How To Make A Woman Orgasm

In Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the idea is presented that sex is the main driving force behind everything we do as men. You may or may not agree with this idea, but without a doubt, sex is on the top of most of our priority lists as men. And women know this. Knowing the power of the vagina, they can try and use it as a tool to control us if we’re not aware of the fact.

However, something that is of vital importance, is that when sex does arise, you can at least handle your part of the job. I’m not talking about a one-night stand with a whatever chick you won’t be calling again. I’m talking about a girl that you want a relationship with, or at least a continued sexual relationship with.

Make her orgasm, and you can be confident that at least that part is covered. Give her strong enough, and consistent enough, orgasms, and she’ll be coming back to you, if that’s what you want (as long as you don’t fuck it up too bad in other areas).

However, don’t make her orgasm – or have no idea how to – and you’ll be operating out of a position of weakness. Besides the lack of physical satisfaction and building up of frustration from not having orgasms (and resulting bitchiness), she may also begin to look at you like a man who can’t finish the job.

This is not a problem if you’re able to maintain an ultimate sense of not giving a shit. But most of us care at least to some degree if she’s not getting off during sex regularly.

With estimates of as high as 75% of women not having orgasms during regular intercourse, and most requiring oral or manual stimulation to get off (and even in that case, as high as 15% saying they never get off), this is an area that many men are obviously striking out at, and where you can gain an advantage, both in the dating world and in your relationship.

Follow these basic guideline and sooner or later you’ll be getting any woman you want off (unless she has some issues with her sexual anatomy), at least with a bit of practice:

1. Foreplay

Boring for some, but it will get her engine hot and make your job much easier when you do start penetrating. Foreplay isn’t brain surgery. Stimulate her nipples, ass, vagina, clit, neck, ears, lips orally and manually, and try circling around them to build up arousal, teasing, before finally giving in and zeroing in on her “hot ends”. She’ll go nuts in no time. Keep your cool.

2. Clitoris is key

When I first started out having sex, I would bang as hard as I could for as long as I could (which wasn’t very long back then), slapping ass, talking dirty, etc, like I had seen in porn. I thought that was what it was all about. Sure, this is important, but that one little button is what’s really responsible for her orgasm. Some even go as far as to say the G-Spot is the internal portion of her clitoral cluster, so even g-spot orgasms come from this “control center”.

3. Learn how to stimulate the clit

With your tongue, repeating what makes her react (don’t switch up strokes like an idiot. Imagine a girl trying to do the letters of the alphabet on your dick when giving head; you’ll never get off). During intercourse, try and rub hard into the clit on the in- and out-stroke during penetration.

4. Pay attention to her erogenous zones during intercourse

Even if it takes some contortion, sucking on a nipple, fingering around her ass, or pulling on her ponytail, all the while talking dirty, are like pressing fast-forward towards her orgasm.

5. Keep in mind, all this may also press fast-forward on your own process

Holding back from busting your shot may seem difficult when all this increasing of her arousal is going on. Solo ejaculation control exercises and learning how to keep an erection after orgasm by clamping down hard with a timed PC are two physical methods you can learn to extend your performance.

Vitamin B12 and winter savory are said to possibly have ejaculation control properties. If it’s bad enough, popping a prescription paroxetine (SSRI antidepressant) on demand can help delay ejaculation, without regularly having to take meds.

This is worth learning how to at least get this down, so you can maintain the upper hand when in the bedroom.

Mastering the female orgasm

In the early days of my sex life, I was dating a Colombian Dominican goddess. She was a freaky little thing with some amazing ass and thighs, super thin waist; dark curly hair and eyes. I was in love and so was she. We had that fresh, young, overpowering kind of love. Physically, she was like my drug, and she wanted to get me off all the time, and did some over and beyond things like jerking me off in restaurants out of the blue, giving head while driving, etc.

But besides that, we got along amazingly. We had a matching sense of humor and sarcasm, and a similar way of looking at life. But there was just one issue: I couldn’t make her orgasm.

Like mentioned, I thought I just had to “bang” her a little harder, for longer, talk dirtier. I paid zero attention to her clit, barely knowing what it was there for. Each time after sex, no matter how hard I tried, I’d ask her if she orgasmed, and while she’d try and comfort me, it would always lead to the truth. “No.”

My stress of not being able to make her orgasm made me stranger, more nervous, needier. I became obsessed with wanting to get her off during sex. This took away everything that made me attractive to her. I overcompensated with my “personality” and activities with her, making me seem so “forced”. Our relationship soon become something strained, before falling apart altogether.

Years later she called me out of the blue. After some small talk, the conversation turned to what went had gone wrong with us. Without much hesitation, she said everything was good about our relationship, but the sex is what caused the split.

Her enjoyment with sex is important

Immediately after she had left me, I was in a depressed, yet anxiously obsessed state where I had to learn as much as I could about the female orgasm in order to not let this BS happen again. I learned, and learned and learned, but still, deep down something in me said it wouldn’t work.

After some time I was able to get back on my feet, and through the right mix of events, the next major one came along. Colombian Cuban mix. Bigger ass, bigger tits, thin waist as well, not as pretty. But fuck it. When it came to the sex, it felt like I was walking into game 7 of the finals. So much was riding on this.

I put my techniques to work, warmed her up, paid attention to the clit, rubbed hard on the in- and out-stroke, and low and behold, her pussy tightened up, legs wrapped around me tightly, and she began vibrating and breathing quickly and shallowly through the nose, and then release. I still had some stamina in me, kept going, and was able to repeat the process.

I got her off twice. One of the greatest barriers in my life ever, one of the biggest lies I had been telling myself, broken. Surpassed. Six months in I felt like I was rightfully the most eligible bachelor in Miami and wanted to roam guilt-free, so dumped her, but at least it was me in control.

Since then, I’ve had many women come in and out of my bed, and since following these same rules, I’ve been consistently getting them off.

I’ve had women fake pregnancies and send in order to keep me in the picture (crazy), women go from seeing me just as a friend, to becoming obsessive/possessive once they gave me a shot in bed, women wanting to get married. The opposite of the “fleeing effect” not giving a woman an orgasm had.

Learn how to make a woman orgasm, and practice, and you’ll at least have that corner of your life taken care off. Then you can concentrate on improving in all the other areas.

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73 thoughts on “How To Make A Woman Orgasm”

  1. Guys should try to get women to orgasm because there is some benefit to it. She will consider you an option for future bangs. If you are in a relationship getting your girlfriend or wife to orgasm will usually motivate her to be a better companion.
    Many women however just do not orgasm. There could be many reasons for that including (but not limited to) banging too many guys already. Some can’t orgasm but still enjoy sex. Don’t waste too much time trying to get them to orgasm. If they can, fine. But if not get yours and move on.

    1. I disagree, zero benefits to giving a woman an orgasm. After I’ve shagged them once, I move on to the next. Of course, this doesn’t count with my wife as she’s only with me for the money, if she wants an orgasm the pool boy can do it for her.
      Most women get their orgasms when they’re alone browsing the likes and followers of their Instagram/facebook accounts.

        1. When I read some of these comments about giving women pleasure, I think to myself, “These posters have never had sex with a woman in the room”.

      1. Oh, I have a benefit for myself. A xemale orgasm is the best concert you can get.
        How to do it?
        1. Absolute no go for her to use overstimulation by tools (magic wand or so)
        2. In longterm relations no anti baby pill. It makes her frigid and birth control in western countries should be man’s part.
        3. Defense of her nipples is forbidden! No mercy!😎

    2. Almost every woman I’ve been with has had multiple orgasms. Some simply can’t have an orgasm and there’s nothing you can do about those. One benefit to giving women good orgasms is she will gossip with her female associates and they may want to fuck you also.

      1. Every woman I’ve been with gave me head while driving. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a girl who was previously religious. But I did put my own religion down on her for her to follow so you might say I converted her. I sure learned my lesson with whores when I was young though. All whores will suck your dick while you’re driving hands down. And whores are impressed when you lick their ass like a service dog, like you’re so dumb you don’t even care how filthy her hole is and where it’s been. But the whore knows truthfully how dirty her hole really is and it’s an inside joke to her. “Geez he’s so dumb he doesn’t even care if my hole has had fists and dirty wine bottles shoved in it. She finds it hilarious how dumb you are to lick it with a shit eating grin, but she still gets off on you doing it for what it’s worth to her.
        A VIRGIN is the way to go. I’ve learned the hard way. Now a clean virgin I would indeed lick. I would lick a virgin for training purposes primarily. And I would go through the whole rigamaroll and show her how to finger and diddle herself while she’s riding me and me only. A young virgin likely doesn’t even know how to jerk herself off so you have to show her how while you’re reaming it. There ain’t nothing that a girl can teach me about sex that’s worth knowing if she’s the least bit worth investing in as wife material. YOU be the teacher . . because if she teaches you . . well in the end there ain’t no joy in that . .

        1. All of that comment and then you attach a George Michael (flaming phaggot) video to it….Talk about mixed signals….Wall to wall …..wait what? nonsense.

        2. @Neal – Yeah I know about him being a fag but the lyrics to that song are just so perfect. So fitting. The song explains so well the error in trying to make a whore into a housewife. Only a virgin can become a lifelong spouse. Only BRAND SPANKING NEW will do.
          I did have a hard time believing he was a fag way back when the news broke because he was always surrounding himself and partying with the world’s top supermodels. Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford. To think he could have had any one of them or even all of them like a harem:

          But nooooo! He turned all of them down and turns around to be a fudge packer. I still can’t believe it. There must have been some mother issues with George. Plus the 9+ runway supermodels aren’t the best at sex because they never had to use sex as currency. They don’t have to be any good at sex at all. They’re never freaky in bed because it was never required of them.
          Maybe if George had been locked in a cage with a wild horny Congo jungle negress for a solid month of nonstop zoo rape, then he would have forgotten the mother issues while learning a few things about the law of the jungle. And then he could have turned around shown and taught those lame fucks Linda, Cindy and the gang a few jungle lessons in private since they were all such close and private ‘friends’. Just pleeease don’t blow out and destroy the rectums on those girls. Entire cultures like packies and aboriginals stink permanently because every hut or household has a blown out ass or two. But man if I were ever in that kind of position like George Michael was to make a harem like he could have done, man I would have jumped on it. I’d eat that shit up man.

        3. It’s like a Mitzvah in here.
          You “guys” are swarming all over here. I feel dirty just reading your degenerate posts.

    3. Interesting article. In my experience a woman having an orgasm has as much to do with your level of control over her mind as it does with your mastery over her body.
      Bottom line, if a woman is into you and believes you are the real deal, she’ll cum for you even if you do to her by your own standards an average job.
      Making her want to please you will make cum for you…and when a woman cums for you you basically own her.

  2. Truth make her happy it can Keep her for life but not a whore satisfy her she will stay for a shot while because she wants more than sex she wants hard cash

  3. Being capable of making a woman orgasm gives man a sort of power over that woman so it’s important if u wanna keep seeing her & be able to assert yourself when around her or u can become a Muslim & beat ur bitch if she gives u headaches cause of not being sexually satisfied, same effect.
    Some even mutilate the genitals of their women, makes things easier.

  4. Obviously you want your woman to have a good time having sex with you. Part joking, but why is up to you to make her come? Do you really even give a shit? Most women don’t care if you come, and when you do its not because she’s doing any special technique it is because you as a man make it happen, for yourself. They don’t take responsibility for you to have an orgasm, why should you take on that responsibility for them?
    The amount of women a man fucks in his life, only a handful would really be able to make you come without any active effort from you. Either very experienced sluts, or prostitutes looking for repeat customers.

    1. Its your fault if she does not succeed in life while she did not take nay action its your fault if she does not come even if she did not take action!!!!. There is a pattern here

    2. If my girl is misbehaving and I don’t cum once she goes back to the drawing board and figures out what she’s doing wrong and in a very good girl for all long time. She cums every single time the record is 7

  5. Meh, it’s overrated.
    Girls always orgasm with me (one told me that I was the only guy she orgasmed with & she’s enough of a slut to have fucked me (outdoors in a park) on the 1st date). I don’t eat sushi, either.
    My phone’s not ringing off the hook though, so I’m probably doing something else wrong. Why should I cares if a girl comes or not if it doesn’t benefit me either way?

  6. A source of intensive stress for many men. The first gf story above really hit home. All these tips are good, but still she may not come indeed… especially those many veterans of many cocks.
    Chase touted a shoulder-hold-down, steady machine approach where you must last 10′ , to hit the GSpot .. you have to hang tough and ignore her going nuts.
    Appreciate the PE supplements, I also have luck with plain zinc.

  7. Who cares? I got mine. If she comes back or not WHO CARES. Next the bitch. Always another on deck to GET MINE.

  8. When a TSA agent gropes you, should you punch him in the face? You’ll go to jail, but TSA agents might think
    twice about molesting people if enough Americans do this.

  9. This article will be like a red rag to a bull to that weirdo who pretends to be a black bloke (but is an incel basement-dweller)

  10. if you are healthy and take care of yourself, and try, you shouldnt have a problem. don’t forget that getting women off is part of what were built to do. may the best man win, for the betterment of us all.

  11. This should be retitled: How To Prevent False Rape Charges.
    You bang them good, they dont say shit. A great experience can overcome how ugly, how shitty you are as a person.

  12. I’m not arguing against the article but I think that in our western culture there’s been too much emphasis on pleasure equality and female pleasure in an effort to make everything ‘equal’ (for women mostly).
    This may sound a bit out there but it is my sincere belief that children intuitively perceive the penis/male genitalia to be a gift and for a short time girls often believe they’ll develop male genitalia. When puberty hits, the adolescents’ brains are already quite developed and boys are overcome with lust hormones (testosterone). This causes the roles to be reversed radically where men have to be the beggars and women have the ‘gift’ even though they are not very sexual. The brain development of puberty combined with the girls’ hormonal advantage allows women to hamsterize things in their own favour and to bury out of view the innate jealousy or disdain (following the realization of their absence of a penis) they have for male gifts and intellectualize men into deserving slaves.
    Have you noticed the sheer fury with which women respond to dick pics or men who want to take the shortcut to sex instead of following the female script and narrative? Have you seen men respond to women’s “so what do you do for a living?” or their demands to be entertained with clown game with such derision and venom? That’s the fury of a person who cannot handle the thought of men being able to enjoy themselves the way they naturally could if it was not for our feminized cultural constructs where male sexuality is beaten into submission during our developing years and has to be reinvigorated throughout our adult years with self-improvement and game.
    When men self-improve in the gym, career, awesome hobbies etc. and game women in various venues they are already giving her tingles and pleasure from the start. The idea that a man should be sweating and on his tip toes about correctly fingering or pumping her with surgical precision is something most men now take for granted in the west (unless perhaps they are Chad porn star male models) even though women may only want that on an intellectual shit testing level to make up for their envy and to pretend to be like men.
    No matter what you do, her orgasm is never certain like a man’s is and the female arousal is not nearly as convenient to pander to as the male one; their capacity for visual arousal is low and the form of their genitals does not leave too much room for imaginative play. Did anyone ever give a lady a footjob?
    As men we need to reclaim the ‘gift’, appreciate it innately valuable (instead of something to be derided and evaluated) and not feel pressured to “give back” when receiving services and stimulation that woman are not equipped to enjoy.

  13. Dominate her.
    Orgasm can be a subset of domination…
    However, they are very fucked up and becomming more so…
    Hasta la vista

  14. Reminds me of an old joke.
    Q. How long does it take an average American woman to orgasm?
    A. Who cares?

    1. dckhead_con_artist
      I thought the same thing. The article had the familiar smell of a “troylettte” piece, especially when advising on orally stimulating a woman’s ear. The latter is what a twelve year old would think is sexy.

      1. Ironic that an article advising men on how to bring a woman to orgasm would list the “ear” as a errogenous zone.

  15. “In the early days of my sex life, I was dating a Colombian Dominican goddess.”
    Cannot take this article seriously, sorry.

    1. Wasn’t there an entire article just a week ago soley devoted to not calling females “goddess”?

  16. I don’t care if a women has a orgasm I fuck Escorts you pay the bitch to leave…

  17. Just hold up an Amex Gold Card and say, “No credit limit!” and hand it to her. Of course you’d get nothing out of it though..

  18. I thought this was ROK not Cosmopolitan. Seriously though being selfish in bed is the key…the more you’re into it the better it will be for her because women are programmed by nature to satisfy their man.

    1. Correct!
      If you think about her orgasm it makes you nervous! Nervous male = weak male!
      Male in love = too obvious, no danger, no fun, no orgasm. That’s why author’s goddes don’t cum with him and leave him!

  19. The greatest player i’ve ever know didnt give a damn about a womans pleasure. It was the woman’s job to please him.
    On a serious note…women are not attracted to sex starved beta males who are eager to eat them out. You should not be doing this. Women want to be choked and fucked. Not licked by a desperate man.
    Here is a quote from my friend who was banging 5 nfl cheerleaders at a time while living at home with his parents…”why eat a chick out when you could be getting your dick sucked?”
    Women dont want a man who’s eager to serve them.

    1. If a you’re a genetic alfamale, women will already be on the verge of orgasm just to be with you. You don’t have to try or worry about her having an orgasm. Some celebrities often have that experience, even if they’re not alfamales. The women are already so exited just by the guys fame and status, that even if he had the smallest dick in the world or only lasted one minute the woman will orgasm.

  20. But…Papa Roosh specifically teaches that her orgasm doesn’t matter. He used to care too, and when he stopped, “NOTHING happened.” ROK is all about you enjoying yourself, which would in turn let her enjoy herself, even during sex.

  21. I guess I’m a “giver” b/c reciprocity on the Os is healthy and standard operating procedure in my world, especially if I’m looking to unify or bond with a worthy female. I think most men are inclined to think “I’m not having fun if she’s not having fun” and that’s the spirit from which good sex and Os originate. Side effect is that you get more power and control when you’re able to deliver the big O. This is one of the (many) reasons your women will remain kept and not stray.

    The road to sexual experience often gives us some unforgettable entry points. I was 16 when I first gave another girl a major O (she was also 16), and it was a startling and awkward scene. We eventually had sex but this first time I was fingering my way through her Middle Earth without a map when it happened — in retrospect it was clear that I’d hit her G spot right on the bulls-eye, but neither of us knew at that time what a G spot really was, so it was just this giant “reaction” and mutual expressions of bewilderment. At first I’m seriously thinking “whoa, what’s going on, she’s having a seizure?” I asked her if she was OK and she couldn’t even answer because it took her breath away. A teenage girl in the fits of her first-ever orgasm is like watching a possession by evil spirits, but in a way that’s both awesome and hilarious (they basically lose all motor function for a good 20 seconds and nearly black out). We laughed about it afterwards, but she was transformed, and I could see it in her eyes.

    Any shadow of a doubt about her perceptions of your “male magic” is now removed. She will NEVER look at you the same way again. You will always be able to tap that ass whenever you want. Os are like gold bars in the realm, and you don’t have to be a rich man to dole them out as needed.

    1. I’m sorry, but I disagree with your comment. the O is not the key to the realm and the best sex will not keep her either because she will ALWAYS be looking for the next O and next higher more intense O and the next easy dollars they can get hands on..its always about bigger higher better (grass is greener….yada yada).
      Just like every single addict, its always they need MORE MORE MORE…better better and greatest. but on self reflection its not JUST AWALT, it is human nature, but most men have self awareness and realize that it is not sustainable no matter how pleasureable…even for us.

      1. We are in strong agreement DNJ- like too many of us, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. The dopamine rush is truly a vile God to serve.

  22. I’ve already had to waste plenty of time and money by the time I get her to drop her drawers- I simply dont give a hot damn. This is how illegal Mexican men think smh.

  23. LOL @ “it doesn’t matter if she has an orgasm because I only bang whores who are using me for my resources or disgusting sluts I never want to see again.”
    Uhhhh… good for you…? I’m sure the guys out there who are mired in the misery of having mutually pleasurable sex with women they enjoy being around are green with envy.

    1. The only upside to ramming banged out 40 year olds is experiencing when a woman has to put in half as much effort as a man to keep a good lay going. Enthusiastic blowjobs! Headboard slamming pogo jamming! Free dinners and breakfast! I swear to God I have never met a woman under 30 who wasn’t human garbage or a woman over 30 who didnt feel like a crusty gym sock sperm receptacle. You liberal western women make me sick.

      1. This will obviously be the case for many men who pursue the opposite sex with the singular goal of getting as much gratification as they can for as little as possible. The same principle applies to a lot more than sex. If you choose quantity over quality, and convenience over investment – what do you expect to get BUT garbage? You liberal western men make me laugh. 🙂

        1. No. This is the case for men in general. The alternative of your lame assertion is true, however. Women pursue men(read:get drunk and lay down)with the sole purpose of getting as much “gratification” as possible…Calling a woman an investment,LOL. We are the investment, or rather a mark. Why dont you go hang out on instagram?

        2. Obviously I’m too fat and ugly for Instagram; I get more positive attention here. 😉

        3. “This will obviously be the case for many men who pursue the opposite sex with the singular goal of getting as much gratification as they can for as little as possible. The same principle applies to a lot more than sex. If you choose quantity over quality, and convenience over investment – what do you expect to get BUT garbage?”
          Human nature..she will ALWAYS be looking for the next O and next higher more intense O and the next easy dollars they can get hands on..its always about bigger higher better (grass is greener….yada yada). Just like every single addict, its always they need MORE MORE MORE…better better and greatest. but on self reflection its not JUST AWALT, it is human nature, but most men have self awareness and realize that it is not sustainable no matter how pleasurable…even for us.
          Just like an addict..its all about the next more intense dopamine rush….even if it comes from debasing and a debauchery and disgusting acts and hygiene…That dopamine rush is vile god to serve. It takes a lot of self control to not constantly serve it.

        4. HUMAN nature – yes, exactly. Thank you. A majority of men AND women suffer from this addictive sort of behavior. It manifests in different ways for the different sexes, typically, but is pretty plain to see in both. “AWALT” is a self-fulfilling prophecy for men who use (and re-use) women like disposable syringes, just like “there are no good men left” is a self-fulfilling prophecy for women who use men similarly. Both invariably end up disgusted with the people they attract for engaging in the same human-garbage behaviors they do, all while bitterly denying that there’s any better way to go about it, or that there’s anything better out there. Welp… have fun with that!

      2. If you wanna talk about “sick,” I’m not the one “ramming banged out 40 year olds.” So there.

        1. Kitty,
          “I’m not the one “ramming banged out 40 year olds.”
          Neither am I, apart from my wife, I have a strict 18-30 age range.

        2. My age range depending on the country I’m in and it’s legal age of consent, is 16/18 to 24. It can go older for an exceptionally hot woman.

      3. wow……the visuals were disturbing. Are you a writer, you have a knack for creating images through words. Just saying. You should write.

  24. A cunt, especially the cunt of today, is every bit as inconsequential as a tissue. When I’m done blowing my nose and wiping away snot, the tissue is of no further use to me. It goes in the trash, where it belongs. Same thing with a cunt. After you’ve popped off in her hypergamy-infected, self-entitled snatch, get rid of the fucking thing. It is of no further use or value.

    1. For 99% of men, when they’ve blown their load, the only thing they want is for the woman to leave — so they can think about the important things in life. They don’t want to snuggle or spoon. They only do it because they think that’s what will keep her coming back and delivering blowjobs.

  25. If you’re TRYING to make a woman orgasm then you’ve already failed.
    Women love to be used like the filthy cumbuckets that they know they are by completely selfish assholes in bed.
    Fuck them how you want to fuck them. Use them. Tell them what to do to give YOU ultimate pleasure. Maybe they’ll orgasm in the process. Maybe the won’t. Who the fuck cares.
    That hot brunette slut in the leading pic. How many orgasms do you think she got from the filthy Arabs who shat in her filthy mouth? And she still gobbled up that hummus with a shit-eating grin.
    That cute girl you have a crush on. How many orgasms do you think Chad TRIED to give her while railing her drunken whore ass and mouth at 3 AM? Zero. And probably left her worthless ass on read the next day.
    So why the fuck should you bother, simp?

    1. Giving a shit if she comes is for STR and LTR, definitely not ONS. Who cares what fast food gets, but when you get one you want to keep on the hook for a while,then knowing things helps.

  26. I guess I must be lucky. Most girls I’ve been with were virgins, or close to it, so they all orgasmed lol.
    With the one slut I did fuck it was just one notch below rape (she deserved it), and so consequently she orgasmed hard.
    It’s what sluts want.
    No shame.

  27. Why does ROK have a naughty corner for trigger words such as jęw, fąģģøt, ŕąpę, abd ņìģģèŕ???
    We running scared?
    Gotta censor comments like a sjw coward???
    Lol ROK
    > complains about being censored
    > censors their readers

  28. I don’t give a crap if she has a orgasm or not!
    Just want to pump her hard and fast, it is all about me!

  29. Learn to get her g-spot off (most women are able). Her clit is a pretty easy to get her off with but the g-spot is like 4th of July by comparison. I prefer a method I call “the claw”. Do your homework and fuck every woman like she’s your last.
    Definitely get yours but giving her some makes road trips more entertaining and will keep her on the hook longer.
    Being older I’m able to give her multiple before I blast and my recovery time has actually improved a lot.

  30. Bushi has it right. After 3 hrs listening to some saddle-worn skank prattle on about mind-numbingly stupid sh*t and pretending to be interested, after you’ve nutted, all you want is for her to just STFU and go home already.

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