandedness and cheating to get to the top since it’s the only way they can get to the top.
          Why do you think so many of our ostensible male leaders these days are beta suckups? Like Obama?

        5. Some non alphas have no clue what ” alpha ” means. Lying, underhandeness and cheating are character failings usually used by women to attempt to control stronger men. That’s not commendable.

        6. Are you trying to imply that intelligence is not ‘natural’?
          Humans have become the alphas of the entire animal kingdom due to intelligence. Building a dam is just as ‘natural’ when a human uses reinforced concrete as it is for a beaver to use twigs.
          Using intelligence to become a leader is every bit as ‘natural alpha’ as being born 6’4″

        7. You’re trying to equate intelligence with backbiting and cheating. They’re not the same thing.

    2. I kinda second this opine. I’ve been in this “manosphere” about 3 years, and I Must say it is the oddest collection of groupthink I’ve ever encountered this side of STORMFRONT. Many comments can’t avoid devolving into racist tropes. It’s constant. It speaks to a lot about white males, but I also realize that certain topics bring out the Euro-Barbarian hiding in some guys, and I always take it as such.
      It’s hilarious that the same… “man”, for lack of a better descriptor, who touts ” higher IQ” and “statistics” will scoff at factual history or invent a different version of it to suit his idea of reality. Not being able to understand nuance of stats in vivo is not a sign of intelligence. It’s a sign of rote copying void of original reason and thought.
      Im older than many commentors I happen across that spew racial nonsense. I understand when certain subject matter gets under their skin and they react with negativity rather than reasoned discussion. With that type it is better to just speak and keep it moving because nothing of worth will come of attempting discourse.
      They feel empowered to tell you who you are. It’s centuries old tradition.

  23. European rule was ultimately better for the colonies. Quality of life, population and life expectancy exploded under their rule.

    1. After the mass massacres. Funny how the native indian population still hasnt bounced back yet.

      1. Bounced back from what number precisely? How many amerinds were here prior to colonization?
        Here’s a hint: you don’t know. Nobody does. Sorry. Shove your multi-cult up your backside.

        1. 100 million prior to euro invasions. 90% killed off by euro invasions.
          You don`t know because you are stupid and can`t read.
          1860 census 339k indians. 1870 census 313k indians. 1880 census 306k indians. And so on. The mayan states alone had 11 million people.

        2. 100 million? Are you insane?
          Or are you adding the Incan and Aztec Empires?
          Excuse me, but I am not a ‘situational ethics’ kind of guy. an empire that practices wholesale cannibalism and slavery, institutionalized rape and torture, institutionalized child sacrifice, and a whole host of other nastiness is an empire that DESERVED to die.
          North American Indians were not even CLOSE to one hundred million. Centuries of tribal warfare kept their numbers to a trim million or so… and their worship of ‘tricky’ coyote ensured that they could never, ever co-exist with a culture that held honor and honesty as their highest ideals.
          Too bad for them.

        3. They got their own back. Syphillis is still around and regularly sterilizing people.

        4. 100 million from north to south america.
          Most European countries practiced and still do practice these things. Most European countries and America of today eat parts of aborted fetus in their drinks as it is an additive. Further they use to eat mummies (grounded up dead black people as food and bathe in blood). Needless to say europeans enslaved blacks and indians. Institutionalized rape was the hallmark card of the white man. One needs to look no further they the holocaust camps of the americas where in places like brazil where the black people are mostly mixed or America where most native americans are mixed with white rapists. Child rape was the norm in America until very recently, that is why there are so many children who are and have been raped, just look at the catholic church and coaches etc. Child sacrifice still occurs in America and liberals defend it as a WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. aND THE euro states follow the same path and murder much morepeople.
          Amrican indians were 100 million in total from north to south, the mayan states, just tiny small states had 10-13 million people at its height. There is a reason it took nearly 500 years for the whites to conquer the natives completely. There were alot of indians and whites needed a long time to kill them all.

        5. Sucks to be them. Maybe if I had done it I’d feel guilty about it. too bad everyone it happened to is dead, or they could complain.
          Today’s whiners? They sorta lack the same impact as someone who actually was harmed by it. Fuck them.

        6. The side effects of such policies are still harming people today. America Indians of today have been denied millions of acres of land that was and is there right, and millions of dollars associated with the mineral rights and potential sale of such land. Instead, they are the poorest people in america, with the shortest life expectancy in the hemisphere.

        7. who says it was theirs? They can buy land just like anyone else…. what gives them the right to look at a piece of land and assume it belongs to them because that was where some great great great great great ancestor spilled his seed?
          Get with the program. Native Americans have every bit the same ability to get rich as any other American. Unless you are saying there is something… wrong with them that prevents them from succeeding without handouts.

        8. The majority of historians and experts. Whites should return the stolen land they didn’t buy. Native Americans have their abilities blocked by white government.

        9. ‘they have their abilities blocked’?
          What, are they working with space aliens to assemble an ‘indian stupidity’ beam?
          There’s not one person alive today who stole land from an indian. There is not one indian alive today that has had their land stolen by a white man (although there are some who have had it taken by banks… but that’s not about race unless you are jewish)
          So who, exactly, is this ‘whites’ you speak of?
          and who, exactly, had their land stolen from them?
          and what ranchers and farmers and townsfolk are you willing to murder to ‘take it back’, you repugnant fucking supremicist?
          sorry dude, but you should go camp out with the other liberal manginae… they believe this ‘entitlement’ shit. there you can complain about the evil white patriarchy all you want.
          This board is for men, not professional victims.

        10. There are lots of whites who asre inheirtors of stolen indian land. The second biggest white affirmative action act called the homestead act gave away millions of acres to poor whites who couldn’t spell their own names from europe, after it was stolen from indians.
          The white government, the white land surveyors, the white army men, the whites who ran onto the land after it was stolen over broken treaties. White government think they can sign treaties, legally binding documents and then just break them without consequences.
          Any rancher on land stolen from indian, will have to go.
          And what is your extremist talk about murder. There is a good deal of state and federal land and large corporate land owners and other compensation forms that can occur.
          You are the liberal mangina with your white entitlement to other peoples property. You think the land of america belongs to whites like you, you stole it fair and square from the indians right? No one is a bigger purveyor of entitlements than whites like lbj and fdr and all the other white affirmative action like the gi bill and corporate welfare and free land from indians that whites never bought not paid for.
          In my discussions with white men like you, it simply proves the point of the author, athlone. There is no group today who tries to play the victim card more then you.
          Think of that, you think I was suggesting killing white people to take back the land that is legally indians and you already got into full victim mode ready to call me indian supremacist. Imagine how real indians must feel after whites really did that to them except the land was never whites to begin with. Of course that is beyond your mental capacity and part of your white privilege allows you to pretend that stealing land from indians was justified and shouldn’t be overturned but taking that land back is racist.

        11. Like I said, stolen from whom? The original owners are dead. you have no more moral right to your dead great great great grandpa’s land than i do to some scotts gaelic castle someplace.
          Get over it. Succeed as a human being instead of painting yourself as an eternal victim. The people that were oppressed are dead. the people that did the oppressing are dead. And I will tell you what, you come on my property trying to steal it because your great great whatever once took a shit there, you will be joining them.
          I bought my land, with my own hard earned money, breaking my own fingers and back, getting shot at, spending two decades defending it.
          What in the FUCK have you done to deserve ‘your’ land?

        12. Stolen from native american indian. Then go get back your gaelic castle in europe, I am not stopping you.
          Never bought nothing you are just another land thief. Too bad they never did the job right.
          The land of America is the indian americans birth right. All your kind does is know how to rob shoot and steal.

        13. And all your kind knows how to do is get drunk, steal, and whine about ‘birthrights’. Jesus, no wonder your people lost so badly. Hell, you are probably not even indian, you are probably Mexican… in which case, your complaint is with the spanish, who I might add are not even remotely ‘white’.
          BTW- the last ‘pure blooded’ native American died in 1997… Looks like you are hating on your own blood, brother.

        14. Its whites who get drunk all the time steal land and whine about their white entitlement, I am white, I am entitled, I stole this land fear and square. The land thief pink will never be my brother.

      2. oh right, white people everywhere are expected to pay for the crimes of American whites. Forgot that.

        1. I never said that. I never once complained about Belarussian or Romanian whites, ever!

        2. This is about white guilt. Western Europeans (who banned slavery) are blamed for slavery in America. They are blamed for American whites attacking Indians.
          So on an so forth.
          Look at Canada, the history of minorities in that country is very different than the history in the States and white guilt is still a force there in very much the same way.

        3. White Canadians are no less responsible for atrocities against minorities than white americans. IMO, white Americans have on a whole dealt with the racial issue in a much better manner. Canadian whites for the most part tried to sweep the racist history under the rug for a very long period.

        4. What happened in the past has little or nothing to do with people alive today. What british colonists did to natives has nothing to do with white people of non-british descent. Get a clue.

        5. Lets see if you can grasp a concept… ( odds are you won’t ). There would be no America for other people to enjoy without lying, rape, murder and slavery. If you embrace this country and tout it’s founding, it’s childish to say that you reject how it was founded but want only the benefits.
          Everyone here benefits in some manner. Most have no idea of the full history of the price paid to establish that which you enjoy now.
          That is business as usual, irresponsible and immoral attitudes spanning generations.

        6. That is your opinion. I disagree. Had the natives still owned the land and it had to be acquired through legal purchases, most natives would be billionaires and the majority of country would still be indian reserves.
          And white people of non-british descent so happily invaded and migrated into stolen lands without batting an eyelash. They are just as bad and equally responsible.

      3. I think it’s amazing how American history has somehow erased the fact that Native American Tribes almost universally violated every truce they ever signed.
        Somehow the nasty, brutal war with the natives was repatterned into shifty whites taking advantage of peaceful nature-worshippers, when in reality, the constant warfare between indian tribes was so brutal and vicious that the entire continent was nearly depopulated when the first viking ever set foot on it.
        Bunch of braves get drunk and decide to count coup with heads of men, women, and children, rape as many white girls and women as they can lay their hands on, and you blame the settlers for getting all rampage-ey about it.
        They lost. stop glorifying them as victims. If they had played straight, they’d be the predominant racial demographic.

        1. Actually it was the reverse, it was the white people breaking all the treaties. Even today, the whites still do not honor the treaties they signed with natives. In many cases the treaties would have natives controlling vast swaths of land in south florida.
          It was the same old story about shifty white poor immigrants desperate to steal land and shifty white land developers. The continent had more than 100 million people by the time of cololmbus.
          It was the whites doing what they did around the world at that time, rape, murder, kill, and spread diseases. And theystill do it today.

        2. “Even today, the whites still do not honor the treaties they signed with natives.”
          No one alive today signed any treaties with the natives. Stop with your racist bull.
          Secondly, even if you want to make this about bloodlines in your racist mind, not everyone who is white is of british descent or had anything to do with what went on in the 1700s and 1800s! Some white person from Poland or Russia or Iceland didn’t descend from anyone who had anything to do with your ancestors! Get a clue racist blockhead!
          “It was the whites doing what they did around the world at that time, rape, murder, kill, and spread diseases. And theystill do it today.”
          You’re a disgusting racist pig.

        3. The fact that he took facts and turned them completely upside down speaks to either his ignorance, or to his superiority agenda.
          He’s bold about his bullshit pronouncements though, and just a tad shifty.

        4. We are talking about races not specific people. that being said the conintuity of government and the government did sign these agreements with natives and continue to break them.
          Doesn’t matter, going back to the 1800s many of the states were not even british majority including ones like Louisana (italian largest white group); there is a map that shows it. Brits aren’t the only ones. There were russians and poles stealing land in america right next to the brits. And weren’t you viking the original white land thiefs?
          Whites did factually, rape, murder and kill and spread disesase all over the world during this age. It was their practice. i abhor what my white ancestors did, but I’d be folly and delusional to deny the truth that as a white person I am guilty and benefit from the oppression and genocide of native americans, blacks, and jews and that our white ancestors did rape, murder and kill these innocent peoples for no reason and without agitation.

        5. Go back to your victim politics grievance groups, Or drink a big tall glass of get the fuck over it because it happened to people that are dead hundreds of years ago.

        6. You want minorities and whites to shut up about white crimes of the past, and that will never happen. Natives, blacks and hispanics will get over their genocide, when whites get over the alamo and 1776 and the civil war and colombus day and ve day, and the kennedy assassination and the holocaust and the 9 million other events whites say never forget from 9-11 attacks to pearl harbour. Get over 9-11 and let terrorist bomb us all. Everyone can see it is a ridiculous argument. People should remember grave tragedies as the old axiom goes, those who do ot know history are doomed to repeat it. Thus for victims of mass genocide (african americans, hispanic americans, nativa americans, jew germans or gypsies, armenians) there is a very good reason to not ÈGet over itÈ

        7. you conceited fucking racist.
          there are still people alive today who were affected by 9/11. Don’t try to compare current events with historical.
          when the alamo happened, it was IMPORTANT. but it is not important today.
          Yes, you should remember them. I never said you should forget, they are important to understanding the future… but you need to GET OVER THEM.
          You need to stop clumping whites together. you want to say british? fine. hate on the brits. but MY ancestors were irish slaves, dragged here to work in the coal mines of the mountains of appalachia. We never stole any land from anyone, we never warred with a single brownskin, we died by the thousands to vicious profiteers, we never owned a single slave.
          And you sit there and say that somehow I committed some sort of crime. Tell you what, you can go fuck yourself. MY ancestors got over it. They got over being stripped of their land and country and shipped overseas by the British, they got over being murdered in droves and considered utterly disposable by callous robber barons, they got over a black slaveowner legislating them and their children to eternal slavery, and they even fought and killed for what they felt was the right and just cause… tens of thousands of appalachia’s best and brightest died in nearly every war America has ever been involved in.
          How DARE you lump them in with some kind of mythical white man group that is secretly mind controlling all Indians?
          The german immigrants, the italians, the french, the polish, the russians, even the later british immigrants now make up 95% of the american population.
          And yet you arrogantly lump all of them in with the generic ‘white’ label and try to blame them for shit their ancestors had nothing to do with, out of some sort of sense of massive inferiority because ‘your people’ cannot figure out how to go to high school, get a job as a plumber, and BUY some land like everyone else in this goddamned country.

        8. O I get it now. When whites die in 9/11 it is important and when whites kill 100 million indians… fuck em. I am just glad that most white people are no where near as psychotic and racist as you.
          You Irish are just as big as land thiefs as the brits maybe worse. The white irish affirmative action called the homestead act gave hundreds of millions of stolen indian land to lazy poor whites who didn’t have the money to buy a shack. Irish were not slaves but indentured servants liar and they CHOSE to come here voluntarily because they ruined their own country with over population and getting drunk and pumping out babies relentlessly so they started starving. Indentured servivtude was a gift from the english to the irish who would have starved to death in ireland in potato famines.
          As for no irish slavers, liar
          “The many Haitians and West Indians who trace their ancestry back to Africans transported on Irish-owned slave ships are living proof that the Irish have not always been the victims of history.
          And it was the Irish slaving clans of Nantes in France, descendants of the Wild Geese, who effectively ran the trade in humans for the French nobility.”
          The Irish slavers ran the french slave trade.
          “Michelle Obama’s original Irish ancestor has been traced and named as Andrew Shields, an Irish immigrant who fought in the American Revolution as a Georgia resident.
          Andrew Shields was Michelle Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather and his family was slave owners.”
          Liar again. Irish were big time slave traders.
          You are a criminal living on stolen indian land. Get over it. If my grandpa steals your car and gives it to me and keels over. Does that make my car any less stolen?
          Your ancestors left their country to because they ran it inot the ground with irish incompetence and they did again in the financial collapse. Irish just ain’t that bright.
          Someone had to say it, I am tired of the political correctness. How can a people who kill all their braincells with alcohol be smart?
          if it wasn’t for the Brits, irish would still be living in dirt floor shacks.
          I call it how I see it, you whites stole the land with your white affirmative action homestead act, 420 million acres of indian land given away to people just for being white. No talent, no money, no skill, nothing but your skin color got you that land. And you defend this racist policy. I don’t care how many conflicts your ancestors died in. They were land thiefs. My only regret is the nazi and krauts and tojos didn’t kill more land thieves.
          All you whites lump yourself as whites.
          why should indians buy land, this is our land, you whties stole it. If we buy it again you’ll just have another 100 irish million kids and over populate it, damn breeders. Frankly I wish the British never brought any of you irish or other whites here. YHou are racist.

  24. Lmao. This place is clearly the same type of bastion that created that elliot Rodger’s dude. A bunch of narcissistic men with illusions of grandeur. Lol. You guys sound like him. Everybody can come put on their costumes of greatness and whine about why the world can’t notice their greatness. Good riddance. And good shooting

  25. I’m from Poland. In 1795-1918 my country was partioned and my ancestor struggled in desperate uprisings in order to liberate themselves. My country didn’t have any colonies and didn’t have slaves since it wasn’t event at any map. And yet some people expect me to apologize to blacks just because I happen to be white and apparently every person of this skin colour has to bear collective guilt. Ridiculous.
    I heard that some teacher in USA said that whites also happened to be slaves from time to time and gave Spartacus’ uprising as an example. Black people furried and made him quit. Political correctness.

    1. Very true!
      I’d say that probably 98% of white peoples have absolutely NO reason to apologize to any non-white races, as they had no direct hand in anything to do with the business to slavery. Even a fellow working class Brit, who was practically a semi-slave in 19th century Britain, working 14-18 hours a day in filthy, dangerous conditions in a factory is more similar to a slave in America, then dissimilar to it. Certainty he had no voice, let alone a hand, in propagating slavery. That’s ridiculous.
      Poland had no slavery as far as I know, certainly no black slaves. We had feudalism (a semi-form of slavery), which was eventually abolished with the spread of the enlightenment and democracy. Poland should accept 0% guilt for the actions of some Spanish/Portuguese/English slave traders.
      PS. Good fact finding on the black slave traders already operating in Africa when Europeans arrived. Majority of slaves purchased were already slaves to begin with, so what about putting a portion of the blame on the African lords who enslaved and subsequently sold their fellow men (most of them were war captives I believe) to the equally immoral European slave traders?

    2. Hi, I’m from America. Welcome. Pull up some dogma and make yourself at home.

  26. Always so convenient to bring the woes of the world to the White man. “…imperialism! slavery! colonization!”
    Weird that we never mention the role of the Africans who actually SOLD their fellow Africans into slavery, or the Jewish companies that profited so heavily from the slave trade…and of course its downright unspeakable to mention the fully Semitic leadership behind the diversity/Affirmative Action/gov’t handout agenda or the destruction of American Blacks that it facilitates.
    Noooo, just blame Whitey, he’ll sit still for it.

    1. Because africans didn’t do it, that is why its not mentioned, whites did.

      1. Even though slavery is STILL going on in Africa, right? …nice head-fake on the obvious.

      2. durr. Historical fact. Black tribes conquered and enslaved other black tribes. Sold them to the dutch. The Dutch, in Turn, Started selling them to the americans, who considered them valuable replacements for the mass of Irish slaves that they had used before. The americans couldn’t buy directly from the africans because they had almost no ocean presence yet.
        Whites seldom set foot on african soil, black africans had this nasty habit of murdering anyone that wasn’t protected by a hefty ship.
        Point of fact: “Hereditary slavery” was pushed into law in America by a BLACK slaveowner.

        1. Learn to read. try checking out ‘the dutch slave trade 1500-1850’ for starters, and then actually read some older non-revisionist history books.
          Basing all of your knowledge on the movie ‘roots’ or ‘Amistad’ makes you stupid.
          Of course, you could just be a liar. or maybe an idiot. Do ‘special schools’ have computers now?

        2. No need to trot out the ” you’re a liar ‘ trope. So tired.
          Respectfully, some do have a strong knowledge of history concerning world history and african history. The difference being some have historical references from BOTH sides of a given topic.
          The argument that africans sold africans into slavery is older than I am. The devil is in the details and it’s got nothing to do with Roots or Amistad.
          I like when posters state their positions and opinions, but it’s a bitch move to start following the ” how to respond to minority complaints .. ” handbook.
          You appear to have read some material, and that’s great. But always remember, there are books of information that would make stacks taller than you many times over. There’s a difference between being “read ” and ” well read “.Pp

        3. how else do you respond to a useless argument like ‘not true’?
          IRL that could earn you a punch in the face. Here? It earns you ridicule. Your opinion about whether or not it is ‘tired’ is noted, but not really relevant.
          Frankly, every single group in history has historically committed it’s own share of atrocities. What’s done is done, and it’s ridiculous to hold a generation responsible for what it’s forebears did…. we already have to deal with the physical ramifications of what our grandparents put into motion… attempting to add minority guilt to it is outrageous.
          Making things better than your forebears: great
          feeling guilty about them? fucking stupid.

  27. Don’t forget the Muslim assault and slave-trade of white people and Christians and Indians, from the beginning of Islam. This “white guilt” is very recent in comparison to the hundreds of years of destruction that Islam by itself blasted over the Mediterranean area after the time of Muhammed. They created the Dark Ages.
    Remember that many of these slaves were voluntarily sold by their own people – often their own families. This shows how much these people valued each other and their own children.
    Slavery has been an institution world-wide for many thousands of years, regardless of race/color/culture/creed/etc. Feeling guilty for all this shit is completely stupid and symptomatic of how truly sick our society has become.
    Fuck ’em all, they can bite me.

    1. Islam did NOT create the Dark Ages, the hordes of savages that devoured the Roman Empire were the primary impetus.

    2. Although I dissagree with you on the whole ‘Islam caused the Dark Ages in Europe’, I agree that slavery was not by any stretch of the imagination a white, European invention.
      Slavery has been around in ancient times, in Roman times, many different cultures and periods. And you’re right that Europeans bought slaves in Europe from *black* slave traders and rules in Africa. The colonialists went a step further though and made the slaves an input into the production of cotton, sugar, etc. Basically, made some use of them (exploited them).

  28. FIrst off, I just wanna say after seeing these photos, where do i find white people like that? Are they few in number? are they hiding? Cause I never seen those before. As an ethnic man, thee whites I hang with are not pc,were pretty blunt. But ill admit I think we hold our tongue a little when at the campus or near downtown area…where I feel its more pc. But still multiethnic in my area.
    I think this white guilt deal is just an excuse to bring us migrants(or descendants of them) to the country is due to the host nations really low fertility rates after the local women stopped reproducing and picked careers instead. Or in an attempt to get foreign feminine women to marry after the local ones got ruined lol(obviously that backfires when they wanna copy them).
    that colonial map there is very important to know, because it tells what 2nd language is common in that country and thatll be the language the most educated,rich and westernised people identify with. And itll increase unfortunately. Its like colonialism hasnt ended but now a mental colonialism is happening through pop culture and media and corrupting them to our “values”.
    If you dont belive me, just look at how they behave compared to their grandparents. The youth are white washed. They dress like us, talk like us and have some sort of similar bealif. before as a kid i never liked the traditional way, but after taking the red pill, I actually admire the ones that resist when they are living here, like wearing the turban or hijab, still able to speak their own language and keep their own beliefs.
    The only thing foreign about me is my DNA, thats it. And that rather sad that mentally I grew up fighting with traditional thinking only to be a beta western male.
    So if theres any advice I can give to 2nd generation kids struggling with strict traditional parents, trust me just embrace it. This western “progressive” thinking is just poison and mentally fuck you like it does with the men here.

    1. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE.
      ‘anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  29. Speed-read this, seemed okay aside from the point when you said that West European laws spread. That’s quite a broad perspective because if you mean the Romanistic legal family, then yes, aside from Common Law coming from Britain. Spaniards and Portuguese people are not from the Common Law family as British people are. British people brought the laws to U.S.

  30. I don’t get how it is that people are flipping out over this. Althone is just expressing a reality, that the effects of 500 years of colonization has meant that hybrid cultures have been created all over the world, oriented to the colonizing nations of Western Europe. So those who would flip out, remember, these are the seeds planted of European predecessors throughout the world which have been sprouting.

  31. Of course, included in the colonizing nations of Western Europe are the European ancestors of the colonizers in North and South America.

  32. “Western Europeans, in the process of conquering most of the planet, created the most diverse and globalized polities man had ever seen.”
    While in the process jackbooting pregnant women and slaughtering wholesale old men and women.
    “Western Europe took over the world and some bad things happened in the process.”
    Is this amateur hour at the Apollo??? Slavery, genocide…indeed, “some bad things”.

    1. Apparently someone hasn’t read his history. See what African tribes did to other conquered tribes. See what the ‘brown’ muslim of antiquity did to Europeans sold as slaves. See what the ‘black’ Egyptians did to ‘white’ rome before Rome rose to power and did it in return. Look at what the India Empire did, or the Aztecs, or the Incans, and even look at places like the Congo and Ecuador today.
      Every racial group has practiced wholesale genocide, institutionalized Torture and slavery. The ones that are around today are the ones that were the BEST at it… all of the others died.
      But, of course, racists are always blind to their own faults. My Anglo-Saxon forebears were the best, most brutal warriors and barbarians around… stop whining that the barbarians that were YOUR forebears weren’t quite up to snuff.

  33. This white man bears no burden. I don’t care and will do nothing while the shit skins starve.

    1. Ohhhh you! Your little names are so cute! Shit skins, that’s hilarious! Do you have more? You are an amazing mind and I’m sure everyone would just be so entertained by your entertaining, bitchy pronouncements.

  34. White guilt is a hilarious concept.
    It assumes that I should feel sorry for what my ancestors did historically.
    I do not. In fact, I feel pride. Europeans have shown themselves to be the strongest group of men to walk this Earth thus far. If they were not, they would not have been capable of subjugating and killing so many other groups on a mere whim.
    The strong shall rule over the weak.
    I have seen you complain about the black community and their place in America many times. Yet, I have never seen you truly contemplate solutions. There has never been a riper time for the black community to rise within the United States other than now, and yet they are floundering more than ever.
    Guess what, I refuse to help the black community.
    It is up to you as an intelligent black man to help your own community rise and become better.
    The only question is:
    What are you going to do about it?
    Be proactive.

  35. Well the white man should have stayed in Europe instead of messing with everyone else on the planet for the last 500 years

    1. why, there was large chunks of the planet still unknown and not on a map only a few hundred years ago. Should the english have just sat on their island and never set sail to unknown shores. How could they even know who or what even existed, expecting people to feel guilty over what whites did is to expect to feel guilty for human advancement.

    2. Well kj1986nyc, if he had, we’d be spared from your racist comments, you know, given as those eeeeevil white men basically invented all technology on the planet from the wheel forward.
      Since you probably aren’t too intelligent, I’m stating that without us evil white men, the computer would not exist, ergo, you wouldn’t be able to go online and sneer at us from afar with impunity. Just to be clear.

      1. Let me see how it feels to make a bunch of crazy statements during a race discussion…..Your intellectually dishonest. You just make up your own facts. Statistics show whites are child molesting, blood thirsty heathens. Don’t come here with your b.s. arguments. Why don’t you go back where you came from? Everyone knows whites ruin everything. I guess next, you’ll say the Roman Empire was white. White people never contributed anything to society. If you had an IQ over 120, you’d know that. But because whites have an IQ thats 40 points lower than everyone else it renders you incapable or logic, reason, and intellectual honesty, and blah, blah, blah, blah.
        Im superior, not because of anything I’ve ever done, but because of what those that came before me have done. And everything my ancestors did was great and right.
        So don’t question the feel good idealism I will cling to until I die. It’s all I have as an identity. On my own I’m pretty pathetic and sad.

        1. If you think you are superior based on the accomplishments of others you’re not only inferior but completely retarded.

        2. Truth be told, blaximus, if it were not for caucasians, negroes would be far worse off.

    3. Not likely since Europe is relatively resource poor compared to the rest of the world, aggressive expansion was the only means in which they could develop.
      As for why the ‘West’ came to dominate I think the constant development of technology, developed because of a lack of resources which lead to constant warfare.
      China was a nation with hundreds of millions of people long before some of the western nations existed and they did not feel the need to constantly expand and steal others lands.
      The psychology of the west comes from its needs for expansion, compare Europe on a map and see the huge differences in size, and couple that with the fact that Other nations lived in abundance and you can clearly see e correlation.
      Should modern days whites feel guilty?
      Who cares to be honest, that shouldn’t be on anyone’s minds, people should be focusing on self improvement and not finding constant divisions.
      Is there a witch hunt on for white males of power in today’s society?
      Possibly, although it mainly comes from the white community who want to be seen as liberal and progressive.
      Let’s not also forget that race in more often than not tied in with class and the reality is those in elitist positions don’t actually give a fuck about anything but money.

    4. White man more specifically Indo-European (IE) man did not even originate in Europe but is thought to have expanded out of the Black Sea area. Southern Europe has never been White, although Greek and Roman civilization was founded by IE tribes that came from the north.
      Every man and by extension every tribe has always sought to expand its gene pool and territory.
      But yeah, White men have done a lot of dumb shit and a lot of irreversible harm to the people and the planet recently.
      I am a proud White but I hate the majority of White men more than anybody.

    5. We did nothing other races haven’t done, it’s just our soldiers are more fierce and our tactics more advanced. You come across as being Anti-White, are you ?

    6. Unfortunately, since England, specifically, emulated *everything* about Ancient Rome including giving women their freedom, the English should had kept their women in the same standard as men (read: keeping them accountable, even if it meant lives on the line, just like with men).

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    1. “but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”
      Because the history of these countries is completely unique compared to America when it comes to immigration and diversity.
      Pro-race is codeword for anti-humanity.

  37. Before you read this I am more interested in truth and causality than
    hating certain racial groups. I am not on a mission to show how evil
    all Jews are and how morally pure all Whites are. However, I do believe
    it is healthy to attack any other racial groups that wage war on your
    The author needs to read Jewish Supremacy by David Duke.
    Also The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews by The Nation of
    Multiculturalism and mass Immigration are not principally
    caused by White Guilt and the economic interests of the “White Elite”.
    Multiculturalism (a devious word, it actually stands for multiracialism)
    has been led by Jews from the get go.

    Multicultural ideas we are programmed with come from Jews:

    even had a leading hand in directing White expansion and domination of
    non-White societies. They controlled or had a major role in this by
    being involved in companies like the Dutch East India Company, British
    East India Company and the New Zealand Company.
    “However, around the turn of the 18-th century
    this conflict was resolved – and dividends smoothed – because a new
    group of (Sephardic Jewish) shareholders took control of the rather
    stubborn Zeeland chamber. Thus, this paper reestablished the control of
    economic resources as an important driver of institutionalization.
    Furthermore, while extant research commonly stresses the destructive
    effect of dominant shareholders, our findings suggest that the rise of
    Jewish dominance in Zeeland reoriented the VOC’s dividend policy towards
    fostering stability on the financial market.”
    “There were a number of Jewish shareholders in the New Zealand Company which was set up by
    Edward Gibbon Wakefield in London, England to settle the country, the most prominent one
    being Director Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Baronet (the first Jew given a knighthood)”
    One can listen to Jewish Supremacism here:

  38. More Anti-White propaganda from Athlone.
    The idea that White people are responsible for propping up the entire 3rd World is 19th Century Victorian era rubbish.

    1. The writer is extremely anti-white and even claims that multiracialism is something every country should strive for.
      I cant think of a reason for why Roosh would let someone who wants to genocide Aryans post on his website. Maybe he isnt racially conscious yet. With the amount of people on here that are Im sure that it wont be long though.

      1. ” racially conscience “. Yeah, don’t let people voice opinions. You should stick to stormfront and hbd blogs for the ” aryan ” viewpoint. 88’s and all……

  39. I mention this all the time. Frankly certain groups of people were simply historical losers. It doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with their biological characteristics – only their cultural ones. The legacy of the West is supreme power. Most of the rest of the world has been incredibly jealous for centuries. The autocratic east in particular yearns for prominence, prestige, and national pride based on military and economic dominance. They would NOT be more benevolent. The notion that the west should feel guilty for it’s history is preposterous.
    Guns,germs, and steel does an excellent job explaining why world history unfolded as it did. It’s dated but still a great read. Highly recommend.

  40. *facepalm* Seriously, using the word “white” as a catch-all word to describe Americans of European descent, let alone Europeans screams ignorance and laziness.
    Besides, the single European colonial empire that made the most impact, both positive AND negative (more on the negative), was England/Britain. There is a reason why English is the most commonly spoken European language.
    I stand by what I believe about “white guilt”: just blaming the kids, because the parents/earlier generation were too busy, being blinded by their own power and even worse, the previous generations of Anglo elite kept their own commoners and descendants in the dark. Yes, everybody got KEPT IN the dark for a lot of things. However, as for the ones actually in power, it’s justified.

    1. That’s not how it works though. Almost anyone who even looks remotely white can be characterized as such if the liberals need to frame an “oppressor” to blame. See: George Zimmerman.

      1. I personally outgrew racial politics and only bring it up to avoid the same mistakes of the past.
        Specifically about George Zimmerman, he has a German lineage in him, which justifies the American media to call him “white”. Ugh.

        1. Basically, the “White Assimilation” Plan is nothing more than a politically and racially charged numbers game, with the Anglo-Saxon on top of the hierarchy. Even today, concurrent Norse folk are still laughing AT the Angles for shenanigans like cuckoldry and Victorianism.
          Also, since this American political maneuver was done concurrent with Victorian England, that reminds me of the time when Irish men were FORBIDDEN to marry “white” (read: English/German) women yet the inverse is accepted.

  41. You know, despite nearly a hundred years and trillions of dollars spent on ‘aid’ to africa, the average standard of living in sub-saharan african countries has not improved in the slightest. Children still starve on some of the richest farmland on earth, people still murder each other constantly over territory or tribal issues, people still die of imminently curable and preventable diseases.
    The only ‘innovation’ that improved the average lot of the sub-saharan african native was british colonial rule… and it quickly fell apart when England withdrew.
    So for all of you who blame European colonialism, slavery, white expansion, etc., I have only two words.
    You’re Welcome.

  42. this article is a graphic example of ‘garbage in garbage out’.
    You want to write a better piece, try basing it on actual history instead of recently re-watching ‘Roots’, Or ‘Amistad’.
    Hollywood is lies, and you are stating them like they are handed down from god on stone tablets.

    1. You’re well-aware that Imperial England declared the media as its Fourth Estate, long before the incorporation of Hollywood, correct?

      1. yep, but I use ‘hollywood’ as the example of sensationalism and historical revision because it is by far the most powerful (if not the most poisonous) example of it’s kind ever to exist… although I suspect that soon enough someone will figure out how to use the net to create the next, more powerful iteration of the fourth estate.

  43. Seeing how sex and violence are interconnected in various ways, I will be the first to say that England’s legacy of being an Evil Empire stems from Victorianism, especially when the same time, English women themselves withheld (read: “keepers of sex” role) sex from their own men, to the point Englishmen of the time jumped to their armadas, conquered, and copulated the local women.
    Just look at the ancient Roman Empire; there’s a reason why Cato the Elder stood by his comment:
    “Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to
    let go the reins and then expect her not to kick over the traces. You
    must keep her on a tight rein……Women want total freedom or rather – to
    call things by their names – total licence. If you allow them to achieve
    complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live
    with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your

    1. No. You won’t be the ‘first to say’ that.
      Many other fools have said the same thing.

  44. The author is a fool. But at least he has the excuse of youth. Maybe he will mature.
    The white South African government was a nest of fools. They actually believed that the ANC would protect them, so they VOLUNTARILY turned over all political power. They stepped aside.
    That was very generous, no? They were fools. Now they are being systematically exterminated. Tens of thousands of white South African farmers and their families have been murdered, execution style, and most of the rest run off. Fools.
    American liberals are equally foolish. They believe that there will be some sort of appreciiation from Palestinians for the hundreds of $millions in free money shoveled into their pockets every year, or for the many $billions funneled into the opaque black hole called the UN every year. Fools. They hate us, they take our money, and their hand is always out for more. So the American government, run by liberal fools, will give it to them. That is insane.
    The Western world is being run by fools, from top to bottom. And there will be a reckoning, just like the South Africans learned — to their immense regret.
    Machiavelli wrote, “Men are bad unless compelled to be good.” Who is going to compel so-called “Progressives”, when they finally do away with our Constitution? Because from the POTUS on down, that is clearly, obviously their goal. The Tenth Amendment is no more. The Seventeenth made senators their Party’s lackeys; senators now answer to their Party, not to their state’s citizens. The Second is under constant attack, and there are plenty of signs that trhe First will be whittled down to nothing. Already it is being proposed that the internet is not protected speech, and that only “official” journalists will be permitted 1st Amendment protections.
    Dictatorship, people. It’s coming. You want it. And you’re going to get it, good and hard. That is exactly where liberalism/progressivism is leading. Bow down to the King. You are letting it happen. Fools.

    1. You tell us! You just let ‘er rip, buddy! Don’t hold nuttin back!

  45. This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” – Morpheus, The Matrix
    I took the Red Pill in 2010, it’s amazing how deep the rabbit hole goes…

  46. Yes, nobody has dominated on that much of a scale, plus it was recent relatively speaking. That’s why European colonialism is what is focused on. It’s the conquest that most directly affects the world and occurred on the widest scale with the largest socio-economic impact. There is no double standard here.

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