Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive

No one wants to hear that they are ugly. It is a physical manifestation that one is not attractive enough for the opposite sex to pass on their genes. By nature, humans want to have access to the highest value mate available. It is one of the simplest insults yet one of the most effective, unless the target knows, basing his reasoning on facts, that according to criteria that have not changed since the dawn of time, he or she is not ugly but more attractive than a large portion of the population.

We have observed extensively how feminism and other leftist principles can ruin someone’s appearance in mere years. Even the science that those liberals love so much confirms it. But by dissecting what causes these extreme changes, we can call out its supporters and give them the dose of truth that could help them see the light if they did not refuse to ingest it.

What is voluntary ugliness?

We will not include here cases of disfigurement due to birth defects, accidents or diseases. We will focus on manageable physical beauty. Universal and eternal beauty standards exist: men should be tall, muscular, visually successful etc. Women should be young, fertile, have long hair, feminine faces, big breasts, balanced, round buttocks among other things. Optimum beauty can be synthetically engineered as we know what are its key elements.

Liberals are not born uglier. They voluntarily remain ugly or become uglier to fit a narrative. “Appearance is ideology”. It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to call something that is universally seen as ugly “beautiful” and vice-versa. Now let’s get to the roots of liberal ugliness.

Absence of hardships

Socially privileged people or those born with no deformity won’t have to work as hard to reach attractiveness as they know that they have a safety net. They can spend more time at university, listening for hours to liberal professors who never worked a day in their life and believe in social justice. They will let themselves go and become ugly if they believe that “beauty is what is inside”.

They also have a weaker bond with their peers. Their school of thought neglects the notions of realism or adversity, left-leaning voters tend to see human relationships, such as friendship, as granted. They dehumanize their fellow activists and see them more like tools to reach their goals. This is why they care less about each other’s appearance, are less objective when they call something beautiful and can so easily turn on one another.

Where are the friends that should tell her the truth?

Whereas those who had to be dedicated to reach beauty know what hard work means. Conservatives understand the sexual market even if they can think that it is unfair and translate it through their conservative political opinion.


Staying attractive requires work. I rarely, among the younger generations, came across an obese person that is naturally conservative. Laziness in health reflects itself in politics with the obvious choice of gibs me dat, junk food and claiming that being a sad sack of lard is equivalent to being a cancer patient.

Good looking people tend to earn more money, either through their ability to convince or the inner strength they needed to reach this level of beauty (principle applied to their work ethic that leads to results), hence are more hostile to see their hard-earned wealth redistributed, through welfare for example. That phenomenon could explain why they tend to be conservatives.

It is much harder to work out and watch what you eat than become a fat sod and claim that you are attractive and attack people that still think normally and state the fact that you are ugly.

This is where the “snowflake” moniker comes from: “I am special, look at me” or “I don’t fit the mold, check out my new tattoo”. They see that they do not reach the universal standards of beauty so they want to change its definition and punish those who challenge them. Like a sport where you can reach the top only through hard work and dedication, but someone decides to change the rules at the last minute then accuses the others of cheating.

Absence of realism

Right-wing people, because they decide to accept life as it is (even if they hate it), know that nothing comes for free and that effort is always needed.

One of the core values of the Left could be summed up with “I do not have to make any sacrifices, things will be given to me and people will accept me as I am.” Due to biology and reality, we know that this is impossible.

Quite often, liberals justify their failure to succeed in the current system because of someone else holding them down. They have no one else to blame but themselves and still try to bring others down to their level. The people that call for change are almost always the ones that fail in the already existing order.

The Left made the refusal of reality their standard. Looks matter, money doesn’t make you happy but is still essential, not everyone is equal, one cannot help the whole world, etc. Those truths can not be accepted as it would crush social warrior’s very existence

This study (like anyone with a pair of eyes) confirms that conservative female politicians tend to display ultra-feminine attributes (long hair, dresses, softer body language) to attract or convince higher value men from the same political tribe. Liberal female politicians always seem more masculine (read “ugly”)

Mental Gymnastics

Liberals can call a morbidly obese woman with a shaved head and large tattoos “beautiful” or “inspirational”, just like an onlooker will pretend to find modern art beautiful just to be part of the circle of smug liberals when that “art” is often nothing more than an actual pile of shit.

Equality is a false god.They cannot admit they are wrong or the narrative would collapse. Effeminate men with perceived low social status are not attractive to women just like masculine women obsessed with being strong and independent are unattractive to men.

Leftists are also guilty when they accept media lies. Either they do not have the ability or choose not to see through the ideological manure the Mainstream media feeds them (I would believe the latter). This is also why Liberals want to control the language and redefine what words mean in order to support their dogma.

Virtue signaling

By advertising their ugliness as beauty and showing media support to ugly people, liberals convey the message that ” they can see past the physical aspect and be SO progressive”. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in their private life. But they must sing their false song when they are broadcasted. Following the laws of the sexual market, if their survival depended on it, ugly feminist land-whales would quickly learn that it is an advantage to look good.

There are genuinely attractive Liberals, those who are exposed in the media or have some degree of elite-approved fame. They are attractive because it is needed to sell what the people in charge push for, because beauty and sexual attraction sell. Ugliness does not.

Those famous left-wingers are what French author and ideologist Alain Soral calls the “thought police auxiliaries”, who enforce the Elite’s agenda and are rewarded through their zeal.

“Liberal” beautiful celebrities only act liberal. They do not want to share their wealth with the poor, open their house to refugees or go for a walk with bodyguards that advocate for gun control by remaining unarmed. They only follow what they are told to do, to get attention and surf the wave of political correctness. Or their bosses will blacklist them and destroy their careers.

La laideur, monopole de la gauche?

I am the first to agree that they are also ugly, fat conservatives. What is unacceptable is if they are happy with their situation and do nothing to change it.

In our age of cultural collapse, it is undeniable that a person that intentionally becomes ugly tends to vote left where the majority of beautiful people among the general public think towards the right.

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401 thoughts on “Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive”

    1. I’ve always liked that meme, showed it to my kids a while back.

    2. That nationalist needs to be cloned and distributed as exemplary breeding stock….

      1. and that feminist needs to be chemically castrated as a mean to prevent her mediocre genes to spread…

        1. But they can still adopt and spread their warped views so I would suggest a meat-grinder being set up just to make doubly sure.

  1. Its ok to be fat, as long as you’re not negatively affecting other people by it. Rarely, if ever, is it mutually exclusive on a large scale basis though.

      1. I know George. You were pretty clear about that in your special over a decade ago. Looking Kratom sprightly recently..

  2. Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive
    What a wonderfully aggressive title! This made me smile.

    1. I think the goal may be to get it linked onto lib/feminist sites and draw them in to boost the views.

  3. Most fat conservatives are older at least in their 40s.
    I don’t think I have ever seen a fat conservative girl under 30 or even under 40.

    1. I’ve seen “fat” conservative people. Not that many truly “obese” conservatives, but I have seen “fat” ones. They dress themselves appropriately and conservatively, and don’t force their fatness in other people’s faces. They generally understand that they are not attractive and do not pretend to be attractive, or try to force other people to look at their unattractiveness in any way. Many of them are okay with being fat, and are just live-and-let-live about it. They don’t care that other people think of them as fat or unattractive, and they certainly don’t try to force other people think of them as attractive.

    1. Damn, this was harder than I thought, and I only got 10/12 right!

      1. she is proof positive the media matrix is real- how they have sold her as being “hot”…nice work!

        1. Saw a profile on her in one of those airline magazines. They were talking about how it’s an “interesting fact” that she’s related to Chuck Schumer…..and pretending as if that has absolutely nothing to do with her getting pushed in the national media.

      1. Yeah, it is really outdated. I think a better representation would to be to comb rallies for pro-Trump women and Dem rallies for pro-Hillary women and do a collage from that, since it’s real life and not celebs and politicians.

      2. I look forward to her first assignment for nbc(cbs?)- Its gonna be an interview with the Kardashians! hard hittin stuff there

  4. We can dissect the habits that lead to this, and the article did this well. But the “why” is partially answered. Of course they don’t *have* to be like this, but they are. Why? Because generally these are the kids who grew up as the weak and low on the social hierarchy, who generally, lacking experience or a good support system at home, fell into a bunch of bad habits and depression early on in life and never lost it.
    The solution to the depression was thus to remove responsibility for their own failures from themselves and place it on an outside source. So instead of saying “I need to be athletic and stop sitting on my ass watching tv” they’d instead sneer “jocks and cheerleaders are so shallow!”.
    And as there is always a large percentage of people who don’t run on the top tier of the hierarchy NOR do they do anything to better and elevate themselves to that tier, they had a lot of others sitting around reaffirming their statements. It was perfectly peachy then, to make being a victim not only a “thing” but transform it into a positive status symbol. Confirmation bias became the new normal.
    And once they found that they could be with the “in group” of losers and feel comfort, the rest of their habits no longer needed to be maintained either, so long as they could invent a boogeyman to blame it on, and due to rest of the group wanting to maintain their illusions, would get a lot of head nodding and sympathy. This is the essence of socialist leftism, those at the top inventing new ways to create victims so that those under them can reaffirm their egos. It’s all freaking psychology gone bad. And to question their choices, why, that just means you’re an “-ist” of some type and that you’re a brute “them”. Toss in a healthy dose of hatred and wanting to wreak vengeance on “the pretty people” and, well, there you go, leftist social economic theory.
    And that, my friends, is why most Leftists are hideous.

    1. I think it is just a lack of self-control. They lack self-control so they seek out the social circles and political affiliations that protect and reward people with low self-control.

      1. That’s basically what I said, in far fewer words.
        But hey, as always, why say in 100 words what can instead be said in 10,000?

        1. Oh, I read your response as more focused on social and economic aspects that personal lack of self-control.

        2. I think there’s a root to why people have a lack of self control and discipline. They are either stupid, which accounts for some of it, but generally it’s because they lack any kind of guidance during those formative years where guidance is needed. By the time they’re in middle school, and if they haven’t learned how to control basic impulses, they’re more or less set on their path of life permanently. Or until they get mugged.

      2. Its more than that – we’ve all been at a loss for self control at one time or another. Its the EXTERNALIZATION of the shortcoming that is a key point: The transfer of the dissatisfaction from your own fault to those who are doing better.

        1. Victim complex is quite intoxicating, and you can see it on full display across just about every race, gender, sexual orientation, and social class in our society. Growing up, I was surrounded by people who were into punk rock and claimed to be anarchists/anti capitalists. Fast forward 30 years and now they are all raging liberals who love to rail against success and have no problem voting for the party that will play fast and loose with the money of those that worked hard for it. I still like punk music, but boy have my politics changed.
          Oh, and these same folks sure love them the latest tech gadgets, fast food, social media, and a large Starbucks cup-o-joe. Fuck capitalism tho!

        2. I don’t blame the youth for taking in some indullgences. Some of they guys I used to party with and slam dance in the mosh pit in the 80s turned out right wing. One is currenly a police captain down south.

        3. This projection also makes them easily predictable as they will do whatever it is they’ve accused their opponents of…like clockwork.

        4. Same here.
          I didn’t like sports, went to an art school, grunge, punk, alternative, etc.
          Looking at life wide-eyed, hopeful and idealistic… liberal.
          Basically, young and inexperienced.
          Idk, some of that punk and protest music is just cringe to me know. A phase.
          Sometimes I ask myself, “Do I really like Fugazi or did i like them because they were cool?”
          Look up Ian Mackaye, now. Does he not remind you of every balding AFC you’ve ever met or what?
          Some good all those years of protest music did.
          Dude might be better off using a barbell.

        5. A lot of these “oldschool punkers” have zero problem cashing in on the underground status they earned while playing in bands… Henry Rollins sure has carved out himself a nice slice of the pie with his acting career. Greg Ginn of Black Flag is also quite the capitalist himself, threatening lawsuits left and right when Keith Morris decided to do his own version of Black Flag… and so on, it’s all fun and games until there’s some money on the table.

      3. It demonstrates the discipline of an animal. People that lack self-awareness can’t be trusted to make their own decisions.

    2. Losers are allergic to success, my days of feeling sorry for people ended a long time ago. There are the truly screwed human beings who didn’t have a choice in the matter (born with real mental/physical disability) that will never be able to assimilate into our system, and will be dependent on social assistance for the rest of their lives. THOSE are the people that I will gladly give my tax money to support, not the 20-something junky loser parked at the freeway off-ramp with a “HUNGRY, PLEASE HELP” sign propped up against them as they sit on the ground surfing the internet with a smart phone.

      1. like Burroughs said
        “Avoid fuck ups
        you know the type
        anything they have anything to do with
        no matter how good it sounds
        turns into a disaster

        1. No shit… I just got done working for one. Known the guy since high school and helped out his business on and off over the years. I decided to go full time last year and saw a side of him I never knew existed. Never seen someone make such colossally bad decisions so consistently. You know the type, the person that just can’t seem to save one fucking penny and spends like the money is never going to stop trickling in. And not just bad business decisions, terrible life choices as well. Anyhow, I learned a ton about business and how not do run one, so after a year working for him I have decided to take his model and do it myself.

        2. As a friends father once told us, “Don’t hang out with losers. It’s contagious.”

        3. Well said my dad used to tell me “you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most”

        4. Apparently reading comprehension isn’t a strong point with you.

          I decided to go full time last year and saw a side of him I never knew existed.

          “I never knew existed” is the key phrase here.

        1. I live in LA and see it every day at the offramp I exit from… twenty to thirty somethings panhandling in shifts then off to the bushes they go to shoot up after scoring the next balloon of heroin.

        2. Once they start drifting into late twenties and early thirties with a heroin habit, it is hard to get them back. Money is wasted time and time again on rehab. I am completely against rescuing them time and time again with Narcan.

    3. Internal ugliness manifests eventually no matter how they hide…then again, there may be something to be said for demonic possession depending on the perspective.

    4. Social media exacerbated this problem. Instead of simply sitting off to the side with their handful of loser friends, they connected with tens of thousands of other losers to bolster their delusional beliefs. The once silent group of outcasts was given a megaphone, and they’ve had it on blast for over a decade to spew their toxic beliefs and bully those who didn’t fall in line.

      1. While true, much of the faggotry has died down after the election of Trump subsided. Or maybe I just stopped following faggotry. Maybe it is just a chicken vs egg situation.

        1. Faggotry is a serious disease but Trump seems to have inoculated much of the nation.

      2. This is exactly it.
        The problem with social media is that it’s made the people who were bullied at school (and deserved to be bullied) think that their faggotry, dysfunctional habits and their retardation are acceptable.
        A smart person gets bullied at school and works out soon enough if they are playing some part in that (being grossly overweight, poor hygiene, weak, effeminate, carrying on like a princess, being a bitch, taking themselves too seriously etc). These SJW types though, are the ones who think it’s everybody else’s fault, and hence why they grow up into stunted “adults”.

        1. Lets not forget that social media also helps us get our message out there. Without it, where would Roosh be for example?
          Remember, Social Media doesn’t kill people, people kill people.

        2. No one “deserves” to be bullied. Bullies get away with cowardly picking on the weak(at that time). If a person has a problem the courage to change is sparked by knowledge.

        3. If social media did not exist, most of the things we are complaining here at ROK would direct not exist. Basically, pussy would be easier since hypergamy would be limited to pre-2007 options.

        4. I’m pretty sure men were getting fucked in the ass by society in general prior to 2007. My Dad got kicked out of his home in the Eighties and women were supreme bitches when I was coming up in the Nineties. Social media is a tool and like any tool it can be used for good or for bad. In any case, you are making your point on social media and far more people know how you feel than would pre-2007.

    5. AKA:
      Never before has such a large group of underachievers worked so hard to shove their lack of effort in everyone’s faces.

    6. No, you are wrong about the “jocks and cheerleaders are so shallow!”
      There aren’t these cultural subgroups in teenage America anymore: American youth culture has been homogenized or “uniformitized.”
      Back when I was in middle school and high school (early 2000s), there were various cliques: preps, jocks, skater kids, punk kids, nerds, goths etc.
      These various groups don’t exist anymore. These SJWs are not the unpopular goth or nerd kids who get pushed around by the jocks. That is a scene from 90s America. It doesn’t exist anymore.

      1. American youth culture is very bland and everyone wants to be “well-rounded” – they want good grades, play some sport, volunteer, are PC etc.

      2. I actually think those various sub-groups were healthy. There was a community for everyone.
        I was one of the nerd / outcast kids: wore a trench coat, had nerdy interests, but I’ve never had as many friends as I did when I was 14. My friends and I would skip the pep rally and sit in the cafeteria and play chess or talk. I had probably a dozen friends in the same grade in a high school in a smaller Midwestern town. I never found anyone I could relate to in university, even in the “prestigious” Ivy League.

        1. Interesting. I am an ambigious figure, but since I’ve an 120 IQ (although leaning much more towards verbal) and an introvert side too, I have been inclined to partake in various geek interests as well as parties, girls, sports etc.
          I think that if one wants to meet new friends at university one has to have some degree of extraversion, narcissism, social goal or whatever it is that drives you. For me it has always been to get laid once in a while or often. Sometimes I think about a quote from Plato’s Symposium while I am hitting on a girl at a party.

      3. I have kids in the system. You’re wrong.

    7. “And as there is always a large percentage of people who don’t run on the top tier of the hierarchy NOR do they do anything to better and elevate themselves to that tier, they had a lot of others sitting around reaffirming their statements. It was perfectly peachy then, to make being a victim not only a “thing” but transform it into a positive status symbol. Confirmation bias became the new normal.”
      Wow, well said! I do believe most up and coming generations should follow this idea by pulling themselves out of the stagnant zone and not complain about how their liberal arts degree are useless. lol

    8. And I would have been exactly the same way, if not for my deliberate choice to join the military. Despite the massive downsides I felt that it was an organization that would force me to up my game and I was correct in that assumption.
      Still, it’s amazing how much damage Nietsche, Jung, Freud, and other machiavellian “psychologists” have done to the world by analyzing and perfecting control mechanisms used to create permanent victim classes.

    9. Great comment Ghost. In my view, the Liberal philosophy is fundamentally the philosophy of children. “That’s not fair” or “me too”! The childish inability to accept responsibility for your own actions or accept that there will always be someone with more stuff than you.
      We should also be wary of straying into this mode of thinking. I’m thinking of Trump’s protectionism for example.

    1. She has no worth as a human being. She is a net drain on her family, her friends, society and the planet.

        1. or as Mr. Burns calls homer “You! Food Bag”

        2. A guy at work once called me a waste of skin It was just brilliant…..had to keep it.
          Same guy we “replaced” with a 2×4 at a desk.

      1. I heard under another ROK article that the women in LA are so much more beautiful than the ones in the Bible Belt/Midwest. Are conservative women in America fatter, or is it just a coincidence?

        1. You’re free to “hear” whatever you want. Chicks here in central Ohio are, on the whole, very attractive. Comparing LA to anywhere else on the planet is absurd, they are their own universe.
          And there are legions of thin women in Florida and Texas, and Wyoming, and Montana, and Nebraska, hoss.

        2. Never let that inner 14 year old die, bro. Heh.

        3. But, that kind of skinny isn’t healthy. They are skinny flabby.

        4. Agreed, the fat ones are typically welfare cases. Any self respecting individual will take care of themselves.

        5. Yep, and welfare cases vote how again? Oh, correct, Leftist.

        6. Proverbs 10:4 “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.”

        7. Even better, Proverbs 14:23 ” All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty”

        8. problem with proverbs is there are so many gems of wisdom in there, if you read through it, you end up glossing over them. Nearly every chapter has something you should memorize.

        9. Can confirm, Texas is stacked with attractive women. Ohio’s not bad either.

        10. You should try visiting a Catholic church in Indiana or Ohio if you think that conservative women are “fatter”.
          Or hell….even look in Georgia.

        1. you know, I was just thinking that. Sometimes I watch my 600 pound life while I have dinner for lulz…..and I was thinking it seems MUCH easier to lose weight than to gain such an improbable amount. I was watching some mother fucker who was over 800 pounds. I mean, I could drop to under 100 like Christian Bale in the machinist before I could get myself that heavy….

        2. They could be trying to drop weight. Maybe they’re eating ten pounds of salad per day?

        3. One of them was great. After gastric bypass they came back for their check up (whatever like 3 weeks or so) and they GAINED weight. Dr. Noz (who is THE freaking man) was chastising them and the fatass had the audacity to say it wasn’t her fault, she was doing everything the doctor said and he straight up looked at her and called her a liar.

        4. It’s just like the freak shows and the sideshows in the old-time circuses…but now it’s all on TV.

        5. I can only assume these people are getting this surgery for free by going on the show but how dedicated to not losing weight can you be in order for that to happen? I can understand a few pounds a couple months later but goddamn.

        6. I like to eat ice cream while I watch the show because I work out enough to metabolize it and have will power enough to understand that a single serving doesn’t mean “until I hate myself”

        7. Did you watch the brother. Not just one but two of them. Pure gold. I watch that program as motivation.

        8. The only green these whales see is the lettuce and tomato on the 3 double patty, double cheese burgers they woof down as a “snack”.

        9. Dr. Noz is a hero. He should receive a Nobel Prize for honesty. Just a gem and he doesn’t take one scrap of the bullshit.

        10. I mix between motivation and shadenfruede yea, love it.

        11. seriously. Someone should have a parade for that man.

        12. Dr. Noz will NOT operate until these people prove they can lose 50 to 100lbs by reducing what they eat. No weight loss, no surgery.

        13. I force myself to eat just to maintain my current weight. Extra-large Big Mac people are a head scratcher for me.
          Did their metabolism just completely shut down or something? Shit is nasty.

        14. It really doesn’t make sense. I mean ok I see how sedintary people with no self control get over weight but we are talking about inhuman levels

        15. do they have Popeye’s Chicken up there? I could easily eat my way to oblivion on their spicy chix sammy and spicy french fries

        16. Haha we do have Popeyes, and iHop in random places too.
          You make a good point.. If I had infinite access to popcorn chicken, I would be a completely different person.

        17. According to the article, lymphedema she has had since she was a kid. Dont think it was all Twinkies and gravy for this one.

        18. Still, in India? Just now, typing “india,” I got diarrhea

        19. No she went to India for the operation because in Egypt where she is from, apparently their doctors suck. But I see your point. I would imagine it would be just as tough to get that fat in Egypt too.

        20. Its the sodas and juices, they wash all that fat and carbohydrates down with more. they dont drink water.

      2. SOMEONE IS FEEDING HER. There is an enabler who needs to be killed.

        1. You’re going to make a good man a decent wife Cinder.

    2. “Can you not see how beautiful and wonderful this woman is?”
      No, because that huge, frothing tub of lard is sitting on her.

      1. woman? I thought this was a weight watchers meeting…

        1. Hey KneeMan. She is definitely a candidate for “My 800lb. Life”.

        2. It was, but then that giant ham-planet bitch ATE the whole meeting.

      2. can you imagine the stench once she is pulled out of the TOL’s crack?

      3. Tub of lard.
        Haven’t heard that term since my childhood days when every fatty I saw was a Tub of Lard.

    3. that has to be a camera trick, no woman that fat could make it onto the beach

        1. Well technically it probably had some kind of trickery to it, there’s no way that thing could fit inside a single camera lens.

        2. this is what I scream out my window at the end of every month after a pint of Jameson

        3. nobody believes me, except for the old Pollack across the street- he just nods in agreement

    4. Strong (smelling) and independent “woman.” Chest to hip ratio of about 1:10.

        1. Dude, you should put warnings first before you spew out imagery like that.

        2. I was distracted, man…was watching that new animated Hollywood film for kids, “The Silence of the Yams”…

        3. I would have went “Hams” but I will give it to you

        4. I like your rewrite. Hams it is. “Would you pork me…I’d pork me.”

        5. There was a porno came out a while back, featured women who would fuck you and then fall quiet and not bother you afterward. Silence of the Clams I believe it was called.

        6. don’t know if this is true…something smells fishy

        7. I was considering not going there, but figured I would just for the halibut.

        8. I see what you are angling for you fish shit….or should I call you a bass turd

        9. I’d add another quip to the fray here, but then I’d be angling for a compliment…er, fishing for a compliment.

        10. I’ve exhausted my fishing terminology. I concede the win.

        11. Does that mean you are going to scale it back…I’ll give everyone a fin if they’ll just stop…

        12. hey @bem you’re welcome…
          I coulda been a fisherman. Fishermen, they get up, they fish, they sell fish, they smelt fish. Reminds me of this girl I used to go with, Yvonne, she smelled like fish.

        13. “I’d fuck me hard.”
          Ah, the good ole days when movies depicted trannies as deranged serial killers instead of heroes.

        14. If Buffalo Bill hadn’t been a serial killer we all would have been laughing at him. Nowadays my daughter is likely to find him in the ladies’ room.

        15. quote from Ford Fairlane. I thought you would be the ONLY one to get it.

      1. not even sure she would fit in the Great Pit of Carkoon

        1. Hamplanet my ass. This creature’s a ham universe.
          Crap, there I go being insensitive again. Gotta work on that. 😉

    5. I am waiting for Salacious B. Crumb to come out from behind this thing

      1. Hmmmm…is she forbidden to change her hairstyle maybe?

        1. possible, but I meant that they both broke 400

      1. Hey! That’s my job! Heh.
        Yes, thank you.

      2. Man your profile picture does look like stephen hawking 20 years younger without the wheelchair.

    6. On the plus side, you could age some strong Roquefort in that crack.

    7. That picture begs one question: How do you wipe your ass?
      In the 1950’s this woman would have been the fat lady freak show in the travelling circus. Look it up, I kid you not.

      1. Actually, the circus fat lady would be nowhere near that fat.

    8. Land whale in sight. Proceed to fire main 500mm battleship cannons…Moby Dick meat anyone?

  5. But I heard under another ROK article that the women in LA are so much more beautuful than the ones in the Bible Belt/Midwest. Are conservative women in America fatter, or is it just a coincidence?

    1. Midwestern cream goes to LA to get famous. All the pretty LA girls were transplants and runaways from the midwest.

      1. This is entirely true. All the hottest girls I’ve ever met in NYC(and I imagine LA is very similar) are from the south/midwest or overseas.

  6. What if you could convince a large contingent of idiots that it was okay to be fat. And what if you wanted them to get so fat and out of shape that they’d die young. And what if most of them did indeed get fat and most of them died young. What would you call that. I would call that a well-played hand…I would call that a damned fine start…I would call that survival of the fittest…I would call that a thing of absolute freakin’ beauty.

    1. And…most importantly…got them hooked on a warped sexuality that more or less guarantees that they will not reproduce successfully at any real rate.

      1. Yes. And tweak the foodstuffs to the point where their ability to procreate is even more severely decimated. Liberals believe what they encounter at universities and in the MSM. Conservatives own all that shit. Checkmate.

        1. You know, this is actually an interesting hypothesis.

        2. “We’re losing the battle, gents, the liberals are winning! (Whispering to the side, “Hey, Steve, did you get that latest GMO Twinkie designed yet? Yeah! Cool!”)…as I was saying, the liberals are winning, they have taken over!”

      2. It’s a PC movement, and by PC I mean population control. From an academic point view it’s quite brilliant as opposed to the ol traditional war drums for a culling.

        1. Right. The interesting twist Bob put on it is that it’s actually covertly directed by our side. We’re eliminating the unfit from the rolls of humanity. Which if true, would be quite brilliant. Those of us who remained on the Right and knew better “pass the test” and thus come out stronger, while the Left self destructs in a narcissistic explosion.

        2. Ah yes, that is an interesting angle and would be quite brilliant indeed. I should scroll further before posting lol

        3. Hmmm…so really, we should encourage the weak and feeble of mind in their Leftist habits. I’m…intrigued.

        4. Let’s say there’s a faction of people who want the weak and the unfit weeded out. None of these people are overtly vocal about it, but they work behind the scenes to make it happen. This is evidenced by organizations like Planned Parenthood. And then you have the people who think that way, too, but they aren’t part of the overall operation. The Not-So-Silent Majority of the Right, guys like, well…guys like us. So by pushing all of this liberal, green-haired, tatted, pierced, fat-person ideology (it’s cool, man, don’t let ’em shame you!)…well, what if there is an end-game plan. And what if that end-game plan is annihilation of the fucktards. Only the strong and the aware survive. So if the liberals continue to appear to be “winning”, what the fuck do we care. Because who’s really winning here. Eh?

        5. I’ll give you one concrete bit of recent historical evidence that backs up my claim here. Hurricane Katrina. When that shit came down, all of the blacks who owned homes and property in the flooded areas were forced out. The Big Boys had designs on that property. (Casinos and such.) I think it was the Lower Fourth Ward (too lazy to look it up). Here’s how it really came down there. The unfit were put on a bus, and given a $500 VISA gift card. They were shipped off to other urban hell holes (like Atlanta, lots of them were shipped to Atlanta). Same for homeless people, etc. And if they owned property, tough shit, take a walk – you don’t own jack shit anymore, beat it.
          Now the other guys who got caught there – guys like us; meaning, okay I’ll say it, white men and white women who had a few nickels to rub together – they were put on separate buses. They were taken care of and arrangements were made to get them the hell out of there, without a scratch. That’s just one example of what I’m talking about…there are many others.

        6. Remember that old story about the Jews being marked with the Star of David by the Nazis. That was allegedly done to humiliate them and to identify them so that they might be rounded up later. Well look at things today. The unfit are marking themselves, with tats, face shrapnel, blue hair, etc. Makes the identification process a hell of a lot easier. The question is, was that all planned, or did it happen by accident. It was deliberately done – social engineering with a specific purpose in mind.

        7. Hah!! I thought you knew this was the strategy! Which is why typically I don’t even address big people unless forced to. Same with ugly women. It is all just a game to observe them and see how long until they realize they are a waste of space.
          To tell the truth, it might be an honest way to conserve your energies and happiness to extend this law to anyone who acts like a bitch. Encourage their frailties and watch them self destruct. Or bend to your will. Same difference.

        8. the only flaw in your reasoning is “Only the strong and the aware survive” :
          most of guys like us don’t want to procreate, thus becoming patriarchs; And meanwhile, weak fat liberal retards are procreating and procreating and spreading their ideology wider.
          See “idiocracy” ? that’s the plan you are talking about, but gone wrong imo
          The reasoning will be true only if a special event occurs… like global war or global epidemic

        9. Honestly out of all the conspiracy theories I have seen on this site this one makes the most sense( at least for the U.S). I could never get get behind the whole white genocide belief for the sole reason of why would a parasite kill its best host. This actually makes sense as a sort of eugenics thing. Instead of rounding up the people who lack will, intelligence, and a strong work ethnic let their laziness and degeneracy kill off their blood line. intersting theory Bob.

        10. I can’t help but believe that you’re onto something here. This makes sense of so much shit going on.

        11. New Orleans – good case in point. The city had become completely ‘federalized’. It is one of the most strategic locations in that is is the portmouth of the Mississippi R. which literally divides the country in half. Why fill it up with a bunch of nanny state dem party sucklings and dependents? It is a geographic masterpiece of engineering below sea level and should be populated by engineers and skilled manpower that can maintain and improvise upon it as situations arise that threaten the structural integrity of the infrastructure.
          Take the levies for example. One single wall holding back Lake Ponchatrain. One wall isn’t enough. I’ve always argued that the entire town should be criss crossed with levies somewhat resembling an ‘eggo waffle’. This could have been managed by raising all major streets and thoroughfares 15 feet, raising the roadways with gravel and earth piles. So you’d be effectively be driving on a raised levy when on any major roadway. Ramps would go down to frontage residences, businesses, parking lots, etc. But it would be a monumentous task cut out for say the corps of engineers, and of course N.O. is a special place where only capable engineers should live.
          The ‘eggo waffle’ plan – if you’ve ever poured syrup on an eggo waffle, you literally have to turn the waffle sideways and all around just to fill up all the squares. That’s the idea with N.O. One levy wouldn’t breach the entire town. Only segments within the inter crossing levies might be jeapordized with the external levy failure, but you don’t lose the entire town. N.O. could have been a much greater place if it wasn’t flooded first with infirm and low skilled inhabitants. I believe the Russians first sent a monkey into space but it was just a beta test of the pressurized capsule.

        12. Hence my dilemma with abortion. Morally, it’s absolutely wrong and reprehensible. But who are the ones getting abortions, outside of the <1% who do it for “medical reasons”? Usually irresponsible idiots who I wouldn’t want to have offspring for the sake of future generations.

        13. It’s kind of machiavellian which comes back to bite the percursor. I believe you have to be more direct and brute about things.

        14. 4chan and reddit already are. Some of these latest trolling operations (including the one to fire colbert) have been brilliant at illustrating how stupid they are and sowing tension among themselves.

        15. I get the feeling that some of these folks are saying much less than they know.

        16. I assure you…. if there is any group targeted for annihilation, it’s guys like us. And not the fucktards or terminally-damaged.
          Though it’s not in their best long-term interest, (((they))) are just genetically-programmed to undermine White, Christian, normal society. (((They))) are the first ones to scream like raped apes whenever there is the slightest resistance by the normies to the freakazoids.

        17. I like the cut of your jib, and will gladly subscribe to your newsletter.
          Fascinating way of looking at the current SJW nonsense.

        18. Youre thinking too hard about it.
          Tptb want a dumbed down, easily controllable, fractioned populace

          They want more dummy weirdo wanna be commies and less of… Guys like us.

        19. Funny comment. Eight days old and no upvotes. Don’t feel bad. I posted two sidesplitters recently and got crickets. Tough crowd.

    2. Seems to me you are an insensitive, mean-spirited, politically-incorrect boor.

      1. That was maybe the nicest thing anybody ever wrote about me…I’d cry, but it isn’t my style. Thanks, though.

      1. The first time I saw one of those, I thought the girl had snot under her nose that she wasn’t wiping away.

      2. Well I said come along my baby, we got chicken in the bar
        Whose barn? What barn? My Barn!
        Come along my baby, baby grab the bull by the horn
        We ain’t fakin’ whole lotta shakin’
        going on

      1. emo cow: when looking cool is more important than being able to see

      1. without looking it up online, what is the name of Mr. Burns’ Yacht?

        1. sorry….whiffed again.
          I keep wanting to say “The Flying Wasp” but thats something else…

  7. Victim mentality plays a HUGE part of it. “They hate me because I am ugly, I deserve special treatment because I am bullied”
    Any liberal you talk to are a victim themselves, or fighting for the other poor oppressed victims. Being ugly is one more avenue to get onto the bandwagon.

  8. How come the republican states have a fatter population than liberal holes like SoCal, NY etc?

    1. I don’t believe I saw one fat person who was not a tourist in Wyoming. And hate to break it to ya’, but most of the blue collar union places, where fat people are legion, belong to the Left.
      Clearly places like SoCal and NY are generally fit and trim, but that’s the culture and the climate and “we walk everywhere” and “we surf all the time”, not an expression of political ideology. We have New Yawkers right here on this board who are basically right wing/libertarian.

      1. I don’t like libertarianism and their moral nihilism, but you are correct about Wyoming.

        1. Was just making the point about politics, not endorsing anything personally.

    2. Problem is some of those studies are based on self-reporting. They’ve found folks in the south/red states tend to be more honest about their weight.

    3. New York is a city that if you can’t walk, catch a bus, go to the subway you are not going to survive. The population as a majority do not have cars or trucks. There is no room in stores or sidewalks or old elevators for those motorized wheelchairs. Stairs are everywhere.

      1. I think that’s a deuce he dropped after eating six triple-cheese pizzas…

      2. yes, the old lady on the left is the mother of the red headed fella on the right.

      1. Dude….Chinese doctors….it really changed you didn’t it? heh

        1. it was quite the experience. not looking forward to next year.

        2. “not looking forward to”….You don’t have to look forward, just back up.

  9. This is so fucking moronic. Feminism is out of control, particularly when it comes to women jumping out of marriages and children, and the way the laws support them financially in making such a decision, but for you clowns to think that liberal women are uglier than right-wingers is just stupid. Urban liberal women are in better shape than rural red-staters by a country mile. Look at the women some of our military men come home to. Tattoos and drugs are as prevalent or more so among rural idiots than urban ones. You guys are in a pathetic echo chamber here.

    1. dude, take a deep breath and make fun of some fat chicks. Don’t take it too seriously, this isn’t a study performed by the CDC

    2. At 20, all political persuasions look good, at 30, the conservative girls are married off and liberal girls are just hitting the wall. It could be said that the liberals look better because they are skinny due to the train of coke, caulk, and crap they are eating. However, at 40, those liberal women are haggard witches are far past the wall and are fat, haggard, and ugly. The conservative women are probably overweight, due to too many mashed potatoes, but are otherwise healthier.

      1. Don’t forget to look at those 20-somethings coming out of the liberal colleges that look like the wall landed on them.

    3. Anti feminist/liberal women are more concerned with looking pretty because they do not fall for the lie that men should accept them as they are. Therefore, a higher percentage of anti feminist/liberal women are beautiful while a higher percentage of feminist/liberal women are ugly.

    4. Two words for you: “Google Scholar”.
      There a significant number of peer reviewed studies out there support the conclusion that conservatives are more physically attractive than liberals.

  10. As a personal recommendation the featured image shouldn’t be too wide or else you’ll have the bottom part blank on the homepage.

      1. I know. She herself has said several times that she’s still biologically male even though she looks like a woman.

      2. You know this society is effed up when a man manages to look more like a woman than most women. Sad!

  11. This fucking fat sack of shit is essentially the sum of this article. If you watch 600 Pound Life, you know what an absolute wreck of a human being this person is (I almost don’t even want to call this sack of lard human). Why is he allowed to act this way? Welfare. Who’s paying his hospital bill? Johnny Taxpayer. Pull out the rug, cut off government support, and these fat fucks either shape up or die off.

    1. “Im sitting on shit and piss.”
      Well if you weren’t such a fat fuck, you wouldn’t have that problem. One of the many perks of not being obese.

    2. WTF. If he were to be intentionally OD’d with some dangerous drug, I’d look the other way.

    3. we inherited this dog (Shih Tzu) when my grandpa died. It was incredibly fat, would waddle around and snore with every breath. It would only eat canned dog food, even would turn up its nose at turkey wieners (had to be beef). Well, we got him, and put out the standard dry dog food we feed to the others. The dog wouldn’t eat for about a week. But then it did. Within a couple months it was in good shape and ran with the others.

      1. Haha, I hear that shit all the time. With pets, people’s objectivity goes so far out the window. They will make up any fucking excuse for not having the discipline to raise and train the dog correctly.

        1. Because they are too selfish to deal with the discomfort of saying no, as do they do with their own children.

      2. Exactly Jim!! I keep saying this is exactly how you fatten down an obese pig of a person. They will squeal and raise hell but just starve the shit out of them and make sure they get only the basics – water, potassium, saline, minimal essential fats and carbs and glucose.
        Boy would I love to open up a resort concentration camp ‘fat island’ somewhere. It would have a food gestappo, treadmill powered water faucets, the works.

    4. If he got thrown out the window, I wonder how big of a splat it would make.

      1. His family should be charged for importing an exotic species into the atmosphere.

    5. Remember, it’s turds like this guy who want to keep Obamacare so badly.

  12. One need only look at the different crowds Liberal and Conservative today to see the truth to that. Maybe Fifty years ago Liberals aspired to perfection, they believed in physical and mental fitness and before Hitler weeding out those who went the opposite direction, a hundred years ago they believed the mentally and morally flawed along with the genetically substandard should be sterilized. Old School Liberalism embraced Physical Fitness and Education to help people improve themselves but Today with Modern Liberalism well the direction is totally opposite. Modern Liberalism embraces the dregs of society calling them ‘misunderstood’, ‘persecuted’, ‘victims of bigotry’ and all sorts of things, the lazy and the corrupt, in the past the liberal mind embraced Temperance where today they have no problem with boozers and assorted losers add to that they want marijuana and other poisons decriminalized. Old School Liberals didn’t think of subjecting hard core criminals to lobotomies where today there is no swine too vile they won’t put him back on the streets in a short period of time after offending. Old school liberals believed people should work where today they believe in welfare and government support at taxpayer expense for all no matter their condition or aversion to work and have no problem bleeding hard working people dry to support them.

      1. I went to high school with Photo Not Available. triplets of course

      2. the three most attractive people on this list are in the bottom right hand corner.

        1. Every one of them appears to have had their nose broken at some point in their lives. Some more recently than others.
          Also, the gender of No. 3, 5, 14, and 20 is a topic which would foster a fair amount of debate.

        2. Well the knee man has taken a couple of snozz snaps in his life time so I can’t really hold that against them.

        3. Difference is they look like they’ve had their noses broken, but have never taken a punch in their lives (until possibly encountering the based stick man)

      3. top right looks like gary oldman on cocaine…unless it’s Mickey Rourke.

      4. There is not even a single 2/10 in that group. I give a one if they are genuine females or womyn.

      5. These pictures are a testament to the fact that the only mistake McCarthy made was NOT firing up the helecopters.

    1. “Fifty years ago Liberals aspired to perfection, they believed in physical and mental fitness”

      stop calling them libs, they are marxists

      1. Your piece here really proves my but. Actually they were Liberals back then, Marxism doesn’t really become part of the American Liberal scene until FDR and it is not until Jimmy Carter comes that Marxism and Liberalism become Modern Liberalism Today.

        1. fuck you for making me feel guilty about the BLT I had for lunch

        2. anytime someone suggests a pet or a kid I always tell them the same thing….the reduction, not increase, of feces producing beings in your home is really the goal — buy a plant.

        3. The only more pro-pork video Ive seen was Charlotte’s Web, that shit scarred me for life(should be R-rated for 8 year olds)

        4. What’s even worse is the ridiculously hairy dog. For example the Newfoundland. Who in their right mind would want this dog? Friend of mine had one. The hair would accumulate in every crevice of his home in a matter of hours. Fucking hair everywhere. He said he vacuumed his house a couple of times a day because of that thing. It died and he bought another one. Insane decision.

    2. The agenda ticket list being administered by the left and by the dems is nothing but ‘branding’. It is a ‘branding’ of the straight ticket of lefty issues. They could have called it the ‘Euro-American baloon payment – slash – depopulation – slash – mudbrigade corp slave plantation replacement’ program . . . . but naah . . . they just branded it ‘liberal’. It was shorter. And plus, by calling it ‘liberal’, they borrow a term that has many unthinking followers already. They adopt all the clueless identity followers. But observe that nanny state dependency and bleeding and curtailing the productive is liquiditating the west. The global elites are trying to shut us down.
      And the neocons are the same with identity partisanship. They’re further bent on bleeding the west with involvement in foreign conflict to shore up bankster control of the remaining non Rothschild controlled economies of Iran, N.Korea and lastly Cuba.

  13. if Barnum was alive he wouldn’t believe that freaks now live among humans.

  14. Anyone seen the “new” series: A handmaids Tale? The book is quite old (’85). The moral of the story is: a dictatorship like this is bad when we had so much freedom. But the old Christian values and norms are… not that bad really. I’m sick of all the whoring, advertising, feminism, welfare parasitism etc. in our current civilization. Women in the house raising the children, men working. A better deal if you ask me.

    1. if god didn’t want women in the kitchen he wouldn’t have filled them with milk and eggs!

      1. Good one. And true. But you should watch that series or read the book. I presume you know it already. It’s not that I’m in favor for an extreme theocratic regime, but I bet it would do our current world a lot of good. The whole premise to recreate this series is of course to discredit Trump’s administration. It’s fear-mongering for “what could be”, probably gets a good reception with the feminists yet it shows a situation many Christians in the US would love.

        1. The Handmaiden’s Tale has so much fearmongering and makes women being domesticated seem like a nightmare. Hmm. SOMEONE is projecting their common neurosis onto a plot. Who could it beee. . . Sa . . Naah just kidding.
          But this is true that most Jewish mothers are known for havng a crazy level of neurosis. They win and beat out the house for sheer virtue of being able to up the ante and raising the crazy stakes. “Share the same neurotic hallucinations as ME YOUR JEWISH MOTHER or I’ll REALLY open up a kveltch of neurotic salad.” So then family orbiters of the Jewish mother will develop the same sympatehtic fears, worries and NEUROSIS (echo).
          In the 80s a very neurotic Jewish man who undoubtedly had the same type of Jewish NEUROTIC (echo) mother named ‘Yitzhak Ed Asner’ (played Lou Grant) went on an ongoing soapbox tyraide over Ronald Reagan’s election. “It’s happening” he cried. “OMG it’s happening again. We’re all going into the ovens” “cover yourselves”
          Hmm. Sound a bit neurotic to you? It does to me. It’s THE SAME kind of fearmongering neurosis I sense in the plot behind ‘Handmaiden’s Tale’. I’ve seen enough of the Jewish mother’s type of crazy neurosis so I can put the tail on the donkey here. Handmaiden’s Tale is a new genre penned by scared shitless neurotic Jewish women and/or their nerve whacked poor sons. I know crazy jewbitch neurosis when I see it.
          They really should stop whacking their son’s foreskins and marry smaller and more narrow shoulderedly females. Size down and certainly ‘mouth down’ their females. Maybe even cliterectomize a few radical lines amongst them.
          Hey, domestication of subservient wives AIN’T THAT BAD. Who could be afraid of traditional family. Whoo could it be? . . Could it beee . . hahaha

      2. When you put it like that a woman begins to sound a bit like a fridge.
        So her place is in the kitchen and not in the bedroom.
        (Unless you live in a condo)

        1. Or operating vehicles. You ever smell the butt crack of a woman cab driver? Whoeee!

    2. An interesting sub theme in The Handmaiden’s Tale is the lack of any fellow feeling between the women. They dislike each other, scrutinize each other – that part of the story is quite real. It is not science fiction.

  15. “The people that call for change are almost always the ones that fail in the already existing order.”
    THIS !!

  16. Yes, there are ugly Trumpites. And yes, I have to deal with these dipshits everyday. Now, they’re not as bad as liberals, but it’s like a Nazi telling a commie “Nuh uh, Stalin exterminated more people than Hitler!”

  17. Looks are not just about physical attraction. It’s generally a sign of good health, self esteem and self control. One of the complaints women have with men is they think we don’t take care of ourselves. An ugly guy who takes care of himself is not necessarily written off. But an ugly guy who does not is.

  18. Fuck them all. Can’t wait until the day the rotten system can no longer support their delusions at the expense of people who actually give a damn about life, health, and the future.

  19. Modern Art is utter sh*te too. Who the f**k pays millions for a painting that looks like a chimp has splashed paint around with their feet?

  20. As I keep saying, a hierarchical society offers people standards to live up to, and it rewards individuals who succeed in doing so.
    By contrast, an egalitarian society deprives people of standards and encourages degeneracy. If you can’t become better than anyone else, then why bother with your grooming, hygiene, physical conditioning, education, dental care and so forth?

    1. Excellent points. This is also why disfunctional families drag children down. There are no standards set, and it is very difficult to learn discipline later on. Difficult, but not impossible. Everyone can learn to recognise that hierarchy of values you point to, and start to climb up.
      It is also very dangerous for a society to pretend to reward individuals for their efforts and fidelity – but in practice do the opposite. That is what has been happening in Western society since the 1970s, and it has been like a storm since the GFC of 2007. The cultivation of inequality and a corrupt ruling class is poison to society.

  21. Appearance is definitely ideology. While we talk a lot about leftism ruining women’s looks, it also does the same to men. Yeah, weak men are generally drawn to leftism because of its “Come as you are” appeal, but leftism can also cause the decline of men physically.
    I recently re-connected with a dude I used to know from the hardcore scene 10 years ago. The hardcore scene is definitely liberal, but it wasn’t cucked by SJWism yet. No homo, but this dude was beautiful. Like male model beautiful. Personality-wise he was like all the other hardcore kids and came from a similar background, but he just won the genetic lottery.
    10 years later a lot changed. He’s been with this ball-busting girl for 6 years who is definitely cute, but I think she ground him down. His formerly athletic body is now soft and skinny-fat. Even worse, his close-cropped hair is now this mass of tumbleweeds, and he wears those stupid problem glasses. And worst of all, he has the dumbest goatee I’ve ever seen, he looks like Gandalf going through puberty. Oh yeah, and he couldn’t shut up about what a prick Trump is, and his Facebook is full of SJW rhetoric.
    This drove home for me that you can’t become an SJW without devolving into a mutant. It’s like I was with a completely different person than the dude I knew 10 years ago.

        1. Thank you for providing that informative poster. Now I know what “problem glasses” are. I just always called it, “people wearing big ugly fucking glasses because they are trying to look smart” glasses.
          Another version is the ((old lady)) glasses that are the size of dinner plates. These old birds are generally very thin, well off and can be found at dinner parties, social functions and at temple on Saturday. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2fc3bcbbde0b32963b6484f797f4b1c3de4e5753430bcfa342d39c693c28d9aa.jpg

    1. Please tell me you punched them and admonished them for losing their testicles.
      And besides, all the manliest of men and therefore right-wing/Conservative listen to metal-black metal and death metal especially because it is uncompromisingly masculine and summarily shits in the face of all that Cultural Marxist idiocy 😉

    1. I’m grateful I haven’t eaten. Otherwise there’d be a mess…

  22. Liberals want superior people to stoop into their level in the name of “equality”.
    Since Liberals are weak minded people and can never achieve anything on their own without putting any serious effort, they will focus all their energy into getting people to “accept them as who they are” and when that doesn’t happen, they will go into tantrums.

  23. Apparently so many Jewish women become feminists because they can’t stand the sight of their own men, much less tolerate having sexual relationships with them.

  24. Meh. So many free market advocates make their money in the public sector.

  25. Thank you Jews! – A Tribute to the Jewish People in America:

    The Jews in the USA really do not get enough credit for all of the benefits they have brought to our society. They are so modest, they don’t even desire for people to know about the way they have enriched our monetary system, government, media, education and diversity.
    This video is thanking the Jews for all of the great work they are doing to make our society better.

    1. I can’t wait for robots to replace Jews. Jews have gotten too expensive lately.

    1. That’s interesting. Guess her husband is satisfying her in bed. Even Commie broads can be sensible given the right… incentives.

      1. Her husband was against the Euro and for less immigration to protect German workers. And he stood by his principles, when his politics were betrayed by his party he stepped down from being finance minister.
        Of course our idiot media labeled him a traitor and coward for having a principle. A right winger and Nazi was thrown in the mix.
        There are at least some very good reasons why once the left was an option.
        Meanwhile the caught a feminism infection and a severe case of SJWism …

  26. “Even the science that those liberals love so much confirms it.” How?

  27. I saw some feminist blog actually admitting that birth control does have adverse psychological effects.
    Makes me think of Killary mocking Milo’s now-legendary ‘Birth Control Makes You Crazy and Unattractive’ (actually written by his former Girl Friday Margaret Maclennan). In that article the sciene proving it was there. Now everyone else is catching up.

  28. The thing about left and right is very simple. Just glance at the name: right. One literally knows that it is right, wheras the left is left behind.

  29. I would be delighted if you would stick a loaded revolver in your mouth and squeeze the trigger.

  30. Labels often hide the truth of our humanity. We humans can be led to disaster. A conservative in one sense can be a liberal in another. Yet, because of labels cannot see the hypocrisy.

  31. ” The people that call for change are almost always the ones that fail in the already existing order.”
    That’s because the existing order IS screwing them up. They’re right in a very vague sort of way, that their state is the result of agency that wasn’t their own. By design, the culture they are fed from birth is just absolute sewage, they don’t have good upbringings, etc etc. Nowadays they’re bombarded just straight out of the womb, cradle to grave with all this crazy transgendered sex crap and race mixing and no need to take care of yourself and all sorts of stuff.
    It’s important to get our society fixed so it stops turning out people like that. Society is the soil we all grow in, if it’s all just gross muck then it’s only going to produce weeds.

  32. I live in a major city in the U.S. As much as I hate to admit it, but plenty of attractive women are left leaning including the ones I banged before.

  33. It’s not just looks that have taken a hit from the liberals. Education has also fallen off for the same reasons. Do you have to be smart or disciplined to graduate from college anymore? Nope, even graduate school is now a joke. (not all subjects of course, but the majority)
    That’s exactly what happens when the lunatics take over the asylum. Or put another way; it’s what happens when the children are allowed to boss around the parents. Ultimately it’s the grown ups fault, obviously. But who are these “Grown ups” who refuse to set standards and demand excellence? Well, you guessed it, liberals. And like any other system, once it’s allowed to spiral downward it quickly gets out of control and crashes. That’s exactly what we are seeing today.
    Also keep in mind that because higher education is something that everyone can “afford”, either with free tuition, rich parents or endless student loans, there are less and less people who care to really work hard at it anyway. If you had to work and save and scrimp to get an education you can be fairly certain that you will demand the most for your hard earned dollars. Get that same “education” handed to you and what’s it matter if it’s rigorous or whether the degree is actually valuable or not? After all it’s just a bunch of years that you get to remain an adolescent for anyway. Who cares if the education is decent or the degree valuable if you are only there to put off entering adulthood anyway. In fact, if your goal is to put off entering adulthood the last thing on earth you would want is a professor who demands you actually work hard and show up on time!

  34. So all the fatties rolling around Wallmart on the beatus chairs are liberals?
    If you think conservative female politicians are attractive, well….

    1. politicians are typically in their 50’s and older. Very rare to find any woman that age to be attractive.

  35. Women “should have” big breasts? Apart from the state of pregnancy, large breasts are often due to higher levels of estrogen, and estrogen dominance is a severe health risk associated with breast cancer.
    As for large buttocks, I don’t dispute that because the glutes are a set of muscles which should be worked simply by walking properly. But men should have strong buttocks too.

  36. They are ill, I believe the body is the reflection of the mind, sick mind, sick body… how else would it be? The appearance signifies your character, these… things have none… literal trash.

  37. Being a Liberal is rebelling against the natural order, physically and mentally.

  38. Liberalism is just Judaism to bring down the existing order and replace it with Jews.

  39. Sane people alter their beliefs to accommodate reality.
    Leftists do the opposite.

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