Canadian Liberals Declare Self-Defense “Offensive” To Women

In Canada, self-defense has now been implicitly declared sexist by the incumbent liberals at Parliament Hill. While Canada’s extremely tight gun control laws are well-known, the extent to which self-defense is disrespected and stigmatized in this country is remarkably overlooked.

Recently, Canadian Liberal Patty Hajdu, Trudeau crony and anointed “Minister of Status of Women,” defended the current laws. She insisted that legalizing the use of mace and pepper spray as self-defense was “offensive” as it put “the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence.”

That’s when I lowered the newspaper and asked myself out loud: wait, it’s illegal here to carry pepper spray? Unbeknownst to me, Canada’s Criminal Code (the same code that, via Bill C-16, may eventually enforce the use of illegible, fictitious non-binary gender pronouns) states, under the Firearms Act of 1995, that it is prohibited and illegal to carry pepper spray or “any device designed to be used for the purpose of injuring, immobilizing or otherwise incapacitating any person”.

Canada's self-defense laws are not only unbalanced, they protect the would-be criminals more than our law-abiding citizens.

Canada’s self-defense laws are not only unbalanced, they protect the would-be criminals more than our law-abiding citizens.

Not a person intent on injuring, immobilizing, or otherwise incapacitating you, of course. Not a person intent on raping your mother, sister, or girlfriend. Not a person intent on mugging you after they sock you in the teeth (at best). Not them, the law prohibits.

Inadvertently, this law empowers the criminals, because… they’re criminals and will break the law, anyway. The law puts otherwise law-abiding men and women at risk of breaking the law, and criminally liable for defending themselves with a non-lethal means from a potentially lethal attack.

“Common sense” gun laws are not necessarily sensible

To add some tragic irony to this, the Firearms Act of 1995 was passed by Jean Chrétien’s liberals in response to the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre of 14 women by an embittered, Elliot Rodger-styled misogynist. The act aimed to forestall future mass shootings, even though these tragedies or individual shootings in general have since not been reduced.

In addition to this irony, of all the firearms prohibited in this act, the Mini-14 hunting rifle used by the Polytechnique madman to shoot 28 people (and kill 14 women) is classified as a “non-restricted firearm,” meaning it can be legally owned for private use like hunting and can be stored and transported with only a license and not a permit. You can buy a Mini-14 used at a local gun shop—if you can find one.

Thus, Canada’s “common sense” gun laws state that citizens eligible to bear arms can (as liberally as the law permits) purchase, store, and transport a type of rifle that was used to commit a heinous crime, but cannot legally buy and use “mace” or “pepper spray” to thwart one. Needless to say, Canada’s self-defense laws are laden with unjust double standards and a highly broad and confused logical framework.

While I understand regulating the sale, use and ownership of firearms, Canada is a good example of how “common sense” gun control can trickle down to basic self-defense laws and render them nonsensical. It can also lead to incomprehensible and plainly unjust applications of the law that, ultimately, empower the nefarious actions of would-be criminals.

There is one glimmer of hope…

Cue Kellie Leitch, Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful. Recently, she proposed revising the Criminal Code so that it legalized the use of mace and pepper spray for self-defense. Leitch impartially made this a matter for all Canadians; she did, however, angle her motion towards the issue of sexual and physical violence against women (even though there are many forms of violent crime that affect both genders varyingly).

Conservative Kellie Leitch wants Canada to become a nation with core values.

Conservative Kellie Leitch wants Canada to become a nation with core values.

Leitch stated: “Clarifying the laws around the use of mace and pepper spray for self-defense will give women a greater measure of protection against would-be attackers.” Sensible enough (this is Canada, so you have to expect at least a little bit of feminist pandering, even from the right side of the aisle).

And granted, I do not picture men using mace for self-defense in the first place (though we should have every right to do so). When accosted, us fellas tend to be very direct and confrontational; our method of self-defense is typically measured so that it is proportionate to the threat. A moderate threat may be met with a little Taekwondo (or your choice of martial art) and a severe one with a more extreme, possibly lethal force—like a firearm (insert: Canadian frantically patting empty waistband).

If you do not have time or cannot afford martial arts training, you can legally buy “dog and coyote attack deterrent” or “bear repellent” at Canadian Tire or a local army surplus store. I bought my girlfriend one in case she’s walking home and needs to deter a “coyote.”

Pepper spray is called "coyote and dog deterrent" in Canadian stores. This week, my girlfriend got hers.

“Pepper spray” is packaged as “Dog & Coyote Attack Deterrent” in Canadian stores. Logical how it’s “Made & Printed in U.S.A.” but not registered for use there.

Once again, it’s not really about equality

Following that illogic, pepper spray is sexist to women, but dog deterrent is not animal cruelty to dogs. Whether a man or woman is attacked by a human perp or an animal, the intent—the will to physically inflict harm—is the same. If anything, animals attack humans inadvertently out of self-defense (believing a human wants to attack their owner or younglings), whereas human criminals know full well what they are doing. Why should the law allow defense against a confused animal but disallow defense against a thug with pre-meditated motives?

Hajdu deflects from these gaping holes in the current legislation by suggesting “we [Trudeau’s Liberals] are developing a federal gender-based violence strategy in consultation with provinces, territories and grassroots organizations to ensure that women in Canada can live free from violence.” (bold added) Basically, Hajdu hijacks Leitch’s gender-equal position and skews it to gender-specific, proving the Prime Minister and his Liberals are not really about equal treatment of the sexes.

The insane implication of Hajdu’s above rebuttal is this: no, Ms. Leitch, self-defense is exclusively a woman’s issue. But we don’t need self-defense anyway; let loving government intervene and defend the right of half the country’s population (women)–the right not to protect themselves, of course, but to be victims–with legislation aimed at punishing the lesser, brutish half (men) who wish to harm them.

Feeling the equality?

Officially cucked, like many men in this country.

Officially cucked, like many men in this country.

And when Bedlam could not get any fuller, the National Post (a typically reliable mainstream Canadian conservative news source) stumbled in to finally fill the institution’s capacity. “Perhaps I am a little more feminist than she is,” wrote the male author regarding Hajdu’s comments. “I would be comfortable making the carrying of mace and pepper spray a sex-linked legal privilege. Hell, I would consider extending it to very small firearms.” That quote epitomizes the high level of inverted and cuckolded intellectualism in this country, especially of Millennial men.

The bottom line: this is cuckoldry.

Canada is a nation of capitulation (our reputation for saying “sorry” exists for a reason), led now by a trust fund baby who celebrates Fidel Castro, states The Current Year, and believes “there is no core identity, no mainstream” here. We apologize when narcissistic malcontents temporarily shut down a public parade; we apologize and compensate by drafting anti-scientific, anti-free speech legislation to appease a minuscule minority of sexually confused crybabies; we apologize after accidentally elbowing manhandling someone who deliberately blocked our path. We apologize for wearing a hat that supports our politically incorrect views.

What about basic self-defense laws? Can we get that right? No. We publicly push biased agendas that implicitly place half the country’s population into a basket of deplorables.


Kellie Leitch and Donald Trump: while there is certainly no physical resemblance, both political figures put nationalism and sovereignty first.

Fortunately, conservatives like Leitch speak truth to power and demonstrate a level of impartiality to their social policy prescriptions liberals seem incapable of doing. The United States has saved its socio-economic future by electing an anti-globalist businessman. I stood by on November 8th, rooting northward for my fellow nationalists southward. I implore you, dear reader, to do the same for us. Leitch has already been called “Canada’s Trump”—she believes in self-defense and nationalism.

Canada’s next election is in 2019. Abandon your egos, friends, and tweet to the stars: “Kellie Leitch 2019 – #TheRealImWithHer”. Share articles. Send out a signal. If the aforementioned insanity of Canada’s Liberals over self-defense does not inspire you, I simply do not know what will. America has chosen to go its own way. So has Italy. So could France and Germany. Allow Canada to follow.

When the time comes, Make Canada Great Again, too. Let’s start with a little pepper spray.

Footnote: On Tuesday, Toronto mayor John Tory (the same “conservative” mayor who declared “Roosh not welcome in Toronto”) called on the federal government to further tighten the nation’s gun laws—which will add even more restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ ability to protect themselves. Whether you’re Canadian or not, sign this petition here to stop Tory’s proposal.

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265 thoughts on “Canadian Liberals Declare Self-Defense “Offensive” To Women”

  1. But wouldn’t a woman be praised as “empowered” for being able to do a self-defense move like this?

  2. Well slap me silly and call me Cucky. What will these freedom-throttlers dream up next. No keys? Might poke somebody’s eye out. No glasses? Hey, they could shatter, and, well…put your eye out. We’re just trying to save you from yourselves.
    Maybe countries like Canada, and cities like New York, are part of a social experiment. Take all rights to self-defense away, and see how the people respond. In the case of NYC, add some military personnel, armed to the teeth, walking the streets. Nobody complains? Move it to the next targeted area. (This isn’t a “maybe”, this is part of the master plan.)
    Don’t know if people heard about what Iceland did, a couple years back. They kicked all of the IMF bankers out, who had destroyed the economy. And then they put some of them in jail. They axed their politicians, and put some of them in jail, too. They put real citizens into office, and told the rest to get lost. And then they erased their debt to the bankers, and were in the black again within a short time. Funny how none of that ever made it to CNN Headline News.
    Whatever happens next, we can be sure that the shit is eventually going to hit the fan. Because it’s coming – sure as god’s vengeance.

    1. One thing I will say about regarding the lack of weapons in NYC, in my experience it does make for better brawlers. I have very rarely met people (not talking about friends but just people who I’ve met) who can’t hold their own in a fist fight. I had a buddy who was not only twice my size but also half my age and formally trained. I am absolutely sure he would have, at any given moment, beat the fucking snot out of me. I used to tell him though, oh…you will fuck me up, but not without a busted nose and a black eye.
      As for complaining, the laws in NYC regarding the stuff honestly never really bothered me. Sure, I would like to have a gun but honestly not enough to make it so everyone can have one. On the whole, with our population density and drastic difference between the haves and have nots it is really for the best, I think, that the city makes firearms not only hard to obtain (they aren’t impossble to get btw. If you have a clean criminal history, pay a couple hundred bucks and file the correct paperwork you can get a gun…the only difference is that if you want to carry it you have to give a reason and the city has the right to accept or reject that reason) but with the mandatory minimum sentences the criminals aren’t looking to use them either. There is a lot of stop and frisk here. A guy who doesn’t look like he belongs in my neighborhood…ahem ahem….will get stopped and patted down. Less so than when Giuliani or Bloomberg were mayor, but it will happen. If they are carrying an illegal firearm they will be spending the next 3 and a half years in lockup. no questions asked. Even criminals aren’t that dumb

      1. Jesus, I had no idea it was that Draconian in NYC. Stop and frisk? Heh. I have never had the desire to go to NYC, and maybe now I see why that instinct is a good thing.
        But then, I’m in Arizona, where you don’t have to have a license to buy a gun. And you don’t have to get a permit to carry it, or take it into some establishments. I’m pretty sure that’s how it is, although I haven’t looked at the precise letter of the law, as I have no gun, but know others who do.
        I am sure some Arizonan who reads this will point out the error of my ways if I got that wrong. Some people on the Internet love doing that (heh). In any event, it’s a whole different world out here.
        Don’t you think it’s odd, the huge differences between NYC’s gun laws, and Arizona’s. I do. Here’s another example, you can bang a girl who’s 16 years old in one state, no problems; but if you cross the state line, and bang a girl of the same age in the next state, you’re a pedophile. Slammer time. Probably get killed in prison.
        What a fucked-up world…nobody says a fucking thing. They sit there, like frogs in a pot of water, waiting to be boiled alive. Heh.

        1. You know how stop and frisk works bob. I have moon pale skin, blondish brown hair and blue eyes and have lived here all my life. Guess how many times I have been either stopped or frisked. I will give you a hint. It is a round number.
          I can see it in Arizona, but with an average of 220 thousand people per livable square mile I honestly do not think that arming the public would be a good idea here. In fact, I lived here when most people had a gun, the good guys and the bad guys, and it was a cesspool of crime and the streets were really fucking dangerous.
          As for the difference in AOC yes it is strange, but I kind of like that states have the right to make that choice and not the federal government. In most cases I would prefer that to be the case about things.

        2. Its not just how you look, its what you wear and how you carry yourself that can get you stopped. My friend’s bro is white, he got stopped a few times because he used to dress like Method Man. He dresses like a big boy now, no more stop/question/frisk for him

        3. Correct. I should ad that I am rarely not wearing a tie. If you friend’s brother is dressed up like method man I think it is a good thing for him to be stopped and frisked. They are keeping the city safe for me, not him. Glad he dresses like a big boy now. We all have dumb phases with style. I had a sergio tacchini track suit and white diadora sneakers back in the 80’s

        4. How does self defense work in NYC? I’m in Arizona too, and if someone breaks into our home we have every legal right to beat them to death with a crowbar. From what I understand in NY, your only legal option is to run. Any truth in that?

        5. Not really sure. No one has ever broken in. If someone did they would find themselves having a very bad time of it. I would worry about consequences after. But, again, it has never been an issue. WRT to being attacked it is different and often depends on situations. Someone once tried to come from behind and steal my mobile phone while I was walking (this was about 10 or so years ago) and found themselves in the very unfortunate situation of getting the living shit kicked out of them. When the cops came they told me to “beat it”
          I have been in lots of bar fights in my life and I have never really run afoul of the law for any of them.

        6. The way it was explained to me- if someone kicks your door down, and you have a gun, you cant just pop him, you need to retreat into another room, close the door, then announce to the perp “I have a gun in here!”
          This is for NYC only, I doubt its so absurd in the burbs

        7. When I first lived in Arizona I was shocked to see the pegs on the wall at the entrance to the grocery store for hanging up your gun belt. And the pegs were fairly full.

        8. I noted this effect with cars. I nearly lost my license due to speeding tickets while I owned a British sports car. Then I bought a Lincoln Town Car. Passengers asked if I had an anti radar coating, as I could speed through a police speed trap and not get stopped. I may have driven at a legal speed more often (less temptation than when driving a car built to go 160 MPH), but really it was cops assuming that I was a pillar of the local power elite and left me alone.

        9. This is why some states have had to pass “Stand Your Ground” laws. What used to be common sense is not so common anymore.

      2. I am old and frail, but I fight dirty. If any guy (almost all of which have the physical advantage over me) wants to beat the snot out of me they can. However, they will get more than a black eye. How about crushed testicles, gouged out eye, or a bitten off ear? Most men know this about fighting other men and just don’t go there. My old hand to hand combat instructor said a true thing, “fighting between grown men has only one objective, to maim or kill the other.”

  3. Read between the lines: this isn’t about self-defense or sexism. This is all about more control and more power to the government.
    “Women shouldn’t have to defend themselves!” = The government should, by controlling all aspects of society and turning all men into pussified drones and livestock until women feel “safe.” This means more brainwashing in schools, more bullshit laws to criminalize men, more restrictions on male-female interactions, more efforts to emasculate men, and so on. Feminists don’t want women to be equal or independent of men, they just want the government to replace the male population as the provider and protector and be their new alpha male.

    1. only white and asian men are herded like cattle, negros and arabs are given free reign over europe and parts of the US.

        1. damn boy i knew n*ggers would fuck anything! the poor woman has been dead for 12 years i hope you brought lube you stupid shit skin

        2. Love how he has the good grace to censor “niggers” like he’s doing us all some sort of favor.

      1. Hateful people like you give Leftists legitimacy– you’re contributing to fucking us over. Oppose immigration on basis of politics not racism otherwise you’re doing exactly what they want you to do.

        1. Black people aren’t going anywhere, you’re just harming yourself with your hate. Learning to accept those who are different from you is a sign of strength, you don’t have to trust them or like them, just accept reality and move on.

        2. Hateful ? Since when is the truth hateful ? I think it’s time to wake up and realize that you and yours are the true hateful people

      2. Jake I think if you looked at the life span, health, incarceration, of blacks and arabs you wouldn’t trade places with them. Our government has engineered it so that we fight with each other. Blacks in the 50’s actually had a higher employment rate than whites. Welfare+high minimum wage= desperate men. And desperate men do desperate things. Now the same things that happened to blacks socially 20 years ago are happening to the whites as well. Lets fight against the people setting up these systems, not each other.

        1. blaming white people for black problems is exactly what jews want you to do. the IQ gap is a fucking massive gulf and is readily apparent in 100% of situations where blacks simply cannot help themselves. If blacks were to reject thug culture and emulate Mr west and Mr carson, that would be a good first step into not being responsible for a disproportionate amount (Half of all) of violent crime

        2. Im not blaming white people. Im blaming a specific small group of people some of whom are jewish. I agree there is an iq gap. Now if you have a brother and he happens to have a lower iq do you criticize him or ostracize him? The problem is that in many inner cities their first option is one of crime…and once in jail they have no second option anymore. You should see freakonomics analysis of a drug gang. The guy on the corner selling crack is actually getting less than minimum wage. And he has a high likelihood of death or incarceratiom. Literally the worst job in America. As I say their violence has been engineered just as your hatred has been. The elites win.

      3. You mean the poor white and poor asians. The rich people are not herded. Money buys power. The rich people are not treated like peasants. Only the poor folks.
        The poor blacks and arabs are still treated as expendables too. Look at the war in the Middle East. Most victims are Arabs but the government doesn’t give jack shit.

    2. This is the argument a Swede presented me for why the 2nd Amendment is barbaric and unnecessary.
      You see, in Sweden they have cops. The people can’t legally own guns, so they don’t. So if a Swede wants to kill another Swede, he can’t just fire randomly into the crowd – he has to use a knife. And a cop with a gun can easily stop a guy with a knife before he has a chance to kill anyone.
      Questions like “what’s the police response time,” “how do officers organize themselves to they can quickly respond to violent crime,” “what if a Swede goes crazy and gets a gun” were met with vapid and inane responses. “No, you see, Swedish people don’t kill people, so it’s not a problem,” is the kind of answer I learned to expect over the course of that argument.
      If anyone wants to take over Sweden, I’m pretty sure you need five brown men and a single box cutter. The people are so thoroughly controlled they don’t even comprehend self-defense.

      1. In America if you want to kill someone you can just call a cop to come and do it for you.
        Its called Swatting

        1. And they’ve been justifying the militarization of the police because of all the dangerous drug dealers…except that is fantasyland stuff pushed by the media arm of the elites. Only a handful of cops die each year because of drug dealers shooting them. So why are cops kicking down often the wrong doors to do a swat raid? To let you know who is master.

    3. This is true. The last thing that the government wants is for you to have a weapon with which you can defend yourself against the police.
      The government must maintain a monopoly on violence so that when the time comes for them to take you away, you won’t be able to resist.

      1. The same way farmers breed out or remove the horns of cattle and sheep. Easier to kill you if you aren’t dangerous.

      2. No wonder why Liberals want to take away Americans’ gun rights…
        Now it makes sense why the Founders put that right in the Bill of Rights…

  4. You can’t have feminism without birth control, and so long as birth control is with us we will have feminism. I know that’s a hard saying, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want the red pill.

    1. Feminism doesn’t need birth control to thrive. Our culture and educational system are what promotes and supports feminism.

      1. If the average woman was taking care of her offspring, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Birth control enabled the split between sex and reproduction and even though it has been funny…it’s lethal in the not so long run…

      2. Feminism in its current form needs birth control to even exist.
        Contemplate the implications of having sex with reckless abandon in the absence of birth control. The entire “sex positive” wing of feminism dies immediately when their actions have immediate consequences.
        As for the “sex negative” feminists, without birth control they’d have a slightly greater chance of roping the one poor schmuck that slept with them since junior high. Once they’re knocked up and the guy feels obligation to care for his offspring, they’ve got no reason to be sex negative feminists anymore.

  5. Leftist, full-circle madness.
    These cocksuckers are stuck in a logic loop they can’t break from.
    Soon rape will no longer be illegal because “people shouldn’t rape anyway, andbanning rape empowers rapists”
    Lunacy. The west is either terminally fucking bored or we’re selectively breeding ourselves into stupidity.

    1. …. incidentally, this is why “agree and amplify” is such a powerful put down against libtards.
      A slight shift, alteration or acknowledgment of a logical conclusion of their view gives it a full 180 turn around.
      We’ve unlearned millennia of accumulated knowledge in about 50 years.

    2. It’s the equivalent of me not locking my front door when I leave the house because people shouldn’t break in anyway. No thanks, I’ll put in the extra bit of effort because I like my stuff.

        1. At this point, I would have to say Mike Cernovich. Granted, I’ve only been red pilled for a year now, but his stance on defeating political correctness and limiting immigration while at the same time reminding us that it is not a crime not to be a minority is what drove me to consume everything on his blog. Hell, I would say ditching the loser mindset and taking pleasure in skewering the left have made me more interesting to even myself compared to only a few years ago. Why do you ask?

        2. I don’t like it when guys put up pictures of chicks as an avatar. Makes me feel funny, like striking up a conversation in a gay bar. (not that I ever did that)

        3. If you never tried it how do you know you wouldn’t like it. I’ve had good conversations with gay guys, a lot more than with women. Damn that sex drive that is relentlessly heterosexual. If we had a choice a lot more men would be gay.

        4. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Guys are funner to hang around and all that, but there is more to women that I find attractive than just looks. They have a sweet demeanor about them, they are supportive, and honestly, their hamster wheel type thought pattern is useful at times. I focus on one thing at a time, complete it and move on to the next. My wife has a million things whirling around in her head, and often serves as a reminder for me about things. Progeny is important, and they do a fine job dealing with them. I just don’t have the patience at times.
          I suppose if you are referring to the modern feminist who threw away all her feminine traits, I could see why homosexuality might be considered.

        5. It is quite obvious that you have spent little time lately in the meat markets called “clubs”. I married my wife mostly because I liked talking with her. Remember that 99.9% of the intercourse between man and wife is still talk. But that is the one in a million oddity not the usual rule. In the wild they are all obnoxious princess bitches. If a thought ever got into their heads it would die of loneliness.

        6. Agreed, I’ve been married for 14 years now and may be overlooking the shit I had to go through. I was referring to women outside the meat market. Hence, my last sentence disclaimer. However, God made men and women different, and not for the same reasons he introduced briars and noxious weeds.

        7. Funny you say that. A gay guy said exactly that to me in a (not) gay club. “How do you know you wouldn’t like it?”
          “Trust me bro. I wouldn’t”.
          Btw you just earned 10 homo suspicion points Mike.

        8. I find that there are so many chicks in meat markets I don’t really worry when they flake. There’s always plenty more.

        9. I didn’t know either. I couldn’t tell you the “music”, name or face of a Pop 40 lowlife for over 20 years now.
          And I take great pride in that fact.

        10. I’m trying to think about that. I would recognize Timberlake but he started more than 20 years ago. But yeah, I don’t think I’d pick any other faces out off the top of my head

      1. rapist lives matter? Man, that would give MSM a story about ROK to run with.

        1. Nobody’s gonna hurt anybody. We’re gonna be like three little Fonzies here. And what’s Fonzie like? Come on Yolanda what’s Fonzie like?

      2. You only have to wait until there is a movement that declares the rapists a minority. It is another form of love, at least on one side.

    3. The Liberals are the hypocrisy party of Canada. They steal policies from both right and left, receive massive donations from Bay Street (Canada’s Wall Street) and then pretend they care about “equality”.

      1. They’ve always been that way, and they’ve always had a large core following. Of course they’ve got a compliant, fawning MSM machine behind them.
        In Ontario, we’ve got Libs provincially too….massive electricity cost increases due to green energy taxes and kickbacks for solar and wind power providing swindlers.
        A company just announced that instead of expanding in Toronto, they’re opening a plant in Illinois where electricity is 1/3 the cost. But don’t worry, we get to feel smug about how much Canadians are doing to “fight” climate change.
        Welcome to Canada – Lib-left cucked feminized socialist fantasy bizarro world.

        1. Liberals are “centrist” by Canadian standards.
          (Code-word for “would be Bernie Sanders in the states)
          I’m not letting the conservatives off the hook either. Harper acted like a fawning little dog to Bush, basically letting himself be steam-rolled by him during the soft-wood lumber crisis. They also seemed to be stupid as hell on the indigenous women crisis, which basically lost the tories the election.
          I’m a yellow Tory (a libertarian with nationalist, anti-immigration tendencies) that votes Conservative) personally. I support Maxime Bernier. If Trost, Levant, Goldy and company would stop trying to jackhammer so-con values into the party platform, that’d be nice.

        2. “The Great Scam of Liberal Warming,” Europe suffers the same fate, an incredible increase in electricity costs thanks to wind monsters, which incidentally have higher hidden costs such as their supposed duration.

    4. I just saw a news piece saying that women who would have died in child birth due to small birth canal and dropped out of the gene pool are breeding more so the birth canal sizes are getting smaller and smaller meaning artificially removing the babies is becoming more common.
      So yeah natural selection is an issue nowdays.

  6. Well Cads…screwdrivers are not a weapon per-se…and are a good self-defense device.
    Disposable razors, “ball bearing in a knot”, etc.
    And my sister’s favorite…anti”sweat” spray instead of mace.

    1. I feel the same about a hammer. When OWS threatened to stop the trains during rush hour to damage city corporations I brought a hammer with me to work. I also carried my hard hat. No one asked questions. If they did I would have been fine. No one actually tried to hold up rush hour traffic. Fucking stoners probably didn’t wake up in time. But if they had I would have had no qualm with breaking one of their arms with a hammer. I am sure the police would have really been upset with me hitting a guy who was, the night before, chanting “fuck the police” and throwing bottles and batteries at cops.

      1. Notice that once a few evil white people decided to drive through the BLM protestors stopping traffic (after having their lives threatened) those types of protests stopped. Kind of like way, back in the day, after those 4 students were shot to death in anti Vietnam War protest at Kent State the campus protests petered out.

      2. Yeah, I agree…if you carry the tools of your profession with you, no authority can bust you.
        I wonder what would happen if somebody would attack a cook that works in a Japanese restaurant?
        Lol, thug sashimi 🙂

    2. I see this advice everywhere but check with a lawyer or legal expert for your jurisdiction.
      If you carry tools without a valid reason (and self defense is not a valid reason) you can be charged with “going equipped”. A slew of laws were passed on this front as a way to jack up known criminals before they used said tools for B&E, assault, etc.
      The law is more clever than you think and cops and DAs look poorly on people who try to outsmart it.

      1. I disagree…even if you are not in a trade business, let say you are a secretary — a stainless steel pen can and will penetrate any exposed soft tissue if enough force is provided (neck, stomach, chest…). I’m sure everybody is allowed to carry a pen in Canada and elsewhere.
        A Guide to Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You’ve Got
        Schappert, Terry & Slutsky, Adam

  7. The entitlement from these liberals, and feminists in particular, is astounding. We can’t teach women how to avoid being raped, we must teach men not to rape. You can’t tell women how to defend themselves, we have to teach men not to attack people. As if we didn’t know that already.
    Trump is infamously called a racist, sexist, homophobe who promotes rape culture as seen in the Trump Tapes, yet when I point out that Donald is the best thing to combat rape culture because of two simple things:
    New Year’s Eve Cologne
    The people Trump wants to ban from entering the US
    All of a sudden I’m the bad guy. How do we make them realize this Utopian society where everyone is safe and loves each other because white men went extinct does not exist?

    1. Liberalism is not about making sense, it is about whipping up emotion for political gain. They want the high crime rates, it creates more victimhood.

      1. And when, like the current reality, the crime rate drops like a rock, especially rape, they just lie about it.

    2. We should just be teaching men how to defend women. Its pointless teaching women how to defend themselves. They’re hopeless at it.

    3. Something is odd here ! ” We can’t teach women how to defend themselves or how to avoid being raped” !!??
      Are you ignorant of the amount of Tax Payers Money (Majority: MEN) used to FUND “self defense” Programs/Courses for Females in the Colleges/Universities or elsewhere !?
      Are you not aware of the time & resources the STATE “wastes” to publicize, promote and somehow make Females “aware” of those “self defense” programs !?
      Why should the STATE use Tax Payers Money (hereafter: TPM) to “train” Females !? It is the responsibility of the Female to spend her OWN money to “learn” self-defense. It is the responsibility of the Female’s parents/elders to spend their OWN money for their daughter’s self-defense “training”. Why should the STATE use TPM !? We have Police (and their allies), Fire and Ambulance which are all FUNDED by & from TPM.
      We must teach Females NOT to behave as Sluts/Whores and Hookers. We must teach Females NOT to wear skimpy/revealing clothes to get unwanted attention. We must teach Females NOT to walk bare chested, in the name of “equality” with MEN. We must teach Females NOT to do slut-walks and be proud of being called as Slut/Whore. We must teach Females NOT to blame MEN for objectifying them, because, the fact is, they are objectifying themselves.

  8. So the glimpse of hope comes from a woman who is the leader of the nationalist?!
    She looks like she also grabs them by the pussy. lol

    1. Just when I think you are a lost cause you go and say something great. make fatherofthree great again!

    2. Margaret Thatcher was an excellent conservative leader as well. I will quote a middle aged American woman interviewed by NPR, the American version of the CBC. When asked if she was in favor of a woman president during the Hitlery campaign she replied, “I’m fine with a woman president; just not that woman.” So, I care not from which gender comes common sense and solutions to our real problems.

    3. Whenever someone says something about a woman political leader, this verse runs through my mind:
      “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
      Isaiah 3:12

      1. Holy crap, is that prophetic.
        I guess it’s true what the White Nationalists say: we are a nation run by Jews. Because God said about the Jews that children are their oppressors (namely, adult children who treat college like expensive daycare) and women rule over them (a la feminism).

  9. “Minister of Status of Women”. Yet another Orwellian term, in a country dominated by the sacred vagina. They keep flooding Canada with immigrants who don’t give a shit about its core values.Trudeau is a living POS.

    1. I think I should have that title. Once a year I will give a state of the women address. I will come out, shake 100 hands, stand at the podium, wait for the crowds to stop applauding, thank whoever needs thanking, reach into my jacket pocket, slowly unfold a piece of paper and say “They are Still Cunts. Thank You.”

    2. Can’t wait for the schadenfreude I’ll experience after massive taharrush gamea will have struck them.

    3. What makes you think he is living? He could be a cardboard cutout. Now the POS is undeniable.

  10. Canada is Sweden big sister. If you carry a knife and you tell a cop it’s for self defense, you’ll get fined, if you say it’s for opening boxes he’ll let you go. What a joke this country is.

    1. what if you say it is for opening boxes but what you really MEAN is that it is for slashing vaginas up? Can they read your mind yet? Notice I said yet?

      1. oh you can still get away with “I’m a butcher”. That’d work although knife size is limited I guess.

        1. I know a guy who is a chef and he carries his knives to and from work every day. They are in this big case that rolls up on itself. There are about 10 or so razor sharp knives. I imagine the case makes it impractical for impromptu self defense, but he has never once been questioned about carrying them around. Why? Because he isn’t doing anything wrong. I do have to say, laugh though you want about our police force, I think that in general (of course with some exceptions) nyc has just a stellar squad who, as often as possible, uses good judgment, thinks on their feet and makes the city safe for productive citizens and dangerous for criminals.

    2. I still remember the Chinese man who got imprisoned for years because he caught a shoplifter at his store. He was charged with assault, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, etc. I’m glad I left that shithole.

  11. I am starting to think there is a grey alien base on the dark side of the moon. They have mind controlled all of the top politicians around the world. Their goal is to gradually subvert our way of life, making their upcoming invasion easier. They will harvest our adrenal glands, as it gives them a really sweet buzz…

      1. Funny how Icke goes everywhere, to expose “the elite”, and nobody stops him. He must have Jedi Master techniques down cold…

        1. If they take him out, then you’d know he was right all along. Can’t beat this logic. LOL

        2. Heh. He’ll probably retire to Jamaica if they “take him out”. Bizarre shit going on, up top of the ladder…who knows for sure.

        3. Obi Wan using the jedi mind trick- “These arent the droids you’re looking for.” Cmon uncle bob

        4. I never watched “Star Wars”. Any of them. Little bits and pieces. So that one went right over my head…whoosh.

        5. I am the Force…I would have thought you, of all people, would have figured that out by now????

        6. Look kid, I have seen a lot of strange things out there, but never have I seen anything to make me believe that a woman in the workforce is being underpaid.

        1. We just did a Marx Brothers bit. I call dibs on Harpo…shutting up periodically is good for me.

    1. nah, you got norm, Neil Young, Dan Akroyd and the incomparable William Shatner

        1. Acronyms for BEM:
          Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (the Lima-Document of 1982)
          Big Emerging Markets
          Birdseye maple, a type of wood
          Black and ethnic minority persons or groups
          Black-eared miner, an endangered bird species from Australia
          Block, element, modifier, a method for CSS writing
          Bordeaux École de Management, a management school in Bordeaux, France
          Borneo Evangelical Mission, a Christian missionary organisation
          Boundary element method, a numerical analysis method using computation
          Brevet état-major, a military diploma in France and Belgium
          British Empire Medal, a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service
          Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, an organization in the fictional X-Men universe
          Bug-eyed monster, a stock character in science fiction
          Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited, a Thai transportation operator
          So…which one are you.

    2. Like totes, they’re icky or whatever. Far, far too much cheerleading and bitchiness in the sphere nowadays…

    3. Hockey, snowmobiles, insulin, the Robertson screwdriver, the Canadarm for the space shuttle, lots of great music – (BTO, the Guess Who, Triumph, Tom Cochrane), the late Ambassador Ken Taylor, who saved 12 Americans in the 1980 Iran hostage crisis – not that the jerk-off Affleck acknowledged it in his phony Argo movie.

  12. This is pathetic. You guys are being very lazy allowing this shit to pass. It’s going to bite you in the ass if you continue letting this nonsense go on.

  13. Can I carry around a steak knife? How about a baseball bat? Am I allowed to walk around with a pipe wrench? Are those also illegal?
    How about a penis? Am I allowed to walk around with a penis?
    Let’s be honest, the real problem here is that Canadian men are a bunch of degraded lowlives, who instead of treating and strengthening one another like brothers, act like chimpanzees, ie attempting to bite of the dicks of their rivals, and then go about pretending they are human.

    1. Don’t sugarcoat it…tell us how you really feel.
      But yeah, it’s pathetic. I get all wound up about things like that, but most people…zzzzzzzzzzz. If it doesn’t affect them personally, they don’t care. I go with the flow now, despite that. But back in the day…

      1. Man, believe me, I wrote something much, much worse than this, then thought better and deleted it.

        1. Yeah. The real truth is…sad though it may be…most people don’t want to wake up, and the rest are incapable of it. But that’s just how it is. We’re all idiots. Why else would be here on earth.

      2. Remember when movies had a positive message about the relationship between older and younger men? ODonnell was excellent in that flick

        1. Yeah. Excellent movie. Good values. If they remade it, O’Donnell’s character would be Pacino’s character’s younger lover. And Pacino would use sign language in this scene, for the hearing impaired, and he’s say, “If I were the man I was five years ago, I’d take a flame-broiled whopper and suck it.”

        1. Just how to you acquire someone elses penis? I understand Bruce Jenner’s is in a mayonnaise jar full of formaldehyde on his living room mantle. But, it seems like they would be hard to come by.

        2. I don’t know for sure, Jim. I think we could ask a liberal. If one comes in, I’ll grab him (while wearing heavy-duty gloves), and you can ask…

        3. Did it five times. The last time, my sketch was about how fucked-up women were. Did it in front of lesbians, other women, and their boyfriends/girlfriends. Surreal experience. So I have those memories. Women came up afterwards, giving me shit, I held frame. Smiled. Drank my drink…

        4. Last weekend while with one of my plates I tapped it so hard and deep that if anyone would have been able to pull me out they would have immediately been made king of England. I suppose you could say that she had acquired my penis.

        5. You are graphically detailed in your sexual-encounter descriptions, but then, you know what we like in that department.

        6. Actually, this is a five-man, Rat Pack bit:
          codemonkey: (Long rant, setting it all up.) How about a penis? Am I allowed to walk around with a penis?
          Jim Johnson: As long as the penis is your own, I suppose.
          bem: I think carrying around someone ELSE’s penis is cause for police involvement however…
          Bob Smith: Some rules are Dahmer than others…
          lolknee: But if a rule is inconvenient you can always bobbit.

        7. I think that while I get Chico in Marx brothers I will probably wind up as Dean in rat pack.

        8. Hey boy-o I just flew in from NYC. Didn’t take an airplane. Just flew right in. Now, I have some special requests tonight. But I am going to sing anyway….

        9. I guess the basics apply. You could obtain someone else’s penis the same way that my wife says she will obtain mine if she ever catches me cheating on her (those days are way, way back in the past). I believe she was holding a knife when she explained it to me.

    2. Oh the men of Canada for whom the back label of bottles of Yukon Jack were written….Yukon Jack is a taste born of hoary nights, when lonely men struggled to keep their fires lit and cabins warm. Boldly flavorful yet surprisingly smooth, there is no spirit like Yukon Jack

    3. probably not.
      In NYC you are permitted to carry a knife.
      Unless you intend to stab someone.
      Which is the reason to carry one according to any DA
      Edit: knife — don’t know about the dick

    4. Bat is a terrible weapon. Anyone who has ever been attacked with one knows that if you step into it and take away the attackers leverage they are basically screwed

  14. Oh, you cant even fanthom how cucked Canadians are. They’re all “colour blind” and “gender neutral”. It is like USSR on transgender steroids.
    Sometimes I think a few thousands of well trained Mohamedins or North Koreans could take over this country in a matter of days. Who would resist?

    1. Fun fact. There is a series of first person shooters named Homefront. It’s about North Korea taking over United states and you play as a american rebel.
      Interesting idea.

      1. What an absurd premise for a video game. Im sure the initial concept was the Chinese invading, just like it was for the remake of Red Dawn. They put up a stink about it, so the producers changed the invading party to the North Koreans (how would they even get here? Do they even have a Navy?). If that isnt proof the Chinese have gained clout in Hollywood(and video games) I dont know what is…

        1. Hows this for a video game:
          the year is 2018, and Emperor Trump repudiates the debt owed to the Chinese (the first level is you flipping the bird to the Chinese president). Enraged, the Chinese lease Godzilla, Mothra, and the rest of the monsters from the bankrupt Japanese government. Their military controls the monsters remotely via neural implants. The Commie monsters attack the west coast. However, we have our own monsters- giant, mutated versions of Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Taylor Swift (we need a female hero, or it wont get made) meet the Commie Godzilla and his cohorts off the west coast.
          I havent decided if the game should be first person shooter or not

        2. The story actually makes sense. The world is in huge economic depression and North Korea becomes an economic powerhouse. It unites with South Korea and conquers southeast Asia.
          Korea becomes the main seller of millitary technology and USA is the biggest buyer.
          Korea puts together massive army and invades USA. They use backdoors in the technology they sold to USA and destroy all heavy weapons and US army is made useless.
          Canada and Mexico gave up on USA to not start war with Korea.
          All states are conquered or destroyed (Mississippi for example is poisoned by radioactive material).
          Here is the map of Korea in game (east USA was conquered later).

    2. Everyone outside of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto will simply wait for those sissy factories to burn down then get on with life.

    3. It would be better if two US divisions went north, after subverting the few Canadian regiments, and simply do an old fashion “putsch.” That would take a week.

  15. Haha. Go ahead Canada. Elect a woman who claims she cares about your conservative values. Fucking cucks all of you. Women care about no one but themselves. Just look at her haircut. Nothing conservative about it. If she was conservative, she would be in the kitchen and not running for office. Or she would be backing a man like trumps wife.

    1. the rest of the west is on the path to this conclusion in the near future. Remember though that Baaa means no.

    2. Can’t marry yet but everything else is legal that way. Don’t get bob smith excited he will start posting memes about doggie socks.

  16. Fuck pepper spray… that shit needs to be stored at room temperature… read your label… Canada is never at room temperature if you live in the real Canada. North of 51 for all you pussies
    Bear spray failed me once, but a nice 12 gauge will ring like clockwork.. thanks America for well made, reliable firearms.
    To all your comments again big white… look I get it southern Ontario, Vancouver, Ottawa make fun all you want, it’s not a true representation of our country just the political majority… much of the rural population live in large homesteads, earn high incomes and hunt and fish, and we still have more freedom and nature than the majority of the readship on this site I suspect… don’t believe me? Look at a map

    1. You are correct and unfortunate at the same time. I lived in California for a time (also a very unfortunate occurrence) and this was true there as well; get away from the big coastal cities and the state is full of true blue red neck hard right wackos (my kind of people). If we did not have the protection of the electoral college we too would be ruled by the left wing pussies that inhabit the large cities. Look at an election map by counties in the US and you will see that only tiny portions of the country (by geographic area) voted for (literally) Hitlery. But the population dominance of the cities, and portions of the coasts, gave her a small popular vote majority (if you ignore the proven massive voter fraud in places like Michagan where she still lost).

  17. It would be relatively easy to correct this.
    Pass laws making the city/state (or province) governments which prohibit people having access to the weapons/devices for self defense liable for criminal injury/loss from attacks, car-jackings, robberies, rape (basically, any confrontational crime).
    Heck- classify those governments as accessories liable for charges in the crime since their laws were enablers for the criminal acts by making the victims more vulnerable.
    Pay off enough claims and they’ll start to change.

  18. Kellie Leitch is the LAST person to choose for the Conservatives and Canada. I have watched her debates. She is a robot. A 100% crafted image machine she feels will “appeal to Canadians.” (What else would you expect from a UofT associate professor. We need a UofT feminist borg as PM? I don’t think so.) It is also very typical of a woman that has no confidence in herself who feels if she “dresses up” (both fashion and politics) everyone will like her. And that voice… holy nails-on-chalkboard. No fan of Maxime Bernier but he nailed it when he said Canada does not need a karoke version of Donald Trump which Leitch would be. We need a heavy metal version of Trump and so far, Rick Peterson seems to fit the bill. His debate performance in Moncton caught my ear.
    If Kevin O’Leary steps in… watch out.
    Tory leadership candidates condemn Kevin O’Leary for comments on military and Canadian peacekeeping
    “O’Leary didn’t immediately respond to an email sent Saturday asking him to comment, but he did tweet there is nothing harder than war, that peace keeping is an honour and that “Canadians are great at both.””
    “One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s senior aides also weighed in. Gerald Butts tweeted that the comments attributed to O’Leary were “appallingly disrespectful.”” (This from our tolerant, welcoming, inclusive, safe space and now apparently lets-go-to-war-forget-about-peacekeeping Liberal government.)
    “There is nothing harder than war ask anyone who has fought. Peace keeping an honour. Canadians are great at both. @JustinTrudeau #NoSupport”

    A man of peace… and the majority of the current candidates ripped into him. (O’Toole is a complete warmonger who quotes McCain as justification Trump will get corrected about Russia once in office.)
    “O’Leary has been mulling over entering the leadership race, which is already jammed packed with 14 candidates, but he has been publicly vague on when he’ll clarify his intentions.”
    Not mulling you idiots… what do you think that tweet was all about? O’Leary has been watching the debates, he is seeing the tone being set (war, war, war and evil Russia) and is now testing the waters to see how many of the “leading” candidates come out swinging for him and… HOW CANADIANS REACT! Where Trump was balls-to-the-walls bluster and destruction, I think O’Leary will be Sun Tzu if my reading of this tweet is accurate.

  19. The lying liberals don’t do it because they care about women or “gender-based violence”. They do it because they know the Canadian and American arms industry pours money into the coffers of the CPC.
    Whenever we speak about politics, don’t assume politicians mean what they say.

  20. Truedeau’s mother was a whore and Phidel Castro is his actual father so it’s no wonder because Castro confiscated firearms as well. Between this shit, the carbon tax, and skyrocketing hydro cost in Ontario, this place is going to hell very quickly.

    1. Exodus!!! Where the rivers flow north bud there are no baby eating freakshows, no hydro, no PC bullshit… its also hard to find beer and bust a nut so what do I know.

  21. Women shouldn’t lead anything. Not even the kitchen. The man says what she’s supposed to cook.
    How could a woman possibly be a good leader considering the irony? How could you possibly live a natural relationship with your wife whilst being ruled by a woman?
    Your body will reward you for what is natural.
    What isn’t will make you depressive.
    The more power a woman has the more depressive she is. That is a fact.
    Such bitter wenches shouldn’t be supported.

  22. There was a good reason the founding fathers of the US put the right to bear arms as the second amendment. They were listed in order of importance. Your government would sell you and your family down the river for a pack of smokes. People need to wake up to the fact that our government has literally been faking terrorist acts, explicitly to try to remove the second amendment. Oh and Justice Scalia died under mysterious justice away from 2nd amendment removal. Don’t think your government would kill innocent civillians to get what it wants? Your government wouldnt lie, and even buy off the press to manipulate you? Think about that as the CIA is giving a pinky swear that the Russians hacked the elections (no mention about George Soros intervention).

  23. You cannot even own pepper-spray in Oz, this is a potential problem for me personally as I cannot even make a fist anymore due to the rheumatoid arthritis in my hands.

  24. You can pleasure women all day, give her all your wealth, and give her everything this world offers and she will always find way to complain about something.
    This is why women should never be in power and should never supplicate to them.
    IN fact, women were in this world to pleasure us.

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