I Was Attacked By An Elderly Swedish Woman For Putting My Girlfriend In Her Place

Like I have stressed in earlier articles, I am in a long-term relationship. This is not because I want to share too much personal information but due to the fact that it can provide context to some of the ideas presented in the writings.

As we all know, even the women of higher quality – in terms of looks, personality and behavior – have their flaws. Recently I brought my girl to meet with two close male friends of mine for drinks.

The ambiance was all well and nothing negative occurred. However, she got drunk and wanted me to take her home around midnight. I made a quick calculation and decided that the wisest choice was to take the metro, which is located just outside the bar. I know that traffic can get congested, especially where we were at that time, and even short taxi rides are very expensive in Stockholm, where we live. Of course I can afford a taxi ride or twenty but in this case it was the proper decision to not do it, especially after taking travel duration in to consideration.

Unluckily, she was afraid of throwing up inside the train car and thus convinced me to go and grab a cab instead. We did, and as expected it took much longer time and costed me almost the equivalent of 50 US dollars. What a joke, I thought. Because of construction work we also had to walk about 300 meters to our home, and she was wearing a dress, rubbing her arms a bit to showcase the low outside temperature relative to her choice of clothing.

She then consequently asserted that she wanted to borrow my (stylish) jacket, but I was annoyed and didn’t want to lend it to her in that particular situation. The same day I had competed in the Tough Viking contest, which consists of 15 kilometers of running and about 30 more or less physically demanding obstacles. The competition includes swimming and wading in fairly cold water, as well as crawling through thick layers of mud. I thought that if I can do that then she could walk a short distance and realize what it feels like in a very light version.

Additionally, I thought that if she occasionally associates with my male friends, then she should talk to us on more equal terms and not be afraid of some realtalk. So while listening to her complaints I raised my voice and semi-yelled that if she would have listened to me in the first place we would not have to walk outside and would already be home by now. Perhaps it was an overreaction but I did not think, even while being completely sober the day after, that it was that much of an overblown behavior either. Quid pro quo.

Then an old lady attacks

Meeting us on the sidewalk, then about 200 meters from home, a middle-aged woman suddenly shows up. She stops next to me and starts yelling directly in my face. Although she looks normal, she unhesitatingly manifests her dislike for my behavior. My girl has started to cry a bit, not atypical behavior for her subspecies. This is about to get worse, I thought, in the glimpse of an eye.

The 50-something bitch sees this and engages in another attack, after I have tried to walk past her in an attempt to ignore and move on. She threatens to “wrestle me to the ground” and calls me an “ass hat,” all while standing two inches from me, looking hostile. She refrains from doing so but does not listen when I stress that it is neither her nor anyone else’s business, and the entire situation is taken out of context too for that matter.

After that she also starts a lecture on the ABC of Cultural Marxism. She is so tired of white males who use their privilege bla bla bla. I argue back and to some extent she responds less emotionally. When I said that her drivel sounds like nothing more than a big post-Marxist cliche she claims “Marx was a big idiot.” At least that is something, I reflect silently. Still she would not let me go. My girl has now started to listen to us, but remains silent and uninvolved. She might think that her savior, the motherly deus ex machina, in fact prevents us from walking into the warmth of our cozy apartment.

A white knight, perhaps a male feminist – although on a bicycle instead of a noble steed – shows up and asks if there is a problem. Well, that is great, I quietly sigh. I try to calm him down and say that the screaming woman is crazy. Luckily for me he hears the bitch calling me an ass hat again and decides to leave. At least there is some level of rationality left among cucked Swedes. Perhaps he reads ROK in his leisure time.

The “conversation” continues for another five to ten minutes and like Gandhi I stoically remain calm. She gabbles her last feminist tenets, hugs my girlfriend, and suggests that she should leave me. Her mission is almost completed. The woman then adds that there is still something good in me and I do not have to be an ass hat. I can change. Then she left. Probably I will remain an ass hat, though, at least as it is understood from the lens of a Cultural Marxist madame.

Lessons to be learned

If there is anything to learn from this minor debacle it is that non-violence is the only available strategy for a masculine man in many situations where he is confronted. Of course it would be more than pathetic to beat a woman, but many might consider doing it to give someone disrespectful like that a lesson. Think again. In fact, even speech can be considered violence in our current radical left-leaning societies, and to avoid rough talk and a raised voice near women is the way to go.

Situations like this will also provide an opportunity to reflect and discuss with your partner on how you ought to act and talk to each other. We managed to sort things out. Everything is not gloomy in our current feminist universe, although various random people from the opposing team might want to make things bad for you whenever they have the chance.

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451 thoughts on “I Was Attacked By An Elderly Swedish Woman For Putting My Girlfriend In Her Place”

  1. Better you were confronted by a grandmother than the police. As long as a woman can call 911 when her feelings are hurt, we are not able to exert our pimp hand (short of violence) to train or punish her in the appropriate way. This is why it’s a good idea to record any fight you have with a girl. A simple tablet left on the kitchen table can do the trick.

        1. Might just be me but, I’d take the bid just to shut up the old femiturd. I’ve heard Swedish jail’s are comfy anyways..

    1. Just be careful. I think in California that both parties have to be aware of the recording to not be charged with some kind of misdemeanor. I know in my state only one party needs to be aware of the recording. People should find out the laws of the area are for covert recordings, so they don’t have the hose beast (or rather her attorney) blind side them.

        1. Recall how Google Glass was so suddenly despised and hated before it even got out? And with the control the media has?
          Given that, we know “who” hated it. The “don’t judge me” crowd, the black facemask as they “bash the fash” crowd. The last thing any Typicalus Shitlibus PieceOfShittus Americanus would want, is their worst behavior caught on video.
          Sure they don’t mind it when they think it’s only the cops doing it (to people they don’t like, until it’s done to them by the same cops and even for the same reason – but using the state as your personal weapon against people you don’t like is the American way now).
          Since the advent of those glasses technology as provided for smaller systems. And who needs the head up display, internet connection, and voice activation and that other SWPL shit? All we need is to record shit like when she strikes first then goes running to the cops.

        2. It died out, but when a black guys invents it, he’s going to get a Nobel price. And it’s going to be the best invention since the Internet, such a great invention that Google might just throw down a billion and buy it.
          Sht is only cool when blackies do it.

        1. I think there are ways around it. Just if she doesn’t make a false claim and finds out you have been recording your fights, in some states, she has ways to screw you in an unpleasant way. Some of these ordinances almost seem designed to prevent someone from getting an A/V defense.

        2. We can see the evidence because it was obtained illegally. She confess on video 9 times! OBTAINED ILLEGALLY!

        1. Not secretly in some states. In some states it’s a legal protection of the business owner to post “This area under video surveillance” rather than just a deterrent.

    2. All the techniques in the world can fail. A man has to always be prepared to die provided he can justify his conduct in the next world.
      not disagreeing – commenting.

  2. you forgot the end of the story: the 50-something woman walks around the corner, runs into some refugees, and immediately screams for you to help her

    1. Or screams at the refugees for making a comment that she understands to mean, “We wouldn’t fuck you with a stray dog’s dick, hag”.

  3. After rewatching the series Rome, particularly when Caesar decides to break it off with Brutus’ mother, I came to a rather startling conclusion about myself.
    In that scene, she is understandably distraught (she loves him after all) when he tells her it’s over for political reasons. She then slaps him but Caesars response is epic. Since he commands respect, not only because of his position in society but because he is also a man worthy of respect, he slaps her back….hard….again and again until she’s down on her knees. No yelling. No over the top emotion. Just looking like he fixed a disgusting situation that needed fixing. And fir the first time in my life, I saw that and said, “FUCK YEAH!!”.
    I’m sick of seeing these bitches being able to let loose on any man without repercussions. I think the Caesar response is perfect. No lasting scars. Nothing broken. Just a good reminder of who is in charge and why.

    1. In the 1st episode of new show on cuck central (netflix), Ozark, a husband gets slapped by his wife after he berates her for cheating on him. And then again. Twice. After she cheated and he said mean words. Just the way it goes right? Fking cuck lead actor also directs, i guess he needs to prove cuck belief system to be allowed to have a show. I stopped watching.

      1. The new reality I guess. Worse thing is it’s probably a fairly accurate representation of today.

    2. The taste of actual “gender equality” that is most forbidden, and which gets you labeled a pussy. Double standards rule the western world. Give ’em a taste of true equality, tit for tat, quid pro quo, and you’re perceived as a villain or caveman…but there are other (more cerebral) ways to show them that they could never merge into the same brand of power that men are coded to innately possess.

  4. So, some random passerby got in your face and this LTR didn’t tell her to mind her own business or to be quiet? That’s probably a red flag fermenting right there.

    1. Bingo. Even if GF was mad at her man, she should not have tolerated a stranger insulting him. I would dump this degenerate bitch ASAP.

      1. I think that this is one of the reasons that one can be hesitant to write something personal, because then the writer is in the position to defend his decisions and so on. Anyway, I have noticed your input.
        Part of the reason is that even the semi-traditional women are programmed to think that they should be defended and never reprimanded. So they notice the criticism against the man and then like: “He is disrepectful to a woman, so he deserves this”.

        1. I was channel-surfing last night and I stopped to watch a strong, empowered black man explain how he was raised by a single mom and he was totally devoted to treating all women with the utmost respect. I thought to myself, “Put down the Kool-Aid, Reverend Jones, there aren’t many women who are worthy of respect.”

        2. I’m having a low grade confrontation with a single mother that is renting a property off me. Nothing too bad as yet but I just know it can easily escalate if left unchecked. Was going quite well until dog turned up, then other “but you said” shit…..there’s a reason they used to be shunned…….

        3. Be careful, man. I know you will be…
          “I got pregnant by a random dude who bailed!” Nothing to be proud of there. Women wear it like a merit badge these days, and they expect universal perks, mad props and free services.
          There is this new TV series coming out on Showtime pretty soon, called SMILF (Single Mother I’d Like to Fuck). It features this 30-something white woman who has a kid by a black man, but she is raising it by herself. From the promotional clips I’ve seen, they are making her out to be some kind of uber-hip, trendy, super-sexual poster child for feeble-minded Western females. (I just realized how redundant that last part was, I should have just written “Western females”.)

        4. Hey, it’s not like they are encouraging single motherhood or anything…it is merely a reflection of society…uh-huh, sure, you betcha, etc.

        5. I don’t consider my advice here as unsolicited because you have broadcast your story all over the interwebs, so here goes: Regarding what our friend Andrew Miller said, if you love your girlfriend enough, then it’s reasonable to put up with her shortcomings and make the effort to learn how best to deal with her and also turn the other cheek as the situation may require. if you don’t love her that much, dump her and run as fast as you can. I’m sure I’m stating the obvious and you didn’t need me to spell it out, of course.

        6. They wear it like a badge because they can pretend to their useless “friends” that they are “strong and powerful” rather than weak willed and stupid.

        7. I wanted to also add that their friends go along with the fiction because they are all both too gutless to say the truth, and too selfish to put themselves out for the inevitable blowback if they did.

        8. Yes. They fully embrace the delusion, because it’s much better than admitting they spread their legs for random dudes in the middle of a shit storm and they have zero discernment.

        9. “he was totally devoted to treating all women with the utmost respect” and ‘muh dick’.

        10. You have got to be shitting me. And if true, the fucking culture vultures in Hollywood just HAD to make it a white woman with a darkie’s kid. Just to keep pushing the miscegenation theme aimed primarily at white women. Great.

        11. I’m not kidding (unfortunately). Just when you think they can’t sink any lower, they pull it off…

        12. I was channel-surfing last night and I stopped to watch a strong, empowered black man explain how he was raised by a single mom and he was totally devoted to treating all women with the utmost respect.

          I would have no reason, on the basis of those words, to believe it corresponded with his behavior, especially given what we know statistically about black male proclivities. This statements only tells one what he wished to communicate, rather than what he actually was likely to do. Exactly like any decently trained motorcyclist waiting to pull out of a junction, treats the information communicated by an approaching car’s turn indicator as strictly limited to conveying the fact that the bulb works; it is NOT the basis for betting your life on.

        13. I don’t agree with the “dump her immediately” stuff. “Abundance mentality” is great and all but let’s be real no girl is perfect and women even worth dating for long periods of time can be hard to come by in Western countries. WA must have seen some qualities in her that made him believe it to be worthwhile. Okay, so she slipped this time.
          If there’s a pattern of indifference then that’s a problem. If it’s a one-off then I’d let it slide. Feminine women don’t usually throw themselves into minor conflicts like this as if they’re Hacksaw Jim Duggan coming into the ring with the 2×4, anyway, it doesn’t indicate much of anything IMO

        14. Single mothers like to say they’re strong and independent when they know they were stupid and weak to give their pussy up for a thug they knew was going to leave them that they were moronic.

        15. If anything, western women will learn that the blackies will bail on them (I just realized how redundant that last part was, I should have just written “if anything”.)

        16. I used to frequent a Mexican restaurant, the owner was average looking, bossy, feminism oozing woman. Never really cared to be friends with her.. it was a hi-bye thing.
          One day the bartender (a she) asked me do you think Gabby is cute, would you ever date a woman like her? I replied “she’s not my type”
          Then the bartender asked, why? Don’t you like strong independent women?
          Sarcastically I replied, no, not really. I like my women weak and dependent.
          Funny how they ask that question, expecting to put men on the spot.

        17. Because just like ‘The Secret’ if you think about something hard enough, it will end up being true.
          Hamster will hamster.

        18. Ah, dc og shows up.. I’m gjessing this is a dog you didn’t know about when you rented to her? Fun. But it could be worse.. at least she didn’t get you to agree to letting her have a dog in your rental, then show up with 3 dogs and 4 cats.

        19. If some crazy moonbat came up and started yelling at me, my Russian wife wouldn’t tolerate it. She’d nicely tell the old lady to leave, and if that didn’t work, she would be more forceful.

        20. Just did a Google search of this and found a bunch of fuckery with this show. As you stated, it’s about a single mom, who is played by an actress named Frankie Shaw. (Real name is Rachel.) There’s just something about a chick who chooses to use a dude’s name that puts me off. It also has Rosie O’Donnell in it. This makes me want to cancel my TV subscription.

        21. It’s been on my mind nearly all year. There’s so many shows on my DVR that’ll never be watched. About the only things I watch anymore are wrestling (yeah, I know) and racing so it’s no use having a billion channels.

        22. Be extra careful in your situation, there is a case making the rounds through TN right now, where when a single mom didn’t get away with continuing to not pay rent, she coached her kids to make the “he molested me” claim. The original jurisdiction dropped the case when it became obvious that the skank was lying, but a neighboring (left-leaning) county DA somehow picked it up, and it went through trial twice (1st resulted in mistrial because woman stated he was with kids on several dates he was able to prove he was across the country at the time, 2nd he was “guilty” because in the retrial’s testimony she never stated dates and the defense couldn’t bring in the previous testimony), that now he’s in jail. The TN court of appeals has 3 times ruled that it was gross miscarriage of justice, but still refuses to overturn the verdict.

        23. “…because they can pretend to their useless “friends” that they are “strong and powerful” rather than weak willed and stupid.”
          LOL! So fucking true.

        24. Nope. I met several hoes who hooked up with dindus only to get abandoned later in life.
          The job I worked at last year a dindu openly told all of us (coworkers) that he gave his GFs daughter (from another man) a bath, and that he “liked” giving her baths. I couldn’t believe he would say something so horrific and disgusting. Looking back I should’ve kicked his ass.

        25. I’ve actually been seeing in increase in Beta Black Males. I too once believed it was impossible but not anymore.

        26. You witness an unending series of men betray women’s trust, use them contemptuously while personally daring to call virtually all women stupid and undeserving of respect and can’t muster the minimal intelligence, self-awareness and tiny clairvoyance to see, yes, they do need great amounts of services. You should have to watch your tax dollars be trucked to the treasury, witness the legislation with your own eyes, and have your testicles confiscated and incinerated by a lady officer, you thoroughly damaged, hopeless scumbag.

        27. You show exactly the same disgust and bemoan their arrogance or “bad taste” when they say no. You obviously hate women for no reason.

        28. but you do. That’s the point of this site. Female intimidation for fragile, insecure, direly weird boys.

        29. Deserving remuneration, actually. They occasionally need handouts because the men (People like you) in their lives have zero control over their instincts and zero sense of responsibility. Sites like these remind me why courts are harsh on recalcitrant fathers who can’t sperm without help (People like you.)

        30. You’re the most willing, would-be rapist I’ve ever met on a site for deadbeat male predators. It’s your reason for living.

        31. What the fuck do you mean “couldn’t bring in the previous testimony”? All he has to do is cross-examine. Her kids probably were molested, but not as often as this rumor.

        32. “All dem there dindus,be rapist child killers” isn’t a statistic, it’s a primitive incitement for tribal violence based solely on cowardice of physical differences, you inferior, racist disabled veteran. “HOW REDUNDANT, LOL!”

        33. I don’t get into to with lowlifes. Carry on, you might find someone that cares to engage

        34. Actually, I’m a woman. Courts needed to harsher on both parties who make babies and expect Big Daddy Government (my taxes) to support their bad decisions. Let’s not forget that women are the uterine gate keepers. Better yet, let’s make responsibility 50/50, that real equality.

        35. They’ve been bitches for over a decade. Third generation raised by single mothers. They’re just good at trash talking. That’s why they have to jump people in a group like cowards.

      2. Right? And then allow this spinster to fucking hug her?
        Although I sometimes like a bitch to get hammered for some mindless fucking, I’d never want a girlfriend to touch alcohol more than moderately.

        1. She never drinks besides in my company and this was the first time she got drunk.

        2. Which should serve as a concrete lesson for her if she has any brains and self awareness.
          Mr Adams, you know the situation better than any drive by commenter, so all I’ll say is to remember, “en vino, veritas”
          Good luck!

        3. Whether you decide to keep her or not, (you could use the incident as one more tool to help you train her, because that’s part of our job description as men) remember that a lot of honorable men read what you said and supported you.
          That’s important in this day of constant psychological undermining.

        4. I see, she couldn’t judge how much she drank and got hammered.
          Did you tell her about your confrontation the next morning?
          Was she ashamed she couldn’t tell that hag to take a hike?
          And I second what the two guys above said.

        5. The two guys were not with us in that situation, but after a night with the guys she should understand that we might have a rough way of talking to each other and it can have a spill-over effect regarding how one talks to a girl as well. I have also explained that to her. She understands that better now I hope.
          From her perspective she thinks that I did not behave like a gentleman and she doesn’t like, in general,, when I raise my voice and use foul words. I think I may have to talk to her again about not intervening but as a muscular guy she probably thinks that I can solve these things myself. She might have been affected by the woman’s “arguments”, although she is not really a feminist, and couldn’t decide if this was an legitimate reaction from another citizen or not. Nowadays we mostly joke about it. Ass hat sounds much funnier in Swedish.

        6. And thank you for writing about what happened. You really did make the best of a no-win situation

        7. Ever wonder why she decided to get drunk this one time?
          The only people that I know that get drunk for the sake of getting drunk, are drunks.
          I’d be questioning why that specific night, as we all know, women don’t just do stupid sht , they have the special ability to do stupid sht with a reason.
          Was she jealous of your buddies?

        8. I don’t get into to with lowlifes. Carry on, you might find someone that cares to engage.

      3. And the GF might not have been intentionally shit-testing at the time, but she’s going to think a few things once that hamster starts trying to absolve her and shift the fault completely onto the guy.
        1. The interloper interjected into a space which should have been in his control without being told it was unacceptable (after a brief opportunity was allowed for the GF to do so). A missed opportunity at showing a firm hand and mastery of his domain.
        2. He engaged the interloper in near-equal/equal discussion, sending a subconscious message to the GF that the terrible behavior exhibited = getting attention/respect. Now she may never attempt to earn the respect and may have less for him as well.
        Long-term, an eye will need to be kept on the way the GF is valuing her man, right now there’s room for improvement (if there wasn’t her defense of him should have been immediate and stemmed from pride in having him) and she could start “looking around” thinking she could land better.

        1. Dude, that’s a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking and second guessing another guy. The vast majority of guys would have been too busy apologizing to their GFs to even notice the old hag.

        2. My understanding was this was shared to bring up discussion for those who might encounter similar situations. So, I’m not trying to second-guess the particular individual just an impersonal analysis centered around the situation.

        3. This is an era where cowardly men sabotage each other at the drop of hat, but run away with their tails tucked between their legs at the first sign of real hardship, and the women are encouraged at every opportunity to give the white knigts permission to economically destroy a man and take away his children.
          Under these circumstances, a man must have less tolerance for shitty behavior from a woman rather than more. What happens 7 years and three kids in, when she starts feeling the emotional pressure to escape from the work of raising a family? What happens if her idiot friends encourage her to hook up with some random scumbag? Or if her SexyBoss makes a move on her?
          If she can’t even stand up for her man under these circumstances, when some disgusting lowlife decides to insult and degrade her man, then what kind of loser is she?
          More to the point, who wants to sleep with a loser?

        4. I think a random 50 y/o showing up on the street to run her mouth about whatever should be a complete non-event to a guy running tight relationship game. If you treat it like it’s a non-event your girl will too. If you treat it like it’s an episode of Perry Mason she will too.
          Wow, another whackjob, what can you do? She’ll have forgotten about it all literally two minutes later

        5. Ohmahgawd, what if an asteroid hits tomorrow?!
          Drama attempts from white knights, cockblockers and randos is such a common occurrence in the real world that ideally she shouldn’t have to “stand up” for anything because it’s a non-issue thing that you laugh at.
          Maybe my gf will gangbang like five dudes, tomorrow. I think it’s unlikely but who knows. But you can’t live your life in existential anxiety. And I agree that no man should date a loser, but they’re usually not hard to spot early, and shitty behavior doesn’t usually get better with time no matter what you do.

        6. Considering the situation in the article, I think the best, most optimal outcome possible is the GF steps up and tells the old lady to fuck off. That seems like the best evidence that your game is tight and, even when she is being a titty baby, your GF has her identity tied strongly enough to your frame that she responds to any attack on you as an attack on her.
          But I think that is also a very unlikely outcome. When the GF is in the process of giving you an extended shit-test, and a situation arises to make the shit-test more difficult, she is not going to bail you out. 99/100 times, she is going to sit back and observe to see if you pass.
          To me, anything you do to get out of that situation while still maintaining frame is a success. You’re not going to score any points arguing with the hag. You have to write the hag off as a non-entity, except to the extent she is a tool you can use to reinforce your frame with your GF.
          It’s also a great chance to use the line “Shut your cunt mouth before I come over there and fuck-start your head.”

        7. I’m ok with option 2. Frankly I’d be a bit taken aback if my girlfriend threw herself headlong into into a conflict like that as if she were one of my bros. It feels a bit too masculine. YMMV. But jeepers if there aren’t millions of masculine women in say America and the UK who’d probably do it, like the 30-something I saw the other day wearing a t-shirt with “GET OFF MY JOCK” in huge block letters. Ok, ok, don’t mind if I do. Eeeeesh.

        8. Your entire sexual partner history, your mother, your father.
          You can’t be an “alpha male” and run behind women for protection. If a woman can’t carry on her maternal duties, the man exercises his duty to better fulfill his responsibility. No more affairs, side women, gambling, drug dealing, video games.

        9. Who the fuck would be proud or protective of this loser? He’s a dumb, thoughtless cheapskate who has something to prove (online…passive aggressively), with no foresight, poor communication, thinks a relationship is a contest of wills, who fantasizes about controlling women and humiliating men rather than being a decent individual. Oh, am I in the wrong room?

    2. I’m kind of surprised he even entertained conversing with this random psycho hose beast.

        1. Nothing more than “Please mind your own business.” and if that doesn’t work.
          “Please peddle crazy somewhere else. We’re all stocked up.”

        2. “You arrogant old woman. How dare you presume to shut down my girlfriend. Have you no respect for women at all!!
          She is a strong independent woman who can certainly look out for her own interests and stand up for herself!
          How dare you! You should be ashamed as thinking you have the right to speak for her or demand to dictate how she handles herself and her relationships!!”
          Turn to girlfriend, ‘I am so sorry that this old woman has insulted you like this. I respect you and I know quite well you can stand on your own. Let’s go.’

    3. That’s it. Right there.
      She gets drunk, causes even more issues, is a crybaby, and finally just stands there while boomerus cuntus maximus insults her man.
      This bitch has more red flags than a Mayday parade and should be dumped like a burning sack of shit. I have let go of better women than that for even lesser infraction simply because from past experience it’s a sign of “greater” (as in greater infraction, greater injustice, greater-everything-shit) things.
      To the author: dump that bitch. When that old cunt got in your face you should have ended up having to pull your bitch off her. If you would be expected to protect your bitch from other men, who you can beat up, then she should have gotten in the face of oldus cuntus just on the grounds alone that you cannot lay a hand on her.
      I want to see your next article tltled “How to Dump a Useless Bitch Before She Ruins Your Life” or perhaps “How to Follow the Advice of RoK Readers Before You Let Some Bitch Ruin Your Life”.

      1. Yeah, and he is J.P. Belmondo and is tossing women with pitchfork.
        C’mon. She got drunk for the first time. She was sick. She was cold. She returned to him all the money he spent on her. It’s not a big deal in my eyes.
        The only one who is a whiny bitch here is him, IMO. Ban me!

        1. “She got drunk for the first time. She was sick. She was cold”
          You know, the traditional dances and pageants over the ages, going back to the foundation of civilization, tested a woman’s level of stoicism.
          That bitch failed.

        2. Woman’s level of stoicism… As far as I know what is stoicism about (not expert), I would say that this event was primarily a test of William Adams stoicism. Or at least of both of them.
          IMO, William Adams is inconsistent.
          He describes himself as educated, experienced, rich (especially in comparision to her), etc., but he can’t help himself writing a slightly dramatic article about a situation I came accross many times in my life (I mean, when some stranger puts his nose into my bussiness). He obviously wasn’t able to put THAT OLD SWEDISH WOMAN into her place, so yes, he could do better, but the only one to blame is him, not his girlfriend. I really don’t understand why she should defend him, don’t forget he wasn’t particularly nice to her. If she did, I would think she has Stockholm syndrome or what.
          On the other hand, he is defending her here (look at his comments; the parts of my comment you quoted are his). I don’t understand, what he expected. When he described her like a “crybaby” in the article, not surprisingly most of the commenters here wrote “dump her”. But that’s obviously not what he wanted to hear. He calls her “my girlfriend”, so I think she means more to him than a ho without a name, but he still he had been speculating about spending more money, borrowing his coat, loosing time… in a situation HE himself considered as an “excess from her normal behaviour”.
          In short, he doesn’t love her even a little bit. She should leave him. If it is true what he wrote about himself, he wouldn’t have problém to find someone more suitable. But I’m afraid he has so exaggerative standards on a partner which nobody can meet. Even himself.

        3. Women follow their man’s lead a lot; while there are limits and you can’t brush off everything, a lot of the time they’ll treat what you treat as a big deal as a big deal, and what you don’t as not. So if one doesn’t want her to make a big deal out of something then don’t make a big deal out of it. This is Alpha Relationships 101 kind of thing

        4. A man wouldn’t be able to get away with such demonstration of bad judgement even if it was his first time.
          She felt safe enough to do it because safe harbor from the consequences of her decisions was provided by her high value man. Default mindset for females, even higher value ones.
          She needs to be called out on it. Just based on the context provided in the article plus my own inherent bias with how I treat my mini LTR, I reckon she’s got two more strikes left.

        5. I admitt that my vocabulary isn’t wide, I’m not a native speaker. So at that point you’ve won.
          Anything to the topic?

        6. All right. Maybe due to different cultural context I just CAN’T see an unforgivable mistake in getting drunk, moreover if it happened only once. If people in my country broke up because of this, I’m affraid there wouldn’t be any couple left. On the contrary, I would recommend her to drink more often to get used to it :-). Because it seems like she wasn’t used to alcohol at all and she wasn’t able to estimate how much she could drink.
          I think I understand what you wanted to say. You are right, anybody can choose what he/she’s gonna make a big deal out of, but being small-minded doesn’t sound alpha at all.

        7. As to her behaviour and his reaction to it I basically agree with you (I wrote my opinion in reaction to Matt’s comment few minutes ago, so see there), but I insist on telling that being small-minded isn’t “alpha”. And his pettiness was reflecting not only in regard to his girlfriend, but in the dispute with that old woman too (which was the article primarily about). I really can’t see any point in making a big deal out of an argument with a pensioner, plus writing an article about it (I have many similar experiences, so on this count I might be more alpha that the author). Moreover, lot of commenters wrote that she should had defended him in that dispute, which I don’t follow at all. A woman defending an alpha male??? WTF! Contradictio in adjecto.

      2. Or look at the reverse scenario. What if you got into an argument with your woman and some random man came by and started ragging on your woman? Would you allow it? Would your pride allow it? What does that say about her even on the level of her own self respect that she lets that shit go?

        1. He woulda taken the old broad into an alley, drilled her until she was calmed down, then taken his arm-candy into the alley, given her a drilling and left when he was done.

    4. Women are just incapable of perceiving men as victims, the only thing you can do as a man is to put the passerby in their place as well.

    5. Yep — grounds for immediate transfer to “the shit list.” Or out the door. I’ve been through this. But I’ve also had GFs who tell strangers to F off when they try to ham-handedly intervene in personal affairs. So all is not lost, and such scenarios also serve to hone our selectivity skills.

    6. I’m surprised the gf didnt say “why did you stand there and listen to her when you never listen to me – you put strangers above me, you dont care about me – what kind of man are you?.”

  5. I agree with Andrew Millar below, dump the hose bag. She didn’t step up to the plate after you took her out, no doubt bought her drinks, duely got pissed on your dollar, paid for cab home…… then she just stands there and blubbers…out the fucking door…..

    1. She paid for the taxi the day after and for the drinks as well. This is secondarily a question of being childish and not trusting a man to make proper decisions, and primarily about how to respond to anti-male attacks.

  6. The old lady sounds unhinged, but… this is your girlfriend, not some Tinder slut you’re banging. So you don’t give her your coat and instead give her a lecture like you’re her father? When she dumps your ass I won’t blame her one bit, lol.

    1. Of course I should lecture her, although the way one conveys a message can be critical. I am older, have lots of education, better job/career, and very able to make good decisions. We sorted that out, thank you. I am always watching her, while simultaneously being self-critical.

      1. If you have to lecture her about commons sense stuff, you are already on the steeply losing angle for this trajectory…EJECT EJECT…Then again, there seems to be no shortage of men who are simp gluttons for punishment…if so, no shade to your game if that’s what makes you nutt because of drama is all

    1. As I said I tried but she literally (Hitler) stood in my way. My girl said the day after that she was afraid of me hitting the old bitch.

      1. I would have taken my phone out and started recording her. Then let her try to get physical so I have evidence she was the aggressor.
        Never let anyone, especially some crazy old lady intimidate you physically. You have a right to walk freely in public. As you said, it was none of her fucking business.
        You gave her legitimacy by engaging her in conversation. Fuck. That. Bitch.
        Man, I’m boiling mad just reading about it.
        If feminists are that bad out there I’d carry around mace. No fucking cunt is going to get physical with me unprovoked without consequence.

      2. My appraisal criteria for saying anything…
        1) Is it going to improve the situation of me or those of consequence to me, now or in the future?
        2) Is there any prospect of it improving the lot of or wisdom in the cosmos?
        3) What is the downside?
        Based on that, I would not have engaged.

        she literally (Hitler) stood in my way.

        Then turn around and walk briskly the other way, if this fails, say something like ‘Madam, I am seeking to disengage from you and move away, without inflaming you, please respect this and do not detain me against my will’. Keep repeating this point whilst moving away.
        Do not engage on ANY substantive points she may be trying to make, don’t defend yourself verbally, just get away. That is unless there is an audience you seek to productively influence AND it is reasonably safe to do so. Be VERY careful. Any altercation in public with women can get you into doggy do and it’s liable to attract white nights and all sorts of nasty stuff is likely to happen that can seriously fuck up your life – the situation is not in your control.
        If your girlfriend gets stoppy with you then and there, if she performs and undermines your position. Don’t engage with her at all, completely ignore her. Indeed the best thing when this happens is just to say – ‘OK, this is dangerous for me, I’m away from here ‘, and just up and sprint away, ignore all howls of derision directed at you…. Then consider ending the relationship. Most women do not understand how they can endanger the men they are with, and get them into fights or in trouble because of their behavior and attitude. Best to have these what-if scenario chats fairly early in any potentially meaningful relationship.
        You are not dealing with a civil interaction here and the man is at a massive disadvantage…GET AWAY IMMEDIATELY.

      3. Youre in a very precarious position at this moment. You need to decide if you love this girl right now, and if you do, you need to implement serious Mean Man Order in your relationship. The fact it has happened, even tho not your fault, has made you look weak. She saw you feebly trying to reason…with a woman. Thats just weak. If you also try to reason with her, you’re done mate.
        Time is now for Mussolini or Meek Man. Heed my words kid.

    2. Maybe even walk into nearest open business or public apartment lobby, might be a good way to shake her.

  7. This article was fucking hilarious/well-written and a bit disturbing all at once! You made my morning.

    1. good thing she wasnt 20 yrs younger, she woulda had her cell phone outta her holster, filming half the story, and she coulda ruined your life

  8. OT, but a remake of the film “Lord of the Flies” is in the works, featuring an all-female cast; I wonder if it will suck worse than the “Ghostbusters” remake which featured the same twist –
    Pretty soon they will start rewriting the history books and they will change the names of all the great explorers, inventors and artists to female names.
    Cristina Columbus, Tomasina Edison, Claudia Monet, et al.

      1. Ha! It’s a good bet at least two of them will be lesbians. They will probably throw a transgender female into the mix as well. And at least half the actresses will be black…

        1. they need to switch out the prop- instead of a giant clam, its gotta be a giant banana they fight over

        2. I was thinking the exact same thing. Or make it a giant tuna (representing a smelly vagina). That would be more PC, don’t you think…

        3. wash ashore on an island filled with komodo dragons. all slaughtered within minutes. the end

        4. They are all lesbians, they only like dick because a wallet is attached…

        5. If they include a trangender they’ll have a problem.
          Do they realistically portray what happens when the hormone therapy wears off.
          – Hence piss off the ALPHABETSOUP highlighting the reality that a man masquerading as a woman is in fact a man.
          – Or, leverage it to show the horrible ‘toxic masculinity’ of man as the hormones wear of, which will piss off the SJWs who want a movie showing females as superior and wouldn’t descend into chaos and don’t want a man included (however he arrives).

    1. You’re right although they won’t change gender. What they will do is remove all traces of old Europe ( art, statues etc…) Most of which will be condemned as racist and deleted from history books. What remains will be ‘re-imagined’ so for example in 2050 you’ll open a book and Shakespeare will be depicted as a black man, Mozart will be a Muslim etc…

      1. 2050? All music and poetry are going to be forbidden in the Islamic Republic of Euristan. Sharia law is clear. Never mind Shakespeare and Mozart…

    2. … Well, at least the part of the story where they descend into a barbaric bunch hell bent on each other’s destruction will be more believable now.
      That said, this is lame.

    3. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Dude, this is just too much!
      And people I know still think that James Bond being turned into a women will never happen. If they can do THIS, they can definitely do anything that goes into their crazy minds.
      There’s really nothing anyone can do about this, just laugh and ridicule them whenever they pull a batshit insane move like this. I never really liked Lord of the Flies or its author anyway.

        1. They’d all be Piggies except for one thin, attractive, intelligent one that they’d torment and eventually kill.

      1. I was talking to female, she asked me if I was going to see Atomic Blonde. I told her I’m not interested in watching that feminist junk. She got a bit defensive and asked me why not?
        I told her, how would you like to watch a James Bond movie where he beats the sht out of a bunch of women, how much fun would that be to watch…. silence ensued.
        Another time I was in a bar and the Atomic Blonde commercial came on, so I made a comment, “what a bunch of feminist sht” this SJW asked “you don’t think a woman can beat up a bunch of guys to get out of a room? I told him, look at the bartender (woman) do you think she could fight her way out of here against any 5 guys in the bar?… **crickets**

        1. Yeah, it’s amazing just how detached people who like that kind of crap are from reality. They are so obsessed with movies and tv shows(all of which are propagandized) that the line between reality and fiction is blurred and they come to believe that what they see on screen applies to reality as well.
          I can’t stand when I see a female character doing things on screen that a man normally does. It doesn’t matter if it’s not real, I can only suspend my disbelief for so long before it becomes far too ridiculous. That’s why I don’t bother with movies and tv shows anymore, they are worthless entertainment that I can get from reading fiction or history(which is also far more insightful).

    4. I think an honest look at what would happen to an all female group in the same circumstance as Lord of the Flies would actually be very interesting and very telling. But “they” will never do that. They will never take an honest, hard look at how females would actually behave and what they would do in such a situation.
      Instead, they’ll take the Lord of the Flies as written (for all males) and just substitute in female characters doing all of the exact same things, as if there would be no different between males and females. Then they will go back and “improve” it, adding in things to make the females look better, superior to men at getting along with each other and working together. They might have it end in the same general way, but I bet that will only happen after several layers of modern feminist bullshit is coated on, and they find some way to blame the ending on men, the patriarchy brainwashed into them, etc.

      1. Maybe a man will show up to rescue them, and they will kill him, having decided to stay where they are, as it’s better to have an all-female society…then they will build safe spaces and a Starbucks and they will make flip-flops out of palm tree leaves and they will create dildos out of coconut shells and they will live happily ever after (except when they are having their period). – The End

        1. Oh the love story you rewrote of Lord of the Flies…Awesome, award winning and sadly too likely true except you forgot the ending when they sync and they murder one another because ALL vagina goes further insane.

      2. It would be boring to see a group of girls in fetal position waiting to die, women in those situation begin to commit suicide and a group of girls will do a collective suicide.

      1. The last one was trolling, but I do believe that she is deluded enough to believe in her own words.

        1. On another thread here on ROK, is a video post of the Bear Grylls Men vs Women survival challenge….They do well to speak for themselves. Females are deluded and mentally ill..all of them..72 hours would be a challenge for them to survive, and in that video they go feral in under 24 hours.

      2. “The girls would set aside their differences and work to get off the island.”
        Translation: Since no men would be around, they wouldn’t have to compete with the other women for their attention, so they’d pretend they weren’t competitive and they would use each other to figure out a way to get off the island, so they could go back to civilization and compete with each other for the attention of men.

        1. Of course, that is provided there is fresh drinking water and edible food already available and they aren’t required to locate, recognize, or prepare it, that a luxury cruiser falls out of the sky complete with a fool-proof crew, and that they somehow manage to avoid their periods synching up the entire time…

        2. So basically, you’re saying they would get along fine for about an hour, before everything went to shit and they all wound up dying of starvation within a week or so…I would pay big money to watch a film with that synopsis…where can I buy tickets…

        3. Wait for the first ones to die, lash the bodies together, put out in the sun, wait for them to bloat, float off the island, all of them eaten by sharks 300 yards offshore…..Whats not to love? It was the next logical thing to happen in the video….they were all fast headed to dehydration deaths anyway before Bear grylls stopped them. OH, THE PATRIARCHY!!!!

        4. In short, the men organized themselves, got their shit together, created shelter, hot food, and made a comfortable place for themselves.
          The women bitched, moaned, were wet, tired, hungry, cold bits of poor food at best, and lived in filth.
          It got so bad that the producers exchanged half of the men with half of the women.
          The poor bastards who went to the women’s camp were shocked at how incable the women were at getting the shit together.
          They’ve never run that experiment again.

        5. No, they would all be dead within a week because they would be incapable of building shelter and hunting for food.
          GRRRRLLLL power!

  9. To make a broader observation, if the Swedes dialed back on the femininism and had zero ‘cultural enrichment’ it would be on many measures one of the best places to live. Sadly now it’s full of batshit crazy old women and infertile young people. But hope remains! Let’s not forget, Sweden’s next generation of Somalian brain surgeon immigrants will bring peace and love

  10. Time for you to get a new girlfriend, she’s been infected with Swedish feminism. I’d recommend you start looking into other countries to live, William, but from our previous interactions it seems you don’t think the country is as bad as it plainly is. Funny thing is I visited Sweden a couple of years ago and it wasn’t as bad as we see today.
    Then again…

      1. mounted and donkey punched unlimited number of times…..until you are happy..

    1. Haha i know. I think I mentioned that in a hyperlink in a comment. The thing is that the general quality of life remains high, but socio-culturally it is in many ways absurd, especially on the left. However, there are many populists, nationalists and classic liberals who are tired of this. 25% votes for the Sweden Democrats and some of the popular debaters are immigration-restrictionist scholars.

        1. Yes. There must be a very assertive national conservative party that gets hold of power. Otherwise it can move in the direction towards large-scale ethno-cultural conflicts, magnified by economic differences and economic difficulties for the country on the macro level. The convergence of catastrophes, so to speak.

    2. the stallion is a symbol of power. Short of wearing a massive horse cock strap-on this demonstration could only fail in its purpose.

    3. Actually I just thinking Pippi Longstocking, the swedish children’s story character, was famous for being able to pick up a horse. Dumb female empowerment runs deep in swedish society. While the same author Astrid Lindgren wrote about a little girl who was super smart and strong, she also wrote stories about Emil, a little boy who was bit retarded and got into adventures like getting his head stuck in a soup toureen. The whole book was about a small boy with his head stuck in a soup toureen.

      1. Well, I think it is common knowledge by now that Swedish feminism is pushed forward by feral, crazed women who hate men for no reason at all…

        1. They needs some real Vikings to come kick their asses back into the right mindset…embarrassingly shameful they abandoned their history and culture…Shameful in the extreme.

        2. Bingo. Not just Swedish dude, WESTERN women are desperate for real men. It is getting out of hand.

      1. You might be too young to remember, Bob Smith can probably back me up on this.
        Sweden used to be famous for “top shelf” hardcore (anything goes type of stuff) porno back in the day – wonder if that has anything to do with it…

    4. HAHAHAHAHAHAAaa oh my fking god, thanks for that. Oh these oppressed white women stuck with the highest living standards in the world and the most emasculated men, how brave they are. Jesus these bitches are DESPERATE for men to put them in their places. Sad!

      1. Probably why so many of them welcome the muslim invasion with open arms; a shame (for them) a muslim Sweden wouldn’t have the same living standards…

  11. Im so happy Im settled with a great, traditional girl. Because trying to find a soulmate these days is an equivalent of dumster diving when you’re hungry.
    I truly pitty all the young single guys with healthy degrees of testosterone. You’re feeding off leftovers.

    1. My girlfriend is from a relatively traditional country. She is generally really sweet and I don’t wanna go in to depth about that anymore here. This is an example of AWALT, I think, and she think that she needs respect and dislikes a raised voice.

      1. The one issue with genuinly nice girls is that they have low tolerance for unpleasantness. My girl gets upset easily if Im not loving or caring enough. A man gotta be a man sometimes.
        I wish she loved me a bit less.

        1. “I wish she loved me a bit less.”
          You can probably count in one hand the amount of men with that problem in the west.
          When I get into debates with SJW/Libs/feminist about how horrible western women are. I always asked them one question, “When was the last time you heard a woman say that she just wants to make her man happy?” that never fails to shut them up… I love the look in their faces too.
          I ask that because I find men say that often, maybe too often.

        2. Anyone who self identifies as a feminist is damaged goods. My better half is Latin, when they commit to you, they do it with passion. That can be a little overbearing at times.

        3. Humm….
          I don’t know the details of your situation, and I’m not encouraging or suggesting you have kids, but since she’s very attentive to you, it could be she needs another human to devote her excess love.
          I mean when you factor in the fact (your words) that she’s traditional.
          Just saying, speculating, cause at this moment I have nothing better to do.
          You know Soros makes millions (billions) speculating?… crazy eh! (also manipulating world economies, but that I can’t do)

    2. I was mentioning this to a fella last night when the topic of women and dating and relationships came up. The young guys have some chance, but the older you get the smaller those already small chances become.
      And then when you factor in that when it comes to dating advice, there’s so much of it the confirmation bias is there if you want it (with scores of sources to reinforce said bias)…
      But I guess if it was easy everyone would be doing it, right?

        1. Quit your job and ignore her for 6 months and she will AWALT as quick as any other women. Your woman is NAWALT because you are investing on her, stop investing, AWALT. Because woman AWALT 95% of the time, usually they monkey branch their loser man for his new replacement, stop investing and she will monkey branch in 6 month, in a marriage they monkey branch to the government tree.

  12. 50 dollar cab ride? I’d’ve taken her back to the bar and force fed her some carbs to soak up that alcohol. Then put her ass on the metro.

  13. Don’t use the word “attacked” – especially in the title – if physical violence didn’t actually occur. It makes you sound like a bitch, exaggerating the scale of the encounter in order to get attention. Words have specific meanings, and as a writer you should strive to be precise and accurate. You weren’t “attacked”, you were, perhaps, accosted, and certainly criticized.

    1. It is our job to draw attention. Roosh is a master in picking headlines, whether they more or less conform to the author’s own original headline suggestion or not. It makes you sound like a bitch for not understanding that.

      1. “It is our job to draw attention. ”
        Not as much as it is to be truthful and accurate. At least I now know where readers stand in regards to your fare – it’s likely to be misleading clickbait. That doesn’t make you much better than all the other pseudo-journalists littering the internet.
        Men have standards. Men have principles. It would behoove you to adhere to some, the more rigorous, the better. Don’t wilt and get prissily defensive because your writing could use some improvement. I want you to be better, to be more effective at advancing our shared Weltanschauung. Instead, you react like diva, an aggrieved gamma. SMH

        1. Well, I like to engage in precise intellectual discussions and have a broad range of writing also in these pages. However, semantically I am not wrong anyway since I was verbally attacked. Clever, isn’t it? Drawing attention without lying.
          I wish you the best but do not be surprised when pejorative words meet equal treatment.

        2. I was attacked by an elderly swedish woman for putting my girlfriend in her place and became a snowflake later .

  14. From the many articles I have read about it Sweden must be the biggest feminist shit hole on earth.
    1) The old bitch should have been told to mind her own business. Then, repeatedly told to fuck off.
    2) The girl friend should be kicked to the curb – trust me, there will be much more of the same.
    The drunken girlfriend comes across to me as a money sucking leech.
    The red flag is billowing in the breeze.

  15. Judging by the title, I expected a story about dating old swedish feminist and replacing her with (= putting into HER place) your almost-puking-girlfriend. LOL.

  16. The moral of the story is the ungrateful bitch will do anything to use your resources through covert agenda based means:
    There is more than one way to use your resources, most do it either overtly or casually covertly through just leeching off you; borrow this and borrow that, steal this or steal that, raid the fridge at your place when she visits, maybe bring over bring friends to bother and impose on you when you expect to bang her, do her laundry at your place, coincidentally catch you at a restaurant, stay overnight a few days even though she is banging you, ask you for a ride if its “on the way”….and so many other ways. Sometimes the leech will attach itself to your balls before you even know it is there.
    Cut the leech off, a relationshit with her is not in your best interests

  17. Maybe you should have claimed to be Muslim. The old bag probably would have ignored you even if you were raping a woman on the street.

  18. How many of these people would have dared to look at you the wrong way if they thought you were a Muslim. Even if you were in the wrong they should not have treated you like that, especially since there was absolutely no way on Earth they could have even known if you were in the wrong.
    The truth is, they acted exactly the way miserable cowards always act. They make a big noise and show how tough they are with someone they think can’t or in your case won’t beat the living hell out of them. But put them up against someone who will make them pay for their bullshit and they go dead silent.
    Also, you can do better than her. You are an honorable, aware man with balls and guts, if your current woman doesn’t appreciate what that is, then maybe you should consider whether you have an obligation to find one that has the courage to appreciate how valuable a genuine decent man actually is for her society and people.

      1. There are quite a few articles on this site that complains about swedish girls, swedish men and Sweden in general, and I feel like you all just expect Sweden to be horrible, like you won’t even give it a chance. It’s sad really, because I love my country, and I know there are people here who think like me, who share your opinions.

        1. There is no hope for the country, but there is hope for the newest generation. More and more are expressing their support for SD, and they might just be what is needed to stabilize our country, not save it, that would require a miracle, but at least to slow down the destruction of our culture.

        2. I prefer softer candies, fish are just too leathery for me, but I will admit that they taste good.

        3. Det är lite oväntat men ändå positivt på något sätt. Man vill få distans till Sverige och så dyker “Josefin” upp. Hoppas du är snygg. Fula nationalistbrudar = big no no.

        4. Jag skulle inte säga att jag är snygg, men jag gör mitt bästa. Jag är nyfiken, hur ska du få distans från Sverige om du fortfarande bor här?

        5. Låter som en sund inställning. Man kan bara göra sitt bästa. Jag gillar att bo här så jag vill inte få distans till Sverige helt och hållet, men gillar den här sajten för att den är amerikansk/internationell med maskulin prägel. Nästan ingenting jag skriver om här handlar om Sverige. Kul att du läser och att det finns kvinnliga svenska ROK-läsare.

        6. Kul att det finns någon som uppskattar oss kvinnliga läsare. Men seriöst nu, hur säger man “asshat” på svenska? Skitstövel? Jag skulle älska att veta vart det var ni sprang in i den här tanten, men det är väl för personligt kan jag tänka mig. Och jag känner lite lika dant om Sverige, jag gillar ju att bo här och jag skulle inte kunna tänka mig att flytta i dagsläget, men samtidigt vet jag ju hur dåligt det är med t.ex. feminism och invandrare här.

        7. Först skithatt och sedan rövhatt. Särskilt rövhatt blev jag kallad upprepade gånger. Fnissade ganska ordentligt. Lite av finessen försvinner eftersom ass hat är mer etablerat och inte låter lika kul.

        8. I find Sweden very interesting because it appears to be on the leading edge of self-destruction through ‘diversity’.
          Sweden identified the ‘batikhäxor” (tie-dye witches?), middle aged women who have sex with the ‘refugee’ ‘kids’.
          There’s also a disease I read about, peculiar only to Sweden, but I can’t remember the name: would-be immigrant kids, when denied asylum, go into a coma, won’t eat, speak, or anything. The only cure? Give them asylum.

        9. Du skämtar… Det måste vara bland det roligaste jag hört. Seriöst, rövhatt? Var tanten hög eller?

        10. I have heard of tie-dye witches, but not that disease you speak of. Any sources? Angry Foreigner maybe? I’d love to know more about it.

        11. Haha jag vet. Salongsberusad gåslevermarxist som hade suttit och druckit rödvin med sina feministkärringvänner och såg chansen att läxa upp en vit man, tror jag. Tafsande invandrare bryr hon sig inte om.

        12. “Pervasive Refusal Syndrome, a mysterious disorder apparently found only among the children of asylum-seekers in this country, where they refuse to move, talk, drink or eat.”
          It sounds much more impressive in Swedish: Uppgivenhettssyndrom” – they have ‘given upp’.
          Seems like it was big about ten years ago, but here’s a recent 2017 New Yorker article:

        13. Att ingentingmen, och handlarläsermen inte men inte läsersvenska och
          omJag handlarläsermen, skriverinte mensvenska men läser jagsajtenhelt
          Manskrivermenläsersajten attläserheltsvenska den läser svenskamaskulin
          omattsvenska, men sund men men svenskaläser, att och
          Kulhandlarinteläsersvenska svenskaom men meninteläserden den.
          Just trying to impress my RoK bros, probably not Josefin. Here’s my fake Swedish generator: http://scriboly.com/Generators/Language

        14. What, you’re not impressed by my command of Swedish? At least I tried.
          (It’s a joke; if you mouse over the gray bars all is explained.)

        15. you sound conflicted which is understandable. Most people actually like and even idealise the Sweden of yesteryear as do I. Feminism, marxism, and it seems uncontrolled immigration have damaged what was one of the finest places on earth. If you’re a swede, do something about it, i.e. address these issues – in a way that won’t get you fired –
          amongst your own compatriots.

    1. People hate Sweden because, from what we read, it seems as though feminism has totally destroyed it.
      It has a reputation as being the most misandric country on earth, with Great Britain coming in at number two.

      1. I wouldn’t call it misandric. Sure, most feminists here are misandrists and see no problem with it, but the country itself, the government, isn’t very misandric I think.

        1. That’s great to hear about the government. – I hope you’re right. I have heard and read many terrible things about feminists in power in Sweden. I have always felt a sense of concern for the men who live there.

      2. Swedish men don’t know how bad they have it because they don’t have anything to compare it to. But once they go to countries where women take pride in being women, they will never go back the their own women.
        How many white guys go back to dating white women after dating Asian or Latin women… it’s safe to speculate it’s a very low percentage.
        If he left Sweden and went to Latin America or Asia where his Scandinavian looks will have women dropping to their knees, and he gets treated like a golden boy. He would be able to see Swedish women for what they are… worthless

        1. Really? Swedes are some of the most well-traveled in the entire world, I in particular (as many articles manifest). As for the demographic in Sweden your mistake is to not taking diversity into account. Contemporary Sweden is so diverse that I could pick a Russian chick here any day, which I do by the way.

        2. Russian women are the perfect example of hypergamy.
          Well traveled is cool… but if you are so worldly versed in women, how can you not tell the difference between a keeper and a bang. Western women are not worth keeping, sad but true. They have lost their value because ultimately a man wants a woman to be a good mother, that is something almost all western women are programmed to object. hence the low birthrate of the Europeans.
          Why is African projected to have an exploding population? Hypergamy and men who don’t give a fck. That’s a bad combination. In the western world it’s hypergamy and men who are soft…another bad combination… but sadly the African bad situation will become the white man’s burden.

  19. My simple, yet hopefully effective response to bitter ageing hag:
    “Lecture the Muzzies, mam.”
    Drop mic and walk away with or without girlfriend following.

  20. Most 50-plus women are rabidly envious because they missed out on the chance to be webcam whores, and porn stars, and Tinder sluts. Young women these days have many more options when it comes to showing off their assets and getting their holes drilled. Most older women can only look back in anger, and think, “What if…” But the really bold ones go to Burning Man and wait for the hot, younger guys to get drunk enough to the point where they’ll actually screw them.

    1. The west coast is full up on these late 40s/50-something dried up cunts. They are good only for a pump and dump if you don’t mind the smell.

        1. “When I want hot bad-boy cock I put an eye patch on my dildo and stick it in the oven.” – Franny Fifty-Something

    2. The west coast is full up on these late 40s/50-something dried up cunts. They are good only for a pump and dump if you don’t mind the smell.

    3. A lot of times I read the articles because it makes the comments more enjoyable.

    4. I don’t think they missed out on these things…only the format has changed. Back in the 1980s and 1990s they found the exact same paths to degrading themselves, just through different means.

  21. Man who allows his woman to get drunk deserves his fate. On top of that, you failed the shit tests from both your girlfriend and the older woman.
    You should have never taken your girlfriend to place where she can get drunk, secondly you should have refused to take her home and let her bear the consequences of her own bad behavior. Thirdly, you should have either completely ignored the old woman or surprise her with a hug saying: “I know, I know, how you feel …” and a smirk.
    Deep down inside any woman long to be corrected by men.

    1. You put it perfectly. Biggest mistake was letting her get drunk, especially in a public place. Second was letting her do it after brought her on a night he was meeting his buddies for drinks.
      If I were him my blood would be boiling and I would be harnessing all of my willpower to stay composed and not tell her in no uncertain terms to mind her own business.

      1. Easy for you to say. You should know how vulnerable a straight white man is when femcunts attack you. I handled the situation well. Rich Zubaty’s misguided moralism would do me no favor. I rather deal with a drunk girlfriend once a year then letting her travel alone in the metro or with a cab.

        1. I should have clarified that comment a bit: I’m not okay with leaving a woman stranded (or at least a girlfriend or a woman you brought with you). I am glad you didn’t leave her there to be subject to God-knows-what by God-knows-who. Personally, I’ve never been drunk–I don’t like the feeling of being too intoxicated and I don’t feel It’s in a lady’s best interest to be drunk in a public place. It’s not very classy. This is just my opinion and how I was raised.

      2. Women are supposedly adults and are responsible for their own drunkeness. It was not HIS duty to police her drinking. If a chick you’re with gets sloppy, that’s on her and as soon as she starts being messy or bitchy or any trouble at all she can find her own way home, just like any man. Plus in Sweden she might be blessed with some cultural enrichment that she likely voted for every election.

    2. “You should have never taken your girlfriend to place where she can get drunk, secondly you should have refused to take her home and let her bear the consequences of her own bad behavior”
      Game set and match. SPOT ON. Leave her, walk away, make her deal with her situation that SHE got herself into. Its what FEMINISTS demand, so give it to them. If she respected herself and her man, she would show a little restraint. Party to near puking….Id walk away, screw that. I hate messy people, especially women. throw on top of it the disrespect…..F__K NO..walk away, say nothing. just go.

  22. Man who allows his woman to get drunk deserves his fate. On top of that, you failed the shit tests from both your girlfriend and the older woman.
    You should have never taken your girlfriend to place where she can get drunk, secondly you should have refused to take her home and let her bear the consequences of her own bad behavior. Thirdly, you should have either completely ignored the old woman or surprise her with a hug saying: “I know, I know, how you feel …” and a smirk.
    Deep down inside any woman long to be corrected by men.

  23. Are you kidding me? Some old bag thrusts herself into a private discussion between you and your girl and you stand there and take it? I would have told the Swedish meatball to fuck off in no uncertain terms and if she dared to lay a finger on me or my girl (assault) I would have left her fat ass sitting in the snow.

    1. Three traditional masculine perspectives to have in mind:
      1. Wu wei – action through non-action (Taoism). Sometimes it is more constructive to be passive. It will produce better outcomes under particular circumstances.
      2. Buddhist ethics (refrain my anger and understand the causal laws): there is a consequence to what you do. If you choose to slap a woman, bad things will occur under these circumstances, whether you “accept” them or not.
      3. Plato’s ethics discussed in The Lesser Hippias, to not only use courage but prudence. Even if it would be “courageous” to beat a middle-aged woman who is obviously disturbing you, it would be unwise to do so for obvious reasons

        1. It’s not ladylike, but I probably would have (maybe not “fuck off”, but “piss off, lady, this has nothing to do with you.” would suffice).

        2. How about “I’ve got to go pound my GF before she dries up like you”… that sound reasonable. And the old vag can’t disagree either

        3. It is true haha! I mean, I can’t use it, but yeah, if you were an irritated guy it’d be a pretty great retort! She’d be beside herself with no idea how to respond– you take your girl and just walk away.

      1. Understood; wise sentiments. I would still bury the old hag in a pile of snow. I am way past giving withered old vaginas a pass.

      2. I’ve got this panzer mode in me, that when people start bothering me, I’ll walk over them, if they don’t get off my way. I’m big enough so that it works, and the effect is scary as desired for all kinds of human garbage: Beggars, sellers, SJW and white knights.

  24. Five to ten minutes? I woulda walked on that drama in five to ten seconds! GF is free to come along, or fight it out with Spinster and Bike Knight. If she chooses to hang out there then I’d definitely be wondering what I was doing dating a woman who was picking drama over me. Whatever, I’ll be the one relaxing at home with a beer.
    Western countries are full of drama-making histrionics who constantly want to jump in and offer their opinions, criticism, and rebuttals like anyone asked for it and they’re the experts at life. Best thing to do is probably put on your best thick foreign accent and reply with “I sorry, no speakie” in that situation – even if you were speaking the native tongue just fine a minute ago.

    1. I was actually enjoying a bit since it was so absurd. I was passive for a reason. The bottom line is, from my perspective, that we have to refrain from making the wrong moves in an anti-male culture.

      1. I think most places in the West are anti-male, more or less depending, Sweden more so now but for the “average guy” I think it’s been there from time immemorial. “Sperm cheap” is one biological fact just about everyone agrees on, even feminists.
        For me the promise of red pill is that while that’s a biological reality, does that mean I can’t have an enjoyable, meaningful life regardless? Or any man, for that matter? Nah I don’t see that written anywhere. There are lots of “realities” in life that seem to strongly imply things – except with thought one often realizes that the natural implication is unwritable, unprovable, and probably untrue.
        That’s what it means for me at least, and in my experience that promise has paid out just great in practice.

        1. A lot of the philosophical-existential questions such as the meaning of life, and if one can have a meaningful life, lie beyond science and logic. An “active nihilism” means that we have to act is if there is meaning, even if it really is not from a wider cosmological and ontological perspective.
          I have a family, friends, health, I can read, reflect, travel, fuck and lift weights. That is my meaning for now (and for the last 10-20 years). We should not ask for too much, not be too greedy to know everything.

      2. No one has said it until now so i will. The only appropriate response would gave been ridicule. If your ridicule was especially effective the old cunt would fly into a rage, giving you the excuse of slapping her away. When she ran off to find a man for help, you leave. The men she finds, cops or not, will just see a bitter crone in a rage, and she will lose all monentum. For the rest of the story use simple logic.

  25. f’d and chucked a few too many times, she takes up the lib cause, only to turn to immigrant penis for solace a few years down the road..

  26. She was probably just enraged when she witnessed something that she secretly craves for herself. A strong, masculine man etc.

  27. If she stood across the street from me talking trash would be one thing but, in my face? Maybe for a couple of seconds until I realized what was happening. From that point forward she would think twice before getting in some ones face.

      1. Yeah, laughing at you too. I’m laughing at pretty much every guy here and their Tyler Durden fantasies

  28. I think it is okay morally to also slap a woman hard in that situation and to mace her down if she doesn’t get the hint you do not want to interact with her. It’s not legally so, but if I see someone slapping a woman around hard for doing exactly what the OP is writing about, I will turn a blind eye. If it gets legal I will make sure everybody knows it was self defense.
    I’ve had this happen to me at the hospital while I was dying sick. The fat ugly old mid-50ish feminist piece of shit “counselor” got upset because I had my hand on my girlfriend’s leg. I did not ask to see this cunt, she came into my room at the hospital. Apparently they have resident leftists at the hospital called social workers who were trying to figure out if I was abusing my girlfriend, fresh out if surgery. By putting my hands on my girl’s legs, the commie feminist said I was telling the world she is my property. (Maybe I was even 🙂 Those thighs are mine! ROFL.) But it turns out later the communist cunt met with my girlfriend in secret at the hospital every time she came to visit me and got her involved in a lesbian women’s group. Soon after, my loving girlfriend turned into an absolute bitch and we were over three weeks later after I was out of the hospital.
    This happened decades ago and I was just not wise to this feminist crap back then. I’m over the girlfriend, nobody that can be persuaded to just kick me to the curb is worth it, but believe me, I carry an extreme and infuriating grudge against these leftist cultural marxists. I was weak from the surgery when it happened. This bitch saw that I was not in any way in shape to defend and destroyed what I had with my girl just because she could. I hope that bitch developed bladder cancer and it spread through her colon and shrivelled ovaries into her lungs and into her brain and it took years for her to die. Still upset over having been attacked by this leftist feminist old cunt.

        1. It was a joke you know. Rhetoric, like a hyperbole. One says that to exaggerate that females are different from men.

  29. I need to visit Sweden… I’m a 6’2 tall Palestinian (born and raised in North Carolina so I’ve got a slight country accent though 😂) I feel like I’d have a great time with the Swedish women there

    1. You remind me of a high school bud who moved to Kentucky around the same time I did. He somehow developed a Southern drawl. He is Middle Eastern. Both of us are from the North. He obviously fakes his because I still sound Northern. We both moved there 3 years ago

    2. Dude, if you speak some Arabic, you’re set…
      Maybe ROK can crowdfund your trip in return for a video documentary…

      1. Yes I do speak Arabic and I would definitely love to do that! I would open up the Swedish white girls with “Salam alaikum!”

  30. Non-violence? Fuck that! Feminists are the ENEMY of men, so men also should treat them as enemies. And what do men do with enemies? Bingo!
    I noticed this kind of behaviour of women quickly stops when you threaten them with real violence. They must see it in your eyes, that you are committed, and she is not in her safe space anymore.
    Women think they are safe, whatever they say, whatever they do. That they will suffer no consequences.
    She does it, because no man put her to her place yet, and she will continue to do it until that happens.
    If she does not back down, first threaten her with violence. If she still does not back down, hit her hard, with a fist, into the face. Then will she learn, and not before.
    I did this a few times, and it works. Most times you do not have to hit, only threaten. When they realise they are in danger they will back down ASAP. When the real fear appears in their eyes, that moment is PRICELESS!

    1. You’re gonna go to jail over beating women. Hope you can handle yourself around actual criminals who pose a physical threat.

      1. In my practice, it never comes to blows. When strange women started barking, the threat of violence was always enough, although it has to be convincing. From 0 to berserker mode in a heartbeat, pszcho eyes, raised hand does the trick.
        Criminals? I can handle myself around males. You know, I can handle myself around males in general, irrespective of their occupation and their attitude towards the law. As a man, I will not start something like the old Swedish woman in the example, because I know what will result in violence and what won’t. so I am reasonably safe.

    2. I’m not sure if some threats of violence would stop them from barking. If anything after a quick pause, they start laying it thicker (many youtube videos proves this to be true)… that little pause was the hamster wheel spinning… she will realize that almost every guy present will save her, the cops will help her, the courts will exonerate her… and all 3 will fck you up.
      My advice, let them bark. By engaging you lose… unless you’re black, then barking back is in your nature.
      And if you are going to hit them, which I adamantly discourage, give em a liver shot, face shots are less effective and the worse she looks, the worst you look.

      1. If it is a strange woman, and we are on the street, in my practice I found that on the threat of violence, they will back down. Happened a few times to me. But it has to be convincing that you are a madman with psycho eyes, otherwise it will be just a shouting match.

    3. I never engage in a discussion with this type. They are insane and make no sense. My old man was a bookie in Queens, NY, many moons ago and I simply give this type the threatening stare that I used to see given to the gamblers who hadn’t paid up on their losses in quite awhile. You would be surprised at how quickly they begin to understand the picture and “when they realize that they are in danger they will back down ASAP. When the real fear appears in their eyes, that moment is PRICELESS!”. I could not agree more.

      1. Yep, the threatening stare does the trick, I know exactly what you mean. I call mine when I am doing it the “psycho eyes” but it is exactly the same concept 🙂

  31. I stopped reading once you mentioned your girlfriend is Swedish. I dated German women who are not as bad but after dating EE I would not touch any German with a 10 foot pole. I would not even look into the eyes of a Swedish Medusa.

    1. Those are the ones most desperate for a man to take control, and most grateful when one does. You young guys have so much to learn.

    2. What if she is Russian then? Haven’t you noticed it is multicultural? I have nothing against you or anyone else but many commenters don’t think another step. Like the demographic of Sweden, which is diverse, and what happens when you are brave enough to hit a woman that stands in your way.

  32. Ha! My apologies. This article begs to be ripped into…
    You’ve got to laugh… what a witless conceit!! This author appears to be craving moral support; why so important to go to such efforts to attempt to justify himself?!
    Why spare the incident a second thought?
    I can only assume that he’s young, naive and so lacking in maturity and self esteem that he feels humiliated and emotionally scarred by the episode; both because he was publicly shown up for being an aggressive obnoxious bully who verbally abuses his girlfriend, and a pathetic coward who doesn’t have the balls or gumption to stand up for himself. His need to set the score right is revealing,.. it suggests that it wasn’t self control that kept him quiet, but physical cowardice and fear of confrontation. It’s such a worn classic cliche to think in hindsight of all the articulate put downs you ought to have delivered with panache. Most people have the sense to not draw attention to these things.
    And heard of ‘doth protest too much sir!’ ???
    What’s this shit about taxis and designer jackets!!! Ha! The author really is witless.
    Pointedly making his excuses after the fact and being so defensive, when there’s no conceivable reason for going to the effort, suggests in the mind of the reader that the author is really a tight prissy metrosexual who spends his cash on designer jackets and aggressively bullies his girlfriend because he feels inadequate and can’t stand up for himself …;-))
    I suspect this won’t be published

    1. You are very mistaken in your misguided beta pseudo-psychology. You measure your strength with middle-aged women. I am passing for a real man.
      As for the text it was just a bit fun to write and it could open up for some discussion, which it suceeded with. For instance your extensive beta comment, as wrong as it may be. Pull the trigger of the beta and he fires off for nothing.

      1. Truthfully?
        Admittedly my post was also written as a ‘bit of fun’… I couldn’t resist the massive target you’d erected.
        In all honesty, can you not recognise how witless and defensive you come across?
        I mean, your motives for taking the effort to put your account of this incident ‘out there’ are plainly not for ‘a bit of fun’, but an effort to recruit psychological support and garner sympathy. And this comes across as the whining of a pathetic beta male.
        Moreover, what were you thinking when you were at pains to provide justification and excuses for not getting a cab and not being a gentleman and lending your jacket?
        Again you simply come across as guilt ridden or defensive. There was no call for this and no need to parade your feeble justifications. Doth protest too much…!”
        Reading between the lines you do an excellent job of portraying yourself as an exemplary precious Pratt.

        1. You think you know the motives but you don’t. For instance you don’t know how funny ass hat sounds in Swedish, although the commenter Josefine does.
          Are you from Mexico? Gentleman behavior, even when not proven worthy of such, is typical for the Latino beta.

        2. Spot on!
          Good guess! Yes, borne in Mexico and first years spent in Juárez, but left when I turned 19.
          For the last 16 years I’ve bounced back and forth between Austin and Dallas. Nearly half my life has been lived in the US, so I pretty much count myself an American citizen now. My family have all moved here too.
          Last April just gone – around the time there was all the fuss about deporting immigrants without papers – I brought my auntie’s daughter and her boyfriend over. They’re the last of my close family to make the move.
          I can’t deny it,… America has been really good to me and my family… especially me, as I have fluent English language learnt from telephone calls with my Scottish father when I was young.
          Ha! Me and Trump have almost the same heritage!! except it’s his mother who’s Scottish.
          I pray to God he’s just making noises and he doesn’t actually start cracking down on immigrants without papers for real.
          I reckon my telesales work will be ok as Trump looks out for entrepreneurs and turns a blind eye to cash in hand jobs.
          Perhaps you can give me some advice on how to make it as a writer? I could write about the honest hard working Mexicans who support America’s economy ;-))

        3. Interesting story. Seem like a good person. You should contribute with an article on your experiences here on ROK. Elaborate a draft and submit in due time. Make Roosh look at it. I can help you too but I am no editor.

        4. Well, Thank you…. you are quite the gentleman; ‘hats off’ for not getting riled…
          …now I’m even more confused about you putting your head above the parapet…(?)
          Why gift your detractors with such an obvious target?
          (I read your comment) With hindsight you admit underestimating the risks you took experimenting with an article reflecting on a ‘personal experience’.
          You seem very sincere; and it appears to confirm personal feelings may have clouded your judgement when writing the article.
          I was ruthless when I highlighted what I would assume is a schoolboy error in the MRM. I thought the manosphere is supposed to be contemptuous of effete emotions, so-called beta behaviour and any sign of weakness (your knee jerk response was to label me a beta).
          However, I believe the reality is that your emotional response reflects the true disposition of your readers, who often are sensitive, insecure souls.
          Witness how the vast majority of commentators posted messages of sympathy, expressing empathy and support for your experience.
          Over and over again, manosphere supporters display sensitivity and gentleness in the messages of mutual reassurance sent to each other. Numerous posts go out of the way to provide emotional support and shore up self-esteem; in fact, many exchanges are indistinguishable from those on chat forums for teenage girls, but instead of swapping tips on makeup and concealer, they swap advice on protein supplements and weightlifting regimes. Both are equally preoccupied with nutrition and obsessed with diet fads.
          The evidence suggests a substantial element of MRM discussion forums is undeniably prissy and precious.
          This is completely at odds with the public face of the moment and it’s supporters as independent and self sufficient Alpha Men, disdainful of displaying emotion and what are considered to be soft, feminine unmanly traits.
          But, it’s not at odds with the emotional tone of insecurity and theme of victimisation displayed in your article. You have your finger on the pulse! 😉
          NB many of your articles are sensible and far removed from the racism and fascism of the far-right which threatens to hijack the alt-right movement,.. and so you deserve my support.
          I have a sympathetic analysis of the core support for the MRM and the roots of their support. And I’m troubled by the threats posed by the far-right’s appropriation of the alt-right movement

      2. reading your account leaves the reader with an overwhelming impression of ‘disingenuity’. You can’t disguise the fact that you’re being dishonest and misleading, by trying to paint yourself in a better light. You would have been far more effective and gained more sympathy if you had been honest and admitted that you were being a bit of an obnoxious drunken Pratt by shouting at your girlfriend and childishly refusing to lend her your jacket. If your account was sincere and sounded genuine, I may have joined in with the criticism of this woman

        1. Actcually I agree a bit with you and can understand the perspective. It would have been pragmatic in the sense that it would have prevented any of these minor problems. But I was annoyed and acted according to the quid pro quo principle.

    2. “1. Don’t talk down to writers, staff, or other commenters. Don’t call someone an idiot, moron, or hater.”
      Excerpt from the first rule listed in the comment policy. Rok has had a great purge of long time commentators, many banned for (what I know to be) minor infractions. Why you are allowed to post this vitriol confounds me.

  33. No advice. No words of sage wisdom. No judgement passed.
    This story breaks my heart.
    I can’t count how many women I have cursed out in just the last few years.
    But there is a man who can make sense of all this for us.
    So, once again I ask: Where is A.V. Yader when we need him?

    1. I think that Aviator is one of the best masculine writers and I would love to read more of his texts.
      The implicit wisdom is to act without acting, which I also emphasized in a comment along with references to Buddhism and Plato’s ethics. Some here focus on the “mistakes” I have made, like it was a big thing that she got drunk and that we took a cab, but the most important thing is to keep calm and not do anything stupid in an anti-male environment.

  34. Girlfriend watching an argument? Girlfriend not suggesting to leave immediately? Girlfriend is enjoying herself! Girlfriend thinks you are an entertainer. Girlfriend thinks you are a personal Model UN for her amusement.
    “Well, I don’t know about that. Honey, what do you think about the suppressive effects of ‘toxic male privilege’ in traditionally patriarchal societies?” /record scratch
    No extended shit-tests allowed

  35. I woud have told her that if she stays to lucture, that she’ll be late for the Muslim invasion party.
    But that would probably have gotten the police involved, and a few nights in jail to boot.

  36. That’s one of those situations where you utterly ignore the person getting in your face. Act like no one is there. Walk through her if you have to. Brush them away like flies and move on with your evening.
    Seriously, she sounds mentally ill. Debating Marx with someone like that?

    1. I don’t, and never will, understand how they expect to be taken seriously with those things on their heads.

  37. I would just start dialing on my phone then pretend to speak to the POlice and ask them to come quickly as you’re being oppressed

  38. Oh you’re Swedish good luck with that. You should of given her some lip on getting drunk and making a big fuss about you taking her home in the first place. I guess that Swedish politico though keeps you several steps behind that though.

  39. Sweden is done. It’s just a matter of time now before the Muzzies and Africans take over.
    This is how nature culls civilizations.

  40. Your first mistake was agreeing to the taxi. If you can’t stand up to your woman after you have made a perfectly logical decision, you will be on your way to beta-ville. Dump that bitch and find a new woman, start her training early.

    1. Dude demonstrated LSV and beta status throughout. I dont understand how roosh thinks this writer is ROK material.

      1. I don’t know why you think that any of your opinions matter when you needed Roosh, Rollo and Heartiste to “take the red pill a few years back” lol.

  41. Why didn’t you guys just kept moving on ?. I mean I don’t engage with people talking crap on street. Just asking bro

    1. She literally stood in my way when I tried to pass and my GF was standing still, started to cry, which worsened the situation. So I had to calm down the whole thing through non-violence and more rational discourse.

      1. It’s always easy to be smart after the fact – you got out of that weird situation without it going to hell, that’s what counts.

      2. You think feminists and bittercunts in general give a sh’t about logic and reason. You have so much to learn and so much losing ahead of you until you learn how ridiculous that is, i feel bad for you. Also, learn to control your girl or abandon her in place. Its Sweden not the Bronx she’ll be fine. I don’t understand how you’re writing for this blog with so much to learn about women.

  42. Should have just said ‘allahu akhbar’ and backhanded the old twat. She would have let you go if she thought you were muslim.

    1. As sad as that sounds, it actually is probably the truth. Especially in Sweden: non-confrontational to a fault, pathetically attempts to appear as a perfect bastion of equality and peace…. Biting off their noses to spite their face and they’ll continue to pay a bigger price as time goes on until they wise up.

  43. You truly are an ass hat. You compete in a macho tough guy contest and then you refuse to give a girl in a dress your poncy jacket for a 5 minute walk. What a loser. Never heard of chivalry? It’s what real men don’t need to be taught. She knows for sure. Had you done the right thing there would have been no need for the older lady to school you; but then neither would you have a whiny article in ROK

    1. Patriarchy is dead, chivalry died with it. Long live the matriarchy.
      Women are now to be held as responsible for decisions they make.
      You have so little respect for her that you won’t?
      She’s a big girl, she made decisions, they resulted in her being cold. Strong independent women can deal with it.

        1. Nice?…no… nice gets you no where. The writer of the article was tolerant… not nice.

      1. Evidently the word chivalry has frightened you – I’m guessing that in your politically correct world chivalry is now seen as an inappropriate concept. But let me help you out – here is a dictionary definition of chivalry to simplify things for you: “polite, honest, and kind behaviour, especially by men towards women”. Still got a problem? Well I am sorry if your butt is still hurting but the day kindness dies the human race is finished for all time, so good luck in your leaky boat and don’t forget the shark repellant

        1. Chivalry sounds appealing to me but only if the woman acts like a woman.
          I’d be happy to be chivalrous to a sweet, dainty feminine woman. Not to a butch feminist.

        2. Agreed. It would be extremely difficult to be chivalrous (kind) to a woman displaying overt misandry but the article makes no mention of such mental disease being present. Conversely his girlfriend’s actions suggest she is a perfectly normal specimen redolent of many I have personally encountered. And it is therefore I find the author’s mean-spirited behaviour and general air of unrestrained braggadocio symptomatic of an insecure juvenile straining desperately to appear manly

        3. Fear? No. I lived be the old rules, it took me a while to realize they are obsolete.
          I won’t be restricted to a mode of behavior which was based on a cultural norm which no longer exists. Chivalry imposed manners and obligations on both sexes. I will abide by the new cultural norms, even though in some ways I find them abhorrent.
          One can pine away for the old days or simply adjust to the new ones so you’re not taken advantage of. I will and have provided my jacket to a small child given they were suffering for the lack of planning and foresight of their parents.
          But an adult woman? She can live by the code and values she and her sisters have advocated.

        4. I get it, but personally I’ve always been suspicious of “cultural norms” which are often just plain old brainwashing. They’re also in a constant state of flux; fashions come and go but some things, mercifully, defy change. Thinking and acting for myself regardless of social acceptance, trusting an inner compass, doesn’t always make me popular with the crowd but it sure makes me feel good. Also I will say this: I am quite old now and game is pretty much a thing of the past but I have had a lot of experience with women and I can honestly say that I never met a single one who did not respond positively to simple kindness and consideration. When you say “the code and values she and her sisters have advocated” you imply that ALL women share this conviction and this is definitely not the case. It is isolated to the extreme feminazi faction and may it remain there. To tar every woman with the same brush is not only deeply unfair but will actually and definitely restrict your game quite seriously. And a final word, kindness, which is all chivalry is, does not cost anything. Not only that but it feels damn good and when it is reciprocated which it almost always is, it feels even better. Cut them some slack, without them the human race is finished

        5. We each have to live to our own code. We have to be able to look ourselves in the mirror.
          It is a bit like seeing a beggar on the street- I want to help, I have the means. Yet, there’s always that bit of suspicion you’re being played. I hate being played or used. That’s more of an impediment to giving than the actual dollars involved.
          I will agree that there’s never a reason to be rude, one can be polite and firm in one’s responses. I draw the line at acts of kindness/chivalry where it is clearly not appreciated– seen as on obligation on the male, an entitlement by the female with no reciprocal obligations at all. Not even a thank you or acknowledgement of the effort.

        6. I have certainly experienced being taken for a fool by showing kindness. I placed a generous coin in the hand of a beggar one time and ten seconds later he grabbed my arm (figuring me for an idiot I guess) and said to give him more. I said. show me that coin I just gave you and when he opened his palm I took it, looked at it and said “Is there something wrong with this coin?” I then put it in my pocket and moved on. Well he grabbed me again and when I turned around he lunged at me with a swinging right hook, which, had I not ducked would have knocked me senseless. He was infuriated. He figured I had robbed him but I didn’t see it that way. He lost his balance and fell over at which I burst out laughing. This blew his mind and he ran off cursing and swearing. This happened in Sweden in the 70s. He looked like a junkie and I guess he had lost his sense of moral direction. Yep, sometimes “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” of necessity becomes “do unto others as they do unto you”. In London in the 80s I gave a bed for the night to a homeless guy who took my brand new Sony Walkman when he left. Yep, sometimes your best intentions backfire on you, you just have to be careful how you spend your kindness. But spend it you must. You’re right though, practice discrimination and don’t be a sucker

        7. Had an opposite experience. At a gas station filling up, guy (disheveled, bad teeth etc) asks me for gas money. No other cars around! Sorry, no way.
          Leave by driving to the other end of the strip mall–there’s the guy trying to pour gasoline from a 20oz soda bottle into a beat to f truck. I bought him a gas can and filled his tank. Felt bad I thought he’d been scamming me.
          Relative who lives in Vegas and every so often they run news specials on how much money the professional beggars on the strip are pulling in. It’s that doubt that gets in the way of helping some folks who are truly in need.

        8. Heartwarming story. I’ve been wondering about this reaction to feminism. Is it possible it’s more of a problem in the US? Because a lot of the comments I’m reading from guys are quite shocking, even boasting of extreme violence towards women. Here in UK/Europe feminism isn’t taken seriously and rabid man-haters are an extreme minority who are laughed at but not assaulted. Men still consider a woman-beater to be beneath contempt and in need of locking up, if not stringing up.
          Woman: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me”
          Doctor: “Right, when your husband comes home, just take a glass of water and swish it in your mouth. Just keep swishing but don’t swallow until he goes to bed and is asleep.”
          Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking great.
          Woman: “Doctor, that was a brilliant idea, I did what you said and he didn’t touch me!”
          Doctor: “You see how much keeping your fucking mouth shut helps?”

      2. “Patriarchy” is a complete fiction – a convenient myth though, for SJWs of every bent

      1. Problem with homophobia, huh? Who else do you hate? Women too so that’s half the human race. Then there’s yourself of course. Must be quite a struggle for you

        1. Thanks, I know what man means. Real men aren’t frightened to be kind to other people including women. Only an asshole refuses his coat to a girl in a dress on a cold night. Or an insecure juvenile desperately trying to prove to himself he is “manly” by being an arrogant twat

        2. Real men also stick to the topic at hand. I’m kind to other people all the time, but that has nothing to do with chivalry which is beta behavior that needs to die. Why are women in need of chivalry if they’re equal?
          Rhetorical question btw, feel free to not subject to this forum to any more of your nonsensical mouth diarrhea.

        3. But they’re not equal are they, that’s just a myth created by feminists that you and other losers have swallowed. And now you are as bitter as they are. Misandry: women who hate men. Misogyny: men who hate women. Polar opposites on the surface, same big old pile of shit underneath. Get real pal

        4. Beta schmeta, just try being a human being. Why so desperate to appear “alpha”? (Schmalpha). I know, I know, it’s the latest fashion. God help us all

        5. All humans begin life as a female, even you; it takes a Y chromosome to create balls instead of boobs. Sorry, what WAS the original topic again?

  44. Never get in a pissing contest- you just end up with wet shoes.
    The woman wasn’t trying to solve anything, she wanted to vent and virtue signal. Why, stand there and be the object of undeserved venom. She obviously had no respect for your girlfriend, if she did she would have allowed your girlfriend to deal with you. Which may have been the best response-
    ‘Why do you feel superior to my girlfriend? What makes you think you’re better than her. ETA: How dare you insult my girlfriend presuming to act on her behalf as if she’s a child vice a strong independent woman?’
    Some quotes:
    ‘Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.’ Mark Twain
    ‘Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience’ Greg King
    ‘Arguing with an idiot is like wrestling with a pig. It gets you nowhere but the pig kind of likes it.’ – unknown

  45. In America, doing what this woman did will get you shown a gun, or shot…with good reason.

    1. Only in a black neighborhood… and if she was white (if she was black the blackies most likely would punch her out, not shoot her).

      1. She’d be lucky just getting punched out. It seems kicks to the head are a favorite Afro-American tactic.

        Back story: she’s white. But who am I to judge, it’s just part of their culture. Check out the n***a at the end, he wants to show off his panties on camera.
        EDIT: crap, I misread your post. But hey, at least they didn’t shoot her.

  46. I don’t know what others or the author will make of this observation… so I will just put it out there.
    NOTE: Not trying to make enemies or sound like a douche… this is just my perspective.
    Was not the problem the fact the author is dating a woman who has no problem getting drunk?
    Is it not possible to date a woman who has not and will never get drunk? A girl that has one or two drinks and is happy with that. Something you can filter for almost immediately within the first three dates at a good social outing where you let her be totally free to enjoy herself. If she got drunk even once… no more dates.
    Lastly… why are you still with this girl? Ok, she got drunk. Once? Twice? “Everyone gets drunk. It’s not the worst thing. Why be so judgemental?”
    Why? 50 year old SJW batshit crazy woman screaming at me with possible jail time if she calls the police. You think being in Sweden (I assume here of course) means the police will listen to the man’s side of the story? You think they will care what your girlfriend says in your defence?
    Am I just too old school? Are my standards too high? Am I not capable of allowing for human complexity within a relationship?
    Maybe… but I can tell you one thing that is 100% fact.
    I have never been yelled at by some old bat Swedish woman who thinks she can throw down on me in the streets to protect my girlfriend from my white privilege.
    I would also have just given her my jacket to keep her warm. WTF? This is what I mean when Red Pill obsession with “frame” and “keeping a woman in her proper place” is destroying men’s authentic masculine self-actualization.
    It was not your girlfriend getting drunk… or not listening to your advice to take the metro… or having to walk home… or getting cold and wanting your jacket… that had you react (not controlled response) to the situation “she” caused.
    This entire fiasco is your responsibility son, not hers.
    Just my two cents. I am not here to entertain.

  47. “In fact, even speech can be considered violence in our current radical left-leaning societies, and to avoid rough talk and a raised voice near women is the way to go.”
    I’m sorry, but this is horseshit, and capitulating to it is the same attitude that has allowed the cancer of sjwism and marxism to grow unchecked for the past 60 years. If you feel like yelling at someone, you can. And if you feel like doing so will cost you your job, you need to find another anyway because you are literally a slave.
    I guarantee you that woman would have backed the fuck off if the author had exhibited even a little bit of masculinity like a raised voice or drawing himself up to his full height. It’s really sad to see men reduced to fake stoicism when in fact they’re just afraid to act like men.

      1. No no. You bottled out plain and simple. You failed a shit test. And you also lost the respect of your friend for being so fucking mean as to refuse her your jacket for five measly minutes. Some tough guy.

        1. You are simply too nice. Some other commenters think I am too nice as well, but I am the one who has found a golden mean IMHO.

        1. You think too short term-wise. Contemporary feminism and similar facets of ideology are not fought by petty arguments that might make you look seriously bad or worse. But we can agree to disagree.

  48. If cavemen and men from back in the day weren’t “above” hitting a woman… why are we today? I know we evolve and become more civilized… but should we remain that way when everyone else is turning into a savage?
    Personally, I threaten the ever living shit out of them, of course do it discreetly, but you’d be surprised how a whispered implied death threat could change someone’s tune instantly. Even a mans.

    1. I am up for that kind of shenanigans, but my strategy worked out pretty well too, and in the meantime I could see how bat crazy some Cultural Marxist women really are.

    2. I can confirm that, it’s more in the calm collected delivery of the potential delivery and scale of violence that you can visit upon them, the gets your massage through and make it stick.
      As Stand-up comedian Bill Burr would say, he can think of plenty of reasons at 3 AM, why you could hit a woman, we just don’t do that any more.

  49. NOne of this shit will ever go away until welfare and affirmative action are done away with. Once those things are destroyed, then women will need to depend upon men to survive as GOD intended. Females know that they have a guaranteed safety net along with the law on their side to arrest any guy that dares get confrontational with them.
    Once the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart saves mankind, there will be a huge backlash against these sluts that have taken advantage of this satanic society and the policies placed against men. Females are complicit in today’s satanic structure. They are complicit. And it’s so unbelievable how stupid females are to not see what has been going on. They actually believe all of this “feminism” and “civil rights” and “human rights” BS is some kind of modern evolution when i reality it’s a spiritual war against mankind. Women are so blind and so stupid it’s unbelievable. They go right along with it and believe everything they are told by the mainstream media and any feminist communist magazine they read.
    There will be a backlash coming soon. And when it does, and you come across some feminist starving in the streets, do not feed her. Let her suffer and die. And remind her what she did to mankind and what she took part in. And then she can go to hell to burn right where she belongs.

  50. A restaurant which explicitly promotes social justice has opened its doors in Stockholm by a gender studies docent, (((Jami Weinstein))), more about “her” here: https://www.tema.liu.se/tema-g/medarbetare-och-kontakt/jami-weinstein?l=sv
    During Halloween, they will provide the opportunity for its guests to organize a so-called Witches and Bitches Brew Party for women,
    Is all kinds of people allowed? Well anyone who has the heart on their right place is, says Weinstein. Maybe an appropriate place for meet-ups?

    1. Halloween used to actually be fun, but now its nothing but a bunch of hoes dressing up like prostitutes.

    2. Looking at (((Weinstein))) would make a man voluntarily choose celibacy. If that was the standard for Western women I’d readliy convert to the Eastern Orthodox religion and seek refuge at the Mount Athos autonomous region where no women are allowed.
      That said, during a trip to the local Wal Mart, I saw too many sights of ghastly, obese, neon-haired, twenty-something women. How sad, how depressing that a woman will let herself sink to that level. Even the lower-level betas in my area won’t touch them.

  51. Wow never had an old bitch roll up on me like that in the states, but I would be tempted to knock her stupid ass out right there on the street and not give a FUCK. I’ve pinned a few common household bitches to the ground in my day that get pushy. They think that their vagina privilege mean they can slap, hit, kick, bite, punch or whatever else and somehow a 6ft. 300 pound man won’t knock her on her fat ass but I will. Hey western women wanted equality, not they have it. If a woman gets in my face and assaults me I put that bitch down just like any other man.

    1. Tough guy, pushing little girls around. What a hero! The decline and fall of the Western male

  52. “The competition includes swimming and wading in fairly cold water, as well as crawling through thick layers of mud. I thought that if I can do that then she could walk a short distance and realize what it feels like in a very light version.”
    You conquered a grueling obstacle course but couldn’t spare your jacket for a 5 minute walk, you mean.
    Oh, right, you were annoyed.
    All this posturing after reading another article wherein someone whines about SJWs projecting too much.
    Stoic like Gandhi (a real ‘player’, he didn’t need to lie). You were mute because you were in stunned humiliation.

    1. I agree. But in this particular situation that kind of strategy couldn’t work, just like passing by couldn’t work, since I had the girl standing still or walking slowly and indirectly part of the reason why this happened. Keep moving and looking angry/confident/determined are both excellent strategies when you are on your own.

  53. Next time, look right at the busybody bitch and, pointing at her if necessary, say at a deliberate and measured pace, (voice elevated, with crazy eyes):
    “SHUT the FUCK UP, CUNT!!”
    She’ll probably stagger away stuttering, and leave you alone.
    Or, if a swarthy complexion is yours, simply swap these words for “Silence, INFIDEL!!”
    She’ll probably apologize profusely and maybe even give you her number.


  55. Should have told her you were a Muslim. That would have shut her up. She would have offered you her daughter as atonement for her Islamophobia.

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