How Forgetting My Game Because Of A Woman Almost Ruined My Life

The manosphere at large is rife with success stories. This is a good thing because it shows men that what we preach here works and works well. But relative to the stories of pussy plundering, anecdotes of failure are few and far between. As great as it is to read about the shagging shenanigans of our favorite authors, it is equally, if not more, beneficial to hear more stories our not so great moments.

My previous article gave a brief glimpse into a few of the relationships that had the most impact on my eventual neomasculine renaissance. Being the stubborn bastard that I am it took more failures than it should have for me to see women for what they really are. Ironically, as stated in the article, the most insignificant relationship was the one that led me out of the beta abyss.

But the relationship that did the most damage out wasn’t my marriage or that brief fling with that low-quality Latina. It was a tumultuous relationship with one of the most beautiful disasters I’d ever laid eyes on, and boy did she ever take me for a ride. To this day I still get a slight pang in my stomach when I so much as hear her name anywhere and it’s been over five years since we split up.

I hope this real world account shows men that the dangers of letting a damaged woman into your life are very real.

The “Magic Pencil”

I started paralegal school at a small community college in North Carolina in the fall of 2008. My wife and I had just separated and I was looking for some direction in my life. The law had always intrigued me, but because I didn’t have the money (or the discipline) to go to law school, I did what I thought was the next best thing.

One of the advantages of the paralegal curriculum is that of the 60+ students enrolled in the program that year only four of us were men. This meant a better than 12-to-1 female to male ratio, which rocked the party all night long.

Like every pack of four knuckleheads with a common bond we dubbed outselves “The Four Horsemen.” We were good looking men in our 30s and the fact that vast majority of our classmates were in their early twenties (even a few 18 and 19-year-olds) gave us supreme confidence. We felt like we were in high school again except this time, we were the cool kids.

We kept it gangsta

When we weren’t slogging through case law or grinding through endless court opinions, we flirted and teased our classmates and playfully joked with our female instructors. Between hooking up with our hot, young classmates on the regular and the off-campus parties (that facilitated most of those hook ups), that first semester was one to remember.

On the second day of the second semester we were given a pop quiz…old school SAT style which meant filling in those bubbles with a #2 pencil. I didn’t have a pencil on me so I tapped the shoulder of the dirty blonde haired girl (we’ll call her Amy) in front of me to ask her if she had an extra pencil. When she turned around I wondered how I hadn’t noticed this chick around campus because she was hot…nasty hot. A solid 9.

Amy gave me a mechanical pencil which I used to ace the quiz. When I returned it to her I told her that pencil belonged to me and that she’d have to keep it for me until the next quiz. She smiled and said “definitely.” We’d dubbed that pencil “The Magic Pencil” and she had no qualms with announcing to other classmates that pencil was reserved for me.

Back then I didn’t have the game level I do today but I had enough to know at that point that it was only a matter of time before I was knee deep in her apricot-shaped ass.

Blissful Ignorance

Over the next few months our relationship blossomed very quickly and neither of us had any intention of slowing it down. We spent just about every night together. We’d study for quizzes, do homework and cook together, and all the sappy shit that comes with being stupidly in love.

There was also a certain pride that came with having the hottest girl on campus on my arm. I wasn’t one to broadcast things but she was anything but shy about letting anyone and everyone know that we were an item and I’d stand there with a goofy-ass grin lapping up the praise and attention.

What really set her apart from other women I’d dated was that Amy took great care of me and made me feel like a man. She would do things like restocking my bathroom when she saw I was low on toilet paper, toothpaste etc. without me asking. She also made sure I always had my morning coffee whether we were at my place, her place, or otherwise, always making sure it was at my desk at the start of class.

I remember one particular day I was starving because I had forgotten to pack my lunch. I’d decided I was going to go to Burger King between classes and grab a bite to eat and had offhandedly mentioned that in a text to Amy. Not 20 minutes later I get a text from her to come downstairs and when I got there she had a Whopper and a coke waiting for me and wouldn’t let me go back to class until I’d eaten.

Hunger slayed

I had never experienced this type of treatment from any woman, so I fell hard for this girl. Coupled with the great sex we were having, I never stood a chance. Amy had me hook, line and sinker, there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

But things took a steep nose dive when we returned from our beach getaway to celebrate her 20th birthday (which was exactly one week before mine). The things I internally characterized as “nothing to worry about” were boiling beneath the surface had been dormant for long enough. My blissful ignorance was about to cost me dearly in many ways.

The Best, Worst Birthday

On the morning of my 32nd birthday, I opened my laptop to drink up all the validation that came with being the birthday boy. When I opened Facebook, her account was the one on the screen…she’d forgotten to log out. Like any red-blooded male I had to have a look.

My stomach churned as I read message threads from guy after guy asking her if she was free that night or if she was mad at them or if her boyfriend knew about them. I was sick with hurt and pain and didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. I took screen grabs of the conversations and headed to her apartment hoping against all hope she would deny everything and give me logical explanations about the conversations.

When I walked in her front door she was sitting on her couch nervously waiting for whatever it was I was there for. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a chair so I could look her right in the eye during the exchange. I sat in the chair and said the following:

“Amy, we’ve been together for a while and one thing I like about you is your honesty. I’m going to ask you a question and I need you to tell me the truth.” I said as steadily as I could.

“…okay,” she said nervously.

“Have you cheated on me?” I asked. The three seconds she paused were the longest of my life. All she could do was look at me like a deer in the headlights wondering how the hell I could have known. When that three-second eternity had ended she said:


Gentlemen, I cannot begin to describe the gravity of the shock and pain that pierced my soul the moment those words escaped her lips. Those words haunt me to this day and is still by far and away the worst emotional pain I have ever experienced in my life. I broke down and cried like a girl. I was absolutely destroyed.

Call me a cry baby, call me a drama queen, accuse me of embellishment. I don’t care. That pain was as real and raw as it gets and I felt every bit of that sting from spine to sternum. I don’t know how long I was there but I remember throwing up in her toilet at least twice. She cried as well with her hands on her head with a “what have I done” look on her face which made it worse.

It was much worse than this…trust me

After I finally composed myself I yanked off the necklace with the letter “A” charm on it and threw it on the couch next to her and left for work. She called and texted me all day long leaving message after message about how sorry she was how much she loved me and how much she wanted me back. I still loved her very much and eventually I finally cracked and called her.

Amy tearfully apologized profusely and said it was a mistake that happened because she was high. She vowed to spend the rest of her life making it up to me as my wife. She said she wanted to have my children and grow old with me and never leave my side. She told me she’d give me a birthday night I would never forget and begged me to take her back.

I took the bait.

When she came to my place that night she was in full-blown slut mode. She showed up in a mini skirt that barely covered her thong covered private parts, a midriff her tits were all but falling out of, heels so high she could barely walk in them, salon quality curls, and a professional French mani-pedi. Her smell nearly paralyzed me as I was sure she had bathed in pheromones before she came over. I was powerless.

She dutifully prepared her famous pork chops for me (which I loved almost as much as her), gave me a birthday cupcake and the watch I had expressed interest in. As the coup de grâce, she unveiled my name on the small of her back emblazoned in fresh black and red ink against her reddened skin.

We had the hottest, angriest sex of our lives that night and I was back in her clutches. But the relationship had already been damaged well beyond repair and it would never be the same.

Slow, painful death

The next few months were some of the worst of my life. Yes, I’m saying this a lot and it may seem like hyperbole but I can assure you, this is no exaggeration. The constant calling and checking up on her, going through her phone, and outright jealousy deteriorated our relationship in a hurry. Our romance suffered a slow painful death and I hung on with everything I had to keep her.

During the fall and winter of 2009 I became completely unraveled. I’d developed a cocaine and oxycodone habit, and started shooting morphine. Hell, I was even contemplating doing heroin to numb the pain.

I didn’t go down this road, but I was dangerously close

I lost my job, my car, and my apartment, and had dropped out of school. All over a fucking girl. Having no place to go, I ended up living with a couple of Amy’s drug addict friends who were a couple and both on felony probation for possession with intent to distribute.

During my stay I found out that Amy had been cheating on me the entire time we were together. I’ll never know how many guys there were but I’m sure there were plenty. Her perfect body, deep southern twang, and flirtatious disposition ensured an endless supply of cock willing to make her acquaintance. I later found out that she’d even been fucking the boyfriend drug addict and had messed around with the girlfriend some. My snowflake had turned out to be 100% bona fide slut.

On Thanksgiving Day of 2009 she finally put the nail in the coffin and told me she was engaged to the father of her daughter who’d recently been released from prison (more on this in a bit). They were married a few months later. It was a mercy killing of sorts. Though I knew this was coming it still hurt just the same.

On New Year’s Day of 2010 I was in a drug-fueled haze watching the Rose Bowl when I heard a banging at the door. The drug addict girlfriend and I looked at each other in horror because we thought it was the cops. It wouldn’t have been surprising because there were drug addicts and drug dealers in and out of that small apartment on the regular. What’s more is that her boyfriend had been taken to jail a few weeks prior because of a failed drug test (he’s in prison to this day).

She opened the door and the landlord walked in, pointed to me and said: “You don’t live here. You need to be out of this apartment by 9 am tomorrow morning or the Sheriff will come and remove you.” I called my brother and explained the situation. He bought me a bus ticket to Atlanta, where my mother, brother, and sister were living and three hours later I was on a Greyhound headed for the ATL.

I managed to find a great paying job a week after I got there and was able to financially recover rather quickly. But Atlanta wasn’t for me and I knew it having lived there a short time years before. So six months after showing up with literally nothing but the clothes on my back and $20 my brother sent me to eat on for the trip down, I was on a plane to the west coast and haven’t looked back since.

In retrospect…

…there were scores of red flags about Amy that I flat-out ignored on account of my betafied male rationalization hamster and her stunning beauty. The girl was hot, the sex was better, she kept my balls drained, and my belly full so I mentally explained everything away.

The following red flags were so obvious, even manginas would have stayed away:

1. She had a 5 year old daughter when I met her

Nothing alarming right? She was 19. This meant she got knocked up at 14, which likely meant she had been fucking since she was 13 or younger. Oh and the father of her daughter? My age. He went to prison for statutory rape. The only reason he didn’t get the book thrown at him was because Amy testified that she’d seduced him and the jury bought it. His impending release didn’t become a cloud over our relationship until after my birthday.

2. The day she gave me a vicodin in class when I had a migraine

I was a little taken aback that someone her age had a zip lock bag full of pills, but I was enthralled at the fact that she was, once again, taking care of me. The druggies that came in and out the pseudo-crack house I was living in often regaled me with stories of her meth-fueled fuck fests with this guy or that while I was in class.

She was addicted to heroin the summer after our beach trip and lost a lot of weight. I didn’t notice her drastic weight loss because I was with her all the time but the track marks on her arms were swept under the proverbial rug.

These should have clued me in

3. Her father was in prison for most of her childhood

This was why she had an affinity for older men at such a young age. She had major daddy issues which was evident in her taste in men. No need to elaborate on this phenomenon as must of us are familiar with the fact that girls like this are often looking for a father figure to fill that void.

4. She seemed to know every guy everywhere we went

Whether we were at Burger King, the mall, pumping gas, buying cigarettes, at the movies, at the park, or anywhere else if there was a male present, young or old, she knew them and knew them well. Each one of them greeted her with a long affectionate hug which she gleefully returned. They’d exchange pleasantries and even lightly flirt in front of me, but I just brushed it off as friendly cheeky banter between two old friends. Chances are she’d been under most of them at one point or another.

5. She had a terrible homemade tattoo on her forearm

Post-renaissance I understand the significance of this, but I was obviously blind as a bat back then. She told me she did some of it herself when she was 15 and knowing what I know now I’ve little reason to doubt her.

There were a few other minor red flags but those were the five that should have set off my alarm bells and told me to stay the fuck away. But my lack of game knowledge made it easy for her to suck me in.

I probably violated all of Heartiste’s 16 Commandments of Poon at some point or another with Amy, but the one I should have adhered to the most was probably the one that could have spared me:

X. Ignore her beauty

The man who trains his mind to subdue the reward centers of his brain when reflecting upon a beautiful female face will magically transform his interactions with women. His apprehension and self-consciousness will melt away, paving the path for more honest and self-possessed interactions with the objects of his desire. This is one reason why the greatest lotharios drown in more love than they can handle — through positive experiences with so many beautiful women they lose their awe of beauty and, in turn, their powerlessness under its spell. It will help you acquire the right frame of mind to stop using the words hot, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe girls who turn you on. Instead, say to yourself “she’s interesting” or “she might be worth getting to know”. Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially not a girl you aren’t fucking. Turn off that part of your brain that wants to put them on pedestals. Further advanced training to reach this state of unawed Zen transcendence is to sleep with many MANY attractive women (try to avoid sleeping with a lot of ugly women if you don’t want to regress). Soon, a Jedi lover you will be.

Ain’t that the truth…

You can’t make this stuff up


As crazy as this story has been, believe it or not it gets better. I spoke to the druggie girlfriend the other day (we still talk from time to time) and she told me that Amy was being fitted with an ankle bracelet because she was suspected in the murder of her husband (baby daddy) and the state wanted to keep tabs on her to make sure she didn’t abscond.

The story goes that Amy had been cheating on him (surprise, surprise) and the man she was shacking up with shot him in the chest at point blank rage with a shotgun when he, the husband, kicked in the door trying to retrieve his daughter. The ensuing investigation has apparently uncovered evidence that may implicate Amy as the shooter, hence, the ankle bracelet.

I didn’t include the story of how I had borrowed $1,300 to bond her out of jail after getting popped for drugs (her bond was so high she had to put up her car title as collateral in addition to the $1,300 I borrowed) and the craziness that followed because this story is already stretching the parameters of ROK articles as it is. But trust me, I was an idiot in this instance as well and we’ll leave it at that.

Learn from my mistakes

This situation could have ruined my life permanently. I could have gotten Amy pregnant (though the kid’s paternity would have been in question from the jump), I could have gotten arrested while living in that drug house, and I could have developed a heroin habit. I was ripe for the picking but I managed to come out the other side with my freedom and my health.

Looking back, even if I had the mythical crystal ball I used to wish for I know I still would have taken the plunge, proving that this was a lesson I had to learn rather than be taught. That’s how pathetic and thirsty I was.

The wisdom I gained from the experience with Amy paid immediate dividends. My new found degree from the neomasculine preschool of hard knocks made it almost too easy to diagnose the low quality Latina I hooked up with shortly after coming west. Took me a week to solve that puzzle and eventually I ended up here in the ‘sphere.

I never take for granted that I was very fortunate not to have been swallowed up by that armpit of a county in rural North Carolina. The fact that I was chewed up and spit out of there may very well have saved my life.

I hope my story helps men to understand the common mistakes we make as well as the red flags that even the best looking women have. Like I said, I was lucky to get the hell out of those circumstances. But if you’re not careful and apply the knowledge sites like this provide you might not have the good fortune I was afforded to put your life back together.

Hear this story in more detail on The Sharpe Reality Podcast,

Episode 4: The Worst Heartbreak Of My Life – A Cautionary Tale,

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291 thoughts on “How Forgetting My Game Because Of A Woman Almost Ruined My Life”

  1. If a woman tattoos your name on her body, that’s a huge red flag. Tattoos on a woman are bad enough, but using your name is taking it to a new level of obsessive craziness. And if she’s got some other dude’s name, well, just remember that you’re probably tasting his dick every time you kiss her.

    1. so she left the author and married her ex, but still has the name of the author tattoed on herself. now thats amusing haha. isnt that a little redemption for him?

      1. Don’t know that I’d call it redemption that a drug addicted, train wreck, suspected murderer has your name tattooed on her. Quite frankly, if that was me, I’d be hoping she had it covered or removed.

        1. imagine when they fuck. they will always see the authors name. if i was the guy i would be like.. meh. idk ))

        2. I have been there. When this skank that was trying to tie me down got on video chat and showed me the tramp stamp made of my name in large gothic letters I ceased all communication and blocked her . I seriously considered changing my name. I have no enthusiasm for having my name on some skank’s ass.

  2. More red flags than a Mayday parade.
    America, where if she’s pretty, she’s going to be a fucking slut, because she’s part of the 5 percent of women who are not big fat fucking slobs and the absolute power of being in that percent will corrupt. But if you want “loyalty” well, there’s a shitload of 300 lb women who will line right up with six armpits each.
    You see by even being involved with the Most Horrible Creatures on Earth IN THE FIRST PLACE you were asking for trouble. Even snake handlers get bit.
    As they say down south: “Don’t start nothin’ there won’t be nothin’ ”
    And as I say: “When on a mission, hang up the balls” .

  3. I wish the author would post a pic of this girl. She’s a druggie with a kid but he says she’s a hot 9? Seems hard to imagine this

    1. She might have been because she had a kid so young and young girls bodies recover more quickly from childbirth because of their age so I guess it could be possible. He may have thought she was a 9 back then because of his admitted thirst so for all we know she was a 7. He should have taken a snapshot of her on his birthday night lol

      1. Like the author, I’m also from North Carolina. There are no 9s in North Carolina lol And 9s do not go to community college

        1. I’ve been through NC a couple times and there are good looking girls there for sure.

        2. I do a fair share of traveling and I’ve found the young women in NC to be the most attractive in the south. TN and TX are also impressive. FL is so overrated. Too many of us aging baby boomers that ruined the world. Seriously though, I know FL has all those major universities but I’ve found the women there to not live up to the hype.

        3. I also live in North Carolina and the 4 years I have been here, I have yet to see anything above a 7.

        4. Florida?
          At times I swear that there is a program in in the USA that during the summertime of any northern state, any fat girls shamelessly walking around in short shorts and string tops get hit with a tranq dart and when she wakes up she’s in Central Florida with a lease on an apartment and a service job.
          Yeah, it’s so bad it seems like that. See that fat shameless slob with the short skirt and the blubber hanging out? She’s going to Florida.
          Miami is what screws it up, all that MTV Spring Break crap and rap videos.
          Hey guys, pro tip: that hotty down there on Miami Beach is not there for you. She’s there for the football player or the baseball player doing his spring training. Lots of $$ and celebrity dick for them to ride if you ain’t got it, you ain’t getting it.

        5. tejanitas are the most beautiful women in the US. closest we get to russian girls over here.

        6. South Beach is wall to wall hotties, but you are right on target. I found that these hotties are all models working on their tans and networking for future gigs. They are not slumming with the likes of us. Unless you have fashion industry connections, or millions (minimum) in the bank, and/or are famous you are SOL.

    2. Whether this girl is a 6 or a 9, it’s still a good story. I don’t get why so many dudes want to get caught up on a tree and then miss the whole forest.

  4. 4. She seemed to know every guy everywhere we went

    Yep… big red flag. It’s ok for a guy to know every girl who passes him by… but not so much a woman knowing every guy in town.

    1. Depends. If she’s a waitress or some kind of public service type, maybe, if the town is small. But otherwise, like in this case, yeah, totally agree.

  5. Thia guys an idiot. This has nothing to do with game and everything to do with you being an idiot if you dont know what people to avoid in life, youre basically a woman

    1. Seems to me if he followed the basic game concepts of not putting pussy on a pedestal and never taking back a cheating bitch he could have saved himself a lot of regret.

    2. Well, at least you’re living up to your username.
      Other than that, your post is unhelpful.
      We need more honest articles like this and less ad hominem attacks.

    3. Good fucking lord dude, he states up front this has to do with not doing the right things. Have you never made a series of bad mistakes in your life there?
      His story smacks of credibility and should serve as a lesson for young men (and older) just now coming to the red pill on what not to do. Be happy he shared something so tragic and personal as a gift offering to other men.

      1. Hey GoJ,
        Who are these guys who thinks anyone would make up and post a article like this? Are they so feminized that they think the author is trying to get (femcunt like) victim status/sympathy? Imo, the tone of the writing alone reeks of a guy desperate to help others avoid easy to fall into/ hard to get out of, real world problems.

        1. Reeks of a lack of real experience.
          Everyone I know who has dealt with women knows that with the good comes the bad.

        2. I think the worst part is the very real truth this is exactly what most of the world tells men to believe. Who hasn’t heard, don’t question her past, never judge a woman, a man can be a slut too, only God should judge a woman, she hasn’t met the right man, just to name a few? This is the kind of story that should be written to wake up those still sleeping. I’ve seen some shit. You’ve seen some shit. If we didn’t see it who knows how much shit we’d be sitting in?
          Thankfully, as depressing as this knowledge is, there is still phase two: being a masculine man who can eliminate this from his sphere. All it will take is the same love of a beta, the coldness and practicality of an alpha, with some good old fashion stoicism, because bettering yourself is not easy. But there is quality women and living out there. Just have to get to that station where they fight to earn us. To quote Driver, We Men are the Prize.

        3. “Just have to get to that station where they fight to earn us.”
          Rollo’s second book just came out and it has a lot of emphasis on what you just said. The roles WILL reverse, but the road to there is painful, and unfortunately many men never make it to that point.

        4. I’ve heard that name floated around before. He wrote The Rational Male correct? Being the prize seems like the natural progression of things as we already have the qualities to be men to shape this world positively. There is a certain level of shrewdness that me must learn to add the extra layer. Thankfully things like PUA have shown us all the exciting world that can occur when you think outside of the box. Now we just need to make our beings as invigorating.

      2. Hard to ignore the douchenozzles like judge and emfo who have obviously never made any mistakes in their life concerning women and were born sucking the red pill out of their mothers’ teats. You already put it best when you commented on my article:
        “This entire movement is teaching men to learn how to actually start being men again. Walking in and snarking like a little bitch at men who are in the process of self improvement makes you out to be a nihilistic dork. Get a better perspective on life and learn how to celebrate the fact that men are waking up from the Matrix, and try to contribute something other than sneers.”

    4. Judge, as much as I would have liked slap the author into reality while he was doing stupid beta shit, I have a stronger desire to slap people like yourself, who, after everything is done and over with, assume this position of competence, sitting in an armchair, with crossed legs, raised eyebrows, stating the fucking obvious, as if the second they were born they already looked and behaved like Sigmund Freud or something.

  6. Yeah, you were pretty fucked up at age 32. Most guys have done most of their really stupid shit before then.
    No excuse at any age to becoming a bitch for drugs. Thanks for sharing, anyway.

  7. ‘My snowflake had turned out to be 100% bona fide slut.’
    Like my father once told me…if she really wants to sleep with you, she’ll sleep with anybody.
    It actually wasn’t a put down to me but more of a warning…let’s just say he had a crazy or two in his past.

  8. Damn bro- glad you recovered.
    It certainly is a skill to reign in the innate lustful desire of beauty that erodes the painful truths Game teaches a man.
    IMO it is a continuum of reflection and relearning as one who stays single and continues to bang women and pursue life knowing the destruction a woman can cause with little to no regard. Loyalty and honor is not a trait female humans are built to behave by- as our current society reflects. Hyoergamy doesn’t care.
    It’s nearly on the forefront of my mind every time I start developing emotions for a woman. And it’s a battle. Every. Time.
    I could go on with dozens and dozens of mini stories resembling the same elements you have described however on a much smaller scale.
    The choice is to accept a series of mini relationships and muscle through the downswings ‘knowing’ with certainty you have averted monumental life draining pain by cutting bait through the logical conclusions learned from Game/Red Pill truths.
    Dont ignore the red flags. Embrace them and act.
    Part of my success has of course come from hardships of extreme pain. It also has come from building true brotherhoods with a very small amount of men (count on one hand) that are also Red Pill. Men that can support you and give you the shiv when needed: “hey bro, enjoy fucking her, but you already know the signs. Don’t spend much money on her. Don’t trust her. And start an exit plan. ”
    The challenge I deal with now is the energy it takes to subdue the perceptive qualities Game knowledge and experience has taught me: It’s like an ESP female bullshit detector. Everytime I hear these awful millennial women, early gen-x and cougars start flapping their gums and blowing their hot air of shit tests and ego assuaging rhetoric I can decode what they’re really saying- and unfortunately how broken and damaged they are inside.
    Game teaches a skilled player how to pary these female-isms into gina tingles and lays. However Game is an advanced skill; and if it is shelved for a while the sharpness of the blade will become dull.
    It takes courage to post your tribulations. And the value to men is priceless knowledge. Rest assure though the internet is filled with these types of stories. And this is very common these days.
    And lastly for the few trolls that try and toot their horn and claim they’ve never been cheated on, or never been dumped and try and boast of a flawless playa life:
    Comlpacency with below average women and a denial complex is really what you’re saying.
    Great to share Donovan- keep writing and keep bangin’ hot women.

    1. Right, because lives are generally perfect, people don’t make major fuck ups with bad people due to the blindness of infatuation. That poets and playwrights have written about such thing since antiquity is irrelevant.

      1. Either that or the guy doesn’t have any game at all. My bs detector went to the roof when he found out about the cheatings and he went to her place to cry a river and then… Take her back. Wtf??? And there were soooo many red flags to begin with that I doubt any sane person would fall for that, not to say a “game guy” and writer of ROK

        1. Have you actually *read* the story?
          He stated up front that this was before he had game.
          What about this confuses you?

        2. I did Sir. Did you?
          “Back then I didn’t have the game level I do today but I had enough to know at that point that it was only a matter of time before I was knee deep in her apricot-shaped ass.”
          A 19 yo chick with a 5 yo kid, with a bad boy ex-lover in prison, a homemade tattoo in her forearm, the trucks full of men that she banged without him noticing anything… I don’t know, it sounds like too much

        3. He knew enough to know that a girl was heavily coming onto him and that he’d have sex soon. Sometimes a woman will be so obvious that even an omega realizes she’s hitting on him, this correlating almost always with her level of sluttiness. That is exactly what he meant in that sentence. Nothing more.
          The rest is irrelevant.
          So that we don’t get into a snark fest, which I have zero interest in entertaining, do you mind if I ask how you grew up? Middle class or higher? The question actually will form my next response to you, and it’s not a trick.

        4. Good looking women who who give regular sex an do things for guys an cook for them etc have been sucking guys in forever. Sure in hind site you’re thinking how could he fall for that but it happens all time. Love is blind as they say.

    2. Also @ghostofjefferson:disqus Sharpe is totally legit and one of the best authors we have here.

      1. Upvoted for truth. This article speaks to guys going through divorces in 2015. Its hard out here for a pimp.

      1. Yeah I was rooting for the Ghost.
        I feel the Ghost is an attorney? Just loved the rebuttals. Also, I am illusioned by his profile pic. I feel like he is that guy from the Dos Equis commercial, older and wise.
        I guess a photo speaks a thousand words.

    3. Without this story how are other men going to learn what NOT to do?
      We always read about the glories of picking up women. I bet more men who read this shit have been fucked with, fucked over, or fucked up by women (I would say, majority, which is 51% or higher of these men).
      Many men could learn from experiences like this> I know I learned my lesson after my stint with the 23 year old chick when I was 30.

  9. what a train wreck…that is a full derailment..
    the $60 I wasted on dinner and drinks a half dozen times on flakers throughout my 20s and early 30s pale in comparison to that story.

    1. David why do you look so young in your picture.
      You look like you could pass for 20 years old. Good job, bro!

  10. The best revenge is getting yourself 2 or 3 other girlfriends and use her only as banging material.If she finds out,coldly serve out what you have investigated.Case closed.

  11. This is a terrifying story. Thank you for sharing because it most definitely has some good take always.

  12. The author needs to stop chasing girls, and relearn what redpill means all over again. What the heck was he thinking? A 19 year old druggie with a 5 year old kid? Was this guy that desperate?

    1. Don’t be so harsh on him. I once had a junior in a class of mine – I teach HS – and found out after months that she had a two-year old son, you NEVER would have guessed from looking at her, she was as slim as legit model.

    2. The man had to learn some how. That’s where strength comes from, like he said, through your trials and tribulations, faults and mistakes.

    3. Umm……so……that it was seven years ago, well 5 as he celebrated his 32 birthday and is now 37 doesn’t imply the man he is now isn’t who he was then?

    4. A 32 year old that just got divorced and meets a 20 year old pretty girl is going to be desperate if he hasnt learned game yet. Im 27 and sex with girls 18-22 is an intense high. Men out in the world without game and frame are defenseless and vulnerable to all kinds of fucked up situations.

  13. Donovan, your only salvation would be joining a monastery for few years, stay celibate while you’re there or pray for your soul. When you come out forget about chasing girls, the Game and all that. Live a modest life and try to erase the memory of this girl altogether.
    You’re likely to repeat the mistake again if you chase women again. The fact that you fall for this type of girl speaks more about YOUR character than hers.
    And you’re the same Donovan that’s trying to teach us how to sleep with married women and why it is such a great thing.

    1. Hi Ivan,
      Yes, and Donovan also writes about how to live like a villain. Not every author is for every kind of masculinity, or reader for that matter. Imo, There needs to be Donovans out there so that there is space for other kinds of masculinity at the monastery.

  14. Sounds a lot like a girl I knew, had a kid at 19, smoking hot, did a lot of meth, huge slut. She was at least an 8, even a 9. Even had people writing “missed connections” about her on CL after visiting the store she worked at.
    This was a powerful story, thank you for sharing it. It could not have been easy. I think we need to remind guys that single mothers are not just a red flag, they are like 10 red flags. Kick immediately to the curb, do not pass breakfast, do not collect cab fare.

  15. “When I opened Facebook, her account was the one on the screen…she’d forgotten to log out. Like any red-blooded male I had to have a look.”
    Man, oh man… I know where this was going without having to read any further. I feel for ya, Sharpe, I really do. Fucking slimy cunt!

      1. Probably, drama queens play out their whole lives like Lifetime movies. If things get boring, shes going to find a way to bring some excitement into her life, good or bad.

  16. If you’re in an LTR with a girl and she admits to cheating, get up, do not say another word, and walk the fuck out the door. Never contact her or call her again. It’s over.
    If you take a cheater back, you’re just giving them a hunting license.
    EDIT: For purposes of clarity, this applies if you catch her cheating, or otherwise find out about it.

    1. This comment needs to be above all these other “this dude is a moron” comments that miss the point of the post entirely.

    2. Been there… All you can do after that is walk…
      If you take her back she wont respect that you’d sell yourself out for a ho (fucked up eh?), never mind that you’ll probably lose some respect for yourself.
      What Mistral said… Don’t bother saying a fucking word… Just walk and don’t ever bother to see her again… The sooner you turn away and just start moving forward the sooner you’ll get your life back together. There is no more resolving anything at this point.
      She will most likely try and manipulate you once she sees that she no longer has your attention but don’t fall for it. If you get “settled” with her again, her little game is over and you’re just back where you started.
      Just turn away and walk…

      1. Exactly right once she’s cheated walking away an ceasing contact is the only way to win. If you did take her back you’ve lost frame an she will cheat again.

      2. everytime u run back… the pain u went through… multiple it by 100!
        once u get involved with a damaged soul of a woman, u become damage. The faster u run, the faster your wounds recover.
        Trust me, i still know of guys that are still suffering after 20 years!

    3. you guys fall in love with girls? I did once at 19 and stopped after 3 months of that bullshit. It’s been 20 years since I’ve been “in love.”

        1. I assume one must have some feelings about a girl if he goes back or the slight notion of taking her back, after she cheats.

        2. Commenting on Mistral post.
          I only use the L word to placate the woman, to be honest I haven’t had the butterflies in years. Had the shit feeling in the pit of my stomach though.

        3. that’s what I had @ 19. I was the opposite of a bad boy. Her parents loved me too (vagina wetness killer). she left me for a loser. I knew then and there what it was about.

        4. Getting old sucks, but staying stupid sucks more. On the whole I think the wisdom gained has been worth the pain.

      1. You never develop any attachment for a girl?
        I typically don’t for a while but if I invest in a girl eventually I become attached.

        1. after countless sluts, a bad marriage to an “educated, career woman” , and a half dozen single moms, I just can’t even like them anymore. i wish I could love one; a woman worthy of that feeling.

        2. I get that. I think thats a big reason we’re all on this forum.
          I’m trying hard to resist getting to that point but it is difficult when I can’t seem to find a decent woman (aka not a druggie/slut, not hopelessly unattractive)

        3. even if the face is a 6-7 and the body is a 8-9, then that is acceptable for at least an LTR. too many fatties, too many tatted up sluts, too many single moms now.

        4. a cheerleader from high school was mine. I went right up to her and asked her out, she said no a few times only to be impregnated by the overweight lineman on the football team months later.

        5. I held out for Princess Vespa. Even though I know it was totally contrived, the way her dress kept falling off her shoulder really got to me.

        6. Same I become attached to girls an like to do romantic things sometimes but I always stop myself going full retard. You’ve got to be aware on some level that it won’t last an be prepared mentally for that.

        7. I have a “no single moms” rule. I broke it once, but that had to do with a “mother-daughter” threesome….
          Just kidding. But I do have a “no single moms” rule…

        8. back in the late 1990s I was noticing that all women were in one of these three categories:
          – fat
          – bastard kids in tow
          – batshit crazy
          nearly 20 years later most of them are combos

        9. Indeed. I’ve been down that road. At the end of that road is car wrecks. DO NOT GO THERE. I have been there. Heed my warning. You might at well be eating trash from a dumpster while you are at it.

        10. Educated, Career women might be the death of the marriage worthy woman. Far too many can’t bond worth a damn. Something in a career woman makes them far likelier to be a smidge more masculine and absorb dicks like Yoshi. Although I must say Dave, is this you?

        11. Does he now sell shoes and remind the world when he scored 4 touchdowns in a single game?

        12. Totally agree – it was never even an option, even when it was offered (the woman) on a platter.

        13. i’m a body-over-face man myself. there’s only so much a girl can do to improve her face. the body is an indicator of character.

        14. i know i’m beating a dead horse here, but think about latina girls who go to church (i mean over-the-fence latina). at least, think overseas somewhere.

        15. Not just for the quality of women but potentially for a better legal situation as well.

        16. By the time you saw her, she had been banged in a closet by Harrison Ford.
          AWALT bro

        17. Maybe you could post an article about successfully gaming 18-22 yo *quality* western females?
          In the UK, chance would be a fine thing indeed.. maybe 8% of the total female population would qualify!

        18. At the William Shatner roast one comedian went on about how a sci fi sex symbol could let themselves go so much. . .and then he pointed Carrie Fisher out in the audience.

        19. One of my friends used to say (ad nauseum):”It’s not the face you fuck, it’s the fuck that you face!”

        20. Fuck it. I live in China. If I don’t return to Canada with someone quality in tow I think I will just spin plates until I croak.

        21. You’re not missing much over here btw.
          I swear the quality of women was higher just 5 years ago.

        22. It never works out well. I did it once, and that was under some particular circumstance–it was with a woman who had basically been my Dream Girl when we were kids, and she had kept the body tight and such. But that was a one off. Scheduling can be a PITA and and you will never be first in her life. OTOH, I got some quality lays out of mine, she was great about not letting the kids interfere (I mean by being around and fucking up time together) and I knew it would have a Beginning, a Middle and and End. *shrugs*

        23. Well first, you have to *find* a quality western female. Good luck with that. Once you do, here are the Cliffs Notes:
          For Younger Guys:
          Work on yourself, first. You need to differentiate yourself from all of young guys offering her dick on a daily basis. Get in shape (or stay in shape) and find some way to be different–learn an instrument, start a business, write a book. Whatever.
          And do not, under any circumstances, put up with any of her shit.
          For Older Guys:
          Don’t try to act like a ‘young’ guy; the younger guys will be better at it than you and you will look like a trained monkey, trying to please her. The young guys are all trying to be somebody; you already are somebody (no disrespect to young guys, here; we all had to come up and shape ourselves into men). You lead; she follows. You should have access to better, cooler places to separate her from the herd and have your evil ways with her.
          There is a girl I know who I take her to lunch sometimes simply because I enjoy her company and like feminine attention–she is a non-bitch, non-slut, and I’m not particularly trying to bang her, but she’s pleasant to have around, intelligent, and a good conversationalist. Now that she has established her bona fides as a ‘good citizen’ she knows all about the 2x22s, and my other side pieces. Why? Because I have already been pre-qualified by the willingness of other young, attractive women to have sex with me. Now, with me, she can go to places she otherwise couldn’t (around town I am a “Known Guy”) and her little orbiters cannot follow. Of course, between pre-selection and my abundance mentality, I’m probably going to wind up banging her anyway.
          Happy Slaying,

        24. This article has so many comments because Clark Kent and other female-minded readers feel are way too chatty. Exchange e-mails and become pen pals or something…faggots.

        25. i’ve lived in EE and latin america (mainly ukraine and honduras) but i never had much of a chance to judge the legal situation in those countries. both are very corrupt, but that can have certain advantages too. you’re a red pill/neomasculist guy, and i think you’re still pretty young so i would definitely recommend getting out of the anglosphere, learning some foreign languages, and meeting some feminine, traditional women before you get to be middle aged like me.

        26. same in the states. i spent about 1.5 years in central america and was pretty shocked to find girls noticeably less hot and people in general noticeably fatter when i came back to the US, even in that short span of time.

        27. That is will never work out in the long run is not to say that it does not work out well, having run its course. I had a girlfriend who was basically a plate, but we were otherwise monogamous. She had a 15 year old son who I never met. We both knew it would not last but it was fun while it did. Once a week, get together, have a bit to eat, clean the pipes etc. No drama. I don’t even recall why it ended, it was so un-traumatic.

        28. What MIstral said. I would add that you shouldn’t talk down to them. Don’t pull rank or try to daddy them. When discussing experiences, avoid citing dates and years. They already know the score but there is not point in rubbing it in.
          My current gf is 26 while I am 48. Our last date got a bit weird when she looked through my passport and then commented: “Hey, you are a year older than my father!” However, it was all good in the end.

        29. Agree with what you’re saying about corruption sometimes being advantageous.
          Pretty sure you can describe what we have here as corrupt as well… Just in a less obvious way…
          As Dr. Jeep once posted… We are told every day that we are free but from his own travelling he found people were more free and alive in places that weren’t as socially controlled at the macro and micro levels.
          If you’re an independent thinker… you pretty much have to tone yourself down in the modern-West. Intelligent men used to have respect in society and could work for the rewards of family and a woman’s affections. But not anymore… Any man with brains has to drug himself into oblivion just to stop noticing the constant hypocrisy and lies shoved in his face.
          I agree with you that I need to travel and thanks for the kick in the ass. If I’m wrong I need to know it for myself. If there is better women, better food, better living out there I need to see it for myself or I’ll always question it.

        30. Hmmm. Then maybe I need to move to Shanghai, or else vastly improve my Mandarin so that I can actually run game here. Or rather, so I can day/night approach (you can still run game if you meet them through other means, but there is a dearth of girls who speak English).

        31. True. I do the same. Treat her like an adult and act like one. Also, remember the fact that you are older is one of the things that attracts her to you.

        32. Career women are trying to be the “man” in the relationship…that’s the problem.
          Many of them can’t turn that part of their brain off. They had to have the career (like the man) so now they are lost (between a man and a woman).
          Not all, but quite a few of them.

        33. try to find ways to live overseas, not just travel, and set yourself apart by learning the language. when i was in the peace corps in ukraine (not sure i could handle that liberal scene anymore, but this was 12 years ago, when i was very blue pill) i put in 2 to 4 hours a day on my russian. i was one of the maybe 10% in my group of americans that learned it well enough to carry on a conversation. i was suprised that so few bothered to learn, but hey russian is hard, i figured. i expected more of the americans i worked with in honduras would know spanish, since it’s vastly easier, but no. if anything even fewer knew it, even among those who had been there for years.
          if you know the language you’ll experience the country in ways most american/canadians never will. plush, there’s just something to romancing a local girl in her own language.

        34. yeah man, hit your mandarin hard. i’d recommend at least two hours a day. if i learned russian, you can learn chinese (an american guy i worked with in ukraine knew chinese and said russian was actually harder) nothing like knowing the language when you’re overseas. not just for the women, although that is definitely a big part of it.

        35. Great assessment Driver!! It takes so long to catch where you messed up at but after seeing my own dealings with a woman who was career oriented, and hearing others stories, women are suffering the same dilemma as us. I don’t know if career women know how not to display those masculine traits. It takes a very well equipped mind to dig into a problem well enough to solve it and thankfully as a man, we usually get back to ourselves. What did I do to create this world I inhabit?

        36. Pretty sure if you actually learned Mandarin as a white-person your resume would benefit too.
          Ask other Canadians to get a broader point of view but I can speak for Toronto. There is a reason that MGTOW/PUA is so popular here. Its not by choice…
          Also I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the politics of Canada as of late but it keeps getting weirder and weirder.
          Not only have we made prostitution legal to sell and not to buy.
          But Harper is also trying to get a “secret police” bill passed in the name of terrorism.
          Makes me wonder what he knows that I don’t… Why the sudden need to have so much control over individual citizens?

        37. women were sold a bill of goods.
          I know many women who, after a few drinks, said “man, work sucks, I just want to stay at home and raise a family”. All early 30s. Its funny, cuz I hit that wall too at the same age, but I know I have to stay out there and earn bc that is the way it is.
          I think both men and women hit that “oh shit, 30 plus yrs to go” about 10 yrs into the workforce..

        38. If you have to ask, you’re old. 28 is definitely old to an 18 y.o. and likely to a 22 y.o. also. That doesn’t mean you can’t game 22 y.o. girls. I’m well into my 40s and the sweet spot for me is 22-25. In fact, with 25 y.o.s, I’ve caught myself thinking, lately, “Yeah, but she’s really only got about 5 good years left in the tank…” Not true, necessarily, but it shows you the power of abundance mentality.
          Anyway, if you want to game younger women, at 28, you need to put away childish things and be a man. It’s a better half of the deck to play from, anyway.
          Now go forth and SLAY!

        39. coming into the relationship with that mentality is part of what leads to the downfall

        40. The mechanisms on which females select males seem irrational but favor the human species in a significant way in which males cannot comprehend.Women are attracted to strength and intelligence even if they appear separately on males. For males i suggest the only option is to maximize your strengths and at worst some female will gain interest. Sperm wars broke it down to the basics.

        41. This model sounds like it assumes that evolution is on a path towards progress. That women select the “strongest” and “most intelligent.”
          Evolution doesn’t care… cockroaches will outlive humans even though compared to us they’re totally retarded.
          I think you’re giving women way too much credit here… The modern women fucks a bunch of “alphas” and then has a child with a “beta” that she doesn’t even like… just kuz he fits into her “life-plan.”
          That beta is most likely not stronger or more intelligent than the alpha… He was just there at the right place at the right time and fit the mould she saw on TV the whole time.
          I will argue with you on the idea that women are tacitly bringing us closer to a more perfect human being.

        42. If I ever get completely fluent then I will submit my resume to CSIS. Otherwise, there are lots of six figure jobs in Shanghai.
          I have been following the news and I am somewhat gobsmacked. Wynne got a fucking majority?!?!?!?!?
          On the prostitution file, we had a perfectly workable legal regime until a few hookers were enabled by our stupid Supreme Court. They bought into the idea that if something is not outright illegal then it must be commercialized. The government’s response was “fine, then we will make it illegal”.
          I haven’t looked closely at the new anti-terror bill but my conservative cyber-mates are freaking out about it.
          PS: My first name is Clark. In grade 1 I dressed up as Superman for Halloween. In grade 2 my buddy dressed up as Superman. His name was Kent. Go figure.

        43. Lol represent
          Yeah if I were u I’d just get cozy in China. I’d bet that more Westerners will be there soon anyways.

        44. Are these your girlfriends or something?
          I’d go with the one in the middle. Prettiest face IMO.

        45. These are the girls that I am juggling. Funny that you picked out the oldest of the three.

        46. That is interesting haha.
          She seems to have the nicest features IMO but of course its just a picture.
          Goes to show how taking care of yourself makes a difference… North American chicks in their 30s don’t on average look that good…
          Desk job + Stress eating + Shitty food + Anger and frustration + Can never admit to being wrong = Modern woman

        47. She is 30-something and putting her best foot forward. The first is 20 something and has a body just shy of a supermodel. The last is a teenager. I should not complain and yet I do.

        48. If/when I return to Canada, if I don’t have a Chinese wife in tow, I seriously dread the prospect of re-entering the North American dating market.

        49. In this regard I side with Roosh.
          I’ve dated since I was 15 and I’m honestly tired if the western girl schticke. It really does feel like your main value as a man is to be an entertaining clown.
          Unless you are quite wealthy I don’t see how it is an appealing lifestyle to play these girls forever. It’s not like you can rely on them for any kind if stable relationship.
          I can’t speak for all of Canada but the major city girls are burnt out IMO.
          And the laws keep getting weirder.
          But maybe I just need a change. If you come here have an open mind but I won’t be too surprised if compared to Asian girls who still have some common sense about relationships you will be annoyed.
          Right now all I care about is getting my money right…
          I swear girls were not this feminist when I was younger.

        50. I am honestly trying to get a MRS here, against all TRP advice. If I fail then I will up my game and return to Canada to hit on 20-somethings.

      2. Love as modern society thinks of it is pure horseshit concocted by Hollywood to sell movies. Real love is a cold, calculated analysis of whether you currently receive net benefits from a relationship and if you predict, based on objective evidence, whether you will continue to receive net benefits in the future.

      3. Same here, I fell in love when I was a kid (maybe 18) and said “fuck that shit” after. I’m way too cold-hearted for that now.

      4. You never fall in love with a woman – not even your wife. Sure road to ruin. Deep Fondness perhaps, but not love. Love would blind you and lead to pedestalisation.

        1. I am married to a gorgeous Asian woman 27 years younger than me. Even i have to stop myself from going full retard; no matter how loving and sweet she may be. She tells me she loves me several times a day; to which I reply, “That’s nice.” She then asks, “Do you love me?” I pause and then say, “Suuuure.” Don’t ever go full retard.
          You just can’t fall in love in this legal environment. I l ove the movie Heat, where DeNiro’s character says you have to be able to, if you feel the heat, walk away in 30 seconds. No other options are left to us.

      5. As they say, it’s a choice between loving women and understanding them. I can’t love women either.
        But then again, it’s much more important to like a person than to love them.

      6. Being in love =/= being blind.
        I loved every girl with I once was – and the love destroyed itself, like a Phoenix, the moment she did something I didn’t approve.
        Sometimes it hurts, sometimes not. But, my dignity >>> my love.
        Of course, nothing of this come without some fails like the one described in the article.
        Unfortunately, we get knowledge through books, and wisdom through pain.

    4. A good message that comes from this story is what I was explaining to someone the other day. No matter who you are, there is a girl out there who can totally fuck up your head. Generally, these are the super pretty unicorn 10s that you can’t believe like you. A rare treasure like this is bound to affect your judgement. This happened to me just recently.
      The way to protect yourself in these situations is to continue banging other girls and keep telling yourself the following mantra (to which I credit Schoolly D):

      Pussy ain’t nothin’ ‘cept meat on the bone, you suck it, you fuck it, you leave it alone…

      1. The only solution is not to get emotionally attached to women, my brother was fucking a woman who was still fucking his best friend, i advised him to let go and focus on self improvement. If any man wishes not to get wrecked by a female is to view them as sexual outlet and nothing more, assuming a woman has equal logic as a man will always result to immense dissatisfaction.

      2. Or you can find a woman who is a 7 or an 8 but who has values, morals, character, education, personality, and loyalty to offer as well as mental stability and domestic skills and the desire to build a family. If you go for trash you deserve trash

    5. I know of a guy personally who just had his wife cheat on him after 10 years of marriage. When the guy she cheated with refused to leave his wife for her, the nasty slut only reluctantly came back. I think what’s so sad is that the limp dick husband willingly allowed her to move back in. A guy like that is the ultimate Beta Cuckold.

      1. Was he required to perform a ceremonial self- ‘de-balling’ with a kitchen knife before he had to put on the Apron of Shame?

        1. He might as well have. It blows my mind what some guys will tolerate. Granted kids are involved, but still. Essentially that guy is sending the message to his sons that mommy’s whoredom is acceptable and daddy’s so weak he can’t kick her ass out. Raising up the next generation of betas

        2. I had this happen with my first ex-wife. I thought she was cheating and we separated. She begged to come back and I was young and stupid. Later, after a child was in the mix, I confirmed that my gut was absolutely accurate and she had been cheating. I kept it to myself and didn’t end the marriage because of the child. Later she ramped up the cheating to intolerable levels and I didn’t tolerate it. Divorce was in the cards from the time my gut said so; it just took a lot longer for my brain to get in gear. I learned a lesson the hard way that I used to save a friend later. He separated from a true hobag and she was begging him to come back. I was able to give him the wisdom that once you get a woman out of your house and life she stays out.

        3. He’s mikediver for a reason. He couldn’t resist getting back in the pool.

      2. That’s a fucked up situation though. Keep a cheating wife or give up half your shit.

    6. I never had this issue arise but one punter said there are two times a woman will cheat: the first time and the last time.

      1. I actually told that to my 2x22s.* The actual quote was “The first time a girl lies to me is the last time she lies to me.” The subtext being “I will find out, and you will be Way Long Gone.” So I have inadvertently been running ‘dread game’ on them–one of them had to run out for about an hour to do an errand for her boss and she insisted on showing me the actual IM convo with her boss on her phone. I have her trained. *grins*
        *Sadly, they broke up with each other. The welcome mat is still out for me with both of them, and the get it that I will be banging both of them, just not discussing it with each other. Because of the history, that will work….for a while. The (much) more bi one is clinging to me, b/c she regards me as the “Pied Piper of Pussy” and understands that her best chance to express her bi-ness is for me to find another bi-girl to share. And so it goes….

        1. His point was if you even suspect then you read the bitch the riot act. The second time they are put to the curb.

    7. Agreed what we’re talking about here is betrayal. Simple as that, if someone is willing to stab you in the back once, then pull that knife out and slit their throat with it before they can do it again. (I.E. Cut dat bitch off!)

  17. One of the Beige Phillip rules is that everyone gets got. Meaning it doesn’t matter who you are, how good your game is, how well you are at reading people. There will always be those handful of seductresses that come into your life and turn your whole world upside down. Kind of like the Siren archetype in Robert Greene’ Art of Seduction.
    Its about taking your lumps and bruises, learning from your mistakes and getting back on the horse

    1. You can screw a woman until she is a whimpering wet mess, be a solid provider, honest and all that shit. If there is a brief moment of unhappiness and opportunity she will fuck someone else and blame you for it.

      1. Soon as she thinks your boring an you don’t provide tingles you’re done. Doesn’t matter if you were the greatest husband an amazing father to her kids, if you’re boring she’ll move on either physically or mentally. It’s all about how it feeeeeeeeeels to women.

      2. Its a waste of time and energy to keep them “happy” for decades. Happiness to them is sustained excitement and attraction, like putting gas in your car every day. Peace, compromise, harmony, and stability are boring ideas to females and thats what long term relationships are all about.

  18. Excellent article Sharp. I’m sure a lot of men on here have a similar story, I know I do. I think the best way for someone to learn something is by finding a way for them to relate to the material. By sharing stories like this, which most of us have gone through in the past and most of our younger guys are likely going through in the present, it helps connect the dots in regards to learning from those red flags or spotting them in our current relationship. Well done.

        1. And thus anonymous no more. I should have shared all my racist, sexist, misogynist, misandrist, hedonist, terrorist thoughts months ago. Did I miss an ‘ist here?

        2. It’s only a matter of time before internet anonymity is gone. Enjoy it while it lasts all you thought criminals.

        3. Well, thankfully I still have a fall back identity. Good Ol’ Red Hood. And if you talked to some friends, I should have been dead years ago.
          Sadly, my Swiss account has been ‘Compromised’.

        4. That helps now but I predict FB/Twitter/Disqus/etc will begin requiring phone numbers or other ID in order to eliminate anonymous “”abuse”” towards helpless feminist flowers.

  19. it seems as if now a days if a girl is even the slightest attractive, hell, even not fat, there is a 90% + chance she’s a damaged in one or more ways (slut, gold digger, or outright insane) etc. This has brought me to adopt a mindset of not caring to find a wife, at least not in the west. I hold no guilt over “using” women for my personal satisfaction, when they do the exact same. So let’s just use each other and see who gets tired first.

    1. they get tired first…look at POF..there are hundreds of thousands of over 35 year old women…”looking for the right one” and “not into one night stands anymore”

      1. Other guys got to pump them when they were younger an tighter but you gotta prove yourself first, yep rigged game.

      2. I’ve never been on POF, Internet dating isn’t my thing, but I have a friend who swore by it. He was a complete loser, lived in a shithole basement suite, slurpee cups and McDonald’s wrappers all over the floor, dirty dishes in the sink for weeks. He was on compensation for a workplace injury, sat at home smoking weed all day and “fishing”. He cleaned up with skanky waitress types who work at night and so couldn’t meet guys with real daytime jobs. None were good quality but he wasn’t either and he got laid almost every day, some were pretty decent looking too. He always said, “if you want to get laid the first day, go after the ones who say no one night stands”.

  20. Good description of the pain. That feeling, when you’re still beta, and for the first time, you realize your snowflake has been cheating on you for quite a while. It’s completely reality shattering and turns your guts inside out. It makes you feel physically sick, and there’s all kinds of strange sensations all over the body. It’s quite amazing really.
    “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you.” “I didn’t think you’d ever find out.” “I thought we weren’t really together anymore.” You wonder: How can an adult think like this and be so utterly cruel? Thankfully, we have taken the one remedy that makes sure we’ll never go through this again. When you take the red pill long enough, you are able to put the ego aside and see nature’s game. You realize you haven’t really lost much at all. And watching the hamster in action becomes a laughing matter.

    1. Actually, after an experience like that, you HAVE lost something – when you realize your emotions are dulled, you’re jaded/cynical and that L-word feeling is dead forever…
      You know what? It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things – since with the red capsule, it frees a man’s time, ability and intellect to achieve greater heights. One difference is that it’s now his own self, rather than a woman, which motivates a man.
      Start Game.
      Live life on own terms.
      Crush it.

  21. It was back in my late teens early 20’s. Have to say she wasn’t as fucked in the head as your hose bag but not far. No drugs but one of those flaky girls, hot, 7 or 8, but as you mentioned a long list of male friends. Eternal student, no love for children what so ever. Brother turned out to be a queer. I remember when I found out, and no he didn’t hit on me, a mutual friend of ours did!!! eeeeuuuuuu!!! I got a real perverse kick out of telling her and fucked the shit out of her on the bonnet of my car afterwards…..
    As far as I am aware she hasn’t married and is still on the cock carousel, she should be in her 40’s now and a nice collection of cats. Looking back on it, and I’m sure you will too, you will cringe and ask yourself how you could be sooooo stoooopid…..I only wish I knew then what I know now about women. Best of luck to you in the future…… to infinity and beyond!!!!

  22. What a fucking slut. In the good old days, you could strangle a bitch like that.

    1. I’m no fan of Islam but they still use the edict that if your bitch misbehaves you can beat her with a stick no thicker than your thumb…..I don’t know does it state of which material the stick should consist…..

  23. So. You saw and avoided all the warning signs. She set you up believing the myth of a good girl only to shit on you, knowing she would do it and actually “needing” to do it to get validation.
    I’m not surprised.
    Your loss is your gain.

  24. you can’t judge from the picture but this chick, who dated my buddy, has been married 5 times. she keeps finding a sucker and she is over 40 and reasonably attractive.

      1. those are her kids? thats a lot of alimony. looks like one of those old Bennetton fashion ads. she has a fair white kid, a black kid, a darker white kid, and indian kid and a weird kid. looks just like the ad

  25. I’ve slept with a few young women with daddy issues. Most of them were in the 18 – 20 range.They are easy lays, but they are extremely dangerous. You have to be on your toes all the time with them. Young and inexperienced guys should definitely avoid this type of female. They may fuck you today, and accuse you of rape tomorrow.
    As for the OP, you saw what you wanted to see. It happens to all guys who’ve fallen for a girl. I think it’s called confirmation bias. The evidence that supports what you want to believe is emphasized while all the other stuff is ignored.

  26. I think it’s more less a good thing for a man to run into a woman like. You’re left with the choice of the red or blue pill. Take the red pill, you see the world and women for it and they are. Take the blue, and you’re the bottom bitch.

  27. the only way an average man can keep a woman faithful is that the society they both live in will punish cheating severly through social pressures and laws. keep a woman a virgin until they are ready to be married. the ONLY way youll assure if she doesnt cheat will be to keep her on lockdown all the time. ever see those tightly controlling boyfriends that dont allow their woman to talk to any other men? sounds harsh but these women stay with them (probably because they respect their dominance) and it WORKS.
    Also, keeping a woman a virgin until she is married should be a rule, AKA ONE COCK RULE! any more than one and she will always consider you second to her first.

  28. Word to the wise: Always, ALWAYS steer clear of single mothers! Their misandrist, world-spiting, bitter, manipulative ways are no different from one to the next and all they want is some Beta sucker to help them with bills. They could give a fuck about you or any fiber of your existence!
    Single moms who had their kid when underage, well, no elaboration needed!

    1. a buddy of mine is shacked up with one now. the kid is 19 years old. She is starting drama 3 times per month and is pushing marriage. He has a vasectomy and cant have any more kids. she is still pushing marriage. why ? because in Texas your assets are “community” property after you get married.

  29. Best thing about this article: it will force quentin tarantino, if he is a poster, to reveal himself. This has movie written alllllllll over it. Too bad Nice Guy Eddie passed away, I can see him playing the landlord and kicking the door in.

  30. thanks for sharing this lesson life teached you, i apreciate your try to make us learn by your errors and equally your desire for trial and error, looks like me a lot, however my story dont come close to this one (getting a mother with children, losing job, use drugs).

  31. Holy fuck you were a train wreck. Good looks on the article; I wish you the best.

  32. Sounds like a borderline personality disorder, possibly high functioning, but still…you dodged a bullet

  33. I fucking love this site. I really. Fucking. Do.
    Thanks Donovan, great article!
    I learned too. Being a 32 year old now, I dated a 23 year old chick at the age of 29 into 30. We were both in graduate school, and she approached me. We had a few things in common and she was attractive to me, so I went head in and decided to date her. Within a few months I started to see the red flags:
    1.) Mother was a heavy drinker, and drank every day, alone, on a deck, while the husband sat quietly in the living room, never drinking. She was always drunk when we came to visit.
    2.) The girl I dated was also a drinker, and drank almost every day, just like mom did.
    3.) She started off with a tattoo on her shoulders, neck and wrist, then throughout the relationship she started getting tattoos on her thighs, then tattoos on her shins.
    4.) The mom was a big lady, but her daughter, the girl I dated was nice and petite. I didn’t care at the time because she was attractive, young, and fucked me so well.
    5.) Her mom said she was a poor sleep, so she took some “pills” to allow her to sleep. My ex girl also complained of being able to sleep, so she eventually started taking pills. When I asked her what she was taking for medicine she said, “they are heavy duty ones, but I don’t want to tell you what kind. They are the kind that are suppose to knock you out.”
    6.) She spoke about her relationship with her father not being the best. How she had to validate herself to her father, and would tell him she loved him but he would never tell her back.
    7.) There were guys who popped up in certain places, saying hello, giving me looks, and being awkward. I found out she was or use to fuck/date them.
    8.) She goes out drinking with her mother
    9.) Her mother use to call several times a day to gossip and ask how she was doing. Remember, this woman is married with a husband and ladies her age to gossip and talk to on a rarely basis. But this was a co-dependent relationship they had.
    10.) Her girlfriends, who were a reflection of her, were bitter, insecure, slutty and dumb. It made so much sense of the 6 degrees of separation. Those girls were her to a tee. But I didn’t know it, because I was a 30 year old dating a 23 year old with a tight body and fucked me so well.
    11.) Was on the Mirena Ring (a contraceptive that docs implant into the uterus(?) that prevents that person from getting pregnant). She was planning of having raw dog cocks stuffed and cumming inside of her guilt free.
    Thanks to this site, I learned how to take care of me FIRST, and identify such women.
    This new chick I am seeing has been showing red flags:
    1.) Takes meds to lower her anxiety and nightmares she has at night
    2.) Believes she was molested by either her father or someone of the family (she says she can’t remember)
    3.) A child from divorced parents who were both alcoholics
    4.) Substance abuse/addiction runs rampant in her family (even though she doesn’t do drugs and has a couple drinks every couple days)
    5.) Is 35 and has photos all over her facebook of her with children and babies (from her friends and family). She said she may not want a child now, but if say I (or any man) accidentally cums inside of her, she will keep it.
    We have been dating for 6 months. About 3/4ths of this time I spending time taking care of myself, so it’s not like I’m with her every day, perhaps every two weeks for a day or two.
    Damn, now that I typed it all out, she sounds fucked up! Gentlemen, I believe you should be doing the same with any woman(en) you are dating or fucking. If you are considering her more than just a fuck, write the chick(s)’ list of pros and cons, and you can see for yourself how much of a damaged girl she might be.
    Should I run?…………….or nah?
    Or at least keep her in the “PIPE” line while I move onto other prospective vaginas?

    1. Don’t run just put her in the booty call/fuck buddy box. Or if you have a harem, absorb her into your lower tier.

      1. This is horrribly bad advice. You need to remember the first rule of manosphere 101; never put your dick in crazy. Any girl that has alcoholic parents and believes she was molested via incest as a child is cray cray.

    2. Definitely not LTR material. Put her in the pump and dump barrel and lose her when it’s befitting to you.

    3. Run for your life
      . . . . and change your address, phone number, email and name to make sure she can’t find you; otherwise you will be writing about a worse situation in a matter of months

    4. Funny how things can come into focus once you write them down.

    5. Whoa you better be careful with the new one man. Taking pills for anxiety and nightmares is what my borderline ex used to do and she was severely fucked up. If an adult is having awful nightmares, she has had some serious trauma in her life. If a girl says “I cant remember”, she sure as hell remembers and doesnt want to yell you. If she even suspects thag her father molested her, you should get the hell out of there. Thats some deep, deep pdychological shit. Abandonment fears lead to pregnancies and drama.
      Best of luck to you.

    6. Run like the fucking Devil – far away from this one. You need to assess what may be attracting you to this type of woman? There are men who are addicted to sluts/slappers/trash, and they don’t know why and can’t get out of that circle of shit.
      At least you’re noticing all the red flags.

      1. I agree. I will admit that much deeper soul searching is required for me to identify and cease the reasons why I find such women. Or is it the truth, like the Matt F article that it’s more of a trend that American women are being diagnosed more with mental disorders?
        Either way, this makes me part of the MGTOW movement.

    7. How do you know those anxiety pills don’t decrease the effectivity of the birth control ? Find out

      1. She’s not on birth control, this one. So condoms as well as pulling out with the condoms will make me 100% safe

        1. The only method that is 100% effective is abstinence. If you are fucking her, you are in danger.

        2. If you really are doing that, you have more self control than me. If you are not — and my guess is that you are not because the sentence leaves wiggle room — re-read what you wrote about this chick and run. Hell, run anyway. I have had my own crazy damaged addictive love disasters. So very glad I didn’t knock any of them up, but still think about them when I jerk off.

    8. Since you asked, I say run, that’s a pretty long list of fairly serious shit that you wrote here. Keeping crazy women “in the pipe” is bad news, she will only become crazier if she finds out she’s not your one and only.

    9. She has pics of kids because she loves ’em. Some may be hers given up because family knows what relatives have a short straw. I knew a girl who took handfulls of head pills daily and who had 8 kids, everyone of them taken away from her by the baby daddy(s) and other family members. Unfortunately you cannot beat the crazy out of a head broke girl. She’ll always be a low level performer in the LTR game. Observe the next schlub who takes her in fully and you see a similar level of person inside of her behind the pretty mask.

  34. Great article about your red-pill moment. I’m sure close to every guy in the ‘sphere has had one of these.
    I think once you get over the marriage/kids thing, you’ll realize that “She’s not yours, it’s just your turn.”

  35. As of this Time the ATF is not Moving forward with the M855 ammo ban, major victory for the Second Amendment, the pressure was put on the ATF and they Relented, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  36. This has got to be one of the strongest articles I’ve ever read on RoK. Absolutely solid shit, my man. Keep it coming.

  37. Sheesh.
    Most of us who used to take the blue pill and now have woken up to reality have a story like this…not this deep but neverthless the “one” who shriveled our dicks into nothingness.
    Lessons learned. You are lucky no permanent damage made onto you.

  38. I feel for you man. It’s hard to put empiricism over feelings when a hot chick is on your lap. Sometimes the only way around the fire is through it.

  39. (I quote) Your brother’s date is not retarded.
    Well, she could be, but there’s different levels.
    She could be a moron, an imbecile, an idiot or a cretin.
    Morons have the highest IQ of the mentally retarded, so if something’s wrong with her, you may not notice at first.

    “I hope this real world account shows men that the dangers of letting a damaged woman into your life are very real.”
    Oh I’ve learnt big time, big time!

  40. After reading this guys account I thought back to this.
    Hot/Crazy Matrix it went viral for the wrong reasons but the truth is there!

  41. It’s one thing to lack game. This is a special kind of out of it. Track marks? Homemade tattoo? Five year old kid with baby daddy in prison? I’m not the gamiest cock out there but even in my teens i knew that just was not going to happen. And you have to deduct at least 2 points each for the track marks and tattoo making a 9 impossible.
    Sounds like you got off easy. This is the kinda girl who will harvest one of your kidneys while you’re sleeping.
    But I’ve been there(sorta). I was cleaning out my girls car and found a time clock receipt from a local bar with the name Manuel on it. WTF….And I took her back….for another year….and it was shit…I learned my lesson.

  42. Jesus H. CHRIST Donovan! Special depths, eh? I guess something’s missing from my life I never made to those depths, but I know plenty that have. Welcome back, Dood!

  43. The moment I hear that a chick is a single mom, that’s when I run for the hills and never look back.
    TBH, some single mums in their mid to late 20s still look fantastic but I know they’ll give me nothing but serious trouble. Added to that you also got other shit problems like family issues, possible drug usage and the actual father coming after you and its a perfect receipe for a disaster.
    So bottom line for any girl I may date is: no kids, no drugs, no serious family problems. If a girl has any one of these issues, she’s only worth a pump and dump session. Heck maybe not even that, I might still just run for the hills.

    1. And you don’t want to get emotionally involved with the kids and then have to disappear when she starts with the, whatever drove dad away stuff. Because she will. The kids have enough shit they don’t need dudes running in and out of their life.

      1. The women don’t give a shit about running the cock carousel around their kids . It’s fucking sad

    2. I also have a strict no kids policy, I don’t want children myself so why would I date a woman who already has one. The hard thing is that at my age, only 30, 90% of women have at least one kid if not a few and sometimes by multiple fathers. These days you pretty much have to be dating teenagers to find a childless woman. So many of my friends shack up with single moms and even marry them and then it’s a never ending bullshit cycle of animosity between the real dad/woman/step dad. A lot of women also look at me like I have a third eye when I say I won’t date a mother, “really? Why not? Just because she has a kid doesn’t mean you have to take care of it”. Actually, if I persue a long term relationship with her it means exactly that. Grow the fuck up ladies!

  44. Mannn. This story went from a kind of unfortunate situation to horrific pretty quickly. Glad you made it out a better man and recovered.

  45. Familiar, yet gripping, tale. Congrats on surviving it and learning. I think you have to look at it like a former junkie, and realize the potential for a relapse is always there if you’re not on guard.

  46. Feminist dating coach Harris O’Malley (“Dr. Nerdlove”) has written a long article criticizing red-pill philosophy. It has been published on several different websites, and shows up in the top results in a Google search (on “red pill, Harris O’Malley”). I have not seen any reply or counterargument by the red-pill community, and I am curious why.

  47. Single mothers are always a RED FLAG.
    That’s all you need to know.

    1. Lots of armchair psychologizing of why men are attracted to the Red Pill, very little actual argument even trying to refute the common Red Pill positions. What little he does of it is nothing but contradiction trolling, claiming it to be self-contradicting based on a straw-man understanding of the whole thing.

  48. You were totally justified in breaking down that day; that kind of pain is indeed the worst, I would know (judging from the story, I think you had it far worse, however). Unfortunately, I think it has hurt my interactions (or lack thereof) with women.
    Thank you for sharing to help the rest of us.

  49. Pussy.
    Takes living through all that to learn, though.
    I do admire your courage baring your soul, though. To us, I mean.
    I never found out for sure if nay of my girls cheated on me. But those I was suspicious about, I kept fucking them until I grew outta them, and then duly dumped their asses.
    To me, pouting is beta, anger is beta, revenge cheating is beta, dumping is cool only if you’re not invested in her to the point that you’re aching to see her again.
    The best way to deal with it is to finish her as a lover for you, and know that you had fun with the human being in question. (edit: not as in having played with her emotions. fun as in good times, shared experiences)
    The “revenge” part is in keeping her on the hook for all that time you are fucking her, and getting over her at the same time.
    You only fall in love if you allow yourself to.

  50. strong read man. One can not even realise what his life holds for him around the corner.

  51. This story is really an indictment of the west. The west is leaning towards polyandry (opposite of polygamy) – one woman controlling and reigning in multiple males. The girl may have been sexually broken before her teens perhaps but I’ve similarly seen doped up orbiters and even the house man controlled by the gravity of these kind of bitches. These bitches make the party happen and the dope tempers the alphas to where she can orchistrate and control the entire room (or group).
    If she were given a generation or two of unchecked and unimpeded ball jacking to do as she pleased, then she would age into some old senior controlling hen mother in a west which could be that much closer to falling under whip cracking dominatrix bitch rule. But the great MAN BALL thunders on the horizon in this day on Earth.
    The para legal – she probably got coached by some older polyandric (cuckolding) hag to pursue a course or two, to to get her toes wet in the field and have the tools when needed to throw the king under the bus if it ever came to that. I think she’s already getting smashed right now along with her misandric handmaidens by the GREAT ETHERICAL MAN-BALL.

  52. GUYS stop thinking with your dick and start looking at their background! Famliy, daddy issues, allot of male friends, social media addict, drugs.. etc…
    ive gone down this road myself many fucking times but the truth is about 80% of women these days are fucked in westerised countries. “FUCK THEM, dont fall in love with them”. If u want to settle, find a foreign woman that hate westernised valves. They work on keeping a strong family together compare to chasing after money and a career (broken woman).

  53. I thought this story would go in a different but equally bad direction – that she would graduate, realize she’s hooked up with a guy who makes what she does, then split the moment she found some senior partner’s cock she could start huffing.
    Sure, it must have been great to be among all those women in a paralegal class, but paralegals don’t make nearly enough to sustain a 9 in an LTR. Even if she wasn’t a loser druggie, that arrangement was never meant to last.
    And if any girl you’ve been dating shows up in slut gear one night to turn you on, you can be sure you were not the first for whom she’s ever dressed that way. Immediately you should have been asking yourself where she got the slut gear and how long she’s had it. Good girls just don’t own that shit.

  54. The main message for me is how backward the backwoods in the U.S. seem to (have) be(come).

  55. those are not red flags, they’re nuclear meltdown warnings. Good for you for figuring out your mistake and moving on (hopefully….)

  56. What I gather from this article is you, sir, are a loser. You married a drug addicted trashy girl and then went on to date a drug addict single mom mental case who is also a slut. You yourself were or are a drug addict and can’t establish a decent career for yourself despite being in your 30s. Where the hell are you finding such trashy girls?? Not ONE girl I personally know is any of the above let alone all of the above. You’re bitter about women because you can’t attract a decent woman. Let’s see you write an article about finding a woman with a real job, an education, and who isn’t a drug addicted single mom loser. Yeah yeah yeah now watch the bitter trolls come out accusing me of being a 300 lbs fatty whatever. Facts are facts and it is evident that you pick loser girls who probably gave you an STD.

    1. If I may interject;
      You seem to think “Not one girl you know” does any of the things he described, but I would be willing to put money on it that you are wrong. Even women that seemingly appear to be on the level tend to have a dark and sinister past that only truly becomes unveiled after it’s too late… what the author is trying to tell us is that it is necessary to learn from the mistakes of others and not wait until she lets her guard down, that it is necessary to understand the danger before it is present.
      Or in simple terms, no one starts off as an expert and no one is immune to a bad fall or mistakes. What matters is getting back up and learning from the experience in a meaningful way.

  57. “Don’t get emotionally attached to women” is a terrible advice. Being emotionally attached to a person you love is part of being a human. That being said tho, the author clearly was blind as he couldn’t see obvious red flags. We’ve all been there. I know I was. When you score a 9 and she is super hot and sweet and caring – your brain just shuts down. You can only learn to advoid these situations from personal experience.

  58. Once you have a few miles under your tires you can look at these beautiful disasters and quip “somewhere there is a guy who has had enough of her shit”….and walk on by..

  59. When I read about how the landlord kicked you out just like that, I was thinking that he had no right. As long as the tenants are paying the rent and not disturbing the other paying tenants, they can have their guest over as long as they like. He seemed to tolerate having drug dealers as tenants, so what’s his problem?
    Then as I read more, you said how if you hadn’t have gotten out of there, you would have ended up even worse off. So I’m guessing that’s why he singled you out and got you out of there before that crowd you were hanging with destroyed your life completely.

  60. When you mentioned that the landlord just kicked you out like that, my first thought was that he had no right, as long as your friends were meeting their obligations as tenants, having you as a couch surfer at their place is their prerogative.
    He didn’t seem to mind renting to drug dealers who had every junkie in the neighborhood pass through their door. Then again, maybe he didn’t want his apartment being used as a flophouse to boot.
    You said how you were lucky to get out of that situation when you did, before your life was completely destroyed. Maybe he saw that, saw how you were pissing your life away staying with those losers and booted you out before it got to that point.
    Either way, it’s a good thing he did.

  61. Basically the guy dates and wants to marry the worst kind of trailer trash addict …and is surprised she is a slut? Are you kidding? Where is the common sense?

  62. I always appreciate being reminded of my own mistakes in life. Thanks a fucking lot. Really!

  63. *whistle man that story wow, honestly the fact she was Southern pissed me off most.

  64. You were 31 going for a 19 year old with a five year old daughter…what did you expect? I don’t even feel sorry for you. Always look for integrity. ALWAYS.

  65. Dude, you’re fucking retarded and totally deserved this shit. I am happy that you got what you deserved.

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