ROK Writer Threatened With Violence After Expressing His Opinion About New Zealand Women

Assumed-to-be-retired Return of Kings author “Hamish Rangi“, who contributed two articles to the site in the middle of 2016, has been the latest target of social justice warrior witch hunts directed against the non-violent members of the manosphere.

His article “6 Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst In The Western World“, which addressed problems which are inherent to the female persuasion in his self-described home country, recently went semi-viral and attracted the attention of the New Zealand Herald (in a laughably sloppy article with asleep-at-the-wheel quality control and seemingly non-existent grammar checks), and a woman by the name of Millie Elder-Holmes.

Who Is Millie Elder-Holmes?

Millie Elder Holmes

Degeneracy 101 – Exhibit A: Millie getting the “Goddess!” treatment from her beta orbiters, who clearly love her copious butt-ugly tattoos that look like she landed on a giant griddle.

Millie Elder-Holmes (the hyphenated family name and rampant tattooing are automatic red flags) is the stepdaughter of Paul Holmes, a prominent New Zealand radio and television journalist who passed away in 2013. Her main preoccupations are lounging around Greece (probably on her fathers inheritance) and maintaining a by-the-numbers “progressive lifestyle blog” where everything is of course about “wellness”, “empowerment”, “healing”, and “letting go” among other cookie-cutter female fluff.

Further investigation into her background shows that previous years have been rife with self-destructive behavior and choices. This includes having had a taste for methamphetamine, and shacking up with a New Zealand ‘Head Hunters’ gang member who was later murdered.

head hunters

Nice choice of boyfriend Millie. Great foresight.

Two things can be summarized about Millie. First of all, she fits perfectly into a female archetype which has existed for as long as the written word has survived. She is “world-famous-in-New Zealand” for being nothing more than a semi-attractive wife or daughter of many a man who has actually accomplished something big in life, and has successfully been able to ride off their husbands or fathers coat tails with “no sweat equity”.

Second, she is another poster child for exactly what is wrong with modern dating, relationships, and the choices that young women make all over the west. They prefer to ride the cock carousel with degenerate, damaged, and even outright dangerous men while in their aesthetic prime, while completely sexually ostracizing nice and normal guys who are genuinely respectful, mannerly, don’t pierce or ink themselves, and won’t lead women on a path of self-destruction.

Those guys are just too “boring” or “not exciting” enough for an adventurous and “empowered” Kiwi lass. And now without further ado, we come to the prominent point of the article.

The Smoking Gun

millie elder-holmes

BINGO! Tacit approval for preemptive violence against Hamish means that Millie and her New Zealand Zerglings completely lost the moral high ground.

New Zealand has a lot of problems, such as cultural Marxist migration policies which are meant to displace white New Zealanders as quickly as possible from the country, gang violence, wildly overpriced and poorly insulated homes, and as we can now clearly see… belligerent women who want to violently lash out at a man who has brought no harm (nor any threat of harm) to any person, animal, or property.

Millie Elder-Holmes consciously decided to use her 77,000 follower Facebook page, “Clean Eatz NZ”, as a mouthpiece which would only end in a witch hunt against Hamish. Threats against him for his thought crimes (like his desires for Kiwi women to use less profanity, dress better, not disturb men just trying to get some dinner at McDonald’s, and not threaten to “fuckin’ whack” people over the phone) included dick punching, throat punching, and even stoning. Millie herself would never denounce any of these words, and even gave tacit approval to a preemptive dick punch.

Also, in a rather bizarre victimhood twist, a group called “White Ribbon New Zealand” denounced the article as “more toxic masculinity that only leads to violence”. Now just who exactly is making threats of violence? The ‘Roosh Right’ at Return of Kings, or the liberal left blood-thirst of Kiwi women?

White Ribbon New Zealand Hamish Rangi

White (Knight) Ribbon New Zealand thinks ‘toxic masculinity’ in article will lead to violence. Maori New Zealand woman with toxic femininity then proceeds to desire violence.


millie elder-holmes

Calls for throat punches and medieval executions (with laughter), and rampant profanity by New Zealand women. Hamish Rangi… we now see your point.

While Mr. Rangi’s article is undeniably chauvinistic (so what else is new with Return of Kings?), it’s claims are nonetheless backed up by several examples of factual evidence, such as the “twenty fuckin’ whacks” phone call, the number of sexual partners to stable marriage ratios, and the country of New Zealand clearly emphasizing too much masculine behavior for their women folk.

The article is also safely within the grounds of free speech that we are (supposed to) enjoy in representative democracies like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Britain, and the United States. While presenting information that many may not like, it does not under any circumstance call for any violent actions against people or animals, destruction of property, or political insurrections/coups/riots. No article gets past the Return of Kings pending process which advocates any of those preceding no-no’s.

The fact that Ms. Elder-Holmes and her mostly female Kiwi followers made so many tacit or even outright blatant calls for violent action against Hamish, along with the copious amount of “cunt” filled profanity from their Facebook feeds, only comes to show that he was correct on a lot his assertions about degenerate New Zealand culture.

Women of Aotearoa, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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275 thoughts on “ROK Writer Threatened With Violence After Expressing His Opinion About New Zealand Women”

  1. Ok, sorry for not commenting at this article, I don’t fucking care about
    New Zealand woman anyway (anyway, these feminazies can’t do NOTHING against writers/readers of ROK, they can only talk bullshit and nothing more) but I care a lot about what I just read here
    An article about women recently admitted in Navy Seal. I don’t get it.
    Some american readers (and they’re pretty smart and polite men with
    traditional views which I admire) here said that there will be never
    women in Navy Seal yet they start to admit them. Its this article fake?
    But people also said that Trump doesn’t agree with women in front lines
    combat (a think that I don’t agree either) and “he’s the most sexist president in the whole world.” What is the truth, please? I’m confused as hell.

    1. If the DoD (which is heavily male and conservative dominated) decided to let a woman become a Navy Seal, I’m sorry, but they’ve probably made the good call.
      Most members of the US Armed Forces, regardless of gender, are very conservative. Even most veteran women I’ve met lean right.

      1. Do you think they did this because they want the women to fail the tests only to prove that they’re not good for this, OR they really believe that the respective women are good enough to resist and pass the tests?

        1. I’m a firm believer in meritocracy. If that female applicant passed the test, she should have the right to do be a Navy Seal.
          I find it very hard to believe there will ever be a 50-50 split, but as some hoplologist I met said, “small amounts of women will be able to pass; let them”.

        2. Theres always going to be a better-qualified male for a job like that- affirmative action at its very worst- you really think women can be the tip of the spear so to speak? please

        3. What you should be considering is the logistical and organizational consequences of letting a handful of women into male dominated fields that ARE NOT cushy office jobs. This is the kind of shit where grown men will piss on each other for warmth and are deployed to remote locations with little backup. Separate logistical chains for a couple of women we don’t even need is not even close to worth it.
          Not to mention, we would now have Tier 1 operators that are removed from their teams due to getting knocked up and will probably never come back. That would wreak havoc on a combat organization.

        4. “I’m a firm believer in meritocracy.”
          Yeah, me too.
          But there are just some places a female does not belong.

        5. It’s irrelevant. When a woman hears the words “deploy to war zone” she magically gets pregnant by the local riffraff and is rewarded for being awol in that way with lifetime welfare, health care, and some shiny medals.

        6. They may pass in the beginning(a small number). Of that, an even smaller number will make though the training without sustaining injuries that are career-ending(which the taxpayer will be footing the bill). All for a photo-op.

        7. The thing is that I agree with women in army, if they want to serve their countries and if they also want RESPONSIBILITIES, not just rights+ if they’re not feminazi who think that they should be treated better than a man. I agree for women in all armed forces (including air force and naval force) but NOT combat forces (not because they’d suck- if they’re responsible women they’ll not suck, but because men who’ll be distracted by them, they’ll try to protect the women more than the men colleagues and they’ll become depressed if they’ll see women being killed n front of them. Also, I HIGHLY doubt that a woman (no matter how strong she’s) will be able to carry a man twice her height in the back if he’ll be injured.

  2. What man with a choice wants to have sex with a tatted-up bitch?
    I can’t believe bad-ass bikers are now out of options for poon.
    Indeed, the end of civilization draws near.
    Don’t need the prophet Daniel to read the writing on the wall for us this time.

    1. They are some kind of trophy to the bikers. Nice guy betas can never get a bitch like this in her prime.

      1. My point is when a man can choose, why would he settle for a bitch with tats? It’s apparent the bitch is degenerate or lacking in self-respect. To mark her body up with graffiti.

        1. I don’t think anybody settles for her but I would keep her around for sex. Her tatoo screwed up body is an indicator of masochistic self – destructive behaviour , which means she loves to totally submit to a strong man who treats her like shit. Sex with these types is mind-blowing. Slapping , mouth pissing , fisting , dog leashes are on the menu.

        2. Fuck!!!
          If I tried to have sex with that tatted up ho, my dick would beat my ass.
          Man you gotta strong stomach if you can see a tatted-up bitch naked and still get it up.

        3. Haha it’s not all about penetration man. I would love to give her a good slapping around , a golden shower , and load of sperm on her messed up face to conclude. My dick doesn’t need to touch her at all.

        4. We have different needs, apparently. If ever I meet her I’ll introduce you to her. Enjoy!

      2. You mean that “Elder-Holmes” girl?
        If that is the case, I would say the “nice guys” finally won for a change…

        1. The nice guys are jerking off at her thought every nicht and morning. Just see those commenter types.

        2. “The nice guys are jerking off at her thought every nicht and morning. Just see those commenter types.”
          I hate to say it but you are probably right.

        3. Yeah, I suppose she does have those “orbiters”…
          As much as I complain about my life, at least I am not one of those freaking losers.

        4. “As much as I complain about my life, at least I am not one of those freaking losers.”
          Yes indeed.

        5. We could say fuck it and do it like the old days, steal a wife from another area and make good on that.
          Christ freedom for women is like chimps having a mini-back-pack-nuke with a detonation code consisting of a banana shaped button.

        6. “Christ freedom for women is like chimps having a mini-back-pack-nuke with a detonation code consisting of a banana shaped button.”
          LMFAO! YE GOD, but that is good! Mind if I use it?

    2. Seeing a beautiful woman covered in tattoos is like seeing beautiful architecture covered in graffiti. Instant turn-off. Sadly, it has infected many young people today. I’m considered a hipster to my generation for not liking tattoos on chicks. How someone can get a boner over tattoos is beyond me.

      1. At least all of the women who are having themselves tatted up, are giving decent men fair warning to NEVER approach them; a female with tatts is like putting up a sign that reads, “KEEP AWAY / TOXIC WASTE”, “DO NOT APPROACH”…

    3. A lot to be honest. There are plenty of dudes who Smv are much higher than a woman yet would still bang them. Also I don’t know about this being the end man. Conservatism is seeing a resurgence. Many people are starting the realize that the hedonistic lifestyle that people have been indulging in is poison. And honestly most of this stuff is exaggerated by the internet. Yea I see sjws and ugly tatted girls around but not nearly the same quantity that is shown on the internet.

        1. Marcia was the one with the football nose. Jan crashed her bike when not wearing her glasses.
          I’m up on all this useless stuff.

      1. You know how you know you’re starting to get old – you’re watching reruns of “Gilligan’s Island”, and Mrs. Howell starts looking really good to you…

        1. Hahaha!
          She was too old even for Howell!
          In real life I think she was about 20 years older than him.

        2. I would have gone for Mrs. Howell. Get her to divorce Mr. Howell. Then Ginger and Mary Ann would have been all over me. You gotta have a plan.

        3. Gilligan made a killing selling coconut water to rubes in the USA. still lives on the island though

        4. Hedy Lamar was supposed to be pretty smart but whenever I hear her name I just think of Blazing Saddles

  3. “Those guys are just too “boring” or “not exciting” enough for an adventurous and “empowered” Kiwi lass.”
    And for American girls too.
    Yes, us honest, intelligent, hard working, quiet, well groomed, tatless/pierceless white collar working stiffs are “icky”, haven’t you heard? Why should a girl at the height of her youth and beauty settle for a good provider when she can be getting gang banged by the Pagans?

    1. I had a half-Maori friend that practiced the traditional pagan rites of his ancestors, which included being a blood-thirsty thug.
      Should’ve seen the amount of pussy he pulled.

      1. Haha! I can believe it.
        I was refering to the bike gang, but sure, I can see the girls going for any type of “pagan”…

        1. He was an arms dealer with a degree in mechanical engineering that ran a pawn shop. So yes.
          Had a mana shrine in the back of his house.

    2. “Why should a girl at the height of her youth and beauty settle for a good provider when she can be getting gang banged by the Pagans?”
      They are convinced their are no consequences for decisions they follow here-and-now. Besides, when the ride on the carousel is over, there are plenty of white knights and captains save-a-ho who will take them in, marry them up, and “still’ let them do what they want to do.
      “Yes, us honest, intelligent, hard working, quiet, well groomed, tatless/pierceless white collar working stiffs are “icky”, haven’t you heard?”
      And those bitches are “icky” to me. In the Dirty South, my domain, I date Latinas. And I rub the noses of white bitches and black bitches in it.
      At least, for now, Latinas respect the fact I take care of business. That enhances my self respect and determination. If I gotta foot the bill for a date, it’s gonna be with a woman who’s worth it.

      1. “And those bitches are “icky” to me. In the Dirty South, my domain, I
        date Latinas. And I rub the noses of white bitches and black bitches in
        Sounds like a decent strategy. I assume the latinas down there are feminine and well behaved. Go for it.

        1. Possibly NOTHING angers females more (because it hurts their pride), than when they see an attractive man of their race dating a female of another race.
          For all of their ‘tolerance’ BS that Western women spew, watch the angry glares and listen to the racist remarks that they direct at such an interracial couple.

        2. Deleted???
          Say it ain’t so!!!
          Double E is one of the most honest and upright posters here.
          Always gives positive commentary & advice.
          Really hope the “ban hammer” didn’t strike…

      2. To some degree they’re right about there being no consequences. After riding the CC for two decades with societies lowest lifeforms women just switch gears at their convenience and find themselves a nice little provider to take care of them. What’s sad is most of these nice guys don’t even know about their wives slutty past. What’s even sadder is there are men who know but are so desperate and pathetic they will wife up one of these disease ridden gutter sluts and raise her five Bastard children as his own.

      3. Yesterday I heard a fat bitch complaining that men don’t take women on “Real Dates” anymore. No surprise here but she was attractive in her younger days so she dated all the bad boys and druggies. Now that she’s nearing 30 and overweight she just doesnt understand why she can’t find a nice guy to take her on a romantic date rather than just fucking her behind a dumpster at the local bar.

        1. That’s an old story — and every one of the arrogant, entitled bitches like her ALWAYS thinks that there’ll be a “Captain Sav-a-‘ho” dropping out of the sky when she steps off the carousel.
          MGTOW and the manosphere are slowly but surely putting a stop to that stupidity. They need to feel their eggs dry up and be living with their twenty cats when they’re seventy.

        2. Lucky for her Trump is rigging some lower fuel prices for his people and this gal can surely hitch a ride much easier with the sucker of her choice.
          Tell her to start hogging on overweight men who are in her league cause their wallets are gonna get a bit more swoll soon.

    3. “…when she can get ganbanged by the Pagans?”
      And then find some beta-male provider to finance her and her seven illegitimate children.
      “Beta males need a good talking to…perhaps more than a good talking to.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi in “The Shining”

  4. Women like this are inspiring a new generation of really conservative kids who have watched the close correlation of ink booze sluttiness and misery and want no part of it.
    The struggle is real though . . .

    1. There is certainly a reactionary movement not just with young kids but even modern day young adults. I have met a lot of women who will tell me “they are not feminists”

      1. I’ve had a hunch for a while.
        You know that whole garbage about “unconscious biases”? I think those biases are not unconscious. I think that they’re people who keep their views to themselves for fear of being ostracized.
        At the height of the Soviet Union, nine-tenths of the Communist Party we’re in it just for the material rewards and thought Marxism was garbage. They still virtue-signalled like crazy.

        1. Yes, those biases are most certainly there. Ostracization is a big deterrent amongst people for evolutionary reasons, amongst others. People will kowtow if they have to but the moment someone speaks up others will start to awaken as well.
          I have noticed if someone important says something ie: Trump vs. myself, Trump has better ability to sway peoples opinions than I do on disqus. I routinely call for American blacks to be reimmigrated to Africa. I believe the reasons are there why it is in all of our interests to get them out of our country yet I still get tremendous resistance from mostly boomer whites and cucky kekistanis.
          Spencer did an AMA on discord a few days back and people asked him what is the next step forward? He responded it is about influencing those in power. Additionally, we can also get ourselves into government positions and make changes.
          The point of this is, we need to influence those in power to get the kind of change we want. Calling boomers, cucks for failing to realize racial differences is only going to get you so far because those stubborn assholes will never have to live in a multicultural America so they don’t know what its like and they never will.

        2. Been to a part or two of africa. Nothing special really and to be honest we had a african american sgt take off awol into the local town for over a week.
          It was enriching for him and the locals…best part is he blended right in.

        3. I think American blacks could do very well for themselves in Africa. Much better than in America. They will finally feel what its like to be the smartest guys in the room rather than literally the dumbest like they are in America.

        4. Until he started speaking, right? I’d think that his American English-accented speech would be a dead giveaway.

        5. Except American “blacks” are not fully black. Most American blacks have anywhere from 25-50% white (i.e. European) DNA. They are the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of whites who reproduced with African slaves.
          The Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves if we threw their descendants out of America and sent them to Africa.

        6. “The Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves if we threw their descendants out of America and sent them to Africa.”
          lol now that is laughably stupid argument. Why would I care what the founding father say if their view would hurt my narrative?
          Additionally, the average is ~25% according to DNA research. Which doesn’t mean much if half of blacks are actually 50/50 mulatto and the rest are 100% pure black. I know in actuality it isn’t like that but I am demonstrating the principal of why relying on averages is faulty.

        7. Except that virtually no American blacks are fully African. I once saw an episode of George Lopez’s comedy show in which he has Charles Barkley and Snoop Dogg get DNA tested, to see who is “blacker.” Neither one of them had more than 75% African DNA (I believe Barkley was 75% and Snoop Dogg was 71%). The other 25-29% of their DNA was European (i.e. white).
          There is a reason why blacks from Africa have much darker skin than American blacks.

        8. Yes I understand that part. Probably also why American black IQ is 85 and African black IQ is 70. Nonetheless, I don’t think that should matter.

        9. Yes, that’s exactly why American black IQ is higher than that of African blacks.
          “Nonetheless, I don’t think that should matter.”
          You’re arguing in favor of deporting certain people from the country based on DNA (which I don’t necessarily have a problem with), and yet you’re trying to tell me that DNA “doesn’t matter.”
          If, God forbid, one of your future grandchildren married a black person and had mixed-race babies, would you not consider those kids to be your descendants? Would you be okay with them being sent “back” to Africa?

        10. I am arguing in favor of deporting certain people from this country based on RACE, not necessarily DNA. I wouldn’t want to reimmigrate white people who were, let’s say, 1% African and look, talk, and act completely white because ultimately they are not black – they are white.
          If it look like a duck, quacks like a duck, it might as well be a duck… even if its great great grandmother was raped by a goose.
          If I ever had a descendant who procreated with a black person I would honestly disown them even if it was from the grave. That is entirely unacceptable in my opinion.

        11. Ok, so if one of your descendants procreated with a black person, you would have every right to disown them. But would you disown their (half-black) kid as well, and by extention the entire bloodline of that descendant?
          The kid didn’t do anything wrong, and happens to share your DNA and your blood. I’m not sure you would disown that kid so quickly, and if you would, that’s pretty cold of you.
          Also, race and DNA are basically the same thing. Race is determined by DNA.
          If 1% black is still “white” to you, where do you draw the line? What about someone who is 1/16 black? 1/8 black? How about someone who is 1/4 black? Would you send them to Africa (even though they’re 3/4 white)? Where do you draw the line?

        12. Yes I’d disown both
          You draw the line where it makes sense. I think spencer summed it up nicely in an article (hit piece) by the Atlantic. He basically states you have to share our culture, values, views on life etc. he doesn’t mention this specifically but you also have to be sufficiently white. Where you draw the line, idk. James Allsup is 1/8 Filipino, I believe but he is white to me. Personally, I think the threshold for blacks would be much lower. What it would be I’m not sure where. But again they must look white, talk white, act white, etc.

        13. So someone who is 1/4 black but acts, talks, and dresses like a white guy is “black” in your opinion, and should be sent to Africa?
          What about someone who is fully white but grew up in a black neighborhood, identifies with black culture, and talks in black slang (like Eminem)?
          Your criteria for where to draw the line seem quite arbitrary to me.
          Also, American blacks would not really belong in Africa. They would be considered “white” and “American” by the Africans. You might as well send them to Bangladesh or Malaysia.
          I’m usually very open to “race realism” arguments. I don’t think it’s “racist” to acknowledge differences between the races. But your argument is literally just a step up from “let’s kill all blacks.”
          What would you do if Africa refuses to take in the American blacks? Would the next step be outright extermination?

        14. The wigger in question is undoubtedly white. He is a product of his environment and must be shown the proper way to act and behave.
          The person who is a 1/4 black is most certainly black. And just to be clear on the “threshold” statement in my last reply. What I meant is that in order for someone to qualify as sufficiently white they would have to be less black than Allsup is Filipino. Again, what that number is I am not going to say.
          The person of mixed race in question must be “sufficiently” white. They must look white, talk white, act whites, etc. etc. Someone who is 1/4 black will look… black! Therefore they do not meet the standard.
          My criteria is not arbitrary. My criteria is vague(on purpose). The selection process should be more qualitative than quantitative. DNA tests are one thing but again they must be sufficiently white to qualify.. however that is to be defined.
          For instance, lets say that wigger is 1/16 black, he of course acts black, and maybe he kind of resembles a black person a little bit. He may very well be judged to be black enough to have to go back to africa.
          American blacks in Africa would most certainly NOT be considered white in Africa. That is insane to suggest.
          Your 2nd to last paragraph is so dramatic to put it lightly. I won’t respond because it is just so silly to suggest such a thing.
          We would do the same thing Trump is going to do when we want to deport criminal illegals and the central/south american nations don’t want to take them back. Not to mention they’d probably help Africa more than hurt it.

        15. I get what you’re saying. I’m just not too keen on government officials getting to “judge” which American citizens can stay in the country and which ones can’t.
          It’s not analogous to deporting illegals. Illegals are, well, illegal. They are not citizens and have no constitutional rights. American blacks are citizens whose families have been here for years. Totally different from deporting illegals. If we didn’t want blacks here, we shouldn’t have brought them here in the first place.
          I’m Jewish on my dad’s side and half Italian on my mom’s. I don’t want some government official having the legal authority to forcibly deport me “back” to Israel or Italy.
          Of course, I recognize that I will always be the descendant of immigrants, and I will never be a “true” American (i.e. English ancestry). I don’t have a drop of English (or Northern European) blood in my veins. I recognize that Americans of English ancestry have every right to kick out the Italians/Jews/Catholics if they so choose. I just don’t think it’s feasable to throw millions of citizens out of the country, and I don’t think it’s desirable for the US government to have such authority.

        16. “Someone who is 1/4 black will look… black!”
          Yeah, to your white eyes he will. To a black African, soneone who is 1/4 black (and 3/4 white) will look…white!
          As they say, if Obama had been elected president of Kenya, he would be their first white president.

        17. Yes, I am not keen on govt officials having any power at all but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. I really do think blacks are a drain on our society and we’d be much better off without them. I do not think there is any group in America that is this bad.
          You and I both agree that Constitutional rights should only apply to American citizens. Unfortunately, many don’t agree with us. Birthright citizenship applies to anyone born in America. It does not matter if they are here illegally – if they have kids in America those kids are citizens. We of course need to overturn this.
          American blacks are illegitimate citizens. They were brought here as slaves ie: not immigrants or colonists and were only given citizenship post civil war with a constitutional amendment. We never should have signed the 14th amendment. We should have shipped them back to Africa like Lincoln originally wanted to do. Many of our Founders had slaves, thought slavery was bad, and the slaves should be returned to Africa. They did not want them in America as free people either.
          Yes, I am not a WASP either. Although I am white, my family immigrated here (from EUROPE, over 100 years ago). America has always been a pan-European country. This country was founded by and for white people from Europe. White people are the rightful citizens of America and we absolutely should dominate the political, cultural, and economic systems of this country and we should not allow certain minority groups to bring our country down. White America needs to speak out more against blacks.

      2. They may SAY that they’re “not feminists”, but they don’t want to give up ANY advantages that feminism gives them.

        1. First round pick at a cushy office job thanks to ” equality rules.” The paradox is, it makes them much more miserable than just raising a family.

        2. “…it makes them much more miserable than just raising a family.”
          Probably, but I’d bet that they’d never admit it in a thousand years.

      3. Does not make the average female one might run into out there any less boring or irritating when all is said and done no matter the claims made by them on that front

      4. Yeah, sure they’re “not feminists.” Obvously, they don’t actually believe feminism is a bad thing, just that current feminists have “gone too far.”
        Of course they agree that women should be able to vote, be sexually promiscuous, get abortions, prioritize their careers over family, etc. Who wouldn’t want women to have all these freedoms? (you hater!)

        1. The first step to get the ball rolling in your favor is to get the ball to actually stop so you can have a fighting chance at reversing course.

        2. Yeah, except sometimes the “ball” has rolled so far down the wrong path and is too far gone to even consider trying to get it to “roll back” in your favor.
          Sure, it would be great if we could get society (i.e. the MEN who run society) to change course, embrace traditional values, and stop pushing feminism and leftism. However, getting some thousand-cock slut to claim she is “not a feminist” (even though she still believes in “women’s rights,” slut acceptance, etc.), is not even worth wasting your breath.

        3. “However, getting some thousand-cock slut to claim she is “not a feminist” (even though she still believes in “women’s rights,” slut acceptance, etc.), is not even worth wasting your breath.”
          Ok well ^ is nihilistic at best and so is your entire post at that. Might as well roll over and die if that’s your logic. I never said it would be easy but by god we still should try.

        4. Yeah, good luck getting a girl to agree to those 5 points except point 3. Fact is it is very tough to get women(or anyone really) to give up personal freedoms for the “greater good”. I think the best first step is to get women to realize that they are not created equal to men and have different roles in society than men. Once we have achieved critical mass here we can move the ball forward.

    2. Most Latina women I’ve met, despite being very well-educated and smart, tell me they think feminism “destroys families and makes people unhappy” and “actively seems to contradict itself for the purposes of manipulating people”.

      1. Lots of “latinas” up here in NY.
        Mostly from PR & DR.
        They are usually heavy to the point of obesity and are often quite tatted up.
        South American “latinas” seem to be VERY different and similar to what you describe. But not too many of them up here.

        1. I’m part Mexican. I have a Mexican GF who has Mexican female friends. Just relating what they say.

        2. Mexico has a large range of people, from White Spaniards like Ricardo Montalban, to short, squat Indians like Julio Cesar Chavez (great, and I mean GREAT fighter, btw). I am sure there are hot Mexican girls, but they don’t seem to make to NY either. We get the short, squat Indian types.

        3. “Yanet Garcia and Raquel Pomplun.”
          These girls have it made in Mexico. At least Yanet does. No plans to sneak across the border tonight.

        4. Anyone who goes to America and Canada become obese fvcks and lazy.
          If you go there with a winner mentality, the sky is the limit but if you just want to be a serf, man oh man, they got traps for you that you aren’t going to escape from.
          Mainly Obesity and Depression.

        5. Been to Mexico (not a resort), in all honesty, probably %90+ of all women/girls I had seen were less than average looking. There a serious obesity problem going in addition to most of them being short. There’s way higher change spotting cute girls anywhere in Latin America (the Continent).

        6. True but when theyre in shape, theyre just as hot as colombians. You just have to go to the clubs to find them.

      2. They even have an expression for bitter, single, usually over 30 women – “solterona amargada”. They know a woman with no kids is sad, sad creature and they feel sorry for them.

        1. ANY woman who reaches the age of thirty without being married and without any children has NO ONE but herself to blame.

        2. Youre right. I smash cougars on occasion and they all get butthurt when I dont want something serious hahaha. Im like: “Are you fucking kidding me? You chose ” eat, pray, love” over all the nice guys you met in your twenties. You made the bed now lie in it.”

        3. THAT would be like trying to get them to admit that being a unmarriageable, STD-infested slut is the result of their actions. As far as Western women are concerned, THEY are never responsible for the results of their own bad decisions — EVERYTHING wrong with their lives is the fault some some man, ‘some’ men, or ALL men.

        4. hi! 29 yo unmarried childless woman here (Canada). I agree with all that’s been said but just wanted to voice a reminder that some women, come from highly right-wing backgrounds but have been abused, either as children, teens or young women and as a result are pretty badly damaged and will struggle to marry and/or have children – out of being damaged/very wounded, not from left-wing views thought. There is more like this than we might first think.
          This is my case and I’ve mostly hid from the world all through my twenties. I’m barely starting to date now and I harbor hope but with as much of a cold hard truth view of my options as I can gather.

    3. Children are normally programmed to monkey see, monkey do until they reach a certain age. That’s why they are called children. Agency and all that jazz.

  5. Attempts to witch-hunt Mr Rangi, ends up proving his point so thoroughly it’s not even funny.
    Hamish, if you’re reading this, you were so right it’s scary.

        1. hey bob, what do you think about the lead singer of linkin park committing suicide? had blunt trauma to the back of the head, just like chris cornell. both were big into helping sexually abused children(Cornell has a charity)

        2. Hmm. Blunt-force trauma to the back of the head; into helping sexually abused children. Looks like somebody might have been sending a very loud message there.

        3. could be, but is it possible to give yourself trauma banging your head against the door as you strangulate ?

        4. I would think so. At least they didn’t shoot themselves in the head twice, like some of those other “suicided” dudes…

        5. I am getting illuminati fatigue. They are such busy little bees. Or were you suggesting something else

        6. can the blunt trauma be self induced banging your head against the door as you strangle to death?

        7. Also. A former Haitian official was about to testify about the corruption. Of the Clinton foundation. Ended up dead.
          Klaus something.

          Someone else too. Can’t recall now

        8. If they are calling it “blunt force trauma” that is defined as a physical attack. Somebody hit him.

        9. Investigative journalist Gary Webb (two shots to the head in what was reported as a suicide) –

          Ukrainian General of Internal Service Yuriy Kravchenko (same deal; shot himself twice in the head, allegedly) –

          And then we have the triple-shot to the heart – American Poet Frank Stanford (his wife claimed she heard three gunshots, and Frank allegedly shot himself three times in the heart with a .22 caliber pistol) –

        10. They had a govt of Haiti official on the Radio in NW USA. He said they HATED Clinton, and the ‘millions’ donated through that organization after the tsunami allotted to like 4 small houses. It was a scam. He was professionally furious.

    1. I was looking at this and remembered the article about the YouTube video teaching kids the ins and outs (no pun intended lol!) of using dildoes and masturbation in general and then I thought about the lack of shame and responsibility that these women have for themselves and their daughters or other females close to them. Two examples come to mind:
      One involves the Kardashian clan. A fee years back there was rumors that Kim and Kourtney had explicit pics of them while underage. There was apparently even a video of Kourtney having sex with an older man when she was 16. ( The guy with the material ended up having to give it up to the FBI. Now, independent of what you think about older men banging jailbaits, you would think that the older Kardashians would at least learn their lesson and protect their Jenner siblings. But no. They especially let their little sister Kylie go the mudshark route and bang a much older, thuggish, and just disgusting Tyga. All the while mommy is also mudsharking (no doubt happily loosing her juice over the parole of the Juice Simpson) and Daddy was getting his balls and dick chopped off.
      The other one involves the debacle of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. As we all know, it was a derivative of Dance Moms, where moms make their little daughters into spoiled sassy entitled minihoes. It wasn’t until Mama June’s ex boyfriend, who also had happened to molest Honey Boo Boo’s older sister a few years back, which landed him in jail and on the sex offender registry, started dating Mama June again, that controversy erupted. Now to clarify. I don’t condone pedophilia. At least with teen girls, it’s a gray area and at least, in theory, they should know what they’re doing. But these are prepubescent girls who don’t know any better so if you’re messing with them, you’re a monster. Yet, isn’t it funny how no one gave a fuck about these girls being objectified until the pedophile came (no pun intended) on board, then everyone lost their marbles. Again, not defending the guy, but clearly, he was the scapegoat that TLC and the audience in general, but especially the female audience used to pull a Pontius Pilate. Oh, did I mention Mama June divorced her husband and now apparently lost a bunch of weight and now gets sympathy again?
      We could go on and on. Heck, I think ROK should write an article about this. But the point stands. Modern women have no sense of morality or responsibility. Wait until one of these transgender boys who want to be girl gets molested by a man.

      1. Right on, man. You would think someone who had been sexually abused by an older man would protect their own. But then, sex is a merit badge, is it not – to young men and young women alike. Nowadays, being a sexually experienced whore is the ultimate merit badge for the impressionable young woman.
        But…when a tramp-stamped single mom is banging her latest bad boy in the living room, and her 5-year-old son is listening to it in his bedroom, what good can possibly come of it. The boy will grow up to hate his mother. It’s child abuse, basically.
        And I think the latest Honey Boo-Boo/Kardashian/Celebrity Slut of the Week drama, is a means of softening up the masses for the normalization of pedophilia. (They already normalized homosexuality and transgenderism, so the sky’s the limit.)
        If we could run the world for a week, shit would change. Probably won’t happen this week though, unfortunately.

        1. “…Nowadays, being a sexually experienced whore is the ultimate merit badge for the impressionable young woman.”
          The bizarre and ironic fact of this is that women DON’T HAVE TO DO A THING to be “a sexually experienced whore” — all they “have to do” is spread their legs…that’s ALL.
          Now that I think about it, their ‘merit badge’ is kind of like ‘earning’ a trophy for ‘participating’.

        2. Yeah and they seem to want more and more trophies. I guess it’s like scalps. They barter for favors with them among their fellow whores, and get free drinks, tampons and street cred…

        3. Not to pick nits, but mouth, asshole, and manual dexterity also enter into it. At least that’s how I conduct my interviews.

        4. Run the World to #FreeLiuXia!! honestly, I love this site but the latest articles seem like repetitive complaints now…

        5. Exactly. I always say ” when a woman brags about sexual escapades, its like bragging about how much money you lost in Vegas”

        6. I always say “when a man brags about his blurry ugly photo to a stranger on the internet, he probably hasn’t felt a woman’s touch since the day he came out of his mother”

        7. My go to is “tell me about the fuck that was hardest to get: how hard was it to entertain him, make him laugh, draw his attention away from all of the other girls? What did you have to do to convince him to fuck YOU, and not them? It must have been something special…”

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      1. From the proprietor: “Women and homosexuals are strongly discouraged from commenting here.”
        Tits and/or GTFO.

    2. You know, Bob, you should really print up a few of your really good ones as stickers, and sell them near cost, so we could plaster this kind of propaganda around town. Of course all the readers here see and agree, but you are preaching to the choir. If a few of these were posted around town for conspicuous consumption…

    3. The 1950s time period was not the traditional paradise everyone on here seems to think he it was.
      Feminism has been around since the Industrial Revolution, and really started to pick up steam in the early 20th century, with the women’s suffrage movement and all. Leftism and communism were being pushed and implemented throughout Europe and the West, either through brute force (like in Russia), or through politics and indoctrination.
      The only reason early 20th century feminists didn’t push for slut acceptance, divorce, abortion, etc., is because they knew they could never get the public to accept those things at that time. However, they did manage to get society to move as far left as possible, which set the stage for the 1960s “sexual revolution” and all.
      People seem to think of the ’50s as traditional because it was the decade that immediately preceeded the ’60s and ’70s, which brought great societal changes. But those changes did not happen out of the blue. The stage had been set by the leftists of the early 20th century, who successfully implemented female voting rights, mandatory schooling (read: leftist indocrtination of youth), and successfully socially engineered a generation of kids (the baby boomers) to grow up and implement far-left social changes, from which we are still suffering the consequences today.
      By comparison, the 1950s don’t seem too bad. But take someone from any pre-Industrial Revolution period in history, take him to 1950s America, and his reaction would probably be “How can a society this technologically advanced be so degenerate? Why do all the women here look like they’ve sucked too many cocks?”

  6. “6 Reasons New Zealand Women Are The Worst In The Western World”
    Right now this is pretty much the world olympic sport

  7. I love how these feminists’ actions completely disprove their claims. Doesn’t matter how much she yaps, her ovaries still tingle for bad boy bikers.

    1. Just as programmed. The elite must have a high number of slaves/worker drones. Put the two low-IQ dimwits together (a retarded bad-boy biker and a retarded slut who chases him), and it’s mission accomplished.

  8. About 20 years ago the retiring French Ambassador to New Zeaand stated:
    “NZ women are ugly, dress like army men”…
    Or something like that- don’t remember

  9. A Very Modern Love Story:
    Dear Diary,
    Today I noticed all these reasons why my current man is awful, simply awful! X, Y, Z…
    But dear diary, I also noticed all these reasons why my new man is wonderful, simply wonderful! A, B, C…
    I expect I will have sex done to me from my new man soon, because my current man is so awful, and it’s all his fault, and my new man is so wonderful, so it will ‘just happen’. It certainly won’t be anything to do with me! I am never responsible for my own actions.
    I just can’t imagine what I was thinking when my current man was my new man – he is just so awful! Thank goodness, dear diary, that my new man is so wonderful!
    And they all lived happily ever after…

  10. When I used to live there. I would straight up tell my boys that the ugliest girls that exist in the west are Kiwis and Torontonians.
    The latter group is just ugly inside and out.

  11. Hate to say it, fellas, but this article is whiny crap. So she’s trash – who cares? Pretending that an online comment suggesting a “dick punch” is the the same as the planning of an actual assault is the kind of breathless, cuckish imagination-run-wild bullshit we hate about the Left. Get real.

      1. No, it is not “liberal” (if the word still has an actual definition) and it doesn’t “merely Point out” anything. Its first-fucking-rate sniveling.

        1. I was pointing out that the article is a liberal article.
          It’s hypocritical of us to do the exact same thing as they do. That’s what I meant.

    1. It starts online, but if they can get white knights to confront you at your doxxed workplace or home, they will. They’ll try to get your kids taken away.
      “Free Speech Isn’t Free”
      Dude, do you even read?
      Their virtual aggression generates real consequence. If you see a snake in the grass, cut off it’s head and tell your friends, these femenist wildebeests travel in packs.

  12. It will be EXTREMELY satisfying to have this over-privileged, useless, worthless skank hit The Wall and lose whatever ‘social power’ (which comes from having boobs and a vagina) that she now possesses; the meltdown should be rich with schadefreude.

  13. I wonder if there’s a place where both women and men are normal, lean and likable by the most part. For instance, In Russia where I grew up, most men are unkempt looking, brutish, socially awkward, with a bad sense of fashion, whereas most women are feminine, skinny, well dressed and likable. And its the opposite in the West – percentage of good-looking guys is higher than percentage of good-looking women. It least it seems so to me.
    As if there’s a natural law of correlation where the more there’s of raw, masculine ruggedness, the more there’s feminine beauty. And visa versa.

    1. Right I notice that too. In a room full of expensively dressed men, especially powerful men or men in tuxedos, the women in the room are largely painted up sterile antiques. Especially in the legal profession or politics, the sharply dressed men drool over made up patched up dogs.
      But in the blue collar arena and in gyms and fight clubs, the real youthful attractiveness and fertility oozes from the eye candy females. Every political scandal where some suit and tie figure is caught in an extramarital affair, it’s always some used up painted up dog that you could criticize and pick apart for their flaws. Just looking at Jennifer Flowers fuzzy newspaper photo, or Fawn Hall, or Lewinsky, you could pick them apart for flaws that jump right out of the blurry newspaper picture.
      THAT’S WHY you want to get busted with a 10 if you’re in politics. That’s why trump can never get busted. RULE #10 in politics – “only get busted with a 10 and it makes you look better.
      I once saw a tow truck driver, 30ish pull in next to me at a Taco Bell. He was driving a big roll-back and swung it fast around and parked, slightly squealing the tires. No one does that with a big truck like that. He was covered with tattoos and he gets out with the sexiest girl in leggins. The girl looked young enough to be his daughter. She could pass for cheerleader. Maybe she was or at least she was the school beauty queen.
      IT WASN’T his daughter obviously when they got back in the cab. He slapped her ass hard to where I heard a crack or snap – similar to a wet towel popping or bullwhip sound – when he tossed her beautiful candy ass up, assisting her over the foot peg and into the cab with their bag of tacos. Then she kissed him with a quick peck. NO WAY was that his daughter, but she looked young enough to be. She looked a wee tad prego too. The guy for whatever reason let out 1st to screech the tires for half a sec before leaving. Those tires are expensive. I would never squeal tires on a work truck like that, or pop the clutch like that even if just playing around to make noise. That’s what a 4×4 is for, but she sure was a tight looking young breeder any bastard like me would kill for. I guess he was grooming her for respect.
      But with high politics and low, suit and tie men mate a fandangle a few notches down. Feminism has jettisoned whoremongering used merchandise betas into municipal posts all the way to the top. There’s no beauty in old painted up facelifted leftovers. Compare Jeb to Putin/Kabaeva.

    2. ” And its the opposite in the West – percentage of good-looking guys is
      higher than percentage of good-looking women. It least it seems so to
      I agree with you 100%.
      I see this every day. Guys who are younger than me, who have a thick head of hair and are more muscular than me with 5s and 6s, females I would not touch with a tennis racket. I really don’t understand how or why a muscular young guy would do that to himself, with all the hot young club sluts out there. But then again, I am “looks oriented” to the extreme. Maybe these guys don’t care so much about a females looks? Not sure, but I could never be with the girls I see them with.

      1. I’ve seen many lean, athletic guys with chubby, tattooed, toxic haired goblins. Why? A guy like that, if he was outside of the West, would be paired up with a model-like girl, who would worship him.

        1. Yeah, its quite bizarre.
          I never understand why a decent looking guy would settle for an ugazoid.

    3. Male-choice. This is why men have no tits, no fancy feathers, no nothing naturally evolved to attract nor pleasure the opposite sex. Only females compete for males.
      The idea of being a “male beauty”, is derived from males who have no natural choice. It is the feminization of men that derived into this omega-culture.This does not mean that men in Russia are OK. It only means that females are competing there more than in USA. Women will always compete less when there is a state who is competing for them, by stealing from men and giving part of it to women. Females now married with the state.

    4. I suspect that busted-up women and better-looking men (anti-Slavic setup) is a trait associated with the British Isles and its offshoots. Which would include New Zealand.

  14. Btw, I want to tell you something to my fellow men here. Its kinda related a bit to this article because I made the comparison between the nice woman I meet and those demented bitches. So, one day, I returned to my home from shopping. Since I live alone, I made my own shopping, of course. My bags were pretty heavy during that day and I wasn’t feeling well anyway. At one moment I dropped both bags because of the general ill filling, I had a very strong dizziness and I had to rest a bit. Then, a young woman (she wasn’t hot or even beautiful, she was very plain looking, but slim, feminine looking and had such a warm and friendly smile) saw me and offered her help, by caring at least one bag to my house (despite her OFFERING TO CARRY BOTH BAGS- I carried the other bag because both would have been too heavy for her and I wouldn’t want to be a burden to her). She stopped in front of my apartment and when I thanked her she said that she just did what any responsible citizen would have done for a person in needs. I even invited her to a date but she showed me her engagement ring, telling me that she already has a fiance whom she loves very much and she’ll never betray. I smiled and I thanked her again, wishing her all the happiness and letting her go in her bussiness. Believe me, it was real, that woman was real and I’m glad that not all women are like these from this article. They’re still good women on this world.

  15. “Needs a swift punch in the dick.” *punches guy in the dick (which is a weird thing to say, by the way, it’s more painful to get hit in the balls). *Gets hit back. “I’m juuuust a guuuuuuuuurl.”
    This is getting old.

  16. These idiot Kiwi women need to shut their cock-choking mouths and do what they are told by their scumfuck biker-daddy boyfriends.

  17. Of course this story is fits the content of ROK. But on the other hand, giving this piece of human garbage any sort of attention is exactly what she wants, be it positive or negative. You can’t embarrass these low life’s. Chicks like this practically orgasm over drama because they “got you,” or got to you. The worst thing you can do to her; ignore her, the same way her daddy did.

    1. hmmm this is a very interesting argument EXCEPT since you literally have never touched a woman in your life it sounds….like unreliable advice….

  18. “punch in the dick go lower hun go for the jugular”. These Kiwi Kuntz aren’t just unattractive hose bags but haven’t a clue about basic biology either……..

  19. Spent a year in New Zealand. Can confirm that Kiwi women are quite possibly the lowest overall quality women produced by the Western world.

    1. I bet they LOVED you though. I hear every woman in New Zealand is crazy of FlabbaBabbaWabbaJabbaNoonga!

    2. well, to be fair, like GOJ says about women in the USA when people start yelling “all American women are useless fat career minded sloots!!!”
      GOJ says leave the big smoke and you will find some hidden gems, and i would agree that his saying is true in this instant here as well.
      if you had got out of the big cities & touristy spots there are some lovely, friendly, traditional girls.

      1. I spent a total of three days in the city, any city, during my time in New Zealand. The vast majority of my time was spent in places with <5,000 population. I wasn’t there for tourism, I was there for work and to make money. In fact, the greatest number of days I spent bouncing between a town of 4,000 people and a town of 450 people.
        I saw heartland New Zealand. The young women were garbage. The only thing they have over American women is that there aren’t as many hambeasts as there are on the US, but that’s only because they lack the same level of access to 24/7 junk food that American women have.

        1. have to disagree there mate, i live in a small town in the south island, and there are some genuine nice feminine women where i am, i hope you saw that i said SOME, yes i will concede there are alot of maggots as well.
          unfortunately our culture encourages young women to have a “girls can do anything that boys do, but better” attitude so it is very hard to find a young girl around the 19 – 20 YO mark that isnt trying to be “one of the boys” which basically destroys a womans instinct to be feminine and replace it with ‘masculine, laddish, slutty louts’
          and i cant personally comment on US girls as have never been to USA, only read what commenters & articles say about them here, although it is encouraging to read what GOJ says about the women in his home state.

  20. I’m going to tell you something, fellows. Coming from an old man who has earned his stripes. Serious people do not make threats; faggots make threats. Serious people act. And you’ll never see it coming.
    Fuck Facebook. Fuck Zuckersperg. It’s all complete bullshit.

      1. And because you need to have it explained, Facebook is for women. If a putative male uses it, he is a traitor to other men.
        Now lick those balls.

    1. “Serious people act.”
      And after it’s over, they also never say a damn word about it…not one. Ever.
      It’s like George Carlin’s motto for driving in traffic: “Cop didn’t see it? Then I didn’t do it!”

  21. ” copious but ugly tattoos.” Hahaha i laughed my ass off. Such great use of complex and long forgotten vocabulary.

  22. Glad to see I’m not alone in realizing that a hyphenated last name denotes a massive cunt alert.

    1. Back in the late 80s, when I was in fifth grade, there was one guy in my grade with a hyphenated last name. We thought it was weird, and just called him by the initials of both names, i.e. Josh B.C. I think it took a solid 20 years for it to become a thing, and now a lot of people do it.
      If you’re a woman with a hyphenated name, chances are high you’re a cunt. A kid, well, they got saddled with it, and it’s not their fault, but they’re still going to grow up socialist and godless. A man with one either was a kid with one, or cut off his own metaphorical schwanze by choosing to hyphenate his own name when marrying. I know of two dudes who have done this.

      1. I make a point of addressing people with hyphenated surnames as “Hyphen”
        “Hello there, I’m Andrew Chambers-Potts”
        “Hi ya, Hyphen”

    2. the only reason the maggot in the featured article is doing the “double banger” name thing is pure…. $$$
      without the Holmes she is just a nobody, with the Holmes she is a MSM media darling.
      (because her step father is sort of the NZ Walter Cronkite… kind of)

  23. Can we have more articles from NZ writers….I am loving this. More kiwis need to rep Return of Kings

  24. Ha! As a New Zealander now living in the US I can tell you everything about Hamish’s article is spot on, as is the expected dull drama from both the NZ Herald and White Ribbon organization.
    You think it’s bad on US college campus’ now? My high school (late ’80s) made all boys were attend sketch shows about male power, toxic masculinity, and sexual privilege, written and performed by the all-girls drama group (all English and drama teachers were lesbian). My own unapologetically misandrist teacher enjoyed haranguing 13 year old boys about what abusive scumbags they’d likely turn out to be.
    When I moved to the US with my girlfriend, a fellow ex-pat with exceptional game warned me about the (relatively) high quality of women I’d regularly be engaging with, and the impact this would have on my girlfriend’s ego. Instant and automatic dread game. It’s an ongoing joke that kiwi girls go backpacking around the world to get railed by Rupert, Luigi, Pedro, Hans (and Jurgen), Ivan, Sven etc, finally coming home thoroughly satiated to get married to a thirsty local boy who has never left the country, their wild past safely filed away on the other side of world. On the other hand, young guys that get out normally stay out, finding better looking brides almost anywhere else in the world. A mid 30s kiwi wedding can be a sad affair as the men turn up with their gorgeous foreign brides while the women turn up with lumpen, softened husbands, or alone.
    But, I will say that there is something pragmatically attractive about a kiwi chick. I like the profanity, I like the low levels of bullshit and clumsy shit-tests, and if I say ‘back the trailer into the garage’, or ‘help me split these logs’, she can do it.

    1. sounds like your regular 25 something NZ chick has had more world cocks than famous pornstars ! That’s what they call “soul searching” I guess. Funny that they end up working a slave job in a cubicle for Megacorp.

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  26. ahhhh that joke, Hamish shouldn’t be to worried about a drugged up slogged out sloot, just grasping at any possible life raft to cling onto the coat tales of her stepfather (Paul Holmes, New Zealand MSM stalwart for the silent & boomer generation) she is only relevant to strong and empowered grrrlz who suckle at the teet of big daddy government.
    and the other cuzzy bro, i have yet to see a classy mouldy grrrl, they were cannibals afterall.
    i think Hamish Rangi will do just fine.

  27. This whore proves Hamish’s point. This also shows that New Zealand is full of degenerate hags & harpies like her. I have considered leaving New Zealand to go overseas for a few years, if not permanently. With this, no. I’m staying put. One tbing’s for sure. My wife won’t be a New Zealander.

  28. Admittedly my experience with them is limited to university and the occasional run-in with tourists but so far they have all been: some of the most disgusting quasi-females in existence.
    I’d rate them worse than the Americans in fact. But again, limited experience. I haven’t exactly met everyone on that wretched little island. 😉

  29. Responds to an article describing NZ women as foul, degenerate, violent bitches.. by being a foul, degenerate, violent bitch. Bravo.

  30. Can you feel the testoterone from that white ribbon team picture ? Would not bang any of these beasts for the life of me.

    1. the one in the middle with the red bandana 😀
      I would do it. 50% chance she gets a son who can tackle for the All Blacks by the age of 14.

  31. i have met new zealand girls in a bar in Spain. They looked quite pretty like philipino girls just “tougher” and thicker. they wore hotpants and belly free shirt and were very confident.
    There were also guys from Russia and UK and the girls played Pool against them. The guys had no chance. They also were very touchy with the men. But left the bar without them.

  32. As a kiwi you need to know that we are a feminazi state. MGTOW and red pillers are few and far between.

  33. Yeah, I’m afraid most kiwi girls are members of the roll-their-own-tampon brigade.. There are a few presentable specimens here but they are generally imports.

  34. If I gave that disfigured bloated sack a rolling kesagiri chop it’d be all over bar the shouting. Observe:

    I shudder to think what would happen if I deployed my namesake manoeuvre…

  35. Read this article, and the one thought that popped into my mind was “Hey whore, how’s the whorin’?”

  36. I have had alot to do with Kiwi’s and one of the things I noticed is that among the natives its a matriarchal society…….yes despite the fact that Mauri men do the Hakka and appear in control……..the women control the mood there and most are single mums bringing up boys who are violent and paradoxically bash women?

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