How To Get Up In The Morning Without Hitting Snooze

For those of you who have a 9-5 job, I’m guessing you set the alarm at a time that gets you to work right on schedule. Then there are the self-employed guys like me who don’t have to get up at a certain time. My old habit is to set the alarm at 11am and then hit the snooze button until my alarm gives up. I wouldn’t roll out of bed until after noon. I realized that this was costing me a lot of work time so I did some research to solve the problem. The solution, it turns out, is not getting a second alarm or one of those gizmos that rolls around your room until you can find it. It’s visualizing your plan to get up the night before.

Here’s what I do: when I set my alarm at night, I tell myself that when the alarm rings in the morning I will sit up immediately. For the next three minutes I visualize getting up without hitting the snooze button. Then I go to sleep. When the alarm rings in the morning, my response is now automatic, with no snooze button weakness. I already mentally prepared for the scenario so it plays out just like how I rehearsed: I sit up in bed and turn off the alarm. (Important tip: never turn off the alarm while you are laying down!) Then I sit upright in bed until I gain enough power to stand up. Try it!

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  1. I am addicted to the 10 minutes of sleep I get after I hit snooze. It is like a drug to me. I have actually done it before for hours and hours.
    I am going to try this. If this works, it will be a miracle.

  2. useful for college students! hahaha – I have already missed an exam because of the goddamn snooze button… and I’m in 3rd year

  3. Hemingway would stop writing on any given day only when he knew where he would pick up the next morning.
    The one thing a corporate executive, a Tibetan monk and a US Marine have in common: They all know exactly what they need to do all day long, and they know it the night before.
    The most “effective” people at personal finance know long before their paycheck arrives exactly where every penny needs to go.
    A plan defeats “winging it” 99.99% of the time.

  4. Nah, you need to train your unconscious.
    Get a new alarm clock with a new sound.
    Set it to go off in 1 minute.
    Lay in bed with eyes closed.
    When it goes off, go bolt upright with eyes open.
    Repeat 10-20 times.
    You will now be bolt upright and fully awake every time that alarm goes off.
    It will feel better, and you’ll hate yourself a bit less

  5. This is a solid idea; it makes sense.
    What I’ve found is that you wake up easily when you have DIRECTION on any given day. It might be excitement about a trip, an important day at work, or a girl you are going to see. If that comes from having a plan in the morning, as Roosh says, great – and I think this is a great idea for coping with short-term difficulty waking up. In the long term, it probably means you aren’t excited about your life situation anymore (your job, your city, your marriage), and something needs to change.
    I’ve also found that masturbating before going to bed makes waking up more difficult. This fits with the point I made above, because your body always wants to procreate (that is its “plan” or “direction” on any given day); but when your body has an orgasm in the evening, there is less urgency to wake up to get laid the next day.

    1. yea block out curtains are a good investment, especially to catch up on some sleep during the day.

  6. I don’t bother with sitting up in bed. I shut my alarm off, put my feet on the floor, and start moving. I turn the lights on immediately, then begin my morning routine.

  7. You can program your mind to wake you at a certian time. It sounds crazy but it works. Before you go to bed tell yourself over and over what time you need to wake up. You will usually wake up before. I do this whenever I let my phone battery die and i’ve left my charger at work, (my alarm clock got broken recently), and I only have one phone charter…im poor, sue me. It works though. I was up at 7:30 and ready to be at work at 9am. I told my mind to wake me at 8. Try it.

    1. Yes this is very freaky, just before going to sleep I’ll think or concentrate for a moment on the time I want to wake up and I usually wake up minutes before my alarm clock goes off. Not sure what the pyschological mechanism is, but I’ll usually wake up with my heart racing a bit just as I’m supposed to wake up.

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