Official Timeline To The Worldwide Hysteria Over ROK’s International Meetup Day

With the dust settling and things returning to normal, it’s worth analyzing how the mass hysteria over International Meetup Day started. For more then a week, news outlets big and small brazenly smeared ROK, claiming we were organizing “pro-rape rallies,” with feminist protest groups, mayors, governors and more getting caught up in the mix. While Roosh had to officially cancel Meetup Day, the left suffered a massive loss as he humiliated journalists at a press conference and countless people woke up to the reality of the MSM’s lies.

With that in mind, here’s a timeline of how the whole kerfuffle began. You can also see Roosh’s Storify account here.

January 4


Roosh announces International Meetup Day in a post at ROK. The purpose of this day was to give ROK readers (as well as Roosh V Forum members and fans of Roosh’s own blog) “the opportunity to meet other like-minded men in their cities.” At the time of the announcement, only three tribes existed: one in Chicago (of which I am a member), one in Washington, D.C. (whom I’ve hung out with), and one in Poland. Our hope was to expand the tribal meetups to as many cities around the world as possible.

January 19

Return of Kings (business card)

Roosh releases the complete list of cities that will be taking part in International Meetup Day: over 160 meetups in 43 countries.

January 31

The first media report on International Meetup Day, from the Sydney Morning Herald, is published, characterizing Return of Kings as an “anti-woman group… whose supporters believe rape should be legalised on private property.” While relatively mild, it served as an omen of the category five shitstorm to come. Additionally, leftists and feminists start posting warnings about ROK meetups in Boston, Vancouver, Glasgow and other cities on Reddit.

February 1

Australian feminists launch a petition on to shut down the ROK tribal meetup in Sydney, declaring it a “misogynistic form of terrorism.” In response, Roosh begins trolling Australians by claiming that he’s going to visit their country, prompting immigration minister Peter Dutton to hold an “urgent meeting” aimed at keeping him out. Return of Kings also starts trending on Twitter in Australia.

Media outlets in New Zealand, Britain, Canada and other countries begin denouncing the meetups and calling for Roosh to be banned. Snopes posts an article debunking the claim that Roosh is a “rape-supporter” and the meetups are “pro-rape rallies,” which does nothing to halt the hysteria.

February 2

The media amps up their attacks on ROK, with politicians such as Toronto Mayor John Tory and SNP MP David McDonald launching broadsides against Roosh. Traffic to ROK reaches record highs as a New Zealand anti-rape campaigner calls ROK’s meetups “a form of terrorism.” Roosh continues trolling both Australians as well as journalists who request interviews with him. American media outlets start reporting on the meetups.

February 3

Things take a turn for the serious, with feminists sending threats of doxxing and violence to men who attend ROK’s meetups. Counter-protests are announced in Chicago, New York City, Glasgow and numerous other cities. American media outlets amp up their attacks, with local TV stations and newspapers continuing the “pro-rape” smear, and police get involved in several cities. Return of Kings is denounced by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and the U.K. Parliament even debates whether Roosh should be allowed in the country.

Roosh and ROK initially try to salvage International Meetup Day by both taking the meetups underground and announcing a counter-op to expose journalists who were lying about the meetups, but the sheer amount of heat is too much. Roosh is forced to cancel International Meetup Day in order to protect ROK readers from doxxing and harassment.

February 4


Despite the meetups being cancelled, feminists and media figures continue to hound Roosh and ROK. Anonymous doxes Roosh’s family, forcing him to hire a private security firm to protect himself.

February 5

Roosh announces he will be holding a press conference in Washington, D.C. so he can respond to journalists who have been libeling him.

February 6

International Meetup Day arrives. Despite the meetups officially being cancelled, feminists still hold poorly-attended counter-protests around the world. In Chicago, where we chose to hold our meetup after moving it to a different location, I embarrassed feminists by all but walking up to their protest and giving away my location: none of them confronted or followed me. In New York City, a male feminist protester was arrested after an ROK reader successfully trolled the demonstrators into going to the wrong spot.

Roosh also held his press conference, where he embarrassed journalists by showing that none of them read his writings and by pointing out that none of them were aware of the Muslim refugee rape attacks that occurred in Germany during New Years’ Eve.

In response, Caitlin Dewey, Matt Ramos and the other journalists whom Roosh humiliated tried to assuage their butthurt with salty write-ups in their respective publications, where they focused on Roosh being a Trump supporter rather than the fact that he exposed their lies and snake-like tactics to the entire world.

February 7

The manufactured outrage finally began to die down. Roosh was forced to depart the U.S. via New York City for a country where he can speak his mind without fear of persecution.

As you can see, the ease with which the media can whip up hysteria—and the brazenness with which they lie—is frightening. With no prompting whatsoever, the media colluded with feminists and politicians to prevent masculine men from holding innocuous happy hours, provoking violence and harassment against these men by smearing them as rapists and “rape-supporters.” While ROK was able to fight back against their smears and score a victory, it came at a high cost, and we’ll have to be on guard against the forces of leftism in the future.

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194 thoughts on “Official Timeline To The Worldwide Hysteria Over ROK’s International Meetup Day”

  1. the media colluded with feminists and politicians to prevent masculine men from holding innocuous happy hours
    They didn’t prevent anything. Lots of men went ahead and held the meet ups.
    The power they have is the power we give them. A group of stupid teens threatening violence is laughable at best. I’ve seen their kind in real life, they are cowards and only have strength if they have large numbers. Even then they get real quiet, real quick if you step up to them.
    The last protest I was at went peacefully and I finished and was walking back to my car with my son. Two jabberwockies were bad mouthing the protest from the sidewalk, and we walked by. I stopped, didn’t say a word, and gave them a cold, dead look. Their eyes went straight to my Blackhawk, they shut the hell up and got big ol’ deer in headlights eyes. That’s the opposition. Brave when they think they can’t be hurt, silent when confronted.
    Stop giving these mentally unbalanced retards power by backing down from them.

      1. Met up with 5 buddies at my place up here in Canada. I guess the feminists were disappointed that mass-rapes didn’t occur.

      2. I almost wanted to drive by the original locations during the announced time to see if any SJWs bothered to show up. I think there was more media hysteria than actual threats (although that might have been due to the distinct lack of rabid feminists on my social media account).
        Either way, the meetups that went ahead or rescheduled were successful and hopefully there will be more ahead.

    1. Yeah, I was very dissappointed with how Roosh backed down. It was a sign of weakness, and whether we like it or not, ROK lost a little credibility. Most of these SJW, manginas and whiteknights are all bark and no bite. Its time we stop acting like armchair generals/revolutionaries and start practicing what we preach. We could always theorize, debate and discuss ad infinitum but if theres no practical application than it would indicate that we are lowsy cowards that let ourselves be dictated by a bunch of pussies. 1st Amendment Rights, hello?

      1. Exactly. We should aspire to be more than The Judean People’s Front (but not like The People’s Front of Judea…those splitters!)

        1. What’s this, then? Romanes eunt domus? ‘People called Romanes they go the house’?!

        2. I’m not!
          That particular joke is wonderful due to its circularity.

        3. now write it 1000 times.
          Lord I love that movie. Haven’t seen it in ages.

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      2. Speaking of 1st Amendment. I saw this guy Greg Gutfield’s show on the other night, he had that Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos on over some SJW/Femnists protesting a speech at a college with fake blood. The show made out like that was a huge deal, but it was contained and limited to one event, and as far as I know no death threats.
        Yet, here we had free speech and right to assemble attacked internationally with collusion from media and government, leading to violent threats and not even a mention?
        The cover-up and shirking of the media’s hand in this is ongoing it would seem. “Maybe if we just don’t talk about it, people won’t notice.”
        It’s good several of the groups met up anyway and others are still planning to. My buddies and I talked about it (and some other ROK topics) for a few hours this weekend while we were out hiking.

    2. You are exactly right. Every single threat I’ve read combined seems to add up to one petulant 6 year old yelling “I’m going to kick your butt” to an adult who doesn’t let them stay up and watch tv past bedtime.

        1. Oh yes, right. Whatever happened to our dear little White Witch? One minute she was here casting spells and throwing hexes at us, the next minute she’s gone. They grow up so fast…

        2. evil spirits from the netherworld to kick your butt…..I assume by that you mean whatever std’s she is soaked in.

        3. I believe so, she titled herself “the White Witch” and spoke of herself in the plural a lot. You could practically see the crazy jump off of the TCP/IP packets hitting your browser. She was great fun.

        4. I think it’s a trend called “ecofeminism”-the idea that man’s destruction to the environment somehow relates to his destruction of the woman’s body, or some asinine shit like that. They’re nothing like the original pagans they try to emulate, though.

      1. You shouldn’t dismiss those threats so lightly. Not because those people are dangerous, but because it’s a fight you’re gonna lose no matter what: if your ass is kicked, you will be portrayed as weak. If their ass is kicked, you will be portrayed as abuser. And you could even face charges.
        When the game is rigged, the wise choice is not to play.

        1. You couldn’t have my agreement with any more veracity. My dismissal of them is for just this reason. They have set the rules for the game so you can’t beat them. Your comment is the heart of the truth and the very reason why I refuse to play.

        2. I am wracking my brain trying to think of who I can do that to that would understand that it is funny. The only one I can think of is my cousin and he is the one who sent me the video

        3. the pause before the line and then the zeal with which the line is said is just brilliant.

        4. Not this one 66 Scorpio. This one just can’t be put in text and remain funny. Do you have other services you can use, I can find it on vimeo or something probably.

        5. it’s easily winnable. We do exactly what we did. Move the meeting location. They look like idiots protesting in the wrong location. We control them by getting them out on the day and time of our choosing. We control the initiative. They assist us by drawing attention to our activities. They just work for us.

        1. I am only guessing by what I see on tv. Children disgust me so I usually stay far away.

        2. Gonna have to disagree with you on this one. That’s ok, we have other points of agreement

    3. What’s vexing to me about this is that these are urban snarking douchebags who don’t have a wide range.
      But then, Leninists didn’t have much to go with far beyond St. Petersburg.
      But what happened to the White Russians? They still lost.
      This is why I call out preppers and “survivalists” (the old term) for running away. All this “go live in the woods” shit has done nothing more than make the very people who needed to stay in society and stay in the fight clear themselves out. Yes go live in the woods and run out of money while your leftoid brainwashed counterpart stays behind and works their way up the ladder so they make more money. More money means more power. When “grass roots patriot candidate A” has broke supporters who have to struggle to send 20 bucks but “leftist socialist candidate B” has hordes of techies who can send 100 easily, what do you think happens?
      Meanwhile, there is nobody with any sense left in the room to tell people who stupid they are being. From factory breakroom to corporate boardroom, the “freedom minded” was gone, off to live in a cabin, so leftist idealogy could dominate.
      All thanks to a media project that started in the 1970s that tricked the freedom minded into exiling themselves.
      And now thanks to the BLM and roadless initiatives, that you can be burned out of your cabin and not be allowed to rebuild either by regulation or the insurance companies (filled with leftists), there was not even a need to send a red army to burn you out like the Soviets did.
      Sun Tzu has every right to rub one out over this.. Not a shot was fired.
      So you stayed in the fight. Great! But it’s time to name and shame the “run away!” crowd. There is NO ESCAPE. Go live in a fucking cave with your culpepper flag? Big fucking deal. That’ll last until some hipster on a hike with his little shorts sees you, reports you, and then gleefully livetweets you getting SWAT teamed.
      No. We’re through running. No more running away. We have to stick around.
      No repeating of history. Leningrad must burn this time.

      1. “That’ll last until some hipster on a hike with his little shorts sees you, reports you, and then gleefully livetweets you getting SWAT teamed.”
        But we’re drastically outnumbered. Any fighting has to adopt guerrilla tactics.

  2. Enough of this already. A bunch of little pussies threw a fit and there’ve been tens of articles about it.
    The more you write about the more you feed their neurosis.

  3. 3 things about this.
    1. Somewhere in the middle of this timeline you really couldn’t filter crap from non-crap. The over-the-top story was how Roosh lived with his mother simply because he opened the front door to his mother’s home.
    2. Whatever doubts were removed formally with the press conference. Hands down.
    3. SJW’s have an overreliance on social media. This mob mentality could be directed easily from across the world and they wouldn’t have a clue whether its true or not. I believe that is most dangerous and could end up harming someone who has no relation to whatever microaggression they are upset about.
    And its amazing Roosh has to go to Russia to get his freedom. 25 years ago if you would have said that you would have been laughed out of whatever POC seminar you were attending. Now? Russia is the land of the free?
    There were 200 US Citizens renouncing in 2008 worldwide. In 2015 there were over 4000 US Citizens renouncing worldwide. People vote with their feet.

    1. In regards to point#3. I could see this being used against them in the future. Imagine a Facebook page protesting something -anything- where usurpers came in and just filled the entire page with counterarguments, misinformation, and memes. The resulting chaos would keep them on their heels.

      1. I’ve long advocated turning their weapons on them. Because they operate on lies and knee-jerk emotions they are easily manipulated. Turning the outrage machine on their own is rather easy to do. Turning it on their masters and starting civil wars is more effective, but that’s much harder to do and their masters have proven themselves to be quite resilient.

    2. It is a fucking atrocity that I feel more “free” living in China, a fucking communist dictatorship. This is RETURN of Kings. Once I get my shit together I will go back to Toronto and reclaim reality. I hope that I will have enough brothers here to make that happen.

        1. Yeah, I’m sure teaching English to Chinese students is especially lucrative. Let’s see, you basically threw away your legal career to teach English to natives. Now, that strikes me as quite the shrewd financial move on your part.

        2. I can earn roughly the same as an English teacher as a lawyer but the cost of living here is about a third of what it is in Canada.
          You really don’t have a clue, do you?

        3. Yeah, but it’s China. You’re just going to go back to Canada and mooch off the system. Loser.

        4. Isn’t it interesting that you absconded to a communist country that treats its women as chattel, and you’re all too willing to let the Canadian state pay for your life.

        5. Chinese women are slim and feminine. Chinese men respect their women. I don’t expect you to understand that because you are rather cloistered and ignorant.

        6. 22 years but who is counting. What is pathetic about living the dream? You present as a sexless troll; don’t get jealous and such.

        7. Your silly little insults carry no weight. You still remain a pathetic cockroach who hides in the shadows; you are a childish coward who can’t stand face to face with a real man.

        8. No, she has daddy issues. No normal 23 year old woman goes out with someone who could be her father. Real men laugh at you. You’re a cliche.

        9. The more you jabber on the more it becomes obvious that you have no real world experience in dealing with women. The ironic thing is that this is one of the few places that you can turn for some good advice on how to improve your life.
          You are not a complete idiot, I will give you that. I figure you are late 20s or early 30s, somewhat socially inept, perhaps never been kissed. If you took half the energy that you have invested in doxxing and defaming me, and turned that inwards to improve yourself as a man, then a lot of this anger you have would go away.

        10. Look, you dumb cunt, if my insults carry no weight, then how can they damages your already tattered reputation?
          Face it, Clark Browning, you are a woman-hating scumbag who admitted to attending talks given by a rapist. You are dating a woman young enough to be your daughter. You’ve threatened violence against these SJW-types you’re apparently threatened by.
          You are a weak, pathetic joke of a man.
          So, I hope Roosh and his nancyboy cronies find my IP, and you do get around to filing a frivolous lawsuit against me. I’ll happily shove your defamation complaint up your misogynistic ass.

        11. No thinking person takes you seriously.
          I am a charming man and you are a subterranean misanthrope.
          Real men and real women enjoy my company. I enjoy the company of real men and real women.
          I have no rapey inclinations. My girlfriend is young, tall, slim and gorgeous and more woman that you will ever have unless you make some serious life changes.
          I do not threaten, but I do issue warnings. The fact is that your typical ROK member can make mincemeat of at least 3 SJW types. Of course Seattle is the exception that proves the rule. It took 4 guys with skate boards to bum rush one of ours.
          Still, you are a coward. You are a little bunny rabbit who can’t stand toe to toe with real men.
          I am looking forward to getting back into the game. It will be good to book a bit of gym time.

        12. That is your most retarded posts to date. A 50 year old man who can date women half his age obviously understands the fairer sex.
          You are what 28? 32? and yet you can’t get laid. More tragically, you can’t be loved.

        13. I’ve seen a picture of your girlfriend. If that’s your definition of gorgeous, then you need higher standards.

        14. No. That kind of man is desperate and struck out with every real woman he ever had a shot with.

        15. You are acting cartoonish. What exactly do you define as a “real woman”? Middle aged and menopausal?
          I have banged a few, select late 30s and early forties women who had bodies like a teenagers but I don’t make a habit of it. I have never struck out because I generally don’t go to bat chasing after women past their prime.
          Your universe is all bass akwards, like bizzaro superman or something. I have a young, beautiful girlfriend BECAUSE I CAN not out of some sense of desperation.
          If you want to see desperate then look in the mirror. You have no girlfriend and so you sit in your basement and make meager attempts to tear down a real man like myself.
          I have two years to track you down and sue your ass but we don’t have to go down that road, just retract all of the posts dealing with my professional credentials as a lawyer and as a teacher, and we can call it a wash.
          Then let’s spend a bit of time working on you. I think you seriously need to get laid, or find your own love bunny to soothe that angry disposition of yours. This is the place and these are the men who can teach you how to get what you want out of life.

        16. You’ve got more chins than the Chinese phone book. Trying to hide them with the goatee isn’t working for you.

        17. It’s 3:30 in the morning in China. Are you an insomniac? Booze interfering with your sleep?
          Your complexion is that of a problem drinker.

        18. Cripes, should we add ADD to your list of mental defects? This is Chinese New Year and I am on vacation.

        19. It’s just been one big party for me for the last 3 weeks. Unlike you, I don’t waste m employer’s time by trolling people on the internet when I should be working.

        20. Yep, and then we have Tomb Sweeping and such. If your social skills were anywhere close to your internet skills, you might not be such and angry and sexless man.

      1. Any white majority country that speaks a Germanic language. Get out. They are the SJW countries (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria)
        Notice how France, Italy, Poland, Spain, South America, Asia etc. didn’t have a stinker about the meetups?

        1. I didn’t hear squat about it here in flyover country.
          It’s odd how this does seem linked to Germanic languages. Although I suspect that if India had meetups, they’d have went apeshit too (but then, they were subjugated by the British). 100 years ago we were THE go to cultures for hardcore masculinity.
          Fucking Karl Marx. Wish I could dig that piece of shit up and bring him back to life, just so I could choke him to death.

        2. Nah, I hate to break it to you, but France did had a stinker from several leftist and cuck newspapers.

        3. All roads lead to Marxism. I consider cultural Marxism to be the greatest issue before the world, unless its finally nipped in the bud, cultural Marxism is bound to spread and consume all decent strongholds of civilizations.

        4. He wrote poetry when he was a young man. A lot of satanic references within his writings…just sayin’

        5. I’ve not heard that before. Do you have some links/references, that seems quite interesting and worthy of investigation?
          Marxism does seem like a “secular” version of Satanism to me, and always has.

        6. You’ll need to go after the early equalists too ; Rousseau, Voltaire… no Marx without them.

        7. Well, he was the son of a Rabbi. Marxism is influenced by Talmundic Judiasm, which represents a pathological hatred against Christianity and anything non-Jewish.

        8. “Was Marx a Satanist?” By Richard Wurmbrand. It was a book that Ted Cruz brought to Princeton his first week.

      2. “isnt it strange that there is more freedom of speech in Russia than in the West?”
        Unless you shit on Putin. But Russia is pro patriarchy and pro masculinity, anti homo, anti letting in a bunch of dirtbags en masse from shithole countries. So it is unlikely Roosh will have much trouble with his views.

  4. Roosh is arguably the first person on earth to have lit up the entire matrix for all to see. Bit like the first direct detection of gravitational waves.

  5. While it was surreal to see it unfold in real time, I also found it quite hilarious that a group of guys meeting in real life as opposed to just chatting online would cause so much outrage in the left sphere.
    And on behalf of Texans, sorry about that moron of a governor we have.

    1. What did your governor do? I was under the impression that he was pretty right wing (in a good way)?

        1. So basically he went with the narrative handed to him, didn’t actually look into it, and went for the quick and expedient cheap shot. Typical politician.

        2. Typical fedora hipster Austinite fag. At least in the Alamo city we have the opposite, the “Pinche Cholo” lol

      1. He spoke out against the meetings. Here’s what he was quoted as saying:
        “This pathetic group and their disgusting viewpoints are not welcome in
        Texas,” he says in a statement. “I’ve spent much of my career protecting
        women from such vile and heinous acts, and it won’t be any different on
        my watch as Governor.”
        I’ll give him this much though, he is a master politician.

  6. Great article Matt Forney. I agree that Roosh made the right call. It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback, but this was an ambush by the media in real time, and I can speak from experience as I was involved as an organizer. Roosh said it in the press conference, he already proved the brass in his balls when he faced the psycho-bitches in Montreal and Toronto. But this time around he could not make the decision to take that kind of risk for his fans. Because it was an ambush, no one had been properly prepared for the risks. Going forward, we all now know the risks. So let’s go.

    1. When I attend politically charged events, I carry a sidearm. At least one of these events was properly prepared is all I’m saying.
      To be fair, I carry a sidearm when I go get a gyro or venture out to get petrol too, so I guess it’s not really something I do “extra”.

        1. Good man. Once you get used to it and stop thinking that everybody can see it (they can’t), it lends a real sense of calm. The detached amusement comes naturally to me when I see people puffing up their chests and strutting around. It literally just bounces off of me and even makes me stifle a laugh now and then. That’s the peace of mind that it gives you.

        2. I’ll soon sign up for ten years in the military. After that, if I’m still alive, and if no civil war has broken out at home, I’ll move to Arizona with my savings. And that is if Bernie has not ruined every thing there.
          Here, an illegal immigrant can trespass on my property and shit on my doorstep, I’ll be the one facing jail time if I use force. I’m not joking.

        3. I hadn’t heard of him until now actually. That man lived a good life, that’s for certain.

        4. It still stuns me that I live in a day and age when an unkempt, scuzzy slacker dirtbag who didn’t earn his first paycheque until he was 40 years old, who was a perpetual bum who lived on outrage and handouts, who is an avowed socialist and open admirer of the former USSR, not only is running for President, but actually seems to have support. It’s just so freaking sad.

        5. After seeing a draft dodging bullshitter who cannot keep his pants up and a obtuse red diaper baby have 8 year runs, I’m not. It is time for the boomers to get out of the way.

        6. I don’t think this one is on the boomers, it’s the Millenials slobbering all over Bernie’s knob.
          Clinton was a depraved dork, but this Bern prick is a whole new level of scary in my eyes.

        7. To be honest, that ‘slacker dirtbag’ is still a better choice than a crazy feminist. (Assuming Democrats win the election of course)

        8. Bernie is a boomer who really should be in nursing home with his picture of Karl Marx. The guy has been sucking a government check for 40 years.
          The millenials are hearing the same old democrat (socialist) bromides, but you are correct –they are a scary bunch
          (I have a lot of younger cousins). Uneducated in economics and history and worse– the entitlement mixed with ignorance and a paper-thin ego.
          I foresee lots of “bad luck” ahead.

        9. I don’t think so. And by that I don’t mean that I would prefer her. He reeks of awfulness, and so does she. It’s like the Dems are giving the election to the Right for free or something. Assuming there was still an actual election for POTUS that wasn’t a rigged game I mean.

        10. I’d rather Bernie win, so I can bet every single penny I have against this country, shorting the market, precious metals. Bernie is a more predictable collapse than Hillary.

      1. I envy your ability to carry a sidearm without being arrested.

        1. It’s ok, I’ve noted many times online that I live near, but not in, Columbus, Ohio.

      2. Stay salty GOJ. One man with courage is a majority. And one man with courage AND a gun is a badass.

        1. I find this compulsive urge to track down the company that made that and buy one of those shirts. That’s fantastic.

      3. As a Canadian, I can’t carry shit. I was really disturbed about the ROK member who got beaten by some punks posing as skater boys who used their skateboards as weapons.
        Many years back I was jumped by three punks and I fought them to a standstill. I was returning from an ice skating date with my girlfriend and they were none too ready to have their head taken off by my ice skates.
        I really worry about SJWs escalating. I don’t worry so much about me per se but if half a dozen white knights tried to lay their hands on me, I can’t say that I could prevail but at least half of them would end up in the hospital.
        I am not a violent man, I just happen to be rather good at it. I hope the SJWs smarten up and stop being so confrontational.

        1. As long as we stand against them and mete out violence in self defense they’ll learn pretty quick. Their problem is that nobody has ever told them “no” and made it stick in real life, and violence is like a cartoon to them, having never experienced it for real in their lives.

        2. Nobody is willing to say “no” to them so they think they can do whatever they want. During the planned meet up day I was vacationing in Thailand and I still live in China so there is not much to be done on my end in the conceivable future,

      4. I’m getting my concealed carry permit pretty soon (the hoops they make you jump through is a pain, but at least they are required now to give you one if you pass). I’d advice against pulling it out or (God forbid) using it unless there is a serious threat to life however. The SJWs/Antifas are itching for one of these to get out of control so they have a justification to shut it down.

  7. So if we announce another worldwide meeting, would the media start lying again calling it pro-rape-meetup? or would we be left alone to meet without protests and media lies?

  8. “In reading The History of Nations, we find that, like individuals, [nations] have their whims and their peculiarities, their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”
    ― Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, 1841

  9. I knew that it was a bad idea to make the meeting locations public. Is there going to be another meet up day? I was looking forward to the Toronto one.

        1. I just texted the ROK Meetup host I know to let him know that there is interest.
          If you guys give me a burner email I can pass it on to him, but I don’t know what his plans are at this point.
          I’m interested in a local meetup though, so either way I’m down to grab a drink and compare notes.

    1. They would have been found anyway. Sure, he could only give the locations to a specific informed group, but with the way the media obsesses over this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent spies.

      1. They couldn’t even be arsed to read more than half a page of text. I doubt that what passes for journalists today could uncover anything, even if they could be driven to leave their offices.

  10. All the hysteria and the crazy allegations is just an attempt to squash any movement that might rise up to challenge the feminine imperative. If you actually hope to try and challenge them you have to actually stand up to them. Most people know that the feminist are crazy, the protesters are really the only soldiers they have.

  11. I would have gone to the Chicago meetup but the threat of violence, especially what they planned to do got me spooked. Next one for sure.

    1. Would have loved to have been in on the real meeting but signed on to the Roosh Forum too late. Either way, met a fellow tribesman and have to say he was a pretty cool guy. Would like to meet other tribesmen in the future.

        1. I am definitely game to meet this year Shep! In fact, it would be an honor. Between heading to South America and visiting New York, I will be more than free this summer. Swing on by and the first drink will be on me!

        2. Hi Red. I am a friend of Shep’s from the tattoo thread. He bird dogged you for me in his reply to you from a minute ago.
          dERp (Expect Resistance) has been trolling disqus backthreads in attempts to get Roosh kicked out of disqus. She has also been claiming victimhood status, from the mean men at ROK.
          Would you mind writing a short blurb about your first experience with dERp on the tattoo thread? You mihgt include references to
          her using multiple socks, posting the same annoying .gif thousands of times, begging to be banned, being abusive to Heisenberg, etc.
          Reply to me if you don’t mind. Almer Goretree and I are building a file to lay on her the next time she trashes ROK or claims we victimized her. We will save an image of your reply in her file.
          Thanks! She’ll be seeing what ever you write everytime she shows up to play the victim.
          Here are some known dERp aliases. Feel free to mention one or all of them.
          Expect Nothing
          Expect Resistance 2.0
          Banned Again
          Butter Buns
          baby harpy eagle
          Baby Harpy Eagle
          Rebellious Girl
          Return of Kings sucks
          Feel free to mention one or all of these. For the record, she was never banned at ROK.
          Here is a Steamy Sample

        3. Sure thing. A friend of Shep’s is a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I haven’t run across the handle in question, or if I did they did not leave an impression. I usually stick close to ROK waters, and although we get the occasionally troll or three, things are fairly cordial. Now for the person or persons in question, I have been fairly successful with outing any logical fallacies, inconsistencies, or quirks that will trigger an emotional outburst, especially from women, so I will be more than happy to help out this person, bot, troll. I am scrolling through any past archives but I think the closest profile may be Return of Kings sucks, but I’ll need to look at the February Meetup was cancelled post again to verify.

        4. Protesters won’t fair well if they try to infringe on my freedom of association.

        5. After seeing how easily they/liberals twist their statements in the media, I would hold no quarters to ensure you can come here freely and enact your First Amendment Rights.

  12. I wasn’t nervous about physical violence.
    I was nervous that anytime an employer looks me up there’d be a big fat “Pro-rape Advocate!!!” right beside my name.
    Clark Kent, B.A., M.A., Pro-Rape.

    1. Hey, just out of curiosity, could employers see your disqus account and hold you liable for it?

      1. Great question.
        I’m not sure but but it probably is the case that if someone really really wanted to identify us, they could do it. Track our IP addresses and geo-spatial data or something.
        I’ve written so much shit on disqus that if someone did in fact find out who I was, at least I could be recognized for quality ranting.
        I don’t mind writing on disqus because someone would have to actually take those extra steps to make something happen. They might even be liable to disqus for hacking an account.
        All the SJW attacks that I have seen though have been through public social media/email/etc. It is for sure dangerous to share political opinions on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or in the potential case of the ROK meetings, on camera.
        Despite the ROK Meetup though, it seems no one has taken the trouble to identify us.

        1. Ok, just because you use your name on your account. I don’t, but it’s connected to my email, so I don’t know if employers could ever use it against me. However, you’re right that SJW attacks aren’t common here.

        2. I use my name on my account? You mean Clark Kent, or you can see more information?
          I use a burner email for my disqus.

        3. Wait, I just looked it up, and Clark Kent is fictional. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of him until now.
          As for the burner email, good idea. I may have to make this one a burner one and create a new one when I’m older, if it helps.

        4. I have close to 8000 posts and given my rhetorical style there are several hundred that could be classified as “offensive”.
          I made a glorious rant on the TRP subreddit that gained me some fame before they banned me for disputing some of their “truths”. That rant would not be taken well by SJW types. Frankly, middle of the road beta types would not appreciate it either.

      2. I have heard rumours that prospective employers will want unfettered access to your social media accounts as part of the interview/vetting process. I am sort of insulated from that shit because I am working in China.
        Some punter tried to dox me by following all the internet crumbs regarding my education and work as a lawyer, but the trail goes dead when I left Canada so I am rather anti-fragile, a fact that seems to piss this guy off.

        1. I deliberately seed misinformation in with the things I say to throw SJWs off the trail. If one was more sadistic, they would find a little-known SJW and surreptitiously drop info that would point to him. I could be vindictive enough, but I’m also too lazy to do that myself.

  13. Well, here’s my advice: when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! We can only let ourselves get pushed around by them so much. Sure, the government is on their side, but surely there’s a way.

    1. You’re damn right there’s a way. We meet privately, following some vetting, and have these same discussions off the internet, away from SJW and government eyes and ears.

  14. Alright, we get it, The shit storm was disgusting and libelous.
    Now, when can we go about getting official meetups organized privately?

      1. I am. I’ve got something far more formal than a RoK drinking meetup started with a few other men. But, recruitment requires caution RoK meetups offer a level of visibility I can’t (and don’t intend) to match.

  15. Seems that the whole meltdown occurred because the left-fems were forced to bite their tongues over the European immigrant rape crisis. They couldn’t very well carry on their complaints over frat boys and sexist men in tech with organized gang rapers marauding unchecked in Germany. After a month of this they finally came unglued when Roosh made himself an easy target for their boiling rage.

  16. I saved a screen-shot from Facebook of a guy saying he was going to throw a pipe bomb into the meetup in Victoria, BC, Canada.
    Just makes me shake my head seeing some white-knight ready to commit a terrorist-style multiple murder because he believes any bullshit headline a feminist throws on Facebook. These people are all the same, they claim to be independent thinkers, calling everybody sheep, when in reality they are trained seals that bark on command.

    1. Just imagine what this douchenozzle is doing to his red-pill co-workers. He knows we are neutralized re physical intimidation to sort him out.
      But eventually the trap will ensnare if one is patient (Sun Tzu).

  17. Liked the way roosh ripped the WaPo reporter at the press conference. Journalism is dead in america. Find a way to profit from it.

  18. I think the biggest problem with the meetups is that today’s feminised media hate the idea of male-only meetings and spaces. They want men under control 0-24.

  19. Special mention to the RoK member who got beat up and spent the night in hospital. It was only one that I’m aware of, which was a pretty good turn out considering, But still one too many.

  20. I hosted in Palm Springs, CA, not a single person showed up. Probably a year here more at best, this town [and California in general], sucks.

  21. this level of coordination of the “spontaneous” leftist groups, as demonstrated by the timeline, is a clear indication that the “manosphere” and Roosh, has started to bother the systemic centers of the West. These ” grassroots” leftists demonstrations of course are obviously central organized by Western government – intelligence agencies. It is a proof of success. No longer in the watch list as something insignificant yet potentially harmful for the established order, but something to be counter attacked. In this stage just by leftist stooges .Also it is a new level of difficulty for the movement. I am not sure how to move from now on. Next typically follows by legal attack and libel against the main leaders. Finally if it fails by legislative measures to target specifically the people and ideas.

  22. Meanwhile, in Australia, the narrative rolls on. From our ‘national news’ site:
    ‘Real life’. ‘True stories’. What a fucking joke. I had to have a chuckle at:
    “Ms Broderick said 2016 could be a big year for uncovering sex discrimination and violence, and really starting to do something about it. “This won’t be the first time they’ve looked at it,” she said. “What’s changed is that they’re ready to step up and collect hard data.”
    Good luck with finding that ‘hard data’ you big tough-talker, but I’m placing my money on fabricated and loosely-interpreted data; it’s a safer bet.
    I also feel compelled to mention something you may notice on all ‘news’ websites, especially Australian ones – comment sections on ‘narrative’ articles (be nice to rapefugees, man bad woman good, whites are evil etc) are always disabled. They know they are ramming it down our throats and they don’t want us to have a say. I can’t believe people still buy into this.

    1. Conflict, including violence, in any group is symptomatic of a lack of leadership. Any organisation whether it be a business, sports team, political party etc, will fall into internal conflict and violence without a clearly defined leader. A family is an organisation too and three guesses who the leader is…
      Unfortunately, in Australia there is a big campaign against domestic violence but none of the solutions put forward involve supporting men as leaders who can maintain peace and order. So stupid. But, that’s the way it is a the moment. Even the article you mentioned claimed that controlling another person is violence. How rediculous. Control brings order and peace… That is what a good man can do for his family and his relationships.

  23. I signed up to host one of the meetups, so I had a close eye on all of this stuff as it was going down. Things were completely quiet in my community from the 31st to the 2nd, as I expected since my area is more conservative politically and less SJW-infested. Somebody, however, reported the meetup to my local press, and on the 3rd I awoke to find a whole bunch of my Facebook friends sharing the link to the news article and TV report and expressing outrage that “rapists” were meeting in their community. Multiple protests were organized, loads of violent threats made, and cops were to be stationed in the area the entire time from 8 to 8:20. Luckily, we were able to get another meetup going away from prying eyes and angry fists. I was sad to hear that one guy, who must have been living under a rock this whole time, apparently showed up to the original location and got mobbed by angry protestors. Whoever this guy was, it’s admirable that he had the balls to come out as an ROK supporter and defend his values in the face of such opposition.

    1. Somebody has to be naive that randomly different groups around the western globe started saying the same chant about “rapists”. It was centrally organized by a western government agency.

  24. Roosh’s ”If I get killed by a deranged idiot, the media won’t care” is a ploy well known by modern fembitches. It’s similar, ONLY THE OPPOSITE OR REVERSE to the ‘death by cop’ form of suicide where some poor person contemplating suicide threatens a cop intentionally so as to get shot and killed. Only what fembitches do is try to cause ‘death by cop’ (or mob) to occur to someone else. They do this by hyping up some hysteria, intentionally provoking either misinformed authorities with badges or misled wackos to go after someone. It’s an intentional fall guy setup either way.
    I myself once had a crazed bitch who made statements misrepresenting me to authorities. Not only that, she smeared my name before her family and got a spin of lies floating. Then some lesbian friends of hers came to her with rumors that had further morphed into whopper lies and the bitch ex further intensified things by curling in a ball and crying and just exclaiming ”yes, yes, it’s all true and worse, boo hoo hoo”. The mob of idiots were like Steve Martin in the jerk with the ‘cat juggling’ scene where Steve signs a million dollar check over to some schuyster to combat ‘cat juggling’. What a dupe.

    But the mob bullshit along with misled authorities left me woth no other option than to flee or fight them all. With graces, I hid once when cop cars zoomed by looking for me as the bitch ex tried to peg me as a terrorist. The shit blew over and she was institutionalized after she threw a bit too much of a temper tantrum over not being able to have me suffer ‘death by cop’ or ‘death by confused mob’. She went berserk and broke things and accidentally pushed someone’s kids down during her tyraide. One kid got a hair fracture in his wrist. That alone got her straight jacketed for a good while . . and counting!! Now mind you this bitch wasn’t the mastermind of the attack on me. She was dumb as a big of rocks. It was her enablers, the intentional players and the idiots in tandem, that nearly made it lethal for me. She pulled this shit all the time naturally on me. It flowed from the depths of her female id, no college required. That I could deal with, her alone, but it was the enablers as always that make the real problem out of something otherwise resolvable within the clan. Enablers need the heat put on them, especially the belligerent ones who will never be receptive to being correctly educated.
    I fret for the many men who are attacked by the system and are abetted by manginas who either ignorantly or intentionally take a crazy bitch’s word for gold. Smetimes the fem bitches and their radical enablers within the system are just as malicious as the criminally misled mob itself. They intentionally make themselves receptive to lies and misunderstandings to justify intentionally going after someone with violence or with ill gotten warrents. How many men get walking papers from their own home which are spurred by a shit spewing, lying bitch and knowingly rubber stamped by an anti male, anti family feminist robo judge? With a little spin, they can even spin the cops to be twitchy with a man, making him out to be far more dangerous than he is so as to heighten his risk of suffering ‘death by cop’. They spin everything to send keystone kops from one angle and crazed lunatics from another angle. The calculated intentional players are culpable for all the injustice but they hide behind the greater frenzy. They can make a kill and keep their hands clean.
    The kingpin shitsters need removed from positions of authority whether it be in academia, law enforcement, government or media. WE MUST FIND THEM and try them by their own devices. This ain’t shin kicking.

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  26. Freedom of association is one of the big things we must be fighting for.
    It’s simple, the city/polis has this Malthusian tendency of reaching it’s absolute value, and at starts declining. Observable differences in social behavior are easy to spot.
    It’s absolutely necessary that we proceed to group up with each other and make something out of it.
    The current state of reality is a disgrace, a feminist dystopia. As the article writes they want to prevent male relationships to strengthen as it will be the first step into the elimination of male-associated self-helplessness.
    What is the advantage of being a Lone Wolf? (as another article puts it). The advantage for them is that they can pack up and prey on those guys.

  27. Roosh did a good job standing up to these imbeciles in the media. They have lifted him to fame. A lot of his ideas will stand the test of time.

  28. Roosh:
    Have you ever considered pranking the feminists, leftists, and media? Go online and promote a “meeting” that will never actually take place. Put out blog postings that you are hosting a “Real Men Fest” with porn stars, strippers, beer tastings, firearm exhibition, and muscle car show, only for heterosexual men. Sit back and watch the nutcases go crazy, then reveal that it was a hoax to show how intolerant and hypocritical they are.

  29. geez roosh if you are looking for a place where freedom of speech prevails,then australia is not the place to go.our human rights commisioner(a woman)is actually a human rights abuser

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