7 Traits Of The Male Feminist

The only reason radical feminism has managed to achieve such an influential and mainstream position in Western society is through the vital reinforcements provided by turn-coat gender traitors who willfully cannibalize other men to please their female overlords. This is the male feminist. These are men whose entire personas are predicated on keeping others from offending their female bosses. They shame natural male behavior and spread the intellectualized delusion that are today’s feminist talking-points. They publicly self-castrate, lying to themselves and others about their own sexual impulses and imperatives.

The great irony—and secret—is that they have the same ends as guys who learn game: to get the women into the sack (loath as they may be to admit it), except they do it by trying to curry their favor through obsequious groveling.

There’s nothing special about the specimen in the video above, except his exceptionally typical display of the tell-tale symptoms.

7 Traits of the Male Feminist

1. Lispy, effete voice.

There’s good science that shows that today’s men are being exposed to greater quantities of female hormones. Among the causes is a contaminated water supply with trace amounts of birth-control compounds from women’s urine. The mass consumption of soy products—a natural source of estrogen—is another likely culprit. Whatever the origins, there is an epidemic of ostensibly heterosexual men with “gay voice,” none more clearly than the male feminist, who deliberately takes the bass and manly tone out of his voice so as to not offend.

2. Condescending, snarky girl-tone and eye-rolling.

Added to the character of his voice is a patronizing, dismissive tone (often with “upspeak” and vocal fry) common with obnoxious teenage girls and a certain cross-section of (actual) gay men. Rather than disagree with an argument on its merits, they sigh through it like Al Gore at a presidential debate. To make matters worse, he artificially laces his speech with profanity, which rather than toughness, comes off like a moody girl cussing at her boyfriend.

3. Slovenly appearance, featuring a vegan-style beard.

The uniform of the male feminist is a non-threatening cocktail of emasculating hipster-wear, with an unkempt beard—the badge of today’s weak guy—and anything else that makes it patently obvious he never hits the gym and poses no danger whatsoever to anything.

4. Parrots word salad of incoherent feminist talking points.

The male feminist repeats all of the made-up jargon of the hysterical feminist (science fiction-sounding utterances like “cis-gender” and “sex-positive”). They also participate in the misappropriation and abuse of once-sound, useful English-language words like “consent,” “patriarchy,” and “privilege.”

5. Rape alarmist.

Like any lock-step feminist, the male feminist drops the Rape Card several times in any discussion, irrespective of subject. Like the word “smurf” in the 80s cartoon, the word “rape” is slowly being eroded of meaning by its catch-all use for anything and everything. The goal of this repeated invocation is to further whip up an exaggerated hysteria around rape, make everyone believe there’s a rapist on every corner, and make it sound like everyone’s whispering “rape jokes” when women aren’t looking. I can count on one hand how many rape jokes I’ve heard in my entire life, and still have enough fingers left over to stimulate the clitoris of a pixie cut-wearing, female-bodied individual.

6. Enabling feminist hysteria by providing excuses for bigoted behavior and by demanding that others also walk on egg shells.

According to this guy—and all feminists—it’s okay to be permanently scared of men if you’ve ever been victimized by them, however real or imagined that victimization may have been. By this rationale, I can permanently remain “apprehensive” and “have fear” of black people “as a category” because I was once robbed, at gun point, by a black guy. Furthermore, he excuses feminist hate-speech as simple “making-fun-of-you” not to be taken seriously, while simultaneously labeling anything said by the opposing side as 100-percent-serious hate-speech.

7. False veneer of intellectualism and academic grounding.

To lend some kind of legitimacy to his specious, problematic logic, he cites oblique academic-sounding references in a  poorly constructed straw-man argument about what “men’s rights advocates” use to prove the existence of misandry. He engages in the typically feminist mental acrobatics that—when it’s all said and done—have turned night into day, made up into down, and rendered men into women.

Like any outsider-turned-convert to a religion, the male feminist is always more radical—and dangerous—to the non-believer. If, like many men, you have the misfortune to have to be around them, tread carefully. Always looking to prove his loyalty, the male feminist will do everything in his power to cut down a confident, masculine man—fabricating stories, running to the authorities, and anything else to throw you under bus—all to (hopefully) score a few points with his female overlords.

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277 thoughts on “7 Traits Of The Male Feminist”

  1. So if it looks like a feminist, talks like a feminist, then it probably is a femnist. Perfect.

  2. Agree with all but the beard. Plenty of labourers walk around with a week old unkempt facial hair beard, it doesn’t indicate anything.

    1. Of beards. Vikings, pirates, Civil War generals and Hells Angels all grew big, gnarly beards. A beard is supposed to enhance masculine facial features by giving length to the chin and heft to the jaw. How the hell do male feminists, manb00bs, hippies, hipsters, etc. manage to grow beards and look completely non-threatening? Technically… this shouldn’t even be possible. There has to be some correllation between low-T and advocating for feminists.

  3. I see and hear more of these herby guys all the time and it makes me wonder: Did they ever have a dad in the house when growing up?

  4. I’ve met a few of these types. The easiest way to disarm them is to state (while they’re in female company) their exact game: trying to score brownie points so the female(s) they’re trying to impress will one day let him lick their pussy(ies). They’ll deny it, they’ll go red in the face, they’ll get angry; just smile and walk away, your job is done.

    1. you can also ask them if they’re dating when they are with a woman. The “we’re just friends” puts them in their place real fast!

    2. Or, men like me, would say, “Maybe you’d have to devolve to acting like you’re for this to get a lady, but I don’t have to”. I don’t need spout a belief I don’t actually believe in to get laid. That’s not all the real supporters’ goal man.

    3. Yes, since I am pretty anonymous I can admit it; it is my dream to one day have the feminists I worship let me lick their pussies. But where you’re wrong is that they actually *will* let me lick them, one day. My tactic will work, you’re just jealous.

  5. This is a problem mostly among faggoty white guys for some reason. The sooner the US is taken over by muscular South Americans and black guys the better.

      1. No, not male feminists, manboobs, “intellectual” wimps, etc., there aren’t, not like this anyway.

      2. Don’t get gay guys confused with these wimps. A lot of gay guys put in time at the gym, like rough sex, and are nobody’s fool. They’d break these manginas in half. Also, the gay community is more at odds with the lesbian community than the media lets on, so don’t expect most gay guys to White Knight for women, no matter what “Sex and the City” says. They also had horse face marry Mr. Big, so I wouldn’t call that show the epitome of realism.

    1. Have you been around black people? You should know that the black community is going to the same thing as you guys.

      1. Yes, and it’s even worse because we can’t just fly to Asia to become gods like effeminate or lower-tier white boys can (among other things).

    2. Er, no. That would be trying to kill mosquitoes with dynamite. Of course if you disagree you can move to Detroit.

    1. Music is beyond the confines of gender wars. I’m no dweeb, but some of my favourite music and millions of others favourite music has often come from the guitar of a skinny white dweeb.

  6. Perfect description Tuth. I couldn’t even finish the video you posted – it grates me too much.

  7. This is why I only read pre-feminist novels written by men. I can’t stand anything else.

    1. I watched One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest again the other day.
      Brought a tear to my eyes, it did.

  8. This is brilliantly, and hilariously, observed. I also love the comments above mine about what to do when confronted with one of these ‘men’.

  9. “Agree with all but the beard….”
    “That fucking feminist Mike Tyson with his faggy lispy girly voice…”
    Seriously, guys? Do you need a fucking Venn diagram?

  10. What is a fucking rape joke ? I live in denmark and I’ve never heard about rape jokes. I google it but couldnt even find one, just a lot of feminist complaining about all “the rape jokes”…they are so widespread that it’s not even possible to find one !
    Can anyone come up with an example ?

  11. Did you know that a man’s facial hair is the same color and texture as his pubic hair?

  12. Most of the guys I meet that espouse crap like this do it because it’s on their “terminator screen” of acceptable things to say. Most never check their database of safe ideas for errors or inconsistency, so it’s just passive idiocy.
    Those who actively push this nonsense on a daily basis are truly insidious because they HAVE thought about it. They read up on this stuff. They have long discussions. They even come across the occasional contradicting piece of evidence – and they STILL attempt to force it on others. They would see it all burn before allowing reality to shine through the mental miasma they’ve created in the west.

  13. I don’t think he’s trying to get laid. He hates the man in himself too much to do that to a woman.
    I’m sure he actually believes what he is saying. This is what happens when kids are brainwashed starting grade 1. The idea takes root and becomes a life long self-fulfilling prophecy without any further external intervention.
    He hates the man in himself so much that he would never opress a woman with sex or relationship, and thus never experiences the true nature of women so he never corrects his ideas and keeps blaming masculinity for his hatred of his own self. A positive feedback loop.
    Very sad really.

  14. “Always looking to prove his loyalty, the male feminist will do everything in his power to cut down a confident, masculine man”
    I wouldn’t care about these confused men (i.e. male feminist) if it wasn’t for this.

    1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t just pulling that out of my ass either. I’ve known guys who have been very seriously harmed by fabricated stories and exaggerated tattling by these guys. They’re spineless and in a delusional state. They see themselves as the protectors of women everywhere–so proud to white-knight that they will see oppression and mistreatment when it’s not even there. Obnoxious to the extreme, but very dangerous in many settings.

      1. Please write about those experiences!!
        Nothing better-and more gut-wrenching-than real life stories of other guys suffering at the hands of such douches to teach valuable lessons.
        A man informed is a man prepared.

  15. People with such an extreme emotional commitment to a view of the way things really are that is so divorced from reality are basically fetishists using the world as their roleplay dungeon.

  16. They’re eunuchs and cannot secure pussy and handle their own security the way a normal, natural man can.

  17. It occurs to me that maybe the hippy beard is a necessary accessory for these types of guys.
    “I sound, speak and act like I don’t have a penis–oops! I mean ‘potential rapestick!’–but I really do, I like, swear! And I’m like, super ashamed, you know? So in case you ever want to like, kick me there, because my gender like, totally deserves it, you know? You like, totally could because it’s like, there, you know? And I like, totally swear that you kicking me there and grunting really loudly while you do it would like, totally not turn me on. Like, super swear. [Offers pinky.]
    And you should like, totally believe me because how else could I grow this much organic-peaches-and-cucumber-Suave-shampooed-and-conditioned hipster fuzz if I wasn’t like, totally biologically male?
    So you’re gonna like, totally kick it, right? Like, please?”

  18. Americans I meet in Europe together with Brits are the most faggot guys on earth.
    One of the most striking features of their faggotism is that they can never express their OWN opinion on any subject.Its like they never have one

    1. Scent of woman. Would you care to substantiate your remark about Brits being faggoty ? There are three non-faggoty Brits here,just back from the mountains who would like to know.
      As for the wimp in the video, If he laughed at me to my face he’d get my ice-axe right in the balls.

      1. I congratulate you on being non-faggoty,obviously there are must be some normal dudes somewhere.In the mountains..
        Btw what have you been doing in the mountains-3 of you ,without any women,I suppose?Lol
        Yeah,well as I said the most faggot thing of a Brit (apart of quite womanly fashion style) is that they can never express any opinion on any subject.Its always f*king neutral.I gave up talking to Brits about serious subject long ago,its just like talking to a chick.

  19. Hey, the Unabomber had a point, even if it wasn’t all quite right.
    After reading that and knowing my Feminist sister and her boyfriend it’s almost as if they’re trying to be in a lesbian relationship with a minimum of masculinity retained to quiet those pesky biological urges they work so hard to suppress.
    You’re dead on bout the cursing thing too. This is a very accurate analysis.

  20. Basically,it is much simpler.A male feminist is a type of a guy I used to bully at school and actually felt proud doing it.Like a good soldier of natural selection who has fulfilled his duty.

  21. I hate to say it but my brother is a feminist. Whenever I go on a date and hell him about it, he feels the need to interject with advice.
    “Well feminist brother, when is the last time you went on a date?”
    Nearly a year ago, he got a job working as an operator at a nuclear power plant. His job entails firefighter training. He bragged to me about how he got to wear 80 pounds of gear and put out fires. He posted all over Facebook pictures of himself in the gear.
    Deep down he likes doing manly things, he just doesn’t want to admit it for fear of rejection from his feminist friends.

  22. Any guy as dangerously stupid as the hipster faggot in this video deserves to be beaten within an inch of his life.

    1. Really? You know why so many gay men are feminist? It’s because they want to make normal men pay for what they did.

  23. You do realise if you strip out numbers 4-6 you’ve just described Matt Forney? Man that’s harsh.
    Luckily for me, my voice is so deep it makes animals run for cover. It subcommunicates to the ladies that my genitals are large enough to be used for crowd control purposes. There is no downside.

      1. Makes sense to me. Men accomplish things. Hitchhiking past them isnt much of an accomplishment.

  24. This was painful to watch. Did anyone notice how this guy referred to “men” in the third person (e.g., “they”), as if he weren’t one himself?
    I was once this guy. I was heavily into women’s studies and feminist theory. One of the prominent feminists on campus nominated me publicly as “an honorary woman”.
    Twenty years later I have come full circle. I hate feminism and consider it to be the most destructive ideology in the west. I knew a lot of feminists personally, and in every case, their devotion to feminist ideas came not from an honest evaluation of the facts but rather from their own deep, personal psychological problems in life. It’s a movement, not a field of academic inquiry.
    Unfortunately a lot of gays are similarly damaged. Their political positions are based on their on traumas in their own psychological histories.

    1. And yet, plenty of male feminists currently toeing the feminist party line will probably have the same moment of clarity you had sometime in their lives. Should that absolve them from responsibility for the damage they are causing our society today?
      I was never a feminist. Not even for one minute. In fact, I’ve been completely anti-feminist since the minute I started wondering about such things (probably late teens/early twenties).
      Congratulations for seeing the light. Now want to know why the West is going to shit? Look in the mirror.
      What on Earth is wrong with you that you are intelligent enough to post amongst this community and see feminism for what it is, yet were stupid enough to once fall for it?
      It boggles the mind.

      1. I was raised by a batte-ax feminist. My dad, usually working, was a pushover. That’s as likely an explanation as any.

      2. I think if you read the comment you’d see. I’m surprised that a few supplicating neckbeards are responsible for the collapse of Western civilisation, but obviously you’ve thought more deeply about such things.

        1. Yes its great he came back to the light but he needs to be beaten for leaving in the first place. And no I’m here because I like to flame people that post asinine remarks on public websites.

      3. I think it’s the same for people raised in extremely religious households and communities. Many of them reach adulthood with that way of thinking deeply ingrained. Some of them break out and see the light. Others don’t. Feminism is akin to a system of religious belief, in which logic plays a back seat to faith. Their basic assumptions are unquestioned.

      4. Given the indoctrination in the West, many will get sucked in. He deserves credit for getting out and copping to the past, not condemnation.

      5. Lol I was about to respond to that piece of shit but I see that you beat me to it.

    2. “the most destructive ideology in the west.”
      That statement alone is enough to discredit your entire comment.

  25. In university i knew a male feminist who taugh wpmans studies at an elite liberal university as a mere 12$ an hour lecturer. He was banging the hottest feminist in his classes as well as many other women studies students on the side.
    A year after university the guy turned coat and became a corporatguy and dumped his feminist no longer hot gf and stopped associating with feminists peripd. Now. Hat he got $$ he mainly goes for south american girls. Good dude.
    While he was a lecturer he cpnfessed to me in private that feminism actually causes all sorts of societal problems, especially for kiids, but that he toed the line because he “knows who controls our school”(ie. PC feminist-marxists). The actually found researxhing his thesid all sorts of negarltive effects of feminism on family but knew he couldent say anything or risk severe persecution in terms of grades, jobs and placement, and ultimately his luvelyhood. Basicall they had him by the balld, so he toed the line.
    He was definately using feminism as a tool to both advance his career and get laidunlike most male feminist he actually ran successf fake feminist game and was not like u describe at all. But he knew it was all bs…. compared to the usual male feminist wh odoesnt and is braiwashed

    1. Reminds me of that ‘False Flag’ beta game that people were advocating for the 28+ girls approaching the wall.

    2. honestly i don’t know what is worse, the feminist pussy above or the guy you talk about who sold himself out for some femi-pussy

      1. the thing is, he genuinely beleived in feminism till he did his thesis in his last year and found out what its real effects are for men and women. He was having a bit of an identity crisis in his final year in private.
        Almost 100 percent of new professors and lecturers in elite liberal universities and feminist-marxists with pet research projects who dont even know the subject matter.
        Like 80s action movie stars, all the good profs are retiring or being forced out by pc admin, or forced to hold their tongue and self edit ther research or risk losing their livelyhood.
        Little wonder these once elite status degrees, with research. and dogma at odds with reality, have become virtully worthless in the real world.

  26. See those black rimmed glasses the top guy is wearing. They all seem to wear those hipster glasses too.

  27. A technicality, but vocally, the fry register is the lowest pitched one. Girls employ it to speak lower than their modal voice will allow them, ostensibly to sound more like men.

    1. Wow he is fucking irritating.
      I’ve heard that he’s a passive aggressive conniving little shit head too. Very feminine characteristics all around. He makes mystery look like a really cool guy.

  28. The guy below number 5 looks a bit like Roosh. Would be funny if he trolled a feminist rally like that brazliian legend.

  29. As someone who went to a school full of male-feminists I can attest to the validity of this article.

  30. Wow, back to back to back to back to back to back to back home runs. Seven of ’em and we’re still in the first inning!

  31. At 7 I was the only boy at school who loudly asked a teacher why do we have give presents to girls on 8th March?For what achievements?
    In my childhood fake-macho-but-in-reality-pussy-ruled country Ukraine there is such f*ked up day.Where all the men are turned into shit-fuck betas for a day.You MUST give a present to a woman from your circle whether it is study or job or family or whatever.Imposed by THE STATE.And you get indocrinated since you are like 7 years old.
    I understand a mother day-but a day of givig presents to a pussy?Basically a day of Pussy Worship?
    Anyhow since all the school teachers were either women or beta herblings-I got into serious trouble I remember and was moralized thouroughly.
    Since than I was avoiding playing the game of Pussy Worship on 8th of March.
    So I am antifeminist since early days apparently,hehe I just have realised now.
    Still I dont mind male feminists since they are not a treat to me.In fact they are great-they fullfill the roles of medieval eunuchs in a way.Take care of a girl’s basic needs and than leave them for a fuck with other guys.Brave souls.

  32. I have never met a male feminist face to face who wanted to debate me about feminism. Male feminists only seem to have ball when they are spewing their misguided vitriol over the internet. Some advise to male feminist; Those females they you are constantly defending, will never be with you because at the end of the day, you`re just a wimpy male. Women like men with balls, which you do not have. So get used to being a handbag holder because she`ll never think of you as a potential mate. And despite all the advise that you give her with the intention of winning her heart, at the end of the day, she`ll keep running back to that bastard who treats her like crap. Because women like strong men. They don`t like weaklings.Sorry if I offended your delicate sensitivities, but I guess the truth really hurts.

    1. Actually some of these feminists will be with those men at the end of the day. To find out what they look like Google “Online-Girl Hamster Thread.”
      But I need to preface that with a warning: If you have problems with your eyes or are psychologically prone to throwing yourself out of windows, DO NOT look at these pictures. Oh the humanity!!

      1. You’re insecure and have a small cock and probably can’t get laid. And you probably live in your mom’s basement. Man up, creep.

  33. ” Those females they you are constantly defending, will never be with you because at the end of the day, you`re just a wimpy male. ”
    Not true..girls realize that they need to throw scraps at the dogs once in a while..like a slavemaster you at least have to feed your slaves and house them..you dont take the hope away from your slaves so once in a while it happens.
    This is to show that hey fellows, be our slaves and there is still hope of you losing your virginity before you turn 30.

    1. What are you guys’ obsession with losing virginity (and why do you project that obsession onto male feminists)?

    1. Germans have a word for this– ‘backpfeifengesicht’, which means ‘a face in need of punching’.

  34. I have a Various-shirt that say such things as:
    Men can stop rape….
    By making her beg for more!
    You, Me. Whipped Cream! Handcuffs!
    Any questions?
    Duck Tape…
    Turning NO, NO, NO into
    Mm… Mm… Mm…
    Since 1942…..
    (The reactions tend to be… Mixed… The sign one of your examples was carrying made me think of some of the Non-PC T-shirt I have.)

  35. On the upside, notice that the video got 210 thumbs-up and 1,001 thumbs-down.
    Normally, YouTube videos get primarily thumbs-up. For Mr. SNAG to get 5/6 thumbs-down suggests that the YouTube community at large, not just the Manosphere, thinks he’s a pathetic toolbag.

      1. The comments skewer him as well.
        ROK Shaming Slap Weapon…. implemented after society fails to shame.

  36. This is evidence of how pathetically frightened some man are.Apologise for having testicles….APOLOGISE NOW!!!!

  37. Well men are simply the superior gender. I remember a little story about a guy named Adam and his wife Eve.

  38. I’ve noticed the ‘mangina beard’ as I call it before. A pro-choice rally I saw on TV had almost 80% men with such facial fluff. And no, they weren’t biker beards or viking beards or lumberjack beards. They were mangina beards. I mean cowboys wear chaps but for an entirely different reason than gay guys wear them.

    1. I think that beard is a defense mechanism– they hope people will see that sign of masculinity and ignore the complete lack of same on every other front.

  39. the beard-hipster glass combo screams supplicating mangina white knight. he was probably wearing ballhugger skinny jeans but we were spared that visual misery. fucking gamma hipsters hiding their beany eyes behind large framed lenses and their shit eating grins under their facial pubic stashes. and fucking liberal arts bitches.
    whats scary to me is, if i did not move away from hipster haven 5 years ago, and get hazed into alpha corporate no frills do-or-die culture followed by inhalation of the red pill, i would be a walking clone of mangina mchipsterfux here. social forces are a bitch.

    1. “hazed into alpha corporate blah blah blah” you’re just a much of a douche as those douchey hipsters you idiot.

        1. It really is.
          You’ll find that douches and shitheads come from all walks of life.
          In fact, you may be one yourself.

    2. Man, of all the dumbs people have dumbed on the internet, you dumbed the dumbest of them. Congratulations.

    3. Make sure you continue to lift heavy and get strong too. We need to show these people a lesson. If every man who accepts his masculinity gets strong enough to frighten those who don’t without moving a muscle, this battle of the sexes will be over.

    4. You and ever other similarly feeble-minded, weak-willed piece of social driftwood that exists on this planet are THE main problem in regards to not only feminism but every other idiotic, reactionary, anti-nature, anti-human, anti-reproduction, anti-life and otherwise self-loathing and bullshit-ridden form of vitriolic hate-speech dogma that have plagued society since the dawn of civilization. Its not the ones who devise these inane ideas who are to blame- there are just too few of them -its the people like you who while not actually agreeing with them, are either too weak, dimwitted or pussifed to fight back against the bullshit and instead let it carry them downstream to wherever it may lead them. And now I not only have the original instigators to fight against, but mostly all you pieces of shit floating downstream with them. When I get into an argument with someone only to find out that they don’t even really believe what they’re arguing about…..that’s when my human life value meter drops straight to zero and I have fantasies of Earth-wide armageddon raining down the flames of purification….then i realize the piece of shit is still there……

  40. If you can tolerate that dickhead for the whole video, the last minute is pure hypocritical bullshit.
    He claims that it is understandable and acceptable for a woman to be afraid of men because of some incident in the past where the woman has been raped, or otherwise hurt, by a man.
    I bet if I told that dickwad that I hated all black people because of one incident in the past, he would come down on me for being a racist.

    1. There’s a difference between being a bit afraid of men and hating all black people. FEAR is not the same as HATRED. He didn’t say that it’s acceptable for a woman to hate men because she’s been raped by a man in the past, he said it was understandable for her to be afraid.
      The other difference between your examples are that this is a patriarchal society in which 1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted, mostly by men the victim knows and TRUSTS (e.g. family members, partners/husbands, friends), where 1 in 4 will be subjected to domestic violence, in a culture where women are raised to be afraid of strange men, are repeatedly told it is their fault if they’re assaulted, where hyper-masculinity (misogynistic, violent, homophobic) is highly valued (which is shitty for men too, incidentally!).
      That’s a bit of a different context to a white guy (dominant ethnic group) being afraid of black people (minority ethnic group), don’t you think?

      1. If 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 American whites have been in some way victimized by black crime, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’m Canadian and I’ve had a black guy steal something of mine before.

      2. The criminal with the gun making demands is in the dominant position. Society-wide demographics don’t enter into it. ‘Well, I’m being mugged but at least my tribe is 67% of the population! Poor little baby is probably just mad at me because his granddad had to drink from a different water fountain.’ No, it doesn’t work this way.

      3. No, there really isn’t. This is like being afraid of all black people; still racist as fuck. When I meet a person who’s afraid of me for my race, it actually makes me want to beat the shit out of them. Dead serious. The same holds true for my gender. I don’t care if it perpetuates stereotypes. It’s the same thing. I usually want to do attractive women, and remain neutral to the rest. When I encounter a feminist, I just get angry- I don’t want a thing to do with her, since she’s alienated my gender(and probably my race too). Also, don’t think for one second that whites are the dominant ethnic group. They may run things with their intellectualism, but if you pit 5 white guys in a cage against 5 black guys, we know who’s gonna win. Your statement is an insult to us.

        1. “but if you pit 5 white guys in a cage against 5 black guys, we know who’s gonna win.”
          No we don’t you dumb, fucking nigger.
          Also, why don’t you talk about the OTHER things that “we all know”. (coughIQcough)

        2. 5 white guys in a cage against 5 black guys? Do black guys even know how to fight? I thought they only knew how to shoot each other? I almost got in a fight with a black guy a couple months ago, and he was so frightened he was shaking. If anything you should be thanking white men for the world that we created. Look around you, everything you see was created by white men. Take a tour of Europe, then take a tour of sub-Saharan Africa and let me know if you see any differences in human accomplishment. You are simply a guest in our world, nothing else.

        3. Just looking at the responses to your comment, which personally I thought was hugely valid and two guys just get butt-sore offended because you said “we know who’d beat who in a fight”. Personally I LOLed painfully. Talk about missing the point. You make a massively valid point, and the example you’ve used is irrelevant – the point is still valid; what you’re saying is white dominance is purely political and economic and doesn’t transfer to all situations. Just wanted to lend my support. What you have at least demonstrated here is that on a one to one basis race is no predictor of who will win on intelligence!
          And this is a thing, when feminists use the privilege card they try to align themselves with other groups they perceive as being similar victims of discrimination – for example when I mentioned I was interested in male rights to one feminist (before I was aware what a war there was) she told me “that’s like being a white supremacist”. Here’s a powerful argument against that assertion – you look at any group of white supremacists, and you won’t see any ethnic minorities in there – it’ll all be whites. But if you look at those who are vocal for male rights there are tons of women in there; not what you’d expect to find in a group that’s misogynistic, huh? Surely that should tell them something!

        4. The white guys, as they have always won and always will win as blacks are the lowest life form on this planet.

        5. Assuming you’re correct, Jason… If you put 5 naked chimps against 5 naked white men in a cage, I suppose the outcome would be similar.
          But that doesn’t mean chimps are “dominant”, or could take the world away from (white) humans. If it came down to an organized conflict between whites and blacks, that “intellectualism” you scorn would amount to blacks finding out who their master is, once again.
          To the extent blacks are “dominant” at anything, it’s because whites have ALLOWED them to be.

        6. “I almost got in a fight with a black guy a couple months ago, and he was so frightened he was shaking.”
          So go pick a fight with Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones. Let me know how well that turns out for you.
          ” If anything you should be thanking white men for the world that we created.”
          “We?” You mean that being white allows you to vicariously take credit for the accomplishments of an elite few?

      4. The “1 in 3 Women is Raped” argument is a complete farce. Most universities file “unwanted hand holding” and “unwanted kissing” in the same catch-all category (sexual assault) as a passed out girl who is gang banged in a back alley.

        1. How would you classify unwanted touching and unwanted kissing? I mean, if she drank that mich and wore that skirt she probably wanted it, right?

        2. YES. Yes that’s exactly what she wanted. And if she didn’t want it then she has got a lot a lot to learn about humans and the world in general. We are not gods we are animals and we behave likewise. To expect anything more is just a kind of ignorant idealistic denial of reality. Come on people get with the program.

      5. i’ll call bullshit on your stats and your portrayal of social dynamics. people’s experiences are valid and fear of certain physical attributes is a complex mechanism for coping. at it’s base however, it’s neurotic and hysterical.

      6. Hold on. The “Schrodingers Rapist” argument is that we have to take precautions and to not do anything that could be interpreted as threatening or might cause discomfort based on our assumption that she might have had a traumatic experience. Now imagine I was a black man, and I’m aware that I’m perceived as being more likely to be criminal than people of other skin colours, would it be reasonable to expect me to go through life taking responsibility for their prejudices. Never ask a stranger for a light because they might think I’m mugging them? That’s a unreasonable expectation for anyone. I’m not responsible for another person’s prejudice. And even if you’re 1 in 3 stat (what happened to 1 in 4? It grew whilst official figures dropped. That’s intriguing) was true, and we’re assuming stats are reliable, then we should also raise the stat that the average number of victims per rapist is 6, so that means only one in 18 men are actually rapists – not a reasonable basis for feeling threatened by every guy that talks to you. And I say even if it was true – the validity of that statistic is called into question by less dramatic and consequently less widely reported findings. If as a heterosexual man I was to apply a Schroedinger’s Rapist attitude to gay men (and you know what; instinctively I probably do. It genuinely IS uncomfortable to find someone is attracted to you, or may be attracted to you, and you cannot reciprocate – I acknowledge that) it would be considered homophobic, quite rightly – I mean it literally is phobic! Unlike a lot of institutionalised “homophobia” for which that is often a misnomer, I feel. But as an adult I take responsibility for my prejudices; I question their validity; I don’t justify them with rhetorical arguments, The problem with current mainstream feminism is it refuses all culpability or responsibility for anything. You’re not responsible for your own prejudice? Oh maybe it doesn’t exist! “Misandryism isn’t a thing; it can’t be because men are privileged” that’s right, just like “anti-semitism isn’t a thing. It can’t be because Jews own the banking system and the media – that means they’re privileged right?”
        The thing is responsibility and power go hand in hand – deny yourself responsibility and you deny yourself power. Holding men responsible for everything, including your own prejudice, is going to drive you back into the nineteenth century and it will be you putting yourselves there. Not us.

      7. the feminist movement nearly destroyed my life. I had my ex, mad I broke up with her, claim to the police I had been raping and beating her for YEARS(falsely). Think about how that affects your life.

        1. ……I was about to actually explain what that has to do with feminism to you but if you don’t understand already nothing anyone can say is going to enlighten your dark mind.

      8. Blacks are the biggest pedophiles per capita.
        % of total child molesters:
        White 51%
        African American 25%
        Hispanic 15%
        American Indian/Alaska Natives 2%
        Asian/Pacific Islanders 1%
        Relative to their population, likelihood of abuse compared to background population rate:
        American Indian +100%
        Blacks +92%
        Hispanics no difference
        Whites -35%
        Asian -67%

        1. Maybe it is not that blacks are actually more likely to be pedophiles, but that blacks face bias in the court system, as well as poor people, which many black people are.

      9. First of all, you never defined what “patriarchy” or “sexual assault” are or what properties they have, so it’s not possible to know wether your hypothesis have or have been (or even if they could ) be falsified.
        Second, in case of an actual rape, gathering evidence is not “trying to keep women afraid”. The cops have to be skeptical about any case, regardles off the nature of that case, in order to preserve the presumption of inocence. A diferent subject is police and judicial corruption where real attacks are dropped and false allegations are prosecuted because of collusion or external political factors. An besides you claim that “but that benefits men” explain to me how collusion and corruption in prosecutors beneffited Mark Pearson and Gregory Allan Elliot, wich in both cases the evidence was such non existant that those shouldn’t have even get to trial. Now don’t try to do mental gymnastics and say “but it hurts men too” when you claim that “it benefits men”, it has no logical consistency, either you do something to hurt someone or to help someone, you can’t do both at the same time.
        If you know something about logical, you would know that logic is a formal science, as such, it’s abstract in nature in the sense it is not context related. In logic, a proposition is analyzed in terms of it’s structure in order to see if such proposition is either a tautology or a fallacy. Only tautologies are considered logicaly sound and consistent. If you claim that “A is afraid of B because of a person D sharing a trait C with B did to A” is a valid logical argument, such statement should be
        true , ragardless of what values A,B,C or D have. You can not claim that is valid argument for some set of values and then claim that is invalid for another set of values. That’s called a contradiction, and all it does is prove that your argument is not consistent.
        It’s very simple, if you propose a well defined theory ( one in wich the hypothesis a) don’t contradict each other and b) can be corroborated by a repeatable, context independent experiment ), your theory can only be accepted if i can’t prove that any of your hypothesis are false. The minute I found a single example any of your hypothesis is false, BOOM! your theory is busted, and you better fix your hypothesis and try again if you want me to trust the truthfulness of your theory.

    2. This cunt and a half should be raped and killed himself so he actually understands what real rape is.

    3. The only thing that can defeat feminism is an apocalypse. Apocalypse means there’s no rule of law preventing us from killing each and every feminist cunt on earth.

        1. Don’t forget the male feminist / manginas. They should die in the worst way possible. Nobody hates men more than they do.

    1. Meanwhile, in the comments section, a bunch of feminists are telling the author that she’s an idiot.

  41. The guy points out at ‘rape jokes’ being prevalent and uses it as a proof to substantiate his belief that misandry doesn’t exist, yet considers the vitriolic hate by internet feminists as merely a harmless joke.

  42. I hope this man gets hit by a bus. Driven by a woman. A shitty woman driver.

  43. Dam im guessing your just curious as to why you have no girls in your life so your picking on the the ones who have gilfriends and woman in their life that they respect as EQUALS (imagine that) Your either terribly ignorant or just looking for attention.

  44. What is this article? What are these comments?!
    1) How is purely defending a woman’s decisions/statements while saying nothing negative about a man/men gender turn-coating? For that matter, what loyalty do I owe any random jackass making a fool of himself on the internet to begin with? If you’re really saying we have any sort of loyalty or bond over sharing the same set of chromosomes and should thus all ourselves against those who don’t, you’re basically making a wonderfully ironic example of misogyny.
    2) Making broad sweeping judgements, not just of a person’s personality, but their entire “persona” being built on a single hypothetical motivation, without evidence? Really? This is how dehumanization of an entire category of people starts. You’re setting your article up to be tantamount to racist/homophobic/anti-samite rhetoric in the very first paragraph.
    3) “They shame natural male behavior” Pray, tell, just what is “natural male behavior?” How does one shame such a thing? I’m frankly more ashamed of your assertions so far than anything this guy is saying, but that’s because rather than addressing actual arguments, you’re resorting to passive-aggressive blog-style ad hominem and unsupported arguments which I would think would actually also be shameful to your vision of “natural male behavior”, but I’m sure it’s just convenient to ignore your own aberrations from that mold.
    4) While I’ll admit it’s probable that at least some misogynists masquerade as feminists as an ends to a means, are you really incapable of imagining any mutual benefits of the feminist movement? Seriously, it’s not all just about women having a better (IE more equal) standing in our culture, but also about shedding centuries of artificial social programming which lead to false stereotypes like:
    – Men aren’t good parents and thus lose (or do very poorly in) custody battles, and aren’t to be trusted around children
    – Men have to make the money in a family, because women can’t, which limits the livelihoods and life choices realistically available to a family man, which btw also seems to account for most of the life expectancy difference between the genders (mostly due to violence, stress, and dangerous workplaces)
    – Just about any stereotype or viewpoint you attribute to feminists – These ideas are actually just patriarchal programming of our society that you’re railing against, but only after attributing to someone else who also abhors those ideas. (this is probably one of the most tragically poetic parts of this whole issue)
    More examples from your own article:
    – Men with effeminate voices are less man-worthy than other men – considering you site several possible reasons for this happening outside intent, this is a stereotype which many men likely suffer with, and it’s completely absurd. My low booming voice does not make me any better of a man than anyone in here, though it might help me get someone’s attention across a room, or speak in public.
    – Only women and male turncoats get to be snarky or look like what people think is “hip” right now? – So you’re telling me that you honestly think the majority of the internet and college men are feminist turn-coats? Seriously, if only women can get away with snark, the internet will be PISSED! Anon would tear down patriarch on their own for their right to snark without their gender being questioned.
    – Only men can create new ideas/words…apparently? – seriously, being “sex-positive” is a total win-win, that you should probably look into, because removing the absurd stigma attached to casual sex, experience, birth control, and having multiple partners, has plenty of benefit for men as well. Women like sex as much as men do, they’re just not allowed to show it due to social norms, and when it’s forced in bad contexts, it makes it less likely that individual wants to partake in the future, which is less opportunity for any potential partners to enjoy as well. While religious beliefs may countermand this being a benefit of feminism for some, the ridiculous ritual of shaming others who don’t hold the same beliefs as you, and are not directly influencing you is completely indefensible, controlling BS.
    5) The actual point of the over-use of the word rape is because it’s an attention getter and seemingly the only way to get people to pay attention to how often men do things to women that they don’t even notice are not ok. IE, if a guy came up and did this to you, you’d be upset, and even if a woman did it would probably still be noticeably inappropriate, even if you didn’t react. It’s a drastic tactic to turn something continuous overlooked into something that turns off your auto-pilot long enough to maybe notice once or twice. Don’t like the over-use of the word? Find something else useful to actually call attention to that crap, or get all men to stop doing it. “STFU” is not a solution to anything.
    6) It is actually entirely valid for you to be apprehensive around black people given your prior experience. That’s not racist, as you would seem to be implying. Nor is saying that 1 in 3 black men will spend time in prison during their lifetime. That’s a statistic, supported by evidence and fact. What would be racist would be to make prejudiced decisions based on that, which impact black people, such as assuming guilt, criminal demeanor etc. However, choosing not to let someone get too close, choosing not to talk to someone, or leaving a location in which you feel uncomfortable as a result is neither bigoted, racist, nor sexist.
    7) Just what exactly is “feminist hate-speech”? I would seriously like to know, because I can’t think of any real hate speech I’ve heard directed towards men or whites, ever. (no, “Cracker” doesn’t count. It’s laughable and has no impact.)
    We can skip right over this “kill all men” nonsense. Nobody says that without being clinical and therefore an irrelevant outlier to feminism or any other movement for that matter. How would you regard any man from within the Men’s Rights movement saying “kill all women”? Would you feel the need to defend that, or would you reasonably expect that to be ignored, as nonsensical as it is? Or should we bring Jack the Ripper into the discussion as a valid representative of a viewpoint too?
    8) “To lend some kind of legitimacy to his specious, problematic logic, he cites oblique academic-sounding references in a poorly constructed straw-man argument about what “men’s rights advocates” use to prove the existence of misandry. He engages in the typically feminist mental acrobatics that—when it’s all said and done—have turned night into day, made up into down, and rendered men into women.”
    You appear to be doing much the same thing from the opposite perspective. At least he’s attempting to address the arguments of the other side, instead of trying to attack their credibility as a participate in discussion. Seriously, that whole second sentence is insubstantial accusations of some sort of trickery, as if participating in a discussion is witchcraft and wizardry. You might as well have just said “HE’S A WITCH!”, it would get the same message across, though without this “False veneer of intellectualism” that you seem to dislike. Thankfully you dodged the “academic grounding” altogether though! (Eh? See? Men can be snarky too!)
    9) Then you compare a male feminists to religious radicals, in the vein of fear and resentment towards radical Islam or Christianity (presumably), and associate that strong existing bias with male feminists, because apparently they’re as bad as terrorists and zealots? You would do that to other men and call them the turn-coats to their gender? Who’s the real monster here?
    tl;dr – Bros before patriarchal programming

  45. The speaker in the video has a lispy effete voice AND he has a slovenly appearance AND he has a false veneer of intellectualism and academic grounding!!!! He’s not nearly as good looking as the guys in the photos though!

  46. Hey, who changed the channel?? I was watching something intelligent and then it switched to this cartoon..

  47. This is the funniest article I have read in a long time! I love this site. I genuinely think we need more people to lighten up and not take things too seriously. Thank you for writing such a witty, silly, and awesome parody of stupid male stereotypes. It’s refreshing and awesome. I’ll definitely be back to read more of your ironic, self-parodying, deconstructionist articles. You guys deserve your own Daily Show segment.

  48. We can stoop being that male fem by not being fascinated by the hot woman. We can stop looking at woman as they walk into the room like they are the center of attention in a positive sense or negative. We can agree that their opinion matters, and they have a right to make any choice that they want in life. When we get seriously involved with a woman(married to them) we spend our time not trying to figure them out. We just go with the flow. The only thing we men should worry about is the female is interested in us in every sense. The opinion and their life is important, but we won’t worry about that. Only their interest in us being in their lives.

  49. Look at how this tool keeps rolling his eyes like a little girl. Notice how he keeps dropping f-bombs to try to intensify and de-p*ussify his speech. Sorry, it isn’t working. Does he think this white knighting will help get some of that sweet, unshaven, feminist puss?

    1. I’ll have you f*cking know that feminists actually shave their c*nts, actually. It’s there freedom of f*cking choice! And you know how I f*cking know this? Because a feminist actually f*cking let me lick her c*nt, so that white knighting does work, I’ll have you f*cking know. I f*cking got to eat a p*ssy once, so I’m not a f*cking virgin any more! How’s that for the f*cking success of male f*cking feminism?

  50. Ugh. Call me weak but I couldn’t handle more than a minute and a half of that video.
    All 7 points – sadly true, but far to kind.

  51. So basically all the “real men” here have been assaulted by black men and didn’t fight back. Disappointing. We know who the alpha are then, certainly not here.

  52. I made it through about 60%. Had to shut off the sound. Even without the sound, watching his simpering body language made me want to punch him. I can’t explain it, but he needs a good strong right cross.

  53. Please. My male feminist descends from men who fought fire from the sky. His voice is a rumbly bass that could shake mountains. His beard is awesome. Strangers come up to him on the street because he looks like Robb Stark. Once he noticed something messy about the kitchen, told me he’d be back in a few hours and came back with a damn spice rack that he built by hand. He also built our coffee table and a few book shelves. He helped save his brother from being swept up by an icy Alaskan river, while they were catching salmon. And yah, he’s also a damn smart intellectual who can discuss feminist and political theory and talk circles around some people, because he bases his beliefs on actual facts and empathy. He also most most of the cleaning, plans on being an equal parent, likes to fantasize about awesome things his wife will do and has zero ego about conforming to some dudebros idea about what a man is, because he doesn’t need that social performance to be comfotable with himself. Please. Your definition of masculinity and male feminists is such bullshit.

  54. Yeah, these are the same types who go around “challenging the white privilege” of other white men. They’re race traitors as well as gender traitors. They’re traitors on every level, actually…

  55. To lend some kind of legitimacy to his specious, problematic logic, he cites oblique academic-sounding references in a poorly constructed straw-man argument about what “men’s rights advocates” use to prove the existence of misandry. He engages in the typically feminist mental acrobatics that—when it’s all said and done—have turned night into day, made up into down, and rendered men into women.
    What you think you come off as: I can logically show why this isn’t a valid argument by showing that the argument has certain holes
    What you are saying: The argument isn’t valid because it is something that a woman would say
    What you actually come off as: I really don’t understand what he said, so it must be something stupid

  56. Do you know why you’ve not heard many rape jokes??
    Because you’re entire life is a rape joke!!
    hurrr hurr hurr
    No but seriously, I’ve read quite a bit of your stuff now, and I’m fairly certain you are a closet gay, all these articles just reek of repressed angst towards the sex you cant truly comprehend (but can trick into sleeping with you).
    You write opinion pieces justifying a small minorities repressed and barely concealed hatred (which I suspect is just insecurity turned out towards the world) so it’s not your prose or skill as a writer that’s given you a platform (I’ve read cereal packets that are more informative) but rather the joint abandonment of shame & adoption of anonymity that allows you to be the voice of over-compensating, over-masculine, deeply depressed men everywhere.
    Also yes, scandal = traffic, ergo you = dickhead on purpose, I get that, so no need to offer your standard set of ‘i-know-you-are-but-what-am-i’ rebuttals, as they won’t be read.
    Ps. Just wanted to stress the cereal packet thing, your actual STYLE of writing is too disengaging, messy and unprofessional to function (I guess your reliance on hyperbolic lists compensates for both this, and the stunted attention span of your readers?) so please go back to school or ask people to be honest in future, thanks.

  57. Do you know why you’ve not heard many rape jokes??
    Because you’re entire life is a rape joke!!
    hurrr hurr hurr
    No but seriously, I’ve read quite a bit of your stuff now, and I’m fairly certain you are a closet gay, all these articles just reek of repressed angst towards the sex you cant truly comprehend (but can trick into sleeping with you).
    You write opinion pieces justifying a small minorities repressed and barely concealed hatred (which I suspect is just insecurity turned out towards the world) so it’s not your prose or skill as a writer that’s given you a platform (I’ve read cereal packets that are more informative) but rather the joint abandonment of shame & adoption of anonymity that allows you to be the voice of over-compensating, over-masculine, deeply depressed men everywhere.
    Also yes, scandal = traffic, ergo you = dickhead on purpose, I get that, so no need to offer your standard set of ‘i-know-you-are-but-what-am-i’ rebuttals, as they won’t be read.
    Ps. Just wanted to stress the cereal packet thing, your actual STYLE of writing is too disengaging, messy and unprofessional to function (I guess your reliance on hyperbolic lists compensates for both this, and the stunted attention span of your readers?) so please go back to school or ask people to be honest in future, thanks.

  58. I notice how he is trying to start up a debate between MRA’s. I would have to say one thing, if you ever get involved in a real grass roots political campaign where you are involved in an organization that is really trying to accomplish something real, it always involves both men and women, usually the women and the men do different things and, to be honest, women are very effective in grass roots campaigns so the fact that they don’t do the same things as men in grass roots organizations is totally the opposite of disempowering to women. They are the best networkers, etc.
    This whole false gender split is a contrivance. And feminism etc. is just a big propaganda campaign and it doesn’t really exist in so many ways — it’s like a trendy superficial thing like wearing bell bottoms. It’s a fad, a fashion statement, a bunch of jargon that, when you try to boil it down to anything logical, means nothing. Everything they say contradicts what you learn when you study any kind of history, and you realize they’ve lied about the past, distorted history, and generally manipulated people into believing a bunch of lies.
    As for stirring up hysteria about rape — people should shut up about it if they haven’t been raped. This is just a bunch of whining bellyaching and complaining that is typical of the world’s worst spoiled rich kids — the most privileged adults on the planet feel some duty to behave like a bunch of whining complaining children. Complaining about trivial stupid things because they don’t have anything real to complain about. Attention whores.

  59. Might be off point,but…
    I had a summer job as a camp counselor when I was a teenager. Everyday this boy came in wearing pink clothes, fluffy ballet skirt material on his shoes and fingernail polish. He would bring teddy bears, barbies and Hello kitty crap to play with. Once I asked an older counselor why he was like that. Turns out his mother decided he should be raised as a girl and that he enjoyed it.

    1. That’s child abuse (in my opinion). Its one thing teaching your son domestic skills so as he can be independent (cooking ect) but raising him as a girl is cruel and unethical.

    2. Somehow I feel I’m not being told the whole story and that’s completely out of context.

  60. Wouldn’t a better name for the is article have been The 7 Traits of Beta Males or
    The 7 Traits of Fucking Pussies?

  61. Male feminists are not trying to “cannabalise other men”, that’s absolutely ridiculous. I don’t understand why you seem so against equality? We’re lucky to live in a culture now where you can pretty much go where you want to in life and express your opinions no matter what your race or gender, and I’m so grateful for this. Why would you want to ruin it by objectifying women and inaccurately stereotyping men in such a way, suggesting all men ever want to do with a woman is have sex with her, and having an article about “the best clubs to get laid”? Would you like someone talking or thinking about you mother/ girlfriend/ daughter like that? No? Well that’s someone’s mother/ wife/ girlfriend you’re talking and thinking about. In about ten or fifteen years you’ll have hopefully grown up, and you’ll look back on the opinions expressed here with shame and regret.

    1. “We’re lucky to live in a culture now where you can pretty much go where you want to in life and express your opinions no matter what your race or gender”
      You’re out of your mind. We are at the peak of political correctness, where nothing can be said without causing a rucus. Maybe it works in your world because you’re a walking feminist-approved man, holding the feminist views on every subject. But not in ours.

  62. Half-kempt beards are way more manly than that faggy hipster close shave shown in the above pictures and video.

  63. Male feminists try to defend women from men being mean to women. Are you saying it’s naturally masculine to be mean to women?

    1. It’s natural and masculine to beat the shit out of a woman who goes out of line. Sounds like you deserve a good beating too.

  64. Alright, let me make this simple for you. 1) Lispy, effete voice? You gonna tell me I got a lispy voice? I bet you wouldn’t think so if you heard it.
    2) Condescending? Snarky? Eye roll? Those are HUMAN reactions, and things we perform when we talk. Not Male. Not Female. Human.
    3) Slovenly appearance? Do I have one of those? I dress however I damn well please. I wear leather jackets AND shirt/ties. I’ll wear a tank AND tweed jacket. It’s called “clothes”. You know, you wear them? Doesn’t matter what the hell they look like. And I DO go to the Gym. Why does that matter? A feminist doesn’t care if I go to the gym or not.
    4) Alright, now here is where ya ticked me off. Consent. Do you know what that word means? I’ll assume you do, it’s a safe assumption. Well, let’s look at a young girl who’s mother’s boyfriend thought she was pretty. He liked her, but she wouldn’t give consent. So he took her virginity anyways, all the while knowing she didn’t give consent, knowing she didn’t want it. Needless to say, that wouldn’t that be the first time he, or more men, took her without consent. Crazy part is, almost noone believed her! The Police charged HER and put HER in Jail! Wanna hear the craziest part? That was my mother. Words like “Privilege” and “Patriarchy” are TRUE man. They exist, the ideas behind them, the meanings. There is a privileged patriarchy. You just don’t like the idea that maybe, juuuust maybe, you’re wrong. After all, you’d have to rethink your stance. Male dominance in “Society” is clear and present.
    5) Rape is a very serious part of today’s problem, something you don’t fully understand. When a large part of your family, and even your friends, have been victim to it, you hurt when they hurt. Why? Cause that’s family. You’re loyal to your family. So it is NOT just them that get hurt, because goddamn it, my Aunt was NEVER the same after what happened to her. (I was asked not to share the story). I lost my fucking Aunt.
    6) “You must be the change you wish to see”. Know those words? You say Males Feminists feed the flames, when Males started them. I chose to stop tossing the coals into the fire, and face it instead. It’s not just about me, it’s about EVERYONE. As long as someone is oppressed, I will never be free. Freedom for myself is not enough. It shouldn’t be for you either. Equality and Freedom go hand in hand, and as long as any race, or sex are in ANY way placed below another, then they have neither.
    7) Here’s the part that really pissed me off. We’ll start with false academics and intellectualism. I’m a High School graduate. No College. A year in the Army. So I’m not anyone high and mighty. I’m not a Professor. But it is common sense, COMMON SENSE, to see that ANYONE can stand up for what is right. Who are you to say it is false? I’ve just proven you wrong on ALL accounts. I’m NOT some “sissy-boy” trying to “blend” with and “appease” my feminine overlords. I’ve got no beard. I wear all types of clothes. My voice is perfectly normal. I’m just a regular joe, and I still stand up. So all your “informed” stereo-types just fell through the floor. I do have a reason to believe in feminism, because my family has been affected by it. I’ve been affected by it. “Oh, what do you know. You’re making this up”. Ask my mom. Ask my Aunt. Ask BOTH my Aunts. Ask them. Ask their story, and you tell me what kind of JUSTICE was done.
    But see, where you really got me was the last part. You think I’m (and the guy in the video is) doing this to get into pants? To curry favor, and hopefully sexual favors later? Son, you must not understand. Dr. King didn’t do what he did to gain favor with his people. Ghandi didn’t do what he did to gain money, or fame. John F. Kennedy took office and STILL fought for what was right. You see, some PEOPLE, and not just men, actually BELIEVE in Change.They believe what they fight for, because it’s the truth. We do it because our hearts cry out, and we cry out. Not because we’ll be famous, or rich, or surrounded by women and/or men. You’re stance on this was all wrong, and was born from nothing but contempt, a bitterness at feeling like he gets more “behind” than you do (which is in itself crude, and stupid), and because you obviously don’t feel secure enough in your “control”. Things are changing, and you’re afraid of change.
    Don’t tell me that I’m weak, misguided, or a flat out skirt chaser. I’m strong BECAUSE I stand up. I’m strong because I fight, and I’m not afraid to do so. I’m strong because I got off my knees, and thought for myself. I’m not misguided, but am a product of what the STRONG did in the past, and what the WEAK do now. I am Black, I am Mexican, and I’m White. Racism has played a large part in my life. I’ve lived poorly for years, with the clothes on my back once consisting of only hand me downs. Societal separation has played a part in my life. Abusive boyfriends, cheating boyfriends, untrusting boyfriends, but no father’s played a part in my mother’s and irrevocably my life. I’m more than a victim mate. I’m a survivor. I’m not misguided, I’m enlightened. As for being a skirt-chaser, I can’t prove to you I’m not outside of words. Feel free to test my resolve however. Give me a length of time, I’ll stay single, AND celibate. Don’t have to, but I want to prove to you a point. I want to prove that like Lincoln, King, Malcolm, Kennedy, ALL of the HUMAN Rights activist, I’m willing to give my very life. Whoa, I just blew up about Feminism? That’s because this affects my mom, my sister, my aunts, my cousins, my friends. This will affect my wife, and especially my CHILD. Yeah I blew up, because I’m not afraid to. Freedom for myself isn’t enough.
    Let me leave this query behind for you. If we are all HUMAN, and Aliens were observing us (if you don’t believe in Aliens think hypothetically), would they call us HUMANS or MalesandFemales? Women deserve equality because they’re HUMAN, just like you, me, my mother, your mother, and our friends. EVERYONE deserves it, and until they get it, then that means someone is going to have to fight for it.

    1. You whine and moan like a whore in heat, you fucking pussy.
      And no, women do NOT deserve equality, because women are inferior to males. Vastly so. If anything women should be enslaved and chained.
      As for my mother, she’s a stupid, wretched broad like all women and honestly i wouldn’t give a fuck if she got a cancer and died slowly and painfully. So fuck you.

  65. Clean cut, deep voiced, gun-owning, log house building, motorcycle riding, heavy equipment operating, heterosexual male feminist here. I will arm wrestle any one of you whiners. I’m sorry you can’t do anything you can be proud of, so you have to put down other people to feel worthwhile. Aren’t you picked on. Poor you. Go have a fucking beer and quit being babies. Christ on sale. Do something.

    1. That’s an impressive resume you’ve got there. Have you any plans to add “well read” to it?.

  66. “He engages in the typically feminist mental acrobatics that—when it’s all said and done—have turned night into day, made up into down, and rendered men into women.”
    This sentence alone proves your binary thinking and the need for feminism. The comments made online in response to feminist arguments only prove and reassert the need for that feminism in the first place.

    1. Fuck off broad. You deserve a good, strong kick in the teeth.
      Go back to kitchen.

  67. Wow. This article is the dumbest thing I’ve read in few months, hence this comment: I am a feminist. I am a man married to a woman. I support any notion of gender equality. I believe we are all the same. Share the same physical and emotional feelings. And if a female private, weighing mere 120lbs can pick up and mount a 60lb machine gun on top of the turret, while in motion – that’s just the icing on the cake.

    1. Men and women are NOT the same, and it is quite unrealistic to think so. There are phenomenal differences between the two.
      “Feminism” is not a necessary in this day and age. We’ve gone beyond simple equality into bias in law & society preferring females over males.
      I realize there is this idea that it will win points with females, but in reality (average) women & men look down on those who declare themselves male feminists.

  68. I don’t get it. Does this douche know he is a guy?!
    Shouldn’t this be coming from a feminist hater? Maybe he or the women obviously just behind him and out of camera view think a man’s argument will have more weight? Although of course, he just said all guys are not to be trusted. Not so good for his argument.
    Yes, all the man feminists seem to be like this. Obviously they are chosen and groomed by the radical feminists. Pathetic that they think this might work.

  69. If you’re not a feminist, you are an asshole, of whatever gender. Men own 99% of land, wealth, and material goods on Earth — anyone not against injustice and power imbalance on this scale needs to be put down.

    1. If you are a feminists, then you still can be a humanist, a egalitarian, or even a saint. because disagreeing with the ways of implantation of equality =/= disagreeing with equality. i disagree with a group that constantly paints women as weak, oppressed and generally incapable of anything without the help of that group. and women control 80% of domestic spending, about 40% of land, and all that men have, they earned by hard work, and not by having a pussy. you just want stuff without work, because you in reality the school example of a girly women: Sitting on your ass and wait things to happen for you, while bitching about everyone who is above you. the only people that should be put down are people advocating genocide, you twat. and the best part is, all i need to do to make you look like a fucking supremacist (like you are), is changing Men with Jews, and feminists with nazi.

  70. Therefore, according to your twisted misandrist logic in circular denial, misogynists are likewise fearful of women. Thanks. Whew! Of course my comment will be deleted as are any comments not showing misandry double standard for what they are. You sir are a wuss.

  71. Guys, don’t marry. Wear condoms. Never sire kids. Stop doing dangerous jobs. Because men suck at organizing on the gender war and agend(er)a 21, we need to stop falling into their crazy webs. Watch women come running to men when denied sperm and security. Silly creatures think they own the place. They don’t. We all do.

  72. Oh. Almost forgot. The second paragraph says it all. Traitors. Grateful Dead wrote a song to the effect “that’s right, the women are smarter”. Those guys got more sack time after that than many reading here. Sadly, most manginas get grief and the occasional pat on the head. Only hoping for a little, dream on loser, time in the slippery realm.

  73. for me these men are more “activists” than just feminists. They are really involved, like going to demonstrations and such
    You can also be a feminist man who only treats women with respect and is aware of some of the social issues at hand.Period. Without making a “pose” out of it, you know like go around screaming I AM A MAN AND I AM SO FEMINIST!!!!!!!!!!
    Just be himself and act accordingly to his equality morals. period
    Not the same at all! And I’m saying this because I know plenty of men like the second case I mentioned and they are just the “average” guy, you know. they just aren’t sexist pigs. That’s all.
    All the rest, pretty average
    Extremes and the whole “hey look at me!” attitude sucks whether it is in feminism or any other movement, group, whatever

  74. What the fuck is this? There’s an obvious difference between wanting gender equality and “cannibalizing other men”. I’ll fight for my fellow men’s rights if need be, but that doesn’t mean I’ll try to take women’s rights away.

  75. Men who tends to be feminist are more likely gays or just they have more female hormones than male hormones.

    1. No, we’re not gay. A feminist actually let my mouth come into contact with her genitals the other day, so don’t say it doesn’t happen, don’t say it doesn’t work because we *do* get laid. She said she’d reward me for being such a “nice guy” and standing up for feminism so much. So it does work! My secret ploy for pussy works!

  76. Hello, I need little smart help. I am in the war with some feminism man and feminism women. I need examples of masculinity. But I need that examples from authority from History Psihology Anthropology etc. I need more smart ammo against dirty mouth. Thank you in advance. Sorry for my english.

  77. Is this place for real? I’m just seeing so much crazy. But I guess that’s what happens when you put a load of MRAs together. They just strengthen each others views, so their beliefs here actually end up much crazier than what you see elsewhere, even trolling feminist pages.

  78. I, as a female, dislike the feminist movement. I have a friend who is a male feminist (we have been friends since kids and this had happened within the last few years) I stand up against his misandry and point out his illogical arguments. He cuts me down worse than he does his male friends. Now how male-feminist is that? I just think the hypocrisy is laughable.

  79. I just want to tell you that I fit NONE of those categories. I advocate woman’s rights and equality not to “please my female overlords” but because it is something I think is bloody important. I was born into a family full of misogynistic assholes like you. My mother was forced into a marriage by her father at the age of 18 and I was born as a result of this forced marriage. During this marriage my father abused my mother for two years. When I was two, my aunty ended up having to stay with us so she could go to school in Sydney. She was 16 at the time. One day my father got especially drunk and raped my aunty, I witnessed the entire thing whilst strapped in a pram with a bowl of M&Ms (don’t give me bullsh*t about being to young to remember, I do remember. Not completely visually more like parts. But I remember the screaming the most). Long story short, my mum ran away with my aunty and I, left her misogynist family behind and my rapist also woman hating dad got in deep sh*t. My aunty who was raped by my father, died 3 years ago at the age of 29, she had been sickly her entire life. Her short life would have been much happier if not for my father. The point of this is that you are a total f*ckwit. I hate people like my granddad (specifically him but also nearly every male member in my biological family) and father. I heavily support woman’s rights I want women to be safe from scum like them. I have no female overlords. You and your article are complete and utter sh*t.

  80. I agree with and support the original article.The following is a quote from an article entitled “The Feminist Totalitarian State” that appeared on the online site, “The Men’s Tribune” the editor of which is Spartacus: ”
    The hierarchical arrangement of society then, is to be reduced from all its intricate gradations into two conspicuous groups – one at the top and one on the bottom. Where exactly men will have a place in such a society will vary according to the extremeness of the views of the feminist who answers this question for you. The most radical simply want to exterminate the male sex altogether to conform to their version of Amazonian society. Others will find it acceptable if men are sufficiently “civilized,” that is, emasculated, such that they behave more like women. Others will permit the male sex to exist as long as they “know their place” and keep a back seat to women – as boys. To give an illustrative example again, this time from the media, I refer you to the movie the “Wizard of Oz.” Like in America, the land in the film is divided into the territories of the pro-life and the pro-choice (read pro-death) – the good witches and the bad. The occupants of the good witches’ lands are well protected, but as you can see – they are munchkins. Viewing the other side, we find the goose-stepping palace guards of the wicked witch, like our own police departments, carrying out the wicked one’s orders out of fear and not because of ideological agreement. The flying monkeys, like our own sycophantic male feminists, have been deformed into hideous and despicable creatures who prey on any male whom their mistress points her finger at. Our goal should not be to accept the current system and choose between being monkeys or munchkins, but to overthrow the whole order so that the munchkins can grow to be men, the goose-steppers can be free to follow their own consciences, and so the monkeys can be sent to the same fiery fate as their mistresses. “

  81. I have noticed over the years that many of these male feminists are lacking secondary male characteristics. I couldn’t help but notice that many of them have little muscle mass, medium to higher pitched voices, narrow shoulders, they also lack the classic “V” body shape. I would also guess too that they don’t have much body hair and their cock and balls are more than likely on the smaller side.
    Yet many of these male feminists have facial hair and long hair as well. It’s strange in that I can’t help but think that they have facial hair because in some strange way they want to project masculinity, yet despise masculinity.

    1. True. Thats because, like woman, they have low self esteem. They are the Meerkats of the African plains.

  82. … call ’em what they REALLY are… A BUNCH OF PUSSIES ON AN EMOTIONALLY CUNT-TROLLED LITTLE GIRL GUILT TRIP… fags and wimps… run by the whores so they can cunt-inue their Great Whore push to ruin the world… as per say usual, all ‘religions’ are a guilt trip so they girls can be like the global niggers they really are… spoiled whore brats who WANT, and do not care about nothing other than that. the girls ruined the world. It’s been them the whole time… all based off the “old woman” – like in Islam… Christianity… which are being pitted against each other by JUDAISM… run by VAGINA…. get it yet… it’s the girls… take a good LQQK around, either lead them or they’ll be the end of you and the world.

  83. and ya know what – this ‘rape’ bullshit – I HAVE HAD EVERY GAL I EVER DATED SAY SHE WAS RAPED… to see my reaction to her constant lying udder bullshit of self denial and competitive attention seeking as she destroys herself and tries to take any and everybody they can down with them so they “feel” better… they play BOTH SIDES at all times… when y’all gonna get it? they’re just whores… with no care or conscience, just WANT. so, yeah, EVERY bitch says SHE WAS RAPED. little girl attention whore guilt trip emotional excuse and “man”iplualting games… and it’s over… but they WANt the “option” to wriggle their ways through everything instead of just growing up – which doesn’t happen until tits and ass sag and fuckability factor wanes… then MAYBE, but for certain – THEY’LL BE DEMOCRAT… it’s not like they actually work, eh? Wage gap – try just gap and every excuse to get out of work, bottle flu = peddled her a$$ to late last night and is too irresponsible to get to work on time, period = too dumb to know their own bodies except for what some whore rag mag tells them is going on instead of learning and not eating fatty greasy foods the week before – holy shit I AM A MAN and I know this – see what I AM getting at? Whine, and no spine, and sperm is your brain and backbone male OR FEMALE… most them got NO RESPECT – JUST EXPECT… welp, I EXPECT to be respected, as they should, but they don’t even respect themselves. raise the voting age to 40+ – that’ll clear this udder bullshit cunt-Sumer-ISM up… the Bolsheviks ARE THE GIRLS BEHIND IT ALL… HIDING BEHIND MEN… see, they sat around and dreamt this shit up… long ago, it’s not like they were really doing anything else, eh? Besides causing problems for gestative sexual attention… PPHood = POOOF! Gone.the tis are going to work, period. and the free loaders are getting jobs as well – they got bills to pay… we added it up, they’ve gotten r enough as they play Muslim pawn little girl druggie games… via Mexican’t Drug Cartels. Save America, fuck the rest the shit hole world, they’ve had their chances and burned U.S. – which was all just a global test for what comes next.

  84. It’s with great shame I must admit to suffering from traits 2 and 3.
    I tend to roll my eyes and employ snark a lot to cope with what I feel is an endless onslaught of human incompetence from a company so stupid it can’t even get its own work time system to function.
    I also don’t give a fuck about my looks since I’m so far down the corporate ladder I only see the boss when I fuck up so bad he needs to leave his office to yell at me, so I dress in the cheapest clothes and shave once a week since the only other people around are Mooslims and other dead enders.

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