Should Men Sue Women For Dating Expenses And Hookup Damages?

Taking a page out of the feminist playbook and performing a long overdue role reversal, a Russian man is suing his ex-girlfriend for the expenses he incurred while dating her. Due to the inherent misandry and anti-male disposition of Western culture, which could spark a backlash, the attorney and ex-boyfriend wishes to remain anonymous but he did tell an interviewer:

She can’t prove that we were even in a relationship. I never said that I was giving her a present or a free ride. Is it immoral to go to court? Am I expected to give money to every woman on the street?

Let’s reframe this issue from the “outdated” thinking of generations past. Indeed, the female expectation—that women are entitled to cash and prizes from men for going on dates and providing sexual favors—tells us women view dating as a sophisticated form of prostitution. In other words, for attention and sex during the relationship, she is entitled to “stuff” and the man is entitled to the bill. That mentality is evident in this case. After taking Nina Zgurskaya on a romantic vacation in Crimea, a 12-day holiday she suggested the couple embark on, she walked out on him because she did not get the proposal she wanted. Nina describes her flighty behavior in an interview:

We went to Fedosia, Crimea, for 12 days and agreed that it was a romantic trip where he will propose to me. But it didn’t happen. So I left. We’ve been in court since October 2015. He filed two suits against me, for money transfers to me and for the holiday. He had receipts.

Just an opinion, but this sounds like she was trying to worm her way into exploiting the young lawyer’s money, status, and power by sexing him up on an exotic vacation. She was already in his wallet as he was wiring her money. She thought she could get a proposal out of the deal to entitle herself to half his income and possibly more in divorce court, and the manipulation blew up in her face.

In turn, Nina received court papers a few weeks later demanding she refund flower, restaurant and café expenses her ex-boyfriend incurred while dating her. The court dismissed his first claim, but he filed a second one. (Bravo, man!) Her ex boyfriend is demanding around $700 in expenses, which does not seem like much to ask, considering the circumstances. Men are regularly expected to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to ex-wives in alimony payments, even though today’s liberated women supposedly Don’t Need a Man™. If women are demanding equal pay, why do they need a man to pay for anything? She should happily refund his money.

The man claims he never agreed to be her boyfriend and had nothing more than a “working relationship” with Nina. Legal experts said the man had little chance of winning the case because he did not make Nina sign the receipts. Moreover, men are viewed as little more than sperm donors and meal tickets in the court system. However, the case speaks volumes about a change in mentality men are having worldwide.

Expecting entitlement to a man's money in exchange for dates and sexual favors is little more than sophisticated prostitution

Expecting entitlement to a man’s money in exchange for dates and sexual favors is little more than sophisticated prostitution

Lessons Learned

The plaintiff’s actions should be applauded by red pill men everywhere as we work towards men’s liberation from sexist, feminist ideology that says men should be merry walking wallets who pay for everything from meals to vacations in Crimea, with women able to walk out on the relationship at any time, even after debts and other financial obligations have been made fulfilling their desires. We should be happy for the use and abuse, in other words.

Even though this is a hopeless case to win, it is causing stress for Nina in that she has to go to court and explain everything to a judge. If thousands, no, millions of men worldwide banded together and did the same thing a change could be forced on both the court system and women’s condescension of men, treating us a little more than utilities to be exploited until our usefulness runs out.

The puss pass needs to be revoked in order to achieve equality. Recouping expenses incurred in failed relationships, especially if men starting keeping receipts and records would set a precedent that should be followed everywhere: women no longer get special privileges only because of their sex.

We can also glean yet another example of predatory female behavior and victim card playing from this case. Nina expected a proposal for offering herself up for a vacation, and when she didn’t get what she wanted she walked out, more than likely expecting the young attorney to chase after like a lost puppy dog. However, an unpleasant surprise arrived in her mailbox a few weeks later when a summons showed up. What does she do? Go play the victim for getting sued.

In another case, a wealthy film producer is being sued for not disclosing she had herpes to a Tinder hookup partner

In another case, a wealthy film producer is being sued for not disclosing she had herpes to a Tinder hookup partner

Tinder Hookup Herpes

In an unrelated, amusing case of men using the legal system game against women instead of the other way around, a Las Vegas man is suing a girl he met on Tinder for giving him herpes. The man, who is anonymously referred to in court documents as John Doe, said the woman gave him herpes after she explicitly requested he not use a condom because she was a “good Jewish mother.”

His claims against the single mom include fraud, battery, willful misconduct, gross negligence and infliction of emotional distress. He is seeking $10,000 in damages for medical care expenses and loss of life enjoyment, as well as an unknown amount for punitive damages.

After waking up with painful herpes blisters, John Doe contacted his Tinder hookup. The woman, who is as reported by news sources a wealthy film producer, described having many hookups with men to the plaintiff on Tinder, then later told John Doe she “had no idea” her herpes could be transmitted even without an outbreak after he confronted her. Indeed, Tinder and its gay equivalent Grindr, have been connected with the spread of STDs and in creating a “dating apocalypse” in an already degenerate American culture. Charles Prince of Vegas Matchmakers, an offline dating agency, told interviewers:

On her end of the scale, she should have been honest, but his decision to pursue instant gratification is going to affect him the rest of his life. They both went on the site, they both knew what they were getting into: they were looking for a quick night of fun, a good time. Now he’s paying the price and he doesn’t like it.

Prince’s comment represents willingness to give the producer the puss pass again. If the case had been reversed, the likelihood a man would be so easily forgiven for knowingly passing an STD to a women is very low.

If the only way to deal with the consequences of today’s increasingly petty and degenerate dating market is to pursue legal recourse in the court system, more power to the men who use it to their advantage rather than allowing themselves to be eternal defendants. Women have been manipulating the legal system to their advantage a long time by playing the victim card. Now men are learning to play the victim game. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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326 thoughts on “Should Men Sue Women For Dating Expenses And Hookup Damages?”

  1. I wish I could say these are the weirdest cases I’ve heard of, but they aren’t. I remember hearing a story years ago about a girl who sued a boy in high school because he bailed out on being her date a week or two before the prom. Something about all the money she dropped on her dress and shit for prom…like she couldn’t go anymore because she got dumped.

  2. Nice! Hehe I have heard so many cases of women leading men on with false pretenses, getting them to pay for all manner or shit while never intending to stay or provide sex etc.
    When I was in my twenties, my then girlfriend demanded we move a few hours away close to her parents so she could get a job. I had been paying for everything virtually while she was studying, and we had agreed that once she is done and gets a job, I can look for a job closer to home or do part time for a while.
    So thinking things would soon look up, I agreed to the move, and quit my job, spent a month about restoring and then decorating our new apartment.
    As soon as I was done, she broke up with me and told me she wanted to keep the apartment too.
    I should have sued her ass, really.

    1. reading that i imagine that would feel like getting kicked in the balls with a iron boot, hope it worked out for you mate.

      1. Yeah well, lesson learned. Now many years later I’m happily married with a baby on the way, and haven’t even thought of this in years, the article reminded me of it.
        But it did hurt a lot for 6 months or so, and then made me very suspicious of girls forever hehe.

    2. In hindsight it’s your own damn fault. but I’ve been a tool to a woman in the past yet not to that extent. I was 3 lines into your story and I already knew the end.

      1. Of course it was my own fault, that’s obvious. I learned my lesson.
        The point of telling the story is both as a warning for others but also because I think in this case I could have sued and maybe gotten something back. It was that clear of a case.
        Edit to add, there is more to it, she wanted me to wife her up at first, but I balked. I also moved countries to be with her… You do stupid shit when you are young and inexperienced. I had just gotten out of the army a year before about p, and had not had a serious LTR yet. Just green…

        1. The only thing you should learn from this is that if it is meant to be your apartment, keep it in your name only.
          Why in the world did you let her sign it in her name?

        2. She’s a local, I’m a foreigner, and the housing queue was in her name. What makes you think it was meant to be mine? It was meant to be ours, both of us.

        3. Well, it’s unfortunate you are a foreigner. That does put you at considerable risk securing a place to stay.
          My partner lives with me, it is our home. In the event of separation, it is my home.
          It’s just dangerous living in an apartment that your name is nowhere on the lease, it means losing your home if a separation or fallout happens.
          This is why after splitting, she kicked you out. It was only your home as long as she wanted you there, but in paper… It was her home legally. It’s good to assume for the worst, if you are in a situation you can legally sign the paperwork.
          But you are a foreigner, that’s unfortunate so this really would do no good at the time.

        4. It’s not unfortunate that I’m a foreigner where I live, it’s a simple fact due to living elsewhere than where I was born or have a nationality from.
          The apartment in question was of a kind I would not have been able to get because of the rules at the time.
          I would not have wanted to keep it anyway, so it’s not an important aspect of the story.
          It was both of our home legally however, as that has nothing to do with whom the contract is for, it’s based on residence.
          Everything now is in my name but that doesn’t really change much.

      1. Rental, in her name. Plus I didn’t care to stay in the town, I had no job there and would have been bumping into her and her parents every other day. Better to cut my losses and move, find a job, and start from scratch.

        1. In the country where I am rentals don’t even have floors, you only rent the bare concrete walls, roof and floor.
          So I straightened, papered and painted the walls, painted ceilings, laid floors, etc. added plumbing for washing machine, etc.
          I didn’t want to live in a dump and didn’t think it’s be bouncing so soon.

        2. I see… well were you able to get your money back plus comp for your time? That sounds like a significant amount of work and I can’t believe a court would think you did it for free.

        3. I’ve never been to New Jersey, from what I hear, I damn should be.

        4. New Jersey: the only state in the country with both an inheritance AND an estate tax
          New Jersey: where one multi-billionaire moves to Florida, and it threatens to cause a budget shortfall bc he paid so many taxes

        5. The point was I didn’t try to. But in retrospect I should have, and probably would have gotten something.
          At the time I just had the wind kicked out of me and was a bit lost as to “what now?”, and focused on finding a place and job quickly. Most of my savings were blown on the apartment so the job was a must get.
          By the time the dust settled and I was sorted it was a year and change later, and the bitch had hooked some other poor sap to do her bullcrap for her. She even got him to marry her lol! So I would have been picking his pockets, or fail that his or her parents.
          One thing was a bit funny, while we were together, at one point she up and bought a big teak table for a few grand without checking with me because she and her mother fell in love with it and it was a one off piece.
          Guess what I’m using as my dinner table still 10+ years later? Bitch begged me for the table so I kept it just to spite her…

        1. Incidentally, hearts do look like little asses. That explains quite a bit

    3. There’s really nothing new here. I can recall in the 1970’s, men suing women to get back expensive rings after the engagement was broken. Unfortunately, a guy can spend a lot of time & money going about this in today’s court system. Needless to say, many females aren’t going to give that fancy rock up either, regardless of what transpired to cause it. Many place more value on money & materialism than bad memories, I reckon. I know a woman who kept her engagement ring after breaking it off even before the wedding date was set. It was actually going to be her third marriage & that was over 15 years ago. Refused his request to return it on two occasions. The guy just gave up & ate about $5k or so, as she claims. No doubt, a few lessons to be learned from something like this.

      1. the 5k he lost on the ring was probably chump change compared to what he would have lost in the marriage. she kind of did him a favor.

      2. In the US, individual states handle this basically three different ways:
        1) The woman always has to return the engagement ring
        2) The woman has to return the engagement ring if she is “at fault” for ending the engagement, i.e. because she broke it off, cheated, etc.
        3) The woman never has to return the ring (small minority of states)
        Each guy should do his own research, but the guy likely has a good case in small claims court to get the ring, or its fair market value, returned.

      3. Floyd Mayweather pointed a gun at his ex finance feet and threatened to shoot off her toes one by one of she didn’t give him his ring back.

    4. Your first mistake was having a live-in girlfriend.
      Your second mistake was compromising with a live-in girlfriend.
      Your final mistake was sponsoring this whore.

      1. Yeah, but as mentioned in my other further comments to this, it was my first serious thing, so what did I know…
        I think virtually all guys cock up and end up paying the bill at some point. The difference is what the guy does after they cock up. Get wiser? Stay stupid? Give up?
        I’m married to a nice Asian girl now, and doing tons better than back then in every imaginable way.

        1. We’ve all stepped in it at some point. Congrats on finding a feminine (and I hope submissive) woman.

        2. Yep. Hehe thanks, that she is, in spades. To the point where some blue pill guys I know ask me how I deal with it bwahahaha. She gets annoyed if I try to make her choose things, I tried a few times just to check her reaction.
          To be honest I think few men in the west have the mentality to handle a submissive feminine girl, and hold the frame required, for any length of time or at all.
          To me it seems like the guys around me look for some hybrid of lover/bestie/mommy figure…. Which to me sounds like a recipe for nuclear disaster.

        3. To me it seems like the guys around me look for some hybrid of lover/bestie/mommy figure…. Which to me sounds like a recipe for nuclear disaster.

          Women can’t lead, they need to be led. I’ve known far too many men who expect female partners to be muh everything. The “your spouse should be your best friend” myth needs to die.

        4. exactly. there’s really no shame in it as long as you learn and don’t repeat your mistake.

        5. The thing is all women use men up if allowed to lead and get the upper hand. It’s a game of ‘dunk’ like in a pool. White knights are the vietcong in this war.

        6. I am married to a much younger Asian. The above posters are on target. If you take a girl from a strong patriarchal society you better be able to be and remain a strong patriarch. If you don’t maintain frame they will walk all over you and despise you for it.

        7. You live and your learn. Count yourself lucky you only lost out on time and an apartment.

    5. my bro did a similar thing, quit his job and moved all the way out to NYC with his girl, from west of the mississippi. she also broke up with him soon after he got their place set up.

    6. Back in the 1990s there was a woman who worked in the office next to mine and she used to brag about all the ex boyfriends she took to court.
      This was the mid-1990s.
      Wonder what she looks like now.

    7. You gain a real sense when you’re being used up. It’s gradual, first she goes through all your shit and shit disappears and gets thrown away. The shit doesn’t stop until you lay the patriarchal hammer down in the wilderness or in the northern tundra where no one can hear her scream, especially her parents. Then you’re able to prime her and work her according to her natural intended purpose, burning off all her white gristle and fat leaving only the essential healthy yellow fat. Lean and fit, her chub is burned into the vapors of history as well as her misconceptions of feminist and bitch-dominant (un)reality. Her silly and vain dreams and wishful wastefulness become a thing of the past.

    8. In my younger years I was a betta. But I also had sincerity and integrity and believed one could be and should be friends with a woman. Most women treated me fairly and paid half, the ones that were genuinely interested in me especially or the ones that saw some value in friendship IE liked me, but thought I was too nice and not husband material.
      The ones that let me or rather expected me to pay fell into two categories.
      There were the girls that really didn’t have a lot of money, they made up for it in other ways say with a home cooked meal or sex. The sex wasn’t an exchange, they genuinely liked me and wouldn’t have hung around if they didn’t. They wanted a relationship but weren’t narcistic, you feel respect from them.
      Then there are the users. These leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Some will even go out with you as a “friend” but not pay despite having an income.
      I found the self described feminists fell into that category more than non feminists.
      I found them to be the minority in my case, I’d say 20% are low integrity energy drains like that. They may provide some companionship but they leave a bitter taste and lower rather than raise your self esteem.
      These relationships aren’t all bad but they are a waste of time in that you can be doing much better. They may even genuinely grow to like you over the years.
      Don’t waste your time on them. You just feed them and eventually you spoil these kinds of women so bad that their life falls apart when they hit the wall.
      Demand high standards.

  3. Herpes guy has a case, but the other guy comes across as a whiny faggot. He’s also completely incompetent as a lawyer if he thinks this claim is going anywhere.
    “If thousands, no, millions of men worldwide banded together and did the same thing a change could be forced on both the court system and women’s condescension of men, treating us a little more than utilities to be exploited until our usefulness runs out.” Terrible idea.
    First off, this is the kind of shit – filing frivolous lawsuits to harass someone – that can, and in my opinion should, get you disbarred as an attorney. The court system is fucked up enough as it is without clogging it up with a bunch of merit-less crap like this that only serves to prevent deserving people from obtaining real justice.
    Second, If you don’t want to be a cash machine for women, don’t. I’ve banged plenty of girls without spending a dime on them. If you choose to spend money to get her to spread her legs, no one is promising you anything. If she gives it up, you’ve gotten way more than you were promised, so shut the fuck up about what you’re owed. Nobody owes you shit. If some faggot sends you a drink in a bar, are you obligated to let him fuck you or else he can sue you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.
    Remember that this is a dangerous game you’re playing if you start down this road. The same logic that leads to, “she can’t walk away because I paid for shit in expectation of commitment” also leads to “he can’t walk away because I opened my legs in expectation of commitment.”
    This is not to be cheered and applauded. It is the same whiny entitlement bullshit we hear from countless millennials re-branded as “red pill.” Horseshit. Here’s what red pill looks like: Her: “I want a fancy, expensive vacation.” You: “how do you plan to pay for it.”
    If you pay for the vacation, she doesn’t owe you anything. Even if you’re sitting in that hotel jerking off by yourself the entire time while she’s our trolling for exotic cock. P.T. Barnum said that there’s a sucker born every minute. If you’re the sucker, it sucks to be you. But unless you were explicitly promised something in return for your cash, filing a court case over something like this comes across as severe pedastalizing and oneitis to me.

    1. “this is the kind of shit – filing frivolous lawsuits to harass someone – that can, and in my opinion should, get you disbarred as an attorney.”
      There’s a difference between frivolous and likely to be unsuccessful. The point here is a potentially very serious one, even if the consequences at this point are unknown (should the suit or any similar one succeed). The wage equality issue, and fake issues like the ‘wage gap’ depend precisely on a superficial and feminist controlled definition of financial equity; one in which the hidden costs of being a heterosexual male in a dating market which is always to some extent a uni-directional economic market as well (i.e. a transfer of resources flows from the male to the female, but rarely from the female to the male). What appears frivolous now (and the guy might well be both an insufferable prick and a hero of the revolution for all we know) could potentially direct the spotlight on the underlying economic inequities that superficial feminist defined wage parity discourse disguises. Yes, there is a danger that this will take heterosexuality from bad to worse in the short term, something which feminists may have mixed feelings about, in the longer term it is important the underlying economics of sex get the proper consideration it needs

      1. I agree that there is a difference between frivolous and unlikely to be successful. But if your first claim is dismissed out of hand, I’d say your second claim is likely frivolous. And I see nothing to convince me otherwise.
        Moreover, while I tend to agree with the underlying theme of your comment – that there is a false narrative that must be challenged – that is entirely separate from the question as to whether these claims are frivolous. Just because you want to tell a story doesn’t mean you can walk into a court. There are lots of avenues, like ROK, to tell this story, but to get into court, you have to have a legally cognizable claim.
        I don’t see any basis for a claim here. I don’t see any tort. Fraud would be the closest, but I see no allegations that she made any kind of affirmative representations to him about what he could expect in order to induce him to part with his money. In fact, the article, as written, would indicate that the guy is the fraud – he promised her a vacation where he would propose to her, she accepted, presumably conferring sexual benefits, and he reneged.
        I don’t see a contract claim here either. Oral contracts are disfavored, but you would still have to prove that she made a promise to keep seeing you if you took her on this vacation, and that you acted in reliance on that promise. Setting aside that such a claim likely fails for the same reasons the tort claim does, this is also an area that courts are traditionally hesitant to wade into.
        Now, I will concede that this appears to be filed in a foreign jurisdiction, and I am unfamiliar with the laws there. But here in the U.S., a lawyer who files a claim like these is risking his law license absent some facts that just aren’t being reported. And the insistence that we should take similar measures to sue chick over dating expenses is petty and dangerous – remember that sanctions can be assessed not just against the attorney who brings such a claim, but against the litigant personally.

        1. “Just because you want to tell a story doesn’t mean you can walk into a court. There are lots of avenues, like ROK, to tell this story, but to get into court, you have to have a legally cognizable claim.”
          I hear what you’re saying but I think we are approaching the issue from difference angles here. I can appreciate that this particular case not have much merit from a legal standpoint, although as you acknowledge that may depend on the particular legal system in question as well as how well the case is argued etc.
          You make some fair points about how he might be said to have misled her rather than she him. It’s for him to argue his case – literally – in court. He’s failed once and maybe he’ll fail again, if the case is as lacking in merit as you say. But while I’m not coming to this from a legal standpoint, but from a political one, and perhaps from a perspective of what might be considered a sense of natural justice with respect to evolving gender relations (i.e. why should x have to y when… etc) I do think challenges to the law need to start with these kind of cases. They often seem trivial or frivolous because they don’t as yet have a clear basis in law – either in statute, or in precedent. But that’s what lawyers do: they note something, some action or failure of action on the part of one party that has had a deleterious effect on some other party, their client, or the individual himself in this case, and then try to demonstrate that there are grounds for redress. You’re probably right that his case isn’t strong, but you also appear to be arguing both for the demerits of the particular case, and that this type of grievance / complaint in general is best addressed through different channels i.e. that not only is it not ‘legally cognizable’ but that it shouldn’t be so by virtue of the kind of complaint it is. I think what the article is suggesting is that the only way to really change the debate here is through legal challenges which may be more or less substantive, but nonetheless do represent a genuine clash of material interests.
          I think though that you raise some interesting points about what kind of ‘contracts’ are involved here. I think that’s precisely the issue. More broadly I would say we have a major breakdown in society on the basis of nearly all social contracts, whether it be state/individual, men and women, in marriage, lesser relationships and hook-ups, casual dating and pretty much everything else. All of the above imply contractual relations of various kinds, and it’s really only challenging things through the law that brings the issues to the surface in ways that enable them to be addressed. It stinks, but maybe that’s just how it is.

    2. I had the same reservations about the first story in this article. Sounds like bullshit on the guy’s part. The second one is totally legit. The only thing I could say is the guy should’ve wrapped up regardless what the woman said, but she needed to still let the dude know she has some nasties down there.

    3. You can get herpes from a kiss dude. Are we all going run around saying “Wait! Before we kiss I need to tell you that I have oral herpes! Also… have you had chicken pox yet?”

      1. No. But if I specifically ask a chick if I should wrap it up, and she says “no, I’m clean,” while knowingly lying about it. That’s actionable fraud.
        Similarly, in your hypothetical, if I am the type of OCD dude who asks everyone whether they have herpes before kissing them, and they tell me no, while lying to me, they are also committing actionable fraud. So while I think it would be silly, your scenario still presents actionable fraud if done right.
        The practical reason you do it for one and not for the other is that STDs carry a much heavier social stigma than cold sores.

        1. Well I wouldn’t worry about that. The way things are going having an STD will be just like having a cold. As for oral herpes, a lot of people don’t know that cold sores are caused by the herpes virus or any virus at all. A girl I know with cold sores thought she got them from kissing kids. I told her “no, and in fact I think all those kids have oral herpes now”.
          In any case, any guy who asks every girl if she has herpes is probably not going to be kissing any girls soon. But really given that probably every girl you meet (and you) probably already have it, there’s no point in asking.

      2. Anyhow, most people have HSV-1, the common cold sore. HSV-1 is not the genital herpes we hear about.
        The nasty genital herpes is HSV-2. Its a different strain altogether. HSV-2 can spread to the mouth, but it prefers the genitals.
        It’s the real nasty one that causes sores and blisters on your downstair with ten thousand raised bumps. HSV-1 just gives your standard single cold sore.
        If one has a HSV-2 infection, they aren’t suppose to knowingly spread it.
        HPV is another ballgame, only a few specific HPV strains cause warts.

        1. “Nasty” genital herpes? Are you promoting the stigma? It is actually less “nasty” in terms of intensity and frequency of break-outs than oral herpes. You are describing the worst case scenario. Generally the symptoms of genital herpes are so mild, if you do have a break-out you might not even notice.
          So you can knowingly spread oral herpes but not genital? Is this what you mean to say?

        2. HSV-1 is the form unlikely to cause more then one outbreak and the least likely to spread. One can get an HSV-1 infection in their downstairs, it’s unlikely to stick around. Of new herpes cases, many do prove to be HPV-1, and that’s fortunate. It prefers the mouth, a genital infection of HSV-1 is unlikely to cause anything more then a single outbreak before disappearing, it’s also far less likely to shed.
          HSV-2 absolutely prefers the downstairs and is noted for a high capacity to shed and be transferred through sexual contact compared to an HSV-1 infection, it’s also noted for a higher frequency in outbreaks. Someone with HSV-2 is likely to experience multiple outbreaks for the rest of their life while that person with HSV-1 will likely never experience a genital outbreak and if they do, it’ll be a one shot outbreak. Herpes medication like Valtrax is designed for use in those with the second, more spreadable version.
          The idea herpes is not painful is highly debatable. Women can form blisters inside the vaginal canal which can lead to pain during sex, both men and women can experience painful itching. HSV-2, unlike HSV-1, is noted for causing flu-like symptoms during an active outbreak.
          HSV-2 is quite different then that which causes a cold sore, it’s more serious, and it mandates some honesty before spreading it willy nilly.

        3. This is completely opposite of what I have researched and seen presented in other people.
          Who said herpes wasn’t painful?

        4. You said it was mild and less intense.
          Also, 90% of genital warts is actually caused by HPV strains 6 and 11. Many doctors will misdiagnose a HPV outbreak as herpes, only catching their mistake upon further testing if at all.

        5. If what you’ve seen is HSV-1 is highly contagious, your research is correct as far as the mouth is concerned. It is not very contagious at all as far as genitals are concerned.
          HSV-2 is the one that spreads like wildfire in the genitals.

        6. I have seen that HSV-1 is very contagious in the genitals as well. This is in part why you can get genital herpes from a girl with a cold sore. And how many girls get cold sores?

        7. I said “generally” and saying it is “mild and less intense” is a relative statement (relative to oral herpes) and not the same as saying its not painful.
          I sincerely doubt a doctor will misdiagnose warts. Warts are pretty obvious and entirely different to cold sores. But why are we talking about warts?

        8. Well… I don’t really want to upload pictures for comparison. Domed warts obviously look like warts, but clustered flat warts resemble the blisters that genital herpes causes, actually they look pretty much identical. I suppose I brought them up saying that what one thinks is herpes could be HPV, and nobody should be spreading that either. No, it does happen, unfortunately. I’ve known one who was misdiagnosed.
          (Obviously neither looks like a cold sore on the mouth.)
          I’m just expressing that one shouldn’t be having sex with bumps, or a history of bumps, on their genitals without being honest.
          The condom isn’t really an issue because HSV-2 can spread even with condom usage. I suppose going back to the issue at hand, I fully support the stigma, one should not be spreading weird bumps on their downstairs without warning.

        9. HSV-1 will not maintain latency in the genitals. It’s less likely to shed if it does infect the genitals, it’s less likely to infect genitals in the first place.
          HSV-2 is the culprit when we think of life-long genital herpes.

        10. Both of them are life-long if they infect you, no matter where they infect you. “Less likely” is merely fractional. If a girl with a cold sore gives you a blowjob, you’re getting herpes.

        11. Mate, honestly a doctor who can’t tell the difference between herpes and warts shouldn’t be a doctor.
          You are confusing the stigma. The stigma is “having the disease” not “spreading it without warning”.

  4. It varies from state to state, but in most states giving someone an STD is a felony. You can face fines of over $100,000 and years of jail time. And if you give someone a life threatening STD like HIV, you can get charged with attempted murder. This guy should be suing for more than just $10,000, he basically can’t have sex ever again without the risk of going to jail.

  5. Men are expected to pay, in one way or the other, Period. The chances of some bird taking you for a ride at some point approach 100%. Litigating women for being women is weak. Litigating women for your poor choices or outright stupidity (woman on Tinder has Herpes? Whaaaaat?) is even weaker.
    The “system” will not be altered by playing their game of victim peddling. The system will be altered when the majority of men alter it through actions based on positions of strength that best serve their interests.
    So f*ck the system. Build strength, resiliency, passion, and purpose and then overpaying for a piece will be rare. You will see it coming or you will turn it to your advantage. But even if you do get blindsided, you will have the confidence and wherewithal to stay your course and jettison that succubus without hesitation and promote the next bird in rotation.
    As for Tinder. LOL. All Tinderellas have the herps. They “got it from their boyfriend, who lied about it.” Facebook, Tinder, Instaslut. Your complicit, voluntary participation in those dehumanizing tools of the system will get what you deserve, eventually. Crocodile tears for all those poor guys that get the blunt blade of social media pressed upon their necks.

    1. Frankly herpes is not much of a big deal. People have a song and dance about it but its just cold sores and its not even as bad as when you get it on your lip. The truth is, about 90% of people have some variant of the herpes virus but only a fraction of those ever get sores (maybe about 10%). Of those getting the less strong virus (i.e. genital herpes) the likelihood is that you won’t ever get an outbreak or if you do, you’ll get one and then never again.
      For all this guy knows he got herpes five years ago and just got his first outbreak now. You can never be sure who you got herpes from unless you you’ve only been with one person.
      Frankly, if you are going to have more than one lifetime partner, chances are that you will eventually get herpes.

      1. This is close to true. My friend has had one (the initial) minor outbreak, and he tests positive. He got it from his wife, and she only had one outbreak in her life. Yes, she told him before they had sex the first time while dating, and demanded he use a condom.
        If you’re going to have an outbreak, odds are you’ll have it within the first couple weeks after infection. If not, then you’ll likely never have one and just be a carrier. Even if you do have outbreaks, odds are they’ll get less frequent after the first one or two.

      2. In principal, yes. Herps is rather harmless. And yes, there is likely a massive shadow infection rate and a wide continuum of symptom manifestation.
        But there has been a marked change to the premise, as you demonstrate. Who benefits most from removing the stigma and shame from behavior-associated ‘inconveniences’ such as herps? Or sluttery? Or even AIDS? In any case, it may not be a health threat but it is a SMV threat. That’s worth taking precautions and exercising some judgement on the matter.
        The guy in the story actually may have got off easy. Even though herps is for life, its less of an inconvenience than the power of the state bearing down on him to support the spawn of a “good” woman who swears she is on the pill. Or having to spend time and money to establish paternity – and even then, the chance of having to pay. (Aside from bringing a life into the world, which, despite the treachery of women like these, is deserving of better than an idiot rawdogger with a checkbook and a siren-whore of a mother.)
        In my book, things like herps are often proxy for other things that might actually be harmful (or distasteful), behavioral or otherwise. Most strains of HPV are harmless, but others are not. Normalizing outcomes of certain types of choices into innocuous inconveniences is not a robust strategy of self-preservation IMO.
        But then if one is in the poolside mindset, most of this stuff about specific choices (rawdogging) and behaviors (promiscuity) is moot. Just have fun on your terms. Not my way (yet) but I can see the appeal.

        1. It has another “e”. Herpes. However, I think I like your version better. The herps.
          “That bitch was so stone cold naaaasty that she slept with homeless dudes, and they gave her the herps.”

        2. Normalizing outcomes of certain types of choices into innocuous inconveniences…

          There is no normalization here. Herpes is an innocuous inconvenience by definition. The stigma comes from the fact that slutty behaviour would appear to result in STDs and this is where the shame comes in. But where your logic falls down is that you can get an STD without being a slut or promiscuous. So shaming someone because they have an STD is a bit like burning a woman for being a witch. Both are irrational because they draw invalid conclusions from the facts.

      3. Hell no dude. Maybe 90% of people world wide, but not everywhere, and certainly not genital herpes. Tolerating things like this is pretty fucking degenerate tbh.

        1. Things like what? Its less serious than measles mate. Not sure what you mean by not everywhere. 90% of Americans if that helps.

        2. 90% of Americans possibly have a strain of HSV. 90% do not have genital herpes. More like 20-30% for that kind of herp. Tindr may change that though, and maybe I am over anxious about it. But, I try to form my red flags around what I can perceive of her past behavior. I don’t want the herp Bob, not even the lip variety, you can’t fault a man for that.

        3. I don’t want it either mate but honestly there are things that trouble me more, like divorce rape or spousal cheating.

    2. Also another good reason to avoid Blacks, mulattoes and mudsharks – their STD rates are several times the general population, maybe even Tinderellas.

  6. I might go back and read yesterday’s MGTOW article again

      1. Because reading this article scares the shit out of me. Damn it ROK I am trying to ignore the realities of the collapse and enjoy it!

        1. It’s short lived by the way. Some cute skirt will walk by and I will forget.

        2. Urban centers will be the first to go most likely, then we get to enjoy the extended camping trip as we rebuild society.

        3. Not until I’m long dead. After that, what do I care

        4. I do not fear death. I do, on the other hand, fear lack of indoor plumbing and a lack of place where white jacketed waiters serve cocktails.

        5. As you age, the fear of death recedes, and the number of things you are willing to do to avoid it decrease markedly.

    1. Hahaha…no shit. As I have gotten older, I have found it quite tiring to deal with all the vetting necessary in order to cull the herd to find a quality woman that will make my dick hard but not my life. I just don’t have the energy anymore. I have actually turned down “netflix and chill” on occasions because staying at home and reading Bastiat, seems so much less exhausting, and more rewarding.

        1. So true…i guess I’m just old enough now to be able to tell my dick, “no she ISN’T different than the others, and it won’t be better THIS time,” and it actually listen. I’m glad it is finally starting to pay attention and stay within the boundaries I set.

        2. Nope sorry, every woman makes your life hard. They specialise in it. Expecting a woman not to complicate things is like expecting children to be well behaved. Not happening.

        3. Its when they get into your head that the problems really start. My god but the “perfect” woman can really mess your life up.

        4. Having served in several militaries as well as recalling old television programs from the 1950’s, when the many fruits of my loins ripened to the point of speech, “Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’am” were habituated at all times. Mrs. Art went with the program and the rest is history.

    2. At the very least women should be thought of like wild animals, cute and cuddly sometimes, but never fully domesticated (or at least right on that borderline) and capable of ripping a man to pieces (figuratively) without warning or provocation.

      1. This is exactly right. Like you pulled it out of my own mind.

      2. lol A wild animal is cute and cuddly until it tears your guts out and bathes in your blood…

        1. My uncle works in a zoo, his whole life. Once I asked him about the guys who work with the lions and tigers, the danger, etc. He just shrugged and said, “A cat is a cat is a cat. It’ll turn on you in a heartbeat.”

  7. Honestly, these women are sluts and what did the men expect would happen? If you stick your hand in a fire then it’s your fault for getting burned. You shouldn’t be wasting your time with degenerate women or you’re a degenerate yourself.

  8. Here’s the truth. It is a man’s role to pay. We are the primary breadwinner. The problem is of course, thanks to feminism, women earn their own money but they still expect you to pay. Why? Because you are the man.
    The trouble is that now, man has been alienated from women and his role in his childrens’ lives. So while his role has been replaced by the government, the woman can keep his money but get rid of him when she becomes “unhappy”. So in the past, you, as a man, paying for everything would have been fine by you because you knew that you maintained access to your home, your wife and your children. No one could replace you and you could also expect your wife to fulfill her side of the bargain.
    But now, the man pays, and the woman can do whatever the hell she likes. She is set free and the man is made a slave. So she has no respect for you because who respects a slave?

    1. All you need to do is go for women who have a substantially lower income than yourself, then her income becomes irrelevant in the relationship like it was in the old days and you’ll be much less dispensable to her.

      1. Reread the part where I said “the woman can keep his money but get rid of him…”

        1. Yeah, actually, your argument is pretty MGTOW. I meant, though, that women are attracted to wealth and she’ll be less inclined to leave a far wealthier man. But if you’re getting divorce raped then you’ve got serious loser issues. There’s no excuse for a man getting owned by a woman. He’s not a man.

        2. Not sure what you mean by “MGTOW”. That has nothing to do with my argument. You need to go back and watch Eddie Murphy Raw and “Half”. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube.
          But its easy for a woman who has virtually no chance of being divorce raped to disparage men who do.

        3. Your marriage-phobia is a typical MGTOW trait. It’s also a cowardly stance. Life wasn’t meant to be easy. Get over it.

        4. Women’s name, female avatar, arguing the case from a female perspective. If you are not a chick you are seriously confused.

        5. I think you’re the one that who’s confused. A person’s sex is defined by their biology, not by their Disqus account details.

        6. What? Lol.
          I like to think that life is hard enough without the person you thought loved you hacking out your knees and putting you in poverty for 10+ years.
          Look. If you think you need Uncle Sam to validate your relationship to make it real, I think you’re the one who needs growing.

        7. Uncle Sam? What? I’m not even American.
          Anyway, women don’t treat me in the way you described – probably because I don’t get with the wrong type to begin with – and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not something that exists in a sensible man’s life.

        8. You being American is irrelevant.
          And your personal experience does not negate everyone else’s.
          Look beyond your own bubble and see the world for how it really is before you start claiming that your experience is the same as all others.
          It’s like if Warren Buffet were to be like “I don’t have any issues buying a nice car. If anyone else has car issues then they should just pony up to buy a rolls Royce and stop buying Hondas ”
          Not even sure why I am responding. It’s clear you’re a troll so it doesn’t matter what I say. A man could marry his high school sweet heart, they both could be virgins and live together for ten years prior to the wedding, and she could just up and decide to divorce rape him because of any random reason and you’d still be there like “he should have picked a better woman and been more manly”.

        9. But it doesn’t just happen like that. Never. Not once. Virgin brides don’t just abandon husbands of 10 years without very, very good reasons.
          You’re clinging to sensationalist excuses to hide the fact that you’re just a loser and girls don’t want you. It’s got nothing to do with me and nothing to do with many other men.

        10. It is true that divorce among virgin brides is very low. I saw yesterday the graph and virgin brides have a 5% divorce rate. But, they do divorce, and most divorce today is over boredom, with no real cause. Good try, but no cigar on your attempt to man fault divorce.

        11. You should just cut your balls off. You’ve obviously got no use for them.

    2. This is only true if you view men’s roles as solely financial provision. Men have more to offer than just money (especially now, since as you stated, women have their own). If you feel that you don’t have more to offer than just money, some internal character examination might be necessary.

      1. Yes that’s what a woman would say. Nowhere did I claim that a man’s role is solely to provide money.

        1. Mmm. Some women, maybe. Not all. Current society necessitates a dual income. Most men still make more than women, so could still be considered the “breadwinner”, but few would be able to live the type of life they want on a single income. There are certainly families that make the decision for the wife to stay home, but in many cases it requires sacrificing the “extras” (vacations, nice “toys”, regular meals out, etc) . On the flip side, they type of women you’re talking about would certainly want those “extras”. They can either get it for themselves or have a man get it for them. Getting it for themselves is certainly an option in this day and age, but it requires work. Getting a man to provide it for you is another option that perhaps requires “less” work, but I think it’s going to depend a lot on where you are. I live in DC. The concept of a “trophy wife” here is absurd. For better or for worse, people are admired for their accomplishments and their resume rather then looks and/or money. Maybe this is more of a “thing” in somewhere like LA…I also feel like it might be more of a “thing” at the lower SES levels…where the women may not feel like they CAN provide for themselves or they feel like it’s just TOO much work to dig themselves out of their lower status. At any rate, 2 very different groups of people, but I think there’s a whole group in the middle that this doesn’t apply to. But again, maybe my perception is just shaped by my location. Around here it would be inane to think that they only thing men have to offer is money, just as it would be inane to think that the only thing women have to offer is looks. Because let’s face it, DC doesn’t attract either the richest OR the best looking…

        2. Women are not admired by men for their accomplishments or resume. Only their looks and their ability to keep a home. Women can improve both believe it or not.
          Actually we resent your accomplishments, especially if you are more accomplished than us. Something to think about it if you want a happy marriage.

        3. Case in point……There is this girl that was in my Civil Engineering class in college, about a 6-7 on the looks scale, very popular, straight “A” student, and ambitious to the extreme. She was room mates with my wife (she introduced us). Now, she has a six figure income, and owns her own business with about 10 employees. Although her life’s ambition was to be a wife and mother, it hasn’t happened. She is 38 and single, her window of opportunity is about gone. Morally, she is very traditional (still a virgin as far as I know), but that is a huge conflict with her being a career woman. No traditional, self respecting guy would want to compete with that or stay at home and be a nanny and she wouldn’t go for a liberal beta either.

        4. Men may indeed resent women’s accomplishments, but I would hazard to guess that those men also resent other men’s accomplishments if they think they, themselves, are more deserving. I know quite a few “power couples” and both are very proud and supportive of each other, not resentful. Being resentful is a waste of emotion, it’s not self motivating and won’t make you a better person. If you ever find yourself resenting someone else, especially for their accomplishments or experiences, you should stop. You can get it on your own without having to resent someone else’s hard work.
          There seem to be two main streams of thought in this space around women and dependence vs independence when it comes to men – one is what you offer above; women should not work but focus on “keeping the home”. The other is that women are only looking for a “meal ticket” from men and nothing more. one is a value, the other is a judgement or feeling (stemming from bitterness and cynicism). I suppose you could hold both at the same time, but I’d imagine you’d feel awfully conflicted. How can you look for a woman who wouldn’t work when you feel that all women are just looking to take men’s money?

        5. You don’t know those “power couples” minds or what goes on between them. Your “guess” about men is wrong. Men resent your accomplishments because you are intruding into male responsibilities (which men already have handled) and you are failing to take care of your own.
          Nobody says women should not work. What we say here is that a woman’s first responsibility is the home.
          There are countless women looking for meal tickets. Plenty of those in DC. But a woman like that you can’t trust in the home because she is basically a prostitute.

    3. Yes, but you’re not a slave unless you make yourself into one. Think carefully about what you know before committing to marriage, and vet your potential wife accordingly.

      1. Good idea but who your wife is today is not who she is tomorrow. Another idea is to have a second passport and threaten to use it if she even hints at leaving you.

        1. I would just disappear off into the woods one morning with all my things after selling the house discreetly and car and closing out any joint bank accounts or removing the money.

        2. I probably wouldn’t but you should never leave any possibilities out when planning to fall off the radar.

    4. I got an idea…
      Don’t bother making money… Just up your SMV by working out all the time, learning some smooth tight game, opening a lost kitty shelter, and marry a female CEO or princess.
      Bang her for a year or so, and then start dressing like a woman. Claim that you are transgendered and that you need alimony because transgendered women only make 70% of the 70% that normal-women make.
      This is where I see myself in five years.

      1. That’s pretty much the system Kevin Federline, former backup dancer to the stars, used. Then he got Britney to put a ring on it after only a couple months, got fat, got divorced, and reaped 20K a month in child support.
        On the one hand I disdain him for being a useless turd, but on the other, mad respect for gaming a system that’s rigged against him.

      2. I got nothing against PUAs, but I’m sick of the game.
        Why even put in all that effort just for some lackluster tail?
        Workout for your own health. Do what drives you career wise. Educate yourself.
        Doing anything that revolves around women is a recipe for disaster. Especially when not caring about them seems to drop panties quicker than any pickup line ever could..

        1. PUA culture has value in encouraging young men to work out while they are horny and buying into the need for sex. By teaching them confidence and controlling the fame it gives them the tools to exit the game.

      3. Also claim you are putting off surgery until a vagina can be cloned for you since you want real woman parts and not inverted ballsac vagina and penis glans clit.

    5. Don’t let her work. Get her pregnant on your wedding night and be the breadwinner. She takes care of the kids and does the housework. That’s what I did, a traditional home is a happy home.

      1. you forgot: “control all of the money.”
        Any purchase above $100 must go through me as I control “all” financial decisions.
        An allowance can be allocated but no more…

        1. I must be extremely fortunate, because my wife is more frugal than I am. We will discuss any purchases greater than about $100, unless it is standard costs like food (six kids). I make the money, she writes the checks and does the errands, then I will balance the books.

        2. Kinda brilliant move on my father’s part: my sister and i are not allowed to have credit cards. A certain amount of allowance goes on per week and we have to ask for anything more than that. Through only giving your daughter a debit card you are controlling your daughter’s abilities to go on slut vacations without your knowledge, limiting fluff purchases, if they want something they need to ask and say thank you like decent human beings. Also less purchases can be made so it is easier to track if they are being shady. Probably great for the wife too.

        3. This only works with airtight prenubs which judges can just override if she fakes duress. Marriage is never a good deal.
          Best plan is men do same sex marriage and only cohabit with women in the context of being cheap renters so that they cannot claim common law marriage.

    6. Pro comment, best on the thread. Exactly my thoughts as I was reading. Well spoken Bob.

    7. We were the primary breadwinner.
      I wish what you say we’re still true, but now women are getting ahead in school and they have the advantage in hiring.
      If the pay gap myth gets acted upon, women will be paid more for less work in the same field.
      So no, I do not think it’s my duty to pay if my date makes more money than me and the country designed it so this is almost always the case.

      1. I got nothing against PUAs, but I’m sick of the game.
        Why even put in all that effort just for some lackluster tail?
        Workout for your own health. Do what drives you career wise. Educate yourself.
        Doing anything that revolves around women is a recipe for disaster. Especially when not caring about them seems to drop panties quicker than any pickup line ever could.

  9. I get that the system as it stands is geared toward the feminist agenda, but why wouldn’t all the people involved in the legal professions not want this to happen? Thars golden them thar hills!
    Think of it, needing legal counsel because she wouldn’t “go Dutch,” hitting her with fines for “painful” rejection, charging her with attempted pregnancy every time she suggested going bare and then had a pregnancy “scare,” getting a settlement because she moved in to your place then “wrecked” everything, a porker penalty because she put on far too much weight for you to still get it up, or even something akin to a lemon law for used pussy. Not to mention evening out the field for things we already get shafted on like male rape cases, false rape allegations, and divorce rape.
    The need for new divorce lawyers would likely skyrocket (at least until no one got married), only now there would be even more jobs for things like “relationship attorneys” and “feelz chasers.” (Things like the rise of the Office of Fuck Buddy, Fucked Buddy, and Wanker for instance). Eventually everyone could be in a perpetual state of multiple litigation and we could all spend everyday earning settlements and paying out to others. One big constant money redistribution scheme.
    Feminists and Menimists, what are you doing? Get on this train!

    1. I get what you are saying. The intent would be to break down such a system. Figuratively kill all the lawyers, as Shakespeare suggested, making the court system refuse to deal with any family or relationship cases. Stop men from being enslaved by the court system with alimony, etc.

      1. And, maybe I’m getting a bit too extreme, but burn down every jewelry store.

        1. Agreed. Diamonds are a really fitting symbol for women.
          Here we have a rock kept artificially rare which men are killed over and others pay exorbitant amounts of cash to possess only to freely hand over to a woman in hopes it will guarantee her fealty, or worse to give her the attention fix she craves.
          Burn it down indeed.

        2. Western men lose an arm and a leg, figuratively speaking. African children, on the other hand, do lose them literally.

        3. And slavery. I love bringing up blood diamonds to women when they start going on about diamond jewelry. It’s one of the few things that really visibly shames the living fuck out of them.

      2. Serious question, and keep in mind that I loathe lawyers, but how would men who were wronged in a marriage resolve it, in that case? Without lawyers and laws (lawyers write laws, as farmer written laws would be nigh impossible to understand, even considering that lawyers use Latin), there can be no basis for divorce.

        1. Take marriage out of the hands of the state and make it a private arrangement between families. That’s how it worked for 5,000 years before the state and church figured out they could make money off it. Bring back the dowry. If she turns out to be a worthless cunt or whore, the man keeps the dowry and sends her back home. The state getting involved led us to the hell we are in today.

    2. “Why wouldn’t all the people involved in the legal professions not want this to happen?”
      Because some of us still believe, perhaps naievly, that the courts serve a more important function than our personal cash machine. Justice, due process, etc…
      Plus, there isn’t any gold in this. An hourly rate for a junior associate in my firm hovers are $350, and under the American system, each party pays for his own attorney’s fees. There is no money to be made for me in prosecuting frivolous $50 claims for drinks and appetizers.
      But remember, you always pay. You wind up with a win with judgment for $50, and a $5,000 attorney’s fee bill, and guess who the attorney is coming after for payment. Assuming you have a claim, you are perfectly free to prosecute on principle alone, but you owe the bill at the end.

    1. “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.” – greek philosopher(maybe SOH-kratez)

    2. I’m really hoping ROK covers this story, I’ve had my homemade meme prepared for it for two days and it is great, let me tell you. It is soo great. You won’t even be able to believe how great it is, but that’s what it is and what we do, we make it great. You’ll be proud of how great it is, it’s soo great.

    3. With policies like that, I see a lot of female sports records being shattered in the coming years. Can’t say they didn’t ask for it.

      1. I believe that the Williams “sisters” have already demonstrated your hypothesis.

  10. Sophisticated prostitution? A sophisticated way to put it. All it is is a way to extract sex from a woman without risking going to jail. It’s like the States whining about daily fantasy sports while shamelessly pushing lotteries, all for the children. No wonder prostitution isn’t legal here. It would make women irrelevant because now you just pay a designated sex worker, you drain your balls, and you don’t have to bother kicking her out or worrying that she wants to stay so you both can watch Bridget Jones.

  11. Here is a thought: Pay less.
    I do my best to have “cheap dates”.
    If you go to a bar – just drinks (never reached more than 40$). Rarely do restaurants, and if I go, I take the girl to a “special” restaurant (obscure place, nice atmosphere and cheap and good food).
    Take her for a night picnic (vegetables and wine) for example. Do dates which are “an experience” (=not much money, but something vivid) i.e. star watching in observatory (15$ for both, and she was never on one of those).
    The women think she will be wined and dined? I make it interesting instead.
    Even on LTR – you don’t need to go on fancy vacations. You just need to do some prep work.
    700$ – Would not sue. He needs to up it 10 times (include work days compensation for example).
    STD – have her bring blood test results before raw dogging (I do it around the 2-3 month mark). Then you can tell if she has something.

  12. You never trust a woman when she asks you to not wear a condom. What was he thinking? Besides STD, she could get pregnant.

  13. I don’t mean to get all thirsty on you guys, but I will trade a truckfull of flowers for the booty in image 2.

    1. Admiring any sculpture for its form or aesthetic quality isn’t something I’d think of as thirst more like art appreciation, but on a side note, why do you have a truck full of flowers, dread pirate?

        1. Hehe, good catch. That said I do sometimes like to just lightly run my hands up and down the back of the thigh to the ass without actually grabbing/squeezing. Just like the way the curves flow there hehe.

      1. Things have been slow at sea, I have to take any cargo I can get.
        Want any duty free roses?

        1. I have a truck full of flowers everyweek.
          How do the flowers do at sea?
          In a fridge i assume. How longnis the trip?

        2. The flowers do ok as long as I water them. Trip time depends on the wind (all self respecting pirates use sail power, not like those sellouts in Somalia).

    2. Thou Shalt Not Worship Any Graven Images, no matter how voluptuous.

    3. but you see, that right there is the problem. She will take your truck full of flowers, give you a kiss, tell you maybe tomorrow and then let me fuck her bloody and say “this guy gave me a …” and I will say “i don’t mean to cut you off, but I need to wake up early tomorrow…yes it’s sunday…go…bye”
      If a truck full of flowers worked I would be first in line at the flower shop, but all it does is show them that you have no better choices. Women are incredibly competitive and bat shit insane. She would almost always have a man who treats her with apathy because she will assume he has other options that she is in competition with. What’s better, in her head they are always better so she has to work extras hard.

  14. First off, I won’t denigrate the first gentleman or call him a hero. I mean, really, we revoke the pass. How? Don’t pay in the first place guys. Little lady wants to whine? There’s the door sweetheart, and I don’t care if it hits you on the ass on your way out. Really, this is all that needs to be done: stop paying in the first place. We laugh when some angry little feminist whines about having to pay for coffee in a blog/”news” article. We can be better by not paying in the first place. Good luck to him, but whatever.
    In the second case, yeah, sue the shiat out of her. Now it’s one thing if someone knows up front and takes the risk, but it’s another completely to hide status. One of my friends is married to a gal who has herpes (and he does now as well) but she told him before they slept together. She had him buy condoms he was comfortable with, and had him use them even a couple times when the little head wanted to do otherwise. AFTER they were married, she told him it was his choice but that they shouldn’t do it raw unless they were trying to make a baby normally (instead of using the “turkey baster” method) just in case. Her logic being she might get hit by a bus, et al., and he’d have to remarry even if they had kids. He came back with the, it isn’t a big deal, we’re married, and it wasn’t even considered much more than embarrassing until the early 80’s line.
    The problem for this second guy is the lack of choice. Unlike my friend, the duplicitous bitch didn’t warn him. It is a lifetime viral infection. She should be held accountable. The same as if a guy did it to a gal without warning.
    Again, this is just an old codger’s (in comparison to many here) point of view.

  15. To deal with the STD issue mentioned in the article, we should emulate California…
    They have “yes means yes” over there, we should start pushing for affirmative statements of cleanliness. Call it “Clean means Clean” or something like that. Or start pushing for the ability to sue a chick if (read: when) she lies about her notch count. Do it under misrepresentation or something.

  16. When a woman tells you not to wear a condom, that means that you should definitely wear a condom.

    1. I’d say that’s the best comment/advice on this article sofar. This should be chiseled in a stone tablet and given as gods commandment to every man at birth.

    2. I do know some women that really like the jizzum up in them. They say it feels good, helps them climax, and they like it when it drips out. That said, I would never do that outside an LTR when I know she is on the pill. Until then it is either down the throat or on the face. (Blowing your load in a condom is for Betas).

      1. I see one minor issue here. How do you ever know if a bitch is on the pill? Not like their tongue turns blue or some other clear indication. You’re still going to have to take her word for it.

        1. You don’t. You just have to trust her. Also, if she misses that pill by even an hour or two within 5 days of having unprotected sex, she can get pregnant. Pills work by preventing ovulation, they don’t protect against implantation.
          If she misses her pill by a couple hours, it’s enough to spur ovulation; sperm can fertilize up to 5 days in a female body. If that egg gets fertilized, it will implant.
          That’s why people get pregnant on the pill.
          That’s why condoms are important.

        2. You ultimately don’t know unless you actually watch her take it every day. There is always the small chance she is being sneaky and trying to get pregnant. But, if I am going out with the same girl for years at a time there comes a time where you have to give her some degree of trust. But every man should decide for themself the degree of caution they want to use.

        3. That’s my point exactly. I have heard so many stories of an ‘oops’ happening at the worst moment that I’m paranoid.
          When I’d have an LTR I didn’t use a rubber with I’d just stop banging her for a while if we had a big fight like me telling her I’m going to leave etc.

        4. And that is why I wish men had more then two contraceptive options. I haven’t had a vasectomy yet but have considered it. Have heard many funny stories of guys who have had it though and bare back their gfs only to then have them come back and say they are pregnant.

        5. I’m thinking I still want to keep pushing out babies with the right girls so vasectomy won’t be my thing. I just wish it would take less long to use and reload women;-).
          I have spent a fairly long time observing humanity and I’m of the opinion it needs more of my DNA so as a constructive person I have decided to seed as much of it around as possible without me being stopped by blowing up economically…

        6. Get a vasectomy and don’t care about if she is on the pill or not. However, This only takes care of the woman who wants you to raw dog her so she can oops you. It does nothing for the hatful bitch who wants to get back at all men for the one that gave her an STD. She wants to infect you because a man infected her. After all, all men are responsible for any action of any man, while no woman is responsible for anything.

        7. Sure, trust her; but get a vasectomy first. That way when she trusts you to get her pregnant, it will be a reverse oops.

        8. The failure rate of the hormonal female birth control pill taken under clinical conditions (administered by medical professionals) is 0.002%. The failure rate in the wild is 9%. Women can’t do anything right, even the relatively simple task of taking one pill every day at the same time.

        9. Only Depo Provera, Implanon, and a few others have the 99.7% effectiveness in perfect use. Google lies, I must inform you. Pills are more around 97%, because they don’t prevent implantation.
          It’s not a huge difference, but it’s about 2 out of every 100 women risking pregnancy without a barrier method.
          Like I said, if your lady oversleeps and misses that pill by 2 hours, she increases her chance of pregnancy.

        10. I used to set an alarm clock in my kitchen to ensure that I took my birth control pills correctly. Every night when that thing went off, I dropped whatever I was doing at that moment and took the pill. No exceptions.
          Today with things like medication reminder apps for smartphones, there’s no excuse for missing or delayed taking of birth control pills.

  17. There is legal precedent that if someone lies about their STD status and purposefully gives you HSV it is a civil tort. The idea of suing someone in this case is not crazy.
    I don’t get though men complaining about the price of dating. A date costs me six bucks. That is two beers at my local bar. Men who take dates on expensive dinners then pay for it are just fools. Any man who can’t just say “let’s split it” after a date is just a Beta. Paying for her isn’t going to get you laid. It is just going to make you broke. In my entire life I have only heard one or two women say “well he didn’t pay so I didn’t want another date” and I think that was proxy for “he was a bit of a Beta and I don’t want to waste my time or suck him off on our next date”.
    Rule 1 – Don’t pay for women on a date.
    Rule 2 – Don’t have sex without a condom unless you want to deal with the consequences.
    It is pretty simple.

    1. Don’t even ask to split it. When the waitress comes to take your order, a simple “separate bills please” is all you need. If she objects, you start hitting on the waitress.

      1. I have tried this before and it works sometimes, but other times comes out as overly hostile and off putting, especially for an initial impression. I would much rather give her the male version of a shit test and say “let’s split it” to gauge her reaction. If she gets all bitchy or entitled saying something like “I thought it was your treat”, then automatic dump.

        1. juat toss it out at the end of your order, and immediately move on to another subject like nothing happened. “(To waitress) I’ll have the steak with twice baked potato, medium rare. Oh could we get separate bills please? Thanks. (Turn to girl) that’s a (slight pause) unique (slight pause) hairstyle, have you had it long?”

  18. This is why I am excited for the Transgender laws that are coming. Not only will men be able to say they are women and get all the privileges, but they will logically apply it to race as well, and become transracial. The whole racial and gender grievance industry will collapse like a fusion bomb. Imagine a US Department Of Labor report that says 97% of the American workforce are black Lesbians and there is no pay gap anymore.

    1. That’ll be a fun day if it ever comes.
      I did read of this one dude who got a massive settlement and alimony to boot from his rich wife upon divorce, it was in the UK I think.
      I’m hoping that it becomes a trend. Heck if a wife can sue her ex husband for the money he used to provide, why can’t he sue for the ass she used to provide?
      Set up a schedule and rage fuck the ex every week or some such…
      That would be equal.

    2. I have given this some thought what with the Feds pushing for public schools to have transgender restrooms. Most federal anti discrimination laws are going to be used to “protect” trannys, gender fluid people or whatever. It’s going to open up a few cans of worms that they have not considered such as, transgender Olympic athletes. If you have a bunch of transgender freaks show up to try out for womens beach volleyball or softball or whatever how can they be turned down if they are “gender fluid” or whatever that day? If they are better than regular women ( even though they would be fags they would be bigger stronger and faster than most women) and they identified as females how could you turn them down without discriminating against them? There are certainly other areas where this will also happen but, it’s the best example I could think of, I see many good laughs coming down the road from this foolishness.

    3. I often identify as a morbidly obese black lesbian muslim-where are my freebies?

    4. You’ll have to keep in mind that those laws will apply to everybody but straight white males, no matter what you claim as your “identity”.

  19. Something about playing the victim card against women seems wrong to me. I am not sure whether this is indoctrination or instinct.

    1. That’s the problem. Men find it extremely difficult to defend themselves against women, whether it is indoctrination or instinct is up for debate, but it is a weakness that leaves men vulnerable for exploitation.

      1. I agree. I feel a conflict inside. On one hand, there is this kind of “hey, these beautiful things keep our species alive” and on the other hand there is this deep rage from repressed anger.

        1. Yes, we live in a society where our natural urges and instincts are used against us and ultimately that is damaging for everyone except embittered lesbian feminists. Best to be informed about it and so avoid being in the dangerous situations in the first place, don’t let yourself be exploited and used as a simp and walking atm. I’ve had some close shaves, but warnings from websites like this have helped me avoid some serious mistakes.

  20. Here’s a story – I had a trip to Belize booked for me and my very-serious girlfriend in 2012. A few months later we break-up courtesy of some very trivial results by her hand (per usual!) and she decides to claim the plane ticket I paid for as her own before moving out of state. I of course get ungodly livid, as would any self-respecting human being. The airline company claims they can’t do anything since once you buy someone a ticket it’s essentially theirs. I then proceed to file in small claims court and of course she isn’t even in the same state to be present but fuck if I care. For some odd reason the judge (charlatans that they are) still insists I present my evidence even though she clearly didn’t make herself present by court order instead of simply defaulting judgement in my favor. Which is fine, I had all the receipts and documents I needed. The ruling goes in my favor and even though I know I won’t even see the money for the international flight and the means by which to get it would cost me more than it would be worth, it still was totally gratifying and liberating to put a blemish on her and prove my point. Well worth the $150 filing costs!

    1. Maybe we should start going the Sheldon Cooper way and start doing Relationship Agreements.

      1. Goddamn right! Sometimes you need to foment a little chaos in order to right the wrongs in the universe! Non serviam!

        1. Heh one bitch illegally sublet to me, and then caused all manner of other shit for me while being out of the country.
          So, since I had to find a new place to live and sort metric tons of shit out, I made sure that little fuckup of hers was acted on.
          Now if she sets foot in this country, she will get arrested, charged, fined and jailed until she pays a bill which by now will be south of $10k lol!
          I’m quite sure she didn’t plan on never coming back here hehe, but her fuckup, not mine.

    2. Excellent! People should learn that if they willy-nilly go around playing with fire they’ll get burned, either through legitimate or surreptitious channels!

  21. Yes ladies, when will this ‘equality’ shit kick in? I”m still waiting for that special one to come along who makes six figures and will keep me at home. Not like I get jack being a cubicle most days with adult high schoolers. LOL
    But yes, it is one a ride with these cunts. Rare is the woman who will pay her share of the first date even if they earn more than you do.

  22. Regarding women paying btw….I don’t like it. It isn’t that I don’t like it conceptually but for me. I look at a date as transactional. I want to feel a certain way when I am out and I expect a woman to play her role from the minute we meet up until the moment I kick her out. There are times when it backfires, but not often. I am ok with a date being a night of make believe.

      1. I most certainly am…in the truest sense of the word

  23. I like the second story and it makes perfect sense.
    Sure, you can sleep around all you want. But if you spread a STD to your partner, you’re liable for the medical costs.

  24. Who bangs a chick off tinder without a rubber though? I don’t care how “good” or “clean” she is, she’s getting casual dick from tinder, you’re touching dicks with half the dudes in your city. Caveat emptor.

        1. my mouth isn’t going to touch anything that any open orifice of a girl from tinder has touched. Not her cunt, not her mouth, not her straw…sheeeet…..if I pick her up from home and her nana goes to kiss me on the cheek, I am getting out of there…grannies cheeks are all herp

        2. When I used to teach I used to tell my students that no matter what they think, their grandmothers sucked cock. Backseat of a Studebaker, nylons rolled down, huge bush popping our and some guy named Hank yelling “get it dolorous..”
          But more to the point, if a girl is on tinder it is a fair assumption that touching any part of skin of her grandmother will, in fact, give you herpes.

        3. In this case, no one who was already related, and no uggs/fatties (see:nearly), but tapping Lea Thompson before anyone else? Well, some sacrifices would naturally have to be made for science, over and over again.

        4. I think the public hair thing would bug me. Also, finding out that they are all insufferable twats. I think I would rather just get rich selling time machine rides and fuck whatever new crow of UFC students and Miami bottle girls hit the street each season.

        5. A) all women are, time machine=instant exit
          B) razors or Nair
          C) why sell when you have a time machine and can just take?
          D) you could fuck those same girls over and over without having to stick around for the after drama, nothing but first time sex at your whim.
          I’ve thought about this faaaar too often apparently.

        6. yeah you have the time machine theory down, well done.

        7. By the way, instant exit, hairless women and fucking the same girl for the first time over and over without sticking around for the drama pretty much sounds like my life already — all that without time travel sickness which I just made up but is probably way true.

        8. Hank yelling, “Take that, you nincompoop!!” as he’s pounding granny.

        9. I feel this one is funny but I am missing the reference

        10. In her prime she was pretty cute. I always had an eye for her, in her 20-something version. Not saying she was the hottest chick ever, but surely was cute enough to pass the boner test.

        11. I can handle it because my name is Darth Vader. I am an extraterrestrial from the planet Vulcan

        12. Please don’t melt my brain, my life’s work of breeding pine trees is not finished.

        13. Stand tall, boy. Have some respect for yourself. Don’t you know, if you let people walk over you now, they’ll be walking over you for the rest of your life. Look at me. You think I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in this slop house?
          All fuckin’ day brother, all fuckin’ day

    1. If a chick is on tinder, or was on tinder, it is pretty safe to assume she is a slut and treat her accordingly…

        1. Don’t you use any of dating app or dating sites?
          If person is single dating sites is one of the way to find a husband/wife. Depends on goals and intention. It works seldom but sometimes it works. But if person is married or is in relationship but use dating sites- yes he/she is slut.
          BTW if you like Roosh’s articles and him, he uses lot of dating apps for hook up :)))
          But I would like to say that I explored some dating sites. I didn’t post any photos. I made a conclusion that some people are depended on it. Same faces on all sites during long period of time. This is the reality. People prefer to live virtual life but not real. All this crap takes lot of time. Wasting of time. But this is my opinion. Some people like it.

    1. Do what I did; Have yourself checked and then rechecked 6 months later. When you are totally clean go out and find a young virgin to marry. Then both of you stay faithful. It has worked for the past 8 years. Today is my anniversary. To those that say finding a virgin is impossible I say you have to expand your search area. Forget about the west entirely. Stay away from large cities and tourist areas anywhere in the world. Rural areas in many non-western countries are stoked to the brim with religious and chaste young women. You still have to screen ruthlessly; don’t be an idiot, women are women everywhere and always. It can be done. There is an element of luck even after you have done two years of due diligence (which I did).

  25. This stupid bitch tried to extract dinner from me last night, it didn’t work, lol

    1. “carnivore with no dietary restrictions but coconut” is a line she has memorized.

    2. she will really know how important a vibe is in 15 years when her beauty is spent and it is just her and her cat and a pint of ice cream.

    3. There’s more to this, I really got under her skin, lol.
      I wonder how many betas fall for this shit?

      1. My guess is a LOT.
        I’m of the opinion that negotiations of this sort are a bad omen especially for a first date.
        I would have bailed on her as well, when I ask someone out, I always already picked where, when and for what. I’m not budging on it, fuck her if it’s no good.
        Edit to add: I think it’s also a shit test and a way to probe how thirsty you are.

        1. Yeah, I knew as soon as she mentioned food the date was not happening and I wasn’t going to get laid. I know what works and sitting across a table is a big barrier figuratively and literally, and I’m not paying for your fucking meal.

    4. Apparently one only gets vibes in the vicinity of food. Except coconuts.

        1. sorry for asking you. But i would like to understand. Why american men hate feminism and independent women if some men don’t want to be gentelmens. If man invites woman for a date but for him is a problem to pay for dinner. What then do you expect from woman? This is paradox.
          Thank you.

  26. While I would not have wanted to see it come to this, it’s already come to much worse.

    1. Ali and Kimbo…who’s the next figh t er gonna be to fill the trifecta?

      1. Well you have the best boxer and the best street fighter…logic would dictate either a martial artist or possibly wrestler

  27. I honestly need to know why the man in the Vegas example was still willing to sleep with his Tinder hookup even after she explicitly said he shouldn’t wear a rubber. Surely he had to know that getting laid is 100X easier for women than men not just on Tinder, but anywhere. How could he have possibly benefited in the end?

      1. Condom is irrelevant; he has to have known that a bareback sexual encounter with a woman using Tinder was just asking for trouble.

  28. Before we go on a date, I’d like you to meet my attorney – Barry Levinson. He will be presiding over the litigation if any legal action is needed.

  29. The entire premise of contemporary western feminism deconstructed in the space of a single article. Nicely done. Quality piece and more food for thought.

  30. Article doesn’t say how the herpes case turned out. I heard that not disclosing that you have an STD can easily be grounds for an assault conviction.

  31. Don’t use big daddy government to solve your problems. That’s fucking weak. And don’t raw dog tinder bitches on the first date unless you don’t value your wealth, possessions, or your dick.

    1. Second that. Fuck the system. Our language and thoughts are controlled as it is and our options are limited to our belief in adhering to and in our adherence to the destructive system. The system itself must be rejected. We’re in this universe, in this world armed with our bodies, our minds and TRUTH. The system is an artificial construct. It isn’t real. Don’t cramp your style or compromise your survival adhering to it. The big push is only a few more ‘HEAVE-HO’S’ before we break out of the matrix. The family courts are the most insideous theatre of matrix skullduggery. Family and bitch courts are like a carousel lottery where good men are walked on a plank and then blown to shit for sport. The sport of the guffawing, bellowing fat pink haired femfascists. How much longer will men walk to slaughter like cows saying ”MOOOOOOO” as they enter the killing room. ”mooooo” ”mooooo” motherfuckers. Enough of the ”moooo” shit already. WAKE UP BRAHS!

    2. You are against legal arbitration and litigation? Holy shit, if you think that is “big daddy government” then what isn’t?

      1. I’m against idiots backlogging the court systems with stupid fucking lawsuits. Did you read the article? And yes, the court system is a part of big daddy government, or did you forget the three branches of government?
        A few things that aren’t big daddy government:
        1) Boobs
        2) My house
        3) My guitar
        4) Strawberries
        5) A pile of dog shit

        1. I meant something that isn’t part of BIG DADDY government. What do you think is the proper use/form of government?

  32. 3 dates you should do before getting serious:
    1) Buy food at a grocery store (raw ingredients) and have her cook it up. See what her skills are.
    2) Do some strenuous hiking or other activity push her limits. See if she whines or gets it in gear.
    3) Perform some charitable activity, visit people at a retirement center, or clean up garbage along a ravine. See if her actions are where her mouth is.
    If they pass those tests, then you might have a keeper. Keep in mind, they hold the lock to sex, but we hold the lock to commitment.

    1. SEWING. Some women couldn’t sew a rip in their own kid’s pants even if their life depended on it. They can’t sew, sorry. A woman is a sorry piece of shit that will never do as a mother if she’s incompetent at basic rudimentary sewing. Now if she can do needlepoint and make a fancy doilie for her head with the profiles of confederate generals on it while flipping omlettes with her feet and channging diapers with her teeth, then DAMN she’s a genius. Short of kidnapping her, I’d run super game on the spot. I’d drop all my shit to run game on her provided she’s not spoken for. That’s good genes running there that you gotta jump at.
      Sewing is a simple ‘pass-go’. If she fails the sewing, no amount of goodwill bin diving for free clothes will ever compensate for a tard bitch who can’t at least be resourceful in hard times and roll out quilts like an insect makes a nest or like a spider does a web. Sewing should be just as instinctive for a woman or else she’s damaged in some way.

      1. Sewing? Figure out how to do that yourself. I’m not incapable of doing my own housework. I just choose not to do more than the bare minimum, because I don’t give a damn and I value my privacy—you come in with a warrant or not at all—so whether other people care or not isn’t an issue.
        The only task for which women are indispensable is making babies. Everything else can be automated.

        1. In colonial times when women were married off fresh at puberty, sewing was a mainstay that had bearing on a woman’s worth. Mothers, aunts and other family hens would coach a girl in the finer points of making a fancy ‘DOILIE’ to wear on their head. Back then women didn’t attend school so they weren’t ever giving blow jobs in the back of the school bus. Chastity was the rule. Only a clean and fresh young virgin package would do for a select up and coming townsman who was on the build and on the rise, ready to rock her slab and stamp out fine fresh progeny for the great green republic. Prime spring fresh eggs are optimal. Our species has always known that.
          Now the ‘doilies’ worn on the head, well they were an indicator of a woman’s intelligence and her ability to multi task – – like juggling tit feedings, lullabys and servicing her master. Fine needlepoint requires half a brain you’d agree, so it was obvious then that a retard half brain woman who couldn’t thatch two twigs together would be overlooked in the established mating arena. She’d be scrap leftover before the game began or she’d be a hooker. Notice how hookers can’t sew and have big holes in their stockings? If Hillary lived back in Colonial times, she’s fairly bright so she would have had a half decent doilie to wear. She would likely have been snatched up by some barrister or suit at 14 and then she’d serial crank out eight or so offspring and she’d be done at 25! White western women today are just getting started at 30 something whereas colonial women were DONE with their baker’s dozen at 25. Legal marriage was 13.5 in all states until 1st wave fems wagered to raise the age of consent in 1875.
          Prior to 1875, the age of consent in the west held at 13.5 for six centuries dating back to 1275 when Sir Edward Coke passed the first age of consent law based on the ‘old enough to breed/bleed’ principle. The young age held women fixed to motherhood and domesticity and saw the most bountiful population growth period the white race had seen from the previous millennia and the same period also saw the west advance through the renaissance and enlightenment. Now enter 3rd wave feminism and the west comes to a screeching halt with little defense against being consumed by aboriginals of all things. Never before have we witnessed such a demise.
          If only they could BRING BACK THE DOILIES!

        2. Women are trainable, sure. So are horses, dogs and pigs. That doesn’t make them intelligent, much less indispensable. Once all the work a horse could do better than a machine disappeared, so did the horses. Women are similarly obsolete.
          It also didn’t stop them from hating us—they always hated us and always will—or plotting to do away with us steal the fruits of our labor. Medieval women with any head for book learning were sent to the convent with the madwomen because nobody would marry them. The craftier the woman, the more easily she could think of ways to murder her husband without making it obvious (poisoning, for example), leaving the “merry widow” free to ride the carousel happily ever after. It was simply too risky.

  33. It’s a good idea, except in majority of cases women will almost always have less or no money and litigation still isn’t cheap

  34. This past weekend I attended a big comic convention up in Dallas. While I was there I got to meet a cosplayer that I’ve been following for a few years now. Very talented artist and beautiful woman on her own right. When I first went to see her, she was surrounded by a sasuage fest swarming her table. I decided to come back later when the crowd thinned out. I ventured back later towards the end of the day and approached confidently and trying to hold my frame. However I found myself getting really weak in the knees and got nervous. She turned out to be really charming, very physical (got a lot of hugs), and showed genuine interest in talking to me. We even took a few fun pics together (with no hover hands).
    While it was fun getting to meet her and I got quite the emotional high from it, It made me wonder if I would’ve been able to do that outside of a convention. For example if I was to run into her out shopping or buying groceries, would she had been that nice (as she is a guest of the convention) in person or was she putting on an act in order to make sales. If it was just an act she was a master at body language and showing submissive signals in order to get guys to like her. She did tell me to message her on facebook, but seeing that she has 1.5 million followers on there, I doubt I’ll ever get a reply. It just made me wonder if she just saw me as another walking wallet to buy her stuff, or as a fellow comic pop culture fan that she would hang out with. Or perhaps a combination of both.

    1. 1.5 million followers?? I think the answer to your question is, “not bloody likely”.

  35. I’d say this article only goes to reinforce my advice to men never to have sex prior to marriage. The example of Mr. Prince contracting Herpes, an incurable disease, should attest to that. But I’d go further in pointing out that while you can’t expect all men everywhere to abide by this advice, you can avoid calamity personally by, at the least, taking sex off the table until you’re sure you know what kind of a woman you’re dealing with.
    I should also point out that it’s possible that both Mr. Prince and the guy from Crimea could win their cases. Regardless of the inclinations of courts in the world today, having them win does, in the end, serve the purposes of the feminist state that would see men separated from women and keep both men and women relatively servile to the oligarchy’s interests. Because if women began to face potential lawsuits for their behavior (which, I’m not at all denouncing; maybe it might even be somewhat healthy in that it should change the mindsets of women everywhere), it would likely change their approaches. Clever girls would equally begin making itemized lists of their own, recording what favors, sexual and otherwise, they contributed to the relationship in order to cover their own interests in case of a lawsuit.
    Remember, the goal of the feminist state oligarchy is to destroy the family as a functional economic/political unit in the culture. Men and women should not be antagonistic to one another, but see each other as conducive to one another’s mutual interests that go even beyond the material. Having women get a sense of what kind of nonsense men have to go through in their worlds may be initially healthy, but without something to break the antagonism would only exacerbate tensions and further break down society.
    Women cannot be expected to be the ones to break the antagonism, because they will do what is considered the rationally safe moves to their own self-interest. If the dominant culture keeps informing women how they do not need a man, and that any relationship with a man could bring them legal trouble, they will be less inclined to want a romantic relationship with men at all. They would not like that, but they will opt for the safer option if they, at all, can. So it’s up to men to take charge or relationships, on their terms, to know what they want out of women and demand them, or dump them before anything serious happens. You do not expect other men to be so principled; be principled yourself, and your example may serve to remind the women you’ve broken up with what they might’ve had with you, and your example might influence both the men and women in your life to adapt accordingly.
    As I once said, no little girl ever dreams of having a divorce, or being a slut, or a prostitute. She doesn’t dream of having an unwanted, illegitimate baby, or worse, an abortion. As they grow older, however, their dreams shift to the event of a wedding, without considering life thereafter, thanks to a pop culture that’s disinterested in their well-being not merely as women, but as human beings. If you can remind her of those former dreams she once had when she was little, and be ready to support that rather than the mere trivialities of one eagerly awaited day, she may have the wherewithal to consider you more than just a penis with a bank account.

  36. “Tinder and its gay equivalent Grindr”
    Just threw up in my mouth a little. Actually a lot.

  37. Moral: if you need a cumrag that badly, get a professional whore. You get to do what you want, and she gets out of your sight afterwards. A bargain at ten times the price.

  38. I am an attorney, and this is absolutely retarded.
    1. $700 is chump change.
    2. He chose to voluntarily spend money on her. It just didn’t produce the result he wanted. Any practicing lawyer realizes that a certain result is never guaranteed, no matter how much time or effort is put in.
    3. If he wanted a hooker, he should have bought one. That’s what we do as lawyers – draft agreements where the obligation of each party is crystal clear.
    4. She has a right to what she wants, too. She wanted a proposal. When she didn’t get it, she walked out. That’s absolutely fair. She’s expected to stay in a relationship? C’mon. I walk out of relationships all the time.
    His actions should absolutely not be applauded, and they’re not red pill. He’s abusing his law license by running her through the court system because he made bad decisions and now he’s sad about it. His actions are emotionally driven, feminine, and quite frankly an abuse of legal process.
    Any red pill man would chalk this up to a learning experience and move on.

    1. I agree that it’s frivolous. But so are the majority of family law cases where men get fleeced hard, as well as false rape cases where the lives of men are routinely destroyed for no reason.

    2. A fucking lawyer lecturing on abuses of the court system. Laughing so hard I’m seeing spots!

  39. At present I know two manginas that are in the road to financial perdition.
    One is a Nordic bloke with a flex steady consultant work, his job based in his country, but he’s allowed to work remotely when not required to be meeting a client… guess where he sits his ass to work at? Yep, guessed right, at the fox’s cave. Divorced gal in her 30’s with a 6-year old spoiled brat (kill me). Flies back and forth any minute he gets free time to stay at the house the bitch leeched of her ex-husband. The wussbag is investing sick money in her property renovations, plus a car.
    Second dude, wifed-up some groupie slut (foreigner). Yep, she was giving pussy away to middle-aged rock musicians when they were in town. Was in a toxic relationship with one and ended up with whom was her flatmate at the time. A hopeless omega, the dude soon laid eggs and got offspring. Now the bitch made him get a new house, which he renovated with his bare hands, financed her a flower business, demanded a credit car for herself on his income, now lives as a socialité wanna-be, taking one-hour long hot showers, forgetting manners, splurging in designer shoes as if they were sweets. This bitch used to hang out with me before as acquaintance (I’m not attracted to her type) but now I can’t help to feel disgust of her and abysmal pity for the spineless pussy she married to.
    … You needn’t be a genius to see what’s coming..

    1. Where’s the house of Omega Number One’s trollop? I wouldn’t invest a dime of my own money in Nordic real estate. Putting money into a bug-out in a country likely to be spared Islamization isn’t complete lunacy.

      1. Actually it’s a great investment. Muslims have high birth rates, and thus needs lots and lots of housing!

      2. His job is based in Sweden, but he’s investing in the woman’s property in a small town in Czech Republic. Flying back and forth whenever he’s allowed to do “home-office”

        1. I see. I don’t know, rural Bohemia sounds like as good a place as any to bug out. Much lower taxes, great beer and no Muslims are just three of the attractions.
          Savages aren’t above marrying carousel-riders past their shelf-lives for their chance to live somewhere that isn’t full of savages. High time civilized men started doing likewise.

  40. It is hard for me to feel sorry for a guy who didn’t wear a condom for a casual hookup. Even beyond the risks of STDs, who wants to be on the hook for child support for unwanted children?

    1. Indeed. This man didn’t know the woman….reason number one to wear it plus to avoid a child (on the hook for support). A stupid mistake and he paid for it. But, still, our society would not be so kind to the man if he gave her an STD.
      Another point to make when discussing “equality” in our society with feminists and SJWs.

  41. We can only hope with time and experience that the court system starts to swing the other way. Women won’t be able to “have it all”…not even in court. At some point, the court system will start to hold these women accountable (especially if she’s making more money) because of our “equality” and how much society likes to brag about how we are all equal.
    The court will change or men will change…either way, women are not going to “have it all”. That’s why you see so many miserable bitches walking around in this country, today. They want the man’s position, his wage, his house, car, etc….but still want the man to pay for everything.
    Something has to give…and it will in time.

  42. this is where the whole transgender situation becomes a roundabout way for men to use the system.

  43. Um, how bout we recognize that the guy willingly spent the money on her. A woman he admits was not his girlfriend and he just had a working relationship with. What’s interesting here is in court he is trying to express a sort of casual or even business type of relationship which make his request for her repayment more appropriate. However, the fact that he is filing a suit in response to her leaving this casual business working relationship shows that he is a butthurt pussy and is just seeking retribution on a woman who hurt him because he in fact did have more than a casual business working relationship with her in his mind. What say we tell this guy to man up and deal with the consequences of his actions and acknowledge and accept the fact that he was used by this shallow woman and take from it a lesson in life to be more scrutinizing of the women he dates in the future.

    1. Hey men of ROK, is it me or did you guys also read the above quip in an effeminate, whiny, pussy voice? Because that’s what I imagine what the poster would sound like based on the drivel expressed.

      1. I did. You’re right. But I quit reading after 3rd sentence. Drivel bores me.

      2. I take it that your inability to respond directly to what I said and instead only come back with a personal attack is evidence that what I said is correct and you’re just upset about it for some reason.

  44. Most women have Herpes and other STDs, some have yeast infection, most don’t bathe and smells like poop.

      1. Didn’t you go to the STD clinic last week, my dog so you there all oozing out.

  45. Slavery never ended. It merely transitioned. Men in general are the ni**ers now. That’s right, I’m a ni**er now. Instead of hanging in trees, we’re hanging out to dry by the legal systems. Our necks aren’t broken but our spirits are. We need a civil war

  46. I say this in all seriousness: GOOD. For. Him. Hope he kept the receipts. Hope he adds pain & suffering to the tab. She sounds insufferable.

  47. Yes, but it will be thrown out.
    Remember. You can enter a legal contract with a woman stating that if you divorce you both leave with your own property and no one suffers any loss. A woman can “SAY” she deserves more and the judge will toss it.
    An underage boy can be raped by an adult female and pay child support to her (or risk legal punishment)
    If you are drunk and have sex, no one cares. But if you are BOTH drunk, you raped her
    So yeah, good luck with that. It’s like asking if you can defend yourself against an attack from a female when you are bound by law to help her slit your throat.

  48. I personally think that suing a girl for dating expenses is the antithesis of masculinity. I guess it depends on the expense, but a lawsuit for 700 dollars, that’s rarely enough to even cover rent/mortgage. Almost every date I go on, I offer to pay half, and 95% of the time, men don’t want my money. I always thought it was men’s preference to pay. However, on the other hand if you’re dating a woman and she never offers/ expects you to pay, find another girl who wants a more equal relationship, where expenses for mortgage/ food/ vacations are shared. Its as simple as that.

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