4 Signs That Show The Degeneracy Of London’s Women

London is the eye of the degenerative cultural storm enveloping Western nations at an alarming pace. Its large and youthful population, and especially Anglosphere females, are craven followers of any new trend presented to them them as beneficial or beautiful. This demographic picks up habits on cue as directed by peer pressure and the culture creation industry.

The fallout from this rampant social engineering is evident to the keen observer of London women and their degenerate behaviours. A radioactive soup of dire prophecies like the Androgynous Agenda, Kurzweil’s singularity and post-modern gender-bending are starting to take shape in the following behavioural trends.

1. Women with smashed iPhones


London is full of iPhones with broken screens, the majority of them owned by women. These are usually thoroughly smashed all over, consistent with repeated dropping, which itself indicates chronic use. British women are notorious for being addicted to the constant stream of validation provided by smartphones.

This leads them to stay constantly plugged into these devices. There is not a single public place where a British girl isn’t to be seen transfixed by an iPhone screen. Such patterns of use inevitably lead to the dropping and smashing of these fragile devices, and girls frantically texting on smashed iPhones are a common sight in London.

The smartphone obsession of British women is so prevalent, it has even become a matter of public safety. Zoe Sugg, a professional narcissist who feeds her grotesque ego under the pretext of running a fashion blog, was chided for filming a video blog poast at the wheel of her car. In a case of more dire consquences, a 21-year old girl was so busy sending text messages that she crashed into another car, killing its driver. She was given a mild sentence of 21 months in prison. At her trial, she told the judge “I just feel awful that I was involved.”

British women’s craven thirst for constant online validation doesn’t only result in collisions on roads. Matt Forney has reported on “manslamming,” which he describes as “the idea that men don’t move out of the way of women on the sidewalk fast enough.”

Even in busy areas of London, British women are walking around intently staring into their iPhones, earphones in, oblivious to all around them as they bathe in Facebook likes and Tinder swipes from thirsty male supplicants online. A girl doing this walked into me on Tottenham Court Road a few weeks ago. I was chastised with an indignant yelp of protestation. It is, of course, men’s duty to move out of the way promptly when this happens.

Feminism, in its relentless drive for global equality, has brought civilization to the point where Chinese women are throwing themselves from fourth-floor windows in desperation at working in factories that make the devices that narcissistic Western women use to fill the gaping hole in their spirits with external validation. Then, as if in gratitude, Western women treat these delicate and carefully crafted devices like a child’s toy, with resulting breakage.

2. Corporate women wearing sneakers with business attire

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 23.08.07

Nothing betrays a Sheryl Sandberg-clone femcunt like sports shoes with business attire. In London, this is the exclusive preserve of Anglo women who have brought into the myth of office-cubicle empowerment. I have yet to see this ghastly mismatch of styles in women from Eastern Europe or Russia.

More traditional cultures instil in their women a sense of deep shame at the prospect of appearing in public looking less than their best. British women have no such reservations, walking around in ghastly, foam-soled running shoes anywhere but on the running track. The colours—usually neon pink—show that not only are these women happy to look like off-duty circus clowns, but they are deeply proud of it as well.

A closely related trend is that of middle class British women wearing Air Max 90 trainers. Formerly the preserve of rappers and hood rats, this masculine footwear has been culturally appropriated by a demographic of women terribly keen to show off how “down” they are. It is an unflattering, unfeminine look and a trend that would die a horrible death in a healthy society with any semblance of values.

3. Women wearing leggings as trousers


Although some may think othewise, this fashion trend is a Chernobyl-level disaster in the field of female attire, and an egregious affront to all decency. For a woman to leave the house and deliberately aim to be seen in public in nothing more than a thick pair of tights, she has to be narcissistic enough to have exhausted all other avenues for obtaining attention, of which there are many.

British women used to afford the public gaze the dignity of a denim skirt over leggings. Lately, however, as shamelessness enters the vogue, all modesty has been dispensed with, and women are walking around with flabby, wobbly arses hanging out and muffin tops on show.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.


4. Androgynous women

Women of the Anglosphere are known for their distinct and often brash lack of femininity. In the streets of London, subtle evidence of this can be observed. East European and Russian women walk with a graceful bounce, hips moving with an elliptical figure 8 pendulation which mesmerises the male gaze. British women display a rigid hip movement akin to an AT-AT from Star Wars.

2 English 8's on Carnaby Street, yesterday.

Two English 8’s on Carnaby Street, yesterday.

British women, especially those of a progressive political persuasion, have started to adopt boyish androgyny in both fashion sense and demeanour. Over the weekend, I had an unpleasant experience opening an Audrey Hepburn lookalike. What struck me about this distasteful set, aside from the the snarky disdain and aggressive, relentless shit testing, was the fashion—high cut bangs, a formless cream coat, boy trousers, and boy shoes.

The style is an instant erection killer, and (unfortunately) increasingly common. British women, especially middle class liberals who read The Guardian, are now dressing like Richard E. Grant in Withnail and I. If it wasn’t for East European and Russian women who are still careful and diligent with maintaining their femininity, London men would have nothing to pick from but an amorphous mass of women who from afar look like Pete Doherty.


Cultural Marxism is the expression employed by reactionary factions, of which the manosphere is but one, to describe the project for change promoted by elites under the guise of equality and social justice. Because women are the more impressionable sex, elites expend disproportionate resources in aiming to change women.

Similar to the Soviets’ New Socialist Man, the New Feminist Woman is a grotesque pastiche of anti-femininity, Kurzweilian automation, and repugnant narcissism taken to depraved extremes. The men who have to come to terms with these women must deal with androgynous, unfeminine women who are addicted to their iPhones and who live at the centre a CERN-like attention vortex driven by real life and social media validation.

Men who reject this new paradigm must avoid apathy towards these trends and practices, lest they become “the New Normal.”

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479 thoughts on “4 Signs That Show The Degeneracy Of London’s Women”

  1. Spent time in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, York and Bath over December. Weirdly, London had the least attractive women out of all those places.

    1. Not sure where you were in London, maybe you didn’t leave Kings Cross. But London has the best looking women, mind you over 50% of them are foreign.

        1. I disagree, unless you mean comes from a council estate and beautiful, in which case I can sort of see where you’re coming from.
          A previous girlfriend of mine came from a poor, uneducated rural family and was a gorgeous girl. Being poor doesn’t necessarily make you unattractive in the same way being rich doesn’t necessarily make you attractive. I happen to know a girl who constantly boasts of how much (Of her parents) money she spends. She is also hideous.

        2. Talking london mainly – rural / farmgirls might be different, but in london poor too often means chavvy. Ken and Chelsea, and the richer suburbs are the only places I expect to see pretty women at least in numbers

    1. I don’t see how that’s relevant. That apartment is probably 10 minute walk from an office district with dozens of top 1% types. I’ve seen that in tokyo, that doesn’t make japense women cunts. If london women aren’t what they used to be, you can’t blame it on real estate. British jump to the class analysis like a knee jerk reflex.

  2. Good article. Everywhere you go you see these aggressive womyn, glued to their iphones with a permanent “I cant be bothered, leave me alone” expression on their faces. Their #1 priority is to show you how completely unimportant you are to them. Just terrible, but the real horror is that you get used to it and start to think of yourself as a second class citizen (unless of course, you’re red pill, then you know you’re first class).
    I know it’s our “duty” to game them, but with a hit rate of 1/100 I say, man, going through 99 humiliating interactions with these smug attentionwhores who simply see you as amusement, is more than you can ask a man. I see that number increasing to 1 of 1000 in a couple of years, with the 999 failures being even more humiliating, and perhaps even dangerous.
    I think the way forward is to reclaim our pride, be men again, and show these worthless whores where the kitchen is. But what’s the use really, since they can’t even cook anymore.

    1. It’s “You’re”… and before you bitch about how women can’t cook anymore you should probably go get an education.

      1. Go get an education? Like… from another feminist libtard degree mill or something?

        1. I should have said learn to fucking spell. We all know that college in America is the scam of the century. Paying big money for an education for jobs that don’t exist.

        2. Don’t be daft. The US has top Universities if you want to study something real like medicine or engineering etc

        1. Fuck them. “I can’t be bothered”? Good, bitch! When you’re approaching the age-40 wall and are trying desperately to nail down any subservient schmuck with a paycheck just to not die alone with cats and reality TV, guess what? I can’t be bothered, I’ll be busy making money, forging an imposing physique, honing my “offbeat” spirituality, and having plenty of travels and killer life experiences while you continue to curdle!

      2. Red herring, strawman, and Ad hominem fallacies. If the best you can do is attack his grammar pack up and go home, kid. It’s a weak attempt to derail and distract from the conversation. This is why we have no respect for people like yourself.

    2. INDIFFERENCE. I cannot stress this enough,
      Indifference is THE most potent weapon a man has against women.
      Women PRETEND not to care, but they do. All they do is obsess about who and how many times she was looked at. Even by other women.
      So please, just dont give a FK. Women, in the economic sense, are useless.
      In the emotional sense, even less! So do not care. Let them be.
      When they hit the wall, they will cry their crocodile tears, then you can laugh.

      1. True but then we can all go around ignoring each other. And that’s stupid. But I hear you.

        1. Indifference is not ignoring.
          Its that things dont even come to mind nor do they affect you.
          I apply this to fembots and shallow girls.
          For people who are genuine and caring: they have my full attention. Peace bro.

        2. I get that. But the there’s s fine line between ignoring and indifference. Ignoring is when you really DONT want to ignore, and indifference is when you have other options. So I guess that one need to have other options.

    3. >>>I think the way forward is to reclaim our pride, be men again, and show these worthless whores where the kitchen is. <<<
      Yeah, you’re a proper Top Boy ain’t you mate.
      What a joke.

  3. The modern women is only worth a cum dumpster, reason being they are complete useless for any other purpose such as having a wife and kids with.

  4. Women all over are wearing yoga pants, some of whom look amazing in them which is why I can’t fully condemn them.
    The women wearing nikes are probably wearing them on the way to work to be comfortable before spending the day in less comfortable formal footwear.
    Sorry but this is just lazy.writing.

    1. Desire for comfort on the way to work is no excuse for blatantly poor form/style. If this were so, I’d walk to work in a hoodie and sweatpants. I don’t think that would go over so well with any women I might meet on the way. There’s simply no excuse for not looking your best. Lots of men for a few generations had to walk to work in what amounted to dress shoes, and their solution was either a second pair of socks, or some padded insoles.
      Even women who look amazing in yoga pants shouldn’t be wandering the mall (or other non-athletic social situations) in them. The equivalent would be a man wandering the mall in marathon shorts. I think we can both agree it’s not appropriate.

      1. It’s the pyjama bottoms and slippers, the leggings with no underwear worn for days. I dress well and I keep getting the hairy eyeball from the sweat pants and xxx crowd. Clothes are an investment.

      2. I see just as many men going to work in sneakers. I agree though, it is foolish to wear sneakers with business attire. If your shoes are uncomfortable buy some comfortable shoes. Problem solved.

    2. That picture up top, see those wide torsos and flat asses? You can take those women, shave their heads, put them in boxers and stand them next to fat guys and they are one body part from being a fat dude.
      And people wonder why there is so much porn.

    3. And I will blatantly stare at their ass ALL damn day and offer no apology for it. Hello, welcome to Earth, that’s what we do here! They know exactly what they’re doing and exactly why they’re doing it, no sympathy here whatsoever!

      1. But.. but..you’re harassing me!
        The other day I had a female friend posting some of that nonsense in facebook, you knowk, the gifs and memes that say something like: “what I wear is not excuse for you to harass me” or “We want to work without being sexually harassed” or “my clothing is not an invitation for rape”. When I confronted her about it, she of course said that she weared what she liked, because she liked it and not to please or make an invitation to any men. And I was thinking, yeah do you remember when you told me that you liked to wear things like little tops or whatever to show off your cleavage?(she has a nice pair of tits).
        They are so self-centered that they don’t even want to get this: If a lass is showing me her ass(like the blonde in the blue leggings. men, that is some nice ass…) and a big pair of tits I will look at them. I’m a man, that’s what we do.
        “And I will blatantly stare at their ass ALL damn day and offer no apology for it”
        Keep doing it, my brother. They will try to shame us anyway for some other stupid reason, so at least we get to enjoy it.

        1. Exactly. Fuck want they think/want. Again, they know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, I’ll just feed into it amplified.
          Simply using my eyes is no crime. And to be honest, if I did say something crass and I was tall and handsome and leaning up against an Italian car, I’m pretty sure it’s not “harassment” then!

        2. Yeah, exactly. Whenever Ryan Gosling appears on screen I think they compete between them to see wich one is more wet.
          Like many have said here in RoK, ignore what they say, watch what they do..

    4. Its too distracting. Everywhere I go women are wearing those tight pants/leggings. Even in really obscure parts of the world, women wear them. How are we supposed to get anything done around here? Its overwhelming.

    5. “some,” but at what cost?
      Sensible feminine footwear doesn’t mean high heels. (I personally dislike heels.) They could be wearing feminine flats or boots, and look better than that.

    6. I’m with you on that. Like most things, it depends on the woman wearing the clothes.
      Take any fat bitch and it doesn’t matter what she’s wearing.

    7. hey cookiepuss i disagree. oh btw, Satoshi the eater of souls wants a word with you (cant help it lol)

      1. When I was in UK some years ago I couldn’t find any “English food.” I don’t think they take pride in their diet the same way as Mediterraneans and others do.

        1. You know the old joke.
          In heaven the Germans do the organizing
          The Italians run the cuisine
          The British handle the comedy
          In hell the Germans do the comedy
          The Italians do the organizing
          And the British are in charge of the cuisine

        2. There is no such a thing as “English Food”…just like there is no such a thing as “American Food”.
          There are SOME regional dishes that “may” be worthwhile trying…..after a pint or two of strong ale…
          Scotland is even worse….unlike England they do have a national dish…..and is something you DON’T want to try without being blind drunk.

        3. Sure there’s such a thing as English food. What most people in England subsisted upon until immigration brought in new cuisine, was “English food.” Doesn’t make it good, but it did/does exist. Same thing with American food, which was little more than English (Scottish/Dutch/German) cuisine modified for North American circumstances, infused with some Amerindian dishes. Not until the late 19th century, did the industrial process begin producing those tinned/canned/frozen/highly processed dishes that most people now call “American food.”

        4. Give us some examples of what “English Food” is….
          Like I said I can think of a few regional dishes…like Jellied eels…but “English Food”….can’t think of any.
          My guess is if asked….99.99% of people in this country would say something like “Fish and Chips” is very much the only one they can think about….Fried fish and french fries…how is that “English”?

        5. When you say “English food” what do you mean? And where were you?
          It is true however, that the Meds do take great personal pride in their food and many of them eat very well.

        6. The classic “English food” is the Sunday roast. Pick a big seasoned joint, surround it by roasted/boiled vegetables, add gravy and enjoy with your choice of beverage. My favourite meal.
          Btw French Fries and Chips are not the same thing.

        7. Spent most of my time living in a hostel in Oxford.
          By “English food” I just meant like a specifically English cuisine.
          Italian food, Spanish food, Ethiopian food, Japanese food, etc. are all vastly different.
          I love to eat so I looked around for something traditionally English. The only “English” food I seem to remember was bangers’n’mash.
          Obviously the beer and pub culture was good. In Canada I can’t imagine ever seeing an older gentleman with with a long white beard reading a book in an armchair with a pint. One thing I can say about English pubs is that they looked “lived in”, and I mean that as a compliment. The physical places looked like there was some love put into them.
          I did have some delicious sheppard’s pie in a pub but that was just about it for the food.

        8. Well Shepperd’s Pie is quintessentially English. You won’t find that in any other country and it is delicious. Pies in general are English. Apple pie is not American no matter what American’s think, it is English. Along with cottage pie, steak and ale pie, and the most famous of all, Pork Pie from the village of Melton Mowbrey. Pastry is generally an English invention
          Ever had a sandwich? An English invention. Cornish Pasties? English. Cream Tea (clotted cream and scones)? English.
          Stilton? English from the town of Stilton.
          Toad in the Hole, Spotted Dick, Burnt Cambridge Cream, Sticky Toffee Pudding and on and on.
          English food is every bit as distinctive as Spanish food but people rarely eat it because of those damned immigrants. Now the most popular food in England is Anglo-sized Indian food. In Spain and Italy you don’t have quite as significant immigration and thus their food has remained quite homogenous.

        9. Interesting!
          I do remember hearing about the Mowbrey pie now that you mention it.
          Never really thought about the link btw immigration and food. I have Mediterranean roots and the thought of being invaded by inferior cuisine is unthinkable to me.
          If I’m in UK again I’ll have a better idea of what to look out for thanks 🙂

        10. To be fair though, Indian food is quite excellent and I think it has enriched the British culinary experience.

        11. I am sure there is much debate about that but I am given to understand apple pie as a dish pre-dates Holland.

        12. Every country in Europe and probably on earth if they have the ingredients makes the same things with slight alterations.
          Now, go eat some bangers and mash and jellied eels.

        13. Spotted dick, toad in a hole, bangers and mash, Yorkshire pudding – there’s quite a few English dishes out there. Sure, they’re mostly pub-type hearty foods they don’t seem as exotic, but they are indeed English dishes that unfortunately few English lasses will ever learn to cook.

        14. We used to get Shepard’s pie in school lunches in America when I was a kid. Even the cafeteria of a public school couldn’t screw that dish up – it actually wasn’t bad.

        15. As the joke goes: “English food! Spotted dick, toad in a hole – each one as delicious as it sounds!”

        16. What is English food?
          Don’t forget that Britain was (I say still is) an Empire built on divide and rule. Any sense of Britishness can only exist in a surface shallow manner – otherwise the loyalty would be to being British rather than to the Queen which she can’t have that now can she? Who would fund her?
          She’s the biggest benefit scrounger on the planet.
          I would say that being in Britain and not being able to get English food (fish and chips has Jewish origins) is the most British thing – many just don’t want to accept that when you build your might as an empire on the broken backs of other nations, they start to take back what they are rightfully owed and the people are behind them.

        17. You not considering chicken, vegetables, cows and gravy English are you?
          Tell us some English foods?
          If England colonised India, then Indian food becomes English. Unless your racist.

        18. Meat and vegetables are not particularly English.
          This is just the foundation of any meal.

      2. I’m from the continent, and I have noticed the same on my visits to the UK. The poor men there don’t even know what a real woman looks like, because most women there have a toad-like appearance in build and face.

        1. Off the top of my head, the only fit British girls I can think of are Maggie from walking dead, some of the women from game of thrones, (though some are Irish so that would not count as British), abbey clancy (personal preference), and… I don’t know, some of the front girls and made in Chelsea girls though they tend to have the personality of a soft peeled grapefruit. And a voice that would make you kill yourself.
          Never Emma Watson, she is a short haired feminist Richard Dawkins. (Google their names you’ll see what I mean)

      3. I’ve lived in Britain all my life and I wholeheartedly agree. I remember going to Prague some years ago and being stunned by the sheer beauty of so many of the girls there. Whenever I’m out and I meet a girl I like the look of and her ethnic origin comes up (they always ask me mine since I’m a Slavic/Caribbean mix that looks unusual, and then I’ll ask the question back) It’s almost never British. Honestly I think the British just aren’t that attractive as a race, and when you add overindulgence in cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food to the mix, and rule out exercise it gets even worse.

        1. I have to disagree. I think that British women are some of the most varied and beautiful in the world. You have your choices but I am particularly impressed by women in Liverpool and Essex.

        2. Yeah good one mate, just because you blatantly can’t pull an English girl.
          Stop projecting mate.

        3. >Essex?
          nah man. essex is very trashy for the uk, and almost as bad as newcastle (whenever there’s ugly brit girls they are always from newcastle or stoke).
          essex university students are somewhat different to that
          liverpool maybe, but i would say chester near by is better.
          there is a lot of rich posh english rose girl types in the villages in the south east and stuff, and you can find mega fit girls there, but they’re usually only concerned with the MDMA/ket scene and unless you have an ‘in’ with that lifestyle (horsey set) its difficult to access them.
          the entire london scene (which i am not a part of) is mostly concerned with picking up foreign eastern european and spanish girls there, not actual british girls. above that it’s super rich made in chelsea types and you’re not getting in there unless you’re running mad money or have some kind of status in the old boys network (i mean second generation)
          bristols got fitties, but their drug scene is too much, and it detracts from anything of value.
          sheffields good university wise, bad as a town.
          birminghams about the same, but the higher you go up status wise, the more access you get to top shelf.
          wales is a bit of a drunken shithole (sorry any welsh people reading this, you are an absolute laugh, but everyone drinks too much. the outer villages produce some beautiful stock of women though)
          scotlands a bit varied. glasgow is mostly shit but has a better student population, edinburgh is beautiful and scenic, the students it attracts are fitties from europe who dont want to pay as much exorbitant tuition fees as the rest of the UK charges, and you can find some good girls there.
          The rest of scotland is just too quiet for finding any good stock girls.
          can’t give that much info on northern ireland or republic of ireland as ive not been, but there have been a few northern irish lasses i’ve met that were indeed very beautiful

        4. It’s great that not everyone has the same opinion on beauty isn’t it? I live a mile away from Essex and trust me when I say there are beautiful women there. Whether they are trashy or not is a different issue. And I live in an Eastern European neighbourhood. The women here are rubbish. I have not seen a single pretty one the whole time I have been here (years).
          What you said about the entire London scene is ridiculous. There is no entire London scene. London is a huge city with many different scenes.

        5. American females are the best looking in general as long as you stay away from the underclasses.

        6. Sorry ‘mate’ but I’m a fucking oil painting.
          Stop running your idiot mouth.

        7. Strange, you know I’ve never had someone disagree with me on this point before. How well travelled are you? If you’ve actually been to eastern Europe and you still think the women here are prettier then fair enough, I suppose everyone has different tastes.

        8. Shhhhhh. Just a darkie mate; ‘mystery meat’ to a bunch of EE slappers. Where you from?

        9. Please tell me you don’t travel just to get your willy wet? Can you say loser?

        10. I’ve lived on two continents and I’ve been to eight European countries, including Eastern Europe.
          Notwithstanding that, I live in London where you are exposed to virtually every nation in the World. Also I love in an Eastern European neighbourhood. I have yet to see an Eastern European woman there that I find attractive.

        11. Not the chav infested council estate where you were shat out by your illiterate whore mother. So nowhere you’d likely be interested in.

      4. Brit here! Basically its a mixture of things. [its a long list]
        1) we never recovered from losing the empire, socially. everyone is apathetic as shit about everything. we moan but would rather do nothing about it
        2) diet getting worse and worse, booze culture less about sociableness and more about getting drunk for drunk’s sake.
        3) the weather. it’s always been shitty weather in the uk for most of the year, but winter in particular is utterly horrendous. S.A.D is basically lack of vit D and too much rain.
        4) the low education ‘jeremy kyle’ stinky unwashed hordes are basically outbreeding the middle class and upper class. makes sense, if you’re poor all you can do is get drunk and fuck (or you know, try and lift yourself up on your own terms, but see point 1) we are very apathetic people)
        5) a strong amount of self loathing. this makes our comedy, satire and cynicism be far more biting and surpass most of their US equivalents, but it also means we don’t have anything to look upto or look forward to as a people. Just about the only issues that can get brits even mildly riled are hot button topics the left and right use to take in turns to be the gubmint and fuck us in the ass over. That and the olympics if we’re winning or footy/cricket/rugby if we’re winning.
        6) laws are super duper anti freedom of speech, our rights and internet rights will be ever more restricted, and as campaigns like fathers for justice (think equivalent of MGTOW but more beta) show, men’s rights continue to be trounced upon. It’s gotten so bad the guidelines for the new laws surrounding what consent is, will mean a bunch of drunk students will surely get jail time after their one night stand feels a bitt sluttish and embarassed and decides to withdraw consent after the fact. This is a major issue as almost all hookups in the uk for people in their 20s are one’s done under the influence. (i mean would you fuck a british woman if you weren’t drunk?)
        7) we export the worst sex tourism in the world. name a country in eastern europe and drunk brits on tour have fucked that place up beyond recognition.
        Prague was supposed to be a mana from heaven poosy paradise in the early 90s. Everyone was friendly as shit and so happy to have given communism the heave ho. What happened next? British Stag do’s in prague and sex tourism (not love tourism, i’m talking pay 4 play here). This made the entire country (atleast 1st and 2nd tier cities) jaded as shit when it comes to westerners. Then russians started holidaying there as well. And well, russian men do not exactly play nice when they are drunk for new years.
        8) female sex tourism as well. thats right, middle aged white women and sometimes even younger women, go to jamaica, dominican republic, morocco, turkey, kenya and so on to get their holes filled by foreign men. they then come back here and bring the STDs with them
        9) The government thinks its still the head of an empire that simply does not exist anymore. Like it or not, Murica has superceded britain in power stakes in every single way. We’re caught between the crumbling socialist state of europe and being the external lapdog (thank you tony blair) chihuahua of Team America Global police. Neither of those options are particularly favourable. HMG acts like its got a oil wealth fund of norway or any of the scandinavian countries (champagne socialists) but it hasn’t.
        A lot of money passes through london but the only money that stays is billionaires houses. We hesitate to be even remotely protectionist and that fucks us up especially with regards to the vacuuming of british wealth that goes off to wherever the heck google and amazon deposit it.
        10) so many feminist writers over here. so fucking many.
        11) i could go on about the problems of the UK for another 50 pages, but the long and short of it is. who cares. you have to provide for yourself and see to it that you maximise your own contentment, and by extension that of your personal group or tribe. but the notion of fealty to a nation state is completely outdated now. Things only move one way. Towards more atomisation and individualisation. We have to suddenly worry if we hurt too many people’s feels. (Its easier for a man to chop his dick off and get drugs to transition or for a woman to get given high T and call herself a boy, than it is for a man with low testosterone to get that corrected)

        1. #6 is the worst offender imo. Also, thank you for taking the time to contribute!

        2. no, we did. majorly. The only thing being top dogs in the past gave us was that english is spoken all over, and that people of every former commonwealth looks upto caucasian people as a result of our early dominance

        3. You painted one of the most illustrative pictures of the UK dude. You should be a writer. Props!

        4. thanks for your kind words, i have a site that i’m running under another name, but i’m not releasing it to the manosphere until i’ve done atleast a hundred posts that are original and add value.

        5. The US is incredibly less effective though. A combination of being a hodge podge society with no clear ethos, and also being around in the time of irrational egalitarianism which means we utterly misunderstand the people and cultures we would seek to rule or civilize whatever.
          The British were quite frank on the other hand.

        6. Also, I must admit, the sheer fire power of the U.S. far surpasses anything the British had. By a long shot.

        7. I didn’t say they were not, boy.
          In fact, by saying that they were frank about matters of the world in a way the US is not that would imply they were mean.
          Read a little more.

        8. Number 7 – definitely. That was always the case in Thailand, but I saw that shit starting in Estonia seven years ago. There was a web site dedicated to sending drunk asshole brits over there called “Tallinpissup.com” Same was true for Fins – they did things in Estonia they would never pull off in their own country. That said, it was and maybe is a good time to be an American over there – our reputations were actually a lot better!

        9. You’re too hard on Brits, man. I’ve spent time there and you forgot to mention some things:
          1. The British are FUN. They laugh at themselves and have a fantastic fatalistic sense of humor.
          2. The British “have your back.” If they like you, they GENUINELY like you and are pretty loyal about it. If they don’t, they’ll usually make it clear without shitting all over you.
          3. The British sing when they drink. I know it’s immaterial, but I like that.
          4. The British are–at least in the circles I travelled in–mature. They don’t cling to teenagerdom into their 30s, like Americans do.

        10. ofcourse there’s good things. i’m not a misanthrope.
          just the questioner posed why everyone in the uk looked like crap.
          i gave a whistle stop tour about why that could be.
          i’m happy to be in the UK (when the weather’s good)

        11. Generally good. Apart from my libertarian disagreements with the nation-statist bent here (I hold that the problem is too much statism and fealty to nation-statism, not too little), I agree with the bulk of what is said here

        12. Speak for yourself. I’m English too.
          People start becoming what we have in Britain because there is no major motivation not to.
          The British people are caught between knowing they are being fucked over, but not really being motivated enough or smart enough to act and do something.
          60 years ago the politicians would have been dragged out before the people and held accountable. Now the idea of not voting is something you get verbally abused for.
          What happened to voting for the party that inspired you to vote? What does one do if nobody inspires one?
          Vote for the sake of the system and to keep politicians in a job? Whats democratic about that?
          The English should have overthrown the establishment long ago but they have been fooled by the advanced PR of the continuing British Empire.
          The British people pay for it by the way as well.

        13. Exactly. It’s too easy to catch a following just pointing out how bad people are.

        14. If you pay tax and have never actually consented to, it’s because you live in an Empire. PR just better.

        15. This discussion is 2 months old. I know its election day and there’s already a party thats called none of the above (i’m not joking, there really is) which is trying to get a none of the above option put into the ballots for next time to signify if you’re not inspired by any option. I voted but my constituency is solidly in favour of one party and my vote would not add to that or change it

        16. I think that such high numbers of people not voting (politicians have been trying to get back those votes, Milliband tried via Russel Brand whilst Farage went to Alex Jones) sends a pretty clear message – that British people are not inspired by the current political climate.
          When lots of people will not vote, your system has failed and theres no need to give people official boxes to tick to say they are pissed – this is the election of a national leader and people have no interest.
          As a government what do you do? Continue holding elections as a charade? Keep telling people “no trust us you all need us”?

      5. It would seem that way if you only look at photos of people who look like crap. Look, here’s Jason Statham with his crappy looking British girlfriend:

        1. picking a victoria’s secret model is not a random sampling of the british population

      1. Holy cow.
        What is the purpose to even get out of bed in the morning?
        What happens in England eventually reaches America. If ex cunt decides to appear in my life demanding money I’m just going to fucking quit and live in my car.

        1. Why wouldn’t you put her in her place?
          You don’t rely on the courts and police for justice do you?
          Men enforce that themselves.

      2. You’ve forgotten one other British invention of note.
        It was London who first introduced to the world the modern police force.
        This act had that effect of removing physical protection of women from husbands/fathers/male relatives and the men of the community, and transferring it to unknown government employees. This helped to severe the connection women had to men. If women knew how much their safety and way of life depended upon male support, they wouldn’t behave the way in which they do.
        The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 started the ball rolling. Look what followed closely thereafter……..
        Perhaps it’s time we rethink outsourcing this job……

        1. It had that effect yes, but the primary purpose of the police was to prevent the British Revolution.

        2. A Police force does not act as protection for women – try attacking someone and have them call the Police and see how long it takes for the Police to show up.
          The Police were really created to protect property – the only people who had property were wealthy. This is why 9/10’s of the law is possession.
          Women started to loose mens protection when they stopped feeding and supporting us in the name of liberation.
          It wasn’t long before little boys were being told how useless their fathers were because women had now ‘mastered’ the job of office work and child support collection. what a proud feeling women must have when they get office jobs…

        1. Well its useless because you said it out loud. Your better off just taking your money and leaving england.

        2. Fellas, it was strictly a hypothetical. Obviously an individual needs to be clandestine when performing such operations.

        3. Look deep into my Avatars’ eyes: does it look like speech is his fortay….
          ; D

        4. Hahaha. You’re a bit of an idiot aren’t you. You’ve publicly claimed you’d like to kill someone. If, at any point, someone accuses you of murder, the police will drag up this post from years or decades in the past and say “predisposition for murder!”.
          If you ever intended to be a murderer, I’m afraid you’ve blown your chance.

        5. The word, “if” is an interesting word. You should look it up and return upon your understanding. Past that, good luck making a forum post stick for proof of murder.
          Another word for you to familiarize yourself with… “fool”. It’s a good one I tell you what..

        6. But would be too scared to do it yourself?
          She may want you snuffed out if/when she has the funds.
          The one big thing that separates men and women truly, and nobody is ‘man’ enough to even fathom exercising their inherent power over women.

        7. Stop telling people to run away from femicunt tyranny.
          We are Men, we enjoy the hilarity that ensues when women come out the huts and into the jungle to show us what they are made of, but when they overstep the line and start to become a potential problem who unwittingly violates the sacred and ancient dynamics of our species, we don’t leave the country FUCK. We sort it out because they want our dicks, kids and security.

        8. You wish. Your jealous of his confidence and masculine assertiveness.
          Your trying to counter the perceived threat by running to the Police as if they would handle it for you.
          This is a forum, people say all sorts of things.
          Regardless, men say what the fuck they want and make no apologies. Even when Beta’s jump down their throats threatening Police action.

        1. ^ Sheesh WTH..
          Where I live long term mistresses can claim for post break up financial maintenance (like a wife post divorce) plus also go for a chunk of the guy’s estate when he dies. Crazy. (safer to just pay to see a hooker/s if you are wealthy and want a bit on the side).

    1. Lets introduce some perspective into the discussion.
      Women have been “degenerate” in Great Britain (you know, that vast area surrounding London) since before the first Romans landed at Dover. Check out Boudica if you doubt this.
      Women have been wearing masculine sneakers since sneakers were invented. Leggings sans skirt have been popular for more than 30 years. And a smashed iphone is a sign of dropping it once, without having taken the precaution of a screen protector.
      In fact, I would say that a woman peering into a iphone is a massive sign of progress. Not only do I see just as many men doing this as women, it is blissful to see a woman texting rather than hearing her yammering on about her personal business on the morning train.
      Frankly, I do not understand this incessant whining about smartphones. They are a great thing if only because they keep women quiet and give them something to do.
      Generally, this article is a bunch of bitching and moaning about shit that doesn’t matter. Worse, the complaint generally seems to be that women are being women. There will always be women that suck. So what? Just focus on the ones that don’t.

      1. I didn’t quite get the tiff about wearing running shoes to work – that’s been going on since the 1980s in the US; should be no surprise nowadays.

    2. Overconsumption of crap. That’s how you can sum up those pictures and modern life in general.

    3. I was in the UK back in ’01. London had hogs but Wales……. my god what a perfectly named place. Cardiff was like going to sea world.

    4. God! Just like Irish women. Buckets of “Full Irish Breakfast” for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. I picture their fat piggy faces half buried in a pig trough going slobber slobber nom nom nom as they fatten up their arses for another night of drinking.
      Truly, no value for anything whatsoever (yet will still demand a 30k wedding in Majorca)

  5. What happened to the English Rose? One of histories most refined, graceful, approachable, well-spoken, classically educated, and Man-respecting women of all time have just about DISAPPEARED from England.

    1. I was going to comment the same. Seems the classy English lass with good manners and breeding is going extinct

    2. It took ALOT of training, schooling, and social pressure to construct women into English roses. From birth they were groomed to behave with respect for themselves and others. There were serious consequences for going against the grain.
      If women are allowed to behave any kind of way, they will do whatever it takes to get sexual attention.

      1. very true. and that must be the solution for a restoration. we must say no to those to presently control gov/church/social institutions. when enough men, are willing to say “Enough!,” then we’ll have something to work with.

  6. “Over the weekend, I had an unpleasant experience opening an Audrey Hepburn lookalike. What struck me about this distasteful set, aside from the the snarky disdain and aggressive, relentless shit testing, was the fashion—high cut bangs, a formless cream coat, boy trousers, and boy shoes.”
    Once you decided it was no longer worth it, I hope you broke contact by saying, “oh, I’m sorry, I just realized you were a dude.”

  7. Chelsea and Fulham is full of hot feminine english 8s- 10s.But if you are a looser on a 40k /year job, this is not for you.

    1. The median UK salary is 25k, 40k is well above average. Most engineers and solicitors earn around that. If you consider engineers and solicitors ‘losers’ then you need your head checked.

      1. 40,000 Quid is still jack shit in the Big Smoke. London, New York, Tokyo, etc. all the “Alpha Alpha” world cities are just rich mans playgrounds these days.

        1. Depends on what you’re doing and where you are, though I don’t know why anyone would want to live in any of those cities in the first place, way too big.

        2. Eh. You don’t have to be a rich man to get a hot chick. Lots of losers out there banging hotties as we speak.

      2. More like £100k kid for the more professional people.If you used some common sense you would see that they couldn’t possibly afford to live where they do on 25k. It’s about the same in NYC as well where you’d need $150k to live decently.
        I wouldn’t pay too much attention to statistics either because they don’t show the full picture. Many people in NYC couldn’t even afford to live in even the shittiest place there if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re receiving welfare and paying either no or very low rent in public or subsidised housing. The good cities are all becoming gentrified and in the future there won’t be any lower class people in them. The jobs of the past are all outside in cheaper areas and most factories and even shipping are done differently today. You would never even know that NYC had anything to do with the sea and large ships today.

    2. This is the worst, most inaccurate article on ROK I’ve seen. The author is probably from some shitty, inbreed town in the States, where he has never seen a hot girl in his life.

      1. Brittish women are the ugliest in the world.
        Both morally and physically.

      2. The authors here are pretty skewed. Mainly because they have to keep up with the political agenda of the boss ( find excuses of banging women who have financial incentives,or in other words- finding excuses of a beta lifestyle). I live in London and I seriously disagree that this city lacks hot women.It does not.Another question that they are harder to get than your average Katya from Cheliabinsk who lives in a 30m2 khrushevka flat with her sick mother and dreams of us of a.Lol.

      3. The articles have to conform to most of the reader’s lives and prejudices so what do you expect. You’re dealing for the most part here with the lower 10% despite their bullshit about all being rocket scientists and millionaires with #10 girlfriends.It’s apparent to me that they all lead rather limited provincial lives whether in Podunk or some ‘hood area of the city and have never been anywhere outside of those areas. I’m just slumming and collecting data on the under-classes.

    3. An English 8 is a Russian 6.
      If you want to pay for an overpriced good, more power to you.

    4. Except a lot of those hot women aren’t native Ethnic white Brits. And if they are you need to stop fucking with them. There is a difference between “British Girls” and girls that happen to currently reside or inhabit the isles of the Great Britain or London. Most of the working class areas are filling up with hot Spanish, Eastern European and well girls of all flavours from Desi to Latina. Sure the sick culture rubs off on them, but there is a steady supply of freshies. I can pick up Hotter girls in say Croydon than most rich guys in any other part of England, and lets face it the rich guys, if they are banging lots of 9/10s are banging hookers or de facto hookers. which most guys can do, simply with varying frequency. 10/10s aren’t real, and vary man to man depending on tastes. If a guy on 40k with game gets an 8, and the multi-millionaire a 9. The multimillionaire failed to make that there cashola count, that’s just one attractiveness point, that doesn’t even give a guy with a healthy sex drive and mindset a better orgasm/bigger load. In short, chicks are generally not worth the cashola they demand or that sad old rich cunts are willing to pay them.

  8. Lol, a lot of points aren’t true mind you, interesting article nonetheless. Can you do an article on obese, hideous American women next? Appreciated.

    1. There are a number of articles about American women. you just have to look in the archives

  9. Good article. Actually there should be another addition to the “signs she’s a slut” series – she has a broken phone screen.

    1. They do it on purpose so they have an alibi for their false rape accusations. “See! And look what he did to my Iphone screen while he was assaulting me!”

      1. No. It falls in with recent RoK article about shunning mentally ill women.Some lack complete self control and destroy their own property. This goes along with frequent car accidents and clothes on the floor.

  10. The sneakers with business clothes is as old as the 80’s. See the movie “Working Girl.”

  11. london women have always dressed shite. I haven’t lived there for a couple of years but I’d have to say in my experience the look in vogue was less Richard E. Grant, and more uncle Monty.
    England wide I’d have to say one thing that appals me is when mothers taking their young teen girls out shopping in what literally appear to be pyjamas. From pyjamas to leggings, to not really bothering to get up is but a small step. The english rose exists but she’s rarer than any orchid.

  12. It was fine when yoga pants first came out and only fit women or women who actually did yoga wore them. Now this whole “Be comfortable in your body” bullshit has come about and anyone wears them which is funny because anytime i wear a tank top or a wife beater some person tries to tell me why i should wear it because my physique may offend people

    1. If that physique is actually manly and menacing (I assume it is), then yes, wife beater and superhero-themed Under Armour(TM) all damn day! Watch people get The Hell out of your way fast! It’s so lovely! 🙂

  13. London is just exactly the same as most other British and western cities.
    Go to Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff or any other major city in the UK and you’ll find the same poor quality of modern women.

    1. Not only are most of them average looking, they are also stuck up. Makes you laugh.

  14. Here in Montreal, the vulgarity is the standard :
    – low cut pants or downright pyjamas showing half their butt, of course most girls have a stupid tattoo there, usually a butterfly
    – dyed and dirty hair with hideous colors
    – pierced noses
    – ugly and masculine hands
    A pretty and decent girl is more likely an immigrant, that’s the sad reality.

    1. I went out with a girl like that last night in Toronto actually.
      It was a nice time but I can’t take too seriously the general unkempt appearance and dirty dyed hair as you say.
      She was clearly “skinny-fat” and outright said she has no interest in personal fitness. She also told me her usual diet was “normal food” comprising of “pizza and hamburgers”. That is just a disaster waiting to happen.
      She wore an unflattering dress but at least it was a dress nonetheless… No obvious tattoos or piercings.
      One thing about her that caught my attention was that she lived with her parents at 24. Nice to know there are girls out there that have good relationships with their parents.
      Her innocence was attractive… if only modern girls were taught to be presentable…

        1. haha yes actually.
          But there are other reasons too… Like being raised by single-moms.
          I wouldn’t say that lightly but I dated a girl like that for a few years, and she proved to be one of the most childish self-centred people I’ve ever known.

        2. lots of those around. There’s a few years you’ll never get back – not a total loss if it was a learning experience.

    2. As a Canadian, I thought women in Montreal were touted as being well dressed. Sorry to hear that has changed.

    3. I have two cousins who lived in Quebec. They left for Mexico.
      They said women were fembots and utter sluts.

      1. Not to mention the lesbian couples with kids. Picture the in your face truck driver looks, short hair and tattoed in love with the geeky fat type. Blows your brain out.

    4. Montreal!!! Stay away from the hipster crowd and there’s some REALLY smoking hot french quebecer girls here. but yeah, stupid tattoos, ugly dyed hair, and pierced noses are the norm.

      1. Hot yeah although that’s an anglo fantasy, but feminists to the bone, materialists and egocentrics. Quebec is womanistan.

    5. Women respond to male pressure.
      Men can control how women act, if we just start saying “no,” this will cease.
      Do we have the balls to do it?

      1. You should never encourage a brat kid.
        Women are brat kids way into their 40’s.
        So yes, saying NO is necessary, but few men do.

    6. ” the vulgarity is the standard”
      True. This is not only happening in england or the us, but in also in other countries as well. Where I live(Argentina) there is a lot of beautiful females. A lot. Even Roosh wrote about it I think. And the worst part is that a lot of young girls throw away their beauty. You can imagine how it is. They ruin their hair. They cut it to lenghts that sometimes you are not sure if it’s a girl or what. Most of the women wear leggings(even the 40+ and 50+ wich is..disgusting at best) and the younger ones with better asses to show off also wear them and you can almost see their ass license plate number, their I.D and their facebook profile. And I don’t even want to start telling you what they wear on friday and saturday nights (hang around near some club or pub and watch the boyfriends. Meekly following their girls as they almost show everything to the 95% of the other drooling males).
      It’s no wonder that I’m single…

      1. At least you’re not in the USA, a.k.a. the country of “hams” (fatties).
        How unfortunate to hear of women in a latin country destroying their hair, what is normally one of a latin woman’s best features and really helps her beauty when done right.
        I wonder how Argentina compares in terms of girls versus say Colombia & Venezuela?
        Soy curioso y me gusto las latinas mucho…!

        1. Muy bien!
          I really don’t know how. What I do know is that in Argentina there is a lot of racial mixture, to put it some way. Since world war I, Argentina let many inmigrants settle themselves here and that tradition is still held today. So eventually you get beautiful women with a lot of blood mixture, say between the originals natives(wich are few), spanish, italian, french, scottish blood. And recently I’ve heard that there is a lot of chinese people around, especially in big cities. I do have to say that I don’t know any black women and very few black men.
          If I had to compare, having very little knowledge, I would say that Colombia or Venezuela have a bigger percentage of women of native blood, mixed with perhaps some spanish blood, so there is more variation here I’d say.

    1. Derivative of “post”, specific to “poast on the internet”.
      If you are sick of someone’s poasts, you squawk STAWP POASTING
      Similarly, if you want more pictures of naked chicks, you roar “MOAR”

  15. “I just feel awful that I was involved” memememememememememeemememeememeeememmemeememeemememeemeeeee

      1. A woman texting while driving tail ended the car in front of her, killing its driver.
        At her trial she told the judge that she felt really bad that she had been “involved.”

  16. It’s crazy how every single person I know with an iPhone has a cracked screen, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cracked Android phone.

    1. Same my iPhone lasted a year my Android has been dropped countless times and has lasted 3 years

      1. I’m not spending $30+ on a phone case. I bought a $2 case on ebay and it does its job greatly. I went running one day and my Galaxy S2 fell out of my pocket and hit the street hard, but not a single scratch on it.

        1. I don’t even bother with overpriced phones now. I bought a £150 phone to replace my SIII and its perfect. And if I lose it, I won’t be too bothered.

  17. Could London be the source of the degeneracy as Mr Gumbrill states at the beginning of the article? We here in the US reminisce over the British INVASION in the 60’s with the Beatles, Stones and others. In the 50’s there was ‘rockabilly’, a more traditional home grown apple pie culture. ELVIS, BUDDY HOLLY, JERRY LEE LEWIS just to name a few. Can you imagine an elvis concert in the 50’s with the screaming female fans as depicted in his movies where the audience is STONED and STRUNG OUT on acid? Did you ever see the crowd of white bred girls tripping on acid at an Elvis concert? NOPE, that didn’t happen until AFTER THE BRITISH INVADED. The girls at the Elvis shows went home to write in their diaries and twirl their hair on their princess beds. But a decade later after the INVASION came woodstock, the acid tripping and cross dressing to come like with Boy George. It was as real a cultural invasion like they’d come over on boats and conquered the cultural scene. There are countless headlines from the era that have the word in boldface ‘INVASION’.
    BUT ORIGINALLY the term ‘rock and roll’ comes from the US! It is a euphemism that comes from the era of slavery in the DEEP SOUTH. Rock and roll refers to BLACK PEOPLE FUCKING, when a black slave would say to his honey something like ”let’s go to the hayloft and ROCK AND ROLL baby”. It was BLACK PEOPLE FUCKING. Elvis took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.
    The next time you say ”let’s rock and roll” instead say ”let’s do like black slaves did when they got down and started fucking”.

    1. “traditional home grown apple pie culture”
      You know, Elvis was heavily criticized in the 50s for being a threat to traditional sexual morality, especially when it came to the screaming teenage girls.
      There was plenty of drug use in the jazz and beat scene as well. Hell, even Hank Williams became a drug addict.
      “went home to write in their diaries and twirl their hair on their princess beds”
      Uh huh. So a hormone-enraged 14 year old, after seeing the biggest sex symbol of the century perform live, went home and twirled her hair. Sure.

      1. Well, which hairs we talkin bout? Maybe he meant she went home and stirred the skunk guts

      2. You’re right, many of these commenters are boys who think the world began yesterday. One thing we did do better in the past was to keep the great unwashed under better control and to censor them or otherwise they’d turn into pigs too and spread their crap around as you see today. These Hollywood and media people were too afraid until the 70’s of the prevailing white culture so they kept their degeneracy on the downlow. This isn’t to say that White people were prudes but they kept anything they did too on the downlow and away from impressionable kids. Today, the crap comes right into your house either on the boobtube or Net.

        1. Dr. Benway?????
          How’s life in Interzone been treating ya????
          I’m wondering if you recognize the irony of being Dr. Benway and talking about censorship. Dr. Benway was a recurring character in William S. Burrough’s moronic-drug-fueled-gay-hallucination-which-passed-for-a-novel that was the center of a failed attempt at censorship under obscenity laws.
          I think you may mistakenly believe that I’m older than I really am.
          I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and most of my popular culture experiences centered around action movies and death metal. Hell, I bought “Once Upon The Cross” by Deicide the week it came out when I was 15. My parents didn’t give a shit about me listening to bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Death because they understood that it was just entertainment, unlike the prudish bible-thumpers of days past. They probably would have thought something was wrong if I listened to Christian pop music instead of something loud and aggressive, like a proper teenaged male should. I grew up just fine.

        2. Actually, ‘Benway’ wasn’t even the only one. Dr Max Jacobson in NY got a lot of people addicted to methamphetamine including JFK with his speed/ steroid combos.
          Max never lost his medical license and just retired in his 80’s and surrendered his license on his own.

  18. Bet against welfare havens like Europe and bet on countries that reward hard work, such as Hong Kong and China. Even America is better then Europe in this regard.

      1. Well, until ’97 it was still a British colony, and to this day it’s considered a “special administrative region” in China. So our friend above is not entirely incorrect in thinking of Hong Kong as its own country 🙂

  19. ….the myth of office-cubicle empowerment.
    I will be using this, early and often.

  20. Fat Pigs running around is one of the biggest contributions of feminist degeneracy i’ve noticed, haven’t been to England to know if the Pig Pen is bad there but here in the USA you go to a public place and it’s like 65-85% Pig. I can’t believe how many women have gone Pig Mode, it’s staggering.

    1. I got the impression (from reading) that it is over there, but I’ve never been, although I’d like to.
      Yes, definitely there are plenty of “sows” here in the USA. It’s more often than not the norm. What bothers me is the large number of younger women who are fat and start at a younger age now.
      And then there are those with thick-rimmed glasses. UGGH!

  21. Perhaps the reason Slavic women (except Poles, those American ball-lickers!) are still decent and feminine is because Slavic men are as menacing, imposing and masculine as can be, which give the women incentive to match them as being hyper-feminine. Look at how Westerners are intimidated any time they’re in the same room as a Russian man, and rightfully so! Good to see there is one last bastion of a conquering spirit amongst civilization!

    1. until the minute you realize that half of Russia’s beautiful and feminine women got shit on by an Arab in Dubai.

      1. You can assume any cute girl has done shady shit sexually in her past, and with the dorkiest of schmucks at that. There seems to be there newfangled, bizarre thing with anal sex suddenly becoming “hip” and trendy. I dismissed a girl I was involved with for overshare-volunteering that she tried it with someone else before me but made him stop because “it hurt”. Didn’t need to know that. Yeah, I’m an asshole like that and don’t give a fuck if it’s a “double standard”, women do the same all day long.

        1. She was “good enough” (better than my hands, put it that way), I don’t overembellish women if they don’t truly deserve it. She served her “STR” purpose, I got what I needed out of her. Same as they do on the regular.

      2. My beautiful and feminine Russian ex liked to watch me pee. She was fucking nuts too, absolutely batshit crazy! I suspect it was armenians rather than arabs.
        To think I stuck my dick in that…

        1. no way chief, we Armenians do not have as much money as we say we do and definitely not as much as the Arabs.

        2. She told me rich Armenians would invite her to restaurants in their fancy cars in exchange for absolutely nothing. There is the faint possibility she wasn’t lying and took advantage of rich betas.
          It isn’t hard to be rich in the Caucases!

        3. The ones from Armenia are stereotypical big talkers big spenders and big thieves . They sell their mothers for a AMG Mercedes .The rest of us non ussr armenians hate them.

        4. Sounds about right. I knew an Armenian musician in France, lovely guy, humble, not greedy at all. Must be the effect of communism.

        5. Yeah I fucking hate them. Cold no feelings no humanity . Some of it is communism . Many there now are decendants of criminals . The good ones either left a long time ago and the intellectuals got sent to Siberia by their own who were jealous of them . We are a very fractured “clan “

    2. I must admit: Russians are tough SOB’s.
      But their women are mules! Stubborn! Although very pretty 🙂

      1. The last “Evil White Men” left on the planet! And the women certainly get it from the women, which is good! Option B (our women) and slimy, filth-ridden human toilets; some literally, as we read on here recently!

    3. This same thing applies to most males within the black culture. I wouldn’t call it a “bastion of conquering spirit.”

      1. Well to bulldoze your way into Georgia, Ukraine, and Afghanistan in our lifetime and several other countries in our parent’s and grandparent’s lifetime seems pretty indomitable to me. Not saying all (or any) of it was justified or appropriate, but still, they do have some pretty brass balls to even give all that a go.

        1. Bulldoze? You got two provinces from a weak country no one cares about, you got back the Crimea (justly) which was ethnically/historically Russian already, and got driven out of Goat-herder-stan after a decade of blood loss. Not really a juggernaut.

        2. I’m not Russian, homie. We seem to care enough about Ukraine to entertain the idea of arming them (that will be another sad folly, just watch). And Goat-herder-stan is slowly but surely doing the same to us via the same attrition. And we left Iraq a mess that was night and day better under Saddam. As for “face down in their own vomit”, yeah, Americans are one to talk!

        3. I didn’t say we don’t share the same afflictions. It’s no better in the US. Only Washington cares about Ukraine, and every American over the age of 40 still thinks it’s 1938. True about Iraq. Saddam didn’t destroy bulldoze Hatra or Nimrud! The point is that Russia/Slavic Europe isn’t a bastion of civilization. It’s just been stuck in a Soviet time-wrap, while the KGB destabilized the West.

        4. Never said they were a “bastion”, or rather if I did I had paired it with “conquering”, ruthlessness. While they are corrupt and dysfunctional to the core, but they handle their business (or at least try to) without conviction. Forbes didn’t pick Putin as The Most Powerful Man In The World two years in a row for nothing.

      2. “This same thing applies to most males within the black culture. I wouldn’t call it a ‘bastion of conquering spirit.’ ”
        The ethnic Russians who tore up the Ukie army are all coal miners, truck drivers, and other hard working men with a military background (USSR had universal male conscription, Russia still does). American black culture comes from the failed welfare state which produces single mothers popping out babies to get more welfare. Russians are workers, providers, and warriors (but only if they have to be). The American black culture is one of deadbeats and criminals just looking for an excuse for violence and rioting.

        1. Ironically coming from a guy (I assume?) calling himself “OrthodoxChristian”. Also keep in mind that Russian culture is VERY paranoiac and has always been at war in one way or another, whether with The Chechens and Ukranian American-nuthuggers of today or the despots like Hitler, Napoleon or Genghis Khans of history. Goes to show that the men would naturally be tough and bellicose.

        2. Most Russians are miserable bastards who mope around except when shitfaced drunk. Their lives are so depressing and boring going to war is a welcome distraction.
          And I say this as a guy with Russian ancestry.

        3. “Also keep in mind that Russian culture is VERY paranoiac and has always been at war in one way or another, whether with The Chechens and Ukranian American-nuthuggers of today or the despots like Hitler, Napoleon or Genghis Khans of history.”
          I wouldn’t call Russian culture paranoid. It isn’t paranoia when other forces really are out to get you. Likewise American Christians and conservatives aren’t paranoid, they are simply aware of the hostile environment surrounding them. If you’re not “paranoid” then you’re not paying attention (to current events, history, the fallen nature of man, etc).
          In contrast, Russia emerged as a nation in an environment of almost infinite, although mostly quite diffuse, resources. It also drew from the bounty of the trade route that led from the Vikings to the Greeks, which was so active that Arab geographers believed that there was a salt-water strait linking the Black Sea with the Baltic, whereas the route consisted of rivers with a considerable amount of portage. In this environment, it was important to avoid conflict, and people who would draw their swords at a single misspoken word were unlikely to do well in it.
          Thus, a very different conflict resolution strategy has emerged, which survives to this day. If you insult, aggrieve or otherwise harm a Russian, you are unlikely to get a fight (unless it happens to be a demonstrative beating held in a public setting, or a calculated settling of scores through violence). Instead, more likely than not, the Russian will simply tell you to go to hell, and then refuse to have anything further to do with you. If physical proximity makes this difficult, the Russian will consider relocating, moving in any direction that happens to be away from you. So common is this speech act in practice that it has been abbreviated to a monosyllabic utterance: “Пшёл!” (“Pshol!”) and can be referred to simply as “послать” (literally, “to send”). In an environment where there is an almost infinite amount of free land to settle, such a strategy makes perfect sense. Russians live like settled people, but when they have to move, they move like nomads, whose main method of conflict resolution is voluntary relocation.
          This response to grievance as something permanent is a major facet of Russian culture, and westerners who do not understand it are unlikely to achieve an outcome they would like, or even understand. To a westerner, an insult can be resolved by saying something like “I am sorry!” To a Russian that’s pretty much just noise, especially if it is being emitted by somebody who has already been told to go to hell. A verbal apology that is not backed up by something tangible is one of these rules of politeness, which to the Russians are something of a luxury. Until a couple of decades ago, the standard Russian apology was “извиняюсь” (“izviniáius’”), which can be translated literally as “I excuse myself.” Russia is now a much more polite country, but the basic cultural pattern remains in place.
          Although purely verbal apologies are worthless, restitution is not. Setting things right may involve parting with a prized possession, or making a significant new pledge, or announcing an important change of direction. The point is, these all involve taking pivotal actions, not just words, because beyond a certain point words can only make the situation worse, taking it from the “Go to hell” stage to the even less copacetic “Let me show you the way” stage.

        4. The fact that your ancestors were some Jews from Russia doesn’t make you an expert on anything.

      3. Black men are either pussies or act like little boys, in general. They get this way because in 80% of the cases they are brought up by females, either their grandma or awhnt, with no real man around. They are very insecure and try to compensate for it with their braggadocio and posturing.This always leads to trouble.

    4. When they’re not face down drunk in their own vomit, yeah they’re out there working for civilization!

    5. Don’t be silly. Russian men are no more masculine than Americans. You may actually want to go places rather than repeat clichés.

      1. I was’t being any type of “silly”; I’ve met many on different travel from many former-USSR Republics and Russia proper. Not one was an epicene sissy-Mary like many post Gen-X manginas that proliferate. Thanks, still.

        1. Hey I caught the tail-end of having to duck under desks for drills and there were active air-raid sirens for a part of my childhood where I live. They’re still standing but dormant.

  22. Every society needs patriarchal beauty standards, and shaming to enforce those standards. Don’t be afraid to tell a western woman she’s fat and her colored hair makes her look like a clown.

    1. You need to use subtlety to shame females so that they correct their stupid ways. Like, ‘don’t you think Taylor Swift (or whoever) dresses nicely”?

  23. Number two is situational, with all this snow hitting the east coast, sorry not going to sit here ruin some Edward Greens or Dingmans, when I can wear some sneakers into the job and switch when at the job. For the ladies, I figure if they care about their footwear or want a more comfortable shoe while traveling no problem. Now if they are wearing sneakers with business attire the entire time. I agree something is wrong, but traveling and talking to travelers here and over in Europe most of time it is situational(it is a decent conversations opener).

    1. Waitresses have been wearing comfortable, yet conservative, shoes for generations. Garish trainers are a choice.

    2. Agreed. My girl wears runners on the bus/subway and changes into her expensive ass shoes as soon as she enters the clinic. I think it’s smart, and she gets the ones where they tone your legs and buttocks…I ain’t complaining.

  24. I can’t wait to go back to UK and visit my favorite Indian Curry house. I’ll have a Chicken Tikka Rogan Josh with Garlic and Chilli Rice. My mouth is drooling already.

  25. “British women display a rigid hip movement akin to an AT-AT from Star Wars”
    Lol. Prepare the fleet for a surface attack.

    1. Tbh, if i was walking in front of someone staring at my ass, i’d start walking like a robot too…what the hell is in it for me if a random stranger (who i can’t see) finds me hot??

        1. Please Al, tell me what its like, help a fat little Tartlet understand what it feels like to be desired! Tell me how much you love the feeling of strangers behind you staring at your majestic butt!

  26. It sounds like the anglospehere is close to being mono-culture. There’s probably not much difference between women in london, NY or sydney. Obesity rate over 50%. Women only wear a dress once a month or once a year. Feminist personality blaming men for their unhappiness in life. Addicted to social media seeking validation from random strangers to compensate for the lack of attention they get IRL. Two generations of western women damaged by feminism has taken its toll. Consider dating east asian or eastern europen women if you get the chance.

    1. Y, y, you mean, the same tribe has been using the same old nation wrecking tactics on all the White countries? All the women have been destroyed by the same Cultural Marxism? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory!

    2. Obesity rates in NY are 25% but obesity means that you’re pretty fat, right? So there may still be a lot of overweight females just below the obesity category who are flabby. Fortunately they’re mostly nogs and ‘ricans that white men don’t bother with anyway so the white girls aren’t too bad still. Fatness is still mostly genetic which is then exacerbated by stuffing your face.

    3. There’s probably not much difference between men in london, NY or sydney. Obesity rate over 50%. Men never wearing dresses. Manosphere personality blaming women for their unhappiness in life. Addicted to social media seeking validation from random strangers to compensate for the lack of attention they get IRL. Two generations of western men damaged by sexism has taken its toll. Consider treating people like people regardless of gender if you get a chance, to escape this mess.

  27. Audrey Hepburn look-alike? That sounds good… Unless of course it was just a generic brunette who watches a steady diet of her movies in order to feel good about cutting her hair short or otherwose mimicking her style to be ‘unique.’

  28. I did some ex-pat work in the UK for a year in the late 90’s. I loved it. English culture was still English. Men would pile into the pubs after work and “drink through dinner” instead of hurrying home to a demanding wife that denied him sex later that night. Men also went to the office wearing suits not “business casual” as Americans had started doing. English women were also classy. Most of which would shudder at the idea of wearing pants into the office. Almost all wore smart looking skirts and high heels. It was a wonderful year.
    I went back ten years later and was shocked at the changes. The women were fat and disgusting. The men looked as though they had been brow beaten down for year on end. Even in London few wore proper business attire. Worst of all it was almost impossible to find a proper English pub outside of the major metro areas. Many had been converted into immigrant take out places. It was truly a sad sight to see.

    1. So, ten years before, when the women were hot, men still avoided their wives. Then ten years later, women give up, men have audacity to be upset about it?
      Also, free market; “immigrant” take out places (the first curry house in London was in 1800’s) are more popular, deal with it.

      1. Ummm a society is not a static group of people. It is representative more of a culture shift then the changes in habits of one subset of people that changed over the course of ten years. The women got fat and started wearing sweat pants because the culture changed. Back in the 90’s no woman would have ever shown up to the office not dressed to her very best. That was simply gone by the 2000’s. Plus, I don’t think men taking a few hours out of their day to congregate and commune with other men without be hen pecked by a wife constitutes “avoiding”. It is a normal and healthy social behavior.
        Also, it wasn’t the free market, it was unfettered immigration and failure to assimilate into the culture.

        1. I thought most men didn’t work with their wives? And why would women bother dressing up nice, what would it get them?
          “Unfettered” = synomyn for “free”… So you’re saying it was a MORE free market due to more people??

        2. I said nothing about men working with their wives. I merely said that men refused to be hen pecked by their wives and head right home after work because their wives demanded it. They took time to actually be a man and commune with men.
          I am not a woman, but I assume most dress well because it shows a modicum of self respect, attention to detail, and femininity. And that is also what it got them – a great deal of respect. Who can take (man or woman) seriously if they are dressed like a slob?
          There is also a huge distinction between a free market and unfettered immigration. And, a completely free market has never been desirable.

        3. Ah, okay. So dressing well didn’t get them their husbands home when they wanted them, did it? Can you quantify this respect with statistics or even examples?
          But more freedom=more efficient, surely?? Please tell me the distinction too if possible.

        4. I was making a cultural assumption based upon personal observations. Why would I back that up with a study?
          Also, I was referring to husbands that didn’t feel like they needed to kowtow to their wives and had a degree of manly independence. Dressing well had nothing to do with that. I was merely stating that women had a lot more self respect and dignity by doing so.
          And no more freedom doesn’t always more something is more efficient.
          Are you drinking or on drugs?

        5. Pretty vague personal observations though… Not much meat to them.
          Still struggling to understand your definition of respect earnt through dressing… Give me an example, beyond people being like ” I think she respects herself “.
          Why not?
          Drinking… ^_^

        6. I think you are clearly a troll so this is my last response.
          The original comment merely noted, from my personal observations, that the English culture had taken a massive shift from the 90’s to the 2000’s and from my perspective looked to be negative.
          A man (or really anyone) who has any type of self respect obviously cares about their outward appearance. They maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes a health weight and dressing well. You do this because you care what others think about you and you also want to communicate to other through your outward appearance that you have self respect.
          I think it is said that Western Civilization has lost this aspect of our culture. Men and women used to care about their outward appearances. The dressy office was one of the positive way we used to express this part of our culture.

        7. I think, if you have true self respect, you do what makes you happy, because it’s what you want, not because it’s going to communicate anything to other people.
          If you respect your values and your life, you want to eat well, dress well (according to what *your* style is), simply because you know that you deserve it, and that if you think it’s good, you respect your own opinion. If that makes sense?
          If you dress well and try to be healthy to communicate to other people, that shows you respect other people, and want to look good to them.
          If you dress “poorly” and eat in a way that is bad for you (pscyhologically), then it shows that you don’t respect yourself, yes, but it’s a lot harder to judge whether someone is dressing in a way that you, observer, dislikes but they love, and if they’re eating stuff you find sad but they want and choose, and their body looks a certain way that you dislike, you CANNOT TELL IF THEY RESPECT *THEMSELVES* OR NOT. Because it’s subjective and internal.

      1. Her body is fucking disgusting, man. I don’t know how people get up in the morning and walk out the door thinking they look good. She should be wearing a garbage bag or a burlap sack.

    1. Don’t think that’s courney lapresi. Different face and nose. But skanks are skanks.

  29. I think parents need to teach their daughters about acting like a woman. At the end of the day everything goes back to the parents who fail to guide their children in the way that’s best for society and instead they teach their young girls to rebel at anything consider feminine.

    1. “I think parents need to teach their daughters about acting like a woman.” It’s far too late for that. Do you even know what’s going on to make such a vile comment? The majority of those women who have daughters are “single mothers” who kicked all the men out of the house for a pay check. Women have failed to raise children, period. Society is in a complete dystopia. You can’t save a nation full of whorish women backed by the government. Sweden for example (man-hating feminazi capitol) is the filled to the bream of these harpies. Feminism tells women to leave husbands, hate being feminine and become lesbians.

    2. Yeah, what girl wouldn’t want to look adorably feminine and hot, so she could attract a quality guy like you, who could then treat her like some kind of collectible! Who wouldn’t want that instead of their own career and feet that don’t hurt?

      1. you’re just jealous and bitter because no guy would want his penis anywhere near a hog like you

        1. Or, you’re just jealous and bitter because you think life revolves around genital contact… Pretty sad, especially when people don’t play the game and look hot and know “good” guys when they see them, isn’t it? Like, genuinely, that sounds crappy.

    3. How can parents teach their daughters to act like women when the very concept of gender is being questioned and warped into an ‘oppressive’ societal construct? Parents can no longer let their kids eat Cheerios without wondering if it’s supporting gender inequality or some bullshit.
      I’m a big city guy but even I’ve had enough and thinking of packing it in to a small town in the south or midwest. Maybe Kansas or rural Texas. I used to scorn the ‘bible thumpers’ and red state McCain/Palin fans. Now I think they’re the least insane out of the entire American Freakshow.

  30. Good article. As well all know, feminism is a poisonous ideology, which has always been about unattractive women bringing other women down to their own gutter level. I absolutely hate the current trend of women PURPOSELY trying to be as unattractive as possible. I have zero desire to go to London (unless somebody pays for a free trip, of course!) because from what I can see the weather sucks and it is full of rude, pompous people. Look on the bright side, though, from your article it seems they aren’t into the whole bull-ring nose piercings that have become in vogue with the young women in Australia. There is no possible way that any woman could think this enhances her appearance. Therefore, there is only one conclusion: that they are deliberately making themselves as unattractive as possible in order to give ALL men the finger. Thanks a lot feminism.. and you wonder why men hate you so much! By the way, smart phone addiction for me is a close second to the bull ring piercing for the biggest turn off in a girl. And good luck finding a girl in a western country who isn’t addicted.. what a sad world we live in

    1. “I absolutely hate the current trend of women PURPOSELY trying to be as unattractive as possible…they are deliberately making themselves as unattractive as possible in order to give ALL men the finger.”
      I get your point, but if you had experienced what it’s like for a woman to go out in public dressed in a sexually attractive way, perhaps you’d understand that ‘dressing down’ is not at all about giving men the finger, but rather a way of going out and being able to move around in the world without drawing attention that can be intimidating. Sometimes when I go out without my husband I’ll just throw on leggings and a long loose tee and big sunnies because it’s nice to be less ‘visible’. As to the bull-ring nose piercings and such… I don’t understand it very well, but I think it’s more about expressing individuality, not giving men the finger or anything like that.

      1. You don’t want to draw attention because you’re fat and I can understand that. In the past the fat girls would at least cover up a bit so that men didn’t see their flabby bums.Even slim and normal girls would worry about their butt being fat.No one wanted to look like they had a Hottentot butt.
        The bull ring thing is a good idea. They used to put these nose rings on bulls because they were powerful animals and sometimes needed to be controlled and the ring helped.So these rings are excellent for controlling a disobedient female. Just clip a dog lease onto them and say come alone honey.
        And btw, when in doubt about how to dress properly, ask your husband or a man.Females in general (except for girls like Taylor Swift etc) have no taste or do they understand what looks good and harmonious on them.
        There’s nothing wrong with wearing casual/sports type shoes especially in a crappy climate like NY but at least wear something that looks good. UGGS do not look good unless you’re Mrs. Frankenstein. These rough sheepskin boots were made to wear in coaches or old cars without heaters to keep your feet from freezing and that’s the only place you’d wear them. Women did wear these sheepskin boots in the Boomer era but they were stylish and more feminine looking (I haven’t seen them in years)

        1. Haha I’m 5″9 and 125 pounds and I take very good care of my body so your silliness can’t upset me. Also, I said a LONG loose tee, i.e. one that covers the ass, otherwise the leggings would be counterproductive.
          I don’t want to draw attention because it is INTIMIDATING and TIRING and DISTRACTING, I have things to do and better things to think about than what some random dude on the street thinks of how I look.

        2. Whereas men, are all gleaming examples of good dressing 24/7, who cares about personality or resources, everyone knows it’s all about looks.
          Also, the Hottentot butt was actually an attraction…people wanted to see it, quite a bit actually.

        3. I’m sure that in the 1800’s it was a novelty when people wanted to see things like elephants and gorillas. However, I was using the term Hottentot bum to mean just a flabby big drooping disgusting butt.
          The true Hottentots are just in a tiny area of Africa and even their neighbours think they look funny.Probably the result of some weird inbreeding.Even the men have koks that sort of stick out from their bodies to the amusement of the other local tribes nearby.

        4. Fair enough. But some people do like ass… Are we just going to say they are crazy, to make ourselves feel better about not understanding them?

        5. you can like boobs…I never said you couldn’t…but it’s about how you treat the people who have them.

      2. Nice hamster logic.. there is a massive difference between always going out being dressed to kill and deliberately making yourself look like an escaped mental patient. Piercings and tatts are just another way for damaged, narcissistic women to attract attention anyway- if you were the nice, shy type you wouldn’t get one of these monstrosities. And those bull ring piercings are just GROSS! I have started to express my distaste by shaking my head in disgust at these girls when I see them. My point is that there has never been a woman who has enhanced her appearance from this way of ‘expressing individuality’- and this disgusting practice has become so widespread in Australia I can’t see how it makes you an ‘individual’ anyway! ‘Hipster’ chicks always tend to be left-wing feminists as well – funny that. Feminism has promoted declining standards because it encourages women to make themselves less attractive to men. That is the difference between feminism and the manosphere. The former is a race to the bottom whilst failing to accept any responsibility for your actions, blaming men, and making excuses, the latter is about encouraging men to better themselves. The equivalent of the bull ring movement would be men deciding they would no longer wear deodorant in order to ‘express their individuality’. Women would just love that, wouldn’t they? Yep, that’s how repulsive those bloody bull ring things are to men!

        1. I have complicated feelings toward feminism because I think at the core it’s a good and necessary thing, but so much of it has become negative, even for women, and definitely alienating between women and men. I’m all for women looking however they want to look, and having the freedom to do so. But yeah, it’s like the “fuck the patriarchy, we can look and dress however we want” thing has gone too far, to the point that unhealthiness and self-mutilation is celebrated and nobody had better say a damn thing questioning that. My hope is that in time, with the collective memory of serious oppression fading into the rearview mirror, feminism can ease the hell up and start building bridges between the sexes again.
          “Feminism has promoted declining standards because it encourages women to make themselves less attractive to men. That is the difference between feminism and the manosphere. The former is a race to the bottom whilst failing to accept any responsibility for your actions, blaming men, and making excuses, the latter is about encouraging men to better themselves.”
          You don’t think the manosphere, this blog in particular, is about blaming women and making excuses? I’d say the best of this blog, maybe 20% of the articles, is about self-betterment. The rest is demonizing women and blaming them for everything under the sun.

        2. As to “hamster logic”… I was engaging with the larger points raised by the article which your example of bull ring piercings was an extension of. The point is that women dress the way they do for all sorts of reasons and most often it has little or nothing to do with men. Why do you dress the way YOU do? Because it pleases you in some way or another. Women do the same. Bitching about that will get you nowhere. If you don’t like anything but a traditional and very feminine aesthetic, there are many girls out there who still enjoy styling themselves that way, so go date one of them—if you can 😉

        3. Babe, if you don’t have the power to look ugly, what do you have? If you have to always be pretty, are you REALLY free? Do men have to base their decisions on “is this attractive or not”, or are they told to follow their dreams?
          The logical extension of “women are artworks” is the man you were replying to, and you can see how he acts, even to a perfectly nice and rational woman, let alone one he can see and finds visibly unnattractive.

        4. Stop pushing shit up hill Rosel.. what is wrong with shaming women for being sluts, fat and mutilating their bodies? We are helping them be better women, a noble goal. It is no coincidence that political correctness//feminism successfully blocking these things has coincided with plummeting standards. I say we bring it back so women lift their games

        5. Okay, should we likewise start a campaign to shame all the promiscuous, overweight guys? Would that be constructive? Or should we recognise that they’re humans with a right to make their own choices, and that shaming them will do more harm than good?

        6. Oh damn! I always wished I’d end up with a fat obnoxious feminist.. every man’s dream

        7. So why are we threatening each other with being alone then? We’d both rather be alone then with someone we hate who hates us, and that’s okay…Please explain this, hamster brain confused.

    2. Yeah, how dare women be unnattractive, when men are all looking like Hollister models 24/7! It’s a raging double standard!! Next thing you know, they’ll be doing disgusting stuff like not shaving their armpit hair, unlike men, who actually groom themselves, and not wearing make-up, unlike men, who make sure to accentuate their best features, or wearing practical shoes, unlike men, who make sure to wear uncomfortable shoes as long as they accentuate their super hot manly feet.
      You know, women these days just don’t do enough compared to men in the looks department, I could go on and on, you know, with all the short hair (unlike men, who grow out their luscious locks as a sign of virility) and the trousers, and the lack of deodorant; men would never do this.
      Next thing you know, they’ll expect you to start valuing them for their charisma, sense of humour, and ability to provide through their money! As if!! Women clearly don’t have any of these things, because they have tiny tiny brains, like hamsters, and can’t earn any money! Imagine them trying to do something like RUN A COMPANY or be a comedian! It’s such a shame that men are letting women ruin everything, just so that they can have sex with them, and then, these modern women, they don’t even admit that they are totally luring everyone in with their lady-bits! This explains why all the hottest women are also the ones in charge of stuff like the country of Germany.

      1. Females will always be judged differently than men and in fact are obsessed with their own looks. The problem is that females have either no or poor taste in general and should look to the more competent male for advice before leaving the house.
        Although I have never worked at any real manual labour job there are many men who do and of course will be wearing work clothes that may become a bit dirty and dishevelled from the Work they do.
        The females in this article are office and cubicle workers so you may want to compare them to their male counterparts doing the same work, not to the guy working on the roadway in all sorts of weather or men doing other dirty work.
        And P.S. there are no good looking females as heads of State in any country. Even at 18 Merkel was a dawg lol

        1. Will they? That doesn’t make sense. If women are meant to be judged physically by males, why would they not evolve with more taste? There’s a big burden on males here.
          Yeah, women should just work manual labour, then they’d realise how lucky they are too have cushy pretty jobs! Let’s encourage women into building, and mechanical roles ^_^
          Yeah, so how are all these dawgs doing it? Are they witches??

        2. Men will always judge women this way. As a fat ugly feminist, I know that cuts deep, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

        3. I’m loving your reclaiming of the label “fat ugly feminist”, you go girl! And you don’t need the shallow opinions of men who think that looks are all there are, just stay single, it’s okay, you’ll have far more fun anyway than trying to play their arbitrary game with rules set up so everyone loses…

        4. OK, you’re ugly, at least we can both agree on that. So, what else do you offer men besides a horrible personality? You sound like such a sweetheart. I can’t believe no man hasn’t swooped you up!

        5. Same here honey bun! How are you still single? I’d have thought your ravishing wit would have lured a nice little sex slave/kitchen wench into your grasp by now! It’s a tragedy it hasn’t, really it is… But keep trying! I’m SURE she’s out there somewhere!
          Anyway, I’ve got my cats, remember? Who I’d rather die alone with than live a man who thought of me like an object for collection, with stats and everything.

      2. Instead of whining like a bitch, how about trying to improve yourself? See it as an opportunity, with you there is plenty of scope for it

        1. Hey, who’s whining? Men are just so damn impressive with their amazing efforts they all go to to look attractive, it’s really intimidating to us lowly ugly womenfolk with nothing to offer but hamster brains

        2. Matt Forney just wrote an article on why we should avoid mentally ill women, here is a case in point… don’t worry sweetheart, apparently one quarter of women have a mental illness these days. Yay feminism!

        3. Weird, when you look for sources beyond this site, turns out mental illness is about equal… Weird! The rest of the internet MUST be wrong!
          And I don’t get what this has got to do with me coming to terms with my inferiority… But you’re a big clever man and I’m sure you know what you’re doing!

    1. Ikr, it’s so unfair, what are you meant to find joy in now? Gone are the days when women play fair, and get attention from men around them 24/7, instead of cheating, by making online profiles and compartmentalising dating/attention seeking.

  31. Holy.. I had to stop at the iphone. I JUST spoke about that last week. Why in the hell does every semi cute girl have a broken screen? Maybe most girls in general, but I only notice the okay ones and up.
    I am like, what the hell is going on? Why are you chicks breaking your phones? What the hell are you doing where your screens all look like you have been deflecting machine gun fire?
    Now on with the article

    1. Go back and also review the messy apartment = hot whore , article ; There is a common denominator between good looking shanks , messy homes , and a broken iphone screen.

  32. Yes, if only more women were attractive then it would a lot easier to believe the traditionalist myths regarding gender roles. I like my women sexy, that way they keep me hypnotized through arousal, and I stay stupid and complacent.
    Fuck these bitches for taking off the mask that had me fooled and showing me the truth beneath the mask.
    There are only 2 kinds of women:
    1) Those who clearly aren’t worth it
    2) Those who pull the wool over your eyes
    If you think you’re coming out ahead with any woman, then you know you’re dealing with woman number 2. It’s zero-sum when dealing with women, and they’re the house.

        1. You’re so angry and it’s quite entertaining, Burk-A-Durk. Do try sharpening up your debate skills one day if you ever want to influence anyone’s opinion or make a difference in the world. Oh and lose the raging misogyny if you ever want to attract a decent woman.

        2. Alas, my secret identity has been discovered! I must flee, for I am banished!! *flees*
          Ah, roleplay, don’t ya just love it?
          (And no, strange that you’re giving me so much attention, when all I wanted to do was discuss flaws/highlights of the article.)

        3. Here is the photo line-up. This was used to unmask you.
          Thank G-d the pic was taken before you turned the ‘girls’ loose.

        4. Or should that be “fleas?” Jury’s definitely still out on that question given the stench of condescension which emanates from you like a visible aura, honey.
          Time to haul out the cluebat!
          “There are no ugly wymyn. There are only sober men.”
          — Me

        5. What a lovely picture of me, standing up for my human rights, cuntress doing herself proud.
          Anyway, it was nice playing with you, but please, don’t flood me with more attention, it will all go to my head! I was only mildly agreeing with a comment…

        6. Drat, Doctor Hook, how did you uncover my villainous plan to knock you all out with my body odour??…ah hang on, I’ve seen a flaw in this plan… *cue canned laughter*
          (Great roleplay name btw!)
          And I disagree, there are ugly women (tis i, cuntress,!) But joking aside, I think, like ugly men and any other gender, they have a lot more to offer than their face, which we see through a lense of pretty strict beauty standards to start with.

        7. Well, that is not very feminine.

        8. Oh well, you can always settle for some other fat ugly diesel dyke.

        9. YEP! She’ll look a lot like a man.
          Finally we’re communicating!

        10. and having someone who looks like a man is a bad thing? your self hate is showing love xx

  33. I ride my bike on my college campus and I intentionally get dangerously close to people who are walking with their heads buried in their iPhones until they earlier look up at the last second and literally jump out of the way, or I am forced to turn sharpl and, suddenly. I aways try to stare them in the eyes when I do this, but sometimes they never even notice they were almost run into.

    1. Yeah, how dare people actually use their expensive pieces of technology in public spaces?? They should be admiring the view of the streets they see every day, not doing something more interesting on their phones, because that’s unfair, we can’t see what they’re doing on them!

        1. You’re shocked? It’s guys like you that brings out the sarcasm in women because it is… well, I was going to say all you deserve, but fmf has given you a lovely bit of sarcasm with an actual valuable point, and you’ve given her a bit of angry wordvomit, so… more than you deserve.

        2. Wow, hi again al! Yes, indeed, vagina…and any actual articulate response to my valid criticism, or is that the best you can do?

        3. I’ll give you one. When you’re out in public around other people you need to watch where you’re going. Walking into traffic and getting killed (no loss in your case) may cause fatalities to others.

        4. Validating your own criticisms again?
          You’ve come a long way, Cupcake!

        5. Aw babes, thank you! It means a lot! I think it’s healthy to accept some criticism, but of course you would know all about that, wouldn’t you? Xx

        1. BJ… she’s being sarcastic and harsh because this whole page really is a load of out-of-touch sexist whining. It’s funny to see a woman come on here and remind you “Kings” of that and watch all but the rare 1% of commenters with an actual brain or life just absolutely FOAM AT THE MOUTH with rage…

        2. Bj could you please give me more death threats over an internet comment section, I’m worried you’re not taking this seriously enough here, thanks!

        3. I’m not threatening you at all you feminist nutjob, just giving you some solid life advice

        4. If you really want to get even with BJ, perhaps you should date him…

        5. Thanks for helping the cause…

        6. Here is the future. Not whining, but I am concerned.

        7. Hah funny thing is that my feminism is moderate at best. In real life I’m not nearly so abrasive. But then, none of the guys I know in real life are particularly sexist/angry/rude, either. That’s probably why they get respect and courtesy from me and other women.

        8. So you’re not a man-hating lesbian like fmf?

        9. I love men. Worship my husband. I even like making him sandwiches. Wearing miniskirts and makeup. All that stuff. But that’s beside the point.
          The thing is, everything about this blog, and the attitudes and sentiments of most of the men here… it’s crazy counterproductive. Proclaim “all women are nasty sluts” or whatever, and you’ll turn 99.99% of women against you, and get sarcastic or derogatory treatment from them… which will cement your beliefs, and perpetuate that reality.
          You don’t know fmf… you only know that she gets prickly when faced with misogyny, and so do most women.

        10. Maybe you ought to have a woman to womYn chat with fmf.

        11. Quite frankly this site and some of the commenters desperately need to be made fun of, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        12. Well first, no, my cats need me, secondly, no, I don’t want to be paying alimony to anyone!
          Also, that law is serious bullshit; couldn’t find one trustworthy source about it.

        13. Aww, it’s so fun calling each other names, I feel so loved. Thanks for the advice, do you follow it then? How’s it going for you?

        1. Please, get more excited by my presence, respond with more inane death suggestions, please, I’m loving it, you look sooo good right now. Xx

      1. Went to your FB page and grabbed a few pics…

      2. Nope. People walking around across streets or in busy places with their heads buried in their phones, oblivious to the world around them are idiots. Get from point A to point B then waste your time on your “expensive pieces of technology.”

        1. But they are still wasting *their* time, not *yours*, so it’s really not your problem.

    2. Put a nice horn on your bike, like one of those loud airhorns. That will wake up anyone in your way :o)

  34. Trannies will soon be the only feminine women left. You will just have to overlook the dick swinging between their legs…

      1. Disturbing how? Did some repressed urge stir inside you when you looked at one?

        1. Nope, I just came to realize that rosie O’donnell lookalikes like yourself are even uglier than most trannies, which says alot about the state of western spinsters like yourself today. Now, back to jizzabell you go ya old cunt, LOL!

  35. Audrey hepburn was cited as being one of the most fashionable women of the 20th century. Her style and grace should be a hallmark for women to reach for. Sadly in this day and age feminist would cry out against her.

      1. From what I’ve read of Audrey from her biographies and late interviews, she was all about about being feminine and putting her family first. When given the option of staying in industry and continuing her work, she opted out to stay at home and raise her two sons. Barbara Walters asked if she had any regrets and she said no. In today’s third wave feminist culture, they would’ve looked down at her for making that decision. A career should be a woman’s main priority, not her family. Being a good wife and a good mother is often frowned on. While Audrey wasn’t perfect (she smoke, drank, even had an affair), she made up for that with her years of charity work ending poverty and feeding the needy.

        1. I see. Look, you’ll probably disbelieve me, but the VAST majority of feminists out there today are not the unreasonable kind that would criticise a woman for choosing her family over her career. For most feminists the important thing is that she had that choice in the first place.

    1. Feminists have a problem with women dressing to please men, which obviously, is ridiculous, as that’s the entire purpose of women, they’re not like, almost exactly like men or anything, they’re a completely different and inferior species!

      1. Feminists have a problem with women dressing to please men, which obviously, is ridiculous, as that’s the entire purpose of women, they’re not like, almost exactly like men or anything, they’re a completely different and inferior species!

        Now you’re starting to get it, good cunt.
        Lesson No.2: Back to the kitchen, start whipping up them sandwiches.

        1. Woop woop! Inferior species that is actually the same species and just as human only faced with assholes who act like they’re better and entitled to more stuff just cos of their genetics… Omg it’s like the Alpha/Beta struggle! I.e oh god your world is small and painful, isn’t it?

        2. You know, there is a four step program to help you get over your hatred of men…

        3. Why would I hate men? They are simply superior in every way… They look good, they smell good, they have big majestic brains, they are all super strong… What’s not to love???

        4. Wow. I never believed the hatred of men could be sufficient reason to be a lesbian.
          Until I talked to you.
          NAMALT? (snicker) I guess that doesn’t translate.

        5. …I don’t hate men, they are amazing and superior!!
          Not all Men are Like That? No!! Why would you say such a thing!? My tiny hamster brain iz confuse.
          Also, interestingly, you’ve not actually challenged that your world is small and painful and dominated by power structures you are unable to fight…much like you want my world to be, as an inferior female. It’s kind of ironic and sadistic, but mostly, it’s genuinely tragic.

        6. I just love it when you tell me you don’t hate men in that manner.

        7. damn it, cuntress, foiled again…i’ll come clean: i’m bi, i have a boyfriend, i’m not an actual walking joke, but do you not see what i’m trying to say? that in your world, women have to hate themselves to love men, lest they be shamed for *shock horror* not wanting men. it just seems so depressing.

        8. Any man interested in time with you would by definition be self-hating.
          Do you make your “man” kneel when he uses your toilet?

        9. “Cuntress”?
          Who talks like that? You must have some messed up friends.

        10. You did? Someone in this comment thread called me it, I thought it was funny, decided to take it. ^_^

        11. I don’t actually talk to my boyfriend about his toilet habits, that’s not particularly hot… Is this where I’ve been going wrong? Is this what you normally talk about with partners??

        12. Your sexual habits probably severely impinge on his toileting habits.

        13. You might consider not being quite a sponge for the foul language in the interwebs.
          Just sayin’

        14. Pressing one for English, furiously.

        15. That is because in your mind this has become ‘normal’.

        16. Sorry mate you’ve lost it, you were being mildly funny, now you’re just being farcical and immature, and I just can’t be bothered with that. Playtime’s over now, hope you and your cronies had fun whilst it lasted.

        17. There’s not even any skill in deliberately being immature to impress your pals, I’m disappointed in you Shep Schultz, you could do better.

        18. Aren’t you just the gift that keeps on giving.
          Elizabeth Squaw Warren recognizes you as her sister, Never Ending Menstrual Cramp..

      2. Eh, don’t you like it when men dress to please women?
        Oh, yeah, you would rather keep all of the womYn to yourself.

        1. Well personally I can’t really be fooled by what people look like, actually. And I wish male fashion was more diverse, like in the 16th century.

    2. I looked her up. Audrey was asexual and had the body of a teenage boy. She lived through the war and never had enough to eat

      1. Audrey was a very sexual as well as sensual woman. She had 2 kids (after suffering a miscarriage), was married twice and was sited by her biographer as having a very healthy sexual appetite. She did suffer from mal nutrition during the war but always had enough to eat afterwards. She was quite healthy but died from an aggressive cancer. Most likely due from her years of smoking.

  36. I perfect example would be Frank’s wife from ‘House of Cards.’ Talk about a broken dyke with a “little boy’s” haircut!!

    1. Yeah, and Franks wife from House of Cards has terribly failed in her job to be Jessica Rabbit. It’s a fucking tragedy.

      1. Well I guess everyone needs a movement.

        1. Ah so your method is posting beautiful pictures of me, defending my human rights… Interesting.
          Well gosh darn you got me, I don’t think a system based entirely on looks is effective and I think all women(people) are worth more than that.
          Whereas you, you think it does work, and you try and make it work for yourself. It’s a small, and ultimately redundant goal, but hey, we’ve all got to have our moments, eh?

    1. Like your slatternous mother’s face, but that didn’t stop your dad from whisky dickin’ her putrid, gangrenous cunthole and bringing your stupid ass into existence, right?
      But then again, you WERE an accident, after all.

      1. Haha, fancy yourself as a top boy mate; what ‘lad’ goes onto these sad websites? Loser mate. Where you from?

  37. As someone who lived in London for 10 years, I should say this is 100% true. Men will have a difficult time in the Great Britain!

  38. I’m so devasted…what can we do to fix these values so that your penis is happy and titillated by the appearance of London’s womenfolk again? Please tell us, this is a national emergency!!

      1. That wasn’t even imaginative, you could have gone for my initials! Fat Mad Feminist, I mean come on, your burn games pretty weak when I can burn MYSELF better than you can.

        1. Ooh you got me! What’s a flensing knife? Can’t wait to find out! Also, news just in: is al Burk a durk taking commenting way too seriously, because he really can’t handle what FMF thinks? Sources point to YES..

        2. Why don’t you go seek comfort for your burns?

        3. Here is an illustration of why some aspects of feminism should be taken seriously.

        4. Hmmm. Interesting. So, in most of these panels men are being labeled pervy, whilst women are seen as innocent. Why do you think this is? Have you ever been creeped out by a woman? Perhaps that concept doesn’t really exist, because men are meant to always want sex/women (well, “pretty” ones at least). This isn’t true, is it? We need to start acknowledging that women are not sex objects, but sex agents, like men!
          Idk, if you beat someone to a pulp, I’m going to think you’re sick, regardless of gender. If you hit someone who’s powerful and threatening to you, I’m probably still going to say that’s a dangerous choice, even if it does take a certain kind of bravery.

      1. But damn, I was so excited about diving into my own abnormally large vagina! And don’t worry, I’m getting anti-biotics for it, would be all healthy again by next week! Thanks for your concern.. When was the last time you got tested? It’s a very responsible thing to do!
        Also, I know I’ve only got a hamster brain, but how does me going into a hole solve this problem?? Who will tell the womenfolk the error of their ways??

    1. You could start by losing some weight and trying to be less unpleasant.. every little bit helps

      1. Or, I could repulse you, and rejoice in the fact that your happiness is tied up in the imagined appearance of an anonymous person on the internet… Which really, seems like a pretty risky place to put your happiness and care into, but hey, free choice!

        1. I’ve found your male ideal.

        2. As opposed to, maybe a women will touch my peepee if treat her degradingly enough?
          You realise there’s more options than interacting with women based on your penis, right? Like, as a human being.
          And contrary to popular belief, when you take either of these approaches, it’s actually really fucking obvious. You get laid cos she wants to, or felt coerced, at no point did she not realise what you were trying to do.

        3. And you don’t? What a sad life. Pets are great. Do you have any pets, like a dog maybe, or something?

    2. I think I’ve gone far enough back in your history to learn why you hate women who care enough to make themselves attractive.

      1. Ah yes! The 70’s, I was trying for a better world for all, deliberately knowing that my value was more than how I looked, and trying to teach that to the world.
        When this super hot woman came up to me, with a look that clearly took a large portion of her life maintaining, with a funny sign that she wouldn’t be appreciated for, because women aren’t funny or clever , just hot/not, defending her choice to be okay with being judged like this. She went on to live a long happy life with male attention being her sole goal in life, and defining herself by what she saw in the mirror. When she gets old, she accepts she will lose all value.
        Whereas poor miserable me… I’m more like a man, as in, I actually live my life. It’s sad not everyone wants to do this, but I’d still die defending her right to be seen as more than non-sentient decoration.

        1. Because that woman was prettier than you, you still hate her to this day.

        2. yep, if you use that pretty-ness to shit over everyone else, it’s a kinda fucked up thing to do, kinda like alpha’s ruining the lives of everyone else….you can play along, or you can try and change the system…but then you get called hateful for it…

  39. Maybe it’s good?! I do think God allows conflict and opposition to happen so that we can see the true nature of people’s hearts. Maybe its natural or divine selection. These women will kind of “die” out. They won’t be the influencers in 20 years. If they want to act like a hoe do it but you’re going to be judged for it. The tragedy is that I don’t think they want to be a hoe. They truly want to be the reason why a guy smiles but they have been lied to by the media. They use feminism as a defense to not get real with them self and go on a diet.

    1. They are fatter, much fatter.
      They have a much better developed hatred for men.

      1. Imagine! Men are so lovely to them, all the time, offering to put their penis in them on exchange for money/goods, why would anyone hate that? The mind boggles.

  40. I have seen pretty English women. Maybe cause I was working on a project in the downtown CBD (Salesforce.com building) and most girls there are office gals and stuff. Although some are very….ummm…unfeminine. But! Very polite. French, Spanish and Italian women are crazy, hysterical, stuck up bitches. Portuguese are nice.

  41. “There is not a single public place where a British girl isn’t to be seen transfixed by an iPhone screen.”
    Try getting a mobile signal anywhere underground in the Tube system.
    But there is a solution!
    I offer this paraphrased version offered by a woman in London:
    “I could take the Overground home and it’d take two hours, but at least I’d be able to use my phone, or I could take the Tube and be there in an hour, but my phone wouldn’t work most of the way …”
    So there you have it!

  42. I work in a law firm and the women here all wear leggings. No skirts or heels, just yoga pants. . It’s sick. It is so unprofessional

      1. Yes. It would. Maybe yoga pants are comfier? Perhaps they should wear suits, like you, would that work?

    1. Are you talking about the partners? Or the interns? Surely the partners are wearing suits and not leggings????

  43. Wow, just sad. No wonder exogamy is now a de facto British tradition, because British women are leading their own people to extinction.

  44. Women are the carrot for men. The carrot is now a rotten, fat, single mom with a bitch attitude. . . No wonder mgtow is growing.

  45. I hated the women when I was over there, but the guys were pretty cool. The author mentions Russian and eastern European women, but he should also mention Frenchwomen. They still know how to do things right.

    1. And Spaniards. And Italians. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words…

  46. Feminists and women say its wrong and unmanly for men to judge women by what they wear but that’s just another way to put men down. Point out the flaws in a woman’s fashion choices. Lead fashion designers are men and don’t let the women forget it.

  47. Women wear joggers on the street and switch to heels when they get to work. This is why they have such enormous handbags – they actually have to carry their shoes in them.
    The more you know.
    (Bonus info! Women wear nail polish to hide the fact that their fingernails are filthy. A french manicure only *looks* clean.)

  48. Women wear trainers on their commute and then change into heels in the office. Walking in heels hurts, and are more dangerous to walk up and down stairs in. See? Perfectly logical.

    1. Had a boss who did this 30 years ago. She had a lengthy mass-transit commute and explained that, in addition to the hazards posed by stairs, heels also have a nasty habit of getting caught in the gap between platform and rail car. One then has a choice: sacrifice the shoe, or delay the train while getting it unstuck. She started commuting in sneakers after losing a couple of pairs of shoes in this way.

      1. Was at a Tina Turner concert a couple years ago…She looked fabulous for a woman of 70… She was dancing to Rolling on the River and flying back and forth shimmying across the stage and she did a little bit of a jerk half way across , kept dancing..then came back across the stage , stuck her very shapely leg and foot out as one of her stage hands pulled her 6 inch heeled shoe out of a crack in the stage and shoved it back on her foot. She then continued dancing. OMG!!! That was AMAZEBALLS………….

        1. Tina Turner is testimony to what aerobics can do for one. When she was 50, her cardiovascular age was reputed to be half that. Bet it hasn’t changed much during the intervening couple of decades.

        2. She was in great shape and put on an awesome show, She was on my list of people I definitely wanted to see. I have a big list…;-)

        3. I dare say she could snap Shep’s neck with her calves……..LOL Sorry, Shep , I had to say it.

  49. And all is just as it should be.
    Every day you learn the message that A Man Needs a Female Like a Fish Needs a Lobotomy. Why?
    In 2020, ALL your problems will be solved in one fell swoop. And I mean ALL.
    We are about to initiate another Industrial Revolution as well as Paradise on Earth for men. All you need is $265,000US. Start saving now. Get a second job. Make sacrifices. Invest your savings to grow wealth. Literal Paradise is at hand. You are not going to believe this although none of it is secret. It’s just that the project is a global conglomerate and each country announces progress as it is achieved. Many do not pay attention to global affairs so the announcements are meaningless to them. There are even hundreds of vids on our progress, gentleman. Have a look on YouTube if you are interested to find out just how GREAT men are.
    You think the Very Large Hadron Collider is the pinnacle of our achievement. In 5 years time we will eclipse even that. Get ready.

  50. So this is a fashion blog as well? You must realize that for point #2, they’re only wearing those shoes for the commute to work, and changing into their uncomfortable heels once at the office. Women have been doing that since the 1980’s, this is hardly new….

  51. East European and Russian women walk with a graceful bounce, hips moving with an elliptical figure 8 pendulation which mesmerises the male gaze. British women display a rigid hip movement akin to an AT-AT from Star Wars.
    XD!!! Thanks for the laugh.

  52. My woman wears trainers when commuting so she doesn’t slow other commuters down by teetering along in heels. If only they were all so thoughtful. Would you rather London Bridge was even more clogged with stupid tarts in heels they can’t walk in?

  53. The quality London girls are usually from upper classes and live around Fulham,Chelsea,Putney,Wandsworth,Clapham Junction,Wimbledon. They are feminine and hot.But you need money to deal with them.

  54. This is just hateful nerd rage woman fear.
    Women wearing tight leggins is the best thing since sliced bread – Be in shape or be repulsive. It stops all the decepticon business of hiding under flattering clothes and garment arrangements under the notion of fashion (it may be in fashion but you still look a twat!).
    Moaning about women wearing trainers with suits is pathetic. You really do fear women don’t you Theodor? It’s the suits your intimidated by though aye?
    The mobile phone trance barge is real – but don’t come whining about it on ROK, just fail to notice them and flatten them, excusing yourself with a “I am sorry but we both seem to have forgot our decency, luckily I’m heavier…”
    With British ‘men’ raging on the web in this manner it’s no wonder British women don’t feel there’s much to compete for.
    Stop putting women on a pedestal and failing to pull them into line in the moment then ranting on the net. Thats what the readership comes here to escape…

  55. Although young women in particular here in Australia fantasise about London, thinking it is the cats pyjamas (and MANY move there for work) – I have never been drawn to it. What is so attractive about it? Terrible weather, fat women, expensive as balls, large Muslim population – why on earth would you go there instead of the myriad of other possibilities in Europe?
    I totally agree with the criticisms, especially the IPhone addiction – shit is out of hand everywhere unfortunately. Regarding the fashion sense, poor I agree, but at least they aren’t dressing like homeless ladies and getting bull ring nose piercings like the “hipsters” here in Oz!

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