5 Reasons Girls Fake Mental Illness

Women are claiming to have mental illnesses and personality disorders at record high numbers. A girl is far more likely to be diagnosed with a disorder now than in previous generations. Recent studies have shown that today, 1 in 4 women take medication for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or another illness.

What is the reason for this massive increase? Some argue that it is because our society has pushed women to pursue soulless corporate careers, leading them to numb themselves with medication. However, today a girl has other motives for labeling herself with a mental condition. In this article, I will outline five reasons why girls pretend to have mental disorders.

1. To get away with being sluts

Two of the most common disorders girls claim to have are bipolar and borderline personality disorder. Guess which symptoms both have in common? Extreme promiscuity. A girl with with BPD has twice as many sexual partners than average, engages in more casual sex, and loses her virginity at a younger age. She also tends to experience more high-risk sexual behaviors. She is more likely to be pressured into having sex, raped by someone they do not know, or the victim of date rape. This matches the description of the modern woman.

2. To avoid responsibility


With medication, girls often seem to improve. She is able to hold down a job and behave like an adult. Yet often she will stop taking her medication—for bipolar disorder, within one year 50% of women will relapse. This allows her to continue her reckless pursuit of gratification without taking responsibility for her actions. She can blame the disease for her behavior, and blame it yet again for her urge to discontinue her medication. Very convenient. Her disorder also allows her to claim “mood swings” for her erratic actions.

3. To receive attention


It is a widely known yet still ignored statistic that men commit suicide at 3.5 times the rate of women. Consider it our way of checking our privilege. On the other hand, women attempt suicide at 4 times the rate of men. How is it possible that girls attempt suicide more often, yet the fatalities for men are so much higher?

Once again, girls are faking. This is a very effective method for the modern woman to receive attention. When “mood swings” and “depression” aren’t enough, she will result to swallowing a handful of Tylenol PM and revel in the attention of her family, friends, and orbiters. Even in milder cases, exhibiting the symptoms of a crazy person allows her to receive more units of attention on her social media accounts.

4. To feel special


The modern woman has a burning desire to be a snowflake, but in our increasingly commoditized lives, she is finding it harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. For her, 1000 “likes” for a semi-nude selfie is no longer enough validation. She gets bored with the usual compliments from men she keeps around to inflate her self-esteem.

She will then act out, treat the people around her horribly, and claim a disorder to garner sympathy. In Western societies, it won’t be long until taking medication for personality disorders is viewed as a status symbol in the same vein as having the latest iPhone.

5. So they can consume drugs and alcohol


60% of girls with bipolar disorder abuse drugs or alcohol. Our increasingly degenerate society has produced ennui in millennials on a level not seen in any living person’s lifetime. The lack of structure, family, and stability has formed a void within girls that they are desperate to fill. To alleviate this emptiness, she uses her so-called disorder to go off her prescribed medication and instead blow her local drug dealer for some molly or fuck bartenders for free drinks. Taking drugs is still seen as a minor taboo, and if she can blame her illness for her addiction, her life becomes much easier.

While mental illness was something that wouldn’t have been openly advertised just a couple of decades ago, it is now seen as a badge of honor in our increasingly voyeuristic and decadent times. Even celebrities like Britney Spears (bipolar) and Lena Dunham (OCD) have profited off of their “diagnoses” in their quest to become ersatz role models for young women.

Is it any wonder that this generation of Western women is unfit for commitment?

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      1. Obviously you haven’t studied psychology very long. Freud was the first to ever deeply explore the human mind. Many other, more credible pioneers of the profession exist. Ever hear of womb envy? Smh, if you’re going to bring psychology into the picture, please cover the pre-existing counter argument.

      1. We have a saying in my country that would roughly be translated as: “The crazy one is not the one who eats the free meal. It’s the one who gives it to him.” And that’s what equalism is all about.

      2. I don’t know. I think that recognizing people as intrinsically equal (rights, spirituality) is proper, but only that. Apart from that I believe that any differences in society are due to function (justified), hard work (justified) or handouts (not justified and should be destroyed, including any race or gender-specific affirmative action).

        1. Well, r can only survive so long as a resource surplus exists. But resource surplus emerges because of k strategy, and can’t be maintained as things switch to r, since human r’s are without the restraint necessary to put off indulgences for the future.
          So it doesn’t really cost k– idiocracy can’t happen because as r’s overpopulate, the resources disappear (Venezuela) which then causes a rise in k.
          Even if we ever developed Star Trek style replicators, r wouldn’t persist because sufficiently r people would want the free stuff without the “work” of running the power plants.

        2. The inconsistency to me seems that the liberal ‘r’ strategists aren’t actually succeeding in reproducing more, at least White female feminists.

        3. Without birth control, they would… what’s going to happen is that the western r’s are going to be overrun by non-western r’s that don’t use birth control… happening in Europe right now.
          Western r’s represent an incredible evolutionary dead end– they are applying a reproductive strategy that isn’t actually producing offspring.
          They’re human giant pandas.

        4. The problem is that the Rs are going to drag down the Ks with them. They are destroying the civilization already. Yeah, eventually the Ks will rise once again, but only to start everything almost from scratch.

        5. That’s true, but in the long long run, it’s not going to matter. They’re going to deny you and your children a chance to colonize space or extend your lifespan, this is true… but ultimately, just because you’re reading this site, I’m guessing you have either a bug-out bag or a get-out-of-town plan or some guns, or some other collapse plan… so you almost surely WILL survive.
          The hardcore r’s will sit in New York as everything falls apart and they’ll literally starve to death because it would never occur to them to plan more than six seconds into the future, or to do the necessary in-grouping or hard choices necessary to survive resource lost.
          Some of them WILL adapt, but once they adapt, it changes their brain structure (literally the size of certain brain components) and once they go k, they aren’t going back to r… so they convert to allies, and the r overpopulation problem fixes itself.
          But yes, as you state, they’re going to cost us the future. That’s why the guy who wrote the theory expects that k’s will actually turn on the r’s at some point.

        6. I recently began to seriously study surviving in the wilderness, so yes, I’m preparing myself for the worst. I guess in the not so distant future we will not need PUA techniques or stuff like that. The only thing to get pussy needed will be to catch a wild hare, like in the old times. But look at the bright side – we will eventualy end with 1:5 men:women ratio. That would be kind of an utopia.

        7. And when they do the outcome will look as it has always looked throughout history.
          Lots of dead and enslaved r types.
          Hard times have a way of removing the unfit from the gene pool.

        8. >>Lots of dead and enslaved r types.
          For costing me and my children space exploration, life extension, freedom to create, and much more, it’s earned.
          If there’s an r apocalypse, it’ll be a thousand years before we even talk about those things again.

      1. I have his book. He points out that the surplus of production in western society creates a situation in which parasitism is viable method of obtaining resources. In many ways feminism is Marxist ideology with ‘class’ crossed out and the term “gender” replaced.
        This parasitism works through grievance, A victim needs an oppressor and the main politically correct target is the White male.
        In a just and real world nagging, whinging parasites are ignored and eventually excluded from the circle of friends. Unfortunately government can’t ignore them, after all they vote and there are too many of them.
        I would also add that feminism is anti-White, at least in the West. It might encompass White females but they want to end western civilisation and they are succeding. Nothing else explains their embracing of mass immigration and other cultures to the extent of it.

        1. It’s not that parasitsm is a VIABLE method, it’s that in surplus, it’s a BETTER method of obtaining resources.
          His most poignant example, IMO, is what happens with feminism right now… if feminists stand someplace and shriek their heads off, everyone runs away– because there’s so many resources that it’s easier to just go get them somewhere else where nobody is screaming at you.
          Meanwhile, a rational dude who works for a pile of stuff can be DRIVEN OFF HIS PILE by a lot of shriekers gathering around– rather than stand there being screamed at, in a resource glut, you just go somewhere else and start a new pile, and the shriekers loot your pile. Brendan Eich is real-world example of this.
          So right now, with resource glut, systems like honor, hard work, diligence, persistence, are actually a worse gathering strategy than dyeing your hair blue and screaming.
          When resources contract, people will fight the shrieking feminist for the resources she’s standing on, or they’ll get very dangerous about protecting their own pile, and that’ll be the end of shrieking feminism as a viable strategy for sequestering resources.

    1. Feminism is certainly part of the ‘grievance industry’. Think of how many people earn of living of it and drawing in the intellectually feeble. I think I’ve read about the 100th feminist article about her vagina / vulva / menstruation in the Australian “Sydney Morning Herald” and there must be several million hits on Google. I don’t think that women that are compelled to write endlessly, as a sort of right of passage, about their vulva are fully sane.

    2. You mean they’re faking this shit?
      I just concluded from my own experience that most of them aren’t faking at all and are genuinely mentally ill.

  1. Women weren’t designed to forego motherhood, waste eggs and work in cubicles. A wasted egg becomes egg on their brain, hence the onset of teen BPD OCD spectrum. Keeping that poot stuffed like a turkey and producing fine fresh progeny for our great green republic keeps the tittie nipples tingling happy and milking, the mind focused and the soul mutating meds out of the picture.
    DICK DOCTORING is all a young budding female needs. Men must hone their control game to keep the she beast centered and loyal. A woman needs up to date control maintenance just as a house needs periodic roofing work done.

  2. They aren’t faking. These bitches really are nuts. Deal with one for five short fucking minutes and it should be obvious.

      1. Pretending to be nuts is a sort of disorder too. Doesn’t matter why they act like they do, what matters in the adult world is results.

    1. In other times they would not behave like this. But since they can get away with it and getting tons of validation and attention in the process, they will do it. That is not being truly crazy ,that’s just being a spoiled bitch.

    2. There is some controversy over whether personality disorders are true mental illness. The person’s brain is healthy but they grew up to act as a total asshole. Their pattern of behavior is harmful to themselves and others.
      Psychologists will treat them if they can get paid but they would never be committed to a government mental hospital.

        1. That could be but I don’t think there is proof of that. There has been an increase in PD’s as more children have been raised in weak families (single mother).

    1. At least she didnt boil you a roast (Naked Gun nod, cant find the clip online)

        1. I hate scenes like that. Grab her fucking wrist and restrain her until she stops trying to stabbity.

  3. So years ago, I dated this woman in sort of an LDR – I wasn’t exclusive with her and it was guaranteed tail when I was in town. Anyway, she goes nuts (the long and short of it was she was 22 and in grad school and had her “grad school ==> work at useless job ==> cat colonist” trajectory all worked out and then I came along and fucked it all up for her — ‘giney tingles will do that to a girl).
    Anyway, she goes nuts while I was back home, minding my own business. Spends the weekend in the Ha-Ha Hilton (for real.) So she tells me all this and why in what can only be termed the Longest and Scariest phone call of my life, even though it was probably ten minutes.
    So I have a convo with my dad about it.
    Him: “So what are you going to do?”
    Me: “Bail. Girls can be a tough read but some signals are Large Print.”
    Him: “Hmm. You might consider whether you want a girlfriend who *has* been treated for mental illness or one who *hasn’t*”
    And Dad drops the mic.

      1. My father’s (sarcastic) point was: All women are crazy, so better to have one who has been treated for being crazy.

  4. lol… some neon hair canadian feminist who showed up to protest ROK with her beta orbiter claimed to be “disabled” because she has “chronic fatigue disorder”.

      1. Handicap parking space, disability benefits from government, can’t be negatively judged for under-performing at work… etc. Manipulative bitches have their ways.

    1. But she has plenty of energy to work her keyboard and show up for protests…that’s rich.
      Yes, these women are mental and they have a disease. It’s called crazy.

  5. These women need male domination, and forced submission by any means nessessary. Anyone who disagrees is a beta white knight. And all white knights must die, because their worth is nothing and they empower women by transfer of wealth.

    1. “and forced submission by any means nessessary.”
      Our islamist troll strikes again. I’ll keep my goats away from you.

      1. Why would you think I’m trolling. Don’t you thing that women need to be dominated and their freedoms taken away?

        1. I didn’t say anything about that in this post. And you might not want it but your women surely do. Women have a instinct to know which men are superior. I wonder why so many women are becoming Muslim all over europe. Haha. You westerners are pathetic. Your women hate you and would see you replaced because they already saw your weakness and they are disgusted by it.

        2. There is no need to “take away their freedom”. Freedom to do what ? Freedom to become a wage slave ?
          Have you noticed how women always become the most devote supporters of whatever the dominating ideology is ? That’s what we should count on, no islam type restrictions. No one wants to have muslim type slaves at home. Do muslim men look happy to you ?
          They won’t be forced but they’ll be able to choose according to their nature. That’s how it was in the european Middle ages. The few unicorns who really want to become artists, teachers or scientists will be allowed to, at their own expense, as they were back then in the so-called “dark ages”.

        3. I actually agree with you, but thats all irrelevant at this point.
          Whats relevant now is who is the dominant group (ethnicity and ideology) and everything else will fall in place from there since most identitarians and nationalists in europe are allready traditionalists to begin with.

        4. Yeah, you’re just an 18 years old boy having a late teenage crisis. You were atheist and snorting coke a few months ago as your history shows.
          You’re no superior man. Your third world face disgusts local women and you know it, that’s why you play the keyboard jihadist.
          Not impressed.

        5. Lol you actually went to look at my history. Yes I was an atheist and yes I was doing drugs. But what’s past is past. I never claimed I’m superior to anyone. Islam is superior. And yeah I am on RoK I was never really interested in commenting but I couldn’t help but laugh at you silly white Christian manchilds and wanted to show you that. Cant you see Christianity has failed you, Keep being slaves to the zionist jews. It’s worked out pretty good for you so far. And and yeah I’m 19 but I’m not a middle aged loser like you with no life ahead of him.

        6. We will soon be forced to go back to our core values, just to survive. We will all go back to what was stable and natural when shit hits fan ; religion, hierarchy and strong family ties.
          Turns out you can’t motivate troops to fight against an invader for “equality” or “social justice”. Stalin himself had to bring back the forbidden russian Orthodox Faith to motivate the Russian against the German.

        7. Well, if you’re truly motivated about your beliefs, good for you.
          You’re no treator you’re the enemy.
          I’m actually fairly young too and enlisting soon, just to come accross goatfuckers of your kind.
          As for the “zionist jews”, choosing between you and them is like choosing between cancer and aids. Plus you’re the ones doing their dirty work in Syria.

        8. You were using drugs to feel a false sense of freedom, and now you’re identifying with Islam to feel a false sense of power. There’s nothing superior about that. But if you want to talk straight comparisons about religions then I’m going to have to laugh my ass off at your expense.
          Christianity destroyed everything you ever built. Christianity built nations that make Islamic homelands look like the crude work of animals. And, when Islam decides to once more rear it’s ugly military head, there’ll be a crusader sword waiting once more to seperate shoulder from neck.
          Best you can do is what you’ve always done, mate. Pipe down and fall in line. Because Christianity is a sleeping bear.

        9. ” nationalists in europe are allready traditionalists to begin with.” Skinheads in tight leather pants, sometimes, I can’t tell the difference between a pride parade and these guys. Many nationalists in my opinion don’t give a dam about Europe’s richness of culture and traditions. The only institution that has a chance of unifying the forces against the eventual Muslim takeover of the continent is the Roman Catholic church, and, the moral authority of this institution is in sharp decline

        10. I wouldn’t even consider skinheads or anything of that sort to be nationalists but it’s not like they are the only reactionary movement. Skinheads to me are just like hippies or any other similar “counterculture”; toxic, subversive and i am very suspicious against whoever created it to begin with.
          And yes exoteric religion may be very important for the structure of european civilisation and culture to be made strong again.

        11. By the way, dude. Those sites in French you suggested to me the other day were pretty cool. Boulevard Voltaire is one of the sites I visit daily now. If you know any good podcasts with radio, let me know. What do you think of Radio Courtoisie ? And Radio Ici et Maintenant ?
          (Temporarlly using my nom de troll as I visit left wing and feminazi sites).

    2. “Lol you actually went to look at my history.”
      So did I. If you’re arguing as a Muslim, why not just come out with that. ‘Forced submission’ – are you aware of what this site has been falsely accused of promoting in the last couple of weeks? I don’t think that’s what we believe in around here

        1. so you’ve deleted your post for the sake of a website that would stand against your religiously determined position on the forced submission of women? That’s very considerate and not suspicious at all

  6. Women don´t really fake to be insane. Feminism falied them and made them go insane. Stupid equality feelings, problems managing expectations, “yo go girl!” culture, yo can be CEO, you can be president, you can be astronaut…but feminist forgot to say that for every women CEO in the way there will 10k of depressed, sick lonely women… Feminism is the real sickness.

    1. Feminism creates impossible expectations for women, which is never going to be good for mental health. While it may mostly blame men / male society for their failure to rise to the required level, it also implicitly blames women, especially to the extent that there is an expectation that they can ‘have it all’ and consequently feel they or somebody else, or more likely both are to blame for this imperfect state of affairs. Effectively what it does is create a society wide double-bind (although men too suffer an equivalent one perhaps) whereby women are getting two sets of signals. It’s an unhealth situation and I don’t think its unreasonable to suggest that it may be contributing to the incidence of mental illness or at least unhappiness amongst women

  7. I’m pretty sure that if you fake craziness long enough to get attention, you end up genuinely crazy.

    1. if you fake craziness there’s a good chance you’ll get sectioned, diagnosed, drugged up, and then you may have a hard time persuading anybody, including yourself that you’re not. There was a research study in the 70s I think where some volunteers did just that. I can’t remember the details or the outcome, but I think they had an extremely unpleasant time of it

      1. From everything I have read, including a few chapters of his book, Hitler was a very intelligent man. It’s a shame the germans lost.

        1. He was, but it did get the best of him. Same with Stalin. It’s a tendency with genuinely crazy bastards, it seems. For better or worse, they’re the ones who get shit done.

        2. He got too sure of himself after the success of his Blitzkrieg, (should have read Thucydides), thought he was omniscient and listened to a mystic who rubbed his ego. Forgot his name.

        3. Stalin unlike Hitler at least like his Generals plan the strategy. The reason the Germans lost was Herr Hitler who thought he was an expert on everything. Some of his own Generals should have the balls to take him out during 1943- the beginning of the end.

        4. Hitler was a bipolar /manic-depressive according to a great book “A First Rate Madness”….Profiles leaders that were “great” ( not necessarily good) but had mental illness.
          Abe Lincoln—depression
          JFK–Hypomanic ( Bipolar “light”) due to his poorly treated medical conditions which required steroid use…

        5. My understanding is, the big Roosevelts (Teddy, FDR, and Eleanor) had some sort of depression. Perhaps it’s that search for greatness that helps them cope. And in JFK’s case, banging women.

        6. Yes, you can say that our most promising leaders suffered from some type of mental illness or perhaps you can more mundanely say that the pressures of the job caused these outlooks to become evident, especially the black dog.

  8. I’m diagnosed as bipolar II. The NHS states 1-4 have a mental illness, it states nothing about gender, though admittedly I haven’t read enough to know if it’s males or females who are most affected.
    Anyway I’ve been drug free (as in prescribed drugs) for 6 months and manage my condition with CBT and mindfulness.
    I wouldn’t like to think anyone would want to fake having such a condition. There is still a big stigma surrounding mental illness and we all need to do what we can to talk more openly about it and those affected by it.

    1. Some people are addicted to stigma. Some people even love giving themselves up for crimes they didn’t commit.

    2. A lot of people, and more today than 50 years ago, NEED drama in their lives. They are junkies, addicted to the chemicals released during emotional outbursts.

      1. don’t worry, world war 3 in middleeast and financial collapse are happening soon.
        will be plenty of natural drama for everyone to get their jollies.

      2. Well I can honesty say I’d prefer not having to deal with it. I hated how the drugs made me feel so decided to deal with it by managing my thinking and copying mechanisms.
        I’ve considered suicided on 2 occasions but was never serious about it, though I did spend a couple of years self harming.
        I’m very open about it with anyone who asks. I don’t think it’s an excuse to behave like a selfish asshole, and you need to be willing to put the effort in to help yourself get better.

        1. You shouldnt be open about it(well, on the web is okay); women dont want to know about that, they will head for the hills if you tell them

        2. Fine by me. It’ll come out eventually anyway. I don’t perceive it as a weakness, if others do then they’re not the kind of people I need in my life.

    3. I agree with respect to talking about it and de-stigmatisation, but while for the most part its good there can be problems with that as well perhaps. Historically any kind of mental illness of any kind has been taboo, and something which tended to scare the pants off people, and its good that that’s changing. But by it becoming somewhat fashionable – at least bi-polar / depression etc one unfortunate effect is that it enters the repertoire of options that are available to people to ‘take up’. That doesn’t mean people are faking, but labels and diagnoses can nonetheless be subtly attractive, at least to the extent that there may be perceivable rewards for playing up certain behaviours rather than playing them down. I wouldn’t over-emphasis that, but there’s reasonably strong evidence to suggest there is a strong cultural aspect to mental health and psychiatry.
      Talking about things is good – hence talking therapies – but equally talking too can be quite addictive. What’s good about the ‘talking’ IMO opinion is the ‘meta’ aspect of being able to distance yourself from feelings / thoughts and that’s quite similar to what is done with CBT to an extent and equivalent if not the same as what happens with mindfulness, where you are observing thoughts, sensations etc but typically without any kind of ‘comment’. What is less good is when there is what has sometimes been called ‘expressed emotion’ involved: this is particularly a problem in relationships, where particular types of communication may end up exacerbating or perpetuating problems. This is also perhaps where addiction to creating / partaking in drama etc may become a problem.
      BTW if you’re managing successfully on just CBT and mindfulness techniques that’s excellent. To be honest I think everybody could benefit from mindfulness in particular

      1. I did the CBT first then got into mindfulness as it’s something you can do on your own and it really works for me.
        I agree it is being seen by some as a ‘fashionable’ diagnosis/label to have; an excuse for bad behaviour if you will.
        However because of the field I work in it’s the kind of thing I have to declare. Where it’s never stopped me getting a job it has lead to some difficult questions and one to many mandatory appointments with occ health.

        1. I imagine that could be uncomfortable / disadvantageous to a degree but provided you can demonstrate you can do your bit they – employers – also have an obligation to provide you with support, although I appreciate that might not always be how it works in practice.
          CBT has gone out of fashion to some extent, at least on its own, but coupled with mindfulness I think its an excellent toolset, although both take a small amount of discipline; unlike with traditional talking therapies if you could learn the tools and manage some level of discipline you have that for life.

        2. With mindfulness you learn to build in into your daily routine and it eventually becomes quite natural. Either are preferable to medication. I can see the benefits of meds in some instances. If I had bipolar type 1 (as does someone I know) I know I’d need medication to deal with the severity of the highs and lows.

        3. it’s about whatever works, including in the longer term. As a rule a lesser amount of medication is often preferable to any kind of dependency. Last I heard was that CBT / mindfulness had been proven to be as effective as medication for some mental health issues, but a combination of drug therapy / CBT etc is probably going to be optimal for most

  9. Women who are borderline usually have had a horrible childhood(thank you single mom) and are like narcissists in their desperation for someone else to value them. I disagree that they are faking, as they have a 10% suicide rate which is astronomical compared to anyone/anything else.

      1. Both men and women can become painfully attached to the opposite sex. The situation of unrequited “love” where they attachment has formed deeply and hope of a similar relationship with another seems impossible can occur to women as well as men.
        Attachment (ie love, infatuation) is a normal part of the reproductive instinct. The branch of psychology dealing with it is called attachment theory. Humans do it, certain birds do it.
        Its obvious that emotional attachment helps our survival, hence when those bonds break or are not returned we feel pain to induce us to work on them.
        I guess what some of Return of King’s 3000 self improvement pages are about is making ourselves more worthy of attachment, or of interest to the opposite sex.
        Interestingly there are branches of feminism exemplified by Kate Bolick and her book “Spinster” that point to another Branch of the feminist death religion.

        …Russian girl must have been desperate for attention
        My guess is that they want to be remembered and become a legend.
        My thing is, why not do something big and find the cure for cancer? (or something equally daunting and beneficial to the world)
        You would really become a legend if you accomplished something like that.

      3. I dont think its a coincidence that she was Russian, from what I’ve seen they have a much much higher incidence of mental disorders in Eastern Europe, in the 20ish percent range.

      1. I’ve known borderline women, I think it is often caused by narcissistic parents who always criticized them, causing some deep early wounds. They have a hole in their souls that no amount of love seems to ever fill up, and someone leaving them is what absolutely crushes them(and their fear that someone will leave them is often what makes them drive men away). I’ve seen Borderline accurately referred to as “I hate you, don’t leave me!”. They are usually pornstars in bed because they realize that is one thing they can do to keep men.

        1. I agree with you about everything you said re: borderlines. Irregardless of the reasons for their uncurable issues, they are as close a definition you can come as a human being (are they human… Nah!) to the definition of being totally fucking evil. Too bad there isn’t a way to forcibly sterilize bpd women; it would be the best thing for everyone who has the misfortune of coming into contact with them until they (God willing) conduct a successful suicide attempt: win/win.

        2. I suspect women should be marrying men several years older. Males mature latter than women and develop sophisticated interpersonal needed for the relationship at that point.

        3. There are women who look specifically for older mature men, who can make them feel things that younger men don’t have a clue about. That can be in sex, or relationships or financial(not as important as most people think). To me that range is usually 10-15 years, much more than that and youre pushing it(unless youve really got your shit down).

    1. A suicide attempt, even a ‘fake’ one, is an indication of real psychological pain. I’ve been there. The pain is so unbearable, a feeling of no hope and misery that begins a few moments after one wakes up.
      Modern life, the requirements to a large part created by modern feminism, have created unrealisable situations for women. We are witnessing the destruction of western civilisation and culture. Should we be surprised that there are not causalities on the way?
      Dr Roger Devlins book (or the summary on Amren) called “Sexual Utopia in Power” theorised that the 1960s revolution was about alpha females getting out of their marriages and into the work force with a degree of sexual freedom where they could access the alpha males sexually and for relationship. As he points out so called ‘sluts’ or women with the largest number of partners and income are actually highly discerning over who they have sex with showing high bias to high status males.
      The result however is that no every female can have an alpha male. The result is that many crash and burn, they are not suited to it.
      Most feminists are duped. The smart ones have already grabbed the best men.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. Its the unintended consequences they never expected. As one woman put it complaining that all guys are either players or losers…well when the top 20% of guys get almost all the attention…of course they are going to become players-why settle when by not settling you can have sex with 3 other girls at the same time! The basic problem is that women by their natures have to be more selective, and men by their natures want more partners. The average girl isnt happy with the average guy(unless she is under economic/cultural stress). This chart says it all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3ef9c39d0b772261a5ddba06fc8f16f64c2a43c4d51f5195d6145e0d198fc8e.gif

        1. Reminds me of when I was in my early 20s I had a profile on hotornot.com probably one of the first great hookup sites. On a scale from 1 to 10 I was about a 5 yet rated better looking than 98 percent of users.

        2. Is graphic trying to say
          ” women are attracted to men which majority of women were attracted to ”
          it is simply says
          ” no women wants a man that no women wants. ”
          am i right?

        3. You can infer that from the chart, or another way to say it is that women have higher standards than their own beauty ie an average looking girl isnt happy with an average looking guy.

        4. I think it was OKcupid, but as you can read below the graph, thats the standard shape you find when you look at other data sources as well.

        5. That’s why the “Twilight” series was so popular. Bella the main character is constantly described as being “average”. However, the other characters (the vampire and wolf guy) who constantly fight over her are considered “highly attractive”. It’s safe to say that the fantasy of most teenage girls/young women is for some hot group of guys to fight to the death for them, even if the women themselves are only average.

    2. It is real. The thing is that it is a learned pattern of behavior rather than an illness of the brain. That’s why it is almost impossible to treat.

  10. Back in the Biblical times, there was no such thing as mental illness, you were being affected by an unclean spirit/demon.
    On top of everything, the ‘spirit/demon’ had been let in because the afflicted had been engaging in various behaviors that they should not have been. (aka unconfessed sin)
    Double-mindness could have been considered Bipolar disorder and promiscuity was no more than Lust. Back then people were ashamed of it and then attempted to be healed spiritually.
    Nowadays, these ‘claims of illness’ are often used as nothing but an excuse for unchecked behavior.
    There are several people (mostly women) I’ve met who claim some ailment just so that she can get away with being irresponsible.
    With the way that these people act now, I am way more inclined to believe the biblical context instead of medical one.

    1. Yes, but they also had a very primitive understanding of mental illness. Even in Catholicism, who are pretty much the only Christians that perform excorsisms, it is taught that most apparent cases of demonic possession are just exceptional cases of mental illness.

      1. People who are truly mentally ill are at least remorseful for things that they do while having an episode. However, most of these people who ‘claim an ailment’, have absolutely no shame whatsoever. There is nothing in them that makes them feel bad for the actions they undertake. It’s almost like they are missing a conscience.

        1. Also to reiterate in high school the bipolar kids were basically spoiled and their parents took them to psychiatrist instead of dealing with puberty

        2. The funny thing is ( I may be a little bit older than you) I had never heard of the term “Bipolar” until I was in college. There was nothing and then one day every third person was ‘Bipolar’.
          So on that note, I agree with you. The people who happened to be bipolar were usually children of richer people who had received therapy to deal with their issues. The poorer kids were just told to deal with things on their own.

        3. I’m 18 and spent a lot of time in high school dealing with said people. Speaking of which they were usually opportunist who spoke or did things under Adult supervision. Outside of school acted like the biggest cowards in the world.
          Same with kids that weren’t spanked(this is an a black majority city fyi) so it was easy to identify as their parents spoiling them.

        4. They used to call it “Manic Depressive”. I saw it eat up my father so bad they put him on lithium which he promptly rejected, said ‘fuck you’ and followed his own yellow brick road to crazy town.
          I haven’t talked to him in 12 years.
          Maybe he’s there with Dorothy and Toto, who the hell knows.

    2. Your point that these problems are often mind bogglingly simple rather than psychological complexities is true. It’s worth reading Mischelle Langley’s book “Women’s Infidelity”. It’s brutally honest and researched book by a woman not part of academic feminisnsm. She details how women who fall out of love (infatuation) typically after 4 years manufacture a breakup and discord in the marriage so as to blame the man. There is a feminist fog created out there. The term “feminist fog” was coined by Allen J Franzen, an academic medievalist who just retired and came out “manosphere”.
      The “feminist fog” hurts women as well.

  11. How many of the women prescribed as having a mental illness actually have one/multiple? I know it’s impossible to see statistics on that, but ever since it is now less stigmatized it seems like there are more women who claim to have one than 10-20+ Years ago. All the women I know who claim to have one usually falls in these categories:
    1. Single “strong independent woman”….(with depression on Zoloft, so independent)
    2. Uses multiple excuses why not taking meds
    3. Are alcoholics/pill poppers but will usually claim that is also one of the “mental illnesses” they have
    And as always, can not be held accountable for actions because, it’s not their fault of course! Great article. Also a great reminder how since feminism is making life worse for everyone as the increase in “women’s rights” coupled with women diagnosed with depression is proving the narrative false.

      1. Opium based pain medications are prescribed by Surgeons for their patients after operations all the time. Yes, these patients are sick and they need these “mind altering” drugs just as you will when you arrive in a hospital for an operation someday.

        1. Yes, but one of their side effects is to alter the cognitive processes in the brain. In Psychiatry, I know this is the main primary purpose of such derivatives when used to treat certain types of patients. Ironically, many of the patients who end up here were precisely the ones who screwed around with the illegal ones to camouflage some underlying organic condition in the first place. Substance abuse, including alcohol misuse is statistically much higher in those who are mentally ill. I don’t subscribe to the notion that the primary reason for this is to seek attention and besides even if it is, this rather denotes the presence of a verifiable mental illness in many of these cases.

        2. And still not the topic being discussed. Obfuscating stupidity doesn’t work too well around here.

    1. Kanye’s fans don’t care. Short of getting incarcerated for ass raping Swift his sales will go on. In fact his sales would persist even after that.

      1. So will Swift, who will make a song on how her feelings got hurt, and how that werewolf guy from Twilight will make her feel better.

        1. I was at a major book store last month. The section called ‘super natural romance’ was astoundingly huge.
          Swift knows her Market: Romantic and sentimental love songs, keeping it positive. Even her payback songs are positive and she’s resisted the temptation to go ‘political’. She wrote a song praising the fathers in the back row who took their 12 year olds to her concerts so she’s not a man hater.
          She is an astoundingly beautiful and intelligent woman. However I fear the industry will eventually ruin her.
          I don’t have a problem with a young woman developing, feeling and exercising a sense of her sexual power of attraction. It is however a stage they must pass through and not get forever caught up in.
          Girls that are into Romance fiction are not too bad despite the mind boggling fantasy of it, they will cleave into a man and build a family in the right circumstances. Even the 50 shades of grey types are secretly wanting to submit to a powerful (ideal) man. There is a truth there.

  12. Guys, do you know Kate Bolick (some say ‘Kate Bollocks’)? I was thinking about an article written by this spinster, which became a kind of landmark in ‘The Atlantic’ site (it is hotly commented until this day):
    I mean, it is so striking, so stupid, so depressing, so “portrait of a generation”. I think a RoK article about it would become an instant classic.

        1. And if you don’t let those funny thoughts out. They will keep circulating.. Round and round- not healthy. Release them- it’s good. That’s what Disquis was created for….😁

    1. Lol.. A touch of black humor actually lights up my day.. Thanks for the belly laugh😃

  13. I’m also glad that you commented on the suicide attempts. When a guy wants to kill himself he wants to end it all so he usually picks a violent way (gunshot to the head) so that there will be no coming back. Women tend to pick sleeping pills/pain reliever etc. so that there will be a chance that they can be revived…and of course be showered with all of the attention that they originally craved.

    1. Men don’t compromise as easily. They commit to a course of action and implement it come hell or high water, unfortunately this works against our sex when it comes to suicide. Men also intrinsically understand Thanatos in a manner women never can, that’s why we take risks against our “natural” well being that shocks a woman’s earthly inertia wedded to the endless cycles of births, marriages and deaths without understanding their significance.

  14. Theres a bright side to all this – if a woman has any anti depressents or any other mental health pills in her house its the sign for the man to get out quick real quick

  15. 25 % percent of american women are diagnosed with a mental illness.
    You know what that means ?
    The other 75% are not even being treated.

  16. 5. So they can consume Drugs, Alcohol, and lots of Food*.
    The amount of fat girls claim to have binge eating disorder is too dam high. I am convince that most western mental illnesses are just fictitious diseases made up so big pharmaceuticals can sell drugs.

  17. When I was in college I knew a couple who were engaged through some good friends. Last saw them in 96′. Heard they got married. Had a son 2 years later. Happy end. Lost track.
    Ten years later I ask my friend about the happy couple. She divorced her husband and ran off with a female instructor from her gym. Shaved her head and took the son with her on her way out. BPD. She got off her meds and decided she was lesbian.
    Stay frosty guys. If the chick your banging is on prescription meds… dump her immediately.

    1. If its 1 in 4 then then that makes dating all that much harder for men with fierce competition for the desirable % of the remaining 75%. I’ve often found the window of opportunity on great girls to be very small before they are off the market and the guys who get them don’t just use them for flings. Crazy often = raunchy sex. Maybe just better to say don’t get serious and always use condoms.

      1. Don’t count on condoms. Get a vasectomy. Store some sperm if you think you ight want children later. Take control of your reproductive rights on your own; the government and women will fight you tooth and nail on this.

        1. I agree with you though I haven’t gone down that path. I think vast majority of men who get a vasectomy do it at the point were they never want future children in their life, but for a younger guy, cutting out that option could be something they really regret…unless they store their sperm (not sure what it costs each year). The way it works otherwise is risky for men, as so often if there is an ‘oops pregnancy’ it seems in so many cases the woman decides the outcome unilaterally. Its an 18 yr contract that ties you personally & financially to this woman who may have just been just a fk buddy (and that’s all you ever saw her as).
          Naturally lots of guys prefer bareback, and put their trust totally in their girlfriend. Even if you have the talk beforehand and she says she will definitely get an abortion, I’ve known a few cases where upon discovering she is pregnant she changes her mind. Its a totally unenforceable verbal contract (which I don’t agree on unless she takes on 100% of the obligations…her choice) and the man’s destiny has been taken out of his hands. I’ve noticed its less likely to be the younger career women who have their life together who do this but more likely to be one of the 25% who hope a baby & now tied to her man, will give her life more meaning & happiness.

  18. One half is mentally ill, the other half is faking it, but neither side knows which half they are.

  19. “They hate us for our freedom” is a funny one. I’ve come to believe it true. Islam does despise our western system and does want to replace it.

  20. It’s obvious that the government is hiding all the Kratom from the masses of women!
    Kratom defeats nihilism & let’s you reach Nirvana. It turns Women into Unicorns.

  21. General population’s mental health is really hard to estimate. But I’m willing to bet it’s very low nowadays.
    With obesity, it’s pretty easy to see that a population’s physical health is going to shit. With mental health, it’s much harder because the system can hide it more easily (through medias, advertisement, movies, TV shows etc).
    I seriously don’t understand people who take antidepressants. Trying to escape pain is the worst thing to do, pain is here for a reason, pain is here so you can learn. Avoiding pain is a very coward thing to do. I can’t respect men who take anti-depressants.

    1. I took them. My BP2 was initially diagnosed as depression. At the time I needed them in to function. I don’t know if you’ve ever suffered with depression but it’s not what people seem to imagine it as being (at least not in my case).
      Anyhow by taking I was able to feel well enough to continue working and use alternative therapies. Now I don’t use medication at all, so I see how they can be useful but do feel they are overperscribed.

    2. “Avoiding pain is a very coward [sic] thing to do”? Yikes! How long have you been into S&M? “Pain is here so you can learn”? Sounds like for you pain is here so you can have fun.

      1. You’re missing the point. Pain is not fun, by definition. But you LEARN by facing difficulty and feeling pain.
        Learning isn’t always fun neither.

        1. Most severe depression is biochemical in origin. So you can’t learn from it any more than you can “learn” from diabetes or gout. It has to be treated medically.

  22. I’ve felt this way for years but have never been quite able to articulate it. It can be really hard to tell where the mental illness leaves off and manipulation begins.
    That’s honestly my opinion of them. They’re manipulative. They get some extra leeway from their parents/friends/society once they’re diagnosed and decide to go the whole nine yards. “I’ll kill myself if you leave me”. “This reading assignment is triggering”. “I can’t come to work today. I’m in a bad place.” You get the idea. Consider the “episodes” where they supposedly have no control. Ever see one at the very beginning of a relationship? Probably not. They begin once they have their hooks in you.
    They’ll attach themselves to you and make you feel like a hero at first. Your protective instincts will kick in. They’ll act like they’re slowly getting better. But they don’t. You can’t fix them. They’ll drain as much energy/time from you as they can and move on to the next sucker.
    Note that I’m not differentiating between the different flavors of mental illness. No one seems to have just one and they all seem to flow together anyways. Diagnosis is a guessing game.

  23. I do think some women use mental illness as a cover for some stupid behavior, but I need to point out that BPD is an illness where one of its’ features is that it is hard to get sufferers to take their meds. This is true of both men and women, and I know this from personal (family) experience — with men in my family. This is because the drugs can make you feel numb, and the highs of BPD can be very productive and feel great.
    So it is not just women who don’t take their meds, but both genders.

    1. I would’ve thought someone who says on their own posting history that their own mentally ill relative is “not a monster but just a human being” would endorse the idea that faking a mental illness is reprehensible, and would be a little less judgmental.

        1. Taking that argument to its logical conclusion, movie, theater and literary critics should all resign, since they are critiquing (“judging”) things created by people.

        2. Inappropriate Generalisation fallacy on your part. As suggested, on what basis are you making an ad hoc exception for the content of websites versus the content a person posts to that website?

    2. Yes, it’s vile that women behave that way in some cases, and use mental illness in order for personal gain or excusing their behavior.

  24. Sure, most of these can be a reason, but I believe that they really just lost their minds.
    That happens when you go against your own nature.

  25. Puberty isn’t easy. Progressive parents take their daughters to shrinks to sort out why their once biddable and studious daughter has morphed into a moody two shoes boy crazy slacker until they find one who’ll put her on the happy pills trail of Wellbutrin, Zoloft, etc. They want their child back and only want the best for her, but good intentions can set her up for a lifetime of problems and heartbreak in navigating the real world which doesn’t come with safe spaces and unicorns.

    1. This seen this real time in high school with parents that are progressive and can’t handle being far away from sons/daughter

    2. Meanwhile the boys are being put on speed pills because our modern “education” system has forgotten that sitting quietly in a chair listening and reading for 10+ hours a day isn’t developmentally normal for young children, especially boys who were meant to spend those early years being active outside developing their muscles and physical skills.

    3. If she were non white and non western, the father would marry her off to a vetted man when she hits puberty and has graduated her mother’s univerty of cooking, sewing and caretaking of siblings. She’s ready to go breed, she’s hot and she’s got a good 10 years before the moustache shows and those big black whisker hairs need regular plucking.
      A white western father who would dare try to marry off his young teen daughter in western society in the same manner would be destroyed and hounded to the ends of the jurisdiction of the cabal. The pressure is on though for white westerners to restrain themselves as the system sanctioned social marxist sexual marketplace arena coaches take dominion over the deflowering of the young western virgin girls. She’s likely to be despoiled by an irresponsible classmate or by a pedestalized token alpha non white who’s given a get out of ‘detention’ card, a free pass to perform wrecking crew duty on community virgins for the regional social marxists. – – – So basically she ends up being wasted but never being married away at the same age as the non white ‘hoardes’ marry their young teens off to begin producing their double digit litters.

        1. Yeah noticed this started with fairy odd parents, with fairys going to miserable kids(early 2000’s)

        2. So do a great many people who have either been on antidepressants or spent any substantial time on the couch. Even the Scientologists have to be right once in a while by the law of averages.

        3. So what? Any thinking person can see that a lot of modern “mental illness” is, not, in fact mental illness. Life isn’t a guarantee of Happy Times 100% of the time, and that upsets moderns, so they go on happy pills. It’s nothing more than that, not “scientology”.

  26. Careful not to misconstrue inferior female mentality for mental illness. Men tend to and get in trouble for judging females with the same standards that ought to be reserved solely for men.

  27. Mental illness is the norm among American women. The political elites see this as beneficial. Mentally ill women are much easier to manipulate. It is not difficult to turn a healthy female baby into a severely mentally ill adult. You simply put her constantly in a setting that runs counter to her natural drives and desires throughout her childhood – this is called “public schools.”
    Manipulated women that actually behave in ways that are incredibly destructive to their natural drives are very useful to the political elite. Manipulated women in turn manipulate young men, which turns out to be the best way the political elite can influence the behavior of young men.
    What is all this about? What is the objective? The elites want to make sure the masses are doing what they want, living like drones, and not fighting back. It’s that simple.

  28. As somebody who has severre depression, I wished I didn’t have it.
    To fake this illness is the craziest and sickest thing i have ever heard.

    1. Agreed. I have it, too. Faking it cheapens the effect of those who genuinely suffer from it. And people wonder why no one cares to help us…

    2. Agreed. I have Asperger’s, Tourette’s and depression, and that doesn’t excuse me if I do any of the above (which I don’t).

  29. Happiness and contentment is a result of environmental stability. But there are rich and powerful interests want people to be depressed so they can sell them pills to take every fucking day for their entire lives. So they try to destabilize society as much as possible. The more miserable people are, the more profit those interests make.
    Pushing feminism is one of the ways they manufacture depression and mental illness. Confused young women run to pills to seek solace from the confusion. Pills help them deal with their absurd student debt accrued by chasing worthless degrees. Pills help them deal with delaying motherhood, instead being chained to cubicles, slaving away from corporations who just want to outsource them. Pills help them deal with the fact that Chad will never call them back.
    They’re watching our decline and laughing all the way to the bank.

  30. I went on a date (just one) with a girl who looked exactly like #4. A single mom, but kid had grown up and left the house (she’s 38). She looked great for her age, but turned out to be totally nutso.
    I concluded the date early with, “Enjoy your cats.”

  31. Women will never fake a mental illness unless they are called on their behavior, which is rare. Talk to any cop who has arrested multiple chicks: they were out of it.

  32. Men make up the majority of successful suicides because men are familiar with the use of tools. Women still haven’t figured this out. A man, wanting to get the job done right, uses a firearm. Women attempt to overdose on Flinstone Chewables.
    Men simply to everything better than women, including suicide.

  33. And they often backward rationalize and reason in a circular manner about their apparent psychopathology. I’m a slut, people with BPD are sluts therefore I have BPD. We live in an age where there have never been so many avenues to go down in avoiding personal responsibility.

  34. 2 cases spring to mind. A simpleton got into debt and tried to get legally sectioned (declared insane) to escape responsibility. She failed. Secondly another woman admitted to psychiatric ward for ” amnesia”. She “forgot” who she was. Psychiatrists thought it was “fictitious”, an hilarious PC euphemism for a “liar”. She was also in debt.

  35. Didn’t know they had the awareness and resourcefulness TO fake it. But it’s a viable theory that some of them are. Anyhow, I’ve seen it happen over and over where a totally nut-job woman, bent on destroying everything around her, would end up controlling the daily business of entire departments. Because they can’t be up and fired, so much is done to accomodate they and their issues that normal people quit or get fired, and profits go out the window.

  36. It’s a handy way to evade any responsibility since “mental illness” isn’t the alleged victim’s fault and girls know they probably won’t be held responsible for anything anyhow. A double protection for them.

  37. This is a very astute article. There are so many nuances to this that I have observed in my 15 years in entertainment. This used to be the sole domain of strippers, models, Vegas escorts, bartenders and diva pop singers; now it’s gone mainstream and that hot bank teller down the street is working it. If you want to fuck these girls, appear sympathetic to their self imagined terrible strife but not so much that they see you as their beta janitor. Something like “that sounds awful, it must really be a burden to deal with that day in and day out.” Don’t dwell on it: frame yourself as the person who takes their mind off of it. Take them on a journey that makes them forget their problems: you are the one and only man who helps them escape. Get a couple drinks in them as they babble on and you make the panties drop. This archetype fears reality like vampires fear Holy water. To score, never. ever challenge them – their lives are filled with insecurity, broken homes, daddy issues, and most importantly, failures brought about by “hot mess” laziness and their hypochondriacal constructs allow them to avoid confronting it all. ALL women are narcissistic, it is only a matter of degree and this one is the most narcissistic and self absorbed of all. it doesn’t necessarily make them bad people but you must understand their limitations. They are as ill suited to LTRs as a stone is to rolling uphill. The trick is to accept this and validate their make believe universe, while also refusing to live in it or be limited by it. There are few things more pleasurable in life than fucking these types of women: “unlock” them and they’ll beg you to shoot porn on the first date, in fact, they’ll press “record” on the camera for you. Accept them for who they are, leave them better than you found them. They are starved for what you are offering because so few men can do it and be nonjudgemental or clingy. So in a very real sense you are fulfilling their fantasy, just as they are fulfilling yours. Just remember that no matter what they tell you, their love of their “medical condition” will always exceed the love they have for what you do FOR THEM. Self sabotage and destruction is inevitable: darkness and turmoil is all they know and if you attempt to drag them into the light, they will fight to protect it. There is no such thing as this type of chick loving YOU, so never wife her up. Recommended running time: 9 1/2 weeks (w/ corporate job), if she works in entertainment: 9 1/2 days —

  38. Just a pointer darling- ‘diagnosed’ means being approved by a medical professional that your mental illness is genuine, hence proving your arguement is bullshit. Treating a serious illness such as bipolar disoder as a method of ‘attention seeking’ sums up your bitter and nonsensical views on this topic.

    1. Just a pointer, darling- many women claim they get entirely different diagnoses depending on which doctor they see, ranging anywhere from Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, anorexia, alcohol addiction, nymphomania, and all the rest. So them claiming to have a ‘diagnosis’ when it comes to the little attention fairies winging through their heads hardly means jack shit.

  39. There is many fakers of mental illness out there, but women are much more likely to actually have mental illnesses. Often these illnesses such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders and schizophrenia start to emerge in late teenage years and sometimes into their late twenties. Women are more likely to have mood disorders especially because of the complex hormones that come with being the child baring sex. I understand that this article trying to show how women in particular are almost always the perpetrator for faking mental illness, but I feel like it should mention that women do actually have many more cases of mood disorders than men do.
    When the article mentioned that women are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than men, it is not really because they are faking it. In some cases of shitty attention seeking bitches this is true, but that is the minority. Women almost always try to overdose or cut because it is a more “peaceful” death. Women have a natural instinct to avoid violence and to have a man protect them, I think that is why women choose the more quiet way to die; however, the quiet way has a better survival rate. Perhaps the method of suicide also has to do with indecisiveness and hesitation. Also, I find that many women are more introspective or constantly aware of their emotions, which may be why it is perceived as mental illness due to intensity.

  40. They’re just a vessel to carry around a hairy wet hole that feels good.
    I don’t read into all the bullshit. It’s pointless. Fuck, chuck and be done.
    And…of course, bird is the word.

  41. This article is deeply insensitive and just plain stupid, I sincerely hope none of you ACTUALLY believe this shite. If you do, I hope *politely* that you educate yourselves about mental illnesses AND feminism. You were obviously taught by a lunatic/psychopath/idiot.

    1. Feminism is a mental illness, so by studying one you cover both subjects.

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