13 Things Men Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated

Since swallowing my first dose of the red pill over a year ago, I’ve noticed quite a lot of terrible behavior from both genders.  While I previously wrote 20 Things Women Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated, feminists screamed bloody murder and called for my head.  However, women aren’t the only ones at fault for poor behavior in our world today.  I have little to no doubt though, that men will take this list of items and give it some real thought and consideration, rather than rationalizing that they could never do the wrong thing like thousands of women did over my previous article.

Men, I hope you can use this list to guide you towards being a better man.  I present to you…

13 Things Men Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated

1. Being a nice guy

Might as well get the obvious one out of the way first.  Let’s make it clear: there is nothing wrong with being a nice, genuine person.  There is a problem with wearing it like a soldier would wear a badge of honor after returning home from war.  Just because you got friend-zoned because you put your high school crush on a pedestal doesn’t mean you get to walk around spitting bitterness at the world, claiming that nice guys finish last.  Learn to be more of a man to balance out your niceness, and your life will improve in all facets.

2. Doing household chores

man dishes

Doesn’t the above photo make you cringe in disgust?  I look at this and immediately think of him as a boy who probably gets whipped by his wife.  As a man, you will get more respect from the ladies in your life if you do manly chores: changing the oil, mowing the lawn, and fixing the plumbing.  My uncle (my cunt-of-a-cousin’s father) washes the dishes every single night while his wife sips wine on the couch.  Trust me, everybody knows who wears the pants in that relationship.

3. Idolizing sports figures

Don’t get me wrong, all men need a role model to look up to.  Athletes are in the spotlight and are automatically thrust into that role, no matter how disqualified they are to do so (looking at you, A-Rod).  If you think about it though, why have these athletes done to deserve being idols?  The fact that LeBron James can throw a basketball throw a hoop with unfathomable force, or that Tom Brady can throw a damn good spiral, doesn’t mean you should be on your knees worshiping them.  What have they done to deserve it?  If you think about it, it’s hardly different than chasing after a girl simply because she has a vagina.  Remember, take them off the pedestal.

Stop celebrating your favorite athletes and teams like your life depends on it.  Get out and build something interesting with your own hands, rather than standing in the shadow of glory cast out by those who were simply lucky to be born with more natural talent.

4. Sticking it out at a shitty job

Why you would ever do something that makes you miserable is beyond me.  I get it, it’s scary to leave behind the comfort of a full-time career, with the 401k and medical benefits.  Personally, I happen to like my job.  I enjoy a good challenge.  But I’ve realized early on that nothing is worth selling your soul for.  So rather than having everyone celebrate you because you stick it out at the career you hate, and all you want to do is tell your boss to shove it, be ashamed of the fact that you’re not man enough to walk away from a situation you’re unhappy with.

Always do what is best for YOU.

5. Being a hipster

Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.

Skinny jeans?  Check.  “Independent thinking”, so of course, 100% liberal?  Check.  Oh, and don’t even get me started about those fixie bikes.  These bikes, generally speaking, don’t have brakes.  Yes, it’s so cool that you ride a bike that you literally can’t stop in case of an emergency, bro.


6. Bringing flowers

You can get away with bringing a girl flowers if it comes from the right frame.  In today’s society though, flowers usually telegraph the following words (see #1):

“I screwed up, and I really don’t want to lose access to your vagina…so I hope these make it better so I can put my dick in you again…soon.  Please?  Are they not nice enough?  No…okay…what else can I do to make it better?”

7. Bad game

Trying isn’t good enough. We’ve all seen the loud, obnoxious drunk guy at the bar hitting on everything in sight.  What’s worse is when you see his buddies in the background rooting him on.  His bad game rubs off on everyone, as the girls get bitchier and more entitled from the free drinks, or are just turned off completely by all guys due to the piss-poor level of game being thrown at them.  Rather than encouraging his drunken charades, encourage him to read this entire website and then hit the town again.

8. Buying dinner on a first date

We’ve all heard the girls that say, “I don’t put out until he takes me to a nice dinner!”  Well, dear, that’s basically prostitution isn’t it?  Men, don’t support this.  Stop listening to the garbage advice females give you about relationships.  Drinks in a dive bar, then a venue bounce back home are all it takes to seal the deal.

Not Alone but Lonely

9. Being able to drink a lot

I get it, I get it.  It’s a right of passage, a male ritual.  However, should we really be encouraging men to be able to pour copious amounts of liquid poison down their throats?  It’s not healthy in any way, so maybe we shouldn’t always celebrate our drunken nights which end up with our heads in a toilet bowl.

(Of course this line was written as I’m drinking a beer.)

10. “Happy wife, happy life”  

How often do you hear this and the husband is absolutely miserable?  The minute you put her happiness in front of your own is the minute that the relationship is probably doomed to fail.  Men, your needs always come first.

“But Troublemaker, she wants me to make her haaaapyyyyyyy!!”

Then I hope you’re happy begging for sex like a dog drooling over the leftover chicken drumstick.

11. Dating way older women

Feminists like to shame men for dating hot, nubile 18 year old girls, but, we really ought to shame the guys throwing away their sexual value by dating 55 year old cougars.


12. Video games, the world’s most pathetic “hobby”

There are millions of better hobbies that will result in better health, more impressive skills, and to top it off, more girls in your life.  Pick up a guitar, race a triathlon, learn a new language, anything but running around as a terrorist and shooting people with guns.

Nobody cares how good you are Counter-Strike or Warcraft.


13. Being a beta/white knight/mangina/overall pussy

There’s a reason Return Of Kings exists.  Welcome to the red pill—your life is about to get a hell of a lot better.

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355 thoughts on “13 Things Men Should Be Shamed For, Not Celebrated”

  1. With regard to video games, which I’ve only recently gotten into, I have to say they’re good at keeping you from doing bad things as well. This site promotes self improvement and talks about the positive things men need to do to improve themselves (i.e. fitness, languages, etc) and video games can get in the way of that. However, part of self improvement is avoiding doing certain bad things (watching porn, and eating shit) which, more often than not is simply a result of boredom. No matter how ‘go-getter’ you are, you will have moments of boredom which are better filled playing video games and watching tv than beating off and eating crap. Knowing how to be driven is emphasized here, and I agree with this, but there is a point where if you don’t know how to chill you become antsy and do shit that’s detrimental to you just to feel like you’re doing ‘something’. Something isn’t always better than nothing.
    But for the most part I agree, people waste too much time on them.

    1. Dislike the term waste, as in what quantifies the difference between gain and waste? Is spending 100 hours and 60,000$ rebuilding a nice old car a waste of time or of benefit? Is watching TV a waste of time? Is hitting on women and trying to get laid a good use of your time? Is spending 8 hours sitting at some boring desk job and then going out with friends a waste of time? If going out and trying to get laid, which does absolutely nothing for you short of wasting time and money for the chance to relieve yourself sexually then how is video gaming a waste of time? Even if you spend a long time play… By definition either everything you do that doesn’t produce a tangible and easily recognizable effect the benefits you and other people in the world is a waste of time, and as such nearly everything every body will do and has done is nothing but a waste of time.

      1. Well, think of the difference between investing and spending. Spending is just that. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Investing gives you a return or benefit down the line.
        Nothing wrong with spending some of your time for pure leisure and enjoyment. If it recharges you (as in true recreation) it’s actually an investment in your mental health. Present moment enjoyment is valuable. But you also better be investing some of your time into something that you’ll be richer and better for. By richer I don’t mean just financially either.

      2. “If going out and trying to get laid, which does absolutely nothing for you short of wasting time and money for the chance to relieve yourself sexually then how is video gaming a waste of time?”
        Going out and trying to get laid improves your game, so you can better girls in the future and the abundance mindset gives you the upper hand in relationships.
        But I agree that video games aren’t worse than any other entertainment

        1. Video games are the male version of Instagram and Pinterest. It isn’t about the utility of the activity as much as the level of obsession.
          These fucking kids I teach will finish the new Call of Duty game in two days, but they can’t manage to do much the hell else. A life INVESTED in video games isn’t manly, and urging a fellow male to “man up” and spend less time gaming isn’t always a call to embrace the feminine imperative.
          At the end of the day, what a dude does with his time is none of my business, but Trouble.Maker calls this one right.

        2. Some people actually make a living off of playing video games and reviewing them and they are well rounded educated people and i commend them for it

        3. If they are “well-rounded,” as you say, then their whole life doesn’t revolve around video games. I wonder if that line of work ever comes off as a DHV, though.

    2. Although it has been scientifically proven that video games to improve your minds ability to problem solve and have opened up a healthier way fro people to socialize and recreate then drinking. Therese also a way to balance it with out door activity and the gym.

  2. Agree with most of this except for household chores. Of course you shouldn’t be supplicating but washing a fucking dish isn’t inherently feminine and doesn’t make you less of a man. Just handle your business.
    But agreed about being competent with fixing things, etc. I’ve done some light work on girls’ cars (it’s not rocket science) to great effect.

    1. Doing dishes is something you do if you’re single. If you have a woman at the house you shouldn’t touch them. Basically, what you’re communicating is that you have too much time on your hand, wich by definition isn’t manly (you radiate bitchdom by doing so). If you, for some reason or the other, can’t stop yourself from doing homely stuff, learn how to cook. Cooking is producing – a sophisticated product from basic ingredients – which is what man do. Cleaning is a service, serving is naturally something what men try to avoid. Men produce, women serve.

      1. I’m a bit anal, and my girl is just fucking terrible at loading the dishwasher — she has zero ability to comprehend that you can’t randomly stack things on top of each other in a dishwasher and expect them to come out clean. So out of necessity, I’m the dishwasher loader and part-time unloader. But I often work from home, so I tend to do more around the house than I otherwise would. She does all the grocery shopping, cooking and the general cleaning; I do the detail work and all the handyman stuff. She putzes in the garden, I do the yard work or pay to get it done. The entire garage is my domain, including car decisions. I’ve recently started calling some tasks “woman work” and refusing to even consider it — to great effect!!

      2. The OH has just said “I’ll do the f*cking dishes just to prove him wrong” (radiating bitchdom, etc). It made me chuckle that he feels the need, thanks for that!

  3. Re: hipster
    A style of dress has been labeled hipster. Not all people that dress this way are hipsters, some are only apeing a popular style. The term itself has divided people (though this statement is a simplification for the sake of the comment) into a few groups: one is a person who in an attempt to seek a new version of themselves, and viewing the hatred directed at so called the so-called hipster, takes on this persona. While disgusting to those who hate the “hipster” for one that seeks to identify with the opposite of what they perceive as a stultifying environment, lacking in any culture whatsoever, i.e., small towns, adopting this hated persona gives the individual a feeling of being against those things they perceive as boring, and uncool and whatnot. This is not really a hipster, I think, but I do think this is commonly what is thought of when one hates the “hipster.” Those viewing this individual from the outside see nothing but posture, stance, falsity. A complete lack. However, this is not all there is to the situation; looking toward those who view what is termed hipster in this manner–have a set of equally retarded motivations.
    The most prominent, and perhaps most important, is the belief that everything the “hipster” does is to “be different.” That the hipster and his interests which deviate from whatever appears the norm, is only a stance–and further, not even a stance for the individual that is posing, but rather, a stance to be viewed by others. This supposes by the opposition of the hipster, that the hipster does nothing except to show other people that he is cool, and that he is better than everyone else. Taking that point further, the idea is that anyone who has an interest that is not in the average, or norm, is faking. This idea claims that there is nothing to be interested in that is not of a certain character, an idea that grows most abundantly in smaller towns.
    On both sides of this dichotomy there is a great deal of insecurity leading to judgement of the other.

    1. A hipster man is one step away from flamboyant queer. There is NOTHING masculine about either.

    2. Hipsters are wannabe rock stars without the talent to back it up. That’s why some people hate them.
      Plus they don’t own and wear fashion correctly because again they lack the instincts to due this properly and they have fake veneer of aloofness which just comes off as play acting.
      Also I get it. These guys are usually the ones that got kind of bum deal. They have low T and don’t have dominant features and probably were the outcasts growing up. They are simply choosing a path where they are accepted. Most hipsters are decent people and if you act cool with them they are fine back, it’s just the minority that give pretentious better than you attitudes when they don’t have the goods to back it up that people really rage against.

    1. If you look like that then even as a beta you could better whores than most of ROK readers… Look like this and be an interesting alpha… Well fuck every girl in a 10 mile radius will get soaked.

    2. Adonis Does Dishes tries to lure in Senior Sherlock with homo-erotic photos . . . and succeeds . . . . gravel under beta’s feet.
      Perhaps a hobby for you two

  4. Number 12…. I agree with every other point but seriously man, what is better? Learning how to speak French or having a fucking phone app that will actively translate as I speak to french and their french into english without fail or playing a few hours of video games… I mean if video games are pathetic then what is going out and basically spending hours on a second job trying to get laid by some cheap and used whore? If you say video games are a waste of a hobby then I really need to know how much of your life is wasted by trying to get laid instead of doing something valuable.

    1. I’m not much of a gamer but I have to agree on that, video games aren’t less of a hobby because it isn’t as impressive as playing guitar or doing a triathlon.

    2. Video games are enjoyed by probably a majority of the young adult male population. Condemning them in the way that the author did sounds a lot like what the liberals do, criticize people’s personal lives because they don’t fit the vision of what the ideal man should be, human nature be damned.

      1. Until it makes a tangible positive impact on the world. There is no reason to believe otherwise.

        1. A game of cards tends to be 90% interaction with others; the time spent enjoying the company of our friends and family is time well spent. A video game is often solo time, or, even if it is played with others, tends to be far more about the game than the interaction with others. The interaction is near-virtual and far more limited in scope.
          I wouldn’t want to micromanage any man’s use of his spare time, and I would be careful issuing blanket anathemata against things that aren’t intrinsic evils. But it is my experience that a guy who gives up the video games and takes up another activity that is more conducive to his own and others’ edification (even one that is purely an enjoyable pastime), often finds that he doesn’t miss the video games after about a month, and is glad that he found something else to do. Video games, like TV, tend to blind us to ourselves and to promote anxiety, depression, restlessness, etc., even in fairly small doses. Still, I’m not the video game Pope and if some guy has decided that’s what he wants to do, what’s the point in trying to be his momma?

      2. all that time spent figuring out some imaginary existence, could be spent figuring out the real existence…. all those points and high scores could be $$ in the bank instead… THINK ABOUT IT

        1. It’s a recreational activity. If it becomes a substitute for real existence, then you have a problem, but that’s not what it is for most of the population.

        2. Agreed. If you’re over 30 and don’t have teenagers in the house challenging you to some gaming “on occasion” then playing video games are PATHETIC as a man, no 2 ways around it. That, and being a slave to Hollywood and NFL / NBA / Nascar. Hero worship in the States has become absolutely ridiculous. Anyone famous I’ve ever met — and that’s been more than a handful over the years — have been complete fuck sticks in some capacity w/out exception.

        3. Actually there are people on the internet making a living offf of playing video games and reviewing them. it helps them pay the bills i know cause they pay mine

    3. Learning another language is a skill that can make you more marketable and open doors for you.
      Sure, play video games a few hours a week to blow off steam. But any more than that is wasting time you should be spending to better yourself.

    4. Learning to speak French is much better. Obviously.
      I agree video games are pathetic, and I agree that trying to get laid is pathetic. If you want sex, get a wife and nail her when appropriate. Learn French. Learn to brew beer or carve wood or play piano or build a car or rock climb. Do something that, when you’re 90 and dying, you can look back and say “Thank God I did that.” Who looks back and says “If only I had spent more time accruing xp on my WOW character!” If a man thinks a few hours a week on a video game is a pleasant pastime, I’m not gonna scold him for it. But I think a man who looks back on every hour of television and gaming as a wasted hour, probably has the right of it.

  5. “Nobody cares how good you are Counter-Strike or Warcraft.”

    so what? α don’t care that nobody cares

  6. Happy wife happy life phrase pisses me off. It’s pathetic how it tells men the only way they’re happy is if their wife is happy.

    1. Saying that phrase doesn’t make one pathetic necessarily. If you are happily married “happy wife happy life” just makes light of the situation. Without a happy wife you don’t really have a happy life. However I do agree that it is pathetic if you are whipped and your life’s goal becomes making your wife happy. That is certainly pathetic.

        1. If your wife is not happy, how can you possibly be happy?! I understand the patheticness of it all if you are doing ANYTHING your wife says in the hopes that it makes her happy, but if you are an “alpha male” who IS married (or even in a very committed relationship) (and don’t give me that bullshit that alpha males don’t get married) keeping your wife happy is important for your happiness, even if all it takes is for you to be “alpha” with her. That phrase can mean different things from different mouths. That’s why this list is not perfect – it’s very circumstantial. If you go around saying “I’m not gonna say and do these things because then I’m gonna look like a little bitch/pussy” then you’re really no better than the rest of them.

        2. Your happiness should never depend on another human being. Especially one so fickle as a woman.

        3. Most people, especially on the internet, don’t know how to be happy. Their amygdalas are constantly firing;

        4. What I am saying is that IF you don’t plan to/can’t keep your wife satisfied and happy then you should NOT be marrying her in the first place. But if you end up marrying, and your wife is unhappy, then YOU, as a man, made a mistake.
          If you don’t have a wife, that phrase does not apply. If you do have a wife, and you consider her “fickle”, then I’m sorry champ but you fucked up.

  7. Number 9 and 10 are classics!!! I love number 9 and get the joke. HEY! video games are awesome fun!! USELESS AWESOME FUN but still, awesome fun! lol This was a good article with useful a dive for men who don’t know. good job!

  8. White knighting is not bad if it’s done for something very worthwhile, like preventing someone from being robbed or raped. For example, the Afghan (?) kid who chased down the suicide bomber was a “white knight,” but he did it for something worthwhile.
    Just white knighting in order to “protect a woman’s integrity” or “her character” is pathetic, supplicating beta bullshit.

    1. Not true, white knighting to prevent a woman getting raped or robbed is bad, stopping a suicide bomber is good though.

      1. Just to make sure I understood your comment, you’re saying preventing a woman from getting robbed or raped is bad?

        1. If it means risking even the slightest bit of harm upon yourself… Men are more valuable than women and are more valuable to society almost 97% of the time. So a man risking injury or death to save a woman who most likely deserves to be raped or robbed for being a bitch, slut, false accuser, or just in general a shitty person is obviously a bad thing.

        2. Thanks for clarifying your point Senior Sherlock. I disagree with your premise that men are more valuable than women 97% of the time.
          Men and women each have their roles to play in our society. We need/use them and they need/use us. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the sexes. The problem is when the balance in the symbiosis is thrown out of whack such as in our feminized Western culture.
          As far as knowing if someone is “deserving” of whatever bad act is to befall them is a bit presumptuous. But, I understand what you are saying.

        3. Cannot believe he said that. It’s one thing to hate white knights, it’s another to see someone trying to rape someone, aware that it’s rape and ignore it completely.

        4. If you see her getting raped in a dark alley, feel free to step in and risk your life, but I wouldn’t do more than calling 911.
          If you were being robbed, a woman could see a baseball bat at her feets, she still would never consider helping you.

        5. You sure you are on the right website buddy?
          We believe in equality here. Women could care less about the life of a man they dont know.

        6. Unfortunately, the feminist accusation that people at ROK are a just a bunch of angry omega males has an amount of truth.

        7. Everyone has their own moral code. Personally, I have trouble with the whole sit and watch while someone is assaulted thing; but, that’s just me and how I’m wired.
          Evil is the result of good men doing nothing when they see bad things happening. Again……just my $.02.

        8. Most american people earn enough money to save thousands of africans’ lifes. Yet they let them die without much moral problems.
          So I don’t get how not risking your life for a stranger who wouldn’t do the same for you could be worse than letting thousands of people die just for your comfort.

        9. That was a really good talk on the video. Much truth in what he said. Thanks for sharing.

    2. The problem is males in the West have forgotten that a Knight had to be able to put an axe through an enemy’s skull in close quarter battle.
      The chivalry component was there to stop the Knight from running amok among the general population.
      Back in the day being nice to woman would bring a sigh of relief that you weren’t going to rape and kill them, because back then being raped and killed was mostly a given.
      Today though Marxist/feminist/anti-White society (take your pick) has emasculated males to the extent that being courteous has become redundant.
      Thinking about it, I wonder if even back then ‘defending a woman’s honour’ might have just been a convenient excuse to organize a duel with someone who was ALREADY an enemy.

      1. Yeah. Back then people passed each other in the street and instead of saying hello, they raped each other. Some people really have a feminist view of history.

        1. Life hasn’t always been as civilized as today. Prima Nocta, plunder and mass rape of citizens whose cities fell in siege and extreme cruelty in punishment are the hallmarks of the past.
          Even in more ‘enlightened times these behaviors occur.
          The fall of Berlin in 1945 for example might be a good place to commence your research.

        2. I think we’re currently in one of the LEAST civilized periods of human history. But, the modern history books will never paint that picture for you. How I yearn for a time travel machine!!!

        3. Prima Nocta! You’ve been watching too much Braveheart. It was not practiced. As for mass rape, you seem to be elevating rape above death and evisceration. Women were by no means singled out for worse punishment.

      2. yeah you make a good point… chivalry was a code of honor amongst the finest warriors who didn’t need to behave like assholes anymore…. take out the warrior part and you just have a subservient fool…

      3. In Colonial Latin America, you were able to kill your wife’s lover and your wife if you found them having sex. Defending your own honor was usually more important than defending the “damsel in distress.”

  9. I have an issue with #3. Men do what society values. Many of those athletes were born with great abilities but I guarantee the best all worked very hard to accomplish what they did.

    1. Doesn’t matter, most men don’t think “damn, I wish I was this perseverant and hard-working”, they think “damn, I wish I could kick a ball like that”.

      1. You can make that argument for any accomplishment outside of sports as well. Everyone looks to the end result and ignores the cumulative effort required to arrive there. That doesn’t diminish sports anymore than other endeavor.

        1. When the end result is significant (earning a lot of money or being great with girls), there’s no problem admiring it.
          When it’s as futile as “kicking a ball well”, I can’t get people admiring the end result.

    2. The abilities valued are the effort and accomplishment, not in who’s got the best slam dunk.

    3. Exactly. Top professional athletes didn’t get there on talent alone. Without the extreme hard work and dedication, they would not reach the levels they are at. This is why I respect any person in the spotlight that has achieved something great through hard work, be it LeBron James or Roger Federer. These guys have characteristics and habits that have elevated them to the top and can be learned from.
      However, to “idolize” an athlete as a grown man really is pathetic. It places another mortal man WAY above you. With that kind of mentality you can go ahead and say “This athlete is my hero, here fuck my wife!” – complete pathetic and beta behavior.

  10. #10 Happy wife happy life-I really hate this line. Nothing screams chump like these older married guys who repeat this tired cliche. What about the man’s happiness? Guess is doesn’t matter. And what are these wives so unhappy about? Their privileged lives in suburbia that they insisted on and pressured marriage and procreating for?? I have to listen to these harpies on my train ride home daily on how dumb/lazy their husbands are using that stupid caveman voice. They get everything they rally for in their younger years just to spend the remainder of their lives bitching about it all.

      1. Maybe, if you were once married to a loser. If you are single, you would have no idea. I love being married.

    1. Wife: a creature who spends her younger years fighting for exactly what she wants, and then spends the remainder of her life bitching about it. Instant classic!

      1. How do you have a relationship with a woman who pees standing up? That
        was the question Carl had to ask himself after marrying fiery, young
        Kenya, whose need for dominance and control overshadowed not only his
        needs, but her abilities. There were a lot of broken lamps in the early
        years of their relationship. However, there were moments when things
        teetered on the edge of getting a lot uglier than a broken lamp, too.
        Thankfully, a radical change in attitude saved their marriage. They
        became strong enough to thrive through big challenges: parenthood,
        losing their home to fire, and Kenya’s near-fatal illness. Carl, who
        now co-leads relationship workshops with Kenya, shares the lessons
        learned not only of his own struggle to be in a relationship of equals,
        but of his and Kenya’s deep study of the subject. In this book readers
        will learn: –Why “a boy cannot become a man until he has healed a
        woman.” –How to determine what a woman really wants, and how to give it
        to her without losing your self-respect or her respect for you. –Why
        your position on the “Monk Scale” makes all the difference to your
        success as a husband and father. –How to keep your own vices from
        getting in the way of your relationship

      1. It goes both ways. My bf keeps me happy by paying the majority of the bills (he makes 3x what I do) so I make him happy by doing the vast majority of the cooking and cleaning. He makes me happy by getting me an expensive handbag for my birthday; I make him happy by giving him an expensive bottle of Scotch for his. I cook for his friends on a regular basis, and he changes my oil. It’s balanced, with him doing the masculine things that need to be done so I can do the feminine things that need to be done.

    1. It’s both better for the environment and cheaper to sink wash. Even if you have no environmental conscience, why sell your time to earn money to buy appliances which just do what you can do quickly and easily yourself? Men should never be ashamed for consciously rejecting consumerism. If it’s not a deliberate choice, then there are other issues at play.

      1. I’m going to stop this argument right here before anyone else feels the need to add to the debate on dishwashers.

        1. It’s not really about dishwashers at my end. It is a comment by proxy on a whole attitude some RoK readers/authors hold, that a man’s got to dance to the materialist tune. If a man refuses to be a slave to women, why does he still let himself be a slave to money?

        2. Because money is actually important and can get you everything in the world you desire… With enough money you can literally buy anything or at the very least obtain it in a round about way. Show me one thing that can’t be purchased or obtained with money and I will show you that it can.

        3. Buying sex slaves, waverunners, and nice bourbon. Sure you can’t but happiness, but try not smile after getting your dick sucked or whatever you like by a 10/10 sex slave who is at your beck and call and then you get on a waverunner while sipping nice bourbon. You will be pretty damn happy…
          But then again if you have money you can afford to make people you don’t like unhappy, and that has to make you feel happy.
          Care to try another?

        4. Actually, the accrued wisdom of the ages has told us that, while such things are certainly fun for a while, hedonism quickly desensitizes us to all kinds of pleasure. Moreover, because this kind of fun tends to distract a man from the stronger and deeper aspirations of his soul, he often finds himself getting confused and restless even as his ability to experience pleasure is being blunted. This usually brings people to a state of anxiety and deep depression before long.
          Women in our society, who throw themselves at mere pleasures more, generally, than men do, tend to suffer in spades from such things. Men who become effeminate through seeking such things soon follow them. The wisest people through history have found that moderation in pleasures and a cultivation of the inner life and the aesthetic sensibilities, tends to best dispose a man to experience abiding inner contentment and moments of deep joy or heady exhiliration, rather than the brief and ever-waning rushes of physical pleasures and emotional highs to which the hedonist has condemned himself. Wave runners and blowjobs may be fun and distracting for a while, but you’d be surprised at how fast they got old if that was your daily bread and butter.

        5. Yep……one way or the other. One thing I learned a long time ago was that everything….and I mean EVERYTHING has a price. The question is what is the currency and what is the amount. Almost always, the currency is money or a degree or two of separation away from money being used to procure the needed currency.

        6. Along with thousands of paupers. Don’t use that as an excuse to be a poor Delta- moron.

    2. WSJ profiled a $400k/yr man living in Manhattan, where dishwashers are considered a waste of space in a 400 sq ft living space.

      1. For a bachelor living in a mansion like myself they are a waste of space too. I never use mine.

  11. Just for fun I scored myself on your points.
    1. Being a nice guy. I’m an old opinionated asshole that’s getting meaner and ornerier by the hour. At one time I was a pussified omega but divorce fixed that. Now, I always come first and the world better get used to it: score 1.
    2. Doing household chores. Not long ago my wife had to leave town to deal with family problems. During her absence I discovered that I had never used the washer and dryer in our apartment. This told me that I have a great womanly wife, and an appropriate sexual division of labor is alive and well in our household: score 1.
    3. Idolizing sports figures. I admire the work athletes put in but let’s face it they’re playing silly games of no goddamn significance: score 1.
    4. Sticking out a shitty job. I have literally got up and walked out the door on ass clown employers: score 1.
    5. Being a hipster. Hipster’s are a lower and degraded form of life. They serve as contra-indicators; whatever the hell is hip — do the opposite: score 1.
    6. Bringing flowers. I never bring “pussy access” flowers. I will get flowers for our wedding anniversary because I really am married to great woman: (see point 2): score 1.
    7. Bad game. Trying isn’t enough. Being married I no longer game woman which is just as well because I was horrible at it. Divorce shaped me up — not so much in the game department — but in my mate evaluation metrics. The second time around I knew exactly what type of female crap I would abide and exhibited zero tolerance for deviations: score 0.
    8. Buying diner on the first date. Too late for me. When courting both my wives I footed the bill. It was a long time ago in a galaxy far away but sill inexcusable: score 0.
    9. Being able to drink a lot. I once passed out in a drunken stupor on railway tracks. When I came to I decided, after reviewing the evidence, that I cannot hold my liquor: score 1.
    10. Happy wife, happy life. What utter crap. This reminds me of the rationales people use about children and divorce. “It’s better for the children to put an end to loveless marriages.” Nonsense, as long as kids are not getting beaten or abused they don’t give a frig about the “happiness” of their parents. Children have the good sense, honed by millions of years of evolution, to be completely self-centered: score 1.
    11. Dating way older women. In my case that would be robbing the grave not the cradle. I’ve never done it and never will: score 1.
    12. Video games, the world’s most pathetic “hobby”. I’ve played a few puzzle games but I’ve never played a game that uses a controller. I admire the software of games but the storylines are idiotic and predictable: score 1.
    Total score: 10 out of 12.
    So I’m definitely in the manly category with some room for improvement. It gets easier as you get older guys. Bitch control: it’s coming back.

    1. “Bitch control: it’s coming back.” I’m going to have to borrow that phrase from you, sir!
      “Happy wife, happy life. What utter crap. This reminds me of the rationales people use about children and divorce. “It’s better for the children to put an end to loveless marriages.” Nonsense, as long as kids are not getting beaten or abused they don’t give a frig about the “happiness” of their parents. Children have the good sense, honed by millions of years of evolution, to be completely self-centered”

  12. “Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20′s and 30′s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter”
    Those are the same values I am sure many of us here at ROK share. Take this as constructive criticism, but this article comes off as a boy standing on a soap box shouting at people of how to be men. I do agree with some of the points in this article, but it’s a bit preachy.

    1. Seriously, I don’t want some kid spouting about how everyone should quit their job, and how to treat their wife, when he sounds so inexperienced and insecure(no video games cuz they don’t impress people?)

        1. They definitely aren’t “celebrated”, and are no more a waste of time than any other hobby.

        2. Wrong Okay I’m a hardcore gamer I’ve played countless video games from classic games, games like super mario bros. to new console games on xbox360, or Xbobxone and PS4 I have even played MMOs like World of Warcraft, and Minecraft and guise what I have a girlfriend I have had quiet a few. Oh guise what also theres an entire subculture and community of people like . me who play games and read comics and watch anime and go to conventions in cosplay and spend friday night play D&D on table with friends. a lot of us have successful careers as lawyers, doctors, business men and even film producers I’m a radio show host my self and make enough money to pay bills. i also have wife whom I help at times with dishes cause she cooks delicious meals for me so I repay her the favor and we both play MMO’s like World of Warcraft together. Also if you do a little research you wil find that are people who get payed to play video games well as review them online with video content. So whoever said videos games is a wait of time can’t think of anything better to do then to go drink excessively and wake up with a hang over. Also I one thing I see about this article is that this person is trying so hard to take joy out of people lives and what they love to do cause who ever wrote this is to miserable of a person to find a healthy recreational way to make the mostly of there life. It’s pathetic. Also if you don more research you will find a study that proved video games help increase you I.Q cause they help improve your mind when it comes to problem solving. Good day sir or madam

    2. give the kid a break, he made very good points… guys twice his age are still grovelling to anything with a pussy…
      there was a time many decades ago when hipsters were a force for change and produced great music, art, and etc. Today it’s nothing more than a feeble fashion statement of some metrosexual cheese bags, that can’t be bothered to take a shower and think it’s cool to dress one notch above homeless…
      All they are doing is coat- tailing what was once progressive… they are the guys Brad Pitt talks about in Fight Club – we all think we’ll grow up to be rockstars but WE WON’T…
      21st century hipsters use their fashion and liberalism as an excuse to accomplish nothing, even hiding behind being smelly and badly dressed.. the guys have zero game and i’d rather fuck a sheep than hit on the chicks…
      In the past Hipsters made an anti establishment statement with how they dressed and THEN stuck to their guns…… many of them wound up fabulously wealthy and accomplished. Others at least took more acid than Timothy Leary… and had a leg to stand on…

      1. “there was a time many decades ago when hipsters were a force for change”
        Hipsters were a force for change? When? Where? What did they change?

        1. erm …. just about every good piece of music from 1965 to 1975 …. and not surprisingly the 80s and 90s turned out to be quite prosperous and peaceful…
          coming out of the uptight 50s, the hipsters infused the world with that freewheeling attitude that lead to all the great tech companies and an enormous global change…
          it’s shameful that feminism was able to coat tail that movement, but take a closer look at the creativity and free thinking attitudes….

    3. A more accurate description of a hipster would emphasize that all these interests are shallow and done for appearance rather than an actual interest. Hipsters want to appear thoughtful, knowledgeable and progressive because it is fashionable.

    4. “Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20′s and 30′s that OSTENSIBLY value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter, but in reality, don’t.”
      There, FIFY.

  13. “These bikes, generally speaking, don’t have brakes. Yes, it’s so cool that you ride a bike that you literally can’t stop in case of an emergency, bro.”
    I don’t get this. I had a fixed gear bike when I was a kid. You press back on the pedals if you want to break. The GEAR is the break. Am I missing something?

    1. The line of thought on this point is that in an emergency the average person untrained to deal with such a stressful or fast situation won’t be able to effectively stop, while if they had a hand break they could. Why are you taught to drive with only one foot instead of two? EVEN IF driving with two is vastly easier?… Simple answer is that people in a situation of panic or else wise stressful will use both pedals thus causing a preventable accident. When on the bike the similar reaction would be to either stop pedaling or keep pedaling but the action to stop and pedal backwards is, while extremely easy in normal use, extremely difficult.

      1. “Why are you taught to drive with only one foot instead of two?”
        I drive with two feet on three pedals simultaneously, each operated independently.
        Most people aren’t taught to drive worth shit. Low standards are not a good reason.

        1. Or a Mattel Big Wheel.
          Children are given fixed cycles because stopping is easier with the large muscles of the leg than the small ones of the fingers, and stopping with your legs is intuitive, while stopping with your fingers is an unintuitive learned skill.

    2. “The GEAR is the break. Am I missing something?”
      No. You are the one that understands perfectly.

      1. Isnt that what we called “coaster brakes”?
        Though they did contribute to wearing out my bikes back tire ahead of its time..

        1. “Isnt that what we called “coaster brakes”?”
          No. A fixed gear cannot coast. The connection is direct mechanical. It stops by the same mechanism by which it goes.
          Think of a child’s tricycle with the cranks attached directly to the driving wheel.
          “Though they did contribute to wearing out my bikes back tire ahead of its time..”
          Coaster brakes servo. Their lock up is unpredictable.

        2. Right. You just slammed backwards on the pedals to stop. Locked up the tire like right now.
          Well, you are right – there was no neutral or coasting mechanism about them – but thats why we called them anyway – coaster brakes.

    3. Hipsters like old stuff so yes that’s the brake. I had a bike like that as a kid until mater bought me an Raleigh English racer at 10.

  14. A very good article. I have been very guilty in the past of #1. I think that one is #1 for a reason — almost all feminine evil stems from that affliction. Fortunately, I chucked being a nice guy out the window several years ago and stopped putting women on pedestals.
    Seeing how I live alone, I am guilty of #2 by default. I do the basic household chores just to keep my upscale urban oasis pussy-ready at all times. I do have a cleaning service come in weekly to do the more involved cleaning. Part of being a complete man is being self-sufficient. Being able to wash dry and iron your clothes (other than those that go to the cleaners) is a skill every self-sufficient man should possess…..just saying.
    I admire the athletes who truly excel at their craft……as I admire anyone truly mastering their craft; but I worship no one, including them. ‘Nuff said.
    I have been guilty of #4 in my past; however, it has been a few years since I have stuck out a truly shitty job and I have walked away from more than one since then. The key is to discipline yourself to have $$$ in savings and low debt to be able to walk out when the need arises. That is one of the first things I squared away when I took the red pill years ago, along with putting a bullet in the back of the head of Mr. Nice-Guy. Those two actions were the biggest difference-makers in becoming the man I wanted to become.
    Number 5……no way. I like art, music, theater and cinema as much as about anyone; but, absolutely, no-way, no-how will I ever be a hipster. You can be a man and enjoy the arts. There’s no need to degrade one’s self in that manner.
    I have bought flowers for the wrong reasons in my beta past. Now, when I do buy/bring flowers for a woman, it is on my terms and because it is something I choose to do. I do not do it because it is expected or I HAVE to do it. I do it because I can and it pleases me to do so.
    I agree totally with #7. Do or do not — there is no try. I do not tolerate bad, sloppy game/behavior in myself and I surely do not tolerate from my associates. ‘Nuff said.
    Number 8 is an area that I now adhere to rigorously. I used to be the king of an expensive dinner on the first date. No more. Part of respecting myself means that a woman has to earn the right for me to take her for an expensive dinner/night on the town by proving she is worthy of the time & $$$ invested in such an event.
    Number 9 is something I used to do many years ago. I just finally got to the point where I want to be in control of myself at all times. A real man is in control of himself at all times. I do not like having my senses and judgement dulled.
    As far as number 10, been there done that too…..and NEVER going back to it. I have become a successful, happy, well-adjusted man with a life that I enjoy very much. I don’t see any point in mucking it up by getting another wife/LTR girlfriend….just saying.
    Number 11……been there done that and NEVER doing it again. ‘Nuff said.
    I’ve never been a gamer. So number 12 doesn’t apply here.
    Last but not least……number 13. Yeah, I was one of those for too many years. However, quite a few years ago (before ROK and it’s ilk were out there on the internet), I was shown the red pill by a good friend and mentor. It took a while to get where I am today. I am by no means finished on this journey and am always working to improve myself. But, I can say I have come a LONG way from the horrible life as a supplicating beta male. Just like in the Matrix, once you have taken the Red Pill, there is NO going back. ‘Nuff said.

  15. Get ready for massive outrage from men around the world saying that you are a mean person and that this article should be removed from the internet.
    I’d only suggest changing “Doing household chores” to “Doing household chores if there’s a woman in the vicinity.”

    1. Good but incorrect “Doing household chores if there is a woman in vicinity that has legs”… You don’t want to make those of us with amputee fetishes feel like betas now, or would you? 🙂

    2. I agree. Men can’t be shamed for doing chores and then be shamed for being slobs. A dirty apartment is a pussy repellent.

      1. This is one of those funny areas where a real dichotomy is at work. Women will ding you down for being a slob — they expect a neat, clean, well pit together place; but, they also view you as a beta if you do too much maintaining it in the sense of heavy cleaning/decorating it.
        Being a committed single man, I always keep my place in relative inspection order — meaning within about 5 – 10 minutes, I can have it pussy-ready. To do that, I just stay on top of the small stuff and pick up after myself REGULARLY I have a cleaning/maid service come in to do the heavy cleaning once a week.
        I think that’s a nice division that spares me the $$$.of daily maid service and yet frees my time of the time-suck of housecleaning to pursue more pleasurable/profitable activities.

      2. I’m not sure why you guys ever let a girl near your home.
        Either stop by her place, or get her to pay for a hotel, or just fuck in the backseat of her car.

        1. I currently freeload off some friends + freeload off of an ex-gf and stay at her place.
          Nice try, though. The last time I lived in my mom’s basement was when I was married and we were trying to save some money. (So don’t bother telling me I’m a virgin and can’t get laid.)

        2. I’m not 12, so the virgin insult isn’t one I use. I just can’t respect a guy who can’t afford his own place after 22.

        3. I can afford my own place (and I do sometimes pay rent or share with household expenses). I just choose to spend my money on other things.
          I used to own a house and supported a wife and baby. Now she’s my ex-wife, and baby is no more, I don’t see the point in owning a big, empty house by myself. I prefer to live with friends.

        4. Yes!
          I don’t give up my man cave when I can bang at her place and consume her resources rather than having her consume mine.
          In addition, seeing her place tells me whether or not a girl is ready, willing and able to do the most important things like clean, cook, shop and maintain their lives in a respectable fashion.
          How the hell can I rely on her to buy me drinks, cook me a meal, wear feminine clothes, and be a woman if she can’t even keep her home in order.
          Jesus had no problem being supported by many women. Why would I expect anything less (Lk 8:2-3). If the son of God with his powers and resources allowed women to provide for his needs, then why not me.

        5. Yep. The girl’s house I’m squatting in right now, unfortunately, is denuded of pizza rolls and Hot Pockets since I ate them all the last time I was here, and the girl in question has been busy only buying healthy food to try to get down to the size 0 or 00 that’s her goal weight.
          Funny how girls transform from “my curves are beautiful” to “hmm I need to get really hot” upon meeting me. Despite me telling all of ’em they’re beautiful just the way they are….

        6. Well actually Aaron has a point. With the ease at which one is accused of rape or assault, letting them know where you live, let alone your real name, is not a good idea.

        7. Because some of us aren’t trying to have sex for the sake of having sex, maybe we actually want a relationship too.
          Girls that never see the inside of your home will get suspicious before long. Your options will therefore be limited as a result.

      1. We Indian men are notorious for keeping our liquor down and the white bitches beggin’.

        1. No you’re not.
          You’re known for being the only people on Earth that are cheaper than Jews.

        2. Dot. In the U.S. at least, Feathers are known for being extra badass Mexicans with better drugs.

        3. Triphala sure helps my shit stay nice and fluffy.
          You know what I’d like to see? An Indian mafia movie. I want to see guys acting tough with that accent. 😀
          Oh, and you can keep our white bitches….please!

        4. Arabs? Scots? Pakistanis? Actually, most of the Jewish folks I’ve met recognize the value of good employees and treat and pay them well. In my experience Jewish folks don’t mind spending money to make money. At least they have a good sense of humour, and the orthodox ones keep the women at the back of the bus. 😀

        5. I shouldn’t say this, but an idiot drinking buddy of mine once said, “If they’re not push starts or pull starts, they’re kick starts!” (He was anti-immigrant). Admittedly funny but repulsive at the same time. I don’t mind immigrants at all…I love that dark skin! 😀

        6. From my vast experience, Jews generally hate their employees and continually grind them down and belittle them. They love seeing / causing misery in goys. They use humor / holocaust guilt to hide behind and misdirect your indignation of being treated like cattle, which they literally view you as. Just my 2 cents. Although, working in the restaurant industry for many years as a young buck waiter taught me that Indians and Australians are much “cheaper” due to cultural differences. Women are ALWAYS cheaper tippers than men; goes w/out saying, doesn’t it?

        7. [email protected] I live I Houston which has a huge indian community. Now, I will readilly admit that many east indian women are hot (little air freshner to get rid of the curry smell always helps). Yeah, most of them will marry you indian betas (the most beta men on the face of the earth) but before they do they are going to be getting fucked by us white boys. I have fucked numerous east indian chics, hindu, muslim, jain, ect., right before they sojourned back to india for their arranged marriage. You know it’s true.

        8. and have the weakest game out of any of the races. They’re pretty good at hitting women and rape though.

        9. There is definitely an Indian Mafia. They run Bollywood and sports over there.

    3. Perfect observation!
      As I actually live alone, I have to do household chores, but nothing too serious, as every 15 days a woman comes here to iron my clothes and take a hard cleaning in all whole house.
      Anyway, nice article.

    4. Men should be celebrated for helping the world ACTUALLY run. We build
      and fix things. We get the oil in difficult circumstances. Without us,
      there would be no advanced society or female emancipation.
      Check this: “Moment Law Abiding Pedestrian Stops And Waits By Roadworks Sign Meant For Traffic”.
      Its a woman in the UK doing this stupid 5hit, as reported by the Newspaper the Daily Mail:

    5. True, if you’re a bachelor you have to keep your castle clean.
      Unless you have a housecleaner.

    6. Yeah a man’s got to clean his place up.
      In a way, the kind of man who kept himself clean was demonized as a “metrosexual” but I cannot figure out why the feminist and their media engine demonized what at one time would have been considered a “refined and well groomed gentleman” with such a slur. My theory is that men who know how to take care of themselves leave little for feminists to bitch about and deny woman one of their last few agencies (which is, cleaning the house and having something to complain about). We are supposed to be such slobs that can’t survive without a woman screeching at what slobs we are (to a point were we have to be driven to living in “caves”) that if we are single too long, they have to send 6 gay guys over to teach us how to live.

  16. But if everybody quits their shitty jobs, civilization is going to fall apart, and everybody will be more miserable than they were when they were working their shitty job. We can’t all be free-lance writers/musicians can we? Kudos to you, and to anyone else here who manages make a living with something that they enjoy doing though.

    1. I don’t know, so long as you have guns and power I think a fallout/revolution/walkingdead chaos world might be rather fun.

    2. “We can’t all be free-lance writers/musicians can we?”
      No. So it’s a good thing that so many of us are men.

  17. If you are going to look up to anybody a guy like Tom Brady is a good example. Tom Brady is a hard worker and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league because of the time he spends putting in work. Not only that, but he is alpha with great body language. The same as Lebron. Looking up to guys that alpha will only rub off and make them more alpha. I have no idea why looking up to an athlete would be on this list. Better to look up to who? Einstein? For pretty ignoring his biological incentive to reproduce and obsessing over science? Who wants to be like that? Don’t get it. I agree with most others though

    1. You need to do a little history on your scientists lol. Start with Schroedinger.
      Tesla was a ladies man as well until he had enough of the bs and realized it was causing problems. He gave them up and changed the world in a profound way, more so than any man in recorded history. Oddly he gets very little credit.
      But sure, Brady can throw a football and LB can dunk. See, athletes face the woman dilemma… once past your peak it’s all downhill from there.

    2. “Tom Brady is. . .”
      . . . owned.
      The fact that he is owned on good terms does not alter the fact that he is an indentured servant.
      Richard Feynman was my introduction to game, which he developed decades before Strauss was born.

    3. You’re watching their very polished and manipulated public image. You have no fucking clue about their manhood and alpha qualities. But yes, Brady and Lebron are the best players in their leagues. Fine.

  18. Video games are such an ugg hobby. Now gaming in general can be legit as long as it’s social. If you have a group of buddies, then it’s cool, but if you’re some guildmaster’s bitch online, then get out. Other social games like magic and D&D which requires you to go out and be social and meet new physical people I find is okay.
    That and I have a thing for the mousy geeky girls that strum along with their over weight bronie friendzones.

  19. Yet another excellent article by Trouble.Maker. Respect is earned by holding your ground, ie exercising your pride, and by doing that which is difficult.
    Any idiot can go to a bar and make a fool out of himself, buy ‘hip’ clothes and play video games. Any person with a penis (note I didn’t use the word “man”) can do what society tells him – be nice and take shit from nice to entitled pseudo-princesses, get married to a used up whore and have sex with people with extremely low sexual value.
    It takes a man to stand up and do what he knows what is right, not what society tells him is right. It takes a man to ignore constant and enduring criticism. It takes a man to face impossible challenges and eventually succeed. Anything else is for women, children and the elderly.

  20. Most are obvious to us now, but #9 is more important than it may seem at first glance. To solidify an alpha rep, one must be moderate with the booze. After the third drink, your game starts to go to sh!t, and if you black out, who knows what you’ll do.

  21. ” . . .fixie bikes. These bikes, generally speaking, don’t have brakes.”
    And yet the one in the illustration has three.

  22. I guarantee the kid who wrote this article sucks at sports and never played or trained as a true athlete. Otherwise he wouldn’t go out of his way to disparage the accomplishments of pro athletes who have dedicated themselves and worked their whole lives to get to the top. It comes off as bitter envy when you say from the sidelines something ridiculous like “oh he was just born a great athlete, there is nothing there to respect or appreciate”. The whole article wreaks of insecurity.

    1. Pro athletes are to be admired for their talent and work-ethic, but any further emotional investment in them is a misalocation of energy.

    2. Let’s see…in my life I have:
      -Raced go karts at an amateur competitive level
      -High school basketball (not tall enough to make it beyond)
      -Collegiate cyclist
      -Collegiate triathlete
      The point was merely not to WORSHIP them and live and die with them (and their teams).

      1. “High school basketball (not tall enough to make it beyond)”
        Ahhhh, so that’s why you’re so bitter and can’t get laid, eh?

  23. Had a conversation with my sister recently where she insisted that “when” I get married I should help with the cooking and cleaning. She refused to listen to anything that I had to say on on the matter so I just shook my head and quit talking. I seriously doubt I will ever get married thanks to bullshit thinking like that. It’s sad to see a member of my own family acting like a stupid dumb bitch.

    1. What’s the point in getting married if you still have got to do – all – that stuff (more actually cause now you’re with two people ex. children). One of the positives of – traditional – marriage was it’s efficiency i.e. division of labor. What your sister is saying is; get an extra job (provider) next to the job(s) you already have. No wonder many men compare modern marriage to slavery.

  24. I respectfully disagree with video games being listed. What if I told you to put down movies? Both are vicarious, visually based entertainment. The difference is video games are interactive, and unless it’s a really good movie, the latter just leaves you drooling and tuned out. And some games now have better plots than most movies.
    Otherwise, great work.

    1. The better the plot, the worse the game.
      Chess and Go have no plot at all.
      An intermediate Go player can beat the best computer program handily.

    2. There’s a wide range in video games. If you play treat a game like you treat a movie, ie play it once or twice a week for a couple hours, that’s one thing But it’s quite another to waste away days in front of some MMORPG or FPS game, talking to people on some headset, etc.
      Unless the game is getting you money or pussy, it’s probably a waste of time. You’re better off reading non-fiction or watching documentaries.

      1. “Unless the game is getting you money or pussy, it’s probably a waste of
        There are games where you do get pussy or money? What kind of games are you playing, man?

        1. Ha. Certain people can make money from games, either by selling virtual items or by being “pro-gamers”. As for pussy, I think some people meet girls through World of Warcraft type games.

        2. In the Far East, some gamers have groupies. I think that it was the case with Starcraft in Korea a few years back. When I was in Japan, I faced off on Melty Blood: Act Cadenza against this Japanese dude that had two chicks waiting on him.

  25. I do dishes LOUDLY pointing out I am the BEST dishwasher in the house: I want them done right, fast, and efficiently. I would rather do them my myself, then suffer watching them done poorly. But I won’t wash dishes every night, especially on nights I cook.

  26. ‘Happy wife happy life’ is bullshit. Usually the happier she is the unhappier you are. Most women can’t grasp the concept that marriage is a partnership and that they have to compromise just as much as we do. As I gave my exie more of what she wanted (couple socializing with her best friend and her idiot husband), my happiness tanked. I wasn’t one to idolize her and fawn over her, but I figured if I ‘played nice’ with her she’d be happy. To the contrary, she eventually became an intolerable, controlling bitch and I no choice but to remove her from my life. I never had to beg for sex, but fuck, it got to the point where I hated her so much I didn’t even want to fuck the silly cunt.
    She did all the laundry and cleaned and shit, but I cooked because I’m a fucking good cook. But of course her best friend’s husband was a manslave and he did everything his wife ordered him to, which made me look bad in comparison. I’d open a bottle of wine at dinner time and catch a buzz while cooking; she’d get pissed off at me for having a buzz. I’d tell her, “Well, either join me or go away!”
    She never complained about my cooking and she sure as hell misses it. So while I hate doing laundry and cleaning and my condo’s a fucking mess, I enjoy good food which I cook myself. There’s nothing unmanly about preparing and enjoying food. You won’t catch me wearing a fucking apron though.
    As for drinking in excess, yeah, that’s no good. There’s nothing manly about getting slammed every night because alcohol actually physically emasculates your body.

  27. This article is actually not bad compared to the usual filth we see on this site. Nothing against you, Roosh, it’s your writers who are the problem. Still, I criticize 4) because it’s an idiotic proposition for the majority of Americans who aren’t super smart or rich and for whom those “crappy jobs” are the only thing that keeps them in the middle class. About 12, it is unnecessarily harsh, especially considering the alternatives you suggest.

    1. “it’s an idiotic proposition for the majority of Americans who aren’t super smart or rich. . .”
      The very first article on this site featured a blacksmith.

  28. Ever since my man and I started dating, he’s rarely seen the inside of his kitchen. He’s never bought me flowers, instead invests in me what he feels I need. He’s not too nice of a guy, but puts his foot down when needed. He doesn’t watch sports. Has a good job. Pretty much I struck gold. Only thing is that, he’s Russian and likes to drink.

    1. Most of us grow out of our drinking / weed smoking / partying stage at some point.
      If he has a problem leaving the drinking behind — that can be worrisome. Some of my old high school drinking buddies have been pushing daisys for years…

  29. Happy Wife Wasted Life.
    Better: “Whenever you see a happy man, somewhere nearby is a pissed off woman.”

    1. I believe we are called nerds This site was made by self hating nerds which the nerd culture does not approve on look at the title of the sight return of kings they just ripped off the third lord of the rings book and movie title the return of the king the just took out the word “the’ how unoriginal can these guys be

  30. “Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20′s and 30′s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”
    Independent thinking? progressive politics? Can anybody say “Oxymoron”?

    1. OMFG! I thought this was a parody site……but….no….this is for real. Eeeeeewwwwwwww……just fucking EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Shame away men……SHAME AWAY!!!!

  31. Agree on the list. But whipping other men into shape doesn’t interest me – it’s not my problem.

  32. At the 2:45 mark she begins to explain why white men like black women. She start off with “white men desire power”, but get a load of where she goes with it. Smack my head. Women really don’t get it , do they?
    (and Uncle Elmer, the top knot bun is just for you)

    1. holy shit, it’s hard to believe this… thing belongs to the same species as jessica alba!

  33. Disagree on number 12. It shouldn’t be done for hours at a time but it’s no different from movies and music. Why you should be castrated for saying something I disagree with you misogynistic misandrist heteronormative pig!

    1. The problem is though that it IS done for hours at a time. Mindless zombies use it as a way to “escape” from the monotony of real life…same thing with TV.
      It’s FAR different from music. Playing the piano, or shooting people with AK47s – which one makes you a better person? Which one will add more to your life? Which one will make you open up your creative side?
      Not the AKs.

      1. I meant listening to music when I said that. As long as video games aren’t done as anything more than a leisure hobby they’re fine-though should one really hate on those that get played to play them professionally? That’s a conundrum for another time.
        The rest I agree with; I don’t know that I was ever the “nice guys finish last” type but I know I used to take always losing the girl I liked to another guy really hard.

        1. “I meant listening to music when I said that.”
          That is the problem he is addressing.
          Listening to music and watching movies is to be plugged into the matrix.
          When unplugged you make music and movies.

        2. All work andno play makes Jack a dull boy. I’ve seen videos of artists singing other folks songs, and that’s because they enjoy listening to them.

        3. “I’ve seen videos of artists singing other folks songs, and that’s because they enjoy listening to them.”
          One of the very reasons I myself sing. Singing is a variety of . . . making music and I can hear any song I know without a device other than my own body. For instrumental music I whistle.
          How many videos have you seen of artists listening to other folk’s songs?
          How long do you think you would find them interesting to watch?
          Who do you think the girls smile at, me singing, or the hordes of blank faced zombies wandering around plugged in to the matrix through their ear buds?

      2. “The problem is though that it IS done for hours at a time. Mindless
        zombies use it as a way to “escape” from the monotony of real
        life…same thing with TV.”
        Same with the blogging and commenting on blogs.

        1. Exactly, even redpill blogs, after some times you know everything you need to know and you just read them for entertainment. No different from playing videogames.
          People need some entertainment, it just shouldn’t become the biggest part of your life.

      3. Again, well said, and no point in arguing w/ these dudes that play video games endlessly. They also have endless excuses and justifications for it. I’m fine w/ it because that means there’s less sausage in the REAL world chasing pussy, or causing traffic jams, or sitting at my favorite spots, or annoying the fuck out of me at public venues. Stay home video brothers and enjoy!!!

        1. Say the same things to anyone who watches TV, listens to music, hell, does ANYTHING at home. Idiot.

  34. speaking of mangina I found this crap feminsts mantra and not surrpsingly they sound just like american feminists slogans here in the west and its india.
    fukin hate the term “man up” since its a convenient way of manipulating men into doing what you want by attackin their manhood(women so manipulative). They need the red pill bad before it turns to the USA…not surprisingly One of the women have that butch haircut.
    found it through this link thanx to a fellow rok poster
    we gotta red pill up those pages to shut down and shame those manginas before they get too big . Why cant these people have a russian influence instead of an american one.
    Hows eastern europe and east asia keeping them out?

  35. Recently I came all over a girl’s tits instead of on her face. This shames me, Forgive me, my brothers.

  36. I enjoy playing video games, and I am going to continue playing them without shame. Isn’t that what being a man is all about?

    1. Obviously we as men should do as society tells us for nothing, like engaging in a hobby just to be interesting. Because that isn’t beta at all.

  37. “How do you have a relationship with a woman who pees standing up? That
    was the question Carl had to ask himself after marrying fiery, young
    Kenya, whose need for dominance and control overshadowed not only his
    needs, but her abilities. There were a lot of broken lamps in the early
    years of their relationship. However, there were moments when things
    teetered on the edge of getting a lot uglier than a broken lamp, too.
    Thankfully, a radical change in attitude saved their marriage. They
    became strong enough to thrive through big challenges: parenthood,
    losing their home to fire, and Kenya’s near-fatal illness. Carl, who
    now co-leads relationship workshops with Kenya, shares the lessons
    learned not only of his own struggle to be in a relationship of equals,
    but of his and Kenya’s deep study of the subject. In this book readers
    will learn: –Why “a boy cannot become a man until he has healed a
    woman.” –How to determine what a woman really wants, and how to give it
    to her without losing your self-respect or her respect for you. –Why
    your position on the “Monk Scale” makes all the difference to your
    success as a husband and father. –How to keep your own vices from
    getting in the way of your relationship”

    1. How to tame your woman……Take no shit, set the standard of behavior from the beginning. Demand respect and be worthy of it. Anytime she gets out of line, correct her. Oh, and dick her down. Abbra Kadabra! Tamed happy woman.

  38. Doing household chores- This one needs to be changed. I mean I live on my own..I have to do household chores like keeping my home super clean and hygienic and washing my dishes…because I like it clean. But I agree with some points. Like when I was living with two females , renting ofcourse, They would always bitch and moan about doing the dishes, so I said, ” look, I’ll wash my dishes…you wash your dishes and stayed firm on that. NO FUCKING WAY WOULD I WASH THE DISHES OF THOSE LAZY FEMALE PIGS. Eventually they got their act together and washed their dishes. I had to do it that way, I mean these bitches were too lazy to wash dishes..let alone vacuum their own room. Sorry excuses for women they were. This is why I advocate all men to try and live alone unless you live with a group of men you trust …cause men , in generally, are hard working compared to women.

  39. Sticking it out at a shitty job- this needs to be addressed aswell. No one can ever get their dream job, except for a select few. I know a guy who did finance , not be cause he liked it, but because he wanted money. He hates the job like it isn’t even funny, but he is rich and has two Lambos and a 6 bedroom house.What he has always wanted.
    See we choose to do jobs, we have a goal we want out of it, the part of liking the job comes later.
    I hate the shit our of my warehouse supervising job, the hours are horrible, the shifts are long and the people are low IQ uneducated assholes that you want to punch in the face, but it pays well , I have my own house with solid logistics so I can bring chicks to my place and fuck them from clubs.
    I have male friend who also doing nursing, now it pays average, but he does it because he gets to help people and he is altruistic as fuck, a real caring man…still gets laid like a champ, not a loser, very red pill. Also banging nurses is not a wise move either because ” you don’t shit where you eat”. He likes that he gets to help people and the job security it provides, but hates having to wipe people’s asses, bath people and see blood and deal with difficult old people and the smell of sick people, but he thinks I’m doing nature’s work.
    Also the eventually you must have a dream for a better job, but you have to do bad shitty jobs, even a shitty career 10 years until you can start your own business.

    1. If you earn good money it’s different, but many people don’t earn much, hate their job and stay there anyway.

  40. TM,
    You missed one. Men should be shamed for refusing to spread knowledge, especially hard won knowledge that will save other mens lives like The Truth Be Told.
    I got this out of Mark Passios presentation tonight. I really liked it.
    “Ignorance is the root cause of all Evil. Since only Knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our DUTY and MORAL OBLIGATION to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us.” — Anonymous.
    When I was young my father taught me “when a man older than you speaks? You shut up and listen because you might just learn something.” This advice has served me very well for my whole life. Many young men ask me “why do you think you know more than me?” And I say “Because I listened and learned my whole life, if I did not know much more than you I would be very surprised.” Young men are ignorant in the extreme and arrogant about their ignorance in the extreme.
    What do we see in the west? Men like Bill Greathouse and I risked our lives and our livelihoods to win knowledge in a very tough fashion and we publicly brought this hard won knowledge to the attention of masses of men. What did those men do? Did they meet their duty and moral obligation to bring this hard won knowledge to the masses of men around them? No, they didn’t. And that is why the west is in the position it is in…because even the men who see the knowledge they need and other men need presented before them they do not read it and they do not pass it along.
    It is total joke to make any claim that any significant number of men want to “help men”. They don’t. They want to create mediocrity rather than emulate genius. They want to attention whore their own opinions rather than disseminate the truth. That is the real truth of the matter. Just go ask anyone who has been on the spearhead for more than 4 years like Uncle Elmer as to how the men on the spearhead suppressed the knowledge that I brought forward thereby condemning hundreds of thousands of more men to suicide…thereby condemning tens of millions of more men to suffer persecution by their guvments.
    TENS OF MILLIONS of men are suffering persecution by their guvmints….and they will not fight back, they will not listen, they will not learn, and they will not pass along knowledge in books and videos. Given their failure in their duty and MORAL OBLIGATION to educate themselves and others? Do they not deserve their fate? Is not karma being served?
    Men should be shamed for such behaviour. It is MUCH more serious than doing housework.
    Sooner or later men are actually going to realise that the remedy of the process of strawman recapture that has been proven to work is the way to go. Begging and petitioning is not going to work. This process forces guvmint agents to commit crimes if they want to attack you…..crimes for which you can later gain remedy.

  41. Hipster fixie bikes make good sense if you are a bike courier in New York city, which is pretty flat. Attempting to use one any place where there is any topography whatever? Dumb.

    1. And yet I often ride past healthy young men a third my age who are walking their mountain bikes up the hill.
      Go figure.

    2. Even at NY city, I don’t understand getting a bike without brakes and gears just because it looks better.

  42. Good solid article Trouble.Maker. I like articles that make me look at myself critically and wake me up. Thank you.

  43. I agree with all but the household chores comment.
    If my spouse is spending her entire day and good looking years raising my child in the manner I want him raised while leaving me free to pursue my professional and personal goals, then I don’t mind tossing some dishes in the dishwasher for her when i return home.
    I can take a hit to my “manliness” to facilitate my child being raised well.

    1. Agree. That needs to be defined a little more clearly. If a woman is puling her weight, no harm in chipping in. If my dude roommate and I had an agreement that he’d handle the dishes, I wouldn’t think twice about helping out if he was neck-deep; worrying about how it might impact your manliness suggests the first chink in your manliness armor is your own perception.

  44. 10. Happy wife, happy life.
    Men don’t fret over whether or not they’re “haaaaaappppyyyy.” To quote Dennis Leary:
    “Happiness comes in small doses folks. It’s a cigarette butt, or a
    chocolate chip cookie or a five second orgasm. You come, you smoke the
    butt you eat the cookie you go to sleep wake up and go back to fucking
    work the next morning, THAT’S IT! End of fucking list!”
    You’re the captain of the ship. Your eyes need to be focussed on the horizon, not the day to day mundanities of “Happiness.” If you worry about whether or not everybody’s happy, the ship’s not going to go anywhere. You’ll start mistaking little blips on the happiness meter for cathartic purpose, and a growing sense of dread will grow within the household.
    Men need a mission; focus on the mission, and everything else will fall into place. Fretting over the details is a guaranteed path into misery.

  45. In my household, it’s “Happy dad, happy family”. I dominate the tone of the house not because I yell or brood, but because I’m alpha and that’s just the way it is. My wife is submissive and that’s just the way it is. We don’t have to discuss it.
    Yes I bring my wife flowers constantly but NEVER because I’m apologizing. ALWAYS because it’s my choice, on my schedule, to bring her flowers, because part of being an Alpha male is to surprise others with unexpected gifts. Ghengis Khan was famous for giving away every penny of money he captured to his generals and vassals, knowing that he was made even more powerful by his generosity.
    I want our life to be rich and beautiful. I NEVER bring a pre-arranged bunch of flowers, always a loose collection of very very high end, gorgeous florals. She then spends hours arranging them in various ways, in various parts of the house, because she knows that I like it that way.
    It’s about mutual happiness, with me setting the “tone” and her augmenting and adding to that tone. She also cooks dinner each and every night, not because I expect her to (i’ve never said a peep) but because she believes it’s the way a family should be, and that it’s her privilege as a wife and mother to do it. Also she loves to cook, so that’s easy, eh?
    A good marriage, with a strong husband and a strong (but submissive) wife, is the easiest marriage there is. Life is still a struggle. But it’s less of a struggle when you follow the laws of nature.
    My 2 cents

  46. I miss the good ol’ days when hipsters were those low cut jeans that showed off the top side of a woman’s butt crack.

  47. 14: Dating Fat Women!
    Why? Because if you want to be considered a high value alpha male you should date women who are also high value and who put effort into looking good, not low-value, lazy, blobs of lard who sit all day eating chocolate and writing feminist blogs!

    1. Yeah, that should perhaps be conflated with #11. Make it “dating way older OR fat women”

  48. I think men should not only be shamed for No.11, but also publicly reviled.
    Dating Cougars is simply the fastest and worst fucking thing a man can do to pussify himself. I have seen a couple of my friends doing that (he’s involved with a FSU cougar 10 years older than him; he has a fetish for anal and knowing that, she lets him bang her ass). The way she dominates him in public is so demeaning for other men to see. And she’s milking cash out of him now. Flashback to the time when he didn’t know her, and was a high flying eagle. Feminism has really corrupted male minds into believing that female cougar glutes still have value.

  49. Oh God…My step father does the dishes and mops the floors etc. He is totally whipped by my mother. I cringe each time I witness this. My mother used to be a good, caring homemaker…but I don’t know what happened to her!!! Horrible.

  50. THANK YOU! All these dudes playing fantasy football (fantasy being the key word), living their lives through athletes is, well ,sad. I do occassionally watch college, some pro football, see the guys in the stand wearing the jersey of their favorite crush and think, “reminds me of the chicks I let wear my letter jacket back in high school”. Video games! Yet another substitution for rea life, well, avoiding real life.

  51. Good list.
    I would expand on that first date thing. I think a man should be ashamed of paying for ANYTHING for a woman, whether directly or indirectly. That, of course, includes everything the government spends on women after expropriating large parts of our income. If you vote for that, you are a pussy.

  52. being guilty of a few of these in the past did help me unload the ex from her unhappy whining, and I will never return to these errors again.

  53. Got to partially disagree with #9 only because I’m Russian. Tolerating your alcohol is good shit.
    Flower. A single one. I can’t really communicate this. If you know, you know.
    No dinner before sexual activities or swimming. Ever.

  54. “Happy wife, happy life.”
    Completely true.
    Think a little deeper. Why is she happy? Because you’re happy, that’s why. Nobody wants to be married to some dreary, mopey piece of crap. Here’s the kicker, and where the author missed his mark. Your wife is not happy unless you are. The reverse doesn’t stand.
    Make yourself happy and pull her up to that level – then she will be happy. Don’t ever think though, that putting your happiness aside and focussing completely on her will make for a happy marriage – it won’t. You will be miserable and so will she. A man’s happiness comes first and then she will cum first.

  55. “10. “Happy wife, happy life”
    How often do you hear this and the husband is absolutely miserable? The minute you put her happiness in front of your own is the minute that the relationship is probably doomed to fail. Men, your needs always come first.”
    If you are already married, this is probably you (it was me, because I thought that’s what happened when you got married) — I can only give tell you from personal experience, this is path for EVERYONE in the family to be unhappy – and even if it doesn’t end in divorce, you life will be less than what it could have been.
    I read somewhere that you’re first answer to answer to any request from your wife should be NO – even if you don’t care about what she was asking about. Now, if you’re stock answer is OK, Don’t Care, Sure, Whatever – I suggest changing your language to either YES or NO – and you don”t have to justify either one of those, even if she starts down the rabbit hole — never follow, rabbits will always come back up, it’s what they do.
    All I will state is this … if I would have this information in my head, and the support of the Men around this little corner of the interwebs, my marriage would have survived (on my terms) and everyone concerned would be fairly happy with it all, OR I would have ended it sooner (once again on my terms) and gotten on with my life.
    Don’t waste time, don’t look for your marriage to be a partnership – Lead, and if your wife doesn’t follow, then you never had the leadership position in the first place.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, right there with you. I will say this though, if your marriage (like mine) HAD survived, it would have been more pleasant with the ideas discussed in places like this. But its no guarantee that your marriage (like mine) failed because of something you (or I) should have done differently; some bitches just can’t be reached.

      1. I agree – and you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s painful existence either way … living in situation that feels wrong, you just don’t know what it is or knowing the truth of “how things really work” … either way, there’s no going back, there is only going forward. Good luck to you my Man – our numbers are growing and we really can support each other through it all.

  56. My boss says “happy wife, happy life” all I thought about when it said it was, “what about your happiness?”

  57. This is all solid advice and most are no-brainers. But as an older dude, I’ve had some different perspectives on a couple of these:
    Shitty job: Almost every job is undesirable, that’s why they pay you to do it. Find the best job you can, but don’t buy into the feminist greeting card that somewhere there’s a job you’ll spring out of bed for every day for the next 20 years.
    Paying on dates: Its gotten to the point in Amerika where if you’re “dating”, you’re already wrong. Me, I don’t date; I go to do things I feel like doing and allow women to come along. I think of women like I think of pets; I like them quiet, compliant, and available. Dinner or a drink may be a good chunk of income for a girl in her early 20’s but its not much to a guy with his shit together. And as long as she knows that any mouthing off, any demands, and anything less than porn-star performance will have her on B-squad, sweating it over how you might look if you pay is an after-thought. It did take a long time to get to that point, and a guy in his 20’s may not always be in a position to roll like that….not yet anyway.

  58. Quick question, been reading a lot about taking a girl out for drinks on a date. Great idea, but i don’t drink… What are my options?

  59. The gaming portion is idiotic and ill-informed. What do you say to Aaron “ace” Elam who won $200,000 usd last august at Halo 4 global championship? It’s legit money whether you agree or not. Not to mention this call of duty champs that went on last year. A MILLION DOLLAR PAYOUT. The winner will make more in one weekend than you will in an entire year. And don’t even get me started on this LoL (league of legends) players. They have annual 6-7 figure prize pool tourneys. At least those guys are doing what they love.

    1. State lotteries are profitable because large payouts to a few insure tens of millions line up to suffer small losses while hope springs infernal.

    2. Do you realise how pathetic you sound? less than 1% of you losers who try out for these “championship” games will ever make a cent. at least the athletes who try out for (but mostly fail) the NBA, NFL or NHL build core strength. Go outside and play, fuckboys.

  60. lol i play video games because I like doing it, and if you don’t like it, fuck you. I come first.

  61. My BPD ex of a few years is constantly scouring World of Warcraft for new Betas. When still friends with her, she attempted to get me on there, and I tried it, but just couldn’t do it.
    Currently, she has a new beta boyfriend on there who is in the SAME ‘raid group’ as her other ex and fiance. They all play the game together, with her, no doubt playing them off each other. WTF is this chit. Seriously, man. These are people in their 20s.
    I know people who’ve gotten laid from Warcraft. But remember: just like any other chat or game site, the women on there are fully aware they’re swimming in a male dominated environment; they are there to be inundated by attention from males. They usually have some kind of personality disorder preventing them from getting men the traditional way (ie: socially), and are highly promiscuous and crazy. Be warned. I’ve seen it time and time again for the last 16 years.

  62. I have to disagree somewhat with #3. My wife and I both work, so we both do household chores. If she were a stay at home mom, I’d expect her to take 100% care of the house, likewise that duty would be mine were I unemployed. The real problem in your example is that the wife is being a lazy bitch on the couch while hubby does chores.

  63. As for household chores – wouldn’t you have to do them yourself if you live alone anyways? I believe in an equal partnership. i work just as much as he does and we do equal amounts of household chores. When it comes to messes – he cleans up his. I clean up mine. i actually have two jobs out of choice while he has one. So I don’t have enough time to clean everyone’s mess
    For nice guy- there is a difference between being a push over and being a nice guy. No one likes a push over. I’m engaged to a nice guy but he isn’t a push over. Which is what i like,
    Hipsters – meh. I don’t really care. They can be pretty annoying. I’ve dated a few and they talk about themselves alot. At least the ones i dated. I don’t mind self confidence but being a douche isn’t the same.
    I don’t believe in men coming first. As far as relationships go – both partners should be happy. An equal relationship. if things don’t work out – it probably wasn’t worth the time for either of you.
    I pretty much agree with all of this anyways. Even more so – the beer. I know plenty of guys who brag to me how much they can drink. A whole 24 pack in one night all you? Congrats on that beer gut. It’s like someone bragging to me they can eat a 100 twinkies. I don’t care. It’s not good for you to be drinking that much and made me think you’re possibly an alcoholic.

  64. Holy crap america is strange! Reading your comments make me proud to be european. We also have our problems but at least most men don’t view women as domestic creatures…

  65. You know what the only thing men should ever be shamed for, not celebrated, is? Writing thoughtless, unintelligent, sexist blog entries like the above. I’ve never said this to anyone, but I genuinely hope you die in a horrible accident.

  66. I’d try to reason with but there’s really no point. Dear god you people are idiots. What truly dull lives you must lead.

  67. Just want to point out: when you’re talking about men and women, use ‘sex’ instead of ‘gender’.

  68. About half this stuff is kinda logical in an extreme fundamentalist, “Westboro Baptist Church” kinda way… The other stuff;
    1. Instead of Hipster, I’d say poseur. The list of idiocy here blows my mind. And as a long time bike courier, Fixies are fun, challenging, and require tons of concentration. Aww awe you afwaid of gedding huwt, widdle baby? Its like rock climbing. Dangerous and badass.
    2. Doing chores. Nothing strengthens a family unit like working together to get shit done. Your opinion on this is really dumb. Single income families don’t exist anymore.
    3. Buying dinner on the first date. Yeah I agree here that it’s kind beta behaviour, you should buy dinner during one of your dates. Shows you have your shit handled.
    4. It’s always better to be able to drink more than your lady. For several reasons.
    5. Happy wife, Happy life. I think what you’re saying is that you shouldn’t compromise yourself too much in a relationship. Nobody respects that. However, are you implying that to be happy, she has to be miserable? You’re not getting any nookie that way either.
    6. Some people like older woman. Age ain’t nothing but a number and if you’re attracted to each other and you have great chemistry then what is the problem? Stop being such a whiner.
    7. Video games are fun as hell and there are tons of girls that love them too. If you can find someone that has this nerdy passion, then bob’s your uncle. However, some people really do need a life. Throwing yourself into your career is just as damaging.
    Finally, while I agree with a lot of the “red-pill” philosophy out there, the stuff on this site really screams the kind of meathead, shower room ass slapping, misogynistic, pathetic man-boy insecurity that makes me gag. Seriously, you just sound like a jerk. We are a (mostly) diverse, intelligent, effervescent, and creative. While these views may work for the narrow-minded and uneducated, to anyone else is just sounds like – at worst – some seriously stone age thinking; and – at best – very clever satire.

  69. This site is sexism and idiocy at best, I knew there were retarded sites but this one takes the cake, lmao. I even read in the comments, “Without us, there would be no advanced society or female emancipation.”, really?! What kind of logic is that? Without us, there would be no need for female emancipation because there wouldn’t have been any retarded sexist pigs like you. Talk about being logic, retards.

  70. Wow. What a pathetic bunch of faggots.
    You wouldn’t know a “Real Man” if he was fucking your gapped back-pussies like the bitches you are.

        1. Only a sad sack would not be able to prevent himself being”disgusted” by weak little pussy boys. Got under your skin a bit, big man?

  71. I agree with number one. Number two is incorrect. If you cannot take car of yourself, you cannot be self sustaining. We don’t need that bull. Men get the job done, no matter what job it is.
    The rest are mediocre suggestions. Number two is absolute shite man. How the fuck you going to run a bachelor pad? You filthy monkey

  72. Well given that video gaming is one of the fastest growing “hobbies” amongst both men AND women. I’d say the author needs to get the stick out of his pigu and embrace the age of technology his ignorance spewing blog is built on.

  73. Two things: First, several of these items are counter intuitive to what I thought it meant to be a “masculine, dominant, red-pill-popping” man. For example, buying a girl dinner. This is traditional gender based relationship behavior, so if you wanted to *date* or *marry* the type of girl you all describe, I would think she would expect to take a more submissive role. This means you would buy her dinner! You are all ranting about foreign women who are more ladylike, traditional etc. Do you think they would buy their own meal?? And it is not about the meal and the man paying for it in exchange for sex. That is ridiculous and probably IS in line with a form of prostitution. It is about the idea of the man providing and the woman being the nurturer, which I thought was one lifestyle you all desired. Perhaps I am mistaken!
    Second, and I hate to take a personal shot, but you are 22 years old! How do you know so much about everything? You have been an adult for 4 years and you already know so much about men and women? Now I am not trying to discourage you from your redpill-somewhat-pseudo-masculine platform, but most 22 year old men AND women I know, have no clue. I didn’t have a clue when I was 22 either.
    What I would pay to see some of you put your words into action!

  74. After half an hour on this site I must say I am deeply impressed. You are the proto-anthropoid beasts of my “liberal lore”. To find such a den is exhilarating. What’s truly funny to me, though, is that the monkey-like gibberish I’ve read is very similar to the sewage spouted by the guys I pick up in straight bars. A few beers, a shared conversation about guns or fishing or cars, and suddenly its PLAINLY obvious why you are so antiwoman. And I always tell them what I’m sure so many of you have said to your prey: itll be alright. It only hurts the first time 😉

  75. Dude, how many cheerleaders DON’T LAUGH AT YOU…?
    Probably not many…
    You SUCK… But I’ll tell you what.. If you wear COLLARED SHIRTS everyday, I’ll think a LITTLE better about you..
    You sound like that “camaraderie-lover” who want to impress others like you… That’s why 40% of American women have never been married…
    I do promise to break more of it up though…

  76. Whenever I read articles like this, I wonder what the writer’s mother is like. Either he gave in to his longstanding oedipal complex, or he felt so emasculated by a female authority figure that he’s taken it out on all women.

  77. Wow you’re all hilarious people.
    Firstly, women will probably like you more if you don’t consider household chores a “womens task”. They’ll probably like you more if you consider them a homeowners task, to be split between the people living there.
    Second this whole thing of making your house “pussy ready” is another thing that’ll probably make women like you less, as objectifying a girl, and making her no more than a “pussy” is pretty gross.

    1. Look at how many times the word “like” is used in this post. If your goal in life is to be “liked” then you have already lost the game (or are still in high school, or are a girl).

  78. “Men, your needs always come first.”
    You’re an immature dumbfuck, dude. If you are in a legitimate relationship (which, by the looks of this site, none of you are) then you would actually know better. The key is putting her needs first AND FINDING A WOMAN WHO DOES THE SAME FUCKING THING. Then you’re both happy and horny all the time because she feels special and you feel taken care of (because apparently you need women to clean up after you like any other 12 year old boy).
    You’ll find that in real, adult relationships that kind of thing creates a pretty nice balance. God, you guys are ignorant.

  79. Ehhh man… This is kinda disagreeable. I personally think a man should do what a man wants as long as he isn’t completely screwing things up for others involved. I just think that that’s kind of rude of you, author.

  80. 1) Listening to pussies on the internet who claim to know what being a man is.
    There, fixed your list – you hack. Now go wash the fucking dishes.

  81. Yeah, got to admit this sports obsession thing should be shamed. While some may call it mere entertainment, in fact, men are giving their validation, their attention, and their cash to a bunch of trained monkeys whose sole “job” is to put a rubber ball somewhere. Those men then use all that to cash in on chicks and goods. Really? Only a beta male would take part in that value transaction.

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  83. The whole “happy wife, happy life” idea is stupid. But I hope you don’t expect your wife to put your needs in front of hers. Because personally, I don’t feel like my vagina be beaten away at with no say and no orgasms for the rest of my life, either. I have no problem with my husband getting his, but I sure as hell will jump on top and get mine, too. Being a nice guy all the time is stupid too. Too many men use the “nice guy” complaint as crutch to not stand up and be a man that is accountable for his decisions and all the reasons why a girl might not want to sleep with him. Yeah, you might be a nice guy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush your teeth.

  84. It’s just a balance isn’t it? I do agree mostly but not the buying dinner part. You’re the man, you make money and provide. You’re a woman, you do everything feminine in the home and care for it/the kids. If they want harmony from the beginning, men; don’t cheap. Women; master the household tasks and child-rearing. If they do as supposed to, there will be yin and yang, balance, masculine and feminine.

    1. As for casual sex, same same. Provide if you want some. Because you’re giving, she’s giving too. How could any woman feel comfortable bedding a guy if he isn’t manly enough to show he can hold a job and have money?
      If she pays for you, this might as well be feminism. You’re encouraging her with ideas that she has money, she has control and that you rely on her.

  85. “12. Video games, the world’s most pathetic ‘hobby’
    There are millions of better hobbies that will
    result in better health, more impressive skills, and to top it off, more
    girls in your life.”
    “better health” – you can have other hobbies too, you know
    “more impressive skills” – why should I care about impressing other people?
    girls in your life” – why the hell would I give up on a hobby I like so that I’ll have more girls in my life? I’m not a beta male like the author of this article

  86. Dictating what should be shamed. Do you even live in the real world fuckwit? 80% of the shit you just listed is manly as fuck, but what the fuck would you know, you American dog. Thank god I don’t live in your shithole country, where apparently being a lightweight drinker and not doing chores makes you a man. That would make you a child. Honestly, I hope you kill yourself.

  87. 1. Agree
    2. You won’t like me. I don’t trust anyone in the kitchen but me. I’m a damned good cook and I enjoy it. As for cleaning, for years I held a second job that was environmental and cleaning related. So yeah I do some of that too. Don’t give a fuck if that bothers anyone.
    3. Agree
    4.I read somewhere that something like 70% of Americans dislike or even hate their jobs. Many have no choice but to keep them if they want to eat.
    5. Agree
    6. Agree
    7. Agree
    8. Don’t agree. Sometimes a good meal, out or home cooked does seal the deal. This is way too restrictive.
    9. Know your limits. It’s OK to drink or to abstain. Just know your limits and don’t get stupid or sloppy.
    10. Good point. How about making me happy?
    11. Again way too restrictive. If you’re a younger dude and an “older” woman wants you I would say depending on who she is, her appearance and her understanding that this is for fun and don’t let her sink her hooks in you. This could possibly be the time of your life. Read some Ben Franklin on the subject. You manosphere guys can be as strict as the other side sometimes.
    12. Agree
    13. Agree wholeheartedly. Including not shaming me for cooking, buying dinner (if I feel like it) and having some no holds barred fun with an “older” woman.

  88. Context is key.
    If a bachelor lives in a house by himself, he is the only one capable of doing all the chores. He can choose to consider the “unmanly” ones as beneath his efforts and his home will reflect this hovel mentality, as he is likely to go without female intimacy since most hygienic females do not like having sex in a nasty looking or smelling, house.
    Personally i don’t assign sexes to chores, since they need to get done regardless of whether you are with a woman or not.
    That being said, some chores are more masculine than others, but if you’re in a relationship and living with a Woman the effective thing to do is to have the masculine ones done by you and most of the feminine ones done by the Woman. I said “most” because Women don’t generally believe in things like fairness, so if there are harder masculine chores that you do and easier feminine easier chores that she does, expect her to expect you to do at least a few of those without exception since she by nature of her weaker sex, will expect some help from you the stronger more capable sex, with matters of physical labor especially.
    If you’ve got yourself a real Woman that isn’t ashamed to behave like a Woman by coming to you for the hard stuff (and she appreciates you for being the stronger sex) don’t throw it back in her face by expecting her to do ALL the chores. Take a few of them off her hands, since you know she values and appreciates you. We clean up our houses when we are single, so it’s not like our phallus is going to drop off if we live with a Woman who means more to us than just the basics and we help out with the chores where applicable.
    A real Man knows when to compromise without sacrificing the fundamentals of his Y legacy. Even a leader will ride into battle with his army when the situation calls for it…the best ones anyway.
    I therefore disagree with #2 and #12 (since the latter doesn’t necessarily imply a sedentary lifestyle) but i appreciate the article nonetheless.

  89. i liked this article well enough so here’s my two cents
    1. I like to consider myself a respectful guy, I think there is a difference.
    2. A man should be capable of doing household chores as well as manly chores. I have single friends who live in a rats nest and at the same time can’t change a tire. I “can” wash dishes, wash clothes, cook well enough that I don’t starve, I can also jerk off and make myself cum. If you want to be my girlfriend/wife you better be able to do those things better than I can.
    3. I don’t watch sports, but I have way too many friends who idolize athletes, same with musicians. Not to say that enjoying sports or listening to music is bad, but a grown man literally in tears and bitchy for a week after because “his team” lost the big game is pathetic. If you like sports why not join an after work beer league, if you like music, learn to play it. living your life through others is lame.
    4. Agree, but be willing to do what you have to do to make a dollar, and don’t spend all day whining about it. I’ve had lots of shitty jobs, right down to picking up dog shit off my bosses lawn because there was no real work at the time. I always showed up on time and didn’t bitch, and you know what, they always kept me working rather than lay me off.
    5. Agree, a lot. I only graduated 12 years ago, and in my day, dressing the way kids do today would have gotten your ass kicked and shoved in a locker. Then you have the 30 year olds who are so lost they just pick up whatever style they see on MTV. I actually have more respect for gay guys than guys who say they’re straight, that wear skinny jeans, horn rimmed glasses and pink shoe laces, then go around trying to pick up chicks. The sad part is sometimes it works.
    6. Flowers just because isn’t so bad, as long as she deserves it, it’s the equivalent to waking up to a blowjob on Sunday morning. As an apology it’s weak. Don’t apologize unless you truly fucked up, and if that’s the case, admit your wrong and fix the problem.
    7. Agree for myself, don’t care if others have bad game, leaves more for me. I suppose it does give women a bad impression of “all men”.
    8. I would usually be ok with picking up the tab on a first date, however the first date would never include an expensive dinner, a few drinks and some appetizers is all that should be required. If a woman argues that she wants to pay her share I immediately agree, I feel like they only do this in the hopes that I will say, “no, I insist” ten times, not happening. I think paying the bill on the first date asserts that it is in fact a date, and that you have intentions to get in her pants, not just two buddies “out for drinks”.
    9. Being able to drink a lot is not important, being able to handle what you drink is.
    10. I can’t stand this expression. Anyone who says it is whipped down to thier hands and knees and has no say in the relationship. What’s most pathetic is when guys who aren’t even married to their girl say it.
    11. Im not into Cougars at all. I guess whatever gets you laid is ok. Just an observation, but a lot of guys I’ve met who were more into older women had animosity toward thier mothers, is there a connection?
    12. I guess video games are alright for killing an hour on a rainy day, but there are definitely more productive things you can do, even while sitting on your ass. Anyone who considers video games their hobby or identifies themselves as a “gamer” is a loser.
    13. Well, obviously.

  90. With all do respect to this 23 year old kid who probably gets laid here and there and what not…what the fuck does he know about shit.? Doing household chores is part of being an adult man and taking care of yourself and the home you keep it has nothing to do with being whipped. And “Drinks at a dive bar then a venue bounce back home are all it takes to seal the deal”…that’s it…that’s your red pull wisdom?
    This isn’t fucking American Pie, Jason Biggs…I’m sorry, but I am just not convinced that the author has any game at all. At all. This is regurgitated nonsense.
    ROK is a great resource…but the editor in chief needs to do a better job with some of this material.
    You’re damn right I said it. Deal with it.

  91. And another thing…”Game” has nothing to do with “getting laid” Amateurs. “Game” is about self respect and how you carry yourself in all situations…not just at the bar trying to “pick up chicks” Sealing the deal is a bonus for keeping your shit together at all times…not getting your apartment “pussy ready in 5-10 minutes” Shit should be tight all the time. All the time.

  92. Good one. I think the hipster one is really good. I have nothing against indie music IF IT’S GOOD. But lately indie doesnt mean shit because since the major labels are almost defunct..indie the only label out there! Anyone in a band is indie!The quote is kind of misleading because hipsterism is conformity sold as individualism. I like the poseur meme. I see these assholes in their bike messenger outfits, ALL of these pussy idiotic lemmings look and dress the SAME! I get it women will always dress for the most part with whats in style. Hipster is arguably the first trend where you have guys en masse dressing in a way that is accomodating a style dictated by mass media. Its usually these uptight dorks posing as some masculine character with beards and meticulously groomed mustaches.Yet they have no personality or game to spreak of, Any of the hipster guys I did see with women were beta providers and the bitch in the relationship. Nothing reaks beta like the FAGS that fall for such a conformist way of dressing and acting.

  93. what amazes me is that people actually take advice from others on how to be. fuck, just be yourself. stop listening to self entitled pricks an bitches about how to act, what to do, what to wear. because it’s all bullshit in the end. be yourself. be happy with yourself and the right people will come along

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