#GamerGate, #MetalGate, And The Campaign Against Creativity

As the anti-GamerGate movement starts to lose its momentum, close on its heels is what is becoming known as #MetalGate. Although the push for censorship in metal music and the accusations of its fan base being social pariahs and misogynists isn’t quite to the level the gaming community has experienced in the last couple of months, we are beginning to see a trend in what SJWs truly detest.

What do the gaming community and the metal fan base have in common? They are both groups of predominantly white, male, social outcasts enjoying something unique and creative.

Creating Social Outcasts

Perhaps my experience in high school was different than yours, but if I remember correctly, the headbangers weren’t exactly the most popular group of kids in school, nor were the gamers. Both groups were made up of the “weird” kids; one group sitting together playing Japanese card games, the other brooding in corners with dark, scary looking band shirts. All the while, the popular kids looked on, ridiculing their hobbies and further isolating both groups of people.

So the gamers and metalheads plunge themselves into a community of people who share their experiences and lose themselves in something empowering, be it controlling a powerful knight who must save the world, or violent lyrics over heavy riffs and fast solos. But just as the “journalists” gripe about the portrayal of women in video games, so too do armchair activists take issue with metal; because some of the lyrics might hurt someone’s feelings.


But are these really the issues that have the liberal arts graduates and suburban soccer moms in such a tizzy? Or is it just the continuation of their desire to ostracize and shame the weird kids? Or does the creativity and talent needed to perfect these crafts make them nervous?

While I will agree that some lyrics in metal are gratuitously offensive, I don’t believe that is what truly has so many panties in bunches. If gimmicks for shock value were truly so offensive to them, you’d see these people equally appalled at naked protests or the most inflammatory sides of feminist rhetoric. But those are practices adapted by their own people; they’re on the same team, so you never hear a peep about such gimmicks.

So what do the paladins and valkyries of political correctness really take issue with in the worlds of video games or heavy metal?

Creativity and Originality

The lazy, unmotivated, and boring masses fear all things unique and original. It may be hard at first to see the artistic side of a game where you can pick up prostitutes or in music that seems to advocate the dismemberment of virgins, but look a bit deeper. The best video games have complicated storylines, perfect mood-setting background music, and masterfully created graphics. Aside from those factors, consider the hours upon hours of development and millions of lines of code just to make those games function properly in different consoles.

Likewise, the skill required to play GOOD metal music is not acquired easily. Just about every serious guitarist will learn a Metallica or Iron Maiden solo in their lifetime, but consider actually creating those solos. Not only are they technically difficult to pull off, but making them soulful and congruent with their music requires strokes of genius.


Both the gaming and metal communities are brimming with originality, and the common person is threatened by it. They spent so much time pushing gamers and headbangers into the proverbial basements of their parents, and now they chastise them for finding something unique and creative that makes them happy. At their most basic level, social justice warriors are just very dedicated bullies.

White Culture is Evil

Aside from their hatred (or maybe fear) of all things original, the PC police seems to hate seeing white males enjoying something. This is not to say that there isn’t a wide demographic of people who enjoy video games or heavy metal, but the overwhelming majority of these fans are caucasian males.

It is no secret that for every offensive line a metal song, there is likely fifty more offensive lyrics in rap or hip-hop. While these genres are no strangers to public scrutiny, it should be noted that one of rap’s most controversial figures is a white man. With a few exceptions, rap and hip-hop is primarily a subculture of minorities, and thus further beyond reproach than metal. SJW’s seem to believe that every culture is inherently more valuable and meaningful than white culture, crying the hardest and bitching the loudest when any fandom lacks enough color or has disproportionate amounts of Y chromosomes.


It is clear that the social justice warriors are campaigning against the social outcasts rather than the misogyny, homophobia, racism, or general prejudice they claim to be fighting against. In the wake of their attacks on the gaming world, and on the cusp of their attacks against the metal world, one must wonder what is next. AnimeGate? ComicBookGate? LARPGate?

Anything requiring imagination and anything with fan-base of social outcasts is fair game to the SJWs. Though I don’t personally think #MetalGate will need to become as big as #GamerGate, I do think all unique and interesting subcultures are at risk of infiltration and vilification. It’s nearing the end of the year and the PC police need to meet their quotas.

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94 thoughts on “#GamerGate, #MetalGate, And The Campaign Against Creativity”

  1. What SJWs hate is white males. Period. It doesn’t matter what they are doing, SJWs will find it offensive.

    1. The reason they hate white males is because white males have historically held the most power and wealth. SJWs are modern Socialists/Marxists. Even if they won’t admit it, their ideology is pure Marx. Marxists divide society up into “oppressors” and “the oppressed.” They see white males as the “oppressors,” the Bourgeoisie, the enemy. Therefore, pretty much anything associated with white men is ridiculed and attacked.
      An example of this how SJWs treat religion. They attack Christianity the most, which is most strongly associated with white men, but largely defend and apologize for religions that aren’t associated with white men, such as Islam. Smaller religions that are mostly made up of white men are also attacked, such as Mormonism and Scientology. However, Eastern religions are tolerated or even embraced.

      1. Perhaps they hate Christianity because its patron is a white male? While every other religions patron has dark skin.
        You will notice the same animosity directed towards Santa Clause, an otherwise pagan or secular figure.

        1. You mean Jesus the Brown Skin man, and Santa the Turk.
          Christianity is followed by many people around the world Some of the oldest followers of Christianity Islam and Judaism are found in Ethiopia.
          And who the hell would be angry at Santa Clause lol that’s one miserable son of gun hahaha.

        2. Nah, SJWs like Santa. He’s a white guy who gives free stuff away. They don’t complain about Robin Hood either.

        3. Jesus was Middle Eastern so he would have had brown skin but is generally portrayed as a white man, so that is enough to give SJWs the green light to target Christianity.

        4. If they actually understood Robin Hood, they would.
          An armed white male taking vengeance on a government gone wild in oppressing white males.

        5. They like Robin Hood because they like the idea of robbing the rich to give to the poor, which is how they see themselves. In reality, they’re actually in crippling debt to China and Russia in order to maintain an unsustainable standard of living. Not really the Robin Hood story I remember…

        6. – They like Robin Hood because they like the idea of robbing the rich to give to the poor –
          Robin Hood was not robbing the rich peasantry, he was robbing the fricking SHERIFF of Nottingham who robbed the English peasants. If a modern-day Robin Hood ever arises in Murica then he would strictly only rob the IRS who robbed the Murican people and AK-47 would be his weapon of choice.

      2. After 1800 or so, it was Rothschild and company who held most of the power and wealth. But they look white enough, so…

      3. Also, if white men stood up for themselves the entire system would fall apart. So they must deride them to keep them in line.
        It reminds me of how Ayn Rand described Atlas.

        1. The worst thing that could happen to SJWs is white men stand up for themselves. At some point they are going to have to, or be dispossessed and driven to extinction.

    2. If you are White, christian, heterosexual and aged between 18 and 65, you belong to the only group of society that has a single right : to shut its mouth whatever it has to go throug.

    3. I find this comment bang-on:
      “social justice warriors are just very dedicated bullies”
      And when you point this out to them, how do they respond? With mocking and sarcasm. “Oh no I’m being bullied! Help, help, misandry!!” Pretty much exactly how a playground bully would respond. It’s amazing how the irony of the situation is completely lost on them.

  2. …Kill! (Kill!)
    Whitey! (Whitey!)
    All! (All!)
    Mighty! (Mighty!)
    God (God!)
    Uncle tom house nigga (RAH!)
    The white man is a devil, a beast, beserk, snake, Satan, serpent, evil, wicked, dragon, demonic, Hell-Born, Iblis, brutal, wild, fierce, untamed, the archenemy, father of lies, prince of darkness, nigga let me (?)
    The Crips and Bloods are soldiers I’m recruitin’
    Wit no dispute,
    Drive by shootin’ on this white genetic mutant…..
    “Kill Whitey” by Menace Clan…. EMI
    When the SJW leftards start a campaign against this kind of anti-white rap shit THEN…and ONLY THEN they MAY be taken seriously.
    But WE know it is pure white hatred.

    1. “The white man is a devil, a beast, beserk, snake, Satan, serpent, evil,
      wicked, dragon, demonic, Hell-Born, Iblis, brutal, wild, fierce,
      untamed, the archenemy, father of lies, prince of darkness”
      Kill whitey, and then the devil, beast, snake, satan, serpent, demonic evil dragon kills the black guy before he knows what hit him. At least Farrakhan knows better…

  3. Right, because metal music shouldn’t have offensive lyrics but rappers can make music about fucking bitches, drug use, killing people, and say nigga after every other word and no one bats an eye. Makes sense right?

    1. Are you serious? Rap music has been marginalized ever since its inception…what parallel Universe do you live in…by the way Hip Hop is not just the garbage you hear in the radio…way to generalize. No ine really talks about hatdcore metal and i simply dont care about the music you are free to listen to what you want.

      1. The garbage on the radio is all that matters; thats what skullfucks the minds of the young. Everything in the US now is rap or pop country. Truly terrifying. Rock is dying…

        1. Rock died the day Metallica sued their fans.
          “Burn it off the fucking internet and bump it outside!” -Immortal Technique

        2. I think Don MacLean (“American Pie”) would beg to differ. Those lyrics (and those to Master of War by Dylan) are the greatest ever written.

        3. I just disagree the woe is me mood of this article Metal music has not even remotely felt the marginalization and media firestorm that Hip Hop music has, and continues to have in the media and now specifically in Conservative Media. And although I personally don’t like whats on the radio and the harder Hip Hop is censored or placed underground along with more conscious, Geo political, and Hip Hop music which actually contain lyrical skill. The only times Metal has faced a high level of criticism has been Mass Shootings beginning with the Columbine Tragedy. Some of the complaints are understandable but comparably bee stings compared to the level of criticism other groups have felt. Its like the rare instances of fighting in the NBA which is mostly black everyone makes an outcry and some here would start saying these “thugs” and “animals” but in Hockey which is majority white…fights occur with more frequency and is “encouraged” as part of the game. Personally I don’t mind a fair one on one fight so that is not where my criticism lies, my criticism lies in the lack of balance in the argument. I am against people who try to censor or criticize metal I have friends who are metal heads from all races and backgrounds and they are great people…its also a great way to release stress and acquire new musical talents which is constructive.
          If this is more of a popularity contest then yes perhaps Rap music enjoys a broader fan base than Metal music. But I don’t think “Rock” is dying…personally I enjoy Classic Rock and some 80 and 90’s tunes. Its good to be varied in your taste.

        4. Yes, there is a lack of creativity in rock at present. I hear of maybe two new rock artists a year. But I hear of another (Lil) “hoodlum” every month. Nothing welcomes the scorned like their “fuck you” attitude. They cant keep my interest for long. All they can “sing” about is money, drugs, or women. Then theres electronic dubstep shit with no lyrics. lol. At times it feels as if all new music is dead. Its driven me to listening to the “Ink Spots”.

        5. Its not a lack of creativity, music peaked in the 70s, maybe into the 80s. Im just saying we are on the backside of everything now (film, music, art, prosperity, etc). Will there ever be another bob dylan? nope.

          This song gives me chills Immortal Technique does not.

        6. Masters of War IS a great song. Im not sure how Id sell it to women. Everything sucks these days because women have the money. Tauriel was added to the hobbit to appease women, ruining the movie.
          The best Ive seen for men is that song Loyal by Chris Brown, I think.
          Its a womans world. It is fitting its devoid of creativity.

        7. In Australia, we don’t really hear rock on the radio, unless it’s the rock stations (in Melbourne: Triple M and occassionally Gold 104.3) or community radio stations (in Melbourne: PBS 106.7 and 3RRR 102.7). But they also play other kinds of hipster shit on the community radio stations and the presenters are generally biased to the Left.

        8. I’ve been wanting to submit this for the community’s entertainment for a while, but I never saw anything remotely context appropriate. However, since we’ve brought up Immortal Technique and Chris Brown, check this out…
          I laughed my ass off at this shit the first time I heard it.

        9. Lol, Ive never heard this song before. Its funny like most of Hopsins songs Ive heard. Hopsin is cool. I like his song, “Dont trust em”.

        10. The problem with modern rock is that it’s devolved into a bunch of white dudes whining about their depression.

        11. An even bigger problem is that so many male singers these days sound like a Muppet with his nutsack being squeezed by vicegrips…

    2. I know a black guy out of Chicago who is successful in business and “connected” as it were. He’s tight with some rap/hip hop producers. He confided in me that the only groups his buddies rappers are *forbidden* to go after are (a) homosexuals and (b) Jews. Take that as you will.

      1. ya rap has really been neutered as of late. you dont haer gangsta rap anymore like early 2000

      2. It’s a bit of a stereotype but Jews are heavily involved in the music industry as producers so that’s probably why. Eazy-E allegedly hired the JDL for protection in his dispute with Dre and Suge knight.

      3. Hehe, you see, coincidence that in society the only people you can’t talk bad about are the ones who are pulling an agenda? I think not. There is manipulation for these leeches on all levels.

  4. Weird, because SJWs don’t go against football players and the jock culture (where there are a lot more women abusers). No, it’s too dangerous, so let’s bully the outcast nerds instead.

    1. I beg to differ. The whole UV false rape scandal was foisted primarily at frat culture (aka, jock culture). The feminists hate the jocks, since they so often represent the jocks from high school that ignored them.

      1. The frat targeted at UV was founded by students to take care of other students during an epidemic. It remains entirely community service oriented and has nothing to do with jocks.
        This was pure hatred of male community, in and of itself.

    2. They go after jocks all the time……as long as it’s from the safety of the internet.

  5. I am not metalhead, i don’t like metal but this is not stopping me to see through the BS of the Social Justice Warriors and Libtards.
    For example, one metal band Mastodon makes a video about booty shaking and suddenly the libtarded blogs (Gawker media) start to attack them… ignoring the countless of booty shaking video clips of rappers, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Shit, Jennifer Lopez etc etc
    Fucked up people, fucked up priorities.

    1. Exactly. And that’s why we have to back the metalheads and the gamers. If they can come for one of us, they can come for *ALL* of us.

    2. “ignoring the countless of booty shaking video clips of rappers, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Shit, Jennifer Lopez etc etc..”
      It always depends on: first, who is making the money and second, how much money.
      As these “entertainment” groups get smaller and smaller (i.e. corporations buying up all levels of media and entertainment) they’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot by reporting on bad behavior (not while they’re making money).
      An example: turn on NBC and you’ll hear them praising a new movie coming out this spring from Universal (yes, it’s such a great movie because they own the studio that produced it).
      You’ll hear and see this example from all major outlets. My point being is that it all depends on the money. They only care about the consumers buying and as long as that group (the fucking SJWs) isn’t attacking them (and they keep buying)…..then it’s fine.

    3. you gotta be joking if you act like liberal blogs don’t give those girls shit. there was about a zillion more negative words written about taylor swift’s booty shaking video than there were about mastodon.

  6. The obsession with sameness and mediocrity boggles my mind.
    Here are subspecies from as recently as the 90s:
    goth (almost extinct)
    the original club kids (extinct)
    hoodie/hiphop heads (Still going strong)
    jocks (slowly dieing out)
    metalheads (almost extinct)
    real punks (extinct)
    nerds (going strong)
    geeks (overpopulation issue; die off inevitable)

    1. Goth and metal are far from dead. They just went back underground where they belong. Fuck the mainstream.

  7. Aside from their hatred (or maybe fear) of all things original, the PC police seems to hate seeing white males enjoying something.

    That accounts for the effort to give traditionally white characters “race changes,” like Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Captain America and so forth. We can’t have white comic book heroes for nerdy white boys any more.
    And notice the hostility towards white guys who own firearms. Blacks shoot each other in their shitty neighborhoods every day, yet the SJW’s just shrug that off as “Boys will be boys.” But let a white guy go postal and shoot some people, and the SJW’s call for more gun control.

    1. And notice the hostility towards white guys who own firearms.

      If you want to dispossess a group and relegate them to Socialist serfdom, you definitely don’t want them to be able to defend themselves.

    2. Comic Books is small fries, how about never showing Black or Brown people as Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt…or always showing Jesus as White with Blue Eyes. Many of the Comic Book Characters are from New York which is majority minority now so whats the problem for the first time showing them come from different cultures or backgrounds? The only thing I have a problem is when they lump every diverse facet into one character cause it feels “forced.” Again complaints for smaller issues while denigrating real complaints in other communities.

      1. Or, consider, how about if all that is so great and majority minority and such, how about inventing your *own* superheros and characters instead of impugning on others who already exist?
        See how that works? Because nobody would give two shits about a transgendered semi-homosexual genderqueer Captain-ness Dingles( ™, and it would go out of publication by issue 2. But fuck with Spider Man, because, you know, Diversity or Vagina.
        Be original and stop fucking with our shit. Earn your keep by your own merits and stop invading what we’ve already created and trying to take it over.

        1. Yes I agree people are actually writing up their own characters and story lines I also write as a hobby and create my own characters and story lines. I don’t give two shits about someone who is lumped with all types of various facets of diversity as well as I stated in my original comment because it feels forced.
          Also like I said Hollywood fucks with actual historical People and places and leaves out a whole set of people, this is actually WORSE than fictional characters. Just some perspective.

        2. I just got a vision of the ‘Social Justice League’ superheroes. And yes, it looks a lot like RuPauls ‘Drag Race’.

  8. I see this as another way for American womyn to shame eligible bachelors back into the fold. Their options are getting more sparse and they are silently panicking. Soon it will be time to reproduce, and their Alpha options are looking meager.
    Remember, American/Western women are not capable of loving any man outside of a Western nation: Haitian, Russian, Cambodian, etc. These men do not make enough money to buy these womyn their McMansion in suburbia, pay off their credit card, bills, etc. On top of that, these men will expect some acts of domesticity, which American womyn have by and large given up on. Accompany this by the fact that many American men have taken foreign wives, and that has pulled even more eligible bachelors off the market
    This leaves a few Alpha Western males for the majority of Western womyn to fight over. They sense that intuitively, even if CNN, FOX etc. have not made this one of the major stories in America.
    The result is…shame the gamers off their consoles and the metal heads away from their music. Bring them back to the local bar on Friday night, where they can buy an ungrateful pre-wall fatty a drink and subsequent wedding ring.
    These men might not be members of Mensa. But you don’t need to be to smell a shitty deal from a mile away.

    1. Interesting take. Great Wife Material in Western Society is extremely hard to find. I notice its mostly Single Moms and women who have had a bounty of sex partners in their 20’s who start getting nervous around their late 20’s. But just as they have their standards they have to understand that men have their standards. Of course there are rare few great single moms and older women, but the trend says otherwise. Men have simpler needs, is she smart hardworking and will take good care of the finances in terms of not spending money on every last fashion item is important. If she is sweet and family oriented is the core of what men want thus its easier for men to go abroad and find a woman from a second or so called Third World Country. It is not that most men want a servant, that’s far from it…just a decent family loving woman like many of the older women in our families are and were.
      No serious hardworking and family oriented man honestly wants a Wife who has been with every Tom Dick and Harry but unfortunately that’s what I see from Western Men nowadays. Its one thing to be unaware of a Woman’s questionable past but to knowingly take on a questionable woman and sometimes her kids is strange to me.
      This isn’t bashing all single moms as I don’t like to lump everyone but there are single moms with two or three different Father’s to their children those have a high probability of being questionable women.

      1. “No serious hardworking and family oriented man honestly wants a Wife who has been with every Tom Dick and Harry but unfortunately that’s what I see from Western Men nowadays. ”
        – The cognitive dissonance from the American media in this regard is shocking. It’s almost like, “how dare you demand things…anything from a woman.” Yet, they are free to demand the moon and stars from you. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      2. Even the words “Third world country” are incredibly misleading, third world simply means did not ally with the US and their allies, or the Soviets and their allies. By that logic countries like Sweden are in a technical sense, a “third world” country. Even though obviously by all standards of income and wealth they are a first world country(not for long in my cynical opinion). I think it is much better to separate it developed world vs developing world. But even that description has its problems as there are nice parts of any country as well as shitty parts.
        From what I understand of most Americans is an incredibly warped sense of how the rest of the world actually lives. You would think that by listening to the media that the rest of the world is eating out of a dumpster and shitting on the streets. Even though most of the world isn’t like that obviously. You have on the one hand gullible conservatives who want to think America is the greatest country on earth(tm). Also Liberals who need to paint the “third world” as incredibly backward in order to give them more money, an outlet to express their guilt, a warm fuzzy from donating money, and a thing to always blame conservatives for. In fact as most of the “third world” starts to industrialize and standards of living rise at an earth-shattering pace it shatters many of the myths of leftism, that some profit at the expense of everyone else. When the reality is that 95% of humans are better off than they were 50 years ago(exception for extremely war-torn countries).
        Yes, most men do want a good wife who is family oriented and seek out the women who is not tainted by decades of terrible social conditioning disease known as feminism. He also seeks more favorable legal conditions to raise a family that don’t press his back against a wall. The idea that a man wants a servant is another leftist concoction to make you hate the family and drive more women to hate men. Men only ask for the simplest things that in the 21st century require minimal effort and women still say no. Then they wonder why they are 35 with three kids from three different fathers saying, “where are all the good men at?”(tm) It’s because men have grown up and moved on, they’ve moved past childish antics and moved around extortionist policies that are set up to rob him at any point. I only hope that more men wake up.

        1. Yes I agree with you, that’s why I put quotes around the term third world. But I agree fully with your statement.

      3. And the truly sad part of it all is it rarely (if ever) is talked about in the media: the white elephant in the room (a single mom with two or three different fathers).
        The stigma and blame will always be the man (based on the media’s reporting or interpretation of each situation).
        When is the media going to say to women “Stop acting like such a whore?”
        Probably never because corporations don’t want to insult their large consumer base.

        1. Thing is that OTHER Women are the first to call you crazy if you take on questionable women especially single moms with multiple baby fathers. And traditional women also dislike those women.

  9. At the end of the day, all this group diversity and categorization (nerds, metalheads, gamers etc.) breed separation, animosity and intolerance like multicultural parallel communities.

  10. All social justice warriors should be sent to island in a jail. They’re basically anti white racists getting away with hate crimes on whites.

  11. If it’s white males they hate, then why go after the so called”outcasts”? the world is, run by white men, and there are so many more successful white male outlets for them to try and fuck up. No.there is something to this theory of outcasts creatively trying to rise above a station that they are cornered in largely because girls/women put them there.
    It’s like “what the hell are you doing boy? Get back to your basement where you Belong”.

    1. The world is run by jewish men, and there are so many more successful jewish male outlets for them to try and fuck up
      Fixed it for ya

        1. They are their own race with seperate dna markers and physiology. They like to pretend they are white, however, to camouflage their misdeeds.

  12. For the SJWs who lurk here, and for any offense they take at Metal, I now post these lyrics from 1985. I bring you, Stormtroopers of Death.
    And fuck your triggers.
    1. Sargent “D” And The S.O.D.
    Ruthless and vicious he’ll stomp on your face
    Deadly, malicious, stay out of his space
    He’ll rip your eyes out, don’t look the wrong way
    And once you meet him, there’s no time to pray
    He’ll rip your heart out, make you eat your own lips
    Then crack your elbows, and crush fingertips
    He’ll make you wish that you didn’t exist,
    Cause Sargent “D” is coming, and you’re on his list
    Don’t cut the line, cause he’ll cut off your legs
    Don’t take your time or you’ll spend time with the dead
    Don’t try to trick him, he’ll fill you with lead
    Don’t beg for mercy, he’ll piss on your head
    He’ll kill your sister, then mail back the tits
    He’ll beat you senseless, then break out the whips
    He’ll put gas on your kids, then throw them a match
    He’ll back the car over grandma, then dissect her cat
    With his Stormtroopers of Death, he’ll come to your town
    Their Uzi’s rip through flesh, then it’s time to chow down
    Their cause is justified, their reason is clear
    The word revenge is all that they hear
    2. Kill Yourself
    Can’t take it, never could
    Time to end it, wish you would
    Friends and family, they’re all gone
    Life for you is just a con
    Dig yourself a hole in the ground
    Push up daisies six feet down
    Take a dirt nap, buy the farm
    Inject a bubble in your arm
    Kill yourself, kill yourself
    Why don’t you kill yourself
    Don’t rely on no one else
    End it all just kill yourself
    Life is just a one way ticket
    Everyone must go around
    Here’s a bucket go and kick it
    Slit your wrists without a sound
    When you fo don’t make a big deal
    No dramatics, don’t overplay
    Cause don’t you know that we’ll all fell
    Better once you’ve gone away
    You’re a loser, there’s nothing left for you
    A worthless loser, at everything you do
    4. Speak English Or Die
    You come into this country
    You can’t get real jobs
    Boats and boats and boats of you
    Go home you fuckin’ slobs
    Selling hot dogs on the corner
    Selling papers in the street
    Pushing, pulling, digging, sweating
    Where you come from must be beat
    You always make us wait
    You’re the ones we hate
    You can’t communicate
    Speak English Or Die
    You don’t know what I want
    You don’t know what I need
    Why must I repeat myself
    Can’t you fuckin’ read?
    Nice fuckin’ accents
    Why can’t you speak like me
    What’s that dot on you head,
    Do you use it to see??
    And if you have read this far…. Here’s one that will really trigger you into total aspergian rage. Please send all hate to me, because I want to show you I hate you more and I’m proud of it.
    5. United Forces
    It doesn’t matters how you wear your hair
    It’s what inside your head
    United Forces stand for all strong and fair
    Black, white and yellow and red
    UNITED (forces) UNITED (forces) UNITED
    UNITED (forces) UNITED (forces) UNITED
    Skinheads and bangers and punks stand as one
    Crossover to a final scene
    United forces and their job won’t be some
    Until the world can see
    UNITED (forces) UNITED (forces) UNITED
    UNITED (forces) UNITED (forces) UNITED
    No rednecks, no jocks, no macho bullshit attitudes
    United forces can’t be stopped
    No rednecks, no jocks, no macho bullshit attitudes
    United forces can’t be stopped
    And for my fellows, some red pill from SOD:
    13. Pussywhipped
    Walk the dog, do the dishes
    Your lips are brown from kissing ass
    Sorry guys I can’t make it
    Maybe next time, think I’ll pass
    Don’t make her mad, don’t make her sad
    A fate for you that’s worse than death
    you’re a slave and you don’t know it
    It always happens to the best
    Pussywhipped, Pussywhipped
    Don’t you know you’re pussywhipped
    Pussywhipped, Pussywhipped
    Don’t you know you’re pussywhipped
    She wants to be involved with you
    In every little thing you do
    Always has to add her two cents
    It’s obvious who wears the pants
    Your friends all hate you, you don’t care
    Cause you’ve been trapped in her lair
    And hopefully on day you’ll see
    That pussy can be caught for free

  13. Excellent points. Great piece. I would make one modification, though: ” If gimmicks for shock value were truly so offensive to them, you’d see
    these people equally appalled at….Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, “Sex and the City,” and “Cougar Town.” When it’s predictable corporate girl culture, they don’t complain. When it’s guys doing it, it’s a sin!!

  14. All this gamergate and metalgate nonsense is only making me want to listen to Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Stripped, Raped, and Strangled’ on continuous repeat while racking up points playing Bonetown.

  15. ” . . . you never hear a peep about such gimmicks.”
    Because they don’t find them the least bit shocking.

  16. I’m catching the flak from these activists…acting like I’m the first rapper to slap a bitch or say faggot.-Eminem. One of the few white guys in the entertainment industry to actually call out SJWs on their bullshit.

    1. Correct.
      I think most productive, guys in the US (even Manosphere Red Pillers) need a radical shift in worldview so as to at least begin to safeguard their well being and what they have worked for. Society and its agents of social control actively work against the interests of ( especially) white males 24/7. It is getting worse, and there is little hope of it getting any better soon.
      What I have learned is that practicing “defensive finances” is crucial. Owning a home free and clear seems great. Unfortunately, it’s in your name and can be attached and liened by those working against your interests easily. Same with your meticulously maintained $40,000.00 car or boat, etc.
      Make it really tough to hurt you financially. Careful use of LLCs, trusts and out of state and even International business entities can really help to insulate you and make you more “judgment proof.” Good legal counsel is advised, but you can start some of this on your own.
      Things like having a P.O. Box where all your mail goes versus it going to your residence where you might be barred entry because your soon to be former girlfriend decided to tell someone she was “scared of you” and there is now a restraining order prohibiting you from being within a 100 yards of the place.
      Open a safe deposit box in your LLC name (further layer of confidentiality) and keep your passport, birth certificate, and other smaller valuables there if you suspect your home life may soon go sour.
      Don’t leave your personal, confidential information laying around for prying eyes to make mischief with if the shit hits the fan. Have all bank, investment and other financial statements shifted to online only if you know that you won’t take the time to gather up this stuff and shred it on a regular basis.
      Consider increasing your “social capital.” It’s one thing to be a victim of a vindictive nutcase when you’re just another invisible “everyman” on the street. However, it’s quite a different thing if the local “domestic violence team” finds out that you are on the executive board of a county political party, helped organize the Toys for Tots drive last Christmas and are an ardent supporter of the Police Widows organization and a Lieutenant on your local Volunteer Fire Department! Politically Correct bureaucrats (i.e. SJWs on the public payroll) are as lazy and unmotivated as they are strident and self-absorbed. If you can push back, even informally there is all the more reason for them to back off and move on to somebody they can victimize more easily. Sad but true.
      You get the idea. If for nothing else than peace of mind, try it!

  17. Metalheads don’t give two fucks. They’ve been shit on by the PMRC and the Federal Government. They’ve been shit on by the concerned Christian mommies brigade twice now in the 70s and the 80s. Fuck the Feminazis and the SJW’S. What do those limp wristed bitches have over Tipper Gore and her hordes of fat assed politicians wives? I’ll tell you what. That’s Jack and shit. They can all lick my balls. Fuckers.

  18. American comic books lost to social justice warriors years ago. When DC “rebooted” in 2011 they took long established straight white male characters and turned them into minorities or homosexuals.

  19. I’ve been listening to metal long enough that I remember the satanic/suicide hysteria and PMRC war on metal from the 80’s. This sort of noise from people outside the metal community is not new. My hope is that metallers do the same thing now that they did back then (and in all the times since) – just ignore it and get on with making music.

  20. Liberals actually believe themselves to be highly creative and the most effective problem solvers as well as ethically perfect. Thus they attack creative people, especially those who respond to the liberal bullying that is their actual method of interacting with people and society.

  21. SJWs are apparently some kind of semiotic Miss Muffetts with their Tuffets, yah?
    So let them figure this shit out:

    I love the sign near the beginning of the video — it says “Pussyhunter” … 🙂

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcpGUajRXfk
    The only metal bands I see following the trend are teenie faggots like Asking Alexandria or Bring me the horizon (both are not to be considered metal) and other fake metal BS.
    As a cargo pants and Metal shirt wearing man this almost got me a little bit angry.
    Who pioneered Heavy Metal as it is? Black Sabbath.
    Who pioneered Thrash? Slayer, Megadeth, early Metallica
    Who pioneered Black Metal? Bathory, Mayhem, Hell Hammer, Burzum, Venom
    Who invented Viking Metal? Quorthon
    Who are the most famous Viking Metal acts today? Amon Amarth, Falkenbach, Tyr
    Who pioneered Death Metal? Death, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Cannible Corpse
    Anybody recognize a trend? Yea, no fucking women. Women are not metal. Period.
    Heck, even power-or glam metal bands consisted to 100% of men. If fucking
    Mötley Crue and Poison (who are gay as fuck) never allowed women into
    their inner circle then any band today who does is fucking neutered.
    This entire genre is about, death, destruction, testosterone and pissing on
    the corpses of your enemies. I have no idea how anybody could even
    mistakenly get the idea of females being part of this.
    Take live shows of real metal bands (eg. Cannible Corpse) as an example:
    I have not yet seen a woman in a mosh pit of that band, EVER. Why? You
    might get hurt. Women don’t like that and don’t understand this aspect
    of metal, because they think they are precious, untouchable demi
    On top of that noone will take care of them, (except
    for that asshole who brought his gf to the show to watch out for her. If
    you’re that guy, FUCK YOU) or pay special attention which violates
    their princess status.
    The only girls I have ever seen at Wacken and similar metal festivales are STD ridden skanks with daddy issues or fat bitches who hope that some poor metalhead might get drunk enough to fuck them.
    Now somebody might say: “Well wait a second tony, there ARE metal bands who are famous. Take arch enemy for example”
    To which I can only respond: “Arch enemy sucks. Their early stuff with
    Johan Liiva was awesome. (Black Earth, Burning Bridges) but once that
    ugly chick from germany took over it all went downhill. First of all
    women can’t growl. They need electronic assistance to make their voices
    sound kind of metal.
    On top of that AE turned to a strongly anthem based sound with washed out repetetive lyrics about Anarchy and…wait these guys are not activists for PETA are they?! These guys are vegans too? Fuck me running!
    My third point is that you can find a thousand manginas who write comments like “Angela is sooo prettyyyy” below every YT video of the band. The chick is also the marketing center of the band. (google search arch enemy and go to images if you want proof). That’s not metal.”
    Face it friends, metal will always stay a male music genre.
    Anybody who disagrees can suck my cock. Faggots.

  23. Metal has always been everyone’s favourite whipping boy for unjustified blaming and abuse. Remember the PMRC hearings, Iron Maiden being labeled as devil worshippers after the Number Of The Beast album was released, the Judas Priest trial, etc.
    Compared to all of that this so-called “Metalgate” is just small potatoes. Very small potatoes, in fact.
    I just read a full article on Return of Kings about a phenomenon they’re dubbing #metalgate, and I’m still not really sure what it is. Which is weird, because MetalSucks is a metal website.
    So I started digging into it. The term was apparently coined by Death Metal Underground, and seeks to draw a parallel with #gamergate by alleging that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are attacking metal to cleanse it of everything that makes it what the author thinks it is and should be: angry, misogynystic, homophobic music for conservative white people.
    First off, it’s hard to take any article seriously that presents Cattle Decapitation as a new band that just burst upon the scene with their righteous vegetarian agenda. Also, generally, the Return of King article is a disorganized, rambling mess. This one from Reaxxion on the same subject is a lot more clear.
    But my ultimate problem with #metalgate is that it’s entirely manufactured. No one, or no group, is banding together to try and change metal in any one specific way — the threat is entirely imagined. Certain social values enter the metalsphere simply because those values are spreading throughout society as a whole — this idea that “SJWs” failed with #gamergate so they’re now moving on to a different cause is total bologna. They’re entirely separate people!
    There also certainly isn’t anyone coordinating a mass effort to inject metal with liberal values. Just because someone wrote an editorial encouraging metalheads to stop using the word “faggot” doesn’t mean the music that “the average white man in the West Virginian coal mines” likes will go away tomorrow; more than likely, both his music and the tunes favored by a vegan kid living in an artist loft in Bushwick paid for by his parents will continue to coexist in this world.
    It’s also not really a new argument. People have been saying “get political correctness out of my metal!” for decades already, and, guess what, both non-PC and PC metal continue not only to exist, but to be robust. And the idea of #metalgate ignores one very important fact about metal: lyrics mostly don’t matter to metalheads, it’s all about the music itself. Which further proves that the people writing this #metalgate stuff have at most a basic familiarity with metal; they’re not in metal culture so much as observers looking for a cause to latch onto.
    Basically, this whole thing strikes me as pretty silly. #Metalgate is not a thing; it’s a childish expression of angst from within the gaming community that seeks to draw a connection between #gamergate and heavy metal where none actually exists, in an effort to prove that their values are the “right” ones. No one is threatening the existence of ignorant, conservative, white man metal… there’s TONS of it out there, with more coming every day! So just keep to yours and we’ll keep to ours.
    Also, the term “white culture” sounds like all people of European descent people are monolithic.
    What should this “white culture” be, Norwegian-, German-, Dutch-, Finnish-, French-, English-, Bulgarian- or Italian based?
    People of Romanian descent would probably feel a bit out of place at a Greek festival, for example.

  24. Ah people still bitching about Metal? Nothing new there. Went to Knotfest this year in October and had a blast. Except for having people hound me online about being Black and enjoying Metal, because it’s illegal to be a Black fan of Metal. Must’ve missed that memo go figure 😛

  25. To be fair, conservative elements still bitch about how rock in general is Satanic, even Christian rock. This especially after they tried to crucify Marilyn Manson after Columbine. Heck, thus might be the, along with Prohibition, one of the few times that conservative Bible thumpers and progressive feminists actually formed alliances.

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