Beware The Coming Breed of “Pro-Male” Women

As Roosh accurately predicted it would a couple years ago, the manosphere is now mainstream. Excited as I am to see and be a part of this change in the direction of the narrative, I find it also prudent to discuss where these changes will lead and how we can remain vigilant—lest our guards drop and we find ourselves in unpleasant circumstances once more.

Now that feminism is starting to be considered “uncool” by many women, more and more of them will begin to openly speak against it. It does not matter if they were feminists last week; if it hurts their status today, then women will throw even their best friends under the bus without batting an eye. Many will quickly and sharply denounce their old friends, even taking the extra step of becoming openly “pro-male” if it becomes a popular stance that celebrities endorse (which it will).

To many men, this will appear to be progress. In some ways, it really will be. But consider that a “pro male” woman, a real one, is just a person who respects other people. She’s probably also a “pro female” woman, and just pro-humanity in general. As such, truly pro-male women probably never identified as feminists to begin with, having seen through the layers of deception and nonsense early on.

So the pro-male women are already the ones who are treating us well, and will continue to do so regardless of what is popular in the cultural narrative and indoctrinated into the masses through expertly hypnotic media outlets. The newly “pro-male” women we will see are simply going to be doing what women always do: outwardly going along with whatever gets them what they want, while inwardly having wildly different feelings and motives.

Remember, women are like water: their behavior conforms to the shape of whatever container you put them in.

If the media says “being feminist is uncool, being pro-male is the new black,” then women will jump on board. Their old beliefs will be discarded in a flash, since they were never real beliefs to begin with. Nor are her new ones, which is why she can make the switch without one iota of discomfort or cognitive dissonance.

The reason I am giving this warning today is that men will soon be in a uniquely vulnerable position and we will want to stay wary of this. Having been denied the opportunity to build real, loving relationships with real, loving women, we have pragmatically settled on simply sleeping with as many attractive and easy women as we can while committing nothing and compromising even less. As such, I believe that men are in a state of deep and painful yearning for true femininity—with all its supportive and healing qualities—and will be fairly easy to trick with a presentation that appears to be what we’ve been looking for.

We have seen before how prominent manosphere personalities have thrown everything out the window to get married, tarnishing their own legacies and making themselves out to be hypocrites all to lock down that “one special girl who showed them how wrong they were.” Now, I am certainly not denying the possibility that they truly did meet a unicorn, a beautiful and feminine supportive and loving woman who wasn’t just a manipulative, back-stabbing slut in a unicorn uniform.

But what all experienced men know is far more likely, is that they got tricked by a woman with better game than them. I suppose we shall see as time goes on, whether those relationships end early or not. Regardless, I don’t want to see a whole slew of learned men suddenly changing their minds and hearts because the cute girl they’re dating supports “men’s rights” or took a class about it.

Of course, the thing to keep in mind above else is this:

Women don’t really “believe in causes”—most of the time anyway. When you spend enough time around them, and around the kinds of people who “protest for causes” and “do activism,” you will tend to find that all such people—regardless of sex—are all heart and no brain, all passion and no reason, and are generally just protesting because they enjoy the feeling of it.

They think it’s fun to make signs and yell about things. And to be fair, it actually can be pretty fun. But the point is that most women are not nearly as attached to their “causes” as they seem, with the exception of the fervor with which they fight for animal rights.

So do not be fooled that the newly “pro-male” woman “gets it” so to speak, or understands the red pill man’s perspective. She does not. She has not one of the thousands of requisite male experiences she would have to have in order to “understand our side of things.”

At worst, she is saying it because she’s an undercover feminist trying to get some dirt on men. At best, she is saying it because she likes you and wants to impress you.

And as the frog sank, he surely thought “I knew it all along”….

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400 thoughts on “Beware The Coming Breed of “Pro-Male” Women”

  1. I’m not as cynical about the prospect of “pro male” women jumping on the bandwagon because the movement needs females. Women are natural complainers. Look what they have accomplished for feminism merely through shrieking and making noise in the media. If we had some women bitching for our side, it might help. People shouldn’t listen to women like that, but the fact is, they do. They could be useful. But I do agree about PERSONALLY associating with “pro male” women who are just conforming to the zeitgeist. They’ll adopt some slogans and talk about how they’re pro-male and whatnot, but as always, don’t pay attention to what a woman says. Watch what they do.

    1. There’s a certain amount of genuine concern that red-pill conservative women exhibit over the current state of affairs facing men. But as soon as the tide starts to turn in our favor, they’ll be joining our ranks for attention and conformity purposes.
      While I think it’s a genuine concern down the line and a necessary warning to make, I don’t think the time for shutting them out has arrived *just yet*

    2. A lot of the Beta males I am subjected to at work are natural complainers, too. I wonder which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are they copying the behavior of the females they orbit or are they just naturally bitchy like the girls.
      They’re also, like women, conformist and afraid to do anything outside of what the Hivemind dictates as “appropriate” to use a liberal word.
      Truly, sad men to be around.

      1. I love seeing sad self loathing men bitch and turn on other men.
        The fact that assholes like you bitch and moan while stabbing other men in the back, is part of the problem.
        Your sneering at other men is not macho.

        1. Haha thanks for adding some levity to the discussion with your premenstrual emotional tirades. I’ve enjoyed not just the one directed at me but the other inanities you’ve posted.
          Now go make me a sandwich, cunt.

  2. The whole “pro male” trend reminds of the very characteristic that makes a women despicable and unattractive to men- attention seeking.
    Now don’t get me wrong, there have been many genuine “pro male” women such as Ayn Rand, Erin Pizzey and Helen Smith, but the legitimacy of the modern day “pro male” women is questionable.
    For example, I find it really doubtful about the actual intent of these so called “pro women” when I see them taking pictures of themselves with sheets of paper saying “I don’t need feminism” and yet they are flashing their cleavage.
    Men should take extra care to believe anything that a women tells them- because it is by their nature, to behave in a dysfuntional manner, and live in denial.

    1. Right on point sir, we need to learn the lessons from the actions of feminists and women in general. Feminists cant handle being excluded from male spheres it goes against there entire agenda you only have to look at how they have bullied their way into and corrupted the gaming industry, modern day academia and the work place.
      Women see the ‘mansosphere’ as another area from which they are excluded and cant handle it, I implore fellow ROK readers (as ‘truth’ above me has) to be very cautious of these Instagram and facebook sluts who have all of a sudden become our social media champions as this is all but too reminiscent of the feminist method i.e. worm your way into a movement/industry/institution and manipulate it to eventually suit your own needs and narrative.

      1. Women will try to worm their way into the manosphere and manipulate it to their advantage? Of course, that is their nature.

    2. It’s not about the men – it’s always about the women. Pro-male women will probably be even worse than hardened feminists that are easy to ignore.
      Just because red pill is about maintaining masculinity, doesn’t mean it should be distorted into a pro male movement when what is really missing is a pro female movement that encourages women to be feminine.

      1. Good point. We’re simply stating (here) that we want feminine women (back) and if we’re truly looking for equality then our courts would look at men in an equal manner when it comes to divorce, child support, alimony, etc…
        It’s isn’t so much about a “pro male” movement as it is more of a “right the ship” movement.
        Things are fucked up….men (again) are trying to fix it.

        1. Those feminine women never existed. Stop dreaming.
          Fuck women and dump them, let go of your need of relationships, don’t be a lemming,.

        2. The myth of the feminine woman needs to be busted here on this site. Women were “feminine” because they were forced into submission by society and they were not happy about it at all. If women were naturally submissive there would be no need for Muslim and Asian cultures to keep women under such strict regulation. They went so far in ancient times to lock a chastity belt around a young girl to prevent her from giving herself away.
          Women are wired to dominate like every other species on earth. Female animals hunt and kill pret, and even kill the males of their own species. This site is right that women want to be dominated by a man but they are wrong in stating that a woman does it out of some kind of submissive surrender to a man. She wants a man to earn it with his strength and dominance, and the stronger she is, the stronger the man must be, hence hypergamy.
          Women havent been corrupted by society, they’ve just been freed and allowed to let their hypergamy run wild. Today’s woman is the real human woman in her natural state. Unfortunately for us she is violent, selfish (almost sociopathic), shallow, and vain.

        3. I disagree. Woman in fact has naturally feminine virtues (and defects). One word: maternity. Patriarchy potentiates martenity, that’s why woman in these culture are feminine while western cultural colapse (feminism, anti-natality policies, etc) makes woman avoids maternity, and as a result, makes them bitter, angrier… masculine. It’s maternity which puts woman and men equallity in check. Your conception about how feminine atributes are unaturally are dangerous for our fight, because it’s match perfectly with the feminist speech that feminine woman and gender binary is a myth. My english is bad (not my mother tongue) to explain better, but I think I made my point.

        4. A woman’s sex organ takes in a penis, need I say more about being submissive. Femininity is there to take care of and nurture the offspring, so no, they are naturally feminine. Nurses, primary school teachers are almost all female, no one is forcing them to be in a situation where they take care of sick people or kids.
          What is unnatural is the current system, that tries to force masculinity on them by yelling at them to work in fields they don’t want to, via affirmative action. The current system negates their responsibilities, they wouldn’t take so much risks if it wasn’t paid for by the governments and tax dollar

        5. I think you misunderstood here. I’m looking for women to be feminine (again)…I didn’t say anything about looking for “the one”. As you age, you’ll start to “get it”.

        6. You will quicker see The Second Coming before you see anything resembling true equal rights between women and men in a court of American law. The government and its trappings are not and will never act in men’s better interest. With new harassment laws, self serving women helping themselves to a lion’s share of a man’s income via alimony or child support with support and help from the good ol patriarchy and other things that plague men’s existence—this keeps men constantly occupied as senators and legislators accept bribes from oil companies, food companies like Monsanto and decide what to with our tax contributions as they write themselves a. Big. Fat. Check.
          The biggest mistake a man can make is to believe that an organization which had never acted in its best interest will do so because it’s fair. If America wanted s fair and equal society, it would have been accomplished years ago. In order for empires to prosper, there has to be a ruling class and a working or slave class.

        7. I agree that women are submissive, but she will only be submissive in the presence of an alpha. The masculine lawyer cunt who doesn’t want kids will sing a completely different tune if Ryan Gosling or Kobe Bryant are in pursuit of her. A good analogy is that a mother bird will not build a nest in a sapling or a weak tree.
          My point is that many men are with women that will not submit to them and their first reaction is to blame feminism. They arent fully wrong but chances are that if his wife was married to her favorite celebrity or a man with all the attributes on her checklist, she would behave more kindly in fear of losing an alpha male. Television has given women the ability to observe alpha males on a daily basis, so they know there are millions of worthy men around.
          Hypergamy is a harsh reality for 90% of men but it cant be denied or ignored. Men should focus more on becoming stronger, more dominant men than complaining and whining about the state of women. The truth is that the modern woman chooses a beta for marriage with no intention of ever submitting to him.

        8. I’m so tired of hearing this bullshit about female nurses and teachers being the epitome of the loving,caring, and all encompassing feminine creature. Does it not strike anyone as odd that these women place themselves in lines or work that gives them automatic and unquestioned superiority over small unthinking children that need an authority figure or taking care of the infirm that depend on them. These women have found the ultimate fix for their drug of choice….power over others. In real life, these teachers and nurses that you seem to find so caring and giving and docile are really just women as crazy as all the others. And if they were really that good at their jobs, we wouldn’t be in the worst educational crisis the US has seen in 40 years, an i we wouldn’t have to see 5 goddamn nurses to tell us that we have high blood pressure and wonder why medical premiums are as high as they are.

        9. You almost nailed it. Feminsim is about having the choice to conform to societies ideas about femininity women were forced to or not, rather than the message being to NOT be feminine. But I don’t WANT a man to bully me into submission. I choose to be financially independent, do physical work, like traditionally ‘masculine’ things like technology and video games but I also wear hyperfeminine lolita fashion when not wearing jeans. The former doesn’t make me more of an ugly ‘dyke’ and the latter doesn’t make me a brainless bimbo. I have the choice to put on a corset or sexy costumes to pander to my boyfriend’s fantasies. I choose to get on my knees and suck his dick precisely because he DOES not try to dominate me. He lets me be who I want to be, acknowledging my autonomy as a person, so in turn I let him take charge, walk in front of me, dominate me in bed etc because I trust that he respects me and wont abuse that.

        10. Finally, someone who gets it. Feminism is not some Marxist/Jewish conspiracy to undermine the family, blah blah blah bullshit. It’s about women being women. That is the whole point of this article, but it seems to be lost on so many people here.

        11. While I agree more 85% than 100%, I’m extremely thankful that you raised and reminded me of these points
          very useful perspectives: historical, cultural, animal kingdom
          (inb4 “humans are not animals~!!1111!!)

        12. extremely good point about media influencing expectations of women (true for men too although we all know how much more forgiving men are being most of us operate on binary would bang/would not bang rather than top 10%-type mate selection)
          does an axiom follow? if you’re struggling with this, especially weak fathers or bad role models, watch a moderate amount of good masculine TV and movie characters and use them as a jumping-off point for your own swag.
          You’re trying to obtain their MINDSET – not copy their behaviors. Looking past the tactics and strategies the actor uses, straight to the logistics. WHY, HOW does this guy (both actor and character) maintain his state. What is going through his head. How come you can’t think that. You can.
          And when you find a good actor you respect and learn from, find all his movies and digest them.
          It helps for a certain type who struggles with some social stuff, often the super-smart semi-spergy guys

        13. Finally a man around here that sounds a bit rational and not like some douce that’s pissed because a girl turned down his offer to buy her a drink.

        14. That’s because the vast majority of American men are pussies who don’t check female behavior. Even Einstein when he visited in the 1920s said that “American men are like toy dogs for women.” Google it.

        15. “Femininity is there to take care of and nurture the offspring,”
          That is why women abuse their own kids more than fathers? That is why women treat their own kids as hostages and extract resources from the state and other men with them?
          You are buying into the myths.

        16. Nope she is not submissive in front of the so called “Alpha”
          Women use and discard high status good looking men like junk too.
          The whole relationship paradigm favors the women. The women controls YOU! in the relationship, she can phone the police and get you thrown in jail! She will use you and strip you of resources.
          Femininity is socially dominate, acting submissive in the bedroom means shit.

        17. Female carers are getting paid! lolol
          Lazy parasite women use the. “I took care of you” line to manipulate and guilt me into doing what they want.

        18. Men never bullied women into being submissive, don’t talk victim bullshit with me girl.
          Even in the past women controlled their husbands, it was just in the women’s interest to maintain her work horse slave.
          Try digging a ditch or working in a sewer, that is masculine work.

        19. Feminine in the bedroom you mean? That is all you can expect.
          Feminine outside of the bedroom means. “Treat men like a princess”

        20. I don’t but I avoid drinks from strangers, even water.
          Yes that also goes for women as well. Can’t be too sure.

        21. I’ve been around for a bit. I can remember a time when women were actually women (feminine), wanted to be women…….the whole nine yards.
          Younger guys (today in the U.S.) have it rough because the latest round of feminism has really brainwashed many of these women. It sucks….women wanting to men, today.
          A fucked up situation.

        22. Remember when it profited women to fake feminine submission you mean?
          It was a mask bro.

        23. Women are feminine now, don’t you get that? You are still in denial about female nature. Aggression, social bullying, hatred of men, is female nature.

      2. encourage women to be feminine?
        You mean you still buy that fake feminine submission shit?
        Women are not naturally submissive, that is not feminine. Women are socially violent, disordered, hostile. They only behave when they have no choice. (I.E when there is lack of resources and they need to mooch of men.)

        1. Huh? So youre trying to tell me that women are not feminine? Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

        2. Just being born female does NOT make her ‘feminine’, not any more than it makes her a ‘lady’.

        3. Absolutely right. And guess what that is the best a woman can do. As corny as it sounds when checking male derived truth from logical observations and conversations amongst men. It lines up pretty well to what is in the bible. Pay no attention to some preacher or some churchian shit head just know truth is truth. and you nailed it

        4. Nailed it. When two humans come together, one is more dominant than the other. It can be subtle or extreme, but there is never truly a level playing field. When the female is in the dominant position, she treats the man like shit. When the female is in the submissive position, she is horny and respectful and admiring. The way her to be submissive is for the man to be dominant. In this context only, it is truly the case that a man needs to “man up” to get the responses from women that he so deeply desires.

        5. No they are not submissive you don’t get it.
          It is called fake feminine submission for a reason.
          The powerful man is the bitch, he hands his resources over to her, he is under her thumb.

        6. Wrong. You are buying into the con. She is not submissive, if she was submissive she would be the one slaving and working for her man.

        7. No, I am saying femininity is not submissive. You can’t comprehend what I am saying because you are in denial.

        8. Maybe in the modern day. But what about more earlier times before feminism as well know it.

        9. You’re wrong. You have no idea what female submission even means. Submissive doesn’t mean the woman becoms your slave and does all your work for you. How stupid are you?
          If a woman is submissive, it means she accepts her man’s leadership in the relationship, but they function together as a team. The way I’ve heard it descibed is that the relationship between a man and woman should be similar to that of a captain and first lieutenant, not to that of a master and slave.
          Why would you even want a woman to be your slave and work for you? Are you incapable of working? Would you also expect your woman to take a bullet for you, or to fight off a mugger for you?
          You’ve got the wrong idea about submission, man. You’re basically a male version of a feminist. Feminists say “all men are the same and they’re no good.” You say “all women are the same, and they’re not submissive.” I don’t see a lot of difference between you and a feminist.

    3. Rand’s view of what women could or should be, existed outside of the status quo at the time that she was writing. Later on, it existed outside of second wave feminism and, conversely, also outside of traditional pre-feminist housewife roles. So many people want to categorize women as being either feminists or hausfraus. People like Rand were savvy enough to understand that there could be something entirely, altogether different.

      1. If you’ve read Atlas Shrugged, then you know her heroine, sleeps with the South American mining tycoon, goes on to commit adultery with the American tycoon and break up his marriage, and then ends up ditching them both for John Galt, while the earlier two men are forever in love with her only.
        Then you know Ayn Rand wasn’t anything different from any other feminist.

    4. I thought wanting male attention made them attractive? Merely the disingenuous and despicable ways they go about it that are bad.

    5. I think some perspective is needed here.
      Women have a biological prerogative! It entails several characteristics which they seek to find in order to gain fulfillment. No surprise, all human beings do. Strangely, to feminists anyways, this includes men.
      The fact is, women require a few things that men have to provide for any LTR to go the distance from youth, to death do we part.
      1. She seeks security. How, or why she seeks it may change from generation to generation, but the gist is the same. A man provides protection for when she “nests.”
      2. Like men, she needs companionship. Her half of the companionship is different in it’s aim than ours, but we both crave the completed whole. Feminists have railed against this in order to separate and destroy the bonds of men and women. The dynamic of whole-companionship is biological, therefore it has prevailed. Apparently?
      3. Both men and women like to be desired. This is more than sex, and stems from a human’s desire for security through life to a natural death. To be desired includes raving, passionate, earth shattering sex up-front of course. But let’s be honest, how many 90 year olds do you hear about breaking their false hips attempting the latest home-made porn session? If you have, keep that crap to yourself. The point is, stemming from the prior parts above, people like to know that during our brief time here, we were truly cared for. Forget the world, it will never remember us after we are gone. But for one brief duration of a few mere decades of this rock’s elliptical orbiting of the sun, we existed, and earned/cherished the love and affection of one person who actually gave a fuck about us enough to live with us. Give us sons/daughters, and weep when we pass. Or was worth our tears if they go first.
      4. The one thing that seperates us to a woman, or more particularly “our” woman/women, is our leadership. Most men don’t understand this today. As lately, with the man-jawed feminists antics, many women now think that men want to follow them. If they get this, they divorce, or lead a lonely, miserable marriage. Likely prone to get freaky with another man, or men. I guarantee that men of hunter gatherer societies knew leadership. They were always out and about, and knew that if they did not bring back game, then ol’girl was gonna have nothing but a grass salad for him when he came back. So when it was time to migrate, and follow the herds, bish knew she was backing up camp for him to carry, and she had the rugrats in tow. Until they were of age, and daddy taught the males their way of life. And demanded his daughter(s) bring only bring a swinging dick that could swing a spear into rawhide. Or they could die fending for themselves. Things have certainly changed.
      Leadership is not being the guy who manipulates. It is being the guy who knows when to move. When to make something happen. Any guy can lern to manipulate. Few know how to actually lead. Even fewer actually can. A leader is not a leader if others won’t follow.
      5. Last one for now, is RESPECT! Men and women don’t respect a fool. Far fewer actually marry one. If you are an idiot, and many of you will know if you are or not, then you are going to have a tough time.
      Respect, contrary to the modern incantation, is earned. It is earned after you have endured hard times, and people noticed that in the end, you did not bish much, if at all. Mike Tyson makes people fear him. But do they respect him?
      There are, and always have been good women. But a woman who emulates that above, will have no problem finding a man who will give her his everything, and have him never question putting his seed up in her sexy ass. When she brings him babies, sure, there may be times where they don’t care for each other. But that is the point of marriages all along. Friendships, family, and the like. You can never be close until you go through shit together. Ever. And you need those traits above, and then some if you are ever going to have it all.
      I know a guy who summed up feminists and their ilk to the T.
      “Life is tough! It’s tougher if you’re stupid.”-John Wayne
      Don’t be like them.

      1. Feminism has tried to divide men and women on all the points you made above. Security by the nanny state and workplace; companionship by turning love and marriage into a binding, crippling trap; sex with promiscuity and crazy fetishes; leadership by calling it the patriarchy; and respect by painting all men as sex crazed pigs or creepy weaklings.
        They are brainwashing young women, and some poor men, into being as undesirable and incompatible to the opposite sex as possible. The strong family unit is the feminists main enemy, probably because she doesnt have one of her own.

      2. This is some disney ass shit right here homes. Seems like you’ve hit the rose tinted pipe a bit too hard. Men are going to jail because bitches are lying, and big daddy state believes em.
        Wake up. That disney shit was no problem when caveman would club a bitch to death for lying. Nowadays, they get their cake, eat it, and throw you in jail.
        Women understand one currency: power.
        Men in the west have zero. The state has a monopoly on power.
        We were designed to live in a state of war, not as animals in a zoo with psychotic zookeepers who enforced the rules based on passing whims and fads.

    6. Good points. The best way a women can be “pro-male” is by leaving Rok and the manosphere alone, we exclude them from here for a reason.

        1. It happened when the broads boosted the site hits to the nearly unimaginable after a few poignant articles caught their attention…

        2. I just did “Women and homosexuals are discouraged from commenting here.” Looks the same to me boss.

        3. A prudent measure of reverse-psychology. Fat-shaming week and Tuthmosis’ articles crashed the site a couple times.

        4. Its because they love to bitch and moan about shit. They see an article they don’t agree with and then they get all uppity and go send a link to their bitch friends who send links to their bitch friends who send links to their bitch friends who send links to their bitch friends… the cycle will continue.

        5. We could learn a lot from gays, but hyper macho slaves to women would rather hate on other men, than hate on women.

    7. Ayn Rand was just a jewish Cunt. Every culture needs to be collectivistic to some degree or else it will disappear faced to competition from other collectivistic cultures. No culture is more collectivist than judaism. The Jews are behind the current trend of feminism, communism, mass immigration and islamic fundamentalism. Their goal is to destroy the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

      1. Someone trying to discredit this site would post the sort of thing you have, to associate RoK with Nazi-istic xenophobia.

        1. His choice of words is bit strong, perhaps. That being said, the reason the topic keeps coming up is the prominence of Jewish people in these movements (feminism: Freiden, Steinem, Abzug, etc.). It’s hard to speak of one topic without eventually coming back around to its original propagators.

        2. It is not merely his “choice of words” that is unhelpful and sinister.
          When a destructive, agitpropping provocateur appears to flail in all directions, this is often a strategy. The blanket nature of his declarations ensures at least some of it will stick with at least some people, while the vagueness prevents it from being effectively challenged. Apparent wildness is a strategy.

        3. Being anti-Jew is not Nazi-istic its common sense. There is no denying the heavy Jewish influence in almost every aspect of our society, especially politics and social change. One must be blind to believe anything else. They are behind the socializing of America the same way they were behind the communistizing of the USSR.

        4. I believe that every race has the right to exist, EVEN the white race. (pun intended). If that makes me a Nazi, I`m , fine with that. Having said that, I don`t understand why criticism of jews makes me a so called Nazi? I suggest that you should pay less attention to the jewish controlled media.
          The USA used to be a mostly white country before the Jews started their genocidal immigration program in 1965. At more or less the same time things started changing in other white countries as well. The goal is to destroy the white race through mass immigration.

        5. Ok, Mr. Logical, suppose you want to prevent the one race (Jews, it’s not just a religion) that might be able to put a stop to all this socially-engineered manipulation and destruction going on, you get some persons with “Jewish” names, who couldn’t mention 3 out of the 10 commandments, to figure-head socially destructive movements, and boneheaded sheeple looking for someone to hate, like you, get distracted from all the other shit “the powers that be” are pulling.
          Learn some real history, jackass, not the kind your heroes who financed Hitler and Planned Parenthood pay for.

        6. ‘To learn who rules over you,Simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’-Voltaire
          Hopefully that will put things in perspective

        7. what on earth is a “genocidal immigration program”? are you just randomly throwing words together?

        8. are you trying to say that the evil jewish world conspiracy is silencing you? so strange that you’re still allowed to speak freely and haven’t been kidnapped by the mossad. Freedom of speech means that you can express your thoughts freely. Not that everybody has to agree with you.

        9. There are many parts to white marginalization, not the least of which is intentional race-mixing or what would more accurately be called “diluting” through immigration and integration programs.

        10. that quote always cuts through the bullshit and clarifies
          thanks for the reminder of it

        11. No problem, bro. A close friend of mine gave that quote to me in a very similar conversation. Pass it on.

        1. considering that world war two was a philosophical war between fascist socialism and communist socialism, between hitler and stalin’s vision of europe, do you really think that such an ‘insult’ here has any weight?
          Don’t get me wrong, Stopp is being way over the top, but your pathetic insult is both uncreative and ridiculous. It’s no wonder you choose to reply as a guest instead of assigning an identity to that recycled pap.

      2. So jews want to destroy the western world they helped create and are a part of? Makes perfect sense.

        1. I don’t think its about destroying the western world as much as remaking it. As a minority, its much easier to live and survive in an empire or multicultural society than an ethnically homogeneous society. If you look at Europe and its change in stance in regards to mass immigration/rise of multiculturalism and feminism itself, in both movements, Jews are ridiculously over represented, especially as leaders. Might be just a co-incidence.

    8. Dissimulation and deceit. It is woman’s stock and trade. She is nature’s ultimate exploiter, or parasite if you wish to be uncouth and real about it, and males are what she exploits.

    9. That’s right, it’s important to understand women through the same social lens they view the world with
      It’s all about being a “part of something”, the issue, logic, or reality behind is secondary for them.

    10. “Men should take extra care to believe anything that a women tells them- because it is by their nature, to behave in a dysfuntional manner, and to live in denial.”
      Words to live by. Thank you, good sir.

      1. “Manspreading?” What a bunch of sexist bullshit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some rude bitch set her bag in the seat next to her, taking up multiple seats.

    11. Ayn Rand was a sick woman who supplied underage girls to Jean Paul Satre. Do your research man.

    1. And men have been duped into being almost the exact opposite. It’s almost like it has to be that way to balance the culture out. Yin-Yang. Women are 100% self-interest, whereas a middle-aged dad working 65 hours a week, getting sex twice a year with a 200 pound wife is living an existence that is down around near 0% of what he wants. By choice or necessity or coercion, he is down to a state of pure ‘anti-self’. Sad.

      1. You just described a good friend of mine from back in my navy days. And there’s many more just like him out there still today.

      2. Like all the dads (and even stepdads) who support their little princesses with monthly money transactions although the “kids” are 25 or over.
        Those are the girls running around telling everybody: “I don´t need a man”.
        Yeah, right bitch!

  3. This article is necessary.
    I wonder how many manospherians right now would ditch all they’ve read and experienced as soon as a 6.5 gives them some attention.
    Don’t be fooled boys. Don’t become a white-knight and then come back when Hillary dumped you for Vladmir.
    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but for any guys reading this site sitting on the fence, this is for you.

    1. Master your dick; don’t let your dick master you! More importantly, don’t project your soul (Anima) on actual live women, or if you do, at least realize what’s going on. Dante’s Beatrice is a metaphor, not an actual chick.

    2. Currently dating what I perceive as a 7. I have to say she is the best chick I’ve dated so far. I find myself pinching my skin to make sure I ain’t dreaming. She seems like the embodiment of everything I everwanted. I almost felt like claiming NAWALT, but I realize that this is where real game starts. Gaming chicks you don’t give a fuck is easy when you get ahold of it, but doing so with one you actually care for can feel like complete torture. Which is exactly why I remind myself that despite how she presents herself, the odds of her being truly different are fairly slim.

      1. I know that feeling. And I’ve been there.
        The best advice I can give you is do not put too much stock into her personal sense of justice… right and wrong… When her hypergamic desires kick in, there is no right and wrong (especially if you mix in a bit of alcohol). There are girls that are exceptions to this rule of course… But the manosphere exists for a reason…
        Keep investing in yourself primarily. Remember, you’re the captain of your pirate ship… And she is along for the ride.
        Never show weakness and you are miles ahead of the beta hordes.

        1. I always roll as a Pirate captain, I always make them aware that they can get keelhauled at any point. Some of my friends tell me I can be happy she is with me considering the way I threat her. LOL, foolish chumps. They don’t understand she is with me BECAUSE of the way I threat her, not despite it.

  4. I still find the “pro male” trend more heartening that women identifying a feminists. I’ve looked at the women against feminism an most of the girls actually make logical points as to why feminism has failed them an society, but overall I think feminism is so entrenched in western countries it won’t go very far. It’s probably attention whoring on a grand scale an women going with a trend but at least it will open some women’s eyes an some men too that feminism is hurting society.

      1. Yea in my interactions with women after I discovered red pill I always live by that, I still think it’s better for women to shame feminists rather than promote them but like you said we’ll see what they actually do.

      2. You’re right that’s been my rule with females since discovering the red pill. I still think it’s better women rejecting feminism rather than embracing it but as you said we’ll see what comes from it.

  5. Pro-Male? I’ll start worrying about this when the MSM stops shaming white men for their existence. As far as I can discern, accusing men of false rape charges is still considered very acceptable and that falls in line with modern feminist ideology.

  6. “As such, I believe that men are in a state of deep and painful yearning for true femininity—with all its supportive and healing qualities—and will be fairly easy to trick with a presentation that appears to be what we’ve been looking for.”
    This cant be stressed enough. Even though many of us here at ROK have learned how to increase our notch count, we still have a natural need for intimacy that we lock away somewhere deep in our psyches. Women that pretend to be anti-feminism to get you to commit are going to be more common and many are just as susceptible to fall for this as the omega male.
    Women have no choice but to alter their personality to match a quality male. Thats the way it should be, which is why women get so repulsed by a male that forms himself around her. Its also why feminism is doomed to fail.

    1. to your last paragraph, we all see it. women complaining about how their bf, husband, etc., is a spineless and lacks masculinity. But yet despise real masculine men; they are completely confused.

    1. If you really care what an Ameriskank has to say, you’re a neutered Simp behind the 8 ball. 99% of female opinion is worth less than a turd. Here are a couple examples of words coming from a female that are worth listening to:
      I want to blow you
      What do you want me to cook you for dinner?

      1. Your post is very funny. Although I live 10000 miles away, women are more or less the same across the world. But I still think that many women are worthy, They are a minority of course.

  7. “Pro male” women still must serve the feminine imperative. It’s all about them even when it isn’t.

  8. We have seen before how prominent manosphere personalities have thrown everything out the window to get married, tarnishing their own legacies and making themselves out to be hypocrites … But what all experienced men know is far more likely, is that they got tricked by a woman with better game than them.

    Eh. It’s possible. However, not everyone wants to pump-and-dump until they’re 80.

    1. Exactly. When a guy starts to reach some point in middleage he usually wants to settle down and form a family. This is perfectly understandable.
      Even the great BANG tourist Roosh is starting to show signs of mental and physical fatigue from this lifestyle.

  9. I was recently banned from a forum for arguing than neither women nor poor men should be allowed to vote (because a man who can’t get his own life together should not be passing laws that affect all *our* lives).
    The kicker is that the forum was called “A Voice for Men”, and the moderator who banned me was a women. How are men supposed to find their voice when women decide what men are allowed to say?

      1. AVfM is and was always quite obviously liberal equalitarian beta male territory. It is feminism for men. Masculinism? Although they have some rather excellent articles and authors, you have to take them for what they are.

        1. When it comes to the crunch, what they are is Paul, and Paul has always made my Spidey Sense tingle.
          It’s been interesting to watch John go from an oddly creepy, slightly whiny nebish to a man, almost overnight, when removed from their direct influence.

        2. Only beta faggots call other men beta faggots.
          (I am being ironic on purpose.)
          “Just like a feminist” is the cry for the mangina who acts all macho and still wants to be a slave to women.
          Nothing about the MRA is like feminism in any sense of the word whatsoever, even the most liberal part.
          MGTOW is the best path for a man.

    1. I got banned from AVFM too ~ and had a problem with the same female moderator : Paul Elam owns that site and is a white knight mangina for his femibitch mod.

        1. what I mean to write is I got banned from AVFM when posting as a user other then Aryan J. Basically the reason I am using Aryan Jesuite is because my original user name got banned – undaunted and angry I set up another account and went back over the AVFM to post more.

      1. Yup, you can’t read shit any manosphere blog, Men’s Health, any Pick up blogs without getting women coaches advices nowaday! This crack me up

    2. The problem with Paul Elam is that he’s not content to remain in his humble little corner of the manosphere. Instead, he seeks to spread his power and influence over every aspect of male culture. A while back, he tried to appropriate the MGTOW movement by proclaiming AVFM to be “MGTOW central” And I have little doubt that he would proclaim his site to be “PUA central” if it brought him more traffic.

  10. This article is well written, and spot on in my opinion. To add to that. There seems to be a market for women who want play the whole “I’m a conservative, now buy my book” type of female. These females are usually White, (though there are some black chicks who fit the profile as well) middle aged or older (35 and up) and cling to the the whole social conservative narrative. Many of the hoes that read the “news” on fox news fit this script. Virtually all their likes and dislikes are easily predictable.
    They all seem to make being against gay marriage a prominent staple of their belief system. While I agree with them on this (Why would homos need to get married anyway) I think they are insincere. They understand that virtually all White heterosexual males are against gay marriage. And they understand that this stance will appeal to the demographic that they intend to sell their books etc, to. Hence, it is a very easy non threatening way to garner a following.

    1. The funny thing about the whole “gay marriage” issue is that ‘Gay Marriage’ will be all the rage in the gay community UNTIL the time when the Divorce Industry is turned loose on them, just like it has been on us straight males.
      So many of us have realized what a one-sided risk that marriage has become that we are avoiding it (as well as the toxic Modern Womyn who depend on it and its principal outcome, frivorce).
      But the problem for the gays is that the Divorce Industry has become used to its high profits and is always hungry for new victims. However, we ‘straight males’ have learned our lesson and are consequently becoming fewer and fewer.
      It won’t be long…

  11. “The reason I am giving this warning today is that men will soon be in a uniquely vulnerable position and we will want to stay wary of this. Having been denied the opportunity to build real, loving relationships with real, loving women, we have pragmatically settled on simply sleeping with as many attractive and easy women as we can while committing nothing and compromising even less. As such, I believe that men are in a state of deep and painful yearning for true femininity—with all its supportive and healing qualities—and will be fairly easy to trick with a presentation that appears to be what we’ve been looking for.”
    If all the author has done is bang vacuous slut-whores, how does he know or believe in “true femininity—with all its supportive and healing qualities.” If he had known it, why did he leave it? Or, how does he know it indeed exists?
    Further, I’m not convinced there will be a wave of “pro-men” women across US to the extent measurable by the comment section of ROK.

    1. Hmmm, I am an old widower, women like that were not uncommon once, but even then you had to dig through a lot of dross to find the gold. And there are still some, they are not quite unicorns yet ;-D

      1. I’m a widower too. I learned a great many things from that time. Also the red-pill nation and ROK have been invaluable in appreciating the present culture – the good, the bad, the blue-pill world and the ugly.

        1. And I still truly love Glenlivet….but I fight for my family now. I don’t know about the pills. I think we may have been raised to both understand and enjoy the differences, a gentler time.

  12. Yeah. When I think of the women I’ve met who I most liked and got along with, they weren’t real interested in trends, politics, what’s cool this year, and spending every possible minute on the internet. They were busy with family things, or had some artistic hobby they were passionate about (one painted, the other wrote fantasy fiction). Of course they grew up with all of feminism’s ‘advantages’, but they didn’t care much about it, nor were they particularly up with current media events or the latest internet viral sensation. I liked spending time with these women because they talked about everyday things, and their opinions were formed from real life events, not the media. They were a breath of fucking fresh air.
    Women’s strengths are in domestic stuff, emotions, and actual personal interactions. They’re too easily influenced, distracted, overwhelmed and personally affected by all the big shit out there in the world. They’re no good at detaching and being logical, so they can’t reasonably deal with larger societal issues. Unfortunately, feminism and the internet has made it easy for them to get involved, but they shouldn’t be. Because they fail at it, and it makes them unhappy.
    Any women too invested in anything more complicated than her own immediate circle of house, family and hobbies will likely become a confused, attention-craving, entitled and bitter harpy, flailing around at all the stuff she’s taken personally but doesn’t actually even understand.

    1. “They’re too easily influenced, distracted, overwhelmed and personally affected by all the big shit out there in the world.”
      And it’s a very good reason why corporations and politicians “tap” into women. They can be easily influenced, distracted, overwhelmed and personally affected…for votes or to buy a product. It’s a herd mentality and they know it.

  13. While women can be masters of deception, their powers are limited by their solipsistic nature—by their
    inherent lack of empathy or imagination. They simply cannot see the world from a male perspective, or understand that our values and desires are fundamentally different from theirs. If you want proof of this, simply look at women’s dating profiles. It’s
    as if they were deliberately written to be as unappealing as possible. Nowhere will you read something like, “I’m a sweet, demure, feminine girl looking for a responsible man to whom I can
    devote my life.” On the contrary, besides their lavish list of requirements, the women on dating sites always
    talk about their “self-confidence” or their “independence”—as if men found these qualities attractive. Ultimately, therefore, men can only be deceived by women if they participate in the deception themselves—if they refuse to see the real person behind the veil of lies.

    1. This is true! i recently joined a couple of online dating sites and 95% of every profile share the same characteristics; it is all about them and their 357 point list. Sometimes I feel like asking “Now that you have your checklist, what do you plan on giving in return?”. Funny, they really don’t understand that this whole self-confidence, independent bullshit is a turn off! I am looking for a WOMAN, preferably one with feminine attributes. I do not want someone ‘challenging” me all the time.

      1. Yeah there’s a reason these girls have been relegated to online dating. Thejr profiles all have the same “men cant handle me” and “Im not looking for any drama” which basically means she needs attention from several men and attracts drama like none other. Its the bottom of the barrell and any woman over 25 on OKCupid or any site is ruined and unload her used goods on some chump.

        1. Correct. Bottom of the barrel. Valley of busted souls. Use for entertainment and pump and dump away purposes only.

      2. Hypergamy is a bitch. When women become independent workers and consumers in the capitalist system, all sorts of cultural decay commences.
        Narcissistic profiles are just symptoms of a society in cultural decline.

    2. For many women, that viewpoint is a necessity. They’ve bought into the feminist lifeplan, which tells them they are so amazing and powerful they can design their lives any way they want to, and get what they want for themselves at any time.
      When they get older, and can no longer compete for mates against women who are younger, they HAVE to start talking and thinking they are attractive to men in other ways: life-experience, career, strong-minded confidence, independence, condo ownership, etc.
      And if men aren’t attracted by that? That’s the fault of men, who are lagging behind the times, resent women who are more successful than they are, and are in general a bunch of losers who can’t handle the fact that women are superior to them. It’s really astounding that women think that saying all this about men will shame men into manning up and marrying them.

      1. Probably the most important
        social skill that anyone can acquire is the ability to momentarily put oneself
        in another person’s mind—to see the world from their point of view. Unless we can understand another
        person—his feelings and motivations, his desires and aspirations, his thoughts
        and prejudices—it becomes virtually impossible to influence anyone else.
        However, nearly all women spend
        their lives only viewing the world through the lens of their own desires. And while they can still obtain men, if
        they are sexually attractive, once their exterior radiance fades away they are
        likely to end up alone—like some fading dwarf star adrift in the void. After all, if they have no empathy, no imagination,
        no interest in anything which does not pertain to them directly—what else can
        they offer to any self-respecting man?

        1. “…if they have no empathy, no imagination, no interest in anything which does not pertain to them directly—what else can they offer to any self-respecting man?”
          They don’t give a damn about what they “can offer”; the typical Western female is a narcissistic selfish slut that cares about no one but herself (“ME ME ME ME ME ME”…) and is best avoided.
          “Since Western women refuse to be good examples, they must instead serve as dire warnings.”

  14. Billy Chubbs also warned that women jump on bandwagons once that side is clearly winning.
    Ramzpaul also has subtley hinted at this behavior, referencing how women take the political leanings of their husband for example.
    It is a legit concern and this article is well timed.

  15. This author is off the mark. The whole point is that it’s female nature to submit to the authority of men. It is well known in the manosphere that what enables women to hold feminist beliefs are the hordes of white knights. As more white knights get converted, feminists lose their power and consequently more women join our side.
    However, the fact that a woman camouflages does not mean that she is incapable of having true beliefs about anything, it simply means that she is more vulnerable to peer pressures than men. A lot of what the manosphere says speaks directly to women. When we tell women “hey you’re wasting the best years of your youth and will not land a quality guy when you’re 30” a lot of them look at their spinster elders and think “wow they’re right.” When we tell them “hey you actually like masculine men who tell you what to do” they think, “wow that’s so true!” When we say “hey it’s better to submit to a loving husband than to a calculating boss” they say “you know what, you’re right.”
    Look, women have been killed and martyred in history for their beliefs, it’s absolutely ridiculous to assert that because they have a greater aptitude for dissimulation that they therefore don’t hold any beliefs. This kind of thinking is going to permanently wedge a gap between men and women because no trust can be established and it holds a pessimistic view of the relation between men and women which can have no solution. However, we know that this view is false because for millennia men and women have gotten along vis-a-vis traditional marriage. If you really hold this point of view, then what the manosphere becomes is one big babies club rather than a movement looking to make a positive change in society.

    1. Good points. The whole “women are enemies” ideology is really counter productive. Lots of people fail to realize that even western civilization was quite traditionalist oriented until about 50 years ago or so.
      Human nature has not changed in the mean time. The reigning ideology and culture has however.

      1. Women are our enemies,simply because women believe they are. Men need to wake the fuck up and realise the nature of woman.
        Also females have always been the same, feminism is just s a symptom of female nature in the modern environment.

        1. Yes. That is why the modern environment has to go. Since you cannot change female nature.
          Unbridled capitalism has made women into independent bread winners competing with men in the workforce. So something is most likely wrong with capitalism

        2. Where do you see unbridled capitalism? The economy has been so heavily regulated, that I doubt it would be correct to call what we have capitalism at all. Under true capitalism women can’t compete with men in the workplace. For most men their procreative success is directly tied to their ability to provide resources for women. As a result, they are willing to sacrifice much more at the workplace.

        3. Well its true that “true” capitalism has never been tried out historically. Nor has true communism for that matter.
          There will however always be some form of regulation in every economy. “True” capitalism is a fiction, an utopian ideal.
          When that is all said and done, The US is the country that has come closest to realizing this ideal. Since markets are dynamic constructs, sooner or later some firms will attain disproportionate market power.
          That is unless the market is heavily regulated. making it less “free” and “true” in the process.
          When firms aquire market power over the long run, oligopolies and monopolies are created, which means markets become less free and consumers lose in the process. And then follows large Corporations. Under a capitalist system Capital will become concentrated in fewer hands. Even if there is growth, growth in income wil be unequal.
          Since firms are always looking for new markets and larger margins of profit, extending the base of workers and consumers is a natural evolution.
          Woman flooding into the workforce has been in the interests of firms and corporations. Workers and consumers become more abundant, driving down wages in the process. Corporate America is born.
          The capitalist system and its inherent logic has actually enabled feminism. Creating strong financially independent women in the process. It is simply wishful thinking to assume that women are not able to compete with men in the job market. In most non-masculine occupations this is not a problem. And another solution is just to pay women 10-20% less, making up for their lower productivity.
          The private enterprises win, upholding the capitalist system. Society loses, especially as the culture is degraded. And males on average certainly lose out becoming bitter manospherians in the process.

        4. Why does the growth of income have to be equal in order for us to have a prosperous society? As long as everyone’s living standards improve, the underlying system should not matter. It just so happens that capitalism is the most successful in this regard. I doubt it’s a coincidence, though.
          Once again, I disagree with you regarding the competition between men and women in the workplace. Suppose that the market decides to pay women 10-20% less than men. What do you think will happen then? Do you think men will just wither and die? They’ll agree to work for less. There are no other options. The competition between them will lower the wages, which is natural, but women can’t win this race( unless some great power interferes( the state))

        5. Income inequality in itself is not a problem unless it becomes to great. If this happens its usually a sign of Capital being concentrated in fewer hands. And this is exactly what is happening in the US. The middle class is being squeezed while wealth among shareholders is increasing, Thus strengthening the market power of Corporations. Unregulated capitalism will therefore in the long run bring about monopolies and increasing corporate power spilling over to the political realm.
          Personally I see this as huge flaw of the capitalist system.
          If mens wages are actually depressed as an effect of women joining the workforce, this actually means that they are succesfull at competing. Or else they would have never been hired in the first place. But in fact women do make less on average, although this difference is not as pronounced in similar occupations.
          Even if you cut out all the social goodies in a libertarian style system, this does not imply that women would return to being good housewifes. Since the family structure has already been broken down, and single households are increasingly becoming the norm. It would probably just entail that firms acquire more market power, and are able to dictate worse working conditions.

        6. The middle class is being squeezed while wealth among shareholders is increasing, Thus strengthening the market power of Corporations.

          The USA has the largest trade deficit in the world. That means all the crap Americans buy from China is slowly exporting our wealth, purchase by purchase. The wealthy are intelligent enough to invest their money wisely, this includes in places like China. The middle class wants to invest their money in the latest vain, status seeking purchases (bigger TV, new shoes, etc.). Their money is sent to China. There’s no investment in purchasing consumer goods. Therefore, it seems natural that the wealth of the middle class is being drained, but it’s their own fault.

        7. You are blaming the wrong party here. As a consumer it is not always easy to distinguish foreign from domestic products. Many goods are partly made abroad or semi outsourced. This is a problem of asymmetric information.
          Besides, consumers are severely tempted by low priced goods especially if there is a substantial price differential.
          Its not so simple to just buy exclusively domestic, especially when it is getting harder to establish where international corporations are located.
          The real traitors are the large Corporations who dont give a damn about domestic employment. Who have no qualms about outsourcing jobs and who do their best to avoid paying taxes. And these entities are supported by the US government. able to make special deals and acquire tax exemptions. Governments and Corporations are in this together.
          Those wealthy investors that you laud are really just traitors with no allegiance to their home country. When the highest ideal is just to fill your pockets no matter the consequences, than the cultural values have really gone down hill.

        8. Thats right. Capitalism has been restricted for various reasons. Unbridled capitalism would be a catastrophy for the average individual.

        9. No, it’s several things. First, the world economy became global, and when you’re at the top of the food change there will be tend to be a “market correction.” There’s only one way to fall and that’s down. Consumers share a considerable amount of blame for overwhelmingly buying foreign products, not just Chinese goods but foreign fossil fuels as well. We’re buying more than we’re selling, so obviously if a man did that he would eventually run out of money. The only way to fall is down, and blaming the corporations is Marxist bullshit. Learn about trade deficits and who has the largest one in the world.

        10. No it is not reductionist marxist bullshit. Blaming the consumers and workers is reductionist bullshit.
          And the economy did not become global as some part of a natural force. This happened as part of policy design both as a consequence of the fall of the Bretton Woods monetary system, and later again as full “Globalization” after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Liberaization and deregulation has been an ongoing process for years.
          If the Corporations had actually invested in domestic jobs and paid their taxes, the trade deficit would be much smaller. The Global system actually allows the chinese to take over ownership of American firms. All part of the fantastic globalization process. With Capital control this would be much more difficult.
          Consistent trade deficits is ultimately about bad central bank policies. Setting the interest rate to low, thereby not stimulating savings. The excess credit is then converted into higher private and public consumption, and leading to higher import demand.
          Blaming the consumers is much to easy, when it is government and large Corporations who have far more information than individual consumers and workers.
          By the same logic you could blame consumers for the finacial crisis, which is just outright insane.

        11. No it is not reductionist marxist bullshit.

          It absolutely is. You’re trying to scapegoat corporations because they’re a popular target. I don’t give a shit about corporations, but I’ll call a spade a spade. The vast majority of corporations aren’t shit without consumers. Their actions reflect the spending habits of the larger consumer base.

          If the Corporations had actually invested in domestic jobs and paid their taxes, the trade deficit would be much smaller.

          Not even close. Corporations go overseas when they can’t compete. Their choices are often to go overseas, where labor is cheaper, or close their doors. Either way, Americans lose their jobs. Like I said, this is a reflection of the global marketplace. American labor is overpriced in the world economy. Supply and demand. Paying more taxes has nothing to do with trade deficits between countries. Look up what a trade deficit actually is.
          I call bullshit.

      2. There is a difference seeing women as enemy and simply acknowledging the biological reality that women are selfish and not interested in men. This is is outdated product of evolution, putting the needs of women first.
        Feminism, Traditionalism… they all serve the interests of women, they all treat men as disposable.
        You are fine with that, but young men want a change. And they will have it.
        You are being part from the minority. Men shape the history, and most men are sick and tired of being treated as second-class citizens under Traditionalism and third-class citizens under Feminism.
        We deserve the First-Class. We want it, we will have it. We are doomed to achieve the things we want as men.

        1. Yes women are selfish but they are still interested in men. At least the strongest of men.
          Men will always be the disposable sex, at least the mass of betas losing out in the reproductive race for women.
          A war on nature will prove futile, no matter what day and age that you are living in.

        2. I think as societies become less militant, men are viewed more as disposable. It’s perhaps why women in the old Societ Bloc didn’t become shit: it was a military society. War was always a reality for them.
          If you want to fix men and women, perhaps the path to go is to re-militarize society. Men will be viewed as far more valuable than women.

        3. Stop chasing women.
          Stop valuing women.
          Work on your life and goals.
          Ironically, you will appear more Alpha to women.
          In the coming 10-20 years, young men will live in a different world: artificial human eggs plus artificial wombs for reproductive purposes (Neo-Eugenics).
          The value of women is purely sexual. As men we value women, because we are wired to love sex (an orgasm for a male, emulates heroin shot). But… what if we can get enhanced heterosexual pleasure, thanks to direct brain neural stimulation? The value of women will be the lowest in your history. We don’t need sexbots, a mere VR and direct neural connection will be enough:

          As a man, you have a choice. To support the current suicidal/harming role models for the men living in low-tech society.
          Or… to support the boo-technological and SOCIAL revolution when it comes to gender roles and disposability. As men we are superior to women, physically and mentally… it’s about time to stop being treated as disposable objects.

        4. In times of war, the main victims… scratch that. The ONLY victims were men and boys.
          As men we are practical, and supporting endless war is illogical and impractical. We simply need to realize the importance of Violence when it comes to Progress and Evolution. We need Violence. Violence is good for us.
          Instead meaningless wars, we have MMA, Gyms… Why you don’t lift heavy weights and train MMA? Even if a man is a compute programmer, he NEEDS to get back to his roots. He need to fight.

        5. It has to be endless war with higher purpose or maybe even something as basic as survival. While men will be the main “victims” they will also be the most praised. In a warrior society, men hold all the honors, prestige, and value.
          Take the Romans for example. Or the Prussians. Or the Mongols. Strife makes life.

        6. MMA is a Warrior (sub) Culture.
          “Endless war”, really? What is this BS?
          Nothing will come out from that. Men fighting other men for how long… eternity?
          Oh boy, i am sorry that i actually replied to you.
          Go lift, go fight with other men, train your body. Don’t act so strange and illogical. You are not a fucking woman.

        7. We need to look at the mythologies of warrior cultures. For the Romans, everything that was masculine was embodied by the god Mars. Everything that was woman, was Venus. Mars wasn’t just a god of war, but of agriculture and civilization.

        8. ” VR and direct neural…
          To support the current suicidal/harming role models for the men living in low-tech society.Or… to support the bio-technological and SOCIAL revolution when it comes to gender roles and disposability.”
          What you are endorsing is trans-humanism (Mark of the Beast). Men aren’t going to be men once they merge with machines, because they won’t be human anymore, and thus won’t qualify for eternal life through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

        9. I am endorsing Trans-Humanism The Mark of the Beast, The Satanization of men. Christianity doesn’t have any place for REAL MEN.
          In order to be a strong, predatory MAN you need to be Anti-Christian.
          There is no place for true christian believers in MGTOW mate. Try some traditionalist social medias or even feminist ones.

        10. Hey… you are Orthodox Christian.
          The same religious demography which followers blindly support the neo-bolsheviks like Putin and old-bolsheviks like Stalin.
          The same bolsheviks who destroyed your religion and people.
          You don’t deserve real replies, you don’t deserve to communicate with people.
          In Ukraine, the brothers are killing slowly the virus called Orthodox Christianity. The Nationalist brothers are destroying your fake-idols in Donbass and Lugantsk.

        11. Amazing. You’re the second troll on this thread. Up above we have someone planting anti-Jewish comments — the sort of thing that can be later used to discredit RoK — and now you’re posting about satanism.
          That’s way too much of a coincidence.

        12. In times of war, the main victims… scratch that. The ONLY victims were men and boys.

          Not actually true. Men die the most violent deaths, but once the men are gone the women are pretty much fucked. Do you think women can rebuild a war torn society themselves? Hell no. During the conflict the vast majority of the death are men, but after the conflict women start dropping like flies. That’s because food and medical services are far more scarce or non-existence, and female biology is more easily upset by poor nutrition. Not to mention the conquering army likes to have a rape fest with the women afterwards. See post-WW2 Germany. Of course, this is only for the losing side.

        13. Christianity doesn’t have any place for real men? That is pure, unadulterated bullshit.
          And being predatory will only result in you getting ass raped in jail.

      3. Women aren’t the enemy, but their Americanized overentitled viewpoint and agenda is. The concept of movements like rok promoted a safe haven for men to discuss pertinent topics and share advice/experience. This becomes hampered as it will become co-ed, because we will soon have to watch what we say or some girl will get butthurt and lambast the site on YouTube.
        The current interactions between women and men is similar to parasite and host.
        Aside from sex.

    2. “The whole point is that it’s female nature to submit to the authority of men.”
      That is why men have been serving women since the dawn of time?

    3. It is well known in the manosphere that what enables women to hold feminist beliefs are the hordes of white knights. As more white knights get converted, feminists lose their power and consequently more women join our side.

      Spot-on. White knights and Captain Save-a-Ho’s have got to go.

  16. All this talk of a pro male fad is completely useless unless the underlying structure of society is transformed.
    The whole cultural marxist victimization ideology needs to go, and some form of patriarchical traditionalist morality needs to be reinstated. The problem is the reigning ideology in western americanized society. Cultural marxist ideology fused with extreme capitalism and individualism are the main culprits.
    Once the sense of tradition and community is undermined and exchanged with liberal hyper individualism, society will simply start to culturally disintegrate.
    Fads will not solve the problem. Neither will screwing around until middleage, or blaming women for the ill state of society, fix anything. The collective mindset needs to change
    The nihilistic and alienated preponderence expressed in various articles on ROK do not address the root causes. The existential angst caused by experiencing the slow cultural decline of society will only start to ease when real solutions are implemented.
    Unfortunately all the main institutions of society have been corrupted, So nothing
    short of economic calamity or violent uprisings will potentially fix anything.

    1. When people waffle on about Cultural Marxists you know they are gone in the heard.
      Traditional Patriarchy is serving women.
      Women are such utter cunts and cretins, only a fucking fool would serve them.
      Women in the UK are allowed to poison their wombs with alcohol legally. Women are allowed to abuse their kids, drive fathers away for no reason.
      You be the macho chest thumping ape wanting to win some worthless cunt over. I want to be free! I will pass on that.

      1. What culture has made women behave in the fashion that you describe? It is not traditional culture. If you are in doubt, pick up a history book and you will notice that gender relations were alot different compared to modern times.

        1. It really is not necessary to define traditionalist culture in necessary and sufficient conditions.
          You really just need to look at european society 50 or 100 years ago, where traditional sex roles were dominant.

  17. Somehow I can’t picture the HR departments holding mandatory meetings regarding inappropriate treatment toward the male employees.

    1. There was a case In Australia where a female news reporter was openly groping an making sexuao innuendo to male she was interviewing, the sorta thing that if a male did to a hot female the feminist army would be mobilised an demand he get kicked of air an the old ‘rape culture’ would probably be back in the spotlight. A few guys posted it on Facebook pointing out the hypocrisy so I had a read of the comments, a large percentage of females were basically saying stop whinging an get over it. To me that proves females despise male weakness or complaining even if they hypocritically complain about the same thing. Male problems will never be taken seriously in HR departments for that reason.

      1. I think if enough men filed complaints with the EEOC and got a green light to sue, companies over time my be forced to include “pro-male sensitivity training” with a zero tolerance policy that-oh hell, who am I kidding?

        1. Yea I can’t imagine companies having “pro-male sensitivity training” or making policies requiring them to employ a certain amount of males no matter how many complaints get filed or how many women are in the work force.

        2. i work in academia and they are rolling out a new “preferred name” policy and All-inclusive restrooms. Since there is no room for new restrooms, they are taking away gender specific ones and making them ‘all-inclusive”. Slippery roads ahead…

        3. I got a woman fired for sexual harassment. She was harassing many men. I told her sorry for flirting but I am married and it stops NOW. She didn’t stop so I went to the boss, a married woman. I told her I am a married man and didn’t want her behavior anymore. She was counseled and everyone was interviewed to see if it was true. She was a voracious attention whore with serious daddy issues and that came out. I told the boss that if it happened again the red be legal trouble. When she talked about sex at work with me again I told her she was in violation of the agreement. Then I told the boss. Then the girl was fired. The company was scared to death of a lawsuit.

  18. I think you’re confusing “not a feminist” with “pro-male”. If any women support men, and we should be specific about what that actually means, it’s only because they don’t see them as a threat – which means men aren’t actually accomplishing anything where it counts – legally. Show me any women who are politically advocating for the repeal of anti-discrimination laws or divorce law reform.
    Until laws change, you haven’t changed anything.

  19. I read posts like the one above and marvel at how much times have changed but how true it is that people never change. I’m always drawn back to the first piece of red-pill wisdom I took a long time to digest and still come to find it nearly covering all the bases:
    Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women:
    “…It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct. One would be more justified in calling them the unaesthetic sex than the beautiful. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art have they any real or true sense and susceptibility, and it is mere mockery on their part, in their desire to please, if they affect any such thing.
    This makes them incapable of taking a purely objective interest in anything, and the reason for it is, I fancy, as follows. A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone. Therefore it lies in woman’s nature to look upon everything only as a means for winning man, and her interest in anything else is always a simulated one, a mere roundabout way to gain her ends, consisting of coquetry and pretense.
    Every one who can see through a sham must have found this to be the case. One need only watch the way they behave at a concert, the opera, or the play; the childish simplicity, for instance, with which they keep on chattering during the finest passages in the greatest masterpieces. If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.”
    As our current author, Mr. David, also correctly observes:
    “Remember, women are like water: their behavior conforms to the shape of whatever container you put them in. If the media says “being feminist is uncool, being pro-male is the new black,” then women will jump on board. Their old beliefs will be discarded in a flash, since they were never real beliefs to begin with. Nor are her new ones, which is why she can make the switch without one iota of discomfort or cognitive dissonance.”
    If women can gain mastery over men by indirectly co-opting a male movement, they will do so when the opposite approach (i.e. feminism) has become untenable.
    This will once again allow woman indirect mastery of our world through her dutiful surrogate –> some poor ignorant bastard.
    If the media can co-opt the male red-pill movement and redefine it to resemble something more palatable to the SJW…this needs to be addressed immediately and cut down.
    They are using a simple tactic straight out of Sun Tzu’s playbook:
    “the Supreme art of war is to subdue one’s enemy without fighting.”
    If the SJW & feminist feels the winds of change blowing and alters course to “join in the red-pill movement”, we cannot be deceived by this.
    Women need to understand that the red-pill movement is awake, aware and here to restore men to their rightful place as the stewards of humanity. For this end, we do not need nor benefit from their cooperation in any form.

    1. The only nonsexual benefit to be obtained is the supportive and nurturing aspect that can keep our hearts from growing too cold. Those of them that are brainwashed into believing that taking on the supportive role is “oppression,” rather than an absolutely vital factor in the success of the entire team, can afford us no benefit and I see no reason to associate with such women. In my opinion, it is not even worth sleeping with such women because the effort:reward ratio is too low for me.

      1. Ha. You sound like a well read individual.
        Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll say something worth quoting and some dipshit somewhere will call you a bitter fag long after your death.

        1. If only. The only problem is, the guys I call bitter fags actually are/were either bitter, a fag, or both. And old Arthur was a hack, and you know it.

          Frequently cited by multiple sources, including that above, as one of the most influential philosophers in western civilization. Old Arthur was a hack alright, so much so that his collective works are still in active print and ebook.
          Disagreeing with his philosophy is one thing but calling him a hack is another.
          Marx is a great example. I think his philosophy in theory and practice is horseshit and history has demonstrated as much. But I have to give the guy credit, an original thought no matter how absurd, is still an original thought. A hack he was not.
          Arthur is correctly placed among the greats. Read “the World as Will and Idea” and you’ll understand he was nothing less than a genius. It is a masterpiece of abstract thought. While he stood on the shoulders of Rousseau, Descartes and Kant he nevertheless carried the torch forward himself.
          Simple minds are easily disarmed and call him a pessimist by default. I find these same people often singing about “hope & change”.
          I guess if it makes you feel good about life, why not? Who cares if it’s right or wrong? It’s all about feelings….

        3. No, it’s all about a full-of-himself asshole using big words and bipolar-type personality disorders to sound “deep”. The ill-logic of his and his ilks horseshit “philosophies” led many a tool who took it seriously to doom.
          Yet another dysfunctional douchebag with sexual identity issues trying to avoid working at a real profession (read his history).

        4. “The illogic of his and his ilks horseshit philosophies led many a tool who took it seriously to doom.”
          Those who have described themselves as directly influenced by Schopenhauer:
          1. Friedrich Nietzsche
          2. Richard Wagner
          3. Jorge Luis Borges
          4. Ludwig Wittgenstein
          5. Leo Tolstoy
          6. Albet Einstein
          7. Sigmund Freud
          8. Carl Jung
          and so on and so forth…
          More bitter fags and assholes led to their doom right?
          But to conclude our schoolyard conversation on biter old fags Schop is further quoted:
          After the elderly Schopenhauer sat for a sculpture portrait by Elisabet Ney, he told Richard Wagner’s friend Malwida von Meysenbug, “I have not yet spoken my last word about women. I believe that if a woman succeeds in withdrawing from the mass, or rather raising herself above the mass, she grows ceaselessly and more than a man.”
          There now? Does that feel better?
          (Hint: Schop was probably saying this sardonically as he knew that woman was incapable of withdrawing from the masses. They are the mass, the pack animal of homo sapiens. Take one look at pop culture and imagine it without females being the target audience)

  20. A lot of women become “pro men”, when they get involved with a divorced man who works like a slave and has nothing to show for it because he has to give it al to his ex. The only reason they are “pro male” is because there is none of his wealth left for her.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ! Or their son goes to college and gets false rape accusations. Or their son has to pay child support for a grandchild grandma will never get to see. THEN she understands… NOT! She never understand any more than her own suffering.

    2. Google “The Second Wives Club.” It isn’t a movie. It is a group of women pushing for changes in alimony laws because they don’t want to pay their income to their husbands’ ex-wives.
      It is funny how feminists claim that “the patriarchy” wants to screw over women by reforming or abolishing alimony, even though any man’s attempt to do this has fallen flat on its face. But now that women want such a change because they are now playing the role the divorced man must play, all of a sudden this is a huge issue.
      I see these “Second Wives” as typifying “pro-male women.” Ideologically, I’d presume they were like typical feminists, but practically, economic circumstances has forced them to take on what would otherwise be a male issue. Make no mistake, this issue isn’t being driven because all of a sudden these women have seen the light and they care. They just don’t like being on the business end of the laws they helped to create.

      1. Women become “pro-male” ONLY when feminism comes full circle and begins biting THEM on the ass!
        I wonder if they are they familiar with the term “useful idiots”.

  21. Helen Smith is one of the good sincere ones.
    But with a lot of these women its all about the fair weather fads.

    1. No she’s not. She’s only interested in making money from her books. Don’t be fooled. She’s found a small niche to make money. The literary market is saturated with books with the theme, “Men are bad, women are good.” Helen Smith has found a different angle to exploit in a saturated market.

      1. “No she’s not. She’s only interested in making money from her books.”
        Roosh and various authors of articles in ROK also have written books and are in the business to sell them. Does that mean thats all they care about as well?

      2. Ms. Smith has been doing her thing for quite a while. If you think the profit motive is a bad thing, you have been slipped juice from the blue pill nation.
        Induce vomiting immediately.

      3. That’s not fair at all to Helen Smith. She couldn’t write her books if she didn’t understand the situation with that clear-minded thought process she has. If she was even remotely fabricating her viewpoints it would have come through. It did not. Remember she wrote a BOOK. She didn’t just put a ten minute video on youtube. And how is trying to work, study, write a book and make money some kind of mark against her character? You say it like it is. Her thoughts are what she is. You can’t pin other crap on her that has never come through in her writing. Not fair.

        1. Agreed. Feminists have worked hard to discredit Smith. I don’t want to help them do that.
          I hope as many men as possible read her book. It’s a solid overview of issues that are important to the movement to secure human rights for men.

    2. Also: Christina Hoff Sommers also. She wrote “The War Against Boys”…
      Esther Villar writer of the famous “The Manipulated Man”

  22. The manosphere is now mainstream? What is your definition of mainstream?
    The manosphere is the same as it was many years ago; a fringe corner of the internet mostly for entertainment and the sharing of ideas between a VERY SMALL, albeit very interesting group of like minded men.
    Frankly, I’m glad it’s not mainstream. That’s why it had the edge that it does. If it were mainstream, it would be watered down like all other mainstream outlets many of us loathe.

  23. Don’t be fooled by anybody other that straight males claiming to be pro-male. Everyone else who claims to be on the side of heterosexual men is lying and has their own agenda.
    You’re either a straight man or you’re not. If you’re not, you either envy us, hate us, or both.

  24. Oh bitterness, so common feature of this site. Now we’re bitching even when women take our side.

    1. The thing to focus on here is to not blindly put faith in a women just because she appears ‘pro-male’

      1. Some individuals appear to desire blind faith as opposed to critical assessment. typically, as with the original post of this sub-thread, traditional shaming language is applied since they appear to possess no logical counterargument to the article.

    2. No one’s being bitter. What are you? A logic gate with a two state function? YES/NO? ON/OFF? If only life was that simple.
      Welcome the newly converted (or apparently converted) but stay alert.
      Any man worth his salt should have that principle close to heart & head. There are plenty of historical analogies of various groups knowing which way the wind of the zeitgeist was blowing.
      Just because it quacks & walks like a duck…

    3. I don’t want women on my ‘side’. Feminism has already shoved women and their agendas in my face all my life, and they’ve invaded every part of society despite bringing nothing useful with them. I want women to stay the fuck on the side they belong, doing what they’re good at, and I’ll go into the kitchen or bedroom when I want them.

    4. The article is not about women taking our side, it is about women pretending to take our side for personal benefit.

  25. As any man with his nuts still firmly attached to his body, I loathe feminism, particularly the SJW brand. But there has been a certain honesty about feminism: it allows us to see the true nature of most women, as they would be in the state of nature. We can clearly see their barbarity, their absolute solipsism – and the girls are separated from the women. We know who is who. They are a direct and open enemy. What is more dangerous is the enemy that pretends to be your friend, the indirect enemy. They are more treacherous, like assassins that put the knife in your back or poison your food or cut your throat in your sleep.
    Beware of Anti-feminists. Tread carefully.

    1. +1… feminists are busy repositioning feminism to downplay concepts like patriarchy (which blames men), and substitute new rhetoric which makes it appear feminists are fighting on behalf of men, too, and have men’s best interests at heart.
      Feminists have figured out they need the willing support of men in order to achieve the next phase of feminist hegemony. So instead of waging war against men, some of them have begun waging peace against men. The goal of their honeyed outreach is to trick us into agreeing to be disenfranchised and exploited.

      1. anti-feminism and feminism sound the same to me. How many privileges are these so-called anti-feminists willing to give up? Will they surrender their pussy passes?
        I even see this shit on Red Pill Women. It’s a gynocentric circlejerk not unlike SRS.

  26. I have often considered a “loyalty test” for our so-called anti-feminist “allies”; perhaps we could ask them what they have done for men, if they have fought to get rid of no-fault divorce. Or maybe, better yet, ask them to volunteer to give up a privilege feminism has given them. Ask them to prove their loyalty, because as we know, talk is cheap. We’ll see their true colors when they are asked to give up their pussy passes or to never vote again.

  27. Women cannot honestly or sincerely be a part of any movement or activist campaign. They amount to nothing more than animated sock puppets powered by the wind. They simply need to be dominated by their men. All of them, especially the likes of FEMEN. They need protected from corruption mainly and sheltered. They are the mules that dutifully carry a man’s little kings to fruition.

  28. When the container (society) changes, I will change my approach to women. Until then, not an inch. Apart from the yardstick.

  29. I am glad you guys did an article about this, possibly the latest biggest “boom” when it comes to “pro male” women was in #GamerGate, too bad many of those lads are still inexperience in that regard.

        1. Patience please, I’m working on it, hey Mr. Moderator the cunt named Rüshiera dared you to ban her, please call her bluff, thank you.

        2. sees a female name, call “cunt” without even asking whether im a guy or not.
          hm might work on those gaming forum but not here and since the other deluded twat too said so, lemme ask what is it that you two found wrong with my comment, so i can clarify.

        3. The rules of this site don’t allow women.
          Respect that. We are not interested in your views.

  30. Women are starting to see the push back from feminism (overt gynocentrism) and realise that they have overplayed their hand.The power gains that they have been made over decades are threatened so many will now go onto support traditionalism (hidden gynocentrism). But you can guarantee that none of their power gained from feminism will be conceded.
    Don’t fall for it brothers!

    1. Well, honestly it had to come to this eventually. There was no ying to the feminist’s yang, and they pretty much had free reign to do as they wanted. It was only inevitable that they would eventually overreach.

  31. I don’t see what is wrong with “pro-male” women. If anything, they are just smart women who weren’t brainwashed by feminist lies. How is this bad? We should not attack women who dare to speak against the abuses of feminist radicals. We should embrace them instead.

    1. Right now, they are absolutely fine. The whole point of the article is that in a few years it will become trendy to support men’s rights, and then we’ll have to watch out for whores and snakes.

  32. it’s true, you need to keep in mind that not everyone who has been corrupted by feminism is an active feminist or anti-male activist. the borders and boundaries shift and consume all(most) women within them. An active Feminist is someone who marches on the street for all kinds of dumb shit, buys into and supports all the false rape hysteria, affirmative action, gender gap BS. Open lesbian/bisexual etc.
    Just because a woman doesn’t march around with her tits out, burning her bra, doesn’t mean she isn’t milking men and the system. If she’s fucked 30 guys, is single in her late 20s and pours 60 hours a week into her career, and the rest into social media it really doesn’t matter what she says she is or what she says she believes in. She is still ruined by feminism.

  33. The problem with the “pro-male” movement is that it’s really the vice versa of feminism: turning men into women just like feminism turned women into men. We in the manosphere want traditional gender roles to return. So basically while the pro-male is happy with current society and masculine women so long as he is “equal” to them, the manospherian is willing to abide by a different set of standards than a woman so long as the society he is doing it for breeds feminine women and masculine men. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    1. you really want “traditional gender roles”. Women are more capable than that so let them help in keeping the family afloat, otherwise you just load up all the responsibility on men again and that is not going to work anymore.

    2. The majority from the Manosphere don’t want the Traditional gender roles for men.
      Men are still disposable, but their disposability is being praised… fuck that.
      We are MGTOW, not even men right activists.

    3. Yes I agree. But I will add that many in the manosphere are like the pro-males.
      They dont want traditionalism, even if society becomes traditional. They want infinite party, games and sex.
      This is the mindset of a juvenile nihilist evading any responsibility well into adulthood. No civilization can be sustained if this mindset dominates society.
      I also think it is correct that that the pro-male movement is an inversion of feminism. Both are sub variants of cultural marxist victimology. Any long term societal solution needs to look beyond these temptations.

  34. I’m pretty sure that women come in only two flavors: there are those that can pull the wool over your eyes, and those who can’t.
    Thinking there are no good women may be cynicism, but thinking that YOU found one is hubris.

  35. Traditionalism is still Gynocentric.
    Young men, don’t want that.
    Pro-male women portray themselves as traditionalists… don’t fall for their BS.
    Every tradcon should read the journal of H. P. Lovecraft “The Conservative”… it will open your eyes blinded by the light of Jesus and worship for women.
    A Real Conservative, Biologically Natural world is Pagan, Patriarchal, Anti-Christian and Polygamous.
    Go back to your roots, dumb tradcons.

    1. “A Real Conservative, Biologically Natural world is Pagan, Patriarchal, Anti-Christian and Polygamous.”
      Yes you are right, but it certainly has no place for satan.
      “Pro-male women portray themselves as traditionalists… don’t fall for their BS.”
      Perhaps they do. But it really doesnt matter what some small sub culture of women think. It wont really change anything as long as a society stays the same.
      The basic mindset needs to change, and then economic and social relations.

    2. Not to turn this into a theological discussion, but the Hebrew God Yahweh was considered by the Romans to be Caelus or Jupiter. In their eyes, the Jewish/Christian God was an accepted part of the Roman pagan pantheon and held the highest honor as the supreme god (Jupiter Optimus Maximus). This was via interpretatio romana.
      The Graeco-Roman god Apollo at the Claros oracle admitted to his priests that he is an angel that serves Iao – the Latinized name for YHWH.

    3. Women will become “pro male” but try to change the definition.
      I often see this in women in their 30s. They suddenly become “pro-male” and claim “I am not a feminist”.
      This is a ploy. They will ask for a “traditional relationship” which includes the man paying for things, giving her commitment, etc. She will reluctantly do her “traditional role”. She will make a meal and pretend she did a “big favor” for the male.
      Don’t fall for it.
      These are women whose sexual marketplace value is declining. They are only playing this role to secure a beta provider after wasting their 20s banging tons of guys.
      A “whore” or single mom can’t be turned into a “traditional woman” in her late 20s and 30s. Don’t fall for it.
      If they are “traditional” or “want a traditional arrangement”, they should’ve done it in their early 20s before sleeping with tons of men. Only then would I believe it was possibly genuine.
      The other way is just parasitism. Don’t fall for it fellas.

      1. “…A “whore” or single mom can’t be turned into a “traditional woman” in her late 20s and 30s. Don’t fall for it.”
        TOTALLY AGREE!!!
        Expressed another way:
        1) “You can’t make a whore into a housewife.”
        2) “You can’t shake a ‘Whore tree’ and expect a wife to fall out.”

  36. I guess time will tell, but yes you are all probably right in regards to it mainly being about attention whoring and seeking validation. Still better than them being a femicunt though.

  37. Good article.
    Women will become “pro male” but try to change the definition.
    I often see this in women in their 30s. They suddenly become “pro-male” and claim “I am not a feminist”.
    This is a ploy. They will ask for a “traditional relationship” which includes the man paying for things, giving her commitment, etc. She will reluctantly do her “traditional role”. She will make a meal and pretend she did a “big favor” for the male.
    Don’t fall for it.
    These are women whose sexual marketplace value is declining. They are only playing this role to secure a beta provider after wasting their 20s banging tons of guys.
    A “whore” or single mom can’t be turned into a “traditional woman” in her late 20s and 30s. Don’t fall for it.
    If they are “traditional” or “want a traditional arrangement”, they should’ve done it in their early 20s before sleeping with tons of men. Only then would I believe it was possibly genuine.
    The other way is just parasitism. Don’t fall for it fellas.

    1. It’s not just peri or post wall women. They are younger too.
      Don’t fall for it at all.
      It’s the women who failed. They are looking for their white knight to pick them up.

      1. I don’t fully agree.
        If the woman comes from a traditional family, is in her young 20s, hasn’t ridden the cock carousel, etc, there is a chance.
        I have seen women in more rural parts of the MidWest marry at 19 to 22. They appear to remain traditional in their 30s and beyond.
        It is still a risk given the marriage laws but possible.
        These women are extremely rare though.
        The vast majority of women are not like this. Far more whores and single moms.

        1. You better hope you come from a traditional and conservative family as well.
          While they might not be CC riders, they still are quite opinionated and seek men who have similar values…and body values.

        2. Well if they marry a young guy who never had sex, there is a good chance he won’t be a successful person in the future.
          If she marries an older, successful male, she can’t expect him to be “chaste”. That isn’t the traditional relationship between men and women.
          Women bring their youth, fertility, looks and virginity as their traditional benefits.
          Men bring their protection, assets, wealth, status and sometimes height/strength as well.

        3. Correct.
          She will have to be educated as to the traditional roles and accept them.
          Otherwise, its a no go.
          I don’t believe I will find this unless I marry a Muslim girl or something along those lines.

        4. Yeah Muslim’s still are about traditional roles.
          Christians/Catholics not so much. They are all about both men and women saving themselves for marriage.

        5. I knew a single mother my age (late 20s) who had slept with 2 guys her whole life. One early relationship, then the guy she had married. When I met her she’d spent the last five years at home being a mother, never went out and did the club/bar/party scene. Being a mother young made her selfless and gave her a mature perspective. Compared to other women my age who’ve had 50+ guys, done every sexual thing you could imagine, and had abortions, she was much less a whore.
          Might sound laughable, but having known her it makes me think one of the main things wrong with the women my own age I date is they aren’t mothers. Delaying motherhood into the 30s and beyond is unnatural and surely contributes to women being selfish, needy, immature bitches. Biologically, they should be focused all that crazy energy on their children, not their instagram followers or creating the next dramatic shitstorm with their boyfriends of the week . This is another reason why I plan to marry and have kids with a girl well under 25.

        6. I know. But I try and stay hopeful. Because I want kids, and I’m not having them with an over 35s chick whos eggs are going stale.

  38. The ones who are the greatest resisters to traditional roles…will not.
    All these ‘pro-male’ women are ones who failed and want to fall into the safety of traditional roles. Because they failed in school and the workforce.
    These women are just looking for a cop out.

    1. Correct.
      Notice how most of them are late 20s and 30s. They come to the “traditional” realization after banging tons of guys.
      They find out that working SUCKS and would like to fall back on the traditional gender roles.
      These are the worst type of women. They are far worse than feminists because feminists usually admit their intentions.
      If you marry one of these whores, you will end up divorced or in a HORRIBLE relationship. She will also forget her “traditional” role very quickly while demanding the man continue paying the bills.

      1. I see them in the first year of university/college.
        Fail their classes, run home to mommy/daddy. Try and find an older guy and get married. He’s floored that such a pretty/young girl wants to be with him…he’ll wife her up.
        But she’s just a failed college brat.
        And they want US to pick up the pieces.

        1. Well was she a “slut” during her first year at college? How did she behave while in college?

        2. I don’t know, I am completing my PhD, I just TA courses. I am not a stalker.
          I mark papers/essays and give lectures. I also listen to students, telling me who dropped out/married. It’s always the same, the women who failed my course, so I am betting they failed their other courses.

        3. I agree.
          I don’t much mind a woman dropping out and becoming “traditional” if it is genuine.
          She has that chance in her late teens and early 20s if she hasn’t slutted it up.
          That is my opinion.

        4. Why?
          You’re just rescuing her.
          It’s giving women an opportunity to fail and be picked up (even if she hasn’t ridden the CC).
          Just let them all fail. THEY wanted to go to school and enter the workforce.
          Do you think change will happen if we allow women who do well to go to school and get jobs…and marry up the losers?
          You’re just a different kind of knight.

        5. Women won’t “marry” the losers. They are hypergamous. They will become a single mom and then try to hook a richer male.
          If that fails, they will either get on welfare or get some affirmative action job. I will pay either way through my taxes.
          Some of us males still are hoping for a “traditional relationship”. I don’t consider it a “knight” if we assign gender roles to men and women.

        6. But you are OK with allowing women to choose?
          Traditional or non-traditional?
          I see it time and time again, ‘If I fail school I’ll just get married.’

        7. I am not ok with it. I would enforce traditional gender roles if I was some dictator of the society.
          However, I live in the real world America.
          I have no need for a woman to do well in school since I make good money.
          Most “professional” women I have dated in the past were more than willing to quit their work if they married me. They all seem to want to do that regardless of education.
          The difference is these professional women were older, more used and still parasites.

        8. And can men do the same?
          What if they fail out of school? Not all boys (just like girls) do well in school/do well in life.
          But I have never heard of a boy say ‘Oh if I fail school I’ll just marry’ There are no second chances for these boys.
          Why offer them to girls?

        9. Well is your ideal to raise your kids? Or just have kids?
          I know a colleague of mine donates sperm. But you need to fit the strict criteria.

        10. “Most “professional” women I have dated in the past were more than willing to quit their work if they married me.”
          I’ll bet that they were! Having to work for living until you drop dead, didn’t turn out to be the Paradise or as “empowering” as the feminists told them that it would be!

      2. A LOT of these same ‘neo-traditional women’ also took over the Christian churches, which now preach Oprah-approved feministy ‘Churchianity’.
        (Check out Dalrock’s blog for more about this facet of feminism which is ‘Not Like That’.)

  39. If a woman wants to play the “traditional role”, it better be in her early 20s without riding the cock carousel.
    If she is in her late 20s and 30s and has become a “born again traditional woman” after riding the carousel, this is unacceptable.
    I see a lot of these “traditional” single moms and women in their 30s these days. They ask for a “traditional” relationship.
    Don’t be a sucker.

    1. Yup and you yourself better be chaste.
      Sure they play ‘traditional’ but they are still opinionated. It’s all about virginity with these ones. Men and women.

      1. I agree with that.
        The male shouldn’t have to be “chaste” as this isn’t a traditional male role. The traditional male role is to provide and protect a wife and his children.
        Chastity is a traditional female role.

        1. See that’s the feminist in them. They feel if they are, you should be too.
          Look at the Duggars.

        2. I agree thats ridiculous.
          I have seen these demands before as well. They will often still marry the dude with money.
          These women are very very rare though. The vast majority of “pro male” women are used goods sluts, single moms, etc that want to get a man to pay their bills.

    2. EXACTLY!
      The women over the age of 30 and playing as “pro-male good women” are just TRASH, they crave for male attention!
      They want a new daddy for her bastard children.
      Oh no honey… you only will attract ridicule and hatred. Not genuine love.
      I can tolerate pro-male woman in her late teens and early 20s.

      1. Dude, so many women I’ve “dated” recently were like this. I am 35 now.
        I just pump em and dump em. Can’t take it.
        Broke up with ex gf due to this issue and her wanting something “traditional” despite her being used goods.

        1. If she wanted something traditional she would’ve wanted it when she was 20. She’s telling you what she thinks you want to hear. Milk is always discounted when close to its expiration date.

    3. Quite so. A post-30 feminist is heading straight for the wall, knows she needs to start lying about her profound disrespect for men.

  40. Basically a man needs a woman for one and one thing only: regular sex. That’s it, that’s all. Don’t fool yourself. The only thing a real man wants from a woman is sex. So stick to that. Fuck her like a prostitute, but never ever get attached to her in whatever way. She is and always will be a leech. It is how a woman’s brain is wired or, if you will, it is hard coded into her DNA. Never forget that. And every woman will always use sex as a means to get to your assets. To them sex is just an exchange mechanism and to get you confused they will tell you they love you. Don’t fall for it, don’t attach yourself to a woman. If you want companionship stick with your male friends or buy yourself a dog. Never seek companionship in a woman because in time it will get you financially and emotionally ruined.

    1. I have been doing this. Very good opinion.
      Unfortunately, this is the reality in modern America. In other cultures, women were forced to take care of their husbands needs, couldn’t divorce, etc.
      In America (and the West), they can just divorce rape you and don’t have to do crap for you.
      Not worth it.

      1. They weren’t “forced” to do anything, they understood that life has different roles for different people and actually took great pride in being good mothers and wives.

    2. No. A man needs a woman for childrearing and household maintanence, just as women need men for income and protection. This is the traditional way.
      Just as society needs both men and women to perform complimentary functions in society. This is how civilization is sustained.
      You are caught up in a liberal hedonistic mindset characterized by short term thinking.

      1. Don’t tell me what to think or that my current believes are “caught up in a liberal hedonistic mindset characterized by short term thinking”. It’s fine that you don’t share my opinion, but the least you can do is respect it. I want no part in your brainwashed view of evolutionary biology of how things “ought to be” to sustain civilization, which is a social construct anyway. Besides that it is a fantasy used to enslave men and I am a pragmatic guy. I certainly don’t need a female to “rear my children or maintain my household”. That view my friend is outdated and those times will never return. You better accept that.

        1. If you dont want your views challenged you shouldnt really be on this board. I am just telling you how I see it based on your statement. Doesnt mean I dont respect you, I dont even know you.
          I find it a little bit silly that you accuse me of brainwashing based on evolutionary biology when it is actually you who made a reference to the biological concept of DNA.
          It makes absolutely no sense to claim that my opinions are an act of brainwashing, as opposed to yours. What is your point?
          But for the sake of the argument, even if society is socially constructed(actually a tautology), this does not imply that biological forces are not at Work. In fact your whole comment is based on the premise that female nature is fixed. Have you really thought this through?
          Homegoing women rearing children is not outdated. It is very common in much of the developing World, And still not uncommon in much of the industrialized World. Believing that this family structure will inevitably become outdated strikes me as some what naive

        2. Believing the family structure will last forever strikes me as some what naive. The family has been in decline for the last 100 years and this will only continue, not restored. The family as we know it is a social construct that mainly benefits the state. For thousends and thousends of years children were born outside the family construct as we know it. Nothing lasts forever as we don’t live in a lineair world but in a cyclical one. Thank God the family construct as we know it is dying out rapidly. It is a relic from the past that didn’t bring happiness. It doesn’t work, neither for men, nor for women. It was designed by state & church to keep the masses in control. And it certainly isn’t in our human’s nature to stay with the same partner all of our lives. So why hold on to something that doesn’t work?

        3. I never claimed that it will last forever, just that it is not inevitable that it will necessarily disappear.
          And yes it has been in decline for the last 100 years in the modern world. but who knows how the future will unfold.
          Its is not inevitable that a culture based on short term relations or one night stands will continue forever. History is much more open.
          All family or sexual relations are social constructions by the way. this is not an argument against anything in itself.
          By your logic, if we live in a cyclical world, the nuclear family would return in some form. But that really isnt your point is it?
          The Family construct based on marriage between man and woman is very old, and it certainly predates the European middleages. And has for that matter also been quite common in cultures outside of europe. I dont agree that it doesnt Work. It works as far as providing stability in society.
          All Family relations are structured to uphold the order of society, but this is not reducible to state control. Many smaller communities would still uphold the institution of marriage even without state coercion.
          And i certainly dont agree that it brings about misery. On the contrary, the pump and dump culture that you endorse will only bring about great unhappiness. Along with many other social ills like single momery, fatherless children, childless families and misandry.
          The rise of the manosphere is a symptom of this degenerate development.

        1. Traditionalism is the anti-thesis of feminism. The traditional way had no place for feminism. Go traditional – problem solved.

  41. I am getting tired of all these female MRA at the AVFM site.
    There should be VERY FEW women in leadership positions in a male rights organization.
    NOW didn’t have any men as their “leaders”. They only kept them on the side cheering NOW on.
    Even Warren Farrell wasn’t a main member.

    1. Women aren’t stupid. Look at Macbeth. They are manipulative, pull the strings behind…but make men take the blame.

      1. Yup and Elam is bringing them in.
        Girl Writes What is fine because I think she is genuine. I just think that should be the extent of it.
        Not all these “honey badgers” and others.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if some ROK writers were actually women pretending to be men.
          Or posters on here.

      2. Men get what they want by using his intellect or coercion. Women get what they want my manipulating and controlling men.

    2. There should be VERY FEW women in leadership positions in a male rights organization.
      How about none, except maybe for kitchen staff. (Make me a sammich, betch.)

    3. Unfortunately, women are primed for leadership positions in the manosphere because no one in the mainstream will listen to a man say these things. However, when the same words come out of a woman’s mouth people think, “you know, I’ve never thought of it that way, but she’s right!” It’s bullshit, yeah, but it is what it is.

  42. Great perspective. If ever there was clairvoyance in the ‘sphere, this is definitely it. Women rarely “believe in what they’re fighting for” and the pro-male woman will be a facade to consolidate on what she wants…male attention and acceptance. I suppose there could be some women out there who finally get it but by the time they do their vaginas aren’t any good to anyone on a count of the number of cocks they let in them. I expect to be dead and gone by the time females genuinely accept and actively pursue traditional sex roles. Oh well. We’ll always have our notch counts…

  43. The male portion of this red pill movement should be very,VERY careful as to who it’s let into this community as it is very dangerous information in the hands of whose who would twist these same words to make those who attempt to salvage the last remaining drops of male essence from a increasingly gender confused society look like villains and misogynists.
    If we learned ANYTHING from history, we know to be wary of big wooden horses and enemies claiming to be sympathizers.
    Close the gates.

  44. That is the best women are capable of. As water they assume the shape of container they are in. So as men measure a womans worth it is not determined by her fucking mouth it is determined by her vote. The laws of misandry and how enforced by the courts are what responsible men use as a gage. Not some cunt talking about how unfair it is to get you to think she is the NAWALT.

    1. No, the best women are capable of is supporting Kings, nurturing amazing families and sometimes keeping men in check when the ego gets too strong. Unfortunately, most modern American women appear uninterested in being part of anything that isn’t serving their own obvious interests all of the time (though of course in the long run, being a good partner serves their best interest). The bathwater needs to go, but all the baby needs is a new haircut.

      1. Women have always been that way as you have described. They nurture families not out of goodness but out of the same wicked self serving interest. That is women A woman can be kind and giving with the same motivations of self interest as a woman getting an abortion. That is as good as it gets from women

        1. On some level, all things which appear altruistic can be seen as self-serving in some capacity.
          If a woman is treating me well and raising my kids and cleaning my house and making me food with a smile on her face, I don’t really care what her motivations are as long as I’ve taken precautions to protect myself in case she flips.

        2. Good understanding and a masculine way to look at. Too many men think she is in love and then pedistalize the woman into having no respect for him.
          PS there is no protection by law. Do the best you can and keep your head about yourself if she nukes the family.

        3. I donate to the Parsemus Foundation, a company who recently brought Vasalgel–male birth control–to human trials. We may not have to worry about that much longer.

  45. Men no longer have civil rights. We can be accused and our reputation ruined without any recourse. Women benefit from that. So, nothing changes if a woman says she’s pro – male. Meaningless. She can still ruin you. If she’s smart enough to change tactics, then she’ll ruin you given the chance. A tactic that will be used to trap a man is offering to withdraw a false accusation if you play ball. That’s gonna work with a lot of men. The specific type of woman to use this tactic will be plain, unattractive, aware that she won’t get another chance. This type of woman will be considerably smarter than the man. Gonna happen. The rules on the ground have truly changed. Casual sex will become truly risky. Indifference is the secret behind MGTOW. Most men who choose that have already been worked over. Young guys are going to be really put to it if they keep on with feral females.

    1. Precisely! If beneficiaries of a particular system tell you they will never use the system to their advantage, it’s downright idiotic to believe them.

  46. I hear Michele Rodriguez is “pro-male”… It’s too bad her youth is on it’s last days and she is still childless.

    1. “…her youth is on its last days and she is still childless.”
      What interesting coincidences!

  47. A lot of this article sounds like what I wrote a little while ago.
    Women will ALWAYS act in self interest. They do indeed game men, and feel no shame about it. Women supporting men’s rights is just like women pretending to like hunting or skateboarding, or women invading sports journalism. They do it to get attention, because they are scared that the manosphere will do exactly what it intends- drive men away from women. NO WOMAN ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT ANTI-FEMINISM!!!!! THEY ONLY WANT WHAT IS IN THEIR INTEREST!!!!
    Women are selfish and narcissistic in ways that are unfathomable to men. I wish I could write an article specifically about the hypocrisy of “southern belles,” but I do not feel like I have the time or talent.

    1. Some do, they are just a tiny minority.
      “Who can find a good woman? She is worth more than rubies….Charm is deceiving and beauty is fleeting.”–Proverbs

    1. Two weeks ago, you sent a thinly-veiled insult my way. I asked you to clarify and you failed to. I would think if you have the balls to run your mouth, you would also have the balls to defend your opinion and explain it when called to account.

  48. I’d like to add one observation to the insight here: Remember the “consensus” orientation of the female psyche. She’s far more likely to mouth a position because it’s au courant in the circles she frequents than because she reasoned her way to it – and if so, just how committed is she to that position?
    Fashionable “convictions” aren’t real convictions at all; they’re merely verbal fads, and can vanish faster than a man can believe. Beware!

  49. I’ve always found it interesting how easily companies like Disney are able to create popular programs for young girls, but are unable to create content that appeals to equal numbers of young boys. Women seem to find conformity easier than men.

    1. They do. There are other groups even more prone to HiveThink than women. You will recognize this truth if you see a culture all wearing the same clothes, speaking the same way and listening to the same music with little to no variation between them.

  50. this article is so spot on.
    parasites gonna parasite, no matter what … is basically the essence of ths
    article, and i agree with that. women will lie whatever it takes just to
    parasite on. Happy to see that more and more ppl start to see it how it
    is. seen quite some oppinions on this lately, it seems ppl are waking
    up … still too slowly tho …
    it’s the basic nature of their being. parasites can not no parasite …

  51. Ok now I’m confused… you’re saying you don’t trust women that don’t view all men as slobbering, rape prone woman-haters? Because secretly we all think men are slobbering, rape prone woman-haters? See this is why I don’t take most Feminist websites or Manosphere websites(or supporters) seriously. Might browse around a bit longer as I tend to give sites like this the benefit of the doubt, unless there’s something up there that is flat out sexist and not just tongue in cheek.

  52. The “pro male rights woman” I often wonder if it is just another strategy to help her find a man.

  53. Traditionalist women and feminist women are two very different sides of the gynocentic coin, and these women are twice more manipulative then feminists.

  54. Cunning and deception are the tools of the weak.
    And you don’t need to know rocket science to know which gender is the weak one.
    Women can call themselves “pro male” all they want as long they keep their tits out of any male related activism as well men need to step up and be aware of the behaviour of women since they are prone to fuck everything up.
    Remember how the MRM began as fight for male rights to “bring equality for both men and women”?
    The fact that nowadays we need women to speak for us and our issues speaks volumes of the current state of modern men. Truly pathetic.
    Letting women fight my battles?, no fucking way.

  55. Women have to share the pain of the injustices of feminism also. The soon to be second wives often get their paychecks garnished by the first wives.
    Boys are the new victims of feminism and their mothers are fighting back. Here is just one gender terrorist policy against college guys ,’ A Mother, a Feminist , Aghast’
    Also The Violence Against Womens Act is a sexist law against men and boys. I will give you one example of how the law is being abused and thousands of mothers( owners of boys) are enraged. The Violence Against Womens Act pays incentive money to police for every boy and man they arrest pertaining to sexual assault and dv complaints. Little 12–13 year old boys are being arrested and put on sexual predators list. All they have done was to receive a sexed message from a teen girl. The police are not arresting the girls who sent the sext messages because they will not receive VAWA incentive money if they were to make a duel arrest of the girl too. Please check out’ W.A.V.E-women against vawa”
    People accept what the definition of feminism is from the dictionary. They have no idea that It has become a hate movement

    1. Please cite your source for VAWA paying the police for every boy and man they arrest pertaining to sexual assault and DV complaints. I am very interested in that assertion if it turns out to be true.

  56. Wow! Great article! 🙂 Here are some of my favorite points you make:
    “Women are like water: their behavior conforms to the shape of whatever container you put them in”
    “They think it’s fun to make signs and yell about things”
    “Women don’t really “believe in causes””
    “old beliefs will be discarded in a flash, since they were never real beliefs to begin with. Nor are her new ones, which is why she can make the switch without one iota of discomfort or cognitive dissonance”
    OMG, so true!! Do you also believe that all woman make unfounded assumptions about wide swathes of the populace – because they’re not logical enough to formulate a factually correct argument?
    … I bet you do.

  57. Pro-male,the RPW,the feminists,the feminine women,we all act a part to further our own agenda.So do men.If you want to test someone’s love,look at his ability to sacrifice for you.That is the only truth.Everything else is fake,everyone is out to get you,be it your boss or your wife.We bait-use-discard-repeat,human nature.Only difference is that men are more eager to sacrifice for women,while women are more likely to sacrifice for children.A virgin from Poland,purple-haired stripper from US,alpha warrior or beta cuck,we all just use what we have and hope to fool someone into helping us achieve whatever it is we want.

  58. I have been reading your site for years now, however the whole red pill thing to do as a woman is to study her own actions. I admit being all of the things above because my actions is part of my nature.
    I am fickle which kind of makes me confused to whether I should be a tradcon or an MRA.
    I know very little still about this subject. Instead of attention whoring like I did in the past, I just want to understand the manosphere because I find it interesting.
    The manosphere itself consists of right wing tradcons, libertarian MGTOWs and many other groups.
    This site is about self improvement but this is a really RP article. I get that women are pretty attention seeking and fickle. I am just interested in the whole thing and I am only pro male right now because I find more pro male stuff that’s against marriage which can hurt a man financially.
    I am stuck between a tradcon or a MRA. I had to study my nature, my enemies nature and it’s all the same.
    The only reason I understand the red pill is because of researching the whole manosphere.
    The whole tradcon phase didn’t work for me because my boyfriend thought I was controlling, so I find that if I start learning and caring about my mans needs everything will be fine. Selfishness runs high among women of the west.
    I do agree with the hatred and boycott of marriage so the only thing I can do to help men is to not marry because marriage itself has always been gynocentric.
    The womenagainstfeminism is a bunch of spotlighting teenagers who know nothing about the manosphere and they hate MGTOW.
    I don’t hate MGTOW I just get them. So far my nature is not loyal, attention seeking and narcissistic which I need to fix.
    These women find themselves better than feminists. In fact, feminists are at least more honest than they will ever be.
    She’s trying to get you back to the plantation. So, starve her of it.
    I know women’s nature through my own, I am a woman but I studied things from bar bar to JBDtv to other good MRAs and MGTOWs.
    Find a woman who’s humble, not those selfie addicted women who know nothing of the manosphere. Even Matt Forney spoke against them.
    Never try to get into relationships with anti feminist women unless she knows the rp and the manosphere.
    Have a good day.

  59. This is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read on the internet. Women are not naturally submissive? You sound like a little fucboi. 100% guarantee you are and your dick and dick game probably average at best. Be a man, little boy. Anyone that listens to this garbage and doesn’t believe in the power of their own gender, a loser. Where’s your photo, loser? You’re an overweight/super skinny gamer nerd type. Nothing wrong with that, I am also, but I’m still a man.
    Sad little weak garbage of the internet.

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