3 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Child Watch Sesame Street

Recently, my wife started to let our two-year-old son watch Sesame Street. She figured it would be a fun way to help him learn how to read so she started to record the episodes. But after screening some episodes, we were horrified by the messages that the show is trying to teach children. We will never let our son watch Sesame Street again.

Here is why you should never let your child watch Sesame Street:

1. Forced Transsexualism


Blögg has reservations about being forced to dress as a girl.

I don’t know about you but I feel like I already see enough men pretending to be women and women pretending to be men on television. I understand that the left has an agenda and that they always feel the need to push the latest front in the culture war, but I expect that they would have the decency to leave children out of it. They don’t.

Sesame Street now has a set of new generation of muppets in addition to the old favorites like Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. The CGI characters that appear in Abby’s Flying Fairy School are one example of these new muppets.

The premise is simple enough. The muppets are attending a school to learn how to be fairies. The whole Fairy School segment seems to be geared more toward girls than boys. After all, boys usually don’t want to become fairies. I find it disappointing that Sesame Street couldn’t find a way to make the segment more appealing to both boys and girls. But I am not going to belabor that point.

One of the muppets who is attending the Fairy School is a character called Blögg. Blögg is a furry, purple monster who doesn’t seem to be too bright. Of course, Blögg is a boy, because if he were a girl, he would be super smart.

In the episode entitled Cinderella Challenge, the characters have to participate in a challenge to earn their fairy godmother wings. Although there are female students at the school, the character that gets designated to dress up as Cinderella is Blögg.

Blögg doesn’t want to dress up as Cinderella, but he is forced to do it. As a little boy, one of the most humiliating things that can be done to you is to be forced to act like a girl. Blögg is just a cartoon character, but can you imagine how you’d feel if your son went to school and was forced to dress up like Cinderella?

What is behind this nonsense? Why did the Sesame Street writers feel the need to humiliate one of the male muppets? I can’t pretend to know for certain, but I doubt it is innocent.

2. Discrimination Against White People

I was raised to judge people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I have no problem with people being proud of how they look or of their ethnic background. But I do have a problem with discrimination against white people.

Sesame Street had a segment called the “Color of Me Song” where there are three adults and one muppet. All four characters have brown skin: an Indian woman, a light skinned black man, a darker skinned black man, and a darker skinned muppet girl. East Asians and whites are not represented. Here are the lyrics of the song that they sang:

Some skin is dark,

Some skin is light,

Some skin is brown,

Some skin is white,

Different colors,

Different shades,

It’s part being human, it’s how we’re made.


Leela the Sweet Indian Lady: My skin is light, light brown like caramel.

And caramel it tastes so sweet just try and you’ll tell.

So brown is sweet, and I am sweet. Sweet as I can be.

I love my skin, love my brown skin.

Light brown, that’s the color of me.


Mando the Proud Lion: My skin it is a sandy brown, it’s like the lion’s mane.

And lions you know there so proud to because lions reign.

So brown is proud, proud as I can be.

I love my skin, love my brown skin.

Sandy brown, that’s the color of me.


Chris the Strong Black Guy: My skin it is a deep, deep brown.

It’s like a walnut tree, and trees they grow big up and strong.

You really must agree.

So brown is strong and I am strong, strong as I can be.

I love my skin, love my brown skin.

Deep brown, that’s the color of me.


Segi the Beautiful Muppet: My skin it is a dark, dark brown.

It’s like a chestnut horse.

And horses are so beautiful, you know that’s true of course.

So brown is beautiful, and I’m beautiful, as beautiful as can be.

I love my skin, love my brown skin.

Dark brown, that’s the color of me.

The clear focus is on how wonderful brown skin is. Let me anticipate two objections:

The first objection is that they mention the word white, so technically all skin colors are included. But remember, this is intended for little children. The optics are what’s important. There are no white people, just brown skinned humans and a brown muppet. The message that a little kid is going to get is that it is cooler to have brown skin.

The second objection will be that Sesame Street is just trying to boost the self-esteem of brown skinned kids in a majority white culture. But why do the producers of Sesame Street, who are probably mostly privileged white people, assume that people with brown skin have self-esteem problems? Isn’t that racist?

(By the way, the commenter who composes the funniest version of this song for a white person or an East Asian person gets a (figurative) gold star. Vote for your favorite.)

Interestingly enough, if you watch Sesame Street and not just this particular episode, you will notice that only about one in six children shown are white, even though 63% of the US is still white.

And the white children that are shown are often in wheel chairs, autistic, or white boys who dance ballet. Is Sesame Street engaging in a bit of wishful thinking that all whites are weak or homosexual?

This overemphasis on making darker skinned kids feel good about themselves is negatively affecting the self-esteem of white kids. A friend of mine has a white daughter who is four years old. She has grown up in daycare and watches Sesame Street and many other popular kid shows.

Recently, my friend’s daughter brought home a drawing from daycare. It was supposed to be a self-portrait that she drew as part of a class project. But in the self-portrait, the little girl colored herself brown with black hair. In reality, this little girl has green eyes and dirty blonde hair. When her parents asked her about the picture she just shrugged her shoulders and said she wanted to be brown like everyone else.

Sesame Street was always inclusive, but in the old days it was done in a way without making a big deal of it. When the emphasis has gone so far as to make little white girls think that they are black, it has tilted too far.

3. Multiculturalism takes the place of learning letters and numbers


Murray Monster, who has a mullah beard, and his pet goat Ovejita are preparing your children for the inevitable Islamic takeover

I have always thought that Sesame Street was supposed to teach children the alphabet, numbers, and early reading and math skills. It may have done that in the past but its current incarnation is not as focused on these skills. The episodes I have seen have decreased the amount of math and reading and replaced it with self-esteem and multiculturalism.

For instance in an episode entitled “Rakhi Road,” Leela teaches the Sesame Street gang about Rakhi, an Indian holiday “where sisters, brothers, and friends show how much they love each other by exchanging special bracelets, foods, and gifts.”

I am not a cultural barbarian. My wife and I are both bilingual. We want our children to be broad-minded and we plan to expose them to many different cultures through friends and travel.

However, at a time when SAT scores are plummeting to record lows, does it really make sense to replace academic content with the multi-cultural stuff? Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach children the more practical academic skills so that they are equipped to succeed in life? As it stands, Sesame Street thinks it is better to know what Ramadan is rather than knowing how to count.


If you have a young child, regardless of your race or ethnicity, don’t let them watch Sesame Street. If children watch educational programming, it is better if they learn something practical. As a parent, you can impart self-esteem to your child as well as a healthy respect for his heritage. You don’t need the pious social engineers at Sesame Street to do it for you.

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  1. if you enjoyed sesame street as a child, purchase for your kids the first few seasons of sesame street on dvd… educational, entertaining, and not nearly as much of the fringe-leftist bullshit.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. I was getting too old for Sesame Street just as they were starting to focus on Elmo. I couldn’t stand him.

    1. Fun fact, the early seasons now have a warning label on them. Apparently their considered “problematic”. No, I’m not joking, I just wish I was.

      1. “Well Big Bird, John is Maria’s husband because when a man & a woman love each other they get married.” “Hey Mr. Cooper, thanks for letting me work in your store and earn some money.” “You know Grover when we make mistakes its always important that we take responsibility for our actions and say we are sorry.” — yeah I can see how that would fail the PC test today.

      2. I love classic Sesame Street, especially the episodes from the late 1960s-early 1970s! The newer stuff is dreck!

    2. I got my son a DVD on School House Rock. Enjoyed them when it came on Saturday morning in between cartoons like a commercial. Helps you remember facts with their songs.

      1. Yep, another good one. It was entertaining and it helped kids learn a few things along the way. Today, I’m guessing, it’s all about dumbing kids down. I don’t know because my boys are grown up and I don’t watch regular TV any longer.

    3. Yep. It used to be about sharing, learning, etc…first, and they threw in a little amount of diversity (in the background). Everyone grew up around different people so it made sense (but it was in the background where it belonged).
      Today’s version seems to be the opposite (or it leaves out the learning, period). Now, the focus of the show is on feelings, PC bullshit and not offending anyone…fuck the learning.
      Yes, if you have young kids do not let them watch TV, today. It’s nothing but PC bullshit.

    4. “f you enjoyed sesame street as a child, purchase for your kids the first
      few seasons of sesame street on dvd… educational, entertaining, and
      not nearly as much of the fringe-leftist bullshit.”
      They’ve disowned the original episodes.

      That only means the agit-prop, subliminals, and Satanism are outdated and tame compared to the current programming.

      Notice the fairy puppet up tight on the monster’s rear end and smacking it, while Neil Patrick Harris (famous sodomite) stands in the background with fairy wings on. Fairy is American slang for sodomite.

  2. Got 3 kids and not a single episode of Sesame Street has ever aired in our house. Never will and that was my decision before I ever read this article. Like most other kids shows, this one has turned to shit over the years.
    I remember when Nickelodeon was THE kids TV network with great shows like Rugrats, Doug, Salute Your Shorts, etc. Now it’s like E! for kids. Same goes for Disney. Every show they have is the exact same format…just different characters and a different setting. I weep for our kids who don’t have the quality entertainment that we had growing up.

    1. There’s ways to get back to that. If you want the legit route, go with a Netflix DVD subscription. They’re all there.

  3. I teach kids as young as 4 how to read English as a foreign language. There is no video or program on the planet that will help your kid read. YOU will help your kid read.

  4. Amazing how you have to screen EVERYTHING a kid could watch these days. You want your son watching this?

      1. Im picturing Spiderman on The Electric Company pointing to a thought bubble: “What….the…..fuck…..”

      2. It (SheZow is the title) was/is shown on the same channel as that My Little Pony show (figures, right?). It was called The Hub for awhile but it used to be Discovery Kids I think.
        There’s Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Clarence, and Powerpuff Girls (Him). Disney’s Braceface and Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra. I pretty much think children’s networks should be blocked from the kiddies if you are going to allow television viewing at all. And that’s without mentioning a lot of anime or animated shows aimed at adults (Archer, Family Guy, American Dad, etc.)
        I have bought some dvds of old stuff I have personally screened, but would still limit the viewing in favor of being outside whether to play or write/draw.

    1. What the actual fuck?
      It’s stuff like this that makes me think that maybe Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge’s methods weren’t completely nuts.

  5. Sesame street was targeted at urban preschoolers since its start, hence why there are more faces of colour.

    The neighborhood is deliberately dirty and rundown for the same reasons.
    My kids don’t watch new sesame street, mainly because it focuses too much on elmo and that fairything, but the old ones are online.

    1. I’m inclined to agree. I’d say it’s one of the few things I’m glad my mother instilled upon. That & being good with figures & numbers.

    2. There is nothing more dangerous than a book, which is why the left are trying to push their literature.
      As a child I preferred bookstores over toystores. I’m glad my parents encouraged it. That and running around in the woods.

    3. Yes the first mistake of the author is having a television.
      It’s actually the second: the real first is being married. These days the only way to properly raise a child is not to have a western or post modern woman for it’s mother. Surrogacy is best because then you can hire a nanny who has to take 100 percent orders from you and you can fire her if she sucks. Some say that will damage a young boy but it’ll teach him the reality that women are not a permanent or reliable fixture in his life.

      1. Went over to a girl’s house with a couple friends. They all told me that she was strange but really nice and I asked how. Granted, the chick was extremely beautiful with long blond hair. She did seem strange as in she was bubbly and happy and very feminine. Something I wasn’t used to. Their family was extremely happy. I thought this was just a front and all of them were eventually going to tape me up in the basement but they truly were a happy family. I asked the dad who seemed nice enough why his family was like this. He leaned over and said that when he was younger, his mother would sit him in front of the TV instead of spending time with him. He swore that he wouldn’t do this and this was reflected by his entire 5 bedroom house has zero TVs. ZERO. He only had a laptop for work and his daughters had crap phones. No iPhones. Just a basic cheap prepaid crap android. He limited their tech in the house. They spent their week nights playing board games together.
        I thought it strange and weird at the time but now I look back and wish that I asked her to marry me on the spot.

        1. This is why that occasional article hand-wringing about terrorists with EMP attacks and how that could “change everything” is nothing I lose sleep over.
          Heck, if the terrorists (or their Western handlers) know better, they benefit from keeping the trash factory going. Remove it and the sleeping giant awakens.

        2. “No iPhones. Just a basic cheap prepaid crap android. He limited their tech in the house. They spent their week nights playing board games together”
          Once the daughter has moved out of her dad’s house and she is on her own, forget it. Enough said. One can only delay the inevitable contamination of the virus

        3. That’s not entirely true. As a parent you have far more influence in your children’s decision making process than you may realize.

        4. It wasn’t really strange that they were happy. Their behaviour was strange. Like some Twilight Zone episode. The mother was happy cooking and cleaning and the dad ran a successful online business. The kids were, I guess, actually stable. Hard to explain unless you were there. But their whole outlook on life and demeener was alien to today’s family structure. Was actually nice.

        5. Kudos to the man. That’s how a man takes care and protects his heritage. We have a saying: “What it is unknown, that it is not desired”.
          If one of my aspirations were to be a family man, I’d go that path myself. Cultivation of the spirit. Keep musical instruments at home, a large library and record collection. And of course kids ought to help in chores.
          It seems that you found a quite gracious and virtuous woman, pity, man.

    4. Agreed! I used to read Peter and the Wolf to my son and he absorbed it like a sponge. I also read him Where the Wild Things Are and even the Hobbit, as well as the Chronicles of Narnia. I don’t believe in coddling children especially boys, which God was kind enough to bless me with one time. It goes without saying that his Mother disapproved, not that i cared.
      The left hates home schooling and parent vetted books because they can’t get their grubby hands around the neck of either of those…yet.

        1. She felt the books i was reading to him were too violent, she wanted more silly mind numbing touchy feely fare like the tripe that gets passed off to kids nowadays.
          She didn’t seem to care that back in the old days Grimm fairy tales were read to kids and they were a lot more violent that the disneyfied crap that gets passed off to kids today.
          She wanted teletubbies, bananas in pajamas..shit like that.
          It was always an argument with that one.

        2. because they were cautionary tales and meant to teach the kid something to make him a working and able part of society by being self-reliable.
          Todays babble is only to make kids a burden to society by making them reliant on others.

      1. Agreed my wife read all the Harry Potter books to my daughter from age 4 and shes a reader now and in advanced English and Math, fuck the TV

        1. No offense but Harry Potter is also part of the problem.
          Rowling is part of this new age of authors who doesn’t just write to tell a story, but also to push a philosophy to kids.
          She went out of her way to make Dumbeldore a homo so that should give you some indication.
          I wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of the ass end of that feminist’s brain.

        2. You wouldn’t have; she “revealed” that ex post facto.
          It’s like J RR Tolkien being alive and telling everyone after the fact “oh by the way, Frodo and Samwise were both homosexual hobbits and in love with each other.” Very few sensible people would consider that a good thing, even less would care, and hardly anyone would be happy about their favorite characters being pillaged in order to shove more of a controversial philosophy down people’s unwilling throats.

        3. Uh, no. If you read the books as an adult it isn’t too hard to connect the dots. However as an adult one has other questions about the good headmaster, so perhaps she was simply giving him more flaws to explain his utter incompetence and, well naughtiness.
          The guy was supposedly the greatest wizard of the age and after decades couldn’t figure out how the dark lord came back? When there were BOOKS in the forbidden section of his own school on the subject? And his plan was to train Potter up for what he was certain to be a suicide mission because that was how he had interpreted the prophecy. Befriend and mentor the kid for years, knowing he was sending him to certain death. Not quite so smart or heroic when you think about it.
          But more generally, I’d still recommend the books. They break so many rules in modern kids lit. There are actually real bad guys, not the sort of greys where you need to ‘understand’ them, they simply must be stopped. There are good guys too, even if all of them aren’t perfect.

        4. Well sorry i haven’t read the books and other than the first movie i haven’t bothered to see the rest. Even still, the reaction she got to her announcing Dumbeldore as homo means that she didn’t exactly make it obvious in the books.
          Given the complaints of some of the readership it still seemed forced and of course, unnecessary.

        5. Always read the books. Although the first couple tracked fairly close, as the page counts grew (remember she wrote assuming readers would grow up with them so they could handle longer more complex plots in the later ones) the movies became more like outlines of the story.
          Btw, I added another paragraph to the original post with something I forgot to mention, that I do recommend the books for kids. So rare to actually see real bad guys vs real good guys instead of the usual shades of grey.

        6. Generally i do except when i become aware of an author who doesn’t mind peddling her prog philosophy into her tomes.
          From what i know of Rowling i wouldn’t recommend the books to anyone, kids included.
          An author shouldn’t use their works as a means of influencing children especially into something as controversial as homosexuality.

        7. Ian Fleming sorta kinda outed M (007’s boss) in his last novel “Man with the Golden Gun.” It’s a read between the lines thing.

        8. I wouldn’t be surprised. He objected to SJ Bs of the type that is pushing Edris Alba to play Bond…i’m not sure if he’s caved though.

        9. Other issues:
          -Snapes suffers from a terminal case of oneitis and betaness till the end of his life.
          -Hermione is a Lisa Simpson.
          -Racism is bad, yadda, yadda. Still, Wizards are super condescending to muggles feeling that themselves are special snowflakes.
          -Blonde white guys are racist. Never saw that one before.

        10. If my understanding is correct, Dumbledore knew what he was doing, he was essentially “grooming” Harry to go up against Voldemort because a part of Voldemort’s soul was trapped in his body so Voldemort himself had to kill that part off unknowingly so that he could finally be defeated. PS I promise I’m not a virgin

        11. No, it is worse. Dumbledore didn’t know about the horcrux in Harry. Despite being the greatest wizard of the age, despite having a book on the subject in the ‘forbidden section’ of his own school, he didn’t figure it out until perhaps as late as book five. Certainly not before book three, after pondering the clues from book two with the Tom Riddle’s spirit in a book thing. When he orders Snape to begin instructing Harry in Occlumency is the earliest when we can know he at least strongly suspects. All he had originally was Trelawney’s prophecy and the meaning he took from it was they were both going to die. And even after he figured it out, he never seems to consider any option to exorcise the thing from Harry, he seems to assume the only way to eliminate it will be death.
          Talk about dark, the dude was grooming Harry for what he was convinced was a suicide mission because it was the only way he saw to stop the forces of darkness. And didn’t trust Harry enough to even tell him, he was the sort who would have still accepted the need to do it and telling him everything would have made the task a lot simpler. Figuring out he was gay just kinda confirms the defective personality. He was a good guy and fighting for the right side, just not all knowing, all wise and perfect.
          Considering the plan was for kids to begin reading the books around the age of Harry and follow the books as they grew up along with him, that story is age appropriate material.

      2. So hire a professional tutor for your kids don’t teach them yourself or they’ll turn out like the 2nd group

        1. If i was to teach them myself they would turn out the way God and the Founders intended:
          It’s a pity your public school indoctrination/education precludes you from understanding this.

        1. It’s why they are using stealth legislation to marginalize parents’ rights by making the case that your kids belong to the government that teaches them and the social workers that ostensibly look out for them, not the actual parents that do all that and actually you know, raised them from birth.

        2. I believe the two viable options beyond homeschooling is:
          1) Conservative boarding school.
          2) Military school.

        3. As a people you are still lucky in that, here (Greece) homeschooling was never allowed. Even worse boarding schools do not exist anymore and every private school is forced to do the exact same curriculum with the public ones. The problem is that the quality of the books was on a steep decline for many years and the last batch was still managed to be a free fall!
          The way that the language is being taught is so awful that one in two Greeks have read only one book their entire lives (probably forced too to complete a test)! Also mistakes in the endings are so common that they appear even in mainstream news, the language actually devolves.

        4. It’s a real pity that such a thing is happening. Moreover it seems to be happening all over the world…the awful teaching and transmission of the language. Either in German, Spanish or English we are witnessing a disintegration, not evolution of the language, partly because the awful teaching of grammar. Someone should write an article about the relationship between grammar and one’s ability to think properly.

    5. If you have a young child let them watch very little TV.

      Recently, I’ve been watching…
      * Avatar, the airbender. Heroine shouts “That’s so sexist!”.
      * Pepa Pig. Firewomen have to rescue some male idiots who started a fire.
      * Tinkerbell. Women beat men in some mud car race and the male opponent was some mean character who cheated during the race.
      * Kung Fu Panda. The panda gets kicked in his balls and says “My tenders!”
      And this goes on since decades.
      Ever since females infested TV and news, anti-men propaganda is ubiquitous. Girls and boys are bombarded by feminist propaganda that portrays men as idiots, criminals and punching bags while portraying women as strong, competent and equal.

      1. I remember the joke that used to float around about Lifetime and it’s ‘domestic abuse’ movies. “For a network about empowering women there sure are a lotta chicks getting beat up.”

        1. All Lifetime movies have pretty much the same plot: Empowered Career Woman is riding the Cock Carousel. Empowered Career Woman runs into Charismatic, Alluring Alpha Male whom she bangs. Alluring Alpha Male is so taken by her Empowered Career Woman Charms he turns into a rapey stalker. Empowered Career Woman’s long-time beta boyfriend (whom she was cheating on) tries to White Knight for her, but the Alpha Stalker gets the better of him, kidnaps Empowered Career Woman and drags her off to a secluded area. Empowered Career Woman’s Super Roundhouse Ass-kicking Powers kick in, she beats up Alpha Stalker and escapes. Alpha Stalker chases after Career Woman. Beta Boyfriend catches up with Alpha Stalker, but is quickly dispatched by him, giving Career Woman the opportunity she needs to find a gun and shoot Alpha Stalker in the Chest. Career Woman is now free to climb back on the Cock Carousel and resume her riding in peace.
          There, I just saved you from having to watch every Lifetime movie that’s ever been made. You’re welcome.

        2. Not just Lifetime dude, that’s the core plot of every single “successful damsel vs emo rapey dude” plot since the beginning of the matriarchy.
          Jennifer Hopez churns out one of these every few years or so.
          “Enough” “The boy next door.”
          Hally Berry did at least one of these:
          “The call.”
          Taraji Henson did one of these herself in
          “No good deed.”
          and now we have Sanaa Lathan joining in on the fun with
          “The perfect guy.”

      2. Hey, in Avatar: TLA, Prince Zuko puts Katara (the Heroine) in her place at least once in the show.
        Also, the meanest, most nasty villain in the entire show happens to be a chick. She’s bitchy, insecure, and lots of other bad things. 100% feminist.

        1. Perhaps, she was nickelodeon’s first dyke. Have you noticed how the media makes dykes look hot all the time?

      3. An extension of this is: “Don’t take your kids – especially not your sons – to Disneyworld.” There’s nothing there but princess BS and socio-political indoctrination. It is hell on earth for boys and harmful for girls as well. There are better amusement rides elsewhere for less money anyway.

      4. I would also add that the only reason one should watch TV is to know what gibberish they feed to the plebs (if you do not know anything YOU appear naive) and then as a screen for selected movies and series (downloaded or in disc-form), the second mainly.
        Other than that nothing anymore.

    6. Television should not be used as a babysitter. If someone is going to let their children watch television, it should not be “children’s programming” My co-worker’s 6 year old son watches shows like “River Monsters” and Survivor Man”. He was developed a wanderlust, and interest in the outdoors and an expanded vocabulary.

      1. Id agree. I plan on letting my kids only watch television with me and my soon to be wife.
        Internet access early on will be restricted to an hour a day.
        Literature and outdoor activity will be their primary form of entertainment. The classics will be required reading.

    7. Readers don’t make ‘leaders’, but they make smarter people. You don’t have to be a ‘leader’ (whatever that means) to be smarter. Being a ‘leader’ is an illusion. You can’t ‘lead’ anyone, and in any cases not for long enough, although you might think you can. People aren’t so stupid, and they don’t easily follow other people, although you see that a lot in…. movies, ironically.

      1. To be more precise, consider what Napoleon famously remarked, “Leaders make leaders.”
        I emphasized readers because of one important factor – most of the “rich” and self made millionaires in the US and abroad – are self educated and they all read voraciously.
        When you consider the sheer amount of people who can barely read a few pages in a book and the upcoming generation whose attention span has been destroyed by their cell phones – this includes my fellow millenials – people who can read, comprehend, and utilize the information they absorb will be at an great advantage both in the workplace and in places of influence.
        People tend to follow the rich – either directly in at attempt to copy their success or indirectly through the the market effects that consumers drive.

    8. The most disgusting thing to see added is that East Indian girl. I’ve never seen any TV show start embracing the Asian characters or start talking about Chinese festivals, Korean festivals, or Vietnamese festivals. But for some reason, when it comes to Indians, they always try to impose the whole “let me show you Indian culture” in every act that they do. They can’t get enough of their culture, but yet, will give up everything to come to the White man’s land.

    9. “If you have a young child – of which I have one on the way – let them watch very little TV”
      This x 1000.
      All programing for kids in femerica is fucked.

  6. It’s not so much the diversity aspect, but the PBS-like social mediocrity that’s pushed as a virtue by many public services.
    One where nobody is clearly defined, nobody is superior to anyone else, and trite communal problems are presented as plot devices, instead of real challenges and goals. Where the purpose of life is to drift by, merely getting along with others and making sure everyone feels adequate. It’s a bad message to send children.

  7. this whole thing with transgenderism just makes my skin crawl and blood boil. The people behind this are fucking monsters.

  8. Learning about other cultures is great. However, its best to remind everyone, especially many of the children on this website, that American/European culture has seen the greatest advancements in technology, science, medicine, art, economics and warfare in the history of the world.
    I’m not saying that the British Empire and the American Hegemony have done better than the rest of the world in almost every measurable way, but the answer is yes.

  9. Sesame street is garbage. It is Cultural Marxism set up for children.
    Anti-white, equality driven (not accomplishment driven), big government, multicultural.
    I’ll have none of that soul destroying, civilization destroying, envious coercion of me or my family.
    But their goals are clear: Give me your children to teach and I’ll steal them from under you.

  10. Well. Things sure have changed from when I used to watch this show. I wonder if the Electric Company is still around. Remember that being one of the other educational shows my Mum would let me watch.

    1. that was the one where you got amazing spiderman short episodes, wasn’t it? we kids used to completely lose it when spiderman would come on. great stuff.

    2. Not really related to the discussion, but while going through old YouTube on the Electric Company, I noticed Morgan Freeman was that tall skinny black guy with the afro. Never knew that he was going to a famous movie star.

      1. Yup. I only recognized the connection a few years ago. I don’t remember a lot of episodes in detail in truth. Sesame Street stuck with me a lot more.

  11. We learned this lesson first hand when we had our first child. I’m proud to say my children have never seen a single episode of this garbage.

  12. Casey the White Oppressed:
    My skin it is a pale, pale white,
    It’s like a pidgeon’s shit
    And nobody likes pidgeons, being white is the pits.
    So white is crap, and i feel crap, as crap as i can be.
    I hate my skin, hate my white skin,
    White, thats the colour of misogyny.

    1. Milky the Snowman:
      My skin it is white, it is white as snow.
      I’m called the white devil where ever I go.
      Be it on the bus, at the store or in the mall.
      I love my white skin, so go fuck you all.

  13. Neil postman wrote a fantastic book called “Amusing ourselves to death” there is a chapter dedicated to all this “educational TV”. Among other things the problem with these programs are that is does not help children learn like the should be learning in real life. All they do is watch someone ask a dumb question and then a few seconds later they get the answer. That is not how we should be learning.
    Children and for that matter many adults can’t make the switch in their brains between the TV program and the advertising and especially at a young age the cult of consumerism takes place and sets in its anchors for the long haul on your kids life indoctrinating them from an early age.
    Thus we see that starting from a young age children can’t learn how to learn and become more obsessed with buying useless crap. Especially for young boys we know they learn much more hands on so take some time and BE THERE! Take the responsibility to raise your children with red pill values. Don’t be a beta schmuck who sits around watching crappy blue pill sitcoms. Let them see you from a young age reading books that improve yourself and they will follow.
    Being a grown up I will say the parody a have gotten to be fairly funny. Check out the “sons of poetry”( parody of sons of anarchy)

    1. Amusing Ourselves To Death by Postman is a good read. Another book of his was “The disapearence Of Childhood” which discusses precisely that.
      I unfortunately spent my early teen years watching “Three’s Company” which has got to be the worst thing that any adolescent could be taking in at that stage in his life.

    1. But will this show teach girls not to sleep around before marriage?
      Instead it wouldn’t surprise me to see Diversity Propaganda Street run that “special episode” about why preschool girls need to get the human papilloma vaccine.

  14. I can’t speak for other people inclined towards the Dark Enlightenment world view, but I don’t object to the biodiversity in paint jobs. I just find billions of dumbass nonwhite people problematic. They throw into question this whole myth about “the ascent of man,” because only some populations in the northern latitudes of Eurasia really “ascended” enough to matter, while the ones farther south exist at closer to the animal level and consume resources that the northern populations could put to better uses.

  15. My son never liked Sesame Street when he was little, freaked out by puppets. At 11 we go for walks and talk about school and any social studies stuff.

  16. You can not learn by way of entertainment , won’t happen . You have to read to the little shit , the only way

  17. I’ve seen young parents immediately throw their kids in front of a TV to baby sit them. Vans with DVD players on the back seat. They are constantly bombarded with entertainment and advertising.
    I’m 50. We had 3 channels, no cell phones, no games (I think pong was out), no constant TV. I watched TV Saturday morning and Sunday at 6pm. That’s it. We spent most of out time outside, riding bikes, building forts, shooting BB guns. Being kids. No pads, no helmets, no car seats.
    These industry fucks have stolen childhood and turned them into proxy consumers via parents. Kids stuck in front of a phone or a TV snapping pictures of themselves and dumping every detail of their life on Facebook.
    I inherited clothes (hand me downs) it wasn’t shameful it made sense. You didn’t need a closet full of shit to appease the in-crowd. Years ago you resoled shoes. You threaded broken buttons, you hemmed pants. Items were built to last. You could wrench cars easily. You could repair TVs. You filled zippo lighters.
    They have turned everything into disposable, commodity items and planned obsolescence ensures we are going to be buried in waste.
    Grown men have Star Wars toys on their desk at work and dress like homeless teenagers wearing flip-flops. No Class.

    1. cartoons on the weekend- that was it.
      i was a little kid in the 80s- remember the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons? I thought that was the coolest thing ever

      1. haha upvote this post if youre old enough to remember the humiliation of having your mom take your to the area of the dept store with the “husky” pants

      2. One of the great things about 80s and even very early 90s cartoons was how they made things like D&D, Conan, Karate Kid, James Bond Jr., Garfield, Earthworm Jim, etc. that were familiar through other means into cartoons, it gave them a sort of expanded universe.
        (I was too young to see Masters of the Universe and Robotech/Speed Racer except in repeats, too old for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers though I saw the original sentai show from Japan first so PR was a jarring experience. That makes me a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Pirates of Dark Water kid, but I watched Looney Tunes more than anything can’t believe how edited those things have gotten, PC has to die).
        Spent most of my time in the local library reading ElfQuest and DragonLance as well as classic literature.

        1. Robotech:Macrosse Saga is the greatest cartoon series of all time. Up until the 90s, you could buy an oversized, black and white comic of Conan. Nothing but naked women and ultra violence.
          Anyone here ever see the original black and white AstroBoy japanese cartoons? Always wondered if they were worth watching…

        2. If you like (style/animation), and it sounds like you do, the older shows like Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Time Bokan, Casshan, Tekkaman, Mazinger Z, then Tetsuwan Atom is definitely worth watching too.

        3. Robotech was amazing…and yet when you look at what the millenial beta’s and omega’s watch today….ugh.

        4. Thundarr the Barbarian? Never heard of it, but the title is intriguing. Thunder, which the word is based on, comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Thunar, which was the English word for Thor.

        5. Robotech taught me death and the cost of war as a kid. I had no idea what I was in for when I popped in that VHS.

        6. No, Thor was called Thor in England (and still is), although there’s a clear etymological link to the word “thunder”.

        7. Wrong. Perhaps in some dialects (there were many, and if you were to find a Thor as “Þórr” I’d wager it was from the influence of the Saxons living in close proximity to the Vikings in the Danelaw area) but Thor was referred to as Thunar (Þunar) and this has been documented pretty well by historians and linguists. Odin was also called Wodin (hence, Wednesday or “Wodin’s Day”) . The entire reason for “Thunder” having an “N” is precisely because of the direct link to ThuNar.

        8. The name Thunor (along with close minor variants) was certainly current in England at the time you mention, and it’s certainly true that Thor is likely to have been popularised as a result of the creolisation – if you like – of Old English with the closely related language of the Vikings. Still, it existed in England and was used by the English (although often rendered as “Thur”), including in their place-names (e.g. Thursley in Surrey, Thurstaton in Cheshire, etc.).

        9. It took place 2000 years in the future….a cataclysm had destroyed civilization, and now humans and mutants were rebuilding on the discarded remnants of the 20the century…but there were powerful wizards that used superscience to oppress the land….Thundarr, a Sorceress named Princess Ariel, and a cat-bear man-thing called Ookla rode the land like gunslingers fighting the bad guys.

      3. I watched a lot of Tom and Jerry cartoons after school. Lots of Gilligan’s Island, Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, and I Love Lucy. Bugs Bunny was 90 minutes long on Saturday mornings.

        1. You sound like you’re my age. I grew up dreaming of Mary Ann and Daisy Duke, heh.

        2. 47. Are we about the same age?
          Ah, Mary Ann and Daisy Duke. I see you prefer brunettes too. Ginger was the classic predatory female. Brady Bunch was the beginning (for our generation) for single mom acceptance. They had to try to keep traditional values by saying she was widowed. Fast forward to today, Mrs. Brady would’ve been a 3x divorcee with girls from 3 different fathers. Oliver would’ve been born after Mike married her so to lock him down. He may not even been the father.

        3. Actually, I like red heads. I would have smashed Ginger each and every day in that little grass hut. And Mary Ann too. Preferably at the same time, heh. The Howells would have been morally outraged.
          As to Katherine Back, good lord, that woman was ten types of pretty served in little shorty shorts, in her day.
          Yeah, we’re damn near the same age.

        4. And they would all be enwards, 4 would be gay, most would be trannies, all would be druggies.

      4. the cartoon with a sort of gnome called the master and the villain called vengeor (had a one sided horn and a flying horse) or something like that ?

        1. Yeah the master. Premise was the kids were playing the board game, and get transported into it somehow. There was a blond archer, and a whiny kid in shiny gold armor…

        2. that was Eric….sure he was selfish, cowardly and vain but he often wound up the voice of reason.

      5. I got the boxed set! it’s awesome. Part of why I loved that cartoon? As a kid I was ‘Team Eric’

    2. You’re fortunate to have been part of the tail end of that generation that emphasized functionality & craftsmanship & exploration & adventure &t this major thing called COMMON SENSE. Though at only 50 you’re not old enough to have been of the golden generation where such principles & values were at their peak.

      1. The other day I was watching an old John Wayne movie on the American Movie classics channel. I think it was Mclintok of something. During the film there were 3 scenes where both McLintok and his future son in law gave his daughter a spanking for her unruly nature. He also have his love interest a spanking in front of the entire town for throwing a tantrum. It was really funny but both women learned their lesson from it. Wayne even got laid at the end of the film for it. Imagine getting something like that on the air today!

        1. McClintok!!!! The most fun I’ve ever had watching John Wayne. By the by, my girlfriend really loved it- and didn’t quite know why lmao.

        2. There was a show i caught a glimpse on Fox where it took place in the 80s and the mans wife talked when he said not to say another word, and he threw her in the pool. I wanted to watch it, though i dont watch tv much or own one.
          Now i gotta find that series and hope it wasn’t SJW’ed to death or got the axe cause of a moron who felt oppressed for watching the whole episode or just a snippetm The man wasnt a bumbling idiot either and he word held up in the house which made it interesting.

    3. I still have fond memories of Speed Racer as a kid and even the old Hanna Barbara cartoons. I tried to watch them again as an adult and I found it idiotic but also thought provoking. Lots of unPC stuff in those cartoons.
      What tempered my TV viewing back then was that there were no DVD’s but rather I got to rot my brain on Saturday morning and then had to go outside. Perhaps it was a good thing that the cartoons came on early because it forced me to wake up early rather than sleep in.

      1. Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoons were silly and funny as a kid. Watching them now as an adult showed that there were grown up humor in them as well. As a kid you didn’t understand them. I still enjoy watching them with my son. He laughs at different things.

        1. One of the most subtle elements to Looney Tunes, for me, was the Foghorn Leghorn character. As a kid, I found him funny because he was likable and stupid but didn’t see the true hilarity of the design of the character.
          It was designed to mock Southerners. Foghorn had a southern accent and mannerisms such as saying “boy” a lot. He was also an enormously large chicken even as the dog was supposed to guard him (a funny element I picked up on as a kid, but realized later how intentional the humor was.)
          Another funny educational aspect of the story was the Barber of Seville. Until I saw the opera, I didn’t know there was no barber activities going on. 🙂 The musical score was wonderful and fun to hum to even now. Same with the Valkeries spoof. “Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!”
          Cartoons I enjoy watching even now, if you go to Netflix, are the masters of animation series from Russia and also other award awarding compilations. Kids can “get” some of them but adults as well will be entertained. My wife in particular loves “wolf and rabbit”, a ripoff of Looney Tunes with a working class wolf trying to get a meal.

        2. What’s also good about Looney Tunes was Pepe Le Pew…the PUA. Imagine promoting heterosexual behavior to children.

        3. Another great thing about Looney Tunes was their use of classical music: Barber of Seville, Blue Danube Waltz, etc. My fine arts degreed, daughter-in-law asked me how I learned to appreciate classical music and I told her it was from watching Bugs Bunny cartoons!

        4. And Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Little does she know that while you’re smiling listening to the music, you were reminiscing to the funny scenes from the cartoon.

        5. The character of Foghorn Leghorn was directly inspired by the popular character of Senator Claghorn, a blustery Southern politician played by Kenny Delmar who was a regular character on The Fred Allen Show, a popular radio show of the 1940s. The rooster adopted many of Claghorn’s catch phrases, such as “That’s a joke, ah say, that’s a joke, son.” Delmar had based the character of Claghorn upon a Texas rancher who was fond of saying this.

      2. “I tried to watch them again as an adult and I found it idiotic but also thought provoking. ” — thats the point, you aren’t a kid. It’s like when you argue with some hipster about if kids should watch ‘Superfriends’ — yes its cheesy but you think a kid in single digits cares?

        1. argue with some hipster
          That was funny. I don’t argue with them, I state my view and then intimidate them by being “male”, heh.

        2. One of my sisters gave me a t shirt on my last birthday that everyone one says is perfect for me. It says, “I am not arguing with you, I am just explaining why I am right.”

    4. We spent most of out time outside, riding bikes, building forts,
      shooting BB guns. Being kids. No pads, no helmets, no car seats.
      Isn’t that the truth. I see grown men, today, riding bikes with a helmet and I think to myself “what the fuck?”. I didn’t wear a helmet at all when I was a kid riding bikes and here is a grown man wearing one. I see this all of the time where the family is “dressed for battle” riding bikes up and down the sidewalk.
      Society has put the fear of god in people today “don’t fall down, you might get hurt”. I got hurt all of the time. I brushed it off and kept riding (even after visiting mom to get patched up). You couldn’t keep me inside and my mom had to send out the search party to find me at the end of the day. Parents need to let their kids be kids and fuck off with this sense of fear that society tries to play on everyone.

      1. Here in California, kids require helmets by law. I put one one riding with my son so he doesn’t think I’m a hypocrite.
        If I’m riding in a park away from traffic, I skip the helmet. If biking rigorously on the streets with traffic, I’ll wear one so I don’t get a concussion.

        1. The exceptions being (of course): serious biking or stunts. I would think many of us would use a little common sense. Much of what I see is the family riding beach cruisers or mountain bikes on the sidewalks (all wearing helmets).
          California…forget it. Pretty soon they won’t let you leave the house without a god damn helmet on. I love to visit once in awhile but I’ll never live in that state.

        2. The real danger are the busy body snitches who are everywhere it seems. Show your colors for being an anti snitch culture person and I’m sure a snitch hotline is available for that too. I have habits with my kids like concealing my lic plate when a fat nametag bitch sees me disciplining my kids. A snitch bitch seeing you without helmets can all too easily send a troop of socialist service fat bitches or hairy armpit skinny dykes to your doorstep if they get your identity info. Look up ‘headhunters’. In the socialist service child trafficking circles, these are aggressive caseworkers who are skilled at building a case against parents and can follow a lead on a quality (high value) child and abscond with them legally.
          In California, only a war would rid the territory of the sjw, snitch, corrupt, gyno gov, anti family legions. You literally have to be prepared to knock people out when taking your kids to the park these days, and the ‘muggers’ aren’t the problem either. I’ve never seen a hairy boogeyman myself. The real monsters you need to train your kids to beware of and BITE and flee from if they ever try to grab you or talk to you, are the fat bitch and moustache-fag goons wearing socialist service nametags.

        3. I have someone who goes to my church that was originally from CA. He told me about the culture over there where everyone “wore a mask” as he put it. They could very well be giving you a hug as they stab you in the back. When he moved to TN, he thought we’d be just a bunch of dippy rednecks, but he was quickly surprised how genuine and friendly we all are. If we have a problem, we just tell you instead of all the bullshit CA people do.

        4. if the helmets required by law to wear were those bitchin’ BMX biking helmets it might be acceptable, but its those beyond omega-homosexual half eggshell things.

        5. As someone who’s from CA, and got out of the state and even the country for college, I came back home and I can’t relate to these people.
          They smoke weed and don’t go to church. I don’t smoke and its hard to relate to those close to your age when we don’t even share the same values.

        6. To be fair, you lose nothing by wearing a helmet. I got in what could have been a major bike accident while riding around my relatively safe, suburban neighborhood. Would have probably splattered my brains if not for that helmet.

      2. This comment is dumb. I’m a pretty frequent bike commuter in a medium sized city. At least two or three bikers are killed here every year. The amount of cars on the road are much more than when you were a child. Add on to that the distraction of cell phones and dvd players and you are gambling your life if you ride without a helmet. I cringe when I see some dumb kid riding sans helmet with headphones in.

        1. Helmets actually look pretty cool when you think about it. If you’re into the ‘riot cop’ look, then a black bell pro skate or bike helmet does the trick. Say you’re going out into the parking lot to settle business, then a helmet along with your billy club shows that you mean business. I’m surprised a lot more bouncers don’t wear bike helmets. They’re light and you get used to them.
          As a teen when riding in a car driven by friends that were fucked up, I put on a bike helmet that I happened to be carrying with me. The dumb fuck rolled the car and got a concussion while I was fine with my helmet. I strutted around grinning like an indestructable superman in my helmet at the scene. Now I’ll throw a bike helmet on whenever I have to get somewhere and drive like a bat on the sidewalks, etc. (kidding). But it’s true a bike helmet is perfect inside a car for surviving most head/windshield impacts. Hell, wear it into the restaurant. You never know when you’ll get into a fight or be cold cocked.
          MY OBJECTION to helmets is of course when anyone is forced by law to wear them. Helmets should be optional and voluntary, not mandatory. More laws including rediculous helmet laws means more useless eater pigs to enforce the laws and more bullshit for the snitches to snitch about. We have enough on our hands as it is putting the sjw pigs and snitches in their place. No need to give them any more fodder.

        2. as a bike commuter you are a pain in the ass, i’m having an automated door opening device installed on the right hand side of my vehicle. next time a cyclist passes me on the right i’m gonna have him captured and fined. if i pass someone on the right in my car i lose my licence. I hate cyclists

        3. Listen, I did a lot of shit without a helmet at 10 years old. You guys wearing a helmet (grown adults) are pussies…plain and simple. I was overseas living when I was younger and the highway laws are very different. You guys need to grow a pair and suck it up. You’re not living until you’ve been knocked on your ass a few times.

        4. So you won’t use a simple, cheap device that helps prevent serious injury and extreme medical bills, because you aren’t a pussy? No, you are not a pussy. You’re a fucking retard that is everything wrong with society. Have fun being “alpha… LOL

        5. Oh please tell me how great cars are, Mr. Alpha Male. What is fresh air and exercise when you can drive a hemi. Bet the bitches love it, dolt.

        6. It wasn’t about being Alpha at ten years old. It was a different way of life ‘back when’. We didn’t let fear dictate everything (like society does today). People today are afraid of their own fucking shadows. If you are doing serious stunts then yes wear the equipment. If you’re riding down the sidewalk on a Sunday afternoon then I hardly think a helmet is necessary.

        7. Don’t think it would hurt to wear protection. I mean I support the 2nd amendment, teaching kids to protect themselves is good for protocol. Sure it should not be enforced by law but I don’t look down on someone with the mind to wear a helmet for safety

        8. Bouncers have to look for the occasion and I guess bouncers with helmeta could remind ppl of cops which is bad for business
          Though wearing a helmet could protecr you from more than just accidents

        9. It isn’t so much that it’s not a good idea to wear a helmet (for safety). It’s that fact that parents have these kids “padded up” to ride a bike with training wheels. You can’t protect your kids from everything and these parents over do it a bit. Then, these kids grow up and they can’t even wipe their own runny nose. It’s pathetic. You have grown adults acting like 13 year olds because their parents have sheltered the hell out of them (or they’ve done everything for them).

      3. Today’s children’s playgrounds are covered in rubber. I’ve said it before, in my childhood construction sites were our favorite playgrounds. Nobody got hurt as far as I remember. Makeshift fireworks? Nobody got their hands blown off. Ah, and the stray dogs.. Packs of them around the neighborhood.. Good times.. I did have a real childhood.. Oh, and most importantly no fucking helicopter parents.. Actually there are studies showing that children must play alone. It’s how they develop social skills, figure shit out on their own, etc. This society is completely sterilized. Putting parents in jail for letting their children walk alone a couple of blocks from school back home.. What a motherfucking fuck ups we’ve became..

        1. “Putting parents in jail for letting their children walk alone a couple of blocks from school back home.. What a motherfucking fuck ups we’ve became..”
          As realtors say, “Location, location, location.” Everything depends on the demographics of the location. You’re safer in overseas warzones than in wide swaths of America. They’re undeclared race wars and ethnic cleansings ongoing.

        2. I’m not sure that inner cities are “wide swaths”.

      4. Of course part of the problem is how can your kids even go exploring in the woods when unless you live far out in the country, your neighbors will call the cops & CPS if they see your little darlings alone in their own backyard…never mind riding their bikes down to the playground.

        1. For someone who resists the “gay agenda”, Vlad likes to flirt with a bit of homoeroticism. Maybe that explains the bromance so many “red-pillers” have for him.

      5. I’m 16, and I’ve been riding bikes without a helmet most of my life, but I guess it could be useful depending where you are.

    5. This saddens me more than the corruption of (adult) women by feminism.
      But I see the FI works this way – get them while young, they’re yours forever.

  18. Bobby (a white Sock Puppet)
    I am white and reminded every day
    That my skin is a stigma unless I go gay
    I am attacked and tread on along with my peers
    For none of us leapt into bed with the “queer”
    I am blamed for slavery even today
    Shamed with history for a role never played
    I am told I am privileged, the wealthy elite
    Welcome enough so long as I play the good sheep
    I am white and some jokes claim that is too plain
    Like scrapping the painting to critique the frame
    I am judged on a color; considered one and the same
    Known by my skin and not the deeds to my name
    I am descended from many disparate tribes
    Who cultivated societies to become civilized
    I am white it is true and in darkness I’m bright
    For in white are all colors and so we have light.

    1. Holy shit, winner winner chicken dinner.
      Get a chicken sam-‘MITCH’ . .
      Don’t gripe, don’t . . ”beep” . . .

  19. I can’t turn on the television without seeing overt anti-white propaganda. I don’t even watch it anymore.

    1. Yes, this is why I stopped, back in 2003. Even then it was too much.

      1. I have a neice that watches this shit called Disney. They have shows where the males are all retarded and dont know their pants from their hats. Sheriff callae or something (strange white guy named peck, his friend toby who sounds like a runaway slave, and the town has the IQ of room temp at best) sophia the first (single mom turned queen ‘overnight’ with hidden hints of cuckoldery and lefty stuff written all over it with a gay butler and this kid solves problems adults cant in a suggestive way of thinking out loud for problem solving) and a few other odd shows. Luckily her sister rather interact with people and she dont watch tv much. Then there is a show called mike the knight. The name implies all. You already know what thats about, but i thought its funny to watch and shake my head as a redpill man.
        There are a plethora of shows i rather not have them watch and sadly i rather watch dora and diego with them… but now they have another show ‘dora in the city’ or smething and yes theres a young redhead and yes this is a mini sex and the city, but a playschool version imho.
        This shit is out of hand…

  20. Long before Sesame Street became a queer minority neighborhood, Neil Postman warned against it and suggested it was one of the reasons for the collapse of society.
    In his book Amusing Ourselves to Death (a dated, but excellent critique on ‘modern’ culture) he points out things like the lack of guaranteed repeat viewership means that the count, for instance, needs to stick to single digit edition and never moves to multiplication much less more complicated math.
    Further, by parents letting children watch this because it is “educational” children have an initial view of education as necessarily entertaining and something that, if it bores you, can be walked away from.

  21. [But why do the producers of Sesame Street, who are probably mostly privileged white people, assume that people with brown skin have self-esteem problems? Isn’t that racist?]
    never haerd of IRT man? Or the low self esteem dark latinas or asians in their motherlands.
    DOnt worry about that lil girl that happens vice versa with ethnic kids, theyll get over it and be cool with it espiceally her since shell get alot of attention for being different. But ya keepem away from the tranny shit

  22. This crap is the reason my millenial peers are such fucking idiots and automatically default to liberal. You grow up unknowingly watching leftist propaganda masquerading as kid’s television, go to a school where they force leftist thinking on you, go to college where conservative opinions are punished, and then enter the real world where the vast majority of media pushes a shamelessly strong leftist bias. The fact that conservatism is still a popular belief system reveals its merit over liberalism.

    1. Parents have the most influence though. The problem is, most parents these days are pussies. My son is a hard right-libertarian type of man, and a Millenial. He relishes when teachers and profs give him shit for not kowtowing to the “approved” mindset.

  23. I can see why some people get worked up about sesame street but the same people will watch BBC and ITV news and will then relax watching Emmerdale,Eastenders and corrie.They are all sexist,but like sesame st.they are only portraying life as liberal feminists want it to be and it is the ruling trend.Men usually like football and sports in general,yet they must know that there are plans ahead to give equal time for womens football No good trying to change one program,
    most of the ads are sexist.

  24. This is such a shame; I remember watching this, Zoom and The Electric Company when I was a kid growing up in the 70s. Oh, and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. They taught literacy, citizenship, crafts, etc. with humor and style. Plus, I had such a crush on Maria back then.
    But really, why bother with something petty like literacy?

      1. Parts of her sweater were much closer to the camera than other parts.

  25. i remember being at my little cousins house and i remember both of them watching Clarence. I don’t remember the name of the episode, but i remember what they saw. if you notice the voice of Clarence, he depicts the voice from a child with autism. His mother is living with his boyfriend and not even the father of clarence. He looks like a homeless bum. That is the few things that i’ve saw in that episode……Its a sick time period we’re living in children can even watch good quality shows……i’d rather scobby doo or tom & jerry any day over this shit cartoons.

    1. I honestly want to know, why do these media companies presume that homosexuality is so fucking appealing?

      1. Because they are privy to/ facilitators of the social engineers plans and are packaging their product accordingly? These guys may be scums but they sure ain’t no foo’s.

      2. Because there are a million fags in the business….they’re just pushing and projecting their gross lifestyle on everyone else….misery lives company.

      3. the Hollywood fag elite. They want to shape America’s values from coast to coast so everyone thinks gender is a polite suggestion and the phraise ‘act like a man’ is considered hate speech.

      4. Deep down they don’t find homosexuality appealing. A large part of it is due to sanctimony. Endorsing something that most people (including themselves) find to be gross, makes them feel morally superior.
        As homosexuality becomes more accepted though, they’ve had to up the ante; and that’s where the transgender movement comes in.

      5. The majority of the writers and such are gay, so they feel obliged to push it on us.

    2. Tyrion and Oscar will become drinking buddies, Jon Snow will move in with Bert & Ernie (don’t worry it won’t be gay, he’ll get them to swear the Vow.) & Dany’s Dragons will eat Big Bird.

  26. It’s a no brainer that any establishment media is crap. The social marxists have done a clean sweep on every bit of material regarding education and entertainment in the west. The best course for raising your child is to pull them out and away from the vile brain rot and teach them yourself.
    Another point I’ll add is the ‘FAT LADY WITH THE NAMETAG’. In kosher preschool programs like ‘head start’ and also in the PBS state approved women’s corps of early education, you see the recurring ‘FAT LADY WITH THE NAMETAG’ marshalling the kids around. She garners the kid’s respect and she always establishes herself as being ABOVE YOUR PARENTS. That’s right, the fat bitch with the government nametag is ABOVE YOUR PARENTS little kiddos. It is advertized that pre-k ‘from the cradle’ government early ‘education intervention’ programs like head start supposedly teach kids not so much abc’s and 123’s and playpen algebra and critical thinking, hell no! What does head start stress? It teaches under the guise of ‘citizenship’ training that the fat lady with the nametag is ABOVE YOUR PARENTS. It teaches kids TO SNITCH on your blood parents. It teaches the same line as the contemporary public broadcasting mill does – that natural parents and family are obscolete. Ask yourself this question: Did any public school teacher ever ask your class when you were young, ”who are the two most important people in your life?” and did they ever answer the class with ”that’s right, your two dear loving BLOOD PARENTS”. Frankly, I can’t ever remember a state teacher or any hand puppet on Sesame Street even mentioning the importance and reverence of YOUR FAMILY AND PARENTS.
    SO ASK YOURSELF just who the hell are Big Bird’s parents? Does big bird even rember who his parents and ‘bird tribe’ are? And better yet WHERE THE HELL are his parents and family? And what about grover and cookie monster? Riight . . The whole place is set up like a goddamn state run orphanage where the parents must have been dispatched to the gulags and the kids (puppet characters) all rescued from an apocalyptic hypergamous socio-hurricane or similar natural disaster. Like the soggy rubble and stuffed toys floating about in the pics of Katrina.
    HOME SCHOOL the three R’s: reloading, rebuilding engines, raising food
    For girls it’s the three B’s: baking, baby making, business in the kitchen

  27. Another thing about sesame street today is that the characters and monsters are just flat out obnoxious. They take on the contemporary liberal mannerism seen at places such as tmz, complete with authentic ebonics in some instances. I miss the old America!

  28. I always speculated that a lot of these children’s shows were simply a testing ground for covert psyops with children as the intended focus. My theory was proven correct years ago when my son was first born, as i will mention in a moment.
    With regard to Sesame Street, it seemed fine back in my day but as with anything else the shadow progs have used it as a means to further instill culture rot within the minds of impressionable young children. Nothing is sacred to them, since they believe in the Alinskyesque belief that the ends justify the means no matter how unethical/immoral.
    I remember watching Reading Rainbow with my son and watching that dingbat leftist Levar Burton wax on about the “environment” …he seemed to be worshiping it like a god.
    I remember watching some other kid’s show which i can’t recall that had Neil “no such thing as a bad book for kids” Gaiman telling a cartoon character the wonders of “diversity.”
    My prog senses started buzzing each time, and each time i put my foot down whenever his Mother wanted him to watch more and more of it to give her more and more time to do all the “time consuming” chores that a stay at home Mother does. That was one of the reasons why we broke up, the other being her insufferable worship of obama.
    Parents, if you’re not doing so already and if you absolutely must expose your children to the idiot box, be on the lookout for these words whenever your kids are in front of it…chances are good some touchy feely leftist pablum is about to be injected into their skulls:
    “diversity” (homosexuality)
    “multicultural(ism)” (islam)
    “family” (socialism/communism)
    “global warming/climate change” (eco communism)
    “gaia” (pagan/humanist beliefs)
    “difference(s)” (alternative lifestyles, beliefs, etc)

    1. Good points made. How old are you, good sir? I too recall when Sesame street was more or less learning numbers and words and math, toss in a few campy and harmless sketches with Burt and Ernie and big bird.
      I certainly do not envy you having to raise a child in today’s progressive shit hole society has become. I never had children and am glad about this. How long will it be before we see on Sesame Street a segment on the joys of anal fisting?
      Good points about the “buzz” words to watch out for. I would say that “diversity” is not limited just to homos, but also includes trannies and incest couples and pedophilias. If someone is famous enough he or she can be a pedo and not be chastized for it. Look at Allen Ginsberg and his support for NAMBLA.

      1. Absolutely correct. Harry Hay was the original bridge between homos and pedos; ever since him it’s been a quiet secret that many in the homo community overlap with the pedo community. Google him if you’d like to learn more.
        I’m in my late 30’s. Sorry if i’m being vague, it’s a defense mechanism online. I tend not to give too much detail whenever i wax personally.
        “How long will it be before we see on Sesame Street a segment on the joys of anal fisting?”
        Probably around season 50…meaning, 5 years or so, right after two homo muppets get married on SS.

        1. They might bring Miley Cyrus as a new permanent character along with Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus.

      2. The puppeteers do enough of that with their hands up little puppets
        Hey kid, would you like to be my puppet, next episode

    2. I watched this show as a child more than 30 years ago. Your comments sincerely bring a tear to my eyes. Good luck and Godspeed in raising your children, especially your boys.

      1. Thank you sir. I have 1 and i do what i can with him when i get the chance to spend time with him. I am bound by an arrangement with the courts that could have been better, but then again it also could have been worse.
        I am another casualty in the war on masculinity that the courts are only too eager to involve themselves in. Sad to say, there are guys who have gotten even more messed over than me, much to their children’s dismay.

  29. Ahem…
    Willy The White Guy: My skin it is a light light white!
    Thanks to bleach, I keep it Bright!
    I’d say I’m proud, but that would be mean
    Since Whitey stole, most everything!
    I hate my skin, I hate my life!
    Cause Chris ran off with my hot hot Wife!

  30. Anyone want to place a bet on the name/gimmick of the next muppet on sesame street?
    My vote’s on “lester the protestor” the inner city urban muppet who teaches kids all about the wonders of picking up a rock and hurling it through the window of the nearest bodega, as well as putting a nice shiny cap in the ass of “the man” for oppressing him since slavery.
    They could dress him up in chains that he could swing around and aim at every light skinned person that comes his way, as a means of paying it forward..and back, and round and round!
    They could start a storyline where he feuds with oscar the grouch over stolen crack money…it could be like New Jack City only with muppets 😀

    1. “chester the molester”.
      Oscar taught me the value of dumpster diving. He also gave me antisocial tendencies.

  31. Yeah I noticed the change in sesame street as well. It’s more of a social programming rather than an educational show where kids learned their abcs and 123 like I did.
    Unfortunately social change agents have taken over the show! It’s safe to say my kid never really got into sesame street. I guess it was boring for her.
    These SJW’s have no respect for anyone!

    1. Cops isn’t negro-centric. It has as many stupid whites on it as blacks! No, the show that shows the stupidest of colored people was “Jerry Springer”! At least, it has my vote.

  32. What a fucking horror show. My son never watched it, thank god. He’s reading Lord of the Flies right now….

  33. I’m Willy the white guy, white skin is my possession
    Oops , sorry, was that a micro-aggression
    I’ll warn you with these triggers
    don’t want to upset some nyggers.

  34. My kids didn’t watch a lot of Sesame Street. Matter of factly they don’t watch a lot of TV period.

  35. I watched Sesame Street as a kid back in the early ’70s but they seemed to have drank the SJW Kool Aid over the last 40 years or so.
    Fuck ’em. Ernie Coombs rocks!

    1. I agree. It was decent pre-1985 or so.
      Mr. Rogers would not even be allowed in this day and age.
      And The Electric Company featured no less than Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman, two blacks who notably never played the race card over their 50-year careers..

  36. I love the discrimination against white people section. Hilarious. Now white people are seeing what it i could be like in the new “browning of wherever” culture where there are fewer white represented images.Feeling left out, white people?? Boo-Hoo!! Brown people have lived with this forever. One thing about white people; the laughter seems to stop when they are the targets of jokes and marginalization. Watch the movie “White Man’s Burden” with John Travolta and have a laugh or ….a cry. The movie was a joke back in the day. How funny is it today? Discuss.

    1. You’re are missing two important points. One is, whites are (still) majority, and second the reverse discrimination is being perpetrated by (some) of the whites themselves. And if you think about it, it’s still white on other colors discrimination actually (in a perverse way) because the underlying assumption is the other races are inferior and they need prop ups.. So the reality is a little different from what you think is going on..

      1. Well since you think America is the center of the universe, let me remind you that the Asian population, (who are not white , no matter what some of them think) alone is greater than whites IN THE WORLD. Unless you intend to extend more honorary white privilege passes to other “ethnic minorities” (oxymoron) , whites are already behind the eight ball in world population numbers.

        1. My assumption was you were talking about the U.S (because this is where racism ran rampant before). I live in the U.S. and honestly I don’t give a fuck how many of the other races are in the world. As a matter of fact it is proven Asians are the most racist out there.. Check out the immigration quotas in Japan/Korea if you don’t believe me..
          If that was your argument, then I’m sorry. You missed the mark again and in the process you wasted both of our time.
          PS: If you are black and live in a “white” country you should count your blessings. You really don’t want to be black in an Asian country..

        2. Tell your people to stop displaying images that offend white people . Maybe you guys will calm down a bit.

        3. Gotcha. See its that simple. White people never want to own that. You control EVERYTHING.. So I guess the world is the way you like it right now. Right!??

        4. Hey man, must be frustrating being white , “majority” dominion over the destruction of family values.

        5. By the way, you have raised some good points. But blacks count their blessings because of the significant contributions made on the backs of ancestors , upon which the brick and mortar foundations of this country were established On the issue of racism, this will never go away until we are all properly educated about the travesty of slavery and the ultimate significance that It had on influencing the major issue which persist to this day. Racism.This inconvenient bit of history is as significant as anything that happened in this country on par with the signing of the declaration of independence. Until the history of slavery is properly address and the contributions of those people are “respected” by all races, this issue will continue to be the 1200b pink and orange gorilla in the room. If racism wasnt an issue it would not be discussed.

        6. Oh stop that shit. The “we builds da efferyting!” argument is idiocy. You picked cotton, and not much else. The old photos of men building skyscrapers show white men sitting on those steel beams, always.

        7. I want to be black in Asian countries. Curiosity has more power than attention and women LOVE attention.

        8. Why do whites stoop to using condescending ebonic terms to refute and ridicule historical contributions of slaves from Africa in this country. Did you realize that even in you statement about picking cotton that this labor was an export product that helped make this country, rich?! That’s why you and everyone else needs an education in history.Then you might respectfully understand the contribution that helped make “your” country what it is today. Think about this. Imagine being able to “buildz efferytin” but having laws prohibiting black ownership of property. How else did whites get control of “efferytin”. The gun and a stacked deck. Look it up. Don’t go to the history books they gave you in your shitty public school. it must suck to know that your ancestors kidnapped people, extorted and killed to build this “great” country. We call it white guilt. You will suffer from it until you clean up your education system.

        9. Picked cotton and not much else. Haahaahaa. If only your great great great could hear you diminish the importance of cotton to this country’s wealth. Have another mayo sandwich and chill.

    2. Ah, the “see how it feels” excuse for hypocrisy. Racism is racism. If you’re dismissive of someone else’s thoughts and feelings, you can’t expect them to care about yours.

      1. I addressed a point of view which illuminates the hypocrisy that brown people have faced for a lifetime. Suddenly these issues are relevant in 2015?! Ive got an idea. If you don’t like what is promoted in the media relating to sexuality and racism , then call up your friends in the media that control the narrative and complain to them. You should at least feel comfortable that if you had to engage those movers and shakers, you wont see any brown faces in the room.

        1. I for one have a better approach. I simply don’t consume their (media) garbage. I don’t own a TV, so I do not care. In 2015 there are countless ways to get your feeds. The discussion was about children. The adults are adults and responsible for whatever they do. However, children have to go to school weather you as a parent like it or not. That’s where they’re being indoctrinated and there’s not one thing the parent can do about it… And it’s not really (reverse) racism that’s going on in our schools, as more social engineering and brain washing.. And if you think the brainwashing doesn’t affect the “browns” and other races kids, think again. How about giving children a false sense of superiority that will set them up for failure later in life? Or how about the “brownie” kid thinking it’s OK to turn tranny and cut his dick off once he turns 18? Can you think two levels deep or am I wasting my time again? And fyi, I as white never felt discriminated against in my entire (long) life. Not even these days.. I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to hear that, but hey, it’s my experience..However, I do feel discriminated against as a male, but that’s a different discussion.

        2. The narrative has turned sir. White men are feeling displaced , irrelevant and marginalized. I have not pity for these lost souls. Imagine what you could really complain about if so called minorities and gays (anything not white) ran the educational system and the media. Then you might actually be able to validate and quantify some of your concerns. Dude, just talk to your dominant white majority friends and tell them to clean this shit up. You know blacks can only complain, but at least they are exhausting their resources to effect change.Im obviously not wasting your time since you continue to engage me in this exchange.

      1. Gotta give it to you. White men have the gun and are the world’s most legendary gangsters. Imagine if the Indians had guns.

        1. Love it when , whites try to overlook history that they feel guilty about after the damage is done.

  37. As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, the only question in the history of our times is: Will the titanic and final struggle of humanity turn out for the benefit of the White Aryan, or the benefit of the scheming Jew and his swarming army of colored inferiors? The Jew is the enemy of mankind.

  38. AFAIC, Sesame Street went downhill the day they introduced Elmo. The little red bastard.
    Oh, and the only white guy they ever had on Sesame Street was Mr Hooper. And look what happened to him.

      1. Last I looked, the “controllers” don’t come out and give a big bow at the end of every episode. The only people the children see are the cast.

        1. We still know who they are and so do you. I think you know that they exist whether you see them or not.

    1. Bob was white. I guess Bert was also white though he was a puppet. Mr. Hooper probably was a hold-out from when the neighborhood was all-white. He was just too old to start over somewhere else when the neighborhood began to change. He was lucky these were benign minorities. If the malignant ones, who are known for turning once nice safe clean neighborhoods into hell holes moved in, Mr. Hooper would’ve either been murdered in an armed robbery a few months into the show, or his store firebombed.

  39. This really is shameful. The destruction of this country which is dependent on strong family values continues. Instead of t looking at the blacks, gays and other so called “marginalized” groups as the problem, kick down the doors of the decision makers in the media that are are promoting this offensive stuff. Fox,CNN, MSnBC, ABC , internet media etc is NOT controlled by so called minorities. If whites are the so called majority , and if they are really offended by these negative influences , then call up your friends in the boardroom, address the offenses and put and end to this shit!! All you want to do is point fingers and complain like a bunch of bitches! I THOUGHT THIS WAS A WEBSITE FOR MEN!!! WHITE MEN STAND UP!!!

    1. Let me let you into a little secret here. All this shit has nothing to do with blacks vs. whites / whites vs. blacks, etc. but it has everything to do with money. And when money comes into play things get exponentially complicated. Why do you think our jails are packed, huh? All you have to do is follow the money. You have a very simplistic view of the world buddy..
      And if you don’t feel like reading that entire article, here’s an extras that’s actually the bottom line of it all.
      “State and federal governments agree to keep the jails full in exchange for having private corporations run the prisons”

      1. Do you see how you just don’t want to get to the bottom of the issue. My response was so much on point that you don’t even want to address the responsibily of the offending parties who promote this garbage. Who by the way are not brown skinned. It may look like Im assigning blame but tell me that I’m lying. Im quite disappointed in the white men right now. The young Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and Steve mcqueen were my movie heros. Real men who took care of business and kept their bitches in line. I follow the money traill all the time. Do you really think that it is blacks alone that keep peaces of shit shows like Fox’s Empire on TV. White people love to watch black cooking. Thats money buddy.. Don’t get me started.

    2. It is not just a matter of standing up. We have an elite class in this country that does not share the values of the rest of society. There is very little that can be done to influence these people.

      1. Dude , you are whining like your a minority or something. Stand up whiteman! Aren’t you all elite?

        1. Dude, It really bothers me that you say what difference does the color make. Race is everything in this country. You can sugar coat it all you want. I hate discussing the race issue but its in our blood, unfortunately because of the history of slavery. I do not take comfort in implying that whites are responsible for the direction that this country is taking. I want harmony. Id rather be here than anywhere else in the world. Im a proud American who happens to have a darker hue of skin. I believe in the principle that the forefathers established. Im just very disappointed in how , whites in general….in GENERAL…pound their chests in proclaiming their dominant status , but lately seem to be complaining most vociferously. I thought that the benefit of being the dominant and majority influencer that you can induce change. It shocks me to see white people complain like they have no power. Please acknowledge that we all can’t help but notice that the major influencers appear to have mostly white faces. Thank you at least for acknowledging that these “elite” people happen to be white.

        2. “Please acknowledge that we all can’t help but notice that the major influencers appear to have mostly white faces.”

        3. First, I don’t know any white people who ‘pound their chest’ and consider themselves elite or better than other people. Are there real racists out there? Yes, but I think they are a small minority of white people. This is part of the propaganda that the real elite want you to believe. They want to divide people so that we are warring with each other rather than turning on them. Divide and conquer.
          Second, there is no ‘white club.’ Whites don’t help out other whites just because they are white.
          That’s why I minimize color. Don’t trust someone just because they have slightly darker skin or mistrust someone because they are white.

        4. Cant have it both ways. Either being white part of the white majority means something. Or it doesn’t. Why are there so many proud whites complaining if they have majority rule over influencing change. Isnt that what majority means? What does that have to do with being in a club.

  40. Sesame Street was quite different when I was a little kid watching it (early 80s). Sure, there were a lot of non-whites, but nothing trans or anti-white.
    The non-whites were friends with the whites, and ‘racism’ was not talked about.

    1. As a kid in that age watching Sesame Street in the mid to late 70’s, I never knew what racism was. Didn’t know what having sex was to even know what a homosexual was. Boys wanting to be girls and vice versa did not even cross my mind at that age.
      It’s disgusting that these children’s programs are even bringing these topics up targeting kids at that age. Scary times we live in.

  41. On the topic of boys being forced to dress up as girls, in my first year in High School we had Physical Education (PE) classes that were supposed to be sports, but someone decided that we needed to do four weeks (!) of dancing instead of any actual sports.
    Anyway, the two classes doing PE together had four more boys than girls, so the teachers picked two boys to “be girls” and I was one of them. But if that wasn’t bad enough, the dances we were doing required all the boys to dance with all of the “girls”, so my humiliation (as a 12 year old boy) was being paired up with almost every other boy in my class (except the other guy who was also a “girl”), sometimes getting pushed around and getting called names (faggot was a popular name at the time).
    These were the same people I had to spend the next three years with and that was my introduction to many of them.
    The following week they told me to be the “girl” again but I resisted even though I was accused of being “a bad sport” and “I was such a good girl last time”.
    Suffice to say, I was too sick to go to school on the days of the next two PE class and my hatred of PE, or more specifically the PE teachers, began there.
    I rarely took part in PE, my weight ballooned to over 110kg (240 pounds), which only helped me not do PE because I was having problems with my knees all the time and the PE teachers didn’t really want fat kids wasting their time.
    Looking back, I know I only have myself to blame for the weight gain for letting them get to me, but seriously, how can a 12 year old be expected to have the emotional maturity to know how to deal with a whole classroom of people who you see every day (we didn’t split off for different subjects with different people until Year 10, which coincidentally was when we were no longer required to do PE!) treating you like shit.
    I know the current SJWs would just say “those boys just needed sensitivity training to not label people like that”, but the reality is that I would have much preferred not being put in that position.
    My parents always wondered why I was “forgetting” my PE gear (they wouldn’t let you participate if you didn’t have a change of clothes) or needing notes for why I could not participate I was very good at sports in Primary School. I couldn’t really say “because I hate the teachers after they made me be a girl in class for almost 2 hours and I’ve been belittled ever since”, especially since I looked up to my Alpha father so much and he was all about “never complain, never explain” and that we should always deal with our problems on our own.
    Also, because I was lowered in the eyes of all of the girls in the two classes we were in (there we eight Year 7 classes in my school), none of the girls who were in either of those classes would consider me worth even talking to, even years later, and the rest of the girls in the year level decided I was gay, but not in the “it’s cool to have a gay friend” way.
    My first girlfriend was a girl from HS, but only after we’d graduated.
    The other guy who was forced to be a girl stopped doing PE as well, became a stoner and eventually dropped out. Whether it was related to anything that happened in PE or not I can’t say, but he was as much a social outcast as I was after that day.
    BTW – prior to that incident, I was on the local Lacrosse team that was runners-up to the state championships, so I wasn’t a slouch when it came to sports, just that a few bad experiences ruined the sporting experience for me for many years.
    I still have weight problems, but that’s now all on me.
    Sorry for the long rant, I tried cutting it down, but without most of the above detail I think it loses something.
    Long story short, 1 hours and 40 minutes of being forced to be a girl in High School shaped the rest of my time in High School. I only started liking High School in the higher grade levels when the drop-kicks dropped out and we actually had choice as far as subjects went.

    1. Dude. Its sad that that happen to you. Don’t take comfort that this is part of the programming for young men today. Find some good mentors ( i know it difficult) and maintain your dignity and strength in being a man. Its the greatest thing to be a man. That is why we are under attack.

    2. You should have kept playing Lacrosse. But yeah that’s really stupid, dancing is for dance class not PE.

  42. Gentlement this is a very important issue. I hope the discussion continues. Im happy to see that the main issue took center stage.The focus should not just be about petty issues concerning sexism and racism. It is the overall negative nfluences leading toward the destruction of Manhood and Traditional Family values. The foundation of this great country. Stand up Men!!!

  43. Wenn es dem internationalen Finanzjudentum in und außerhalb Europas gelingen sollte, die Völker noch einmal in einen Weltkrieg zu stürzen, dann wird das Ergebnis nicht der Sieg des Judentums sein, sondern die Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa! —- Adolph Hitler

  44. The problem is that most men who are fathers in today’s America are wholly unfit to be so and the men who are fit aren’t reproducing because they know the name of the game. Can you think of any other cultural era in world history where a father would voluntarily outsource his tutelage, wisdom, skills and heritage to some remote third party in exchange for working like a dog to buy inessentials that put him in debt and prop up a foreign economy?
    “Honey, the Smith’s have a new granite kitchen counter. Honey, the Smith’s new car has heated cup holders. Honey, the Smith’s bought a second time share in Aruba.”
    And with a father working 65 hours a week in mind numbing drudgery is it any wonder his kids are a/immoral, atheistic, unpatriotic, obese, diabetic, autistic, asthmatic, illiterate, stupid, drug users, alcoholics, depressed, anxious, angry, uncourageous, unprincipled, nonathletic, undisciplined; sons who are effeminate and daughters who are whores?
    In past societies nature and societal convention would’ve made these people extinct, (some alpha male would’ve conscripted these guys into the army while he fucked their wives or their stupidity would’ve gotten them killed on a hunting rendez-vous. As for whorish daughters, they would’ve died in the wild or as broke childless spinsters.)
    But now the state condones the behavior that would’ve killed off these people! Wanna be a disciplinarian? Too bad child abuse. Wanna make sure your kid is intelligent and gets a quality education? Too bad affirmative action to minorities for past wrongs. Wanna see a healthy masculine boy of morals and emotional stability? Too bad # GirlPower get that boy on drugs. Wanna see your boy proud of his country and heritage and willing to die for what its history means? Too bad make sure he knows Islam is a religion of peace and to provide 12th century terrorists with due process.
    And so the state plows into the future with an electorate that can’t tell an amendment from an apple, a working force that doesn’t know why it can’t compete with H-1B visas, exhausted, with no sense of collective national identity or spiritual purpose, and saddled with debt and health problems. What would you do with these people?
    But then the novel gets interesting when, at the drop of a hat, the clients stop pouring in, the drinks stop flowing at happy hour, the grocery store shelves look just a little bare, and the murmurings and whispers start to resonate a bit more. Suddenly the tyranny of the majority is looking at you from across the way.
    I’ll let you finish the plot.

    1. Men generally aren’t the ones trying to get one over on the Smiths.

  45. “can you imagine how you’d feel if your son went to school and was forced to dress up like Cinderella?” << Actually this exist here in France. My nephew told me about an event in his primary school where the boys should dress like girls and girls like boys… He is 8 years old… I was really terrified !

  46. Never allow entertainment to raise your children, the only one who can do it is yourself, go outside, build things with them, play with them, anything.
    The biggest mistake parents make is not protecting their children from danger all the time, but not showing what life is about, what it has to offer.

    1. Not to mention 45 years ago when I first watched it. Bob and Mr. Hooper where the only two white people in the ‘hood.

      1. Sesame Street is far too clean to be the ‘hood. It must either be one of those places in an advanced state of gentrification or in the early stages of white flight. If Sesame Street was really the ‘hood, it would be covered with trash and graffiti, bandit signs, junk cars abandoned at the curb, and gun shots going off in the distance. The building at 123 Sesame Street should be a bombed-out shell. Gordon would be pimpin’ out Susan and Luis would be beating up Maria calling her an estúpida puta.

  47. My skin it is a nice light White,
    White is great and White is right!
    Whites go to Work, Whites pay the Taxes
    That the blacks and browns must have to eat.
    Whites built the towns, and built the cities
    That Whites now have to leave.
    Cuz blacks and browns destroy and need,
    But Whites we build and thrive!
    blacks and browns belong in prison,
    They need Whites to survive!

  48. My skin it is white, if it’s white it’s alright!
    Ashamed of, I have nothing to be.
    Nor am I of being a masculine man, with a feminine wife and some kids (that’s the plan)
    Something something fuck feminism!!

  49. Sesame Street is meant to reach ghetto children. Not to many white kids in the Ghetto. Watch Straight out of Compton to get a better idea.

  50. Fucking disgusing ideologues won’t leave the kids alone, monitor the TV, home school or private school, don’t let the anti-white anti-straight anti-male ideologues poison your kids.

  51. Sesame Street was originally intended to give dumb urban kids the help they needed to read stop signs and clocks, so yeah, it was always going to be multicultural. I will say that Vintage Sesame Street had a few things going for it: Joe Raposo’s songs were very catchy, the instruction was precise and useful, and Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster were some of the best fucking characters of all time. (Of course, New Age Sesame Street had to ruin them by making Cookie Monster eat vegetables and Oscar live in a house instead of a garbage can. Because children will TOTALLY eat nothing but cookies and live in garbage cans if they see puppets doing these things. God forbid parents take the time to explain to their kids the difference between how puppets act and how real people should act.)
    The death knell for the show came with the introduction of that Elmo shit, a character designed to appeal to screeching, brain-dead three year old children–and absolutely nobody else. Everything else in today’s Sesame Street has been so designed-by-a-committee-of-uncool- business-people that you half expect Poochie to turn up on the show and start rapping.

  52. I agree. I never let my children watch western television. They just watch Putin propaganda videos all day. After all, he is the last protector of traditional values.

  53. Extol dark skin does not mean discriminating light skin because to discriminate means to differentiate, to separate. A highly subjective and few evidenced with objective facts post, that detract credibility.

  54. I think this website was purposely created to offensive…. Or a haven for trolls. Why so many negative articles why not “The people who survived kidney transplants and their news lives now.” Or something like that.

    1. As you are an SJW I understand you don’t get it. But there are many of us who don’t want to join the Borg without a fight.

    2. It’s created for minds that think logically strategically and objectively, which means it appeals to men far more than womyn and makes it a welcome relief from most other sites. Go to those and stop complaining. Thanks.

      1. Why feel the need to emphasize my gender? I wasn’t even complaining, you seem to twist it that way all on your own from your own feelings. I’m not responsible your insecurities, you can take the gift back.

  55. Sesame Street has always been a Trojan Horse. As is most children’s television programming these days.

  56. I would suggest you ban your kids from TV until they are older. Create a baseline of hard core values first and red pill knowledge.

  57. I watched sesame street flat out when I was young, I have fond memories of all the letters and numbers themes in each episode. What the hell did they change it into?? I even bought pjs that match my sesame street pj’s for our future children . Guess I won’t need them anymore (yes i am a girl, i cant imagine a guy doing that) although if you could get the old school eps it would be alright. Im 25 now though so they would have to be at least 22 years old

  58. However, at a time when SAT scores are plummeting to record lows, does
    it really make sense to replace academic content with the multi-cultural
    Porque no los dos (Why not both?) 😀
    I have no issues with children learning about Ramadan or Rakhi but I’d include now also Christmas and Easter in that list because its scary how many young people have no clue about those festivals either.
    But do not ditch the alphabets and the numbers!

  59. I agree about stupid TV and movies, I rarely ever watched them for the last 13 years.
    ”I understand that the left has an agenda”
    seriously, WTF are you talking about? I am no ‘left’ or ‘right’ but it looks like there’s always some paranoid blaming something called ‘left’ or ‘right’. Especially ‘left’. Conspiracy theory paranoid bullshit. I would choose Communism over Fascism any days, thought the problem is that ‘Communism’ doesn’t mean being a maniac like Stalin. Where I come from, ‘Communism’ promotes everybody’s freedom. In Italy the history of Communism has nothing to do with deporting people to gulags, and it’s not the American idea of ‘Communism’. Communism doesn’t elevate women over men, the shit you see on TV comes from America. From America came some great stuff, but TV is certainly not one of them. European cinema run circles to American movies, especially current ones. Is that the work of some evil minds ‘left’ ? I say this ‘left’ shit is just that.

    1. Big on emotion, short on coherent argument there honey. And all the while Italy is being overrun by Muslims and Il Duce is turning in his grave.

  60. The original Sesame Street from the 70s is considered “Not Appropriate for Children.”
    This generation is so pussified they might as well all grow up to be women anyway.

  61. I am a mother of two small boys. I am glad I am not the only one who sees these multicultural issues…..I judge a person why charector and not skin and that is how my children will be raised. Can’t we just leave the kids out of it???. I miss the old sesame street and old cartoons that were just funny and simple. Why do cartoons have to press social buttons? Yay I do understand the point but why push it so far? Reminds me of this stupid breastfeeding mommy wars….good god get a grip people….What ever happened to home cooked meals, reading books, going to the park, being a parent and disciplining your children (in appropriate means of their age and capabilities) sigh I’m sorry I’m rambling….. my generation is going nowhere …..

  62. Is it just me or does Leela the Sweet Indian Lady’s lyrics sound fucking sexual? That bitch wants to be licked bad.
    Honestly I didn’t see too much wrong with the examples you brought, except for the fairy thing, that shit was fucking disgusting. I get the whole “accepting other people’s sex orientation thing” but trying to fucking push dressing like Cinderalla as something most boys should find normal to accept or do, even if they don’t want to do it or find the idea repulsive or unwanted and apprehensive about it(like that muppet character Blogg did), is fucked up. Also, I do think that if they did start putting more focus on teaching kids that accepting everyone and all cultures and walks of life to the point of negating teaching kids academic skills is kinda ridiculous. Nothing wrong with it and it’s nice that Sesame Street is pushing so hard for it, and it’s nice and all, but our kids need more math and shit, we can teach em acceptance ourselves.
    Hell, if they want to do that so bad, why not get these different race people to teach kids about letters and numbers while doing their acceptance thing instead of just focusing on that? Mathematical problems involving their Naan or some shit. Hell they could do it with teaching geography too with lil bits of history. Instead of just singing about skin color, have the muppets and sesame street characters go visit the different parts of the nation, and different parts of the world. That shit’s educational right there.
    Also, they should cut out any of the transsexual shit, that’s just unnecessary.

  63. I get your complaint about multiculturalism, maybe it is forced upon society. Look, I’m not opposed to it per se, but it had to happen by itself, as in, people from different backgrounds meet, exchange ideas, and it just blends. I definitely wouldn’t mind having my own multicultural encounter with that sweet caramel skin hottie Leela, if you catch my drift…ahem. But don’t forget, in the 70s and 80s, through The Brady Bunch, Growing Pains, Full House, and other shows, American white “values” was being forced upon the rest of us. Even The Cosby Show was basically Growing Pains for black people, so there…pfft

  64. I actuallyenjoyed the brown skin songHowever newer sesame street does generally suck. Gone are days of Gabi(spanish speaking culture descent) hanging out with Tara(whitewheelchakr girl) and them both chilling with Telly or Rositia differentcolored monsters. Or Gina hanging out with Fabio.. Or bob teaching allkinds of kids songs wwithsometimes Linda adding in sign langue. IOrMMari and/or Luis those are Gabi’s parents in show adding sSpanishtranslation. The brown song was used to make the puppet girl feel better as someome had picked on her.

  65. Sesame Street wasn’t the only game in town, there were other shows similar but not quite as radical as what you’re seeing now. A show called Zoom was on public television back in the 70s which encouraged diversity, but hell, even then nobody thought of pushing homosexuality and definitely not transexualism

  66. This started a generation earlier with cartoons from Harvey Films. Casper the Friendly Ghost propagandized children to befriend “different” kids (Casper the “spook” – get it?); and Baby Huey taught children to accept retards.
    Though in general the cartoons I grew up watching in the 1960’s and 1970’s would trigger today’s guardians of children’s morality:
    Roger Ramjet and Underdog both tweaked on “energy pills.”
    Pepe LePew sexually harassed a female cat.
    Fred Flintstone had a compulsive gambling problem.
    Wile E. Coyote played with explosives.
    Yosemite Sam shot guns.
    Bruce Wayne lived with a “boy wonder.”
    Wonder Woman tied people up with her lasso and made them “obey” her.
    And Race Bannon killed people, lived in an apparent domestic partnership with Dr. Quest, and together they picked up and “adopted” some orphan boy from a Third World country.

    1. You just ruined Johnny Quest for me, I always thought Race Bannon was a bad ass, not a butt pirate.

    2. Scooby Do and Shaggy ate pot brownies.
      The Banana Splits were must have been the product of a psychedelic trip.

      Then there were the redone Japanese imports. For instance, “The Space Giants” A family that can transform into rockets living in volcano….

  67. Early 70s Sesame Street is still sound. It’s now labeled ‘unsafe for children’.
    The old gritty Sesame Street….

  68. If you wanna go for Sesame Street, play them the 1970’s episodes. (The ones I grew up with). One of my favourite clips is when they had Elton John playing in the Muppet’s Show. Sure, he did look flamboyant, but he was not proclaiming how rad being a queer is.

  69. “Recently, my friend’s daughter brought home a drawing from daycare.”
    Agree that this liberal brainwashing of kids is bad. Very bad.
    Women going to work at some job they most likely SUCK at, and putting their kids in daycare is much, much worse!

  70. “I was raised to judge people based on the content of their character”
    A reminder: judging people by the content of their character is now racist because that type of judgment happens on a level playing field and doesn’t factor privilege into the equation.
    Funny thing is that this was predicted decades ago in saved by the bell the college years.
    In the episode where Slater finds out he is Mexican and not Italian (and gets a job as a bus boy that he sucks at and claims racism when people criticize him as well acquires the power of being able to tell whether a burrito is authentic or not) he is planning on going skiing with Zach and the girls.
    But slater’s New Mexican friend who is opening his eyes to “the plight of the chicano” encourages him to attend a protest in the deans office that weekend in order to demand that a “Chicano Studies Department” be created.
    Zach is very upset because without Slater and his girl the girl that Zach is trying to get with won’t go away with him. This causes Zach to Get angry and drop the tremendous line “you really picked a terrible week to be a Chicano” (really, think about the magnitude of that line and what it really means).
    But here is the thing, eventually Zach sees the light. He forgoes the (incredibly white) activity, skiing, to join Slater in his protest because he minority activity is inherently a *better* activity because the white activity is operating from a place of privilege.
    This is how we have defined racism today. Gone is the King maxim of judging people not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. It is replaced with “judge people by the color of their skin because if they are a minority they are inherently superior because of white privilege”
    I wrote an essay about this episode of saved by the bell (college years; :slaters war) back in the mid 1990’s and delivered it to a philosophy conference. I claimed, and this was maybe 1996 or 97, that the idea of judging people without reference to color or religion would eventually be considered racist and to be an “egalatarian” you would have to acknowledge a) privilege and b) the innate superiority of minorities and minority activities, Foods, holidays and even languages due to that privilege.
    I did the whole thing based on freaking saved by the bell. Everyone thought I was a fucking lunatic when I said that the modern world would consider MLK racist and would side with saved by the bell instead. Really, at best people thought I was a hilarious nut case and at worse some people claimed I was a dangerous, racist lunatic.
    In the end I was right.
    Keep an eye on your pop culture kids. It is what steers the nation.

        1. I have a slave morality case study for you.
          You, big strapping White man on vacation in Thailand. You get challenged to a muay thai boxing match by a thai man. You have a foot and 100 lbs on the guy. You’re pretty certain you can knock him out cold.
          Question: What do you do? Do you fight him or not. And why?

        2. Point of clarification: does a refusal to fight mean a large group of small men will cut My balls off and sell my ass as a tranny? Or is the only negative side effect to be mocked?

        3. No. My line of reasoning is this: if you win and knock him out, you’ll be jeered as a big mean white man hurting a small Asian man. You will be booed and spat upon. If you lose, it’s a modern day David and Goliath story.
          Therefore, the only winning move is not to play.
          In a system with a slave morality, you cannot win in such a situation.
          Same thing in a fight against a woman.

        4. I was going to say that I wouldn’t fight and mention exactly that reason but I needed to clairify that walking away wouldn’t expose me to being murdered for not fighting.

        5. understanding slave morality is a powerful heuristic: it really does allow you to predict the outcome of things

        6. yep, or like in a situation where they love to put the genders against each other like in a tug of war match. If the male team wins, they in fact lose because they used their strength to drag the weaker sex through the mud. if they lose, it’s a major upstart, a David vs. Goliath accomplishment.

        7. That is absolutely correct. Let me pose a question back to you. What is more dangerous, in so far as it is dangerous, not understanding the slave morality or having a superficial caricature understanding of it like most undergrad philosophy students who picked up what they did in a survey class or, maybe, a few pages in a reader and are totally convinced they are now some paradigm of enlightenment.

        8. this plays itself out over and over again in so many ways. I think you mentioned you are also on UES or Yorkville. I often go up to the Carlyle or the Mark on Madison and 77th and sit there and watch what is basically bush league slave morality playing out in every way possible….between groups of women who are friends, groups of men who are friends, groups of men who don’t know each other, groups of women who don’t know each other, men and women flirting, new and old money customers, staff and customers, male and female staff, senior and junior staff, food service and bartender, etc. etc. etc. The overlapping circles eventually form fractal geometric patters that I try to hold in my head until the either get to complicated, the booze slows down my thinking or the prospect of getting laid arises — all of which cause me to leave my perch and rejoin the matrix.

        9. One example of slave morality I routinely encounter on the streets is: who should get out of the way of the other person when they approach on a crowded sidewalk.
          Have you observed this?
          It’s always the larger, more powerful person I see moving out of the way of the smaller, weaker person.
          I’ve ended up shoulder blocking so many people who think that the massive 300 pound guy should get out of the way of them and their schoodle.
          However, if I look to the side like a slack-jawed bohunk tourist or down at my phone, they all scatter around me.

        10. I think there is a saying: “A little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing.”
          I would say being oblivious to the whole concept would be preferable.
          A superficial understanding would make someone cocksure and think they can predict with confidence the outcome of a situation or engagement. That could be costlier than naively participating without any higher-level consideration.
          It’s like a massive role playing game, with each character having weaknesses and strengths: are they ranged units, do they cast spells, are they mounted, are they melee etc.
          Slave morality can even tell you if you are likely to face false rape accusations. Someone with a superficial understanding of slave morality may think being black makes one bulletproof. But we see with varsity black athletes and Bill Cosby that it is more complicated. We see women unwilling to report actual rapes committed by those seen as greater victims than they are, e.g., Muslim refugees.

        11. I just was talking about this last month with one of the guys from this site. I am a really big guy and people constantly expect me to move a I simply refuse to which leads me into full on blasting people sometimes. However, when it is a woman or someone elderly I tend to move…which is actually terribly sexist because I am using their gender rather than their size…and it reinforces the slave morality where strength is something to be scorned..indeed.

        12. Yep, in a logical society – the small and weak would move out of the way of the large and strong. Large people have more momentum, more inertia, it’s harder for them to change direction quickly. In the animal kingdom, you see the small creatures darting between the legs of the larger animals. It’s the job of the smaller critters to stay alert and avoid being trod upon.
          This all ends with me shoulder blocking an elderly woman with a walker, knocking her to the ground, and shouting at her, “What now bitch, what now?!”

        13. The thing that gets me the most is when I have to sidestep someone letting their fucking dog take a shit in the middle of the sidewalk.
          In any rational society, I would give a good kick to the mutt.
          Instead, we have men in business suits sidestepping the schnoodle like it’s some visiting dignitary. Insane.

        14. Even aside from the physicality what bothers me more is the tacit understanding a lanes. I am not just expected to move out of the way for smaller, weaker and less valuable people (and their pets) but I am expected to do it when they are walking against the grain tacitly agreed upon by society. I have barelled into people trying to get on the subway while I am getting off and I am ruthless with tourists.

        15. It goes along with people acting like dogs are people and calling them selves “pet parents”.
          If you have a kid that looks like a dog, you’re doing it wrong.

        16. American courtesy is generally ass backwards. It is all about being polite to rude people. It’s the human that should be kicked, not the dog.
          Driving for instance. People refuse to pull out of a parking lot using the exit that would best work with traffic conditions. Instead they demand to be let in. As a result those behind the person who lets them in get to sit for another light cycle. People who get in the wrong lane will stop traffic to change lanes rather than go the direction of the lane they are in and find a place to turn around or go around the block. The list is endless. But the common thread is that anyone who refuses to let these rude people do it is considered an asshole.
          Over and over again american courtesy is about accommodating someone who couldn’t plan ahead or couldn’t bother acting in a way that wouldn’t inconvenience those around him. Those who hold their ground, don’t give in, are then labeled jerks. It’s just backwards and as such builds entitlement and gets worse.

      1. Don’t recall that one. I did reference how they made the black girl, Lisa, out as the cultural stereo type of Long Island Jewish girl to show the absurdity of black skin with privilege and also referenced when Zach finds out he is an American Indian.

  71. When I have my kids, I’d rather read to them and have them read. My girlfriend and I both have educational backgrounds and aren’t the dullest tools in the shed. I’ll teach the boy chess, golf, and Calculus, she can teach them Chinese and hopefully give them a cultural background to be proud of.

    1. I am probably as biased toward East Asian women if not more so but how do you address the issue of having mixed-race children? I find East Asian women beautiful, intelligent, and far easier to relate to than any other type of woman but I don’t exactly relish the thought of having children who don’t resemble me physically or intellectually. Does this issue trouble you being black?

      1. Why is it an issue somehow? I’m lily white, my wife is Japanese, to me there is no issue there without forcibly making one,
        My children will have a background composed of both cultures, likely a slight bit more Japanese since they will have grandparents from that side but not from mine, but that’s fine with me.
        How your children look may be an issue to you, but I can honestly say for me it isn’t. And likely not for others who go that route.
        As for intellect, I’m not quite sure what you mean but I suspect you are basing this off some strange assumptions, my cousin has a child with a Vietnamese girl, and the child’s hair is dark blonde, chocolate brown eyes and mild Asian features with white skin.

        1. Well, my impression is that being white is going to be a big drag in the future, while having Asian features won’t. The Chinese etc are not buying into the suicidal PC crap we have in the west and are much more respected in many places.
          I want my genes to survive and thrive and have the best possible opportunities, so to me that my son will have Asian features is purely a plus.
          Even Hitler called Japanese “honorary Aryans”, Literally.

      2. It has and to a degree, still does. I worry since there is a high probability that the Chinese side is unlikely to accept them. They will default to Black, but Black/Chinese is a more “exotic” mix than the more common Black/White or Black/Hispanic mixes. With the Black community where it is, however, is acceptance by Blacks really valuable?
        I understand preferring children that resemble you, but I would prefer my children to be better off than I. Them having superior looks and superior intelligence can be a means to that end.

  72. My 2 year old son loves to watch Peppa Pig. It’s a pretty good show. It’s been infected by the “Daddy is a bumbling idiot” meme but not as bad as American shows.
    The fire station is populated entirely by female characters, which is a laugh.
    Still, it’s not entirely corrupted. There’s Grandpa Dog who is Mr. Fixit. Grandpa Pig who builds stuff. Peppa herself is girly.
    I’ll keep him away from Sesame Street. Even as a kid in the 70s I could sense something was off with all the urban characters.

    1. I like Peppa Pig. You’re right about the “silly daddy!” thing, and it shits me.. but in their defense, Daddy Pig still dispenses most of the sage advice to the family, and the kids respect him. Pretty rare for any show today.
      In one episode, Peppa sees a spider and is scared. Daddy Pig tells her there’s nothing to be afraid of, since they are mostly small and harmless creatures, and you must never kill a spider as they eat flies and mosquitoes. Peppa is comforted and starts calling it “Mr Hairylegs”. All up it was a delightful episode.
      But the all-girl fire department.. OMFG.

      1. Yeah good point about Daddy Pig and the sage advice. The kids do respect him despite his bumbling. He’s clearly head of the household.
        Peppa and George overall are good role models. They’re polite. They’re respectful of their parents. The stories are wholesome and quite funny.
        It’s a good show for young children.

  73. My child never knew Sesame Street ever existed! He’s 11 and fully red pilled!
    Boys need fathers, not faggots!

  74. It’s not just Sesame Street either! Most of children’s tv is complete trash. There is zero reason to watch any of it.
    They have more fun in the garden and wading through streams, anyway.

  75. Sesame Street has taught social skills like getting along, sharing and cooperation since day-1, and that’s fine. But these days it’s less about getting along and more about “diversity” and “tolerance”. It seems they’re about highlighting people’s differences rather than looking past them.
    Henson’s original reasons for using a lot of multicolored “monster” muppet characters was two-fold: First, to emphasize to kids that differences in human skin color is irrelevant and mundane. Second, so that armchair experts wouldn’t criticize his use of one racial color over another. Seems like that original noble intention went out the fucking window.

    1. Pretty much all the decent ways of doing things have fallen to the wayside in order to pit people against each other. If children saw all the different muppets and people just getting along then people might get together and see who the real enemy of society is.

  76. ps. If you wanna get your nostalgia on, this clip from the mid 70’s is still one of the coolest to ever come out of Sesame Street =)
    (I’d love to know which neighborhood Gordon is peddling thru).
    But I remember watching the clip as a little kid, and it encouraged me to learn to ride a bike.

  77. Here in Chinese Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore), preschoolers are already studying foreign languages, learning to play musical instruments, and taking basic maths courses. In person, from real teachers. While homo- and transsexuality are accepted, such persons are expected to function in society productively without reference to their private sexual identities, and their is no push (and I doubt there ever will be) to abolish natural gender roles. People here concentrate on important, practical issues (sometimes to excess) — getting a good education, building a successful career, maintaining healthy body weight and continuing regular daily exercise into old age. Reading about the U.S. these days is like reading about some crazy great-uncle who is always shouting his bizarre opinions at strangers and crapping his pants.

    1. Preschoolers? Studying foreign language? How can they be studying something when they don’t even have basic grasp their primary language? All empirical evidence points that preschool is basically useless.

      1. I agree with you there. Many parents just want to hire a foreign teacher for their kids in order to gain “face”. There is, of course, the strong emphasis on education that many Northeast Asian cultures are known for, but living here in China, I think that it’s 80% “face”, 20% education.
        Puts money in my coffers so I won’t complain.

      2. You’re talking about studies that link preschool with later academic success. Did you start speaking English only after the age of six? Children of mixed language parents start speaking both languages around the age of two. Chinese parents, particularly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore (and those that can afford it in mainland China) have their kids start taking basic English lessons around the age of four. These consist mainly of learning the alphabet, phonetics, listening to children’s stories, and singing nursery rhymes. There are at least a dozen of these preschools within a one mile radius of my flat. At the same time, even purely Chinese couples know enough simple English to reinforce the lessons at home.
        And by the way, who do you think watches Sesame Street? Preschoolers.

        1. “You’re talking about studies that link preschool with later academic success.” No, actually i’m talking about the lack there of.
          “And by the way, who do you think watches Sesame Street? Preschoolers.” yeah? It’s not like they are actually learning anything. Preschoolers don’t have the ability to understand any of the meaning.

        2. Wrong on both points. Google “long term advantages of preschool” and you’ll see that hundreds of studies have been done that tend to show preschoolers have an advantage in kindergarten and early elementary education, but the advantage wears off as their peers catch up to them. The Washington Post summarised the results of these studies in its January 9, 2014 edition. W. Stephen Barnett has also done extensive work in analysing hundreds of such studies; his conclusion is less strong than the WP’s, as he documents a large number of preschool interventions that had positive effects well into middle school, but one thing all studies agree on: preschoolers are capable of learning vastly more than control groups who do not attend preschool.

        3. “you’ll see that hundreds of studies have been done that tend to show preschoolers have an advantage in kindergarten and early elementary education, but the advantage wears off as their peers catch up to them.” So point proven, it has no effect on academic success. Primary School itself is pretty much unnecessary. No employer or university will look at primary school grades.

  78. TV is toxic these days to not just children… My TV antenna broke 5 years ago and I haven’t bothered to get it fixed.

  79. “The CGI characters that appear in Abby’s Flying Fairy School are one example of these new muppets.”
    Another travesty. CGI muppets are not muppets. If it’s something that only exists on a computer monitor, it ain’t a puppet.

  80. It has been from the start a marxist cultura programming machine… the sees have been planted and now they have come to fruition, so to speak.

  81. That brown song is pretty extreme. I also noticed most kids movies are all homosexual propaganda. I walked out of Finding Nemo part two.
    I don’t hate on any race, gender or orientation. I DO hate on complainers and anyone who believes playing the victim will get them somewhere. It only leads to laziness and misery.
    This is your life. Get out there and work your ass off until it’s the life that you want. Then spread that message.

  82. Maybe the friend’s daughter felt bad about her hair because someone (like Sebastian) called it “dirty blonde”. No need to be part of the problem!

  83. As others have said, don’t let your kids watch TV for any long period of time, especially anything modern. When my son watches, it’s usually something from the 90s or earlier. A lot of it is British. I hate the way modern kids stuff jumps at ADD inducing speeds. And the language is severely retarded. My 3 year old boy loves watching Beatrix Potter cartoons, which are fun for toddlers, deal in real world situations (that rat really does intend to eat that kitten), and the language is proper English. But reading is really where it’s at.

  84. I was always taught that men should be strong, silent, and never ever whine. I wish there were guys standing up for men whe weren’t always playing the victim.

  85. What an a$$hole. The new pussy of the world is the self pitying victim crying white male. I am a white male, but I don’t act like I’m a victim because I’m not., and if you are, it’s not because you’re while or male. This article is old but I hope you read this, you ignorant MFer…. It’s not forced transsexualism to play dress up as a kid. Most young boys like to dress up in princess costumes if they have sisters of older or the same age because it’s brighter and more colorful that a cowboy or a Knight. The object is to make kids comfortable playing and using their imagination. Also being transsexual means identifying as the opposite sex. I don’t necessarily get it, and I don’t argue with hard science and biology, but it’s funny when people who find a way to add it into every argument (or go pretending Sesame Street has a hidden agenda) because it’s clear that the very idea threatens you.
    Sesame Street is clearly in a city and makes it a point to be culturally diverse. Being white doesn’t require any promotion!!! Jesus, are you serious? It’s trying to make kids like yours (with an asshole of a parent) realize that other skin types are to be celebrated. Just because it didn’t get a spotlight segment it’s anti white? Was there an East Asian segment? But you wouldn’t worry about that because you’re too busy looking for ways to be a victim.
    And for our third point… Stop relying on a show to teach your child how to count.. Maybe if you stopped trying to force your politics and agenda and over analyze a kids show, and more time TEACHING you wouldn’t worry about a show that is designed to REINFORCE the values you teach. But you wouldn’t want to take responsibility for how your child turns out, then you’d only have yourself to blame if you don’t like the results.

  86. Occassionally I stream classic Sesame Streets for my daughter.
    My basic rule is: If Elmo is in it, we won’t watch it.

  87. When I started watching Sesame Street back in the late eighties (I was born in 85), I liked it a lot better. But lately, it seems like it all changed. I miss the way it was then. I have always liked Cookie Monster though.

  88. Goverment and media are sucking the God given power out of the masses, in order to become the ultimate authority over every part of their lives, displacing the family structure and the male role of protector and provider. It is better if a man cross dresses, and pretends he is a woman, or as “good” as a woman, whilst a woman is encouraged to think she can “kick ass” better than any “dumb” man and have it all. When that fails, as it is bound to, and she becomes bitter and dispondant, well she can become a gay/lesbian and welcomed into a group of like minded woman let down by wimped-out media emasculated “men”. Confused female infused males join in support of these “liberated” females (out of subconcious guilt for their lost manhood) and they all end up ranting and raving at anti-Trump ralies, feeling great about their misdirected rage, whilst those in the know pull their strings. It’s no wonder practically the entire country is on antidepressants or illegal drugs. God help the children born into this mess.

  89. This is literally the most racist and ignorant article ever someone who wrote this must have grown up in an all white community. Sorry but “inevitable Islamic takeover” hahaha you’re fckin racist there’s no getting around it.

  90. OR… What if instead of being offended by a segment that promotes self-love for brown people, you allow your children to watch it and explain to them that for hundreds of years, people of color have been told that their skin color was unattractive, and that, even TODAY, they are treated poorly because of it. Further explain that THAT is why it’s important to have a segment that teaches brown kids that their skin color is beautiful. Teach your children that it does not mean that their own skin isn’t beautiful, but that white people have never been mistreated, or made to feel ugly because of it… They will grow up understanding what brown people have gone through, rather than resenting them for (finally) loving themselves and their color.

  91. I feel stupider for taking the time to read your blog. I need a shovel to clean up the horse crap that you are spewing.

  92. You should do your kids a favor and drop them off at the nearest non lunatic you know and let those people raise responsible human beings who respect and love their neighbors…as opposed to whatever it is you’re going to teach them.
    TV is not good for anyone’s development. And neither is your writing.

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